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HUtE, L00MI3 & CO.,
Takeagrtat pleasure in announcing Ibnt
tbsy are now prepared to iupp1y everybody
with ltke Ice of the very best quality, cither
at their homes or at the Mores. Onlcra
bould 1 1 left at the office, No. GO Ohio
tn. fi-M2-4m
Wholesale and UeU II Dcalcti lo
Cairo, llllnoli, and Columbui, Kentucky.
Cairo ttllJce at rtnlen ft Wilson's, corner
Twelfth atrcct ahd Ohio levee.
We will run an Ice wagon throughout the
rason, delivering pure lake Ice In any part
f tba city at the lowest market price, and
olll also lunitah our friend outside the city
with lee bv the cake or ear load, packed lu
ww dmt, for shipment to any distance.
a &-.ViC-lf
Wood BittenhouBe & Brother
133 Ohio Levee, Cairo.
AYKR3 k CO.,
Ha.TR Lv.()kioOabo. It.i.
Commission Merchant
Prcprepared to forward all kinds o(
Freight to all points.
tSTliunlneM attended to promptly.
n. A. Thorns I u. Thorns
Suceeeosr to U. M.Uulcn,
anaaU mm faster lrocrlM,
foreign and Domoatlu
14 Commercial Avenue,
Commission Merchant
And Dealer In
Lime, Cement, Plaster, Hair, ke.
Z3TI will veil In car load lots at manufac
turers prices, adding freight.
(Successor to John It. l'hllha,)
General Commission
Dealtri In
Agents for Uflin k Rant Powder Company.
Cairo Box and Basket Co.
Keep vonttautlyouhand
Mill and Yard, I
Conner 3UU Street
and Ohio Lcvre,
Manufacturers und Dealeraln
i K90nice at aw mill on corner of Twen-
ly-Ncond atrcet and Ohio Levee,
RtaiDKKCK-No. SI. Thlr.
ItMtWtau WatklnvtiiB auti nri w.i.
IllrMt. OMca m
glu nlltn.
mil ikiiiin,
KnmMimlv In f!tL from ll n tlimufinil lilll
liead, cood luiicr and finely uniited. lor
One thousand statement tainted nt Tni
llULLKTIN oilier tor f,!.r.
IMolr. Html.
One thousand note lionils nrliiti'il at Til K
IlL'r.LEUN ofllco rnr Si.OO: twothmiNiiid Kir
OncthOUiand hlMiici" card, lino Bristol
board, printed nt tiik lit'i.i.r.TiN oillco 1
from fi.W to i?!.ui, according to Mze,
SUNDAY, JUNK 58, 1871.
KonissoN. Tho circut will bo hero tc-
Chakcoal in any quaintlt to cull
purchaser at T. J. Kekth'b. 87-CI'J.lf
Call at Stuart A Uholton'a this wool;;
it will pay you. 30-C.23-U
For Sat.h Low to Ci.ohk Consign
ment. A lot of bacon, shoulders, elilo-t
audhailll. (HI 1 1 A LL1 DA V II lift's.
Stuaht it Oholsou aro doling out tlioir
atock 61 auninier gooda at price that will
ipeedlly movu thorn. ."0-G 28-lt
That Evidence. Th reporter who
look theuvidenro In tho Hurd-Uank cas
at work recopylng it for tho dofendnnti
n tho auit.
GoMK. Dr. .loiuiolle, our Klubth alrcot
donllat, loft lait evening for Duriuoin on
buiinoia. Iio will bo absent until Friday
next, the 3d init.
Great ctoslngoutsalu ol surplus stock;
commanclng Monday morning, at Stuart
A Gbolson'a. All summer good mint tin
cloied out. .iu.t;.'j:i.lt
llAfTiaT I'iikai'IUnu. lUr. .1. W
Humacker will preach at the Baptist
inltaion rooms Hill morning and evening
at tho uiual houra.
The Hid Snow. Old John Kobinion't
mammoth menagorio, circua, otc, one of
tho beat exhibitions In thu world, will ex
Libit in Cairo to-morrow.
Kriscoi'Ai. Oiiukcu. Thero will bo
the uaual merning and evening eurvicea
at the Episcopal church to-day. Hours
of sorvicc, 10 J a. m. and 2 p. in,
Presutterian Church. Kev. Mr.
Minton, of Mound City, will conduct
aorvlcea in tho Presbyterian church thla
morning at tho uaual hour of service.
Lost. On Friday evening, a lino re
volver, lotnewhero botween Tenth street
and the court house. Tho finder will bo
aultably rewarded by leaving it at The
Bulletin cilice.
Jilll'lUnaTvMlUUT. Mr. C. (V Htir
lelgh will locturo to-night, at tho Liberal
Itollgloua aaiodation room, on tho tub
Ject of tho "Divine Incarnation." Leoturo
will commence at 8 o'clock.
