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' 0HD1SANCE NO. 81. 7"
Providing tor the annual appropriation, tor
the flfcil jcarcLdliiR Ai.nl aotli. lo,.;.
He It ordained by the city councilor llic
city of Cairo: , . .
br.rnox 1. Thai, for the purpose or dc
Iraylnfrthc necessary expense', of I icenr
poratlon Tor the llscal yonr cm Iiir April ..).
1K7.V and navlmr certain llabllltlf dread
Incurred, tlio followinj: uim, or "."''
...... I... r.mit ri-il. In'. 1111(1 tliuy
are bcieby appropriated, for the lo lowing
1. The of 0,7M 40 n.r the tmrpo'c
Ol paying Interest on sundry bond ol the
2. The turn ol $0,810 lor tlie putpoent
paying lntt on bond lsued to .
i Slntr&nl Jt Co.
n rr. AJ 1 1PA r tl.A rtllriinaA nl
paying tnterctt on bond lucd to the Cnlro
. a St. Loul Hatlroad Company, lalreauy uc
1 llvsrsit liv t rilslen.l
4. The mm nf JloO.for the nurnoe of pay
I lug bond due, ami besoming Uitc, tiel'oro
April 80, 18,0.
Th nm nfM.mi. tn niv amounts re
celVf il In loan from citizens for gravelling
Lotto ttrcet, between 4th and Htu Blreft.
C. The turn of S,000, to pay prln ilpal and
Infnraif nn ml! fef nil Jlm WnllIinl.
7. The of nun 31'J..',oC. to pay salaries of
various city officer, liicliniln;: tin- lulicf
t The sum or 93,(i00, to ilorray inc ro
buildlnjf, reconstruct liijr and repairing hli
walk. I II Thomm nl l.ms1. to . loll :l V the cost
i ol fllllru ii(l rciairiit; atret-1. . .
f 10. The turn f ii.:m. to hu expended lor
drainage purposes.
1! 11. I'm sum nr vo.M. tn delniv the c-
penict of the board of health, liieludln i sal-
I urv oi iicaun umccr.
ii. The mm or $1,805, to deft-ay the e .v
dente ol the Ktre 1) partmcnt.
1.1. Tim aiini nf MM tn ilelrav the ex
pentcaof the city clerk' olilee and eoimc.l
14. The sum of 8210. to tlcfno tbot'.v-
peusei ol city election.
15. The mm ort,i; lo iletray expense"
ol city Jail and dlelliu: prisoner-.
10. Iho um of sf.loo to ilelrav the cv
nene ofpnMliijf, binding and advcrtl-liur.
17. The turn of s:i,ik) i pay tor rii, or
other light for use of tho city.
18. The turn or if t ,rxj lor coiillntrent
Id. The turn of Sl.MK). for expcn-ei col
lectins; general warrant for 1371.
Approved July Mli, 1871.
.loiix-Woon, M'lyor.,
Will K. Hawkins.
City Clerk.
Levying and ncslnj; taxes lor the year,
D 1874, lor corporate pnrpo.es.
, A,
Ue It ordained by the City Council or tin;
city of Cairo.
Suction 1. That the mm of ? 0,000 l
hereby levied nnd assessed upon tho real
and personal property within the city ol
Cairo, tubjevt to luxation, :i the iinc U n
teiH'd for Btato ami county pupo"u, lor the
current year.
SKC.'i. Tho mayor and city clerk ol t-ahl
city of Cairo, rhall, nn or heloro tlie xaiinid
Tueiday In Auut, 1871, ccrtlly to tlie
county clerk or Alexander county, that the
city ot Cairo rcipilre the Mini ot $;i0,00ii,
to lie rained by taxation, for city purpoc.
Si:c.3. The county collector ot talil Al
exander county, la hereby authorized to re
celveclty ordtia or warrant", in payment of
the nld city taxes, to extent ot ma-halt ol'
the total amount collected Irom all pcrtoni
and bodlei corporate.
Site. 4. It Dall be the duly of tho city
treaiurcr, whenever tho county collector of
jiahl Alexander county -hall pay over
to him cltv tuxci in money, to apportion
the tame anion;,' tho funds known a Ccuc-
ri inicrcsi lunu ; i o.v, jiowara x oo. in
terest fund; Donu Jtcdemptlon fund, mid
fund to pay amounts received In loin Irom
ciuzcni ior Kraveuu j.evce aircci, in pro
portion as tho Minn appropriated for hIiI
tund arc to the amount eo paid over by
the colloctor; and, n'henthe hahl collector,
shall pay over to tho said treasurer, city
taxet in order, or warrant, to place the
amount of name In the General tund.
Approved July 18th. 1871.
John Wood, Miyor.
Wii.lK. Hawkins,
City Clerk.
OKDINANCi: 't. 83.
To amend i-ec'lon :il ofOrdln nice No. 4.
Be Itorduliind by the City Council of the
city of Cairo :
section 1. Tint oec'lon 111 of ordinance
'o. 4, he amended by iwldlulhurutii: "And
the mayor may uppoiut meh pcrxou or pel-
ton by and with the consent or the eniiueil,
as ho shall deem neceary to ail-t the u
llceorOeera In a thorough cnforceiiienl of
the proviIoni of tlilt reetion,"
Approved July 18th, Is7t.
