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Take great plcasurtlii announcing that
they rc now prcparn to supply everybody
with take Ice of tbc tcry bet quality, cither
t their hoti.es or at tlio More.. Orders
should b lell nt tlic office, No. CO Oblo
Letcc. M-o-12-lin
Wholcilc and Ui'ti II Dealers In
rum: lake ion,
('tiro, Illinois, and Columbus, Kentucky.
Cairo olllro at llulen .V Wilson', corner
inciiui street anci uuio ieec.
We will nin nil lie wcn throughout the
riwii, ileHveflnirpiilr like Ire In any put
l tbecitalttinlowc.tliurket price, and
olll ai?o lmnl.li our friends otiMdc the city
with ico tv tb cake nr car load, packed In
ww Umr, for shipment to any dltniico.
m . ft-MC-if
To the IMltor of Tub IU'i.miti.v:
Kmt.kmkh I'iiiknh: Vim illl pb-i.e In
form )oiir readers lli.it I bale u piHIIw-
and all dMrdcn ol tbc Tbroat mid Lime.,
and that, by Its uo In my practice. I bate
cured hundreds iifcan'j, and will glo
$1,000 00
tor a c.i-e It will not benefit. Indeed, so
Mrong Is my faith, 1 will send a ami-i.i:,
J UKI, to any Miilercr nddrc-iui; inc.
l'leasr show I lilt letter to any one oil limy
mow who l mirerliii; from thou dlseu.o,
md oblige, Kallbliilly Your,
Oil William SI. Nrn York.
II. .1. STALKKIl, 31. I).
OBleo and residence til Commrclal Ae
next door to the Athcncum. e'-16-t
No. GO Ohio Lovco,
B. F. PARKErl,
(Successor to Parker & Wake,)
Dealer In
Atid the celebrated Iliujiliiatlng
Bross' Building, 11th St.& Ootnorcial Av
Sixth Street und Coiniiicrcliil Avenue,
Mu'cIdI attention given to JIokhe Mioinu
ami gcn-rai repairing. 'll-lWJ-tf
lll'.ALUU IN
10th St bet. Washington & Commercial Ave
,.A. .IlrKe .'"Pl'ly of Fitti-burg and Dig
juunay coal constantly on baud, Stoe
wood cawed to order. Order for i-e.nl oi
wood abould bo left at the olllco on 'tenth
wreeu jennc, cam on delivery .
.Newspaper advertUluj proniotak trade, for
even tho dullest lime. adulii4 necuio
by far tbe Iarget hhate of wliat in being
On and nftor this date nil persons nre
notlflod not to givo or soil Intoxicating
liquors to my husband, Thomas Sullivan,
nnd not to harbor him undor penalty of
tho law. Ki.ln Sullivan.
Cairo, 111., Juno 20, W4. 2 l-C-28-Ct
Tue barDer suop is ou co corner ot
Kighth street nnd Commercial nvenuo
where J. George Htierihouse with bis gen.
tUmanly assistants can bo found nt any
hour of the day or night, ready to soothe
your feelings with a smooth shave, or cool
your temper and head with a good ham
poo. It is n Erst-class shop, nnd you are
auro of receiving flrst-clas treatment.
Ladlea and chlldren'a bulr cut or curled
nftertbe most approved stvles. 6lMf
j) ebtmilwakeFu K E R
Biceivic rsibu evxky mousing
at the
better than has ver been received In this
Just tho tblm; for IhU uaton, try it.
SFftc ul!qf!n.
lltll IKddN.
Somebody to take from tic a IIioumuhI bill
Koou p.ipcr mm llncly
printed, lor
Mil I cm co I,
One thousand statements printed nt Tin:
Bulletin otllcc lor in.'D.
HOIP IlCllllq,
One thousand note IieaiN piiuicd nt The
Bfl.t.KllN olllco for ifl.OO; lit otliu.uiil lor
One IliotM.inil lii -Incf card, lino llriMol
board, printed at TlIK llt'l.I.r.TIN nlllce lor
from ?J.M to f 1 .00, according to slc.
Tbo comrnlttoo of tho I'otigh & Ready
llro company rcspd.-tfully Invite tbo llro
men of tho city to Join them In their relo
brntion of tho Fourth. All necessary nr
rnngomonts bnvo bom mndo. ijchoel'r
garden, whero tbo celebration In to take
placo, will bo well shaded during tbo day,
nml nt dlgbt will bn loautlfully lighted
with chines-i lanlorni nnd gas. It will bo
ii delightful placo tu upend mi evening,
nnd wo Invito all our friends to come, and
see lis.
lobn II. Oberly, formorly cjr preddont,
wlHibdivor tbo oration in tlo crening.
Como one ! come nil I D mcini; will bo
nl lowed a any and nil linieii Jurini; tb.i
day nnd night. Tbo commllteo will co
to it that good order D objerved. Wit"
tlng'a tring band bn been engngod lor
the occunlon
No clinrgfl will io mnJa for entering
tho ground!, cvory ono bolng nt liberty to
go and como nt plennuro. 10-7.321
Tho 1U1 Uhnmpotro nt Mound City on
thu Fourth of July will bo bold In tho nnvy
yard iniload of tho grove. All tho gutci
win bo open. A 7-3-21.
Okaxuk and Lemon Sher
bet at Phil Saup's to-day.
Cottauk iron I'.kht. lo. 3'J Tenth.
itrttl. Good oittt'n ; rooms nil on flrt
floor. Kont ?20 por month.
