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The Cairo bulletin. (Cairo, Ill.) 1872-1878, September 03, 1874, Image 4

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J1' "
Dry Gjjods
Dloathiag indFurnishmg
mil iiit,
l;..m,.l,,lc tn li.lrn frnin US .1 tboll'lltld lull
heads, good paper aud tluely- pnntudrfor
J3.M to -l 00.
flfiitrraeatf. M
One thousand statement .rtntctt at TllK
Buixktin oilico tor f to e ihi
No 140 &inmcrciu? -4rotf.
' One of iheoldMt'flrmi In 'the city,
Ifcave within tht last four years lean com-i-ellod
to make sevoral additions to tbolr
building, In. order to accommodate their
Increase in the "Wholesale and lletall bull
noil. They have recently extended the
tocond floor, of their itoro 26 feet, making
It tho entire length of the lower room,
which RWM.tkun. 180 foet, inAength rli
gather, being Iho largest nnd inott com
plete establishment In the city.
TDK riiuT.ruioR,
as usual, will be used excluilvely for tho
tie of Dry Ooodi of all klndi, with
Clothing, Furnishing aood.Notloiu, VP- j
rf sr twoono rroon
wilt be occuplod with Carpets, Uil Cloth),
Mattings, io., and tholr reorvd itock of
ell kinds of goods for tha'wholetftle trade.
In arranging tholr rooms the proprietor!
had mi eye to the "comfort, convenionco
rind accomodation of the public.
which they aro Just recolving, coinprliei
a full llno,'ct INVKSS GOODS of thu
Utoit ami moat fnihionable pattorm;
end PBINg oYorofy variety, from the
most populM nills;'.
of e,ll kln7)SoludlnB VIEGK GOODS of
the belt American and European manu
facture in i f , ,)l ' ; ;
of ell kinds, In endlon prolusion kiid
groat variety. 11
Clothing and i'uni idling
L ddt,uU.bl. tb, . mo. co
talon Particular carofll&J uf
Jent tliant-mBj,w- ... m
...... .u jVUUI BU(
Carpets, Oil Clo
(Joldatine ana A'Boimwaterl
Role limit.
fnn lltnna.n .1 unto bents nrlnlrd lit Til
ltuixrriM uiUce tor 4.00 j two thousand tor
is rji .
One thousand business card-Mine Ilrlctol
board, printed at TilK'lHfl.MSTlN ollko lor
rroin yj.ui to g accomum
itcgtiUr meeting of the City Cutimll.j
Council OiiAMincr.
ome time betjTCon(;diyUj;ht- nrijd s'xY
uainod Jamein1y7ell-kno'wii(o'maB.p!;t,AiRO, lit., BtfTEUum Isr
Ullown life by ctittlofe.lilMbrot(
From what, wo could learn pf tbo'affalr.
It appeari tbat flnler lottellme ato tnar-
. . . . . -v.. . ti .'i ft .viytj.-
ricn n woman naiiieuurrou,.uui luai mey.
did not livo tCiatlicr lung, tLeir
married relation being any
thing f buV i )tacoful,i' .find t happy f
Finloy went oorlb, arid y.'ork(d nlobg tlm.
lino of tho Illlnoli railroad in tho vlclnly
r Contralln. Not lone' n;o lio ot Into
'irpiibld nt liat , Jilncc i jjnd ,w"rfor,at'llme
rntod - 'In Jntl.'''M!olng
iiTbo nmyor .blng.aJacn.t,.ljo mtlr,g.
"waacKllod t order by Ibe tUrk. TLo
roOlbefug 'fcalle'.l,"lu'o"i,oljowlig hamtil
Aldermen HulliJ.y, Ale K wen, ilorrli.
Mb'.I.uii, Sniip, TbiitfowcoJ anil U right
T II U US DAY, SEPT. 8, 18M.
Vantkd lly two yonng xentlsmen, ft
nlcoly furmiheil robro, with,;?! priValo fam
ily. Koply to 1'. O. Ho? 2t); 1.' 3'
Klliott & HijVTiiOHK' oflor jfor ialo
fflO.OOO worth Of fhots at prlcei jtiini
should command attention. t
Osk thouiana tmtnoin paraiolt n
Hartman', onlv twenty-live canta each
TllK bot goodi at the lowtit prlcefi la
the motto o( Klllolt'A" HaylliOrd. They
will toll the looit.j j ' f
overy iloicrlptlon fttllfott.Uaytl."on
101 Commorulal ayonuo, Cumiipgham't
old ilaiid, '
' Aix tho day 'Jbatderiln , tho oily cani
bo accommodated at th'O 1 St. Charlei'
holol, with flrit-clart board at rccond clans
rato. 70-4-in-tf
BOUKTIIINO ' HKW. lllllkl' Ut R
llrilllant with glass ovcti doura. No oc
ration td'bafo'l'urnt brrnd. Call and ioo
Hat T. J. Ksiitjh. bT-Cl'Mf.
