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Politic for 1874?
Clerk td JTe J fitprtuntalut V. S.
Tula iceotuTB noil liirRiiAtS-otumi
Irtf tM VtiU.luicnMi.oo the "UseiraseDf
Salarr Act" and It' rrpfil, on Transport,
ato. Civil Right, mi1 t'lftanclnl (juentloix.
UdUthaxthl tct ot lBOi creating "Legal
TK)..kadealu.UitarAt bl Boodi: and
Use THtoM KkadlBt id Contracting nctk
dui Pmidant Uhavt's Mcssaets and
jtesMtandtun, ItttrrMwh. Letters, Pro-
. d Aatlon In Alabama. Arkan-
iai, LemMaea and Texas. Buprcmc Court
JMctetotit. IUlnoli and WKobnslu Kallrosd
Law. , Constitutional Amenuinents. inacjo
Md txaolnc, in Htatrs.anu nauon,
Ky8tMlsdcs. Tabid ot Appropriatloni.
tbt Klestlons, Currency Distribution by
MiKi ami irctlon. Ac. Intaluablo for
campaign. Cloth, Ijo-pald.
Address E0. FRS. ilAWSON,
T; O. Box 4'J, Washington, 1). t
Tka undentirnad rutins ettabllthcd :
aivMnlwr vardln connoclion with their
aawBlll, art prepared to furnish nil kludi.of
DunaiBj; KMenaj, tacm as
'rlif k; 5 qryiwsss, poplab.
And Ash FloonM. Sldlnir. Celling, At.
SMefal attention li raJlad to iur euaiu- I
but'Wwnii kul AsTA'Ultural! lmpttmiaitJli
Mterirhleh will Ire mtmumea on maun
mtlnlnUrge or until quaniltieii.
A Mm stoesr of che-ap lumber on liaud at
ur aaiti, -which will be wld at $ to $io per
thousand In carload Iota. Also lath nodi
shingles tarnished In sny quantity.
Chas. liaxciSTKit A Co.
Cairo, 111., August 1,1874. tMWm
' . Fuccwiior Id ; j
i 4 Dealer ti, t
Manufacturer and Jobber of ..
rump. Bird Cazea, Ice Cream Knnu r
ITaUr Cooler. Wire Cloth lor Wld
dow tcreeui,Jananvd Ware,
tc, Ktc
Clattering and Job Work
' Agent lor tbo
Garry Iron Hoofing
The besllron nooflnjr In the Mnrket,
Orderefrom Abroad .will llccvlve I'lonipt
All work done tvith Dlspatdi and Warran
' tcdtoglvo Satisfaction.
Cairo Box and Basket Co.
4uep constantly on hand
"Aiso', 'CATlt. -
Mill and Yard,
Conner 34th Street
and Ohio Levee.
Mauuracturcra and Dealers In '
Wmber AND jIlTH."
.OAK, ori'ltUB, ASH! GUMj
larOfflce at saw will on corner of 'JVvi
To the.E41taro 'Ciix IIui.m.tim:
hBTXXMKV VllIKKri :-You will pee Jn.
form your readcrntbatlbaveaposlthu
JaUdbjordew ol the Throat and Luni'.
h7 'V ,,Mf ,l' y I'wctlce, J have
uxedbundVedaofcasfiand will give
M $1000 00
MUyhiuf V(,t Jf"t. Indeed, o
O. T. F. BURT,
w Vrk
Sbmcliadv in like from in n llinTTkiini! lilll
.H Bill. nUM.IIU . .Mr
ncuis, good paper and unely
SM.QI) io i y i
tlliu thousand ititcriinnLa tirinlcil nl Till!'
Bulletin oiUco lor :U to I w. .v . '
' One thousand note hoads piinted at Tub
BULLETIN oIHco for $1.00; twotbousaud lor
CM. "'
Ono thousand. biulMuuLcardf, Una nsaitot
board, printed nt THKiWHJJiTW.'oico.or
from to gil IX). ai'ooTlIIns.to lr'. '
TtiKsoAY, August it, urn.
ilEM'M ha WOrlu $2'li5'Rt Elliott &
Ilaythorn'H for $1.
A .vr.w tldawalklU batng put.duvfn in
front of tbo Delmonlco hotl V
Call fljjfy5u wish to gthtit at
a great bargulriSt KtLiorr & Hay
TilonK's i . lw
J-, .Mttioufi,? Jiro '.reyUtercilVkt tboSSt.
