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.A NO. 81.
-nun appropriation, for
dialing April SQtb. lt7J.
cd by tbe city council of Uic
j :
js 1. Tht, for tho purpose of dc
.stthe neccarv expenses, or the cor
allon for too fiscal year endltiz April 50,
i;3. and paying certain liabilities Already
incuned, ibe following turns, or o tuucii
thereot a may be required, he, and they
arc kereby appropriated, lor the foJowlng
purposes, vU i
1. Tbe turn ot 0,723 40 for thi purpose
01 paying Uterest on lundry bonds ot the
c's. Th9 im ol t0 for the purpose ol
paytiu; Interest on bonds liitted to Kox,
Howard tc Co.
3. Tii ium ol 13,100 1 r tbe purpoo o)
paying Intcreil oo bonds Issued to tho Cairo
.t at. Louis lUllroad Company, (already de
livered by trustee.)
4. The aum of tto0,forthe purpose of pay
Ins bondi due, and becoming due, before
April 30, K'h.
U Ibe sum of $3,0)0, to par amounts rc
ceivtdlnlaan from cltlrcns for gravelling
Lovee street, between 4th and 14lu street.
0. The turn of 83,0X1, to pay prin:!pal and
Itiicrt on outstanding city warrants.
7, The of ium $l'l,MC to pay salaries of
various city officers, Including the p.lice
Kl The mm of f.'.MO. to defray Uic cost of
building, reconstructing and repairing side
0 The dim of 1 1,000. to defray the cost
ol Hill g and repur.nz streets.
10. The ium of to be expended for
itrilns?e nurnat...
11. Toasuai of 2.003. to defray the tx
pentci of the board of health, Imludiii j sal-
arc ni ucauu omcer.
li. The fum of 1 1.503, to defray the ex
tlensei of the Tire D nsttnicnt.
13. The utn of &u0 to defray the cx
pentes of the city clerk' o.Hro and conno.1
14. The um of 1210, to defray the ex
rentes ol city election. ,
- - . ' r I ul 1 .n ,l.r..v A...,...
of cftr Jail and dieune pr.oncr.
us. flia ium or J0s to defray tlie ex
pens'" of pnntlnsr, binding and advcriMiiif.
it. ThKiuin of sM.WO lo nav for iras. or
other light for use of the city.
JS. The sum of $l,t) for contingent
l'j.Thesuin of fcl.W). for expenses col
lectins? general warrant for 1:71.
Approved July 13th, 164.
Joiln Woon, JUyor.
ill K. Hawkins,
City Clerk.
OKI-lNANCi." NO. P2.
Lei jlnjf and assessing taxea for tho year, A.
IK, 1S74, lor corporate purpoira.
He It ord slncd by the City Council of the
city of Cairo.
Suction 1. That the mm of V),000 U
hereby levied and assented upon the real
and personal property within the city of
Cairo, subject to taxation, os the earns Is as
tested for state nnd county pin poses, for the
current year.
Stc 2. The mayor and city cb-rk ot said
city or Cairo, shill.on or helore tho sonmd
Tuesdar In Aupust, 1H71, certify to (ho
county 'clerk of Alexander county, tbat tho
citr ot Calr.j reinirr the mm of .v),W,
to be raised by taxation, for city purp.e.
Sue. .7. The county collccior ol eald Al
exander county, Is hereby authorized to retch.-
-Ify onUra or irarraiit, in payment of
the ald city taxe, to extent of one-half of
111 j total amounts collected from all persons
and bodies corporate.
sr.c. 4. It "mil be the duty of the city
trea-ur.T, whenever the county collector of
aid Alexander county shall pay oTer
to him e tr taxes in money, to apportion
the uoii amooj; tic funds known a Gene
ral Iutureit fun 1 ; Fox. Howard Co. In-tere-t
fund; Bond Uedatnptlon fund, and
fund U) pay amiunta received La Iota from
clUi'iu tor (javelins Levee street. In pro
portion ai did suma aparoprlited for said
iitndH uro ts tho amount so paid aver by
Uiu cullectur; and, .vhen tho ald collnctor,
nhM pay ovr tu tha aald treasurer, city
taxe ill union, or warrants, to place tha
atnuuut of nus In tho General fund. .
AnprovftdJuty lHtli, VB74.
.Ions Wood, llayor.
Attett .
ill H. IlAWunra,
City clerk.
OltUIN'ANCE O. fll.
To muclld ;c.in 31 of Ordlnam-o Xo. 4.
lie it ordained by the Cltf Council of the
city of Cairo : . . .
Suction I. That scc'lon 34 of ordinandi
Xi). 1. in amended by addlnifthcriito : "And
th mayor may appoint siicn parson or pr
mm- by and with Uie eon ent of the e unetl,
a hn !iall deem necessary to wlt the po
llen otlleers 1 a thorouah enfor-ement of
Uim provl-ioon of this eetlon."
Approved July litb, 1374.
Joux Wooti, ifayor.
Attert ,
Will K. Hawkins,
City Clerk.
