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TnltHthQ only l'fofesalolinl "IJrassnn
Hirintf nS" In Southern Illinois nnd it I
now ready nnd picpared to furnish inline
In any numbers for
Pic-nics, Celebrations,
and Parties of all kinds.
KoWmio, Leader, O. 0. ItoiiKK, Scc'y
All communications -.botHd ho nddrcss-cd
lotlic Sccrriary. conacrvntoryof Music,
Corner TtvcMUi streot and . Washington
avenue. BO f-8-tf.
Taken grc.il pleasur In niinouncinj; that
they nro now prepared to supply over) foody
with lake Ire of the very hct iidallty, either
at their lioues or at the stoic. Order
ahould for l rt at the oilier, So. M Ohio
l,ctce. fi'i-i 181111
Wholesale and ltctall Dculcra In
Cairo, Illinois, and Columbus, Kuntucky.
Cairo urn. . .,i itntcit .V Wilson'!-, coiner
Twolflh Street aim til.lo livcc.
We ii ill run an Ico wai?on lhroiii-liont the
cason, dullorlmfpurel.kuiee ln any mt
f tlio cliv at the towot maikrt price, and
olll also furnish our friend outside the cliy
with Ico hv Ui t ake or ear load, packed In
ww dust, for shipment to any illMamc.
(a IV u-Sb-tf
Ati oruiiianrotocon-triictnnii reconstruct
certain sldeu all. iu Hie cliy ol'Ulrd.
Uc It ordained by tho city council of (lie
cltv of calm
'uc. 1. That the following named Mdc
walks he rcconsiriicted of wood lit thu man
ner hereinafter cxprcseil, viz: On the
wnth side of Fourth street between Wash
ington atd cotninorcial n cnues ; on tho wcM
side nf Wi.hluzton avenue between Fourth
and Fifth streets; on Hie north sido of Fifth.
street lieiwcen w a-niugiun ami ivOiumcrciai
avenue; on the eul fide nf Washington
nvcnitn between Fifth and Mxth Streets; on
the south sido ol .-evcntli slrcet, coniuioiic
lnjf at tho ea-t side of Waluut street and ex
tending en-t ti ty leet. on the north hide of
Scventu street, umii iicIuk on the wct
fide of Waluut tr ct and i-Memliug wet to
tho now v-tk fronting tho property of .1. Y.
Turner; on theiidrtli Me ot l.tutcnth srect
between vVu-iiitigton avenue, and Walnut
Mrcet; on the o itsldc oi l'uplar sired trom
a nolnt oimo-lto the nor lurlv ilc of 1JH i k-
Ion street 1 1 a point eveM.v-llvc (76) leet
north of ho northerly si io ot . uoi.tvllrt
stret;on the sowli Mile of Twen y-il st
street iietweeti l'oplara .dSycaaoro streetw.
-i:c .'. S.i'd walk- -lull be rc- -oiistrueied
af llo.v: Ta y -tub foe i. le. t w de on
t"p CXc. pi o atdute. lira where thc tlull
be seven ct wiuei the hoad or top toer-
1 'g t be o wh.te o k ooords or pi nks two
Inchei In.' I; .uid no more ii.au ellil
In he-wi .e. th" ni lo Jin- to lie loor feet
distant from the trout II e ofthv lot , e.o pt
oindd a lines hule it oha.l foe lite feet
ui.-itut; c:ilil hoard or plank to be laid
crosswise wlih tilt) Mdewalk and llni Iv set
and well piked on with at le.ft six twemv
jicnny nilii In each board or plank, to tluee
btrlnser or not un than three inches Ihl.k
foy six Indies wide, firmly set on edge and
well spiked on to sills or cru.s tie. not lcs
than three inches wide foy six luehes thick,
placed crortwlso to said sidewalks at lnier
vals or nix reef, Uiumi vlilowalka ut street
croHnta to foe extended Into tfoe streets tUl
tlirvineet tho cro- walks. Where (ho side
walks nro olevated alioM- the natural LToimd
tho posts of the tretle work shall lie luu.
