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The underrlgned having established a
Dew lumber yard in conneciion with their
atrmlll, are prepared to furnlih all kiucli of
building material, such ai
And'Ath Flooring, Siding. Celling, Ac.
Spe.lal attention U tailed to oar t-toam-boat,
Wag-on and Agricultural Implement
Material, which will do furnished on nhort
notice la laree or small nuainUlen.
A Urg atojk of chcan lutnb r on band at
our mill, which will bo told at tS to ttO per
uuuaana id carload lots, aho lam and
mingles furnished In any quantity.
C'ua. Lancasteu .fc Co.
Cairo, HI., August 1, 1874. MMm
SESSION of Studlot la Iba
Will begin on
For Prospectus, clvlnc tormi, initruc
tloni to parontt, &c, Ac, apply to or
St. Louis Unircrslty, SI. Louis, Mo. ;
On thousand Chinese paraioli at
Hatlraan'i, only twenty-five centi each
Scllivav. Drugi, tuedlclnoi, per
fumery, everything in the .line, at T.
E. Sullivan's, 162 Commercial avonue.
Jillt l'Rjtsars. Something now in
the Jolly Press line, at Henderson's, 100
Commercial avenue.
ALL the day boarders in the oily can
be aeeommodated at tho St. Charles
hotel, with flrit-elasi board at second class
rates. 70 4-19-lT
Olau Fruit Jam. At New York
store for 90 coots per doien, less than
two cans. Now is tho time to boy.
Tni Best. Tbo genoral verdict
that T. J. Sullivan' soda water is the bet
in the city. Try It. No. 163 Commer
cial avonue, between Ninth and Tenth
SouxTniNO New. Bucks Crystal
Brilliant wilb plan otcu doors. No oc
casion to bavo Lurnt bread. Call and see
Hat T. J. Kektii. B'-ClO-tf
Ohm thousand yards two-inch gros
grain ribbon, all colors and warrah'.od all
silk, at fifteen cents a yard, Ono-inch,
am ribbon, for ten cents a yard at
Ilartman'i. 3G-7-30-tf
Xixx Guv. Breech loader, Bebound
log Locks, Laminated Stool Barrels with
latest Improvements. On exhibition and
for sale, at Henry's Hardware Store
corner Commercial avunuo and Eighth
street. tf
Cass J Cans) Oaks I Quarts, one dol
lar por dozen; half gallon, one fifty
per doxeu ; , made of best material and
grooved seami; at Henderson's, 190 Com
mercial stronue. 62.8-S-lm
Dr. Williams, Dentist rosy be found
in his office at any timo ; extracts teeth at
all hours day or night. Office at 140
Commercial avenue, between bin ana 9ih
street. 46-8.4-lm
Tnr largest and best-selected stock
of FURNITURE for sale at whelosele
andreull by HENRY EIOHHOPF, No,
116, Commercial avonue,opponte Sovanth
ttreot. 74 6-17-3m
Foil Balk. 700 uomu one quart lruit
cans at $1 per doren ; half gallon cans at
$1 60 por doEen, all of good tin with
grooved seams, manufactured and for sale
by A. Halloy, 168 Washington avenue,
near Tenth street. 82-7-17-lm
Put tat Boabdino. Mrs. J. W. Car
rolobael having taken the large bouse at
the corner of Sixth street and Washing
ten avenue, is proparod to
furnish private boarding to n
limited number of either ladies and gon
Cumin, or to gentlomen and their wives.
The house is very pleasantly located and
convenient to the business part ot tbo city.
The rooms are large, airy and well
lighted. For further information inquire
at the bouse.
Bin is very much the offiprinc of phys
ical Ill-health and feeble stomachs. Dur
ing one-third of our time tbe procosaes of
digestions must go on in our bodlos, and
if tbe stomach and bewols are not well
nothing is wU. To h dyspuptic is tbo
foundation of fevors and diseases of the
blood, liver, skin and kidneys. Dyspep
sia invariably yealds to tbe virtues of tbe
gotable Ingredients contained that great
purifier of the blood and restorer of health,
D. Walkik's California Vinkuak
Bittsm. 80-7-15-lywAd
Ginekal Pdblic, Greetino. 1 very
respectfully solicit a continuance of lloi
favors of my patrons and Invito the pat
ronage of the public, but I wish old
patrons and transient patrons to distinctly
iji4erstand that I work for wdnay and!
not because of a philanthropic deilre to
shoe and boot my fellow men without1
money nd without price, and that, thoro
fore, if any old patron or new patron,
desiring shoes or boots, has not tbe pocu.
i stlary ability to pay for tbe work ordered
when done, he ii requested to pass on to
iome other shoemaker. I want no old
.patrons or cow patrons who will not pay
Those "who are willing to pay will find it
to their Interest to patronize rne, because
I keep on hand the but of stock, do the
but ot work, give the beit of fits and
work for the lowest of prices.
9w . EiiLzru,
WMltV'otn Otreot, between Poplar and
'on Avenue.!
mil n.ntiN.
