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tm offered any Improper tollcltation,
but has nlweyi treated me In a manner bo
coming clergyman and JJJ
Ther U medical teittmony before the
committee given by two eminent phyil
filB,Dri Menton end Oorry, totho effect
that eueh eaiei or mental power end do.
.V a tilllfcand of SlrOOL' Will OVCf
a wbllfwwkMied by dliasue end dqniettio
trouble li nr.
wr Infrrntlunt
n. swr hn U inlnnt noil bet had
Imi avnarienca In montal dlsoiiol end
kenomonn, aaya uch conductor! ttio pert
if Mra Tilton. wheu tuhlected to the In
finance referred to, U even consistent to en
We obeervo Ihet MouUon paredct let
let purporting to have.been written by
Mrs Tilton tohlm, In which ho It a per
feet coward in hli (Tllton'a) pr'caonce, end
It It phyilcal Impossibility to tell tho
lrlh. In another lottor, from the fame
to the ram, tho eayt, With H my wo
man'i.ewul I nMnnocoqlofLtho crIof
lapurw eoaduet'ellf cd agalnit the." In
her statement, procured undor tho direc
tion! of Tilton end Carpenter, of Decem
ber 16, 1872, end which wee taken by them
to decetro Mn Tilton, ihowi that the wai
made to bellove that compiracy wet form
ed agalnttheryhuibend. , '
Her wordinre.iix month Mterwatd,
that U.afur July 3d, 1810: My husband
fatt Imnallad the circumstances of a
ansnlratrv ei-alnsl blm In which Moocher
had tin. i hevo an Interflow with Mr
Bteeher. Tnlt referi to tho interview of
Tilton with Meechor, procured by -Jtoui-toe,
on the evening of Docember 30, 1870,
iafliea or sn ar.s
r timlnnr apafnst tlio husband that
Vrs Tilton wai movud to appear to act on I
tblt occasion. v,"Vo And her subioquerlUyT
IB ft letter Biking ueocnere lorgivcuna
for the suffering the had cauiod blm.
"We hoar muoh from Tilton of confeiilont
mad hr hit wlfa to him. Wo aro ob-
Hied to receive bit tleteraenti on thu
point, if at all, without corroboration, but
en one occaiion. when TIKon wai anail
Uglhli wife, we loarn from the testimony
of JEtlee Ellzaboth A. Turner Inwhet man
ner Tllton's accusations were met by hit
Q Did he (Tilton) at any time on tliii
day tay that sba had made may confession
to him la regard to Booclior?
A He laid 'the had confeeiod to him
that the had been criminally intimate
With Beocher. She (Mn Tilton) wai
pretent when he eald that, and aha laid:
'Uh, Theodoro, how can you tell that
child such iFfxrr
' "" JU8B LIES, "'f .
and then the buret out crying. .a. -
Q When waVtbat?
A Thit all oecurrod on tho day that
we went back, in tho fall of 1870. Tblt
wet tho day when, thit witness teititlut,
that ft tceno of violenoe occurred. The
witntit belioving that Tilton wan about
to strlko bit wHo interfered to tave bar,
and wat knocked dpwa by Tilton,. Jlhts
witnett la the satno.peiYon who, Hi it aaVdl
ny iiiton aou jiouuoq, was toot so
boardlng.ichool to pat rid of her because
the had heard Mn Tilton make charget
azelnat Beeober
It It, aald that, Boeder wai anxloui.
to have bar Icavo town, and koep nwayr
that paid tome $2,1)00 forner acboo; or.
pemot. Thera Is no doubt that the $2,000
wata neid.'toul for utlta another nUrnotef
Misa "Turner aul Mr Trttori both ncra'a
In laying that It wat Tillon'a plan to
have her go away, btcauie the bad stated
to her frlendi that Tilton bad twice at
tempted intimate rulatlont with her while
a oea ana aurme tne KDnence oi Jiri
Tilton in tno .'country. -Mr Tilton wai
fait loiioe place and poilton becauin of
hit aocial rlgwj and practfeo, Andjonma
Ilia publicity of tfali glrl'a (tatomont, who
at that time wai twonty yeara of au.
The ftbiurdity of tuppoting that Mr
Beecher would inveii $2,000 apiece to get
pertoni to leave town to whom
egelnit him. I traniparent. Penona to
wham Tilton had talked In torse lorm of
the icandaliometlmei In one' auape and
than In an other, were too n'umorout to
jmtify an inveitment of ?2,00Q en each of
them by anybody whoia wealth could not
be oounted by mllliom. It ihouid be
noted that juit as Mlii Turner wai leav
ing tor the boarding ichool Tilton pro
cured from har, with tbo aid of hli wife,
ft letter denying tbo roporti of hit im
proper libertiti. lioro again we And Til
ton a manufacturer of ovidwnce. It ia
not for ut to pan Judgment on Mn Tilton
uncharitably. Sho hai tufforod unparal
lallad trlali, Moulton quotei her at t ay
lag la litUr to him, ei we have teen,
that it wu phyilcally iropoiiltilo for her
to till the truth in ber Uui band's preianu.
It will be obierved tht the pretended
confanion waa obtained in that pretence,
a luriner, u was wnen inn was away
from him and from home, at Schoharie,
that ah atated her flip to be like that of
Uftthirine ".Gaunt, an undue nflectfyrr far
htr pailorl In, tfali letter to berhuiba&d
I felt, unfalteringly, that the love I folt
and received harmed ao one, not otd
you, until the hoarealy vlilon dawned
poamijand againjOhl my dear, my,
Theodore, thoajh'yqur. opinioni are, not
reitfal, nr conganial t'o ray loul, yet my
I lategrlty and purity are taored and Jioly
thlagitome. lileit God, with ins, for
Catherine Gaunt, and for all the iur
leading! of an all-wiie and loving Provi
des ee.
