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JORH H. OBKBLY. Xdltor and mbllshsr
Oae week, try center 9 Jo
Onrtir mttltr, ta advance 10 oo:
DM year by carrier If not paid la (
t, advaae 'ii oo;
Mat, try sail l W
rMMMta.f... .i 8 001
One Tear , t 00
Blx Months
Tin MnUi.,...!
Invariably In advance.
x iMttif wMr very pmt '
Tho Domooratio Central Committee
of Alexander county, in pursuanco of
power vested in it, hereby fs'tven twtico
that a
Of the Democrat, Liberals 'and all
other opponents of tho Republican
patty, will bo held in tbo Court House1
AT 2 o'clock r. It.
for tho purpose of appointing five
delegates to represent them in the
State convention to bo bcld at Spring
field, August 20, 1874 ; nino dolcgatcs
to represent them in the lftghtecnth
congressional distriot convention to bo
held at Anna, September 3, 1874 ; and
- delogatcs to represent thorn in the
Fiftieth senatorial district convention,
to bo held at Anna, September .'), 1874 ;
and for the trans&otion of other busi
ness. John IIowley, Chairman.
Cairo, 111., August 14, 1874.
To the Democracy, Liber
als and all other Oppo
nents of the Republi
can Party:
The Democratic Stato Central Com
mittee, in pursuance of power vested in
it by tho Democratic State Convention
of 1672, hereby gives notice that a
State convention will bo held at'
SraixorniD, on "Widnisuxt, tiik 26th
sat or Auqust, 1874, at 12 H.
Allvotert of the State who dciire to
ronwU.tiic following purpoics, art in
vited to join in sending ddegatet to thit
convention :
li(. The restoration of gold and til
ver at the Vatit of the currency of the
country ; the tpeedy resumption of spe
cie payments and the payment of all
national indeltednets in the money rec
ognized ly the civilised world.
2f. Free commerce.
3d, Individual liberty, and opposi
tion to sumptuary lilies.
4th. Rigid restriction of the govern
ment, loth state and .national, to the
legitimate domain of political oicfr,
ly excluding therefrom all executive and
legislative intermeddling with the af
fairs oj society tcheriby mtinopolies are
futf.red, privileged classes aggrandized,
and individual freedom unncasturilg
and oppressively restrained.
tith. The right and duty of the state
to protect its citizens from extortion and
vnjutt ditcrimitiation ly charterid mo
nopolies. The committee, lelicving the opposi
tion to Republican mimdc can harmo
niously unite upon the foregoing princi
ples, earnestly solicit the free co-operation
of all men, regardless of past po
litical affiliation; in an tamest effort to
place the State and National govern
ments in the hands'of men who arc act-
vated ly Oic jtrinciples above enunci
Each cotjnty tci'M le entitled to send
one deUgte for every five hundred votes,
antl oiis delegate for every fraction of
two hundred and fifty votes and over
cast in said county for all the presiden
tial candidates at tlte pntidential the
tioix of 1872.
C. H.M'CORMiCK.Cbin'n.
AtLaree f 0 Hl MoCormlck,
lit District Geo. S. Kimbcrlv.
1 24 District A. o. Htory.
3d District Theodore mam..
4ti' District Jas. S. Ticknor.
Gth District W. 0. Wright.
7th Dklrict Jas. 0. Elwood.
Stk itriot W. I. Cook,
8th District Win. T. Dowdall.
10th District Thos. B. Caboen.
!llth District A. A. (Ilotiiii- "y
imi. i i,' i. if. ....in -
14th District J; JR. Cpntiitigham.
17th District S.U. Wilcox.
18th Dialriot-SNVm. IT? Green.
10th District Chas. Carroll.
Democratic State Central (jjomuilt-
Tho. undersigned citizen?, being in
full harmony with the principles enun
ciated in the above cnll, nud desirous
of enmbiniug all voters of the State
Vfh.ii agree with theso principles in an
opposition parly strong enough to put
an cud to the misrule of the rcpub
licari pa'rty, iieartily join in tho nbovo
A. bTlieiilni;, ll.G. Caulflold, ,
Ilerrrfnn ilaster, Herman Lleb, ; ,
John Ms Polinor, J. It. Doottttlo, jr.
