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Take pre at pie anr In unnouiirfng that
they nr now pre pared to fuji' everybody
wlih.lakelctjof the Tery bt iuu1IIt, cither
t their hoti ort tho Mores. Order
should b lift at tin office, No. CO Ohio
Let re. M-M2-lm
" ' 1IA.MI hTATI'.Mr.XTN,
"I"lEI"ORT of the cnndilifin of the fiiv N'sl.ntiJ
JLHank of Cairo, at tJalru, in the state cf Illinois, al
il uotcci Business, rfune i,t.
l.oans an J discounts tPC,ire
U. S, Vonda to lecura circula
tion.... lfXl.oofl Mi
V S. betid vn hand Au tl
Other stotta, bonds and irutt-
STagts 5.1, M; Mi
iw irons Tciirerainr, uua re
serve agents. ., 1H1,1 16
i'ye irum omrr national lianas Ja,8II i
Due from state banks &u.l
banters sit an i
Real ciute Mfim -
Current ciper.tr, and taxes ...
paid IfBr 18
t"l..ks and other cash Hems '. 4
lUs of other natluui I V
Fractional currents-. fTncliidlnij
ruUelsi..... ....!. 4,10 K
apecle f.,Mno
Ufa) tender notes M,MU0 UO
f2,tsS M
Capital stock paid In ..
Surplus fund ....
Other undivided profits
Satlmal liana nates outatarsd-
ing ................. ...
Individual deposit!.....
Due to state taiAs and bankets.
1M,io no
J,(m ii
W.teA in
Ixi.oio tsri
ifll.Stui 116
3,410 31
hn,50 SI
Staie eif Illinois, countynf Alexander, si,
I, W. 1", IIALI.IIMV, President of the lily Na
tional llaplt ol Cairo, do sofVmnlv Iwrar IOM the
above sutement is true to the best of my knowledge
and belief.
W. ) IIAI.I.IIUV, fresldenr
CuUcrilxd and so urn to before me thii fh day of
.luly, 174.
II. II. tAMtl'.K, Notary P.Wic.
Correct Attest t
II. 1. HAU.IIiAV, l Hirectors.
U. 1). WIl.l.UM.stjN, J
l)i:i'OllT of the condltlbn
rf the Klrsl National
JVKank at Ca.ro, In the
tatc of HlintMt. at Ike
close at uisineit .lune i
loane and d'scotuiu
I . S. Hands to secure circulation
U. ft. bonds uli hand
Other lUitkt, bond and men-
C2f.cs. ........ -
lHie from redeeming anl ie
serve agents
Due from other national bank v..
lUal estate furniture and tia-
tures. HH
Current eapensrs, and taxes laid
Premiums paid..
Checks and ether cmIi Item
Hills ofother National Hanks . ..
fractionate currency, itnludiii
nlclles. .... ?
l.ecle, Inuludlrg cold treasury
Igatendcr notes
iTO.lsa Ml
AM Ity
ll," i"
a,.i 10
1D,1I) l-J
l,f.tl a;
li, u; 39
t.xtt sT
11 TA
,s.j mi
".'0 n
1,141 III
ll.OIH 00
total it)M1 3A
Capital stock paid In flon.con (O
Other undivhlcd profitsH ll,7.l lit
National llank notes outstanding h7,7ll 00
Individual deposits t.,'i;f, ID
lemand certliicatct of deposit 'J.j o I'J
nnin certificates of deposits Ili7 :ti
tme to other national banks s,:t:io f'i
Dm to suie banks and bankers t7 IK
Total .,
State of Illinois, Alexander county, ss
."JC.SJ7 M
I, Charles Cunningham. .h,r Df the nlote
named Hank cf Calro.do solemnly swrariht i,e abosc
statement It true to the best of my knowledge mid be-
"Subscribed and sworn to before me this t.th
day of July, 1871.
It. 11. CAJ11:V:, Notary VuUic.
Corren Attest .
J. M. VlltU.II'r.
KOlfT. W. Mll.i.V.U, I Directon,
It. L, II AL1.1DAV, I
John Q. Harman.'
T-Tl-iTTCT Am?v
j.i.vsjsjxj aauajai a.ii
And Ijiiul AKCUtn ol the IIllnoN Central and
ilurllnntou und JUourl It. It. Coy.
North Uor. Sixth and Ohio Lcvce,
Real Estate Agents,
74 Ohio Levei:, (Second Floor,)
Iluy and Pell HEAL KSTATI!, I '.it TAXISj
Kurnlfhis AbalraeU of Title.
tSTInd Comml loii tr.
J-.1I-4JI t AH4II t.
No. CO Ohio Lcvcc,
B. F. PARKta,
(Succosor to Parker ii lllake,)
WALL rAl'Hlt,
And the tclchralcd flltiinlnatlnj;
Hros' liulldlng, 11th St. A: Couiorcial A v.
UAIKO, n.i.
Sixth Street and CoMmerrluI Avenue,
HBccliilallcntlon ulveu to llouiK Slioi.va
und general rt'ialriii. ' Uiia-U
fibhe. 1 ill Win.
Illll Urmia.