Pr&v.dice lor the construction of, a brW-k
ldewal on Seventu street, between
u'...!unt.tii irenna and Walnut irtreet.
lloltorualned by the City Council of the
city on airo : ,
HKcriox 1. That a brick Mdewalk be
ronstnlcted on the North side of Seienlh
tree', bctwetn Wafhlufcton avenuc and
Walaut street, comnienciop at me canrny
llueoriatNo. iW, Inblo. k No. M, audx
tondmi ta-t to the easterly line ol lot No. 1
In bluck No fit, where ald walk Intersects
with t'ju .Idnwatk on the west l3o or h-
lB3tx! "tfahl brick sidewalk mall be tin
feet w..lo. H mail be constructid of hard,
wn"i,nrni-d i,rii'V. comiiactlv and prorcrly
lnid iu horlni; bone manner, In a bed .if
i-osno aaml, nutlesa than four inches thlek,
iilactd on a Una and substantial bed ul coal
'Indero or earlli, and shall be so laid to the
irrado u.ta')llhod by the pruslslons of old -junci1
No. 3.1. Said walk shall be I'tld w 1th
a 1.I0110 downward toVard the curb, of one
Uilrd of an Inch to tho foot. A turbine of
hound white or burr ok Unk, thrc Inches
thlek and at liast lourtecn Inches wide, lo
be spiked on with thirty peony nails, to
mjuiuI wbl.eorburr oak takei two and one.
i.,n r..Hi lciiikr and three Inches touare.
placed on tho outlds ol said curbing, not
tmre than live leet apart.
Hko SI. The local linprovciiieiiti here'n
proslded lor, tjni oo m'o
ti,i.'i a,ic,itm'iits and In accordanco with
tlie pravldon of section" It to 61 Inclusive,
..r ...i .i,.. n nf tin. act of the trenural unoir.-
blyortho state of Illinois, approved April
loth. 17J. and entitled : "An act lo ' I'M -de
lor the Incorporation ol cltleis aud villages j"
ttm r..i mill nznento ot the construc
tion ot wild .idewalka shall be paid out of
the funds arising from aald special oase.it-
Krii i The owneri of any lot IronUug or
sld sidewalk shall be allowed
thirty days r,iT the time nt which this or
UlnAtice aall take illect In which to build
uld aldewalk opi.oltu bis lot, and thereby
ii. k.imi irotu asekment:irovliled
mat tue work shall, in all respect, confirm
.......... iirincni i nf this ordinance and be
done tu tae satlsfictlou of the cutnmlttce on
""titcX I'j'on tho expiration ot tjir alil
thirty day-, tho cltv clerlf ahull publish no
. . i, in l. f lie naiior riubllshlns the
ordinances ul the city, setting forth that
.el., l idd. for furnlsfilng the tnatorlala or
tljloi; the win k.cr both, for tho construc
iWoot uid sidewalk, directed to tho city
council, wilt be received at bin oltlce up to
the iliu.' ul i'jc meeting of Ibu city council
lor tin. otiiMiluL' of said bids, which mootliii;
shall noi lie euilier than twelve nor Inter
lhan tUhtei'ii da) from date or said not Ire.
svliich iiuticu sUsll state the lime ofaald
lCLutirii ai.d deicrlse tlie work to be done.
by rtlerUni; to the ordinance giving 1U
.jiuuil.or aiul il.ite uf Bpl'rovul, anil that said
orilli.aoce U subject lo examluailon at any
ilm 9 at Ids oltlce. Said bids shall be opened
' i.v ih. ..lurk in tbe iire.enceof the council.
and tho contract lor doing thu work, or
jiinilslilug tho material, or bot li, tor tho con
briii.ti.t.i .ifu.itil ttldowalk. shall be awarded
-fn iim h-t rusnouslblo bidder, who shall
, aulUcleuUy guarantee, to .the satisfaction pf
t uiu tuy council, ""
, uiatcrlal or the performance of asld work.
. nri.nii. imdiT ttm kuncrintendence of the
kcominlvteo on street within such time as
may be fixed by contract, If said city council
ceeiu ii vapuuicn. id mi mi.
it said bids an: not satisfactory to the City
CJm il, they msy rejint snyorallof them,
and may thon, or tbcrealtcr, authorize said
aldewalk to bo constructed by such ngcuU
aa Uieysinay tinns; proper.
Approved July letMHH.
vv ' Jouw yroou, Mayor,
Bull din.
Illll .tends
Somebody to tike from us a thousand bill
heads, good paper and finely rnntc., lor
$3.50 to l.oo.
One thousand mtements rrintedatTnE
llULLETtX offlcc for 13.60 to 4 00.
Aolo Hrrwlv
One thousand note hcadi printed at Tiik
Hulhtin o:Ucc for i I. CO: two thwusand lor
One thousand business card', lino Uristol
boird, priutedatTHE Iln.LKTljr office lor
frctn gi.50 to go 00. accord lc.
