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, tU T.J.
FRIDAY, AUGUST 14, 1874.
UfllClm tapes' ol thn CUT f
IUIUI n. OCKBtiY. Kdltor nrt Publisher
Ono woeV, by carrier M
Ob your by- esjrlcr, In advsnce(.t... 10 00
Un yu by esxrlsr 11 not vW ,
i adfnc W
tnMiAityMall..(.....t. 00
rtrMfefafttlM '. 8 00
mx ma. . a . . i . X . n re .?.:.';.'
IX TNf,lil . I .U.V.'.U .W.4 A 10 00
On Voir $1 00
Six Months ,
Thrw Month....
Invariably In advance.
To the Democracy, Liber
als ana all other oppo
nents of the Republi
can Party
Tho Democratic Stalo Central Com
miltce, in purshanco of power rested
it by tlio Democratic Stato Convention
of 1CT2, hereby givou nplco Ji'j.
State convention will be held at
BrMixarixLV, on HVjhinksdat, thk UOth
hat of AudOT," 1874,'at,13 M.
jiff rofVrs of the. Slate who desire to
rpmofe the following jturfwm, ur( ,Vf
vited to join in tending delegates to thi
contention :
1st. The restoration of gold and tit
ter as the ban's of the currency of the.
country ; the speedy resumption of rpc
cie payments and the payment oj all
national indebtedness in the money rec
ognized hy the civilized world.
2d. Free commerce.
3d. Individual liberty, and opposi
tion to sumptuary laws.
ith. Hiyid restriction of the govern
ments, both state and national,' 'to the
legitimate domain of political power,
ly excluding therefrom all tveeutivt and
legislative intermeddling with the. af
fairs of society whereby monopolies are,
fostered, privileged classes aggrandized,
and individual freedom itnncccMaritg
,and oppressively restrained.
6f7t. The right and duty oj the state
to protect its citizens Jrom extortion and
unjust discrimination by chartered mo
nopolies. The committee, believing the opposi
tion to Republican mitrule can harmo
niously unite vjion the foregoing princi
2les, earnestly solicit the free co-operation
of all men, regardless of past po
litical affiliation; in an earnest effort h
place the State, and National govern
ments in the hands of men who arc act
uated by the principles above enunci
ated. Each county will be entitled to send
one delegate, for every five hundred votes,
and one delegate for every fraction of
two hundred and jifty votes and over,
cast in said county fur all the presiden
tial candidates at the presidential rice
(ion c 1872.
O.H.M'ConMitot, Uhui'ii.
... ( C. 1L McCotmlcl:,,
At Large, Jatnc8 q llobiusou
lBt District Goo. S. Kimberly.
2d District A. 0. Story. .
3d District Theodore Shiutr.
4th District Ja.i. S. Ticknor.
5th District W. 0. Wrighl.
7th District .las. 0. Elwood.
8th District W. E. Cook.
9th District Win. T. Dowdall.
10th District Thos. B. Gaboon.
11th District A. A. Glenn.
12th District B. L. Mcfrltt.
14 th District J. It. Cuuuiughaui.
17th District S. H, Wilcox.
18th District Win. H. Green.
19th District Unas. Carroll.
Democratic State Central Commit-'
The undersigned eititens, being in
full harmony with thu principles enuu
ciated in tho above call, and desirous
of oumbiniog all voters of the State
who agree with these principles in an
opposition party strong enough to put
an end to tho misrule of the rcpub
lican party, heartily join in tho above
A. O. lUsilng, U. a. Caulfletd,
nrman Basur, llorwan LUb,
John Mi Palmer, J. Jt. Dollttlo, Jr.
Itdward ltumuMl, Thomas Hoyno,
JnoA.McCUrnand.Andro Matteion,
John II. Obarly, M. II. Ualley,
Daniel Cameron, J. 11. Jobnson,
Chat Lanphltr, Menard Mtchlls,
A. OrtDdorff, G. W. Mottling.
Hmu iiD Gab Fitting.--Newlsnd
'& lUnnla bare entered into a co-partner,
hip, and bavs opened a shop on Coinmtr
fill inue,iiiil door to l'orry Power'.