Somebody to take from uc a tliouaniul hill
heaiN, good paper and llnely printed, (or
One thousand statement printed at Tub
llll.M!TIN oillcc lor :UrO.
Hole Henri.
Ono thousand note head mln'id at Tiir
Ul'l.t.BilN olllco for $1.00; twothi.us.md lor
One thousand liuelneae card', fine IttUlol
board, tirlnted at Thk Biili.sti.s tulluo lor
from to Jl.oo, necordlivf to lzc.
HtcEtvEi) rnrsit xv v mohnino
jii.i.N'TKIVS UOUtii:,
Imii- than has over been received in this
on Hu.vuoitT coor. ami rimii r.v:r.Y
.lutt tho thing for thii jfiiwn, try It.
40-7.J i
Ono Quart tin fruit cans, SI per dt sn,
Ono rpiart glnis fruit jtrs, $1 per do.en,
At tho New York store. 3d "'.'Oi
llL.UKiiKiir.un. Blackberry peddlcn
aro m numerous m lies. Ton cents n
quart is the ruling prko for hurries.
Al.L Ho day boardura In tbo city can
to accommodated nt tho St. Chnrlus
hntol, with tlrit-clan board at second clns
rat 711 4-1 0-tf
Ckouukt. Jus", roceivod by W. 15.
Itookwull ; Co., it full lino of crouuit,
rangini- In prieo from $2 to ?5 pr sot.
I). Aktkii fc Co. aro juit rucflvilic the
largest nnd best arsortod stoek of t addles
bridiei, haruois, ute., over brought, to this
lUiirt Work Tho lidownll; laborers
Imvn n Imrd tUin' of it this lint eather.
IlnrJot and hotter work than tntira vau
scnrculy bo itnainod.
Cinriur. ion ISknt. ISo. 3'J Tenth
streol. (iood cistern ; rooms all on first
floor. Ktnt i'10 por month.
C2-T-l-0t 0. IjAMk, Agent.
AVantki). A white girl to do Roncral
houio work. Apply at my hoiuo on Sev
an th botwuen AVdihlaaton nnd 'Wiilnut.
C0.7.I.31 K, v, Millku.
1)i:ad. ilrs. "Win. (rsiitrm, who has
been Insano for n ininibor of yoars, died
at hor homo in this city lit about ton
o'clock on Tuesday night.
iS'K.vr. The next upon air concort will
tako jiluco on Saturday cvuainir nt thu
atand on tho corner of Tenth etraot nnd
Washington avenuo, by tuo mvm wn.e
Uau.k.11 air. K. 0. .Uathony, travel.
Ing agont nnd correspondent ot the 'Illl
nois Stato .lournnl,' Springlleld, called
yestordny. llo ii on it tour through
A"Uood" Kiua.s-ue. Itis tobohoreJ
that Cairo is nca iiutl for nil timo rid of
tho Good boys, ihey ars hard citir. jh,
and tho city can get itlnng qulto as wull
w'.thout t'.lQlll.
Fob Kent. Ilouso on corner Kl i.-onlh
and Wnlnut stretts. Largo and roomy,
good door yards and j;rounilr. Apply on
vL vromisu! or Arlington houo.
ol-iH-Oi llr.viiY Kllis.
Wantiij. At tho St. Charles hotel,
Immediately, tws stout, healthy witmen
to work l.i tbo laundry. Liboral wuges
will bo pall nnd ttoady employment
given. 05-7-0-3t
I'auTouis.vi-ns. Kor thj noxt sixtv
days Win. Winter will maku the best
ot photographs nt J 1 per dozen. This i'
u raro opportunity for those desiring
work in this lino. 17 7-3-30t
LoisT. On last Saturday, nt tho park
or between Tenth and tho park, a gold,
withjdt cross, mrring. The Under will
pler.se lauve it ht this clli:o ami bo stiita
ubly rowardM. iC-7-7-Ot
Lair. TL pas. eager train on the 11
lluoia Ccutral railroad due hero at two
o'clock y.iurJay afternoon, did not ar
rive until betweon t and i o'clock. It
is mo tUe engine gave out, causing tbo
To KuaiKATK When tho preient
term of the circuit c '4rt shall have aj
jourticl, Circuit Clerk Yocum proposes to
take a trip to the country for a ret. Ho
will probably visit tho sprinjs in l'opo
Fou Jolikt Within the next few
days Sheriff Irvin will start another
squad of prisoners tor the penitentiary at
Joliet. This will be the last batsh that
will bo sunt at this term of the circuit
SlBKtr niUho. For several days
past the city teams have ben ungagwl
In hauling dirt te the corner of Twentieth
ana w ttlnut streets. A number of the
bad plsces on Ffth street between Wash
Inglon nrcnue and Cedar ilrct l.uvo
aliu been repaired.
JIOAhUiNO. il r. Carpenter desires to
call the uttouttou of tho public to the
fnut that he cnu lurnlsh tbo best of board
by tlie day or weok with cool and well
ventilated rooms at reasonable prices.
v-all at northwest cornor of Seventh
sucetana asnington avenuo. ;!7-7-lut
LoimitcitoM. Mr. Henry Dinklo d.
sires us to say that the meeting between
the rutUan John Oood and Cpt. l'erklns,
whon Oood took the captain', wutch out
of his pocket, did not occur in his saloon.