AVK1)NESDAV,JUL,Y 59, 187.
new in jolly glasses At
3-C 1 7-tf
A rCLL line of Jeily glasses at Halt
man's. S3 S-l T-tf
Sometui.no New. a new thing In
jelly glattci at Ilartman'i. G7-7- 10-tf
sSullivas. Drugs, medicines, per
fumery, tier jibing In the line, at T.
K. SuMivan's, 10J Commercial avenue.
Tun Coxckbt. The concert last nlgbt
was Ililone J lo by a vary lare nunibar of
persons. The music was goo I, and highly
At.L lli day boarder. in the ulty can
I) necommodnled at tbo St. Charles
hotel, with flrit-clats board at S'.cot, 1 class
rates 794.1 &.tf
Tut .Meridian (Miss) 'ilercury' r
ports that a rumor Is In circulation that
Mr. McCoinb is nej-otlatlnj tu tuy the
Mobile and Ohio railroad.
Sciuitiiiko New. Hucks Crystal
lirllliant with glass oven doors. No oc
caslcrn to bavo lurnt bread. Call and soo
It at T. J. K L'KTllV. f)70l0tf
The HeiT. Tho general verdict is
that T. K. Sullivan's toie. water Is tho best
in '.ho city. Try It. No, 152 Conirnor
cial h venue, between Hin'.h and Tenth
Wantkk. At the I'lanters' l.t.uie, k
dining room girl, who can ipetik tha
German hnuaje. Good wa'oi ano a
good situation wiy bo given to such a girl
applying Immediately. 72'.-tt
fun Kext. Two r oo tin, suitable for
ollico and bed room, over Henry's Lard
ware store, Commercial avenue, corner
Eitjth street 7-1'J-tf
Ti eoumittee request all who propoiu
attendls-; the excursion on Thursday to
purchan thIr tickets tc-iar, thus aveid
tag any dulay fn isavicy promptly on
ttm. The rdJewfM will leave ra.
ITlTtLY at 3.30 a.m.
Ftait Gc. Branch lodr, Kaboasd
I ing Louka, Luminal. Sul Barrels with
1 latest lrtprovamenu. On eihibiwon and
1 for sale, at Henry's Hardware Stori
corner Commercial 7auu and Eijhth
strei"!. tr
Tuz eommitue who have thi mics
maat f tbe excursion to-morrow have
left nothing union ta make It tha most j
ojoyabla aSTur'of the season and every
body who desires to spnd a plauant day
on the beastlful Ohio had.flurely ought to
Bus.fi lis Ak&caTEts Ae'olph lf
was arresttd in this city yesterday by
ofUcers Andrew Cain and Henry Martin,
on a teligram from the chief of police of
Vlckiburg. Wolf is a burglar and has
sen committing deprtdaticns In Vlcks
burg for which he ll wanted.
Fikk Cnot". While almost nil other
portiona ol Houthsrn Illinois have suf
fered from tho wir.t of rain, and crops
and grass In msny places are almost fa
tally turnod up, Johnson county has
lien blessed with Just enough rain to
mako bur crops grow, and h now has
a better pro. poet for an abundant yield
of corn, applos, pracbes, etc., than for
many years previous.
Utxam axij Oah Kittixb. JfanUnd
& Itennle havo cntero.1 into a co-partnership,
and bavuoponrd a sbnpcn Commer
cial avenue, sett door to l'erry Power's
Hvery stable. They ure now ready to ds
all kinds of Stqant at.d 'las fitting,
Drive Well Work and l'.u nbing. SpccUl
attention puid ii rep .'ring pumps. They
illicit a sharo of public pitronage, and
guiranleo their work to ho will done.
V771!7 Im
ALltt.v. The Juhniuri County Jounral,
under the manipulation of Jack Aldin
haa keceine on4 of I ho belt papers in
Southern. Illinois, anJ all tunausa Jack.
Alden Is "up to suit' ' in Ibu newspaper
business, ana knows sthal it takes to
make a good pap jr. Tbe other day while
In Vienna we droppoJ In at the 'Journal'
office and lound the kosi of tho cones rn
withslevees rolled up hamniaring awas
with "stick and ruin" liko a good fullew.
Disbolutiox Notice. This ii to cor
tify that the copartnership exlsling here
tofore blwon 'I'lunrn J. l'arker and 11.
U. Clark, is this dsy dissolved by mutual
consent. T. J. I'ahiLR.
.M, I CLShS..
Tho bullnvss will bn Cintlnuo-l ky M.
f. Clark, at the same (daco, who reaped
fully asks a share of lli public patronage.
Oalru, Illinois, July ;!7tu, 1IJ71.
Wahiinotox iIauki; Jlr. Joseph
Koneker has taken chargo of t'uli well
known oiUMUbmcut, and wil', on and
alter to-day, bo ablo to supply tho
public with choice bread, including
Iioiion, Brown and Graham bread, besides
Cakes and conftctlonarits of every do
scrlptlon.rj Iking an experienced and
skilful baker, Mr. Koneker will not fall to
satisfy all who patronliu him, 140
Washington avenue. 3B.72-lm
Ik tu Oalalooe. Two young men
wbe claisn Bbawneetown as their horae.
were arretted yeiterday by Officers Me
Halo and Martin for raiting a disturbance
a thu I'lanters' House. Having Imbibed
too ftoely (of Dago lightning, tbey re
paired to the I'lanKr where one of them
drew a rovolver on the chambermaid, and
used some vory ugly language toward her.