The Cmcus. Mr. Wilcox receivod a
telegram laat ovening Informing him
that Old John Koblneon'a circua company
wouU arrive horo thia afternoon, and to
prepare supper for them.
Aoain. The aftornoon train on tho
Mlaaliiippl Central railrood, which was
taken off during tho recent high wntcr in
tho lowor Missiisippi, will commonco run
ning again about tho first of July.
Bukliiqh. Mr. Iiurloigb, who lectures
to-night on tho "Dlvino Incarnatiou" Is
an interesting talker, and an hour cannot
be more profitably epontthan in listening
to him. Lecture to commence at 8 o'clock
Tub llEbT. "Win. Ludwig, harness
maker, corner of E'ght streot and Com
mercial ovenuo, haa tho beat supply of
harneia, saddles, bridle, ate, in Southern
Illinois, and sells them at cheap as tho
choapest. l!3:C-3!-'.f
Examination. Prof. Appol'a school
will cloao on Monday and Tuoday next
with a thorough examination of claaies in
English and Gorman, Tho hours of ex
amination will bo from 2 to C p. m., Mon
day and Tuesday, Thu frionds 01 educa
tion generally aro invited.
Died In Cairo yesterday, at tho rosl
denco of hor parents, Mary Margarut,
daughter of Horman and Margaret Itlomi,
aged 6 months. A special train will leave
thooot of Eighth Htrcot at 4 o'clock p.
in, to-day. Services at SI, Patrick's
church at half-past throe. 20-C-27.lt
Serenade. Tho Cairo M. T. club sor
onaded several families In the upper part
of the city on Friday ovening. Tho musio
both vocal and instrumental, waa line,
and wo asaura tho club that thny would bo
wolcomo overy night in tho week If they
cculd make it a point to coino that ofiua.
The Fist Concert. Tho lint of the
sorles of band concerts to be given by tho
bands of the city, waa given lat evening
by the Silver Cornet band, on tho stand
at thu cornor of Tenth atreot and Wash
ington avenue. At a low estlinata wo
believe wo aro aato in aaylng tharo was
not less than eight hundred people out to
hear the music. Tha marie was good nnd
highly appreciated by tho audience.
The School Question. AS 0 publish
two communications thla morning on tho
school quostion. The ono la not romark
ablo oltbor as an argument In ravor of our
schools or anything else. Tho communi
cation of "Prof," though ahoit is rather
pclnted, yot wo cannot agroo with the
sentiment it contains. Tho school (uen
tlon la becoming an interesting one, nnd
an open and candid discussion of it can
do no harm,
Koiunson'h Cibcus. Tho long talked
of and lookeijjur, circua Old John Hob
inaon'a, will be here this afternoon, and
to-morrow pitch their tents and glvo two
exhibitions. That there will o a grat
many people visit tho mammoth concern
we have no doubt, and that It U
wall worth tho price of admla
alon to witness tho performance is a sot-i
tied fact. It la boyond all qucatiou tho
lilgglat thing of tho kind in tho country,
lUnniKii In Sprlnglleld, llllnoli,
Tuno 'JSlh, 1874, at tho mldonco of tho
brldo'a mother, by tho Itov. Hooper Crow
,1an,o S. llarolay, of Cairo, to Mary 13.
Taylor. Thn numerous friends of Mr.
llHrclay In this city ono nnd all extend
their good right tiarfd of friendship and
congrnlulnlo him on hla go.od 'Votuno in
a ncuring for his wlfo py-t'icellont a ludy
na Mies Taylor, anil wishing them n
happy nnd proiportui marriod life. Miss
Taylor is n tUlfiot Mrs U. W. Miller, of
till clly. )At. and Mr. JJarclay .will
tnakn n toor of tho prmclpnl cltloi and
plncos otlnterost of tho catt. It will bo
lomrtlmo boforo thoy return to Ciiro.
IA Dr.srF.itATK N 1:01:0. At an oirly
hour yoilorday morning 11 difllcully oc
curred botnoon tho watchman on tho
lovoo noar tho Cairo city wharfboat, nn-l
a nogro desperado who waa trying in aonia
way to got hold of tho bagago of a ludy
who had arrlvol on tho City of Chester
Tho watibniHn undertoolc to protoct tho
lady, when tho nogro struck bitii on tho
arm with n heavy atlck, and then wuul at
tho watchman ovldontly intending to do
him snriouh injury. Thu wiitchman callod
loiomnmim who v,oro ntnndlng nearby,
wl.n llianikifr., liiittla oil nritl ii..nwrf4.1
in escaping. Tim namo of tho riorn wo
could not lunni, but hols known to bo a
doiporttto character.
