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Tales great pleasure In announcing that
the y are now prrpareJ to supply cwrjbody
viih late Ice of im very l"' quality, either
at taelr houses or at the stores. Orders
Miould b i left at the office, No. 00 Ohio
J.cvec. f2-M2-liii
No. 00 Ohio Levee,
iJSuceei'-or tn l'nrkcr & Male,)
"Dealer In
An J the celebrated illuminating
Urn.' ltulldlng, llthSt.A Comerclal A v.
KKlli Sired nnd Coiniiicrt I.il Awiine,
Spccisl attention given to llonsie ?iioixo
ami irumral ri palrli
It. V. MlLLl'.lt. l'reiilont,
.1. il. PUlhUI'?. ie President,
, KXCHANOE.coln, banknote and United
maun necuriitv uviiuiil anil -olu.
Interest nllowcd on time deposit
V. 1'. HALLWAY. l'leMrient;
JII:M:Y L. HA1.I.IDAY, Vice Pre.ide.l
A. It. SAKI'olUi, Cashier;
WALTER HYsl.OP, Assl-tatit fadiicr.
Jl. 1.. llAI.I.IUAY, W. 1'. lUl.l.IllAY.
i. D. Williamkun, sti:mii:n limp,
A. II. .SAl'f UliU.
IhrliniiKC Coin nml I'liitrd States
lionilt lloii;lit mid .iilil.
DEPOSITS recelMMi;.iinl a general luukiiij
liilrlliarn dune,
t'iiAKTi:ici:ii makcii ill, isi;:i.
ornueitH :
A. li.SAKroitl). PrwMi-nt;
H. S. TAVl.OK, VKclTi'tlileiil;
II. IUSI.OP, bt-orcliiry iiixt 'hmhii
P. M. llAUCI.AV, rilAS.ClAI.KlllFII,
V. M. HniOKlXKTII. I'Alll. (1.CIIIIII,
.1. M. I'iiii.i.u s.
INTKItlXI' paid 1111 ilepo.llk hi Hie rate
ol six per cent, per anmim, iuch Ut nml
September lt. Intut not wlllnlrawu i
uililed iuimvUlately to the prltn ipal nl Hie
deposit., ilu r.-lij mHiuk them coiiipouiirl
Open every biuhiexH day from 0 a. 111. to :i
p. 111., 1111. tiam.Uay v wiling lor ratlii" di
POlt Ollly, ItiiliKlti.tt 1,'elock.
. ins .JP. Treaurer.
1.1) lli:i
cairo Box and Basket Co.
Keep constantly on hand
MilUud Yard,! "'r 3HL Street
J awl OVio Leve.
' 1IIII llemtn. '.
fMiniobody to take from n a thousand lull
head, good paper and finely printed, for
(tnc thousand statements printed at Tub
Hillktin ollko for i? :iM.
Wilc Hernia,
Ono thousand note heads printed at Til
Ulli.itin otlicc for tt.00; two thwu.niiil lor
One thousand business cards, line llrislnl
board, printed at Tun IUii.lkti.n office lor
from i to $ 1.00, according to tUc.
TUESDAY, JULY 7, 1874.
"at CiiiCAuovMr". bartonl ,n Uni"
cago, Ho will return U 'allor Pr l'f
tho voiik.
10 v-no.ST. Mr. . Jowotl Wilcox
..a children will start In a day or two for
Vermoiit, where thoy Intend speeding tho
Wanteii. A white girl to do goncral
bouo work. Apply nt my heusooii Sev
enth hctwein Washington ami AValnuL.
00-7.4-31 R. V Millkk.
Till Moknin'u. John Good, the
rulllm who on last SaturJay hctt and
almost killol nn oil m-in named Perking
will havo a buarlnc Lufiiro Judgu Urott
till niornlcj; at H o'cloik.
Van Kent. Homo on corner EI.'Tenth
anJ Walnut itreeti. Largo and roomy,
good door rardj nJ ground. Apply on
the promises or Arlington houpe.
I -7-i-Dt IIknht Ki.i.M.
I.or. On Ir.tt Saturday, ht tho pirk
or hntween Tenth and tho park, n yold,
with jot croM, oarrinj;. Tho Under will
j-le&'o lunvi) ll ht thil alll:o and bo nilta
ably rewarded. tC-77-0t
Lost His Watch- Mr. John Antrim
went to .St. Louis to attend tho tiriJu
Cftt)raiion,.ond while wutchiilc the jiro.
ceodlnj;i on thu liridosonn loni;-llni;or.
o.l gentleman relieved him cf his flno
i;old watch.
Dili. Saturday, July tb, Htfi o'clock
k,m.,kt choleru infautum, Dora, infant
daughter of J. U. itnd Paulino lluelt,
avd one ear, live months and nine days.
