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The Cairo bulletin. (Cairo, Ill.) 1872-1878, July 26, 1874, Image 4

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oimi.NANrk no. m.
Providing tor the annual appropriations, lor
the llicl vearei.diiit: April UMli. .
He It ordained by Hie til) toum il of Iho
city of Cairo !
M-xtiun 1. Tlint. for lie purpose ol ne
fraying the nee.rv expenses, ol the cor
poration for the liscal ear mdliu: April .),
13,j, ami paying certain llabllltlf nlroady
Incurred, tlie lollowlng "Uin, or fo iiiii. Ii
thereof m may be rcUircd, br. mi. I they
are bcicby appropriated, for tho Initowiiij;
purpose, viz :
J. The Mim ot !,723 s"0 fur Hie purpose
nt paying Interest on sundry bonds ol the
c'''Tli" mim il '.),S40 for tlio purpose ol
turlnc Interest on bonds, i-oiicil lu Fox,
Howard ,v Co.
T.. - ,.l 1 (A I... 11. - n I
O. I lili sum . n- Sim .il'i3i; in
paylm: Interest on bond' issuei! to t lie Calm
.t- Ht. I ..nil ltnllmarl ('nmtiiinv. ffilitviilv il,..
i . . . -- " - ."-.-"rf , ..V
11. ......1 lit l.mln.
1. The mm ofiMoO,fnr tlin purpose of piy
ln.' bnnds due. mid ln'cniiiliii? iltir. liclorr
April .TO, 1-S7f.
n. Thn sum nf dM.CfMl. tn mr .niiiitlttl re.
i clvr I in loan from citiens for craw-Mine,
t ....... ........ t. III. ..! 1 lit. .l.nl.
A-n n rinuii nvtnci II 1111 HUH I llll nilii"
0. Tlio sum of SS.OiW, to p.iy prln ;lp.il mid
interest on unisiaiiuini; cny warrants.
7. Tlio of Mini ftM.MlO. In rviv sal.tties nl
various city otllccrs, Including tlio polico
m. Tho Mim orf.,ooo, to defray tlio co-t
building, reconstructing und repairing side
II. Tlin mm n( ftl fsal In ilefr-iV tlin idst
ol lUllc' and rcj1rintr ttrcrts.
10. '1 lio mim of ? V"t to bu cxpondod for
iimiimKu I'uriHJM'.
if '. .- . " , r a.i . - I f .. .1... .
II. 1IIHSUB1 Ol Ci,S.St, Vl IIU1I1I) lUf lA"
penrol of Hie board of health, Including al-
. At tinllll. ..it),....
11. TboMimnf $l'.KO0. to defray the cx
denies ol tbc Y Ire Department.
13. Ibo sum of $X0 to dclrny the ex
pentcs of tho city clerk's ofllco mid count
11 Tlia cum nf ft'tln tn itfit IhnnV
peine ol city election.
15. Tlio mm of jjl.txw to ifofrtiy cxpon
ol city Jail and dieting )rl0lll'r.
Ul. riie turn of to dolrar tlio i -ticnT?
of pnnlinr, MihIIiik nml mhrrllliif
17. The mm of WW t pa' torgai, or
other lllit fortlo of tlio city.
IS. Tlio tun) or il,yj for contingent
Hi. The mm of Sl.rM, for cxpcnict col
lectin; general warrant for IbTI.
Approved July IStu, IsTI.
John Wook, JIayor.
Will K. Hawkins,
City cioik.
liCVj liitf and axofliiK tixci lor tlio year, A.
1)., lb' 4, lor corporuto piirpn-eB.
He It ordained by tlio City Council of the
city of Cairo.
Suerio.V 1. That tlio miiu of $50,000 l
hereby levied and tii-vmed upon tlio real
and perjonal property within tin; city ol
Culro. Hiibjcct to taxation, aitlio miiiu U a
feeu for state and county purposes for the
current year.
.Sue. 'J. Tlio mayor and clly clerk ot said
i ity of Cairo, hlr.ill, on or bcturo tlio second
Tuenday in Augu-t, 1871, certlly to tlie
county clerk of Alexander county, that the
city ot Cairo iciulie- the sum nl srii),i)iiii,
to be ralvd by taxation, tor city purpo-c.
Skc. il. The county colleetcir ot tald A!
cxandor county, Is hereby authorized to ic
ceivecity ordorx or warrants, in pavim nt of
the bald city taxes, to extent ot mii-liall ol
tho total auioutiM collected I'rom all ii-1 - .n -and
bodiea orioratc.
rtF.e. A. It hall 1! tho duty of tlio citv
trasurer, whenever tlio eonnl colleitnr il
Hid Alexander county fha'll pay uei'
! liliii city taxes in money, to iippuitinu
thu same ainoiur the funds known us lienu-
IntercM fund ; Fox, Howard ,t Co. In-
. , v in
terest Hind; lloud ltudeinjitlon fund, ami
I und to pay amounts received In loin lloui
cllieiis. lur graveling l.eveu ftlect. lu pro-
Iioniou as mo Minis npproprialod lor aalil
Hinds aruti tlie umount m paid over by
the collector: and. henihi! silil i-r.u
nil all pay over to tho said trcaMiier, nty
i" utoern, or wairauis, in iiUcc In
uuiountot itaiiiu In tlio (leueral luiid.
ApPtawdJuly lstli. Us7t.
W'll.t. K. IUwkinh.
City Cb lk.
OltDINAM i: No. t.J.
Iil milfllil N,.illfili .'tl ..I I Ir.ln. ....... S... I
Mo it ordained b the City Coiiuei'l oi t'hu
i 11 ui ...... I u .
suction i. Tint n cilou ;:i nf oriliiiHin.-!
.So. I, be aiiiciiiled b) iidilliijrllii reln : ".rnf
iu mayor may appoint such person oi pci
soiii) by and Willi the conn lit ol thu c-oiuieil,
n nu nimu iieiriii neei.'ss.irj lu aklsi ine pii.
Ilco olllcers la a thotoiii!li eiilorccliiuul ol
uui provisions ot inn ectlon.
Approved July lstb, 1S74.
... . John Woon, ilayor.
