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Tb undersigned b'VMT uUj'liei a
lew lumber yi?dln.nnettJon w'th Vjelr
uwmllU f prepi" to furniib til kinds of
btilldloKaaterlT, tuch
i Flooring, 6ld!nz. Celling, Ae.
ooafWaion and Agricultural Implement
jlatlal, wblrh will lie furalthod on fhort
nijbe la large or tin ill qiian-itlet.
larg tto k of chca. Uimb r on band At
0 mill, wh.ch will t.c aid at 18 to $10 per
tieutarid In rarlond lot. Also latli and
ingles furnlibcd lu any quantity.
Ciias. Lancaster A Co.
Cairo, IU., Augutt 1, 1874. 8-2-3in
fcESSION of Studioi tn Iho
Will begin on
MOMiaY, SEPTEMBER 7th, 1674.
Yet v......t... i.ImK v.-., (.....
tloni to paronti, &c, &c, applj to or
. l'roildont.
tJt. Louis University, at. Louli, Mo.
No. CO Ohio Levee,
Boot fc Shoe
Commercial Avenue,
imweee Tenth and Eleventh Street.,
It tircnarcdto fill orders wltbout delav. 1
He hat a line stocV of lmrcrltd leather 011 I
hand, just received from N(crk, and has
put uown me prices 13 tyc lowen noicu.
8-4 2m
Wholuiiilo and Uot:iU Do.tlers In
Cairo, Illinois, and Columbus, Kentucky.
Cairo otlice ut Ilulen & AVlHon'ii, corner
1 weuiu tuuet una uiuo icitu,
W't Will ruu an ice wagon turouijliont
cason, dellvoi h- pure l.ke ico In any p
If tb clt at ttiu lowest uiarket price, a
otll also luniUh our I'rlun Js outside tliec
with Ice nv the cake or car loud, packed
ww dutt, for shipment to uny dlttancc.
And Laud Agents ol the Illinois Central and
Burlington and Missouri It. It. Cos.
North Cor. Sixth nnd Ohio Lovco,
Real Estate Agents,
74 Otiio Levee, (Second Floor,)
Huy mid Sell REAL INSTATE, l'ny TAXES
rMiuUho AbitMcta of '1 Hit.
t2ffLand Corumhsloner.
(Buocemor to Parker & Wake,)
Dealer in
jmd the celebrated liluuinatug
Uro' liullalni;, 1Kb St. & Oomnrcial Ay
Hill IStwlN.
Somebody to take from us a thousand bill
heads, good paper and finely printed, for
3.60 to 4.P0.
One tholltand statement. nrlntMl nt Tur
Bulletin office lor ?3.50 to 4 00.
Hole llemla.
BULLETIN oHlec for ?4.Cfl: twothuui.iml lnr
One thousand Imatnesa rfinli. tine lirUfnl
board, prli ted at TlIK BULLETIN offlc lor
from 82.50 to ?C 00, according to tin?.
Mail subscribers who find an X oppo-
ilto tbelr name on tbo margnin of their
pnper, or ontho wrapper, will understand
that It meant renewal or suspension
tbal Iho time for which their ptpor n
paid li out, and our tortnl aro $10.09 for
tbo dally and $1.00 lor the- weokly, is-
Tub Council. There will bo a regu
lar meeting of tbo city council to-night.
Concert, The Delia Cornotband will
play from the "up town" itand thli oven-
ONE thousand Chttweo paraiols nt
Hartman'r, only twonty-fivo cont each
Sullivan. Drugi, medicines, per-
fumery, everything tn tho line, at T.
E. Sullivan'i, 1 "2 Commercial avenue.
Bcw A wat. Thero wai a beautiful
runaway on tho leveo yoitorday morning.
Several pooplo were nearly run ovor, and
nearly all loemod to enjoy it very much.
Jelly Presses. Somotbing new in
the Jolly IVmi Hoe, at Uonderton', 100
Commercial avenue. 62-a 8-1 m
Run Awat. A teatn of bora bolong.
ing to Mr. Andrew Lobr, ran away on
Eighth itroot yeitorday. Tbo damage
was slight.
