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Takes groat plMr I" mitiounclng that
thr-y are now prcarp.l to supply everybody
iih lake Ice of tho very best quality, either
.1 ii,. ir iinut or at the ttorcs. Orders
should I) leu m mute,
Somebody to tako frora tin a thousand til'
ends, good paper and finely printed, f' jr
heads, good paper
;i.rii to 4.(i.
buttt ' Honry Woll, Cincinnati, Ohio i
Wm' B. Hodge, St. Louis.
For Two Months Only
it tho Dulmonico Hotel at Itoducod
Hoarders will do woll to Inquire at tho
oillco mid tnka arrangements.
75-7-12 tit Haimy Walkkii.
Of) Ohio
r 11. a IMttnr il Tim Hm.t.V.TIMi
lNTi:r.Mi:t Fitir.ru: You will plea I"'
form your readers tliat 1 navo a limine
nmu ron consumption
..( nll .lUnnlfr. nl llin Throat a 11(1 I.UIIK
mi that, by lt li'o In my I"',1,-,,, 1 ll!4!
cured luiuurciis oi rarer, ran
$1,000 00
lor n
i. It will not benefit. Indeed, so
sinv faith. 1 will wem u HA.Ml'I.i:
niiV .iiffcrcr sdilrc-liuf. me.
iin- this letter to any one you may
tftir-w v ho li suueriiig Irom uie-o uiseasur
intl ov. igc, rumimiiy lumf,
I1 WlUfitin SI. ' Ynrh
A" -..'J-d.twdlll
One thousand statement printed at
Hullm IN ollleu lor Saw to W.
Roto llrniM.
Iltir. ilinnatnd nntn bends rrln'c' 1 ,,l 'I'm n
P.rtxr.HN oillco for $1.00; twoth us md lor
dm ilioinniul ImslncM cariU.Cno Hrlyfol
hoard, printed at Tin: llci.l.r.l in olllce lor
from If"-."') to go isn nccorinug " size.
At HAr.TMANV. All kinds of glass
fruit lers cheap for cash at Hartman'.
' C7-7-I0tf
TuiiMBH bathing towels, bathing
gloves, sponges, extra liny rum, toilet
powder, rotallod at wholesale price nt
Rarclnv Hros. -7-2-,Jw
CnoWDEti. Tho council proceedings
hnv crowded out two or throo Itcini wo
had prepared for the dtjlectntlon of our
readers, but In tno languego of tho ISvoet
Rjo and Eye, wu ihall speak of them
Ono Quart tin fruit cam, $1 jior do.on,
Olio quart glass fruit jars, St per dozen,
At tho Now York storo. 3Q.7-'J-0t
Somktiiinii Nkw. A now thing In
Jolly glioses at Hartmen's. C7-7-10-tr
Ohamioal In nny .qunlntlly to tuit
purchaser at T. J. Kkiith's. 87-C-lft-lf
Tun HK.vr. Hotter hoard nt tho Ual
nionlco tban tiny othor hoiua In tho city
Dissolution ur l,AUTjKiiMtti Tho
public arn hcroby notified that tho part
nerthiphoretoforooxltting Imtwuon damei
K. Jiino and inytelf was diraolvod on tho
8th Ins I., on which day I Louijlit out hl
entire interest In tho partnership huiincm
and stock on hand, and nitumod tho pay.
niont of nil liabilities due by thn late
lit'". Hoiikrt Lew,
TJ 7-rJ.:it
Tin: larcoM nnd beH-tulected
of KUi.SlTUUE for mlo ht whoh'fiilo
And ret .11 by II EN It Y KtOHIlOlT. No.
IIS, Coinmurcial uvonuo.oppoJito evontli
Uroet. 71 fi-17-3m
H'lKK'i Commercial avenue, corner Tenth
itreut, wi'hei to inform tho ladles of Cairo
nnd vicinity that for tbu noxt 30 day tho
will tell her summer mlllinnry til cent
l'leato call nnd examine hor goods, If
j-ou wish something lino nt n low price
' CI 7-1 in
Tiik Darner ruop t on .tin cornor oi
Kiubth street and Commercial avenuo
vrhoro J. George SUcnliouio with his gou
tlomunly assistants can bo found nt tiny
hour of tho day or night, ready to tootnu
your fneliogs with a smooth shave, or cool
your temper und head with n good sham
poo. It is k first-cU"a shop, and you aro
sure of rccoiving Urst-class treatment,
ladle nnd chlldron'a hnlr cut or curled
flurtlio most approvod ftvlns. 8-lfi-tf
VAbiiiNOT0N tlAKiinr. ilr. Joseph
ltotieknr 1ms takon charge of this woll
known establishment, and wil', on and
nttor to-day, bo ablo to supply tho
public with choico bread, including
llopton, llrown and Urahnm bread, besides
nakes nnd cnnffctlonarleB of ovury de
scription. Doing nn experienced nnd
skilful baker, Mr. l'.oncker will not full to
satisfy nil who pntronizo him. 1 10
"A'r.shlngton avenuo. ll8-"-2-lm
It Is ; fact well established lht most
of tho ale anc portnr sold ns giinulno
Kcotcn ulo aiu'i London porter is e'ltirely
unlit for medical mo, being bar i imita
tions. Barclay llro'ii, tho drtij; iiit, r,
cognizing tho importanco of ha fine tho
gonuine gsods, havo procured direct an
invoice of .McKwoii'j nla nnd llynn
porter, which c.tn bo had lor medlcnl pur
poses, at their stores on Ohio loveu and
Washington avenue, nt modentlo prices.