Edward Jtumuiol, Thomai Hoy'Ue,
Jno A. McClornanri, A.ndro Mattcson,
John II. Oborly, M. H. Bailey,
Daniel Cameron, J. II, Johnson,
Unas II. lianpblor, llichiird -Mich sells, '
OrondorlV, O. V. ilotatlng.
Representative Convention.
A Dcmocratlo Contention, for tliu pur-
nose of nominating tvo candidates to rep-
re-eat Mid District III tlioMnto legUiawro
will nn jiciu l
anna, o.v Thuiisimv, -rim i:d day op
Scitkmhcii, J373, At 3 o'clock, v. i.
Tho ratio of representation will bo one
delcgata fur each MK) votoa, and ono for each
fractional 60 votes cast for Greeley .Vllnwn
1111872. Tbo counties will bo entitled to
the following representation :
Couutic. Voto In '72. Delegates.
Alexander, 1,010. 10
.JhcUmiu, i.riio. ir.
Union, r,7.':ih 17
Tliu Central Committee In each of tho
abovo counties uiu liv-peclfully ioiiicstoU to
rail county conventions, ami appoint dele
gates, to represent their cotintlr In mid
convention. lly order of committee.
T. F. Hoiiton, Chairman.
ISyNewspapcrs throughout tlio District
Vf 111 please publish the above call.
Mr.ssii9. Alunn, Popo and Ltncgar
wcro conspicuously nbsent from tbo
Republican onngressioniil convention.
What can bo tbo matter with tho boy ?
Do not forget that' the Opposition
county convention meets at the court-
houses in this city, next Saturday at 2
o'clock p. m.
Thk Democrats, Liberals and other
people of Alexandor opposed to Radi
calism, nro requested to meet in Cairo
next Saturday, at 2 o'clock p. iu. for
tho purpose of electing delegates to
the State, congressional nnd legislative
Domocratie convoutloo. Wlmn tho
call was first issued, the hour of meet
ing was inadvertently omitted, but it
has been supplied.
TllK next school term of tbo Jack
sonville Inftlfuto for the Kducntinn of
Feeble Minded Children will com
mence Wednesday, September 1G, 1874.
Pupils should go promptly on time,
but not before. Tho Superintendent
says applications arc so numerous that
pupils should not bo cent until
friends have been notified by him that
they will bo admitted.
Oun neighbor of tho Sun is discon
solate. Ho did not succeed in running
the Alexander county convention, and
did not allow us to witne.-s the grand
row he promised if Alexander dared
to instruct for any other person than
an Alexander county man. And now
ho is cooing as gently as n sucking
dove. 4Jul'h'o heeds comfort, and wo
hope his friends will not neglect him.
It is their duty to comfort him. Aro
they not directed Thess. v. 11 to
"comfort tho fooblo-mindcd?"
The Cairo ring of radicals do not
caro for the rural lladicals of Alexan
der county. The Cairo managers ar
range matters and tbo rural tools obey
orders. In the late county convention
to appoint delegates and alternates
to the congressional and legislative con
vention:., the Cairo managers appointed
11 the dolcgatcs and alternates from
tho city not one from tho country
precincts ! The rural boys will kiss
the rod or if they don't Pope will lay
it on by Jupiter.
The Democrats of tho Fifty-First
senatorial district met in convention at
Golconda, on Saturday last and uoiui-
ated Hardy, of Johnson county, for
senator, and Platt,of Hardin for the
house. It was suggested that two,lustead
of one, candidates for tho houso should
he nominated, but tho suggestion was
overruled. If two had been noniinu
ted, Dr. Casey would have been one of
the two and would have been elected ;
but Judge Green, who teems to bo o'v
erywberc, blocked the game, There
fore Plater will have fair sailing, and
go in without trouble. The 1'ifty
First district lose a good man iu losing
Oun good friends of the Murphy
boro Independent seem to take great
pleasure in attacklug Mr. Obcrly j and
really do so without cause. 1 ho gcu
tlemeu of the Independent seem to be
lieve tbut Mr. Obcrly is iu Fcarcb of
office, and must thcrcforo bo crushed
Independent is assured that its
men an. ..8takcn that Mr. Obcrly
wishes no office ; iv- particular, be
don't want tne -Uco of coniressmun :
.. . . i ii. " .