Excursion. Look outjfor the Baptist
Sunday School Basket excunlon to
I'leaiant Grove, near Fort Jcfforton next
Thursday the 13th imt: 8-7-tf
Cans I Cans I Cans I Quarts, one dol
lar per dozen; half gallon, one Ally
per dozen ; mndo of belt material and
grooved teams; at Iiendenon'i, 100 Com
mercial avonue. 62-5-8-ltn
Something New. Bucki Cryttal
llrilliant with glass oven doori. No oc
cation to havo burnt bread. Call and tee
il at T. J. Kektii's. 87-Cl'J.lf
All tbe day boardor in tbo olty can
be accommodated hi tho St. Charles
hotel, with Qrit-clasi bourd at tecond clais
rate 7'J 4.1t.tf
uotxi. j-cbkonal. among tue ar-
rivals at tbu lit. Obarlot hottil yesterday
woro Tbos L Williamson, St. Louit ; Chat
F Walter, Now York; Geo W Cheek,
U R Walbryno, Alemphii , M Fouchi,
Miisitilppi; W R Iiurk, Vickaburg.
Dr. Williams, Duntiit may bo found
in hi oflico at any time ; oxtractt touth at
ftll Uu . ,v or nlihl. Oftlcn nt 140
Commercial avenue, bcw.n Htb'and 0th
street. 45-8-l.lm
Tub Dkist. Tho general verdict it
that T. K. Sullivan'i tola wator is tho best
In '.he city. Try It. No. 1S2 Commer
cial uvonuo, bolwoon Ninth and Tenth
U.vs tbouiund yards two-inch gros
grain ribbon, all colors nnd warranted ail
ttlk, nt tlftcon centt a yard. One-inch
tame ribbon, fur ten couu a yard at
3C 7-30-tf
Irvin. SberiU' lrvln, who went
Ilourliug Gruon, Kentucky, with the
bono thiuf Allen, captured by tbu Slier
W in this city a woek ago, returned on
Sunday. Tbo bono stolen by Allon was
valued at aix hundred dollar;.
ALLpernona indebted to Wall fc Ent
that do not mako settlement before tho
15th day of Auguit will find their ac
counta in tbo hnndt of Ksqulre Ilross for
collection. Wall it Knt.
Th'kkts for tho baaket picnic to Fort
Jefferion on Thuraday, 13th inat., may bo
found at tbe following pUcss : Scbuh's
drug ator, John Antrim'a, M. J. Mc
Gauley'a drugatoro, J. II. .Motcall' gro-
eery, Artor ii Co's grocery, Lancaster's
lumber yard, and of tbe members of the
It.pUit AltuWn HkbbaUi l-'cbool.
Kink Oun. llreech loader, Hebound-
log I.ocki, I.Htninated Hteel Ilsrrela with
latett ltr.provoraents. Ou exhibition nnd
for isle, ut Hvnry'a llardwaru Store
corner Commercial nvonuo and Eighth
street. tf
MURUKR AT 1UANDV1LLB. A dilliculty
occurred at UiandvlUe, Kentucky, a fow
dayt ngo between two negroee, In which
one of them wa killoj, It l, fk& tlto
trouble grew out of tho dead man butch
trine tbo murderer's wife. The murderer
had not been arreated at last accounti.
To Ub Dedicated, The Gorman
Lutheran Church, Thirteenth Street bet
ween Washington avenue and Wnlnut
Strict, will bo dedicated on Sunday next.
Tho church has been thoroughly over
ttuUJ, repainted, carpeted, oto, and it In
every way much better than before,
A Fin I'ictubk. Mrs. William
Winter baa juat finUhed a picture of a
lady for an artiit in Cincinnati tbut is a
perfect gem of art. Tho colors are soft
and harinonioui, tbo lights and shades
blended by tho hand of a matter hand, and
the picture in all ita detalla as perfect
aa ml could make IL
Wahuinqion MAKKiiy. Air. jotuph
Ronekor bat taken charge of tblt woll
known ottalllthuint, and will, on and J
alter to-day, be ablo to supply the
publlo with choice bread, including
Boston, Drown and Graham bread, besides
oskes and uonfcctlonarlct of every de
scription. Being an experienced and
skilful baker, Mr. Roncker will not fail to
aatltfy all who patronize him. 140
Wasbington avenue. 33-7-2-lm
A Rare Combination or Artistic
Talent Mr. Wm. Wlntor and Mr, II
M. Robarlt, at Winter's photographic
gallery, form a combination of artlatio
talent tbo citissns of Cairo should tako
pride in. Eacn of tbo gentlemen Is a
matter of the poncil and of the brush
tanking with tho drat of portrait palntcra
bnd in tbo art photograpbio, havo tbo
kill of capturing the abadow nnd bring
ing out upon tbe plate tho features ot
man, woman and child lifo-llko at tbo re
ality, and working them Into pictures that
cannot bo excelled by tho best photo
graphic artiata of tbo country, .East or
Private 15oakdi.no. Mrs. J. W. Car
micbnol having taken tho largo homo at
tho cornor of Sixth street and Wnihing
ton avenue, it proparod to
furnish prlvnto boarding to a
limited number of either ladlea and gon
tlcmon, or to gentlemen and their wivea
Tbo bouto la very pleaaantly located and
convanlent to tho business part ot tbe city.