Delta Oirv Fiiik Comiwn v. Thu
Dlta City Firo Company aro 'spreading
themjelvci" in proparlng for thuir picnic
and pnrada on tho Fourth of July. 'Clio
committeo of nrrangumeuts havo pur-
chasod 7,00(1 foot of dretd flooring, to bo
iiful in erecting 11 platform for dunelrg.
The platform will accommodnto ' 150
couple. Kvirylhing poetihlo m being
done to add to tho comfort and enjoyment
of thosu who will favor thorn with thntr
presence on the glorious Fourth. They
antioipHtua largo crowd and an eicelter.t
time. Vn bopo tbolr anticipations mny
be roiilir.dd. This company is composed
of lliobeit clti.-.em of Cairo, and thov
havQ 6no of tho finest tiro npparatuaos in
orftborn UlinoW. Wo bopo that tbov
Will add r. largo sum to their treasury.
The Hiiikunian Pit's 11;. Tho tiio
chosen by tha Hibernian tiro company as
a picnic ground, Locust Grove, oppaitu
tho custom boua, botween Fourtvunth
and .Sixteenth atrrcti, ii tho bMtnnd niMt
oligiblu that could bo taken. It is within
flvo minute' wolk of nny part of tho city,
and tho fresh broezu that blows over tbu
city during this season 0! tho year will
havti full sweep, making tho ground de
lightfully cool and pleafant, undor tbu
amplo shades that will bo providoi. All
desirous of having a good day's enjoy
ment will not fail to visit tho Hiberniana.
At nicht tho grounds will bo beautifully
Illuminated with locomotive and Chinese
lanterns, Fino music and a capacious
dancing tloor will not f.tll to ploaio tho
pniriMIS 0( lllt Ui..UIgia m.ri. A. ...
dial invitation is oxtendod to ovcry ono.
oun rniiLic schools.
Ma. Editor: Aa thia soems to bo the
topic at prosont, 1 may bo allowod to
fipoaic a word in the oar of a listening
public. In my humblo opinion, tho man
ner In whljh tho schools havo boon run
for several years tho greatost good has not
resulted thorofrom. Whon thu public
opinion of our city cried "tvo have tho
best schools In tho land," ns thoy did a
fow yoars a:;o, It is a fact thoy woro tho
poorest. Show U not what is wantod in
tho public schools, just fur examination,
but teaching ncbolur to think for them
solvai, and net Independently, ns thny go
out to light tho buttles of life. Under tho
supervision of tho lamented English they
woro thus conductod. No 03 ton tut ion, or
how, but cmrnost, practical cllort to pro
paro'ench ono forthounorousdutlos ol llfo,
A largo proportion of tho scholars In the
public scbuol must go forth to assist tlioir
pitronts in tho strugglo agninst povorty, nt
ttio ago of fourtocn, prepared or uupro
pjrod. Hence there is no time fur surfaco
Our school board aro certainly subject
to criticism. It i their province t ibiro
whomsoever thoy p louse, but why not
open tho positions to competition. Ad
vertise fur bids, and givu tho position to
tho lowost and bolt bidder. Why pay
'2,000 for that which can he got for mtiok
less; Why pay fOG nmi "o
for ludy tcachors to teach
in the schools for u'Mlo children, while
thoy psy only forty dollars tor tuaching col
ored children, whon by law thoy nru com
polled to bo oqually cumpotent '' "Con
pisteucy thou art a jowoll." More anoa.
Oaiiio, Juno 27, 1S7 1. Pnor.
in Tin: HIM).
Mil. Kditok; 1 havo long anticipated,
although 1 1111 a feminine, n rush into
print, but my bashful disposition hits kept
1110 from it, until 1 have hecoioo Manned
by tho numerous nrticlos that havo ap
penrcd lately in your anil tho 'Sun's' col
umns, lest in tho Kcramblo for Gnieley's
or Humott'a position I might be left; and
henco 1 11111 inritod to hhut my oyes nnd
"go It blind" In the production of Ilil, my
Initiatory article, or opening step in the
contest for porno high position. I may
not bo as eloquent aa tho doctor was in his
lecture on tlio "othoric tin," or as well
versed in tha management of city utUirs
as tho high sir from "hover tho way."