Tho remains wor.o convoyed to St. Louis
fttr Interment.
Hoardinu. Mr. Caipenter deslroi to
call the attontlon of tho public to the
fact that ho can furnish tho best of board
by tho day or week with cool and well
ventilated rooms at reasonable prices,
dill nt northwest corner of Seventh
street and Washington avenue. !i".7-10t
Dk. Jexnelu: pays special attention to
tho irregularities of children's teeth, and
to all operations for tho preservation of
ttio natural no u hoth old and yonng.
The best references given from any part
of Southern Illinois. All work warranted
satisfactory. OIUcu on Eighth street, over
atu&rt ii Obolson's.
Hanny. Mr. O. Hanny will to-day
cotnmonco to sell goods at uctuul cost
priaj). nil cuntluuo to doso until hiscc"
tiro stock Is disposed of. This is no bate
to draw custom, but ovor rtc!o In
tho storo will bo marked down to actual
sm )-'- Tit, J r "
discription should call nt ouco and ui&ko
thdir selections.
j-'unekai. Notice. The friends of Mr.
and Mrs. McKinny deeply sympathize
with them in their sorrow over the death
ot inulr ony child, which occurred yes
terday The funeral services will bo held
at their residence, corner Twentieth and
Poplar, thin nflernoon nt - o'clock. A
special train will loavo tho foot of Twcn-
tloth street at 3 o'clock for Hooch Grnvo
ceinetesy. Tho friends r.ud acquaintances
of tho family nru Invited,
Tim bKti.or suup is on .no corner ot
Eighth ('.root and Commercial avenue
wnero J. Uoorgu Stlenhouso with his gen
Unmanly assistants can bo found lit any
hour of tha day or night, ready to soothe
your feelings with a smooth shave, or cool
jour tomper and head with a good sham
poo. It is 11 first-class shop, and you are
sum of receiving flrst-clais troattnont
Ladies' and children's hair cut or curlod
tt ft or the must appruved ilvU-r. 8-10-lf
1'iiat (Iami:. A correspondent, In this
limn of The IIum.etih, criticises tho gen
tlemun who umpirod tho Fourth of July
gamo of haso bkll, played at the Hihtmi
an's picnic, between the Mound City boy
and Cairo youths. Tho corrnipondent at
tribute! tliu di'fuat of tho Cairo uinoto tin
skillful umpiring, when, in fact, their do
feat was (hu result of tha greater skillful
uessof tho Mound City boys. They al-
ways uoicai mo ualro baso bail players,
and always will. Tho only thing Cairo
don tdo butter than hor neighbors is baeo
ball. o havo no limn to practico the game,
wmin mo iiourid City psoplo havo noth
ing ui.otudo. All communities, in which
there is a plentiful lack of business and
religion, play briio ball well, but busy com
munities, liku Cairo, that wurk and pray,
have nu lime to loaru the odious gamo.
nt tho
bettor than has ever bocn received In this
Just the thing for Mis teawn, try It.
A rogulsr meotlng of Cairo Ec
campmonl will bo held nt Odd.l'ollows
hall this (Tuesday) evening, for tho pur
pose of Installing olhcers and disposing
of such othor business as may appear on
tho records. All Patriarchs In good
standing are requested to bo present.
Visiting brothers are cordially Invited to
meet with us.
lly order fit tho Chlel Patriarch.
Joun H. Gousuan, Scribe,
OF ITS 0111"
It Is now ten yearn sincn tho Herman
school aiiociation came into existence.
This being truo it will not be out of
placo at this lime to give n brief history
of tho roaions for Its organization, and
tho good results that have accrued to tho
city through it.
The w of (lerinan-Amcrlcan
ichn in Cairo was most keenly
.ell In tli o years 1HG3-I. During thoio
yoars many Hermans, a largo iiorccntajo
ot thorn well-to-do ine:ba!iics, some mer
chants, etc., eamo to Cairn with the
rlow of locating and making this their
home. Hut tho Uok of educational aj
vantftgci was a sorlous objoctlon. The
public schools wero open to them, and
while they were satlttled with the advan
tages oflercd thoir children for acquiring
an English education, there was not an
opportunity offered to ncquiro an equally
good oducation in the mother tongue.
Thus, many men who woull havo mado
good citizens nnd havo been valutblo ac
qaisitions totho business intureits of the
city, wero Induced to go elsewhere.
To supply this want, and wltn a vlow
to organizing an association for tho pur
pose of building n school houso wherein
both (l.Tinnn and English ehould bo
tsught in other worJs a Uorman-Amerl"
can school on tho flrt day of July, 1804,
a number of thn leading Germans of th
city asjomble.l together nnd resolved
thcmielves inlo an "aoeltion f.ir the
purpose of organizing and maintaining a
German-American school."