Tk.v dozn
tbv'a Tiilf Worth ' f lT
Yo 'Yxvdeku.'thu Urilnino o'ifho
Star baio ball club of Cairo ttnrt for
dacah.to-njybt. Tboy play a malcli uarae
with rto tVducab club trt-inot row, T" '
WtiexT. Meurs. JIallHav llrotheri.
are dtt"iiy:lb' receipt tb large )u'a&tltci'bfi!
wbeat via tbo Cairo and .Vincennetjall
OlIOLBO.S', Wm. K. Ohoi.so.v, of thoj
Arm I bfiBftanT lie iUnotyoy,,iiaa ro
turmSJ iouie aUr h' ,ifpck' sojojh. jo'
V.-7J', QUI 7 IT ." vtt 1,1
JiAr i-ocijved VtlEllJott &JUjlhqrnV
the bent itockof Clifldrcn'a" and kMlifcV
iboi ove'r'brW(bt'lb Oaito 'l'Lesl) gopill'
hre of tbo.vory bet inolie and will bo told
sbeap for caib.
An. lbo'0 tbat feeHiW taking Vploa-
tiro trip to Vnducah at tbo cxcurtlon
ratci, ba)f lnri wiil plonso bo on board"
ttcamar 'Janics VliU1, Jr.', to-morrow, VftA
neid'nyfrU(i'i'nit:, :i o'clock p. M.
Lk dp Btaven Wo uto: Inlcrmcil I
Ibit'durjng tjirt latter juirt f last wue!t
tlnrty cir loadi of cypr i (avui ' wortf
tbippi'd via the Oniro urul Vincannor)
road from i'l.-cuof, .Johinon .epqety, to
ViotU, Another lurge ihip mont vtl bo
mado'tbo p'roiont week. ' f
KoRrlttNjr. Tbe ur.doriii;nuJ baa tbn o .
lirit-claii roiiil'incxe, two on Crosa and
one on l'.loveiUh street, fur rent. Kxcol-
lont cltternr, out-boueei, ull utbur
convenience!, .lutt put Into lino ordor.
Knqulroof (J. W. McKkaio, 1', it.
To-Day, Warrants worn yoitorJa'y
takon out for tbn keopori of nearly er
quite all of tbo bawdy houso in the city,
charging them with tolling liquor without
llconso!" Tboy will ba brought;it,tp court
to-day'to answer to tbo chargos preferred
against, thom. Oouio, tall, swearing may
bo anticipated.
' ' '
Von IfoNTiAC Alfred Newman, tbo
colored boy who somo tlmo ago stole
a let of gunnlo bags from C'arl'8i llvnry
stable, had bis trial beforu Judgo JJross on
Honday and was sentenced to two yuars
in tbe itoform School. Ife was ta'ktn
away yesterday In charge o(l o'lUcor'
tlenry T. ilartln.
i -
A Caud. f deslro td return, Ibro'ogn
Tiiu IIcllitim, my thanks to Muisrs
tiafford, Morris & Candoo ftr their, kind,
nees and tuo prompt payment of tbq
amount of iniurnncn un my bouse, do-
itroyod by Hre a fen' weokf ago, and
wnicn was insurod In tno continental.
O-B-IOlt Mils. aijtiiLL,
Thkre, will ba a conclave of
,Cairo Commaiidory No. 13 K. T..
this (Wtdnosday) oveninr. 19th
Inst., at"7:30 sharpV at the Asiylulpyor
th'o pufpiie 6f drill, lly 'ordor-iofflbe
Eminent. C6mmanfler.,"
7l8:J0-lt jEtrCTT Wjlqoi, i'oc.
1'itivATE J1oaiidi.no. Aire., Jc. VJ Car
michnd btvlng jakon the largo hcuso a
thVcorn or o'lS Sixth street r Wasiilng
ton avouuo, is propared to
furnish prlvnto boarding .io n
t)omen 'or'td ge. ladies and gen-Jhe-bWse'l.
?'ory pUasWUVctfoo"' enld
convenient to tho kuslness partol tuTcIty,
... . . a
uu iwoiiii nro large, iry Rnd woi
B"wu-. ior.jur.mer iniormation mquiro
t tlio hflilli. ' a
f O.i accbunt of falling hoalb, Mr, C
McOeo is coinpol(od tq gJT0 up bus'inusi
lor a season In order to visit tbe snrlnirs
To do this It is noc(ary that she should
congci all small, outstanding .P,,..i.
and she earnestly roquoitsll ladles wbd
know iheiiiielvot lo'ibo Jndubted to hor'to
caij and settlo as soon as possible and
wimout further notice 03.8-18-Ct
e a . .... i . .
ui.ai.kii i uoroAi.s.-Hcaled proposals
will to received by the undcrslnned until
Monday, August itth, for tbo buildini; of
. i f.l ?-lvl ....
a uncjreBiuencu on ruicontii street, be.
iwoun uouar anu locust. I'lans and
sptclUcatlons can bo examined at the
omcoor uroen & Wood, !M Ohio i.m
0f.8-18.pt Jomk Wcoii. '
XtoTiCK. An annual meeting ol tbe
Herman school society will bo bald
11. I .ill.- Tit 1 .
iu- oiugo on iruunoiuay ovenuig
August tbu 10th, at 8J e'clock sharp, for
tae purpose or eloctlng a now board of
directors lor me ensuing year, ai.d for
other Important business. All mumbars
are rcquestod to be on bnnd,
V. KoitKiiKVKit, Seo'y,,
Diltz' Tbial.- Judge IJakor has called
a special scalou of tbo Joliosou Coubty J
rcull (jourt, to com natneo Monday, Au?
nL; 31il. .It li itndenlood IbaUthU
laLdal Kii'lnn will lis bold for'tW IDOcUf
h)urfioioJf.f trying DlUxuclia.rgod wild
murdoriflg man to mil couniyi force
nineteen years ago. Tbe rial wei takon
to Johnson county on a change ol venue.