that ho knows the ina..
tlio Independ
chtmcrW want for this office, and in
whoso jjtitcrcat .tlioOndepqiiilcnt men
nrol! nbusinitt Mr. 0.1 vfilliTrcccivo the.
nominatiouAndlall that."jlr. 0. donH
object o the Indopondent inon advc
eating .their man's claims for congress,
and ho behoves that- the Independent
men's man can obtain tho Opposition
nomination , and Mr. Oi alto believes.
the Independent men's man would' W
stronger after nomination, if ho would!
uot, with plausible wot
tUlifulVgo ''out o'f the'
words not always!
way" to atthbk
people he don't like go out of the j
way on tip-toe, looking about with sly
glance as if 1'et.rful oi detection, to i
abuao men he pretends to hold as
IriomR Air. 0. has not, and Mr. O.'s
friends have not, attacked the Inde
pendent men's man, but tho Independ
ent men's man's other iricuds proba
bly know that tho Independent men's
man is not invulnorablo to Attack.
Thcroaro many defects in his armor
through which a fatal lance could bo
driven, and through which more than
one fatal lance may be driven.
"Man to nun so, oil' unkind, to wo
man is always so," says sonio one
Jlyron, we holioro. This is as iruo as
proof ot Holy iVrit. It a man sins
with a woman, as Dccchcr did with
Mri. Tiltou, then arc thousands of men
ready to say : ''This comes of too much
woman's rights ogitation this is tho
legitimate Iruit of what is called social
reform." At this moment this assertion
i being made by all the opponents of
woman's elevation. Mrs. Tilton sinned
because Mrs. Woodbull was a woman's
rights woman, they are all shouting in
n chorup. Not ho ; Mrs. Tilton sinned
because eho had an inclination to sin,
and Mr. Hccchor was as frail as she.
If Mrs. Tilton's" crime reflects upon
anything, it reflects upon Christianity.
uertwcaicncss rcsuiteu irom uer ucvo-
v , ,,,
tional nature, alio was one of tlioso
religious women who become so saintly
they cravo nympathy, trust implicitly,
and fall from virtuo thanking God and
singing hymns'. Sho embraced, her
prcuohcr while sho chided her husband
for losing faith in the divinity of
Christ. Sho was a gushing woman,
and sho siuncd as hIic prayod, because
her impulses forced her to. Sho was
a devout worshipper at Plymouth
church, altar. Her great devotion was
her bane. Sho had. been educated to
be what she had become. Iuctcad of
being taught in her youth as hoys aro
tauglu to bo Birung uud p.lfri:.nf
she was taught, as women arc, to bo ig
norant of tbo ways of tho world, soft
as moonlight, gushing and devout.
This education ruiuod her, and has
brought Henry's old head very low.
From tlio Cairo Gazette.
Wopubllih eleuwlierou vail for a demo
cratic convention in this, tho eighteenth
congroisionnl district. County contral
commlttoes will plcnto take notice.
Grave queitlons aro brought up by thli
announcement, for imniodiato coniidur
ntiori. Chief among tbcio, lithi.: How
can the element! of Opposition in this dli
trlct, tho Democrats and lluformen, be so
united as to insure tho defeat of tho Jud
ical candidate? Tho purposes of those
two elements aro identical, and their
principles aro so nearly so that a common
platform can easily lo constructed. Why,
then, may not the Democratic contral
committee already formed, and tho ro-
rotm central commutes in process oi
formation; moot for conference, and de
tormlnolf tbo obstacles in tbo way of a
consolidation of forces, (which will arise
chiefly in the (election of a candUate) may
not bo romovod? Place a good man in
tha field, ono who is accepliblo alike to
Democrats and Koformors, and Isaac Clo
menu will bs loft at home by a majority
of 4,000 votes. If such a result is worth
contending for let tho two central com
mltteos no mod take tho Initial steps at
onco, and then judicious effort will bring
It about.
We agree with tho Gazette Tho
great question in this distriot is: "How
can the elements of Opposition bo con
solidated so as to insuro tho defeat of
the Hadical candidato ?" It surely can
not bo done by tho Domocratio Con
gressional Coiumiltco refusing to act in
harmony with the Liberals and the In
dependent Ilcformors by calliugDem
ocrats to assemble iu convention and
shuttingatho doors of tbo convention
iu tho faco of tho other elements of op
position. Hut the committee has called
a Democratic convention, without in
viting the co-oporution of either tho
Liborals or Independent lleformers.
