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The Cairo bulletin. (Cairo, Ill.) 1872-1878, July 23, 1874, Image 4

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li V.dl-.g lor l!ni niiimal appropriation. lor
ft. il vear Hiding April W"',,1,"!: .,
in t ordained by tho city council of tlid
cl , ft lrn; . . At , ....
! SiTIONI. I list, lor inn l'"M'"r-,". "
expense, ui ""
lnc rre.l. tho loll.iwlng "r or
thcreolmmay l.o reo.ijlr.".i. e. " 7
;.r. luicliy appropriate.', ir 1,! i""'""
' ,'P-n'.mi.l 0.753 tit f... Ill rr.r...-t
t ;in- interest n sundry bond ol tht
iu im the v'lrpo"
ootids lastum to
Irs rg tin ncco.ary expense", oi
ii irrtloii for the fieal year tniilnjr
ISO, inl paying cortaln llnMlltio"
, , .11.11 "I $1'..
j., i..ti rot Oil
1 i. unii ol tsi.inn far tlm purpose ol
1 mi Interest mi liomlA Usitrd to the Cairo
.V : I .nun. iailtc.ul Compan) , (illromiy do-
Jttc ri by trustee.)
Tim inn ui iui.ror ihfi nurno'C nf pay
ing bonds cliir, ami becoming duo, before
April .10, lST.'i.
r.. Thu mm nf ..!. tit tiav amount ro
ic. 1 In loan trout illizma for KtawllInK
Liveo street, bitwccnltliaii.l lltn Micct.
d The Mini iifw.ooo, U pay piliulpalaml
lnt ritt on onti'taii.llliif city wnirBt.t.
V Tli. ol turn i?IVm . in pay aal.it lul
vamtts city utllcer", tiiilmlliiii tin- peine
II. n mm f.f . rKl. In ilr.li-.iir the rol
1 nll.lii.'f, rccoti.trii. tlic,' iiikI lepalilmrfliln-
!i l linniin n( ftUNHi. to defray tin- cost
ot l.l.inc nt.il rcliilr,iit- Mreel.
10 1 liu mini of )? VJi ,,u cxpcn.lod fur
uraiiiagu iitrpoe.
II, Ton mm of e-J.noo, to defray th ex
penst of tlio bourn of health, liieliidliii nl
nr of health ofllcer.
12. Tlio mm of ?l.tO0. to defray tlic e.v
ilcn.-2 ot the l ire D-prtrncnt.
l . 'I l.n mini of jaV) to (!nlrr the c
f. n-of the city clerk's office and council
i aiuiu r.
11 The mm of WIO. to defray the ex
r.c ic ol rlty election.
1,., Tim Mini ol l,aW to UfHry cxru
ol t ty lull sod dlclliiif pr.aoners.
1 . the turn of to defray the x
i r.-L 'f pnnlltir, l.liHllns nd mtwrti-liif.
1 The Mini of to ) lor or
ot rti.htfbrUK of the city.
I. lUe turn of il&M for coutioircnt
n. The turn of fl.MX). for cximtsen-ol-lect'nir
itrwrnl atnmt for Is'i. '
A, i rocd July llh. 14.
Juun Vi ooi), JU or.
At'. t
WlU. K. llJkWKtS.
City Clerk.
lnjr it ml aoHtNV txei for thr yoir. A.
K., ittt, lor corporate fturmr.
tie 't orditoed by the City Council of the
c of Cairo.
! crm.N 1. Tht the Mim of cH03 '
1.. i-y lerlcd and aeed uimn the iril
1'irx.nal property within thu -ity of
I riihjert to taxation, n- the nne h a4
- I i .rfUt and county puijoe. tor tin
c .rr. ut year.
w i. The mayor and city ilcrk ol .ald
' f Cairo, Uall, on or UIore tin- e.'ond
'1 ,.c'i In AilifH-t, lTI, ct-rtily to the
.nt) '.Icrk of Ale wilder county, that th-ii"-
ot Cairo reiilrc tin? sum ol $:KVw,
ta jc rilsc.l by taxation, for city purpowi.
'i.e.;;. The county coll.-ctor ot mid Al
c . a Jer county, 1 hcrfl.y autli'.rie.l to re
i vecity i.rlr or warr.int, in jmjiiient of
t .o taid city taxe, to extent of one-ball of
ti.t total ariiouiitj counted from all pi-ron-and
bodies oriH.rate.
SKC. 4. It Mull Le the duty of tlio cit)
irraur'T. whenever the county collector ol
k d Alexander county Miall pay oer
to Mm city tu.vo4 in money, to nppoitioii
t . nunic nmons the fund Known a- Ueno
rni liiu-test fund : l'ox, Howard Co. lu
ll ret lund; Uond lledeinptlon fund, and
fund to juy atuoutit reeelwd in loin trom
ft fin lor irravelln Levee urect. in pro
I .li otias thu mm. appropriated for raid
lur.i'.i. nrcto the amount o paid otr by
t . collector ; mid, wlttnUiu cald colUctor.