1'ekso.v.al. il. .1. Howley, late oily
clerk, wUihereaftor bo found at tie First
National bank, where bs bas accepted the
position of bookkeeper. Mr. Howlejvls
4horouili centlomau a well as aa excels
lent aorlliejaud a arst-eiasa aocouotant,
Mro wlsbhl S itfc'co M In. blilMvtiav'j
Mending probata court. J
Ami Oct Orr. "VVe regret to learn
that a llttlo son of Mr. ilatt.; 0. QunUt
met with an acctdont on Monday by
which he lost one of bis arms. It teems
tbu little fetlow was at work at ono of the
lath saws in bis father' mill, when by
somo nilsbipbls arm was caught in the
machinery nd cut oil" between tbo elbow
and wrist. 'Whin last heard from ho was
dong vfoll, a,nd his rocovory, was consid
ered assured.
Oiuci. Tbo caso ol the Htato y,
Grace Winior wai brought' before Judgo
Bird yesterday afternoon, lliii MbllU
;'oodi and Serjeant Cain were the only
tvio wltnessol 'examined. - Mollle did
'not llko to tell all that ibe knew about
tbo mailer, and Cain did nol.know onongh
lOj conrlct, and Draco refused to testi
fy, at all. Attorney Webb took a
non-tuit. Tbe case will" be carried' loUbV
County Court. -.Oraca was Immediately
id arrested, pled guilty, and was flood 910
and cost-
l'imoXKXwQeorge turgti, who lives
btt'wecn iftlin and lMlaikl itat'tonJ, on'
tbo Illino(s Oenlril rtllfead went ilnto
Hell's storo Ht'Ulun a clay o two since and
get' some quinine for sick1 child. The
niudicina waa taken homo and admnli
terod to the child, which soon after diod
lpon inveitlgktlon It "was found that, tbe
clerk bad put up morphino instead of qui
nine arid that the child bad been poisoneil.
Wo understand 'that.'fhe clerkwho sold
tbe medicine claims that ha purchased tbo
artlclo In St. Louis, and If U'wak not qui
nine It was not' bis fault.
Tub Oauas or Temperance llndi oca
ol its most Insidious and dangerous fops
)n tbo tunny so-callod "tooius nnd. ".iip.
petlzsrt." in ail o of cheap whisky and re
fuse liquors, tlnllhed up to suit depraved
appetites under tbo namo of medicine
liirrKus are none of these. They are not
a bovorage, but are a genuine medicine;
pdrely vegetable, prepared from Call-
roralu herbs by a regular physician. For
all diseases of tbo atomacb, livor, kidneys
... i ..... r
oi&uucr, si:in ana mood, tboy aro an In
fallible and unrivaloJ remedy.
15-d and w-lw
Toliok Corur. The followlni', calo
were dispoiod of In I'olico Magistrate
lllrd's court yesterday t
Harriet Bundy,colored, on a charge of
disorderly conduct, was dissmissed op
payment of costs. She wai arr'sstod by
Ollloors Sbeehan and Laliue.
Sadio Cowon, a whlto woman, for be
ing an lnmato 'of and connooted with a
bouse of ill fame, was lined the usual
amount, ton dollars and costs.
Grace "Wjnsor, for selling liquor with
out license, was fined ten dollars and , the
usual costs. This constituted' tho' sum
total of tbo business transacted by tbo'
George Lattner, Excelsior saloq'n, d'ir
ner Pourteenth street and Washington
avenue, has lust received a larire iuppIt
of tba best MJsyaukeo bssr, fres'li' from
tho breweryrTbls beer is now on. tap
and will be served. out to customers of tbe
bouse. George invites his friends to call
and try, it. 73.8.19121
Osk thousand Chinese paras'o'K r't
Hartraan's, ony twonty-flve cents esc
Croak Ucittiiwi Kstahlismemt.