Tho rooms are large, airy and woll
lighted. For farther information loqulro
at Hi bou,.
Tut Contention To-Uat. The Re
publicans of Alexander county meet In
convention to-day to appoint dolegates to
tho congressional and lugitlatlvo conven.
tloni. There will bo quite a contett over
the vote of Alexander county In tho leg
itlativo convention, and we hope the war
horto of the San will tnort dtflnncw at
the gentleman from Jackion and Uuion
who aro hero seeking to have tbe dele
gates instructed. Da vis has never boforo
taken off his coat In a fight, but now he
ia in blj thirl (leaves aad lively timet
may bocxpectod. He it for Mr. Candeo,
and Mr. Candeo has not said that he Is
unwilling. Therefore Mr. Davis mint
secure tbe Instructions ef tho county for
Candeo. If be don't wo will nover again
place any confidence in cither his pluck
or political skill, Davit to the breach I
Hallard Countt. There it troublo
among the politicians of Ballard county,
At tho late election a Mr. Jenkins was de
clared elected circuit clerk of Ballard
connty by seven majority. Hit oppopentt
one Raymond, Esq,, was not tatliBed
with the countleg of the ballots and
callod upon the canvattlng board to count
them over again, which was dono and
tbon it was declared that Raymond and
Jenkins had received an equal number of
votes. It was then proposed that Jenkins
go into office and appoint Raymond dep
uty. This Jenkins refutes te do, and
the result ia that all tho lawyers
in Rallard county, and ono or
two from Hickman, and half the
legal luminariea of Vaducah bave beon
engaged by either one or nn ui. t ms
parties. The affair creates considerable
excitement among tbo eitizens of Ballard
county, and the result ia looked for with
great interest.
Ehlers to Ilia I'atuonh, ank the
Geneual I'uiilic, Greeting. I very
reapar.tfully solicit a continuance of the
favors of my pav..-,, and invito the pat-
ronage of tbo public, u. 1 wj,h old
f-'-nns and transient patrons todiutootly
understand tba-. x nrU for monev and
not because of a philanthropic ueair iu
shoo and boot my follow men without
money and without price, and that, thero
fore, if any old patron or new patron,
desiring shoes or boots, has not tho pecu
niary ability to pay for the work ordered
wben done, be is requested to pais on to
aomo other shoemaker. I want no old
patrons or new pstront who will not pay
Tboso who are willing to pay will find it
to their interest to patronize me, because
I keep on hand tho bolt of stock, do tho
best of work, give tbe best of fits and
work for tho lowest of prices.
8-C-.'iw Eiilek.1.
Twontioth Street, between i'oplar and
Waihington Avenue.
Will Acc-kit. Mr. Ilarman, will, If
no is nominated and elected, serve tho
pooplo as n ropresontativo in the legisla
ture He will not, howover, canvass
oithor nomination or election. He has
neither tbe deposition, tho timo nor the
means to do so. Ho will not took tho of
fice, but if tho ollico'sooks him ho will not
run away from It. Wo aro glad to ob
serve that among tho Domocrati and other
OppOMition people, there is no office-seek.
ing in this part of the Statu. Thoru U no
man in Southorn Illlnolj, a member of tho
oppoaltlon, who ia seeking any office
who has made tho least oxortion to obtain
the nomination of hie party, except Mr.
Washburn, who has anneuncoi Ills dmire
to go lu congress, and Mr, Waahlmrn
prolus'ea to be nn Independent Roforiuur,
one of tbo plunks of the plutform of
which party says that the otllco ought to
couk tbo man, Mr. Harraan is not a
looker after the office of ropresontntivo,
but he will servo If nomina,tod and
elected; and will servo his constituents
faithfully and well,
The largest and buat-sclectod stock
of FURNITURE for salu at wholosalo
and retail by HENRY KIOIIHOFF, No.