1It7 lUbl. They are now ready to do
all kd or maro and Gas fitting,
DrlvVVVeli Work and Plumbing. Special
attention paid to repairing pumpi, Tbey
ollclt a" abar of publlo patronage, and
iraaraaU their work to b wall don.
Bazainf.'s keepers orgunrdsincu
will ray dearly l'orhwcscapo. '(franco
lias a nnim ui jmiwsiii cnn'iv.'iiuuaa ut
criminality ju dernirjoul ynffali
which leaves littlo room to bclievo that
lenioncy will -be exercised ibward'thiS
ofiicors who buflercd MardTinl Jlannino
to escape.
Tin: District oi Columbia coininh-
jioncrsbavo given gicat ofTcn'o to tho
resident GeruuinfTby 'tho appointniont
of five colored men on the rchool
board, 'flib German population of the
District 'mJargo and is strongly op
posed to mixed schools and to mixed
boards for while children.
. The National bank nnd railrcad in-i
tercsts of Cairo wcro woll represented
at the mectine of the State -Dera-
ooratic committee. iMounuuuy jour-
. . . . in.....
This brick, wo presume, was thrown
at Judge Green and us. Will thc,cd
ilofr ol tho Journal picnic to inform urf
in what manner wo nro interested' in
any national bank, ov in auy railroad
that has any interest hostllo to tho in
tcrcsta of tho jwoplc, or iu any railroad
to the extent of .one doljar? H be
licyo Mr. Potfer to bo a lairmaii.bnd
wo ask him to mako his charges wlth-i
out fndirecjion.or inslniiatjoii. ,
TEST. At.MouudCity jestcrday, Mr. Clem
ents was uomiuuted,.withoutoppoMtiou,
as tho candidato .for congress of tho
Republicans of, this congressional dis
'Tho campaign 'may now bo said to
bo iairly opeued? The opposition of
tho Eighteenth distriot tho opposcrs
of tho inflatiou'and soft money theo
ries of tho Itopublicau leaders of llli-
-i- n l- .
; mo opposers oi mrwaru pay iu
members of congress for services un
porformcd ; the opposcrs of lludical-
ism and ol a pcrpotuation of all tho
evils of tho government comprised
in that word the corrupting influences
of the Credit Mobilicr,and tho Sanborn
contracts ; .the Louisiana muddle and
Arkansas troubles ; tlm mornl and polit
ical corruption exhibited iu South Caro
lina; tho lator'uvidencei of tho results of
radical teachings us manifested in tho
present deplorably unhappy) condition
of affairs between tho whites and blacks
in the States of Mississippi and Tonnes
sec tho opposcrs of all theso evils now
have tho opportunity and should em
braco it,of saying to tho radical parly in
(ho Eighteenth congressional district of
UUndis' ''thus far shall thou go, but no
As.'a representative of tho party in
power and responsible for theso things,
uioiign nimsei: pcriiaps a very sman
drop" in the overflowing bucket
of radical', corruption, Mr. Clem
onts .should bo dofcatad ; we
belioro tho power to do so is iu tho
hands of the opposition in tho Eigh
teenth district and tho first requisite of
success is to nominate a mnu, person
ally, politically and intellectually his
superior, and ono whoso name alone is
au evideucd to tho'pdoplo of that supo-1
riority. 'Wo beliovo Col. Taylor to bo
such a man, and repeat our suggestion'
and hope that Jio piny bo mado thu
Btaudard bearer of tho opposition to
Clements and Hudicatism iu this con
gressional district.
Krom tho Mound Ctty Jonroil.