Somebody to take from til a tliousundbill
beads, good paper and finely printed, for
Ono thousand statement' printed at The
Bulletin olllco lor fr'i.W to 1 oo.
Molo HcimIv
One t!iouand note head printed ht Till
Hulls n.s olllco for l.oo ; two thousand lor
One thousand business card, fine Urllol
board; printed at THK Bulletin office lor
si jh um -.ii- m " '"'"" viimii
Milwaukee B6er
HUKFFNER, at the Planter's IJouic,
last night late, ran out of Cairo's most
popular bovorago Mllwnukoo liner but
be this morning received U
Genuine Milwaukee Beer,'
which Is going ho full that tboau .wanting'
any must hurry up.
Ever alivo to tho interests of bis pat
rons, hi, also announces that
lie will open the
Finest Lunch
Evor seon In this city, with MILWAU-
KEE BEER in.abundnnoc.
Remombor, at tho
Mail subscribers who find an X oppo
site their natnee on the inargatn of their
paper, or on tho wrapper, will understand
thnt It mii&ni renewal on BfersNsuK
that tho time for which their paper was
patd Is out, Hud our tornis aro $10.00 for
tho daily and $1.00 for the weekly, in-
Keliuious. Tho Baptist association Id
now in session at Cloar Greek. Our
friend Gamble represent! this part of tho
The Picnic Tho Baptlite lmvo em
ployed Prof. Eisenborg' tram and string
band for thoir picnic on Thursday to.
Explanatory. Tho publication of
moro matter than is contained in this it
suo of Tim Bulletin has boon postponed
on account of tho weather and the council
ExaimioN. Look ouMor the Baptist
Sunday School Raskot excursion to
Plnasant Grovo, near Port Jcflureon next
Thursday tbo 13th inst. 8-7-tf
yosterdoy morning two cog wbtols that
drive the principal machinery of Oali
gborVinilt broko. Tho ncccident occa
sions' delay In working tho mill of
stivcral days.
All persons indobtod to Wall A Ent
that do not mako settlement boforo the
16th day of August will find their ac
counts in tba bands of Esquire Bross for
collection. Wall & Ent.
DlBAiTOlNTE. Joo Roberts has re
turned to Murpbysboro dligusted with
politic!. lie is Hngry; but boars up
nobly. After he has p&ned through
sevoral trials of this kini ho will tako
disappointment more philosophically,
Tho way of tbo otfice-ioaker is hard.
Can Go. Baggies may be taken on tbe
ferry beat Ciiro by all who wish to attend
,tbe Baptist Sunday School pic-nlc in such
vehicles to-day. Tbon look out for glo
rious drives on tho gravel road leading
over tbo pleasant hills of Ballard. Go,
neighbors ana enjoy yourselves. B-l3.lt
Tickets fcr the basket picnic ! l'Vrt
JoQ'srson on Thursday, 13th lnit may bo
foUnd at tbn following places i Sohub'a
drugstore, John Antrim's, 31. J, Aic-
Gauley's drugstore, J. II. iletcalC gro
cury, Artor i: Co's grocery, Lancaster's
lumboryard, imd of the membcri of tho
Bsptist .Mission Sabbath School. .
Abe Tiiuy431Utukni to Thxih
Vot? Sevoral of tbe qentlamen who
were most promlnunt in th Liberal lie,
. .. ... .
puuiicau movement in this city, wore
prominent members of tho Republican
county convention that met in tbe
court -Louie .last Tuosiay. Havo tbey
conclualed to return to tbo Radical vomit7
That's the question.
fiiauvAY RoitiiKBT, Mr. E. Uoge,
citizen of Unity precinct, was coming to
tbo city yesterday morning, between Sand
i o'clock. When about half way between
Unity and tbe city ho was attacked by
two negroes and a wbito man. The white
man stopped tbe team and caught hold ot
tbo bridles oftho horses, and one ol
the negroos preicuted a pistol at'hls head,
while tbo other robbed him of a silver,
watch and f 12 cwh, v J
Tu Weatiiiu. If tho oiliest inbabl
taut has any rocoilection of moro oppres
sive days or depressing nigbts, wo should
like to iave him tell us at what period In
hl life he oxporlonced thsin. V'o have,
Iraaglnod thopleasur of taVlng a run up
o Iceland's millennial, and if our "pocket
book were naf naturally inclined to a
orytrac),ion of the, curronoy, wo would,
Wantei A Wa.uwomaX-Wo want
a washwoman VI Tim Bulletin' laundry,
Ours unceremoniously slapped down and
Out yesterday morning because wo gently
intimated to hor that a little starch in tho
bosoms of tbe shirts of the family would
help them resist tbo Influence of tho heat,
at this particular time, a half hour or to
longer. To a woman who will come,
with or without recommendations, wo
promise a permanent situation, good
wagei, no questions nsknd, and no unwol
coma Intimations concerning s'.arcb,
streaks, or anything else.