They were shortly after arrested and
locked up. They will havo a boating bo
foro Judge Brosa this morning.
Auction. Ua Thursday morning
July 30 tb, at SJ o'clock, at the residence
of Oil. Wood, on "Walnut strcol, between
Seventh and Eighth ttreets. Turnlturo
and houiohold goods, consisting of oco
fine repp parlor sett, fine bjreaus, ward
robes, washstands, bedstehds, window ur
talr.s, carpets, chairs, safes, matrosscs,
dloltg room and kitchen furniture, In
fart, an entire outfit for looping house.
Tho furniture is nearly now and a good
as new. I.ocis II .Mtvcsj,
3t Ancttnbter
CoN&TAULKs SAte.Uy slrtuo ofser
eral executions In favor of dltferent par
ties, anJ against Wm. Winter, I will
commence on July 30th and continuefrom
day to day until soli, at the aloiebouse ol
Wm. Winter on Commercial aveone be
tween Seventh and Eighth s.reeta, the
entire stixh of ht.rda;e of Win. Wintor,
couniiirg of stoves of all dcicriptlons,
cutlery and all articles which may bo
found in a hardware store, and also a lot
of liquors and wines.
Datod Cairo, Ill s, July 27tb, 1874.
28 7-27-d3t Joiix Hcoay, Constable.
Ix null's-. Tho sidewalk In front
cf Waldtir'a levee business house, corner
of Sixth street and Ohle levee, was under
going repairs yesterday.
The drive well at the old market
hcui place is a great convenience to
people in that vicinity. Vestorday sorao
body attached lis: to tho pump and by
pumping succeeded in forcing water
through them with sofHilent force tc
sprlnklo tbo street tor some distance
There was considerable business done
In llird'i police court yeiterday. None
of the cases, however, woro of much Im
portance. Tha Cairo city coal eotnpanv Is now
delivering coal to citizuis at the low
figures of three dollars per tan, Cheap
When the moon don't shlno and the
street lamps don't burn, and tha nights
are dark then, we suppose, it will be
lU?s Hall. Tto following is the
scoro ot a match gam of ease ball played
yesUrday by the Lone Star and Comet
clatf of this cltv :
It. o.
3 3
3 3
Parker, 2 b.,
Smith, si
VN eods, r. f.
P.ed, 1 f
0 0
1 4
Slack, p
Antrim, r f.
Dalral, 1 0
alter, c
Yocim, 3 b.... 1 2
Total 21 17
lose stai.
Page, c
W.l.h. ,
Comings, 1 b
uarria, i h
Sullivan, Z b...
Clancv, l l.
Herbert, 1 f .
Lilly, r f
HaEcamp,c f
ee s es 15 2l
PahfOXAL M. M. Miller, Eupsrin
Undent ot tho Mobilo and Ohio railroad
It stopping at tbe St Charlei Hotel.
Capt. D. W. liarnard, of St. Louis,
is at tbo St. Charles.
Hon. lino Clements left for home
yietardey afternoon.
Mr. Uberly Is abssnt at Chicago. He
will return in the course of two or three
II. L. Morrill, Superintendent of the
Cairo and Yinccnnes railroad, after an
abionci of soveral.days, ro'.urneJ to the
city on Menday evening.
Hon. W. H. Oreea went to Chicago
yestorday te attond tbe meeting of the
Democratic central committee, which ai
lonibles thsro to day,
Prominent among the guests at tbe
St. Charles veslerday were Dr. V. O.
K ng and family, New Orleans ; E. Corr
gill, Chicago, Frank M. Truck, St
Louis; G. W. Meyer, Portsmouth, Ohio .
II. A. t-afl'ord, Texas; I). M. Malone,
Uloomlngton ; II L, Munroe, Louisville;
G W. Turner. Viraima; L. D.Edwards
Arkansas; M. S Anderson, Milroy
Tennessee; 1'. n. liarnard, r.. W. HUg
way, St. LojIi; Wm. Cross, ladiei and
Kmas ii'atii.x Celkiiuatiox. The
coining Minlvurrary of the emancipation
of slaves In tho West Indies, August ltt,
tho color..! cl.uei.1 of Cairo will celebrate
In an appropriate manner. A Grand
Ilarbecua Dinner will bo served In
Scheel h garden, and apcecbci, by well
known orators, will bu inado in tbe fore
noon and afternoon, within the hall,
which will be appropriately decorated for
thu occasion,
A cordial Invitation to participate in
tho culohiation Is ixtHidcd to all tbo sur
rounding country.
The best brass batd in Southern
Illinois has boon procutcd fur thu occa
The tables will U tuppltul with all the
seit'iiiablo rofn slimi-nli.