i :i ? r
O. V. K. Ri The O, St V. - It. It'll
aolling (iipoiltlon, .tiekiiU to Clnclnnat
anu J.nuiaviiio., auuinu, irip
Tlrknti RooUirur ill dayi lrom
RkStTj-rOrpcery Htbre lale
rolearod bo ruturncd to Ciiiru,
wlicro lio hai bcun,for lovnral dayi pur-
hapi a week or two. At( a very curly
hour yuitorday morning Flnley vallocj at
tlio piaco wnero mi u ll uayini; anu
wanted to ice licrj but tho declined to nd
...u i.t. i. ...... ir.. .i... i.i. .,,..1
I1III.UI..I W kllU IIU .IJUIl IVI.i hum
tho next that tfh'ifiuraWMiWw'ii 'When
found with hit throat cut, ,tayii)g 'n t"P
ildawalk.inoar tht .ruiUlviicu 'of .Mr. W.
W. Thornton, corner 'ot . Commercial
tvonuo and Tweutioth itroil.
When found ho wfcg in a lorm-conictotii
condition, and utterly unablo to walk
Health Olllcer IlroNrn wai one of tho tint
porsoni to nrrlre, end pending for Dr
Sullivan, who drenod Kinky' w6undi.
Hewing liisui up and apptyliif ,lu propor,
bandacar. aflorwblh Olllder Jlrown pro.
cured a wagvu.nnd had tdo uafo.riUuatd
ana mucrabio man removed to nt. ilry'
hoipltal. '
It was the opinion of Dr. Sullivan that
with propor care and iiuriing, Viriloy'i
wound! woro not nocomarlly fatal. r .
Finloy, nftor being roniovod lo the'hoi
pltal revived comlderable, nnd aeemed
much oxcitcd. llo toouiod vory rovonge-
ful, and oxpreuod a determination that Jnp
ttip ovenl'of hi iccovoi'yVn would fellfe'
all od acoroi with hi a onemlos. Thern can
be bat, little doubt that JinUyif pnrlUill
I w-uri'c.iromtthe fronHlrrefthe lot;
i -fraiea-lunirETnJnjTicl. TT.ill (ball be
: -i , Bn"a5 nnd.sbo In thnt portion dc
cr blna-jiH. .ilMhnee of tho niiuldp wall
... hi iiiniwati pnraiell Willi tig rtnnt line or
tno iot extending Into tho cross street.
dll"rll,l?'1l.''B to HrrielTd .ScrlloifSo of Ordl-
dalned by tb'el ( ly ttiuall 0 tbe
ski rtiwa.-' 'niiiififctf.in so of (irllinntice
"I Ho ellv ' J-lerklif hfirhy nhfhorlcU to
L'rnnlll lie d CI' rmn. Iii
pijniU or me aanie upon tbv'payincnt nl
two mil oiie-tialf 'dOIJin fortaelillay. tnld
"v ...Uj.-ra,i) uoiru u jicenie, provided
II.I.k wnll nloued
they have a very largo etocir, wllh hew
deiignt ot bom u.,rav. .ua on
and thoy wilt1 be ablo to loll at Oiruree
mat aety competition. "Vo call rpoclal
attention, to this line of gooda now, bo-
caum u ii in oraor for roomi to be re-
carpoted. In
Valliea, &a, ic, thli firm at umal, loads
the trade, being well prepared to till any
order, at home or abroad.
Tho Entire Now lock
of goods has been purchaiod by our Mr.
Koiouwator during quite a long stay lu
now loric, IJoiton,. ,aud V
iidtipbla, and he like taken
'jM 'I
A 1.
On motion ot Alderman Wright, Aldor
man Alorrii win okcled tdnpornry chair'
flOn mollun of Alderman Wriiilit, the
mliiulvi of prect-iliiig iiiooltnga wero ap
proved without reading.
OKKIt'l Af. HKfOllTl.