Kliftll pay oir to the tald tre.iurtr, city
1111 Hfll.1
MiMnebnili- In fit., in. in us. n tbnilfand bill
l.eiul", kooiI pi.pcr and lint ly punted, lor
f .l.MI to I .IN).
OnallioiiMiii.l it4t(.uu'iil4 piinlinlnt Iiik
llri.t.KMN ofllec lor i I
aui Itni.M.
One tlmit'nnd iuiip Iip.hIj. printed at Tna
lll'l.lxri.N ollko lur ?I.UU; iwolhetisand lor
One thousand biiltic canl, lino HrMol
board, prlnted.it Tnc Hoi.txriN iwncu.lor
trom g'.rxt to iii to. nocorilliig I"
1 JIUHal'AV, J 01 A 23, 1874.
risr.su aiu.vaijki:k nr.cis.
Mr. .InneVnl ln inn li. iirrnceiiifliiU to
hhvo conitntly on hand
Cjt.U .is UK WATXIl,
At hli Kjuilir i alc-on, oorner AVathlng-
ton avenue and Twelfth itrc!.
The attention of the public if cnlied to
thli fact, ia-.d the pitroDa4 of nil the lov-
en of Ka lager loiKtlod by Ut.
cakes nnd eonfcctlonnrlc) of ovory de
icrlptton, Holng an oxporlenced nnd
ekllful baker, Mr. Honel:cr will not rail to
latltfy all who patroniso lilm. HO
'tVasltlngton nvenuo. 88-7-J-lm
Accr.r-TKt). Tbo Star bao ball club
baring challenged nny ploked nine In
Cairo to play a match game, a nino has
boeti folrrtnd to lUfli them up, and has
accepted tho challcneo. Tho patne will,
wo undenlnnd, bo plnyod in tho liucusl
Orovo baao ball i;round on Friday next
It is tho purpoi'i "I tho picked nitio t"
take out ( tho UrJ 11101, if Mot nil, or
tho Rtoat amount of (tnrch that is in that
WatkiiSoaiujk. Wo of Cairo nro not
reputed to bo troubled by n scarcity of
water. Tho world utidoritand that
Cairo ii alwiji water-sllllectod that llit
ilood of a thousand inouutains and hill
ate continually ruihini; through our
itreetf. Hut, tin truth 'is, wo are ol ihi
moment, iilin.itl vtaturleM. Ncurly all
tho lUUttii in IU city nto uxlmtitli-.l r.f
Wntor, ul.d tUfT water carl atn in ijront
diMnnnd. Tho Uhin l cloo lit hand, and
Go to Wilcox's lllock for fico peaches.
Wasteo A oinan to wash and Iron.
Apply at tb Hlli.i;tik ofllec. tt
bOHETltt.vu new In loll v claues at
lUrtmnc'. gS-0-17-tf
A Pi'tt lino of Jelly gla-iei at Hurt
man's. es.c-i7-tf
l'orun Satb 'J 13 peril at llox Fac
tory. y3-C-19-3
l'l.vn icantlin; and Jolco il2 f.0 pr 11
at llox factory. '.'1-6-19-3:
So tt gtiii.no New. A new thlni; in
jelly glaxes at llnrtman's. 07-7-10-tf
The Hect. llstter board at the Dsl
rauulco than nay other house in the city-
thn .Mi'fisi.pi it not far away. It U not,
therefore, probable that wo will sull'.ir fur
vol of enough valor '.o drink.
A I't'uon tx Nkw ilAur.m Tho
ISeoord,' a pr publish! nt New .Mad
rid, Missouri, Informs ui that thero was a
rumor on the streets of that plteo a row
days ago that "the officers of tho law nl-
tempted to arrest Newt.'ii t upp and ml.
Paris at Cairo, Illinois, tho other day, tor
the murder of Anderson, in Arkansas,
and that they shot and killed two of the
pouo and mado their escape. We give
Ibis as a ruraer, merely." It is a rumor
meroly ; nor.o of our police boys have
been killel within a few months. Speak
ing of this rumor, tho Comtnerco (Mo. I
'Disp&leb,' swys: "We think it a mistake
Uro. AIIod, as wo cancot hear of, or teo
anything in the papers of such a tragody.
liesidci, Sheiitf Irvin, of Alexander
county, Illinois, and his corps of Jepu
ids are excellent olUcers. and fugitives
from justice would have to kill a number
of mighty good men to maVo their cscapo
from an attemplMd urrost in Cairo."
taxes In order, or warrant, i yv:: li ho uai veto resting
'inmmit ,.f kNint. tn tli i loiirr.il fim.l . . -
Approed July lcih. IK4.
.Iomn Wood, Mi or.
Win. K. IUwkin.
City cl. ik.