Yet, notwithstanding all this, 1 will (.ntor
thn arena and engage in tho conflict with
a quill from tho nowly.marrlod llarolay
behind my ear, and a list of instructioia
on tho contest of correspondents by tho
mild and gontlo Davis, In my pocket 11
an infallible guldo to distinction. Al
though inoxparloocoJ in writing Ar
ticles iiiyiclf, I would, from
what I havo soou in thu
way of article writing, advlao
"Ponn" to take a spoonful of "Lanos
Cordial" overy ton mlnutus; with n lltto
soothing syrup for "A Parent.' Ho or
ehomust of ncccssl'y bo in nood of real,
from tlioir oxortlont on tho ccbool ques
tion during tho past wook or two, and 1
would alio advliotl.i editor of tl.o 'Sun lo
retire t. tho MlssU-ippI livor, and then
and tbiro tako h bath. It may bo
against his nature, i.o7rt!ioldsi lib over
taxed brain nood tho intluonco of the
cool and refreshing waters of that mighty
stream; nnd lis shojtd have n person lu
altondanco 10 that tho Utter oould swar
to his Identity, as hh rocognltlon ,w'0ull
bo dlillcult aftor itiehHludulginco. "Ex
arnino" should real the works of "Hux"
on tho "transmission of li;ht" ami tnko
up hit nbudo in soino seoln led spot where
his reveries will mrt diattrb any one, nnd
in thla way his lnrge brain will, lifter a
short rest, permit him to again ply hii
usual vocation as a vender of "lltto pills.'
"Jano Ann" sSo'ild Immediately removo
to In Jiann nnd apply far a divorce In tho
courts of that elite. Then being freed
from ono . of tho tn.isoulino tax,
with tho iiso of a llltlo hair
rottorntivu again bringing forth her au
burn locks, sho might easily " striko up a
mutoh" with 11 cortalu yo ing man about
Tin: Iliri.LKTiN odico, wh nppoars to lo
very lonosomo In his pruiont Unto. Tho
other correspondents (mi-.:i excluded lor
r urn not long enough in thu husinoss)
might with propriety apply to tho county
court lor permiioii to be transferred lo
Jacksonville without delay, for tiiolr men
mci'tnl capacity has boon so overload nnd
thnlr thoughts am ns th v lndf, but their
bruins ns the seas, novcrlhrfo!. In con
clusion, of these instruclhns, I would sug
gest Ihat tho foregoing prom reforrod
to, assomhlo beforotlny obey my very
kind remarks, nnd petition of ll.-other
Davis to writ an obituary of tho "l.iuguo
of CirrtMporiit'stitV' an I have It publishl
in all Hi pvwm in tho union. This Is
nil I h-ivo tety to the "rushers into print''
nt prosent. Maky Ann,
P. H. He', a s'ulor or tiny relation to
.In 11 11 Ann. If any information Is needed
with resard : thn end ol tho world, a l
tiroes Makv Ann, Cairo, Ills.
FirTV pii.'fs of Kirdernl prints at Stu
art .V GhoUon s Monduy morning.
Dr. Pmiaa' k h Pl'i.ioio Svni'i,t o.-.v
Wkkii To-c. sr .Manmiakk Pii.l.
Theso modl(ins have undoubtedly por
foriiKMl moii' ciiri-s of Consumption than
anyothor rrmedy, known to ,tJo Amori
cnns public! Tbijy'-'hro cympoMndef
vegetablo Irir.-dlent, iftrt 'contain rfotU
ing which cn be Injurious to tho human
fonstitutloi. Other remedies advertlfed
as cures for Consumption, probably con
tain opium hioh is n somowhnt danger
ous drug It all cases, and if taken freely
by coniurrpl.ve patients, it must do groat
injury; ftr its tondency is to confine the
morbid natter in tho system, which, of
courso, mist make n cure Impossible.
Schenck'i Pulmonic Syrup Is warranted
not to co-Uin a parllclocf opium; It is
composed t powerful but hartnlas linrb.
which net on thn lung?, liver, Koiniicli,
and blol, ai. thus correct all morbid
serrations, amuipo! all the diseased mat
ter from tao bdy. Thcso are the only
means by wUch consumption can be
curod, anJ an Schenck's Pulmonic Syrup,
SeaJWeed Tcni', and Matdrako Pills are
tho only medicines which operate in this
way, it is obviois thoy arc tho only gen
uine cure for Pulmonary Consumption
Each bottle of t:iis invaluable mcdiclco Is
accompanied by full directions. Dr.
Schenck is pr (etsionally 1.'. his principal
0 til ce, corn- Sixth and Arch streets
Philadelphia every Mor. Jay, whoro all
letters for adv jo must bo addressed.
13 G-0-Bo-.m.
The ourtAr e'jop is 01. t,e corner ol
Eighth streot and CoR.murcial avenuo
whoro J. Geor-u Stionhonso wi'h his gon
tlemanly arshtants can be fyund ut any
hour of tho Jiy or night, radv to eootno
your feelings with a imoc.b shave, or cool
your lompeiund bend with it good sham
poo. It is n Urst-clasB shop, and you aro
suro of reviving first-class treatment.