Tut editor of tho Cairo UulUtlu as
auuiei to think this papvr tukei excuptlons
to blm on iiarionnl irroundi. This u not
o. l'orionally wo havo nothing n&lcit
Mr, Oberly ; on the contrary, we lluj him
ii vory companionable guntlcman, a nun
of good moral principle! and in many ro.
peoti worthy of iuiltatloo. At a polit
lual udilor and leadnr, liowevur, wo havo
eiceplioDi to takti.to him. Aa tuch bit
courto it to tortuous and Inconilitaat, that
it can bo accounted for only on the ground
thai Inordinate ambition overrides politi
cal prlaclil. Hsmallmci' It loekt much
much as (bough bo wai suffering hlmiolf
to be uied by others, to carry out plans
not In accord with his own coovictloni ;
but wo will be cbarltablo, and presume
tho lodlicrntloni are prompted hy too
much ambition, A man seized with a
mania for the glory of public petitions
Is always doing indocreet things, and hit!
ocantrlo course alwaya lonai to aateat I
Uiu una un nai in view, wo would as
aoou Mr..Ub(irly -uUcUd la-conni04i
at any man in tbo diitriot, provi
ded, bis. principles tuitnd, . and bit
record "warraatod lliobuliof that he would
prove tleaJfiit In tbvir silpporU
;Tlio Journal charges: That as a
political editor And leador, our courto
has been inconsistent and tortuous,'bo-
cau.e wo aro being used by. others, to
carry out plans uot in accord with our
own convictions, or becauso wo aro u
victim of the mania for tho glory of
public position.
Wo deny that wo havo pursued a
tortuous or inconsistent path as a poli
tician, that wo havo over been used by
anybody for any purposo, or that we
havo any ambition to ocoupy any public
If any man can point to a'ny Instance
wlien wo havo not aetcd with tho
greatest independence; even at tho sac
rjtice of friendship aud, patronage, we
will admit that wo aro unworthy tho
confidence and rospect of'Mr.i Potter or
any other reputuble citizen.
If Mr. Potter will polut to one Item
of evidunce that wo havo over in our
lifo been a seeker after office, wo will
admit that wo havo been mistaken iu
our desires and have been solicitous of
publico flico withoutHjlf-k'nowledgo of
tho faSfc. '
ffVcliavoflon taken Issue with our
party, nnd.officp-fcekers do not often
do this, and wo have not inlrcqucutly
TiSotV lniigilngo that Any politician
with Iinlf aii ounco ol discre
tion coupled with a deMio to obtain
public ptbilion, would never havo iwcd.
In thu legislaturOgWe havo cist votes,
knowing that in doing fo, o would
forfeit, tho friendship of many of the
members of tho Democratic party ami
secure for ourselves not u votu from the
other party believing, when wo wore
casting the votes,',that wo were ruining
any cbanco wo might havo for political
advancement. These votos wo cast bo-
causo wo believed them to bo right
and wc Would cast them again and
For many years wo have daily writ
ten, in haste and sometimes without
proper consideration ol tho subject
discussed, columns of matter upon
every possible subject, attending at tho
samutimo to tho details of our business,
and often doing tho work of a printer
we have done this in theso changing
times, iuTwhich tho couutry is bocom
1ngpucifled aftora ureal conflict that
unsettled tho foumln tioim of moiety in
tho Southern"' Btiitos dono this often
in moments of excitement, and it
would thoreforu bu surprising if wo
had been always consistent. Wo havo
not been ; and only u cold-blooded
man, selfish as tho devil ami ns dis
agreeable as tho devil's residence, can
go through life, taking part iu its
conflicts, and bo what is understood by
the expression, "strictly consistent in
his record.'' Sometimes, too, wo hnvc
no doubt Fccmcd inconsistent becauso
wc have always followed alter tho
tompfiratic party,v.and it has often
walked out of tho truo path. Wc
never voted in any political can
vass anything but n Democratic
ticket without n scratch wo havo
been a strong party man and was, un
til of late years woj concluded that tho
Democratic organization should never
gain lead us into a support of princi
ples contradictory of tho fundamental
principles of Democracy as expounded
by Jefferson, .Madison nnd Jackson.