Wil l. h. II UVUVs,
I'mvldlnii; lor tlio conmiftlu f. ri brick
IdeWttlK on .SoVonlti Ktrcet, liuluiiu
Wa-liluKton avenue and Walnut stri ct.
llu It ordained by tlio City Council or the
city of Cairo :
SrCTtoN 1. That n bilck sidewalk bo
rointrueted on tho Xorth i-hlu of .-uuuih
hlroet, between Wa.hUijjlon ;aeiiuc and
AValnilt Mreet, couiuienelii at tho oastrr.y
llneol'lot.Vo. in block Xo. fil, und ev
tendlii' eaat to tho oaiterly lino ot lot Xo. J
10 block Xo. Td, where kaid walk luter.ectH
with the sidowalk on tho west cUc ol Wali.
liiKlon avenue.
BUC. '1. bald brick hidewalk ahallbo ten
feet wide. It bhall bo constructed of hard,
wclljliurned brick, compactly and properly
laid in licrrlnt; bono manner, in u bed of
coar.a aand, not loss thau lour Inches thick,
placed on a arm and substantial bed ol coal
cinders or earth, mid shall bo mi laid to the
tjrado etablUhed by the provisions ol onll
nance Xo.il'l. Said walk shall be laid with
a flopo downward toward the eurb, or one
third of un loch to the foot. A cjrbliiL' of
sound white or burroik lank, tlueo inches
thick and at least lourti'cn Imhes wide, to
bo spiked on with tlilrtv pennv nail.. t0
sound white or burr oak -lakes ti in! ,u
h-ill (firt inni' nnl tin-.... i... i
placed on the. .ut.ldool said curbing,
more tlian live loot apart.
frJKC.il. Tho local Improvcuiciiis hin in
provided for, shall i,u mudo i"
apcclal asics.tneiits mid in accordance with
tho provl.lotu of sections i..,,o5i im-iiniu'
of article U of tbe act of the Kfcr" 01
dyoftho tatoofllllnou, approvet ,h
Otb. isia, and entitled : ...Vn't to 'roVldl
lor the Incorporation ol -itie aud vlflaci
and tbe cost and expense o tlio coii.irm.
t ouoUaldslduwalk, shall 1 1, Tr
the lunds .ri.lnS from Jni'VcW Z'S
Km. 1 Tl. a ..r
11 ' tin; timo ill Wll ell till nr.
..ui.aii. uit"iitc ins 01, and therein'
.uu nui mui, in an re. ncets. cmiiirin
itrccts; """'""' ' eomm.uee
BKC.fi. I'pon tho cxrdratlon m ,1... . ., .
VUU,,U no-
ealed bids fur furnLfilne thu 1, lau" all or
doing tbo work, nr both, for th "01 Mr.n.
tlon o sal.l sidewalk, directed 0 ,
received at hl.UTu . tl
lb tiueolibiilliectlii.'o the eltv co ineli
which untiT. 1, .,i" ''.,,u !! ' nolo..
meeting and de.er V 1, w !r, ' '"''!"'. :tl"
liv refnrri..,. .1... "r Hi lie iloiiu.
number annate a,, '"i W'" '
tuid the ciitracl ior .1 uhV i i , "'i"""'
film Mi llll? t ll. inatArl VHi or
lual.-rlal or I .r. '"J f" "aid
.nayi;,;UxV.rby"coU ra, t Ifsild .'i v"""J
deein It txpedU'i.i in "! '" "ul'' ' "X ' u""eil
und mav theri, o"?'t herVmie ' "'V,'" "
Mdewalk to bo con.!, tl I Vv '.' 1 'f
U thev Uiav tllllil.- r.r. .. " ' "' Mi'i'll U
u mey may iiuul; proiii r,
ApplOKd July Jsih, IHI.
John Woon, i1ajlM.
1VA N 'I i:i.
II II....U
S.imeliOd) to tike lloui us
'i llmlU'ilnl l.lll
heads, (.'noil paper
and Unci) printed, lor
5.I..S) lu I.OII
Nr litem en Ci.
OlIO tllOllsclflil itiilmiiAnli vt.l.tlA.t Bl 'I'll,
lU i.t.Kit.N oillee for fn.W to I on.
Mote llrmls.
(lllH lllilflllllil II. .1.1 hnml. l..i.il..l .1 'I'.ll
Ut'l.LhllM ulllic liii l.i"j; nvollii!s'ind lor
i 'II I it M,
tllll' lllllllkflllll lllt.lllKMA i"l . I J lint llll. fill
lio.ird. pi luted at 'I'm: lll'l.l.i:l I.N ollli" lor
from ..Vl to ?''"'. nccordin;; In l-''.
SUNDAY, JUM' i!C, 1871.
(Jo to Koflilr' for your moats.
Uo to Wllcofc'a' lllock for lino punclicf.
Somktihno bow in jolly i;Ij(s hi
lUrtmali'e. 6-li-l7-tf
A VL'Lt. linn ol jolly ijliiti) lit Hurt
man's. 8H.(J.17-lf
boMKTitixu Nkw. A now Ihinu In
Jolly glafioJ a'- llnrtinan'i. 07-7-10-tf
A Ooon Shot. Mr. .Inmoi Oarlar.d Ii
tho tost blrd'ibot tn tho city. Ho abort!
ctoan nml promptly und hill live Mrdi In
Sullivan. Drue, mcdlclno. tier.
fumory. ovorythlrii; In tlio line, at T.
K. Sullivan', 15'J Commercial avenuo.
llKLioinud NoncE. Kov. II. 11.
Thayor, D. D. will preach in tho Tresby.
tsrian church this morning nt 11 o'clock :
.Vibjoct; "Ihoory und Practice
All tbo day boardor in tho citv can
bj accommodated nt tho Ht. Chrh
hotel, with llrit-cl! board at second class
rates 70 1.10. if
IlKfiK IVcd. Kouhler. at Ills meat
raarfcot, on Klulith drool, botween Com.
merckt and Winhlnctnn nvoiiuo', has tho
best Lour In tho city, sold chcapor than
any other butohnr's, bocause anld for cash
Tin: 1Ii:ht. Tho t;onoral vordict la
that T. K. Sullivan's fo.la wnlor in tLn l.a.t
in tlio city. Try It. No. 15 Commor
c'ml rivoiiuo, between Ninth and Tenth
Kon Kit.NT. Two rooms, unltablo for
ollleo and bed room, ovor lleiiry's hnrd-
waro rlorn. (.'ominorcUl
Klglli Hrrtit. 7-rj-tl
a A regular communlc-dlon of
Vr i;.ilro ln.dgit Xo. 237. A. K. and A
V.M., will bo hold to-morrow (Jlou
day) evening at H o'clock. Vnlling
brotiiora cordially invito ! to itttniid.