Six is ovry much thu oRspring of phjs
ical ill-bcalth ind feeble etumuuhs. Dur
ing ono-third of our timo tto procottrs of
digestion must go on In our bndlea, and i(
tba stomach and bowoli aro not well,
nothing Is woll. To bu dy.pMptlo Is to bo
miserable; moreover, dyspepsia is tho
foundation of fevers und disounji of the
blood, llTer, skin and kidneys. Dyspep
sia Invariably yields to tho virtues of the
vegetablo Ingredients contained that
great purifier 01 tho blood and rotorer of
helth, Dk. WALKKit'b CAuron.vi a A'ix
Z"a liiTTKits. tiO-7-10.1yTiV;d
OHEA1" LUiljlElt..
Desiring to wind up our partnership
buslaeis, wo arof tiling lumber nt reduced
rate $2 per thouand kes than inarltd
pric s. Having a largo stock of log on
han . wo aro prepared to fill all I, UU i.t
bhor notico. Wo urn telling sidewalk
lutn ar and oak, utiU per thousand, cmh,
dell ,rod; iud poplar, at corresponding
11 McUahoy being no longer In our
employ Is not authorized . to tako or
ders, collect bills or receipt for the llrm.
C2.7-e.4w Vau. : Ent.
ffciiKNOK'a Ska Wkki Tonh .in tbe
atrnoiphero experienced hero during tho
summer months, the lethargy produced
by tHe heat taks awa ttiu deurn fur
wbolsorne food, and froqueut perspirations
reduce bodily energy, particularly those
suffering from tho effects of debilitating
diseases. In order to keep a natural
healthful activity of tLo system, n mutt
resort to artificial means. Kor this pur
poso Schonck's Sea Weed Tonic is very
effectual. A fow doses will croalo an ap-
petlto and give frtsb vigor to tho onerva.
ted body, lot dyspopsla, it is invalituMe,
-Many eminent physicians havo doubtod
whethor dyspepsia can to permanently
curea oj-arugs v.nicfl are generally um
ployed for that purpose. Tho Boa Weed
Tonic In Its naturo is totully dilferent
from such drugs. It contains no curro
tiro minerals or acids; In fact it nh.Uts
thu regular operations of nature, and tup
piles her doflencios. Tbo tonic In its na
ture so much rctcmblo tho gattrlo juice
that It u almost Idontlcal with that fluid
The gastric Juice Is tbo natural solvent
which, In a healthy condition of the fjodv
causes the food to be digested; and when
this Juice ie not excrtud In sufficient
quantltlos, indlgostion, vltu all Ju Jii.
iresslng symptoms, follows. Tho Boa
"Weed Toalo porfors tho duly of the kiu
trio Juice when' tho latter Is deficient
Kotienek'i fjea Weed Tonic, sld by all
druggists, 68 70.lm.eod
HuaiNKss. AVo notice with n feoling
akin to ploaiuro that btislnos it improv
Ing in our city.
D. Ahtkii Co. nrejuit receiving thu
largest and best assorted stock of saddle,
bridles, harness, otc, over brought to this
A i.t. tho day boarder In tho city can
1)9 accommodated at tho ht. CImrles
hotel, with Urst-cla.-i board at econd class
rntos. l.in-ll
D. Aiitku & Co. nrojust receiving tho
largest and host assorted stool: of saddles
bridles, harness, etc., over brought to this
Bomkthino Nkw. Huck Crystal
Brilliant with glass oven doors. No oc-
cation to havo burnt broad. Call nnd seo
It at T. J. KkkthV. 87-C-l'J-tf
Tiik Lincoln Divobci:. The verdict
In t)ii Llnaolu dlvurca unse was for
Mr. Lincoln, to the surprito of no
lio J y. ,u do lialo scandal, or
iilsu wu would havutroated our readers to
the ovidenco In this cmo ; but It was not
a very racy case. Tho only question in
voived was cruelty wliellior lm was
cruel or f lu) wne cruel. The Jury have
decided thatsho whs crutl that Mrs. Lin
coln wa3 cruel I
Dissolution or Co-rAUTNEitsinr.
Notice Is hereby given, that tho no-part
nnrshlp horetoforn nxlsllni; lietwimii tbo
undernlgnml and Kolurl l.evy, undnr tho
stylo of Levy & Lanu, thero having baoa
no (leflnllo jicrlod fixed for tho continu
ance thereof, has this day been dissolved
by my giving to said Levy a written no
tlcu of such dissolution, according to law.
Dated Ciro, Illlnol, July Uth, 1874.
72-7-10.'Jt Jamm K.Lane.
11 Y
Cottaok vok I'.knt. No. 3'J Tenth
street. Cood cistorn ; rooms all on llrrt
lloor. Itcnt 'JOJpor month.
62-7-1-Ct O. IiAMK, Agent.
Von I'.knt. Two rooms, suitable for
olllce and bed room, over Ilcnry'A hard-
waro storo, Commercial avenue, corner
Kigth street. 7-l'J-tf
I'or Sai.K at a Uaiioain. A splendid
oillco or parlor writing desk. Inquire nt
corner ThltlanulU unit Wnluut streets, or
at thu City Hlndery. 70 7-11-1 2f
Lost. On last Saturday, at tho park
or between Tenth nnd thu park, n gold,
with jot cross, earring. Thu finder will
.hao leiivu It nt this oillco and bu suita
ably rownrded. 55-7-".lit
Foil It knt. Hoiiio on corner of Elev
enth and Walnut streets. Largo nnd
roomy, good door nrd n':d ground. Ap
ply on thu premises or Arlington House.
II r.Nisv Ellih.
At All Uoui:. "Wo tindurstnnd that
on tho first of next month tho Dolmonico
hotel dinning room will bo open day nnd
night. Itenl tickets will bo sold nt the
rata of fifteen for llvo dollars, thus on-
aiding those who with to call for nnd get
tbolr moats ut any hour, day or night.