115, Commercial avenue,opposlte Seventh
il b-17-3m
Fou Sale. -U0 aozon one quart trult
cans at $1 per doscen ; half gallon cans nt
fl CO por dozon, all of good tin with
grooved icami, manufactured una for salo
by A. Halloy, 108 Wathington avonue,
near Tontb atroet. 82-7-U-lm
Steam and Gas Fitiino, Nowlnnd
& Ronnie havo outerod into a co-partner-ahip,
and bave opened a shop on Co miner
clal avenue, noxt door to Perry Powor's.
livery stablo, Tbey are now ready to do
all kinds of Steam and Gaa Fitting,
Drive-Woll Work and Plumbing. Special
attention paid to repairing pumpa. They
solicit a sham of public patronugo, anj
guarantoe tbo' work to be well done.
Cairo, III, AuputtO, 1874.
Ediior Bulletin ; I wish to say a
few words in reply to a communication
which apposroJ In tho Cilro Sun of this
evoking, written by ono John II. Birtor,
"in order that tbo people of this rtprcsoa.
tatlvo district miy uot bo impoicd upon
by tho abortcjmings if! whs', is juitly
styled tbo Carbondalo political ting.''
Binon thinks that from the time be
put bis nolo Into the court bouie he could
tmoll something in the broi.v) tlmt
did not waft to hit soniitlvo noitriis any
considerable anijuut ol Bartonian per
fume. Tblt it true. The people of Jack
ton bavo bsen timo nnd again disgusted
by the tricks of Mr. Barton nnd the
Carbondale ring. At tho convention last
fall he was snubbod in a palpabto manner,
and It was hoped, for tho good of tho ropu
blican party and a few ot his friends who
are reputable cittzsni, that ho could take
the back tent which had beon provided
for him. But ho turned up ngnin with
tho determination to ru'.o or ruin, nnil
ontered the convention last Saturday nt
tbo hoad of a ilalej-atlon that had not boon
appointed by any bady Of citizens and
represented nobody.
At tbe primary meeting hold nt Carbon-
dale laat Thursday to'appolnt delegates to
tbo Republican convention that nr-err-bled
at Murphyaboro laat Saturday, n
committeo was appointed by tbo chair
man, who ii unfriondly to mo, and wm
instructed to report dolcgtles to tho moot
ing. Tho committee, it. is needless to
say, wa selected with n viow to obtain
ing a doloatlon hostllo to my nomination
tor tho legislature, nllbough a Tact
tti&t was patent to all who
wero present at tho mcotlng a large ma
jority of tho meeting wero my friend".
Wben tbe report of tbo committeo wn
prcsented, a motion was made to lay it
on tho table a motion that oven a novlco
In parliamentary law must admit was in
order, and wbl:h no chairman of n
meeting, who was inclinod to act honestly,
would havo refused to entertain, and
which Dr. Waggonner, if ho had not
been aware of the fact that my friends
wero in tbo majority in the meeting would
not bave refused to entertain; but
knowing that my frionds would
have voted tho roport down, ho ruled
that tho committor, having keen instructed
to report delegates, and having dono that
duty, its action was final ; that therefore
the motion to lay on the table was out of
order, and tbo gentlemen named by tho
committee as delegates were the delega
tion of tbe township of Carbondale' I
havo no doubt tho bones of Cushing rat
tled in indignation when this unparlia
mentary ruling was made. Then a mo
tion, i.v iu otam, ..l(ier the vote
by which lbs committee was raised, was
made, nnd would have been c&iried by
my friends if it had been ontertalued and
put to the meeting. ' But Dr. Waggon-
er, tho chairman, not un ignornnt but
an unf.iir man ruled tbia motion
out of order also; and pending
the diicuieion that oniuod, wben a mo
tion was made by Mr. Barton to adjourn,
docided it carried, although two votes in
tbo negative to ono in the affirmative were
caat wben the queition was
--n. In that rneuiing, manip
ulated ,j Mr. Barton nnd his
Carbondalo ring ot political sharpen, I
was snown no quarter. It will be teen
from this statement, tbat tbo Republican
primary moeting of Carbondalo township
did not adopt the report of the committee
on delegutei, and tba. tbo Barton' del
egates bad no right to scats in tho Repub
lican county convention. But so confi
dent was I that tho ptoplo of tbe county
desired my nomination, that I did not
object to Mr. Barton's delegation, and
tbo members took seats in tho convention.