At this moating thesubjoct of erecting n
school houio was discussed, and it was ro
solvsd to at once mako nn tllort in that
Accordingly, a comtnitteo to solicit sub
scriptions was appointed, and two days
nfurwant cmrmwDCad canvassing tliu
city for donations. Tho committee met
with unanticipated sucets, tho Amoricanf
and English-speaking pooplo subscribing
liberally to tho project Col. Taylor was
appltod to nnd roadily donatod four lots,
tho cite whoro the present Germsn school
building stands.
At that time, Just beforo tho close of
the war, labor and material wero high,
and by tie time the building wai dono
tho association bad expended four thoui
and dollars.
While tho building was In course of
crestlon, the association began to look
about for a suitable person to take chargo
of tho school. Prof. Appol, then teacher
in Cincinnati, waiappliod to, and a short
U,u kfur a contract was entorod Into be
tween the Professor and the association.
Arriving in Cairo, the new build
ing cot being completed, on the ISth day cf
July, 1604, Prof. Appel opened a school,
for tho time being, at tho corner of Ninth
and Cedar streets, in a building Ion: slnco
removed. On the 4th ot December, lb04,
the new building having been oomplotod,
it was moved Into, and it has evar sinco
uuuu uvcupiaa uj tuu uuiui.u b.iiwvi,
A certain tuition fee is charged for
each ctholar, the exact amount we do not
know. The revenuo derived from this
courco is not, however, sutllciont to defray
the expenses of tho school pay teachers,
fuel, incidental oxpenses, etc., aad tho bal
anco is raited by a spocisl aiiesimont of
tho members of the association.
Last year the number of pupils in the
school was vory largo, numbering eighty
odd, and it became avident to the associa
tion that an ultra toachor would havo to
bo employed.
Accordingly, Miss Clotilda Yocum was
ongagod to tako chargo of tho English
branches taught in the school. How woll
Miss Yocum discharged hor dutios in the
school will bo understood when it Is
known that tho board of directors
havo already engagod her to teach tho
coming season.
The number of pupils in tho German
scnooi at tne Close 01 inn last lorm was
upwards ot ono hundred, and the pros
peels am mm wnen tlio school opens
again the number will b'i oven greater
than this.
1 ho gradual but constant Increase of
patronage tho school has received, renders
it nocossary that oruo muoh nocdod ro.
pairs be male on the school house. Tho
room in the building has become insula
c,0Dt t0 cgtumodato wh" deslro to
aumia j fcr.il to tumudy Uii want ll is
proposed to raise tho presont frame build
tng and put a brick basement under It,
Ihus doubling its capacity. To do this the
association will tavo to ask aid from our
citizens generally, and it is to bo hoped
Hioy will snbsciibo liberally to the enter
flotwiinstandlng tha success with
which tha school has met within tho last
year, It has also had sorious opposition to
contend with. Tho Gorman school Is ns
iree from sectarianism as our publlo
schools, and Is conducted on tho same
bread principles, Tho association from
tho first determined that this should be so.
and have adhered to it.
Th yearly examination of tho German
sehool took place on Tuesday mid Wed
nesday of last week, and was vory thor
oughin its course. Tho school is divided
Into two classes:
The llrsl class was examined in English
reading end grammar; hlatory of the
United States, botany, arithmetic, geog.
raphy, algebra, translation and German,
Tho examination was vory complete,
and all tho pupils acquitted themselves
Tho second class was examlnod in En.
gllsh reading and spelling, geography,
arithmetic, translation and Gorman,
fills class was also equally well pre
pared for the examination, and wero put
titho sovorest test, but camo out 'f It
with flying colors. , I
Of ncedlo work there wat about fifty
tiiocoi, all mado bv tho scholars O tho"
school. This branch of tho schol Is
ttught by Mrs. Appel, wife of tho Pre
fessor. Many of tho articles uxhbiled
wero bosutlftil, and very creditable 1 tho
little misses whoso haudiwork they vore,
A couimlttno of throo ladles, Mrs. U.K.
Dav.i,4 Jossin Winter and Mn M.
Dohny wore appointed to awnJ the
prizes for oxcallonco In nceiilo wot. The
following little ladles received preiiunis.
Anna Uoldstlno, Horn Oo1dstlnc,l'jinuia
Hrcsf, liorlha Alba, Alblna Jockel,
Katlo Howard, Kntio Ktrhlor, -annle
Wetzol, Mary Whitiamp, Annn fchlck,
Lina Klein, Matilda Albs, 1-uliia
After the examination Prof. Vppisl
pre.tiiled t r.ich of his scholars n fOsetit,
a keepssko and dollvoroJ an adresi to
them, Ho spokn to them earnesly and
oloquuntly. Prof, Appel addtss was
a model ut Its kind, and was rcIod with
favor by thn parents of tho sclicars who
listoucd to it.
