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The Cairo bulletin. (Cairo, Ill.) 1872-1878, August 02, 1874, Image 4

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" ' OltlUNANCR NO. SI.
Providing for tuc annual appropriation", , for
the llscil jcsr etidltm April HOIh, 18.1.
He it or.limcd by the rft- council of the
city ot Cairo i . . , , ,
mxtion 1. 'Ifcl. for 'he purpose or tc
frayinitthe rutsvrsary expense, or lite ogjM
rioratlon Tor , fiscal yr.n ni.lliip April "0,
ISTIS. 83.1 paTlntf certain llaMilltn nlrrndy
tnenrred, the WUxtlog turn, or o muiti
Uiercol m may be-rri"iicd - ami they
are bcioby appropriated, for the felowtut;
purposes, Vlri m , .
1 'lhou)iot,fu.7?i 0ftr tttt purpose
ol l uring fx.cn;lt on rttmiry lnmluf the
&Tli kinu it tfl.M'i f r tt- piirfiexr of
rayln ' irtt on binds Issued tu Fox,
toward A lo.
3, The iiini ol Srr.luo fr tlm piirH'u ol
paying Interest on bond lulled lo the Culro
& SU Lou's Hallroad Companj , falreudy de
livered by trustee.)
4. The sum ol ?l',fortlie purpose of pay
in; bonds due, and liccomliig due, biloie
AurllW. lSifi.
f. TIik turn nf $3,000. to par amount re
cclvclinlian from cltl7Mi for rrvrllin
I.eco strc.,1, between un aim urn stccis
C. Tlie sum orSOW, to pay prill :lpal and
Interest on nutMitnilltnr cltv warrant.
7. The of sum $l'l,.Y)C. to pay salaries of
various city cimcr, iticmuiiit,' imipjiicc
The mm of S-VfrnO, to .If fray tlie co't of
biiliiilinr, recomtrtU'iing ami repairing nue-
t The mm of ftl.ooo, to defray tbo cost
nl fllHcu and reiiiir.nis streets.
10. Till mm of Ji,W, tu bo expanded for
iiruuii:u purposes.
It. Tuasum of 2.0e)1. to (lefrwv tl.o cx
punt c i of tlie board of hcdlh, intituling sal
ary of health otllcer.
l'J. The sum of l,HO0, to defm the ox
denies, of r'iro I) teirttficitt.
13. 'I he buiii of l.V) to .litlniy tlie ex
peine ol tlie city clerk's orll.o mid coiinei
I I, TJia turn of $310, to defts) Hio ox
peme of city orll"ii. .
1.-.. The sum nrtfl.mw fo defray expense
of eltrlull unit dfeilnir prisoner.
lit. Ivia itlm of g.Vsj lo defray flio ex
jirnses of pnntlnjr, binding nnd adwrlr-lnir.
1. Tho turn of ftl.uuti to pay forgns, or
oilier lllit foriie of the city.
18. The Mini of 81. 109 lor uotitlnveiit
l'J. The nun of $1,VH. fur . xpenes col
lcctliil' ucne ral warrant for 1ST I.
Approved .Inly lMli, 1S74.
.ioiin v ooi, .Mayor.
AVili. K. Hawkins.
Ulty l lerk.
l.c)ln and aM-r!inir I wo tor the year. A.
I)., 1TI, for corporate purpoe.
11c It ortUlucd I iy the City Counull or tliu
city of calm,
tii:t"Tfo 1. That the Mini of $.W,000 U
hereby let ltd and aotsod ujhiii the real
and peonal property vvltliln tho clly of
Cairo, ilibjcct to taxation, at tho Mtno Is nv
M'isc J for ktatc and county purpose, for the
current yi ar.
skc..'. lhe inayurand city clerk ol said
city of Cairo, dull, on or bcloru the ceeoud
Tuesday in August, 1ST1, certify to the
county elei k of Alexander county, that the
city o'l Cairo result ok the rum of SW.OOO,
to be raised b taxation, for city purport.
6kc. U. The county collector oi t.dd Al
exander t ount) . In In rcby uuthoried to re
cehcr.ty orders or warrant", in pajnient of
ttio Mid city taxe4, to extent of one-hall of
the total amount coll. . ted frutn all p. i.-nn-and
bodki coipnrate.
skc 4. It tuall be tuo duty of the elt
treaturer, uhcncvcrtlie eoiint) collector of
nld Alexander count Miull pay over
tolilm cltyta.. in luoney, lo upportlon
the witno amoiif the fundti known ai (ieue
rat Intcrc-tfuiid t l'ox, Howard .V Co. In.
trrekl lund; llomt Uedriiiitiou fund, and
fiiiidtopayainiiint reeeheil in loan from
cltlzem for?ravellu? l.evee street. In pro
portion at the mini appropriated for nld
mud are to the iimi.uiit m paid over by
the collector ; and, whonifao d.ild wllector,
fchall pay over to tho aid treasurer, city
taxes In ordern, or warranti, to j.laco tlio
amount of Mine in the General lund.
Approve j July lstji. is;i.
John Wooti, Msvor.
Will IC. HAWici.Vrf,
City Clerk.
OI'.DI.NA.M.K Xu. 3.
To allien J ovllni ;K uninlinmcti No. I.
lla ItorJalned h the lily Council of the
Jly of Ciilivi :
6KCTIUN 1. That Miction U4 of ordluanca
Xo. 4, be amended b) addiliKliieroto: "And
thtmajor may appoint ueli person oi per
(.on by and with tlm noiiii ut of ih coiiiu ll.
ho hall dpi nee.'ar to h i-t the po
lice ollleers U u tlinroiiKh Kiiforeeiuenl ul
the provisions of this nviion."
Approved Jul) 18th, Tt.
loff.v Wood, Jlayoi.