Tho beat tho market nllords will bo sup
plied, arid boarders can order what they
choose. 70-7-12-Gt
Shall Wk "Kxcuiit'' . Tbo pooplo of
Cairo huvu been favored by visits from
tho people of Jackson, Humboldt, nnd
other towns In Tennessee, And gnvo to
Homo of them nt loasl a very hearty
welcome. Wo woro courteously invited
to return tho calls. Shall wo do so '' Ar
rangements could, no doubt, bu madu with
tho .Mississippi Central, and at least u
couple of hundred cf our people Induced
to go to .Inckson. A Cairo crowd, in Its
best bid nnd tucker, on n cool day, led by
tho numerous bras bands of tho city, 11 y
nig n number of Sunday school bannurs
would bu an attractive tpo:tnclo to thu
good peoplo of Jackson.
Wantmi. At tto Sit. Olwlos hotel,
immodlaluly, two iitout, healthy women
to work in thu laundry. Li bo ml r.'ugrs
nlll he paid anil Meady omployinont
givon. 05-7-'Jat
ToREKr. 'Jwo of tho most oligablo
and n at oUco looms with a largo nnti
room and bed room, situated ovor my
storo ronm, No. 113, Commercial uvunuo.
7l-ti.ll.tf D. Autki;.
I'linrnmiAi'iis. Kor tlia next sixty
days "Win. Wlnlur will iniiko tbo bes
ot photographs nt i I per dosen. This Is
a ram opportunity fur thoso doiiring
work in this linn. 17 7-u-J0t
TilANKD.Uur thanks aro due to Mr.
Wm. .M. Stratum for a copy of tho
pamphlet containing .Mr. D. 11. London's
nblo letter on the financial question.) of
tho day, and In advocacy of his bill for
tlio creation of thu exchequer of tho Uni
ted States.
Dogs. It is a mournful spcctaclo that
Is dally presented to tho wooplng eyes ot
tho dog-lovors of Cairo cart loads
canlno carcasses bolng carted by bard
hearted draymen to their last rosting
plnco somewbsro outside of tho leveo.
Yostorday thirty-flvo woro carried to tbo
Cemetery Fldo, ovor tho entranco
which is thn mysterious legond : "Kc
quletdog in Paco,1' and disposod of with
appropriate curouonios. In all, Uftoen
thousand (loirs have been killed within
tho city limits since dog-killing time com
noticed, now six weeks since. As n con
icqnotiuo tho nights have bocomo quieter,
and pooplo who havo no babies and can
keep cool, may enjoy thu luxury of sloop
during tho night timo.
Foil Salic "JDO do.in one quart fruit
cans at $1 per dozen ; hull' gallon cans nt
tl CO per dozen, all of good tin with
grooved seams, manufactured and for salo
by A. Hulley, ICS Washington nvenuo,
near Tenth street. 8-.,-7-17-lm
Tiik Ukst. Win. Ludwig, harnos,
milker, corner of E ght street and Com
mercial uvenue, lm thu best eupply of
liuriiuis, saddle, brldli'S, etc., In Southern
Illinois, nnd sells thorn u cheup ns the
cheapest. '-M:5.Jl.;f
Members ot tbo club, nud thoo wishing
tojom same, vultptoesu meet nt tho oillco
of J. Q. lUrinan, on Wednesday nnxt. at
4 ,,'elock p. m., for special business.
7s-iiOt.2t Ciiab. Tmarr, President.
attendance of tho member is requested
at the meeting this evening; and all
brothers having appliod for degrees, nnd
thcau wishing to tako any, am nutilled
that this evening has been especially
designated for drgteo work.
T. J, Kkutii, Seo'y.
Economy. There is ono good featuro
of tbu present city government. It is
economical; nnd that is what wo ncod nt
tnis time. It is true there is some ktreot
lilling going on that will cost money, but
that work somebody has assured us wns
absolutely necesnry. And It would not
bankrupt us to spond ten dollars to liuve
those weeds out down would It '
Dluonico Hotel Aiiuivals. Oscar
Williams, Salem, Livingston county
Wm. (J. Stulz, ht. Louis ; II. T. Wilson
Now Yorir; Jno. Mcllrlne, Uhnstorj Alex,
Dunn, Chester; V.. W. Ilug , Ky.
W. Spooner, Centralli; A. J. Llv
Ingstono, Ilarrisburg ; XJeorto Williams
Fulton, Ky.j Mrs. Mnry Cook, Chicago
H. T. Evans, Philadelphia ; Ohna Nw
Entirolv free from alcohol. The only
thiiiL known that will tako thu placu of
milk, coll'co and ton. This plant will pro
ducu tho best of beer in 3 to 2 hours, at
tho small cost of 4 cent!) per gallon. It
is a now thing in this country, and no
family should bo without it. One pnek
ngo will b,i sulllclont to supply a half
dozen families with the beer. Porsona
desiring to do so can club together and
bend for n package nnd divide the tamo
nt n trifling cost. Full directions for
making und using tho boor accompany
each package. On roceipt of 51 I will
mall, postpaid, n packagu of tho boor
plant, neatly put up and soaled to nny
postolllcu In tho United States or Canada.
Send money when convenient by P. O,
ordor or registered lutter. Address
2t L. L. Ocmknt, Cloveland, Tenn.
Tit 11ns. Wo havo lournod from
tho Massac 'Journal' that Ouptton killed
Eschbach, nnd that Capt. Perkins was
"sadly hurt" In Cairo.
-Tho Illake concorts aro a great suc
The l'adiicah pooplo hsve been
making excursions to Jackson, Tennes
see, and other points South trying to coax
the business men of that region to not deal
at Cairo,
Tho llttlo James Plsk still runs be
tween Cairo and Paducah. A gentleman
by the name of Crowl bossos hor.
