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The Cairo bulletin. (Cairo, Ill.) 1872-1878, July 11, 1874, Image 4

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Takes groat plr.iur In announcing 111 at
they lire now prepared to a upply ci t tj tody
nlth lake Iroortho cry l)Ct quality, elJicr
at tliclr hotic or nt the toroi. Oner
Miould 1) left nt tbe oilier, No. 00 O'jto
l.occ. nJ-O-li-lu
im.mi .sT.ri:.ni:.T.s.
KIJ'ORT of the condition of lie (illy Nations'
Hank of Calm, al Cairo. In the state it Illinois, al
the ct -tc uf tntiinesi, June IS, I.
l.ftans and discount
I' S. b.mds lo went circnla-
t' s kivN on hand
Other stocks, bond and rtwt-
Rat -
line ftiro reeke" a4
Hue fi ri othtt national tanks
imc from stale bank ami
banVers... ...
Veal estate ....
Current iimi, and tale
paij .....
tlili and ether cash fltm
I'Mli of other national banks
r'nHti.nl currency, (including
niclcta) ..
Specie mm
tr;al lender notes.......
Ha) ui
at, Hi ,vi
U.sii :
i,ma 1
ao.is.i vi
1S..W tfi
l,"tl 4.1
i,;.c u
4,102 UT
i.fim.n uy.
t ifta! slock par4 In
Surplus fund ..
ither undivided profits M
.National Hank nates outmnJ-
lllg ....... H ,.
In ti.Ju.il denuaita.M ...
I?wo w ute bank and banker!.
iri,'1 (Hi
,mi )
311,610 14
l,(OI Hi
KM,5tl (J.
S.itO 31
J tale or Illinois, runnty of AlxandcT, t.
I.W.P IIAM.IlJAV.I'realdaBtof the f'lly Na
tiotul Hank of Cairo, do aoWmiily swear tliut the
above statement la true to the Wat of ray knowledge
and belief
W, 1'. HALLWAY, Prealdent.
SnUcrlhed and (worn to before me this Wli day of
.July, ls74.
11.11. CANDLE, Notary l'ubtfc.
i-orrtvi Attest
II. 1. HAt.t.lllAV, Y i
U. I 'OUT of the condition of the fttit Natfomil
T.inV at Cairo, In the tal of liilni, at the
tlt'-e at butineii. .tune
lfa&f ami tllteouMi $"U,1M V
tleerdraftt til.l -
I h. liaiulBtc-iecuieclrculatMKt 10O,mv ui
I .-, bond OU htud il.'MU U3
Other itocki, booda a4 mort.
i?Se4..... - lll.lW) lJ
Iue from redeeratnu nd re.
rervc .aeuts 1'i.fl i?
Iue from other national banki... 11,17 09
l.v.il estate furniture and hx-
luref 7,MT IM
fSirrentcipeiiaei. and taxn paid ',"7? V
VnmUmt raid. -."4. 1 67
i I rvka and other ca(i ilem U 7A
llnK Mother .National ltanka '-'.oJ ' UO
i. ll.inaL. currency, tmludiiic
i... Ue u
.st , i. in, ludhiff iold Ireatilrv
nolei 1.1M ft
L.iiiltnJtr notei ld.OUO
Capital ttock paid in
I lifter undivided vrofita
Nat'onal lUnk rtotea outatandin,;
Indltldual depcadu
lcn and ccttll.ctleaol deposit
'I'liuc cmlficalei of droti
Hue to olhr national banki ,
lue tj atate bank and banker! ...
,. f liiO.dOO (0
.... 11,7.1? 10
... f7,7M 00
,.. 0tl,!i7U 1(1
. 23.M7 :u
.. .vim n
0l is
i qui tiMfiiA v.l
State bf ltilnoH,Actiinder county, .
l,tnarle Cunnlttahain, ramhier of the above
named Hank of Calru.do aoUmnly av car that the above
auteincut li true to die bett of my knuwlcde and be-
rilAS. I tJNNlNGIlA.M, Ca.Wer.
"s-uli-rrilied and iworn to before me tlua tth
J.ytf July, l7.
II. II. CANDK1:, Notiry Public.
I' rrett Atteat ;
J. it i'lIILLII'-. 1
WJllT. W. MII.Lf.I!, IJircctori
' oj:ii.va.nl'i:no,7:).
An orJlii.tnco to loi'eal ordlniiiui: Nn. is,
nnd ordinance No. W. nnd providing tur
tin' iippoltituit'lll nf n police con-titlilc lo
act :i- bc.ilth ollker and In-pector of uiont
and wetabli'., uml tltllning lila dullt-,
aiul tbr diitk'Mil liiipki'i'pcm. itc.