Jlontlilv rvnorti of tho fullnwlm? named
olfreers wero timii ntud and lead, and on
motion of Alderman Wright received and
ordered Illod, viz: Of II. F. Illako, City
Trearuror; of Daniel .McCarthy, City
Jailer and of l'ollco Conitablci, Cain
Muhner and Woutlon lor Auiruit: Of
l'oliuo Maulitratei, F. Ilruis and J.
Ulrd for July.
(Alderman McGauley appsarod In his
rixiKiK coiiitlTTi: ittrouT.
1TI10 llnancu commltto repurtcd that
during the month ot Auguit, city icrlp to
tbo amount of fS'-'O S3, bearing f40 13
frilornit, and Intureit coupons to th
amount of f:i,7'J0 00 hal bnen cinccllod
byMlbo trcaiuror, and that thoy had this
day deitroycd tho (tne by burning.
On motion of Alderman Wright laid
report was approved and ordered llluJ.
City ''Cot(.pir.dlur CitJ iiiUMlfto MH1
nurt on tho amount of tcrVli liiucd
t i i ; ji . t i-K ii ji . .
Outitundlog, mid fur what purpura lifuud,
front May lit lu August 3Utli, Stld re
por ii as follow i ;
iiloiml outktan.llng tUy til, lH f 11,812 V
. r- . I 1
care In tbe selection. Tbuv
. c i j twught at such Uguros that
C -jut will bu sold remarkably low
AVe only ask for small margins, conicious
that It is to our intoreit, as woll as to
tbo Interostbf those who 'buy. '
Thankful for pait patronage, wo only
us mai mo public will call and look at
our stock and prices buforo purcbailng
Augoit 31, 1874. 303-g.Mf
1-JixsjKs..-Something now In
a . 1" H -t at ...
mooeiiy i-ress lino, at UendononV, 1'JO
Commercial avonuo.
ijh. AVilliajik, Dentist uisy bo found
in his office at any time- ( oxtractl tooth at
all hours day or night. Olllco at Mo
Commercial avenue, between 8th and SHh
treot. 4S-8.4.lm
Fon Salk, 'jxn uoanii one quart Irult
caus at $1 per doren j half gallon cans at'
tl 60 per doaon, all of good tin with
grooved seams, manufactured antf for sale
by A. Halloy, 1C8 "7MhIngtoa avonMo,
near Tenth street. ' 82-7-lT-lui
Tin BMT-ThrKufaTverdie't is
that T. E. BullUan's soda water ii tlio best
n the city. Try W. No. lyt Cowra,'r.',
u..t nU" Mn-lh antt-TentV
troovad . 1 mtral and
n.-i., " ""ilrio;i',. liio
, Kon RtsiTj-TOrecer:
cupied by Jlr. Walali, corner 'l'wenttotli
itret and- Commercial avenue; Cairo,
lnqulro o Mrs. jiudiany on, thoprdiniaos
Oknti.rmic.v kliotlld know tlmt' thov
can buy boot and allofs warranted hotter
'thin bome-niaJo and.rnitch cheapbr a
J-.lllott X JlaylbornV 101 Commercial
avonuo. ' : MM-6lLKdiwto
May KkIiIi rbeorgiibiilldef,' U
'ready at any( tltoo o. tuoo and -v'fj
n'aubs and melodeons. i on may safely.
'Win nbrf)Afiruriiont to his 'care; you
" " l
. 4'aktim desiring to hatolne,. '
and melodcnn cleaned, repaired arra
tdn'od, should truit; lliein' to M'.' i
"B.UV .ynor Tblrteentb and Walnut
streoti. Ho is v... . - . i
Oalio. --t competent nifm
Just lUoMviiii. Prime lard, brdak-
isi bacon, hamij fresh buttor at tho
now brick storo.cprnor of Twontioth and
I'oplnr slreot.
100.0-l.Ct F.i B. DiBTIUCIl ti Co'.
Goon Ciiakck. AVantkh, I'aktk'kh
With -150 or COO dollar! aapltal 'to In
vest in a well paying and established prq-.
vlilmi and grocory builness.. U"nmar'riod
man proforruJ. Addross ut onco I. 0,
liox Bib. lril.'i.i.m
A Fiout. A light took place at Foro
Plan, Johnson county, on liondav rnln-.
in- which n colored man iihiuoJ Horry
Johnson', and a white man named Ktifui
Williams, woro tbe participants. There
was a number of sboti Hrod, and Jobnion
wounded hi tho. hand, boyond whlcli no
othor dainagii iviis done. 'At last accounts'
nuithor l.f ' thi par'tlds hadlboori'Brroatod'.