Tho next so'sion nf tho (lori'.n ichool
wlllcommenco on tho flrst of Sptombor.
llcforo that time tho schojl Ijiiso will
have undergone the conlemplnvd repairs,
and a thorough rnnuvatlou, aid when tin
I shed will prc.'cnt tho nppeiratico ot a
new institution altogether.
JiKHTItL'criiKi OF KKltl!
! AC-
Liis A; cu.s iiA.tm.i:
Theiik, 111 , July 4th, 1N74.
EpIToK lii LLKTIN :-Tho "National
Day" of tho United Stitt'i was iisbcrod in
hero to-Jsy at I o'chict a. in., by the
burning of the axe hande factory of Kerr
lira. V Cii. About l,;oi) worth of nxa
handles, nock yokes, etc, ruady fur ship
ment, wero destroyed.
Tho tiro is supposed ti havo originated
from tho boiler. In tenrnlnutcs after the
fire started, it would havj been impossible
to savo anything of any importance, the
flames spread so rapid 1).
Tho building was Fonewhr.t old, and
boing o dry, all the illorls that could
havo been brought to bear would not
have saved it, though n wind was blow
ing. Tho Kerrs wsrkcd hard to
secure what they hid, and rcro
just beginning to rixllr.i something
from tho labor r.nd vexation incident to
getting an ostablithmut of that kind
lo succesfsul operation. They havo the
sincere sympathy of ths entire commu
nity. Hut as Indomitahu enorgy accom
plished what they did got, and Mr. Enos
Korr says ho will try and have another
factory in operation oro iong, wo think ho
will. In a fow momotts tho accumula
tions of many years hard work and econ
omy go by fire. Los, four or live
thousand dollars ; perhaps more There
was no insuranco on the concern.
H. Al. 11.
Dctjuois, III., Julr c, lb7.
Mil. Editor: Last Siturday, while in
your city, I hd the pleasure of witnoss
ing a haso hall match betwosn tbu Cairo
and Mound City clubs. Any porson that
witnoitod the gamu could seo that tho
Cairo club was tho bost plajers, with one
least, bow to call balls, ind ono that
lacked timidity 0110 who would, aftor
making a decision, right ot wrong, bold
to his opinion, tho Mound City club would
havo been defeated as badly us the Cairo
nine. I do not mean to do iny icjastieo
to tho umpiro, as bo may bs 11 No. 1 gen
tleman for all I know, but 1 doknow that
ho is vory ignorant of thi national rules
of umpiring.
Umpiring a baso ball fimo requires a
porson witu expenoiic. in t jo busi
ness. A person who 1 quick at seeing,
one who makes it a puin to keop his eyes
on tho balls from tho bginning till tho
oud of tho game, und abvo all, ono who
is impartial.
An umpiro is bound 3 mako enemies
on ono or th other si.lo but last Satur
day's umpiro receive! jets from ail sides.
In conclusion, Mr. Kditr, I would Bug
gst to the Cairo club tt.t, In tho future,
If thoy ever expect to wi a game, to so
lect an umpire who isacquaintod with
tho national rules of umiring.
Dr (jL'Ol'IiASK llAI.I.Iil.
Mr. Editor: You wi confer a great
favor by admitting thi abovu In your
columns. II. G. M.
SfiiKMCK'a Si.a Wi'41 ToNir. In the
atmosphere expnrier-el hero during tho
suinmor months, th 1'ithurgy produced
by the heat takos way tho dtiro for
wholsome food, an 'requent poriplratlons
roduco bodily cnojy, particularly thoso
lullaring from th oiTocts of debilitating
diseases. In urrr to kocp a natural
healthful activit of tho system, wn jnust
resort to nrtillell means, For this pur
pose Hchoiiek's.'Ica Weed Tonio is vory
ell'eclial. A iv doses will create an ap
petite and giw frssh vigor to tho enerva
ted boly. f.r dyspopsla, it is invaluable.
.Many eminnt physicians havo doubted
whetho- d'spopsia can bo permanently
cured drigs which aro generally cm
ployed for that ptrpoio. ThoSeaAVeed
Tonic n its naturo ii totally dill'oront
from su:h drugs. H Contains no oorro
sivo innoiiU or R -ids; in fact it agists
tho rogilar operatiiuspf nature, and sup
plied hir lUUenuies. Tho tonic in Its na.
lure 10 much rosei.ibl's tho gastrlo Juice
that it is slrnost Uontlcal with that fluid.