ThU letter wat written June i!9, 1871,
ftbouta yaar after tho protended confoi'
tlon. In no tenio can lu wutdt bo con
ttructed at referring to adultery.
Kr Tilton, when before toe committee,
wnan reitronce wai Brit mudn in tvi.
Sohoharle letter, toemtd to think, that the
effante in the itory of Griffith Gaunt wai
J i uui atooromgiy, rolled upon
thli letter at Incontrovertible evidence of
hit eharge. In tblt he wai mistaken. It
wai a principle or the common lav that
married woman cannot be Deid to com
wu trimo jjurpuiraieu m tne preience
i of herhuiband; and thli ppon tho idea
that the uuiWpd'ippie'rico and Influence
amount t& dureii, and thct the li, thro
nsi rponuwe, Whether it ia n.
"""J M'T0 ton rule of law to ei
what TlltoBWM able to extert from her
VTo nftve now revlewa i
we eeuld the evldon J w'.Vu?'' tL! 2
are many facU and detalli
eliiouiiei. We have cited a
ottant of theio, and dl.cu.ied .alUnt"
pe Ma. -We have carofolly er.mlned the
!uT.lS5-e,r1l"1 Opon y the Bccuter ;
lKlift'S'W V, 'Relieve.
Iflneil, whn JauliU ,cou.arf . that, he
yean bacom.
.A"X?Vi3UttrTAw -T
freaa what be was formally reputed to h
He wll hardly dfnr that bothtt,0.'
ftfter bit IbOUaal of iia bh mat i.1Tt..
oeopby. elgnt.pf dewiAewcy, were uttioar'
,! V. l-.si.-T.-,aj'i "'..7 "-p
V'usfB ,ui4 . nownisii
Xn recent wwii ij, a d1
Br "Wall
blo writer,
ho. In tketchini hit career, tave that,
"in procof.a of t'.mo boicomea bolore 'tho
worliLina tho indoriotvot Vlctlona O.'
Woidhull and londe bli name to a bio
greriby of bor, which would have tunk
anylinan'a roputation anywhero of com
mon totie. HGch'nboblf It a tomb from
wbleh no author rliet again. Such li tho
Who it tho eceuied? it li
.nv.HRY.wARit niicnr.K,
the paitor of I'iymouth Church. Ho hai
1. . i r . - r . i
oton ft clergyman -nun iihubh mt
year: twenty-ioven of theio yean ho het
been hero in thit church, whlob, aa all the
world knof, hat to ollen been ttlrred to
goixl deedt and to a better Ijfo by hli elo
quent mlriiilratlona The man nai been
.ii.i.... i.. k ip llirhtuf noon-day De-
fore til peoplo, and beforo' all men, ft life
of oriikt Chrfitlanuiefulneii andlnceiiant
work Nono bavo known blm but to aJ
mire and lovoblm. They wbo have bn
moil lntimatV. With him at home eno
abroad, report nothing of hli llfo or con-
jenatlon but wbftt coioo oi pury ?
. ..I..J I.. Tlmnrlnrn Tlltun
and bli ce otutor (ou woj w u.i.
that thit man, with hit long end daeful
Ufa and high character to.inttaln him, It
unworthy of our conlldenci, regara
or reipect. a. ni .u. ....
and great lervlcoi wnich are muauy con-
ildered n tower oi urcogiu nu uo..u.
when one it auailed, are to lor naugut ac
cording to Tilton. Via are invited to gvo
in ilil. t.1nut nrl amlncnt man. and
Hnd him and his ebo name and famo
destrilctlon. Wo ro to do tbU upon what
i;pnn onio wild, iibiunl anu ru,"?lV.
nwrtton of Mr. Tllon. lj;. '
Oomt not iipou .iiuwiooKui-
n.l ..Ifiif nlfttrlhir liiatli.. ever Iieiu a
rhargo of adultery proved by mere alleged
and not connected xvltli clrcumttanct and
appcarance pointing unmimaKaoiy w "
Kiliupl inc.ttoouscu, .
t'pon a rctlew of tho otldencu rolled on,
the acunerer utterly falU to auitaln .the
charge made. Wo herewith aubwll a com
tili to rtciiorapliio copy of all the evidence
before the committee, with omo.uniuiport
nnt or lrrelurantexecptlonr.
h. IV'cflnd Irom tho evidence thatltev.
Henry "Want Bsechor did not coniniltt
adultery with Mre Elizabeth it. Tilton,
elthcret the time, tlmc,1or.placo;or places
ol iorth In tho tiiinl aml'loiirtti aulwlhi
elon ut Sir. Tilton'a xlatoment. nor 'at any
other tlino or plnrc whatever.
2. Wo find from tho evidence that Mr.
Hee6hur hai never commlt'cd any Improper
act with Mr. Tilton, nor made any unchaste
or improper remark, proffer or tollcltatlon
to her of nny kind or dccrfptlon whatever.
a. J I tins tvero n nucnon oi errora di
juilXincnl on tbo, part ol Mr. lieccher It
(.light of recent cventt. in 'tuch crltlcliui.
CVi:il INU UAlum i icutvin nuu icipuiu, n u
mc mire no man would Join more tlncerelv
than Mr. llcecbcr.
