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idf ICI! ICE!
- Takes great pleasure In announcing that
J tbey are bow prepared to supply overybody
with lake ice of tho very bett quality, either
t their hotttes or at the stores. Orders
bonM be left t " offlcc No- w 0ul
Mvee. M-MMm
Wholesale Mid HeUll Dealers In
Cairo, llllnoli, and Columbui, Kentucky.
Cairo office at Union Si M'llsoli'.t, corner
Twelfth street and Ohlb levee.
We will run an Ice wagon throughout tlic
season, delivering pure lako Ice In any )rt
of the city at the lowctt market price, mid
Mill also furnish our friends outside the city
with Ice bv the cake or car load, packed in
aw duct, for shipment to any ill-tance.
Sixth Htrct w& Comacrclnl Atchhp,
Special attention given to,IloRflK
ISO land general repairing. r au
fl. SMYTH & CO.
No. CO Ohio Leveo,
(SacceMor to Parker & Blake,)
. ixd the celebrated luumlnatlng
Bros- UalUVtj, lUh St. & Comerclal Ar,
t & Shoe
Commercial Avenue.
wee Tenth and Eleventh Street,
I prepared to All order without delav.
r.lrli.8 rJkk orimrxrud leather o'u
tiJsrtMtTedfrom;fwcrk, and ha
pert down the price to tye lowest notch.
14 SLleL Wuiiagtoa 4 Commtrciil Ave.
"apply of Pittsburg and Hlg
-My coal cvmtaaUy on hand. State
I.1? Vl"' 9t,itn tot al oi
w6o4iAiWUUfiattte oraee on Tenth
Urwu TerEa,evi, ondtUTery.
V ter and Deilen In
AIM Agents lor the
No. 718, North Maine Street
81. 1uIb,;Mo.'1
t-KKMU Ht'ls.iauuOOtMl
(ireraeriy Vri. awandew,)
AfiBOumcei that aba has nwr oneniui a t,.
AMOftSMt el the 'eDod U
JWbeteHM ua market
SWIM,' Jxowxm, RiuBoaa
1 VuiUUiMia M Avar '
uuiMlMBd!nBiilUBerr itorei. all
I ha '"- -T ? ., i
Htees.. . Mid, Jackson respectfully
U been so llbTiaUy heTtiowed upon her by
vi vbjiu uu uiu vii'iuiir,
Illll ir.ndn.
Somehmlv In lain ftvint im n lliniuntnl till!
f n 25' ,m',cr a" 1 ""c'y l'rwted, lor
HfuteMienf t.
One thousand statement tirliiln.l nt Tin:
DUIAKTIW olllce for s).,,.&0.
Motfi llrnil,.
Ono thousand lmtn linniU iiHiiImI nl TtiK
llULLKflN Olllce fur 61.00! tuolliull Mill Inr
One tliOIMflliil 1iimlir rnnli. (Inn llrlalnl
board, printed at Tun IIULLHTI.n ollic o ttor
frotu fciM to il.W, according to size.
Tho county cotnmlittonar hro still in
Yotorday was tho hottest day of tho
Tho "dog kiUor' is on tho war pnth,
and dead canines urn to to found in nil
parts of tho city.
Tho Rough nnd Hondy flro compiwy
will glvo n ball and plo-n!o at School's
gardon on July 4th.
lnu coiurou Masons or mo cuy am
as husy as boos proparine; lor mo nico
Ing of the grand lodgo, which occurs on
tho 10th inst.
Circuit court will rc-aMomMo on
Mondar-rnornlnir. Thn orlminnl docket
having beon' disposed of, tho Inw docket
will batakon'up,
Aconcort Will ho given this cvonlng
at School's Washington hall. CJoo.1 mufio
will bo tho fenturo. Witlg's band will
be on hand and furnish tho muslo for tho
Tho salo of tobacco at tho Planter's
warehouse on yosterday was attondod by
ah unusually largo board of buyer',
among them woro Bomo from St. iicuis
and Louisvlllo. "
Somo people complain that it is "all
nonsonco' in the mayor to compel uog
ownors to muzzlothom. Ilowovcr, nino-
tenths of tho citizens boliovo tho mayor is
correct on tho muzzling quoition.
The "ftollglon of Charles Eutr.nor." a
rermon by Rabbi Isaac Welso, of Cincin
nati, wilt be read in tho Libiral llcligious
asiuciatlon hall, corner ot Twelfth street
and Washington avenue ol to-morrow
(Sunday) ovenlog at eight o'clock.
Tho last issuo of tho Dnqutfn 'Tn
bune' says: "Halliday & Co. will e0on
have another trestle work completed fr.m
the cooper shop to tho eallhouse, so as U
get their bat rels with leu trouble, 'ine
shipments of salt at present are from one
to thrte car loads per day."