II. It onlalnrd by Ihe cliy cumuli of the i
ot Cairo;
Suction 1. That ordinance No. 08 and
ftrilmaniM' Nu. OU 1"' and the rauie nrr In H'M
hKC. 2. Tliat n polirf rnitalilr in- ap
pointed by the tr.uyi.r ami rltj cniincil to act
u IicjIIIi olllcvr and tti-ucctur tl luL-uto nnd
Vi'Kctables, al a -abrj of M'ti'iit-riu' dollars
per luoiitu, who shall liold IiIh nilice duriHK
tlm pleii-uro iirtlic mtyor, prodded, butt
ever, that he nmj bo ri'inntcd by it majority
ol the uldermau idi'ii. Tin- dime.'' in mi11
nlllrer bo In r.valiiliii- fioui tlinti to
tlnir, all plaies anil premises in tin) city Willi
u lcw to inii-ttitVii v "xtrteni'o of tiny
tiling ivlili ii may lead to U'Um- or dlset-;
uud. It toiiod, r-liall rotlly the nwner or
owners, oi iu. unit or otcupantN :o remove
the i-aiiit', and take riuli meusures lor the
abatement and removal of every uult.iiu'e.
jila-e ortbint.', likely tube injurious to Hit
public health, in are oii.ilent with the ur
dkanren of tho cltj. He shall make luiuie
dhite eiimplalnt ol aii and all ner-uni vl.
latlnL' an ol Hie orilliuiu o or reuuliillona nf
Hie ray rcn'aruilix Hie pulille licultli, uud
Kent! ally do and perlnrm ulltlutiea tliut mat
he reiiuired of him by IIih bo.ird of health',
or city aiuhnritle- in n l.tliini therulo.
Met'.;). .t In-peclor ol meal ami xeuel
nhle it .hull be Id- duty in vlit dally, all
tail-,, hopi. ntunila, or jiUeca within the
rny hi wnieu lire niinretl lor sale, iiio.iti.,
vegVtubluN poultry, (l.i, fiuit,, or ntiiur
article ot diet, nnd i anj nf said Malls,
fctiupe, stands, or pUtes itro not elciin and In
it iHMiiuimi eoiiuilieii, lie sli,lll net if v Hit
owner, onnerri orocciip.inl.t of aid atidl,
ruuj.-, suiii'iaui tuacui., iu iiean.e Him ire in
hi m-l.inler by ruiiioiiiur all impurities
"' uiii-ii'jiu maiier i ami ir Hie owner, nr
iitui;i u- incut -iiui, nui t,iujit vvlllj MlliJ
iiotieo of the ollleer, he or they shall bullable
to n fine of lint less than ten nor more tlian
Ulty dollars for each nnd cvorv olfen-e.
Htc. 1. It shall he the duty of all ou tiers,
or occupauu ol uU. ,shopi, slund., or
placet specified ill eeetlon II ot mo tir-
dmance, to keep ucu staIN, shnii,
stand and jilacea open nt all limes to the
Inspection ot the in-pcetur of meutv and
vegetables ; uud upon eonv Hun ol ueKloct
or refusal sa to un, shall bo tlneij nut less
than ten, nor inor. than idly dollars, lor each
and every offense.
HKC. 0. The health officer and Inspector
of meats nnd e'etublt s, lurein prodded
for, la hereby authorized and impo Ai red to
exercise all Ihe powers nnd aultiority con
ifrred by the ordinance, of the city upon
tho police constables, nnd to tabu potesou
of, and remove fiom the i-lty bmlta, all un-s-ound
incaU, vesntable., poullry, unripe
( 'UiU, unaoiind 11 ib, or other Ulibeulthl'tll ai
t cits of diet, offered for sale, l.tpt, or dis
played at any stall, sJim,, taiid or other
plaee within the city ot Cairo, and any pir
ton "statin- aald oillccr in tbo dl-cliaric
of tbl duty, shall, upon conviction, be lined
not leu than twenty. Iho ilullnra nor more
'ry otfcitJn llul,r' lo '"th uud
Approved, July oui. jmj.
. .. . .Ioh.n IVooi), Mayor.
City (Berk.
OltWNA.SLl; NO.eO. '
An Ordinandi llxlnif tbodateof the tein.
inenceinentlil the fiscal year.
Jto it ordsliicd by the tlt Couuell of tho
Cltypf slroi
HHCTItiK J. That the d.ttf of tin ,.om.
ineuermeut of euch liseat year be,undthe
a alne U hereby ilxcd at May lit.
Approwd July tnli, lh'4.
. . . Jon.s Wooii, Mnyor.
Attcat Wiu.K.IIawkinu,
cjlty Ch'fk
(eiicccewr toO,i:,t)oiiias(
mil Iffssd'.
Somebody to take from us a thousand lull
bonds, s"od paper ami iluely printed, lor
fri.r-g io 4 .no.
Nlnteiiira Is,
One thousand statements prititcil atTllK
lli'LLKTiN otllco lor fS.W to 1 1.
Mote Jlrnil.
One thousand note heads, prlu'cd at Tiik
Hui.lktin oltlco for ti.00: two thousand tor
One thousand business card, fine llrlstr
nouru, pnnicu At tiik IIUI.LKTIN oli'.u
from y'i.fO to f ft 00. according to '"
SATUKDAY, J II 1 11, 1874.
OnoO"tttlfi fruit can, $1 per dozen,
ri.9 quirt gluts fruit jara, Jl per dozen,
At the New York store, nfl 7.ib(3t
SoMBTiii.to Muff.-A now tiling in
Jelly glfitios At Hartman't. 07-7-10-tf
CltAUCOAL in hiiy jqunlntitr to suit
purchaior At T. .1. Kkiitii'k. 87-CU.tf
All tuoduy boardar In tbo city can
I) j Accommodated nt tbo St. Chorlo
botol, with llnt-cU! bourd nt "ccond clatt
rte 711 lOO-tf
1). AnTKn & Co. arcjtut receiving tbo
largeit and Icit Aiiortcd ftoek of laddlcf,
brldi'c, bunion, etc., over irouybt to this
I), Ar.Tru i: Co. aro juit recolvlni; tbo
l&rgcit and bcit aisortcd itock of ruddle
brldlei, barnefs, etc., ovor brought to tilts
lx Tiik City. T. 0. Lucbor And lady
of Chicago, arrived in tbo city yeiterday
ana win ipond it lew days witn tu'itr
frionds boro.