OJtniNANCi: .NO. S3,
'lo amend ectloii)tl of Or.lln.inep n. 4.
lie it ordained by the City Council ol the
. it of Cairo :
otci ki.s 1. That section :it of ordinance
S j, 4. be amended by adding thereto : "And
t ne ua or in.iy appoint Mii h perron or per
. by und with the content ol'tli.- coiiih il.
ii In- lull deem necesary to ai-t the
h. i Ulcer lu n thoroiiuh cnlur. ement of
tin provt-ionof thl section."
Approved July 1Mb, la7l.
Jou.s Wood, Mayor.
WtLt. K. 11 w iiix-..
City Cleik.
Lkmmx. Judge Lanima, of Carben
dalo, was In tho city yesterday, cn liis way
to Maihvllle, Tenncsseo.
ALL tbo day boarders in tbo city can
ho accommodated nt tho St. Charles
hotel, with tirst-class board at second class
ratos. 7U 1-19-tf
I'.ontrr.T.. Mr. Koborts, tho artist, re
turned lu Cairo yesterday after an abiocco
I of tororal weoxs in Union county, whero
If you want comfort this hot weather
get a pair of thorn cloth ehoos at Elliott
& 11 ay thorn's, for less than cost,
To-Niuiit. The Delta City band will
discourse "iwoet music" at tho Market
Squaro to-night. Musical Director 3!ake
will be on hand to too thai everything is
in order.
CnowiiKu Out. A reply by llarrcll
to tho 'bun,' on tho fmotimen'. ijuejtiou
has been crowded out by Tiltiti. It will
appear to-morrow.
l'roidiOK lor the coii-lru. ti.ui ol I.ri.-k
ri.U-wulk on r:eteuth rtrcct, l.. tw. cn
ahington avenue and Waluut Nticet.
Ho it ordained b; the City Council of tin
. it of Cairo :
.suction 1. Tliat a brick ridewalk be
cotikU-iuted on the North ride of HiMmih
rcet, between Wa-hltik'tou ueniie and
alnut Mrcet, commeiivlii at the caHer v
..tie ol lot No. 'J, In block Mo. r,l, and ex
tending tiii.t to the easterly Hue ot lot No, 1
in block No. M, where raid walk lntercct
with tho ridewalk on tho west ride of Wash
ington avenue.
("UC. !!. t'aid brl. k rldeWalk khallbo ten
feet wide. It -hull be coiirtnictc.il ol hard,
weli;ijurued brick, eomnictly und r.roperly
laid in herring liunu iiiauner. 111 u bed of
i-iiarru Fan.t, uoi . r ttiau four Inciter tlmK,
pl.ieed on a tlriu and riibstantlal bed ot coal
cinders or earth, and hall bo laid lo tin
grade elatillhcd li the pro islous ot otdi
nance No, .'I'i. Said walk rhali be laid with
u slope downward toward the ciuli. of one-
third ot an inch to the fool. A carbine ol
round while or lmrr.uk tlank. tlucu i m In-.
thick ami al lean lourtern lu.-lie wiiio, to
lio rplkeit on wun llilrly penny liatlr, to
round white or l.urr oak taki- two un.l on.
hall feet loni: and three In. lie rouaie
placed on the outi.le nt taut curbinj;, uoi
in ire than ll o leet apart.
!kc. Tlic local Improvement herein
prnvlucu lor, man lie uiadu b
iipcclal assessment ami In ;u cordauu: Willi
tlio provisions of r.ctiiin It tu Til IniliirUe,
or article u oi loeaeioi mop iieral aiseiu-
bly of the ktaie oi Illinois-, aiiproied Ajitll
10th. Ih7'i,-and untitled : f'n act to nroWdc
lor the Incorporation ol . itie. and tllagci:"
and the eot mid expeuser ol tlm c.m.iru.
tion ol raid Mduwalk rhall lie lmld out nl
thofutidii uiiiiuy from said special assess
.Sko. i. The owner of any bit irontluir or
bordering on raid kidewalk shall be ull.iur.l
llurty ua) a alter inn lime al men tut or
dinance rhall take i Ifect 111 which to build
Mid MiiewalK opposite in lot, and tlierehv
relievo tho fcamu I rum aerment: ni-otl.lcii
that tho work rhall. In all rorpectr, euuiirm
tin- rc-fjulrcimnti of tliU ordinance and he
done tu the batisfactiou of the committee on
tizv.Ci. I'non the expiration ol the raid
thirty day, the city clerk rhall publish no-
lice ior ten nay in me paper puimsjiuu; tho
ordinauceii ol tho citv. t-ettiug forth that
sealed bids for luriiUhlnj; tho material or
doini? the work, or both, for Iho coutruc
lion ol said tldewalk, directed to the cll
couuell, will be rceeivod at Ills olllce uti tii
thu time ot the iinetliiK ol tho lty council
for tho opnlnofk.ud bids, which mfetiiiL'
Mull not be eailler than twehe nor later
than elKhteen da Irom date of said notice
which notice rlull rtate the lime of tald
meeting and describe the work to he done
by referring to the ordinance glvlnu iti
number and dateot approMil, und that said
ordinance Is vubject to examination at am
time at his ofilee. hald bids rhall be opeueU
by the clerk in the prcn me ot tho conmil
aiil thu contract lor ilulm: ll.e u,,,l
furnishing the material, or bolh.Ior the con
rructiuTi of vld ridewalk, shall be awurde.l
to tbe lowest ruspouslhlo bidder, who shall
fcuUltlcntly guarantee, to the ratlslaetlon of
thu city council, the furnishing of said
material or the perlormaneo ol raid work
or both, under tho nuiieniitcndeiu-e of iho
committee on mrtetH within uch time n
may be tlxed by rnntraet, Ifaald city council
cloem It uxiicdlent to . 1, t '
If raid bids nr wjlfcilittaftorytn the Cllv
uoiinoii, tney may reject anyor all of thuii,
an.Iii.ay then, or thereulter, aulhorie raid
Klliott A: HaytiIokk b&vo on hand
COO pulr gontlomon's cloth shoos, Jut tho
thing lor summer wear, that will bo closed
out at the pries of common slippers.
