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Take groat plcanr In announcing that
they arc now prepared to supply everybody
with take Ico of the very best quality, cither
at tlielr houes ornt tlic store". Orders
should be left at tho ofllec, No. 00 Olilo
Wholesale ami ltctall Dealer In
Cairo, Illinois, and Columbus, Konlucky.
Cairo oUlce at llulcn & 'Wilson'?, corner
Twelfth street and Olilo levee,
We will run an Ire watjon throughout tlio
season, delivering pure Lko Ice In any put
of the cltv at tho lowest market prior, niul
Will also liimlsh our friends ouLido the city
with Ico liv the cako or car load, packed In
saw dust, for shipment to any distance.
Hlxtli Street anil CoinnienliU Avpiuip,
Speelsl attention cjw n to IlcmfiK Smnv
to and gennrsl repairing ,,1-li-ldf.
.'iMjj.I It .
MP '.
No. CO Ohio Lcvec,
(Successor to Parker k lHako,)
Dealer In
And tho celebrated Illuminating
Bross' Hullding, 11th St. & Comorcial Av.
Boot & Shoe
Commercial Avenue.
Iletwecc Tenth and Eleventh Street,
I prepared to Mil order without delay.
He hits a tine stock of lmrcrttd leather on
hand. Jul received from Ncvtitcrk, and has
nut down the prices to tvo lowct nnteh.
8-4 I'm
10th 81. M. Washington & Commercial Ave.
A large supply or Pittsburg and lllg
Muddy coal constantly on hand, Stoo
wood tawed to order. Orders for coal oi
wood should bo left at the olllco on Tenth
Urect. Tcrmr, cabh on delivery.
Pbxwv ik Fddlio in Bt. Louis.
Grand Single Number Solioino.
60,000 NDMBXBS
Oulm O, to he Drawn March 111, 1871
6,880 Prizes, Amounting to 300,000.
1 Prt o(.,
Kin I'rUtof...
" of....
" of....
" ot....
U ' of.,
M ' of...
a " of...
13 " of...
400 ut...
.. ICO
... 1,000
.... wo
.... BUI
.... i&O
.... 3'Kl
, . 1,600
... lbO
..... 10
Tickets flO; Half Ticket, fa: CJuartor
TICK01S, $2 OU.
Our lolNrtM ir ehtrtsrtd j th Bute, r
ilwiji driwn tt tb llm ntmcl, anil all draw
Int nr QBdt lh uj.r.ion of voiaccm.
'11 cliidil drawing tlll tic pulJitbcil n. theM.
pav" 4 coj'y of ilr mi; km 10 imti luun
of tickets.
W will draw a timllar ichtmt die lut Jay of tury
raoDih aurinj Oi. jear UU,
lUmlt at our i.l by oouoff.tr inoiif orcKr, frf
Itrtd Itlter, orl( or r. Herd lor lit. .,!..
m'.o,b4?ni. fct.U),ii,,
v WH ayy UO W1U pay 'M Jyr a c wo t fa-
. """"icu ueiiilt lo CUIC. ll olrotl'il VH-
.Urrh Anulhllator ban cured lliouwiidn who
would havo pcrl.hcd without II, and my
airent will return tho money t, a iiy pin
cEwcr who trie., a l,oiu,, a,iiB ',,,,'t ,. .
1 AIM r Hv ila llkn lliirn. ........ i.ik.
jtoni Headache, Tootlmch and Neuralgli
Within five minutes, or money refunded
O. OOI.BBMITU, cor. liih V i" ! ' ,,u
RK3IDKKCK No. 51, Tlilrlcenlh btriot
tatweau M'aahlneton arc mi o and Walnu
traat. Ollce lit) commercial avt uue, nit
urn iKiifl.
Somebody lo take from us ,1 thoicand lull
hrrxi', goad paper and finely printed, lor
Mllicllier. I ..
Ono thousand statement piinUtl nt Till;
llt'l.l.KTIN olllco lor t?:i.0O.
HiiIp Ilrntt-i,
Ono thousand notn heads prln'ed nt I'iik
ltll.I.KiIN olllco for $ I, CO; twothmifandlor
One thousand IiuvIiicm cartl. line llrlstol
board, printed at 'I'm: llri.l.KTIN olllco ;tof
from fc-.'.oO to !l.(H), according to size.
Fill DAY, JUNE 5, 1871.
Tho rcpalte on tho MothodUt church
Imvlnc beon comnlotcd. sarvlcei will bo
bold thcr? on Sunday next at tho uiur.1
hours. '
ilAUUF.1). At St. Patrick (atlndie
church, JunoilJ, 1871, by tho Ktv. 1'. T.
V.&bol, I). 1), Jamoj "NVatta, to Ml
Mary Sullivan.
Tho regnlfcr wooK-Jy tale will talto
placo nl tho l'lanlar'i tobacco warcbouio
.i... iiioiiiiiitj, m ten ncrocK. A rnro
quantity of cxcdltont tobaoco-1 Will be
plncod on tho broakct.