That mistako has already been made.
It tbo convention, following in tho
footsteps of tbo committee, should ro
fuse to solicit tho support of tho "other
elements ol Opposition" in this dis
trict, and nominate n man who can
rally, not only tho Democrats, but tho
Liberals and the Independent Reform
ers, then good-byo to all hope of suc
cess. The moment the eon vontion makes
tbo mistako we have indicatcd,that mo
ment will the Clements political gooso
bo observed to hang high, while every
thing on the Radical side of tho house
will becomo lovely.
rnivATK lioAKDiNO. Mrt. J. "W. Car
mlcbaol having takqa the largo house a
tho corner of SUth stroot and Washing-
ton avenue, is propared to
furnish nrlvato noaraing to a
limited number of either ladies and gon
tlomoo, or to gentlomen and tholr wlvet.
The bouso is vory pleasantly located and
convemont to tbo business part ot tho city.
Tho rooim aro large, airy and woll
llgbtod. For further Information inquire
at tlio house.
DzAti'BbCLilis'i Ynurcorrespoadent
has traveled over various portions of
Johnson coiiftty within tho lalt twb'wceks
and it happy to say that crops aro In an
eacellnnt condition. Our peoplo havo
been unusually favored. Jloro wheat was
harvested than over' before. Krult is
nbunlant rind tho cora crop nover looked
tetter. It does ono good to soa tbo cbour-
ful countenances and boar tbo lopoful re
marks of tho farmsrs.
Last Wlntor and Spring, a nurnbor of
our farmers whom tbfa circulars of tlioie
wbstorn rnllrotd CompAnloi hai! pill In a
iovor, told out and wont to Kanias. Tho
groat drouth bat burned them out and
now they aro returning, the tocdlaat look
ing fellows wo evor taw, Thoy lay tboy
aro content to llvo aud dlo in old Johnson.
I havo ofton wondered, as I lookod upon
the natural advantages and groat rotources
of b'outhcrn Illinois, why emigration has
not poured in at it has In Kansas, lie
bratka and Iowa? Lying, It does, be
tween tho Mississippi, Ohio and Wtbatb
rlrori, traversed as It is, In every direction
by numerous smaller.atrvams, It is never
materially etTectwJ by dry weathsr. In
fact we don't know what a ttrtulh is.
There is no boltor tlinberad section on the
continent. As a fruit country, It has no
suuerlor. For the cultivation of tobacco
It it, peculiarly adopted, as tho succctt of!
thoto who have gone Into raising tho wtod
hat demonstrated. In fast, tliero It no
toctlon that admits of tho successful culti
vation of such a variety of products as
Southern Illinois. Our county corutnly
oflers groat inducements to emigrants,
Tho railway runs diagonally through It,
tbo sell is fertile, and good land can bo
bought at prlcos ranging from flvo to fif
teen dollars per acre. '
Tho reildonco of Mr. J. Y, lltylesi
four miles southeast of Vienna, wat
burnod to the ground to-day, and every
thing In it. Iiotldts tomo valuable pa
pers, he lost ono thousand dollars in
Ereenbacki and a largo amount in gold.
It it generally tupposed, that tho houto
was robbed In Mr. JJaylat absence and
then tet' on fire by tho thief,
Soma villaiuout wrotch flrol
upon a little boy twolve or fourteon
years old, while he was; sawing wood In
the woodt near thit place to-day. The
boy's name is William Iindgis. He is
now In a vory critical condition. Tbo
placo from where tho vllllan sbot showed
that he ha 1 been thora sometime, waiting
his opportunity no doubt. X.
August Hth 181.
Tilton Denies Jluviug Ile
cciTcd Money From
More About that Servant
Qirl who AVas Sent
An Interesting Interview
Botwoon a Correspon
dent and Theodore.
Nkw Yohk, August lfi. A reporter bus
bad a brief tulle with Thoodoro Tilton.
He denied that bo bad received any money
from lieecher, and if Moultun had rocoived
the amount statod, it devolved on him to
account for It.