John Wook, .Mayor.
Will K. Hawkins,
City Clerk,
rroldlnir tor tho construction of. a bricl;
Mdcwalic on Seentli Ntrcet, between
WashliiL'tou avenue and almit Mreet.
lie it oraalned by tho City Councilor the
city or Cairo :
bectio.n J. inat a nriek MduwaiK ho
I'onotrilcted on the North fhle of 'etenlh
utreel, between H'a-lilnlun aeiiiie anil
'Walnut Mrect, commencing at the. uuMcr y
liaeoriotNo. in. In blo.-k No. M, and e
teodini; eait to the caiterly line nt lot .No. 1
InblocvcNo 01, whero ail walk hitcrsecls
with tho sidewalk on thu went ciJo or Wu-li-lEton
BIX'. '2. .Said brlek sidewalk tballhu ten
feet wide. It sliull tie conntructeil ol' hard,
wellburned brlek, compactly and propeily
, laid in heiring bouu manner, in a lied of
core laod, mil lenn than lour incho thick,
placed on a Unit and Mltntanlial bed ol co il
cinders or earth, nndMiall be j laid to the
Krado estatillvhed by the jirovlsloiin ol null
nance No, SI. ,alii walk shall hu laid ulih
a loiie downward toward the curb, of oiie
thlrd or an ioeh to the root. A cjrbliiu or
tound wlilteor burr oik lank, thrc Inche
thick and at leat lourtccn Inclio whle, to
be spiked on with thirty peuny nail', to
tound white or burr oak ilakr two and one
hill reel long and three Imhi-s Muare,
placed on the outside ot tald curbing, not
mare than five leet apart.
8.c :i. The local luiproveiiients liero'n
provided for, shall hu made In
special Miessmcnuand In acordarico with
the provMou. of sec tion- 18 to .'it Ineliisite,
of article! 11 of the act of thu general aieii;
bly of tho itate ofllllnoU, approved April
10th, 187'i, and entitled : "An act to provide
tor the Incorporation ol cities aud tillage
ami the fost unci vxiiftinitk .it
tloii ot.ttW ;owlks UaU te paid out of
the fund arising from nat.l melt aess
ment. Hec. 4. The owners of anv lot fronting .,r
borderlog on said nldewalk shall bu allowed
thirty day alter the time ut which tun nr.
dlnance soall uke effect in which to build
mu siuonnik upuosiiu Ills lot, ami thereby
relieve the tame Irom asennnt . i,r,,
that toe work shall. In all respects, eoiilirm
ttiBreaulrementi of tliln ordluaino uud ,u
done to the satlsfaullou or tho committee on
8kc. 5. Upon the expiration ol the said
thlrtv days, the city clerk shall publish no
nce lor ten uays m me paper pulill.lilug the
oruinaucesoi tno city, tettmg forth that
ealed bids for furnishing tho materials or
uoing me woric, or ootn, for I lie constiue-
uouoisam tiuewaiK, dlreetod to the cltv
council, will be received at his olilee up to
thu time ot iho meeting of thu city council
for the opening of said bid, which lueotlng
Jhli.M11" l'.arlIe thtt.' lwelu "or late?
whiMViH.'.S6" UVK,.rr0,.li 11111,1 of k:li,l o"',.
Which notice slull state the time 0r
Meeting and de.crlae the work to he done,
by referring to the ordlnanco glvln'' Is
number and date or approval, and th ,t siu
ordinance I subject to' examluatloi ut uuv
by the tlerk In thu presence or the council,
and tho contract tor doing tb wotL J
lurnUhlng the material, or both "or U. , co"
jruetlon of tald nldnwalk, shall 'bu awan It I
to the lowest ruponnlhle bidder, who si i
uraclently KUarautec, to the satlslu-Uon o '
tnatcrlal or the performance of said work
or both, under the superintendence or thu'
cemmltteo on itreeu within such time it
nay be fixed by contract, ir.ald city council
aeemltcxpodlenttoiin ,, '
If Mid bldiare not satisfactory to the niv
Council, they may reject nny or all or the ,.
ei(tmttv tttcu, or thereatter, nuthorlzo na
sidewalk to be conitnicted by stieh ul-enii
at they may think nropen 7 " tu,u
Approved July I6tli, 1674.
Atteit JoiiNWoou, Mayor.
City Clerk.
,.,f.i ,.V."V ."UL".' "'"". " u
he ll.i!tin.
WAxi r.it.
tall ilino-H.
Someliiidv tn tile fmlii in n thousand hill
head", fjooil paper and finely printed, lor
.i.,xi in H.m.
Slntrini I..
One thoui.mil itsternciit" printed at Tin:
nui.i.itii.N olilee tor l.fiilto t no.
rioie lleHilo.
One tliounnil note head rrin'ed.lt Til a
IlCLl.KTlN oltlec lorl.Wj twotlmuund lor
Car tlx.
Onethnmatid hulncf card', line llrMol
hoard, ptlnted at The IIiii.lkiin olli. a lor
from 8i..i0 to $0 no. according to le.
J'KIDAY, JULY 31, 1874.
lteintmbor tho auction .tale at Win
ter' itoro to-day.
Atcalon I.oJge, KnlyhU of I'ilhlai,
inouti to-night.