Attest '
"Will K. Iavki,
City Clerk.
or.DiKASii; xu. pi.
IVovIdins lor tlie contiuaiun of; u l.rbk
hldcwalK on seventh street, between
Washington avenue and Walnut tret.
lie It or.lalnod thuCitv Couueil of the
city of . airo :
bECllo.s 1. That a brick sldowalk Ik)
coiistru.'ted on tlie North side of Sctculli
Mreel. hetneen Washinetoii . avcmie anil
Walnut street, ..uuuiiciiuluv; at the eater.y
line ol' lot. No, a?. In MotU No. til, uinl cx-
tenilun: cast tu the cast, rly line t lot No. 1
In block tsn. Til, wliere snld walk Intersects
with the sldewalii on tlie uost sue of Wath
Id'.'Uiil avenue.
tj ix. -2. tald brick ddowalk bhallhe ten
feet wide. It shall be coustruc.U.1 of hard,
vvcll!tiurucd brluk. coiimautlv mid nroeerlv
laid in lierrini; liuuu iimnutr. In :t lied of
coarse canu, not less uiau lour u.ciieH tiiieK,
placed on u Urm and kiibsliiutlal lid ot coal
clnuers or earth, anil shall be so laid to the
Krade eotabllshed by the nrolloin ol .mil.
nance No, ;!. .s .Id calk shah he laid with
amope unwnw.iru tonaMthe curb, of one
third ol an laeti to the lynt. A ejrbliiL' of
nouiid liHe or bilrrmk i lank, thre iiieluw
linen nu ai lul loun.eii Iik'Io-s wI.Im, tu
ba siilked on with tinny imnuy imlV, to
iuhum ..iitivtii null uk HiuueH iwoau.t on
iiaii ii . .. ioiil. ai ii in vi. im.!,. .iun.n
placed on the ouMde t said eurbliijr, not
Skc .'I. The loel Improt eiiint4 here'u
jiroviuru in, siian ne niaile In
iec;t ses-ineimaiiu in accordance with
the provision nf section Is to fit luWiisivo,
ornrtlelcfof me ict of the (renerKl aoieir.
bly ot the atute of Illinois, aiinrovMil Aiull
10th, IS:!, and entitled; "An aetlo provide
lor tho incorporation of i itlt s and Uuc.-h
mid the t st and exuonsen nl the construe
Hon ot said slUeWrtiks shall lie pul.l out nl'
the funds urKtn.; frjin said special asiH'is-
Sso. -1. Tho ownem ot'uny lot frontliii; or
Boruerins on niu ,u w Ik s ha II ha :,n,.u..,i
thirty days, after (he time at which this or
dinance shall take .'fleet In which to builj
nald sidewalk opposite hllot,-und tlicrebv
relieve me name iroui uonmient i lirovide.l
that too work shall. In nil respects, cotilirm
ttierequlrcineiiH of tins' ordlnanee nml be
done to tho tallsfaetioti ot the committee on
tiXC.S. 1'fiOtl the expiration nl tin.
thirty days-, the cltv clerk nuall publish no
nce iur ten (lays in tnc pnjier puiill-liln tho
ordinaiireu oi (ho city, setting fonh that
scaled bids for l'uriiltlilmr the materials or
uoine mo worK, or uotn, for tho tmistftie
tlono sB,i sUewiitk, illrecicd to the cltv
council, will be received nt bu otlke up to
the time ol tlie inecttiii.' of tne cltv council
for the opnnn of MhAiid., whicli woo "tnu
jhalltiot bo earlier thai, 'u Hv ei r I iter
thn r tVlit.eii days fro.,, ,ate ofVal i .r
vvuicn notlty sUill Htate the time of said
jnectinK arid dccrl'io the wrk to ho do 10
by rcforrlUKto the ordinance VlvC u
liUinber and date orpproval, and that sIm
qrdlnanco U Mibject W exaiVuni on ?,
time at bis otllcu.
hald bids shall ,0 iineniHl
L'prCMiieoortho .,.',.,,..ll
by tbo "clerk In the pre
sum uiu vuiuiuet iur il'JMi' Ul.. u,,ii -
furo jblug the inuterlal. or bolh, for Uie . oi,.
uructlouofhaldKldcwall., shall be awarded
U) the lowest mjiofisPi u bidder. Mho shii
sjUOlcleutly (,'Uaraiitee, to tho otia.-t0u Jr
tbo cllv, council, the fiinitshlu- nf said
Material or the p. rformanee of slid Work
orboth, under the superintendence or tb,!
comnilltee on meets within such tuio iw
may be fixed by eontract. ll'tul.i ity , ouncU
aeem It expedient in do so '
ITS' a Id hid lire not sMI'limnrvto Dm CltJ
'lOomlrtV fbev may Wjett iiy or nil ,fThem
and may then, or theroaltc r, anihorle c-ild
sidewalk to be loustnicleil bysiieh aec'iili
a they may think juoper.- n-"n
Approved July 1Mb, )71.
John Wood, Mayor.
.Will K. JIawkivh,
lly f'leik.
(flic ulli!iim
IS S 1 1 I.
rotnelinilr I . i.Li i;
tle,tl- lil'l bill
pi inled, Iur
lieaih, fiooii psj er an t tiur-t;
voaxj io 4 ..
Klnli.ni... 1 .
Ond tliOUi.'iml st.ilrmenl. r.rtnlis.1 1 Tu r.
hi 1. 1.1. i in oinee tor w.m to i Wjjj
Moto llrnils. ' l !