Such as wo arc, we nro, and from no
person do wc ask. political kinducs.-cs
Wo desiro no oflicc, and no person lms
a right to say wo aro un ofiieo-seekor ;
neither has ony person .a right to oven
intimato tliat any person can u?o
us. N c say what wo nlcaFC : we
do what wo please ; and wo aro
glad when what wo say and whit wo do
plcusus nnybody ; but the vfii t
mnu can or ever has mado us say or do
anything wo thought wo ought not to
This much personal to oursclf.
Nineteenth Congressional
District Convention.
6on. W. B. Anderson Nomin
ated for Congress.
The Fanners' (Jonvontien lor tho Nine
Uotli Uoiigreiiionitl district, compoiod of
thecouatlo of Kdwardt, Franklin, Galla
tin, Hardin, Hamilton, .lull'orion, Sitliua,
Wayno; Whlto, Wabath and Klohland,
wai held at Union hall, Carmi, Whito
county on Wodneiday, lath Inst., for the
purpoie of nominating n camlldnto for
All thn countloi abovo namod, except
ing lllchlanJ, wuro reprosontuii Iu tho eon
TxuroHaar onaA.vi.jTm.v.
At U o'clock tbo dolvgatos aitemblod
at Unloii iiall for tho purpoto of tempo
rary organization.
Judge Hurrull, of Whito county, uni,
on motion, ohoton temporary chairman;
and Frank Havlll, of tho Mount Uiriiiol
KegUtor: W. 11. ManU, of tbn .Mount
Vornon Froo l'roo; uud .1. It. Slolto, of
tho Golden Kru, woro nppoiulvd toure
tarict. Un inetlon tho chairman appointud tho
11. Fotter, Kdwardt ;
,A. Jj. Williuuit, Hardin;
W. G. Hko, Hamilton;
J, A. Hmlth, .Utt'erMui ;
J. II. Wlliou, .Saline;
J. W. llilllard, Waym,;
J, II. Kreider, Waba.h ;
J. II. Frailer, White;
0. 1). Klluv, Galatiii;
irTm. llutcbiniou,iFmui;liii.
fit - ..
The followiog numot gunlomeii woro
appointed u
coMMirrm: ok hkoi,utio.n.i:
T. W. Glbion, KdwHrds;
1). H. Williams, Hardin;
A. II. Strom, lUmlltou ;
, W. U. Smith, Jelliirton;
I.. It. Strlcklaud, Salluu;
A.. Sid woll, Wayne j
V. JI, Turner, WDhj
0. It. Hmlth, White:
C. 1). Smith, Galalln;
W.J. Cuntrel, Franklin.
After tbo tumporary organization, nnd
the appointment of tboibovo uai'iiud com
mlttooi, and alio a commlttou on ieruiHn
entor urganUalion, tbo vol. volition ad
juuruod until 1:30 p.m.
Furtuaiit to udjournment, at hnlf pnit
on o'clock the convuntion ruanomhlod and
wa called to order by Prcildout llurroll;
and tho commitloo on permanent organi
zation aikod if tbey were toady ti roport.
After n fow minutes dely Iho tommlt
tlio pnnenlo'l their report, which rocom
mended that tlin ndlcom of tho ternpor
ary organization, with Ilia addition of ono
vieo-prosidoiit from cncli county, bo
olcctol .
The report was received nnd hdoplod
by a unamlnout vote.
Tlio cotnnv.ttiH on trolonlinl reported
t o follow.ni; co'inlir raproulod and
entitled to tho Mlovilrig vote, to.wiu
Ed ward J
Gallatin '
Total ,
Tho roport of tbo committee wis ro-
colvod and tho oomml'.too diicbargod Irom
furtber duty.