ConconAN. lion. John Corcoran, come
yoars ago a cltlzon of Cairo, but now a
resident of Coahoma county, Mliilnlppi,
re'.utnod to the city Tuosday morning,
and will remain hero soveral days visit
ing his friends, if not called hick homo
by the raco conflict that has uponod tbero.
ilr. Corcoran Is tho school suporintondant
ol bis county and has rcprciontcd it in tbe
legislatures lie says his pooplo ato all
quiet, and tho poaco between tho whltonnd
black people has boun maintained with
oat difficulty
Called. Mr. Powell, candidate on tit0
Republican tlcltetfr State Superintend
ent of Public Instruction, and Mr.
Bowlby, of the Murpbyiboro Km, called
yesterday. Mr. Powoll has no doubt of
his ability to get away with .Mr. Etter, of
the Independent Reformers, us well as tho
candidates of tho McOormiek Democracy
and tbo Lcdlle Truo-Bluue. Uill Burr,
of Murphysboro, alio called. Theio gun-
tlomon, and a number of other?, art) on
their way to .Mound City to ultund the
Jtopublican conventions. And yet,
strango hs It may appear, neither of thorn
looked as il ho wus ashamed of liliuiulf.
MunfcKn IN Ballauk. A family fued
In Ballard county, Kentucky, about eight
miles from Cairo, resulted yesterday on
tha doath of a man, by tbo namu of Mc
Neill, llo was shot and instantly killed
by Crittenden Rowans. McNeill had been
in Cairo and was wnlklng homo from tbo
ferry landing, when ho met Rownns who
hid n double-barrelled shot gun ou his
shoulder. They got into nn allterca'.isn
and Rjwau discharged tho contents of
both barrels of his gun into McNeill's
body. A lorgo number of citizens went
in pursuit of thu murderer but had not
arrestod turn at last accounts.
Wn take pteusuru in stating that wo hut'o
In Cf.iro an establshmont which lew cities
of its size can boast of. Mr. Max
Kuehno, corner of Thirteenth and WnN
nut streets, has jmt completed n church
organ for the German Luthomn church
on Thirteenth street, which Is pronounced,
by partiei that understand organ music,
a grand success. Mr. Kuehno is
an organ builder by trade, and
hs sorvoj nn apprenticeship ot seven
years with one of tho best organ builders
in Europe, lie intends to dovoto all his
timo to organ building and molodeou tun
ing. --Tho pooplo ot Cairo havo eo
often boen disappointed by partlos coming
hero and claiming to bo compotont man
in tuning and repairing, that Mr.
Kuohne did notdaro to usk tho pitrou
ego of tho pooplo boforo ho could glvo
proof of what ho could do. All referenco
he gives Is the organ built by him for tho
Gurinan Lutheran church, and any pnrttts
intoroited will alter stcing and hearing
the above named organ, foel satisfied that
thoy cannot truit thulr instru
ments to bolter hands than hi',
no now witboi" to solicit tliu pntroonge of
the citlzons of Cairo, and tbuy can rest
assured that ho will glvo satisfaction In
every particular. Turuu liberal,
Scjtn- Question. Tho miiuudontandlng
between tbe gas company nml tbo city
council has caused as much rojrct on the
part of tbo citlzons as Indignation. Not
a few applaud tho courao nf tbe council,
because thoy believe Mr. Gerould hat
acted In a discourteous manner and has
made unressonablo domands. Mr. Ger
ould, on his part claims that he has dono
all ho was authorized te do by tbn com
pany, and has made tho proportions ho
has sent to the council under direction of
Its executive commltttee, Wo bollevo
Mr. Gorould has acted as be says he has,
and that the gas company bad sotno rea
son to boliuve It would be justified lu de
manding a hicbor price thh yor for
lighting thu city than it obuinod last
year. Last year tho company was paid
I interest-bearing scrip. Tbo council
ropealsd the ordinance putting intercbt on
scrip. Tho gas company nl
once lumped to th conclusion that tho
now iisuo of sorip would not bi as value
ablo as the old); that tbo pries of icrip
would run down groatty, and Hut there
fore the city ought to glvo tho company
moro of the non-lntere't bearing than it
bad askol to receive of tho interest bear
Ing scrip. Wo bellove tbero was no good
ground for this demand. The new scrip
although it bears no Interest, t111 ,urelv
beniore valuublu than tbu lutorcit-bcar-
log, if tbe council and city officers do
tbelr duty. A certain sum has been im
propriated to pay far gas during tbo cur,
rent fiscal year. That fund when railed
cannot be uied for any otbr purpoio than
to pay for uus used this your. No
order inued to pay for gas
uied lait year van bj ihU out of this
fund i and the collector cunnot, wheu ho
is collecting taxes, recjlvu in payment of
tho tax levied to pay tbU fund scrip bore
toforo inuod for other purposes. lie muit
collect tbe inonev, and tins money can
bo used for no other purpose than tho spo
ciflc purpoio for which it was collected
Wokiowithas beon tba practice to re.
coive in payment ol taxes city scrip, but
tho collector must reeeivo icrip at hi,
peril) and tbo treasurer will, at his peril,
pay out any of tbe money received to pav
for gas burned during thu present (Weal
year in cashing ordure iisuod
to pay for gas burned lu uny
fernior year. Each fund in tho city
treasury mutt bu kspt sscred for tho pur.
poio for which II wai collected, If this is
true, and vo are mro It is n correct po
sition, the gas compauy will, jtfter tho
taxes havo keen collected, receive cmh
for all tbe gss It will furnlih upon thu
order of tbe city council. Wo suggest to
Geroula that he ponder over thorn sug.
gestlons and drop a cent or two on tlm
price of his burning "tluld."
tltegul.tr Meeting of the City Council.