A new houioli being built on SeTcn-
toenth etroot botween Uommorcial avenue
and Poplar ilreot.
Tenth street and Wathlngton avtnuo
can dUcount any itrooU In tlio city for
fcluco tbeadj'iurnment or tho circuit and
county court, the court houie It at quiet
at iUict c an ho.
.Mr. f. S Kent it about to take up
til nboio on Tenth itrcet, tn tho houie
lately occupied by .Mr. .. 1). lUthuif.
Tho now iidewnlk recently put down
by Alderman Waldor in frontof hit levto
huilne houie, i one of thu belt In thu
Thl mom Ing ut ton o'clock tto ro
gular weokly lalo of tobacco at tho 1'Iant
ten,' warebouid will taku place. Con
tiJcrablo tobacco will bo olTercd.
liuiiiiuiH at tbo Ullnoli Central depot
I not very actlvo Juit now. The princi
pal object of tho employe leeinl to ho to
hanij around draw thulr pay.
Tho ineonvoniunei) of having to haul
water from the Ohio rivur li being expe
rienced by mtny of our pnopUJuit now.
At loan onu third, and probadly one-half
the cittern of thu city are dry, and the
proipecU-for rain very illm.
Bird' police court voru the appear
ancu of a very dull placu ycdorday. Tho
squire waited tlio entire dny, but ordinance
broker being hard to find and liu wat not
called upon to pal tentcnco.on anybody.
Trackmen on tho Illinois Central
are jutt now engaged In rchalaiting and
putting in now tic along tho track be
tweon the hub factory and Vincennei rail
road cronini;.
Tho ga qticiMon and the Ileecher-
Tlllou scandal aro tho leading topic of
diicuMiou among our people jutt now.
Thu ga qucillou, however, l ot lnllnltoly
let intureit than tho icandal.
-Mr. Koblmou, who live on Fifth
treot between Waihington and Commer
cial avenuo, yoiterday morning dltcov-
rod that hi put dog waj uial, and
itraight way killwi him.
There ii on unuiual quantity of whoat
pn.iilni In ISO tii.rL'.l Hut nnw l.nm Mia.
tout! nud Kentucky. A few day ago onu
farmer, who live somo mile back of
Itird'i point, brought live hundred bushel
to tbo city, for which he rocoivtd a good
Thu shooting match at pigeons to
comu oil' on .Saturday afternoon, will bo a
cruck atlalr. Thu ihootistt a;o well
known in sporting uircle, and sotno tluo
booting muy bo anticipated. Thn match
ii for $'.'' a aide, ten bird a to bt shot,
ISuiInofs baa boon exlramely dull
fur thu pad wock, aud overybady' ii com
plaluiug of "bard time.'' Hut our mar-
chanU,and iiverybody elie,sliuud remem-
bur that they aru no worso oil' than the
merchant or other cities and towns
throughout thu country. JJntiuefJ it
dull" overywhero.
It Is ruid that several mad dogs havo
hiou killed witbln Iho city limit within
thu lust luw day. If this Is tnu tho au
tlioriiUt thoul ! nylouablo thulr i tljrU to
about every unmuzr.lud dog within the
city limits. The life of onu human being
Is worth mom than all thu dog in crea
Tho following is thu icora ol thu
game of bum ball played on Wednesday
kftornosu between thu Howard lluyi nnd
tho Light Foot :
no wt mi nor.'.
O. 14.
Howies, !11 li....
F. Hlsck, tJd b.
WriUy. p
Whealer, 1st b .
Frs.ler. 1 f
. . . .r,
Hendrleki, r I
nick black, c
Muart, c 1'
."7 i;o
O. H
Sullivan, o...
I. ally, 1st Ii..
Page, 2d h .,
Walsh, 3d b.
Xanoue, a t...
Ayatt, u f
Fox, r f
Ilnnnett, 1 t,
0 lines, p
27 'Ja
Fly Cntcboi .Stuart '. ;
Frailer 1 : l Hlack 1.
Cavanougk 1 i
I'KitsosAi.. Capt. O. J, (Iraham, of
iuo i.vanivillu packet company, wat In
town yoitorday. Ho made hi huudquur
ler at tho HI. Chariot hotel.
Hon. D. W
city yeiterday.
Munn arrived In tho
tiicnaru ueil, Jliq, or Carml, wa in
town yuitorday.
B. H. Almoo, Internal rovonuo col
lector for thlt district, 1 In town, Kathor
Ing revonue, we tuppcig.
Mr. M. JJ. Goodrich, general passtn
gor and freight agent of the Cuiro and
Vlnconnc railroad returned to the city J
ycttorJay ftfter an nbionco cf thrco werV.
Prominent nmon? tho arrival nt tho
St. Charles hotel ycitotday weros C.
Woodward, Cincinnati i O. P. Martin,
Kvanivllle; K. A. Flood, IloUou j H. M.
IJuckmann, K. Davl, K. V l)yko and JI.
Walton, Chicago; V. Hull, Chat. I).