One tllimsnti.l note lirnd. 1.H11V.II1I Tnc
llfl.t.KTi.v olllee for Mi0! twulhouauiii irtpJ
fine lhnil.nlld litlsttmss purils. film tlrlifnl
lioar.l, prlnteilatTitK IICLI.KU.V ollle,for
from Sii.riO tn 50 Wi, nccordliii: to tc. t
Oo.vk I!ov. WfilUr went to Molrop-
oiis 11 aey or two pgu.
EI'.nLioiou s Hev. Dr. Thayor will do
liver n dlfcouno Dili morning In tlio l'rci
bylcrian church on "I.ifu't iliiiloii.''
Usk tliouiund Cbinoeu p&ralols nl
'Juriman', only twonty-nro conti each
i C."-30tf
hut.LtvAN Uruci, tnedlcinei. per
Drugi, medlclnei,
fumery, everything In tho llne,-
at T.
'.. Hulllvnn'i, ICJ Commercial avenue.
I'j'.KACtll.so. Tlmra will bo services at
tho Ilaptls-t Jtifiton Koom to-day at tlio
mual hour, morrilnu ond ovonlne;, l'.uv.
J. V'. llutirnckcr, olQciatine.
riaMKTlll.sn Nkw. liueka Cryttal
llrilliiuit with (jlaii oven doors. N'o oc
emlon to huvo turnt bread. Call nnd ico
It nt ' T. J. litHTlt's. &7-G-l'J-tf
Mvsui: Kkkw. Tho "Jlyillc ICrew"
serenading pnrty, led by Mr, V L. (laii
ghor, will hecopt our lhanki fo: n eic
naJo.l'riday ovontns. i
JiiiNClfATlo.v, Tho proparatlorn for
tli telolratlon on Tueadny by our
colorded cit!zin$ nro noarly completed,
nnd tho tlfulr promlsoi to bo a euccen.
All tho duy boardor In tbo city can
lu aceoniniodatod nt tho tit. Charles'
hotel, with flrit-fla-i bonr.l nt aocond cln
rat "U 4.10-tf
I'jjRsjjfALs. JuJgo Y. 11. Underwood
of llellovlllc, Illinois ; Trof. K. S. Woods
nnd Jady of ilotropolU, nnd lion. T. H.
Cjrdoza of Allesltilppi, wcro till in .tbo
city yesterday.
Uw: JIall. Tho ritarhnsotBll
of this city will play tho I'.ivoraides of
Alouna City on the grounds ol tho inttir
in lloond City, on Tuosday next nt 3
o'clock p, m. "
KflsiOPALCflVliCU. l'.bllgloiK services
wilt bo hold at tho church of tho Ho
domcer at tho usual hour to-day unci this
evening. Kcctor Gilbert will occupy tho
It is said that a freight train
on tho alisslsilppi Central railroad ran
over nnd killed a mau n short ditlanco
bolow Fort JcrJ'enua yeutarday morning.
particulnrs could bo nscertaisod.
l'lioTOoiiArtn. For th. next sixty
lnys 'Win. Winter will mnko thHlc-
ot photographs nt 1 1 per dozen. This is
rnru cpportiinlty for thoso desiring
work iu this lino. -17 7-:i-30t
Omi: thousnnd yards two-Inch grofl
gr.nln ribbon, ul 1 colors nnd warranted nil
silk, r.t fifteen cents u yard. Une-imb,
tamo ribbon, for ton ccntt iv yard at
Uiirtnian'c. 2ii-7-;10-tf
Tub CoscEnT. -Tho concert Utt night
by tliu rillver Cornet bind, given from
tho gtaad nt tho oormr of Tenth Hreet
and. Washington uvenue, was Uuenecl to
by n very largo ooncourso of people. All
woro ptuated with the music.
All pers-orn tndobted to Wall i: lint
that do not inuko settlement beforo tho
16th day of August will find their i.e.
counts In tho bauds of K.qulro liroti for
collection. Wall .V K.nt.
38-8.2.'.! w
Kisii; Gun. Hrcech loader, Kebound
ing Iioeks, I.uinin&ted Steel Ilarrols with
Istest Improvements. On inhibition nnd
for sale, at i I euro's Hnrdwam Store
corner Commercial nvcnuo i.nii Kighth
street. tf
Citv Council Ttm city council will
meet in regular iwiion on Tuesday ovot.
ing, whim lb 0 rather important ijuottiori
of gas fir tho street lamp will probably
bo brought bstoro tbo body for uoniidar
ntioii. JAiTNr.it.-. Tho lunch ut Henry I.att
ner'a taloon Inst night was n uraod all'nir,
nnd vns partaken of by a larf! numbir
of tbo patron of tho placu. llunry l u
vholo souled, good fellow, uml popular
;ith all who know him.
I'ini:. 1-1. .Movor has Just rocelveil ono
ol tbu largest fceleetiom of lino cigars ever
consigned to ouu house In this city. Among
them mny bu found the celebrated "brand
Welding King and gouuluo Havana.
f. 1,. "WicKwiKit.Mr; A'. Ji. A'ick
wiro has roturnod to tho .city Ho slay. '
While Air. WIckwiro hni nhvaa con
sldnrcd Cairo his homo, much of his tinui
of Into years has bcDUfipeatiwny,froui tbo
city. . , 1
Mihtakk.v. Tho 'is'un'isayt I'atior A:
Co 'a nuw brick nt tho corner of Nine
teenth and Commercial nvenuo "will bo
rotdy for oocupuiicy" toon. Mossr.
I'atior .V Co. have bean enrrj ing on busi
ness iu their now houso for the Just two
Vitus at Moi'Kii Citv.-Tbo rotidence
of Mr. G. K. Meyer at Mouiid City wan
de.troyod by fire on Friday evening bo
tween eight aud nine o'clock. Tbu entlro
structure was dwtroyeJ. luvolvlng u loci
or betweon eight huudrod and one
thousand dollars. There was up
Inturanco on tho building. Mr. Movere
many friends in thit city ngrjt to hsar of
bit loss.