The anniversary exercises at the
hlh school yesterday were witnesied by
a very lar&. n.i be. of Udlei and gentle
men, and all speak praiiingly of the man
ner in which tho young ladies and gentle
men acquitted themiolves. We shall
give a more extended report of the exer
cises in to-merrow's Bulletin.
The man Sullivan, who wu ihot by
Mr. Martin Kosn on Thursday evening
at the ferry landing on the Kentucky side,
was brought to Cairo in a skiff late Th jt
day night and taken to tho hoiplLl.
Sullivan's wounds are not so dangerous as
at first supposoJ, and with proper care ho
will recover. The general opinion is that
Keen served Sullivan jnst about right.
Koehler A- Bro. will oflsr for sale this
morning, and alia to-morrow morninc,
some of the best freih meat ever placed on
sale in Cairo. T'bev keen nnthinc but
the very best ot meats, and all they ask is
a call to be satisfied of this fact. They
do a strictly cash business, and conio
quently cn fciford to sell cheaper than
any other meat market In the city.
47 CC-'Jt
Another Kontucky and Tennesseo
excurslonjparty.numbering tlvo hundred,
visited Cairo yesterday. It was not ton-
erally known they woro coming, and con
sequently there was but very few persons
at the wharf to receive them. Tho excur
sionists wero principally from Clinton,
Kentucky, and the small Tennesseo towni
along the line ot the Mississippi Central
railroad. They remained in the city for
about two hours, when they boarded tbo
transfer beaten their return homo.
The hot season it here, and our citi
zens should lose no time in putting their
premises In a clean and healthful condi
tion. . It is only natural that during the
long winter months groat quantities of
rubbish and diicsie-brcoding Dlth should
accumulate about houses and yards. This
rubbish should be removed and disinfect
ants employed to counteract whalovw of
foul stench that may llngor in lu place.
This is a matter of groat importance and
sboutd bo attended to without dolny.
Mrs. Wilson, of Murphysboro, went
to St. Louis ono day last woek and drow
oat of a bank ono thousand dollars
she had on deposit there. Sho took her
money and returned home, tind for safe
keeping rolled it up in a silk dross and
hid It away In a buroau drawor. Tbo
next ay she went visiting, and on her
roturn found that tbo dress, monoy and
an nau Leon stolen. Jim. WHinn bn.
lleves her monoy would have been uf(r
In the bank. t
A lot of imall bovi. who. nlirht after
night rongrogato on Washington avenuo
between Twelfth and Fourtoonth etroets,
are In the habit of throwing clod r hard
dirt at persons passing that way. On
mi ...
nursuay evening, a mne Birj whjie
-mint aiong me avenuo near Four
teenth street, was struok in tbo face with
a clod thrown by ono of this gang of boys,
and from the manner in which .sho
screamed mutt havo suffered great pain,
'top Should bo put to this .ort of
work, and If it can bo accomplished in no
' , "J ,0!lt,nK ' the
1111,9 ",c1' ln xh Mooso until they
i wm uv laa w slop It,
The young married mon of our city
have boon very exultant of lato as to
what they havo boon doing to Increase the
population of our growing city, one of
thorn claiming n bouncing boy of eight
pounds and nnotlior boasting of n rosuy
checkod girl of nine, llut now tomes cur
goninl nldurman from tho Fourth Wnrd,
M, J. A!cGnuloy, who sees and goes thorn
ono hottor ai to weight and numbers.
This is equivalent to spying that Mao is
tho, father of twol both girls. A largo
number of McGaulpy'a frionds called on
him last evening nnd oxlondod more than
tbo uxuril congratulations nnd wishing hlin
nnd his excellent lady much Joy on their
prolific incroaso to tho lioiisoholdt If"11
our young married people would do" ,vfl"
thoro would lu no fcor o fur
omigtHtliiti roiiinilsslonors.
Thorn is no doubt that much of tho
sickness which Mlllclfl tho pooplo of cltlos
proceeds from filthy cellnrs, yard?, out
houses, styos, etc. Those thing nro nei:
looted by many, ns aro other duties, from
puro thoughtlessness, whllo othors never
dream of paying any attention to them,
Thoro nro sovoml rcmodlos for this most
unhealthy condition of things that can bo
oatlly npplied, Tho first Is to put ono pint
of tho liquor of chlorido of zlno in ono
huckolfiill of wntor, and ono pound of
chlorido of litno in anothor buckotful of
wutor, add nud sprlnklo it ovor docnyed
im!nliln ..( Vor this nurposo noth
ing surjmj sos it ; (ndood It is n porfect do-
ordorlzor, Tho second Is Is to tako four
pounds of tulphnto of iron or oopporns
nnd dlerolvo It in a buckotful of wator.
This will in most cajo provo n suro reme
dy in destroying nil ollunsive odors. The
third is to tako a simple- chlorido of limo
und sprinkle In dntup cellars, over
hoaps ot filthy, dirty yards, etc. Tho
labor in cloansing one's promises by eithor
ono of thoio romcdics is trillling, and tho
oxponse is not worth mentioning. If it
were ton times grcator, both tho labor nnd
oxpenso should bo willingly incurred.