SoMKTrtiiui N'kw. llucks Crystal
llrilliant with glass ovon doors. No oc
caslun to havu burnt bread. Call and see
it at T. J. Kkuth'h. 87.C19.tf
l oit RtNT. Two rooms, ultablo for
ofllco aud bed room, over Henry's bard
wro store, Commercial avenue, corner
l.igth street. "ltMf
illK largest und bcst-seloctod stock
of EURNITUUK tor mbi at wholosw!
andrutail by II IINHY EICHHOFF. No
110, Couimoreial aveuuc,oppbiita Sovurfth
irooi. 11 o-17-Jm
Van bALK at a Haiiuai.v. A splendid
omen or parlor writing dusk, lmpilm ut
coruor Thirteimth and Walnut .truotn, or
al tlio Ulty llindyry, 707-11-121
WiTKi.. At thu l'laiiter' house,
dining room girl, who can sneak tho
Uerman language. (!ood wages ana
good situation will ki. given to such a girl
applying immediloly. 7-2'J.tt
A lUmiMN . Tho Hioro Fixtures, stock
of quoensware, Cutlery, and Fancy (ioods
of I'akjon DavimV Co., cuts bo bought
ai n vory low figure, to close out. To
any one dtwlroui of going Into tho
(jueontwaru businoss, this is a rare oppor
tunity. For particulars call on, or ud
dross J. T. Tiiomad, Assignee.
In tbe county court yesterday tha fol
lowing kusinets was transacted and tho
following cases disposed of, viz-
Case of C. R. Clark vs. M. Uiirns, as
sumpsit. Damages 400 00. Continued
for sorvrice on l'eter timitb, executor of
de!nndant, who is deceased.
C. T. Clark vs. same. Assumpsit. Dam
ages 100 00. Same order.
Louisa I'earsoa vs. 1), S. IUrroll. As
sump.'it. Judgment onterod by default
and the clerk orJerod to niseis the dam
Kerr, Ilartleson iV Co. v. T. E. Upihaw.
Assumpsit. Damages 30 00. Judg
ment onterel by dotault for tho sum of
(J 2 00 and costs.
Roberta i: Sellers vs. Stewart iV White
Assumpsit. DamagiS 610 00. Motion to
quash summons sustained. Defendants en
tered appoarance and cause continuod to
next law term by agreement.
H. A- J. W. King vs. Win. Winter. As
imosit. Damaiies 500 00. Same order
ai above.
Satan vs. Sarr.o, Smo order a: above,
In th afternoon tho jury was called and
six journeymen failed lo respond tnu call
Attachments were Issued against the de
llnnuenls and they will bo given an opor
tunlty to ucsuor to tho gravu chargo of
contempt ot court.
In the taso of the city of Cairo rs. lots
12 and Id in block 2, city of Cairo, R
Smytho owner, for amount of special as
tessment far graveling Lovco timet,
Jury was ompannulled composed of the
following. mined Jurors: II. It. Ellis,
0. R. Kylo, Jno. Howies, Win. Wool
dridgo, C. S D.ilay, Jn. 1. Allen, John
Cook,: J F. Miller, 11. F. MelUvrn,
Wm. SchulU, John l'arrot and (1. W.
Ryal. Tho city is r ..pre ion ted by II
Wutson AVobb, city attorney, and tho de
fondant by JJnugar A: l.itisden. At tbe
adjourning of court last evening tho case
was Mill in progress.
fUl tUT -aUKT.
No session of the circuit court was hold
yesterday, Judge Raker being required
to bo absout from tho ciiy. llownvcr, hu
will hold court to-day, closing tho term
this ovuuiug.