He ih it was in Lane'i saloon. Yo got
the Impression thnt It v, at Dinkle'h
from tho evidence as glvtn by tho wit.
netaes at tho trial of Oood. Wo may
have been mistaken, however. '
NswTr!t.EUK.rit Oirtcr.. Tho Missis
sippi Control rnir-oad company havo tri
tablishod their tdogrnph ollico In tho
Clark buildliiR, Ohlt lovue, noar tho cor
nor of Kourtoonth tttoot. Tho oflleo Is
over Itittonbouso b ltroi.'i commission
Tuksdat NtoilT. Tho mosn had
horns on Tuesday night; a brilliant
tnottor shot ncross the sklos and burst with
a loud noire ; tho tall of tho comot was
longer than usual, and a nitmbcr of the
city council was safely delivered of a new
Idol. Tuesday night was a wonderful
CoxrmsncK UaMic. JatiiM Moran, nr.
elderly man, was nrresUd on Tuesday by
Sheriff for an attoinpt to pass sov
or.' forgoi chucks, lie nttcnipttjd to
draw money on ono of tbo chalks at one
of tho banks, and camo near inducing 1'at
Mocklcr to cash another of them. Ha was
taken to Jail whero he will most likely re
main until tho iiHit term of tho circuit
Mork I'b'w. Tho Hibernian Kire Com
pany having been urged by it largo nutn
Iwrof dilutes t ) give n winding-up hop
boftiro removing the commodious dancing
tloor and plntform ustxl at tho late picnic,
tlioy havo toncludod to act upon tho sug
getion, und they hereby nnnotinco to tho
publio that on to-morrow (Friday) even
ing they will givo n graud Hal Cham
ri.TitK at Locust drove. The btst music
In the city is engapod for tho occasion.
J!efrehments In abundance. 1'nrtlculars
A Mr.rr.oit. Night before last between
nine nnd ten o'clock a beautiful meteor
a-t Ur,-o m a nail keg uppcarod in tho
nortliiaitorn heavens, and moving with
great rapidity in hs outhcastcrn direction,
deconiled and apparently fell In tho water
at or near tho junction of tho rivers.
Iloforu roachint the surfaeo of tho water
it burst with n loud report, displaying
deep blue, wliin red, green and white
lights. Tliono who saw it describe It as
being very beautiful.
Mot'i:r.i:u'A I'xrtTio.v. A petition"
from .Mr. l'al Mocklor to tbo city coun
cil, asking for tormitslon to rebuild his
house nn, Oiinmareial avenue near Fourth
streat, jo ma time slnoe partially do.
strove i by lire, hat boen baforo that biy
for tLo last two months. What the coun
cil propose to do vrifi the petition has
not yet transpireJ, nnd Mooklor's pi-
tiencs is kbout gone. It the council don't
want to, or can't grant the privilege
asked, thiy should say so, and not dilly
dally botwoen yos and no any longer.
Lot them say what they havo to say and
put the ui altar to rst.
1'r.ACTIfAl, WATt'UMAKKU. Mr. .1. .1
StoUor, u prtctic.il and thoroughly com
potent wa'.chmnkor, has cstabshed him
eolf in buslnoss nt his rostdenco, No. 1'.'
Cross strcot, whero bu will tako in nil
work tendered him. Mr. Slolzer belni;
under no cipi-nn-, vu lo
work from oO to 100 per cont cheaper
than any other watchmaking establish
ment in tho city. AH work warranted
to give satisfaction. Orders for work can
bo left at the bindery In Tub Hum.etin
building. Mr. Stolzar also ke.ops on hand
n full supply of oil kinds of flowerf, ana
will tako plciuurn. lit tilling orders
loft with him. 30-7-1-lm
Faint UI. Accidunt. Wo rcgrot to
hear of a painful accident which hnu
pened to Mrs. T. W. Hslliday yosterday
afternoon, whilo the ".storm was coif
ing up. -Mrs. llalliday was In tho net,
of letting down a window, when It
slipped, coming down with a crush, tho
glass breakins nnd a fragment running
through her hand, mtklng n very ugly
and dtngorout wound, from which tho
blood tlowed In great quantities. Dr.
Wardner drusstd tho wound nnd stopped
tbo blooding. Wo hopo soon to hoar ot
hor rocovory from the oll'ccts of the lots
ot blood.
"Dull Times." This is a complaint
that is hoard on all sides nnd from dealers
I (n AU.l !.-...! r l....ln...i a
... i.e.j M.auwM ut uu.lilU... any VWU-
plaint, howover, is not conflnod to Cairo(
but seonu to o genoral throughont the
country, eat, and west, north and southi
St. Louts, it is said, is experiencing the
dullest Keaton known there for many
years ; and il reports troin Chicago, Cin
cinnati and Louisville aro to bo relied
on, they are all In about the same con
dition. In these cities, hundreds thons.
andt of men, labcrers, mechanics, clerks
knd artisans, have been thrown out of
employmnt and are liTiug from hand to
mouth, many ot them in
almoiit destitute circumstances. Cairo
is batter oil to-day than
in Mi y vt H .nura urat-nllo... d
h.r merchants and working classes hare
lets reaiou for complaint. Comparatively,
there are but fw men in Cairo who have
not some surt of employment sufficient
at least to provide them a decent living.