Tho commlttoo on ro'olutions roportsd
ttio following :
Wo.tho Fftrmors of tbo 'lnc'.onth Con.
grouiottal dUtrletol llllnoi, In conven
tion aitomblud, dooming it livedful for the
bint Intorcstii of thli dittrlct, itate and
nation that independent po.l'.lcnl notion
bo taken by anit In belinlt of tho produc
ing Induitrlal mid lmiini, Intorcrts nud
In nnnmitloli to the cur
oorato uionopolli that aro in
iiiinnelnir. umi even ci'titrolliiir our
i.i.l.mrn). courts nnd Kxuuutivo. anit
i.Cin,. .n,l nnlirtxalni! l!io pnonln con-
trarr to tin fundamental principle.'! of
American liberty ; and invoking tho
favorublo judgement of our countryman,
do horouy :
1. Itetolvp. That tl'o platform of prin
ciple and resolutions I'id down and ndop-
Convention, no unu aru nerooy auoiuou
by thli convention.
That wo will mpport tho nomlneot
of tho Stnto Convention and of tblt con-
3. That wn condemn anil uonounro
tho Infnmnus lull piid by our lain con
gross known as tbo "Salary Grab," nnd
all momtiers who voted for or nccoptud
tbo eamo.
Thl roiolutlons wuro road by tho tecrc-
tnry, and ailopleu ny mo convention
amid loud encoring, and without a dis
senting voice.
Whon tho nolso nnd confusion which
followed tbo reading and adoption of tho
roiolutlons had subsided, tbo chslrman
announced iMt the
wouM bo tho noit business In order.
JuJgo Kouchijr, of Krankllu county,
nominatstl Gen. W. H. Andunan of Joir.
A moinbor of tlin KdwnriU county dole-
i-atlon noailnatod W. JI. K. Foster, of
A ruumbor of tho Whito county delega
Hon nomlnatai .ludgu Hurrell of Whito
No otlmr names being presented, the
chair announced tho nomination! closed,
and asked if tho convention was ready to
voto on tho nominations before them.
The first bnllot wai then taksn and ro-
suited as follows :
Anderson. Uurroll. Foster.
Kdwards .. .
Franklin 8
OnU'.ln 0
Hamilton H
JnTerson 13
.Salino 13
Wavnu 2-1
Wabash 10
Whito 10
Total 00 10 7
When the result was announced tho
wildest oxeitomunt anil confusion pre
vailed, and Miout after shout for Ander
son w.-nl up, nn 1 it was tomo minutes
boforo the business of tbo convention
could bo proceed with.
Un motion tlio nomination of Gen.
Andorson was made unanimous, aud a
cimmtt'.oo appointed to inform him of
his nomination, unit roueat him to ad
dress tho convention.
Tliu commlttco withdrew, and in a fow
minutes returned, urcou pnnied by Gen.
Arderson, who took the stand and mado
a talk o( hsir n hour's duration.
Ho tbanko.l Hih convention tor tbo
nomination. In tho pvt bo had had oe
calon to thank his triends and neighbors
for honors conferred upon him by them,
but novor boforo in his lilo did ho feel to
prouJ as on this occasion. This was tbo
first convention of honest farmors and
Uburons that oror aisouiljlcd in this part
ol tlio SUti, and ho, ns tboir titaudurd
bearer, would light Lard tu lead tbo van
on to victory. Ho dorouncod tho monlced
monopolis of tlio country, munopolis that
wcru enricblug llitinel vci at tbo expense
of tlio farmer and laboring mnu. Ho saw
brfuro him many men, who
had in past years ucted with
tho IJpinocrMlo party, and just ns many
who bad acted with tbo Krpub
Hcart party, but party ties no longor
bound them tbey bad broken tbo chains
and determined to let parties taku caro of
thiimmlvoi. Tho lionmt farmer would n(
longer lix bound by party, but bunco on
ward act for bimsolf Indeponrlnnt of poll
ttoiiiiis and political riugv. He appealed
to tbo farmors to bo tlrm and not to lot
Sam. Jlarilntll and John Logan drivo
them back into tlio ranks of tbo old
parties, otc, to.