Wo briefly nlludcd yostcrday to tho
celebrfttlon by tho RoueU and V.tuAj flro
company, on Tuosdny night lait, of tbe
18th anniversary of thit organisation j
but Iho feilivitld worn of to rny n ebar
nctir a? to tl'Miiand iuoii than patiiHg
Th'T'j l n.U.. ly wh .- in ' lbin
about tut otiglno li.nif with ttof
than .loo Vorrun, Cha'b'y l-'ratik, John
Kiehler, ImuI HlalUu, Ohr- rtli, and n
nuuibur moro of tho Koujh boys; and
thoso boys, who run with thu
tnaehtnn, got up llio engine bouo In gala
stvlo. Thov dacorated it with Cliini.se
lantrtrns. and tnado it lock nko ft country
btlle on fslr-dav as pr. tty aJ b 'j.ud
looking house cuiilJ be miJo to loik in
Its showiest bib And tinker
Tii. DlU band on tin toof ol tlm
l.iill.litii: wokn iiuiticil (choos lit the
neighborhokVl during n ctiplo of hours,
and iuccof.l(sl In congregating within
ear-shot of the charming noist. tuado by
tho band, moro men, wemon, boyi and
girls Ih'in wo care to state.
At about 10 o'clock tho band retired
from tho roof lo tho room en tho first floor
whore a lunch had been prepared. When
wo say that that lunch vanished wo but
express a faint idea of tho lightning rap
idity of Its departure. Wo saw il tut a
After the lunch had been disposed of
and a little Milwaukee beer had been
taken Is, after the Delta bad tuned their
horns to suf oral tunes and Iho Concordia
bai g ren to ihe company a taste of ltr
most excol'.cnt vocLmusic,thoro were calls
for speeches.
In response to severalcalls, Mr. Otcrly
male a fow remark about Are, and pro
porty, and self-sarifiVing devolen to duty,
and tbo futuro of Cairo, and so forth.
Thoro was thon applauio, and music by
tba band, the kelllo drum talking louder
than the big horn. Tho big drum sound
ed liko stago Ikunder nnd tbo cytubtls
clasped with grsat industry ; after
which thero was n good song splendidly
sung by tbe ConorJia, Scblcsinger lead-
Cairo poopio, wo ttndortako to -ay, tako uR. Jo-mLi: 1 U,. p, ra; fot Dll
Cairo paper, for Cairo news. Live, Quoin, on builnou. Any oneagcmonU
pungonv, won u.ge.tcd local. ' aro In c tot dental work mado during hi. ab.onco
s.ouwumuu, nnu mo papar mat lurnisncs win rocoivo prompt attontloa on bis ro-
mo moii nccopiftoio .tsppiy or thesa will turn, which will bo Wodnesday next.
provo tho most nccoplable and
1 will Ml llio furiilttirii ol tho l.'oiitnil
Homo, in litilk, or in parts, cominunclni;
this ilnt, I desirn to leave tlio hotel
l'iiin.., This fiirnlturo ia all now, mid
of good qilalily rnrpnt, boU, bedding,
cha!r, etc. and will bn sold at a treat
bargain. Tho loaso for tho hiuisu can be
obtained on favorablo tonus.
.Iuii.n It. lUrNXIi
Cairo, July Jc3, 1S7I. (H
ular wholesalo and rutall dealers in Knots
un.l Mho., havo Kmnd their preset! Ihuil.l
ing intirvly trvo .mall for their rapidly
increasing trade, they bavo, thereluro
taken tho well-known three-story build
ing formerly oeouplod by R, II. UrxNixn-
luoTOottArus. For tha noxt .txty
days Wm. WInlor will mako tho be.
of photographs nt 1 1 por dozen. This Is
n raro opportunity for thosa deslrinc
work In tlm lino. 17 7.;i.30t
Tub llB8TWtn. I.udwig, Imrncs,
milker, roinor of h i;ht nlrcnt Mid Com
mercial ovenuo, lias iho host supply ol
linrut'M, raddlo', biidles, etc., in .Southern
Illinois, ntul ftnlls them nt rlman n tlm I
cheapest. '' r,.;l. f
General Insurance Agent
Ohio Lovcc, over Mathus & ULl'n.
Vaj'Jtonc but ftrtt-chtw Compnniet
-KsiAiiMbiiKn 1858.
nrlN'T R 1 1 V Snfforrt, Morris & Candee,
" " I IviMlliium. A ,........
i.iauiiAnuiv 11.111.1 1,-),
7T Ohio l.cvco, Oily Nntional Hank
liiiililiug, I i no, J i.i.s
I in .11 on ii.i o rxam nei It in nnlv com.
tilcto and l.trsjcutuck ofCniiiectloiiery ever
kept in I .tiro. Kery dealer MiouM know
hi can l.tty t'hraprr ami llelti i gno.h where
they ure made, than Iroiu acond hand dual
ci . Itemcml.er there I l.utoiin place to do
Every Day Hereafter, botwesn It and
a. in. '
niVMn!11 hywlt ''Sew
pproitd July ImIi
u they may think liroi.i-r.
Jltll.VWooi), Major.
