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HlitE, LOOMIS & CO-,
Takes at pleasure In announcing tint
thsy ars now prepared to supply everybody
with lake len or the very bct quality, olllier
at tbelr houses oral the More. Orders
should be lea at the office, No. fiO Ohio
Levee. ffl-Mg-lm
Wholesale and ttcUll Dealers In
Cairo, Illinois, and Columbus, Kentucky.
Cairo office at lltilcn A- Wilson', corner
Twelfth street and Ohio levee.
Wo will run an Ice vraon throughout the
ravin, delivering pure Isko lee In any put
tf the rlly at th lowest market price, and
olll slu lurnlsh our friend outide the city
with lee hv the cake orrar load, packed In
vw dust, Tor shipment to ativ tlMnnce.
la C ,V2G.tf
low nautiS.
I take pleasure in calling
the attention of the public to
my fesli and full stock of
now and elegant Furniture, at
my Furniture and Matrass
Factory, corner Seventeenth
Street and Washington Ave
nue. My stock embraces
Bedsteads, Wad robes, Bu
reaus, Sideboards, Wash
stands, Tables, Chairs, 13ug
gios, Matrasses and, in a word,
all that is useful or orna
mental in my line.
This being the only manu
factory of Furniture in this
city, I propose offering better
goods at lower prices, and
have made a large red xtwn
in the prices of a'i my goods.
Call aiid examine my stock
and secure an outfit of choice
Furniture. To the wholesale
trade I offer special induce
ments. Note the place
'Corner Seventeenth Street and
Washington Avenue, Cairo, Ills.
WboloMtu uuu neun uc.uer in Fur
niture and Matrasses.
li, 2-2T-HR.
To the Editor of The Huij.ktin:
Kstkkmkd Kuif.nd: You will please In
form your readers that I bare a ihisUIm'
and ail disorder ol the Throat and l.m;,
and that, by its'usc in my -practice, I bae
cured hundredi of cases, and will glu
$1,000 00
fur a cao It will not bcnellt. Indeed, so
strong is my faith, I will bend a .MMI'I.H,
yKKK, to any sufferer adilro.lui; me.
rieanfl tkoxr this letter to any one J ou niav
know who is suffering from tlieM- (tinea"?',
and obllje, Kalllilull Your.
CttWIIlUlii Ml. New Turk.
Any peron hurTcrinir irom tie above dli
ei i requested to nMro. Int. I'lticK, and
a trial bottle ot medicine will be !orwardtJ
by expresi, I'UBGl
Dr. J'rlee Ia rcjular phy.lclan, and hi
made thv treatment o(
a tufly for years and be will
cure, bv tbr Uu of Ida rfiiu-.lv.
warrant a
Du not fall to cud to blm for trial bottle ;
Hco-u cptlilu, and he
no rnxUer pf how lon Htandinj your ca
ieler. lK"T '""V ",,e' rtniedif. m
Circulars and testimonial win with
FltL'K Till A I. ItOITI.I..
DR. CH1H. T. PKIL'i:,
C WUUant Htroul, Sow Vork.
Hiving located iu Cairo, olcj tiiC
ilavluK been over twenty yeari tnccesifully
enigtd In the i-tudyana practice otUnmC.
try. ta all In varlotu liranihea.hefeele Justl.
tied in xaylng that full aatlilactlon will be
KM till
All Wh WAURtMED tall.l tor)
Reference., l)ploina ad Testimonial,
Jrrely exulblttd when deMred. Dr.
ln.ou ljrepared to make
Charcra reasonable. k
nuvtr BiiiUKi do cent,
p yy vi'iliv,
OKlM jMm In W. O. Crry'a Hiilidlm.
CTo-wu 7 r""'
hi ToiiisT.-smieTf rt and
. .tn"" t
.m V.s a ;. '.-mm o
to roodnt artltlelal feeth on ,-iual.fmr a line
nubUUH wuenJiature fain, uvrti ii t
ISJO and PLUOUIMI domi n aworU.r. u.
II k-e manner, oiun oavlnp the teeth for II
Rill Hdti.
Somebody to tike from us a thousand bill
head, good pn'cr and tlncly printed, for
Stntrtiim It.
One tliou.inl itatcmenta printed at Tiik
iIii.i.ktin otllie for t:i.W.
te 1ismI.