At tho meeting of tho city rotinrdl
held on Tueday ovenluy, .Mayor Wood
nomlnatod uud tho council confirms I Mr.
.lames S. Swayno for iiMltaat cblfon
ylnoor of tho flro dopartm'tit. Mr.
Swayno has lorvod in tho sumo caj aeity
for tho last year ur more, and hat proven
htimolftho rlbt man in tho right place
T. B. Sullivan, at his now drug tont
on Commorclal avenue, botwooon inth
and Tenth ttroots, is dulng u thriving
buiinocf, and building up n irol1 tublo
trade. Prescriptions caroiu'iy com
pounded nt any nnd all hours, day ur
night. 11U stock of drugs is couiploto
and cannot bo eurp,?io 1 In tho city. Call
and eoe for yourself.
Tho Delta firo company has at-koJ
and obtained ponnlsslon to use St. Jlary'r"
park on tho occasion nt their ruUbralion
on tho Fourth of July. Charlie Kyle,
Fred Smith, John Holmcf, Uhnrlio Lan
caster and "Win. Martin, havo boon ap
pointed ft comniittoo of arrangemcntf,
and will nt onco conunonco making pre
paratlons for tho colebration.
Thcro will bo a mooting of tho Young
Men's Ohristian Astccltitlon to-night,
JunoCth,at 8 o'clock, nt tho ProsbytO'
rian church, for tho purpose of adopting
n rovisod constitution and complotiug un
hnitlicd business. All young men aro
earnestly icqueatod to bo prosent and
partlclpato iu reorganizing the associa
tion, lly order of tho committee
No. 42-0.5-lt.
Botwoen ono and two o'clock onTeU
nosday, morning burglars olfected an en
trance into G, D. Williamson's store, oa
tho Icvco. Tho entrance was mido
through n window In tho roar of tho :orc,
by cutting out ft pain of glass. Tho thief
or thlovcs socurcd a small amount of
money, four or 11 vo hams and eomo other
goods. This is the 60cond time Mr. "Wil
liamson' ttoro has bean burglarizad with
in tho last two months.
At a mooting of tho Cairo Casino
bold on Wednesday evening tho follow
ing olllcers woro olectod : II. Moyors,
president; 11. Prelsnian, vice-president
Louis Herbert, treasurer: It. V.
llol.nur, secretary; F. M. Stocktloth,
llcnry WaldaimUi and John lloos, board
of directors. Tho uowly clectod olllcert
will bo installed at tho ncit logular meet
ng of tho order.
Tho followlnK woro tho urriv&W lit tho
Dnlmonico hotel yestorday : J. U. Mor
gnu, .MOscs Wood, F. llardwlck. A.
Mackay, Kugono Aber, J. T. ICeolcr, W.
Townesmnn, St. Louis, U. M. Lewis;
Union City j J. 1!. Montgomery, J)jx;or,
U. U. Uobb, Vinconnos, Tnd; Henry
Aycrf, Lvansvillc; II. Damron, Vienna; T;
J. Campbell, II. C. Smitts. Canton, Miss;
Mrs. Euton, Charleston.
Commisiiouor Wilson denies that ho
attempted ordojiros to annul tbo contract
of tug cuunty with Tub IIuj.letin. Our
itiformatlmn on tho6ubj'!ct was direct, and
In our opinion uuqueitionably reliable i
but wo aro convinced taut our informant
mlsundorstood Mr. Wilson. Wo iiro
gonorally Buro wo aro right boforo wo go
ahead, but in this instanco wo uont ahettd
boforo we woro right, nnd did both Mr.
Wilson and Captain Hull! Jay un injustice.
Wo would rather commit tulcldo than ac
knowledge that wo arc mistaken, but wo
would rather malco such nn omission than
do any person tin injustice, llquco this
To-day closes no spring session ol
tho public schools, to bv followod by sev
eral months vocation. Yestorday was
thorcforo dovotod to tho examination of
tho advanced clasns of tho high tehoo),
and wo regrot that wo cannot at this timo
glvo a moro oxtonded report of tho exor
cises in this department, as wo bolievo too
much cannot to b n i . I in pralbo of tho ol
llcloncy of tho teauhoM and deportment
and progress of tho scholar. Althouifh
wo huvo on sovoral occatioiis
proiontod in Tin: IlL'l.r.ETi.N olaboruto
ropoits of the; workiugi of our Cairo
schools, with extended mention of toaohora
and pupils, wo dunro to y, n thin con-
auction, that our schools ara not uicollwd
by any othur In the state They havo re
ceived tho bigw,.mmnimikrjn ,,y ovo
educational man or woman who has vihI
ted this city. And tho fact should nut ho
lost Bigiii oi tiiiu men u Lut onu il)Ha
toachor in tho while rchool sy.tom luro
a standing nrgumont against tho oM-Utno
absurdity that still cling with obstinutu
tenaclousness to the minds ol somq that
woman Is not successful as an inatrm-tor.