VU-b K. Hawkinh,
ciiy clerk,
NoIIch Is horeby given that, having pur
chased the intorest of J. II. Clay In tbo
IlrmofClay A: Ent, In tho logging busi
ness, lh said II rm was dissolved on tho
Vd day of February, A, D , 1B7-I. All
parties having claim, against or Indobtod
to said llrm aru horuby nolliled to present
tho same for immediate (ottlcmont.
,,, . , Titos. J. K.NT.
Oaiko, Ilu, July IK, 1871.
Wamunuion ilAi;i.TiviI3lr. Josoph
Ronel;er 1ms takeu charge of this well
known establishment, and will, on and
alter to-day, bo nblo to supply ih
puhllo with choice bread, including
Ronton, llrovfii and (Irnham bread, besldua
Kmancii'ation Cki.kukaiios'. Tho
coming anuiverfary of thu emancipation
of bIkviis In tho AVest Indies, August 1st,
thu colored citi.ons of Cairo will celebrate
in an appropriato manner. A Urand
llarbecuu Dinner will bo served in
Schuul garden, and hpeechos, by well
known orators, will bo mado in tin fore
noon uud afternoon, within thu hall,
which will bo appropriately decorated for
thu occasion.
A cordial Invitation to participate In
thu celubratlun is extended to nil tho sur
rounding country.
Tho best brass band in Soutl.orn
Illinois has boon procured for tbo occa
sion. Tho tables will he supplied with all thu
.cusonablo rolroshmonts.
Invitations havu been extundod to somo
of thu most t Men tod speaker in the land
and tiivorablu answers have been received
from most of tbosu who havo boun In
vltcd. Among tho speaker who lmvo
Icon solicited to speak on tho oeca.Ion
aro: Hon Frud. Douglas, of Washington;
(lov. l'inchback, of Louisiana; Hon. J
11. Oberly; lion. D. T, I.lnogar, and J
J. llird, Esq., of Cairo.
Cotnmlttoo of Arrangements. I). C
Bcott, J. T. Allen, Wm Mulono.B. Hmitho
nnd J. Jennings. 7-17-Ct
At Haktman All kinds of gloss
fruit jars cheap for cash at Hartman's.
To Rknt. Two of Iho moss ollgablo
and neat otllco rooms with a largo nuti
room nnd bod room, situatod ovor my
storo room, No. 113, Commercial uvonuo.
71-0-1 X-tf D, AlUElt.
Thn loud cries for 3ron brought that
gentleman to his foot, and for a lime ho
poko to the point and tho best kind of
good sense, as ho always dots. Then the
npplau'o again, and thu Delias and
tho Concordia, fallowed by crits tor
Mayor Wood.
His Honor was a Utile backward, but
tbo boys at last brought him lj time and
to bis feet, and maae him speak, lie ox-
proitod tils appreciation of tho oxcellenco
of the Cairo Uro deptrtmont in a band
somo manner, and, as chief executive of
tba city, thanked tho boys for their zeal
ApplausQ again, and the Deltas and tho
Thsn tba crlet! wero for Hcbuh, and
Schuh had to respond. Hu said ho was
conternplatins: tbo possibility of becoming
a candidate for the legislature, but bad
not yet fully mado up his mind to do sr,
When hu did ho would praclico speaking.
but until then he would do nothing else but
sing. But he diJ. liu paid a few hun.l
some compliments to tho Roughs, and was
warmly applauded.
llr. 11.. Myers, trcaturer of tho com
pany, was very attentive to the fow guests
present, and was, as ho always Is, tba soul
of the company, llcerwart also contrib
uted his share to tbe pleasures of tho occa
sion. Taken all in all, it was a jolly oc
caslon. Wo shall not look upon Its like
again for a year.
SEysinLK Mcskh. Tho following, from
the pen rf Mt.-M. 11. Harrell, who has
had much newipapsr experience lu Cairo
and hat an abundance of newspaper sense
is so truthful, that wo adunt it as an ex
prossion ( our own sentiments as de
duclions from our own cxperionce:
Ills, says llarrcll, or.o of tho marvels
of Iho tlmo that wo havo in Cairo so many
porsont who know how to make n daily
newspaper pay. 'Take tba dispatches,
siys one, and you will doublo your cir
culation in 11 week, Thu enterprising
proprietor of a daily paper acted upon
this suggestion once on a time, and, payiug
as hu did, one hundrl and twenty. eight
dullare'per month for tho slispatchos, hu
fell impelled to raise hit prlca of subscrip
tion from twetdy to Iwenty-tiv
cents por Week. At tbu oud of two
months bo found that ho bad gained
elovon subscribers bocauso of tho di
patches nnd lost fourteen because of tho
increase of subscription. "Hlru a special
river reportor;" sajj another, "and you
wl 1 sell to tteamljatmen one, hundred
papers a day, bvsides increasing your
cl eulation largely among thu largo class
tit citizens counLoctod with our river in
to 'est." Tho river reporter was hired nnd
at th expiration of two weeks tho l'adu
call packet countermanded its order for
six copies a day and thus ondod tin In
creased raironugo bocauso of th
roports ' "Take the aftirnoon
dispalchoi," urged n seoro of
foru-sightei gentleman "and publish un
uvening papor " Tho accommodating
publisher acted upon this suggestion und
in less loan a fortnight liioruallur was
informed by his advisers that his even
ing dispatches were a delusion a mere
ro-hash of what camo to them moio lu
detail and In better shapu In the St.