Wymbnrp, bl. JjcuIs ; Jnt. Ilrooki, Ihen
tur. Kmam'iai'TIiin Day. Tho colored
peoploaro making groat preparation for
tho colebratlon on next Tuoilay. Hev
oral nitcd ipoakor will ha prcont and
dolivei addrcscl FrcJ. Dougbsf i ox
peeled to bo profont without fill, and it
l probable that Fi!ielibat.k ol L uslana
will bo among the rot
Tun Aui.tpiN. The auction ulo at
I In
Winter' itoro will bu coulinueJ to-day.
Tho good to bo told to-day will coniiitof
pocket cullery, carpenter' tool, ihow
cnief, Ilrettanla ware, table cutlery, Lull J-
or hardware, farming Impleinenti, hol
low ware, chain, etc.
DjUdl.Asi llr.AUli From. lie leave
Washington to-day J urrivei In Cairo on
tho night of tho 3ltt, giving ovorybody
an opportunity to eo'lbe great peuker. A
telegram ii expected frun tiov. Finch
back to-day, who at thu proicht time ii In
Wathlngton, He will como a lar a
Loulivillo with Dougtau, if not all the
V, 7-30-L't
Thk nnriir iuuii is uu so rornir ot
Kigbth itreot and Commercial avenue
wtierd J. (Juorae Sttenhouio with hi gun
tlamsnly aiilitaat can bu found at any
hour of the day or night, ruadv to (oolhc
your teejing with a smooth slave, or cool
jour temper and head with a good ihatn
poo. It is a Crtt-cl' shop, and you aro
nru of receiving 'Qrit-clai treatment.
I.adiet' and children' hair cut or curlod
fterthe moil approved (tvles. 8-15. t
Dissolution Notic. Thi ii to cer
tify that the co partnonhlp exlitlng here
tofore betwoen T'homii J. 1'arkur and M.
h Clark,l thi day dlitolvcd by mutual
content. T. J. 1'arkeb.
M. I.. Clakk.
Tho builneu will be continued by M.
I.. Clark, at tlw aaun place, who respect
fully aiki a tharo of Uu public patronage.
Cairo, llllnoi, Jul 'J7th, 1874.
Dklta Ciuars .Mr. T. K. Sullivan,
druggist, 1j2 Commercial avenue, ha
something new In thu way of cigars. He
ii now telling a brand ol hi own called
tho Delta, put up in handtsmu package,
madu of thu vury best tobacco, and sold
for YiVK ck.nt.s each. Those who imoko
them will agree with u In saying that
they are far superior to molt of the ten
cent cigar told in this market. Try the
Delta cigar. 7-24lm
Wamhinoton iIakkuv, Mr. Joseph
Koneker has taken charge of thtt woll
known ostabliihrnont, and wil', on and
alter to-day, bo able to supply the
publlo wiiU choico bread, Including
Bo.non, lirown and Graham bread, betide
cake and confeclionaries of every de
scription. Iking an experienced and
skilful baker, Mr. I'.oncker will not fail to
satisfy all who patrouizo hi in. HO
I "A'aibington avenuo. 8S-7-2-lm
rr.... Ilu.... V-. .. 'Pl.. ..Innn l-A4.riMrk
i . , :.
- '
war. Nearly ovory saloon of any import
ancu teems to be trying to eicoll all tho
other saloon in the brand of Leer sold
Cairo, .St. Louis, Cincinnati and Chicago
boers have all ran their coiir.o. and tho
fight i settling down to bo between Mil
waakee and Cherokee beer. Thu latter l
manufactured at .St. I. iut, and ii gonor
ally considered an excellent article
Milwaukee, however, seem: to havo the
imidu track.
Tut: htrUKMoN. lim excursion ye
lurday on thu beautiful steamer Idleuild
though tho crowd was not very large, was
a very pleasant atfair, und atl'orded those
who attended much gunulnu phxiure and
enjoyment. Thu boat proceeded up tho
river as far as Metropolis, nnd returned
to Cairo between tlx und seven o'clock in
thu ovenlng. Al half.pait tight o clock
another crowd having ongregated on the
boat, tho slartel out for a moonlight
excuiiion. It wa the Inttnlion to go up
tho rivur to Metropolis, returning to '.tho
city lato In tho night. On thu whole the
excursion wat a perfect success.
Auction. I will sell, commencing
Friday night, July 31st, at 8 o clock p.
rn., at thu lee cream saloon of John II.
Kelly, on Commercial nvonio near Tenth
street, ono line aidit touLtaio, completo
and a good as nuvr, two line walnut
counter and sbolvmg to match, it- lot of
canjy Jan, tbiua cu cream froczert, six
ldu tables, u let of chairr, wire doom and
window, u lot of tobacco, nuts and can
tile', bedstead! and withstands, bed
springs, carpet, mirrors, jiiu new cooking
stove, kitchen furnilur-, dishes, one leu
chest and many other article used In
keeping an icecream saloon, and keeping
boutu. Any or thu article mentioned
can bu bought ut privato salu by applying
to Capt. John II. Kelly, at tr leu sioaui
aloon. I.uuie II. Mr Kits,
S-T au-Jt Auclloneor.
l'Kii rti.Ai. WAH'UtiAKrii. Mr. J.J
.Slel.ur, u prictieal tad thoroughly com
peteiit wk'.chmakvr, ha iilab'Iihui him
soil in business at hli mtidunce, No. 1'J
Croti street, where ho will tako in all
work tondered him. Mr. .Stul.ir being
unucr no expense, can allord to
work Irom CU to 100 pur cent cheap ur
than any other watchmaking establish-
mont In tho city. All work warranted
to give SHtitfucticm. Order for work ran
bo left at tho bindery in Tin Hullktin
building, Mr. Stolzor also keopa on hand
a full iQpply ol all kind of flower, ana
will taku pleasure in filling order
left with him. 30.7-1-lm
For Sale ifiM uoxen utio quart lrult
can at U per di .on ; half galion cant tit
$160 por dozen, all nf good tic with
groovod seams, mauufacturod and for tile
by A. Ualley, 108 Wachington avenue,
near Tenth itreet, t?-M7.1m
Cairo, iLLtNot. ,1
ThitMilar evening. July 30, 1871.