One lhntisml note head printed at Tiik
IIiu.ktin oillccfor 14.00; two thousand lor
One thoutauc lmtncss card, line ItrUtol
bo.ird, printed at Tin: llt'LLKTix oilke lur
from 2.r0 to il.W, according to sue.
TUESDAY, JUNK 23, 1874.
Charcoal furnaces at T..I. KkrthV
Coolest Weiss boer In tho city at tho
Thalia. CJ-Cl'Mw
Mosql'ito wire screen cloth at llalloy's
chcaimr than tho cheaDeit. 50 l-lT-lm
Charcoal in anv nualntlt to tuit
purchaser at T. J. KtRTii. ST-CtB-tf
tllK imsi litoXlo cigar to bo had at Sam
Ulltnans, Washington avaniy, "V T,k
icev. 13 Iwd-ll
Tho largest assortment ot lumnior
halt and cant In tho city and for let
mouoy at I). IlartmanV. CS-Cl'J-tf
D. Aktku & Co. are just receiving the
Urgoit and beet attorted stock of ladJlof,
bridlci, harnoss, etc., ever brought to this
Slluvan. T. E. Sullivan, lolo agent
for Fouquctt's Colebrated Perfumed Starch
of Glosi, tho beat articlo of the kind jn
use. Price 25 centt per box.
01 C-10-tf.
Jonusxx. Jorgenson's new houie,
tir old huso rebuilt, it rot'eiting the
llnlshinp touches. It li a line building
and adiis much to the appoaraoce of tho
locality in which Itii located.
IJask Hall. It ti said that a match
game cf bale ball will bo played between
tho Cairo and Mound City clubi in
ibort time. Hoth organization! are in
training for the coming conteit.
For. tiik iim.t cigar in the city go to
Sam. Ullman's, Washington avenue, near
Tonth rtrcol. 13-C-i3.lt
'1 UK OAtno. The old forry boat Cairo
it being relUted tor fervico to lake the
place of tho Three States in the ferry
business, the lattor baring several engage
ments with picnio and excursion parties.
C. C. IIuiileioh will lecturo this oven
lug, o'clock p. in., at tho Liboral He
llglous Association rooms, on the subject
of'TLo positijn et woman In tho state.'
Lectures free.
Untv.ii llurt'ALo Mkat. Five hundred
pounds dried butlalo meat, Just recuired
from Colorado, for salo by
U. U. WILLI A 51 O.v,
ltl'.-23-fit o. 7(. Ol.lo lorce.
Stkkkt ViLi.ua. Etjbt or ten toams
are kept busy hauling dirt onto tho low
plaoos on Washington ayenuo and Wal
nut streets, and within a few days both
lheo thoroughfares will have been placed
In excellent condition.
1'ikk Woiik-s, Klaos, etc. Phil Saup,
always ip to the times In bis business
aflairs, kas just recoived an immenso stock
of flro v'orks and flags tor the Fourth of
July. II la stock Is one of the largost and
Soul of tho kind ever brought to Cairo.
Soo his alvortleement In another column.
Uuxa" liaiuoe Cxi.EniiATiOK. l)jc
tor Clsrke "Whittior, C17 St. Chrlcs
streot, St. Louis, will bo In bis oOico, the
tint wcvtc in July, from 8 a. m. to '. p, to.,
except during the movement of the great
procession. Many will avil themselves
of half r.;wi fu iu fU'iv the city.
Consullatlon kbii.
Cooikst WulM boer in tho city at tho
Thalia C:l G'1'.Mw.
The (Jolokld Masom). Tho grand
lodgo of colored rauons is still In session,
and it if said dlspo'lng of tho business in
hand at rapidly as circumstances will ad
mit of. On the -Uh the colured masons
and odd-follows of l'aducab will visit
Cairo and Join the lodges here In arand
parade and picnic.
& The members of Cairo Lodgo
yrjr x o. V3T, a. r . a, A. 11.. are hereby
AVAuotlUed to meet at Ma.onic hall
Weduesday, Juno'th, St. John's day, at
4 o'clock a. m. prompt. The lodge will
proceod to the ferry boat Three States in
a body. fsltiog brothers cordially in
vitod (o attend. 11. V. Hlaek, Soo'y.
!'! jiy jiursnai jiciiale
is doing a good work in tho way ot rll
ding the city of the thousands of worthless
curs that infoitud it. Iu the neigh
borhood of two hundred dogs hare "gone
the way of all flash" since the dog killers
startel on their murderous crusade. Let
the gooi work go on until the last of the
worthles brutes bi t,en kllUd.