63-7-4-Ct O. Last., Agent.
"Wanted. A white girl to do gonoral
bouso work. Apply at my houso on Sev
cnth botwern Wftiblnston nnd Wnlnut.
C0.7-4.3t 11. IV. .Mill.
Foil Rent. Houso on corner ElavonUi
and Walnut itreeti. Largs nnd roomy,
good door jardi and roundi. Apply on
lbs prcmiua or Arlington bouso.
61-7- 1-Gi Henry Kllis.
Cairo Commandory, Knights Totapltr,
are making arrangamonti to charter onn
of tbo lined itoimori on tbo rivtr to
convey them to Now Orleans to attend
the grand triennial conclava in Dccomber
CincuiT Oouiit. At noon yesterday
Judgo Uakor a jjournol circuit court un
til Monday morning. Tho jury was dls-
mined until that time, and noarly nil tho
murnbors loft for their homes beforo
Uasb Bali, The following mombors
of thu Illuo .Stocking bate ball club will
participate in the game to ba played
to.day : Ilootb, Froit, Hchuckers, l'arkor,
Ilrady, Ilruderlck, Jenkins, Dovoro nnd
Nn. ! s Attkntion I Tho members of
tbo Hibernian llro company No. 4 are
horuby notlQcd to nttomblo nt their en'
glno bouiothis moruiog at8J o'clock, in
full uniform,
lly order of tho president.
03-7-l-lt M.J. Howley, Soc'y,
HOAiiiilNU. .Mr. Carpenter dosiros to
call the attention of thu publio to tbe
fact that ho can lurnisb tho best of board
by the day or week with cool and wull
ventilated rutins at roasonnble prlcos.
Call nt northwest cirnsr of Seventh
street una Washington avenue. 37-7-101
bT. M AitY'a I'ahk. To understand how
thoniugbly tbo comrnlttoo of nrrangumonts
of tho Doltu City tiro company havo com
pleted arrtingemonls for tho celebration at
St. Mary park to-day It in only necissnry
to visit tho puk. Nothin g that will lend
to me comlurt nnd enjoyment of tbo
patrons o( tbo all'alr has been left uudunc
is i tno uuitas to-doy nnd you will bn
convinced of tho truth of this nnsurtlori
nMHKin uim Jjown A fow dsys
ago i'. k. AlbrlgUt, 1-sip, was trying i
caso before a justice of the poacn at Mur
pnysboro, and whllo in tho midst of his
addien to tho court, the prosecuting wit-
11 . .
lion caiieu uim a "liar." llo did not
havo tune to repeat It, bowovor, for A.
bright, rsachlng out bis right band,
brought it In contact with the witnesses
mouth and be (the witness) went spinning
ovar a lot of nail kegs. The "court1'
fined Mr. Albright live dollar for cen
tempi, lul afterwards remitted tho lino.
1'olii c Couitr Ulll ClearTn was before
tbe police court on a charge of whipping
bis daugter with n horse whip, Uoarln
was takonbstore Ilross, but took a change
of venue to Ilird, and oalled for n jury to
try tbe case, A Jury was empanneled
and the evidence heard. Win. H, Mulkey
appearei for Ocarin and County Attornoy
l'opo for the city. After bearing tbe
fidsnce, tho jury roturnod a yordlct of
KUllty and sssenea n Coo of twenty-fire
dollars nd costs agalnsthlni. If (Jearin
Is guilty of all thai u charged against
kin-, bo deserves the tine aiseised ngalnst
blui, only tbat It should bavo boon twlco
as much
Lemon, Venilla and Straw
berry lee Cream, at Saup's to
day. Tub Hanusommt Womah. Wo un
dcriland that n beautiful modal vnlucd nt
$15 will bo presented to tbo bandsomoit
lady on tho grounds nt tho Hlbarnlaii cel.
ebratlon to-day.
The Kouoh oV-Kkaiiy'i!. Tho Kough .V
Kendy flro company' celebration to-day
nt bcheol Washington hall promises to
bo n pleasant all'air. Tbo couimlttoo of
nrrangoincnts havo completed their work,
nnd that they havo performed It well will
bu better understood after tbo allnlr shall
bnvo concluded. Good rautle, dancing,
fcnitli'ft etc., will bo the order of tho
dy. Thoio who attend will havo n tood
To-Day. Tboo of our citizens who
doslro to "colebrnto' to-Jy will have
every opportunity to do o, and tint, too,
without going nway front tho city. Tbo
Hlbornltn, Doltt Oily and Uiujli A
lU&dy flro eompanlos hare uich arranged
for celobrntlng tho il.ty in n bocomins
nnd patriolio manner. Tli.j Ilibinilnna
will lulJ forth nt liicilt Orovo, on
Washington nvonuo, bdtweun Klftuenth
and Kighteonth stniut; tlio lk-has nt St.
.Mary's 1'nrk, unj tbo Houghs at Schcel's
Washington gnrdon. Kltbor will tie a
pieman, pl ica tj sjiand tho day in nn on
Joyablu manner.