InvltHliorik havo boon extended to some
of the moil taloated speakers In the li' d
and fayorablo answers have t(A received
from most of "ikii who have been ltt'
vlted, Among the speakers who hav
keen solicited to speak on tho occaspD
aro: Hon Kred. Douglas, of Washington
Gov. Pinchbaek, of Louisiana; Hon. J
II. Otetlyj Hon. I). T. Linegar, and J
J, Ilird, Esq., of Cairo.
Conknlttoe nf Arrangements. D. 0
Scott, J. T. Allen, Nace Leo, 8. Smitbe
and J. Jennlngi. 7- 17-Ct
Tut largest and best-iolected ttock
of yUHlUTUHK for tale at wholesale
and retail by II KM It Y EICHIIOFK, No.
116, Commercial avenue,oppoi!t Seventh
tireci. a o-i(-jm
Ths -sile-itwako and iticpteisitla
Charley Sih.oameyor, of Ibo Gctnitnla
uouie, tat sued that the pcopio oi v-airo
would repay bis effjtt, hat found and
brought to Cairo a brand of bur tbat
throws all others In the shade, and eclipses
Milwaukee as the light (I the sun eclipses
the light of a tallow. dlf car.dlo.
Is Us name, and UenlJAloeb arn ill
No Aim In America havo expanded
greater clIuM; to pro'uco uotxctllable
leer, and the public scrJicl is that in )iro
duclng tho Cborckeo they hav i artived at
"tho end of all ierfeclion" In their lino of
business. Wberaver It ii Introduced
Mllwaukeo ii considered insipid, Halle
vlllo ii not caiioi fo, Cincinnati and
Evaoiville are dojlnttod "ilop."
In body, In purity, m palatableness, in
color, In every particular that commends
beer to good Judges, tie Cherokee Is pro
nounced "No plus Ultra'". To glvo It
yrsmlnecce in Cairo above alt other beers
to show th" people how cheaply they
were sold by the puffs f Milwaukee It is
only necessary to call at tho Uerrnanla
Houie, and fairly sample It.
Schoentneyr. as all Cairo people know,
Is one of the .leverest, and, withal, ono
of the most reliable citizens of Cairo.
Everybody knows him, and, consequently,
everybody knovs that when be asssrts
tbat tbe "Caerokoe" la tho lest
brand of Deer ever brought to
Cairo, he mM.s what ho sayi Give bird
a call, acd no one will lo found to say
Xat. Call at corner of Tenth, Washing
ton and Poplar, a:d if your call be at 10
o'clock a m., and you may add t- your
Cherokee, withoat money and without
prico, all you may choose to appropriate
of a splendid lunch. 7.L'9-3t
The principal tuiin.i! transacts! by
JuJge Iiro.a yesterday was tha bluing of
citations against delinquent adrninlstrn
ton and executors. Such will be cited to
appear at the next term to give an ac:ount
of their stewardship, or show cause for
not doing so. The following are thoer
ders entered on tho Judge's docket yester
d ty, t ir. :
In the matter of the estate of Anderson
Clements, deceased; Gilbert . Bacon, ad
ministrator. Citation to rerurt.
In the tattler of the estate of Heary
Durham, deceased; Luelnda Durham, ad.
mlnistrator. Citation to msko final re
In the matter of the estate of MIchaol
MeKedmoc, deceased, Isaac Welder, ad.
mlnistrator. Citation to filo proper
papers and report.
In tbe mailer of the estate of Davidson
tr. aiargan, de:eaaed, Win. M. Atberton
administrator. Citation to a, ike final set
Ia the matter of the tstalo of Wm. G.
Priest, decease j, KleldlDg C. Priest, ad
mlnistrator. Citation to make final re-
On pelitiba of Antonio Cella he was
awarded tbe adaption of a bay eight years
old, named Charles surname unknown
tbe mother being dead and the father un
known. The csurt decreed that the name
of ,tho child bo heneftth Charles Cella,
and that be be:ome tbe heir s .,td Cella,
but that CelU should Lot inherit bis
In the matter of the estate of Samuel
C. Harrison, deceased, John W. Harrison,
aimltilitra'or. Citation to file proper
papers and report.
In tie matter cf tho estate of Alexan
der Halter, deceaisd, Jvhn Sackberger,
executor. Samo order.
In the matter of the estate of M. Jonta,
deceased, M. V. Hszlewood, administra
tor. Citation to file iaventory and report.
In the matter of the titate ef Aaron L.
lordan, deceased; John Cauble, executor.
Citation to file receipts of guardian for
balance duo titnor hobs, and notice to
guardian for final stttltuient.
In the matter of theeitale of P.odney J
Malford, deceased, Lydia MuUord,
administratrix. Cite. ion to report.
In tbe milter of Ibo estate of John H,
lironn. decease, Siren J. Jirown, admin
In the matter ef tie estate of Ken. Hois,
leceaied, Kllziball lion, administrator.
Citation to file proter papers and report
In tho matter of the estate of llezikial
P. II. Camsler, dacsaisil; Jainos S. Mir
rls, ailiinnistrator. Citation to report.