-TheOid-Fullows will exerciso thuir
dogreogust to-night.
We are doing all kinds of Job print
ing for substantially nothing. Send In
your orders.
W nter to drir.k und cook with Is In
great demand. Thu water curts aro doing
a paying business.
Stelzur, u practical and thoroughly com
petent wbtchmaker, has oitabMihod him
self in butiuur nt his residence, No. l'J
Cross street, where ho will tako in nil
work tendered him. Mr. Stolzer being
under no expense, can allord to
work from f.0 to 100 per cent ehoaper
than nny othor watchmaking establish
ment in tho city. All work warranted
to glvo satisfaction. Orders for work can
bu left ut tho bindery in Tnr. Hullktin
building. Mr. Slu'zor alto koops ou hand
a full sutinlv of all kinds of flowers, ana
will tako ploaeuru in filling orders
left with him. au-7-l-lin
A mulatto man named (Juergo StCole
assailed Mrs. Michael Hourngau Tuesday
night with a club nnd sosetlouslj Injured
hor tli hi sho may not recover. It Is evi
dent, from all thn elrautnitaneei, that rob
bery was tho object of tbo murderous as
sault. VII K IIF.rAI.A
Almost ovsrybody knos whoto .Mike
Hoursgan lives in tho Fifth ward, nnd
mnoy of our peoplo knc both Miko nnd
his wife.
A fow days ago .Mr. Hoiiragan went to
Missouri and left tbo linuM In cbargo of
his wife. He Is still nbsent.
(IKOIiriE HTIilt.K,
tho would-be murderer, was, for sometime,
employed at tho hub factory. He has
lived In Cairo for sever.il years, and wns
not regarded as a bad man. It is proba
hie, bowovor, ho boosmo convincod that
Hourngau hnd groat dml of money,
Thu temptation to obtnln It got tho better
of film, nud he seloctcd n timo during thu
absoncoof tho Ilouragun from home to got
hold of it.
he went to Houragan's houso and told
Mrs. Houragun that he wanted to tuy a
ouplo of chlckons for a sick irlond. Mrs.
II. told him, he would not want her chick
ens ; that thay woro game, and valuable;
that alio would not sell them for less than
Hfiy cents n pioco. Stoelo said thu price
made no dill'erence. Ho wanted the cnlck-
ens nnd would pay what they were
worth. Mrs. Hourngnti thon took a lamp
and wont down Into tho basement whora
thu chlckons roosted, and showed two she
would soil for a dollar. Steelo gave her n
dollar hill, saying lio would only pay
ninety cents. It Is believed ha did this
in the hopo that Mrs. H. would
accept his . oiler and go up
stair for tho dime chnngu nnd thus ox-
pose whero sho kept hur money. She ru
fused loss than n dollar, nud shortly uftor
tooped, when titoalo, taking up a club
nbout eigbtaen inches long,tbree-cornered,
largor nt ono end than tho other, said:
"Now I've got you ' I struck Mrs. H. on
the baalc of the head, on the lac? and
nock, knocking her down and indicting
serious wounds.
.Mrs. II. wns not knocked (entuIo.s, and
scroamod at thn top of hor voice, attract
ing the attention of tho neighbors who
rushed to her rescue, but Steelo had lied.
It is bollovtd he crossed tho Mississippi
river, nnd is r(ow lurking In tho neighbor
hood of soma friend ho has not mnnj
milos from Cilto. Tho otUcers are dill-
gontly sonrabtng for him, with hopes of
his capturu.
Pkiisonal. Dr. Thayor, returning
from thlii Weitern Jauut, is ns hearty ns
tho bueVn ho ur heard of on thu plains
ovor which ho passod.
This from thu Manic 'Journal'
"Miss Jennlu .MclCunzio and Miss May
Harman havo beon Timing in our
city for tho past week. Miss McKenzIo
is n slstsr, und Mils Harman a nieco
Mrs. Mooro, wife of Judge Moore,
whoso rosldonco these good looking dsugh
tors of Colro, in Egypt, havo spent most
of tbolr timo. Wo trust that tboy mny
frcquootly llluminu Metropolis with tho
brightness of their coming."
Dr. P. L. Williams is under tbo
weather, but Is well onoueti to attend to
nil tho orders ho may receive.
Alderman Waldor is going to a wn
torinc placo In a fow days If the weathor
does not cool oil' probably to Crittonden
springs. During his nbaence, bo will
lcavo Tiic Hullktin to the tondor mor
cics of his nblo colloagua and Aldorman
IKcgiilar Metfing of the City Council,
Council CiiAMnKii, Cairo, 1lls.,
July 14th, 1871, 7;30p m.
Present His honor, Mayor Wood, and
Aldermen Hnllidny, Mathuss, McEwun,
McOiiuley, Morris, NollW, Walder and
On iiiution uf Aldorman McOauley, the
minutes of preceding moutlng were ap.
proved without reading.
iiKiMiir or sthkkt com u i r run on 1 kw bus.
The ftroiit coiiiiultlee, to whom was ru
furred tho rjport of D. J Gtlligsti, super
iriliiinlont of streots, on suwers, roporlod
thesiiun hicilc, wi'lh the rooj:iiinfliidlion
wlnro n-iw sowjrigs Is rmueisary,
they hi c.initruet'i 1 of lo-inoli slonawaro
piping, and that tha comptroller ba In"
slrjclel to currespsnd with, and receive
bid from, dill'dront deilers for farniihing
tho same. On motion of AldsrmMi Mor
ns, tho rocommeud ition of the cummltteo
was concurred in, and thu comptroller
Instructed to rncolvs bid for furnishing
t',01) foot of said 15-iuub stoiioware piping.
iiiii'OitT or thu Hrr.titT commivtkk, os
(I a-..