4. AVo tlnd nothing whatever In tho cvld
neo that hoti lit Impair tho perfect contld
nee ot I'iymouth Church or tlio world in
tho Clirinlan character and integrity of
Henry warn ueeuicr; aim now let me
ntnee of (Ind that pctli nil understanding'
tho beloved : and eminent pastor, so inucU
und to lonij'nmietca.
Signed - jiKsnv iv. sage,
- 8.y. vtuuk, . ,
Commltteo of Investigation.
UBOOKLYX, Augut27th,ltf71. .
l'ho report of tbo committee of inveitlia-
tlou. nllh atutcment of coucliulonn. upon
Duing read to tnosmircu, wa aaopieu amia
fehimu ot ucclumation. t i
The .following resolutions v vrero uuanl-
liimuly adopted)
ltenolvvd, Thut the evidence, before the
examining cominitlco not only does not af
ford nny roundatlon lor putting tho paator
ol tli Ih church.Jtcv. Henry M'ard lloeeher
IIHOIl trial, but. on the contrnrr. aaiablNhaa
to tbo perfect aatiif.iollon ot thl cburcb. hla
entire innoceiHw and absolute personal
in respect to all cbargct now or hercaltir
made npiliiot blm by Tlieodoro Tilton.
Jiosohed, That our conlldcncc and love
flf 111. l.b.n. ... ft. 4...... l.-thn .Hm.Ih.
V. wilt yn.LUI. nu l.ll IIU1K UDIUi UIUJIU'
Mied, era heightened ami deepened by the
unmerited eutferinirH .which he haa so long
bourne, Jsiid that vo welcome blm with a
avmpatliy luoro tcoilor, and a trust more
runliouuued, than we ever folt before, to bit
?ubllc ialiora among us, to our chureb, our
nmllici, our hemea and our hearts.
General Insurance. Agent
Ohio J.cvco, over Mutbus iUhlV
WfirJvone Lul Jtrit-clatt Cumpatnn
. ' ei
Saflford, Morris & Caiulee,
Insurance. Agents,
73 Ohio Ji0vco, 0ity National Hank
, IJuildiug, C'Aino, Ii.l.s.
' i 0 t 1
X le olduit cstahllelipd Agency in Southo
uuuum, rcprtxiimuK over
$65 000,000.00.r
bewas, en thointliday or.Tantmrv,l874,
llstli illy :md Sarah Illy, bit wife, did ex.
cento nud on (lie i!3tli dav of January, 1874,
did acknowledge and deliver to the under-
thcraby Vargaiu, ell, release and tomey
Jo tho undersigned the following described
iov in Krounu , luo 0, mirti, countv
or Alexander und state or Illinois, to-wlt.
loi numiiereu twenty-nine 'i'M, in block
numbarrd forty-lnur (44), together wltu all
tne jirltlleges audi appurtenances to the
samu belonging or appertaining, and did
thereby rcleatu and waive all right and
.privilege, under and by virtue of the home
atead exemption laws or tho state ol TlilnM.
p, mniro inn iiarmeui or two notes, each
ior uiu miiii oi uigmy-onn uoiiars, blaring
oven date with uald iunrti;ng and oaeli iiay.
able to thn order of .acharlali I), .Muthuis
in thirty day und ninii inonthlaltcr date, re
speitlvely with ten per p ent. interest.
And whereas, cild mortgage provldei tlitl
In cam of delault In the payment or either
of nld notes, or any part thereof, tbo whole
bum so secured shall at Jibe o U0 0t the
undersigned hceomo due u! iisyabio
and the auM mortgaged premise"
may be hoM In tbo inauuvr, mid upon dvlinr
imtlco as ,io said raerieuge peWd. and
saorlgagc contained,1 l ,,,m -'2
the 7ih day of M.ptembw, J8)V. at th2
hour of2 o'c nek. n.m.. i i.V, . luv.
a?.c,ourt''oue,'.1 ?! Cltyor Cairo. cSjntv
nitiunuuf nu Mai oi J luo s. ofTur fnr
jale at public Tondne; to th.hlftt bMtSf I
fi". JM n"nl'Vi:dJwenty.VlnVrrt iV
bloeV. numbored roi ty:r0r
heratofure .slevribed, ' .and , wi'ii
execute and deliver' try the rmr
chaser deed lhelre. Hifed Auinettb
&ell..,Vhefie5r1 $SZ&
Atfy ror Mortgtgec. onagee.
I r ... .
oaIro local news.
" Vtil
Eomobody to take from ut a thovund bill
beads, kooiI papor, and flnely pnnted,for
W.M to 1 (X).
, s Maweiiiti.
One thouMnd letetemeftt printed at Thk
BULtBrm ollee fof - to iiJO.
One thuueftftd note heeda priced at fm
IlULLTiXooe for 4.00 j twoUeueand tar
fl.M. -. - HI . .
One thouiand bualueu cardi, flue Brlttol
board, printed at Tub Hullktin office lor
from 12.50 to to 00, according to aire.
BUN DAY, AUGUST 30, 1874.
"Wanted. Four carpenttri at the
Hone Boot mill. Kyax & Lawbbkcb.
i 97.8-TJ.4t
Elliott Si Uattiiobk offer for tale
J30.000 worth of theie at prlcee that
ihouid command attention.
Wamtkd. A rood coek and ftlioft
nurse girl. Apply to Dh.Huitu,
77-8-yi-tf No. Thlrtaenth alreet.