Gen. Ander jn continued his spsscli
for half au hour in about this strain, and
at tlio conclusion wut laudly cheered by
tho delegates and hit friends. At the
conclusion of bis remurka tbo convention
Baltimore (iuzellc
Thu fancy of Ualtiuioro havo, as a
class, ;ilmost entirely disappeared. At
tho close of tho war thoro was n num
erous ganf of tlium in Ualtiuioro, not
only nutivcH, but from over7 section or
tho country. Tho war had boon to
thorn it flush timo. Gambling wns pro
fitable, tho naloousdid n thriving bust
ness; they dabbled in substitute brok
erage, bounty jumping and othor modes
of making money, and they spent it as
fast as mado. Tho females with whom
they consorted wcro nrrnyed in the
finest, nml-they thcinsolves wcro attirod
iu tho height of tho prevailing fashion,
though always n littlo loud. Thoir
favurito veudozvous during tho war, anil
for several vears after its olose,was on
tlio corner of Ualtinioro nnd North
streets. A few survivors yet rowain,
who nro still well dressed, but with
none of tho assurance that character
ised them dunug tho war. They gain
thoir living by precarious means ; livo
on tho ragged end of anxiety and re-
moiso, ami day by day tncir Diimnor
lessens os thov fall into tho
grave, tho victims of consumption,
of violenco or aeoidont. Under
them is still a lower stratum, who fig
ure daily in tho polico reports. Theso
resort to the classic purlieus ol JodOph
iuo street, Now Uhuroli street and sev
eral Hido streets in thu eastern section
of tho city. Of the faucy, the ptiio
fighter h tho aristocrat. At the close
ot tho war, Sam Collyer was llio presid
ing genius of tho fancy of Baltimore.
For him to be a habitual visitor to tho
saloon was to make the temporary
fortune of its proprietor. When ho
walked the streetsSho was pointed out
as a great celebrity, and when he drove
out in tho aftornoon to tako his cus
tomary airing his prcseucu created a
sensation on tho road, nnd whurever he
stopped he was surrounded at once by
a crowd of followers and flatterers all
anxious to do him honor aud reverence.
To havo shaken Sam Collyer by the
hand was at once a passport to the
higher walks of the fancy.
Tho champion, Collyer, was uot an
unprepossessing looking man. llu is
about five feet five inches high ; of
compact built, trcncrally lighting at
pouuus, nnd is courteous in uumcauor
and all able in daily J lie. ticncrosity
nnd kindness weru attributed to him,
and ho was noted for the fact that ho
would allow no ono to be im
oscd upou by his camp fol
lowers without interference on his
part. Ho rotained tho position of cm
pcror of tho Ualtiuioro fancy for sev
eral years, uutil as one by one Ins lot
lowers let t him nud thu lluh time
jia-tcd away like a tale that is told, he
with that shrewd Scotch tense which
has never left him, looked around for
othor fields in whiuh to achieve new
laurels. Ho tried rowing, but, though
ho pioved n first-class sculler, there
was uot cuouuh business in it. Ho
then started clot; danciii'' us his pifr
suit, nnd many will remember his
beautiful melodies and graceful per
lormanccs upou the stage of tho lloli
day strcot theatre, biuco then lio lias
traveled through thu land from theater
to theater each teason, making au hon
orable living aud conducting himself,
as ho had always dono here, with sobri
ety aud discretion. During his travels
he crossed tbo plums, walking tureo
hundred miles of tho way. How mat
ters aro changed in ltaltimora is
evinced by tho (act of thu little inter
est mauuested iu the result ol the com
ing fight with Kdwards.
Gone to Grass.
l.ant Number of Xow York Led' r.)
JJiiooki.vn, July 21, 1871.
My Dkak Mit. HoNNKit Why
should one no utsturueu on sucli a
lrrcat and glorious day ns tho hord is
now rolling across the world ? Your
mcnscngcr came for the weekly article
Ono feels as if he were a mill aud must
grind regularly. Surely no better bag
was ever hung to catch the grist being
ground than tho Ledger, lfut why
should ovou tho Ledger bo servod on
such a day as this?