Cottaok ron 1!kt. Ho. 32 Tenth
ttroDt; (iod elteni ; rooms all on lint
door. Kont.i-0 nor month.
5a.7.t Ui 0. LAMJt, Agont.
1'on Salc at a llAiidAiy. A (plendld
offlcn or pirlor writing desk. Iniiuiru At
uornor Tblrt'ionth aud Wtlnut itreett, or
at tho City Ilindory. 70 7.U.12t-
Fon I'.ent. IIouio on corner EKiTontb
and AValnut itrotti. Largo and roomy,
good door ynrdi and ground!. Apply on
tho prcmlies or Arlington houso.
Cl-7 LGt Uknrv liLI.IS.
Minton ot the Mound City I'roibytcrlnn
church, will occupy Mr. Thayor'i pnlpit
on to-morrow (Sunday) morning, Sor
vicoa nt tho uiual hour.
VA.N-Ti:ri. At tbo St. Oharlos hotel,
Immediately, two itout, hualthy wemen
to woric in trie laundry. Liberal wngci
win uu
pota .I qieftj- employment
To lr.nr 'C-wo C Uta moss oUblnUo Dog Tooth, for all wo know
.mil Im.t ..rll.. 1 . - t 7 1
1 ....( v wvu iuuiii, tvitu n jatt:u null
room nnd bed room, altuatod ovor my
iloro room, No. 113, Commercial avenue.
71-0-ll.tf V. AllTKR.
I'lioToaiui'iia. For tba noxt alxty
diya Wm. WIntor will msko tbo best
ol photographs at $4 per dozen. I This is
a rare opportunity for those tlesirinc
Murk in this lino. -17 73-301
Lost. On Jast Saturday, at tbo park
oi butwcon Tontb nnd tho park, a gold,
vith Jot cross, earring. Tbo llndor will
rloaco lcnvo it at this ollho nnd be euita-
bly rewarded. 6D.7.7.(it
The Nickist. Koohler & ltro , Vlll
nivo ioi mi0 tui morning a lot ot extra
nt.Aln.. r..l. ... ?N
vt.uiiu tiuiu oinfii oi uverv uuiu. aio
nlcor or bettor was ovor offered In this
market, (llva them n call. OS 7-10-1 1
J'lNK Kai.s -.Koports trom uti tho
country say a lino rain foil in portlona of
Union, Alexander and l'uUskl countlca
on Wednesday nfturnoon, doiug much
good to tho growing com and other
Tiik IUi.l. Tbo lUboTnTnn ball at ho.
cust drove last nlglit was a frnnd sue
con. The cveniuc waa dollghlfully cool
and pleasant for dancing. There waa a
lurgu crowd presont and all enjoyed them
selves. Tu-Moiiuow. llov. Itobt. Allyn, prcst
dent of tho Southern llllnoia Normal
Univorslty at Carbondale, will preach in
tbo Methodist churah in this city to-morrow,
morning and evouing, at tbo usual
To-Nkuit Tho Sliver Comet band
will give n conevrt ibl uvouiu .ou, ti.o
up-town stand, at the corner of Division
trout and Washington avonuo. Tho
membora of tho band aro rcquoslod to
meol at tl. binl rnnnt nt 71 o'clock
At tiik St. Charles. AmonK the ar.
rivals nt tbu St. Oharlos botol yesterday
wtro: JMvld Schoirold, Kvanavllle;
John V. Olbbens, Ilalllmoro, Maryland i
Wm. Ilaldwin, and AV. 1'. Taylor,
Ulurleaton, Missouri, S. JJ. Ilumblo,
Tun 1'i.am.ks', At tho I'lantem
house yostorday wero Mrs. Clnrk Stevens,
Kankakeo, Illinois; W. V. Jllauky,
jiioomneia, .Mo.; tf, Jvottlnior, Olncin
nitl; C. U. Dorrely, Alt. Vernon, 1111.
njis; Mrs. O. (1. Do Tpur, St. Joo, Mil.
aourl; W. r. Orloaon, Madison.
Toiiacco Salic The salo al thol'lant
or's tobacco waiehouao yostorday forenoon
rai largely attsnded and all tho offerings
uven at tno iilgheit prices obtained at
any sale tbUanson. Among tho buyers
proioni woo nuo vt tw0 from Clevoland,
ui.io-.ai. uoms, Louisville nnd Clnciu
af-aia. JiATKNIl:i,.-Tl0 track of tho
i-airv and Vincennoi railroad bat been
om Its freight warohouu
"caoi tne Ht. Churles hotel, across, tho
"rallioad strip" Mlno,t lhe ,..
wb.r. it comts very Mar Ul8 lnBoIi Vm
iral .mbankment. The object of thus
exterelng their track were unablu to
Tub Dklmomico, The Delmonlco be
tel, Ohio levee, near Sixth atreet, li ono
of tho moit popular homos In tho city.