O.tK thouiand Obineia paraaoli a
Uartman'o, only Iwanly-tlve oonia aach
80. 7-30-tf
Wavtki. Botrilog and lodging by ft
young gentleman in private family.
Addreu box 240, or call at 69 Ohio Levee.
S9. 8.30-21
Tub Ciiaiv Oaso. The chain gang
aumberi leven pericni. Jailer KeOar-
tby wat out with the gang yeeterday re
pairing the Sixth itreet eewer.
FiorfT.' A light Ifttt Bight ktwee
white jaMftBd aegroet Ike eeraar af
ElghlhjB;'fteie; Welige imu
created eeetelderaMe eetrtiiaaftBt. The
white mi Mm eut lrtt beet.
Gxktlbubk ebMM. knew that they
can buy boote and ahoea warraated better
than home-male and much cheaper ai
Elliott'' &,
uaytbern'i, 101 Commercial
Uxder Tux Wxatikb. Mr. Wild,
the nowa , agent,, hat been sick for tome
time, but hai been improving raptdly for
eeveral daya, and' will toen be abll to at
tend to buaiaeii again.
max Kuxiihk, the organ builder, It
ready at any time to tun and repair
ptanoi and mtlodeont. 'You may tafely
iruiiyour iniirumentt to nit care; you
will not be deceived.
Exv. Da. TnATBa will deliver a dit
ceane thli mernlng in the PreebyleriftB
church upon the followlag : "The Quea.
tioa ef the Hour." la the evening kit
subject will be : "Xden and lU Oeeup
anil." PAKTixa desiring to have their pianos
and melodeoaa cleaned1, repaired and
tuned, should trust them to M. X.
Kuohno, corner Thirteenth and Walnut
streets. Ho Is the aaoet ceaapiteat man
in Cairo.
Xosr. A "blaok and tan' terrier dog
(rather large.) Aniwera to tho name oi
"Spike." Has on ft leather collar, to
which Is attached City Marshal's tag 173
for the tax for 1874. A suitable reward
will be given upon hla return to
08-tJ.J0-3t Will IIawkibb.
ItKLiaioue Skticbs To-Dat. Key
J. W. Hunsacker will eondoct services
In the (Baptist mlisloB reneii over Whit
lock'sjatore, corner f Tenth street aad
Commefolal ftveaie, to-day, Btoralag aad
evening. 'The pablle ara lavltei U t
Kon HixT. The uaderilgned hai three
firit-clut retldeneaa, two on Croat and
one on Kleventb itreet, for rent. Excel
lent cliterm, out-bouies, and -all ether
conveniences. Just put into fine order.
Enquire of O. W. MoKxaio, P. M.
Fen UixT, The new brick buslnest
home lately occupied by Capt. Kelly, oa
Commercial aveaue betweea Tenth and
Eleventh itreets, Cairo. A large lease
given il required. Enquire of H. Watioa
Webb, corner Kleventh itreet and Com
mercial avenue. 87-8-26-101
Tub beit itock or boots and ibeee of
every description at Elliott & HayUorn'i,
101 Commercial avenue, Cunningham's
old itand.
Iw tub Htvaa. A skiff heavily laden
with groceries, flour, ate., and oontalnlng
threamon, while crossing the river op.
polite the ptiatf uak, dumping prevlsloas,
mm and all late the river. By order of
Mej. Ualllday the tug Cache west te their
assistance and luceteded in ftialag the
men out, and laving the provllleai,
though In a damaged eondlllon.
Dat UoAaumo. Mn. UUwart wiihet
to Inform tho public that iho bat opened
ft boarding house for the accommodation
of day boarders, In the brick roitdeaee oa
the corner of Twelilh aad Poplar itrnti.
Mra. Hlewart it known to Cairo people a
an old hand at the butlnen ot providing
acceptable fare for boarders, and with a
determination to keep up ber welt-earned
reputation, lollclti a share of public pat
ronage. 89-8-2G-tr
Cioar Stakd yon Salb. Wishing to
movo on to a farm, I will nil my cigar
and tobacco stand, with all the itock,
furniture and itxturei oonmeled with It,
on BigbU street between ;Commreial
avenue and Ohio levee at ft bargftla.1
Tbobuelneae la well esUbliihed with
good run of oustom, and there U bo ket-
tor Itand ia Cairo. My only Joel la
telllag le to ohaaga my bwrneee fresa tka
elty the cuBtry.
B3-c-3M!t JehK O. Xcxbxbbm.
MAbz'hab oobb to New York aad
other eeiteim citlM, te purohaM tae largeet
aad finett itock ef clolhiog an gMte fur-1
CliblttK goodi ever brought into tb Mil-
iliilppi valley. Uo will consumo from
four to ilx weeks tlmo In making bit ee
loctloni, and thrcatent to cellpio anything
over done.lB'Catf o, in ilze ol Hook, qual
ity ofgooda,ftndtho bargainitbat be will
labor to teetiM for bli cuilotnori, wboie
name it leglon-and ho will do it. Uo
never falli In anything ho undertakei.
Ho e may look out for an immemo itock
of fall and winter goodi, to bo (old at
cloie flgurei, and we will watt to buy our
teveraliulla until Marx returns. "Go
thou and do likewise."