A very platsant, and to Miss Rogers,
tho teacher, surprising allalr took placo at
tho Elevonth street school yestorday
morning. It being tho last day of tho
spring term, at tho regular hour In tho
morning the scholars bognn to aisomblo
for tho last tima. Shortly after school
was calloJ, tho parents of tbo scholars be
gan to arrlvo, nnd in tho couno of half
an hour tho houto was literally
jammed wits visitors. MUs itoccrs was
at a loss to comprehend tho meaning of
all this, ns it was understood, tho weather
being very warm and tho school homo
small, that no oxamination or other ox
orclics wcro to be had. Hut so many
persons being present, Miss Kogors con
cluded that it would not do to let them go
away without going through at least a
partial examination, and accordingly the
ixercises wero commonced. All
wet smoothly unttl tho littlo
ones ere on the floor, golnj through with
their reiaUr marching exercises, and In
going aro nj tho room, whan Miss Hog.
ers came tc tt certain place, Mr. Oberly
confronted hV( 5a i, holding In his hand
a case conti.ntng a handsome set of
bracelets and a, fine gold neck chain, the
gifts ot the parti of th scholars, began
to make a proentation speech to her.
Miss Rogers was taken complete
ly by surprise and hardly knew what to
make of the procAfediog. However
at tho concluiian of Mrs. Uberly's re
marks, she replied In a few approprist?
remarks, expressing her thanks for tho
gift, etc. When Miss Rogers bad done
speaking, Mr. Thayer moved that tho
presentation remarks by Mr. Oberly and
Miss itogers' reply do published in Sun
day's UuLLETi.. The motion was put
byCpt. llalliday, and , unanimously
adopts i.
Tho Odd-Follow's dance hnd supper
at the St. Charles hotel, on Thursday eve
ning, wat tt very pleasant allalr, and high
ly enjoyed by those In attendance. Mem
bers ol tho Charleston, Missouri, lodgo to
tbo numbor of about thirty, with their
ladies, were In attendance,
and woro loud in their
expressions of praise for tho
manner In which they wero received
and entertained by their brothern of tho
order in this city. At half past four
o'clock the ferryboat Bolmos nrrlvcd
at the (Ireen I.lno wharfboat with tho
Charleston party on board, and wero
thero met by thn members of Alexnn-
der lodco, of Cairo, and woro
escorted by tho Dalta brass band
tn tho lodge room. On arriving in tho
hall tho visitors listed to an address of
wolcorno delivered by Fast Grand Oberly,
and a response by brother Guthrio
of Charleston lodge. Alter the
welcome nddross and tho re
sponse tho assemblage was dismiss
ed, and tbo visitors were kindly ontor
tamed at tho hemos of tho several broth
ers of tho Cairo lodiso until about tho
hour of nine o'clock, when tlioy ns
sombleJ at tho St. Charles hotel to
uttond tho soclablo and dunco previously
arrangod for. Those who wero so in
clined "tripod tho light fantastiu" to their
hearts content, whllo the othors spoilt tho
ovonlng in social eonveno. At elovon
o'clock suppor was called, -and
wo boliovo wo but glvo exprc
ilon to tho lontlinunts of every
ono pretont whon wo say It was ono of tho
best moalt evori;utton up in Cairo. At
twelve- o'clock tho Charleston visitors
withdrew from tho hall, and boarding tho
ferryboat, startod for homo. The danco,
howovor, was kept up until betwoon two
and throe o'olockwben it broke up and
all went to their homos, satisfied that tlioy
had spent at loait one ploasant owning,
Four years ago a nrominont
physician of Cxlro sent tho
following to Tiik iiuu.imw with
tho requost that it bo publlsbod
which roquost wat complied with, The
samo physician again comes forward and
in behalf of that portion of Infant human
ity that Is subject to tho rasping, swolier
ing, scratching, nettling ordeal Insupora
bio from wearing tlannol, asks that wo ro
producO It :
I enter n protest aenlnit th
habit of wearing Uanuel nuxt to the akin,
without reward to tbo tomneralum nf
tho ntmosphoro or delicacy or irritability
of tho epidermis. T;hii habit is ofton In.
jnrlous to tho health and piojudicnl Id tho
c( in fort of little' babies, and causes tbdm
to bo fretful n'n'd cross, whon, If properly
dressed, thoy would Im healthy, good
nitutod nnd happy, KJanncl Is ofton
very unploas.nt and mechanically aids
In producing erriipllons upon tho body,
by retaining tho local hent. Cases of
eliln discuses often npply for troHlmon'.
that havo boon much argriTi0d by
wearinir flannel, ,einoelmly when ablu
tions havo been noglcclod. Flannel la al
ways Injurious to morbidly sontltlvo
nerves in congoetlvo conditions of tho
lin. If It is deslrnblo or necessary to
woar flannol in order to protect delicato
persons from tho effects of sudden changes
in inn vonmer, lot cotton r linen be
worn noxt to tlio skin. (Jmiinmn nntnl.