It. V. Hi.aki;, frjocrotary
"Wantimj. At tho I'lanlera' house, a
dining room p.lrl, who can spoak tho
(ionium luiiutmwu. Uni uvn 11 girt
apidying immedUtuly. 7.'J'J.l
.. .....
uoni. r.iinor on t'ommorcUl uvunim
Ohio lovoo, Kightb or Mith stroels, n gold
iv. ol 1 . oal, with tho lottor "K. J'. Jt "
origmvod on il. Tho ndor will Ln .1,11
abl.i rowanlod by leaving It at Til 3 Jlu."
NriNkLice. st
ilKtu ro llAtL.-ilr. William Ilamll.
ton, a colored (junllomnu, wna yesterday
1 . 1 . . a t 1 .
nuiu iu nan in ttio Hum of .r,0U to answer
tbo cliargo or attompting to vtolalo tho
ptrtoii of n colored ludy by tho nanio ol
Miss ilary Hcstt. Tho ovldonco was
IiiNU ai.lUB. Tboro bus boon a ereht
IIJu on the .MiMiisinnl Uontral miirnn!
at tbo blull'botwosu tho river und l-'ort Jf
fersou. The truck cannot ka cleared for a
wook. A temporary track is being cons
truclfcd urouni this slido, und trains will
run regularly.
i'o frjyi'HA.v. A. correinondoi.t of tbo
sun, writing under tho signature of friy.
phax, wishes us to loll him "how h r...
ligiuuj person ii to bo distinguished from
a sinner or InfiJol '"' Tbey may be dls.
tinguishcsl by tho mark peculiar to oaeli.
vo don t euro to toll !S. nobllclv uli.i
thoso mark aru, but privatoly. wo would
not nusitato to do so. Syphar Is unublo
to sco thingsv Uo is a llttlo stupid.
AVamiinuion JlAKKliv. iir. .loinnh
Koneker has taken ehr nt il.is ,....ii
known cstHblislimect, and wll', on hnd
alter to-day, bo nblo to supply tbo
public with cbolco bread, Including
lloiton, Ilrown and (Jrabam bread, besldos
cakes and confcctionarics of every dc
scriptlon. IlolnL- nn oxnerlum.ed nn.l
skilful baker, Mr. Itonekcr will not fail t
satisfy all who patroni.o hi in. uo
ivutliinglon nveiiiio. 8-7.2-liiw
. ssjr
i-tu-ru u.:.-I)r. Vernelluwlll .0cluro
at tbo A. M.' KpUcopllTTh:,, th
naiiiti, customs, etc., of tbo people in
Asia M.. UII...I.. ' .'
' " wiuuriu, uio., nn Jlondav
ntr.kt fl.la. II II. 1 .
'"S""""1) -" nonavo no doubt tbi
i.i uo u very iniore.tsng lecture. Thu
utcior is a i.iack man. II0 was born
...,., wuDfU i,i, numea mediclrio, and
has traveled over nnarly all tho w,i,i
Uo wa interprjttir for ilr. llurlin..!,.,..
uunng tho ombaisudorshlp of that ,.
iKiman in l hlna.
. ... n -
JiKi women. Klvlra i:tis. iinm
King, Kauny l'orry nnd AIIco mJ,owls
...... . - . i ,.
sum juituruay nnuu uy r.S'julro Ilird f
ami cceti, ocb. hannyand Allcujiaid
r.ivira arm iialtlo wore sent to iuil 'i'i...
charge agaimt thoiu alius wan. that thru-
vote guilty f no.t.biding, fre-jucnted
'"luu "oi" "'id kept late hour. The
mun wno nest-hided wills th,i, lwi (n,
luuntej lumor shop n their fo.,,,,,,,)',
Mr..H... K., wo say to Kqulro Ilird, ,,nd
mo partial police olliees : "lluwiiro
there u a day of rovengo coming "
(lllifili llAI;liA(.UK.--'l'li,.r,i ,in i
" . . i'" n
Kfund burbot.ue ut l.oeuil llr,.w
tbo CUStolll bouill, Alll'IISt lll, i mi...
Jlnner will be givoq by the -fUu Uhmvo.
lent Horn of America, for thu l..,nnii. ..
Iho eoclety A rJumptuous dinner will bu ,
preareJ, and nil Uio rofroilnnonli tf Iho
eoaion vr 111 bo on hand. Dinner will bi
readv from 12 m. to I ti. in. Grand el -
Icrtaluuient lu tho ovcuinK at tbair Ltd I,
on rourtoenth itroot, botwoun WbIhiiI
hnd Codar itrccts.
Tub Tkiikiiilic Sun. S u Yero mro
llio'tiuu ' would cruili tho board of adu
CAlioti. Ithai threatono.l tn do to very
ofton; and, when tho rsport of tlio board
wat publifhcd, iilinre.l thu peuplo tl o
hoard woidil h. crnihed bv thu ilodi(i
himiner blow of tlmt mistily journikl.
iVn wnitcil for tlio cfushlnc iittack It
did lint r'lii": tint. Instnnd tlinroof. it
diilied us out n -tilo nrtiolii prnleing tho
lio-iiil. ktinw It month tciiM
flopped, Mid wo linnw how t" Iiiimi It
done. Oh' timid 'Hun '
WiNriiK --Wn iindoMlniiiJ Mr. Ilonry
Winter H nn iipplientil for a position on
tho Chlongo lira dopnrtinunt. .Mr. Win
ten Ii known fwr und wido naono of tlio
bait firemen In tho country. For inntiv
year ho was at tlio hnad of tho llro do
partmpnt in this clly, nnd by lilt ikill arid
ability na a llrtinan Favcd to our
poplo hundreds of lliouJafids ol
dollnra yotly. Ills oojloit momontii nro
in tlio midst ot Jangor nnl from flro
and hi) juditmonl on such oetilom la ac
knowlodL'cd bv all. If Mr. Wlntor oIThm
liii itrvlcoi, Chicago will bo tbo gninor by
accepting tnoni.