Council Chajiiikh, )
Caiuo, III , Aug. lltb, 1874, 7i30 v. Mj
Present Uis Uonor Mayor Wood, and
Aldormcn Halliday, McEnen. McOauley,
Morris, Nollh, Thiillowood, Waldcr Bnd
On motion of Alderman McGuuloy, tbo
minutes of tbo preceding meeting were
npprovod without reading.
An ordinance entitled "An ordinance
amending section 1 of orJinnnco No. 1,"
was rend by the clerk n second time. Al
derman McEwen niovod to lay on table,
.Motion carried.
Tbo report of the cotnmlttco on police,
rocommcndlng tbo appointment of two
additional night police constables, which
was, nt tho request of Aldormon Halliday
and Wright, laid ivor at last meeting,
w proscntod.
On motion of Alderman Nellls, action
on said report whs postponed indefinitely,
Tho committee on claims to whom was
reform 1 tbo following bills, reportod tbu
tamo back recoimuonding payment
thereof, ni follows :
Cairo City Gas Co. for gas con
sumed nt Arab engine homo,
from Jumi lit to .luly 'Jllrd 3 Co
Cairo Ulty Gin Co. for gad con
sumed nt liolu City engine
house, from Juno 1st lu July
2Ud U 80
Cairo City Gas Co. tor gas con
sumed at itougn iv itunuy on
glne huuto, from June lit to
July 23d 7 70
Cairo City Gas Co. lor gas con-
uuioU at Hibernian ungine
house from Juno let to Julv 23d 1 .15
Cairo City Gai Co., for gns con
sumed at city jail lrotn June lit
to July i!3d 1 10
Cairo City Gas Co., for gns con-
fumeJ nt council cuamber front
Juno 1st to July J3d 7 00
R II Cunningham, rent of council
chamber fur July 20 00
Oberly & I)vii, publishing ordin
ances, proceedings, at., por con
tract, in July 35 00
Cairo Bulletin Co., for 6s0 bond;,
ice 7 00
John Glnduoy, for removing gar-
bauo in July pur contract llo U0
Cairo Evening Sun, for publiibing
muvnr proclamation -U0
Cairo Box und BaskHtCo., lor 21-
814 ft. lumber, at 10 00 per .M... 31 (II
UlburniHU Kirn Oo., for 1 qrs. al
lowance, to July lit oO 00
Delta City Fire Co ,for 1 qrs. allow
unco to July 1st CO 00
Arab J'iro CoJ, 1 qrs. allowance to
July lit 00 00
Rough A: Bondv Flro Co., 1 qrs. al
lowance to July 1st CO 00
Wall & Knt., tor lumber, at Jl"
por M 81 1G
1) .McCarthy, for dieting prljoners
In city jill in July, 303 days... 1J0 00
D McCarthy, tor extra meals furn
iibod prisoners & 35
G W lionricki, 2 days services
estimating cost of construction
and reconstruction of sido
walk! 10 00
John A Poore, 1 days services, eitl-
matint; coit of construction ana
reconitructiou of sidewalk 10 00
Stout find Gorman, for matorlals
unit labor fo '-- 'mi-
torn. cornor 14th St. and Com
mercial avenuo
Win Mcileln. killing and remov
In,, from city limits UQ dor.s at
oo ,vuin '"I 00
S K Ilanuon. slntlonury U CO
Ja Powori, for ropairlng lock at
city jail
IIujo, l.oomi A. Co., for Ice for
i'lork i otllru
Ui'..-, Lootnis ti Co., for Ice for
cltv jail
lluie. J.oomis At Co.. for ico for
2 00
:i 16
1 06
laborers ou tho streets C 15
P Kitzimtrick. for haulinir 2
druukou men to iall 1 00
Thus McCrtbe, far removing doad
cow and dead horse outlido cltv
llmiti C00
Win Ouinn. for 20 days' work
onsldowolks 52 00
Thos Fitzcornld. lor 20 days' work
or sidowalks 62 00
l'elcr Conlat:. for 2& days work
on eidowulk CI 00
Jorrv Murnhv. for 10J days' work-
on streets 33 CO
Dan'l Folov. for six days' work ou
streets...: 12 00
John Cksov. 62 days' work on
meets 11 CO
Juo Marnell, for tlx days' work on
streets 1- 00
Warren Wlms. 63 davi' work on
streets 11 50
Fred Hamilton. 61 duv work on
streets H 60
Dan'l McCarthy, for lit days
In chartro of chain gang J1 00
J as MiiMiing, 6j days' work on
streets with team, at $3 60 per
day "0 13
M Gatvln, 6 days' work on
streets with teum. at $3 S8 por
day 20 13
C i'oeplei, 3 davi work on ctriets
with team, at CO pur day 10 CO
M Duceun, C days' work on streets
with tnnrn, at $,1 60 por day 17 60
Mn J J.ally, ii days' worn on
ilruoli with tuum, ct S3 60 per
dv 1!0 13
O AV Whoolur & Co., 1 days'
wor on streets with ;team, at
St W per day II 00
C V Wbeler Co., hauling 0
lu&U hi lewulk lumbor 160
Thos Mohan, 6 days' work on
itreots with team, at 53 60 pur
day i!0 id
Thos MtCabe, C days' work on
itroeti with team, at $3 CO pur
day 17 CO
M Daley, 1 days' work on streets
witbieamatn 60 per day,... 11 00
P Corcoran, 6 days' work on
streets with team at 3 CO per
day '. 17 60
M Driscoll, 1 days' work on
street with cart 3 03
M i: Powers, hauling 30 loads
sidewalk lumbor 1C 00
Jno Lane, 1 days work on streets 'i 00
Richard Naion," 1 days work on
streets 2 00
Ou motion of Aldorinnn McKwon, said
bills wero allowed r.i 70couimeuded, by
tne following vote:
Ayes HalliJsy, McKwon, McOauley,
Morrii, Nellii, Tbistlowood, Wnlder and
Nuys 0.