a very iood uuldn U ti.n
ni well ni in nil etsa that In r Man tn mnn,
Now, whon tho thormomntor Is ranging
from !0 to 100" In thn alindo, Is it com
mon Sfnso or naturnl to stinposo that
Mntinul ndds to tho health or comfort of
children 7 Wo say It Is not. Medical
authority says It Is not. Thoreforo, wo
nk mothora to desist from ntllictlng their
littlo cherubs by dressing them in llannol
in hot woathor. '
S-imo tlmo ago tho 'Sun' publlsbod
what it clatmod to bo Judge T, II. Tan
nor's decision in tho enso of tho board of
supervisors of Jackson county vs. the
trustees ot tho Cairo and St. Louis rnll
road bonds. It will be soon by tho ordor
pnblhhed b dow that tho 'Sun' prlntod
only tho lint paragraph of it, leaving
that portion of It rolntlrxr to tho n
orod thousand doiinr. In bonds ordered
to bo turned over to tho company out
altogether. Will tho 'Sun' now explain
why it did not lny befiro itn rondors tho
wholo order? or did it publish only tho
first part of it for tho purposu of docolv
Ing lliom nsto tho rcnl morits of tho case7
Tho fjllowlng is the ordor ontiro :
Tho board of supervisors of Jackson
Co. 111., vs. tho Culro nnd St. Louis
railroad company, trustees, etc.
And now on this Cth day of February,
In tho year of our Lord ono thousand
eight hundred nnd sevonty-four, this
Ciiuto being hiird, issue, bill, answer, ex
hibits, nnd proofs, and thu court being
well advised in the promises, it is ordurod,
adjudged and decreed by--tho court
that tho said John M. Hanson,
liiitfh Crawford and John Ford, trutecs,
etc., bo and are hereby forover enjoined
and restrained from (luting, and delivering
to tbo Cairo & St. Louis railroad com
pny, tholr agents, or attorneys,-one hun-dred'-bondt,
with coupons attncboJJTof and)
for tho sum of ono thousand dollars each,
nnd bearing interest at tho rato of eight'
per cent per ann-m, issued or purporting
to haye been In. o J and by the county
I court of Jackson county, Illinois, and
placed in moir tianus, as trustoes, otc, to
be dolivorod to tbo said rail
road company upon tbo completion
of said railroad to -Murphysboro, ln said
county, under and by virtuo of tho voto
and elec'.ion held ln said Jackson county,
for tho purpose uf taking nnd subscribing
ono hundred thousnd dollars 6f stock on
fhosaid Cairo & St. Louis railway com
pany, on the twenty-fourth day of Julv,
A. V. MOO. And that tho said trustees
at once surrender and doliver ovor to tbo
complainants the said one hundred bonds
It is further ordered and docreed by tho
court tht tho inunction be, nnd Is here
by dissolved, and tho bill dismissed, as to
the ono hundred bonds with tho coupons
attached, Issued ar.l oxecutod by the said
oounty court of JacWwn county, in pursu
ance of the vute and election had and
hWon the'th day of Juno, A. I). 18C8.
And it is ordered and adjudged and do-c.-eoJ,
that tho complainanant pay all
cots In this behalf incurrod and expend
ed by tho defendants.
T. II. Tai.n er,
Judge of the 'Jlth Judicial Circuit.
I will roll fit public auctioc on Monday,
Juno 8th, at i o'cloce p. m . at Bristol A
S '.11 well's, Kighth street, a largo assort
ment of choice house nnd garden plants,
consisting of rose', uoraniun.s, holiotropes
lartanas, verbenas, cactus, ferns, oaladi
tins, fuohsias, etc., etc.
Daxi.. Hahtma.v,
Furnituro, dry goods, boots and shoes
tlis morning at my salosrwm nt 9 o'clock,
63d to-night at 7 o'clock 1 will sell two
dining room extonsion tabid, 22 feot long,
three dozon cano-seatod curs, two' dozen
stool bottom chairs, twj rofa rocking
chairs, two wash stand", two bureaus
twelve kltchon chairs, or. kitchen tabloj
ono No. 0 May flower cook stove, etc. To
night I will soil n lot of boots, shoot, dry
goods, notions carpontcr's tools, etc.
Louis II. Mveii, Auctioneer.