Tho markol opontd very dull t"tho
commencomenl of tho week and ha hold
It own nil thu way through.
Corn Is woak and lower, with receipt!
cxccjjof demand an J slotkt accumul
Oat aro dull. The now crop I coming
in freely and price aro tie' lining; rlo
Ing weak at 60c In iack.1 and 4111, in bulk
on track to-day. t
Cboire butter It In dinmnd at quo.a-
tloni. ltecclpt aro all lakrn on arrival.
Eggs ro icarco and Lihcr, lulling to.
day us high a 12?
The woatber has boen cool and plea'au
fur tho last fjiir day, bul thi lection i
dill lutrcrlng tor wa.lt of rain. Citterns
havo protly generally ' playeu out," and
wnter-men aruroapiog their harvest
ta?-Our friend ihould bear In mind
that tho price hero given aro usually for
alei from tint hand In round lot?. In
fllltng order and for broken lot it It
necessary to chargo an advanco over these
FLO I'll.
Tho markol rule vry quiet, with little
prospect of chance for tho bettor oon.
l'ricoi hold as previously quoted. Our
report cf sales comprise 7i bblt varlou
irrad. 4 5W317 60: 15 bbl Varlou
grade on ordtrt, C OOJC SO; 100 bbl
arious grades, C 00 to 7 00; 400 I, bis
various grades, t CO to 7 00; 3(0 bbl
arious grade, 4 00 to 7 00.
There i a moderately active demand for
choice mixed and timothy, for tho rrder
trade. The (hipping demand Is very
small. We nolo lalo a follow: o
bale common mixed, delivered, IS 00
60 bales choir timothy, delivered, 20 00;
1 ctr miteJ, ueiivorod, ii uu; i cai
choice mixed, delivered, la 00; 1
choico mlxvJ, delivered li 00; I car
choice timothy, delivered, 19 00,
Thn demand ha fallen off and stock
are beginning to accumulate. lUceipts
are In excess of tho domand. Price rule
lower and wak. Sale were
three cars wliiti in hulk on
track, 7oc; 2 car mixed In bulk on
track, Coo; 3 car mixed In sack delivered,
73c; 3 cart mixed In sack, sold osrly,7ic.
car mixed in tack detlvoroJ, 71c; 3
car white in bulk on track, Toe
Tho demand is small and price rule
lower, closing weak to-day at oO cert
lacked and delivered. Fart of the re-
citptt of new oatt orun in a huateJ con
dition and aro not wanted. Wo note sales
of Scan choice new in bulk on track, tie;
1 car new in lacks dollvored, COc; i'j
tackt now delivered, Coc.
15 KAN.
The market i very qnlot, anl lales aru
all made In a imall way al li 00 per ton
lacked and delivered.
The markol I quoted easier and price
tend downward, choico steam dried wa
held at 3 00 to-day. Sale wero 300 bbl.
S. del 4 00 ; 100 bbls. h'. D., del 3 00,
Tbed-tnsriJ for choice continue active,
and in exces of the supply. Notonough
comr In to meet tho demand
titles were 800 lbs choico Northern, 25
(a) 'J 7; 690 lbs choico Northern, 20; 200 lbs
choico Northern, 28; HQ lbs choice South
em Illinois, 'J326, COO lbs choice North
em, 25c.
Tho market it baro to-day. Under the
influence of the cool weather, and an in
created deuiand, with srnill receipt prirt
have advanced to 103.12
KIe wore, C'jO dozen, 11 I'.' if 10
boxo, 101'J.
Tho market keep wull supplied and
very quint. Rales are slow, 'J 00 I? 3 00
for young chickens, owing to alze, and
3 00 for choice old heoi.
hale were, 1 coop ctolcu young, 8 00;
'25 dor.cn young, ii '21, 30 dozin young
1 00 to 3 00; 2 coops old hea, 3 oo
Very dull. Tho imall trade In thu
wholeiale line in vegetable i hardly
worth quoting. We no to lalet of a few
barrel of potatoe al 3 00 and a fayv bblt
of onion at 3 50.
Dull. Nothing at all doing in this Hue.
Thu only tnniaclioria wu have t report
were 16 bbl apple l 00; 60 bushels do
'25c per bushel.