Wo take pleasure. (n stating,' that wo ha vo
In Cotro an establshmenl which few. cities
of its size csn boast of; Mr.-' Max
Kuebne, corner of Thirteenth and Waf-
..a -a . . aNtirOA
... , . . w 1 1 umuniuu uuuruu
on Thirteenth stree
reetj which is pronpu&ood,
understand organ 'music,
by parties that un
a grand success. Mr. Kuehno
an organ builder by ,, trade, and
has served an apprenticeship ot seven
years with one of tho best organ builders
In hurope. lie Intends to devote all bis
time to organ bulldlnir and railodeon
piano tuning. Tho pooploot Cairo bnvoao
often beon disappointed by parties coming
noro ana claiming to be competent men
in tuning and ropalring, that Mr
Kuenno did notdaro to ask Jthu patron
age bT the people beforo be . (xiuldugive
proof of what bo could do. jMI refertqee
be gives Is tho organ built by him for tba
Gorman iiUtboran church, and any parties
interested will alter seeing' and', hearing
tho above named organ, feol satisfied that
they cannot trust their initio
ments to belter bands than bis.
llonotv wishes to solicit the patronaga of
mo citizens oi uairo, anu moy can rest
assured that ho will glvo satisfaction) In
every particular. Terms uoerai.
8-12.tr .. ,-rn
: l.iw s
NOTICE. . '' .lTih
All persons are hereby nJtllieiLnos to
hhj or oaric for. a nolo dated- Augus 10
U74 1 due nlnatv (Iavs A'rir'Wk.' 'rfV.n
bv mo. to favor of John Plt. A h
same waa o'btalaU y falsi rarattsiMtlon
and Twill not pay tV Bum Jiwwm.
C4.8-lB.3t I
h GAS.
Mr." 'j;;?: TiJn ,,
"i ' Oaiso, ltLVAug.16, 187L(
EriTo CaiKo BctLicTiy:v-Sinc$ Mr.
Oeiould hn seen tit to lay beforour
readers a portion. ot-l.ls.proposaL.lo.iut
nlsh tho city with gas, I, as a member of
the city council, beg lcavo tonotlco other
parts of it, which 1 think equally impor
tant, and which be saems to have omitted
It is true, that Mr. Horould did otfer to
light tho city for S3 CO por post per
month, payable monthly In scrip or
cash, making no distinction
iirWfrrr between the two kinds of paj-
mouts mentioned, but in his communlcs
tlon he omits what I regard the most im
portant part of tho proposal, vis: "that
tba gas company will make no deduction
fot lights extinguished by wind, rain.'oto."
N6w, under such a contract, any or all
the lights might bo put out, each and
every stormy night, and tbe city be com
polled to pay for something she never re
ceived. 1 think tho council would bo
blind to tho Interests of our citizens to
enter Into any such agreement.
pdo not know what tho cost of repairs
would be, but I do know that undor torms
of last contract tho gas company did all
tho ropalrr, and I think so far as both the
matter of repairs and their wanting pay
for lampi not kept burning aro.concerned,
the present proposition Is just io much
worsalhan.thc.lito .centutdo say notb-
tning ot othir portions thereof, and of
'Which fault Yo ay b lultiy'fyuha. " '
The wite;,thlnks thar i remark
rtgaraing scrip qbi bus mile it, any,
'beerinK In tho matter, as it is theonlnton
of ine council mai me non-inlereu bear
ing scrip will command as much by Jan
uary next, as that bearing interest, except
among tboso desiring samo for Investment.
The council proposes to Issuo no moro
scrip this year than will bo absorbed in
tho way of taxes, llconses, etc., in fact
they propoto to rediom $8,000 00 over
and abovo their Issue, and they also in
tend to find the balunco outstanding, if
the holders thereof wilt enter Into such
' Your correspondent contends that tho
Gas Co. would recelvo Just ni much
money at $3 SO per post, (In present
Scrip) at ond ot year as tboy over re
celved at samo pricos, and I do not think
Mr. Gorould was much alarmed about the
'serin muttrir" whnn Yia wnnlil nmna
price, and other demand the samo whe
,thor paid in cash or scrip. There is also
one other matter, which ho might have
mentioned In Lis communication, lie
Inoglectod to tell your readon that tho
price of coal thts year, as compared with
that of last, Is much lower, thereby greatly
reducing tbe cost of manufacturing gas.
I think I only speak tbo sentiments of
erory member or tbe council wbon 1 say
what Is right and Just.ibutl do not think
they lll, -undr ay ..u'umauuM-., Ac
cept a worso gas contract, than the one
latoly canceled. ttuJ , ,
Special .Meeting of tb City Council, csllcd
Present His' "honor, Mayor "Wood and
Aldermon McGauley, Matbuss, Saup,
Thlstlewood, Walder and Wright. 0
The chair stated that tho object of the
meetins; was for tbo purpose of taking
action on reports of. commlttoes.
The eemmittee on polico and Jail to
whom was referred the resignation, of
Henry T. Martin, roported tbo same back.
recommending that
said resignation bo
accepted, the samo
to take efluct from
August 14 th.
On motion of Alderman Wright, tbe
racommendation of tho committee was
concurred In
nm-oKT or committee ok vibe dei-art.
TIia rnmmlttnA nn Yrn llantrlmant tr.
whom was referred tbe proposals for furn-
, . , . . i .i , , !