IIontwk i. -Tho young man HoUwlck
1 "r e
ftbo Jind'lilliiind etit off by n w nt the
bafgrv- feV dy ro, Ii iepflrll to
Lo .fEc?wo1l, nnd m rfly rstovetjvli
ccttsln "ifa "li ((n uufortnriHa istTRtr
:opeemlIy no tt Mr. lloitwtok Ii ft poor
limn nn.'. hei.itoloro tlii olo iupport
of 11 v tie 1.0 1 inolh'i.
Cio I"ii!, h- V T A. F. nnd
A. M. l.i'M fi pejulur com-
utittiicfttiun at MikcIiiC Hall to-
F.HTfi., ( V.'.r, lr; rvonintt, at 8 o'clock'
Vis itiitf brother o-rdtfillT ibtHM t nt"
tTTld. H P. ilLKK, Hre V.
b i It
KKvt HtfiiorMMt.NT. In tho emir .-I
th' nnt two or throe days Messrs'. 1U1
lid iy ltr'. vlll tiHiinbt! tl.w MtMlrm
vt a f ittr lory nnd lneniN.t bfic' warn
lieute in tlii rear of their mill nt thn cir-
ner of Twefntieth ?trei nntl Ohio leven.
Mr. K I.. Wiekwlrols the contra, tor, and
tho work will ba dono under bis tuner-
.i2 A rrgtiUr conclave of 0lro
S;t.Cotnmatidry, No. 13, ii. T., will be
ilfbe'd at tun Ajylnoi aiondny oven.
Ing. Trumpet will be sounded at 8 o'clock
sharp. Sir Knights will appear in fatigue
uniform. Visiting Sir Knight tr conr
loiiely inviWd. .Uwiitt Wiio.v.
S-2.lt Jtecorder.
Uotkl I'KRiosALa.- l'romlnenl among
tho guests at tho fit. Ubarlee hotel yes Ur-
day were: J. U. OonaiilMii nnd ft, K
isulfoy, .Si. J'ai.f, almicMotai K. Kemp
and wife, Om'.on, .Ufstlsilppl; W. ri.
UrenruiiJ wile, JiiaLsoti, Klordia; 0oar
Koss, Texai; 11. 1'. Tcwer, fit, IjouI; Sum.
Thomni, l'liilailelphla ; .!. V'. McOitT,
ilnmilton, Ohio.
BEUiotti.v IsJUKKti. The up freight
yesterday morning on tho Illinois Cen
tral- railroad ran over a man near K'k
ville, .lookson county. It seem i th'. ho
was walking an the track nnd wbilo
ntlctiiptl'ng to'rot off caught h'n foot ti.
tho frog at tho switch and before he could
intricate 'It was run over by tho train.
Ho wai cared for by tliu ptsopla of Klk
villi.4 ' '' '
At thj: ,M. K.Uiiouctt. Two leetrtroi
v.illbodollveral at tho M. E. Church to-
day at th-j usual hours. Subject : "(i.cl
as tho .SjurcoorVhyjloal nnd Moral Law,
and tho 1'oimttun of nil Goodness, coOsid
erol In tho lfht of Hmsoii.1' In tho
evening tho lubjeot will ba : "(ioj In
Christ, n Ksaipnnblu Conaoptien." All
are invited, especially thoso who nro kop.
Haco.v Kocu. Specimens of Jlman
l'.oclc aro oagorly sought aftor, and largo
chunks nro dally brought from tho sceno
of thu blasting, and thonco shipped lo dif
fsront partu of tho country. A day or two
since air. Wilcox of tho St. Charles hotel,
ant a good sized lump of thooonglomurh
tiou of sutul nnd pabblus ol v.hlch Uacon
Hock is coinjioied.tt) tbob'outhorn Illinois
Normal School at Carbundale.
Jit" 1. UMiir.it Va.hu Ms-sir. Chariot
I.nncastor Co., hnvo opened a now lum-
ber yard ut tho corner of SoVuuieuusU
ctreet nnd Commercial nvonue, nnd urn
now pruparnil to toll lumber in any rjuan
tiiy doiirod on cs rensoncblo terms i,s r.ny
..iher Ilrm In tho city. Tbor hr.v) a Urco
supply of nil kinds of building material,
and invit'i thoso tioudiug lumber to call
till tlieui betoto ni-ikitig cotitraoU vise
whero. rntviTK Hoaisdiko. Mrs. J. W. Car
micbael bwlng taken tho largo houso at
tha corner of Sixth ttrcet and Wr.thing
ton - avenue, is prepared to
furnish prlvnto boarding to u
limited number of either ladles and gon
tlemen, or lo gentlemen and tboir wives.
The homo is very plestantly located find
convtnient to the business partot the city.
Tho rooms aro Urge, airy and woll
lighted. I-'or further information inquiro
at ti e houie.
Tiir I'i anti.r.' HochK Mr. Ileufner,
j proprietor of tto. l'lanterd" House, will,
in the event of the consumatlin ot nego
tiatluns now pending between blmsolf
nnd Mr. John Gockle, immediately run
the l'lanters' House up one Mory hlghir,
making a three ttory building of It, and
oth?jrwl, itnprovo th eithblithment'
Mr,.HeUfnec is a live, ge-ahend imiluess
man, full of cnorgy and rarsooing. Ho
is just tho man to run the l'lantois' Hoatu
TitK I'osToinci: ArfAlf. The etr.
test over tho p'attniMlenhlp bin iuieteil
down, and very little is now to be heatd
uid about It. it I Mid tha iippointmont
will not be niadu until after thi Novom
ber election. This courta was ovlduntly
mapped nut by fJongrcttoian Ctementu
thinking thereby to H!ur Imimuny in
tho party until aftor tho oloetlon, at least.