Ten csxt cigars for flro at Ullman's,
Washington avonue, near Tonth street.
The (iki.nd Jurv. The grand jury to
meet on Monday, 2Uth Inst, will have
considerable business to dispose of. The
county jail contains a dozen or mom pris
oners to be tried, besides somu other busl
ness of linportiuce. A now potlt Jury
will also bo empanelled, and It will prob
ably bo two or more weals bTtore court
will finally adjourn.
L'lltV.'rllH tlflr'nvupw rt f ..
...... , . . j w. ,tiu ,n
rear end of the residence of .Mrs. J. fl,
Taylor, WMhlngton avenue, near Sixth
street, caused considerable commotion last
night. Tho tire bells wore rung and the
engines all tureed out, but their service
were not ra'iuiied. p0p0 wasthoro.and
helnv nn Arn.pt M.a.m.h ..
J br" politician, aoon extinguished Ibj
fltuM. The damage was sligbt, J
B rw ".5.U.U. K WBII H
The Masonic Pictf ic Tho ferry boat
Tbreo Statoswlll be In excollent condition
and nicely arranged for dancing on tbo
ocoailon of tbo masonlo picnio and excur
sion to-morrow. Tho bow of the boat will
be canvassed over In such a manner as to
shut out the sun. Hoth the silver cornet
band and Kisonborg's string band havo
been employed lor tho occasion. From
present Indications tho picnic will bo well
The IIineittftANs. Tho Hibernian flro
company aro making all needful prepara
tions for tholr Fourth of July jubiloa.
Mammoth posters are being printed, and
if all the noted orators whose names are
on th,o bills are present It wilt bo a gr-nd
occasion. A match eramoof base ball wilt
bo played on the grounds during tho af
ternoon, and at night thoro will bo a grand
display ot fireworks. Uno of tho best
string bands In the country ha been et.
gaged for the occasion.
Circuit Couht, Tho case of D. Hurd
vs. the First National bank is still on
trial In tbo circuit courtand will probably
occupy the attention ot tho court all day
to-day. A largo number of witnesses
have been examined and tho testimony is
very volumnous. Judges Allen and Green
and S. P. Wheeler, Esq , appear for the
bank, and Judge Mulkoy, 1). T. Linogar
and J. M. Lansden for Capt. llurd, The
... .............. .--.Rid in oust
ness circles,
llinn'i t'oiNT.-tTba bank above the
ferry landing, at UlrJ's Point Is csvin
away very rapidly, and within the last
week or ton days, at one point not less
than half an acre of valuablo land has
"gone Into the rivet.1' Nearly all the
piles driven along tho bank by tbo con
tractors of the Cairo, Arkansas and Texas
railroad extension have been washed into
the river, and wilt havo to be replacod by
new encf. We understand Mr. Dlrd con
tomplatcs the erection of a tine brick
house just back of his presont residence.
I Ml' iovko. Washington avenuo bi
tween Twenty-second and Twonty-oighth
streets has recently undergono some much
oeedod Improvements, and is now In good
condition for tbo pissing of vehicles of
any kind. Tenth street, which was in
a worse condition than any street in tbo
city, wo aro glad to say has been repaired,
to the great Joy of toatnstera and others
who have occasion to travel that way.
Other streots are being repaired, and we
understand it Is tho intention of the mayor
and city council to continue IQc work
until all tho money appropriated for that
purposo has been expended.
A Narrow KscxrE. When the alarm
of tire ai glvon last evening on ot the
first persons who arrived at the Djlta flro
company's engine house was Alderman
McUauley, who, assisted by one or two
others took hold of tho tongue of the en
gine and started to run It out of tbo bouse.
In turning on the Mdewalk to come
down town tbe tongue of the engine
snapped off, throwing Alderman .Mc
Uauley vlolontly on the sidewalk, tho en
gine pairing entirely over blm. Tbeonly
inlurr ho sustainod was a slight cut on
the bead, occasioned by ono of the bolts
undor tbo engine. It Is only wonderful
that he was not killed outright, and hit
friends may congratulato him on his nar
row escape.