At a certain stage ef tho proececdiogs
of tho convention, a motion was mado to
Instruct tbo delegatoi to vote for me in
tbo legislative convention to aiscmblo at
Meund City next Thursday. Mr. Barton
moved as a substitute, tbat tbo delegation
bo not instructed. This substitute was
votol down by a large majority, wben tho
unauthorized delfgalien from Carbondalo
withdrew. Tbe motion to instruct fur
me was then csrriod by a unanimous
Mr. Barton charges tbat I furnished
forged credentials to persona not delo
gates. Tho thatLelcsinesa of this charge
may eurpriso tboso who do not know
Mr Barton, but tboie who do know him
will not be surprliod. Ho is capnblo of
any meanness, and bis neighbors know
him to bo as unreasonable as ho li unfair.
Ono man, it. M. Johnson, trom De-gonia,
Informed me that ho had been authorized
to represent tho Republicans of his
precm-i in tho convention; that
ho lad neglected to obtain
credentials, but that be Imd au
thority irom tho committeeman of bit
township to wrltoout hi own orodmllali.
Ho asked mo to write them for him. .1
did so, publicly, with tho knowlodgo of
Mr. Barton. If ho bad belloved tboro
was anything wrong In this ho would
havo oljeetod to Mr. Johnson taking a
scat in tho convention; but ho did not do
to. He reserved the objection until tho
adjournment of the convention,
and now is attempting to
make a mountain out of this
mole hill. If Mr. Johnson had not veted ;
and il tho delegates from tbe unrepre
sented .townihips had voted against mo
as they would not havo dono if tbey had
boon prosont, tbo motion to Instiuct for
me would have boon carried by a band
somo majority.
1 am aware of tbo fact that Mr. Barton
and the political guerrillas who follow
him, havo attemptod to throw discredit
upon my ability to roprosont
this district in tho house of tho gonoral
assembly, and also to rolled upon my
good name, I do not intend to trumpot
my own merits; but I will tay, that, If
elected to n seat In the hmse, 1' will do
all that I can to bo faithful to Hip trult
reposed In me- that 1 will labor to
secure tbo odvnntagn of my dittrW.
nnd .1 nave no doubt my dally walk
and conversation will rotleet po dishonor
upon mo or my constlluontt; and 1 know,
that howet ,r "shaded" my character might
be cvon if il wera at.bUck a tbo liarto-
nUn slnndorors palnt'it-it 'wi-uid thine
bright In comparison with Hut of -Mr.
Battori rind of tbe Repub'ilon'ti ttr aggler
who l'ollsw, wlh tho wovin paces of un-
sober men, in th'o devious nntbs alotur
p , - ( ...
Which their tanglod-foolod Wader wslUn
with eyes bleared and uiumollrr; voice.
From none of the gcnllenmii in com
potion with mo from no person but the
dlireputablo Bartonian P"iitloal fcalln-
wags, havo I received otlur than oourt
out treatment. Mr. Inicori, my mmt
formidable competitor, 'has not Joined
iu the'alhndorous outcry of these dissolute
and disroputablo politicians; nnd 1 take
ploacuro In bonring evidence to his gon-
tlomanlmcis and ability. Ho was a faith
ful representative, nnd nu ablo 0110 ; nnd,
if ho should bo nominated,
I will support him with
honest zeal; but, linco I have entered
Into this conflict to far, prlckod to it by
a dcsirii to vindlcutu myicll nnd prove
my own worth!noei, 1 ai-k llio kind ulUo
of tbu Republicans sf -.1 loXalidor; 1 ak
their votes In the nominating convention,
and pledge my bot cideavcN, if eleolod
to further the Interests of tbo metropolis
of l.gjpt tlie future great city of th
Miimsippl valley.
l'.cspectfolly, Joe. P. RoMAnf.
'the nuauLAH!.
