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, ,7PV.-viTIAN- BAND. J!
ww I i
mnSi mad th Southern Illlnll and It I
IlTV,iijr ml pipprdio,utulsb music
In ny,numj)r8pr ' . ,
pc-nics; Celebrations,
and Parties of all kinds.
Kn. WtlTtO, adr. (It C. HoDitN, ScoY
, AH communication should bo addressed
to the Secretary. Conservatory of Mime,
Corner TwellA street and Washington
RTMBn. bOii-Mf.
'ta'kos great pldssUN'ln announcing 'tlutt
tbey aro now prepared to upply everybody
with lake tec of tho very btt quality, either
aV their iioties of ftt the stores. Order
should bo left nt the office, No. CO Ohio
l,ece. fi-r lMm
Wholesale anil Retail Dealers in
Cairo, Illinois,- and Columbui, jvontucky.
Cairo olllco at Iltucu & Wilson's, corner
Twelfth street and Uluo levec.
Wo wtll run in Ire wacori Uitonshout tin1
M?" !S,,XWlflP.JtWW Ml Aw ' VfTT anil
JWsS1uiiiMi our friends outside tlmolty
with loo bv th cake or car load, packed In
,ww dust, for shipment to any ''an.C(-;d f
An ordinance xo cofviruct aurr reconstruct
certain sldnvalkslu the city or Ulri.
Bo Itordairied by the city council or ,thc
'Wkc ilnat tho following named fide
walks bo reconstructed ofwoqd in. the milli
ner hereinafter exprcsi-cd, viz: On the
south side or Fourth street between Wash
ington a. il Commercial avenues ; on the wct
IiTa nf Wi.htnirtiin aieuuo bctWtcu 1-our III
mi Finii tirnis! on. tlit north trfdo of JUIUi
street between Wanh.tnSton and Commercial
avenUc; on the east uluo- of AvaBhlngton
avenue btWccu t'ttlU and Sixth Strcct-j un
llm innth ihlo ol fevcutli street, comiueoc-
Ibk at tho cut ttdo of fTalmit etrciot ami c.v
uSitir t II ty Jrcti on tho nortli lilc of
ccvemu treci, c luincnciDg on ttic wci
tde of )alnut itrct anil extending writ In
the now .wait fronting the property of J. Y.
Turner; on the north tide ot Eleventh trcct
between H'akhlngton avenuo and Walnut
ktrcct; on the eamldc ot l'oplar ttrcct irom
apolntoppojltc the nortlitrfyMdtfof UUiic
lontreettJ a point iicVcntyllvo (7M feet
north of the northerly shio of iwcnty-llrt
uuLijon imi ouui huo oi i wen y-nrhi
street between l'onlaraiid Sycamore ftrools.
Sec. 2. Said walks tball be rc-conslniiitod
ai follows: They Uiall bo als tect wldu on
top except on fulil avenues where they sli:ll
be seven feet wide; tho head or top co or
lng toboot whitoo k board. or pUnkstwo
(2nnchc thick and notmoro than debt
in hc wido, Uie lnKlfle line to be tour leut
uisunc irom uio trout iido oniu lot , oxcrpt
on said avenuci Hharo It uliall be Uv fuct
dlstaut; said board) or planki to bo lahr
cronwlso with the sidewalk and tlni iy set
and Well spiked on with at least six twciuv
penny nails In rach board or plnnk, to thrr'u
strlngern ol not leu than threo Inches till k
by six Inches wide, tirinly set on edge and
well piked on to sills or crois tie not Ice
than three inches wido by hlx Inches thick,
placed croMwlio to aald sidewalks nt inter
vals of six feet; theso sidewalks At street
erodings to bo extundod into the street, till
they meet tho crora walks. Where the side
walks ro elevated above tbo natural ground
the potts of tbo treUo work shall bu lour
Inches rcpiarc and the si Is or crosi ties shall
be placed on'cdgc and joined or morticed
Into tbo poti kind well spiked on, and tho
stringers shall be notched tightly to said
ills or cross ties, and in all catrs (docks ol
wood not less than one loot long anil threo
inches thick by' six inches wide shall be
placed under the ends of each sill or
crow tie where tho walk Is laid on the na
tural ground and tinder the'ji'iidi ot each
poet whero the walk U o'etatcd by treMle
work. If the treble- wotk over ttirei- fret
high, tbo tamo shnllb .lirtrtly braced ml
the posts exh-ndedtwo auuti Jtalf feet aboTO
the side walks to whlWi n liuod railing or
atrip 1 will o oak piunk one inch thlch by
Tour Inches wide" shall be securdy nailed;
aid stringers, hills, crosi' tics, post unci
K ouod blocks thill be o' white or burr
oak, iddccd.r, locust or m lbernr,
Sue. 3, .Thai the following walks be con
structcdorbrl k, vU: On thosouih side ol
Eighth street bctweenWashlngmuHud Com
mcr. lal avonta'i; on the north side of i-.ighth
street between Washington avenue anil
Wa!..Ut street, and OH the eat fldo of Wii-h-log
on avenue between Eighth anil .Ninth
Sea 4. Slid brlctslde walks on the ctns
streets shall be ten feet wido and said brick
slduwalk on Wushlngton' avenue shad be
twelve leol wide. fHWy shsll bu connmct
ed of hard well burned brlcK, compactly ui)d
properly laid In herring-bone manner in a
bed of ciarne sand not ten limn lour tiiclit-o
thick, placed on a linn aid substantial bed of
coal dndcis or car.h and shall bo so laid to
the grade established by tho tirovlnlons of
ordisanco No 83. tiald walks shall bo laid
with aslope downward toward tho Mirb of
one third of an inch to the foot; a curbing ol
sound white or burr oak plank three inches
thick and at least lourtecii inches wi o to
be spiked on -with thiity petin nails, to
sound whlto or burr oak stai es two and one
half leet long and thr o Inches square placed
on the ouuido of ald curbing Dot moru thau
Ave feet apart.