In the matter of the estate of Jacob
Canble, dacnatcd, Motes Houston, admin
istration, cum (e itament annezo.
From iho utidcMigccd, at Cairo, in
WediuiJay night, July 22d, a gray hone
blind .n lilt evu; shod on fur feet; breast
strap inn Ik on breast; on right hip thruo
r four maiks made by whip; about 8 or
3 yesrs old; about H hands high; in
.lined to be Urmi In tl.'i right foro foot.
A reward tf Un dollars will bu paid fur
nis return or for li, formation that ,wlil
uad tu his re. ovry by me.
Ed. Acittf,
Englnciir of Wall & Ert, Cairo, Ills.
PiurricAi. WATcauAKEit. Mr. J.J
Btelzor, u practical and thoroughly coin
pitent watchmaker, In.s eitab'islnid hint
self in business at his residence, No. 12
Croas streol, whero he will lake (In all
work tendered him. Mr. Stelzer being
under no txpento, can afford to
work from CO to 100 per cent cheaper
than any other watchmaking establish,
mont In tbo city. All work warranted
to give satisfaction, Orden for work can
bo left at tho bindery In Tut Uullitix
building. Mr, ijjtelzer alio keeps on hand
a full supply ol all kinds of flowers, ana
will take floaiuro in, filling orders
left with him. 3C7Mm
TUUliSDAY.JULY 30Tn, 1671.
The Cset and clok-ant stesmor Idlowlld
having been chartered for tbo abovo pur
cl, will lor.vo Phillips', whorfboal at
0;30 a. m., and proceed up the OMs river
tou.-hlng at Mound City, Caledonia and
Metropolis. Kcturnlng will nrrlvo at
Cairo at 7 p. m At 6 p. m. will loavo
arjaln up iho Ohio on n "moonlight excur
sion," returning lo Clro at 1 a. m. llrasi
and string music 111 be furnished and re
fresbnienls will bo in abundance. Tbo
daylight eicursiun h- been arranged ex
preisly for the accommodation of parents
and children, and ail Sunday schools are
invited to participate. Experienced ofil
ceri will have charge of tho steamer, thus
insuring to all a safe and pleasant trip.
Kjund trip tickets one dollar. Children
half price. Parllcl wishing tickets will
please present their invitations.
0. M. Howe, M P. Kcltox,
0. W. Ukaulkt, D. H. Canter,
II. K. Ulakk, D. lit ii ax.
I will tell tbe furniture of the Central
House, in bulk, or In parts, commencing
this date, ai I deslro tu leave tbe sotel
businis. This furniture is all new, and
of good quality carpets, leis, bedding,
Chairs, etc. and will bo sold at a treat
bargain. The lease for the Lou tin bu
obtained on fnvorabi terms.
Joiix II Hatxir
Cairo, July 23, 1874 it
Sciiexck' Ska Wi:i Toxn- In the
atmosphere experienced here during the
summer months, the lethargy produced
by the heat takes an ay the deilrw for
wboliome food, and frequent persplralioLs
reduco bodily energy, particularly th..se
lUiTencg from the tlTeots of debilitating
diseases. In order to keep a natural
healthful activity of tho system, wo must
resort to artificial means. Kor this pur
pose Schecck'a Sea Weed Tonic li very
effectual. A few doses will create an ap
petite and give fresh vigor to the enerva
ted body. Kor dyspepsia, it is invaluable.
Many eminent physicians havo doubted
whether dyspepsia can be permanently
cured by drugs which are generally em
ployed for that furpose. The Sea Weed
Tonic In its naturo is totally different
from mch drugs. It contains no corro-
slvo minerals or acids; in fact it aMists
tho tagular operation or nature, ud sup
plies bor detlencles. The tonlc la its na
turo so much rciumbles the gastric Juice
tbat It is almost Identical with tbat fiuld.
The gastric Julco is the natural solvent
which, in a healthy condition of tbe body,
causes tbe food to be digested; nnd when
this Juice Is not excreted in sufficient
quantities, indigestion, with all ltt dis
tressing symptoms, follows. The Sea
Weed Tonic performs tho duty of the gas
tric julco when tbe latter Is deficient.
Scnenck't Sea Weed Tonic, seld by all
druggists. S8-7l-lm eod
T.MrsT Two of IhA mm. Alterable
and neat ollico rooms with a largo anil
room and bed room, situated over my
itore room, No. 113, Commercial avenue.
71-C-l l-tf D. Art i a.
PnoToaitAr.ii. For the next sixty
days Wm. Winter will make tbe bes
of photographs at i I per dozen. This Is
a raro opportunity fur those desiring
work in this line. 47 7-0-JOt
Kor Sale nuo aozni one quart fruit
j cam at II per d. .tn ; half gallon cans at
1 60 per dozen, all of good tin with
grooved seams, manufactured and for salo
by A. Halley, ICS Washington avenue,
near Tenth itreet. 627-17-lni
Hniiovcr Co I lege, Hanoi er, Indiana
NKXTtcrm begin September Otb, 1D74
Two full courses, classical and scientific,
with prt'patory department, ull faculty.