Mlchaul Ryan and Jacl- Chamb1sflth'o
gentleman wl.o enfred .Mr. Bstto'taa
loon at tho corner of Sixth str'etnnd
commercial at unue, on Ian I riday even
ing, ,wre nrreite-1 by vhief of Polico
M'cHalo'nnd offifur John Hhrhan. Kysn
was nrreitwl by Chief" Mclftlo on Sttur
day ovcnlng on (,rrtmcri:Ul nvenuo
nca'r Fourth timet, nmt Cham-
bersTtn Sunday evening nr' the afe 1
It seems tbat tho robbing of the Mlom
took plnco between three and four o'clttk
U.I....1. ....
uy n coiyrw. 'nan nameu nam. .turrit,
who was laying on a bench near tho butli
street door of the salon-n. When tl,
tbievvA broke out the glr.u of the front
window tbo noise woke Morrill, ami
toeing what the thiovea were up to,
watched their precoeuing until they had
secured all tbey could carry and then do
part. Tho thieve took their booty to tho
corner of Fourth street and Oom
msrciil nvonuo wheru they depos
ited it in the mouth of tbu
tower 11 ".dor tlio silewalk, where it wis
afterwards found. Ryan and Chaml-M
woro yesterday takon boforo Judgo llrutt,
who nfter bearing tbo evidence, held them
to ball in the sum of tlx hundred dullars
each to answer to Ihu charge of burjlary
at lh n i. ' -. C tK. m . n 1 1
court. Failing to give tbe required
bond thuy woro sent to tbo county jail.
Charlio Williams ii In trouble again.
Whisky is tho bno of Charlie" exhtencp,
and has gut him into troublo tnore than
a litli). Sunday night Charlie imbibed
until be became gloriously drunk, anl
then, as uiuaI, gut into trouble.
A while lady who rents n room in Obar
llo'a bouse, bad it guntlemati caller
co mo to see her on Stiudnv
evening. Chir)i objected it
the proceeding that were going on, and
ordered him (the culler) to leiivo tbe
bouie. Then thoru ai a ruw and the
police wore callei in to settle tbe matter.
Tho result was both Ch.irlio and the wo
man wore cnlabooied for Iho night. Yes
terday morning they were taken before
Justice Bird who lined them five duilalt
and coat' each, nud tent them to the cula
boio for six days.
Cairo, Illinois. 1
Mo.ndav Kvenimj, Auoujt 13, 1878. f
The weather since lnut Friday morning
has, wo boiievo, been Ibe hottest of this
oxtremoly hot season, cloio, aultry und
opproisiro. A heavy thunder atorm on
Sunday morning, gavo a little relief from
the long continued and blazing heat, but
tho eirect of it hnd nil worn away in a
few houri.
Wo learn from a gentleman from this
upper end of tho county that tho corn crop
has boon irreparably injured by tho
drouth, and will bo very short.
Tbu market is firmer in eoma of its
branches than at tbe close of last woek.
Oats aro quiet, in also corn, but pricos
aro stoady nnd 11 nn. Cum meal Is dull.
Thero is a better feeling in Hour. Butter,
eggs and chickens are duller than for
several weeks past.
CcyOnr frto'uili tbuuta u.-- i ...i.i
that the prices hero given ro usually for
kales from ilrnt hands In round lots. In
filling orders and for brokon lots it is
uccosiary to charge un ndvnncoover thcea
Tho market continues heavy, dull and
without chanL'o in prices. Dealers aro
looking hopefully forward to n change for
tho hotter soon, nnd thero teems to bo a
moro healthy feeling In the market to
day, but It is quotod dull nil round. Salos
woro 200 bbla various grades, G 00 to 7 CO.
200 bids various grnden, 4 00 to 0 60; lpt)
bbla XXX winter, 5 CO; 100 bhln city
millt, -1 GO to 7 75; 300 bbla various
grndos, -1 00 to 0 CO; 600 bblt varlouB
isracies, ! 00 to 0 50, iiOO this various
trade?, 23 to 7 50.
Tboro it but a limited ordor Undo
doing, but receipts aro light nnd the d
mand la aboul equal to tho supply. There
It no shipping or ipeculativo demand at
all. W'o note sales of 1 car strictly cboico
dolivercd, 18 00; 1 oar choice mixed do
Hvered, IS 00; 1 car rid top mixed dallv
ered,16 00; 1 carohulco timothy dellvorod,
18 00; 1 car inixed dellvorod, 15 00.
Tho market is well supplied with both
while nnd mixed. Sales nro not largo but
the feeling Is firm nnd prices unchanged.