For all of which we have reason to be
(Ik.su ik it Persian Inseet powder, is the
HoweM of (ground) of I'yrethrum Car
uoum.n plant growing nt n high olevntion
upon the OaaoasUi mountains and pos
seising in a singular decree, the quality
of flrst stupifying und then killing insects
ond vermin of every kind, while at tho
same time it is harmless to man and nnl
muls. A tenspooolul of tho powder
burned upon live coals or u hot Iron will
expl every nuirmito from tho house
without producing any unplomant odor.
Heretofore it hus only boon sold in small
bottles and at extravagant prices, liur
clay llro's havo received a pot of the gen
ulno powder, which laoy tell by the
ounco at a reduced prlco. Call at ulthur
of their drug stores and get an ounco and
try It. 7-a-'jw.
D. Aktkk it Co. arejust receiving the
large.t and best assorted stock of saddles,
bridles, haniois, etc., over brought to this
Uiiahcuai, in any ijuamtlt to suit
purchaser at T .1. Kektii'h. b7-Cl'J.tf
Circuit Court Stephen H iccana
nan, tho Italian ntrestol some tnno ago
on it ohargo of hiding one mnr wfo than
tho la pormits, was up bili''e Judg
llakor on Tuetdny, and plead fui'ty to lh
"soft Impeachment." Ho wai ssnteuccd
to six months in tho ponilonlU'y.
Richard iaowollen nnd Henff Urttl, for
cattlo stealing, also plaid golly and were
sentonced to tho penitentiary Hull fSr
tour juars and Lewidlnti for oia year.
The criminal doi'kist Is nOnt endt'd
and Sherlll lrvin will loaro wthin k day
or two for .toilet with a squa 1 tf prisotieri
for thopeniiutilUr.
Tho case of Olark vs. Hnyvard, peti
tion for partition on oevoitit, was tal-en
up yosterday morning, r.nd still on
trial when court adj.'urnoJ l.st creiilng.
Foiif Count. There w only ono
case, and that a merging lift ntfalr, in
police oourt yetierda;. This care
was tried oarly In the dv- , aot his honor
wnited long and patleutly for other vie
tlms out of whum morn "chlnl" could bo
made, but none came, ar. i ui night he
cloiod his office, disgusted wth the day'r
1'eiiai.. Mr. W. Mr.tton is now in
Nov York miking p iiih ts f: th fll
trndo. llo will ratutn con Uou next
Jadge M V. Crisstf r t, of Jonusboro,
was in Ibeiliy Un v.ciflk-,
Mai. ilorril'. lUpirlntooderit of the
Cairo and Vincennes tillroil, left the city
on u short buiinc't trb yesterday.
Mr. II. M. (ioolrch, general tiaket
agent of the Curo ml Ylncennea rfad
loft for thu cait TMttrd r al'trnouii.
Cha4. W lleqiiMi iirr, ot the O.tlr.s,
Arkansas nnd Texas lailroad, wits mnrrled
last night t.i Miss Ji ko, of Chnrlestr-n,
Missouri. The new-tiarriod oaupU will
tike rooms nt tho St. Cliarlos hotel.
Sam. Sid way, Mo of the tlrm of
Ilowen A-Si 'way, .if ibis city, lias sold
out his Interest in that concArr, nnd left
yesterday fur JJorsMjrg, Tonnosicq,
whero lie lake a half interest in 'Neal s
Stuto dazetto.' Sidway Is nn n No. 1
youui ui Ait nnd nn r-xecllent printer.
NScwish him abtiud:it MicoH in Lis
new oallinj.
Among tho arrivt's at tho.St. Clmrles
hotel yesterday worn To u .M Collier, of
the stontner John II MauJe: W T Hum
ham, New York, g.meral nu;ent of tho
Domestic sewing maehir- i cimp.iny ; S.
K. r.iichannn, Cincinnati; T V .Steele,
ieu York; A. Mudna, general ngont of
tho Weed sowing machlro company ; Hose
1'arkor, .lorsey City ; .1 K Allen, (Ireen
llelds.Tonnesioo; S 1! humble, Natchez,
SriiKNCK'.t Hi. Wurn Toxjf. In the
ntmoaphoro cxperierced hero during tho
summer months, ilia lethargy produced
by tho hott takes iiwmv thu duslru for
wholsomo food, and frujueut perspiration?
rolueo bodily energy, particularly thow
suffering from th.i eVocta f tlabilitnting
il'IV-0.';. Tj1'"" A". 'fWuiV y.W.l'il
resort to nrtiUcinl means. For this pur
poo .Scheuck'a Sta Weed Tonic is very
effectual. A fow dotes will croiilo an Hp
pHtito ami givo fresh vigor t( tbo enerva
ted body. For dyspopsin, it is invaluable.