Tho stroal commitloa presented i pro
posal from the CiIm Oily Ok Co., for
furnishing gss for om or '.wo years, from
23d July lint., for sm price and uudor
samo conditions ai tiny prop )is 1 to fur
nlih gis for ten yoirs, with tbo rosommon-
union von sua proposition 03 not ac-
coptel. Thu Sinn cjeimlttee also pro-
sentod a communication from H. T. Osr
ould, supjrlntonJent of said gas compinv
declining ti uuko uny propoiitmns for
furnishing gas to be burned until raid-
On motion of A)drmnn McOauley, tbo
rocommondatlon of tho cemmittou was
concurrod in.
KKrortT or tub ruiiTr:K on (la.ms
Tho commiteu on claian to whom was
referred thu petition of L. W. Palmor
supiirlntundonl f tho Cnlru & Vlncennes
railroad, roportod tho same back, that thu
prayer of tho petitionur bo granted, and
that an order be drawn on tha treasurer
for the amount of $249 37, boibg tho
amount due tnid railroad company, for
gravel famished tho oity.
On motion of Aldorman Hnlllday, tho
rocommendation of the commlttue was
concurred in nnd said bill allowed by the
following votu :
Ayos Halliday, Mathuis. MeEwen,
McOnuloy, Morris, Nellis, Walder and
jNays 0.
fhld comiiiittoo also reported back tho
following bill;, recommending paymont
ai follows .
McOauley, Morris, Mollis, Walder and
Nyf 0,
Bald committer also roportod bick tho
bill of It. F. Hilllngsly, amounting to
$17 50 for lovon days salary as police
cooitablo, with tlu rocommendation that
said bill be allowed, and that the amount
bo duduotod from th5 salary of Police
Cunstablo Maimer, for July,
On motion of Alderman Halllday, tbo
rocommoiidatioii of thu cummlttoo was
grado established by the previsions of otdl
n.iocn no, iti, buiu wane sunn un isiu Wltli
a slope downward toward the curb, of oue
third of an Inch to the foot. A cjrblnc of
i-ptiiid white or burr oak lank, throe Inches
mm iiiki hi, leiiii louriren niciics Hlue, to
be Milked oil Willi thirty tumv toilli. In
sound whlioorluirroakMiikcHtwoaiiil om-
niii iuci long nnd llirco Ituhes square,
placed on tliu mitMilo of mid curblnc, not
more thau llvo lcet apart.
iii.u. ,1. j no local improvements licrcMi
provided for. Minll lie mails l.v
irc!al anscismi-tita nnd In nccordaiico with
mo provisions ur acciiuni 18 to nt Ine us v,
f nrll.,1.,. ft ..r I i .nil. . . '
i i 1 i uu nui. vi iuu KL'Ticmi ntseir
irvwiisiiiuiiisistiuii ail ssw .uiiiiii utuu nni r it . f t i 7 i.v,
concurred In nud s.itd bill allowed by tho 2, aXntlliJAStde
ioi uiu ini-uriiuraiion oi eitlos nuu villages;
ELLIOT & HAYTHOlt.N, tho pop-
ular wboloalo nnd rolnil dralors In Hoots
and Shoes, havo found their pro3on tbulld-
ing entirely too small for their rapidly
Incroaslng trade, they havo, thorcforo,
takon tho well-known thru-story build
ing formerly occupied by It. H. Ounninu
UAit, No. 101 Commercial Avenue, mid
r.cur tho cornor of Sixth ttreot, and aro
this day moving their unliro stock on
hand. Mr. Elliott is now In Now York
and Huston, and is purchasing tho largest
stock of
of overy description, with
ever brought to this oity.
Tho llrst story of this building will bo
usd for the retail depnrtmont of goods
of nil kinds, while tho second nnd third
will be exclusively used for tho wbolcsnlo
trado in boots and shoes.
extend a special Invitation to overy ono
to call and sud their stock nud hoar their
prices, as they are determined to keep the
largest and cheapest stock of goods uver
presontcd in Cairo.
Wo congratulate thoso gentlemon on
their prosperity, aad warmly recommend
them to all our resders.
Hememtcr, No. 101 Commercial Avo-nue.
Tiik extravagant prices demanaod lor
reamer dustors havo deprived tho house
koepors of tnoduratu moans of their use
Harclay llros,, by purchasing In large
quantities from tlritt hands, nru now on
ablod to reduue tho prices so ns to l-rlng
thorn within tho reauh ot nil. They also
keep every variety of window, wull nnd
lloor brushes, with lor,,, handle, which
vney retail ui wnulotilo;pricitt. -7-U-'
02 &0
C 00
Cairo City Oas Co., for gas ieu-
sumril in street lamps in .liuiu
in full of bill for i?Ab f,0 308 00
H H Couningham, rent of council
chambur fur ,lunu 'JO 00
Taber llros, for 1 clock for city
clerk a otlice 10 00
Huso, Lownis ii Co, for ice fur city
clerk's ollleu to July 1 1 20
1-Iuse, Loomls & (Jo, for ice for la
borers on streets i; 73
Daniel McCattbj, Jiv,-fc u
urs in Jall,'.:21 days 110 DO
Daniel McCarthy, for extra meals
furnished prisoners u 05
John Olndney, for removing gar
bage In June percontraut 115 00
Win'. Mcllulo, for killing and re
moving from city limits 171
dogs at &0 cents each 85 50
Honry Sayors, for 310 feet hose,
coupling, otc, for Arab tiru com
pany 30C 16
O 11 Woodward, for acrnper and
shovels 15 40
Strnlton ii Hlrd, 10 kegs nails 15 SO
Oborly and Davis, publishing
council proceedings, ordinurioor,
etc., to July 1, por contract i)5 00
Harclay Iiroa., for 50 lbs copperas,
otc 3 00
F Vincont, for 1 barrol lime for
j-til, nnd drayago 1 60
Ctias Bland, for hauling .drunken
men to jail 1 00
M K Powors, for hauling -
drunken men to jail 100
P Towers, for buggy for usu of
slrcot commitloe 2 00
Thomas Lcary, for removing doad
cow outsidu lovoo 2 50
Thomas McCabo, lor romovlcg
doad cow nutsido lovon, otu 3 00
Pat 3woenoy, for hauling a
drunken man to jail 50
Thomn Meohan, 11 days hauling
on streets ' 38 CO
Thomas McCabo, 14J days' haul
ing on streets 50 75
O W V healer ii Co, 15 days'
hauling on stronts
C W Whonler ic Co., tl days'
cleaning streets with cart ....