Ladles' and jalldren'a hair rut or curled
aftor tho imJ- approvnd stvles. S-lO-lf
MlLI.lNEIV llOODS AT Cost. Mrs
Ilriggs, Coijmrcial avciuc, corner I'enth
streot, wish
1 1 inform 10 iadies of Cairo
and vielnlt
that for tho 1 . xt !S0 days sho
will soil let summer a.llinery at rvt
i'loam call md exainin. hor goods, If
you wish swin thing flno nt a low price,
) t-J-t:-l7-Irn
4 -
On tho even!
School's Intll, to'
of July 1st, at John
1 llllllnliod kI 4 ii'rbu U.
Admislon Ge
j '.iQiiunooci-ntsi ladlos
The prot;ramnK will consist ol speeches
in English and Gorman ; aiming nnd
dancing. All kinds of rofrnhiiion.a in
Everybody iscrrjially invited.
'Pickets can be had at P. G. SchuliV
drug storo anil si dflsingor'a gallery.
Illinois (Ienirai. ltAii.no.vp Co.,
D Co., I
171. J
,rtlM S WKKII'K,
Caiho, June 20, 16
Excursion llc t for tho fnurth of July
will bo Bold ) from Cairo to any other
station and rntui'i nt ono and ono-lifth
fire. Wo will eminence this falu of tho
t.ekets on Friday July :t, nnd ilUpontiiiiio
on too ijepiiriiiro ii trio ovening train on
tho lth. TiokeM goml to roturn till tho
Uth, Incluiivo. J.viiKa Jounoon, Agent,
All persona viioso liquor llcrinao ox
plros on July 1st, noxt, aro hereby nolilkd
that their bonds must bo executod and
filed in my oillco n or before tho 1st dny
of July, ns thoro m bo a spoclal meeting
of tho city Vouncl oulhutortho ensuing
ilav lor tho annrotal of said bonds
Will K. Hawkins, City Clork
tiik oaiiio
a;i ht. louih
The Chicago 'Times' ol tl.o 23d Inst.,
contain tho following communication
ftom it correspondent who has rojontly
gono ovor tho line of tho Cairo and ,t
LouU narrow-gango road with a vlow of
aicortalnlng the practicability of tho nar-row-gaugo
system nnd tho workings of
this lino. Aftor traversing tho lino from
Eusl St. Liuia to Murphynbnro nnd backi
and having had interviews with several
praciit-al railroad 111311 on tho subject, tbu
furro'poiidetit Kime up hU opinion regard
ing it, as follows, 14 1,1, 1, oommond lo
the careful oonsldorntiou of tho peoplo of
Lniro ntnl Alrx.itidor county :
Having just returne 1 from n trip over
tho Cairo itnil St. Louis i.arrow-gnuge
railroml, I think aomo nocount of my ob
sorvutions will not bo wholly uninterest
ing lo thn readers of Thu Times.' Tho
route of thu rond lies through thu coun
ties tit St. Clair, boeiiining nt Lust St.
Louisl, Monroe, Kandolph, Jackson,
I'nlon, and Aloxandor, to Cairo tho dis
tance from Eat St. Louis to Culro being
lf,0 miles, llut !n miles of thu railroad
is rnmplntod Insist Kut St. Louis to Mur
physboro, tho county fat of Jackson
county. The chiel towns touched upon
the alignment, after leaving East St
Louis, inn Columbia, Waterloo, ltod llud,
Sparta, and Murphysboro. Theso arn nil
nourishing towns, nnd backed up with it
splendid agricultural country. St. Clair,
.Monroe and Kandolph seemed as If ono
continuviM wheat Hidd, which was
falling beforo the tlcklr. As a fact
Illustrating tho happy stnln of
things prcducrd by thu cheap
ening of things through tho instrumen-
tality ol tho grango movement, I might
add that tho broth ren follow thu reaper
and bind wheU for each othor at tho low
liguro of Jo 25 por day.
In Jackron county you striken rango
of timbor of oxcellent quality. o-ik, hick
ory. wulnut and other varieties, useful for
mechanical purposes. Also, in tho same
county tho coal rango Is struck, and near
Murphysboro flvo shafts have been suuk,
at an average depth of 120 Toot, whon a
a six-foot strata of ccsl Is roached, which
is being oxtonsivalf worked, and tran
sported to St. Louis over tho narrow
gauge. This cou.1 Is In good demand
among tho Iron men, for smelling pur
poses, outranking tho St. Clair conl,
which has heretofore been tbo chief re
llanco of tho city.