.11 1' It II K a IX .I.U'KnON C'OIKTV. A
few days ago nt lleadquarlers, Jackson
county, n iliriiculty occurred bolween tt
party of roughs and nn old man named
Holden Johnson, who In tho molor.iliot and
almoit instantly killod n man named
Mesger. An Investigation of tbe cause of
the murder revealed the fact that tbo
murdored man, with n party of bis
frisnJs. wont to Johnson's saloon for tho
purpose of creating a disturbance. John
son, who (s said to bo a peaceably dis
posal old man, stool their abuse ns long
a bo could, and when It bacamo too much
for him, and believing that Meager and bis
friends intended to do him barm, shot
Merger through tho left breast, causing
daatb In a few minutes, Johnson was ar
ruled and taken to .Murpbysboro whero
he was locVod up in the county JMI.
Judgo Allon and K. K. Albright havo
been retained In defnd him.
Tmk Hiiikknian Celehbation Tbo
arrangements (ot tho Hibornlan flro com
pany's celobratlon to-dny woro completed
yesterday. Tho grounds nro In oxccllent
condition, nnd tho but of shade has been
socuro l by tbe spreading of tarpaulins
A spleniid platform for dancing
purpoios has boen provided, and In fact
ovorythlng necoisary to rander tho cele
bration n euccosi has been supplied. A
match gamo of base ball will be played on
thn grounds this nftornoon between the
Bluo Stocking club nnd tho Mound City
club. Tbat It will bo n cloaoly contested
gnme Is rendered certain, because of the
known ability of tbo clubs. Tho Una
of march ot tho Hibernian parado to-day
will ba ns follows, Jvlz : Tho company
will procood from their engine bouse nt
J o'clock, down Thirteenth street to Com-
meroial, down Commercial to Twelfth,
up Twelfth to Washington, down Wash
ington to Mntb, wborotho Young Mon'a
Catholic Tcmporanco Sociaty will Join in,
Thus rcinforcod, tho parado will continues
down Washington to Eighth, down
Eighth to Commercial, down Commercial
to Sixth, down Sixth to loveo, up leveo to
Eighth, up Eighth to Commercial, up
Oommoroial to Twentieth, up Twontleth
to Poplar, up Toplnr to Division, up DI-
Yiiion to xnsmngion, uowu wnjninglon
o (ucriic grounds in i.ocuii urovo. AU
mission to grounds, rnr.r..
TKIIKIIILn I'u.vishuunt. ThoSt Louis
'Olobo' of Friday contains tbo following
account of n dilllculty betwoon I.ouh
Matthews nnd u restnurant keeper named
Westfield, which took plao-j in St. Louis
on Thursday. Louis Matthews is well
Known In Cairo. In 18G8 he was book.
koopor and cashier of tho old 'Damocrat,
and wiis tho starter of tbo "Cairo l'rico
Current." Tbo following Is tho account
of tbe aiTair:
Louis Matthows, n middle-aged man,
hailing from Cairo. Illinois, who cUimi to
hav resided nt 1200 Clay uvonuo, while
inwiocuy yostoraay got on n bit of a
spree, and pud dearly lor it. About noon
h ontnrod tbo restaurant kept by Charles
Westllold, on Sjventh strout, opposite tho
Missouri Pacific depot, was furnUhod with
n S'lUnre meal, and, after seemingly enjoy
ing it, proceeJol to leavo without lbml
dating the bill. Tho proprietor called
him back, but Matthews re
fused to pay, and again started to
leavo. This was repeated several times,
when tho proprietor lost bis tompor nnd
rfaro bis customer a terrible beating
and ono from tho otl'ects of which it will
take blin woeks to recover. His brad pre
sented a horriblo appearance, both eyes
bolng discolored and ho swollen as to ren
der him blind. Ugly cuts are also to be
seen nbout tho mun's face and head, and
ho presooud n pitiublo sight in tho board
of health oitico. to which establishment
he was rouiovfid. Tbo allalr was reportod
to Ollicer O'Malley, who hurried to tho
rnstaurnnt, whero ho round Matthowi
lying In tho collar In nn almost insensible
condition. Wostlleld was arrested nnd
locked up In tho calaboose, where ho
stated to a'Ulob' roportor that Mattbows
Was placed In tho cellar, as it was tbo
cooltit placo avallablo, to await tbe nr
riavl of n physioian, who had been sent
for, nnd in order thnt bis wounds might
bo washed. On bolng tonrohed nt tho
lour courts almost ono hundred dollars
was found with Mattbows, thus showing
that bn could easily have paid for tbo
mail bad he folt dispmed to do so.
SHIP. Tho co-partnership heretofore existing
undor tbo firm namo of Harman A- Co.,
In the real estate buslnoss, is this day dis
solved by mutual consent. Mr. Harmnn
will pay nil debts against tho Urm
and roccivo nil amounts duo the same.
John Q. Hakuak.
Ciua. Thrust.
Cairo, 111., July 3, 1871.
1, Jov.n q. Harman, undor tho Arm
namo of John (J. Harman & Co., will
conduot tho business and continuo tho
sure at the same plate whero tbe Into firm
conducted their business.
John Q. Hauiian.
Cairo, III., July n, i7i, 4fc.7-3.3t
Icr: Cream Soda Water at
Phil Saup's to-day. Something
Tbo proprietors of tbo Hsw York,
store, corner of Nlnatoonth street nnd
Cotn'norcinl nvonu, finding heir old
quarters otilircly unsufllclent (ortholr al
rsady largo nnd constantly g rosing trade
n short tlmo slnco, decided to ore, n n'nw
building on the sito of tbolr old ino. Ac
cordingly, sumo two months ng;tboy re
moved their stock of goods to Itmbuilding
on thu oppjsitu corner, an 1 nt unoi buni
tho work of removing the old struoturo,
which they had occupied for so many
yoar. A contract was otiUroJ Into with
John Jlnjor for tbo orouttun f n three
story brick, nnd tlu timo -;reiJ upon for
Its completion was sixty days. Tbo tlmo
was short, but Major was is,unl to tbo
task, nnd employing a largo 'orce ol work-
uion, wont to work. As h result of tho
push nml energy displayed by tbo con
tractors, Um building is now under roof
nnd tbo work on tho interior will be
pushed forward Willi all postlblo dispatrb.