Sec 6. Tho local Improvements herein
provided tor shall he made by so elal a
tnent and in accordance wlili the provisions
of sections 18 to fil. iucluelve of article U oj
the aoi ot tbo general as-riubly ot tho state
of nilnols, approved April 10th, 1872 and en
titled "An act to brovlde for the incorpora
tion of cities 'and vintages;" and the cottnud
expenses of the construction and recon
strustlon of said sidewalks shall bepafd out
of funds arising from suld special assess
ments. -
Sec. 0. The oinisr of any lot Irontlng on
any of tho tldswalks, pruvlsjons for tho
building or re-conn tr etlonol which is nude
.by the ordinance, shall bo allowed thirty
days alter the time ntwhlchthlt ordinanco
ehsll take effect, in which to build or re-cCn-struct
said tldewslksa tho ensu may be, op.
poblte his lot and ttiereby relieve the same
from sssessmcntf provided that the work
shall In all rccpects conform to the require
mentsof this ordinance and be done to tho
satisfaction and approval of the commute on
Kkc. 7. Upon tho cxplrat'on of said thirty
days, the city clerk shall publlth notice for
ten day In tnc ne spaper publtihlng tho or
dinances oftbo city, se til g forth that sealed
bids lor furnishing the material or doing tho
work, or both, lor the construction and ro-
construction ot sua sidewalks directed to
the city council will be received at his otllcu
up to the time of the meeting of the city
council for the opening of ald bids, which
rneeUng shall not be earlier than twilo nor
ivcr umii ciKuieen uy(, irom the ilsto o
said notice, whleU notice tball state the time
of said meeting and describe the work to bo
done by rfrnng to Uie ordinance, ulvluir
lis number and dtto ol mimi. ami i....
Data ordinance W subject l examination ut
any time at his olllco. liald bids shall be
nened bv the clork In tho presence or h
couocll and the contract for dolmr the work
or furnishing te material or both, for the
I oonHrucuon sou xo-consirucuon 01 sail siue
wallaiahall lm awarded tdtho lowent retnun
slble bidder, who ihslltutllclently guarantee
to the rttltfactlon of the city council the
furaUhlne of said material or the perform.
aa oi tun worn or uoui unucr uie tuper-
iltti dsaas ol the commiitfe nn tr.i.
w TStljMnauca time orttmes as may bo tlxed by
"fciractol -aid city com oil shall then deem
itexnedlenttodoso. If saUbldt are not
tMMtuclory to the city council they may
rJei any or all or them and may then or
thereafter authorize said sidewalks to be
l oasstrstcted anil rfoonstructcd by tucb
.. .. U.t' wi.m tlilnlr rilnnr.
"AftTPYedJune 11th 187.
"Y' r John Wood, Mryor.
Attstf. WlLI.K, IlAWKlNb,
City CIrk.
; jcau" ws.J
..Ati.Ji.liL.., . ...--.4..., ............
' ' " dH, .
.fiomribodv'ltn like from tin It tliollJnncI bill
bcn, good iai- r uhd finely printed, lor
lf3.25. ,,,
One tlioUiAnd .ptstemont printed nt Tits
Jltn.i.KTiN olllco (or fy.M.
Aolo Ilrnd.
Orio Uiolltand'liotn hcaiU tirlti'Ml at Tits
IIi'm.ktin ollled lor l.0O:,twt'i''iif i I lor
O.N). w . . , .....
1 1 1 s
Ono thousand ImMueM caul, llns llristol
board, printed ntTltn liui.l.iniN olllco lor
from V-M to $1 00, iii-conllng .to sl.c.
HJNDAY. JUNK 14, 1874.
Coolest Wol boer In tho city at tbo
Thalia1. ' 1 03-0.12-lw
A oiAmt oitrlcli, sovontccn (cot litgb,
In oltl .lolin llobihfon's ?reat aviary.
iltiPtit'iTb wlro screen clotli at llalloy'j
cheaper than tho cheapest. 60 1.17-lm
Chicago's brat mm uuest Hotel it, tlio
now Tromont. It It n marvol of beauty.
B6D "Wat iit T. K. Sullivan will
gWo you tho belt glas of soda water to bo
tounu in inTj i-,,
'Oovt IfoM. John llnytifcs. latb n
pupil o'f thot'llro high? ECnfooi, basfij'onu
to hll homo nt Umithlandf,Kuntuikym
ALL tho day boarders in tho city can
bo accommodated nt tho tit. Charles
iikvvituuvMuivvi saw iiiu J wmit iva
to), with flrit-cla!s board nt tocond elms
Tho largest nstorlmcnt ot summer
hats and ,'Capi in tho cltyinnd for less
money at D. llartman's. ' 1 G8-G-12-tf
JJflSOfAL 'CuURCU.VfO,.';.1'.