Kituunkii, Mrs. John Jl. Oamblo, wfio
(Tlio first Moudny of Sojitomber being
io opening nay oi mo laii ami winter
isiibu of the Loretto Acadcinr. it ".will
bgln on tho 7th met'.
j l'firotiti desiring to send their cblldron
to tno accauomy are rcipjoatod to accotn
pany them to make tho iiecetsary arrange-
All tho brauchos ot a polilo and solid
education will bo taucbt. Including
I'ronch, (ler.nan, muilc, and fancy neodlo
'work.' The Herman latilniag'e' to1' lol
taught by a Gerruaa Iflof- i,-''j5'
Cairo Cm (jifEiiTiiw
no license) 'thnll bp L-rnntta r.ir a les period
of tluiefUah fottruiiy. ."JslO'l'ecnie to' be
Mueii ax prut iduil for- In Snil,.n i hr .I.I
(irdlimnci- No, T, provided tlinl tbe eltv
lerk him 1 ho i r.UMlcil.tliit Ibdticrton'so aiP
i mil if lain unrnvncnt n ..iii i.i.. ...i
perumi tAliliMiJlctinsril. Kry appllcitsloti
lor HrctlM kliilt Hiri lry tlre.kli'd nnd nfren
gat i' ynlilo ns near as may be nl the irumls.
iiicivbaiiill-o or m ilt a ileflrtd to bu ped-
iiii'i, iiiii,i n.(i
the nAmaVMifcVir
tlio iiiimIi' uf
lboL Natnn urlmtbf-r
li'l. Iriii. i 1. ....!. ... M ...
... . .... null. .1. .lilUllll. III
otlicrwlsp, ami tho llcemo lulled ihall set
ioi iii mien ue-cripiion ohd niodo or tonvcy
J9i i v
All rlntliiinn.. 4n n.n.....l Un..iln.. n r. I ii?
.... ....... .Hvu w .....v,,.. v .iuii ui lymi-
ll.ltlCU All. I.
He It ordnlned br llmflK' cniitu.ll il.o
!... J.r rt-i.. '.
vuv vi v.auu; ,
.sKCTlii.v l,TInt Section of Onlliiam
No. 7. be amended Hint It ilult rend
"Nolli i-nso jrraiited by.tlie city, which turn
iiiii oMi'iMlnir M.Timontb'. clisll lio uislini.i
liloortratirlVrsbte; but If tbo same Ins run
lor a period nf lesv than nix month.
tt may, by ami with tho
conn nt- ,r'r tbe tcliiillcll, be tranv
rernul to the tucees-or In liiiltii- nl tin.
pnrtj to wboin It Wiih fsilied. unon mild mo
coior ruriiMiliiK iiQsry rood iind sulllclont
ru i
Do not buy olil cuidias that have been kn.it nunr Mm
suinmor, and are atulo, claiming homo manufacture. AIho
sco to your weight. Jwcry uox ought to contain live pounds
net, or G oumuis over live. Itomombor'llio jilaec
Corner 8th St. and Washington Av.
Tho Only Place in the City where You can get a Complete AssnHmnnt,,
mi lleciin)' s-linf 1 be
bondx a- reiiulrcd I 'am
""'""; j .iraiiticiyiuie. . to .any
one if.Nh'pt, . Wi'nr lun be n
bmri lid.! mcesior of iho nartv
to whom it vm i,siieil, carrying on a ilktf
bu-lbeis in the name location cainsd In tlio
Itiictl on acc'l ul naUrict.,
..Jl.i'Ul (HI
ilri-tti . I ,'.i 17 7M
" llJ?w.iik ?'i I.I
11 vas in i'I lamps l,t.r7 71
" jlll anJJail.il. I.VI 15
" Hre ifl t Itu Ct
" b..ar.UI lillh Wi 7.1
" Jrjlnjie '.ii ui
" council clum'r 17.1 CO
" conllnttlilfund X4ll(il
" utimliiefuml... MA an
' tily elcciiun.... iTll l
Jl'uul am'l I1111..I bum May 1 lu Aug. lo.lll ui
oircal atenae,
'"M -"MO.VJCO JUrra.u..sr -will
Ben on II.. ... . wl"
uoroaeraay anj nirht,
irjr vvaiaer baa 101J0 .11
' 1KI UB,
Board on the European" rilan in
koUforona Imi.. ' Tn-thiet
r?AfFtlTal rlasw I
7 l He old rates
MiiiVn..i.i.u., . " 'ies .
ek.r ha. taken charge of au Z
Hr.-UWUhm.ot, and win, Qa
fu' IJ th
' """" B"0,C0 Including
ton, Brown and Orakam bread,
.nd tonfectlon.r e. of everv h
U. Ueing an oxpvC j ht
ttlbk.r, Hr. ltoneker wlM B0f i?
tv all mh Ll... I Wl" t fail to
y. . - - patronim 1.1.- . .