In absence of roport of the proper of
fleer on gas in street lampi, tbo commit
tee ou claims rnquo.tod further tlmu In
which to roport on bill of tho Cairo City
Gai Company tor gas consumed In stroet
lamps from July 1st to 23rd, amounting
to $233 71.
On motion of Aldorman lUlllday said
committoo was granted until next meet
ing of tho council In which to roport on
said bill.
(Alderman Mathuis appeared in his
Tho bill of Cairo Evening Sun, for
publishing notice of Chairman of Investi
gating Committee, amounting to $1 60,
aftor haying beon cortlfiod to ai correct
by, W. II. Morris, chairman of said
commlttco, was roferred back by tho
claims committee, recommending pay
monl. On motion of Alderman McOauley,
tbe rccommondatlon of tbe committee,
was concurrod In, and laid bill allowed
by tho following voto:
Ayes-IIalliday, Mathuis, McEwen,
McGauloy, Morris, Nellii, Thlstlowood,
Waldor and Wright 9
Tho committee on claims requested fur
thor timo In which to report on tbo bill
of Lincgar and Landien, amounting to
ISO 00 tor legal services in case of A.
Swoboda vs. William McUall, and tho
caso of tho City of Cairo vs. Morgan
Parsons ct als.
On motion, tho requoit of tbo committeo
was granted.
Tho claims committoo to whom was re
ferred the petition of Cbas. Mehner, re
ported tho same back, rocommondlng that
the prayer of tbo petitioner be not
On motion of Aldorman Wright, tbo
rocomtnendation of tho commlttco was
ojnourrod In on a division, by n voto of
6t) 4.
Petition of J. B. Phillis, Henry 'Winter,
A. Mackio A Co., II. L. Halliday, and
othors, requesting tbe council to have the
following named streets filled, viz: Com
mencing on Fourteenth street, at its in
tersection with Washington avenue, and
extending weit to Walnut slrett ; from
thenro on Walnut street to Fifteenth
street; tbonce on Fifteenth street to Ce
dar street. Said petition reproienled that
said stroeti woro very much needed for
travel, but that during a large portion of
tho year tho lauiu were Impassible.
On motion of Alderman Morris, said
petition was referrod te the committee on
Petition of F. Broil, representing that
the pump kept In front of hli kuilnois
house, on Commercial nvonue, Was n nui
sance, and that tho water frtm said pump
Is running Into the foundation oi said
lioue, and if continued will soon destroy
tho same, llo thoreforo requests tbo
council to abato said well or have a proper
connection mado with tbu seweis fur the
overflow from laid w.ll.
On motion of Alderman II all id ay said
petition was referred to tho committee
on stroeti, with instruction to have
proper connection made from tho well to
tho sower.
Petition of B. F. Blako, J. II. Metcalf,
and others, requesting poimluion to sink
a drlvo well on Washington avenue, near
corner of Division itrcot, wai, on motion
of Alderman Morris, grauled provided
tbuy would mako a proper connection
with tbo guttor, and sink said well under
direction of ttio cotnmtttA nn .t"t
The city ntlornoy to whom wasroferrud
tho petition of AI. llouragan, represent
inn that tho I. C. It. It. tracks passed ro
noarbis buslnois houie on lot 16, block f.
1st addition, as to dobar him from use of
tho street and from an outtot, and praying
the council for relief, begged leavo to ro
port that ai tho petitioner did not pur
chaso his property from the city and us
tho city was not accountable for tho plac
Ing of said track In front of his place of
builneii', he did not see what tbe city had
ts do with the matter in question and bo
lioved tbo petitioners remedy Is in the
courts. Ho, hovover, stated that if tho
council dcifrcd him to take any stops
aguinst tbo R. R. Co. ho would do so,
othorwiio ho coniiderod It tho duty of tbe
complainant to prosecute them hlmielf.