That Amibkmkat. Tbo '.Sun'
great comfort from tbo assertion of tho
SI. Loul 'Democrat,' that Col. Taylor
has neithor timo nor inclination
for such amueumontt as runuiug for Coti
gross. Jol. Taylor will not canvass for
tbu nomination. Uo Is not an oUlco
ecckor. Uo believes tbo ollleo should
tool: tbo man, ratbor than tho man tho of-
Ilco: but ho would nut hesitate to accept
tbo trust, if bo wero olo-tod to reprosont
this trust In Congrojs. If tho Opposition
should nominato bin ho will not thon bo
Idlo, and will uudnrstand that II is his
duty to do all that Is poislblo to satisfy
uio pnopio thru ho would faithfully rep-
rosont thorn.
I'rssonal. Mr. Erwln MhxwoII. tho
lubricating oil man, called on us ynstor.
day. Uo was on his w,iv to Mnbll. nn.l
Now Orleans.
Major Munn pllgrlmairo to I.orm
Ilrnnch, nnd l'opo's Joiirnny to Car
boDdale, havo aslgnilhaneo. Tboy moan:
''.No l'hillis or Yost in ourj."
Mr. Henry Whiteamp, seriously ill
last we.ik, is rc'ovoriug. H i almost gnvo
in t(l tllO tirOVailirilf Sinking . I nlora
morbu, but succoa lod in majtoring it.
Col. Taylor nrrivnd at hnmo fiom frit.
Loui yutterday nftornoon. Uo has no
doubt Ibut tho Ortiro and St. Iiiuis rail
road will boeomplotui within a vory fow
Tbo Du (Jnoln Tribune, ol tlio 23J
Inst, oayri: Or. J J. Tonnollo of Cairo,
arrived tbo tlrst d.K of thn wiwk in our
b-altb.and say, ho I,;;,, , , "
- IVD1IULL 111 tlnii, 1
JnriolIo Is ii tlrt-c!9 tiuntut litiil ii nfiAd
vui.ea, anu tno paopin of Omr. should
giva mm a i;o.(d liberal palrcnage.
Tn bett moats in tho city at Keohior I
meat inarhut. Kiirhtb street, betwbiin Com
uiorclal and Wabhinglon avonup,
At tbo opoiiiLji of tbo court voetordav
.. r .
iiiorning, mo casooi tno rieoplo, otc. vs.
DatiIcI Miller, for km-ping a gimblinij
Uouji), was callftd up. Hy agrodinent, a
Jury was walvod, uud tbo caao wai trlod
by Ihu Cburt. Marshal Mcllalo was the
first witness called hnd tostlllod that on a
osrtaln Jy In Kobuary last, actlnB upon
Information ..lv.,n l.lm b. ' U,...T"
. "
upon Millor' Bitablishment and found a
numherof darkies in tho saloon nl
for ionoy, but In tho scramkla und oxclti .
uiont ho waH unublo to identify
any ot tno participants, but canton,,)
about four dollars in money and the gam.
ing impiernont used, which he tumnd
over to the city uutboritiea. That bo ar
rested Millor on tbo chariTo ubovn
named, aud ho wns lined boforo a polico
magistrato. Albert Androws, (colored)
a chtihuvor well known in the polico
courts, lestiueu mat during Jnnuary und
reoruary last no was In the emnlov of
..... . i "
Miller as barkoepor, and that during tbo
time ho was omploycd tboro ho novor saw
any came for money and
bllo on
lowed any suoh tramca
wiutn, as it was sir ct v .,.ni..
the order of thu proprietor. Miller, ihn
dofondant In tho case, testlfled tbat bo
owns tho saloon In which tho L-amlm. !
alleged to havo token place. Trim i,
never permitted games for monoy In his
i anon, anu u any Much gamna were played
thoro, hn knew uothlne- of thr.i 'ri. .. ...
tho lime mentioned In McIIale' testlmo.
.v, ........v, ..i.uiinu uini on inocbarso
ni' Dial nlllAA. ...A.I...I 1.1... .,
" ,H ,,Atr t 1 , . -ti" 1
.ciflend be pleaded gu.'ty before tho
magistrate and Was llm.l n..
magistrate and was
"nod the
sum of $10 and
agreomont of tho attorney
submitted without argument
eost. Ily
tho case was
Tbo judo,
-- " ciui'iuoa tlmt ss
Miller had been Uuod for the only game
proved, it was an oil' ot to anv l.mW
in lllmitiim. .... II... ... ... .1 .....
action against mm, and as there was no
ovileiuo of ur.y cthor gumirur. hu i,i
discbargo the prisoner. County nttornev
rope conducted thu prosocution und Mr.
n uou tun uetense.
Xo olher business of iinnoitanm u,, .
trarjsneio.l l.y tlJU court. Iinin.,.ll...i
r.n. .1,.. vi...... .....1 .. , "
...u ...IIIUI fH, mu MTV ,. ,11.
cnurgeu for the lurm.
Sin I vory much tbo oIlsiinriL' of ni,v.
icai ill-health and feeble stomach. Uur-
mIS ono-tnird of our timo tbo processes of
iigosuon must go on In our hodio. ami if
iu-i siomucu arm u,vuli uro not well,
noining is well. To bo l vsnantln l (,. l.
I I ' " " " ev
miKiraiiioi moroover, dyspepsia Is tbo
loundation of levers und disease of the
blood, liver, skin and kldnnv.. nu.,
la Invariably yjulds to tbu virtue of tho
TOgetablu Ingrudlents contained that
groat purillurol tbo blood und rostorr ,.r
health. D11. Vai:im:uI',,, tr...
-.. .' ... r uiin ia Ifl.
EllAll HlTTKIli, HlJ.7.16.1vw.-.l
llAhiiiMiiuno, III., July ', 1-H"i-
Am nr.l.nrrntn.H,!. Imth bv TllW IIULLK-
TIN and thn nartlni thoinlblvea. tbo six
csv.) explorer (all but Dunning, Tact),
liiincri and llupcrt.l left tsiro very nariy
Tuesday mornlnp, so rarly Ibat ono of
tha-n nl least saw tho sun mo for tbo tlrst
timo In say ton vcais
I' basal'.vavs boon in link V bo fist
1'iir, ft to make n ri for thn train. I
went to he 1 full of th" rotnlntloii to
bii on timo otKo ju t for n ilinngo,
in I to unjoy a now scniallun, mid tho
roiult was two long hours of walling
lit tbo Dopot for tho train and thn balanco
of tho party. Can' I say that tho now
situation was vory onjoyablo.