South of Murphysboro no rail hat Veon
laid, though the work ot grading is wall
advanced. Tho failure of th municipal
ities to issuo tlioir bond, nnd thu panic,
crippled the company, so that work waa
uit.n.tu.l i,lr utmikl innntlis ; but 'l""
recently satisfactory rri.ngoriionli liaro
b-i-n made with tho bondholders and
other creditors, and tho work of con-
strueiion nns lwn rnsurned "undor a con
tract that calls lor tho completion of tho
roau to vjairo oy !Lo lirst or tbo coming
Tbo peoplo aloni: tho lir.o oxnross them-
solves well satlsfled with tho practical
operation of tho throo-foot gauge, tho
only objection to it being that thoy aro
thrown out of the Chicago markol, oxcopt
nt thi delay, troublo and oxponao of ro
ahipplng or transferring their produce nt
East St. Louis, on the broad or standard
I was not a lltllo surprlsod to her tills
demand tor it Chicago market lrom a
peoplo so near St. Louis, llut my nxam
inatlon Into tho operation of the road,
though prejudiced against tho system
when I wont on to tho lino, satisfies mo
that it Is one of ontiro practicability, nnd
that when thia lino is completed toOairn
its characlor will bo suOlcIently estab
lished to lead to tho immodiato construc
tion nf n lino (from Kail St. Louis to
I obsorvod tho following facts in con
nection with tho road :
Tho road bod, though built but iittlo in
oxcois of ono year, has thu settled anpoar
ancoand evenness of roads of tho broad
gaugo, doublo Its age. And, further, thu
tho road bod was kept surfaced up, with
n aoctiun force ono third of that required
on tho broad gaugo, and that it was abso
lutely in first class condition.
Tho spcod of tho trains, bath passonger
and freight, as scheduled on thn time
card averages with tho best roads in tho
Mtato, and the t nil 11 u run with as much
Mnoolboneas, and Ictt lateral motion.
Alto that sharper curves nnd hoavlor
grades can bo ovorcomo by this syatom,
with lose prejudice to thu tonnago than on
tho standard gaugo.
On thu whole routo 1 did not notice,
though tho road has been in use ovor a
year, a slnglo abradod rail.
Tho passenger caches aro arranged
with slnglo seats nn each side ot tin car,
wtiloh are nlirely comfortable, though
onn cannot but few, after having loft tho
ordinary coach of tho broid-gaugo that
ho la undor constraint,
Prom Mr. C. Hamilton, superintendent
of the road, wo gathered many Important
facts concerning tho narrow-gauge sy
torn, which assures ua of Hh nntiro practi
cability. Mr. Hamilton has been for tho
last llttcon year ronncctod with tho
broad.gaugo system, Is a civil engineer of
largo oxporlonce, and most thorough In
hla profession. Ho understands tho fri
nneo of railroading, both as to construe
tinn and operating, and 1 regard his opin
ion n of great wrlght in tho mattor. Ho
is not an enthusiast on the nnrrow-gaugo,
and told mo that ho took hold of that rond
with it vry weak faith a to tho ultimata
success of llnot of throo-fent gauge. Ho
said that his oxporloncn had taucht him
till: tho work can bo done aa well and
aa quickly, and with less oxponso (and
that la tho question tho peoplo ato asking
to havo solved) on tho now gaugo than 011
tho old.
llo also aald tho original expense of
construction Is far Ims r,0 to 40 per cent,
luss tlinn the btandard gauge, and ho
thought if tho farming communltloa
would inform themselves on thu comptr
atlvu cost, thoy would dotnrmino that it
competition begotton by "iicouraglng this
class of roads would moro oll'octually
settle tho quostion of economical trans,
portation than any statutory enactmonla,
He aald that when hla own line was
completed, ho felt confident it would at
tract tho attention lrom thoughtful. men
that It deserved, and that Its practical
operation would tettlo tho fact that a lino
from St. Louis to Chicago was a r.ocossity,
and ho would oncourago thu project. C.