How woll this courto will rucocol in
so'.Miring tbo end desirod remnlnt to Lo
Cisl'm.. On Ftldny uvor.lng tho reni
dintt In the vicinity of tho corner of
Kighteonlh street rnd Washington nvc
nue wora mart led by tha beartrendin.'
Mroiuaii of .u littlu boy, nud on Invostlgat-
ing from whento thoy camo found that
tho father of the lltllo boy whs bestlug
him uiiwercirully with n buggy whip.
The poor rhlld't crime was that hu had
ruu oil' Trom hot.;o nnd gone to the river
to swim. Tho inhuman conduct or tho
father has placed him In an unenviable
light in the nyea or hit nelghbert.
Till Taitin.i Kdward .Mnrrit, n co'.
ored'ir.nn, was urrostcd by Conetablo Mc
Nulty yestor.liiy for tapping tho till of
Scott's Common Inl avenue billiard hall,
Morri, alter committing tho tliielt was
pointed out to MoNully who nitouiptod
to arrest him. Morris felt that it would
bo "all day" with him if gdcq in tho
clutches of tho law nnd started to run
McNulty aftor him, and thoro was tbo
llvllost chutu tlint bat boon witnested for
many n day. Tbu cliaso was kopt up
until Morris reached u point outsido tbn
Mississippi lovoo, whon ho i irreudorod,
Hu was brought back and taken boforo
Judgo UroiH for a hearing. Hu wet
held to bail In tho turn of two hundred
dollart to antwor at tho noxt torm of tha
circuit court, Fnlllrg to givo bond, ho
was tent to tbu county jail
lioiUT, SnotiT 8T0r. Itiior A brick
Ltfuso at the corner of Twelfth nnd 1'optur
itreots h approacbioK completion.
- Wanted --A wah woman nrP'y Bl
Tu I'.WLLKit.v oni5. tf
The sfcrenadors who visited a number
of placM In lh? lower part of Uii city on
Krilneverting innde ottellcnt mufti?.
f Iw new to I Ok business ticusis el t8a
c3ii.T of SoveutU ttroet and Conihiorclel
v.iru tire being puttied forward n fait
jilswblo. Thoy will bn ready for oocu-
Miiey in the court.) of a tiioti'.li.
- Health Oflleer Ilrown Is a buy body,
nd on tho go alt tho timo. He ro
per U n fital dtseato mnong Iho caltle,
Whi"h it siU to bo dry murrain. 1'cuplo
tlioiil'l see that slock bate platity of
There li.ts beon a percoptlblo thin
n Ing nut of canines tn Uw city within tbo
lu', month. Upward of threo hundred
ticve gono to their last resting place from
tbo effects of tho leaden pills adminis
tared bv lbs city marshal nr.d hit eniit-
nnls. Tho good work iliould ba contin
ued until an othnr throo hundred at loait
have been sl&lo.
PrAsn vn. HouAHti Hoys. Tho fol
losing is tho f.'or.iof tho g&tuo of baso
1H nlsvssl betweon thn .Stars nnd
Howard Hoy on Krlday-'usriioon:
1 1 wan ii hoysi.
Holies, i
Svff, "d
IJ b.
Kelly, p
WheMor, 1st b
l'raaler, 1 f
Hondrickt, r f
Dick SUuk, c
Stuart, s
Cftvannugb, u I
X. IT, s 1...
.leakint, 8 b t 7
l'rost, e , 3 C
Untjan, 1 b 2 S
Davore, t! b .f I
lldoth, p . 6
GVtldv, r f , 1 t,
Sheetmn. o f f. I C
Ilrady, 1 f. f. I 7
Total .. , 21 M
XC. A. Saup, Umpiro.
Kia.vcii'Aiio.v. Vcstorduy was lLo
anntverfary c . tho emancipation of the
slaves in the West Indie., and ns rucli
was observb-1 by tbu colored pcoplo of
this city. Tho members of llov. Nelson
Hicks', l'.uv. Chai, Caldwell's nnti l'.ov. T.
.1. Shores' churchus nil eelobrnted, but
otoh congregation to itsolvo. The mem-
bers of Kicks' church hold forth at tho
grovo oppoti'.o Wintor's row; Kcv. Cald
woll's it Koeuit grovo, nn-1 Kov. Shores'
tn School's Washington Hnll garden. At
tbo first moatiinoil placo tho day was
spsnt in feasting nnd making
merry generally, and a regular old fash -ionod
barbacuo was indulged In. Tboiamu
may bo wild of tho celebration under tbo
r ;v Clma Caldwell's
churull. At Scheol's hall tUoro was
n vory large crftwd, nnd tho day pasted
off in a very tjulct and orderly manner.
In tho giraen threi. larg'i tables wore sot"
all growing under tho Wuigbt of tbo mass
of good things oa them. Katlng, drink
ing and dancing woro frooly indulged in
during tbo day tim, nnd nt nis-ht
speuchos nnd dancing was tho
programme. Speeches' wore mado by
Messrs. Kinognr r.nd llird. Tho rsmarks
of tho gentlonon tiamo-1 were listonod to
throughout with profound nttontion nnd
at thoro oonclusiun roundly applauded
Considerable disappolntmoit was expres
sed at tbo non-arrival of Hon. Fred
Douglass, who it was understood would be
proiont and deliver an address. Taken
nil in r.ll, however, tho celobratlod was n
grand success, ami rollnctol credit on thoso
who managed It.
Letter list.