Many eminent physicians lava doubted
whether dyspopsin can bo permanently
cured by drug which are morally em
ployed for thnt purpose. Tho Sea Weed
Tonic in its ni.turo is totnly dlflurent
from such drugs. It contaits no corro
sive minerals or odds; in fact it easiits
thu rugular operations of ustur , nni cup
plies her detlencios. Thotonl- in its na
turo to much rosemblvs the castrlo juice
that It Is hi must Identical villi that fluid.
Tho gastric juico is tho mtural solvent
which, in n healthy conditim of the body,
causes tho food to be digtsiod; r.nd whon
this j'lice is not cxcreti ! in eutllclont
quantities, indigtstion, viti all its dis
tressing symptoms, foliovs. Tbo Son
Weed Tonle perforins tho uity of tho gas
trio juice when the but..- Is deficient.
.Setienek's Sea Weed Tune, aeld by nil
druggists. i i-i-lm-eoJ
I r is a fact well ostabliiled that most
of the ale ant' portnr soil us gonuino
Scolrn ale ami Loudon ports? is entirely
unlit for medical ute, bomj bar ) imitn
tiorn. llare'.ay IJro's, the .rug ;its, re
cognizing tbo iinportan'j o' having the
genuine geods, have irocard direct an
invoice of McKwsn'a n'o t.nd Uynis
porter, which enn be had foimedtctl pur
poser, at their stores on Duo loveo nnd
Washington avenue, at rnxoruto prices.
Tm: earner tiiop is n mo corner ot
Kigbth street r.nd Cmrnirclal avunuo
wboro J. (ieorge Htien'ouse T,ith hie gen.
tlomanly aisistanti on be found nt any
hour of the day or ni(it, readv to eootne
your feelings with a siootb ebnve, or cool
your temper and hc (wllh ft good sham
poo. It is a first-cNs shop, and you i.ro
sura of receiving Jret-olass treatment.
Ladles' ani cl.ildrei'a hair cut or curlod
ftertho inn t.iir,vnl stvlos 6-15-tf
WAr.lltti o.s ilAKKI'.V. ilr. Joseph
Honckiir hat takm charge of this well
known e.tal, shi.ent, and wil', on and
alter to-day, ), Oblo to supply tbo
public with U'icu bread, including
llocton, Jlrown ina Gruham brtud, beeides
onkris and co.ift(0narl(s of ovory de
scription, liting an c-aperienced and
skilful baker, llr. Honekir will not full to
satisfy all who pstrcMzo him. Mo
Wailiingtun tvenuo. ' 7-2-1 in
Thk extravagant prices dcmandoil for
feather dusters )nVl, duprlved tho house
keepers of in.. Ii rant moans ol their usu
llarclay Ilros,, L, purchasing in largo
quantities from m iiands, uro now n
ablod to reduco th. prlco ao a to bring
them within the r nch ot till. They also
keep ovcry variey 0f window, wall and
floor briiihqs, wit, long handici, whioli
they retail at wlic-jala'prlccs. -7-i-'.'w
BoMKtiiiNd kw. lluaks Crystal
lirilllant villi gh oven
door. No oc
cnslnn to havo hi rut broad. Call and seo
11 Rt 'P.. I IvEltTIIS b7-0.1'J.tf
llteular Met ling of tho Cllv Council 1
Cot si ii. Ciiamiikr, Oaiho, Im,., ,
Tuesday, .filly 7lh. 1871, 7;30 v. u.
Present Uli honor, Mayor Wood, and
Aldermen Halllday, MoF.wen, Houp,
Thlstlewood, Wilder nnd Wright, 0.
On motion of Aldcrinnii Waldor, the
minutes nl preceding inootlngs wcro ap
proved without reading.
An ordmniifir ontltlod "An ordinance
to amend section 3;t of ordl.lanco No. 1"
was read a sitcom! timn by the clerk. Al-
tarmnn nlder moved to adopt. Lost
by the followint' vnin ! -ij.i.
l'hftl.iv,,.d, Walder and U'rlsfht. l.
Nays llallld.y nfuI MalSweli. 2.
An ordinance ontt.u.i ..An ordlnanc.
to repeal urdlnanco No. 'iS, m.a tljnis,.0
No.0.1, and providing for the npiiaintitietit
of a poltco constable to act its health
officer and Inspnctor of meats sti I vegeta
bles, and iletlittng his dutiss and tho du
ties of shopkeepers, iitr" was read a
SKCond lime, and, on motion of Alderman
llallldsy, adopted by thu following vote:
Ayes Halllday, MoKwn, Saup, Thistle
wood, Welder and Wright, 0. Nays 0.
r.EivtRTs or trr orririSKii.
r. prts o! the following named officers
Worn prnntel, and, on motion of Abbr
man Wright npprovui and ordored Blel,
vl: Of II. r. Illake, city treasurer; of
Dml MeCtrthy, city Jailor ; and of J. J.
Ilird, P. M .all for June. Of F. llross,
t'. M, for Mas, and of Wm. McIIale,
city tnarahnl, on amount of doj tan. col
lected, showing balance due the city, after
deducting his commlihn, to bo ?Dij.75,
with a rjcelit from the clly troasurer foi
said amount.