Inches Kiuare and the sills or eros ties shall
be placed on cdjru nndjolueil or morticed
into the posts and well sjilked on, and the
UriUKcrs: shall be notched timidly to eald
nllls or cross ties, and in all fa-vn foloi'ks ot
wood not lens than one loot lorn; ami threo
inches thick by six Inches wide shall he
placed unilcr the ends of each sill or
cross tie where the walk is laid on the na
tural ground and tinder tho ends ol each
post where the walk U elevated by trestle
work. If the trestle work Is o cr three feet
liiyh, thu same shall ha ilrmly braced and
the po-ts extended two and a half feet aboc
thu side walks to which a hand ralllnir or
strip ol wlilic oak plank one inch thlch by
rour Inches wide shall be ucctirclv nailed;
Bald stringers, sill, cross tie, p'ots and
ground Mocks shall ho of white or fourr
oaks, red cedar, locii-t or mulberrv,
Skc. :t. That tho following walks be con
htructcd or brick, viz: On the south sldo ol
Eighth street between Washington and Coin
merclal avenue; on the north side of Klghtli
stieot between Wahlngton avenue ami
Walnut street, and on thu rt side or Wah
ington avenue between Eighth and Ninth
Bnc. I. Said brick side walki on the cro-s
streets shall bo ten reel wldu anil said foriek
sidewalk on Washington nveuile shall foe
twclvo leet wide.. They shall foe com.tnie.t-
od ol Hard well burned luicK, conipacll) ami
liropcriy mm in jiemug-oouo iiiauncr III a
bed (i coarso sand not ies than four Inches
iuick, iHaced on a linn and substantial food of
coal cliidcm or oarlhand shall be so laid to
thogrudo cstabll-hed by thu provisions of
onllnaneo No ;n. Hah I walks skill foe laid
wltli aslope downward toward the ruifo of
one third or an Inch to the foot; u curbing ol
sound white or burr oak plank three Inches
thick and at lea-l fourteen Inches wide to
bo spiked uu Willi thirty penny nails, to
sound white or burr oak stakes two ami oue
half feet long and three Inches stpiaiv placed
on tho ouOidc of tald curbingnot moio than
tivo feet apart.
.Six. ft. The local impiovemonts lieicin
provided lorthall ho inadobv speialasi.
menu and in accordance with the proU-loiis
prscetionhisjtolil.lnellisheof article U ol
-he actol tho gtneral assembly ol the suite
of IlUnofoj, appioved April loth, IbT'Jaml en
t tled Anacttobrovidcfor llio lucoiiiora.
tlonof eltio. and villlagcsj" and the cottund
L-xpenscfc or the, construction and recon
stnictlon of said HidewulkH Miall ho paid out
of funds arising from said special assess
ments. Pur.C. The owner oi any mt homing on
any of the mO.w.uk., i.mvUioiis lor Iho
building or re-coiistrjetlou oi which is nmlo
by tho ordinance, shall foe allowed thirty
day; alter the time at which till, ordlnauec
fchall Uke cllect, In which to build or re-con-ttruct
said sldewalkia the case may be oil.
posliohislotiuidtlioiefoy relievo tho same
iromjuiseii.iiiem; provided that the work
nhall In all respects coulonn to tfoe leuulre
mcnti or thl onllnauco and bo done to thu
fcAtUractlon and approval ol the commute on
Skc. 7. L'pon the expiration oi uia thirty
day. the city clerk shall publish notice loi
ten days' In the newspaper publishing Die or
dinances or the city, se.tlrjtf forth Hint se L d
tilila irr til v-sis Ukln. 1.,... . . i .
...u .ut ...luiruui nit-iiidu uiii oruoingiir.
work, or both, lor the 'oninictIon mid re
construction of said sidewalks directed t.
inetSU,LC0.Ullcn W,"A h,: vn. st Ills olh. i
up to the time of the ineit ng of the cm
mcetlnjc shull net be turner U.un twelve nur
later thw eighteen days troin the date ol
aald nutUe wutth notice shall state tl o tin?c
of said meeUimuRd dekciii.u u,0 work to bo
lone by referring to thu ordinance, Vlvliil.
Iti number and iHle ol approval, iiA u,,?.
ala rirdliiunec I. subject to examination ut
nil V tin. n -.1 lilt III... I. ..I. .1.11 .
pcned by the dork In the presence of ttia
.......... ,Uv kuuiiuv. uu uuing iiie worK
orfiiiiilsidng t' e material or both, (or the
coiiju-uctlonaud re -construction oi't.iinsfoiu.
Walks (Imll ) i,.r,l.,l , i,.....,.
.ti. i t.' -'....'. w iiiv luneni JCHI'UII'
sib it bidder, who shall. unlclentlygturauteo
to the .itufatuoii of the city council the
furul.lung oi suld niiierlal or the wllr
ance ot sidd vork or both tinder thu Vuncr
iuteiidenoe ot tho committee on stirol.
within kuch tluio r time as may fo fixed foy
contract olkald cliy tom ell shall tlt. ,)"t!m
it expedient to do so. it said folds are not
satisfactory to tho city council thiymav
reject auy or all of them aud may thi n ,!,
therealterfcutliorUo tab! sldewalki, to be
constructed and mcmtructrd by mkIi
ageiiuas theyuiav think proper.
Apurovcd Junv 11th. lbil.
.... John Wisrin, Jlrvor.
Attest. WJLLK.UaWKiHM,
IIIII Ilimln.
Somebody to take from u n thouand foill
lionds, good paper and finely printed, for
Miilriuntil f.
(ino thousand statements printed at Tiik
IIci.i.kti.v oillcc for SII.M).
Roto llrnil".
One thousand nolo heads printed at Tub
IU'i.i.kti.v oillcc for 1.00; two thousand for
One lhoiisaml business card, tin llu.-lul
board, printed at Tin: HlJl.um.N xiIUcj lor
from f'J.AO to 1.00, nccoriliiig to size.
Coolkst Vi'vUs lioer in tho city nt tho
Timlin. C3-01'J-lw
lotijl'lTO wlro Hcrtcn cloth ut II al toy's
cheaper than tho nhc&ppit. tC 1-17-lm
.JoiiA AVatxh T. K. tiulllvnn will
ylvo you tho bust gja's of aoda water to bo
lound In tho city.