Harry Walkor, Ihi proprietor, is ono of
tho moat painitnklng and Accommodating
landlordi in tho country, sndtbii fact bar
much to do with the popularity nf the
HiRiousLY Ui.. Ur. AVillfami racclved
a telegram yeiterday morning from Hello
vllle, announcing tho torioui illneii of hli
wife, and requesting him to come at once.
Mn. William had boon feeling badly for
lometino, and on last Monday atarted for
her home, at U1IotIIIo, believing that a
fin days In tho country would euro hoi
loo doctor left by tho aftornoon train
AvcTlo.v. At my aalearoom, No. Ill
Commercial arcnua, tlilt morning at j past
6 o'clock, a lot of furniture, consisting of
hodstenda, Wnrdrob.j, chalra, tables,
washstanda, mattrcisea, water coolers
cooking stores, kitchen ware, ono exten
slon tnblo, a lot of dishes, bodspring and
many other articles. t
To-nfght I will sell boot?, shoo-, car
penter's tools, dry goods, nolioEl, etc,
l'OLtTics Tho editor or The I V LtE
TIM auk dieposod to bo harsh on Dro.
McCnrtney of tho 'Metroplls Titnei.'
Tho 'Tlni.ta' ark a good paper, ita editor
ahjc a very wiao man, but the editor of
The IIullrtix a iu: wiser. Ho thinks
that matbeniatlca aiik a rorr Imimrtanl
study, and that politics ahk of two kinds
Wo auppoao. therolore, tnat phviica ark
an Inlerostlng scionco, and in tbeir most
nxtonslvo aonse, comprehend tho study or
knowledgo of whatever exists, and that
ethics are tho aclonco of moral phlloso-
pny. r.voning Mm"
Precisely, nnd that tho editor of the
Sun aro a fool by tho yArd.
JjKTBK SrRKKT. If tho city Authori
ties would, In n paroxysm ot energy, make
J.cvoo street smooth, wo would induie
Curloy Mike, Mcehan, Sullivun and the
other tcamstors ef tho city, to riso up and
call tho alderman blueod. Wo do
not wish In make unroasonablo requests
of tbo city authorities, Mid do not bollov
this Is one. Th street could bo repaired
by two or three of tho gentlemen of tho
chain gnag In two or three days, and Tould
cost tho economical city fathers col a
U. S.Suav-Y Uoat. A United states
aurvoy boat has been lying at tho Missis
sippi lovoo opposlto Cairo for the last
ten days, Tbu boat has been upwards of
throe, months coming from St. Louis to
Cairo, surveying the river bank as abe
came, with tho viow of getting the correct
distances between tho Important towns
and cities along the river. A pag stuck
In tho ground a, shorffllstSnce- above
Kllno'brrck'yard ia marked "172," wbl2h,
wo- prcsuwn meana 172 miles to aorno
.whoro, prooauiy to Kt Louis or Cnrondo.
Iot,-'or Capo Glrnrdoau, or Grand Towor,
Tub Kckirt. Capt. H. W. Dugan,
of tho ttoaraur T. . Kckort, acting for
tho underwriters of Cincinnati, has en
tered. Into contract with the govorumont
to roruovo "liacon ltock," below this city.
Captain Dugan proposes to try tho forco
of duolin on the rock, and if that fails, will
adopt somo other means. To encourage
Captain Dugan In his efforts to remove
tho rock, Capt. Reiser, of the Anchor
lino, has promised him a now hat as soon
as the task is accomplished; and some folks
havo the boldnoss to assert that Capt.
Keiser picked up tho hat Dugan lost In
the river at thlsjpoint some time ago, and
that It is tho ono ho proposes to give hju.'
Uenuixk l'erslan Insect powderfls tho
fldvcors of (ground) of l'yVollirum Car
noum,a"plnnt growrng-Vjj high olovatlon
upon the Caucasian mouiiYatnsYind pos
sessing in a singular degron, tho quality
of tlrst stupifying and then killing insects
anil vormin of every kind, while at tbo
ramo time it ia harmless to man nnd ani
mals. A toaspoonlul of tho powder
burnod upon live coala or n hot Iron will
expel every inutrjuito from tho houso
without produeing any unploasant odor.
Heretofore it has only been sold in small
bottles and at extravagant prices. liar-
clay llro's havo recolved u pot of tho gun.
ulna powdor, which tboy sell by tho
ounce at a roducod price. Call at either
of thoir drug stores and got an ounco and
try it. 7.2.2w.
A Mutak-. Wo bollovo tbo city
council made a mlstako when it took the
interost off sorlp. Wo novor did loam
the whorefore of tbo movement. It had
a mystcrloua look to ti '! bv tho
glorious Fourth ot July, wo don't under
stand it yet. And, also, what baa bocomo
of the mayor's suggestion to fund tho out
standing scrip 7 Has bo abandoned his
ugguiilon? lly tlm way, who among tho
city authorities is attonding to anything
It it tho policy of tba administration to
let the old thing run horsnll? Hut to ro-
turn to our mutton; why was Interest
taken from tho scrip, aud why was tho
funding achetuo abandocoJ. and what's
tho matter withthlnga? Wo aro almost
suro we smell n long tailed rat ; we seo
him floating In tbo air.