'G'llbort.Tcotor, will ofQclate at the,.J2pls
coral church to-day at 10 o'clock a. in.
and 8 o'clock p. m.
CioAns. Kor tbo best Olgars and To
baccofn tho city, go to.T.KFbtilHviin's,
ommorclal avo'mio1'r'ncttr .Tonth strcut.
Tho bcit in tbo city. ' 01 G-10-tf.
The subject ofthe locturo to bo deliv
ered boforo tho X'roo lioligloui atsocla
tion by O. C. Rurldgli this evening will
bo "Faith cf tho Unbelievers.''
T. E. Olarko, train miller on tho C.
A V. jB. K. called at our 'pflico thin week
11 o iipopulsr on tho road, and withal a
gentleman and a thorough "railroadlit."
Uarriiburg 'Chronlclo.'
Sullivam. T. K. Sutllvan, solo agont
for Foutjuctt's Colobrated l'crfumr .1 .Btiirch
of Gloss, tho beit.xrito of the- kind in
uso. l,nco.25"contt')iCr bort
. -i.l C-lQ.tf.
Coolest AVeiss bcor in'tho city "at tbo
Thalia. 3 0.12-1 w.
" Tub largost and bctl-solcctcd stock
of FUKKITUKE for (alo at wholesale
and retail by UENUY KlCllflOFF, No.
110, Commercial avenue, opposite .Seventh
street. ' 74 0-17 u,.
Hkat. povoral days ago wo stated
that tho host had reached the oxtremo
bight of ovor ono hundred degroof. This
is a tmitako. Tho thormomotor ha) at
no time this season gono hlghor than 92
Tnr. MoNiToit. Kor tho .Monitor, tho
best coal Cook Btovo uvar mado or tbo
Fashion,' tho champion wood Cook of tho
Woit; go';to A.Ualley's, 108 Washington
avenue, nonr Tonth street.' -
' 1.50-17-m
.lust rcceivod, KK) boxes of tlno toilet
soap, bought at bankrupt imctton talo In
Chicago, which will bo oll'orod for tsalo at
less than common rosin soap' at D. Hurt
man's. C8-C-12-tf
The Hem. Win. hudwig, harness
makur, corner of 'ght ttrtot and Com
morclal ovontio, lias tho best supply of
Imrnest, saddles, bridloi, etc.-, In Southern
Illinois, and sells thorn ai aheap as the
cheapest. '.isv.G-31.tf
Kon tniniui, 'L'inv.nr'i,vuiiuiwaro, steam
cooking voseoIs, broilers, bird cages, Ian
ttnt, gato sprlngH, gato 'hingos, table and
pockot cutlery, fluting Irons, Also for
rooting, gutters and spouting, go to A.
LUIluy's, 108 Washington avonuo, noar
Tonth stroet. BC 1-17-lm.
llKALTH AMP TUllK ATKK. l'orsons
Wanting citterns ropairod or now ones
built can be accommodatol In n satisfac
tory manner by calling on tho under
signed on Cross etrcot, or by Addressing
box 670, P. O., or by loaving word at city
clerk's olll o. J. 3. Hawkins.
7&-5.J9. ra
To THE JMkmiiriu or Tim EnscorAL
Cnuucii. Tho parltbonors und friends of
Hev. Mr. atul Mrs. Gilbert aYo cordially
tuvltod to spoud a tocial evening inform
ally, at their residence, on to-morrow
(Monday) evening, 1Mb Inst., tbo tenth
anniversary of their wedding.
Had Water. At lontt ono-nalf of the
oltternt in the city woro flllsd up with
tlpo water during tho lata sipo water in.
undation. Families Bhould bo caroful
about tbo use of this water, as It U any
thing but healthy and may do much in
tlio way of creating ticknef t.
Why Miss Anna, whoro did you go)
that nico hat'f At' -Mrs. UulU' Jlil
Unory storo, oori)cr of Washington av
onuo and Eleventh street. Hhu has tlio
latest fashions, und the nlcostand cheap
est bats that over caino to Cairo.
30.5 C-tf
C. C. llurlolgh, a man . noted for elo
quence, scholarship and as nn Independ
ent, earnest thlnkor and workor in tho
cause of human progress aiid troo thought,
will locturo boforo tU Froo Itollglous As.
socUUou of Cairo in tbelr hall at 8 o'clock
p. in., Sutidny, Junol), 1H74, Lkoiubis
ynKit. Ua-0-12.2t
Uuoay roil Sale. t)i, Louis make;
ln;ht, comfortable and oasy. lias uovor
been run much, It In perfect running
aider, neither ttratobed nor faded, Will
sell very cheap (or calk or on time. Also
light tingle harness, sound and good,
Apply at HsllliHy Brothers' oftlco, Ohio
Hveo. W. (1. Homjiws.
IIev. QiLJiKnT'B Lkctuhr. The 'Chris
tian Union,' Honry Ward Boechor's pa
per, havlngUv. Mr. Gilbert's lecture un
der dUcuuIon, fc'olnildos with' that gon
tlemanjn tits vlows of novolt nndbovel
roadlng. Tho 'Union' devotes nearly a
column to the cotiiiuoration of tho lea
tuio( and spoakfiof Mr. (Jllbort In vory
complimentary terms.