Tho building boyoml doubt ono of tbe
most durnulc in ibn cl'y, nnd In point of
workinttJiblp and llnl.li presents u fine ap
pearance, nnd is cro lit to its builder. It
la ono hundred feat 4iep by twonty-llvo
foet wide, nnd tbreo -Jirios in bight.
Tbo first lloor willlo devoted to the re
tail trndo of the llrmlthan which no firm
in tlio city bn n larpv r hotter paying
run ol cuitiiu.
The second nnd tb nwljor will bo usod
for tbo storage ot goi.l XJcslgnol for tbo
wholesale trade, tbo firm having doctded
to In the future givo iioro attention to this
branch of tbolr trade. On tbolr i-Uorts in
this direction we wiili tbem success, nnd
cannot sea why thoy cannot soli goods ns
cheap as they csn bo purchased
in either Chicago, St Louis, Louisville,
Evansvillo, or Cinclmatl. The great nnd
nbout tbo only thing necessary to build
up a large nnd paying wbolesalo trndo in
grocoriei, dry goods, etc., in Cairo is to
make tbo propor etl'ors nnd otter Induce
ments thnt will commtnd tho attention of
buyers. And wo belie' there is no firm
in tbo city better cnhulnted to accomplish
this end than C. O. 1'itier is Co. Thoy
nre nlrendy known to retail dealers
throughout u largo po-tion of tho south
ore country, and tbe.r trade with thera
ntnounts to many tbouiands of dollars an
nually. Tbis trade car. bo increased, nnd
this firm proposo to miko nn ctTort to do
it. Thoy bnvo every facility for buying
from first hands, nnd with equal rates of
froigbt are enabled to successfully com
pote with the merchants of our more pre
tentious sister cities.
Tbo proprietors of tbo Now York
store nro O. V. i'atilur ml "Win. vuif,
both of horn ontercd tho services of tbo
Qrm as clurks, but by icduitry nd ilrict
attention to buiincn, became Its pro
prietors. Tho cash sales of tbo New York storo
bavo ben from $125,000 to $160,000 an
nually, which is as large, If not larger
than that of any like concern in the city.
They bavo constantly in use two drnye,
to which nro nsiigncJ tbi delivery of
goods in tbo city, and n " diublotctm " to
deliver goods from tbo whc'cealu depart
ment. Potior & Co., will shortly rulutn to their
old quarters, not, howevor, t) tbo old
bqilding. When they do vo bopo to see
tbom receive tbe some patrensgo and on
couragmont that thoy hnvi in days gone
-pedal nicctln-,' ot tbe it Council, called
by tho Major
Council Ciiaxhku, (airo, III., 1
Thursday, July 2, 184, 7:30 P. M.
Present His Honor Maor Wood, und
Aldermen Halliday, Mclwon, Morris,
Saup, Walder tnd Wrlght-O.
Tbe chair staled thnt thoohj jet of tho
meoting was for tho npp'jval of bonds
and lor general business.
I Aldermen McCiauloy ail Tbistlewood
appeared In their sealh )
i.KtOor. ao.su.
Stnto and city liquor boils of tbo fol
lowing namol porsona are proiented
and on motion approve nnd ordirod
filed, vU:
Of Louis Herbert, Iletry llrellmn, '.
II. Corcoran, Mrs. O. Itotl'ir, Ueo. Lntnor,
Clmrlos iiakor, John Ciln, 1). Divino, '.
Oiizolo, John Clati :y,ohn liates, John
Bedford, Louis O. Huiiort, KatoGhio, A.
Iiiinginutto, Louis Ifj'.o and Thomas J.
Parkor ii Co.
Tho etati and city iquor bond of Bin
nldo lllanubi, was, n motion of Alder
man Saup, rofarrmlJack to him with in
structions to proouo additional security.
OTVliM. noNn.
Tho ollir-.ial borl of Upoalal Polio Con
stablo Matthew (lark, was preisnted, und
on motion of Aberntan Waldor.npproved
nnd ordered liloi.
Theordlnancs comnnttoe roportod tbe
following ordnancos, which wore road by
tbo clerk nnd laid over for a second road
ing, t1,z:
An ordlnanc t umond section ill of mdl-
nance .Nn, I.
Be it ordain it by the city council of tbo
city nf Cairo:
MIL'IION 1 "lint he, llntl .'If! ir rn-.lln,. ......
No. 1 be iiuKiiili i ,y irlklng out thu word-,
'livn day" and inci ting In lieu thereof the
nurd 'ono ino.tii.''
inii iiiiv mm inuiliiig III II
wiiiuh "ono moitu.1
An ordinance i r,n,.nl m-.n
ami ordinance o. GO. nud jirotlillng jnr
the iipnnlntuiet nf n pnllce oBiiotablc tn
act a bualih oiccr aud linocclnr of meaW
and U'gt-'jble, and deilnlng bin ilullei,
anil the dutieiut cliopkcoperH, etc.