Dn. Suiiknck'b 1'ui.M 'Kic Svr.ur, Sca
Theso modiclncs havo unloubtcdly per
formed more euros of Con.jmptlon than
any othor remedy known tu tho Ameri
can public. Thoy nro compounded of
vegetable ingredients, and contjln noth
ing which can bo injurious to tbo human
constitution. Other remedies advertised
at cures for Consumption, probably con
tain opium, which in n somewhat danger
ous drug in al) cases, nnd if taken frcoly
by consumptive ji,tlonts, It must do groat
Injury; for its leniency is to conlino the
morbid matter in tho systom, which, of
courso, must miuo H euro Impossible
Schonck'i l'ulmoslc Syrup is warranted
not to conthln a rjrtlclaof opium? It is
composod of powsrful but hnrmloss horbs,
which act on tho lungs, liver, stomnclit
and blood, and tins correct nil morbid
socrotions, and extol all the disoased mat
tor from tho bodj Theso aro tho only
means by which consumption can bo
cured, und as Scberck'e Pulmonic Syrup,
Sea Weed Tonic, aid Mandrako Pills nro
tho only modiclnti which opornto in this
way, It is obvious Hoy nro tho only gen
ulno euro for lVmoniiry Consumption'
Each bottlo of this invaluable modicino is
aocompHnlod by fUl directions. Dr.
Suhonck is profoitonully at hiH principal
ofllco, cornor rJiith and Arch stroots
Philadelphia, every Monday, whoro all
Jottors for ndvice mist bo addropsod.
llKALTIl AMI Vukk ATKK. Persons
wanting cistorns repairod or now onos
built can bo accommodated in a satisfac
tory mannor by calling on tho undor
signed on Cross street, or by nddrossing
box 7t, I'. 0., or by leaving word nt city
clork'H otllco. ,. H, Hawkins)
"CllUAItlS 01 COmfOrl" t A rt.r A.
Co's. 43.B.10.1m
i i . ii i
Piano For SAr.K. irst-o ass seven
and a quarter octavo piano cheap for cash,
or can bo tradod for, part cash and bnl
nuco In dross goods; or open to any othor
trade, by addressing ' XXX,
l'ost-ofuco, Cairo.
Foil .Stovk.1, TlnwHro.toilotwaro. atenm
cooking vessels, broilers, bird cages, lan
orns, gate springs, gitn hlngos, tnhlo nnd
-ckoi cuiiory, fluting Irons. Also for
rooiing, gutters and spoulltiL', ko to A.
Jlalley's, 108 U'nshlngton avenue, near
ionth itroet. 60-1-17-lm.
Hti'P urtil . . .......
- ..a .uiic iipii jjnuitiTi., .mint
Kerooii, UmI.iu., m;ovoi,. shovel.. Hnados.
: u"09. ", AVatnrUlo..t Urinals,
i wnmifimi uos.s I'ool Sink., Clothes
KIngoro, Clotlien Hones. Clothes l.ln.n
Hnd, In fact, n lull nssortmont of kitchen
mm iiouso lurnlsblng goods nt A. Hal
ley i, ii,3 luiilngton iivonuo, nenr Tenth
"rl'ul- mi 1.17-ltn.
Rr.-ofKsnn-.Mr. Curl Fetors, tho black
smitii, cornor or Klovonth nnd Poplar
streets, has rc-openod his shop nnd is now
ready to do any and nil kinds of work In
his lino. Jlowisho4hls old friends and
nil others who may havo Work to do to
glvo him n call. 10 C-2C.'Jw.
Why Miss Anna, whuro did you gnj
that nlco hut? At Mrs. Hultz' .Mil
iinnrv (tore, cornor or Washington nv
ontio nnd Eleventh streot. Sho ha tho
latest fashions, nmt tho nicest and cheap
Ct hats that over camo to Cairo.
30-5 C-lf
Tin: Monitou. Kor tho .Monitor, tho
best conl Cook Stovo ever rondo or tho
Fashion, tbo champion wood Cook of tho
West, go to A. Hallpy's, 108 Washington
avenue, near Tenth street.
WIG 17 m
Rous, Homxs ahh Mu!.v.s Nolico is
hornby given thataftor to-morrow (Thurs
day) Juno Ith, 1874, 1 will impound every
nog, horse, mule or other animal
found running ut largo within tho city
limits contrnry to tho ordlnanco of
the city. Wt. McIIalk,
Oity Marshal.
NoTirr. to Uvii.dkiis. Having slnrtod
up our taw mill again, wo nro now pre
pared to furnish nil kinds of building
mntoMal nt lower prices, dolivorod, than
it can bo bought from country mills,
Wo havo alto on hand two hundred
thousand feet of as.oiiteo i.umuku that
was colored by eipe water thut wo will
soil nt from $7 to ?1C per 1000 foot.
Wall t Ent.
Tub Eovitia.s- Hank. This is tho
only professional brats and string band in
Southern Illinois, nnd it is now ready nnd
prepared to furnish music in any numtor
for pi:-nics,colebrations and parties of nil
kinds. All communications Should be
addressed to tbo secretary, or to 1M,
Wl t g.