, v.v;
0 it At q it or.TllIic. A chango of tlnio
will tako 'plaooTn tho tlmo'of.arrivnl an
departtiro of trains on tho llllilnll Contrt
railroad at XI o'olocK to-day, fts Iqllowl :
Trains arrive, oxpro!s,uaiiy
.. s . .. . . 1
urday, at 2:05 p. in ;
mail, daily except
so. Trains dopurt,
b'undiiy, nt 1:30 h.
mall, dally, oxcipl Hunday, nt 12:15 a.m j
oxprcsj,Mrnllyoxceps; aundnyiO p. in.
bTP.r iwl intension Ladders, Hand
Scrootis, Hiddlos, Blavosj Ifjliovols, tipsdos,
Forks, llooi, Kukos, IVator Clos ot Urlunls,
Kltchon Bnd Cofs Tool binks, Clothos
Hlngcrs,CloUioa Hones, . Clothes l.inusn
and, In fn'ct, ji.tull ussoftrneut juf kitchen
and Uou"" furnishing goods nt A. Ual
loy's, los Washington avenuo, near Tenth
strcot. do 1-17-lm.
.CuoLEfi" Wolss beor.lu, tho city at tho
Thalia. ' ' ' oj u-iv-iw.
Tub barber stiop is it kbo cornor ol
Eighth etrflot and Commercial avonuo
whoro J. George SUotibouso wltu his gou-
tlemnnly nrslsiante. cau.lwv'"'"'. !'v
UM. ui uiunfi)r fiigni, rrauv 10 sooiuo
your footings with a smooth shave, or cool
your temper und head with a good sham
poo. It Is a first-class shop, tind you aro
turo ot roooiving nrst-ciass irctumoni.
Iiftilios' and chlldron's hair cut or curlod
nftor tho'most npprovfid stvlft (f-lt-tf
Within mnCiTT IjI.uits. Uulo four
ot spxclnl instructions to conductors and
engineer on tho Illinois Central railroad
says: "Trains will not oxened n tpeed of
11 vp mlloi par hour wbilo within tho dor
porutu limits of Cairo. Tho boll must bo
continually ruug" while onginos, with or
without train", aro Tjdng movod on'lho.
tracln at Cairo, botwoon tho government
warehouse and tho- passongor station
Ox next Tuesday ovtnlng tho friends
of Mrs. Cshlll will give a grand ball for
her boncflt at tho Court Ilouto hotol, It'
will bo remembered that iho wns ono of
thoto who lost heavily at tho llro las:
Sunday, and this fact i sufllcicnt to call
out n very largo mooting at her benefit.
Tho entertainment promises to bo very
ploaetint, ns tho gentlemen In charge of It
never ''make lallures. All aro invited
Tickot Jl 00. CD -0.71-21.
06 x r.
Thebks. Hon. John P.
Onrnblo and Mr. J.
U. Itoed lett at four
o'clock this morning to tnVa part in tbo
.proceedings of tho Sunday school conven
tion which nisombloi thoro at ten o clock
to-day. Thoy will also go to Union's. and
at 4 o'clock will organWo a new Sun.
day school there. From Hulen's, tbey
go to Ricbwood church, whoro an.
othor school will be organized.
... mi
Ts l'sanv IIocbe. Jim Summorw611
has taken the contract to ralto tho Perry
House, and has had a fores of men at
work for several days. Thomt Uro's,
owners of the property, proposo to have
tho bouso raited a little ovor ono
foot and n tubatnntinl brick foundation
put under It. Thoy will also glvo tho
building a thorough overhauling and ro
pairing. What they proposo to do with
it after it it dona wo cannot say.
Coolest "Weiss boer In tho city at tho
Thnlia. C3 C-12-lw.
Thk GiuoKr. Tho tteamor Frank P.
Gracoy, which has been plying batwoen
this city and Columbui in connection
with tbo Mobllo and Ohio railroad will be
withdrawn from that trsdrt to-morrow.
Tbo freight and pastongpr traffic of this
road will hereafter go by rail via llol
mont and the line oi tbo Cairo, Arkan
sas and Texas and St. Louis and Iron
Mountain railroads. Tho owners oftbo
Urncor will enter their boat in tho Evans
vlllo and Cincinnati trade.
Nick Meat. Messrt Koohlor A ilro
will again this morning' havo on sale at
their shop somo of the nicost fresh beef,
voal, mutton and pork ever offered for
salo in tbo city. Thoy buy only tho vory
best of stock und at n consorjuonoa have
only tbo nicest and cholcost moats. Thoy
invito every one to call and too thorn,
ftoling confident of their ability to
pleaso nil. Itemombor, thoy sell only for
cash, and consequently are not compollod
to charge two prices In order to keep
oven because of bnd debts. 71-G-14.lt
l)oo Killino. Tho chlof of police and
his aids lire doing oxcullonloxoeutlnn with
their "llttlo titles." Thus fur they have
sent in tho neighborhood of 125 curs to
tholr long, hornet. This is what wo call
goid work, considering tho practice tlio
chiof und his assistants havo had in this
lino, Constable Billingsly brought down
tbroo yostarday morning, botween
Sevontoonth and Nlnoteonlh stroots on
Comiaorclnl avenuu, in the abort space of
OfUen minutes. That littlu gun of
Hob's don't tnako much noise, but it doos
(ts work effostually. Wo say tuccoss to
tbo ofilcort in tho' work1 or clearing the
city of tho wortblots curs that infest it.