Akonr, KII.tLetb
lllair, M .1
Horns, Maggie
Ilrown Susan
Delaney, Alice
Gill, Kvalinu
Harris, Sarah
Hardogg, Jiouita J
Lee, iioulst
Kiissoll M (2)
Sharp Kllon
Stablolun, Mrs C
Allen, Julia A
lieckwith, M J
lliauil, Goorgio
Hluud, I,
Cuin, Sarnh
Downs, Jar.o
Gibes, A llcj
Hand, Kdo
Johnson, Claris n
Martin, K A
Smith ilitriiett
Sanders, Joiio
Thomas, .1 W
tuoker, Fronio
AVelsh. .losie
"Watson, Harriet
White, Mary.
Ilostwlek, Wallace Kranilonburg W
Cooper, C 1' Collin, Henry
Cobb, .las l: Cobburt. Mnsou
Coyn, Tt.os Curtis, ,T O
Ilunnn rv Dncan, K W 2
Field, David
Faulknor, D W
I'armor, John
Gobel, I'rof F
Gawn, John
Ilitoinin, All
Heuricl.s, Win K
Johnton, iJaries
Klrkpatric, Al-x
Golly. A K
George, Hampton
Gill, IJuinton
Hawkey, W
Jvbnton, Dabnoy
Kiteo, It II
It : no, Georgo
, D A
Moore, Harvey
McCoy, 1' V
McGee, Wm
Phleou'or, Wm
Itoas, JMvnl 'j
Ityon, Thos
Stoven, Qyrus
Martin, John
McIIUnnon, Sam
I'orter, Jacob
liuth, Alfred
Ityon, John
Klchnrdton, Sain
tlcott, K II
Wood, 1) It
Wnshington, Chat
Wrigh; J (J
Gto. W, McKeaio,
1. M.
I will toll tlm furniture of tho Contral
House, in bulk, or in parti, comwonclng
this date, at I dcilro to leave tbo hotol
busiuos,. This furnituru it all new, and
of good 'iuality(.arpet., bodi, bedding,
chain, etc.-aad will bo sold nt a great
bar'iKln. The leaie for tho houto can bo
obtained on favorable terrnt.
-loit.v II Hav.sk it,
Cairo, July JS7 1, ot
Fon Kk.nt Two room, aultablo for
olllco and bod room, over Henry's hard-
waro iiore, Commercial Yomie, cornor
Flgth etrtet 7-lVMf
TilK lnrcost ntul boct-toiocled stork
of PUUNlTtrnK for.tnlo ut wholonnlo
"fid rolatl by HHNIIV KIOIiriOKF, No,
110, Commercial nventio.opposllo .Sovontb
8lft 7.fi.n.m
Tin: llEsr. -Tho conoral verdict U
tli.it T, h. Sulllvan-noda water Ii tho best
I" tbo city. Try ii. So. 152 Commor
tiol avenu?, Cctwcn Ninth and Tenth
Desiting to wind up our partnerthlti
huslnots, wo nroselling lumber at rcducod
Mlut-rl! per thousand Ufs than niatkot
prices. Having n largo stock of lug on
hand, wo aro prepared to till nil btllt at
short notlcn Wo selllni- sldowalk
lumber an.! l. nt 1 1 ; -mr thoutand.cnsh,
delivered; a ,J pojdur, at lorrespondln.;
Mr. McGahcy being no longer in our
omploy it not authorized to tako or
dert, colic, t bills or rocoipt for tho firm.
C2.7-8.iw Wall A Est.
J II K barber mop it on .no cornor ot
Kighth slroot nnd Commercial nvenuo
wnoro J. Goorgo Stionbouto with bis gen
tlemanly assistants can bo found at nny
hour of the dny or night, readv to lootho
your feelings with a smooth shave, or cool
your tamper and head with n good iham
poo. It id n first-class thop, na.l you aro
turn of receiving first-class treatment,
Ladies' and children's hair cut or curlod
flcrtlio most approved stvlet. 6-U-t
Dklta Chubs. Mr. T. E. Sullivan,
druggist, IVl Commercial avenue, bat
touiothing new In the way of cigars. He
it now soiling a brand of bit own callod
tho Doha, put tip In handsome packtge?,
mado of tho vory host tobacco, and sold
for five t'WTs each. Thoso who imoko
tbom will agrco with us in laying that
they nro far superior to most of tho ton
cant cigars told In this market. Try tho
Delta cigar. 7-21-lm
AsiiiNoiON iIakeiiv. Mr. Joseph
Konekcr has takon chnrgo of this woll
known establishment, nnd will, on and
alter to-day, bo nblo to supply tbo
public with cholco bread, includin
lloston, Ilrown and Graham bread, bosidet
cake 3 and confectlonarict of every de
scription. Doing an experienced and
skilful bakor, Mr. ltonokcr will not fail lo
satii-fy Ml who patronizo hi in. 1 In
Washington avenuo. ,"id-7-2-lm
Stjcam and Gas Fittino. Rowland
& liennio have ontered Into a co-partnor
ship, nnd bavo oponed a shop on Commer
cial avenuo, noxt door to Ferry Fower's
livery stable. They are now ready to do
all kinds of Steam nr.d Gas Fitting,
Drlve-Woll Work and Flunibing. Special
nttontion pvid to repairing pumps. They
solicit n eharu of public patronage, and
guaranteo their work to bo w!l dono.
27-7-7-lm ...
Emancipation i7KLKiin.OYi0N. Tbo
coming anniversary of tbo emancipation
nf slaves In tbo West Iodloi, August 1st,
tho oolorfcd citizens w( Ciro wilt clobrntw
in an approprlato mnnner, A Grand
Karbccuo Dinner will b curved in
School's garden, nnd apeechef, by well
known orators, will bo mado in tLo fore-
noon and aftornoon, within the hall
which will bo appropriately decoratid for
tho occasion.
A cordial invitation to participato in
tho colehratlou is extended lo all the sur
rounding country.