1 0 JV,lr.'l'llnl'', b tho city council id" tho illy
ol (Jalrn : '
dkotIon 1. 'lint (inllinnce No. 'is nud
orillnanee .No. C bo nnd tho bauiearo hereby
repealed. '
rK.c' I2. 'J',11,n police cnntabo 1m up.
pointed by the tayor and city council to net
ui beslt h olllcot and Inspector of uientn and
vegetables, utaulary ofi-eunty.ie dollar
eriuonin, win biiall bold hU olllco during
imi plea-urn iuu, mayoi-, pioWdod, Imw
eer, that lie nu. bo ri-uioed by a majority
of the alderman elect. The dutlc of said
oltleer shall b0 to cxniulnn rrom tIUU
tlmo. nil places and premises in t he city wl
i Wow to n.cettaln the cx-ieleuco (Vanv
tiling whlcii miy lead to MekntM o Vl
nnd, II loundslull intlly tbo own "or
ft Vf .'' or(,"f,'"11t r oecilMnti to remove
ho ,une, and tako sucli meaiirei Tor the
;i;i ir,l' !,,",llkclJ'101'1' lojurimis to ii,i
P lime health, nsiirccontlitcnt with the or-
inncei of t bo city. lip shall make Imim
Hale complaint nt nnv nml nil ,,,-.,,. ii...
iVilSi?." "' ordln iiieo or regulation nf
W'l'Jw&WVs ,lllll" '."
nr ..ii.'. ...ii I., "1 "oara or liua in,
sJr? 2u,'lnf1'" relation therein. '
r, , ,, , I , , ineniH ami vecot
able. It jballbcbla duly to Wt dalle, all
, "' "l!0'.'-,''' pf Plice, witblll 'the
.I, i. 'I,ldl "r'-ollered for sale, nicaf,
unifies ol dlel, nnd II nnv or aald Mai,
"ho '.tali Tor".r,."cc"l,anl, of "M Vtnlla,
f ,,'. ' !: i' rV-it.'". cleans aald prom!
mi.i minn.u.. tni.r !"'.. lmpiirllle-,
either of them .ball not comply '.'.W'"1"'
mil if ii, ..1M....1. i ..i..'.. 'i.-n. 'J.i-nlil
to a tine of not le.it than ten nor morn thai
tiny dollar, for eacb and i.-verr alien. o.
ukc. I. It Misll b the dulv Iif all ownoin.
or occupant, ol t.i'l, nli'jp., ctand., or
lilaei-. iii'i-irieil In ....-ilin .- .,, u.
illiifinon. In L'n.ti. ...ii .1.-..
Maods and iilacc. open at all timet to tlio
lnpcctln ot tbo In.pee'.or nf nieati aud
A. (.!. I.. I l a, . .
-h--..uicT, linn niiiiii i'diii iciion ni neglect
nr refusal sj to do, shall bn lined not le.s
than ten, nor more than titty- iIoII.iim, forcncli
uitil atnrv nil.......
SsKf. 6. I'bo health oilloer and In.peclor
ofinoats aud entable., herein ptnWilrtl
for, l hereliy authorized and einportrrred to
exerc o ull the powen and alilaorlty con.
tfil-fPil lit III. nr. !,. .1... .i.
.i ii - Ol INC CUV llllllll
the po lec coni.tal.le... and tn take poren.lon
.................. v ii um mo ruy umitK, nil un.
viiind meat., vegetable., poultry, iinrlpo
rriiiN. nti.iiiinil ti.i, n. .i "........-i., '
.--... ,..........,. .,.,, IIW1,.r iiiiiii-aiiuiiii ar
tit les of dlel, oflered (or ale, kept, or ill
p ayed nt nnv stall, iop, stand or other
place within the eltyol Cairo, and anv per-
V.i.1 V . " . .r ""'cer in uio (H'CIMIVU
, n, I .iy' "I'oncoinlilloii, be lined
..... inunj.inc uouarn nor more
mm one hundred dollars, lor each and
every oiren.c.
Petition of Alex. II.
roildenl-i and property owners on tbe
north thU of Sivonth stroet. betwoon
Wasblngtun nvenuo nnd WInut ir.u,t.
requoilln tbo council to order a brlek
sidewalk to bo constructed on said street,
was presented nnd road, nnd on motion
of Aldorman Morris, granted, and refer
rod to the ordinance commlttort to draft
an ordinance in accordance therewith.
lotltion of Roueb and H.adv Urn
company fjr eCO feet of i-ply rubber
nose, nnu also requesting thu council to
havo their onglne. "Ocean.'" retmlrad. wm
presented, and on motion of Alderman
nalliJay, referred to tbe coinmlttoo on llro
Aldorman McOauIev moved that tliren
special pollco constables bo appointed to
act on tlie 4tb of July nt St. Mary's
Park, and suggested the namel of Charlos
Lancaster. Honry .'argent and Marsb
Warren, who were confirmed by the fol
lowing vole: Ayes, B; nnys, O.
Alderman Ualilday presonted tbe fol
lowing resolutloa and moved Its adoption.
viz. :
llesolvnd, Tbat thn comptroller bo In
structed todofur emtilnel nt sin allnpnnw
to prosecute tbo claims of tho city against
insurance companies for violations of seo
further instructed by tbo council.
Resolution adopted.