Hoiussox. Tho day for old John Itob
inson's circus to make its appearance In
Cairo Is rolling around and will soon bo
bore. Excursion trains will bo run on ail
tho railroads leading into the city, and a
big time may bo anticipated. Tho
menagorio attached to this mammoth show
is of itsolf worth the price of admission,
and will no doubtdraw an immonio crowd
to see the hundreds of curious animals.
The circus part of tho bhow is strictly
moral tho clowns being forbidden to in
dulgo li. anything that can be
on.itrueJ into vulgnrlty. Old John Ktb
inson's is boyond all doubt the biggest
show now Unvoting, and It Is well worth
the price of admission to see the aninaats
and performances
Orxx Air. Concerts. A large number
of citizens havo signed a request, addressed
to the Cairo silver cornet band and to tho
Delta City cornet band, requesting them
to join in giving a series ot open air con
certs. The slguers of tbo request plodge
themselves that In case tho bands consent
to the proposition to erect a sultablo stand
in the open lot at the corner of Division
street and Washington avenue. We un
uersianu mo memoers ot too banui aro
willing to comply with the request, and
thatthetwo orgini.ations will arrange be
tween themselves as to which of the two
shall give tho first concert. This is
good move, and ono that will bo sure to
meet tho hearty approval of all our citi
zens. The cst of erecting a stand will be
small, and the work cttri be dono in a very
snort liniu.
Oaiuo, Juno 23J, 1871.
noiToi; HULI.ETIK: I see a card in
your Sunday's paper in reference to
pleco of scandal I have hoard noised about
the city In regard to my husband. As he
Is not at home at the present time I feel It
my duty to answer tho aceuiation. Smd
charge refers to Saturday evening, Juno
llth. First It is a llo and no truth in It
for their were persons with my husband
during tho ovenlng, and I was not away
from the houso twooty minutes. As to
my husband acknowledging anything cf
tho kind to Mr. S, S. Putterson.the father
of the girl, thoro is no truth In that, I
wat sluing by the window near tho
shutters and heard the conversation
between them.
As to tho ehnrge of his having lied tho
town, It is alto an untruth, as ho is now
at hit occupation on the river, and In duo
time will be In Cairo. As to bis begging
lor his lifo, I will say he U not that' kind
of a man I and I pronounco the persons
who roportoi that this is not the first
offense of this kind that he is guilty of, to
bo bare-faced liars, and tho truth is not In
them J and tbey will bo held accountable.
From tbereputalton ol the pilots of Cairo
I am astonished that thoy aro afraid of
'candal. ilas, Mat K. a. h
Cairo, Iilikois, i
Mondat Kvk.niku, Juoo Tl, 1874.
Tho weather to-day has fcu very bob
and sultry. At noon tbo iky became cov
ered with cloud', and for a short llmo we
looked'- hopefully for a thunder shower
but wore disappointed the day closing
cloar, closn and stifling.
Thero Is little It any change to noto in
the situation of leading article In tho
markot Tho demand tules light and
prices fluctuating.
The flour and meal market continues
perfectly flat. Stocks are largo and tho
demand so small that buyer almost havo
mttters their own Way and can dlitato
their own terms.
Tbo corn market Is cry quiet, but
sellers aro firmer In whlto nod ask
an advancoovor quotations of lO'day,some
going as high as 7980con choW white
but no sates wero effected above 70c.
this aro vory quiot but prices aro nom
inally unchanged and will remain so
unless thero Is a largo Increase ovor pre:.
cnt receipts. Tho provision markot Is
firm and unchanged. Tbo demand is gen
erally conflnod to tbajobbirg trado.
Tho supply tf ctolce bultor
has been Inadequate for thotra 'e, and on
Saturday holders, taking aivantago of Its
rcarclty, put tho price up 01 cholcu lot to
- . . . i . . .,jtirej iiH, oul
sldo figure,
Stay Our friends should tear in mind
that the prices hero given aroiuuslly for
sales from first hands in round lots. In
filling ordors and for broken lots it is
necessary to charge an advance ovor
these figures.
Tho market t quiet and dull, and the
movement very slow. Prices aro in favor
of buyer, tht demand being so smalt that
sellers are wi.ling to make further concus
sions to effect largo sales. Transactions
a-o comprise 1 In 500 bbls various grados
5 to $ Wj 100 Sbls good XXX C 15; ;I50
bbls choice 7 'r. '.'00 bbls choico 7 00; T.00
bbls various fades C Co to 8 00; 100 bbls
various grales 6 V) to 7 75; 150 bbls
XXX 6i0; ',o bbls various grades 5 CO to
b CO, Sales by city mills were 100 bb'i
whlto wieat Utmly CO; I'OO bbls XXXX
red 8 00; 100 ibis XXX red 7 CO.