31 C-S-tf Secretary.
K. J. Cl'xhipj hi openod a general
stock of grocuiies at hit stand on Eighth
etroot, and Invites nil his old friends to
call nnd too him. Ho propose to keep a
general assortment of lino family grocer
ies always on hand which ho will sell at
very closo figures. Mr. Cundill" is too
well known ns a businost man in Cairo,
to require any further notico at our hands
than to cull attention to his stock and
placo of business, No. 17 Eighth stroet.
Tiik barrier shop is uu .no corner ol
Eighth street and Commercial avenue
wnuro .1. George Stionhouto with his gen
tlemanly assistant can bo found nt nny
hour of tho day or night, rendv to soothe
your feelings with a smooth shave, or cool
your temper and head with a good Bharn
poo. it is a Crst-class shop, nnd you aro
sure of receiving first-class treatment.
Ladios' and children's hair cut or curled
after tho most approved styles. H-lC-tf
Millinkuv. Mrs. .1 nekton, formorly
Mrs. Swander, is now on bnnd with tho
cheapest stock of Millinery In Cairo
She hat lowered her house ovon with thu
sidewalk to give tbo ladies tin easy en
trance and has lowered her price to uivo
them all 11 chance to buy a beautiful spring
hat or bonnet nnd anything elso In hor
linn that they may want. Hor Morn it
now 0110 of the most attractive, ns it lins
long been ono of tho cheapest places In
town to buy. Call and soo hor and bo con
vinced. 18 5.IM w
Illinois Ckntkai. Railroad Co., 1
Aoknt'k Omen, Caiuo Juno t, 1873.
On nnd nftor Saturday, June Cth, until
further notice, tho fruit oipro.s train
will bo abandoned. Fruit curs will bo
1 un on tho through freight train leaving
Cairo nt 4 p. rn. Shippers of fruit and
vegetables will pleato govorn thomsolvet
ll-G-O-O-i Jamem Johnson, Agont.
Mr. O. W, Smith, special agent for tho
Howi: MArin.vi: Company, Is now
stopping nt thu St. Chariot hotel. Tho
company want 11 first chins agent in Cairo,
and .Mr. Smith is propiired to oiler Npcclnl
inducements to one of tho right kind, The
machine is woll known hero us well as in
othor sections of country whoro sewing
machines are in uso, und in i'mjt, ns woll
ns by roputatlon, is tho very host
and most soluble much bio maiiuliic
turod. Any person doslrlug an iigoney
will plcano call on -Mr. Smith, nt tho St,
Charles hotol, for n few days -100 S-tf
Hiving sold out my olllce mid practice
to Dr. J. Jonnolle; of Dutjuoin, who
will tuko possession of tho otllco tho l'.'tli
ot Juno, I botopoak for Dr. Jonnello n
Ilbernl share of public patronage, I am
well acquainted with him nnd know him
tube 11 lirst-cUts dentist, and would most
chcorfully rooommond him to nil of my
friends and patrons.
G. E. Doi'OLAH.
All those- tndobted to mo nnd till those
having accounts against mo nro rcquosted
to call nnd settle ns 1 havo sold out and
intend going nwny tho 12th of Juno
3'i Pj.-l-et Ci. E DoiuLAs.
A furnished house, No. 80, Tblrtoehtli
street. Apply to Mrs. Kato Sunduskv.
Oai.i. nnd exnmino
tho now sash-lock
at U, Arlor A Co's.
Tkn pounds of brown sugar for $1 ;
8 pounds best coOoo sugar at $1, 4 pounds
of cholco buttor nt $1; baking powdor 45c
per lb; Imperial tea at $1 ) a lba coffoo
Sl.at Wilcox's Illock. 107 2.1-lm.
T. II. Ellis, at tbo Arlington house,
horoby nnnouncos Hint ho has opened an
leo pronin parlor at tho Arlington house
for thn nccommodatlon of nnblln
Fiimllios supplied. All orders promptly
nltendod to. 71-5-17-tf 0
ot comrdrC-at f: 'Artor'A
" -tn-rt.ld-i'ni
(I. 0. Ilodon, Director of Conservatory
of Muslo, and Toaohor of Vocnl, Organ
anil Pluno Music. Instruction given in
nil stringed and wind instruments. Klo
montary principles, thorouili bats, bar
mony nnd emintor point. Uiiprcodentcd
liiducemoiils offered. Tho4u wishing to
securo his servicos will pleato apply at
mo Conservatory of Music cornor of
Twelfth etroot and Washington avenuo.
riiuioH tunetl nnd rnpalrnd,
A new Iiouso containing threo rooms
nnd ildo porch, two good lots, clttorn
and stable. Tho prpporty it situatod on
1 wonty-lirst strcot botwoon Walnut and
tedar streets. For further particulars
inqulro on tho promises. 31.fl-7-lm
"UHi'iuia or comfort' nt J). Arler &
" Ill-C-lO-lm
cam. nnd oxamlno tho now cash-lock
at I). ArtorA: Co's. 4 1 -1-10-1 tn
A . I l.n -t... 1. . I , . ' . f
.vi,,. uu uttjr uuaruers in mo city can
ho accommodated nt tho St. Charles
botnl, with first-class board at second olass
ratos. 70-4.lO.tr
1IIB lariroit mil liML.n.lntiiil .