Shortly aftor Mrt. Tilton'i confonion
of Mr. lieochur's criminality, tbo servant
who wat thou living with Mr. and Mrs. Til
ton, became awaro of the fact from having
overheard conversations which bad passed
betweeu them, and sho began to whisper
to her friondt in lirooklyn. As soon as
this state of tbincs was discovered, it was
determined upon to send the girl out of
UrJoklyn,as a protection to lieochor. She
was tent to a boarding-school. Deecbor
paid hor expontos through Moulton,
This might havo amounted to some $2,000.
Several gontlnmen contributed to the
supporS of tho Goldea Ago, and Beecber,
he said, might have boon among tho num
ber, but Moulton oould account for that.
It It statel in the Brooklyn Eaglo that
tbo servant irlrl buslnoss will woar
another complexion when the story of tbo
gin, now in the possession or tlio i'ly
mouth church investigation committee, is
mado public. The allegation Is that Til
ton, not Iloecher, wat interested in her ro
movtil trom lirooklyn. It soems, from
her stfttemeut, now leaking out, iho was
an adopted child in tho Tilton household,
taken when an Infant, and always treatod
at a momber of tho family. During the
abtonco of Mrt. Tilton, this adopted
daughter left tbo bouse, and on Mrs. Til
ton's return rotated to her tbo occurrences
loading to the act. After awbite tho story
crept out, and Mrs, Tilton wat tent by
Mr. Tilton to inoro than ono bouse to
deny It, and finally, finding it did not dlo
oasily, tho girl wat Induco by Mr. Tilton
and Mrt. Tilton to sign a statement de
nying what werocallod wicked storioa tet
on foot sgblntt Tiltnn, Arter tbia retrac
tion wat obtainod Tilton had tho girl tont
West to school, and Francis D. Moulton
paid her tuition and board bills. Thit It
the girl's own story, as the . has, told It to
the commltteo to lior school toacber and
to Mr. Shearman.
Boocber loft the I'ooksklll this morn
ing, and Mrs. Ileocbor says she does
not think he will return before Octo
ber. Ttq Argut tlatot that Frank Moulton
will do at General Butlor advised him
'Come Ii last."
From tbo'.Cbli ago Tribune.
Nw Yohk, August 11. Sitting in
that dim, funereal liouso whoro for ten
yoart tho Tilton family resided, patting
thrauph all tha naatat-es of social, dom
estic, and schollstlo intercourse sitting
there after tnldnlcht. quito alone with
Tboodore Tilton, l taid i
"1 tinvo been nil day triina; tuKraip
your character and reconcile your moron
ity of fsellng toward your wlfo with the
outragoslio .baa committed upon you.
Shall I (ell youho main points tbo world
in fines against vou t
"Yei.'T be said. "If I could bo out In tbo
world and look In unon mvtelf, I might
malt a myself bottor understood to tho
world. "You may ask ma anything you
like7 Do not bo ttollcAte? I don't think
thoro remains anvthlnc for people to
writo aeaintt me which thov havo not
1 thought. Dow I ltnd that 1 am a mil-
tioon, a black-mallei, a fellow jealout ol
nnitber man' a fame ; and my wife, wfaoto
letters to"mo, unless I am blind and can
not ,ted, show nn appreciation of the ex
aggerated and even passionate, tells tbe
worm that l was at oau as tney say. xou
may ask me anything, down to tha mar
row." ."Then,' said I ."'.bogroiieit offense you
have committod, In tbe estimation of
your own sex, wat continuing relations
with your wlfo after you know hsr to
have been luipuro to 'you."
"i'erhapt," laid Mr Tilton, "many men
who tay that novor camo to tho opport
unity of showing what tholr conduct
might bo.
It makes an ftnmediato catastrophe, so
that ono must do what be had never pro
parod himself for. The story of Eliza
beth's guilt as rolatid to me voluntarily.
1 never accusoil her. She had Icon out
In tbo country staying awhile, and was In
a poor stato of health. That foverlsb, re
liglout naturo the had probably urgud her
on to make her balf-conrcioui belief that
tbe had enlv perpetrated a spiritual lovo
by ft carnal act, eomplote, by ridding it of
tho clement oi ueeeu. one, vneroiure,
retolved to open the story of her own vo
lltlen, hoping that I might undorttand It.
or, It I could not understand it, she would
take tbo worst.