Business, The rocolpts and slnpmonts
of grain from this city for tho wook Jutt
ondod, wat considerably lota than for tho
wook previous, and our commission mer
chants have commenced tbo usual cry of
"dull timet." Cairo merchants havo loss
reaton to complain than thoto of any
othnr city round about ut. Proportion
ately, Cairo bts dono moro real substan
tlal business within tho met six months
than any other city within many hundred
rallosof it, WliUoSt. Louis, Louisville
ana uincinuau navo boon doing nothtngi
Cairo merchants havo, with vory few ex
ceptions, boon driving a good and paying
lUlLitoAD KruunstoN. Tho Harris
burg 'Chronicle' ot tbo 12th, speaking of
tbo oxcurtion to thlt city on tho 20th lust.,
Arrangements have boon completed for
thu eicurilon to Cairo und on the rlvor on
thoVIOtb. "Vo loam thatnulto a nuinbor
from this placo and dllTorent portions of
tho county contemplate taking part In
tho oicursloq,'- It will bo ono of tho nicest
nflntrs "fif tho season. ' '
liy refoMnee to untKO oliowholo It, will
bdjseen that tickets for tho roumt' trlp can
be bail of Air. Ohurcli, station agent, or al
tho pottofllce, and at the drug storos.
A urst-class stosmboat has boon chnr
iorod by tho railroad coinpauy at Cairo,
which will carry tho excursionists to any
mint on tho rlvordetlrod, to that II can
io mado within tima to rotmn,
vhith wo art lure cannot bo surpassed) p
tiny titftblihmonC a this pari' of
tlio country.. Mr., llonpt ,!t woll
known to railroad men at ono of tho
best watchmakers In' tlio country, and
malccj a spoeialty of wotk of this clali
Ho has n full sot of transit Instruments far
obtaining tho correct timo from tho sun
and stars, and makes observations ovory
day. Mr. lloupt lini a fullstock of tho
bost m&ko of clocks for kcoplng corrrect
timo ovor oflorbd for (talc in Cairo. Ho
iho has n flno slock of jowolry and watch
makers materials, which ho soils either at
whotcsalo or retail. -Hb is agent for tho
colobrated Karl Zimmerman watches.
Ktoro and shop 160, Washington avonuo,
nonr Tonth streot.
Oanitaiiy Wo frsnuently hear tho
question aiknd what tho board of health
H vi. ,-., .
condition to prevent sickness during tho
approaching hot season. Wo do not It.
lluvo it ever occurrod to ono' of tbo
grumblers who aro continually harping
about this mstlcr, that tbo board of
health ctnnot nlono do tho work nocct
snry to. provonl sloknois. Tito cituont
thomtolvos nro thounot most interested
in this matter, and if thoy dosiro.to too
everything in roadluoii for "tho wrath to
como" that It if it is to como at ull,
tbey malt lond tbo board
of hoalth ovory assistance and encourage
ment In thoir power. To stand back and
'gruinblo doii mort to prevont tho board
from accomplishing tbo end sought than
most people imaglns, If wo desire to too
tbo city iti tho condition it' should be, we
must help romove tvory obstacle in the
war'of the board. If wo do not. and tho
oitv Isfnot pronorlr fcleanod un. the blumo
'willfrost with tho cltizo'ns more than with
tbo board f health,
Plumiiaoj LrtiMCANr." for somo
timo past we I aro teen using tho above
named oil on tho nilchincry and prstse;
in The 1)ul iti.v oilco, und from our ex.
porionco with it aro, convinced that It is
a moat exec. it artcle. All good me
chanics havo long ktown that no specific
cylinder lubri:ator has yot raado its ap
psaranco (with the oxcoption porlmps of
sporm oil) but contiinod torious defects
tallow, tallctv ol), and lard, most
generally in no, vork well for a period,
but tho ac:ds qhlch tho above, and all
other nnirr.il oils ontatn, In timo corrode
and destroy tho metal. Not so, howovor,
with the "plarubago lubricator;" it has no
injurious effect ou tho metal and require
to to applied much less frequently than
any other oil that we know of.
Wo considtr Us merits to
be especially devo'oped on hoavy
Lenirgs, and in s.tuations where
it is difficult to lotain oil. Mr. Maxwell
t Co., 710, nntth Malntlreot, St. Louif,
aro the manufacturers of his splendid ar
ticle. Wo recommend ill porsons who
havo uso for such an artcle to glvo this
oil a trial.
Wkkd Tonic, anp Mahjuakk Pill.
Theso medicines have indoubtndly per
formed more euros of Consumption than
any othor remedy knovn to tho Ameri
can public. Tboy tiri compounded of
vogotablo ingrodlonts, ud contain noth
ing which can bo injuious to tho human
constitution. Othor renodics advertised
ns euros for Consumpion, probably con
tain opium, which isibsomowbat danger
ous drug In nH cascsiiid if taken freely
by consumptive pat ions, it must do groat
injury; for its tondene is to confino the
morbid maltor in lb system, which, of
courso, must mnko . euro impossible,
Hchonck's Pulinonia tyrup is warranted
not to contain a partita of opium: It is
composed of powerful mt hnrmloss borbs,
which act on tbo lun,, liver, stomach,
and blood, und thus urrcct all morbid
sccrotlons, and cxpol al tho diseased mat
ter from tbo body. Tieso aro tho only
menns by which cotnumption can be
cured, and as Schonck's Pulmonic Syrup,
Sou Weod Tonic, and JUndrako Pills are
tho only modlcines wh. h oporato In this
way, it it obvious thoy tro tho only gon
uino euro for Pulmot.aty Consumption.