Vp note rales of 3 oars mixed in sacks
delivered, 72; 1 car while In tacks deliver
ed, ti; 6 cars mixed in sacks delivered,
73; 0 cars a bite in sacks dell vorod 73; 1
oar mixed in sacks dollvcroJ, 73: a curs
mixed in built on trnok, 00,
There It a firmer fooling In tbo maikot
than nt tbo close of lust woek. Tho sup
ply it large nnd domnnd conflnod to
tho.iflor trade, Sale wero !5 cars In
tails, dollverod, C0c; J cars In bulls on
traik, rc; 12 oars In sacks, delivered, 60c ;
J cars In sacks, dollvorod, OOe ; 1 ear In
sacl. ', dollvcred, 60.
The ma ' .t rulei firm, but sales are
very alow, Buyora and tellers apart.1
Holders a-i, 3 75; buyers offer 8 C3, Wo
note taleo 'JOO bbls S. I),, dollTorod, 3 70
(3,1 75; loObbls K. D, dellvorod, 3 76;
lenr load H. D,, delivered, 0 75.
The market Is well supplied and quiet.
Sales are very alow. Tha only transac
tion we h ive tn report is 1 car told nt
15 00, tacked and dulivered,
The market Is weaker to-day, owing to
some extent to Ihu hot weather and the
advent of a very Urge stock of butler
of nn Inferior quality that rather over
stocked the inati.it. Salos woro 10 pka
oboioe Southern Illinois, t!Su; 300 Ibi
vboiisn Northern, 23c; ISO Ibj inferior
Northern, 28c; 1 100 lbs cboico Northern,
round kit, 2u'!7e ; 1 00 Ibl choice .South
ern Illinois, Mo.
Tho market is quiet and dull. Very
low egga aro selling and only strictly
frith rccoipts in tmalt packages are taken
at all. Wo note enlea of 300 dozen, 10c ;
C boLtt thipp'irs count, ICo; l'JOO dozen,
11 ; aOOdoJon ffoih, 10312c.
Tbe market i over itockod uad ilat
norm vtantod. A few arn diiuoioJ of at
reduced price), buttbuto do not cumpriao
near all reeeipts. Halts woro 3 coops'
yo i't. 2 00; 3 coops Old, 1! t02 7t; 2
co.( old, '1 2 coops young, 1 75; 0
j ou.pa youn, J OOtjjti 26; a coops cboico
1 oM heof, A 00; 00 doxsn old und young.
2 11.1 I . :! nn
" -
Nothing doing at all. A fow grapet
und pone a i' 1 aro brought to markot, but
als Are too light to cut any figure In
vrojoit. ) bbh apples sold nt f 0CQ
1 i!5 per bbl itall w have to report.
t.t .... ....
1 J.ur.iiuiiiw
Tfcere imothio;; doing In this line out
ti!o tbo lecal retail trade.
Tbo market Is firm and there would
to au i.ctlvo demand if there wna any
eupplioa bul there Is no smoked meat or
lard offering. Wo note salts of 1000 lbs
sugar cured, lanvassod bams, lfc.
Hanover College, nnotcr. Indiana.
NnxTtcrm bejlm September 6th, 1S71.
Tm lull cour.'e', iluical and cielililic,
Willi nrpiuujtv tleinrtiiii'iil, ull faoulty.
Tuition fn i'. liurdlK as low n tUowliere,
Pur information or ratjlo;iici apply to Rev
O.C. HKIJiMAN, I). l. IViald.ut.
Tttr. nartr auop i ,n corner o
Fli;bth stri-ot nnd (. jininercial avonue
wbi-ro .1. Goorge btienboute with his gen.
tlemanly auiatants ci.n bo found ut any
hour f the day or night, ready to soothe
your feelings with a su.i olb shnvo, or coof
your temper and hwi with n good eham
pu. 11 it a first-olase shop, and you are
Mrs of receiving rlm-elan treatment.
Ladiee1 and children's bair cut or curled
Iter Ibe rnoH approvod rtv f-16-t
Delia Cl'JAiuj..Mr. T. E. Suiilvan,
druggut, vi Commercial avenue, hai
lomelbing r,sw In the way of cigars. He
i now tolling a brand ol his own called
tbe Delia, put up in handsome package,
made ut the vury best tobacco, and sold
mr mvk cxNiHoncii. xtiose who smoke
them t ill areo with us in laying that
tboy are far superior to most of the ten
cent cigurs told in this market. Try the
Delta cigar. ,-2l.lm
Many who are sull'ering from IboolTecti
ol tbo warm weather and are debilitated
nro ud vised by physicians to tako modor
ato amounts of wbliky two or three
limes during the day. Inn littlo while
thoio who adopt this advice frequently in
crease tho number of "Jnnks," mid in
timo become confirmed inobrlatct, A
beverage tbnt will not croato thirst for in
toxicating liquorc, and which is intended
especially lir tbo l.cntflt of debllltatod
persons, whether at home or abroad, is Dr.