'A citizen and tax-piycr of I nlon
county" oll'ura tho following as a com
pronur.o botween tho poopln o Union
county and the railroad company with"
rcltrencco to placing tho bonds of Union
county nnd tho city of Jonosboro In tho
hand of a truitoo outudo tho atato. Tho
contractors to build tho road aro largoly
Indobtod to clttusns of Union county for
labor and supplies, and It la proposed
that tho authorities of tho county and city
allow their bond to bo placed In the',
hand of n rojlablo truitoo oulildo the
statoon condition that tho company pur
ehsso tho Indobtodncss nnd pay for it in
tho bonds to bi isauod as soon as thoy
shall bo dollvercd according to tho con
ditions nf tho volo of subscription. This
It a proposition that It la almost sure the
company will not accodo to. Hut hore la
what "a citizen and tax-pnyor" has to aay
on tho subject:
Mil. Euitoii: 1 desire through your
paper to mako n few suggestions as they
tntvo occurred to my mind lrom hearing
tho various stories now alloat In our midst,
in relation to tho issuing of tho Union
county bonds to tho Cairo and St. Loula
railroad company, and In relation to tho
completion of tho road) alao lu relation
to tho indebtedness ol tho contractors of
tho road to tho cilir.una of tho county for
labor and material in constructing tbo
road. It is said that tho rallread compa
ny and tho contractors aro using every
possiblo moans to gel fundi with which
ts complete tho road frjm Murrhyeboro
to Cairo, so that It ahall bo open for tralllc
on or boforo the ilr.i f Novombor noxt,
ami that thoy are desirous of completing
It, if possible, in lime to movu the large
whoBt crop of tho present harvest ; and
that if tho company could got tho bonds
of Union county, so aa to be ablo to ad
vance thoir proceeds In nid of tho work,
that train would bo running ovor tho en
tire lino, from Cairo to St. Ijouls, by tho
Ilrat day of the coming Ootober. It is
alao said that thoro Is now due considera
ble sums of money to our citizen from
tbo contractors, nnd that many of them
aro much embarrassed for want of It, and
that unless thn road la completed at no
distant day tho contractors will not bo in
a portion to pay their Indebtednus, and
that In that event our citizuna must auflor
tho loss. In view of thcso facta, and of
tho further fact that tho completion of
tuis rota win greatly oeuetlt the Inhabi
tants, 1 nsk whether or not it would bo
well lor tho authorities of our county and
thu creditors of tho contractor to coins
to an understanding, and proposn lo the
railroad company to issuo and deliver the
bonds IntD the hands of a reliablo trustee
in St, Louis, if tho company will purchase
this indebtedness nnd pay for it In the
bonds to bo Issued aa soon as tliey ahall
bo delivcrod according to tho condition
of thn votn of subscription. Should this
proposition bo mado and accoptod I doubt
not but It would insure the completion of
tho road in tlwo to rnovo tho crops of this
season, and also secure to our cltizans
holding this indebtedness their pay at an
parly day, nnd thus bo a groat relief to
thorn and a general benefit to that part of
our country through which the road la lo
cated, A Citizen and Tax-Payeb or Union
A correspondent of tho St. Loula 'Re
publican,' writing from Norlh Alabama,
admonishes St. Louis that sho must be up
and doing if sho desires to get and hold
tho "Tenneisoo rivor trade."' It ia pro
posed to build n nnrrow-gauco railroad
rrom riorunco, Ala., to nome, ua,, to
connect with a linn of steamboats from
St. Louis up tho Tennesaeo river. This
correspondent snyn
in fact, St. Louis mutt mako ut and as
sist the onterpriao or bo lost to view.
ualro would rise instead or St. Louis if St.
Loula does not rise and come forward and
do all sho can for this direct cheap line.
Cairo merchants should extend every
c-fl'ort to securo this trado, if poasiblo. St
Loula will loavo nothing undono tu secure
It if it ii in her power to do so.
ladies' list.
ilurton, Clntha lUrton, Addie
Ilutby, Mattio Diamont, Mattio
Forster, Elvora Fleurtb, llosn
Hammon, Elvira Maynci, Lizzie
Harrison, Mrs Staff Hobson, Mary
Hunter, Mrs Bruce Lang, Mrs K
Leo,- !Aliea Lewis, Mary K
Patton. Viclc ' Husscl, SaraU'
Kldlo, Lizzie Stovcnsnn, Ellen
Sharp, Ellen Slack, Molllo,
Wilson, Salllo Walde, Mary
Watts, Maria Wilson, Mary K
oenti' lmit.
Adams, Eicbard Allin, Wm
Hemii, Frank Jlurr, John
lllasdell, L N Oocran, A A
Courtway, Anthony Crnno, Jesso
urow, j.alayctto Canon, Tim
Dyor. A E
Dawion, (Jbas M
Doutrlch. Frank
Farber, Henry
Fourstur, Tho
Hiirsch, J ', D
Hutchison, Carter
Haywood, Char, II
Hoogfins, Frank
llcasutey, John
,Ioye, John
James, Syrenus
Kaubor, J M
Davidson, ,1
l.yford, H M
Lei, Potor
Mr Conn el I, Alix
.Morrow, J M
Mnehnn, Thus
Phillips, O H
Kyman, T
Smith, A L
Sykcs, John
Smith, Jacob
Smith, Wm
Thorr, Wm H
AVllllams. HS
Waugh, Win
Elliott, G S
Frank, Jim
Gibson, Nelson
Halibery, A
Hammond, Clin.
Hicks, Cairoll
Hoopor, John
II aye K
Johnson, John
Keeno, E J
Kern, Sam
Loderman, Albert
Leslie, .1 W
Londorgan, Itichard
AicUann, Henry
Miller, J a
Ovorton, U II
Pace, it It
Swoenay, Anthony
Hcott, K li
Smith, J as A
Smith, y V
Toomoy, Wm
Wlliott, Hdward
Waldor. Patrick
Wiott, W M
Geo. W. McICkaio, P. M.