P Corcoran, l'J days' hauling ou
streets ti'j fio
Mis .J no Lilly, 1G j days' hauling
on streets '.. 57 75
Jno Lane, 7 days' work on drain
age 14 50
Wm Dally, 10 J days' hauling on
streets CS 25
M Duggan, 15J days' hauling un
streets 51 'J 5
At E Powers, hauling K loads
sidewalk lumbar H 00
John Sullivan, 'J days' work on
drainago 18 00
M Driecoll, 0 days' work cleaning
street with cart 18 00
Wm Carey, 10 days on drainego 21 00
Jas Keating, 10 days work on
drains -0 00
Jno Marnoll, 26 dnjs work on
streots 50 00
Chas Peoblos, 12 days hauling on
streots 42 00
If Hamilton, 11 days work on
streets 23 00
Jos Manning, 21 days hauling on
stroots iJ ou
Jno lliggins, 8 days hauling on
stroets 28 00
Thos Boyle,huuling 17 loads bilck-
mis WJ
M Oulvin, 20 days scraping on
strootB t0 00
Jas Konnody, hauling two loads
of sidewalk lumber 1 00
Danl McCarthy, 11 days lu chargu
of chain gaug 28 00
Warren Wims, 15 days work on
streots 30 00
Jerry Murphy, 1 0 J days work on
streets 33 00
Jno Casev, 21 days work ou
stroets...". 49 00
Thos Fitzgerald, -J; days work mi
streets 61 00
Peter Oonlan, 20 days work on
sidewalks 52 00
Wm Qulnn, '.'d days work 011
stroets 52 00
Danl Foley, 25 days' work on
streots 60 00
Kiubard Nnson, for 1 day scrap
ing on nlrools 3 50
On motion of Alderman Halllday tha
rocommondatlon of the committeo was
following vota
Ayes Halllday, Mathuss, MrKwvn,
McOauley, Morris, Nellls, Walder and
Wright 8.
ays 0.
iiKi'oiir or Titii coMMiTTr.r. on riuic dk-
to whm win rcfsrrol ini petition of
Patrick Mooklor, reforrod tho same back
with tha rouommenlatlon that tho prayer
of tlu petition! bo n ,1 grtntnl, tliu ex
Isting ordiu tiiddi uf thd oity not admit
ting of It.
On motion of Alderm-tii Nellu, tlw re
commendation of tho cjmmllleu was con
curred In.
iuu same committen nisu presumed a
repsrt on tho condition of thu publlo cis
terns, which report was, 011 motion of
AUerman Wright, referred hick to said
committee with Instructions to have said
cisterns repaired.
The same committed also reported back
the petition of the Rough and P.eady Fire
Co., rocommeiiding that tho comptroller
bo Instructed to rsculva bids for furnish
in 250 feet hose for otiglno"0cesn," and
150 foot hoso for engine "Habu."
Tho committal) also roportod that, in
their opinion, thu repairing of tho onglnu
"Ocoati'1 war. "ordinary expense," and as
such tho expense of repairing said engine
should be borno by tho Co., ns tho city nl
lows said Co. S-00 por yonr for such ex.
Tha ordinance committee presented the
following ordinances, which were read by
clork und laid over for a second reading
Providing fur the annual appropriations, for
the fiscal year ei.dlir,- April Until, lbT.'i.
He it nnlatucd by thu city council of llic
city uruairoi
miction 1. That, for tho purpoo of dc-fravliiL-the
ncrciarv cxncni-ci-. ot the cur-
noratlon for tnetlscal year eiidliiii April W.
IT.'i, and paying crrtalii ll.ill Illrs tln-ndy
incurred, the tullowlng Mini-, or u iiuicu
thereof in uuy bo required, be, ami they
are hcioby appropriated, lor tlie lo lowing
purpoes, vl.s
1. t he sum ut H,71iM0 for the purpo'i'
ot (laying' ii.iereat on Miliary oonui 01 mc
2. The cum of f!t,bl0 for tbo purpoce of
p.ijlug Intcrent 011 bonds billed lo Fox,
I low ml .V Co.
:i. Tliu Hum o $3, ICU far the purpoie ol
paving Intereit ou LoniN hilled to the Cairo
.V M. I.11111- liiillrn.td Company, (ulready ill-
llvereii liy iniitre.)
1. tub sum ins oj.iori 10 numoc 01 a
Ing bonih ilue, and becoming due, bjlore
.iirli:;o. 1S75,
0 'I'lio Mini of ttf.WM). to pay amouiiti re
celvcd lu loan from tltlein for gravelling
Lumu rtrret, between 4th and llth ntreeti.
(I. The niiui of 158,000, to p.iy principal and
lnterP!.! un outstanding 1 It V warrants.
7. The of mm In pay alatlcsof
. ..,,. i,r nu.r., incltiillu tin- police
N The um off.lKm, o ,lrf,.x ll.o ooat nf
niiiuiliu;. icconuriHtiu anil renainn mue
u alk.