Tub Dairy 14"kstion. The retldonts
and property owners in tho vicinity of
Eleventh and Twelfth and Walnut streets
aro in high dudgeon because somebody Is
going to establish a dairy in that locality,
They don't like tho idea, and wn don't
blamothem. Hut what right havo they
to complain 7 Othor portions of the city
aroaCllctod in the samo way ; and when
tbo city council has been applied to to take
some notion in the promises aud adopt
ordinances regulating tuo same, tho city
dads have very poralatently rofutea to do
anything of tbo kind. Thore uro a num.
ber of dairies, whoro a large number of
cows aro quartered and fol within th
very Heart of tbo city, Every ono of
tboso should he removed to tbo farther
most limits of tbu city, whoro they would
be oilensive to no ono, The aubject Is ono
worthy of consideration, and as It ia com.
Ing straight houie to at least ono member
of tbu city council, It is to be hoped ha
will oxen himself to see if something can
not be dune in tbo promises,
To Ouu An4, Isaac. Wo liavo
learned with regrol that Hon. Isaac Clem-'
oqIh, membor of ccogrosj from this ilii
trlot, was lu tho city yeiterday and did
not pay his respecs to Tiik iIlii.lkti.v.
It may bo true, that hois Iu tho city this
morning; and it isn painful thought that
he may remain In liio city all day and not
call ou us. Wo have boon lko $ stondfail
friend, have often picod Mid do uven now
pine for him. AUon ho Inslitad, in
hit pal'ictlt "AM, in great nhnap trans
portatlori apeocb, on manufsctuti ng doga
Into buoys and bsacon llffhti, wo becatnu
facetious nnd laughed nt him, but wo
moant no hirm, anl aro anxious to kiss
nnd mako up. Wcllko Ixe. Tboro ara
meaner men than lo in tho world. Why
don't ho como to out arms.
A Hs.avt Duty An ordinance to re
peal ordinanco No. li, Is peculiar ono
of our dlstingulshsd council's most won
dorful production. .Section '-' provides
that tho duty of tbo With oillccr shall bo
to cxamlno from timi to time all places
and promises In the city with a view to
ascertain lbs oxistonte of anything that
loads to sickness or disoaso, and if found
shall notify tho owntr or occupant of the
placo or promises to removo tho same, and
tako such measures for tho Abatement and
rjmovAl of every nuisance, placo or
thing, likciy to bo Injurious tolha public
health, as are oor.slatnt with tho ordin
ances of tho city. This la a wonderful
hotehpotch of words "slgnlfylni: nothing.'1
The o21r nvistoxamino all places and
premnes nut to ascertain whether any
thing In such p'acos or on such primisos
is disuiso-cogcnderlng, but whether thoro
Is anything in such places or on such
premises that may load to slcknss or
disease! l'rocisoly what difference tboro
is botwcci sickness and diseaso, nnd what
Is meant jy longing to sickntu or disease,
wo canmt say.
Hut, His aUi provided, that, having
found Inany phco, or on any prumltoj,
any tbinj that may lead to disoaso or
sitknets, tho ollleer must notify tho owner
of tho pla-o or premises to removo tho
slrknoss-cMating anything; nd then,
without valtin to ascertain whether tho
owner atts upon this notification, tbo
oillccr muit at on e proceed to tako meas
ures to ran ovo overy nuisnnco, placo or
thing likely to be injurious lo tho public
hoaltb. Hon tho ollleer will removo an
unhoatby plio wo shall wait In patlonco
to asceataln. Urown may know how to
do so, but wo dcu'l. Will ho tako It out
on a Hro shovel, or bo'ween two chips, or
on a cart? Ka'ly, wo do not know, and
wo must therofoto apponl to tbo counci
for iniormalion n this subject.
At Hart.m a's. All kinds of glass
fruit Jars cheap f, r cash at Harttnan's.
Scuknck's Si. v Wkuii Toxic In tbo
atmosphere expetionccd hero during tho
suaimor months, tho lethargy produced
by l(io hut takes nway tho dcslro for
whohrorno tujd, nnd frtimnt neraniratlone
roluco nodily eneigy, particularly tboso
!ufforinsfrom thu eVocta of debilitating
diseases. In ordir to krep a natural
bonlthful activity tfthn aystom, we must
resort to nrtiOcinl miana. For this pur.
poso Schonck'a Set Vccd Tonic Is very
offoclual. (A fow cos't will crcalo an np
potito nnd Jgivo fresh vigor to tho oncrva
ted body. For dyspepsia, it is invaluable.
Many eminent pbyscians havo doubtod
whothor ilyspepsia can be permanently
cured bydrugs whiib are gonorally em
ployed for that purmse. Tbo Sea Weed
Tonlcln its nature h totally different
from such drugs. It contains no corro-
jivo minerals or acids; in fact It artists
tho regular operations o! nature, and sup
plies her doQcncics. Tbe tonic in Its na
turo so much rosombles tbo gastric Julco
that it Is almost identical with that fluid.
Tho gastric juice is tho natural solvont
which, in a healthy audition of tho body,
causes tho food to be digested; nnd when
this Juice Is not excroted in autliclont
quantities, indigcitlcn, with all its dis
tressing aymptonu, follows, Tho Sea
Weed Tonic performi tho duty of tho gas
trin julco when tin lattor Is dellciont.