Louis pspera In the morning. Hence
without intoading to roiloct upon tho
managers of thu Cairo tolograph olllce,
(who at times furnish columns of matter
that Is not published) wo dare and do as
sort that it does not pay Cairo papers to
"tako tbe dispatcheB." Ono half
thu matter If furnished to tho
oditor from any other source, free of
chargo would not bo published. No odi
tor In tho exercise of sound judgment
would scissors such "stulf" from ex
chatigus. Why, thon should ho pay an
nitraTagiint prlco for It and lixo aleop
and torupor in tho preparation of il for tho
typo-stickor uro facts that form an onlj;ma
of which tbe ococnlretios of publlo do.
maud furnish 110 satisfactory solution,-
of all kinds', wbilo tho second and third
will be cxrluslvoljr used fur the wholesale
rule, in boots und shoes.
Messrs. KTMurT A- HAiTHORN
extend a special Invitation to every ono
to call and sc. their stock and hear their
prices, as they aru determine! lo keep the
largest and cheapest slock of goods ovor
presented in Cairo.
Wu congratulate these gentlemen on
their prosperity, and warmly recommend
them to all our readers.
Remember, No. 101 Commercial Ave
Manufacturers, Wholesale and
Retail Dealers In
ConfootionerH Goods
No. 17- Washington Ave.
Cairo, III.
'llio ol.lel el.'il,ihud Ajrtney ill -Southern
nullum, rcpic'ciiiiui; user
SG5 000,000.00.
am, .No. 101 (Jommercin! Avenue, aud
near the corner of Sixth street, and arc
this day moving their untiro stock on
hand. Mr. F.lliolt is now In Now York
and Rotten, and is purchasing the largoll
stock of
of every description, with
ever brought to this cllv
Tho first stcry of this building Will bo
usid for Iho retail uViarltnoBt of tioods PI )0'H V 1 Win V A 1 1 Ml.'
Look to your Interest and buy direct Irom
the only Mauiilacttirluu- Confectioner In
aouiiicrn iiiinoi.
John (. lUrtnan oil
J,.0. HARMAN &. CO.
Real Esta te
And Kami Agent ol the Illlnol Central and
Ilurlington and Missouri It. It. Cof.
North Cor. Sixth and Ohio I.cvcc,
II. U". .Ml l.l.in:, ProLiant.
J. M. I'llll.l.ir.-, VI, . rr1.1ld.11l.
CIIAH. CUNM.NtlllAM, Caihler.
KM ll.Ntli:.c..ln. bank note nnd I nlted
Mat. -ct urlti.-s bought and -old.
Interest itlliMii'il un time tlrpualN.
Slcl7.gr, a practical and thoroughly com-
pelent watchmaker, ha estab'itbod him
soil in business, at his rosidun.-., No. 1'.'
Cross street, whero ho will tako in all
work tendcrod him. Mr. Stolxor being
unuor no expeuso, can atrord to
work frem f.O la loo jis. ra,,t tAHpMr !
than any other watchmaking establish
ment in tho city. All work warranted
to give satisfaction. Orders for work can
bo loft at tho bindery In Tn Ruli.etin'
building. Mr. Stclzer also keeps on hand
a full supply ol all kinds of ilowcrs, ana
pleasure in fining orders
Real Estate Agents,
74 Ohio Lkvkk, (Scooml Floor,)
Ituy and Hell URAI. KsTATR, Pay TAXI s
Furnisher: Abatracta of Title.
trTfI.an.1 1 'oiiimlsloiier.
Bristol 8u Stilwell
Family Grocers,
will tako
left with him.
W. P. HAM, IDA Y. Prcldciili
IIRNUY I,. IIAM.IDAY, Vice Prc'ldest.
A. li. SAFI'Oltli, Ca-hler;
WALTER II Ynl.uP, A-i-tant Cashier.
STAATH TAYIaill, It. II. (' UN N I Nil II AM
rl. I.. Il.tl.l.lllAV, . P. lUl.l.ll.tV,
tl. D. Wii.mam-on. Srt:i'lli n lilm.,
Exchange, Coin and United' Statrx
Iloiids lloiiglit nnd Sold.
DEPOSIT" rcceUc.laii.l 11 general banking
ousinc none.
charti:rki march :ti, lsun.