Ding ten Tenui. ,
or ten days ago in ronic.uenco' u'fBe
illnoM of her iitM, returned J)ome, aestory
da.V. bavlni? arrivn.l i ..1 7...'. i 1O
r. - - - . ... vn.iji. jiisbii.
timotolo prwent at tho dimth ofj .'Sior
sliter. Mrs. Osmblu'H many frlonili If
this city deeply smpathlzo with her In
hor lorrow,
- ' . ..'ii3ci
Tiik Pir.T TuiAi.i-Tb6 Dlltz. m'uW
trlul coinmbiHisd 111 thy .lohnsoif-'ouuntf
circuit court (pociul term) yii, loiiday.
Judge Allen. Jli.lli.r. Daughterly, and
Hon. D II. ()rten ofKahia'i, appoiirod fdP
tno ucfeBie and Mr'. Uamuroii, ciiunty at
torney for Johmon county, for tbo nifo-
outlon. Thu uvidsmioiu tbo case as
concluded a," litllVuf uV. (litinur on TddMluirV
t. ... .7- ri ; ,y 1 .
. on tbe argument weru commenced
Messrs Dameron aid Daughtory flnU'hoJ,'
ttiJlr addrelioi tyihijury efJror night,
Tho closing1 addreis d) JudVo'i'All(ivn'd
County attorney Damefen.wairto'ljo made
"Visterday morning. "What tho vordlcl of
tbe jury was.we were uinblo to learn.
l'KKo6K--.--Jewutt AVlleor, mlnluist
of m. fit. Charles hotol, rolurned' fr'om
rh-ij, du niturnt roaJv for
"(J.I.J, - ss.
. trar.. ., iuperlnten.1
, """Tilly and JJeuphi
, v. vui.iuj-, w , j,,,, u(ljr
evening, llo made In. ho.i ..
I,W. U...I... . . ""i.o.
IK W. B. Corliss, of Molrooolli
gusit at tin at. Charie.
narc av Ii inin.n..i.i
-MaiUn Willie Wlleor n.i t
II... 1 ' . "IO
now caaots at tb n..i
nI mlllUry acadomy at Chester. Tbey
bve a,t .ntered.upon i two,yo.r,oo0r.o
of InitrucUon. We wish t.r2. ...7.. .
... .ull
a in.vt;o. ,
. liteamor Jim Fisk, 1'aducau
1' T.,9iT..aoiiitllJJyausVUlu
Uolle MemphTs, jffoflHi1'0:
" J D Parker, Memphis
11 City of Chester, a$ W.
; " Commonwealth, St liOuls
City of yickaturg,'a( I.oais
' Atlantic nui bargus, at'Louls
' tJirAhrjtt,,
atoarnqr Jim Flsk, l'aduuu "
J- " 11 Cooke, Evansvivu, '
Jl " Jlollo Memphis, jt liuuta
" City of Choiter, Memphis '
" j I) Parkor, Otrjdlnrjatf.
" Arkansas Holler Kvansvillo
. " City of S'lcWliiirgYlbklurg
''rbtul amounl inud and outitanilin... 01
.Amutfatol scrip paid ami cn
d!ed from May la Aus. :il,
. U71 ll.'.'Ul Ui
Balance outitan.llng Aui(iut .11,
l7 . J7,tlH 4i,22ii (ll
Op motion of Alderman Mathuss said
joijort waB received and ordered Illod.
Tlio urdinanco committoo reported t ho
following ordinances which were read by
;lbo tjlerk and laid ovor for a second read
ing, viz:
An ordinance to amend ISection 83 of Or-
Tdlnanee No. I.
llo it onP In nl by tbo city coucr." ' ,,
"-ii Cairo: "' rIt-
lU'rvi'.-!, , That "".id by adding after
'hiT,,H ,i-J.io driver the fuliowini;,
aim: at large, are lieieb," ,ocarei lmi.
An Orilliianee'iirovldlii for the rconitnii
tliiupf. hidew.ilk bn. Levee Mreot.
IMItord.itiieil by tltb'clty cdnncll of tho-
cii) ,ii i aro.ij , i
''ftli.l... I rk... it... .(.I ll .
w i ik'.i i. 'iuai iiiu riuuitiuiin (ill 1I'IL.