Scbonck's Sea Weed Tonic. Containing
thejuiceeof many medicinal herbs, this
preparation doe not croato nn
nppetito for tho Intoxicating cup,
Tho nourishing and tho life-
Hupporting proportlns of many valuable
natural productions contained in It nud
to iiiuoiuai incn, havo a most
Btrengthonlng Inlluenco. A single bottle
ot the Tonic will demonstrate ita value
nblo qualities. For dobillty urising from
eicknu?, overexertion or any cause what
ever, u wino glnti-lul of Sen We id Tonlo
taken after mcala will strengthen the
stomach and croale an nppetito for wholo-
eoino fond. To all who aro about leaving
their bcmuD, wo do.iru to tay that the ex
cellent effects of Dr. Schonck't soasonablo
remedies, Son Weed Tonic and Mandrake
Pills, nro particularly ovldont whon taken
by thoio who are Injuriously nffoctod by
a change of wator and diot. No porson
should leave homo without taking a sup
ply uf theso eafogunrds along For sale
by all druggists.
Itccllller nud Uio1cmi1o Dueler
It. W, MILLER, Prcsldont,
J. M. I'HILLII'S, Vice I'retldant,
i:X(Jl!ANUi:,,'on,b:iliknot'l Id United
HtHtcx "-canities bought ami cold.
Inicicsi ullomd 011 timo deposit..
Ji 100,000
W. 1. IIAI.I.ID.VV. l'resldiiit; -HENRY
HAU.IDAY, Viro I'feslde.t.
A. 11..SAKKOHD, Catlilrrt
WALTER HYcjLOI', Afltalit C a.hltr,
II. L. ilALLlllAY, W. 1. JUl-l.tDAT.
(1. 1. Wii.i.iasision, N':i-iikn iliun,
A. It. Sakvohd.
londs Bought mid Sold.
DEPOSITS le. eiU'd'und a gcueral b.inklui;
htl-lllcM liiillg.
ovnciRS ;
A. B, KAVKOHD, President ;
h. S. TAYLOR, Vlfc-Prealdent (
II.HYSLOP, fctcretnry and Tnatunr.
P. M. HAiirr.AV, I'has. ()aliiiii ii,
V. .M. Stookflktii, Paul O. hciirii.
J. M. PlIII.I.ll-!.
INTEREST paid on depotlU at tho ratn
ot tlx pe"r cent, per annum, Marrb lt.nd
Srptviiibcr 1st. Interest not nltlidrawn la
added Immediately to the principal of the
delimit, thereby giving them compound
married woven and children hay
deiosit money and no one else
Optn rrf r" biitluerw day from 9 a. in. lo 3
p.m., and hntu.ilay Olculuga loraiugs de
vofiu only, from (I to 8 o'clock.
W.HYSLOP. Treasurer.
And Dealer In
No. 711 Ohio Levee, CAIRO. ILLS
t3T!-'peclal atlanUon given to conalgu-
menu uid nlllni: orders.
ii-. 11
Cairo Box and Basket Co.
Keep conttanllyoiiband
Mill nn
Couner 34th Street
and Ohio Levee.
d Yard,
I'ntill you have examined the only com
plete ami largest itock of Confectionery eer
kept In Cairo. Kvery dealer MiouM know
he can buy t'lienpi r and Jlcttrr eood) where
they nrr inailc, tbun from second hand dealer-'.
Remember there U but ono place to do
Manufacturers, Wboloaal and
Retail Dealer! in
Confootionors Goods
No. 172 Wathington Ave.
Cairo, Ills.
Look to your Interest and buy direct Irom
tin; only .Muiiuliicturing' Confectioner in
aiMllllL-111 llllnula.
rniiL'avtinr miiinllflil Vlinai wn.a
These Elegant Chromos are by far the won
oxprvsnivo pictures ever given to the pub
lic, being full of humor and "Pluck" to the
jatt extent, riize 1 ti by 22 inches, mounted 1
upon eanvusw und etralueri., Price tio (he
pair. ' Send orders to tho publisher, J. P. 1
RYDER, 239 Superior street, Cleveland, O, I

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