Tho market Ii firm and there i an ac
tivo Inquiry for tmokud meat and lard
but thoro Is none olfurlng. Sale in meat
were ull In u small jobbing way, 60
buckets ol lard sold at 13)o it thu only
transaction wo can report,
coming iiiiitvcranry ol tho emancipation
nf iIhyih in tho West Indie, August 1t,
thu colored lillzen of Cairo will culebrate
In an upproprlato manner. A Grand
Jlarbciiii, Dinner will hu lurvcd in
School a gnrdon, and apecchef, by well
knuwn orators, will bo inado In the fore
noon luij afternoon, within thu hall,
which will hu appropriately decorated for
thu occasion
A cordial Invitation to participate in
thu culehrttibii 1 extended to all the tur-
rounding country.
The best brasi hand in Southern
Illinois ha teen procured for the occa
sion. Thu tables will bo tupplled with all tho
seasonable refreshment.
Invitations have beon extundud to sotno
of tlio moil talented tpeakort In the land
and lavorllu antwort havo been received
frommojt of tboio.who havo been In
vited. Among tbo speaker who hnvo
leen solicited to peak on tho occasion
arm Hon. Fnd. Dougla, or Washington
Guv. Pinebback, of Louisiana ; Hon-.T
H. Otorly; Hon. D. T. Llnogar, nnd J
J. Hlrd, Ksq.,of Cairo,
of Arrangements, D. C
Scott, J. T. Alien, Kace Lee, S. Smiths
and J, Jennings. 7-17-Ct
Tho widenwako and Irrepressible
Charley Schoenmoyer, of tho Gormanla
Homo, iatstlud that tho people of Cairo
would repay his ellort, ha I hi ml and
brought to Cairo a brand or bur that
throw nil other In Iho shade, nnd eclipse
Jlilwaukoo ai tbo light of tho un eclipse
tho light of n tallow-dip candlo.
I its name, and Hurold A- Loeb aro It
No firm in America havo uxpemUd
greater efforts lo pro luce unoxcollable
beer, and the public verdict i that in pro
ducing tho Chorokcn they have arrived at
"thu end of all perfection" In their line ol
business. Wherever it Is introduced
Milwaukee is considered insipid, Hello
vlllo is not callu.1 for, Cincinnati aud
Kvacsvlllo are designate! "slop.
In body, In purity, in palstableness, in
color, in every particular that commends
beer to good )udgt., the Cherokee Is pro
nouriced "Ne plus Ultra'" To giro
promluetxe in Cairo above all other beers
to show thn peoplo how cheaply llmv
wero said by the puU of Milwaukee it Is
only ncesary to call al tbo Germanla
House, and fairly sample it.
Sbonm,ier. a all Cnlro peuple know
is one of tho cleverest, and. withal, one
of tbo most reliable citu.m of Cairn.
Kvory body know Ulm, and, consequently
everybody knot thst when ha asserts
ihal the ''Cherokee" it the b-it
brand of Ht-er ever brought
Laird, ho meaus wnat bo lay. Give him
a call, and nu one will be frund to say
Nar. tall at corner ol Tenth, Washing
ton and Poplar, nr.d if your call be at 10
o'clock a. m., and you may add t ) your
Cherokee, without money aad without
prim, all you may choose to appropriate
of a splendid lunch. 7.'2'J-3t
Tur. largest and betl-selectud stock
of FUKNITUUE for salu at whdesa'e
and retail by II KM It Y KICHHOFF, No.
115, Commercial avenue,opposite b'evunth
'-fee'.. 74 6.17.3m
To Kk.nt.
Two ot the mots o:igbIe
and neat otllcu rooms 'with a Urgu anti
room and bed room, situated over my
tore room. No. 113, Comn orcial avenue.
7l-i)-ll-tf u. AiiTru.
Stxaw a.n ii Oas Fmi.so. Nuwland
6c Kentiio havo entered into a co-partner-hip,
and havo opened a ibopon Commer
cial avenue, next door to Ferry Power't
livery stable. They aro now ready to do
all kind of Steam and Gas Fittinr.
Drive-Well Work and Plumbing, Special
attention paid to repairing pump. They
solicit a sharu of public is-ttronagu, and
guarantee tbclr work to bo will dono.
Desiring t wind up our partnership
bii.iueat, wo Lro.ielling lumber al reduced
ratei i'2 per thousand Its than market
price. Having a large stock tf log on
band, we are prepared to fill ail mil
abort notice. Wu are selling sidewalk
lumber and oak, at f 13 per thousand, cash
delivered; and implar, at corresponding
jir. Jicuanoy heing no longer In our
employ I not authorized to take or
den, collect bills or receipt for the firm.
C'2-7-b tw Wall & K.vt.
From tho underaigcud, at Cairo, on
Wednesday night, July 22J, a gray horso.
blind ;n lett oyo; shod on fore fuel ; hroast
strap mark on breatt; on right hip three
ur four mark made by whip; about 8 or
'.) yoart old; about K hand high; in
clinod to bo Utni, in the right foru loot
A reward of tun dollar will lm paid for
bia return or for Information that will
load to hi recovery by me.
y.tt. Ai'KE'.