Oj to StuattoN & Jlii'.u for choice
(iigars, tolfoo?, syrupi and cholcn old
J.RicJV,.,?ytHara.,M'" ,r'""7l.or1r:y(-1'
All tbo (lay boarder In tho city enn
hi accommodated at thu tit, Charles
hold, with llrit-clars board at second chits
rato. 7!) l-lotf
A cwi loaii of cholcn Nov York
l'cach folow potatuc juit received and for
sale by
70ClC-'Jt Station & llinu.
Tho largest aisorlmont ot summor
bats nnd caps in tho city and for less
money at D. llartman'a. OS-Cl'J-tf
If you want to too tho lino specimen of
a South African Girallc, coma to ()ij
John Kobinion'a Show, nt Citiro, June 29,
Cioaiu). For tho beat Cigars and To
bacco In tho city, go to T. K. aullivan'a,
Commercial avonuo, near Tenth street.
Tho best In tho city. Gl-C-lO-tf.
County Coukt. County court It still
in session, and Judge Hro.j hat his handa
full of business. Soveral unimportant
crimluxl cases woro diiiposed of yesterday.
Sullivan. -T. K. Sullivan, jolu agent
for Fouquott'a Colobrated i'crfumed Surth
of Ulf4, the oest t-rtlclo of tlo kind in
use. "l'rice 26 ccnn pur box.
01 ClO-tf.
D, Autku t Co. are just receiving tho
largest and bent snorted stock of a4dl,
bridles, lurnojf, etc., everlrought id this
Tin: largest and bet-electod stock
of FUKNITUKK for aalo at wholeiale
and retail by 11KNHY K10HII0FF, No.
115, Commercial avcnue,oppoits Seventh
'ret. 71 ol73m
Uai.l. -Tho ball given last evening at
llio Cuuillluu, Wat for tho Unfit of
ilti. John Cahill, wboa property was
dattroyod by tho rocent firo, waa well at
tended. Tho recelpta worn tutlifaoior-.
Tub Monitor. For tho -Monitor, tho
best coal Cook Stovo ever mado or tho
Fashion, the champion wood Cook of tbo
West, go to A. Halley's, 108 "Washington
avenue, near Tenth etroct.
5C 17m
Just received, 100 boxes of lino toilet
soap, bought nt bankrupt auction salo in
Chicago, which will bo offered for Balo at
less than common rosin soap at I). Hart
man's. C8C-12-tf
Tin: IIkht. "Win. Ludwlg, harness
maker, cornor of K'ght street and Com
mercial ovonuo, has tho best supply of
harness, saddles, bridles, otc, in Southern
Illinois, and sells thom a cheap as the
cheapest. i!3:C.3ltf
J unb N in ktkknth. To-morrow, Juno
10th, thu Grand liodgu ot colored Masons
of Illinois will asiemblo in the African
M. K. Church in this city. All thu noted
colored masons of tho Stato nro oxpoctud
to bo present.
S jsw St alk. Tbo Illinois Conlral rail
road company is putting in n now pair of
scales on their track opposito tho St.Charlcs
hotol. Tliia will provo u great con
vonlotioQ to commission merchants in thu
handling of gram in bulk.
Oauhtii..T!iu 'Sun' insulted Mayor
Wood, and in attempting to apologize,
mado tbo itmult inoro palpable Our
neighbor alio shot one of his arrows at Mr
l'opo and nnotbor nt Mr. Fl'hor. Ho is a
littlobelfl'or looso in u flax patch.
Foil b'i'oVK.s, Tluwuro.toiletware, steam
cooking vessuls. broilers, bird cafes. Ian.
""is. gsto springs, g itn hingoa, tablo und
livoi.us t-uiiury, miuiit; -. Alio for
roollng, gutters and spouting, go to A.
HIIo)'b( 168 Waihington avonuo, near
Tonth etroot; Bti lnlin.
Hkai.tii axu l'ur.K atki;. l'ersons
wanting cisterns repaired or now onos
built can bo nccommodatod in a satisfac
tory manner by calling on tho under
Btit-l on Cross etroot, or by addrossing
670, I'. O., or by leaving word nt city
. rk'jonipo. J. 8. Hawkish.
AViiv Mite Anna, whoro did you -oi
that nico half At Mrs. llulta' m
linory store, cornur of Washington ov
enuo anu r.iovonth street. She has tho
latest Ushions, and tbo nicest and choap
est bats that over ciuuo to Cairo.
30. & o-tr
I.sbKKi,!TUa .Sun' takes thu GM.
ottu to task for curtMn rumarK. mado by
that papir concerning thj Cairo ami St.