BriLsat to uh Vatbobi, and tub
Gxmbbal Public, Obbtio.-i very
reepeatfully lollclt a continuance of the
favori of my patront and invite tne pat
ronage or the public, but 1 wish old
palroai and transient patrons to distinctly
underitaed that I work (or money and
not because of a philanthropic dome to
thee and boot my fellow men without
money and without price, and that, there
fore, if any old patron or new patron,
dulling ibott or boots, bat not the pecu
niary ability to pay for the work ordered
when done, he U requeiled to pan on to
loine other thoemaker. I want no old
patront or new patront who will not pay
Thoie who ara willing to pay will find It
to their ialereit to patronize me, beeauae
I knap on Band lha bast of aluak, do the
boat of work, glva the Uxl of Ala and
work for lha lowest or prlcea.
8-C-ftw Kit L KM,
Twentieth Street, betwoon l'oplar and
WathlBgton Avenue.
Ocb KuoxqbbT A few yeara ago, lay I
the Mew Orleam Timet, ono Suliky wai
treaturer ef tho ety of St, Louie. To him
appeared a tempter ia the porton ol
Adelph K. Kreeger a notod litterateur and
very prominent member of the St. Louli
"Sohool of Speculative Philosophy," an
institution which bet liace acquired a na-
tienal reputation. The Utter teemed to
Milder that speculation in city fundi
waa a part ef his philosophy, and between
fk? two ft heavy datamation waa evolved
by Meant which the courti declared to
b forgery. They were tried,
convicted, and ttateeced to the peniten
tiary for a term ef yeara, where Suliky
wai assigned to the shoe department, and
Kroeger, we believe, to chair making.
We are not.lnformid as to tho ramainine
history of Suisky, but ai for Krotger, ho
Initantly began writing criticisms of
Kant, translations, and reviews of hit
financial operations, and loon to wrote
himself into public sympathy that a most
formidable nttitlen for commutation of
hit lentence wai procured, and ho wat re
titled with eclat, and returned with i
better reputation than many members of
the Missouri legislature.
That Dbowmbb Mav. There are lev
ral porsoai in tho city, who ware during
his Ufa time, atqualaled with A. N. lire
vard. the maa whoio body fleeted ashore
a faw data tlaca. near Gooia Itland
la tald that he wat at one time worth con.
alderahU money hli father at bit death
leaving him about $40,090. Soon after
hit father s death he married Mlai
Amanda Davis of St. Louis, hut they did
net live happily together, and two yeara
ago they, separated. He than fell to
drlakiaf, and in a ahort time ran through
with hli money and pruporly, and
then his .friendi turned bim
the cold thoulder. For a long time ho
radiated between Cape Olrardoau, Wll
lard'a and Prlcee' landing, but never done,
any good for hlmielf or any one also.
Out ef money, deiirtid by family and
trlendi, it is bellved he became dlihoart
enod, and lought relief in death. Hit re
main were Interred at the water'i edge
alaooit where they were foune, a short dis
tance fresa Oooie Island. We under
i tend sesne of his relatives are making
preparatlona to lake up his remains and
give them propel burrial.
rJuoBT Itxws. The city council will
meet oa Tuesday evening.
tfriiB cieer end gnen applet were
plenty lathe inarket yeaterday, l'eacbe
were icaree at a dollar a buihel
The special term, of the Johnson
county circuit court, to atiembla to-mor
few, will adjourn a aeon ai DilU trial 1
nneriff Jlrvan will tike Diltz to
Vleaaa to-morrow morniag. They will
arrive there ia.tlme for the aitembling o f
Wli will make the move toward get
tlegup ajelr, elmlllar to that held last
year, to como offal St. Mary' 1'ark'say
some tlm la October? Don't too
maay shout at eacei
While in fit. Louis, John Corcoran
purohasid a handiome hay mare for whioh
he paid I'.'SO. II. intendi taking ber
dewnieuth with him.
The but hotil in Vienna is the
Pearee Houie, opposite the, ooutt house.
Eiqulre J. A. Paaree, the proprietor
knowi bow to provide for hli gueeti, and
doeatt. Stop at the Pierce Houu, Free
hack to all trains. ,
Mr. C. W. Hiadtnea, haa lined the
brick bulldlag at the corner ef Twelfth
treet aad Cem'minia) avenue, and In
tent to shortly move bit hardware,
itove and tin slop lato it. We under
Hand he will put up new two-itory
brick la the rear of the main building, to
front on Twelfth itrest, "to be uied ai a
tlaabop. The stairway now leading to
the city cleak't office will be torn eut and
oteaed up, and an entrance to the clerk'
office and eeuncil chamber be made b'y
running up a pair or stain ob the outside
t the building on Twelfth' itreet.
Jbllt Pkbsix,.. Something new in
the Jelly Presi lino, at Henderon'i, 100
Commercial avmue. iilTs-lmi.
1 , 1
All tk day boarder 'In the elty can
be MOommodaUd at tka Hi. Oharias
otet, Wilh flrtt-elaM board at second clan
. . - trlt .'in
BottBTMiao Nbw. Buck (Jryilaj
riljlaat with glaee voa doori. No oo
cailM to kave burnt bread. Cell and tee
It at
T.J. Kbbtu'. 07-4.IO.tr
Funxiul Services. Tho funoral of I
Marrgaret Oertrudo, infant daughter or
Mr. and Mrr. William Stratton took
place, at 10.30 o'clock yeitorday morning.
The lorvicoi wero couducted by itev. II.