Tho heavens aro dcoper than the
thoughts can reach. Hound and rouud
the horizon the sun pours effulgence
which docs not burn, but pierces with
a new lifo and makes the clod vital. I
rejoice on theso great days that seem
illimitablo and unfathomable, full of
cool heat nud blue brightness. hen
clouds d nro uot coiuu forth, and the
pavilion above is without spot, or rift,
or film, nnd no shadow falls down on
the mountain (let mo seo, what do I
rejoice in oh, I remember I) I re
joicu in the infinitesimal Jil'c that I
Thu population of thu globo is uot
counted by the human family. Our
egotism speaks of how many men live
on thu globe, as if that were thu only
thing worth thinking of. God is
pleased to think differently. When he
looks out of the heavenly window he
sees n great many men, doubtless a
great many moro perhaps than ho
wants to see: liut over, beneath and
around hiui ho beholds au immense
life, various, vcrsatilo, infinitely
equipped, and with ono attribute in all,
tho pursuit of happiness.
I sit watching tho ground, the bark,
tho old rotten logs, tho nooks and
scams, tho trees and leaves, and find
that they nro tho swarmiuir habitations
of insect life, lteants of magnitude
aro outdono by tho luGnUcn'nuul crea
tion. They livo together as men do,
somo pursuing, somo running away,
somo eating, and some being eaten ;
with every method of locomotion ;
with wonderful adaptation, not only
with physical condition, but iutcr
sphering with each other. So that
this vast microcosm, which most men
never think of, is moving along with
onormously diffused lifo and enjoy,
Iam not lazy, theti, whon I am do
ing nothing. Lyiug on your back is a
useful employment. Sittiug in tho cor
uor nud watching tho career of criokets,
tho stolid waitings of the qulok spiders,
is "as good as a play," nnd n great
deal better thuu a book. An
alert but dreamy gaze into tho bo
som of imturw, to see how alio touds
her manifold children, is on tho road to
Now, to think of sotting down to a
tablo and writing homilies for the Led
ger ! Nu, I'll not do it. You may
writo my article for mo this week.
Toll iny Jicdgor friends that I havo
gouo to grass; that I am too busy!
anything you please, as a reason for
refusing to writo this week. Yours
11. W. Heeoiiku.
sssssBssPrsBsw?"aiWvV IjljnL nRiiBl
Jobbers and
Cliouiicala, Patent iVlcdicino, JVi'ftuncry, Soups, .Brushes,
Toilett Artit'lca, l)riigisU,'H h'mwy (iootlx, Collier "Whito
Load and Other Grades, 3aiiita, Colors, Oils, Varnishes,
Window ulass, Wax J lower ..Material, Trie Colon, D
Stulls, Etc., Etc., Etc.
We Solicit correppomlenco and order from Drmriri't', l'lijsltlan nil General Stores
In want of Goods In our I.lno. Hte.imt:it. I'lintillitu nnd Kainlly .Mcdlclno cases luni
Itheil or He tilled with itellablo Drus at ltuionalilu Hates-
7t Ohio Lercc
or c.uko
H. W. MILI.i:it. I'rcjldoul, "
J. 31. I'HII.I.II'S, Sin- Pivfldriit,
E'CUANUi:,i-oln,tiaiil.iiol'i iu I'niti d
Slide Mi iirltli liuiujlil mid Mild.
Interest allowed nn tlmr- uYpovllS.
W. I. 1I.VM.IDAY. I'rcMdfiit;
lllI.NItY I.. HALI.IDAY, I. . Preside-!.
A. II. KAKI'OItl), Ca.hlci:
WALTKH IIY.xi.OP, A "Mutant Caslilcr.
IllllKOTOltS. -r
H. I.. Hai.mi.av, w. P. II.u.i.ikav.
0. 1). Williamson, Stj:imik.n i:ncs
A. It. HAfrunu.
KxrliiniKc, Coin mill United'. . Slates
IIiiimN nought nuil Solit.