A communication trom S. slants Taylor,
Eq., cnclcsing deed from tho trustees of
tbo Cairo City Proporty Company
to the City of Cairo, for right
of way over certain lands In sec-
tlon 1!3, T. 17. R. 1 w.. b.ino fr,n
. r
tbo present terminus of Washington av
enue to tho north boundary lino of the
city of Cairn, was jimsontod. On rntion of
Aiuerman Mcliauoly said communcatlon
was received and ordored filed, and tbo
city olork was instructod to havo said
deed recorded in tho recorder's ofBce of
Alexander county.
On motion of Alderman Halliday tho
council adjourned.
Will K. Hawkinm, City Clerk.
len cold Sparklim, Soda
Water at Phil Saup's to-day.
I will set, coramoncinc on Tucsdav
mornltig, July 7th, at 8 o'clock n. ns., nnd
continue irom uay to day until tbo ontiro
slock of goocories, etc, aro dispersed of,
at tho storo of Honry Hakonjager, on
Eighth street, botweon Ootntnurcial and
Washington nvenuos. Tho stock consists
of coil'oo, sugar, spices, wood warn of all
description, shelf Bonds, flower, meal. etc.
aiso tno counters una slielvlng, scales,
nnu in fact everything that Is kept ou
usod in n llrit-clnss fnmilv "rocerv storo.
Sale without resorvo.
f.J-7-i.'Jt L. II. .Mvehb, Atirtionoer.
Mr. O. AV. Smith, epocinl agont Tor tbo
Howk Mai'iiini: Cohi-a.ny. Is now
stopping at tbo St. Charles hotel. Tbo
company want n first class ncent in Culm.
nnd .Mr. Smith Is prepared to oiler Hpcclnl
inducements to ono of tbo rJiiht kind. Tho
machine is well known bore aa woll as in
other sections of country whore sowing
mncblni's aro In mo, nnd in kact, na wull
ns by roputntion, Is tbo very best
nun niou eninnio timchino mnniilnc
turod. Any person JesiriiiL' nn nponev
Will lllOHHH Call llll Mr Minlll, .lll,..U.
Ohnrlcs hotel, for a fow days. -10 O-b-tf
(J. O. Iloden, Diroctor of Consorvato-v
of Music, nnd Toachor of Vocnl, Orgnn
nnd Pinno Music. Instruction given in
nil stringed and wind Instruments. J51o-
mentary principles, thorough bass, hnr.
mony nnd counter point, Unprecodontod
Inducements oll'iirod. Thosu wishing to
sccuro bis services will plenso npply nt
tho Conservatory of Music corner of
Twelfth street nnd Washington nvonuo.
i lauo.i miiun anu repaired.
All persons having claims ngainst II.
A. Uunnon nre hereby notified to presout
tbe same to ino immediately, as nil nll'alrs
of tbo concern must be settled by the 10th
Inst. B. r, Blake,
l'2-7-t!-td Assignoo of 11, A, Unnnon,
The IlKbT. Win. I.udwig, harness
makor, corner of E'ght stroot and Com
mercial ovenuu, lias thu best supply of
Imrnoss, saddles, bridles, etc.. In Soutborn
Illinois, nud Hells thorn ns choap ns tbe
cheapest. '-'3:5-31-',f
Caiiio, Illinois, )
Thursday Eve'ne, July V, 1871. J
The wontber during most of to. dny was
xcrsslvoty hot. A flno brocV.a sprung up
In tho nftornoon, Improving tho totnporn
ture, but filling tbo air with dust nnd
other loose things to tho gront discomfort
of arerybody Indoors and out.
Tbo month opens with it very dull nnd
qulot inarkcl, and i ur roports of transac
tions look very urnall. This is owing to
the exceedingly lijbt demand, nnd tbo
fact that ycstorda7 being tbe first
of tbo month, was devolod nt
most entiroly by our business
men to tbe settling up of tbo btislooM of
last month, nnd very llttlu attention wis
paid to now business.
The market for thu wutl. lias tr on dull
In nil branches ot tbo grain nnd produce
rado. Hay Is quiet hiiiI dull. Whlto
"ru Jill and weak. Oils henvy nnd dull,
but slock., ,!,, Kgg nro dull at
lOe to-day. u. Illcill 0(,nimlM , ,.,)0d
demnnd or pi ice. j..,,JUr ,, ltljw, ,
favor of buyers nnd wl;, Vcry uo
doing in tbo way of vegwHi,Ua uxtll..,i
from country wagons.
Jtxr Our friends .U.iid brr In mind
tbat tho prices born given nro uninlly Ku
sales Irom tlrs'. bands in round lots. In
filling orders nnd lor broken lots it is
nece.sary to chnrii nn advance over
these figures, '("a
The market rules heavy nnd dull, with
prices shaded In favor of buyers.
Tbe stock on band of all grndos is
largoi than tb j prmetil statu of tbe market
demands. Salui worn 300 bbls vnrlous
(rndes 6 to H 00, 700 bbls various grados
5 to 7 '-IS; ITiD bids various grailo on or
ders, -l 60 to 8 7fi ; 3.i0 bbls various grndi-t
I 50 to 8 00. bnlni by City Mills wore
:0i) bbls whlto family 8 Ml; 100 bbls
"XXXX red i 00 j 100 bbls XXX red
7 00.
The market is dull nnd quiet. Tho
shipping demand is very small, and there
is very little required for tlio local and
order traJc. Sales were SO bales choice
timothy, del 18 00; 60 bales prnirle
del 10 00; 1 car mixed, del 13 00;
1 car cholco tlrnetby, dol 'JO 00.