Tho examln'ttion yeator'lay common id
nt nine o'clock, tho forenoon bein do
votod to tho examination of clas m
chemietry and liitidl.rti.nl phil .j..
aadthe iiltornoon to yischry mid i i
HullorTof tho UnltodJ
bloh tho sollolara irhSwl
thnv hnvn dono rtitii li
' a .
study, and tint tln ir t Mieh.-ra
havo I It iii.tlilnaj" ii'iilonc In
their behalf. Mm M UnrteU, MNtf
'Stcolo, .John Hayncs. Ono. llondrloks,
and n'niimbcr of othors whoso nanus wo
cannot now rocall, iftoh u prominent part
In tho examination, nil ol thorn patMnr;
tho ordol in n comtnendiblo anS.credltni
bio manner. To-day at two o'clock tLI
nnnlvorary nnd closing cxorib vvlil llo
placo, nt wl.itll tilt publlu nr.' Invited to
bo present. The progtatpto win tni
found in nuothor cblumr."
"iik Cou.'',1,"co ,,ir' curt
was etilivoiicd yoitorday intrning by the
nppeitranco of Tom. iilelpy, James Urus
tor, John Dundold, Patrick Ituark and
Thomas Vi'ilson, nil of whom admitted
that they had been drunk. Djntleld was
fine 1 ono dollir an! co?tt, and given a
stay of cxeoutiell on condilh'h that he
loavo the city Itistntjtir. Jamos liruttar
was more fprtuunla that his fellows hav
ing money to pay lfii tnd. Itellej", Itu
nrk, and Wilson were lent e ver for the
term of four days each.
Davy .Ithnxjn is a colored man with
a skin nt black as the uco of spades.
Davy's wife, howevar, though "eolorod,"
is not nearly o black, nnd neither I she
tham aevural that have "no uto'' for tho
aforoanid Davy. Those friend rnuntly
visit I)vy'a domiell, ir.i; HlWayi mako it
n point to got there when Mr. Johnsen li
not in. Night baforo lt Jobn'on wont
h mio nnd (ound his vtifi in hod, and rap
ping nt the door, was refused
idmlttance. liu "rite ooniid-
elderablu of n klok up," and ysntorday '
morning his amiable better half went bo
foro Judge Urcws and aworo out n war
rmit chaiclng Mf- Johnson with disturb.
ing tho peace. D.ivy wu flnod ttroUoi-
tt and tho cot, which in tho aggregatu
umoiinted to thirteen dtdlar, which ho
paid. At tho concluilon of tho trial
Johnson declared his purpose to leavo bisj
wife and tho might "gls inaku up linr mind
to shift for hurselt." Hhe Hid Abo was
"glad of It," and thry luft tho court.
!nnoy Scott, tho moanest old sho
nigger In the city, was boforo hi lienor,
Ju.tlco HirJ, ye!erday, on a charge of be
ing nn inmito and cor.nectod with a house
of ill-fame. Nancy's thebane is on Sixth
strcot, between Commercial avenue nnd
llio'luvoe', vhoro the takes in white and
black alike providod they have money.
Tho ovidonc against Nancy was conclu
sive, nnd honor nstoesed
a Ouo of fifteen dollars
and the usual ooite ( against
Failing to fay tho line she wr.s sent to
tho calnbofofor twotity dnyt.
To all, articularly invalid?, rpring is
n trying scaten. Indications of sickness
should ator.co bo attended to. Fatal
discr.503 may bo caused by allOrring the
bowels to becouio constipated, and the
system toromain in a disordered condition,
until the lisorJcr has timo to dovelop it
self. An juneo of prevention is worth .t
pound of cue, is an old and truthful say
ing. Tierstoro, wo advise ail wbj are
troubled with the' complaint now very
prevalent headache, tndigc-tion, dis
ordered liver, want of appe
tite, nausea, or feverish skin,
to take, without delay, Scheuck'e Man
drake Pills. We know ol no remedy to
harmless and decisive in its action, It at
onco strikes at the root ef tho diseaso and
preJucos a hoalthy tone to tho systom.
l'oonle iiood novor suffer from nnv diJeaso
arising from a disordered condition ofTjio
liver U thoy would .tako this cxoellont
medieinu when they feol tho llrst indica
tions fjf the malady. Fiunlllo lonving
homo fur tlio lumuior mouths should take
throo or four boxes of thij pill with
thou). They hvo an almost Inttuntane-
ous elicct. They trill relievo tbo pationt
of hoadache in one or two hours, and will
rapidly clsnnso tho liver of Biirrour.dinii
bllo, and will cit'eotually prevont it Ijilious
aiiaci.-. i iioy nro told Dy an uruggiit.
00 t-SO-lm-nod
I'ine UiuAr.-. I'otiT tjaup, manuinc
turer ot cigars and dealer in all kinds of
tobacoo and smoker's articlos, No. 10
Commercial avenue, hns on hand a stock
of his culubratod brands of cigar;, to which
ho invites tho attention of dealers in such
goods. Theso cigars havo n wide-iprcad
reputatian r.s being as good a any over
oflerod in this markot, and tlio figures nt
which thoy nro sold nro siroto attract
attention. Ho icvitos an oiamination ot
hie gQode and price?, and wtrranle what
ho sells to bo just wlmt ho roprosents
them to bo or money refund- a.