Kach bottle of this invaluiblo modicino Is
accompanied by full Ciioctions. Dr.
Schonck is protossionully at his principal
olllco, cornor Sixth and .Vrch streets
Philadelphia, every Mondai, whoro all
lettors for advlco must bo addressed.
13 O-C-ood-lm.
Fon Hsnt -An
Enquire of
ovcollent house.
Geo. FiailBii.
TO G14-0t
Notick TO Bi'iLuKus. Having startod
up our saw mill again, wo aro now pro
pared to furn! h all kinds of building
inntorial nt loor prices, dolivorod, than
it can bo bos.-ht from country mills,
Wo havo also on hand two hundred
thousand foot 0! assorted LUMiiKiithnt
was colored by tlpo wittor that wo will
toll at from S7 to $10 por 1000 loot.
1 nr ... i. v
"Wall & Knt.
Dbuoh. Fottho best puro drugs go to
P, E. Sulllvan'i Commercial avonuo nonr
Tenth stroet. Porsoriptlons carofully
propared at nil hours day and night.
1 . ill U-lMf
Coolbst Wc.it boor in tbo city at tho
Thalia. 03-0-12-lw.
T. n. Kill", tbo Arlington houso,
hereby unnouiiioii that bo has oponed an
icocroam parlcr at tho Arlington house
for tbo accommodation of tho public.
Families supplied. All orders promptly
attended lo. 71-5-17-tf
Coolsst Weltn beer in tho city at tho
Thalia, 03 0-12-lw.
tlo.NPT, .UoSlrsto call atloft.tlon to
the (n'iverttsom'n'nl this eofitiomnn's
lartf) awl 'oxVollent tiock- of walcbci,
THE C & V.
This road.undor tho tftanacoinonl of Ro
coivers Morrill nnd p'nfford, itdolnir well.
It has been undor tbo chnrgo of tho receiv
ers for a inontb,and has made running ox
penset nt loast, and this it has not dono
before with tho oxooption of n month or
two in tbo brlskost business tcaaon, iln:o
Its complotion, F.xpontns havo been cut
down about twonty per cont. and If busi
ness bocomos botlor, at it must or coase
altogether; tho road will make a surplus.
Thurtday last wn passed ovor tho linn
ns far as Curmi with tho paymaster's ca t
and had tho pleasure of witnessing tho em.
ployes roculvo pay for tholr lnbor. ilessrs.
Morrill and Safford, rucolvors, and
Catbler Onkly ntid Auditor Itoblnion
woro of the party. Ono or two of too
employes enquired about laoi: pay, but nil
seamed to comprohond tho situation and
to bo awara of tho fact that tho rocolvors
wero doing all tbey could do. A better
matched pair of roceivers than Mossrs,
Morrill and Stll'ord canr.ol bo producod.
Major Morrill it thoroughly up In
railroad matters, understands them in
all tho details, and is duvoling all
M. .I- (A , , f,.lfiil dlicharun of his
irusi. no reminds us (und bo will under
stand tho allusion, if no othor pnrssn does )
of thu Indian who stood upon the rock
that marks tho cantor of tho romalni of
Stoncfort, holding in ono hand bis triulr
rillo. Major Salford It too wol known
hero to be commented upon. Hissp
pjlntmont ai reeoivor gavo croat latltac
tlon to all who hd nn interest in tlio ol
faro of tho road.
Tho day on which wo took our trip was
delightful; tho air was cool; thoro
wat no dust ; the mad was in lino order,
Supnrintondont Palmer having left it In
that condition, nnd in short we enjoyed
oursolfbtigoly. At Carml wo got in the
down passenger train, und after a swift
and pleasant rids got back homo safe and
Yctterday business was lively In Judgo
Bross' pollco court, and tho amount of
cross. firing and bard swonrlng indulged
In by tomo of tho partiei whllo undergo
ing trial wat tlinply wonderful.
Tho inmates of tho Fifth ttroot don,
familiarly known at tho "Flat Top," wort
up In force, and not ono of tho inotly
crowd escnp rd tho vongeanco of tbo court,
Mrs. Kate Knox, ono of the dirtiest old
sho niggors In tho city, is proprietor of tho
notorious brothel, and was tbo Instigator
of tho trouble. But before sho got through
with tbo mattor, tbo wat wonted for ber
pains. Annio Davit, Lizzie Prior and
Harriott Murray all occupy rooms in tho
bouso and pay their rent to Madatno Knox.
They aro "loose characters" and do
not deny it. Somotimo ago thoro
wat a general falling out among tho
inmates of the house, and thoy besan to
toll tales, out of whi:b grow a good esse,
and Cblol of Police McIIalo arrottod the
whole party for being inmates of and con
ncctcd with a homo of ill-fame. Mrt,
Knox and Lizzie Prior wore fined $ls
and cost, oacb ; and Annio Davit and
Harriot Murray $10 and tbo usual cottt.