!l Tho nun ol l.iKdl. to dolray the cost
ol llllh ir and re nalrlmr drei t-.
lu. '1 he sum of rJ,.vi3, to l u expended for
ili-Jluagu purpose!..
11. Tnasusi of if'J.fiOO. to ilefr.iy tin- cv
nt'iin'i of tho tmanl of health, including ":il-
,r of health olllcrr.
i2. ThoMimiif fl.MO. to defray the ex
penses of thu Fire D-pirtmcnt.
13. 'I he Mini of s.'SoQ to de rav the r.v-
peine" of the city clerk' oflh-o and coulic.l
II. Tho um of 3210, to dolV.ny tho ex-
ncnsc- of city election.
15. The sum of fl.fiui) to ilefr.iy cxpf liier-
01 ettyiall anil Uli'iins pi'iMuu r-.
Hi. 1 hn Mini of 8.VJO to di-lray tho rv
lioii-ci iifpriutlni.', bindiii" mid udicrthliiK.
17. The sum of $3,ihX) to payforgai, or
other light lor life of the i-ity.
18. 'ffie sum of ?1,500 for ronlliv-'cnt
I tint.
HI. The mini of $1,504, for rxpenes i-ol-
lcutlug general wanant for laTl.
and thu cost and axnonti-a nl thn ooti.irn.
tlon olsuld sldowalka (.ball lio paid out of
um niiw ansiog irom saiu epeuiai n.stes.-incnf.
hKC. 1. The owners nfnnv lot frnnlliiv m
bordering on ald eldewalk shall bo allowed
thirty days ancrtlic time at which this or-dlliaiu-o
sanll tako clTcct lu which In build
said aldewnlk opi oiltc I1I1 lot, ami Iheri bv
relii'Mi (lie .iinu Irom niicsnieni ; provided,
that too work ihall. in nil rexpocta, contlrm
toe requirement! nf t lifts ortllnnnco nnd bo
1I0110 to tho sathfsctioti of tho coininlllce nil
Mic. o. I pon the expiration ot thu suld
thirty dttn.lbi' cllv i l. rL- .h.ill mil, II. h no.
tic fur tell day- In tliu pajicr publhiiiiig thu
iirilliinnccaol the city, icttnii; lorlh Hint
sealed Mil- for funihlilrg Hie mntciia or
doing tho work. r both, for the uuiiti fic
tion ninlil slilewalk, directed In tho cll
council, will bo received nt his oillco up to
mr nmn 01 me iiieeiiiiir 01 inu uy cdiiiil-ii
or ine npi.-mng 111 mm inns, wuicii lucuui ,;
l.cxylng and a-ic.-j-ing taxes for the year. A
D., 137-1, lor corporato purpo.es.
He It ordained by the City Council or flic
citv of Cairo.
Skltion 1. That the Mini ol S51.S0.1 Ii
hereby lulled and as-oh-cil tniull the ml
and per-ioiul property within tho city of
Cairo, Miujcct to taxation, nt the lime la a-ci-tiI
fa) 1 ht.ito and coutily purposes for tin
current vcaf.
.Skc. 2. The mayor and city clerk ol ald
cltv nr t;airn, suau, 011 or iii'ioru hid lecoiiu
Tuesday in August. 1S7I, ccrtlly to the
countv 'clerk of. McMiidur county, that the
city of Cairo Icqillrri the illlil of $.'i0,00ll,
to he rahcil liy t'lMtl-ui, for city purpo.ci,
SllC. 3. Tin1 enmity collectnr ot Kihl AI
caiulci' ciiuutv. I heicby aiitlioricil to rr
ceivecltv iii'iliis or ivairaiit". 111 tiavincnt of
the aald city taven, In oxtcnt of one-hull of
the total amounts coiiccieu irom an iicnuns
and bodies corporate.
Skc. 4. It Miall liu the duty. nf the citv
treasurer, whenever the coiinly collector of
aid Alcxanilrr cminiy Miall pay over
to him citvtaxu,-) 111 mono, 10 uiMinrtlun
tho same among the fundi kuowii in (ienc
ral InterfU fund ; Fox, Howard Co. In-tcre-t
Hind; Iloml Redemption fund, and
fund to pay iimeunts received in loin from
citizen- for L'ravcllmr l.evoe street. In oro
noi-tloii as the Minis niipionrliited for said
Hindi am to tin; amount so paid over by
the collector: ami. when tho Kild collector.
shall pay over to tho said treasurer, city
taxe In orders, or warrants, to placo the
amount 01 name in tno ucnerai luuu.
an orTmnanci:
To nni end Micllon 31 of Ordinance No. I
Ho It ordained by the City Council of the
citv 01 uAirn ;
Skotidn t. That Kcclion 31 of ordinance
No. I, be amended by adding thereto i "And
the mayor may appoint Mich person or tier
sons by and with the content of thu council,
m ho ihall deem necessary to in-l-t tho po
lice ofliceri hi n thorough enforcement of
llni prohloni ortlilsaectton.
To amend section 711 ol' ordinance No. I.
He It ordained by the City Council of the
,11 v nt I'lih'O.
SKCl'loN 1. That said section No, 70 of
ordinance .No. I, lie amended by inserting
after tho words, "necessary to bo heard as a
signal," In illlh lino, tliu following, vl.i
Provided, that ach lilnw of the whistlo
mo lm of lnn-'Oi- duration than three
seconds, or thu continued blows of lh
whistle making tho entlro signal ol longer
duration than twenty second-."
shall not lm earllor than tuehe nor 1 Icr
tnan eighteen day from date of said notice.