15, J. CtNDiFV has openod a fjoncral
stock of groceries nt his stand or Eighth
elroot, and Invites nil his old friends to
call nnd see him. Ho proposes to keep a
gouoral assortment of fine family grocor
i Oct always on hand which lie will tell nt
very closo figures. .Mr. Oindill'is too
well known r.s a business iniiu In Cairo,
to rcipiiro nny furthor nolic? at our hands
than to call nltontiou to his stock and
plncoof business, N . 17 Eighth stroet
!W- li.S.St
Mti.i.l.NKKY. Mrs. .laclison, fortuorly
Mrs. Hwander, i.4 now on hand with tho
c ii impost stock of Millinery in Cairo
Sho hns lotforod her houso ovon with tho
sidewalk to givo tho ladlos an easy en
tntneo and lias loworod hor prlco to glvo
them all a ehauco to buy n beautiful spring
hat or bonnot and anything oleo in her
lino that thoy ntfiy want. Hlor-wtoro is
now ono of the most attractive, at it hns
long linen ono of thu choapost placci in
town to buy. Call and ico hur mid bo con
vlnood. 18 5-;l-lw
Notiok io liuiuiKitrJ. Having ctartod
up our saw mill again, wo nro now pro
pared to furnish all Kinds of building
inato isl at lower prieen, dullvorod, than
it can le bought from country mills
Wo havo alto on hand two hundred
thousand foot of assohtkd lumheh tliat
was oolored by Aw water that wo will
toll at Iroin f7 to ;J10 per 1000 toot.
Waii, ti Knt.
101 o.yi-tr
kl HI M.
I -'iulurt nt u.
fi lo-l in
t ras
WNNlVKimHY KA IiltClirt?H A,
' -ri'M AF'rKHNOJN;
Tlid'd'aM!-!; oxfirctsw of tho graduating
class of tho-UIgh elol will take placo ,
tllls.itft'c'rftoso aV2 b'tltlik. Tho follow
iii ia wovi
'aa.w.W. IW Brill not Yet
a ' ST it r
It. j. lit rrhM."
HaaAY lllimiiii l.lfe.
AKNtK It. viM.tl).
Oration suocf.
,'. rjntN a. ia!
!J...Clln we Create
111A I.
, MU1IJ.
rn iN.-i.. The Vltietoiitli Ceiitiiry.
,Tli C or Than outlook
Iu its I'litme.
If AN IK M'kK.
Awai'lhg Dlplollin-.
Tho piiblloio Invited to uUoml.
i . 'YHOT
shoot, nn vviw v at fi lljiop.k
Into yerfrlay aftorryion n shooting
affny occiirrdnt Filliho-o Clly, "nt the
terni nu? ot tn Miitlssipji UenUiil rail
ros.l opp ut this city, in which Mr.
Martin K.-nntnan wellknown In t'slro,
and an Iriihian name 1
Thomas .'iulll
and in whlrh it
,lly w- utnlo.1.
van nirathe'nrtleipant;
is saiJ ';ll1iV. wai mor
It semis thtt, u nhovj stntod, late In
th aftct-toon probably ibout four o'olook,
S'i'.'.ivan weit into IC-en's b mso and
whiio there it I some Intuiting language
towitr Is Mrs. Koen. tlortly after Mr.
Kei. iiis' lut, tho hofj,when his wife
lnlor:.. 1 elm i what 8uJivn had said
lo Ut. Keen becatrm gr&tly onragad
nnd in the. 'uit of pnn, k,t.A
rv piet-! and going to vlter4 iullivan was
shotli. n three times, tie first taking of
fset in the bacit of Sullfan nork inllict-'
inga ry danerout aal probably fatal
wour. 1. Tho econd slot took efl'oct In
tho tt.i'a and the thlr in the ca'.f of tiu
WL :. the t 'rry boatoft thelaniing on
her la-; ttip over, Sull'ysn was s'.ill sit
ting ra tho lank at thnjnading in a stu
pid aal.s.ml-caniciomindition. Some
partie wantod the ferry Soat to br'jig
S jllivan to Cairo, but ai htyrui no money
and consequently In the eyo-pf tlio law, a
pauper, the captain deelineleirlQt: that
our authorises might pull tho paupsr
law on theuboat.
Wo wore unable to learn whaher Kom
w&s arrested.
lLLINOW OKKTKAL P.ilLno.tf Co. 1
Aokst''" OrriCK, CAin Juno 1,1173.
On and nftor Sitarda, June Ctl, until
furthor notice, t! o fuit cxprosi train
will bo abandor.od 1'uit cars will b)
lun on the thro ih fright train leavlrg
Cairo at 1 p. n:. r hlpers of fruit nd
vegetables will i 'o.so overn thomtjlvos
4LC-0-5U '! fiJ-vita'JiiSr-9K,';Ai.tnt.