Tho market i full and unchanged. A
few small orderioma In which with the
small local trad' covers all tbe business
dune. Sales wee CO bales red top deliv
ered; 15 00; 50 'ties choice timothy, 18 00;
50 bales gilt odpj timothy delivered, '20 GO;
1 car choico tinothy delivered, 20 00; 1
ctr choice mlxd doliveroi, 17 50; 3 cars
mixed deliveret, 12 CO; 1!5 biles mixed
delivered, 12 O
Sellers are nking en advance to-day on
white, and tb market closed tlrui. liuy-
ers and soils. apart. Holders asking
7Co for nilul and 7C to 80 for whitt
Hovers refuse to go abovo "Cc. Sales
were 3 cars mlxtl in sacks, delivored, 70c;
Scars whlto In sicks, delivored, 7o7Gc ;
t cars mixed In sacks, delivered, 70c; G
cars white iniacki, delivered, 70c; U cars
iiiUed in second-hand sack), deliverer
CdC ; i cars white in lacks, delivered, 75c '
1 car white in sacks, delivered, He
The market Is Uartlve ani unchanged.
Tbe demand is limited but roceipts are
very light and prices steady, 5354c
sacked and delivsrod. Sties wero 2 cars
In sacks delivored, 51c; Ucars in sacks de
livered, 5'Jlc; 2 cars In sv ks delivered
53jc. I
The market is well sipp.iedand litelpis.
lluyert "and sellers ire apart. Pricot
ollred,3 40l 45; atlod, 2 OOQCi 55, un
der instruction! from omiynet. TrauS'
actions light at.J coiislt of 100 barrels S
I)., delivered. iiU.: K-G Urri.U S. II
delivered, II 4'): 200 barrel, IC. ., deliv'
erod, 3 10; 150 barrjs . I)., delivered,
3 15.
Qilet, dull and wtchangod. Plenty
ollering at 10 00 pirbn, millers pilco,
Sales were 500 sacke at tbo mills, 15 00
per ton; 1 car luadltiackii delivered,
1C 00; 150 sacks on ordts, 18 nr.
The market was barion Saturday and
is not much bettor to-dir. Owing to its
scarcity strictly choice U at the closoof
tbe week M 25c, butnnot be lafely
quoted abovo IB 20cltoday nor during
the continuance of the hot weather. Sales
wero .100 lbs choico 15 Q- 18o; COO Ibi
good to choico 15 to 2c;' J00 Ibi rhoico
northern 10c, H00 lbs cloici nortborn 23
tf) 25o. I
Tho markot is firm and VoceipU of
fresh in good order nnd small packagos
would bring 13l4o to-dty. Sales made
wero 11 to 14 according to condition.
Transactions embraje COO io'en, liijc; 10
boxes, 1'J13;; 100 dozon fresh roceipts
He; 70 dozen, 11c.
All kinds aro scarjo only choice young
chickens and old Lens wanted, ltoosters
aro quoted dull at . 00 mixed 2 G03 00
and hons 3 J03 2 Young chickens are
In demand at i! j to 2 75 according to
size. Sales wero '.5 dozen old hens. 3 00
to 3 V!5; IC coopt young, i! 2C2C0i 11!
ooopt old hens, 3 00.
The soasou is not yot opened. Unions
aro plenty and slu- at 5 00. Now pota
toes scarcu and tnled at 6 00, Toma
toes, cucumbers, etc, from th'e south are
lulto plenty and il readily. Wo noto
sales of 1C bbls onions, 5 00.
Tim provision market Is lirm, un-
changed and moderately active 'in bacon,
lard, etc. Tho supply offering is plenty
for the demand. Salos were 'J, 000 lb
cloar sides IOi-j 2,0)0 lbs clear sldii lie,
3,000 lbs shoulders 7c; 1,000 lbs plain
hams 12c,
There Is a good intrkot for all tho fresh
trult that comes in Currants, cherries.
raspberries and gocuburrlu are moder
ately plenty. Tnt strtmberry season li
over. Sales wero 35 casas runkrrt
t.COj & caiei cherrioi, 3 60fSW 00 ! 10
box'i lemoni, 18 00 j lo boxes orangoti
it uo.