,! ldi!'il' Levee urcct J)i front or the follow-
'U ! I., r.ll'llMi.jl f,.. l...l....t... .nnl.,,1 .1.. I ..I.,
,1 fl'. L M 1. uw.mt nil, 1IA. 4..II9
r, HI. ll,n2.'W.-Il, ! !ilid IS la blork of
I'll" in. ii, in nun it in 1. 1. .tic Mi. ,i; lull
l.ii. i.n. T, f, u, is, ii, Ki id. 17 anil'
Tstii bol. k No. 4: lot- 1,2, 4, ;. i;. in, 1 1.1
PL 11, 11, I.i, 10, 17 and IU lu block No. .., ami
lots III. 10.11,,1'L 111, U.JO, 1U mid. 17 In
block jfo; tI Xiie;i;t
Sko. 'J. SaTiI walk Willi, be reconstructed
ns bilious; Tho Mdiivollfc ifidfl nJ Ik, pl.ieil
tliutUlii. outer edge of It Vlinfl bu 20 leet
Irom tMIroptillue ofitlio lit almttinir.
unon that nidi1 el xaldftnet: that sit (lii
feel Injmiir ut 'Ihr-thn- of etirrt-lnr nify Im-
iii'eiiiui'ii lur ureas nun eniram-es i) na-i-ineiit-,
uhleli ureas mid entrances ahull be
iirnlccli'.l by mli-'aiitlil Iron Krattuir or
rullieg; that Ihe.Mucc between the outer
cilgoof Hie -IdewalK as.tlxed by lhl sec
tl. in. mid tbo iire-entciiib.inkliiciit on Lett-
-treut, hall be lilleil up WllhcariU to iill'iinl
a good nnd halo roadivay'ouuldii nl s.iid
A" ordlnaueo with
. CM liaivuv boimeK,
:W)iKifBAN UfiawTh'Tcifri'ouneirof tlio
illy ot Cairo, It empowered to auppresx
sidewalk for tlio parage of dravs nml wag
ons; that brick wall?, '.inlDcbtsIn thick lies',
auu 01 uie same ueiKOfc avaiu cuiouiiK'
nielli next to tho sidewalk Uill.bn con
strnvted at right anglCM to tb(r, front line of
each lot.a'.ultfng on Slid I.cVrp hlrcet In
front of each Jot, ""tbevoutjr edire of
each' of Slid. wnfl to be- pir
nllei' Willi flch ,if, the Uui-s 'illvl-hnx
walil . lot from tllofifcvlniig "r
streiits running at rli:ht'imctlsUii't Li.'vee
Mreet, uinl to cxtenatO feet Into fald I-evee
Mreei; iimi iiii!:iuuratiii(' end ol lu
saldwW'n.e-rriiiit llne.gl Hila lot, a brli k
wait of similar Height -MsiM -tiiT con.rn,
of clreular form. !!o Inehfis nt bae. t aner In"
on inside to 1!) Inclien nt lop. t(, i)0 nrchrn
outwardly; the outside Url,e niiev of '
arcloobeSOii-etfrAintlle'lroiit fin,. .31 ii.
bitM.and ihrco buttrcsnes ti be built ngslei,t
the llu-ldi! of tiulil urcboil null, Miiif iit-
feienco to Ilia i.anons r.L',.?.tW?1) WmVW'WlMfU'l to
, . , .i,Jtv, ,. incnuH irom Hiiii wail
iiiuu fiiiiimr urlUK
IlolTS TO J.KAVK T0-1MV. Jss. Filk,
Faducali ; .F.i 1. Graoy, Kvansvillo; In-
diana, Now .Orleans; tito. Obnerleve,
Memphis, Ohio river.
It lv Kit. UDHIKtts Tho river was 7
foot 7 Inches on the gauge last night,
having rlson 24, Inches durlnr the ptuvl-
ods twenly-fouV'hours. A vdry heavy
rain fell along the (ower, Ohio night be
fur'o lent, and 'tho river s swelling' from
orriqi,i(ui, irom jie Heavy rains In
Ivontuckv and Tonnoisie. Tlirn t. .
'U....J..UIIIIU1U.W l . . f. - "
was called to Carlyle, Arkaniai, u -wooiM" ,0.Yiuillt water tu ,Krapsy,lle, and
.innrMuuiiiniriiTOlll(ioi as usceoia. Tno
rlio In, ta,..uppor,.M(iisiiippIl and, Mis
lourl now dooe . not amount to much.-
lluslness nnlniproyed. " .