The II n mice oummi'.te-j reportel that
durin; the month of dune, city scrip to
tlie amount of ?i,lu 75, bearing I50: 8 J,
was doatroyed by burning. The com
mitteo nlso pniented an order from thu
chairman of the board of health, on tho
city trenstiri r, for the sum .if ..W 81, tbo
Isalaiico in tho hospital fund, which order
Und been paid by the treasurer, said
nmouat having been cxpondn.I by tho
board of health for aunltary purpjcos
Un motion of Alderman Wright raid
report was received and ordered tiled.
i Aldermen Mnthtiis, Nclll end Ms
Ciitley nppoared In th-lr seat )
Petition of L. W. Pnlmor, Suporlriten
uont oi u. x . li. It. Uo , representing
that in January last, judgment SiJ bjen
oV.nlned ngalniit th aompuiiy by It.
MeMantis, for J10J !, and that said Mo
Manns bad sued out n garnishee against
the oily of Ciiro, before P. llross, P. .It.
and that on tho -1th day of February last,
the cornpiny had perfected an appeal to
the oircu't court, whloh releaiul tbo city
from said garnishee, and that tho amount
ot fiilii 37 still remains uu-s tliu cuinpnny
from said city or Cairo. Tho company
therefore n.k thiitnri ord;r be drawn on
tho city treaiurer for said amount duo
aid railroad tompany.
si . - - .,
saU patltlon wis referred to tho commit-
The following bills for s!nrios were
priwtuiituJ and on motion of aMderman
Nullls, allowed by tho following vote:
Ayes Halllday, Mathuss, McEwen, Mo
Gauley, Nellis, Snip, 'J'hiitlowood, Wal
der and Wright j. Nays 0.
John Wood, mayor, salary for
J""" $IU0 00
Will K Hawkins, clork, salary for
''ino loo 00
AVm Mi-Hale, city marshal, sal
ary for .lun loo 03
u.i iiamctn, supt of streoti1, sal
ary tor .luno
15 F IJlrtke, treasurer, salary for
M S Cox, comptroller, salary for
Wm Drown, health officer, salary
for Juno
J J IJIrJ, p in, salary lor June
!0 00
75 00
tO 00
7.1 00
20 00
'- 00
71 00
r llross, p m, salary for .May
A Cain, police constable, u
for June
Jno Sheehr.n, police cons table, sal
ary fir Juno "5
ll r .Martin, police constable, sal
ary for' Juno 7(-, oo
.) U J.illu", poltco constable, sal-
ary for Juno
"W V Wooterj, polijii ooustablu.
75 00
salary for Juno 75
Chas Mohner, police constable,
salary for Jun 7
Tho following bills wore presontcd and
read, and on motion of Alderman Mc
Gauley roferrol to the coinmlttoo on
claims, Tlx :
Cairo City das Co., lor gus con
mmH in street lamps In Junu... 7318 r,i)
K II Ci'iiiiingl.nm, rent of council
chamber lor Juno t!o 00
Tabor iiroi, for 1 clock lor city
I. .ill. ...
cierK i cmcn , 10 00
Huse, Loomis A Co, for ice for olty
olorl. clfltelo July 1 llu
Huse, I.oomis A; Uo, for leu for la
borers on street i; T
Daniel McCarthy, dieting prison
ers in jail, days 110 0
Daniel McCarthy, for extra meals
furnished prisoners , J t;&
John Uladney, lor removing gar
bago In June per contract 116 00
V m. ilpJIule, fur killing arid re
moving from city limits 171
dogs at 60 cents each 83 CO
Henry Havers, for liJU feet hose,
coupling, olc, for Arab llro com
pany 310 1(1
C H Woodward, fur scraper und
shovols r, 40
titration tV JSirJ, 10 kegs nails 10 50
U F Ilillingi.ley, 7 day' salary
us pelioo conitablo 17 00
Oberly and Davis, publishing
council nrocoodings, ordinances,
etc , to July 1, per contract Oo UO
liar' lay llros., for SO lbs copperas,
etc !1 00
F Vincent, for I barrel lime for
jail, and drayugu 1 CO
Chas lllund, for hauling i drunken
men to jail 1 00
M i; Powers, for hauling -drunken
men to jail 100
P Powori., lor buggy for usu of
stroot romtnlttoo 2 00
Thomas Lenry, for removing dead
cow outside loven " 2 00
Thomas McCnbo, lor removing
dead enw outside lovee, otc 3 00
I'm Jwoeney, for hauling a
druukiin man to ail 10
Thomas Moohan, 11 day buullng
on streou :s3 to
Thoina -MoCabo, 14J days' haul
ing on streets,.. tO 75
O W Wheeler .V Co, ID day'
hauling on ttrort h2 fiO
O W Wheeler A: Co,, 'i day.
i' uorcoran, 10 days' imullng on
streets i;o
Mrs Jno Lnlly, 10 days' hauling
on stroots 57
Jno JjBtic, i days work on drain.
E U 50
Win Dally, 10J dnya' hauling on
itroets CB 25
M Uuggaii, 1CJ daye' hauling on
treels 51 "&
K Powers, hauling 10 loads
sldowalk lumbor 8 00
Jolin Sullivan, 0 days' work on
drainage ,
M Drlscoll, iid.)s' work cleaning
1 reel with cart ,
Wm Carey, 10 day on drulrugo
Jas Keating, 10 days work on
Jno Alnrnoll, 25 day work on
Chti Peebles, 12 ltt 1 hauling on
sired! ..