All tiling havo nn end and Ihoso two
hours did at lait. Wo wolghoJ anchor,
nnd Sailed cast, in tho song say: "Wo
salbsl and salloJ and aalluJ," ovor tbo
Cairo and Vlnecnn.ii nil road until wo
lauded at Uarnsburg In Sallno county.
lh.i train irava m flftonn mlnutas to
breakfast with Jlrj. SlodJard at tbo Stokes
lion io, a broakfatt malo up of tlio host
cofloo wo ovor drank at a hotul, lendor
stoak broiloJ to n turn, iced tea, Iced milk,
frceh buttor, ham ar.u cgr.s and borrlos ad
libitum, ull for fifty cents wblob, Mrs.
S. casually rcmarkoJ, wh'in yojr ropro-
sontatlvo tondored hor tho currency,
wo ctmld koop, as Ua " novor
charged ft poor dovil of a nawspaper
man anything." Our wbolu party tried to
show her tho ruinous ro.siilt of such n
policy by titming ovor n list of oJitor.
who would not jnly stop to an occasional
moal but would como nnd stay. It was
wasted timo. fribo, liko Grant, is "sot In
hnr ways," and insists that "any man poor
onoub" ('ho did not sav mean otiouibi
"to boconnoctcd with a nowspnpsr should
not pay anything in bur houio.''
tbo train puses through a country that is
slowly doveloping into somo of tbo Unost
farms in Southern Illinois. At preJout,
tbo Irurclor Is grootoj with monot
onus etrotebos of low country and
doop woods until Turinul bill
is reached. Aftor tbo luntiol como
rockl, and hills,Hnd miniatiiro mountains,
divorsillod with valleys, farm homos,
Holds ol tmiullinjr corn, orchards and lino
sconory that uitkei n fow hours ride not at
all tirosomo.
Wo arrived
AT ttA?.tlt9IIUKI
nt 'J o'clock, and worn mot at tho train by
-Major I'icku'.t, who cordially welcomod
us Wu must acknowlojgo. however, tbat
wo obiorrod a tinge if dlsappointmont,
on tho inujor's oxpressivo fuco, wbor. ho
" i j "l" not consist ol R i,n.
l:or'. douri, moro than half ol tbom
That thing wa all not rlirht whon wo
oxplaiuod to him that. In Soptombor, a
largo party would Como up and wn nmild
promise but as tbu malar ii it marriod
mun, porhapi 1 bad boil say nothing
about It.
At Ilarrlsburn wo weroloinol bv bit
oiperiniicod cave oiplururs; Major I'ickott
aud Captain Coimover, of tho 'Uhronlclo,'
Cjpt. VMt, Capt. torgy, Mr. Dan Kauui,
a fearless young gcutleman, who w
much at home uudor Ida mountain as
wbon bii feci woro on their nativo hoath,
nnd .Mr. Ilrown, a descendont of tbo
shephurd Kings.
, 7 0'
'". whIcl' l" fl'"". with
After frovidlng omijhoi with baskets
ralldnssuUicioot to fgsl a ro iiiBiit-armad
with minor's lamps, candles and lanterns.
and seated In buggio, we started in pro
cession to the cave, eight miles southeast
ef llarrisburg.
OUR ltOAl)
lay acrois tbo flnu fartmnir. lands of tbo
Saline river bottoms and down tho vallov
around the b&so of tho mountain.
THK coux
in this county look Weil, Taking tbu
farms tbat wo passed nnd tbo fields of
grain, corn in silk, und wheat In stacks,
as a sample of the roll of tbo country,
I no niutiuuniu u ui
corns "into Kgypt
we aro certain if Josep h brothrtn should
to buv corn" thov
could bo more than sitlsllbd. Many of
tho wheat fle.dson the road, julglng from
tbestubbleandtho ,Ua of rick, would
wu novor saw protniio oi a letter crop
of corn. Thero was o:canonal ovldonco of
tho work of tbo cblnu bug, but its powor
for mischief is at an nd for tbi season,
Wo urnvud nt tho
at tho loot of thu mountain; bolow tbe
cave at noon, and undor a Imp. ami tl,
-iiuiiinB uiiiucnce 01 a iignt uri.zllug
rain, we .proa! our newspaper and pro.
. .1.. 1 .. .... . ... . ... .'
exhlleratlng influence of a liglit drizzliui
co doJ to onjoy u itttlJ bmiucM-llkc picnic.
i uuiu nutter iliipoaod of, wo took uti
inu lino 01 march, In single file, un tbo
a ai '
mountain-, iJs.tbrouL'h tho stunted L'rowth
01 limber that covers it, ovor rock and
rough und rucucd places, uruund lm
mensu boulder. -K hot und teilseiiu tour
ney, "onward and upward'' through Uelda.
01 lern, wnoro iho timid in imnglnalion
Serpents slide ln.m nut tin. vnu
That iw 11, mils uy iliattt leil stono ;'
ft laborious walk that took all "tbo 10.
maricoout ot tbe outsldo" and the starch
out of tho stillest of the pilgrims. At
tho ond of tbreu nuarlor. ef a miiu th
niijociive point oftbojournoy, our Mocca,
was reached j not exactly Iho aort of
mouth it well regulated cavo I supposed
to have, but a verv iood ono of It kind
This is n depression in tlie mirfnco of tbo
uarili, about thirty ftot ncros at tho top,
gradually ilenlnir down tan fuet to tin,
bottom, and overgrown with scrub oak.
HIU hlllllilM rf tllU ilia
,,1.1,11101,, m the solid rock, s a
bole, net moro tban tliroo font Jnuaro nnd
dark as midnight, from which leads a
'" "i natural stair. llilrtv or lorlv c
, , j .
ieot to tno lloor of tbo main passage,
From this oponiai? a atimdv .lrsfi ..f .i. I -
All lolt tbo necessity of cooling oil to
somo oiloht beforu faeir.u this draft. nr,d
tboro was it gonural shedding of .-lotbing
ami limn ior .vol shady plaegs. At tbo
OIIU 01 Illleull luluiltuS. Ulim ll. ..r.ii.f
hoin our loader
Alid we llluuioiiattd. t'hniik lo Mr.