On motion of Aldorman Morrii said
report wus received and ordered filed.
The committeo on stroets to whom was
roforred the report of D. J. Galllgan
tuporlntondent of streets, recommending
tbo construction and reconstruction of cer
tain sidowalks, reported the same back
with recommendation that said sidewalks
bo constructed as rocommended.
On motion of Aldorman McOauley tbe
rocommondation el tho committee was
concurred in and said report reforred to
tho ordinanco committee with instructions
to draft an ordinance In accordance tbero
Tbo chair stated that undor tho provls
ions of ordinance No, 83, authorizing the
appointment of assistants to city marshal
in enforcing the ordlnace In regard to an
imals running at large In tho city limits.
he would nominate as such assistants
Robort Ilillingsly, Joseph Dixon and
Henry Brltton, who wero confirmed by
tho following vote:
Ayoi 9.
Nays 0.
The chairman also stated that as ordln
ance No. 28 undor which Win. Brown had
boon appointed health ofllcer, hus been re1
pealed, and that ordinanco No. 79, pro,
vlded for thu appointment of a police con
Htable to act ns health oftlcor and inspector
of moats and vegetables, he would again
nominate Wm. Brown to act as such of
Ucer. Said nomination was confirmed by
tbe following vote:
Ayes 9.
Tho following resolution was offered ty
Aldorman Halliday, who moved its adop
tion, viz:
Rosolvod. That tho comptroller be in
structod to havo section 79 of ordinance
JNo. 'I, as amended, printed upon suitable
cards to tbo number of twsnty, and the
city marshal Is boroby instructed to so
curoly tack tho said cards in public places,
on the wbarfboats at tbn publio landing,
so that they will bo plainly seon by atoam
boat officers.
Motion to adopt carried,
Tbe following resolution jroiontid by
Alderman McOauley wai on motion of
Aldorman Nellii adopted, viz:
Wueheau, Thore leotns to be no pes-
nihility of tbe street oommltteo and the
Cairo city uaswo. arriving at an amicw
agreement on the gas ques
tion, and at other cities in
dlfloront parts of the State aro using Gas
ollno, or other similar l!ght,,ntn much less
exponso than gas, and ns It has becorao
necessary to procure light of some kind
for tho street lamps nnd city buildings,
Thoreforo bo II.
Resolved, That tho Stroot Committoo
bo instructed to correspond with other
parties for furnishing light for uta of tho
On motion of Aldormnn Wright, tho
ordinance committeo wero Instructed to
draft an ordinanco, providing for tho ap
pointment of a Corporation Counsel.
A. J. Galllgan, streot superintendent
prosonted & report of tho number foot of
sower pipes rfqulrcd to roplaco woodon
sowots wl,,(i. lmvo rotted out in dlficront
parts of thu idly. Said report was on mo
lien of Alderman Halliday recetvod nnd
ordered filed.
Thu following proposals fur the con
struction and reconstruction of sidewalks
undor the provisions of ordinnuco No. 78
wero received and oponed by tbo clerk -
Of Goo, Carpenter, to roconttrtict tlm
slduwnlk on the south side of Fourth
stroet botweon Wsshington und Commer
cial avenuee ; on tbu weit sido of Wash
ington avonouo between Fourth and Fifth
itroeti; oo tbo north sido of Fifth stroet
botweon Waihington and Commercial
avcnuei, and on tlm cast ildnof Waih
ington avenuo between Fifth and Sixth
itreerr, at 16 cents per lineal foot: Of
Henry Bryant, to reconstruct tbo side
walk on the south sido ol Fourth stroot
betweon Commercial and Washington
avenues, and furnlih all matorlal, nt 23
cents per foot, or to do tho work for 10
cents per linear foot; to reconstruct tho
sidewalk on tbo west eldo of Waihington
avenuo from Fourth to Fifth struct", and
furnleh all materials, at 37 cunts per foot,
lineal measure, or to do tho work for 10
cents per lineal foot; to reconstruct tbo
ildowalK on tbo north side of Fifth struct
Jrom Waihington to Commercial avunutJ,
at 42 cents per foot and furniUi all ma
terials, or for cunts pur foet, the city
furnltblng tba materials; to reconstruct
thu ildoualk ou tho uat side of Waihing
ton avenuo from Fifth to Sixth streets,
and furnish all material, a'. 37
t'dnts per foot, or to do tbe
work for 12 cents per foot;
to recomtruct tbo sidewalk on tho south
side of 7th itreot between AVaihlngton and
Walnut, CO feet, at 32 conts per lineal
foot and furnlih tho materials, or to do thu
work for 14 cents per foot; To recon
struct tho sldowalk on the north tide of
Sovonth street, from Walnut it to thu nlk
fronting tho property of J. Y. Turnor, for
38 centi per foot, and furnish nil materi
als, or to Jo tho work for twolvo conts
per loot ; to reconstruct tbo iddewnlk on
north sido of Eleventh stroet from Waih
ington avonuo to Walnut streot, and furn
i Ii all tbo materlnls, for 35 centi por foot,
to do tbu work for 12 conts par loot, to
roconitruct tbo sUowalk on tbn cast side
of Poplar strccot from Division stroet to
a point 78 feet north of Twenty-tint
streot, at 31 centi per root and furnish all
materials, or to do the work for 10 conts
per foot; to rerorisvuet tho ildawalk on
louth udo of Twonty-llr.t itrcct from
Poplar to Sycamoro street', and furnlih
all mater, all, for 36 centi1 per feot, or to do
tho work tn III centi por foot Of N, A.