IT WAS IK THIS ritnY noost.
Sho wat slttlnc thoro where you are. I
came In and stood yondor. She addressed
mo at onco, ana In a minute my heart wai
piercod thruugb and through. I stood
tbero trantCxod, and a hundred things
came to mv mind, that ancle scene
amongst them. Sho utod tho words of hor
rellglout emotion to eipren theconfesslon
ot adultery. Sho passed out, loavlng mo
tbero as if standing neither upon nor un
der anv wordt whatovor. perfectly empty
emotions. luH blasted. At ',t to mako
ofer acknowledceindat tiorfectlaod hereon
henlon absolute, she tint up to me that
fwrltton itatmont, anu then, at it tne nau
done all, ber spirit gave way. Both oi
us tpeat that night alono.
In the morning Iwent early to ray olllce
In tho Brooklyn Union building, and L
could not writo. I foil that I must com
to some determination on this tlilcir.
thought It over In all Itt relations j toy
children, my home, bis children, himself,
mv pomJ nemo to be hereafter tattled
down the veers, the peculiar naturo of tbe
victim and ber religious Inteuslty. At
last I said : "That mau is Brewing old.
Ho his but a few yean to llvo. I will
punish him only to this extent. Eliza
beth shall gn nnd tell him that I know
from her own Hps what pattern of godli
ness bo is, and that I am a living, suffer
ing sacrifice tor hit ablldren as well as
my own." 1 laid, 'Yev I will be in ray
tecret telf a conquoror."
Mr. Tilton wat now ttanding up. Tbe
reputed resemblance bo hat bsrno to the
boad of tbe Christian lect seemed to me
no Action, at with his pure features, long,
flaxoD, curling hair, una largo, nnlmpus
sioned eyes, ho looked at me. Ho con
tinued :
"For two woakt I lirod
a kixii or ccaTACT.
I walked tho street as if I scarcely
touchod tbo ground. Tbo greatnest f tbe
temptation 1 had put away, the magna,
nimlty of tho life I waa leading, the tacri
llco, made mo radiant. I wrote without
labor. My occupation was more tasteful
to mo than It bad evor been. If 1 bad
killed my wrongor, or taunted hlm,or con-
pirou to disrobe him, I could not nave
foil to."
"What rovivcdtbo quarrel thon, Mr.
'Ob I No man could keep up to that un
natural height. There mutt have
come a relapse. Domestic publtther,
a hundred incitements, brought me
back to the world. Tboro wat tbe
torture of tbo secret Ittelf. 1 taw bolides,
that confession had brought no true peace
to my wife.
wblch attachod her to me.
"Ono day Bewen camo to roe and tuld :
1 want you to bo more careful to praise
Plymouth church in tho Union. It it a
great power here to build up your
papor on. You don't pay any attention
to It.'
"I broke out pastionately. Said I : 'I
will novor mention Plymouth church in
any line I write, I nevor crott itt
tkrcthold, and never praise Mr.
lieecbor 1"
"Why It thit V exclaimed Bowen, (You
mutt know I nevor permitted blin In tbe
Independent to give me any policy, nor
to altei or omit anything I wrote.) 'Why,
ttr I' laid I to Bowen, 'Mr. Boocher has at
tempted to commit an infamout insult on
mo and my family.'
"At thit Bowen walked up and down
tbe floor, and Oliver Johnson, who wat
present, neard him, but now findt it con
venient lo forgot, and Bowen bitterly de
nounced Boeohor as a man who has done
tucb things In men's families for years.
Yet, the next day, he threatened to cashier
tne if I over mentioned what bo had
"What did you leavo Mr, Bowen't pa
por for, Mr Tilton?"
"Why, becauto bo wanted to bo moro of
a man. more the roputod editor than bo
could ba with me. Ho bad been restive
for a lung time ovor tho compute indent!
tlcation or the Independent with my
namo. Thit thing at home, too, wat
gnawing me, end Bowon hollered that
tome day ll would burst, and that I would
then bo an incoavonlent fellow."