Coolest "Weiss bcorm the city at the
Thalla.V C3-c.l2.lw.
Soda Wati. T. K. Sullivan will
gio you the best glass of soda water to bo
lound In the city.
Une hundred pieces new prints
Stuart i Uholion's Monday morning.
Ai.L tho day boarders In tbe city can
bj accommodated at tho St. Chariot
hotel, with flrst-clasi board at socond class
tos. 70 4-10-tf
1). Artkk V Co. arejust tccclvlng tho
largest and best assorted stock ot saddlos,
bridles, barnosi, etc., over brought lo this
CtitARS. For the bott Cigars and To
bacco in tbo city, go to T. E. Sullivan's,
Commercial avenue, near Tenth stroot.
Tho best In tho clly. Cl-0-l0-lf.
Coolest Welsi benr Iu tho city at the
Thalia. C3 G-U-lw.
Jl-sr received nnd for salo by Mathurs
A' I'hl UO.IXK) pounds clear sides, 1 0.000
pounds hams, 10,000 pounds iboutdors,
20 boxes louionij 89.C.1P..41
Cheap tooli, owu t,u....o. .....
wood can bo had at the box and basket
factory for taking It away. This is cer
tainly cheap onouirh. 92 C-lC.;lt
Dnuos. For tho best pure drug! go to
P. K. Sullivan's, Commercial avenuo noar
Tenth slroet. Inscriptions carefully
props red at all hours day and night.
ot o-n-tr
Tiik largest and besl-solocted slock
of FUKNITl'KE for sale at wholesalo
and retail by I1ENKY E1CHUOFF, No.
115, Commercial avonuo, opposite Sevonth
ttrcet 7t C-17-3H1
Tiik Monitor. ror tho Monitor, tho
bost coal Cook Stovo ever madu or tbe
Fashion, the cbnmplon wood Cook of tbo
West, go to A. Halloy's, 1C8 Washington
avenue, near Tenth street.
4W10 17-m
I). Artek A Co. arejust receiving the
largest and best assorted stock of saddlesi
bridles, harness, etc., evor brought to this
Something New. Ducks Crystal
Urilliant with glass ovon doors. No oc
casion to havo lurnt broad. Call and see
it at T. J. Kkrth's. 87-O.l'J.lf
Tiik IIest. Wm. Ludwlg, barness
maker, corner of E'ght street and Com
mercial evenuo, has the best supply of
harness, saddler, bridles, eta, in Southern
Illinois, and sells them as cheap as the
cheapest. 23:C-31- f
Fou Stove, Tlnwaro,loiietware, steam
cooking vossols, broilers, bird cagos, lan
erns, gate springs, gate hinges, table and
pocket cutlory, fluting Irons. Also for
roofing, gutters and spouting, go to A.
II alley's, 168 Wathlngton avenue, near
Tonth ttreet. 60 l-17-lm.
Coolest Wolss boor in tho city at the
Thalia. 03 C-12-lw.
JIillinery uoons at Cost. Mil
Uriggs, Commercial avenue, corner Tenth
street, wishes to inform the ladles of Cairo
and vicinity that for tbe next 30 days she
will sell her summer millinery at cot
Please call ind examine hor goods, if
you wish something 11 no at a low price.
82 CI 7-1 in
lluoav kou Sale. St. Louis make
light, comfortable and oasy. Has nevor
been run much. It in perfect running
Lorder, neither scratched nor faded. Will
sell vory cheap for cash or on time. All
light kinglo Imrries;, sound and good
Apply at HaLidny Urothers' iilllco, Ohio
luveo. W. (1. Kuiuif.NK
Aotii-eto 111'ii.iieii.s. Havlug started
up our saw mill again, wo are now pro
pared to furuleh nil kinds of building
matorial ut lower price.", delivurod, than
It can imi bought from country mills,
Wo havo also on band two hundred
thousand feet of amoiitkd i.huiier that
was colored by Mpn water that wo will
soli nt Irom $7 to .fib per HHW root.
Wai l As E.vt,
101 C-21-tf
Dr. Scuenckm 1'uluoxic Syrui', 3ea
"Weed Tonic, and Mandrake Pii.l.