Mixed corn holds Urm at 72c sacked
and delivered. Receipts nrn light, nnd
tbo supply falls short ot thn demnnd
Whlto isplonty nnd dull with a downward
tendency in price. We nolo salo of
cars mlxod in bulk on track, 03c ; 1 car
wbito in bulk on track. 07c; 2 car v.blti
in sacks, delivered, 75c; 1 car whlto, in
sacks, F. O. II., "Cc; t rar miiol Vln
sacks, doliverod, 72c; 1 car wbitu In sacks
dolivorod, 73 ; 1 car wbito In bulk, (,,
70c; S cars mixed In sacks, dellvored, 7Jc
Tho market rulos steady nnd quint.
Prices aro unchanged and firm, but tho
demand Is limited to n fow cars for filling
orders, rial en vcro 'J cars northern in
jtl tln-J., t-rU , I v-. M .1 t
nols In bulk nn track, 17c; '.' car: South
orn Illinois in bulk on track, IK.-.
There is no improvement in moat but
prices bold firm al 3 3J(7).'l ij for choice
brands.Stocksaro largo and demand fninll,
Salos were 'Jt'Obbls S.D. delivered 3 3
3 10, t!0(J bbls K.D. delivorod 3 30; 100 lbs
S. II. delivered 3 10; 100 bbls S.I), doliv
orcd 3 36; 120 bbls S.D. delivered 3 33; 'JOO
bble S.D. delivered 3 36(2,3 -10.
timet and dull; tbe mills having abut
down, supplies are likoly to run short. In
anticipation of this, holders aro already
asking un advnnen In prlco. Wo note salo
to-day of 2 cars from storo 18 00, 100
sacks doliverod 17 60.
Rccoipts of Nortborn is email nnd tbo
supply light. Tho inarkot is etocked with
Southern Illinois, nnd prices aro weak
nnd sales slow at 20c for cholco. Sales
woru 300 lbs good to choice, 20 to 26c;
300 lbs choice nortborn, 22 to 'J3s. 'JO pkgs
cboico 20 to 'ii,
Tha market W over-stocked and tb de
mand tailing oil'. Tbo stock on band is
becoming damaged by tho hot weather,
nnd only frosh rccoipts r.ro wanted. We
note sales of 600 dozen, 11 to l'JJc; l'JOO
dozen at 10 to 11c; 10 boxes shipper's
count 10 to lie.
Tho domand and supply i about eqial
ootn oniy mouoraio. i'rices remain as
proriously quoted. Wo note sales ol 26
dozen young nnd eld, 1 50 to 3 'J6
cooj-s old born, it 00 ; (i oops young
chickens, 2 i!62 60.
Tbo vegetable market is very qulot und
dull. The lamaiid is very mall for out
side orders, and the locnl demand is satis
fled from country wagons. Potatoes and
onions are quoted dull at 6 00.
Prices bold firm but the domand is very
light. Sales wore 6000 lbs clear rides He;
JOOO lbs clear aides 10 ; 'J000 lbs shoulders
8; 1000 lbs plain hams l'J.
Fruits of nil kind nre plenty nnd hard
to sell. Blackborrlos nro In most demand
nt presont. Wo note sale) of 30 crates
raepborrics, .1 O03 60 ; 40 crates cherries,
1 002 10.
Having told out my olllco nnd practice
to Dr. J. Jennolle; of DuQuoin, who
will tako possession of the olllco thn l'J t ti
ot June, I bosoponk for Dr. Jonmdlu n
llbernl share of public patronage, I urn
woll ncqunlntod with him nnd know blui
to bo u tlrst-clasi dentist, and would most
cbeorfully rocommond him to nil of my
friends and patrone. (1. K.Douolab.
All those Indebted to mo nnd nil those
having accounts against mo nro requested
to cull nnd sultlo ns I bavo sold out nnd
Intend going nwny tho 12th of Juno.
30 C-l-Ct O.K. Douolas.
1), AnTKii & Co. nro Just receiving tho
lnrgost nnd bost nssortod stock of saddles)
bridlos, harnoss, etc, evor brought to this
OiiAttcoAL Furnncos nt T. J. Kerth'c
CiiAtcOAL In any qunintlt to suit
purchasornt T. .1. ICkkth'h. 87-ClO-tf
All tbo day boarder. In tbo city can
bi ftccomuibdntod nt tho St. Charles
hotel, with llrst-class board at socoml olass
rates 70 4-IMf
Tuhkisii bathing towels, bathing
gloves, sponges, uitrn Bay rum, toilet
powders, retailed nt wholcialu prlcea at
Barclay Bros. .7-'J-'Jw
SoMitriiiNii New. Bucks Crystal
Brilliant with glass oven doors. No oc
casion to bavo lliriit bread. Call and seo
It nt T. J. K KltTll'H. 87-o-iy-tr
1). Aiiteii & Co. nrnjust receiving thn
largeit nr.d best nssortod rtock of saddles,
bridles, btrneis, etc , uvur brought to this
Tlir. Inrgi-tl und best-selected stock
of FURNITURE for sale at wlulefn!.!
nnd rutnil by HENRY EIOHHOFF, No.