Honan, conductor on the 15. A: V., whesu
bonnvolent heart prompiod the loan of n
Mnicrn triminod and lllll, I could not
bo reckoned n "foolish vlrL-in
'J'hltly fdot from thn fojt of tin stair
v., III lll l HI H In aniil l.i.att nslanmi
whleb is lour loot wiJi arid of unknown
bight, n but;., Inmldor bs fallen from
tho n.nf lmlui uini. i .
too way : over lis vnu
must climb n piirpsndlcular wall of rock
ton foot high or faco tho door nnd
"crawllsh" under it. Our tiartv "craw-
llihed ' to n mnn. This 1 the, onlv obUruo
tiou mot with in the main tiaitai'ii leadilic:
milus on iiiitns under the mountain, until
it opens again at CaVo-ln-ltoek, or tho
Mike Kink outlaw' cave un tbo Ohio
Tho wny is rough and ju?t dangerous
enough to tnuko It uttractivo. Wo srcnl
two hour In this patsugo und Its cham
bers, und nlthougb wo did not Und Tilt
Hulleiin h "woman without vanity" nor
"an borimt politician" which is conclusive
oviJotice that neither of them ovoroxlstod
yot wo iound onough of tbo grand and
.... J...r..i
"ouq.hiui io amply repay us for our
troubio, aud givo us a faint Idea of what
might still lie boyond, wbon we, growla
uruu, retraced our steps to tbo upper
world again.
As wo viowod tbo
wltbnrchod roofs, bung with stalactltol of
snow wluti stone, tbat ulittered and scint
Luted In tho Iiiht ol' our lauiiis i!,n,.r...i
, -, 1 -
rouuu iVlumns ir smooth masonry that
supported thoso roofs, tho blu'h smooth
wall laid by tiaturu's architect, wlii grcat
square blocks of stono, und boro and
more 1'iuarc-cut corners, whoro narrow
pusngoi led, somo of them up and others
uown, lost in a darkness that tho faint
glimmer of our lamps failed to penetrato
nnd out of which, and from bohind cor
nors aud angles, us wo passed, monster nt
groli-ijuo and horrlblo shapes appoarinl
to spring into tho li;bl it wa not dilli
cult nt times to imaL'ino oursulvoa In an
othor vorld, threading the narrow strocli
of aii unknown citv. inhabited bv nn
unknown pooplo, of long ago
When Nllietub Wis el iilinaiued.
And Mini nil', huntm- grounds iinkuowii
Ilr I .. ...
)u .now oi noininu thnt so com
ploUly describes these underground pas
sages in ttioir changes than thu lines in
Joaquin Miller' ".In'jomr"
" We wound below a sodden Mull
'lh.it Idled from Us sua-voleed base
A Walt. Willi I! 1 1 tl IVI ft MS . ll, r.....l.
t And deep b some lun."-ierlsfiril rare;
IV u.,, a.,
sii,ni uinily limned a'Mliist the Mouc'
oi tno cave wo took n fgw mlnutt rest
bofurn cntorlo j
i ins la much narrower than the other
ami more ditllcult and dangerous. Very
few persons have ever takou thu tro.blu
io explore It. Alter entering thin pass
age nity yards we camu to u point where
tne path tbat must be followu.l niatllil smti
abrupt turn to tho.outh, while tho ono wo
were on continued, apparently, directly
lurnnru, uui must liavo lod to the "bet
lomiom pit; a tt itOM0 thrown In tho
dark could be heard striking and bound
mi; i rum .ijn i i,i i , i,,. ,
.,iv auunu
ui.u nway in the distance bolow. Wo
round many uch places directly in tbe
pain, and it required great euro lo make
the turn at tbo right moment and
avo ourselves from walking ovor one of
wioso precipices. This naMa-'o wai v,.
narrow in places, so narrow that tho thin-
nestmanhad tho jollle.t time. Frequently
tbe w.ll. wore so close that for tw.lvf.J
or moro at. timo we could only p... by
a sido stop; at other tbo roof can ,o
near the ground it was n J. L ,'
down nnd crawl ..v,. Z ,:r .B: WeU """"d the Inning by
It would IHI , , D
for all wo could
see, hundreds of foci
f . .
above our heads.
si wub ncre that our
mites wero found. ,n,i t i i",. .. " .
weight bororo I (jot out wo inui' have
found a ton of Ibom On. .tZ-tnlte wn
rnnrninnttstmn f ..ni..n. i
rcprcsontution of it potrillod boar.
In one of tbo cavorna sva f.mr.i ,v.i
appeared lo bavo been
"w.wumu num
Tbo sheet of water turned tn iMn .,.,
whlto stone not moro than an thib
bung over from tbo top of tho shelving
. , "
lUr lotwo" lh" "d tbe wall,
as a ful of watnr I.I .)
ciiu 10 tno lloor below, leaving . niina.
as a fall of wator would do.
It.wn hero that we found tbo
r.o'. standing on a rock, but, oarvod out of
tho solid stono by tbo action of watUr. ami
apparently hung un to drv with bii l,.ir
to tbo wall. In returning to tbo entrance,
wo took u inherent, and as it provod, a
moro dilllcult nnd dangerous nnssaira
Ono part of It, nono of us will forir ot. Tho'
walls wore nourlv toirethiir. llm
seomod to have mink suddonly, loavliu ,
gap some twenty feet long ami fifteen feet
ueep. Across this Wi must work our wuv
uy nrucing siur loo', against thu noriian
dlcular wall on one aide, and shoulders
against tbo other. Wo did It without tho
lessof a man, but tome, wbill thev vunt
urod a look bolow, came vory near "losing
thotrgrlp" several times.
immi'nu out
of tbo month of tbo cave at this sea. on (,f
the yoar is a peculiar sensation. No nursnn
could como directly up out of tbo basin
but must got gradually accustomed lo tin.
changofroiu cold to buat. Tbo feeling
caunot be described,
alter spending four hour In it, our party
am n.riul 11 it in r,..n,.. 1..
.M,,U, j, ,
mounlaln to thu crust ol tbo Urt rungo of
n.r. .
u ouialDoil that w.ll reu.i. fUr il,-
. . . .
trouuio uud fatigue ol cllrnblrju.