Tuition free. Hoarding as low at elsewhere,
t or information er catalogues apply to Jtev
G.C. liiXKMAN, D. D. President.
Ucwixo Machine. We havo a new
Heroington Sewing Machine, right from
tbe manufacturers and not yet unpacked
tbat we want to sell or trade to loiae
clothing dealer, morcbant tailor or shoe
muker. It is the size used by manufac
turers and ts too heavy for a family
machine. Who wants a bargalnr
Enquire at The Dui.Lxtin OClco. 3t
Tiik barber suop is on co corner ol
Eighth street and Commercial avonuo
vsheru J. Goorgo Sticribouio with bis gen
llemaiily assiitants can be found at any
hour of tho day or night, ready to soothe
your feelings with a smooth shave, or cool
your temper and head with a good sham
poo. It is a first-clasi shop, nnd you are
turn of receiving Urst-clasa treatment.
Ladies' arid children's hair cut or curled
ftcrtbe most approved stvlcs, 8-1 6-t
Desiring to wind up our partnership
business, wu nnsellirig lumber at reduced
mini V- per thousand Uts than uiarki.t
prices. Having a large stocl: of logs on
hand, wo are prepared to flit all bills at
abort notice. Wu are soiling sidewalk
lun.bur.aud oak, fit t.13 por thouiand.caib,
delivered; and poplar, at corrtipomling
Mr. ircbahcy bolng no longer In our
employ li npt authorizo'd Jo' "jlako or
ders, collect blli, or receipt fot tbo firm,
027-8-4w Wall & Ext.
Dblta Cioars. Mr. T. E. Sullivan,
druggist, IV.' Commercial avenuo, bas
something new In the, way of cigars. He
is now tolling a brand of his own called
tho Delta, put up In handsimo packages,
made of tho yery best tobacco, and sold
inem win agree with ui In laying that
they are far superior to inoit of tho ton-
cent cigars sold In Ibis niarkot. Try tha
Uella cigar. 721 lm
ular wholesale and retail dealers In Dooli
and Shoes, bavo found their proicnlluild
log enliicly too small fcr tholr rapidly
Increasing trade, thoy bare, therefore
taken llio well-known thrc-j slcty build
ing formerly occupied by K, II. Cuxxnin
Bah, No. 101 Commercial A venue, and
near tbo nrr.or .f a.xth llroet, and are
this day .ruvlng U.ilr ontlro stock on
hand. Mr. Elliott Is now In New York
and Iloiton, and li purchasing tho largest
tock of
of every description, with
ever brought to this city.
The first ttcry of this building will bo
usd for tbe retail department of goods
of all kinds, while tho second and third
will be exclusively used for tho wholesale
rale in boots and sbors.
extend a special Invitation to every one
to call ard soe their stock and bear their
prices, as they aro dotsrmiced to keep tbe
largest and cheapest itock of goodi ever
I presmted i: Cmo.
Wo c ingrit'i. ale ifceio gentlemen on
their pfopcrlly, and rariuly recommend
them to all our readers.
P.emotnbcr, No. 101 Commercial Ave
.Scaled nronosa'a will bo ruclvcd at mv
ofUce, ULtilfi oVI ck p. in., ol Tilrsdty the
eleventh (II) day nf AugU't, l"l, forluro
l.lilog the materials, or doing tbe work, or
lio'.u, lor tlie re-connrucuon oi tuc imiow.
in dcH'ribcd sidewalks, or ellhcrot them
tin the south side of Kourth ftthl street
Ii t-vcen Washington and I'ouimerclal ee
nn-. un lliewet sldvot Washlnirtou ave'
inc. between Kourth iltli) and l'lltli (.'tin
'rcvt; nn the north tide or Klltu (.'itli,
stis-tt, lctweeii WasbloKton and Jpinmer
il.iluMime: on the east side of Washing
toMuveinif, bitiMcn Kllth ij'Ii) and Sixth
rn ii, .irii. nn ihf .onili side of ."even Hi
1 7lla j street, cowuiciu'lng at llie cat ude of
Walnut street and oateuding east unj i.sii
led; on ILf noitli side oi eevenui iiiui
.treet. eoinincnclni: on the west side of Vi al
um street and extending west to tho new
walk Irontlngllie probity oi .i. s. turner
on ilipiiortlisldi.nr I3i-ventb ftlthistieet lie
iwcen Wa-hiuzlon asuilie and Walnut
.trri-t on Ilm east side of I'onUr street
irom a point opposite tne noriiierij iiu"ui
IMMtlon sueci, 10 a pom. -i-.ciiiui. v;
feet nortii ot tbe nortlicriy siue oi iweniy
lir.t street: on tbe south side ol Twenty
first (21stj street between Poplar and r-jca-
morc streets, ceiu iiicwaiasio ue rc-coi.
structed of wood.