Tho best brass band In Southern
Illinois has beon procured for tho occa
Tho tables will bo supplied with all tho
seasonable rofroshmcnts.
Invitations have been extonded to somo
of tho moit talonted speakers in the land
and favorablo answers have Leon roceivud
from most of thoso who hnvo been in
vitud. Among the speakers who huvo
toon solicited to speak on tbo occasion
nro: Hon. Fred. Douglas, of Washington
Gov. l'incbback, of Louisiana: Hon
11. Oberlyj Hon. I). T. Linogar, and J
J. Bird, Kif., of Cairo.
Commtttoo of Arrangoroentt. D.
Scott, J. T. Allen. Nace Leo, S. Hmltho
and J. Jennings. 7-17-Ct
Sealed proposal' v. Ill be receded t my
office, Until Ti o'clock p. tn., of Tuculty the
eleventli (II) day of Augut, 1874, lor fura-l-hlng
the materials, or doing the work, or
uoiu, ior me rc-coiiiructl3ii ol the follow.
Ing described sidewalks, or either of them.
On tho south side of Fourth lllli) street
between Washington and Commercial avc
nue",; onthewe-t sldnol Wiisblneton ae,
i.ue, between Fourth (Ith) mid Filth (.1th)
streets; on tho north sldo or Filth (jth)
street, between Washington uml Commer
claliivenue; on the cast side of Washing
ton avenue, between Filth (.Ith) and Sixth
fit It strectu; on the south side or Seventh'
"'f'et, commencing :it the east side or
uHiiiiii street anil extending east lllly (oil)
un .on norm sine oi oevenui 1 1 n;
street, comiuencliiL' on the west side or W:il.
nut street and extcmllni: west to the new
..nit iriin,i,. Tin, Iirniiftrl,. nt .. i lull,,
on the north side ot Fieveuth (llthistnct.be
tween Waililugton aveniin and Walnut
street: on the east side of l'onlar atreel.
irons a point oppotlto tho northerly side of
uivisioii aircei, in a point seventy-me 7&
lect north ot tlie northerly sldo ot Twentvi
lirst street; on the south side ot Twenty.
nrsi t-isii sueei oeiwecn roputr anil yca.
more suueis, oaiu riuewiiihn to or re-eon
sti'iietod of wood.
Sealed nrotioal. uh ulioie. will ulsn bo re,
celtcd for luriilshlng the materials, orilolii-r
the work, or both, for the construction of
tlio ioiiow nk' I escribed s i lawu k. nr elilier
,.r .1..... . i..'. '
ui (null,, , if, ;
On the smith sldo or Flglith (Sth) ttrcet,
between Washington and Commercial nvi
lines; on mo north side ol I e it Ii (Ml hi
street, between Washliigton uvenue unit
Walnut street and on tho e.-iU side nf Wash-
iiigmn nvenuo, between KlKhtli (Hthi and
.Ninth (Uth) streolN. Suld sidewalk to be
coiifcirtictou or brick.
Buhl liroiiosiiU shall be directed In tl,
-'lty Council or tho city of Cairo, mid will
ou nnenou ill a iiieci nir oi snia coiine in
bo helij oi tho said ltth.layof Auuilst, 1ST 4
nt 7:'10 p.m.
All nronosuls -li;ill bo made in accordum-i,
with the provisions, requirement nml sped.
HctitlouN of Ordinance No. 78, approved
Juno llth. A. !. IM74. willed ordinaiic.i i
now on Jile lu my otllcc, eubject to exanilua.
tio'.:;i: any time.
Tlm Clly Council rcscrvt'H tho' right to
reject any a'ld nil proposals,
' ..',rr II . vawu 4.1... . 11 i.
Culrn. Ills.. July '.'.1. IK7I. 17-7-'Jft-ll)t
cures uii Kinus oi paint, r or saio by
11AKCLAY IlltO'iS.
Sole agenPi for Alexander, l'uUskl, Uulon
ml Muc couiitUe. tiMMt.'Jm
cou. si:vl.ntj:enti sr. and com-
'Sm'tf'fSVi Ji",.5i?!'!!:i':! .
... .iii ... .""') "1 coiioeciion Willi ii-ir
blllldlug material, Mieb as
-I-"- ...vu.iuu ib r.aueu to our strata-
ntitleo In laj-je oi fnull .iiatiiltls,'
A tnrt.,1 sl.tnL' f I ..I....... , " . . .
ni s i P i i . . ' 'Miilliei oil ll.llli -.11
out mill, which wm he sold at J.I to $tu tier
,'.',r,?,, Iol A'" ! il
' s otuiMieo in nny ipiaiilllv,
Mirrt. 111., Atinit 1, 171. 8-Mu!
SKSSION of Studlctln the
Will begin on
MONDAY, sn'TLMI.nU 7Ui, 1871.
For l'rospeclui, giving terms, Instruc
tions to parents, Arc, ."cc, apply to or
UHV. JUS. (1. ZKA1AND, S. J ,
St. IajuIs Uhlverilty, St. Louis, Mo.
R'. SMYTH &, CO.
' :i WHO!.KS,I.K
' i
No. liO Ohio J.uvoe,
Boot Sl Sko
Commorcial Avenue, x
i.ctwece Tcntn and Hcm-iiUi sircel-,
. J l , . '
I jirepareit to till order" without delay.
Ho has a One lock of ltii r.ilt.t leather on
band, Just receit e.l from up r.rk, and ha
put down the prices to tye lowt't notch.
s-4 iim
Wholes ii,- and lli-tiil L ii, n In
Cairo, Illinois, and Columbus, Kentucky.