Executions wore issued, and it Is probable
tbo wbolo party will (havo to serve out
tholr linos in tbo calabooto.
A whlto woman, blear-eyed, pug-
nosed, tbick-lippod, and altogethor tho
dirtiott bundlo of human tlceh that it hat
boen our lot to look upon for many a day,
was before his honor un a charge of
drunkenness. Sho was u strangor In town,
and if tho court would grant bor a stay of
exocution sho would leavo the city within
tbrco hours. Tho stay was granted.
A correspondent who it very tunny,
but has never darod to bo as funny at bo
could bo if ho would try to bo funny, per
petrates the following, and asks us to pub
lish Ut
Through tbo medium of the Franco,
Egyptian, Moditorranean and Atlantic
cable a dispatch has been recoived from
Suez detailing an account of one of the
most romarkublo massacres that over dis
figured tho annals of history. St. Dar
tholomow's evo, tbo oxecutiont In China
during tho rovolt agalnst'tho Tartar dy
nasty, tho docapltatlont by tbo guilotine
during tbo French revolution, when tbo
ttroott of Paris literally ran with blood;
or tho slaughter of the innocentby Horod,
aro but faint and fooblo horrors compared
with thoso this tologram doplots. It states
that on tho first day of Juno tho KhoJIvo
promulgated nn edict by proclamation to
tho offoct that nil dogs do
tooted in tho net of runnlix
..t Urr-o on four legs and doflanvly wag
ging thoir tails within tho corporate lim
Ut of grand Cairo, should bo shot to
death, killod and cromated-provldod
thoir human admlrors, associatos and pro,
toctors did not immodiatoly como for.
ward and purohnso of tbo grand treasurer
cnrtnln brass medals of a peculiar aosign,
which had boon struck off undor tbo im
mediate supervision of tboKhodlvo; one
of said medals to bo attached to tho end of
oach dog's tall in tucb a mannor as to bo
nt.il and sorvo to accolorato tho
.need of tho animal. Tho grand Vizior
was charged with the onforcomont ot tbo
decroo with authority to omploy tho on
tlru constabulary force, toguthor with
suoh Implomunts or warraro und destruc
tion as could bo found In tbo government
arsenals. Tho slaughter coinmonceu qa
Tuesday and continued without intermit
slon up to tbo dato of tbo dltpatch
Tho air resoundod with tho
barks, yttlps, and howls of the victims
and tbo exultant thouts of the tlayert.
Sautaget deolinod ton centlmot por kilo-grammo-ln
fact, wero quoted nominal
Mournort went about tho ttreots lament
ing tholr dopartod bowwowt. Qulot in
dividual! anticipated undltturbed slum
bort, and tho tuppresilon of hydrophlf.
Aftor four days of carnage a computation
$10,000 worth of New and Dcsirabl o Drc3S Goods, Notions,
Into Goods, Jlosory, Glovos, &c.,boi jght nttlicirown figures
iluring tho Grail Forced Snlo of r ninlin, Dnvoy & Co., of
Wo aro now ablo to ul.br the pcopKo of Cairo and vicinity
the most dcsirablo stock of goods in t lie city at such prices a's
will insure- to them a saving of 25 pc r cont.
During the special salo all goo. :1s will bo sold for cash.
Come early and niako your sclectu tns, ns tho stock must bo
losed out within sixty days.
was made of tbo number slain, Reports
from all tho wards sum in oil tip tho Itn
rnonsu totul of tlx killed and ono
wounded. Of course, In urn lorn Cslro,
tho destruction would havo been still
gruator, but wo mutt make allowance fcr
tho tuporloriiy ot our fira arms and tie
prollclenty obtained by regular drll'. '
Think of such n ttn'.o of (l'airs belnc; in
atiguii! in it' '!. '."il occurum in the J
vb Inlty of Tiik iii'LLiv n cfllcs. How i
ttin fornliead of Its brilliant proprlotor
o.ild -lilno and his hoart leap for joy.
And Hclmckors I wouldn't ho I'll s h round
and bn happy 7 D. 0. Oonit.
And motallocasi's at Wilcox's block at
much los than uual prices 45-O.fJ-tf
Twelvo yards grensdino for $1 and
many other goodt nt similar prices to bo
bad at Daniel Hnrtman's. i5H-C-12.lt
Tkh pounds of brown sugar for (1 ;
8 pounds bcslcolloo sugar nt SI, I pounds
of obo'co butter at $1; baking powder 45c
por It ; Imperial tea at 11 ; 3 lbs noffco
Jl.atWiloox'i Illock. 107 2.11m.
0. 0. Ilodun, Diroctor of Conservatory
of Music, and Teacher of Vocnl, Organ
and Plnno Music Instruction given In
ullttrlngcl and wind instruments. Klo
mentary principles, thorough bass, har
mony and counter point. Unprecedented
inducements offered. Tboso wishing to
securobls services will pleaso apply at
tho Conservatory of Music corner of
Twelfth streot and Washington avonuo.
Pianos tuned and ropairod.