Kogineor of Wall ii F.rt, Cairo, Ills,
fct iiENt'K m fsEA Weill Tonic In iho
atmosphere experienced hero during tho
summer months, tho lethargy produced
by the heat takot away tbo doilre for
wholioujo food, and frequent perspirations
reduce bodily energy, particularly thoso
suffering from the eUoott of debilitating
diseases. In order to keep a natural
healthful activity oftho system, wo must
resort to artificial meant. For thlt pur
poiu Schenck' Sea Weed Tonic it very
effectual. A fuw dose will create an ap
petito and givu fresh vigor to tho enerva.
ted body. For dyspepsia, it it invaluable
Many eminent physician havo doubted
whether dyspopila can be permanently
curo4 by drug which are gonurally em
ployed for that purpose. Tho Sea Wot-JI
Toulc tn It nuturo U totally difiuront
from such drug. It contain no corro
sive mineral or acids; in fact it assists
tho regular operation of nature, and sup
plIeH her dellonclo. Thu tonic' In it na,
turo to much resembles tho gastric juice
that it It almost 'identical with that fluid.
Tho gastric juice I tho natural aolvont
which, in u healthy condition oftho body,
cause thu food to be digested; and when
thl julco it not uxcrutod in sufficient
quantities, indigestion, with nil Itt dit
ironing lymptonif, follows. Tbo Sen
Wood Tonic perforint tho duty of the gat
trio iulco when tho latter I deficient,
SchoueK1 Sea "Weed Tonic, tald by all
druggists, oh 7-i-im nod
I will tell .Ue furniture, of the Central
Ilotite, Itt bulk, or in parti, commencing
thlt dale, ail deilro to leave the hotel
bulne.' Thlt-furnltura It all now, and
of good quality carpet, beds, bedding,
chalre, etc and will be ol'd at a great
bargain. The leato for the honse can be
obtained on favorable ttrmi.
Jobn U Uir
Cairo, July 23, 1874.
One .thousand CMntiin tinrainti ot
Hart'man't, only" twenty-five contt otoh
Sullivan. Drugs, modlctnct, per-
fumeryv-evcrj thing In the llno.at T.
K. Sullivan'. 16'2 Commercial aveniin.
All tho day boardor in tho city can
ho accommodated al tho St. Cnarlc
hotel, with first-class board at second class
rate 111 4.10-tf
Soikthinii Nkw. lluckt Crystal
lliilliaiit with gUit oven doors. No oi-
culnn to havo l urnt broad. Call and see
It nl T. J. KkkhiV o7.ClCl.tf
PhotooraI'IH. P'or IbJ next tlxtv
day Win. Wlntor will mnU tho bo
ol photoi-rf.pl, t nl 1 1 per do.en. 'i'bl !
ram tunny for thoiu dosiring
work in thl lino. 47 7-"-30t
Onk thuutuml yard 'two-inch groa
grain ribbon, nil color and warranted all
silk, at fifteen rent a yard. Onu-inch,
tamo ribbon, for ten cent n yard at
Hartman'f. 3H-7-:!0-tf
Tub Ukst, Tbo general vordlct is.
that T. K. Sulllvau't soja water I the best
In the city. Try tl. No. 152 Commer
cial aveuuo. let ween Muth and Tenth
Fen IUnt. Two rooms, ultablo for
olUco and bod room, over Henry' bard
ware store, Comuiercial avenue, corner
l.iglh itrcet. 7-1'2-tf
WanveIi. Al thu Planter' homo, a
dining room girl, who can poak the
German lanune. Good wigo and
good situation will bu given to such a girl
applving iramodiatolv. 7-2'2-tt
Fist: Gl'N. Ilreecb loader, Kubouiid
ing Iicki, Lumiuatcd Steel Ilarruls with
lsti st ln.prevument. On exhibition und
for sale, l Henry's Hardwnru Store
Corner Commercial avenue and Kighlh
troet. if
Haunter College, aiiocr, ludtatiu
N'KVTtenu begins Septcmlier IMh, 71.
Two full courses, classical ami scientllle,
with preitor) dejiartmeiit. nil Licutt).
Tuition rrcc. Hoarding as low as elewhere.
For Intnriuatloii or catalogues apply to lte
li ( . 1 1 KC KM AN, l. I). I'reidcut.
rvl-7--it v
Skwimo MAcllla r.. Vt'u have a new
Remington Sewing Machine, right from
Iho manufacturer nnd not yet unpacked
that wo wsut to sell or trade to some
clothing dealer, morcbant tailor or shoe
maker. Ills the sizo used by manufac
turer nnd i too heavy for a family
machino. Who want a bargain?
Knquiro at The Hullktin Olilee. 3t
Healed nrono-ai- will lie rccclcil at my
office, until 5 o'cl ck p. m ot Tuenlsy the
eleventh (11) day of Augut, ls7t. for run
l'hlng the material', or doing thn work, or
both, for the rc-con.lructloii ol the follow
ing de-cribed sidewalk, or dthcrot them,
On the loiilli side cf Fourth (lib) -treet.
littwecn uhIngton aud Lommereul ue
niU", ; on the west sldeol Washington ate
sue, between Fourth ilth) nnd hi It It (5th)
streets; on the north slu ur Flltb ('ilh)
street, iH-twceu Vuhlcgton ami jomtuer
cial avenue: on the east side of Washing
ton avenue, between Filth i-'ilhi and MMli
PI hi s'riiels: on the south side of M-M'iitli
(thi strci t, cumincucliig at lae i.t side of
Walnut -treel anil extemllng east tlltyj.si;
jcci; uu tur noiiii tine Ul i?.;tt:iiiii li.ii;
street, commencing on the west tide of Wal
nut street :md extending we-t to lliu new
walk trontliigthe property of .1. V. Turner:
on the not th side of Kleentli ' 1 1 tli street be
tween a-liliigton aremiii ami Walnut
-licit: on the east side ol Poplar street.