K Hamilton, 11 ilnvs work 011
18 00
'JO 00
50 00
12 00
2 00
7:1 CO
in 00
, streets
M.nr.ln.. ! .U.i I, ...II.
stm ' h
Ino lllirgi
streets ...
8 dtya hauling on
Thus lloyle hum,,,,. I7 j',Vi'lckl
8 50
70 00
I 00
-'8 00
'40 UO
:iu oo
in no
51 00
f.2 00
01 00
CO 00
M Oitlvin, 20 tbti
vtping on
Jn Ketinn ly, linulini; lro loads
i' I siiltt-valK limilier
Dael MeCtrthy, 1 1 iUyn In chargo
of chain gmg
Warren Wiins, 15 daya work on
Jerry .Murphy, 10 sissy work on
Jno Casey, 21 tiny work oil
treats. ...
Thos Fit;eiald. 2!k days work on
Fetor Conlan, 21 days work 011
Wm tjulnn, 2o daya work on
Paul Foley, 25 days' work on
llllls of F. Vlnrenl for lime ftirnibl
by order of tho biar.l of health for mi
tary purporcs, amounting to ill 40 staili,
woro presetitm'. The chair stated that he
had cash on hand to pay said hill. Where
upun the bill was allowed, and the chair
Instructed to pay tho same by the follow,
lng vote: Ayci Halllday, AteKwwi,
MoGauley, ilathli", Nellis, Sai.p, This
tlewoiHl, Waljer and Wright,!'. Nays, .
ohiiivam'k foitMtrrr.i: itKi-onT.
The following ordinance prientd by
thu ordinance committee was rend by tho
clerk, viz :
An ordinance Using the date of thn
commencement of the Qrcal rear,
lie It ordainoi by tbo city e.tuneil of
tbo city of Cairo.
Hm. 1. That the .ta'.n of the 'oiniiinncH-
mnnt ot each llol voir, b, and th tis
is huroby fliel nt .May 1st.
Alderman II tlliday movii 1 to suspend
the rules for th" purposo of pulling said
ordinance to a second reading. .Motion
carried by tin) Allowing voto: Ayes
Halllday, .MoKwon, MiGauley, Nulli
Saup, Walder nnd Wright 7. Nays
Thistlowood and Mathuss-'.'.
Said ordinanco was then read n se'Ond
lime and on motion of Aldermnn llalli
day adoptid by tho following voto :
Ayes Halllday, .tcKwon, McOauley,
Nellis, Siup, 'Walder and Wright-7.
Nays l'histlewo J nl M ttlius.' 2.
An ordinance ootitled "an ordinance
providing for tho annual appropriations
"- ' on.tiri- i .ll "snss., luTt,
was on motion of Alderman Hallluaj-,
laid over until tho nejt regular or p:ial
A communictaion from I). J. (ialligan,
superintendent of streets, setting forth
that certain sewors In dillerent parts
of city had caved In during
tue recent high slpo water,
and that tho same aro In 0 very bad con
dilluii, and recommondiug that the
council take sotno action in tho matter,
und have said sowor replaced oithgr with
wood or socio othtir material, wa readi
and or. motion of Alderman HallidaT,
reforrcd to tho conimltteo on streots,
leaving tho mnltir, as to what kind of ma
terials to bo used in replacing said sowers,
dlssrctlonary with said committee, mb
Jest, howevor, to the approval of the
orru ial Jio.sri.
Tho olllcinl bond of Goo. Loir, special
police conetablc, was presented and read,
nnd, on motion of Aidormuti McUauley,
approvo-l nnl ordered tiled.
Mijuon 110. n.t.
Stato nnd oily liquor bonds of Win
.MeCormlck and of llinaldo llianchi, Were
on motion approvoJ and ordered Hied.
The following raioluticn, prn.entoJ by
Alderman Halliday, was read by tho
clerk :
1'esolved, Tliatthe ordinanco t'ommlt
toa bo, nnd thoy nro hereby, instructed to
prepare nn ordinnnbn prolnl.iting steam
boats Iroin blowing their whistles, to thu
annoyance ol citizens rotlding und doing
bminess near the public landing.
Alderman Saup moved to adopt and
refer to ordlnancocommittea with instruc
tions to dratt an ordinanco in accordance
therewith. Motion to adopt carried on
a division by a voto of 5 to 4. Alderman
Halllday movod that tho struct committee
be instructed to receive propoials In
writing from the Cairo City gas company
lo furnish gas for one or two years, and
alio to get sojarito proposal from the
company to furnlih gas until PJ o clock
midnight. Motion curried.
On motion of Alderman Halllday tho
council adjourned.
WlM. K. HAWWIN8, City Clerk. '
I will sell, commencing on Tuesday
morning, July 7th, at 8 o'clock a. in,, and
continue from day to dny until the cntiru
stocl; of groceries, oto , aro dlsposod of,
at thu storo of Henry Hasonjagnr, on
F.ighth street, between Commurulal and
Washington avenues. Tho stock consists
of soll'eo, sugar, spices, woodwaro of nil
descriptions, sholf ondr, Hour, moul, etc.