Thoso medicines have undoubtedly per
formod more euros of Consumption than
any other remedy known to tho Amon-
can public. Thoy are compounded of
vegetable ingrodionti, and contain noth
ing which can be Injurious to tho human
constitution. Other rornodles advertised
as cures for Consumption, probably con
tain opium, which Is a somewhat danger
out drug in all cases, und if taken freely
by consumpllvo patients, It must do great
injury; for its tendency is to confine the
morbid matter in tho system, which, of
courso, must tnako it euro impossible.
Schonck's Pulmonic Syrup Is warrantod
not to contain a partlclo of opium; It Is
composod of poworful but harmless herbs,
which act ou tbo lungs, liver, stomach(
and blood, and thus correct all morbid
secrotloniTiind oxpol all tbo diseased mat
ter from tho body. These aro the only
moans by which consumption can be
cured, and as Schonck's Pulmonic Syrup,
SoaJWeod Tonic, aud Mandrake Pills are
tho only medicines which operate in this
way, it is obvious they aro tbe only gen
ulno euro for Pulmonary Consumption,
Kuch bottlu ol this invaluable medicine is
accompanied by full directions. Dr.
Suhonck Is professionally at his principal
ufitctt, corner Sixth and Arch streets
Philadelphia, uvery Monday, whoro all
letters for ndvlco must ho addrcisud.
Tux naroer tuop is on no corner ot
Eighth street and Commercial avenue
where. ,T, George Stlenhouso with bis gon
tlemnnly assistanis oan bo found at any
hour of tbo day or night, roadr to soothe
your feelings with a smooth shavo, or cool
your temper and head with a good sham
poo. It is a first-class shop, and you are
sure of receiving first-class treatment.
Ladies' and children's hair cut or curled
after the most approved stvles. 8-16-tf
Twelve yards gronadlno for $1 and
many other goodi at similar prlcea to bo
had at Daniel Harlmati'i. 08 0-12.11
A futt kit of shoemaker's tools, together
with a stock of leatbor nnd roady made
ooots and shoes. Apply to
En. DiroxiA,
At City National II. nk.
93 G.2()-3t
Stuart & GholsotrolTor a vory complete
tine of underwear of all descriptions
hosiery, glover, llnon collars nnd cutis,
scarfs and ties. Also a lull lino of our
celobratod whlto shirts, guaranteed to bo
tho most perfect lilting and best mado
shirts In thn United States. We tako
measures and guarantee a fit. Prices at
ail times exceedingly low. 100 C-2li)t
Hating sold out uiy office and practice
to Dr. J. Jennelle; of DuQuoin, who
will taku possession of tho olllco thn 12th
ol June, I betepeak for Dr. Jonnollo n
liberal share of vublio patronace. 1 am
well acquainted wltb htm and know bla
to bo u tlrst-clsss dontitt, anl would mcst
cboorfully rooomuend him to all of my
friends and pitrutis. tl. K Dovolas
having accounts against me aro requested
to call and settle a I bava sold out arid
intend going away tho lith of Juno.
3!-C4.0t (I. K. Doi'ol.Aa.
Mr. O. W, Smith, special agont for tbo
Howe Machine Company1, is now
stopping at tho St. Charles hotel. The
company want a first class agent Iu Cairo,
ar.d Mr. Smith is prparod to offer special
inducements to one of tho right kind. The
machine is well known here as well as In
other section of country where tewing
macbinxs are Iu uo, and In fact, as well
as by reputatiuu, Is tho very best
and most salable machine manufac
tured. Any person Jotiring an agency
will pleaio call on Mr. Smith, at the St.
Charles hotel, for a few days 400 5-tf
A Masonic picnic and moonlight ex
cursion will tako plac4 on Wednesday,
June 24th, li which all Mason's, their
families aid friends aro kindly in
vitod to pirticipate. The ferry boat
"Three States" has boon cngagd for tho
occasion. Tho boit will bo canvassed
over during the day to give those who
may feel itclined an opportunity to "trip
tho light fantastic." The boat loavel her
lauding at the foot of Fourth streot at pio
cisoly nlneo'cloek a. m., a'nd proceed up
tbe Ohio river to a point near (irar.d
Chain, whore sbo will lay for a few hours.
The Delta city cornot band and Elien
berg's string band havo been engaged for
tho occasion, and will be sure to be on
hand. Tbe boat will return to tbe clly at
about six o ulock la the evening; and
start again for a moonlight excursion at
a o clock. A pleasant limo may be an
uclpatod. Tickets for the round trip, day
and niht, only Jl.