Isblog hose, reported the samo back, re'-
Ominendng.thnt-tba purchase be deter.
red for tho nressnt. as In
.their pliontns lame can ks purchased
chaptr,laVjr,inJho soason, etfj '
On motion of Alderman AlcQauley tbo
recsmmondatIonT4r'th1J-' committeo-was
coneurrod in.
Thero being to further business, oh
motion of Alderman Thlstlewood tbe
council adjourned.
will. xv. iiawkini, uuy uierk. ,
Is 1 1 VI... . . .
,o ilia 1 ATElNH. AND Tin
ueneual Punuo, GiiEi'.rsKo. 1 verv
respeciiuny solicit a continuance of the
favors of tny patrons and invito tbe pat
ronaga of tbo public, but 1 wish old
patrons and transiont patrons todistinctjy
unuorstsud that I work for monoy and
not bocsuio of a philanthropic doslre to'
shoo and boot my fellow men without
monoy and without prico, and that, thero-
foro, if any old patron or new patron,'!
uesirmg shoes or boots, bas not tho Deou-
.... i
, , -
u.uu muii lugiuinituii a wnm nn oia i
. n n h.. .1 1. T . . ... I
parous or new pairons wuo win not pay,
Those who are willing to pay will And it
to their interest to patronize me, bscailse
1 keop on hand tbe bott of stock, do the
best of work, give tbe best of fits and
work for tho lowest of prices,
8-C-3w Eiileiw
Twontleth Street, botwoon Poplar' and'
"Wash nrtoB Avanusv.
i'! . Lnl.lt.-. ... ..
j.iik. Barner saoo'is on no cornar
M JN.-.,' , . a . w. ,
Ml flNWWW iteaue
tlemsnly asslstanU can be fou'dd''at in
SPUL1.1 day or night, roadv to sooths
your temper and head with a good shim.
poo. It Is a first-class shop, and you are
1113 O
of receiving flrst-olass treatrabnt
.'and children', hair cut or cuied
smcslappruvsJ.lv s-IS-t i
Tho tollowlh iiasynomU ofathire-
cord of buslnosatiuMcUd in thrdbalii
cpurt yesterday !
, iistato of Krank'B. Wllllamii Bamuol
Waltori; admlnlitrator. Invenllnir Iliad
nd approved and ordored recorded i and
It appearing that said estato consists i f
but a few articles of elpthlec. no chatties
or othor propeiiy, the order riioirlnththe
vuo aonoinimonl of isnhfliin mnm .
estate for .$48, to ba.of first-class claim
A lu V B
Guardianship of Alex. H. Oauble, minor
beir of Ann li. Jordan,, deceased. John
Oauble, OnarJIan. Report and invent
ory approvod aid ordered recorded.
The Cairo Box and-Jtoiket factory vs.
Geo. Jf, Orl,v Administrator ortha as Uto of
N, Smalleaberg, deceased. . Aisumpsll,
demand fllfl Oof'Jo'dgment rendu J
for tbe amc-uat, to be of aeventh class
Alex. II. Irvla va.Geo. K.,Prt Admin
istrator same' estate. Assumpsit, de.
mand $1V0. Judgment.
John Fruois,'vs. same estate. Assump
sit, demand $19. Judgment fdr amount,
to bo of seventh class claims .
CharloiJIfcker vi. same, estate. As
utdpllt, airaand' JIC7. Judement for
amount, to bo of seventh olaii claim. I
Paul G. Schuh vi. same estate. Ai
sampiii, domand 314. Judgement 'for.
hamounl, to ba of eeventh olau claim.
Guardianship of John U. Gautneyv
miner hair. of Wyall Gautney, daceaiedt
James Gautney, guardian. Beport sub
mitted, approved and ordered recorded.
estate of Alexander Hailer, deceaiud,
john Seckburger, administrator. J-inal
report, approvtd and ordered recorded,'
and administrator discharged from fur;
v.Vi'i-Viit.i. r
Kstato of Benjamin Boss, deceased
Klizabeth Boss, administratrix. Final
roport. Kstate declared Insolvent, and
ail gouur, cnaiiios, eic, given to- inr
widow as part of her specific allotvanu
Kstato of Davidson II. Morgan. Case
continued to noxt term of court.
Kstato of Joseph Swoboda, decuaied,
Prank Swoboda, administrator. Admin-
ttrator appeared in court and asked a con
tinuance to the next term of court at
Vhlch tlmo to make final report, l'rayer
Cairo, III., 1
Monday Kveniko, August 17, 1874. j
The wovk opons with a generally de
pressed market In all branches. Corn Is
quoted easy and quiet. Oats dull and de
clining. Plour heavy and slow. Corn
meal dull and lower and so on through
all leading articles of the commission
The weather tor a day or two past has
Improved greatly in temperature, but is
still excessively hot and dry. Ton ago Is
plenty od that W goo I st( nf vttnr
to New Orloans. Bates are steady and
HaJTOur friends should boar in mind
that tho prices hore given are usually for
sales from first bands In round lots. In,
filling ordors and for broken lots It is
necessary to charge an advance ovor these
The week opens with flour very dull
The supply offering is large, and the de.
mand Is connned to a small order and
local trade, consequently stocks are accu
mulating W note sales of 76 bhls various
grades, 4 50 to 7 00; 100 bbls various
grades, 4 60 to 6 60; 22 bbls family, 0 3G;
300 bbls various erados, 4 00 to C 25; 3
VW, t , .... .
cars XXX delivered, l 86: 1 car XX de
livered, -1 70; 100 bbls various grades,
4 00 to 7 00.