Devore for furnlihing all mitarlats and
doing tli') work for tho reconstruction of
any or ail of the woodon tldewalks at 60
cenM per lineal feot, or to A j tho work for
20 cents per lineal fool, or G. W. Hon
ricks to furnish all miterials and re
construct the sidewalks on- inuth side
of Fourth i trio', between Commercial
and AYaMiIagton for 10 cents por lineal
foot; on North side cf C'.h it., from Com
mercial to Washington uv. for CO conti
por lineal foot; on Washington avc., East
eldo from Gth to tth sis,, for C6 cents per
loot; on Watblngton &vo., West sido from
4th to 6th its. for CO cents per foot; on 7th
streot, between Walnut nnd Washington
avo. for 40 conts por foot; on 7th street
from Walnut streot to walk fronting tho
property of J. Y. Turnor, for C6 cents per
foot; on 1 1th stroot from Washington
to Walnut street for 60 cents por foot on
walkildo of Poplar street from Division
streot to 21 stroot for 60 cents per foot; on
21 stroot from Poplar to Sycamoro
stroot for 46 cents per foot,
and alio to furnish nil materials and con
struct all brick sidewalks to bo constructed
under said ordinanco No. 73, nt 10 cents
por square foot, and all grading roquired
at CO cents per cubic yard, and old lum
ber whoro brick sidowalks nro to be built
which can bu used again, will be credited
to tho city ; of Thomas J. Ent, to furnish
all materials and reconstruct tho sido
walk on South sido of 4th itrcct from
Commercial to Waihington avenuo, for
37 cents pur lineal foot : on Wet sido of
Wasbincton avonuo, between Itb and Ctb
streets, for 28 cents por foot, on North
ids of eth moot, between Washington
and Commercial avenues for -16 cents
per foot ; on South eldo
of Sevonth streot, commencing on the
east side of Walnut street nnd extending
oast CO feot, for 33 cents per foot ; on north
sido of Seventh streit.coinmonclng on west
sido of Walnut street, and extending weet
to tho walk fronting tho proporty of J. Y.
Turner, for CG cents pur foot ; ou north
sido of Eleventh street from vN aihiugton
avenuo to Walnut stroot, for 37 cents per
foot; on cast tide of Poplar street, from
Division street to a point 76 fuel north of
Twenty-llrit street, for 40 conts por foot;
on south side of Twenty,
first street, from Poplar to Syca
more streets, for 37 cunte por foot ; of
Jamos Kennedy, to furnish all material
and recomtruct tbo sidownlk on tho south
sido of Fourth street, from Commercial
to Washington avenue, for 38 conts por
lineal foot; on west sido of "VuBliInj;ton
avonuo from Fourth to Fifth streets, for
40 cents por foot; on north sido of Fifth
itroet, front Commorclall to Washington
avenue, for 48 conts por foot ; on oast sido
of Washington avenue, from Fifth to
Sixth streets, for 13 conts por foot; on the
south side of Sevonth streot, commecclnz
at oast tide of Walnut street, and ox
tending oast 69 feot, for 38 centi per foot;
on tho north sido of Seventh ttreot, com
monclng on tho west sido of Walnut
streot and extondlng west to tho walk
fronting tho proporty of J. V.
Turner for 68 conts per foot;
on north sido of Eloventh stroot between
Washington avonuo nnd Walnut itrcot,
for 33 conts per foot; ou tho uait si Jo of
Poplar stroot from n, point opposite tho
northerly sido of Division stroot to n
point 75 feet north ol northerly sl'o of
Twonty.flrst utrooi, for 33 conts per foot ;
on tho south rldo of Twenty-first streot
from Poplar to Syciinoro streets, for jS
oonts por foot; ulio to furnlih all materi
als nnd do nil tho work for tho coustru
tlnn of tho following described brick side
walk' r.lio nfovldod for by said ordinance,
viz: On tbo south sido of Eighth street,
bulweon Washington and Commercial
avenues, for $1,05 por lineal foot; on tbn
north tldo of Eighth street, betwuen
Washington avonuo und Walnut street,
for 95 cents per foot; and on tho oast
ido of Washington avenuo from Eighth
to Ninth street, for $1.00 per foot' Of
Henry Dunkor and Wlllinni Thulo, to
furnlih all malurlali and reconstruct tht
sidewalk on tbo Mouth sido of I'ourth
street, from Waihington to C'jmmurclal
avenue, for 40 conts por Ii"ca1 to t; on
tbo west sldn of Washington avenue, be
tween Fourth nnd Fifth street', for M
cents pur foot; on thu lurth n In ni l'lfth
stLcct, from Waihington to Cinmercia'
avonuo, for 15 cents per f 1 ,
on thu east eldo of Walhlng
ton avonuo from Fifth to Sixth
street, for 16 cents per foot ; on the south
eldo of Sovonth street, commencing tn
the end MJo of Walnut itreet and extend
Ing cmt CO feet, for -10 cents per foot , cn
tho north sido of Seventh itroet, com
mencing on the west sido of Walnut street
and extending well to tho walk fronting
tbo proporty of J. V. Turnor, fi r thu sum
ot 60 cents por foot; on thu north sido cf
Klovontli stroot, from Washington avenuo
to Walnut street, for 15 cent per foot;
on the cait side of Walnut stre t, fr.nn a
point opposite tho northerly slJuof Divis
ion stroet, extending north 100 feet, for
45 cents per foot ; on tbo south stdn of
Twenty-first itrcut, from P"plar to Syca
more streets, for 10 cents por toot. Of
Geo. A Chriitmaii, to furnlih all mate
rlali and conitruel the brick slJuwalk for
tbe sum of 81 centi por lineal tj .l t.r ten
foot walks, and $ 10 per foot f.r 1J foot
walks, and 55 conts per cut yarl for
filling (if required).