Sclioncke Sea Wets Tonic, abl by all
druggists. bo 7-1-lm-eod
Practical W a Trj m a k e i;.- M r, .1, J'
Stolzor, n practical aid thoroughly com
petent watchmaker, Us oatab'ishoi htm
aolf in hutinoss ut hi residence, No. 1.
Cross street, whero h will tako in nil
work tendered bin-. Mr. Stol.er being
under no eipeno, can afford to
work from GO to lot per con I cheaper
than any other wuthmaking establish
mont In thu city. All work warranted
so ilvn t.l r wnrk can
bo loft at tho blmory In Tin: IluLLr.n.v
building. Mr. Sblzor also keopa ou band
a full supply of ill kinds of flowers, ana
will tako pltrsufo in filling orders
loft with him. 30.7.1-lm
Tin: extrava.ant prlcos demanded for
feather duttors havo deprived tho house
keopora of moiorato moans of their uso
Harclay Uro., by purcbating In largo
quantities frfin first hands, aro now en
abled to re ltcu tho prices so as to tring
thorn wit Inr. tbo retch id all, Thoy also
koop vcry variety of window, wall and
floor Irushos, with long handles, which
they rots.ll t wbolcsalo'pricoa, -7.2.'Jw
All pilaris having claims against H.
A. Hannca nro hureby notified to presont
tho same tt ino Immediately, as all affairs
of tho cuiiurn must ho settled by tbe 10th
Inst. H. F, 1Ii.au k,
12-7-Md Asalgnoo of 11. A, Hannon.
Desiring to wind up our partnership
business, wt ur "soiling lumber at roducod
ratot per thousand less than market
prices. Haiine a largo stock of lo" on
hand, wo art prepared to UU all bills at
short notice Wo ftrt) alliDB ildowalk
lumbor ana oak, ut $13 por thousand, cash,
deliverodi ind poi'lar, at corresponding
Mr. Mcfishoy being no longor In our
employ Is not authorised to tako or
ders, oollun bills or receipt for tho tlrm.
C'J.7.a.4v AVali. vV- I'.nt.
CiiAiii uii r"urnacus at T. .1. Kkiitii'k,
I.W laWiU! ,,0U,', l'"d" al
SUamer Fitk, Paducah
" Grand Towar, St Xoula
" .'ohn 11 Maude, St Louis
" Urtat llopubllc.St Louli
Stoamor Ki'sc, l'aducah
" (siinJ Tower, Jlomphla
" Fu'.ure Oity, New Orleana
" Sllvorthorn, Kvanavillo
" Orsat rtapubllc, Now Orleanf.
The woatber yesterday wa pleasant
during tho early narv of tlm dav n,
being hidden by clouds and cow, ro-
iresmng winl prevailing. After dlnno,
dark, heavy clouds began to ahow them
selves, and at nbout two o'clock it com
menced raining, nnd a vory ploasant
shower ensued.
Tho Mississippi rlvoris reporlod talllrg
at St. Louis, with scant aovon feot out to
Cairo. Tho Ohio ia getting down low,
And it is with d fliL'ultv that nvon medium
slr.cd boat- can navlgato it nt certain
Thoro was no changa In builness mat
ters. Very littlo was dono.
Misckllaxbous. Capt. Fonton, owner
of the H. S. Tumor, has ben adludtrod
insano by a Cincinnati court. The pur
chase and repairs Capt. Fenton plaeol on
tbe Tutnor caused tbo ottUv
of considerable lrtnnnv. and In.
volved him in dobt. Since the
captain's lunacy has taken place, acorn,
pllcntod law suit Is likely to rosult from
lite operations with tbe Turner Tho
John Kylo, having run on a bar ou her
last trip to St. Louis Is on tho stctlenal
docks for repairs Tho ferryboat
Thrco States is herself acaln. and
at work in her old business.
Captain Chaa. 11. Church has a col
umn nrtlclo in the Memphis Anneal of tho
Stb, taking grounds agatnsl tbo levee
system Ho argues that lauds that twenty-
nvo yoars ago were abovo overflow and
tbnt aro uow protectod by loveos are still
subject to ovorflowi Tho captain's theory
it, tnat tho bottom of tho river rite In
proportion to tho nctgbth of the lavoos.
Many other uapeiienced and sclontlflo
men havo the same vlo-ne
Th St. Louis 'Times' of yosterday
Cloudy throughout yeatordry, with an
occasional sprinklo of lain, lluslneis wua
rather dull. New Orleana frmghts were
Uss nctlvotban they olhorwlso woull havo
boon from the fact that thoro wco no
boats advertised to leavo fer thoro. eforo
Saturday. At that dato the Ciy of
(juiney, Mollie Moore and Atlantit and
barges go. Trtvol between hero aril St.
Paul Is getting to be lively. Tho Minne
apolis, which loft yesterday, was till or
Deonln. Two np IhrnA w.toVa ban. a tun
may expect to eco Immenso quantltes of
t-uuiiuk- in iroin iiiij noritwcsi.
Klver falling.
SoiiETiiiNd Nkw. llucks Ciyalal
u.int.-. -...u ;mi ovon noara. $0 OC-
cnalon to havo burnt broad. Call an
it at T. .1. Kkktii's. a7-0-l'J.lf
tiik ilKnT. Win. Ludwig, harness
mnkor, cornor of K"ht street and Com
mercial evonuo, his tho bett supply of
harness, saddles, brtllei, otc, in Soutborn
Illinois, and tells Horn as cheap ns tho
cheapest. 23:5-31-'.f
Tub largost and boat-selected itock
of FUKMTUKK for salo at wholesalo
and retail by HKNKY KICHHOFF, No.