Louis Jtalirond bonde, ami couclu.lna it.
article by saying It knows tho rod til
bo apoodlly comploted. AVbero did it
its Information 'I
llrim;, CommcrcUl avenue, corner Tenth
atrent, wlsliea to Inlortn th nr nlen
and .vicinity that for the nBxt 80 days she
will sen nur lummur ml linnrp ., sn.l
Vleusa call and examine her goods, If
)ou wish something Uno at a low prico
82 6.17.1m
A regular meeting of Alexandor
Chapter, So. 127, will bo held at
-Msionlo hall tbti Wednoiday evon
Ing at 7;ilO p. tn. All mombora nro re
qiteitod to nttoiid
tfANStx K. Lyon, Soc'y.
Cairo, 111., Juno 171874.
CincuiT UoohT. The lait of tho
"Green LiDocatoa" wnl dlipoicd of in tho
circuit court lait ovenlnoc. There waa
thirteen of thoio casoa, Meisn. Uroon and
Gilbert appoaring for tho dofendantf, and
0. V. "Whoolor, Eaq., for tho plaintiff.
Tho plalntiffa rorovoreil damages In ovory
IttvKn. Uuslnois In river circles is
vory dull and tho nuuibor of- arrivals and
doparturcs' nro vory small. Tfiera wrs
but tin orj boats touched at tho land
Ing hore from 8 o'clock Monday ovonlng
to tho samo thno Tuoadny ovonlng. Tho
oxtrotno low water In tin. Ohio la in n great
tncaauro nccmmtablo fur this state of
I), Ai.rxii Co. are Just receiving tho
largest and bust assorted stock ofsi.ddlesi
bridles, harness, etc., ovor brought to this
Salkok Fish P oi units. On Satur
day noxt Mr. Huberts, tbo artist, will oil
nt public auction bi.s untiro selection ut
oil paintings, conaisllugof lamlicipes, elc
Tho tileturns t.vlm rM ---- s ...ul
ana rcprusoct somo of thu most piciur
fliquo aconery In tlio country Tho placo
whoro tbo sale will tako plaeo will bo made
known hcroaftor.
Uuooy ion Salk. St. Louis make;
light, l omforti.blo and oaay. Has nover
bocn run uiuuli. Is in perfect running
order, noitbor scrntchod nor fadod. Will
cull very chor.p for cash or on tlmo. Also
light single harness, sound Had good
Apply at Halliday llrothors' otlice, Ohio
loveo. W. G. KoiuilNH.
3-01 -1-lOt
Stki- and iCilunsiou j.aaon, Sand
Scrocns, Hiddles, Sieves, Shovols, Spados,
Forks, Hoes, Kakos, "WatorClosot Urinals,
Kitchen and Cess l'ool Sinks, Clothes
Jtlngers, Clothes Uorios, Clothes Linesn
and, in fact, a lull assortment of kitchen
and House furnishing good at A- Hal
ley's, 1C8 "Washington avenue, near Tenth'
streot. oo I-17-ltn.
Tiik barocr stiOp is on .oe corner ot
Eighth street and Commercial avonuo
wncro J. Georgo Stlonhouio with bis gen
tlemanly assistants can bo found at any
hour of tbo day or night, rcadv to tootbu
your feelings with a smooth ebavc, or cool
your toraper and bead with a good shnm
poo. It is a flrst-cUs shop, and you are
sure of receiving nrst-claes treatment.
Ladies' nnd children's hair cut or curled
after tho most approved stvles. 6-16-tf
Notice to Bcilukks. Having started
up our saw mill again, wo are now pre
pared to furnish all kinds of building
material ht lower prices, delivored, than
It can be bought from country mills,
We bavo also on band two hundred
thousand feet of amortkd li jiheu that
was colored by sip vrator that we will
sell at from $7 to 10 per 1000 let.
"Wall & Kst.
101 Ci!l-tf
Kyrrnaio.-f. An excursion of cit:zens
from along tho lino of the Cairo and Vtn
cennes I'.allroad as far up as Harritburg,
will arrive in Cairo next Satutday at 10
o'clock A. M. Tho receivers of tb'i road
bavo chartorcJ tho ferry-boat Tbroe States
to take tbo excursionists to Missouri and
Kentucky. A committee of citizens will
go up the road to meet thy excursionists,
and It lb to bo hoped that our pooplo wil'
turn out and givo them a hearty welcorno
to Cairo.
(JmcAoo K.vcurmon Great prepara
tions nro being made for tbo corner-stone
laying ceremonies at Chicago on tbo 24th
Inst. Lodges of masons and odd-fellows
from all parts of tho country will bo in
tho city on tho occasion, and thousands of
other people. Itailroada aro arranging
for excursions. Tho Cairo nnd Vinconnea
rocolvers proposo to run a train from
Cairo to Chicago direct, without change,
at a groat reduction, tickets to bo good
for four days. Tho larger tho crowd tho
lowor tho faro. How many Cairo paaplo
will tako this opportunity to visit tbo
metropolis of tho wost.