The gasirn juico is tho natural solvent
which, In Bhoallhy condition of tho body,
causes the iiod to bo digested; and when
this juico 1 ll0t excreted in sulliclont
quantities, .ndlgcstlon, with all its dis
trussing ;iqi)tom, follow. Tho Bea
Wood Tom porforms tho duty of tho gas
tric Juice A-hon tho lattor Is deficient,
Schonck's Sea "Wood Tonic, seld by all
druggists, 58.7-1-lm-iiod
Cottar von Hknt. No. 3'J Tonth
street, (hoi clstoni ; rooms all on li rat
floor. Ktat 'J0 per month,
62-7-1-Ct 0. Lame, Agent.
Saturday, July Fourth lS7l,was n gala
day niuong tho Ilromen of Cairo, and ono
loi.g to bo romombonnl by thnin. Every
Company eolehratod aficr Its own fashion,
o.h foloctliij; it own Krollnj nj
passoJ tho day 01. it jaw fit. Asldo from
tho celebrations by lire companies thoro
was nothing unusual transpired, Iho citi
zens punning Ihoir business as on othor
days. ,
at M'll.,
ii.ui.ougii anil i.san i
i'i 1, 1. 1. , .
1. .,1.1 ffili .,, Mi,A,.r. w..v,in,. 1
" ; ,,...-...h. l,Hf.
doc, and tioyond jUuibt had ono nf tin.
nicest all'airs of ibo day. Thoro was not a
great crowd present, but enough to mako
it Interesting and lint to crowd tho ground
too densely. During tho day and night,
dancing, foasting, singing, gamoi, etc.,
were indulged In by thoio present. At
night tho grounds woru leiautifully illu
minated iih Ohluoio lanteriu and gas
Jots. Everything and ovorybuJy about
tho placo looked and felt happy, and If
there was thoso there who did Lot enjoy
thoiuiolves, it was their own fault. Finan
cially, the picnic and ilmco was not a
success but for roal enjoyment and pleas
ure tho Hough and Koadys certainly
wero not behind tho other companies.
The Dolta firo company's celebration at
St. Mary's Park was a croal success.
financially as well as otborwlso. He-
twoon :i and If) 0 clock in tho foronoun tho
mombcr of tho company assembled at
their enemo homo, nnd shortly after
healod by tho D.ilta cornet hand, left on
thoir parade through thn principal streets
of tho city. Thoir uniform consisted ol
whito shirt, back pants and a noat and be
coming black cap. Thoir onglnu was
beautifully docorsted with lWwers and
ribbons, and just over tho bell rested ono
of thn handsomest boquots wo evor raw.
The engine was drawn by four horsos.
The hoio cart was alio handsomely doco-
rated, ntid drawn by a siugle horse.
After tnarshing through the streets the
company ntiroil to thn park, where the
restot tho day was spent in such pleas
ures as oath Individual felt inclined to
indulge in. An abundance ot Ico cream,
lemonado, and eatables of evry descrip
tion, ws to bo had on tho ground. In
tho evening a giand display ot tlroworks
took placo. Tho committee appolntod
for this purpose managod this part of the
programme to perfection. Evorythlng
paned olfquietly, with tho exception of 1
"row'' which occurred in tho evening be
twoen a couple of outtidors, over whom
the company had no control.
Tho Hibornlnn flro company, which by
the way is one of the best instilutions
of tho kind organized in tho city, was not
K owd vMod WWlfu-fe... A. y
ably becauso thoir picnic and celebration
was held in a more central pjrtlou of the
city than tha others.
Thoir parado through tho streets was
very imposing, and thu company, each
member boing in full uniform, prosonted
a handioino appearanco. Prof. Stjrr's
.1 .,... " o
band provided tho muitc, which was as
good a wo have ever heard in this part
of tho country.
Tho firoworks in theovoning wero mag
nitlcent. Dancing was kept up until a
lato hour in the night. Nothing of an
unploasant character occurrol during the
day to mar thu pleasures of tho occasion.
Tho match gamo of baso ball played on
the grounds in the aftornoon, between tho
Uiversldo club of Mound City and tho
Itluo Stockings of Cairo, was won by tho
ltivorsidos by u majority of twenty-one
I will soil, commencing on Tuesday
morning, July "th, at 8 o'clock a. in., and
continuo from day to day until the entire
stock of groceries, etc , uru dispoaod or,
at tho storo of Henry Hanonjagur, on
Eighth ttteet, botween Commercial and
Washington avouuos. Tho stock consists
of cofloo, sugar, sploss, wood war 0 of all
descriptions, sholf goods, flour, meal, etc.