115, Commorcial avenue, oppoilte Sevoitb
street. 71 C-17.3m
Turkiiu bathing towels, bathing
gloves, spouses, extra nay rum, toilet
powders, rotailod at wholesalo prices at
Harclay Hros. -7-'J-2w
-Millinery uojds at Cost. Mrs
Hriggs, Commorcial avenun, corner Tenth
strcit, wishes to infjrm the ladies of Cairo
nnd vicinity tbat for tho noxt 30 days abo
will sell hot summer millinery al wt
Pieaso call nnd sxamino her gooda, If
you wish something nno at a low price.
Dr. Je.n.n'kllk pave apodal attention to
tho irregularities ef children's teeth, and
to all operations for tho preservation of
tho natural teeth in both old and young.
Tho best references given from any part
of Bouthorn Illinois. All work wnrranloJ
satisfactory. Olllcu on Kighth street, over
btuartvV; Uliolton't. Cl-"-74t
Tub barber tuop is ou no corner ot
Kighth street nnd Commercial avonuo
whoro J. Georgo Stionhouso with his gen.
Unmanly assistants can bo found nt any
hour ot tlio. day or night, roady to aootho
your foollnga with a emootn sbavo, or cool
vour tenr ""J Luaa witn a goou aliain
poo. It Is a first-class shop, and you are
euro of rccoivlng first-class treatment.
Ladies' and children's hair cut or curlod
ftortbo most approved stvles. 8-lS-tf
It is a fact well established that most
of the ale and portor sold as genuine
Scotcn alo ant, Loudon portor Is entirely
unlit for modical uso, being has j imita
tion".. Harclay Hro'o, tho drug -ists, re
cognizing tbo importance of hatinc tho
genulno goods, havo procured direct an
involco of McKwon's alo and Jlyuis
portor, which can bo had for medical pur
poses, nt tbelr stores on Ohio iovoo and
Washington avonuo, at modernto prices.
Washinchon Hakery. Mr. Joseph
Konvkor has taken cbargo of this woll
known establishment, and will, on and
alter to-day, bu tblo to supply thu
public with choice broad, includlug
Hoston, Drown and Or ahum bread, besides
cakes nnd confectionarlca of every de
scription. Heing an oxporjoncod and
skilful baker, Mr. Konokur will not fail to
satisfy all who patronize him. 140
Washington avunuo. 38.7-2.lm
3udor Jllccl: tup stsirt) corner Mb Stra
and Washington Avenue.
Statu or Illinium, ) .
COHNTYOP Alkxandiiii, 8S'
In tho Circuit Court of Alexander count v,
Sspts mlier term, A. I). 1871,
HcDj.iinln Hoiillmnl
Lames Maiitifnetllilng Company. Klljah
. Morgan. Ilaviil II. Morgan, Uia'it P.
1 arsons, llfre.1 Kame, .lames 11. Demi, S.
htaats 1 nylor ami Kdwln Paisons, TrtMci
fi!.1 10 .'f" y Pr"tf,vf:0'ul,ii'1)'s Frank
Mil L. Parker, .lain" l.lll", llnttlo Humus,
!Mnit,.,t... ai...t.l.t M,i, I vf'oil.... . '
r: w,i,v". iiiiuiii ji. jirown,
(llrtn or m, .ilnjileld nnd Co.) and William
retlllim for Mecbanle's Lien.
Alll.I'lllS ..I llln lll,H.,ALt.l,.llA...Mf ...
tit;,,-,, r.ullti; III r.OJBII ,
v rKl!' ',,,mt;" I'unn, I.'dwln Parsons,
. . " "raor, .nines i.iu, Ainiinillf
alavfbltl ninl tl'.iiu... c.,... ,...... i
. V . : . niKiii. .-tuici. iiwotu laiiivu
defeiidiiiit, havlnis been lllcd In ofilcc of tbo
clerk of said court, notlco la therefor htnby
Bit ell to j ou Hit! sal, Klljah W. Morgan,
.lame. II. Ileipi, l.dwln Parson", Franklin L
i . . ,i V vwiiiiiMiiiaiii men
IiIh pellllon lor a mechanlo's lien In
J-Ijlcotiil on the third day of .lime, A. 1).
mn if. , . "icuniii n auuiinonn iK-ueii
dav hi lhl n,m.t ,r,,'l'"'bl on tbu llr.t -Moil
iculred by ' ocJ"t"1"" 1"
l'Ieud.n,wc.r,"rdc...r'to ,'L' r ' on of
t.ihea as coufi'sed ami n decree tntereil
,t,r ' coro'Dn u ino prayer of raid
ii. r. incrar,
II KOIIIIi: 1- Hllf.l!. 1 . ..
II t, .tivi
'Cairo, llllno'vluhc lith, 1S7I.
II. U .Ml I.I.Kit, Presidnnl,
.1. M. I'll I I.I.I l'S. Vli e I'lesldenl,
i:.'rirA.N'Oi:.i'-dii, bank miles ami I idled
.St.tU's ectiritles buiighl and sold.