Mr. 0. W. Hn-- li, fpoial agon! lor tho
ilowt Maciii k Cci'am-, is now
stopping nt tbo .-t. CJ.aloi hotel. Tho
company want n 'rtt ciat agent in Cairo,
nr.d .Mr. Snillh t, jrspurd to otl'ur apodal
indu. omcnU to ' a-uf thodght kind. Tho
maelino is vrell I, own hit as tvoll ut In
other sections o country hcro sowlni:
machines aro la tt, unc In Uct, na woll
as by roputathi" knowi tcUo tho very
best and most ei'.sbli mahito manufuo
tured. Any psron Joslingan ncenoy'
will pleato aall u iMr. Stitl, at tho St.
Charles beta, for a few day .JOc 5-tf
i'. My ofllc anl practice
Having JOld
to Dr. J. Join
Will tako pDJSM
of IilHiiin. who
n of thd ollca lo lath
'i for Dr. ,Ionollo a
.bile patronage, l urn
th hm and Kiouhlm
ot Jano, I besop
libsral elmro of
well acquainted
to bo atlrst-elasid i.tla, nni woifd most
oheoriullj rooomn.u.d him to nl ol my
friends and ,)tronj.
Js. Uot'uvxa.
AH' thoiip indobtel to inet:d nil tloso
having accounts against moiio requntod
to call nnd sottlo as 1 hava sod ou find
intend injf away tho 12th of Jum
80-C-ti,' O.li. DoijLA'.
Foil biwits, TJnwaroOhnvwao, stoam
oooking -sols, broilori, bird ges, lan
orus, g ttu springs, gato hingos.tablo and
pockoi i i.ory, lluting irons. Also for
roofing, r.ttors and Bpoutlng,go to A.
llalloy'i'. '08 Washington avmio, near
Tenth ft- t. 6U-.-17.lni.
11 MAI. I
built can
s-Nii I'uui: v'atk.. I'orsons
.erns repairod or uuw ones
tneeommodntol iua satisfac-
tory ma'.ii.f by
calling on .ho under-'
signed on ( toss itrout, or byaddressing
box 171', I'. (I., or by lpavlng vord at city
clerk's oh J, S. Hawkins.
75-5-1 .i,
lioob, iijiuiica ANH MiiLi-Not.?o Is
hornby e,nui lhataftor to-morrev (Thurs
day) Jin- Ith, 1871, J will Impounfioveiy
hog, h r,(., mulO or iflhor uti'mal
iound r i- iii. ut largo wUhln tho c'ty
limits i iitrury to tlio tirdinanoo ir
tho city Vm, HcIIalb,
Oitr Marshal.
Piano ic0r HAi.u. Irate nts sevon
and a q-iar.or r.-tuvo pianocbiip for cash,
or can' t ado t for, part cast nnd b v'.
uncoln r igoods; oropr n toun.v il tr
trad", 1 I iri iiit '
Putt rll) hi air.
sttMibAW.l,. ..i-itiym mi sic.
1. VIi.M IX SAM lAtvUV u 1 ,
) M oiio. w. iiaxir.toKe. t . .
.: ii...
yf-iu..,. i ":r''oia, i
j, ihurtlay hvonlng, Juno -HI), 187 i
?h0 w,oa 'iPtf'Jr tbo past week ba, boon
oxtrcii(oly ot. tho ti.ermomotor niarklug
In tho nine os ovory day, itml If It had
not boon r thu steady and dollghtr..!
breozo wlthwhloh Cairo Is dally blessed
throughout ho hotBoa-o,,, tho days would
havo bcon ery uncomfortable for biul-
ricis or nny'.hing elso.
Wo notot llrmor doling in mixed corn
nndn wonkiig in inn! mid oats sinco our
lost report; Oso n general -'lot down" in
llbtir, Wlthit, however, ohango" Iti prleai.
UU""J IT-luco, OTCJpt ogg', is plontv
nnd genorniy declintd.
'iHE MAKIvHl'.
WBf Our ilemlr should Ooa? In mind
that the prices lirro given aro usually for
sale from ilrstlmndj" in round lots. In
tiling orilois and for broken lots it is
n-.catsary to ehargo an advance ovnr
Huso llguros. -l
Ihero is vory llttlo change in lluir-The-narket
on low gradw is aisier with
very Itttlo ir.ovnment, and oheleo grades
nro dull aid neglecteil. Thu supply of
medium is meremlng and prices aro un
changed alt round. Wo note salos since
our last report nt follows!
itnehl.K varfiM xradfls li til 8 00; 100
bulc AW.Y o 20: 800 bbls. various
gradei I to 7 85; HOObbls. vnrloui gr idn
on ordors C to o 00; 300 bbh. various
grades I to 8 00.
ituotniWns to-tUy by city mills nro
choice white, 1 ?, choloe roil, 1 aft; N 2
rixl, 1 20,
dull and do 'liniiifj quoted 20 00 per ion
Timmaikot Is oversioekwl anil dull.