11. Thayer, assisted by tbo Preibylerlan
choir. )it, Thayer opened the tervlcei
by reading the following vonei from
the pen ot Mr. Wood lliltenhouee on tho
death of tho child.. After tbo reading ef
tho fame, the ch6lr sing (he beautiful
hyiuuaniltlod "Watch and lrey." At
the conclusion of.tfae tinging of thli hymn
tho uitial fuoeral earvicee were gone
through wllb At about half pelt ten
o'clock the family; 'accompanied
by a few frlendi, left lha houie and pro.
ceed to thit wharf where tbey took the
ferry boat and crone J tho river to the
Mlsiourt shore, from tbenco they pro.
ceeded to the Clarkion burrvine cround
near Charlriton'where the remalnj wero
interred. The following is the potm by
Mra. Rittenhouie above referred to:
TO Una. tf. HTHATToy,
Fold tlio little liatd no waxen
Soltly on tin- quiet breast ;
Clou thu bright eyed with your klsso,
For your d.irllng Is at rrt.
tlalher up the little playthltifvt
She wl I iiqrU tliem cover mort1
1'ut away the dainty garmiuti
Worn and lou-d In dayjr yorr.
Weep not, though tho ttveet voice nuer
(Ircot your lonjrlng earn again :
Weep not, though In dreams you tee her,
1. 1. : uuu can urr uui in vain,
For perchance okp angel mother,
HockM her ou her lot Inj broat ;
Only wait your early eoniln-j
To that home forever bleat.
Till alio givei your happy darling
Hick unto your aims again,
And you'll cl.vp her to the Inxom
Where io oft her head hai lain.
Nomoro urrowatben, nor parting!,
No more pain, no wild drtpalr
Kreryriour but tho beginning
Ol a llfo most pure and fair.
Do not weep, then, lonely mother,
When you lay tlio little head
Kor the last time on i) pd'ow
For the baby l not dksii.
Scatter flaw en like Hnow areuud her.
K'ublum ol the spirit Mower,
To that l.tnd where a kind father
Olalmsyour baby for bis own.
La UK A. J. IltTTKMllOl'ax,
August 28tb, 1174.
I'irsoMal Mist Mattie Williamson
and Miss Lottie Mc'ioe, returned to the
city last Wednesday, after tpooding lite
ral weeki vory pleasantly among their
friends in Smitbland, Kentucky.
. iikutor uuoort nas tone oait oa a
thort visit.
Misi Lemon, of Sellevlile, lister of
Mn. Dr. "Williams, (i In tbo city viiitiog
the doctors family.
Kav. Mr. Wallar hai boon abiant all
I the woek, attending the camp meeting, at
I loneiboro
lie returned thit tnornine
and will priach in the Mvlbodiit Church,
at tho usual hours, morning and evening,
Thoitraggleri are ilowly gathering In,
Mr, Closo's family returned yesterday
Mn, Morrli and family the day before.
O.K. Woodward and family will return
tbli woek, and the balance or tha abienteei
will come dropping in one at a time dur
ing the coming month.
Paying teller, Drippi, or the City
national uanx, win again beam aeresi
the counter or that institution, upon hit
many frlsudi. Uo returned yeittaday ef.
ternoon from a four weeki, visited to hli
Lome in Iowa.
X. D. He cime back alone and itlll
Anderson, Nancy Renclne, Bell
Uurni, A A Maker, Martha 1
Clark, M E Fowler, M J
Oreen, Nancy OranditofT, .Mary
Hughes, Mary Huns, Laura C
Hanson, Maria Lynch, Lata
Morgan, Maria M'ahan, Jeunio
Marton, L 1'any, Martha
Koso; fcialloy Ituih, Alf
.Slrawncis, Mary Wanders, Nancy
Tesiior, Dies Topp, H
Testier, Uerzanlce Walker, U arret t
Waugh, Margaret
Barlow, O J' Brown, Guy
Matte, John
Black, Samuel
Cunningham, O W
Uarroli, D D
uornay, uenry
Clark, M L (7)
Derihlnger, A
Dunn, Jas
Frost, B P
PlUgerald, Thei
Cellini, John
Oiler, P W
Dontrlck, Frank
Pinch, A D
Pry, John
Hofheini, F
Jiaiitad, U
Hudion, George W Mill, Giorge W
Hanny, J Hurlbert. J 8
Hourigan, M Hunt, Wm
Ireland, Josso M 8 Jonei Mr
Johnson, Jas (col.) Kemp Benj
n.jiioj, jonr. ji.
Muisitti, Glacomo
MoMahon, John
McOrew, J M
McCashland, M 2
McOutchen, D M
Martin, E C
McKennen, Jas
McCabr, Miehael
Miller, Thomas
Parker, O
Robinson, E M
Shrodes, A
Hteele, 8 P
Terrell, Calhoan
White, Pror O M
Wagner, J H
rsorman, Jim
Purolval, Jabez
Bog, Kobt
Htlmann, 8
Smith, Wilson
Thomas, PB
Ward, Bonn
Williams, Simmon
waixor, Wm
Obo W McKbaib, P M.
Tiib(1i:riia.v.Amm:canSchooi The
next session of the Gorman-Aroerlean
cbool, Prof. Henry Appel, principal,
and Mis Clotilda Yocum, asssistant,
will opon on next Tuesday, Septomber
1st. Tho ichool will bo conducted In the
same manner as last session. Prof, Ap
pel will havo chargo of tho German
branch of tbo ichool, and Mill Yocum
tbo English department.
Pupili will be instructed In the follow
ing studies:
History of tho United Ststoi ;
jJNatural Philosophy ;nd Needlework
together with all tha other branches usu
ally taughUn ouriohooli.
Per further particular parent are re
queued to Uqulro of
PaliK. Uxmiit Arrxr., Principal.