115, Commercial nvunue,opposlto SevoLlb
street "I C.17.3m
PHToiiUAriis. Kor tha next sixty
days Win, Winter will iiinku the best
ot photographs ul 1 1 por dozen. Tbi la
a rnro opportunity for those desiring
work In this lln. u t-aoyi
Lllltlt.M. RKMlllOUrt Ahiuciatmn
On .Sunday t-vmilng, imxt, Jul 6th, Prof
Biirlolgh will lecture, bulore tbo Llbernl
Reljglous Ai-soclatlori in their ball, ut thn
corner of Twelfth street him! Washington
nvenuo. The subject of thn lecture wi 1
be "Tbo Unit of tbo Universe. '
M t I.I.inkiiv Wooin at I' isr - Mrs
Briggs, CouiiiiBrclnl nvenue, corner li-rilh
slret, wishn to llifiinn thn ladie of ( airo
nnd vicinity thnt fur tbo next 30 day.; she,
will i 11 bar tiiminer mllliM-ry al e '
Plense cnll nnu cxairilnu hi" goods, f
you wish ro.tietbing linn nt a low pricn.
BJ-C-l? Im
. ....
The cttrnvngnnt prices domanded fjr
foathtr du.tnrs bavo deprived thn house
kioporsof modoritii menus of their i.io
Bsrcluy Bros., by purchaiing in large
quantities from tlrhl bands, nrn new ui
nblwl to reduci the prices so ns to bring
them within tbo reach ol nil. Thoy alto
keop ovr-ry vnrlety of window, wall and
floor brushes, with long handler, which
they retail at wbolcsaln'prices, -7-r Jw
WAhlllNinON riAfc.KKT.--Mr. Joseph
Roneknr has taken chargo of this v.eil
known establishment, and wil", on and
alter to-dny, bo able to supply tbo
pub'.l'- with cloicn bread, including
Boston, Brown and (Irabnui bread, besides
ctkes nnd ronfectlonarles of every de
scription. Being an experienced nnd
skilful baker, Mr. Rooeker will not fall to
satisfy nil who patronize blin. .10
Washington avenuo. 38.7-2-lui
It is a fact well established tbat most
of tbe alo am' portir sold as genulno
Scottn nle nnn London porter is i-itlrely
unfit for rnud-cal uso, being bnr i umta
tions. Barc.ay Bro's, tho druy jists, rn
cognizing tho Importance of hi sing tbo
genuine giodt, huvo procured oirect an
invoice of MeEwnu's alu and Byass
porter, which can be bad f r medical pur
poses, nt their stores on Onio leven anil
Wmhington nvenue, nt moderuln pricui.
2w .
Pkaith al Watcumakkk Mr. J j
Stelzor, a praotioal nnd thoroughly c -potent
watchmaker, has cstab'iihud Mr ,
self in business at bis rosldence, No l'J
Cross street, whero bo will tako in nil
work tendered him. .Mr. Stelzer being
undor no oxpenie, can allord to
work from 60 to 100 por cont cheaper
than any other watchmaking rstablith
mont in tho city. All work warranted
to give satisfaction. Ordors for work can
bo left at tho bindory in The Biliktin
building. .Mr. Stolzer also keops ou band
a full supply of all kinds or lljwcr., ana
will taku pleasuro in filling orders
left with hirn. 30-7-1-lm
(iENUiar. Persian insoct powder, is tbe
llowons of (ground) of Pyretbrum Car
noum,n jilnnt growing at high elevation
upon tho Cucanias mountains and pos
sessing In n singular degree, the quality
of tlrst stupifying und then killing I moots
nnd vermin of ovory kind, while at tho
same time it is harmless to man and mil
mnls. A tnaipoonlul of tlio powder
burned upon 11 vo coals or n hot iron will
expel every mmquito from tho houso
without producing any unpleasant odor.
Heretofore it has only boen sold in small
bottles nnd at extravagant pricos. Bar
clay Bro's havo received n pot of tho gen
uine powder, which they sell by the
ounco at n reduced prlco. Call at either
of tbolr drug storos and got an ounco nnd
try It. 7-2-2w.
Dlt. Hen kni'k'h Pulmonic Hyr.ui-, aka.
Thoso medicines havo undoubtedly pin
formed uioru cimm of Consumption thr.n
itny other remedy known to tho Amrri
can public. Tboy nro compoiudod of
vogetnblu ingredients, und contain noth
ing which can bu Injurious to tho human
constitution. Other remedies mlvurtised
ns euros for Consumption, probably con
tnln opium, which is u somewhat danger
ous drug In all cases, und if taken freely
by r.onsumptivo pntlonts, it must do great
injury; for its tondoncy ia to confine thn
morbid maltor in tbo system, which, of
ccurso, must inako n euro Impossible.
acuonck's Pulmonic Syrup is wnrrnntud
not to contnln u narttclonf oniiim: It la
composod of poworful but harmless borbs,
which net on tno lungs, uvor, stomncii,
and blood, und thus correct ull morbid
socrottons, nml expel all thn diseased mal
tor from tho body. Those aro the only
moans by which coniumiitlojlj can bn
cured, nnd ns Schenck's Pulmonic Svrnn
Son Weed Tonlo, nnd Mandrake Pills urn
tno only rnouiclncg which operate. In this
way, it is obvious thoy nro tbo onlv cun.
uino euro for I'ulii'onary Consumption
isncn bottle or tins invuiuablo modlclno Is
nccompaiiled by full directions. l)r
Sobonclc U professionally nt bin principal
olllco, corner Sixth and Arch streets
Pbiladolphln, ovory Monday, whero all
letters for ndvlco must bo addressed,
-iu u-o-eoa-im.

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