Jof FURNITURE for salo at wholesale
and retail by HENRY F.ICIIIIOFF, No,
115, Commercial avonuo,oppbsite Seventh
t.rtu.. 71 0-17-3m
nir. it est. Win. Ludwk. harness
maker, cornor of K'ght stroet and Com
mcrcial ovenuo, has tbo best supply of
Harness, saddlei", bridles, otc, in Southern
Illinois, and sells thorn at choap ns the
cnoapost. i!3:fi-3Mf
Mo'ijuito wire screon cloth ut Halley'e
encaper man tho cheapest. 6G 4-17-lm
Flown. A purely yellow canary bird
escaped from his' cugo a few dayi ago,
Any ono iccovcrlng and returning him
to tho undertlgnod will confer favor
and bo suitably rewarded.
B8-r,-3-2t L. W. Stii.lwell.
$ 5,000,000
EndoweL Scheme
IN All) Of THE
Public Library of Kentucky
JULY 31. 1B7.
In announcing Hie 1'IPh and l.i-t of the
crlri ol (lilt Conceit, given lor the benefit
01 i in- i-iiinio Library i in-mucky, nie
tni-lees ami iinnaL'er refer llli pride nml
pleu-urc to the four whlel.hiviiboen already
tft i'ti : 1 110 llrl, lieeemLirlO, lTi; nn-i-ci
ond, I i-. i mi,, r tin; third, Ju'j h
17-1: ami the fourth. .March til. lb'l.
Under their charter, cranted by 11 kprclal
aetol the Kentucky l.egi-lutuie, .March 1G
171. the 'l'rutees are nutliorleil to rive
(lilt Concert With the money nri-iiiK from
toe rum nun i.ast concert, tlie i.inraiT, .iu
Fe is 111. nud fillicr (li-nirliin-nu :11c to been-
hitved and emlowodwltli a llxed und certain
annual Income. Sueli an endowment In in
N dcilred, 11 will secure beyond perudvcii'
turf, not only tlie inaiiitcnaiice of thl mng
Iillieeiit otablUliiiieul, but It4 cmi'taut
Tho Fifth Gift Concert,
for the ourpoi.pi mciitloned, nud which I
io.ticlv and uneiiulvocally iiiiiinuiiccil u
ciiuiii oil In tlic rub 1 1- Library Hall, iitl.oillt
in, ii.
Friday July 31, 1S71
AttliU final Concert everjthing will be
upim n i'.ilo correimniliiig with It In
i'i iii-cil iniiorlaiiee. The miitlc will be
rendered bv an orclicHlrn coin-Ulliitr of om
htliiilered pel tui iut r-, hclectcd Cur lln-ii- l.imii
in illllcrenl lainl-, ami lliu liupreceiieme
hiiu nf
illvlded Into twenty thoii-aud Kills, will be
iil-lniiiiluil amnii',' the iicki'l-lioiuer.
LIST (SI tai'TN.
ONE (iltAMl CASH GMT tU.V,000
l)Ni; (iKANII (Anil GIFT 100,000
O.NEtiKAND CASH tilFT 7.'i,000
r oasii (iiFfs, $io,wn ciuh... kki.immj
nil ASi I ( 1 1 r in, ji.ixju eacli .. ili'.O'.'u
lr.CASII GIFTC. 10,000 eaeli..., 1.VI.O0O
1') I AMI (HIT.-j, ri.tXKIeaell..-. I0O.IM II
'.!.'( ( ASH (HITS, 1.000 each. . . 100,001)
UO CASH GIFTs, il.000 each. . . 10,000
W)( ash (iirrs 'J.OWJ encli. . . 11)0,000
100 CASH GIFT.-, 1,000 each. . . 100,000
HI') CASH GIFT. W)0 caell. . . 120.000
MX) CAsll GIFT'S, 100 cadi, , . r.0,000
111.000 CASH GUTS, riOcacli. .. fiVhOOO
(IltAMl Tor.u
'JO.000 OIl-lH,
Whole Ticket 9 f.0,00
Tenth, or each Coupon 'Mill
11 Wlinlii Ticket lor WW,ihi
J Ticket for 1,000,00
l'ickel urn now ready lor :ile, nud order
accompanied by catfi will bo promptly
Llbcial Commlh-lnns will bo allowed to
sal lliicliiry agent, , ,
CliciiiarH containing lull particular. fur
ulnlied on iipplleitlon.
Agent nml Malinger.
Public Library Ilulldlng, Louisville, Ky
I 4 -M'ltl'MIWl't,1-St
3uoeit llitrk (upstairs) enirer Etb Btro
and Washington Avenuo.
30-31.11' CAIRO, ILLINOIS.