Caiuioks. TLo Fisk brought 7' 'tuns'
iron, Hi sacks sumac, 4 tons wood' work,
for Sty Louli.-and u few, package for.
otier ports. ,'.
.Tho J). If. Cook brbpght CO bnrrdli'
jyiisay, ot Carroll Ueur and meal, 51
'sacks brnh; and 10 barrps apples for tho
The Cpiinionwoltb has 1,100 tOba 6f
tbo south.
j Thp' James D. l'arkcr his a fair trip
sundries aud some horses and' wagons
Jfom, tho Qryat Southern consolidation
circus and uienacerio fur Cincinnati, ril.n
added a lofof flpur at this1 tiort,' 1
Tho Indiana has liard 'we'rk p'fckfng "uj
a tr)p. Freight soeini td have stopped
coming In f(od tho,ncrthf ' " , J ' !
Koalod proposals will be rooelveu atmy
o(llco until ffu'docVi). in. o'f 'WudrlMd-,-
,tho Kith day of tiept'omber, )HH, for Jur-
..u,UK uie materials, or.dolug iheyurk,
j. ii o construetlbu nf i in f.il.
owlug doinilbua slduwalk. viz.: '() iV..
north side yf HeVcnth .t,et.t between'
W ashington avunuy ami' Walnut ,iro-0l
Maid sidewalk to be constructed ,u.i,'
Said pKMOjalf ihall' (y, rKl(li:tl,-th'
y council urtbe cfty o( Cain,, ,,,,
-' ft v iniu t-uiltll'll iri i
bobeld ou.said m day o .pL
,0' ' ii ii
a U-prUpUillUjmAlUu.UI.duJn. .-p,,.,!
..n 1.1. ll . . . -"W.k4
..i.u w.i ma provisions, reonlr.,..,,..,,.
and apeclllcatlons of ordinance No; Hi,
approved July IHib, 174. which ,,r,lln.
auuo is now on lllu lu my, pmt.a ul,JH.t
The city council rosorvos the rhrht tn
Pitll.pl .nw u...l..ll . . "
j vl" ""j iim an iruHisaia. ,
Wii.1. K. Hawkin!s, City Clofk.
Caiiui, Ills., t'e,,t. I, 1U71. 303.li.I.r
iiuiiomt t'ollm.L'e. llii,..K i ...i
r 7 iiiuiuus
bily kou.es. huuitu. ciylll f0o orsslgu'.
aUnn, slid Is also ernpoM ercil to regulate Iho
.police ( f sulJMty; and to'piss ifhit enforfce'
ulli neees-ar.T pollco ordinances,' now tbsro-
'JUf.B.' .. . . . .. I 1 . fi1,uI!L
ie ii oriiaincu uy Hie city council of the
ritv "f-'--'-"i
Diccrio.v 1. That any, person who i-liall
oe. guilty ot paironllnir. or who .l.uli in
any way coniiibute to Iho support of. or
.Vr n.n.". '" 'I116"1 or '". for tne purposo
of patrol 1 n.' or enntr hnilni. i . .1...
Po. t ... anv bawdy hpuse7bood"l...b,n,.o K-int lino of said Tots Vnl e''ouk Jolsu'''!;
-miiuuon iiouu or place wberi! om nrtnnr.1 I (.w.ll... I... I! In..l.u t.. .1... . i..i, . a
llojniu b-j prays tbo council to remit said
fine tnd cnits.
On motion ot Alderman llalllday said
potitlon was r.forredto the pouimltteo on
Vetlllon of 11. F. llutnildo, J. K. Bplller,
and others requesting the council to con
struct a sidewalk on tbe soutluldo of
tievonlb streot frem Walnut street t Jsf-
feron avonuo was read, and on motion of
Aulermnn llalllday reforrod to the com
mittee on stroets.
Petition of Wm. Ii. Scbutlur, ropreiont
lug that he had purchaaod tbe biuineis of
Jos. C. Htnlth on, Ohio J.evee, who had
recohtly procured llcooio to lell liquori,
and praying tho council to trnmfor said II-
ocriio to him for tbe unexpired term, wai
read by the oUrk, whereupon Alderman
Wright mpved to luapond tbe rule for
tho; purpose of putting the ordinance
entiiiod "An ordinance to amend section
Jef ordinance No 7," to a second rridinc
'sVhiqli motion was carried by the following
Ayes 'J.