Also tho cjuntorj nnd shelving, scales,
aud In fact everything that is kept or
usod in a Uret-clais family grocery storo,
Sale without resorvc.
5'J-7-l-2t L. II. Mtekk, Auctioneer.
.Mr. G. "W, Smith, special agont for tho
Howe Machini. Coxiiunv, is now
stopping at thu St. Charles hotol. Tho
company want a 11 rat class agont in Cairo,
and .Mr. Smilh is prepared to oll'or xpccial
Inducements to ono of tho right kind. The
machine is woll known horo as woll us in
othor sections of country whoro sowing
machines aro in nee, and in pact, in) woll
a by reputation, Is tho very best
and most salubln machinn manufac
tured. Any porson doslrlug an ngonry
will plcasii call on .Mr. Wmlih, at tho St.
Charles hotol, for a fow days dO 0-&-tf
(i. 0. Ilodon, Director of Consorvato-y
of Music, and Teacher of Vocal, Organ
and Piano Music. Instruction given In
nil stringod und wind instruments. Ele
mentary principles, thorough bass, har.
mony and counter point. Unprecedented
inducements oll'orod. Thoso wishing to
socuro his sorvicos will pleiso apply at
thn Conservatory of Music corner of
Twelfth street and Washington avenuo.
l'iariurt tuned and rupairod.
All porsona having claims against II.
A. Hannon nro hereby notified to present
the eamo to mo Immediately, as all aflairs
of tho concern must be settled by the 10th
Inst. 11. F. Hi. a k b,
12.7-2-tJ. Assignoe of H. A. Hannon,
Tilt! J!kt. Win. Ludwig, harness
maker, corner of E'ght street and Com
morcial nvenuo, haa tho best supply of
harness, saddles, bridles, etc., in Southern
Illinois, and sells thorn as cheap as the
cheapest. J3;6-31-;
CAiiirt', Illinois; 1
Monday ovenlug, July 0, 1871.
Wo are passing through a toason of tho
moil romarkablo weather over cipcrlotu
ced In this of country, if tho omphatleally
oxprssiod opinion of the "oldest Inhabi
tant" can bo roiled upon. It is romarka
blo not only for tho dryness of tho soil,
which has becomn dust at loast six Indira
in depth, nnd that Is whirled through tho
air by ovory breath of wind with an oaio
that Is of llself remarkable, hut alio
fur tho steady and persistent
and Increasing heal of the days with
squally hot nights that gives no 1 1 110 to
tired man, for rest and rufroshlng sleep.
Tho market too is romarkablo for the
continued dullness that roigns in all its
branches, but which, it is some consola
tion to know, is not confined to Cairo, but
nllenlnil In rvsrv ftiarLut rntiiirt wv
..1-1 . : :
' l'"'om a mi 1 1, . cut!, nnrlli nr uinst.
1 no rivers deellnln,. In ,v dull
sort of away nnn., , .....
long llmo to Intorlt.., w th 11&vli!atlon
n miu ijiiuk mil innn
from Cairo In any direct!,,,
Bwf Our friends .hould hear in mind
that tin prices horo given am usually for
sales frun Ilrt limuli In round In
tilling older and fur broken lot ui.
nrcesry in ciinrgo au advance over
thesu llgures.
Tho market Is dull and woak. Tin
supply Is large, with a very limited do
tnand, nnd prices nro wuak and tend down
ward. Sales would be larger, but last
Stlurday being the 4th cuts off one day
from tho busitiArs Included In tu-d)'i ro
ports, tales were 3011 barrels various
grades, 4 7.1 to 8 03 j loll barrels various
grales, t 00 to 8 ",', 30a barrels varl. ut
grades, 1 00 to 7 .10. Salei by City Mills
wero 100 barrels whito wheat family, 8 0.
100 barrels XWWX red, H 00; 100 barrels
... red, 7 00.
Thn supply oll'oriiig is vary small, and
the demand correspondingly light. Prices
hold about tho sane as last week ; thoro
Is no shipping demand at all, thn smalt
amount moving being to fill orders. Sales
wero 1 car choice mixed, doliverod, 17 Ol ;
1 car good mixed delivered, It 00; 1 ear
utiolce mixed delivered, 17 LO; 1 car
gooJ mixed doliveroJ, Id OJ; t car goad
mixol dolivcrod, 15 00.