Tho amount of. bay received during the
last few days has been but little, if any
in excess oi me aemanu, ana slocks are
kopt pretty well worked off. Farmers are
generally Doming for better prices. Sales
. I u.n 1 nmm ttmnlkw ,lnltv...,l 1a tin. fl
. . . ., , ,i ,', '
I'Cboica mixed delivered, 17 00; '2 cars
, , AMvM, ' , J J.
I Uel
iu uu; i car "gut edge" timothy deU,
I 18 r,(V T i-r nr.lrlo .T1irri is nn. i ...
I red. top. mlxod fielivarod, 14 00; 1 car
cholco mixed delivered, 10 00,
). This branch of the market isnnlnt kkA
eaty, Prices bold unchanged, but the de
mand Is limited. Recolpti art light, and
there Is'yory little surplus on tho market.
W;noU sales of 2car yellow In sacks
uuiivcreu, io; i car wnne in DU1K on
. 1 1 a nn. - . ... . .
track, TO; .'- ca In aavta oii?t,iu,
72; l cars wblta in sacks delivered, 8u: 2
cars while In bulk on track, 72; 1
car yauow in duik or- track, ULI; 4 cars
mixed in saoka dellrJ, V2; 'i ears white
In sacks delivered, 80. '
The markot Is deprossod to-day in con-
sequence of a decline all
or a decline all around us, At,
loans, tbe decllpo on Saturday
to dOQUe.
to-day, here, are shaded and
. .,
flew Orloans
' 'Prices
i r- , - .... ,M uuik uu I
.. - .I.I .,, . : , ..... I
iracc. io : a oars mixoa in aaciia iiaiiu...,!
61 p 8 cart mixed In sacks delivered. 62
i. car iuiauu iu uuik vu ira0K SO.
... ,H ....11. A.. I 1. ' "
Dull and dropping. Prices sinco last
week bavo declined ton cents on tbe bar
rel and still tend downward. Buyers aru
?ff4,lnt 31 00 to?', iftiers asking 3 05,
', very time uemanu. Bales were
100 bbls SD, del 3 05;
109 bbls S D del
3 CO,
Tba, market Is dull and quiet. Pricos
Tl. -na.lr.S 1. .ill .n.l
art auotad at 1C 00 in car load lot.
wy little selling. Wa note sales of 2
cars In sacks del 16 00.
Tba, market during tba hot weather oi
Iwt week, became overitocked wlth'sectnd
grsd. buHer, which tends to keep down
prices on choice of which thero Is a
tlUUOCL. Ill I X V
uiBlitntoMCtln ui ot. J. 2 J Vkior
scarcely enough oMering to, mcot tho do-,
.? , .,4i. t... . . . .
inanu CSIM V)pr6 SlOWjWltll aiQJSe
quoted aiou'utdo ifgilrd. vYn noto iCalci
of A lubi cbolco Bouthorn Illinois '-'Ooi !
tubi CbolCo'Southcrh Illinola'2'2cr 8,00 lta'
cholco'Norlhorn'ilJ'oi'luO'lLi inmll
packagoi, extra choice, 37c ; fiCO Ibl good
to cbolco Notlhorn 20075.
Tho hot weatuo'r of tut Vcck ' ipjircd
the stock on tbo markut and prices nro
Jcarcely quolnbtq, j-Veih rocolpts fo'uiid,
tlow salo to-day at 7M8C. Hale wer., 4
cMMiresn 7C; aoo Dozen fresh 7c f 4
packages fresh Cc. . ,m '
nrcMpts d.utif.g tho' latter pirtVf' ll'i
past v.-k, wll soma and tbo.iiia'tkvl -
lay ,. pgtty well cleared nut.
Tbp doinand.h,maII and prices are un.
changeJ., Jains wero 2 coops youpg, 'i 00;
3 coops 0ldr 50: U, flooPJ small youni,
1 60; U'coopi choice.) laruo. vouou. 2 00:
30 dozon young, 2 OOQj 50.
The fruit market Is scarcely worth
quoting. Everything Is dull, Wu nolo
sales ot S5 10 Ib'boxes grspr,'JJo
Tficro Is nothing doing In thd wholckalo
market In tho vegotablo lino and, 'I Is im
pbnslVle to glvo quotations.
Abo provision market Is firm, and astlvo
who no siocks tp mrit tlu jleiuaud. We,
note sales ot & casks clear sides at 13 jo.
... - M.