I tnko pleasure in calling
tlio nttontion of tho public to
my fesh and full slock ol
now and elegant Furnituro, at
my Furnituro and Matrass
Factory, corner Seventeenth
Street and Washington Ave
nuo. My stock embraces
Bedsteads, Wndrobcs, Bu
reaus, Sideboards, Wash
stands, Tables, Chairs, Bug
gios, Matrasses and, in a word,
all that is useful or orna
mental in my lino.
This being tho only manu
factory 6f F'urniturc in this
city, 1 propose offering bettor-
goods at lower prices, and
havo mado a largo redxtion
in the prwo? 0 li my goods.
Call ai.d examine my stock
Arid secure an outfit of choice
Furniture. To tho wholosalo
trade I oiler special induce
ments. Note the placo
Corner Seventeenth Street and
Washington Avenuo, Cairo, Ills.
Wholosalo and Retail Jlcalor iu Fur
nituro and iMatrafl.seH,
, ' , IS DEAD.
Ills ofllco anddltpenstry a
Bet. Commercial and Wattiington avenuei
It Is true, the elector Is one of the oldest
physicians of the place, and his diploma,
that hang In bU olllce, shows that he ba
been Hi years In the profession. Ho It dolug
a larger ofllco praetlco tbau any other phy
Melau, treating all kinds of chronic diseases
ot the human syntem, such as old ulcers, and
alldl-easesof the skin, humors and blood
poisons ; also dlscatoa of tho throat ; alto
all dlraues ol the eyes of years standing;
alo artificial eyea Inserted fistula cured
without the uso of a knife; cancers cured
by.the application of medicines; pimples on
the face removed; all urinary dinettes
euro J; all forms of venereal and private
dlieacs'curcd In tho shortett tlmo ; ecmla
weakness and sclf-abuso cured In a tbor
It Is self-evident that a physician treating
canes for twenty-two years acquires great
All coniultatlont confldonttcal, ln pertoi
or by lettea.
modlelne furnlhed at ofllco In
fs.-2.-i tf.l I)h. David Hiiltz.
Lkoalizbd ut Statb Atjthomtt AJtD
Grand Hinglo Number Scheme.
60,000 NOMB1RS
Class C, to nr. Ubawn March 31, 1874
6,880 Frir.03, Araouiitlncto 300,000.
1 Prliof., aso.ooo 600 PtIhi ol...4 too
l or.... ls.tM s or....... l.oue
l " or....... lo.eoo s of..... too
l " of.... T.eco ot.... sou
t " or..., s.ooo of........ ua
t 11 ot s.soo as - of.... too
or.... 1,000 as or.., ito
M of 600 leo of..., leu
40 " Of...- 140 600 ol.... 10
Tlckots f 10: Half TiokoU, S: quarter
Tickets, 92 60.
Our loturles are ohirUrsd by th filate, ar
always drawn at ttis tlms nsmsd, and all draw
Imp are unclsr lbs supanlsloa of sworn om.
'Die cinclat ilraln(S will be piiLliihcJ Intht.Sl.
I inn iuKrt and a copy of drawing scut to jircluicrt
uf tickets.
We will draw a similar scheme the last day of t very
month duniii tin year 1871,
lletnli at our ritk hy jiot office money order, reris
tereil icllir. draft or rxiiretf. Send for circular
Adilrns lll'HKAV, MILLEH A CO..
l' U. IjokSIIiI. SI, l-ouls, Afo,
Balsam for the Lungs
Consumption Is NOTnniucurable disease.
PhyHljittiis nhiiuro us this fact. It Is only
neco.sary to have tho Jtlght ltemedy, aud
tho lorrlblo malady can bo conijuered.
Hall's Balsam Is this Bemody.
it breaks up the nlylit sweats, relievos Hie
opprcxulvo tightness across tho lungs, ana
heals the larcurutod nud cxcnrlatod surfaces
which the tenoiil Ol the dlsoase protluces.
It may not be too lute to cHect a cure even
after tuo doctors havo ulven you up
Hull's Ilalssm is sold everywhere, and
may be hail ut wholosulo oftho rroprUtors,
John F. Henry. Curran & -Co,, nt their
Oreitt Medicine Warehouse. 8 and 0 College
Pisco, Now Vork. Price 1 per bottlo.
Hnli's Ualsam Is also a suro remedy for
CoukIis, Colds, Phouraona, Bronchlttls,
Asthrau.oplttlnKofUlood, Croup, Whoop.
liiu Cough, nnd all other discales ol the ret.
plrstory organs.
Also Proprietors of bcovltl's lilood and
Liver Syniji.Carliolle Salvo,Kdey's Troches,
Oxygenutod Hitters, Mutt's Liver Pills. o.,
8 and 0 College Placo, New iork.
38 f.I6-w4t.
KKSIDKKCK-No, at, Thirteenth sireet
between Washington avenue and Walnu
treet. Ofllco l'.O commorulal avenue, up

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