Thero Is a fall supply of whito corn in
markot, and no demand for it. ItccVipt
of mixed are small, and tlin supply less
than tho demand and prict hold firm and
unchanged. Wo noto talcs of 1 car wlriln
in sacks dalirerud. 7u: 1 ear mlled In
sacks delivered. 7'.' . 1 car whito in bulk'
on track. CS: Scars mixed In sacks de
The markot is bare and thoro is noni
coming In. In consequence of tho scarci
ty in this branch of the market, prices
nro up" 3 or 4 cents on thn bushol today
Transactions aro stuall mora from lack of
-fr s...
gales of 1 car ssoVed and
1 car sacked and dellvereJ, GSc
Tha slock on band Is very llclit. There
has boon no receipts for a fow days past
and cholco meat is very scarce. Prices
are rl nil and alvancln'. Sales were 50
- . .-........., u ,u , ivio oarrels
S. D. delivered, 3 45; 275 barrels 8. D,
aeuvtrej, 3 40; 100 barrels H. D. not
guaranteed, 3 30.
There is vory little oTenng and not,
enough selling to establish prices. It Is
qujtod All tho way from 1C CO to I& 00 in
car load lots, and scarce and firm. Tho
mills will probably ittrt up In a wenk or
two, and tha supply will Increase; without
a corresponding increaie In the demand
prices will go lower at that time. At
present tho tendency Is upward,
Tho old stock is pretty well worked oil",
but tho markot is quiet and woathor too
hot to risk large shlpmonts. Prices havo
tho old range, 15 to 'JOc, but thoro Is vory
little sold obovo 18c. bales wero 2&0 lbs
choloo Southern Illinois, 1518c; 100
good houtborn Illinois, 10c; &0o lbs com
mon, lSe; 600 lbs fair, 18o, uOO lbs choloo
northern, 'le; t tubs modluui, 10c.
Tho markot Is overstocked and dull, no
demand at all except for a small part of
fresh receipts. Tho stcck cm hand is
damaged by thu hot woathor and likely
to provo a losolug speculation. Wo notn
tales at 'MO dozen snipers count, 10c, ,'100
dozsjn packed, 10c; 10 boxes paokcri in
oats sold (J, 8 to 10c.
Tho demand and supply aro about
equal, both being noxt to nothing. Cholco
old bent aro quoted, :t 00; cholco young,
'1 &0, but country wagona urn doing all
the business. Salos woro t coops young
chickens, 2 60; 5 coops old and young
I &oa 00.
Nothing doing and it is almost impoi
stlile to uivo correct quotations. Tho
taw bought from country wagons and sold
in retail groceries constitute all tho bus).
noss dono.
Thoro Is vory fow in market and nono
wanted. Quotations aro nominally, !l CO
(5)1 00 jior bbl.
Apples are "tabooed" in this uiaret
and iimall fruits, berries, etc., soom t 1,0
taking tho samo courso, as th'era is '0"
offering nnd nono wanted, A for ur
rsnts wero In market to-day, butfuna'
no buyors.
Smokod meats are scarce siif Ro1
demand. Prices nro vory t'rip ka '
in active domand and nons oioring.
Thoro Is nothing dolng.h fry
Sales woro 1000 lbs plati hams, 1010
lbs shonlders. 80; liOQO " M" Uo'
noxt sixty
PiioTOQitArna. jrr.
days Win. Winter s-"1
ot photographs at ''or
u raro opportunity fur
work in this Ue-
mako tha best
dozon. Tnls is
thoso desiring
UiiAitcoAL Furnaces at T.J. Kerth's.
CiuacoAt, In any qualnllt to suit
pjrehaserat T. J. Kkutii'is. 87-8.10-tf
ALL thu day boarders in tho city ran
be accommodated nt tho St. Charles
hotel, with llrst-class board at second class
ratA iw 4-ia-ir
Tunkisii bathing towels, bathing
gloves, spongos, uxlra Hay rum, toilet
powdets, rotalled at wholesale prices at
Ilarclay Ilros. .7-!i-Vw
Sometiiinii New Ilucks Crystal
llrtlllant with glass ovun doors. No oc
casion to havo llirnt broad. .Call and seo
it at T. J. JvKiiTll'a. 87.0-ltl.tf
D. Ahtkh A Co. aro Just receiving thn
largest and best assorted stock of saddles,
bridles, harness, etc., over brought to this
city. 1
The largest and best.sulectod stock
of FUUNITUKE for sain at' wholomln
and rolall by HENIIY UICHHOFF, No.
115, Commercial avuiiuo,upposlte Sevontb
ijtrcet 1 o-17-Jm
Liiieiial KKLIoiolia Ahsociation.
On Sunday evening, next, July f.th, Prof.
llurluigh will lecture bufore llio Liberal
Keliglous Association In their hall, at the
corner of Twelfth street and Washington
avuiiuv. Thu subject of thn tectum will
"Tho Unit of tho Universe."