Prloe ail! grntitato downward. Tho'
business is cofilluxl to sm,,)! order trade
nnd the amount dlspoiol of in tfaut way
Is vury limited. UhoK -,....) at o oO
to-liny, outsiae Dgnre. vt o notu snln 0f
20 bales choieo mixeil dolivered, 20 00, 2
cars choice mixed delivered, 18 0&tt 00;
1 ear cholco timothy delivered, 20 00; 00
bales common tnlxei lliverel, 13 00.
There is a firmer feeliag In thoeorn
market to-day, and prlees have a slight
upward tendency, lttjeeipts havo fallen
off and were rather light during t! past
two days, but thero is s'.ill it ''I supply
on tho market for tho dr-"nd. We note
sales of 10 cars isIaoJ In bulk on track
&te; 10 car whlteln acks del 7Sf, 20 tars
mixod In nunc an track Vkx, 5 cars
mixed lu lieav" lacKs del 08c: 3 cars
mixed iu heavy facts del 07o; 2 cars whlto
in heavy sacks dol 78c; 1000 tacks mixed
del Otic; d ears tvhltc in bulk on trael: 71c.
The dematd is nu.b smaller thr.n the
supply and tho market Is dull and wtak.
l'rice ro unchanged, but holders wculd
bo willitg to shade our quotations of lo
day, in otdrr too!"ect large sales. Trans
actions aro comprised in 1 esrs in sacks
deliverod, 52; 2 cars mixed in sanliB de
livered, CI j r.cara mixed in sacks deliv
ered, Cl52;i on, mixc,i i UAH on
track, 17 ; 3 cas, Southern Illinois, 62.
This branch of U.o market is weak and
unsettled. Itweipi of last law atji have
beon in exc-iss oi tUj dmanl, stocks are
Increasing and prleos doolinin closing
to-day at A 10, dsliverod. Sales woto 100
bbi 5. D., 1 15; 100 bbl IC. D., I 11; 100
bbls K. D., 1 10; 156 bbU a. D. id
oirly, 1 20.
Tho markot ii broken dewn ontirely.
Nothbg nt all dinj: of any oousequanco.
Sta cks aro large tnd Incieaslng, anil are
already damaged by the hot weatbor.
Choiua northern was quatad to-day 10c
18c. Sales wuro2f) pails southorn Illi
nois 15 (j) 20a; -t ptckozos louthor" Illi
nois choijo 28c; 2pafck(5 cooking but
ter 121; 500 pounds 'choice northern 15c;
6 tubs oooaing butter l'.'J, 20 packages
eouthern Illinois chjlco 15a.
Tho markot is b.'0 end donund good.
Fresh reoeipts are all taken on arrival
at Halite, owing to li of packages, and
packing. SjIsi ware 200 dozen, 12ej 800
dozon, I2l2ja 8 bsxes, lie; 1000 dozen,
IMonty and lull. UocojpU aro In oxcen
of the domaid. Young chlckons nrn
quoted nt I Cf to 2 50 and cholco liens at
2 7&tl 00, Salci wero 23 diWiit young,
2 00; 20diKinold hons, 3 GO; 13 coops
old lions, i nt; ii coops cholco old lions
!) 00; 2 oofiju snU youni cliluKtns, 1 UO.
Thero it very litllo doing except In
small fruit, such ns ohorrios, gooseber
ries and stawborries. Thoio nro In good
demand, "Wo uots sales of 5 buihels
goosebories 2 W; 10 cratos strawborrlos
1 CO; 3 iratos cerrijs I CO.
Tharj is somocouand for new potalsos
and prioos aro advaiclng. Wo noto salos
of 2 libit ciicumbiirr, 1 00 par dozon; COO
pounds pie-plant, c; 50 bbU now pota
toes, f, 75.
Tho supply la sii.ll, nnd domand fair.
Prices aro hold linn in quotations.
Sales Wcro 20,000 iouuiU ohoioo sides 10J
lie; 5,000 ponds hain i-cj 5,000
pounds shouldors "Jo.
CHEKSE Wciern Dairy 17JlFc
Now York lactcy lS.Qluc.
hlME-1 25f?,lM fbbl.
. COFFEE Jiiva378?o; jiriino 2S
iVl, CIIOICO 30.
HYItUPS-Ohoio CiOcfTy'rl par gallon
Now Orleans tOdBe.
II AT 11 3So per
HUULAPS 2J bustols corn, !) o?.
'SJo; do 10 of, loo; 1 lushels O'tts 2uo; !
bishuls 2pj 1! bushels 22c . v
'1EESWAA 'b' rfj !Vc.
H)A ." Slutoll'or a t.orman nudtle l, 7 lo
Palm Ho 1, tile, Gnrnan 7.