I'olick CouiiT. Yesterday was a lively
day in polloo court, thoro being an
unusually largo numbor of casts bufora
the court for trial. Jim Harris-, ono of
tho worst colored mun that over lived In
Cairo, was nrrostod night before Inst on a
chargo of vagrancy, by Chief of 1'ollco
McUitlo and Sargent Cain. Ycstorday
morning Judgo Brosa finod him fifty dol
lars and costs, nndgavo blm until 8 o'clock
last evening to loavo tho city. All
tbo inmates of tbo down town bawdy
bouses woro boforo bis honor and woro
flood In sums ranging from ton to ilftuon
dollars each and costs, Tlioy all paid. Ue-
eidos theso was n number of lets impor
tant cases, which were all disposed of ac
cording to their Merita.
l'KiisoNAi.. Oapt. D. Hurd, of Henvor,
Colorado, has bom in tho city aurora!
day attending to Important law businoss.
Wo rogrot to loam of tho Illness of
Mr. Honry Halliday, who has boon con
fined to tbo house for soveral days.
Mr. l'opo, ono of tho delogatos to tho
republican stato convention, to bo hold at
Springflold to-day, 17th inst., loft for that
city yostorday afternoon.
Mr. Thomas 0. Moss, a prominent
tomporanceman, and Mr. J. fl. Harrh, of
Paducab, were in town yesturday.
J. II. AVoodrul)', u prominent citizen
of Chicago, was in tho city yestorday.
Mr. 11, L. Morrill, of tho Cairo nnd
"Vlncennes road, returned from l.vnnsvillo
Mr. Jewnlt "Wilcox has been in St
Loula since Saturday. Uu will roturn
Cooi.kbt AVoiss beer in thu city nt thu
TlmllM. 03-iilylw.
I). Aiitkh ,t Co. arejuat receiving tho
largest and beat assorted stock of aaddlus,
bridles, harness, otc, ever' brought to this
WoUr bear in tho cliy at (ho
Tho vlllago of Thbes was no littlo ag
itated a low days ago, in coniequonco of
tr arttcto publlshod In Tiije" UolCktin
,ilnnlllng what was rnlatrd to ut vlth rcf
offlnco to tho nfTafr In whloh pfllcor John
Hogan of Ciilro, and a nfcmtdr of oitlr.ens
of llio forrnpr pla'co. wero tho participant.
Tho gontlomon engaged In that nfl'ilr fcol
that they havo boon greatly
mlsrepr;tcn.cd, and declnro that
tho assorllon that there was any tntontlsn
on tholr part to lnterforo with Oftleor
Hogan In tbo disehargo of Ills lawful
duly Is not only fulso but malicious.
A day ot two ago a rcjHjrlor for Tin:
UliLLKTiN was In Thebes, nnd during lit
May thero tnlkod With somo of tho best
men In tho pmincf about tho matter
The roportor alio villi. il thu bouso whoro
thu dilUculty utcutrc'l. nud from Mrs.
i'ord, who is a daughter of Mrs. Smith,
obtained a statement of the ntllalr which Is
eulistnntlnlly as follows.
Mrs. tmitli, (Mrs. Ford's mother)
Hogan nnd two teamsters arrived at tho
hnim. luiu -n-f iiavligbt und beforo
filii rlto; tbo tuuilly had not Joi
wero waked up by Mrs. Smith; when
Mrs. Ford rauio out of the houfo Hogan
took from his pocket u paper nnd read it
to bur in eo low a tone that sto did not
undirstand moro than naif he said Mrs.
Smith said alio wanted her things, cud her
daughior (.Mrs. rord) told her to tako
what boloiigod to her. Mr. Smith
and tbo teaWntors then began to , ciir'rv
ou'. everything thoy wantud. tbnt vhlnh
did not b. lung to M r. Smith as wollas
l hat whUudtd; Ilogau went ton stnblo
a short uistanco from tho houso nnd
caught and tied up, one of tho boat cows
on tho pki o
In the i. t'an tlmo Johnnlo l'etltt, a son
ot Mrs suiltl. by her first husband, ran
through tbo woods toThebos and inform
ed a number of men thoro of what was
gotog on. at tho rami, and sbort
lynfter a crowd' of about tweLty
persons started for tbo place, and Arriving
there four. J Hogan standing by ono of tho
wagons, wb, a Mrs Smith and a man wero
bringing out tho goods trom tho bouse,
having bv this time thu greater part of
the beddu. and furniture, nnd some
nrtlcltH . f lo.vl, strewn about
the gound and on '.be wagons. Squiro
Oortgn apprcaehed Hogan and asked liltn
by what af.horlty be wa depriving tho
I'etitt child'nn of their property. Hogan
ntcM him by v. bat authority hu que;
tlonod his i U, but after a few moro word
had pssei between himself and l)orton(
Hogan pruliced a aoarch warrant. Head
lug the Tarrant it waa found to call for
three or fur sheata ; levoral feather pil
lows, two :. threo quilts ; a lot of child's
clothing, HLi several other articUs of
similar character. Squire JJorton told
Hogan to taV whatever bia warrant called
for, and nothing more; but Mrs. Smith
- -i. -. n,.iinuoa to carry out
articlo of goods which tbo warrant did
not call for, and Hogan refusing to stop
bor, waa by order of Justice Dorton
placed under arrest ati tho party started
for Thebes.
This Is subvantlally Mrs. Ford's ver
sion of tbo atfalr, told in a straight for
ward and candid rnatner.