Uarrisburit, Kldorado, Kijuallty und sov
oral other villages aru in plain view, und
Marion, In Willianuon coiintv fortv mllui
away can besuaii dimly on a clear dy.
iioro w amused oursulTus by gather,
lug arounJ greal rocks, nnd, by thu
Unltod ell'ortl of Suvali mun. fvnur
rnprosAtitatlvit, not fond ol work even
for fun, did not takn bol I.) lifting them
from tb"ir bid- nnd rolling iliem tliun
dorg nnd crashing nvur tlfb prooipiee
down nil) ' ill i tr , balnw
Tn If l wj cutbofed somo line
'i-s lerns ; anu, as tun sun wunt
specimens .r ferns ; and, a thn run wunt
o'elork, rnvns. i
Oguratlvoiy, with glory-lltorally, with
mud, wo d ticks and cMggors.
i nan iiuntiiict saying something about
the sulphur springs and tho acotiury, and
tbo speculation there would bo
in buildlnt! n hntul wllli bail,.
Ing . housos, etc., but Ibis lutlnr
bas already strotcbod bovond eiiduraiieu
nnd wo must wall until Soptombor wheu
, jsrg0 pMtJ. of UJll! BnJ KODlIoI110IJ ,n,
go up from Cairo with tonts and tar.
paulln nnd old clotbos, camp out, eiploro
and drink sulphur wator.
STARS AND imcki:dnink.
Notwitbstandlng tbo hot weather In the
afternoon, n largo crowd was on tbo
Docuit (Jrovo grounds to witness tbe
match bolwten tbo Stars nnd llrady's
picked nine.
At 8:20 o'clock both nine emorge'd
from tbo cruwJ, and the picked nine
looting lLo tost wero sont to tho bat.
Ilelow wo giro a genoral r'swne ot the
gaii'o for tbo Umllt it our base ball
ririsr inni.no
This Inning was short tor tbo picked
nine. Thu onlv bat made was duiio bv
. .
Ilrady, who was put out by Frost while
try lug to steal home, Kuliy aud Itowlei
"fouloJ out1 bohind thu bat.
Thu Star's made a good opening in
Frost making a home run. and soon t.tter
Jenkins making another ; Devurellugan,
rsetl, ruley, Sbeuhan, lloutb and Con
nors batling'linu balls,"aud wild throwiag
by the llelJrs soon ran if.u score up to
10, when lloiau batted a al.url 11 y, which
wu caught by Dvidsun ; Conuors "fouled
out," und lljotli closed tho inning by
striking out.
lluutb s tiitchinit could not havo been
b.tUr than it was done in this inning and
the bat, Frost cntebln r .111, Uno L.s.l
Slack got tlrst uncalled balls, mado third
on a passed ball und finally got bump.
Stewart struck foul, which was caught
by Frost; Mcl'lgu ditto, cleied the tlrst
half ot Inning the saconJ.
Stars.-The picked nino did l.Aii.r
tbi inning than in any of tbe six; Mr
Tiguo pitching and Davison on first biso
wa a good change. Tie Stars only mak
in; four runs.
ricked Nine-Davlson. Kallv and
Drady got their first on callod balls, and
got home by a wild throw to llnntn
Bowles and Fraser strlkinr out .n,s
Black baltlnc a line ball to Hoan. mr.i
tho Urady boys to the field again.
Stars The Slur ulno saoined to have
Ihines their own way In this Inninir. Had
pitching by McTigue Ut ton mon to
tholr baso on called balls. Tbe Ilrady
boys wero completely nut out. Mradr.
LTfrL IT, . V V"
"d bad P V m.di h"
. .. - - j i
ti , p,IChed P"' hIm-
crowd commenced leaving, .Unking
. W0U J y Urady
T nt0.
I utiuj i,
Thn foi.nb urn. .i ..I,,
ina xourth, firth and sixth inn ngs woro
luno-sldod. with tho axe.n,mJ.r "
.ii . i.i . i .L - ...
.y 1 v.uoitiou oi .no
..' xu1 food
cut tbe only flold play in tbo g.me,
.... uit.,1111, atewari
I '"(V
Slack was struck by a pllcbod ball of
iiooiu s, in tho second inning, which hurt
"ft, "HUH 4U
him so badly as to cause him t.i r.,ilr
from tho c.mo mm to retire
Tho following Is tho score of iho g.mo:
H. O.
. 7 a
rroit, 0.
I Hheehan nf
Jnkioa b
In 11 j
Devore, '1 d.
Uozan. 1 b
Foley, If
Connors, r f
Noll, 1 a
0... .. 1
Hooth, p
1 ,M3 IB
U. O,
Davison, d..
Kollv. ..
urady, e
Howies, 'i b
Fraser, I f
Slack, r f
Stewart, 0 f
Winter, a b
Jnnlnes. 1. " 3. 4 r""t"'
1 IB
HUM 1-1, 4, 25, C, A, 10,'-C3
Hrudy nlno. 1, I, 3, 1, 7, 8, -HI
ijoiiio runs frost, 1; Jonklns, 1,
r ly eaten fritewarl, 1.
F.p. Dk.onia, Umpire
Oahsy II. Btitfn 1 "cottt
Skwinh Maimiimk. We bavo a now
Itomiugtoii Sewing Machlno, rluht from
the manufacturer uud not yet unpacked
tbat wo want to tell or trada tn
clothing dealer, morcb.nl tailor or shoo
maker. It Is tbe sl.o used by manufac
turer and la too heavy fur a family
machine. Who want a bargain?
Enquire nl Tuc Uui.ixtin OUlco, at
yj"w.;?ii miuiiif.Ji)iis.
Til Ult.'IDAY, JULY iiUTII, 1871
Tho Hoot nnd elegant steanior Idlowlld
having boon chartered for the above pur
pos,, will Inave l'hillips' whnrlboat at
!;30 a. tn., and proccoJ iiji tho Ohli river
touching nt Mound City, Calcium, ami
.Metropolis Itoturuiiig will nrnw ut
Cairo ut 7 p. m At S p m nl 1-&Vo
iiguin up the Ohio on a "m r',g'itci Jt
I siori, rciurnirig to Cairo at 1 h m, I ra.s
'"'''"is will bo In abundance, The
daylight incur. ion has been arranged ex
pressly for tbo ac ommodatiou of pannl
and children, nkd all Sunday .rhi.jl ar.i
ilivlteil to participatD. Kspi rinnci I ( III
cor will havo charge of tint steamer tbu
insuring to alt it aafu and pleasant trip
Hound trip tickets ono dollar Children
half price, l'aitlos wishing Ikkuts will
plcuso preterit their Invitations.