August 'IS, 1874; ct
Tub beit goodtaV thei loweit price is
the motto of Elliott & Uaythern. Tbey
will tell the lowest.
I)n. William?) Uontiit may bo found
in his otllco at any tlmo ; oxttacti tooth at 1
all hours dny or nlcht. OIIU.u at 140
Coiuiuervlal avenue, between 6th and 'Jth
itreet. 45-8. 4.1m
Kon Sale voo oozou ono quart lrult
cans at $1 per denen ; half gallon cam at
$1 60 perdo2ijn, ell of good tin with
grooved teams, manufactured nm! for talo
y A. Ilnlloy, IC8 Warhiugton avauuo,
noar Tenth itront. H'J.7-17-lm
TnB BttT. Tlio genoral verdict It
that T. K, Sdlllvan'i toJa water is the belt
n tbo city. Try It. No. l&i Cotnruer
till avonuo. bolweon Ninth and Tenth
CanI Cs (,'ans I Quarti, ono do!
lar per d .in ; half gnlluni, one City
per doz n : mado of best material and
groovol seams; at Henderson's, 100 Com'
morclal avonuo. 62-6-8-lm
HnmiTur Coilcrgf, llAiiotcr, Indmna
NKiTterm liegln September titli, 1S71.
Two full course", rl.iilcnl and KclcMllle,
wild prcpstory departuicut. nil faculty
Tuition free. Hoarding as low na elsewhere,
For Information or catalogues apply to Kov
(I.C. UKt.'KMAN, l. 0. President.
Tin barber suop is on .no corner ot
Kiublh street and Com morclal avonuo
where J. (ioorgu Slieiibouso with his gun-
tleuifculy assistauti can be found at any
hour of the day or night, readv to soothe
your foelingt with a smooth sbaw, or cool
your temper and head with a good ihaui'
poo. Ills a Crst-clafi shop, and you are
turu of rvcoivltii: llrsl-clasi treatment
Ladles' and children's hair cut or curled
tirlho moil approvedstv f-H-t
Wamiinoto.v Ma kick v. Mr. Joiuph
Koneknr has taken charge of tbli well
known establishment, and wll1, on and
atter to-day, bo hblo to supply the
public .with cholco bread, Including
Lloatun, llrown and Orabain bread, besides
mints add L-onffttionarics of every de
scription. Uelng an experienced and
ikllful baker, Mr. Honekor will not fail to
tlifv all who natronlzo blm. 110
'Vasliincton avonuo. 38.7-J.lra
l'litviTK MoAHtit.su. Mr. J. .Car
uilcbaul having takun the largo liouso a
thu corner of .Sixth itreet and W ashing.
ton avenue, is prepared to
furnish prlvato boarding to a
limited number of either Indies and gon
tlcuien. or tu uentlemen nnd their wives.
Tha Loom li vorv nletsantlv located and
convenient to tho business partot thecity,
Tho tooms aro large, airy and well
lighted. For further information inquire
sjt tho house.
Tub Uxlmo.mco KuarAUHAT will
onon ou the Qrst ot b'oiitembsr and wilt
be kept open thereafter day and night.
Harry Walker has made all prepare.
tlons fur tbo restaurant business and will
be able to accommodate all his customers,
Fresh oysters, gamo of all kinds, and
everything in its season that tbo markot
affords, will be served up.
Moard on tho European plan three
tickets for onu dollar.
Hogular day bosrd at the old rates
flrst'Clais board at third-clars rates.
Il.l.lNtllP CCKTKAl. It. H. IO,
Aiix.st.h Oi'rn;x, Cairo, Aug. IS, 1874.
To persons wlsh'ng to attend tbo Camp
Meeting to bo hold at Joncsboro from
August 'ioth to August 31it, wo will sell
excursion tickets to Anna and return at
ono and one-fifth faru. Sale or tickets
will commence on thu S2otb and discon
tinue on August 31st. Ticket! good to
return until Soptumber 1st, Inclusive.
lit James Johnson,
General Agent.
Many who aru sulturing Irom tho effec
ol the warm weather and are debilitated
aro advised by physicians to take moder
ate amounts or whisky two or tbreo
times during tbo day. In a littlo while
tboso who adopt tbli advice frequently in
crease tho number or "drinks," and in
time bocoruo confirmed inebriatei. A
boverago that will not croato thirst for in
toxicating liquors, and which ii Intended
eipeclally for the benefit of debilitated
persons, whotber at homo or abroad, ii I)r
Schenck'i Sea Weed Tonic. Containing
tho juicoi of many medicinal berbi, this
preparation does not creato an
appetite for thu Intoxicating cup
The nourishing and the life-
supporting properties of manv viluable
natural productions containod in It and
well-known to medical mon, have a most
itrengthening influence. A ilnglo bottle
of the Tonic will demonstrate lti value
ablei qualities. For dobillty arising Irom
ilcknci, overoxortion or any cauio what
over, a wine glassful of Sua Woed Tonlo
taken aftor mtal will strength on tbo
stomach and create an appetito for whole
tome tood. To all who am about loavirg
their homo, we desire to say that the ox
cellent officii or Dr. Schonck's seasonable
remedial, Sea Wood Tonic and -Mandrakes
Fills, aro particularly evident when taken
by tboso who aro Injuriously alfocted by i
chengo or wator and diet. No person
ihouid leave homo without taking a tup.
ply or theio lafeguardi along. Fur sale
by all druggists.
MAMi'AOiunxit or
Tuning Hnd repairing ot Organn, I'lanot
and Melodeuns neatly done.