Hy other parties, gentlomen of tho
highest integrity, we wero told that Ho
gan, though under arrest was not under
guard whilo in Tbob-i, but on tho contra
ry was allowod to go where he ploased,and
after tho trial boforo Justice Sarnrnons.was
in no manner molcsiiJ.
Tho story that the men who wont out to
tbo farm woro armti with shot guns, pli
tola and lube la ornj -aticallyand unoqulv.
osaiiy dsnlod. it is asserted positively
that their waa no pistols, and but
ono gun on tho gro .nl, and that ono camo
thoro In this way : Mr. Kerr had bocn
out hunting, nnd o: going through tho
woods noar tho lu no and seeing tho
crowd thoro, natura,yjonough wont up to
soo what was golngtu. As for clubs, toy-
oral persons curried walking sticks, and
nothing moro.
Tho mon who too. part in thia ulfair,
many of thom cltizon- of tho hlgheatstand
Ing In tbo comrnunit) arid throughout tho
county, assert that tby had no othor mo
tivo in pursuing tho '.uursu thoy did than
tho protection of a :i.mily of parontless
and helpless children, their fathor, who
was a good wan nnd '.xcollont cilizon,
being duaj, and their mother having
desortod tbum.
This is tbo othor sido of tho affair. The
roador can arrive ut his owq conclusion as
to which Is tbo right sido.
Coolest Weiss beor lu tho city at tho
Thalln. 30-l'J.lw.
A laiioe I tof cholco sugars, eyrups
cotloos, etc., J. it rocoivod And for sale by
70'C1C 21 StKATTO.V i; Uiuu.
Druoh. I t tho boat pure drugs go to
1', E. Sullivfti a, Commercial avenue noar
Tonth etroei l'orscrlptlone carefully
propared at 14 hours day nnd night.
1 Ull-tf
And ineUllC'ajos at "Wilcox's block at
much less thsj usual prices 45.(i-C-tf
Twolveyatj. uronadlno for il arfd
many other ciods at similar prlceu 'nf' be
had at Danie llurtman's. CH-O-lS-tt
Tkn pounca of brown sugar for $1 ;
8 pounda be! eolloo sugar At $1, 4 pounds
of cholco but:er n( i. foaking powdor 411c
per lb ; Imperial tea at $1 ; 8J lb cuduo
Sl.ufWileoiis lllook. 107 2-4-Un.
T, 11. Ellu, ft( thu Arlington hoiisu.
hereby nnnounctn tbnt bo baa opouod An
Ice cream parlor at tho Arlington "houso
for tbo accommodation of the public.
Fitinllios supplied, Allordora promptly
altendod to. 715-17. tf
On Sunday morning last, aoatod In one
of Ferry I'owor's easy riding, comfortable
buggies, drawn by ono of his flootcst
horses, and accompanied by County
Olerk Lynch, we left Cairo for a "trip up
tho country." It waa n cool, pleasant
morning, and tho roada boing In oicollont
condition, wo wero 1 esj than throo hours
In arrlrlng at tho rosldoncoof Squlro
Thomas Martin in Gooao Inland precinct.
"Wo found Mr. Martin at homo. Ho
had Just returned from n walk through
his wheat nnd corn Holds. Whont on hi.
placo ho InformaJ in was novor bottnr
and was noarly all harvoatod. Tho com,
hnworor, was in a bad condition, with
prospocls of a vory slim crop. Tho ox
tromoly dry, hot weather was tho p.au te
of this. Squlro Martin is deputy county
assessor, and has boon busy usscsslng the
lands of tho county. Ho thought ho could
comploto tho work lu u wook or ton days
m i.rnvldo.l thu wcatbur continue
L'laving Squiro Martin's wo arrived ut
(looso Island In good tlmo. Dr. Lawremo
waa In Ida ofllco, and wo atojiped for a few
minulo's chat with him. Dsc. nnd Os,
Greenlee had just tho night previous re.
turt.cd from Commorce, Missouri,
...1 - . .a .
wueru tuey Had gone on
somo law business. Doc. to
Utcd a "funny" story, in which ono Col
1' otter, of Commerce, was tho principal
actor; after which wo again jogged along
If the u.odtcino mon of Commerce arc not
ricn, Dr. j.,swrcnco knows the reason
At "Woods' spill wo had tho pleasure of
meeting Mr. Wm Woods, who upon
learniog that wo were a "newspapor man, '
mounted a stump, and at onco prepared
to givo us all the nows of bis neighbor
hood. Mr. Woodsia a whol -aoulod, gonial
gontlemin, and has host of Iriends where
ovor known. Besides bclnc a good follon
and all that, he and his fathor, Mr. John
ood of Thebes, own ono of thu best
saw mills), and a largo quantity of tho best
timber land in tho county. Thero is nearly
tivo hundred acrs in tho trnct on which
tho mill Is. located, and it i covered with
tho very host of poplar and mk. Tho
lumber trade, has bum a littlo dull lately,
but la beginning to look up.