from a point opposite tlie northed) shift ot
DM, Ion street, lo a point M-velity-nve iiii)
led north ol the northerly side ol Twenty-
first street; on the south side ol Twenty-
llrst t'ilstj lrcet lietwecn roplar ami )ct-
morc sirrets. said si 'ewalk to be re-con
structed of wood.
i-calcd propo-aN, as uhote, will also be rr
cehed Tor fiirulshfng ihcuuterlaN. or doing
tho work, or both, lor the con-tructlon or
the following described sidewalk, or cither
or them. i.:
On the south sldo of Klghth (glh) atrcct,
between Washington ami Commercial avi-
imer.i on the norm .iuv of Kightu (em
street, between Washington uveiiue am
Walnut treet nnd on the cast side of Wash
Ington avenue, between Kl?hlh (rjtli) and
Mu h (tub) streets, fc'uid sidewalk to be
construeted or brick.
Hahl proposaN slia'l he directed to thu
fit) Council of the city of Cairo, and will
to opened at a meeting of salJ council to
be held on tho tald llth day of Atigil-t, Ib7l,
Ul tl JI.IIJ.
All proposal shall be made In accordance
Willi the provision-, requirements and spec),
llc.itlont of Ordinance No. 7b. amiroved
June llth, A, II. 1871, which ordluauce l
now on mu in my onice, sUPJcelto examlua
Hon at any time.
The City Council rrscrvc thu right to
reject any and an proposals,
WillK. Hawkinh, CHy Chik.
Cairo, Ills., July its, 1871. 17-7-2o-lnt
W li J nl,) iilltiU II Dealer In
Cairo, Illinois, and Columbus, Kontucky.
Cairo olilee ut Huleii & .Wilton', corner
i eiiiu sircci nun wiiiu jevee,
Wu will run mi leu wugon throughout tlie
cason, ilullverlng iliro lake lea In any part
si uiu cii.v at me lowest mii Kei puce, onu
oj II :i'mo lurnlsli our I'rlon is ool.i.ln tin. city
Willi Ice ov the enko or car load, packed In
ww dust, for shipment lo any ill-luncc.
Cairo Box and Basket Co.
Keep constantly on hand
Mill and Yard
Conner .'llth Street
und Ohio Lovee.
MamifacturjrH and Dualertln
AJSU uunuwwuuu, bu
irrofllc ut taw will ou corner of Twui-
ty.cond ttrcot and Ohio Ieyee,
Kn n i
I'nllll roil hat o examined Iho only com
plete ami InrKcU stock orConrerlloncry ever
kept in Cairo. Kvory denier should know
lie can buy Cheaper and llettcr goods whero
they are liiade.tliiin from second hand deal
er. Ilcincmt.er (hero ii Imtonc place to do
Manufacturers, Wholesale and
ltetail Doalart In
Coul'tH) Honors Goods-
No, 1T"2 Washington Ave.
Calm, Ills.
Look to your Interest and buy direct Irom
tho only Miinulacturln;; Confectioner Hi
Hoiithcm Illinois.
No. UO Ohio l.ev.e,
Boot &, Slioe
Commercial Avenuei
i.etwecc Tciitn and Kli'ti Lth Htie.'l
Is nreiiarcil to Ull orders without dtln).
Itt: has a nne stock of luirrtttd leather on
Iianu, JU-l rtsn ,-i ii.iiii I h, nun ja-
pnt down the price to l)c InHt t notch.
S-l '.'in
B. F. PARKbrt.,
(Strecesfor to I'arkcr & UlaV.o.1
And the celebrated Illuminating;
Bros' Hulldlnf, llth St & Comerclal Av
OA 1110, ILLS.
Sixth Street niul Conimrninl Atctiiir
Piiecl I attention l-Ivcii to Ilolifir. Siioim
and mineral repalrliiK, ;il-(;-:t-.tf
All cutaneou oruptlom on the face
body tndlcato
111 V
and thlx may, or may not bo hi iioi ui a bo
In either case the dlsento is notliluK mor
than nn I.ShlDloi'h Poison that
at It courses tlirouli the velm'.iowlnr seed
ol death nl, It ctery puliation.
In thlt condition ol thing nomcthliir i
needed at once to cleanse the Irood ami
will iiotltlvrly ell'ect this OcsIJeratiim. e.v
pellinp overy truce ol'dl'-eate Jroiti the Modi
anu nytieiii, ami icuviok tue skiii
Hundreds or certlltcale sliest Its aim
Prlcntl per bottle.
H and 9 College Place, Now Votk.
Hall' llaltam for the I.unKs Carbolic Salvo.
Lint' uarnoiiu irocnes, uxyfrvn
ated llittera for Dyspepsia,
l)r. Mott'sl.lverPiIlM
Dr. ItoRor's Vs-iretahlo Worm
Siron. Dr. llennclt.8 tiuro Death In
Huts, '.Mice, aud Vennln, Itussia 11 air Dye,
Mrsset Je)4itA utol ssad tjoat
il, 9, PATHS
III. mill m III 1 1

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