Iiitcri"l nllinifil on llinc ilcpoit.
the crrv national"
IV. P. HAl.l.lllAY. Pre.ld.iil;
HKNKY I.. H A l.I.I II A V, Vlcis PresldiM.
A. il.SAKFflltl), Cashier,
WALTKIt HYSMJP, As.istanl ('.filler.
II. 1.. lUl.I.lntV, W. T. llALI.IIlAY.
(I. D, WlLLIAMiON, STIII'IIK.N lllllll,
I'.xeiinncc, ruin j,mi i:i(..i Kiuton
IIiiiiiIm Itiiin.lil i.il Sold.
DKPOHtTS rreeled;aiul a general banking
lllilne-- dune.
. CIIAKTKKKI) MAltt'll 111, IS.
orncEiis :
A. II. SAFFOUl). President!
M.S. TAYI.OIt, Vlee-Prcldelil!
11. HY.SLOP, hecretury and 'I'reaviirer.
P. .M. Hauci.ay, C'iiak. hai.kiiii.ii,
K, M. STOCKI'LKHI, l'Al'l. (L.-Cllt'll,
Jt. H. CU.NNI.N'lillAM. H. 1" HAl.l.lllAY,
,J. .M. PlIILI.II'.H.
1NTKHI-ST paid on dcpolt at the rain
ol tlx per cent, per annum, .March lt and
Seiitember 1st. Into re t not withdrawn I"
added Immediately to tho principal of tho
ilcposii", mcrcny giving luciu coiupuuim
(IAN UltAvr XT.
Open cmy buslncs- (lay from II 11. m. to 3
p. m., ami aiu.uay evenings tor savings ui"
posits only, Iroin H toH o'clock,
W. HyiLOP.Tieasiirer.
ft I ( 1 1 Al Mlh
No, !0 Ohio J.ovcc,
(Successor to 1'arkcr k Hlnku,)
Dealer In
And tho celebrated Illuminating
Qrots' Hulldlng, 11th St.it Comorclal A v.
Sixth Street and Commercial Avenue,
Hpcclol attention given to II0118K SnoiNQ
itndgoieral repairing. 31-U-3-tf
KKSIDKKOK-No, 'il, ThlrteenlU stieet
hetwetn Washington avenue und Wulnu
treet, Olllce l'iti commercial avenue, 11 p
RoM. Wood & Oo
roiintflliis, Vnsoit, AiilmnM. iron stnlr,
Lamp Pint, Stable Fitting j,
Wire Works.
NKW and IMlloVKPD Oil AIK rortbeatrca,
Concert nnd Lcctureilalls.
And .1 (Iciu ral Acsortmcnt o( Oma
menial Iron Work.
K'tlmatcs and designs Benton application,
Mating Hie claM ul work dcslrod.
General Insurance Agent
Ohio Lcvcc, over Mntlius k UlilV.
ItSyAone but jrtt-tlan Compamtf
Sallord, Morris & Cainlco,
7!5 Ohio Lcveo. Oity National Ilauk
HuiMiiif, Caiiio, Ii.i.h
The olde-t (Stabllsbed A(,'eliey III lolllheru
Illinois representing over
$65 000,000.00.
.ubn Q. Ilaxaan.- ( H'
And Land Ai?cntoI tho IlllnnlaCelitral and
llurllngtoii and .Ml.-ouri It. K. t'o,
North Uor. Sixth and Ohio Lcvm,
Ileal Estate Agents,
71 Ohio Lkvkk, (Second Floor,;
liny nnd Sell It HA I. KSTATH. Pay TAXI
Furnishes Abstracts of Title,
t3TLnnd C'oinmlssloner.
Oflliee Over First .'.atlonal Hank. !t-ir,-Sin
John II. Mulkey. William C. MulLey
CAreoi iXsX.a-
Olllt e: Klk'hlh street, between Commer
elal nl.d WahiliL'toti aMiilles. b-ll-tr
William II. (in 1 11, )
William It. Gilbert, V CAIUO,
Miles F. (Illbcrt, J
tSTSpeclal atlontlon gien to Adiiiirnliy
and Steamboat bulncs.
OHIco: Ohio l.evei', Itnoui. T and otiT
(.'lly .National ll.tuk.
Tlio Most l'otTrrrnl Honlliig Agent
III cr Discovered.
The wnndeiful celcritywllh which this
eomlilmttlon of caiiiiiioliu acih with
HchIh the Most Vlriilent Sores mid
Is something akin to the msnoloin.
ltlswlthprldo that Hut Proprietors call
attention to tho grulil lug (net Hint
and usu It nnd prescribe U In tbelr practice
Points to 1)0 Borne in Mind :
OAltllOI.lO SALVi: positively cure the
vvorat sores.
CAItllOLIO SALVK iu-tmitly nllays tbo
pain of burnt.
OAltllOLlCSALVK euros nil cutanooiH
OAHUOLIC SALVK removes pimples nnd
C'AltHOI.IO SALVE will euro cuts mid
CAItllOLIO SALVK nmks nt the hcml of
nil Halves. Olutmeiita or other Heeling Cum- A
pounds, aui HAS ACHIEVKII A Ulll'.A 1 i:il
than any other similar pieparntlon of
soutcinpornncous Invention.
Hohi; very wero. Priced cchts.
Prop's., 8 and 0 College Place, N, y

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