Do vou know, Mr Tilton, that you aro
accused of having been
"Yes: I am accutedof boingto jealout
of Mr Ueecber's fame that to retnovo hlra
at a rival I would ohargo adultery upon
my wlfo and dltgraco my children. That
charge It not conducive to the Intelllgonco
progacated by so great a teacher among
hit partitani. Why, can I be Jealout of
Shaktpearoor OaetarT I know and re
cognize his potltion in tho land."
"Will you tell mo, Mr Tilton, what you
think of
,l"Ys'i 1 do not object. He is a splendid
preacher; not a great orator nor a good
writer. Ho has a mind full of fine and
rich conceits, and a pathos of depiotion
and expression in speech very moving.
Thore is no broad channel to bis argu
ment: it Is smart, elivo, fantastle. On bis
feet, before that congregation, he Is mas
ter of every faculty bo has. lie is full
without discipline ; there Is on the whole
a dissipating effect upon tho mind by hit
exbauitlets splondor. lie raises tbo foel
ingt without strengthening tho will, and
makes magnanimity frivolous. I do not
think him cold or deceptive when in the
fevor of his preaching: The talent carries
away the utteror himself. He has won-
I f
Jobbers and Retailers of
Chemicals, Patent Medicinca, Perfumery, Soaps, Brushes,
Toilctt Articles, Druggistts Fancy (Joods, Collier "White
Lead and Other Grades, Painta, Colors, Oils, Varnishes,
Window Glass, "Wax Flower -Material, Trho Colors, Dye
Stulls, Etc., Etc., Etc. ,
Wo Solicit enrrcfpondonco and onion from' llni(o,Mt, l'h) lclaiia and (lencr.'il Moris
In want of Goods In our Unu. Ktcmnboat, 1'lant.itbm ami Kainlly .Medicine casci turn
I. licit or Itellllcd with Itellnblo Drug nt iteaoiiable Jt.itrn'
' 74 Ohio Levcnv . Wmlilinrtoii Ate. cor. Eighth .St.
dortul control of his people, tho ladies es
pecially, becaufo ho bat a 1an;o nnimul
nature and is emotional and mngnetle.
Hut lie has a voluntuotu self-love, if you
como to examine bis many acts of spas
modic gouoroMty, jou will find tnut they
havo not cast him much personally. Hor
ace Greeley urns of another turn. What
ha did for a friend vras l.U wu aid. . I
often usol to bo in straits for editorial in
tho Independent, and would entreat Mr
Grooldy to help mo out. Ho would take
his own timn and make mntterfor m 111.0
a fellow-worlc-rnan."
"May 1 venture to ink what you hnvo
held of t .
"That 1 do not caro to say much hbout.
I do not diillku that man now. I pity
him, but bo bo put mo in tho position
of defending msolf. It is loo jnuch to
let Mm break' my hotisohoM up' aiidlhiTn
dustroy my character. 1 thinks. l).l.,'r
lacks tbo moral sense and substitutes for
a roliglou so'itiiuent. His conversation
bai been salauloui fur yeais, full of bawdy
anoCdOta anil Imyerliii; upon itnnium
solution. Now thcro is Kn.nk .Moul
ton, who will swear llKo a troopi r, but I
never houd him soil hi' tonuu in tbnt
way. Mr. Beecher is cwaru" It Uo
tbo whole ot Plymouth church t mite
him bold. If be was In my position now,
loft to bis own rcoutcf, 1 sbuu.d bo uu
polled to go to his aiMstanco. I honestly
say, without malice, that his morn! nature
I despise, and ho luu sulfored torture, un
speakable for years, afrsld of me, tiller I
forgave bim, Why thrru was not a point
of contact in our careers. Joulousy, even
in the family circle, I nevor had of
"Why did you, after tho many years of
doubtful reputation Mr. iiuecher tin
borno, lot him come to your bouiu and be
the Idol of vour wife?"
"Hccauso I trusted her as If sho wero 'a
child. I never quite trusted him, but be
lieved that her religious nature was in
vincible. Kvory time I hold her In cor
rection she pleiJed lieecher moro nr.d
moro. He was ber prophet, priest nnd
king. Tbo fact is, Ilcccher oubt to havo
married Elizabeth. Hlio required a
preacher of some kind."
nn tilto.n'b ncnuwu kok ins wifk.