Mr, Htufor, always on tliu look-out fur
soniething now and that will cunduce to
the comfort and pleasilio of Ills
patrons, bas inado arrmnguiiicuts by
wblch hn Is now daily in recnipt ot tho
very best fine, fresh Haltlmoro ovlosr
That atl may know that theso oysters are
fresh and good St lsonly necessary to
ststo that when tboy arrivn, hero tbero
Is at least three tlmts as mucli leu
In the boxes as , thero are
oysters. Tboy will bp served, up tn order
In any itj lo at City cents a dlili. .
Call around and try them. D2-8-1C-CI.
tJuu.iVA. Drugs, medicines, per
fumery, everything in tho line, at T,
E. Sullivan's, 1G2 Commercial avenue.
Jelly Pkese8. Something new in
tbe Jolly Preu line, at Henderson', 100
Commercial avenue. 52-8.8-1 m
Glass rNiuir Jau. At Now York
storo for 'JO cents per dniun. leis than
tin cans. Now is tbo tlmo to buy,
HoiiETiiiNo New, Uugks Crystal
Brilliant with glass ovon doors. No nc
casiun to bavo burnt bread. Call and see
Hat T. J. Kehtii'h. 87-C-IO-lf
Jackuuote & Cu'a culobratol Kronch
blacking at riulllvan's drug storx, r. and
10 conts por box. It is the best blacking
in use. 8-1C
ix mo uay DoarUur. In tbu city can
be accommodated at tho ill Charles
hotel, with flrst-class board at second class
rates 79 4-10-tf
AJn. Y illiajis, Dentist may bo found
in bis ollico at any tlmo; oxtracts tooth at
all hours day or nlirht. OIlUi at 110
Commercial avenue, between 8tb and 0th
treet. 45-8 l.lm
iiik largest nnd bPst.solvclod stock
of FuBNITUKE for sale at- wh5loa1u
and rotait by HENRY EICH IIOFP, No,
no, commercial avonuo.onnosite Seventh
1 1 C-17-3m
au ukbt. tuo general verdict is
that T. E. aulllvati's tuJu water Is thu bet
n the city. Try II, No. 152, Oommor;
clal avenue, botweon Ninth and Tenili
Caxsi t Can's t Caws t Ouarls, ono dol-
lar por dozon; half gallbns, ouu fllty
per dozen J madO of best material anj
grooved seams: at Henderson's'. l'JO Com.
morcial avonuo. 6'2-8-8-lm
For MALKlobnuart trui
noar Tonlh stroet
i -I
. j ., ? ,
olvesi,. with .grapes jn ank
at prices' that aro eho&pjr
.pst,nd rush supplies ,are
Giui-es, GkCrEs", Ghai' EsS-1'i.rtlos ca
supply themsolvei
quantity and
tuaa tu? PllP,,.'-
rocelvod ovry Wirl. "8, Ohio
M'9' C, A. Wiikklock
Jinnorvr Co'lifielrd.'' 'rfiioir.'i i.Mi.n.m
(Next tyrni; besiiivScptcmbci- : 1874
I'wo full courses, e1a..fo5l nii.r Urlrrilllli-,
repaiory (icnartuienu nll ii,,,ni.
"io'i iree. jsoaruins tx .i,i.i,.ri,.
i-or iniormation or cutaliwiiei nntilv tn linv
u, . ucwiJIA, 11. I), rrolilciit.
w-7-i-tw i
i ti . .
K.u. ms .i.peraezsnrnBir.allpoosns.Ht .1. -M. Piiii.mi-h,
tl'CO ifcrjdoiM.All nffMllnjMti Hi T , . . ,
ferooved s eami Mnafaottf rTa US foAlb 7? VM 'on 'depots at 11,',, r,,i
foA ikiu.lfa ir flliii- ol cix per cent, jut annum, .Mnrfb Utiuid
by A, Halloy, ICS 'WarBmgtoV'avdW Scptniiber 1st. Inti-ren not Hllhilrawn U
Jyaiuiikciton jjakkky. jlr. .losufch ''&TjjLlX2t
Bonokor jhasj , taken charge ),f this w ill
known( tabli,hmn.and 'wfiij onia
t6Afy, bo able 'to' supply tioj'jrnnr flrl(.
PuMio ,;wlth cboico, broad, includlk-
,.r - - r - . - ,m....m ..uh,u uruau. incimiiiii'
i.nKes anu coniectinnarln.
' - ' -
of evory de-
scrlptioii. Being
oxporlencod ahd1
skilful baksr, Mr. Boneker will, not fallfto
satisfy all who patrouizo' him. HQ. I
iVashlngton avonuo.
n-7-o I
ilr.,.i'. M.'k'A.iVi
, ; .