D, A rtkk Si Co. aro juet rocolving tho
largest and best assorted stock oftaddlcsi
bridlos, harness, etc., ovor brought to this
Souetiuno Ni!W. Hucks , Crystal
llrilliant with glass oven doors. No 00
cation to havo burnt broad. Call and see
it at T. J. Kkkth'k. 87-C10.tf
DniKii IIi'kkai.o Meat. Five hundred
pounds dried butlalo moat, just received
from Colorado, for sulo by
(1, D. Williamson,
1 1 0.211.01 No. 70 Ohio lovco.
ChaiuioaI. Purnacoa at T.J. Kkiith'is.
The largest assortment ot summer
Ms, and raps In th'q city and for loss
mouoy at I). Hartman'a. 08-0-12-tf
Tiik largoat nnd boat-aoloctod stock
of FUltNITUHK for ealo at wholosalo
ami retail by HENRY ElOIIHOFF, No.
115, Commercial avenue, opposite Sovonth
streot. 71 6-17-:im
Stuaivt it Gholson adverliso only what
they mean to do. Coma and bo convinced
of this fact. 0U-6-2B.lt
And metallo cases at "Wilcox1 bloak at
much less than usual prlcei 45-0-0-tf
Twelvo yards gronadluo for $t and
any other coodi at aimllar nrlcaa ta be
bad at Danlol Hartman'e. 0tt-6-12.tf
'nndi of brown sugar for II ;
pounds boat cofTeo augarat $1, 4 pouoda
inJs b
Choice butter at $1; bakinr powder 45c
por lb ; Imperial tea at $1 ; S) lb cofleo
i.at Wllcox't Jilock. 107 2.4-ltsi.
On and af lerr till dato all noraona are
notified not to givo or sell intoxicating
llquora to my husband, ThoraaH Sullivan,
nd not to harbor him undor ponalty of
tho law. Kllem Scllivan.
Cairo, III., June 2C, 187 1. 24-C-28 fit
O. C. llodcn, Director of Conaervato-t
of Mualc, and Teachor of Vocal, Organ
and Piano Mualc. Inatructlon given In
all atrlngod and wind Instruments. Ele
mentary principle, thorough baa, har
mony and counter oolnt. UnDracodentod
inducement offered. Thoie wishing to
secure hi rvice will ploase apply at
tho Conservatory of Music comer of
Twelfth atroot and Washington avenue.
IMkoimi tuned mod riilrod.
Having sold out my ofllcu and practice
to Dr. .). Jennolle; of DuQuoin, wbo
will tako poiiesslon of the office tbo 12 tn
ot June, I boiepeak for Dr. Jounelle a
liberal share of public patronage, I am
well acquainted with him and know hla
tube a tlrst-claaa dentist, anl would moat
cheerfully recommend blm to all of my
friend and patron. (1. E. UuuoLii.
All those Indebted tu me and all tho
having account against me are requeated
to call and aettle a I havo old out and
Intend going away the Uth of Juno.
a'J-CM.Ct O. E. Dol'ulai.
The co-partnership berelofere oxiatlng
botween h. B. Ward aad H. M. Itobert,
under the firm name of Ward Jc Itobert,
i thi day diitolved by mutual consent,
II. M. Hobert miring from the firm. S.
B. Ward will continue the paint, glass
and wall paper builnos at the old itand
and will settle all atlairs of the tald firm.
S. B. Wabd.
II. M. IlOlilllTM.
Cairo, 111., June 24th, 1874. ICO-lMt
Milwaukee Bier. a fresh tupply of
the host Milwaukee lager boer has juit
been received at the Planter' home and
will be on tap at 9 o'clock this morning.
Hereafter Mr, Huefner will set an extra
lunch from balf-past 9 to 11 o'clock each
day. 22-0-20-t
All tho day boarder In tbo oily can
be accommodated at tho St. Charles
hotel, with nrst-clas board at second class
- 13 .y. tr
D. Art eh Ac Co. arejutt receiving the
largest and belt assorted stock of saddle,
bridlos, harncis, etc., ever brought to this
D. Ahteu & Co. are just receiving the
largott and beat assorted stock of laddie ,
bridle), harness, etc., over brought to tbl
W. Stratton.
ommission Merchants,
Aj'cntH American Powder Company,
General Commission
Dealer In
Agenta for Fairbanks Scales.
And General
Commission Merchants.
A .Specialty.
Corner of Stli Street und Wui-hlngtou Ave,
N. II. Thlstlewood.
P. J. ThWlewood
Commisssion Merchants,
Dealers In
Flour, Corn, Oats, Hay, ic.
(Successor toD. UurdlA.Uon,)
Commission Merchants,
No G3 Ohio Levee, OAIItO, ILLS
LAuavaT YAmiHTr itook is ram oit
Kortser uf lntMaUs araussl Do mi
taearolal Aiua
C. O. PATDtll

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