P. O. Mor Mp, 0l-S-2l.tr.
glghth Street, licUcen Washington' and
sjommvrciat Avenue,
for tlio newest and fssttst-selllog book out.
Ilv F. II. (loodrlch ("ion of VeUr Tarley").
H'umarkable voragen, shipwrecks, adven
turrrs, ciplorstloui, piracies, mutinies,
naval comlists, and the history ol ell krela
of naval proKreia. The romance of "old
Ocean," aud 1000 thing or thieji of later
eat and value. Over VH) lliustratlona and
ery low priced. Kind for circular ana
most liberal terms to agents, to
St. Louli or Chicago.
full i.tm tirirliia Hriit. 0. 1174. lta daKlcal.
a:lentlllc, preparatory nd Kngllsh cpuraee
are extensive aim inorou,n. on i
htvo enlarged the number or itudlet la the
tiritn.ra nrv iipoanmffiiL bo qsitoudihii
In any term may recolvo Instruction la Al
gebra, (ieometry, Trigonometry, surveying.
ChlmUtry. Oermas, ltook Keeping and
other stildlcK mually taunht In the belt
academics. For lurtlicr toformatlea aeud
for catalogues to tbo president or ireasnrer.
i as e7ctMt '""-"w
aa tba SalphaU la tU sans S-uf.
Iht A'a ims, ii i""" -
..... . .....iti.. rirmlir with TmIm
.riX;.tZriruiii ill rarta of the alry.
rar-SiropU for trial. It paila.
lT.p.rf.l t.f UII.I.INCIH. CI-AI T K W- saami
tUrltltf i;btUU. 1H4WI. MMM.
condui t an agency for the reception of ad
vertisements lor Aiurneaa ii.oii-
the most complete establishment or the ftlaa
In the world. Six thousand newspapin are
kent regularly on me, open to inspection oj
customers. Every Auvbbtmbmknt liukin
at the home price or tne paper, wiineus mj
additional cbirge or romausaion. n as
MrtUer, In dealing with the egency, li aaved
troublo and correspondence, making oae
r.on'rart Instead ot dozen, a hundred er a
thousand. A book or eighty page, ooa
talnlng lists of best papen. largest clmila.
tiocH, religious, agrlculliiral, elan, political,
dally anil couniry papers, mu pu
lloni which are specially valuable to adver
tisers, w ith some Information about price,
Is sent f lir.r. to any auorira ma .,.(11.0.1.
Persons at a distance wlsniag te maac raw
Sirats lor advertising in; any towa, city.
conty, state or tirritory oi uo
ates. or any portion of the Demlaloa of
Canada, may send a conelie itatemeat ex
what tbey want, together with a copy ef
the Al'VBliTlitxMBBT they desire lasorted.
and will receive inrorroixion ny return mass
which will enable them to decide whether
to Increase or reduce tlio order, ror tueli
Information mere is no voaritf. uruna
taken lor a simile paper a well an ror a Hit
for a ilnisle dollar as readily ai lor a larger
mm. timcci (Ttmei llulldlng),
41 PARK ROW. N. Y.
S5 TO S20
Per day at borne. Terma free. Address
OF.O. STI.VSO.N CO., Tortland, Me.
Terms ol Advertising are offered ror news
papers In the Mtele of ILLINOIS I Send far
allstoi papen BDuacnouin i
dress OKU. 1. KUWJtLL CO., Advert!-
Ing Agents, 41 Park Row, Now Tork,
S77 -A. week:
Guaranteed to mile aad lemila agent, U
their localltv. CostH NOTHING to try tl.
Particulars free. I . O. VICKERT UU.,
AllghstA, Mc. 8-T71w.lw
Politics for 1874,
Cltrk Jfuutt oj Rrprtuntat'ttti V. X
This Acci'KATB and luriRTl al veluaaoe
gives the full itaconii on the "Inereaee ef
Halary Act" aud lis repeal, oa Transporta
tion, i.ivu itignt, aim rinaneiai ijuestiona,
Including the act ol Mi creating 'Legal
Tenders ' and coin Interest ot Ilonds, aa4
the various Kxpaoding aud Contracting actt
since. President Ukant'm Mrnagee aa4
Memorandum, Interviews, Lttten, Pns
elamattons, and Action la Alabama, Arkast-
ai, liuislana ana iexas. Suprtsno Court
DccHoni. Illinois and Iscoosln Hatlrea
Laws, institutional AmoBdmoala, made
and pemllu?, in htatei, and Nation. "Keck-
f ay"Htaltlcs. Tablet ot Approprlatlwaa,
abt Kleetloni, Currency Dtstrlhuttoa by
States ami sections, Ac, Iavaluahlo for
campaign. Cloib, i.60, post-paid.
Address (sKO. FILS. I1AWSON,
P. O. Mnx44, Washington, D.C.
Cairo Box and Basket Co.
Keep constantly oa hand
Manufacturera and Dealer la
tnrunice at ssw mill on corner of Twvi
tj -second itreet and Ohio Levee,
SESSION of Studiet in the
Will begin on
MONDAY, MEPTKMBEn 7th, 1874.
Por Proipeotui, giving term, Imtrue-
tioni to parent, Ac, xc, apply to er
St. I)uii University, SI. Louis, Ho.
zi -T-'if-iiaw-m
UESIDZEOK No. 11. Tklrtaaam miui
betwecB WaealagteB aveane aad Walaa
itreet uo ueiooaawroui lariBue. uD
Mr' 7

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