J as. Edwards,
a. m. cunihit,
Herman Meyer,
J as. S. SwAYNr,
Paul O. Schuh,
liaskets sent to tho ferryboat In tbe
morning will be taken charge of by tie
committee for safe keeping
O.C-21-31 Committee of Arrangements
Cairo, III, June 20tb, lr74
Hiving Mi day sold my slock in trade
to lobn .Vadden and H. L. Kinner, 1
ask for thru tho pttronut;!) bestowed ou
mo, and fed Jn.lilljd Iu assuring t i my
customers the sscnj fnir dealing which
they havo hi I heretofore.
W. W. Thornton-
All peross knowing themselves In
debted to mo will conter a favor by railing
at my olllco and settling.
Ketpeclfully, Yours,
W. W. Thornton'.
Keferrlng to tho above wo would say
having ventured in trado on our own re
sponsibllity, wn tollcito tho patronage of
all persons who wish to buy good in our
line. Practical ex perlonco justifies us In
saying wn both know and can supply your
wants. Madden A ICi.n.nkar,
00 -c.2l.4t
Coolest Weln beer in tho city at Uio
Thalia, 03 0-12-1 w
10th St! bet. Washington & Commercial Ave.
A larite isupnlv of I'ltUbun: and lllu
Muddy ooal uouttantly ou baud, Htove
wood sawed to order. Order lor oeal oi
wood should be la It at the olllco on Tenth
tsreet. Terms, cash ou delivery.
O s PS
WW o
g Ps I Si
W g S "i
t h , 6 CD 1
M w - -
o s 75 -a
w I f 1
M g
Of rent pitntn. it ih,i. nr .n
decree of the county court or AlcXinder
county. Illinois msdo on the iicllllon ol thu
tiuderMgiicd, ailinlni.tiator ot the estate
of Albert It, Wldtaker, deceased,
for loiiye to sell the real estate
of ald decemed, at the last
Jauiiary term or said court, lo-wlt : en the
TwciiifctU diy or January, A. I)., 1874, I
fcllhll ntt U.I....1-.. (In. .......... tiri ' . ' -
Inly next, between the hours or ten o'clock
a., in., and twelto o'clock in., of said day,
sell at public, sale, nt the south-westerly door
of tin' court houe, In the city ol Cairo, In
aiii county, me iuowmg uocrllicd rral
late sltilalod In the city or Cairo, county
or Alexander, mid Mitto or Illinois, to-vlt :
luh iiiiinoareu nineteen, iwrtity (20),
and twenty.oue (21), In block niimbereil
furty-oeveil (47: und lot niniil.vrMil ll.lnv.
one (.11 j, In block numbered forty-nlno (4!t),
mi hid Hi-i iKiiiiuoii io me ciiy or uaim,
arorcsahl '
TeriiiK ol sale to bo u follows ; One-thlnl
cash In band, one-thlnl In three months, and
one third In x months from Ihr day of sate
the purrhater logltn notes, drawing su
per rent InlerrM, for the deferred paw
menl, ecuriul by sale mortgage upon tlie
premise sold,
OroikIk Fisiiihi, Admlnl-trator,
of the ctrite of Albert It Whllaker,
deceased. II-(t-23.il ,Vw -U
Jlllii! l!Uh, 1H74.
'Iran-it In.trument, lor obtaining True
Time Inuu tho.-un orMnr.
JI.iiiiio Clirometcr, for Keeping tbe Correet
Practical Watchmaker,
And all kinds or W'atchwork doue at
A Fn'l Stock of
XSTriolp AKeut for the Celebratvd Karl
.iiiunerinuu SVatchei'.
No. ir-o, Washington: A vh.suk.
Oniro, XlJUaa.
Dealer iu
Hollow Ware &c.
Manufacturer mid Jobber of
I'lllniiw. Ilinl Cages, leu (.'renin Kreezem,
Wiilor Coolers Wire Cloth lor Whi
tlow Sc rcc iivlnp.int'd Ware,
Kle., i:tc.
Oiilloring and Job Work
Agent lor the
Garry iron Roofing Co.,
The ben Iron Hooting In the Market.
Onler from Abroad will Kccelvo Prompt
Ml work dono ivlth Dispatch anil Wuirsli.
un inguo atisracilon,
Ktreet, between WasbtUKtou aud
.Oiiufliercial AVPUUe,

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