Six Is very much tho oflspring of phys.
leal Ill-health and fooble stomachs. Dur.
ins; ono-third of our limo tho processes ol
digestion must go on In our bodies, and If
tbt stomach and bowels aro not well,
nothing is well. To bo dyspeptic Is to be
miserable; rnoreovor, dyspepsia is tbo
loundation of fevers and diseases of the
blood, liver, skin and kidneys. Dyspep
sia invariably yields lo tho virtues of tbe
vegetable Ingredients contained that
groat purifier ot tbo blood and restorer of
lJ0k.UU, UK. WAI.kKll CALlrol'.NIA Vl.N-
KU AH HlTTEKS. HO-7-lo-ly wAd
This is to ntlify tho public that ihd un-
dcrslgnod has removed his stock of boots
and shos trom thu corner of Soventaunth
ami Washington, to No. It's Washington
avenue, In thu bouse formerly occupied
by T. W. Carrico ii Co., whore ho will bo
happy to receive his old friends and torm
new acquaintances, by selling them boots
and shoot nt thu lowest figures for cash,
Thankful for past patronago, ho rospect-
fully solicits h continuanco of tho tame.
3-7-.0-dt;t K. S. Matso.v,
Desiring to wind up our partnership
business, wo aro;solllng lumber nt reduced
rates $2 per thousand Iths than market
prices. Having a largo ttock of logs on
illin, wo aro prepared to 1111 hll bills at
hhortnotlco. Wo aro sollinc sidewalk "l it every biisino day fioni !l a. in. to .")
lumber and oak. Kl la .l,T,..n,l .,.v, l' " u:"?: 1 'or
1 I " I snn um j , 11 win ii 111 n fl I'MICK
ol'l'lUKlut :
A.It.SAFFOIlD. President;
H. . TA YI.OR. Vler-Preldcnt :
11. II Y.SI.OP, fteeritary anil Trenurfr.
niuicToiiH :
P. M. llAUCI.AV, I'll.tH. l.U.Killi:ll,
P. M. KlOCKKLMIII, l'AI'I. (1. X'lll'll,
J. .M. Plill.I.II'S.
IM i;ill I jiaid on dei.i-lt at the late"
01 six per ccut. i.er iinniiui, .March lt uud
e iteiiincr 11. interest not w 11 rawn
lidded luimedlatel) to the prinelial of the
deposit-, theii'b) giving them compouiirl
IlilCI U-l.
ilulivored; and poplar, at corresponding
.Mr. McOabey being no longer In our
employ Is not authorized to tako or
doM, collect bills or receipt for the llrm.
ca.7-8.lw Wall & Ext.
For Two Months Only
At iho Delmonico Hotol at Reduced
Hoarders will do woll to Inqulro at tho
olllco and maku urrangoments.
70.7-ta-Ot Hahkv Walkkh,
Rriggs, Commercial avotiuo, corner Tenth
stroet, wishes to inform the ladles of Cairo
nnd vicinity that for tho noxt 30 days sho
will soli her summer inlllinory at eor
l'loasu call and oxamino hor goods, If
you wish something lino at a low price.
Hiinovfr College, Hniinior, Iutllmm.
NliXTtcriu hrgln September lull, ls7l,
Two lull course, cla.lcal uud icientllle,
with prepatory ilepartineiit, Full faculty.
Tuition (ice. Hoarding as low uh elsewhere.
For Information or catalogue apply to Rev.
(I.e. UKCK.MA.N, D. I). Prel.kut.
Sl-7-.i l-t v
Fob S.vbK "Juo Qor.on one quart truit
cuns at $1 por dozon ; half gallon cans at
VI oO pur dozen, all of good tin with
groovod seams, manufactured and for salo
by A Hulloy, 1C8 Washington Hvontio,
near Tonth street. KU.7.17.I111
W. IIYSLOP. Treinurer.
P .
j Xf-OETyVIXai j
jjtij Cor. Washington Av. 4j
11 - n
sin nr.
A man Intending tn do liiiilnen. must first
prepare hlmscll to meet the requirements
of hi customer ; next hu must Jet every
poslhlo or probahlo customer know that he
la so prepared. In a very small place ho
may 1 1:1.1. all thu people what he can n. In
11 laruo village a printed haiulhlll, poster or
circular, properly distributed, will bo llllea-
c.lotl", bill WIIDKVKK 18 IN A I'l.ACK LAIinis
1111101(111 WHICH 10 ADDiiKM' ljlK 1'UBMC.
Keen r-vnrv tliiiiL' ncrtairiiui' I . tlm
1 1 - r
lino of .Staple mid Fancy (iroccne-!,
t ooilunwart;, etrotabks, l rtnt., Ac.,
Wo (.ell tho Central Veaat Cako
during Htiiiiiuur instead ol' tlio Com
prc-.ed Voast. It gives excellent sat-ifacllon.
No 32 EIGHTH St.
iuaurs lllrck (upstairs) corner f-tb Htro
and Washington Avonuo.
sorunr af Mlunlsioulls Nlrcatnaa (Ions
meroisU Aveaus
u. O. PAT11CII
Cure nil kinds ol pains. For bale by
ItAIttilolY HROS.
3olo ugciita lor Alexander, I'ulaskl, Union
a fJlausccounllcs. lil-O-U-.m

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