DKI'OSITS rerelvtdlurid ai;rueral linuLluir
buitnc-t iliinc.
ori'iUKtis :
A. II.HAKt OKI), PrefIdeiit ;
H. H. TAYI.OIt, 'l.-e-Piei.deiit ;
11. HY.Sl.OP, Ucerefary ami Tie.iturtr.
P.M. IIaiiclav, CiiAS.tiAi.inium,
V. SI. Htockvljctii, Paul H. m.iiuii,
It. II. CU.S'MMIIIAM. II. I,. ll.W.t.llu V,
.1. .M. I'HII.I.II'S,
INTKltlvS'l' jialil on deposits at Hie late
ot fclx per lent, jier annum, Murcli lt mid
ticptember 1st. Interest not withdrawn h
added immediately to tint iirlnelpnl id' the
dcposltn, tbercliy ulvlii tutm cuuipoiiud
l!AN llllAW IT,
Open every huslne dav from ti u. in. l :i
p.m., and .Sutu.day evs-nlngs lor aiing tie
poxlts only, Irniii n toH n'elovU.
W. HVSLUP. Treanuer.
j 1N siasiouipii
Cemi tliile tit.
cnxa.u1 o.
Tie moit Jtsnowntd Sptclallut i tin A'jt, tnt'
trtatmtntcfPIIir.lTE, CllltOyiV ami Vt.
Vb Wult r ttr InJUrttloai or btL.r ujm, I'Toluctr.,
ocistt, mrxieto BinnT, loss ov wruoav
iukiiood rm- e:.ti.v c,T,tn. tiir chiuu oi'
HSniClL LITr.XATlT.t.lll.lriti4 villi chulo .utn.ln,.
Ulklnf vloiat luftrrf, VJ7 but, b, Tt llndlakiitti
UhunUa. TSr litturc, ckoi9 ftnt cure. frio W mi,
stotliftiUtiM4lt toTilope. Llln fenulrloi lurfilralfttj,
illwl klu4u r 4il m. oil cr .Jirm IU J rtor,
hnlUt jr,IJil wllk ptliU piiluiuU, l"rJ, HUui
Uwt,4 CurOKAfuui. lultarwliftLn4,
3uors lilt el. (rp stunt) corntr Sth tSlro
and YTnsliliigton Avenue.
9ti-3l.tr. OA I HO, ILLINOIS,
M S! mi OIL
Reta'rlers of
AViuhluKluu Ave. cor. IMghth St.
Mleecor t'i
lJoaler ii
mum waub&o,
.Mnmilsotnror and Jobber of
TIJ.', fjlIKHT IKON ami COl'I'KK.
" - f YVAKK.
pfiinii. Iltrd ('wen, fee I 'ream Krerzor
liter I'ooler-, Wire I'lmli fur Id
do w Sell 'ii,.latmni I Ware,
i:te., Kte.
(xiil luring mid Jof Work
Ajrent for tlio
Garry Iron Roofing Co,,
Tlio licM Irnn Kootlns in the Miirktt,
Ordernfrnm Alirond will Itecelvr Promid
All well, dnne nlth Dlpntcli nnd Wai ran
ted to five satUfautlun.
I'o the IMItor ol Tiik 11ii.i.i:ti:i
i:.srr.i:.Mi:i) I'liir.Mi:- You will please In
loi ni your renders that I have n punitive
Mid all dinii'der ol tlio Till oat and I.unk"f
nml tli.it, ly IU life In my praellee, I liae
cured In
d nre.if,ac will Klvo
$1,000 00
or :i eutii it will nut lienrlit. Indeed, no
troiili limy faith, I will Hiuid a SamI'I.k,
m:ic, In ulftj'hUll'erer iiddresluK mo,
Pleao sliiiw thli. Hitler to any ono you may
iiiiiwwho In suileilic from tlicko dlseae,
mil oIiIIko, l-'iilthl'ully Yourn,
CO Wllllniii SI. Men York
t .('-. f-il.t w(m
TaKus ureal pleasiir in nuiinuueliij; tm
they sin now piepured to supply everybody
Willi hd;n leu of the very beit itiallty, eithrr
at their liotuifs or at tho stores. Orders
should Ii lull at the oMcr, No. CO Ohio
(oee. f2-5-lS-lui

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