Scaled (iopo.il-, aa above, will also be re
ci I veil r.,r rnrnlsliln? tbe mateiials. nrdollli
the work, or both, for the tonsiriittlon of
the following described aldewalks, or cl ner
ol Hit in, u:
On il.c south side of EL-hth t'el hi street
between Wahlnst'n ami Commercial asr-
i iitniii
asenuii am
Walnut street anil on tbe cast side of Wah
Imrton .n rime, between Kulith (til) and
Mn (9tn tri;t. tald sidewalk" to be
constructed of brick
Said nroP'i.aN tu I be directed to ll,
("ll) Council of the city ol .dro, tun! will
en openeu ai a meriinc oi au council io
be held on tbo said llthdayof August, 1671
at 70 p.m.
All proposals shall be made In accordance
with the provision, requirements and sncct.
licalloDt of Ordinance No. 7f, approved
June lltli A. D 1874, which ordinance Is
now on tile in my offlce, subject to examlua
lion at anv time
The C'ily Council r "em-i the right to
reject au ano all proposals.
Will K. Hawkixis, City Cletk.
Cairo, lll., July 2S, Ie7(. 17-:3ft10t
KTuri I a mors.
No. 00 Ohio Lcvvc,
Boot te Shoe
Commercial Avenue,
nctweee Tenth and Eleunth HlrreU,
Is prepared tu 11 orders witLoiit delav
He lias u line stock nflmirrttd leather on
hand. Just received from Ml vicik, and has
piiiuowu iiiepiice 10 i)e low i si iioitu,
M-4 V'lU
(S'ueceffor to I'arlccr & Hlulto,)
Dealer lu
And the celebrated lllumluatluc
Urou' llulldlnsi St. & Comorcial Ar.
0AI110, ILLS.
It. W. MII,Li:K, l'realdont,
.1. M. 1'IIII.I.irS, Vice l'resldenl.
KXCIIANOK.roln. bank tiotis and I iilt.tl
Slide scctirlllus bought and sold.
Inlerc't allotted on time deposit
W. 1'. 1IALL1DAY. rresldrnt;
HENltY I.. IIAL1.1DAY, Vies; I'lesldft,
A. ii.SArTOHD, ashler;
WAU Klt HYal.ol', Alstut Ca,lilr
II. 1,. 1IAI.I.IIIAV, )Y. 1'. llil.I.IIUY.
U. D. Williamson, bii:ru:N Hutu,
A. li. .-iars-ouu.
ExcliiiiiKf, ('ul n mill I 'nl led Sliites
nonus lioiijjiu una Mild.
DEPOSITS received and a general banklug-
butiness uone.
CllAUTEIti:i Jl AKCII ill, ISli!).
ori icriw
A. II. SAKKOltD, President
8. H.TAYl.Olt, Vlee-Prcslilcri
II. UYSI.OP, beerelary and Tri.n-.iin?
1. M. llAHCLAV, Ciue, (I.U.'dllCK,
K. .M. 8TOCKKLETII. l'Afl. . r-Clll'll,
It. 11. CUNNiNmuM. H. I.. Hai.i ihav,
J. il, Phillip.-;.
INTEKKlT paid on deposits at the rati;
ot six per cent: per annum, Maitli l-t and
ieptembcr 1st. Interest not withdrawn I
added Immediately to the principal of the
deposits, thereby gtvlni; tUsni compounH
UKroeir iokv awd ko osk el-k
Open every business dav from !l a. m. to 3
p. in., and hatcday eveninsjs lor sal lugs dc
poslta only, Irom 0 to 8 o'clock.
W. HVsLUP. Treasurer.
General Insurance Agent
Ohio Levee, over Mathua A- I'iiIV.
HrA'oii but jlnt-clau Qjmpnmn
EsTAin.iaiiri) 165S.
Sallord, Morris & Cujidce,
73 Ohio Lnveo, Oity National Haul:
Building, Cairo, Ills
T ie oldest established Agency In Honlbcrn
Illinois, representliiK over
$65 000,000.00.
Tlio Most roworful Hoallnif A(,ent
T.wr lllhcoTcrcd,
The wonderful celerity with which this
combination of caiiuiioliu acid with
Heals Hie Most Virulent Sores unit
K something ukln In the marvolous.
It ! with pride that tho Proprietors call
attention to tbe f,'rallfylK fact that
mil use It and prescribe It In their practice
Points to be Borne in Mind :
CAItltOI.IC SALVE positively cure-; thu
worst aores.
CAItUOLIC SALVK liiitmitly nllays the
pal n of burin.
CAItUOLIC SALVi: curei all cutaiicnui
CAItUOLIC SALVK removes pimples nnd
tilotctif H.
CAItUOLIC SALVK will cure cuts and
CAItUOLIC SALVK ranks nt the lienil of
all Salves, OlnVnciitu or other Hecllni; (Vim
pounds, nlll HAH ACIIIKVKK A OlIKATKlt
than any other similar prcpiiratioii or
:ontomp(irnncriU8 iliyentloii.
Mold overywero. I'rlco t!A cent".
Prop'., S and 0 Co Jisgel'lact1, .V. Y.
Sixth Street ud Commercial Avenue,
Special attention given to Jlonsat Shoino
andgeaeral repairing, yi-U-3-tf

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