On motion of Alderman Ha' i lay said
proposals woro referred to tbe c t: mittue
on streets.
moposALS t'omiKwEi: Mi'c
Propals woro uliopreiuntoi f r f irn. ik
ing tbe city with stono pipe f;r sowors.
Said proposals are as follows
H. T. Geroull propoios to furncb 600
feet, mora or lots, 16 Inches in diameter,
for tbe sum of 93 cents per
foot, city icrip, or 73 cents
por foot in cash : C, Cltie proipoies to
furnish inma for the sum of 75 cents per
toot In caih, and Samuel Walters pro
potci in furtiiah 0O fo.t, moro tr loll, for
tbu sums of 70 cents in caih per foot, c r
90 conts in scrip per foot dullrercd on
On motion of Alderman IUiuJay said
propoiuls weru refwrru.l to tho uniuiittuu
on itrcet.
M;opoiAl.n von it. ,i .
Sealed propo;aIs from tho fallowing
named parties, wore alio openc 1 Ly tbo
clerk. From O. It. Woodwool for furnlih
Ing 2jxl ply best rubber hoio at 1 2i por
foot; i!i I ply be, rubber l. no at I 00 per
foct h'ald propoial being for the h:se In
sections of CO feet, and in ading noth
ing else.
Joioph B. Rnol propoms to furnlih 260
foet, 2jx4 ply hole, belt quality fcr l 00
per foot, 6 pairs 2J inch cuplmgi for
1 75 por pair, and alio 150 feot 2x4 ply
beit hoio at i0 centi por foot and - palrn,
2 Inch coupllngi for J3 76 per pair, laid
pricos boing In caih, or 111 equivalent In
On motion of Alderman Halliday laid
propoials wero reforred to tbo committeu
on Firo Department.
On motion of Alderman Hnliiday, tho
council adjourned.
Will. K. Hawkini.
City Clerk.
Many who uro lull'ering from tho effects
of tho warm weather and aro debilitated
aro advised by jihyslciani to taku tuoder
ato amounts or whltky two or tlireu
times during tbo day. Inn attlo whllo
thoie who adopt this advice frequently In
crease tbo number of "drinks," and lu
timo become confirmed inobrlates. A
beverage that will not creato thirst for in
toxicating liquori, und which Is Intended
espociilly Icr tbo benefit of debilitated
persons, whether nt home or abroad, Is Dr.
Schonck's Sea Weed Tonic. Containing
tho Juices of many medicinal borbs, this
preparation dooa not creato an
appetite for tbo Intuxteating cup.
Tbu nourishing and tho Jifu
supportlng properties of many valuablo
natural productions contained In it and
well-known to modical men, havo u most
strengthening influence A single bottlo
of tbu Tonic will demonstrate Its value
ablo qualities. For debility iiriilng from
sickncn, overexertion or any caueo what
ever, a wine glassful of Sea Weed Tnnlo
taken after meals will strengthen thu
stomach und create an nppotlto for wholo
somo food. To all who aro about leaving
thoir homes, wo dciiro to euy that tho ui
collont oiructa of Dr. Bchonck'e seasonable,
roroodius, Una Wood Tonic and Mnndrako
Pills, nre particularly uvldont when taken
by thoso who nro Injuriously ullectod by
a chango of wntor und dint. No parson
should leavo homo without taking a sup
ply of t'.icso safeguards along For salo
by nil druggists.
AVabuinqton Uakehv. Mr. Joseph
Ronckor hat taken charge of this well
known establishment, nnd wll1, on and
nttor to-doy, bo ublo to supply tho
publio ;wlth choice bread, Including
Boston, Brown and Graham bread, besides
enkos und confoctionarles of ovory do-
rlption. Being mi experienced and
ikllful baker, Mr. Ronokor will not fall to
satlefy all wbo pntronizo him, Ho
Washington avenuo. 39-7-2-lm

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