About this tlmo Mr Tiltnn, who had
boon cool and fluent, stoppod and closed
his lips hard, and in Id to mo, with evident
"George do you think all this oxpesuro
and uproar with ruin Kllzabetb 1 '
Said I : "Inevitably, kut that will not
prevent you from doing your duty as you
seo it. Tho first right of man is tho pur
suit of happiness. You lako tbo conscqu
onces if you dlsacrou with the public, but
you have taken the worst alroady. A. man
who can reconcile a wife who has bolmvnd
llko yours, has nothing to sutler from tho
public taunt."
Said Mr Tilton, with his eyes on tbo
floor: "I do not seo how we can over rn.
sumo our relations after tlio'o cruel revela
tions as to mo, false and disgraceful, mid
put In her mouth by lleecher's lawyers,
llut I wish I could see away to miiko
mankind think leniently of ber. I' could
have carried her over this thlo without
putting any disgraco upon her, if tbo had
stayed at home, llut ll was necessary to
the Deechcr Intorost that they got posses
sion of ber. 1 want you, If you evor snv
anything to nnyboily about me, to call at
tention to this tact."
Mr Tilton took a card and wroto tlils :
Ills sworn statement was nover.tbought
of by T. till after lioechor had originated
tbe committee of inquiry, and after Ah.
abeth bad desortod hor house, una Mr Ov
Ington had published a oard iu her buhull,
announcing that sho had gono from him
I Incloie tho card with this Skotcli,'
I may hesitate boro n low minutes in ro
lato tliu
of Mr. Tilton in nonrly everything be
said, with the tide of events in this mourn
ful human eplsodo. l'eoplo at n disunco,
acting from strong Intellectual sympathy
with Mr. lieocber, or pursuing blindly an
original selection of the justltled man of
tho two, would find reason to return to
seo this younger man In tho dciperiite
battle, presenting biscmo lino by lino,
reason by reason, dooumciit by document.
On tbo card Inclosed bo also wrote;
"Boeder's apology was mttdo six months
before T. T. evor saw Mrs. Woodhull."
Tha "apology" ii that which says tbnt
Henry Ward lloccbor bumbles himself
before Thoodoro Tilton as before his God,
and Theodoro Tiltou would bavo been a
bettor man than bo (liooohorl is undor
tbe same circumstances, Dons not this
rofer to Tllton's msgnanlmous sllonco
alluded to abovo t s
I want to ask boforo closing: "Who
AND lifiXAIlj
If id t
Irigbtoned ur bought thn Woo lhull family
at thin juncture oifto Kuropu 7
A'.utHii tliu llunchnr family has dono,
besides stealing Tilton wife, is to cry
Vi'ocdlmll at hirn. ;nw was ho so rich in
to pv their expenses for a forolgn tour, or
ViSj.l'Jj'ir.iUtU. chapel rich onout;h 7
And tl.ir.lb- bow many millions ot tbe
American people will It tako, crying
"llanlf llail ' II. .11" t null .tnun ?,.
poor writer and keep tbo groat man In
vbii place? Oath.
Thla rnrd, in Mr. Tiltnii' own hand-
writing, Is now iu our possession. Ed.
.tivi:itiisi: ix
Sfftc Biilltiiir.
A mnit Intending to do business must
tlrst prcpuru Iiiiuscir to meet tlio rp
iiilreinenli ofliN rustoniprH; next lie
i must let iivory jiovsiblo or prolmlilr
) I'listomertrmtv flint !in Ir. so prepared.
1 In n very small plneo ho may TKMi nil
tin-peoplo v hut ho eninlo. Inn large
J tillage it printed liaiullilll, poMcr or
1 circular, properly distributed, villi be
elhVnilnits but WIIOKVIIU IS IN A
run: i..vit(.i: i:xout;n to sup.
M.HMHriv .Ms--
- 'Aiivr.ufisr. ix
mu Hi(tj.
P " A v
i 'v. ,
t r--r-rr -
Takes grout M'' ' announcing t
they aro now prepf"1 t0 ul'Ply everybody
with lsko b e pf.tuwry be.H quality, either
.n itinlr houesat tho storoa. Orders
Should bh lett ,' NSv OWo
i,uvco. o.-0-j.-im

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