VAUA.V"- f lh.X"'"4e.
ttJ(JAK Oriit-hul IJ- A l.,
utrn (' lidfi'lOio
A (Tirnlsliod houo, No. ISO, Thirteenth
Mroot. Apply to Mrs Kalo Hundiuky.
OS 5-1 .0t
On and aflnr thi dato, until furthor no
tice, n raulnr fruit train Will run between
Cairo and Chicago, loavlng Cnlro daily,
oxcopl Haturda3.,al fl n,m..rrlvlnj In Chi
oogo at fiilO tho next morning,
Jak JoiiNsiiK, Auont.
'.ulro, .May 27, 1874.
Uam, and examino
at 1). Arler ,fc Go's.
tho now sash-lock
Thh pounds of brown sugar for U j
pounds best collno sugar nt si, .ij rnr.,i.
of cholco bultor nt $1; baking powdor -15c
peril.; Imperial tea at 1 1 potatoos .10
cints per psok; :ij Ibj ooffco $1,at Wlloox's
E'-eek. 107 2. Mm.
T. 11. Ellis, at tho Arlington lioune,
hereby nnnouncos that ho bat oponod nn
Ico cream parlor at tho Arlington houso
for the accommodation of the pub'lc.
Fiimlllrt supplwd. All orders promptly
attendwl to. 71-6-17-lf
"Crumii ot oolufott" at I). Arlor Si
Oj'i. tll-lO-lm
.M tlSlC.
O. V. Ihalen, Dlronlor of Oonrnrvntory
nf Mtrafe, and Toaeher of Vohal, Organ
and Piano Music. Instruction given In
all stringed and wind Iri.trumuiiU. Klit
mentary principles, thoroutjh bass, har
mony and counter point. Unprrcodented
inducement flored. Those wishing to
securu his services will pi nun apply at
tho Conservatory of Music corner of
Twelfth street and Washington avenue
l'lsnoa tuned and repaired.
a now nnuse containing thieo rotns
and tldo porch, two good lots, rintarn
and stable. The proparty is tltuatnd n
rwenty-Urttslroiit hetweon Wulnut and
Cedar strmtt. Ifsr further pnrtioolnr.
mqiiiro on the promises. 31-5.7. lm
"CuuMiia ot crmforf at u. A tint A;
Co. 13-0-lo-lm
Call nnd examine
the new sash-look
at D. Arter Co's.
all toe day hnardor iu the city can
be Hcciwnmodatsd at thn St. Charles
hotol, with tlrst-olass board at teoond class
rate. 7!t l-10-tf
TilK largutt nnd tMit-seloeled stock
of I'UJtNITtlitE for sain at wholalo
and retail by IIKNItY EICHIIOFK, No
115, Corainerciul avenuo.opposito Seventh
uree.. . . 1 o-l.-Jm
Tub IIkit. Win. I,udwlg, harnus
maker, corner of E ght street and Com
mercial ovmue, has tbo best supply of
liarncs', eaiHlps, bridlos, etc., in Southern
Illinois, and sells thorn ai cheap as tho
cheapest. 23:5-31. If
MfiMjUiTO wiro ecreen cloth nt llalloy's
cheaper than tte ehenpst. 60 1-17-lm
Flown. A purely yellow canary bird
oscapeJ from his cage a few Jays ago
Any ono recovering and returning him
to tho underslitnoil will confer a tavor
nti.1 be suitably rowardod.
83 0 3.2t li. W. Stili.wkli
Tiik Monitor. for tho .Monitor, tho
boat coal Cock Hlovo over made or tho
Fashion, tho champion wood Cook of tho
Wost, go to A. Halley's, ICS Washington
avsnue, near Tenth street.
1-50 17-m
llE-orsNKL Mr. Carl Peters, tho black
smith, corner of Elevonlh and I uplar
streets, has rc-opfjnod hit shop and is now-
ready to do any and all kinds ot o.rk in
his linu. lie wWhes his old friends nnJ
all others who may havo work tu do to
givo him a call. lfi 5-2c2w.
Stki1 and Kxtension i.KUMorS, Hand
.Screens, Kiddles, Sieves, Hhovols, Hpados,
Fmks, Ifoes, Hakes, AVator Closet Urinals,
Kitchen and Uwi Pool Sinks, Clothes
Uingcrs, Clothes Horios, Clothes Lincsn
and, in fact, a lull n'sortinont of kitchen
and llouto furnishing goods ut A. Hal
ley's, 108 Washington uvennn, near Tenth
street. ou l-17-lm.
Wnv .Mis Anna, whoro did you g
that nico hat? At Mrs. Hultz Mil
llnery turo, eornor of AVashlngton av
onuo and Eloventh strcot. Sho has tho
lut tsl fashions, and tho nicest and choap
ost hats that evor cntno to Cairo.
30-5 Ctf
Tub EaYVTiAN Hand. This is tho
only professional brass and string baud in
Southern Illinois, nnd it Is now ready and
proparou lo furnish music in any numlors
for pIs-nloi,cnl(ibratIons and parties of nl1
kinds. All communications should bo
addressed to tho soerotary, or to Ed.