Leaving Wood's mill wo drovo direc
toThelns, whoro wo arrived n few minuted
after 12 o'clock. Thebes Is not a lively
town nt best, nnd on this ocoalon waa
particularly quint. Hut this waa to bo
accounted for in tho fact that n Sunday
school convention was in seiaiou at thu
old court bouse, and tbo Theblans, boing a
religious aort of pooplo, nverybody nad
gone out to tako part In the procoodinga.
Going to iirown'a hotol, wo had tbo
ploasuro of mooting Mrs. S. E. Brown for
tli a il-t tlmo AV found bor very much
of a lady, and that she know
"how to keep hotel" it Is not
necessary for us to say. In fact, if she
conduct her acbiol as well as sho does
her hotol, sho Is certainly a success in both
Aftor loterlng about tho town for
half an hour, and reading all tho algn In
algbt, wo muatored aufliclent courage to
attempt to climb tba bill to tho caur
houso where tho convention waa supposed
to bo in fosslon. "Wo arrived those jus
In time to And that evorybody had left
and gone out Into tho woods to participate
In a basket picnic.
following tbo trail wo soon cotno up
with tho picnlcora, of whom there was
about tbroo hundrod, comprising tho
Clear Crook, lirownsvlllo nnd Thobos
Sunday schools. Lunch baskots woro
being omptled of their contonts, and when
we saw tbo quantity and quality of tbo
good things boing spread en tho snow
whito cloths on tbo ground wo woro more
than onco tomptod to accept tho prossing
invitation oxtondod us to join tbo parly.
Hut other matters claimed our tlmo and at
tuntlon, and wo declined. In
tho midst of tbo party wo rocognlzed tho
groat Sunday school missionary, Hon,
John 1. Gamble, and tho lamb-llko coun
tonanco of -Mr. J. 1). Kood of Cairo,
Though wo di 1 not arrive in tlmo to hoar
thom, wo woro Informed that Messrs
Gamble and Keud of Cairo, and tho groat
ovungollst, Judgo Marchildon, of Thobos
nnd Wm. M. Hrown and G, W. Samuions
of Brownsville; F. M. Albright of Clear
Creak, and Kov. Mr. Stubblefiold of Mia
touri, took an active part In tbo pro.
coodlngs of tbo convention, and all in.
dulged In short but appropriate addresses
Among tho ladies prosont woro tbo
Missos McOluro and Mias McCruvon
of Clear Crank; Miis Dolanny of Santa
Kco; Mrs, Korr, Misses Durham and
Goorgla Giles of Thebes, besides a great
man v others whoso names wo did not
After dinnot, botwoen threo und four
o'clock, tbo crowd -becan to scatter to
their respoctlvo homosf and thus ended
no of the pleaaaatoat littlo gatborings of
tho kind thatpvr took placo In the vicin
ity of Thoboa.
. . . mi..i .... - . t .
l.oiurning so xuuoun, nt -iu. u euuri
tlmojh company with Mr, O. A. Mar
childon and sovoral other gontlemen,
nfi'.or which wo loft Thoboa, and aftor n
rido of flvo hours duration arrived nt
home, eafo and sound, and feeling woll
repaid for our visit to our country frionds.
Coot.kbt "Wolss boor in tho city at tho
Thalia. 03 C-la.lw.
G. 0. llodon, Jliroctor of Connnrvatorv
of Music, and Tuachor of Vocal, Organ
and Piano Music. Instruction given in
all stringed and wind Instruments. Ele
mentary principle, thorough bass, har
mony and countor point. Unprecodentod
luducomenla oirerod. Thoso wiahlng to
aocuro bla service will ploaso apply at
tho Oonaorvatory of Music corner of
Twelfth atroot and Washington avenue.
VianoH tuned and repaired.
$10,000 worth of Now and Dcaivnblo Dress Goods, Notions,
White Goods, Jtosery, Gloves, &e.,bought atthoirown figuros
miring mo ureat J.'orccu auic
"We Hiv now able to oft'or tho
he most desirable stock of coods
will insure to thom a saving of
IV...:..... it.- :i i 11
lllllliy LUU HlIUUlUl HillU
Come early and make your
losed out within sixty days.
Cooi.kkt Wolss boor In tho city at tho
Thalis. a-0l'Mw.
Having sold out my ollico and practico
to Dr. J, Jonnollo; of DuOtioin, who
will tako possession of tho ollico thu l'-tth
ot Juno, I boscpoak for Dr. Jonnollo a
liberal ibaro of public patronage. I am
well acquainted w ith him and kn w l i
lo tin Mr.l.uUi) dinU.t, ti I woiilit in .1
cheerfully recommend blm ti ml of u,y
friends and patrons. G. E. Dol-ulas.
.vorii'K. .
All those indebted to me ii'dali those
having iiocounts against mouro requested
to cull and settle as 1 havo sold out and
Intond going away the l'ilb of Juno.
JJ b.j.Ut U. J".. nol'OLAf.
Mr. G. W. Smith, special agent for tho
Howk Mai ii i si: Company, is now
stopping nt thu St. Charles hutol, The
company want a first class agent in Cairo,
nnd Mr. Smith is prepared lu oiler special
inducements to ono of tbo right kind. The
machine is well known buro as well as in
othor sections of country where sowing
macblni-a ara in usu, and In vact, ns well
a by reputation, is the very best
and most salable machine manutne
tured. Any person desiring an ngeniy
will plensu call on Mr. Smith, at tho Si.