M 1 LLlNKltv Goon at Cost. Mrs
Itriggs, Cumiucrctal avenue, corner Tenth
street, wishci to inform tho ladies nf Cairo
and vicinity that for tho next "0 days shn
will sell her summer mlllinory (if tout
Ploasu call and examinn bur goods, If
you wish something lino at a low price.
H 1,-1,-1111
The extravagant prices demanded for
fnilhtr dusters havn deprived thn huuse
k njpurs of muderale moaas of their use
Ilinlay Urns., by purchasing in large
quaiitillot from first hands, are new on-
ablod to reduce thu prices so as to bring
them within the reach nt all. 'I hey nNo
keep every variety of window, wall and
floor bruihet, Willi long hand'ies, which
thoy retail at wholcsaln'prlces. .7-i-'Jw
WAalllxoroN rlAaElil'. Mr. Joseph
P.oneker has taken rharge of this wull
known cslahlislunent, and wil', on nnd
alter to-day, bo ablo to supply tho
public with choico bread, incluJing
Iloeton, llrown and Graham bread, busides
oakss and confectionaries of every de
scription. Itelng an experienced and
skilful baker, Mr. Itoouker will not fall 10
satisfy all who patronize
Washington avenuo.
It Is a fact woll establish! that most
of tho ale anf porter told as genuine
Scottn alo an(t Loudon porter is entirely
unfit for medical use, being has 1 imita
tions, ltarc'.ay Itro's, tho drug ;lsts, re
cognizing tho Importance of harlnt tho
genuine goods, havo procured direct an
Invoice of McEwen's aln and Uyass
porter, which can be had for rnodlcat pur
poses, at their stores on Ohio loveu and
Washington avonue, at moderalo pricos.
i'h.-wii, Watcumaksk. Mr. J. J
Slelzor, a practical and tnurvugms in.
potent watchmaker, has estab'iihnd him
self in builnoss al his residence, No. I'.1
Crois streot, whoro be will takn in all
work tendered him. Mr. Stel.er being
under no expense, tan atl'ord t.
work from ou to 100 per cent cheaper
than any ther watchmaking establish
moot in tho city. All work warranted
to give satisfaction. Orders for work can
bo left at the bindery in Tiik Hulletin
building. Mr. Stolzsr also keeps on hand
a full supply of all kinds of flowers, anil
will tako ploasuro iu filling uiders
left with him. 3C-7-l-lm
Genuine Persian insect powder, is the
Oower of (ground 1 of Pyrotbrum Car
noum, a plant growing at n high elevation
upon the CAiica'siM mountains and pos
sessing in a singular decree, tbo quality
of flrt stupifying and then killing Insects
and vermin of every kind, while at the
same time it is harmless to man and an
mail. A toaipoontul of tho powder
burned upon live coals or a hot iron wil.
expel evory musquito from tho hours
without producing any unp!e!int od r
Heretofore it has only boon sold In mull
bottles and at extravagant prices. Hir
clay llro's havo recolvod a pot jf tho js
ulno powder, which Ihny soil by thu
ounce at a roduccd prlco. Call at either
of their drug storo and git an oun nd
try It. 7-:-2w
SM1'. The co-partnersh.'p tieratoforo oxuting
under the firm narro of lUrmar & Ce ,
In tho real citato susinoss, is ths day dis
solved by mutual consent, yr. Harmiin
will pay all 'lehts ugaint tho firm
and roceivu allimounts ductho sumo
Jouy'J. II a inn N.
Cit.s. Tiutnrr.
Cairo, III Ju'y IWt.
I,Jotr(2- Harraar, under tho firm
name c John Q. Harman ii Co., will
condu' tbQ husiness and continue tbo
aarro-t 1,19 ""n8 P'c0 wlloro 1,19 !alu tlr"1
conJcted thoir business.
John Q. Habman.
Cairo, 111.. July .1, 1874. 4B.7-J.3t
' SOLI) OUT. y
Having sold out my olllco and practico
lo Dr. J. Jonnelle; of Duljtioin, who
will tako possession of the olllco tbo l'Jtli
ot June, I bosepoak for Dr. Jonuollo a
liberal share of publlo patronage, 1 am
well acquainted with him and know Ida
to be n llrnt-class dentist, and would most
cheerfully ruoommend him to all of my
friends and patrons. O. K, Douolah.
Alt those Indobto't to me and all those
having accounts against me nro requested
to call and settle as I havo sold out and
Intond going away tho 12lh of Jnnu,
3'J C-l-Ct (1. E, Douui.ae.
On and after thi" dato all persons aro
notitlod not to give or soli intoxicating
liquors to my husband, Thomas Sullivan,
and not to harbor him under penalty of
ilia law. Ellen Sullivan.
Cairo, 111., Juno 20, 187-J. 24-C28 Ut '

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