Witt g.
0. 0. Uoim.v,
.ll-C-3-tl Secretary.
Tiik harbor euop is un kUo corner ot
Eighth ftroot and Commorclal avonuo
whoro J. Guorgo Stitmhouso with his gen
tlemanly assistants can bo found nt any
hour of tho day or night, roadv to soothe
your fool'.igs with a smooth ehavo, or cool
your temper r.nd head with a good sliBin
poo. It is it first-elm's shop, and you aro
sum of receiving tlrst-olits.i treatment.
Ladles' and rhildron'u hair cut or curled
niter thu most approved styles.
u ja-tf
33 TCJ "OF O 3EC Ha ,
Ami Oenlui' in
CoMMi!KciAL,AYK.adJolnlng Haniiy s.
U.-. ns tlic hi tof Heel, IV- . Million VMl,
I,, .s.iii.!i-e. el.- and pleparcil lo
I i.uiiilti-j in i aeccpl.ili'i iiiaiuier
1 inko plonauro in call in
tlio attention of tlio public t
my l'esli and full slock r
now and elegant Furniture, a
hi v tfurnituvo and Malms
Faetory, corner SovcntociiU
Street and WasliiiiKton Ave
into.. My stock embrace
Uedsteads, "Wailrobcs, 5u
reaus, bulunoards, i asli
stands, Tables, Chairs, Jug
?ica, Matrasses and, in a word
all that is useful or orna
mental in my line.
This boiii" the only maim
factory of Furniture in tlii1-
city, I propose offering bettei
(oods at lower
I 11 1 . a
nuvo mane a large mi xi. n
in the prices of tll my good.
Oir f.iid examine my stuck
iiikI secure an outfit of choice
Furniture. To the wholesale
trndo J otl'er special induce-
meuls. Xoto the place
Corner Seventeenth Street and
Washington Avenue, Cairo, Ills.
Wholcsnlc nnil Itnlnil Dealer lu I ur-,
mturo and tMatrarsa".
DR. li U LTZ
hi: in ktii.i. i.ivinu ami in aiic
Ills olllco anddlpetmry at
Ltct. Commercial and Wanington avenues
It I -i true, the doctor Is ono of tho oldest
physlulans of the place, and hi diploma,
that hangH In his olllco, shows that he hm
been 32 year In thr prnfclon. Ho it ilolir;
a largor olllco practice than any other phy
sician, treating all kinds of chronic din a-e
ol tho human xyatem, such a old ulcere, nnd
all dleacs of the fkln, humors and 1 lood
potions; aUo dlncases of the Uiroat, ao
all diseases ot tho eves of Tears stiudlug.
aim artificial eyes Inverted; flstuU cured
without tho ue ol a unllo ; cancers cured
bvthe application of medicines: plu.pivt on
the face removed; all urinary llpfaoK
ctiroJ ; all forma of veuercal and privaf
dl.-cac';cured In tho shortest time . r n.a
woaknost and octf-abuto cured in a lr
time. . .
It Is elf-evident that a phytic Ian trc-rlim:
oaes for twenty-two year acquire, treat
" All conullatlous confidentlcal, In pci in
arty lcttaa.
mcdlclnri luralphod at otHeo
I'watr.l on. daviiiHi'ltz.
Assignees Sale
OiicciistMiro, C'liinn, (ll.nniirr, Rod.
t-n It is in nnd Yidtuiv Ware, Ktuiii'Miiri',
Chlnii Oninmriitniid Toys, I'liiii'i
(,'ooiN, I'liitedtvnrc, 'i'alilc mul
Pocket Cutlery, l.niiim, ijuip
C'hliniioyH, LiiiiipTrliiimiiigH,
Louklutr (Uas.ics. etc.
In fact every kind or gooiit tirlon. in to :
I'll-.t Villi's
For tho next sixty il.iyi I will oiler the
above good at and below cot,loreavh onl
The goods must bo poldto elotc the concern
Clo-e blivcla nro especially llttlted, clijier to
come and sec for theiu-ches or tend their
oi'der-i, III ellhei-ease I (ruaranteoi..itifaitioii
...I. T. TIIOM tH
Ahfclgnce or raivon, A iu
O tl io. III., Anril 1o..ia7l.-
(Formerly Mrs. Swandcrs,)
announces that alio has just; opened a Ian
assortment ol tho
MIIMnnry (loodn toho loiinil m thotiiarkei
she will keiqi ou hand
Diiicart Tiii.m sttNfis ov All Kindh,
Laiiikh FimNiHiiiNd Goods, Notions,
And all goodw fuuml In mlllluiiry mores, all
ol which w'll uo llsposod ol nt tho lovet
canh pricos. Mrs. Jackson ror-poell'ully
mli sa continuation or tho pataonagu wlileli
Iiiih boon so'llieially bostsowed upon her hv
the ladies nt Cairo anil thu violuilv.
Budors lllrck (upstairs) corner 6th Btro
anil "Washington Avonuo.

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