Having sold out my olllco and practice
to Dr. J. Jotinellej of DoQuoin, who
will take possession of tho olllco tbo 12tn
ot Juno, I betopoak for Dr. Jonncllo a
liberal Share of public patronage. I am
well acquainted with him and know him
to bo ufirst-clati dentist, and would most
oboorfully recommend him to all of my
friends and patrons. G. E. Douulab,
All thoio indebted to me and all thoso
having accounts againtt me aro requeued
to call nnd tottlo as I havo told out and
intond going nwny tho 1 2th of Juno.
3t o.l-ct U. E. Douolab,
Mr. O. W. Smith, special agent for tbo
Uowis Machine Company, is now
stopping at tbo St. Charles hotel. Tho
company want n first class agont in Cairo,
nnd .Mr. Smith is propared to offer special
Inducomonts to ono of tbo right kind. Tho
machine Is woll known boro as well as in
othor sections of country whoro towing
machines aro in uso, and in fact, ns well
as bv reputation, is tbo very best
and most calablo mnchino munufiic
tured. Any person desiring an agency
will pleaso call on -Mr. Smith, at tho St.
Charle" hotol. for a few days. 40 G5-tf
Hooker Mrt F J
Darter Sarab K
Cavander Jonnle
Dixie Anna
Ellis Jano
Goodman Jano
Homly N It
Knipo Nolllo
Hodgon Elizabeth
Travlt L 0
Kascom Emma
Cooloy Minnie
Clark Mollio
Domo Melvlna
Kreoinun Agatha
Henderson O A
Jackton Noloy
Eenfro Maria
Stockley Sarah 0
Wright Carrio
Adams, Dr
Addams, W F
ISoeler, Jamoi
Uowert, John A
Dorris, Joseph
Frotiy Joteph
Fessenden, H J
Gill. Geo
Aber, Eugene
Arblor, J T
Dlancburd, S II
ltyron, W S
flrubtrcn, Jo
Flo chi r it Co,
Flemrntng, John
Eincb, Phillip
Gnllghnr, Joanph
Halobury, A II
Harrison, John
Hoar, Simon
Hublor, Willie
Johnson, John
KalUbrnnnor, Win
Longan, Kiohard
Murray, Frank
Mo An fill', John
Mltchel, S:ott
Parker, -Mr
Price, John
Koblnson, Curry
Seaman, Goo H
Hall, a F
Halstod, Kaptitt
Herbert, Ithinbart
Herd, Waman
Hawcs, Wm. T
Jetso, Stophen
Long, Jat 0
Loo, Homlorton
Mlllor, T W
Morrlt, It 11
O'Connor, Thos
Poole, Harry (2)
Penny, Win 11
Rollins, John
Shoots, M A
Slcphont, Petor
Waldo, Giles
Yarbor. Chas
Hchults, unvor
Thompson. ,1 J
Whitnoy, .1 W -
Gko. W
. MoICkaio, P. M.
Sixth Sired and roiniiiorclal Avenue,
Miecii'l attention given to llonsK Siioino
nml general repairing. aui-3-tf
II. .1. STAIjKEH, M. D.
Olllco and rcsideuce 111 Commrclal Avii
next door to the Allionoiim.
I'rair It Intnimrnt. tor obtaining
Tlmt fmm the Kun or stars,
Marin Cliromtter. for Keeping the f orrcH
Practical Watchmaker,
A nd all kinds of Watcbiv ork done at
Tiiin kkit nv
A Ftt'l Stock of
ISPSolc Agent for Un fclebratcd h '
Zimmerman Watches.
No. 1!0, W amhnuton A r.st
Onlro, XIIm.
70 C-14-lm.
Having located In Cairo, sollcltH the pat
ronage ot thoso desiring Dental Work.
Having been over twenty yean Micconrfiiliy
1'iigBKcd In the study anil praclco ill Dntl
try. In all In various bratrhe", he feels Jilitl
lleil in siying that Tull hat action will bo
All tVork VVAHIt.lNTKI. Nnllnrnrlnry
ltefcieiicp., Diploma nnd Tcetlinonlals
freely exlilbltvil when desired. Dr. Park
iii-on U prepared to inaie
to mount urllliclal teeth on ; mnklni; a fine
siiiitltiito when Natuio fall-. EXTRACT
ING nml PLUGGINU dono In u workman
like milliner, ntti'ii Having tho teeth for Hie.
Charges reasonable, Extructlug !M) centu,
Silver tllllngs W. vnts
Ollllco room u W. G. Crry's llillldlng,
Corner Six", street nnd Uommcrclal uvcntic
rTj-KKimiico on Sixth strccl.
M it S . M . J A 0 K 8 0 N ,
(Korraorly Mrs. Swandors,)
announcos that sho has just; openod a larg
assortment ot tho
Mllliiiory Goods to bo found in the market
Sho wilt keep on hand
Hath, Honnkts, Flowkiib, Kiiiiionij,
Diibkh TniMMiNas oy All Kinds,
Ladikh FuitNimiiNO Goods, Notions,
Coll a 1114, Un DKRbLKKvKt, Iturvs,
And all i-'ds lound In millinery storos, all
ot yhca will bo dlsposod ot at tho lowest
.oii prices, Mrs. Jackson rcspoctfully
asks a continuation gf tho patnonago whlcu
has been so llbunlly bestsowed upon hor bv
Die ladles ot Cairn and tho vlclmtv.
Corner of Xlsie.atut!i t ! ituil I'sini
worolMl Aventia
11. t). PATilCIf

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