0. M. IIow, M. 1. Fulton,
0. W. IliiAbLKr, D. II. Oautkii,
Austin, Alice
Drown, Itavhel
Karton, Addle
Cllnu, Dvu
Chtmbers, Kmmn
Ford, T J
Finch, Mlisouti
Hudson, Milan
Uowley, Cutbenno
Jackson, Hannah
Jackson, Itebeccu
l.yncb, Kate
M'addock, l.uzio
Selib. Uolla
Anderson, Mary
lleullvy, M M
lliiigin.il, F.vtt
Cokly, July
Caldwell, U
Kva'JN, I. on
Fowler, ManJy
lla.olton, Kate
James, Margaret
Johnson, 1 i ie
Lyons, Harriet
McCoriiiiik, ilrs
It) an, Johann
Shoe, Uolenn
Wakens, l'hebo
Yt alKtr, Jiugio
War Hold, llattle
Alox'der, Smiley u Atiklu ;i, Win
Amy, Cliai Adams, V F
lluiiiietl, 0 II llingbuion, Jcbn
Ilrown, John Illy the Lynn
ijavenuer, J w
Cobb, J amos Jt
Curran, John
Clay, J II
Ditkeiisou, A 11
Cliue, W II
Dotsou, W J
Fox, l'atrick
Hcel ruli, Dr I. lias
llcmdnrcun A I!
llnlnliiunt llonrv
Ilukny, il
Harm, Iblile
Kmg, F D
I.Oe, Juispb
Meuns, Ar.dorsc n
Mackinsy, Ul bur I
Morrison, T .1
l'urdum, J M
I'arker. Milton
l'rlce, W J
Schilling, John J U
Sacklnirger, John L
Fehner, Adulpb
(ireeu, Wm
Hopkins, Anthony
Hilbirns, Ilonry
Hall, Hugh
llaynes, J
Jouniun, Scalt
Kimbro, Thus
l.yncb, T J
Jiurpby, Joseph
McCatui, Hugh
Merrill, C J
1'ark, John K
1'owors, Hicl.kid
Sowel, Uto
Smith, Theodore
Tullett, John
Walker, 11
uao. W. MirCxAio, 1' si
coming iitiniveriary of tint crrancipation
nf il.vos In tbo Wut Indies August 1st,
tbe colored clliens of Cair j will ielbrate
in an appropriata mannnr A lirand
llarbecuo Dinner will bo survod in
School' garden, and Hpetcbe, by well
known orators, will be mado In tbe tor.
noon and afternoon, within tbo ball,
which will bo appropriately docoruted I r
tho occa.lon.
A cordial Invitation t participate in
tho colobratiou is cxtendcl to all tno ur.
rounding country.
Tho best brass band In Houtborn
Illinois bas been procured for tbo occa
Tho tabloa will be supplied with all tho
seasonable refreshments.
Invitutloos bavo been extended to snmu
I of tho most talented speakers in tbo land
and favorable answor bavo been revived
from most of thoso who have been In.
vlted. Among tbu speakers who have
been solicited to spoak on tho occ.ilon
ro : Hon. Fred. Douglas, of Washington
Got. I'inchbnck, of Louisiana lion J
H. Obcrlyj Hon. D. T. Linognr, und J
J. Ilird, Ksq., of Cairo.
toinmitioo of Arrangomonts, I) C
un t ns an. v . u
facott, J. T. Allen, X ace J.oo.S. Hm.tho
Committee of Arrangoments. I) C
and J, Jonnlngi. 7-17-Ct
Sealed proposals will bo rceolvcd at mv
olliee, until!) uMoek p. 111., ot TiiesiUy the
eleventh (11) day or August, 1S7I, forliirre
1. 1. Imr lli.t ti,..l..rllj A-.lnli,,. ll... ......1 ..
. "ft ...... ......, ... MU., ,111, I.UI.I l
both, lor the re-eoiistiiietloii ot llin follow,
,1K ,k-cribed sidewalk, or cither ol them,
.... ...w p. 1,1 .J I ,,1.11,1 ' I,,,
between Washington and I 'ouimereial ate-
On tbo smith side of Fourth
mi-.,, in, mu west sine oi t aiiiuitrinu ate
(.lie, In iween Fourth (lib) and Filth .'ilh
strtit.i on tho north sldn of Filth i.illi
streft, bctwern Washington ami oniiiier.
vial avenuo; 011 the east side of Washing
ton avenue, between Filth (."ilh, and hIMli
(lilbi street ; on tlie south side ol Seventh
(7th) strei I, commencing at Iho cast side nl
Walnut street and extending east illtj ,."si)
leet; on the north tide of .Seventh ("Hi,
street, coninieiiclni,' on tho west side ol' Wal
nut strret aud extending west to Ilio new
walk lionllngthu property of J. V. Turner
on llu. north sliln nt l!tiiiint I, tl 11.. IIi1 lift.
tweea Waslilugtou nremin aud W'ulmil
street; 011 thu east aide of Poplar street,
I10111 u point oppoalto tho liortherl) sld ot
Division street, In a point seveiity-do i7ti
leet uoiiuot tne northerly side ol Twenty,
first street; on the south sldu ol Twenty,
first (21st) street between I'oplar and Syet
niore sirci'ts. Said sidewalk to bu ic-eou-sli
iietcd of wood.
rsfaled proposals, an above, will also be re
celled Ibrluriilshlne; tho materials, oi-!olii
Hie work, or both, .for the construction ol
the lollovuog described siuewnliis, or ti lie 1
of t he 111 , vi j
(Hi tlioHouth sido of Klglith (Sib) street,
between Washington and Commcivlal ave
nues; 011 tho liorlh side of Dlglilh (Mhi
s reel, between Washington avenuo and
aliiill street anil 011 the east sido ol' Wuth
liloa avenuo, between Klehth (Hlhi and
Mu'h (dlh) Hieel. bald sidewalks to bo
constructed or brick.
Hald proposal shall bo directed lo thu
Clly Council or tho city of Cairo, ami u III
la opened at u meeting of said council to
be held oil the paid llthdavof Ainrii.t is-i
at "J.'iU p.m. '
All proposals shall bo mado lu accordance
with the provisions, requirement and spec).
Ileatlou or Ordinance Xo. 7s, aiinrniiil
June lllh. A. It. 1871, Which ordinance , 1,
now 011 tile In my offlce, nublect to exaniln'i.
tiou at any time.
The Clly Council ressrves iho rleht to
reject uuy and all proposal. 0
Will K. Hawmn.s, oily Clerk-
Cairo, llll., July S3.W7I. ' ifiwflji

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