Oalro olllee at lluleii .V Wllnjn's. con.cr
Twelfth street and Ohio I.-h-c.
e wilt run an leu tigon Ihrnughout
eason, delivering pure lake len in any pi
I tho city al the lowest msiket (iiiie, an
olll alsto Inriilah our I rlen'U outside the clt
with Ico iiv tho cake or car loin), packed In
ww ilust.forshif'lucut lo any iiL-uicc.
rs Ts-vit-tr
(Successor to Parker .t Wuko,)
W I I IA IJl.'ll
i nun
And the celebrated IlhimtiKitiiig
Uross' llulldlng, llth St. A: Comorcial A,V,
Oaiho, ills. . '
I'lltlll Villi hit l it ovnintni.il (I.., i nil- s.,.t...
jileto Biiil lar;t'Jtto ofConlfriitiru'ry ver
ls.nl In i"tslr.. b'v,. .1. . . ...
tllHV nm 1M:h!( tlifili (rmn t,rsnl li.s.i.l
i n. Kciiieuilier there is but one jilace to do
ca'dy factory
Manufacturers, AVholosalo and
Hotall Deal era In
Confootionors Goods
No. 1 7a AVnshlngton Ave.
Cairo, Ills.
I.ooktoyoiir luterett and buy direct liom
the only Muiiiitactuiliig CoufectlonciM In
Southern llllnnla.
Real Estato Agents,
i ii ,
74 Ouio Leveb, (ScconJ I'loor,)
Htty and Sell HEAL KSTATK, Fay TAXK3
Fiirnlthei Atntrui-N of 'I'm,-
tari.aud Commltiloiu'i',
It. W. JlIiiIiKIl.Frealdont,
J.M. rillliUl'S, Vice President,
CHAS. CX'N'NlNOHAit, Catblel.
i:.(;HA Nil I!, colli, bank tidier , td I'lillcd
Stale' iH-ilrltlea bought mid sold.
Inferos! tilloufii on time tl'i(i.lts.
' ' oKi'tucaa.
W. I', IIA I.I.IDA Y. I'rrsldeiit;
IIHSKY I.. IIAI.I.IDAY, Vice I'rcsldct.
A. II. SAFI'OltD, t 'liters
WAIl'KIt II VHIiOl", Assfstaiit. Cashier.
STAATH TAVI.oIt, It. If. ("I'N.MNlllIA.M
fi, L. llAI.I.IHAY, W. I'. llAI.I.IIIAV.
O.I. Williamson, stdmikn Until,
! IlM-h.-iti'-p. Coin nud Inilril Shite-.
Itiiiuls ilottglit nnd .Sold.
DHFOSITS reeelt Hljand a general banking
business done.
ciiAi:n:iti:i .makcii :m. im;h.
ornoiciis) :
A. It. SAFKOItl). I'ristdent :
M.8.TAVI.OIS, VW-I'residcni
II, II VJtl.Ol', Swretary nnd TrAiur;r.
F. M. llAllCUAV, .' 1 1 A M . (lALlrilll.lt,
F. M. SllX.-KI I.ETII, l'Al'l. O. -.Ill II,
It. II. ClNNINllll Ot. II. I.. ll.U I ir.,
.1. .M. 1'IIILI.IPK.
INTKHOT paid on d8IKslt at the rate
ot sIk per ceut. pr annum, .March lt and
September 1st. IntercM not withdrawn !
lidded Immediately to the principal or the
lcosii, tberibj k'tvln;; tucm cvniiiound
Ofien every bolne d.iT from ti a. in. tu.1
p.m., and satu.day rtciitng lorsnini;s dc
poftti only, Irom n to" o'.-lock.
W. HYM.fjl'. Treasurer
General Insurance Agent
Ol FK'K,
Olsio Lcvcfi, ovur .Matltut A I hi m.
tay"A'o;ic liif jlri'-'b'si Companies
-KdTAiiblHHKi) 1853.-
Safl'ord, Morris ic Caiidce,
7U Ohio Levcc, Oity National Jlank
JJuilJiui', Uaiuo, Ills,
TjV oldest eitahllshi'il Ak'ency lu Southern
IllltioN, reiire.-cntlna otrr
$65 000.000.00.
John I). Human.- o.u
And IjiiiiI Ak'eiitt of the Illinois Central and
. ilurllngtuii und Missouri It. It, Cot,
North Uor. Sixth and Ohio Lcveo,
tjorner of SUii.ileeutti Hlrcoiaud Vont
uier.di.I Avenue
ti. O. 1'ATIKH
t-l .A. X OX
ilghth Htreet, botirnen w'ashlni.'tou una
i-oiiimoreiai Avenue,
,.1,,-iiuiiiM su.iii loisiiiunn iiiusv UISL
lir.-ti.i.. l.l.....ll ... ....... .1... ......I .
.tit'... ,......... 1... J,.,,. a,. ........ .
,. w ,11,1,,, h iM.ui .uu s uiui. cuienis
of hi,, customers'; ucM ho must let cvorv
Ii, w.ll.',. .,r ..-..I.., I. In , ,l, .1. . V'
U'l'V"""' .i",.-,m . i.no.v . mil hu
u c L n,.l,ir.,l . Tn n il.,p, ......II . .
.r rj. 7 " V n'il'OI imCU 110
m.u 'I nf t n 1 1 . In, n, i, id I a lul.n, 1 . ., . .
,.v....... ., U l-l.ll till, ll
li largo vlll'IKO n pi'liiled hnudblll, poster or
circular, properly distributer), will bo eltlca.
clous, bill WllOIIVHlt 1K IN A I'LAOi: Ltluiu
JJNdimtlK) BtlPfOItT A NUWSl'AI'KIt Will
I'INII 'IMAT IT IS Till! I ITlf.i-iui .,.,.,....'..'
Tiuioroii wiiiuii ni AHiuti'.siniiK I't'ui.ic!

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