Obarle hotl, for n few dya 10 0 - & -1 f
Fob IUit An otctllent bouse.
Enquire of Oko. l'lhimt
7J-CH Gt
Caiik. Tkvah Gisanii 1'itizr. CowctHT.
Thu Hon. .Us. T. I). Wilson, mayor of
Houston, and tho city ctuncil, endorses
the eutorprisu as fullowa .
Hob'MToN, Tkxah, April 2U, 137-1,
Wu, tho underalgnld, vgard thu Ileal
Estate Distribution, whidi J. E. Foster
proposoa to uiako on thi 'JOth of July
next, in this city, as calcultted to promote
improvements, and placiig within the
reach of many, who otherwito would be
unable, n chance to sitiru a home for
them and their famillsH, and having from
our long acquaintance with him, ovory
confidence In his Integrity, wo loel justl
Hk1 In saying, that we bnliovo Le will
carry out his distribution honestly and
fairly, accorrdlng to his advertised plan.
JamoaT. D. "Wilson, Fred Stanloy, Y-
W. Holtman, Ii. McDonough, K. 15.
Maer, John D. Uaber, John Maber, Kob
ert Ibirns, N. 1. Tumor, M. Harrlng
Capital I'rizo $f,,000 Gold. Ton Ileal
donees In Houston : Population 1.0,000,
and tho railroad ccntro of tho state, and
noarly ICO tracts of laud In different por
tiona of tho atuto. Valuo of pilzos, 11 C,
000 ; 71,000 tlckots, at $'V each. Address
J. E. Foktjcii, Manager,
Houston, Texas.
T. W. House, Treasurer.
1 tako pleasure in calling
the attention of tho public to
my fesh and full stock of
new and elegant Furniture, at
my Furnituro and Matrass
Factory, corner Seventeenth
Street and Washington Ave
nue. My stock embraces
Jctlsteads, Wadrobcs, bu
reaus, Sideboards, "Wash-
stands, Tables, Chairs, Bug
gies, Matrasses and, in a word,
all that is useful or orna
mental in nii'' lino.
This being the only manu
factory of Furnituro in this
city, I proposo oflering bettor
oods at lowor pi'ices, and
avo mado a large redxjtbn
in tho prices of all my goods.
Col) r.ud examine my stock
awl secure an outfit of choice
Furnituro. To tho wholesale
rado I otlbr special induce
ments. -Noto tho placo
Corner Seventeenth Street and
Washington Avenue, Cairo, Ills,
WliolcHulo nml ltotail Dealer
iiiluro und JMiitni,"fcH.
IDS 2'27lui.
II. WAllDNHH, M. I),
II. ,1. STALlvKK, M. J).
Ollleu and residence 111 Coniiurelal Avo
next door to tho Atheneum. ul-lC-t
01 iianilin, Davoy & Uo., ot
people of Cairo and vicinity
in the citv at such nriccs as
25 per cent.
in . , , i
til I gUOUS Will UC SOKl 101' CBSIl.
selections, as the stock must be
Tranlt lntnimonU for obtaining True
Time from tho .--un or Mar.
Marine Chromeicr, fir Keeping the C orrtet
'1 ime.
Practical Watchmaker,
And all klnda of Watchwork done al
A Fil l Stock of
JjTSole cent fir the ( t-leforated Kail
Zimmerman Watchy.
No. 1 JO, WamIIIMIToN At KM K.
Onlro, CIIm.
70-0-1 Mm.
D E"N T I -S PR)
Having located In Cairo, solicit Hip pai
ronaifti of 'ho-o delrlng Dental Work.
Having been over twenty yean aiijccssfuliy
engaged lu the ntudyand practice ol'Dentl
try. In nil Its various hraiMic-, hefecNJii.ti
lied In t-aylug that full -all-Iactlnu will foe
All Work MAHItAXTKI) HnlNrnrlnry
llefcrcncciH, Dijilomas and Testimnnlal
freely exliibltsd nheii dcMrcd. Dr. 1'arK
111011 In prepared to lunko
to mount artltlcl.il teeth on ; making a line
Mii'itltulo when Xaturo falls. KXTHAL'T
IN(i and l'Ll'GGlKG done in a workman,
like manner, oltrn raving the teeth for Hie.
Charges reasonable, F.xtrnctiug 60 cents,
Sliver tllllngs M.t cents
Ollllcoroom In W. (1. t'rry'rt Ilulldlug,
Corner Sixth street and Commercial aeiiuo.
taTKntranco ou Sixth street.
M (!-10-w4t.
Corner of Hlufiloeuib stress ustd Horn
merclsU Avonna
O. O. l'ATIKI!
IIOAT Nioiti:s
And Doalcr In
No. 7(i Ohio Lovcc, CAIRO, ILLS
tarSieclal atlontlon ylven
inents and lining' ordora.
Groceries, Provisions, Etc.,
JTo. XXO Ohio laevets

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