Also tho counters and shelving, aoaloi,
and in fact ovorythlng that Is kopt or
used in n llrst-clasa family grocery store,
Sala without rosorvo.
52-7-l-2t I.. H. M vi:i', Auctlonoor.
All persons having clulma against ID
A. llnnnou aro hereby notified to presout
tho bamo to ino Immediately, in all affairs
of tho concern must bo aottlod by tho 10th
Inst. II. F. Itl.AKK,
l2-7.'.'-t'd Atslgueonf U.A. Haunoii,
cloanlng atroota with cart o
I ho following were tlio arrival" ami de
ptrlurea 0r thn 21 hoiiri ending al 0
o'clock lant opening.
Steamer Grafton, St. Louis ;
" City of Ohostor, St. Louis
11 Hello of Momphlt, Momphli ;
" JI.F Cooko, Kvansvlllo j
" Oonornl Andorion, St. Louis,
Stoamor Gon. Anderson, St. Louis ;
!' City of Chester, Momphi I
" Patilinn Carroll, Now Orleans
Il.tle of Memphis, St. Louis.
Thuro Is no change to report In tho con
dition of tho rivers. The weather was
extromoly hot during tho early part ol tho
rlay, but thn wind ond-light ram itoriu
that prevailed in thn aflornoon freshlonod
tho atmosphere and tho oveulng and night
was delightfully cool and pleasant. Ilusl
uoss was dull as usual.
During the storm is barge of l'ittsburg
coal, In charge of the towboat Keystone
was sunk in thn river opposite tho foot ol
TwoUth strcot. Slight danugen are alxo
rnperlod to havo occurrod about llrown
coal Heel.
OH KA r r.u.Miiuit.
l..l.i..r; " wlml tip our partnership
business, we are'sclllng lumber nt roduci d
rates il per thousand ! than market
prions. Hnvlng a large t'".k of toga on
hand,1'wo an prepared to till ail bill at
abort notice. Wo urn tolling s.dewaik
lumbor Mid oak, nt Jl.l per thousand, cash,
ilollvcred; And jioplar, at corresponding
Mr. Mctlahcy being no longer In .
omploy Is not authurlstsd to takn '
dnrs, oolIct bills or reeelpt for the Arm
02-7-8-4 w Wall sVKsr
G. C. lloden, Diroctor of ("onsorvnto v
of Music, nnd Tinohor of Yori.l, i'ai
nnd Piano Music, fnslrunl.'in given in
all "trlngn.l and wind inslrutnonls Li.
melltary principles, thorough bns, bar.
uiony nnd counter joir.t. I'liprecolertt- 1
inJucfments olleretl. Thoto wishing to
secura his services will plonto appiy at
tho Conservatory of Music comer f
Twelfth street nnd Washington avor. jc
l'isnoti tuned and repaired.
Dn. Jkmxkli-k pays spoolnl altontl. r I
tbo irregulantlM of children ' Uett.srd
to all operations for tho prewrvatiuii
the natural teeth in both old and you' 1;
Tho best refureiires given from any part
of Southern Illinois All work watrantul
Mtlsfactory. Ottifon F.ightb itri-. t, over
teluart A Gholion'ti 1 1-7-7 il
llriggs, Commercial avenue, corner lonth
street, wishes to inform tho ladle of f 'slro
and vicinity that for the next 3u day- si
will shII her summer millinery o' t
Plenio call and examine her goods, f
you wish something fine at a low price.
' H2 C-17-Ini
Thk largest and bust-selected sto
of FIJ KNITUKK for sale at wh Iial
nnd retail ny nr;rt n 1 hioiihovk.
lis, Commercial avenue, opposite Seventh
itrcet. 71 C-17.3m
T....fil bathlr.ff towels, bathing
gloves, sponges, extra Hay rum, tul-t
N)wdnrs, retailed al wholesale prn-oa at
liarclny Ilros. -7-2-2w
Chaix'oai. furuaess at T. J. Kritrn
Kcillllcr mill Wlnlcsalo Dealer In
no. c.i, ohm; li:vi:l
tV 1 i.-.f 1 id It "ill h-ilurs In
Cairo, Illinol', and Columbus, Kontji ky
( jlrn ollli ii ut lluleii .V WlUon', ei.nu 1
TtM'lllh htri t't nn. I Ohio levcc.
We will run an Ire wagon throughout tl
i-.ikiii, tlmlvrirlng pure lake ii o In un pm
I thu cllv at tins lowmt lirtrkel priee. and
oill ,1'so liiruiHli our Irieu H out.ide tin- eitv
with Iff 117 the i'iiUi or ear load, packed In
w diinl, lor nhlpmeiit to any dlstunec.
Ml 55.211-11'
( OA I.
j Are iiropareil to supply cimtomerii'
wltli thu not
UPiril.illlil.iy llio.'e ollhc, N, 70
Ollln I.OM'I". 1
tarilnllliluy Ilro.'M Wh;irfbo.i
(VAtLjrypthiii3lilb.;o- 1
iirM thu coal dump, (got oil
lti:iil kimmiii to tine CcnsuasFs

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