I I. . .11.
wuinmorciai avenue, bus
so.metbiqB.paw.ln.tbe-wy ofolgfirs' Ho
Is now selling abran'd of Vis own' caljed' '
iuo uviik, put up in liandsomo packages,
mauo vi mo vuy iiw tobacco, and spld
ior rivK cents oach. Those who smoko
thorn will agree with1 us in laying that
they are far superior to most of tho ten
Cent cigars sold In this market. Try tbn
Dalta.cigar. .Mm
Steam akd GA8 .FiTTiHii, Nowland
' Itsnnle have entered into a co-partner.
ship, and bavo opened a shop on Commer
olal avonuo, ubxt'lopr-,o; pjrry X"
livery stable. They uro now ready td do'
all kinds of Stoitm ar.il lae Kitllug,
Drlvo-Wcll Work and Plumbing. Mprclal
nltcntiun'pi.ld to repairing ptiinps. Tfiry
solicit u .shurb' pf public patronage, and
guiianto thulr work to bo. will dono.
Many who arc in During from tho oflect
ol tbo warm wcathnr and aro dabllltalod
am advlied by physicians to tnko modei
ato amonnts ,of whisky two or tbtoo
times during tbo day, In a llttlo whllo
tlioM who adopt tbisadvlco frrqmintty ir,
r'ease the number of "drinks," and in
tllitubsijoriio.. confirmed, inubriatei. A
baversgn tliat will not cn-ato thirst fr in
tnicntlng llUtrf, and which Is Intended
tiriorially Icr the Loneui nf deblliUtod
!Msi'i1;'whctht)r-iit hfiiuour abroad, is Dr.
Tclunck'i'iiffa Weed Tonic Containing
.I,. ... ...
tli jiiicos.oi many medicinal herbs, this
prepnratlon dov not creato an
n'ppotito fur tho , Intoxicating cup.
I'bo 'Vpbnrijblng ' arid tho llfu-
eupportlng prjpdrtlts (if many valuabln
nauirni-proiiiiciinna coniainta in u ar.u
wsll-ktq.ii to medical men, hsvo n .noit
strehgthnliii; Inlluenciv A singlo bottlo
or luu Tnlc. yi"J domdhstrato Its value
ablo qunlitlcs. Por debility arising from
slcknclr, ovcrsiorllon or any causn what
ever, a wino glaitlul of Hen Weed Totiio
tilkc'n aftgr nifals will strengthen tho
stomach and civato nu iippollte for whole-
fjijio fdod, To all who aril about loavibg
tbelV-iiombi, wo dctlru to lay tbnt the cx
cllcril'hcts"of Dr.hkhonck's soaioiiablo
laiied!1 Wubtj Tonic and Mandrake
Pills, aro partiuularly evidunt wbon taken
by thoio whb' nro Injuriously ll-?cld by
'a change of -WAUr and diul. No jiersan
ihonld liMVo hnnie without tsVlnganp.
ply of itbooafuguards along. Por sale
by all druggist.
H: r. Mif.r.i:!:, rrcMnni, -
jj.l.ll.J'llIIJ.Il'S, VJco President,
i K.Tf'lIAN'Cir.Cwin, bank notes I td I nitcil
HtaU tKciTrlUes bought mid xold.
"Interest hllonril on tlmo di:poslta.
: okViiIeks.
V. P. 1IALI.1DAV. Pie.Ideiit;
A. ll.tiAKKOIlD, Ciulilcr:
UALTEll IMI.(1', A.f-lunt CaihW r.
StaaisTayloii'. 1 It. II. t n; iim.ham
H. I.. IIAI.I.I.A, V. P. llAI.MIIAY.
(i. I. Wll.LIAMMI.S', STIII'lll. Illlln,
A. B. Arrqnn.
r.xcliiinue, Coin .mid United .States
JloiuW Itouglit mid Sold,
DKI'Ofina r-elu-ii;aiid a gLiieral banking
lllllll,'.-K lllJIlU.
(,'ll AllTHItllll MAIICII III, IS(l!.
orncKita :
A.ll.fjAKKOItl). 1'reMdNil;
TAYI.OIt; S'lc.I'ro.l.lei.t :
II. HVSLOP, brcrcinry and Tn-anurer.
added Imnibdlatclv to tin, nrlnr-li.-ii
iH'L'"$!h thereby giving them compound
siaiiuieij, womk and chiluiikm may
KEi'Osir monky and no okk ei.be
, I T('H p'-w "i
uneii even bun Iifw iinv frnin II n m in n
p.m., iiiul Satcfday uVtnlnt lor i-avliijrs de
posits only, rum 0 to H oVIock.
,rt iu;i.ui, ircasurer.
l'LVCK NO. 1.
k jD?
Tliciq f upt ChiowoH urn bv fur llm mnai
expi0H.t.ive pie turcH nvcr given Id tlio nub-
'fl ".Slept., Izn 10 by 2tl Inebes, mntinteu
17 J?
.UCT9sgftiJpsri6r treic, Ul.-vcrniid, t:
nc, uiiiugiuuui iinimiraiiu "Pluck" to tbu
l-AI.'I. H. .-(.'Ill'll,
11. I,. UAI.I.IIIAY.

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