WHICH notice slull statu the timo ol said
meeting and de-erl.ie the wnrk to be dune,
by relerrlug to tbo ordinance glvli-g ll
numlier mill ilntu of approval, mid Unit said
ordinance ) subject to examination at :ui
timo at his oillco. Hald bids shall be opcm it
by the clerk in the pre-ence of tho council.
aim inu conii.irl inr ilolitg I he win I., 01
fiirnlsliing tho material, or both, tor the 1 an
sriictlon of said sidewalk, shall be awnrdeil
tothelowe-t respoinlblu bidder, who shall
sillllcleiitly guarantee, to thu satlslaelloti ol
me cny council, me iiinii-mng 01 s.mi
material or thu ncrformance of s.lil w il..
or both, under the suicrinlctideiicc of ilm
uuiuiiiiiiec on sireeis unniii sucu lime .
may be llxud hy contrai t, If said city louncll
deem It expedient to do so.
A communication from D. J. Oalllgai 1
superintendent of stroets, recommending
the reconstruction of certain sidewalks nn
Ohio Leveo, botween Fourth nnd Four
teenth streets; on Seventeonth struct
botween Commercial avenuo and l'oplar
street, and on Commercial nvenue be
twesn Sixteenth and Eighteenth strtets
was, on motion of Alderman Halllday
referred to tho committee, on strtn
Hond of Ohsrly and Davis, contractor'
for the city printing, la the sum of i'.'.C J
was on motion of Aldtrman McOauley
approved and ordered filed.
LiqCOH iionds.
The state and city liquor bonds of ,)
C. Smith and of A. Swaboda, - were, on
motion, approved nnd orderwd (lied.
The statu ana city liquor bunas f R
Smyth ic Co., were, en motion of Aider-
man Halllday, referred backtotbnm with
instructions to have the Individual names
of said firm inserted in said bonds.
coitMissioNxr.s ArroiMxu.
Tho mayor statod that it wan necuaiury
to appoint three commissioners to cstim
ato tho cost of the construction, re
construction and repair ot certain side
Alderman .Mathuss moved that three
men, -uut members,of the council, bo ap
pointed to act as such comtniiiionnri Carried.
The mayor nominated ns such commis
sioners, ueo. W. Itenrlcks, Jno. A
Pooro and D.J. Oalligan, who wcj con
firmed by tho following vote:
Ayes, Halllday, Mathuss, McEwen.
McOauloy, Morris, Nellls, Waldur and
V rignt. u,
JNays 0.
Tho following resolution was pruiuntud
by Alderman Halllday, who movod it
adoption, viz :
Jttielvcil, That the comptroller Is here
by instructed to prepnro nnd furnish to
the City Council, at Its first regular meet
ing In each month, a statement snowing
thu amount uf city orders outstanding 011
the Irst day of thu month preceedlng said
meeting and niso tosnow 111 such statement,
tho amount of orders issued under the ap
propriation bill, from the beginning ot tho
Uscal year, to the date of tbu statement,
and for what purposo Issued.
Resolution adopted.
Aldorman Wright presented tLo fol
lowing resolutisn, and moved its adap
tion !
Iletolced. That the ordinance Commit-
tso be, and thoy hereby nru
instructed to draft such an
ordlnanco as shall confine the keeping of
dairies or herding of enws (excupt, ssy
two in number for each family) within
such portions of tbo city limits, ns they.
In their judgment, may deem best fur tbu
gonoral w el faro of the city.
Resolution adopted am.' referred to ir.
dlnanco committee.
Tho following resolution, prmontoJ by
Alderman Morrlj, was, on motion ot Al
derman Nellls, adopted, vi.:
Reached, That the crdinancn cxintiiitti'i
be requested to prepare an ordinance pro
vidloe ter an inspection ei tne icsihs aim
measure in uso by merchants nnd tn.c, a
doing business in tbn city, and u's. in
scribing thu wtlght and quality ol broad
The following resolution was prcsuntud
by Alderman Halliday, whu moved itn
adoption .
Jlciolved. That the mayor ami city
olerk be, and they horuby are authorized
to insert In tbn paper publishing tho clly
ordinances and other city printing, any
notices they may consider necessary.
Kssolution adopted.
On motion of Alderman McOauley
the council adjourned.
Will K. Hawkins, City Clerk.
an nitDINAXCi:
Dins. It Un,. for thn coii-tnictloii of a brick
.ii,m-ifir on .Seentli street, between
Washington avenue and Walnut Mrejt.
. ito it ordained by tho City Council of thu
r,Vrmrosl! That a brick nldowalk bo
Ington nvenue. .,,,ik ahallbe ten
r.Mwlde 1 shi 11 bo c5r.stn.ctcd of hard,
JeC Lmlri ed br.cU, compactly and p.operly
concurred in, and said bills allowed by laid in herrliiK "'""i'rr Inches thick,
tbu following votu ; :Z! S ou allVm and substantial fd o. coiu
Ayes-llalllday, Mathuss, McEwen, cinders or earth, uu sunn o -
Oenuink Persian insoct powder, is tho
flowers of (ground) of Pyrothrum Cur
nouiii,A plant growing nt a high elevation
upon tbo OaucasUa mountains nnd pos
sessing in u singular dogreo, tho quality
of first stupifylng and then killing Insocts
and vermin of every kind, while nt thu
.. - 1. I- l. . 1 I.. ...... ..H.l
eamo timu ll l unrouueo 10 uiau nuu nui-
mols. A toaspoontul of tho powder
burned upon live coals or a hot iron will
oipel evory muiqulto from tho house
without producing nny unpleasant odor.
Heretofore It has only boon sold in small
bottlos and at extravagant prices. Har
clay Hro's havo rocolved a pot of tho gou
uino powder, vthlob thoy sell by tho
ounco at a roduced prlco, Call at either
of tbolr drug stores and got an ounco and
try It. 7-2 w.
OuauciAl Furnacos at T.J. Kuiitii'd,

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