Said ordlcance wss then read a locond
limn by theclerk, and uu motion nl Al
donnan llallidny, ailopled by the follow
Ing voto
Ayes llalllday, McKwen, McOauley,
Morris, Maibms, Nellli, Haup, Thlitle
wood and Wright. 'J.
Alderman llalllday moved that tbo
prayer of tho polllouor, W. 11. Schutlor)
be gratitod, and the city cturk imtrueted to
tranifer laid license of latd Smith to is.1.1
Subutter. Motion carried.
l bo following bull for salarlei wero
r-otentod, and on motion of Alderman
Wrghl allowed bv the lollowine vole
Ayei llalllday, Mutlin.., .MuKwon ifc
(lauloy, Morrii, Nellis, aup, Thlatle.
wood and Wright 3
Nays 0
Jno Wood, Aug. slary as
',"uyor una im
W K llawkius. Au srilarv as
cierk ; ; '
IVm MclUle, Aug. laUrv as cllv
lnll. lI...ii
e ennstruelcd of n.. l,ni,.i.,
to cxtend'H fent Into ennh ,cr( .rent at n
1 u. . " iA""' wrcrt, one ,i marshal.... .
'win tbo icoi.t vo.)eiAidiiots.ttuiii ViiK i u J,(j.1"Kn' Auf- "Ury " "u-i
I,cC(! Htreetr tiru-Mlcron a line' III i,.at ul
,Uoifl said Instj mentioned line and panilvll to " "'ae, Aug. salary as trim
1 1 "'i uiii. i.iiiiiiiiiuj wmi Hiiiiiar u(r
-uuur.H ui aim gi imnar neigiit and ln; In
be constructed from one of tliese lines to the
other, tho onlstilo nl tlieupev of ald n t--Is
,u 'if iViff ii""1 !!'u l'11? of Mid cross
street At lis Intrjrsertioit with unlit J.nvee
salary as coin-
too 00
loo uo
tl.) f
75 on
7o 00
women, nawils
lncles by ll Inehcs In tire, Misll bo piaceil.
ilaco wiieru one orinnro
. nr i.f.iL.iii.. u.. ..f.. I . ... ..." i".vt..,
two' hundred dollar-, for each and every
unifii' 7 .'''i1'!1' a"' Pl'r'on who ihall be
If,'11 Msltlng anybiiwiiy hoile, Iioum)
or lll-lsino. as-iuatlon hoiio, room or
i'laee whatoer, where one or more lewd
women, bawds or prostitute reside, board
or. lodge. wlUilu thu limits or the city of
d,i,'' J'" i"!!' I"'1''""' '"' fornication or
f J l'; .?t' i '""i?" t"ml;. "'0 lined in ii
iwhr..!::;.!l,i,,?,sVu,'','' "utMora iUaa
rK " Miall hr luwliil for tl.n
Hil i i ' " mi iur 1
.mi -iitii. ui n ii v u i ndtn in i. i. ii..
L'lnler I" bv 12 Inches in xlr. t,. i.n .....
proper red eedar, blic.k louu-t, or white oak
sill- i-aldJoUtH to In v covered by itt,) 01i
nlaiik, inches thick and not ocr s Inilics
in width, and well sulked on tn smI.i loi.i.
with twenty-penny nulls.
Skc. 8.. Tho local Imiirovements liereln
P" hlf qjlor.tjbaie be tnado by epeeliil ss.
uvpnit:iii nun an .ic-ruruaueo Willi Tu pri
VlslbllS Of .ttwtlnllN IStofjl inclusive, ill r.
t clo ll of the net of the general asseiublv of
no state oi iiuiiBis, npprovcj ApiU loth,
lrtiLnnil cntlthxl I "An nctto piinlde for
me iiieorporuiinii oi cuies nnu villages''
M 8 Cox, Aug
yv iii Drown, Aug. salary as bualtb
ouicur ,
A Cain, John .Sbxebnn, .1 C l.sLuu
W W W notion, and Charli
Alchoor, Aug. salaries as. policy
constables, each. ,
P' Iirou, July salary as police
J J iliid, Juiy lai.ry ai pollco
II T Mm tin, 14 davs ial irv mb
police conitableo ;ij 00
Tbo following' bills woro proiont-! at.d
on motion of Aldermsu MeGeutoy ruar
rod to tbe committen.oii clnlrnr, vis :
K ll Uunninghain, lent of council'
cbambor.. '
H II CuniilughaiJi, :H0y feet lum
buret $IG per XL
Oborly it Davii, publishing ordi-
as oo
dir.o.ri Mathiisi ws,ln nlotun of Alder-
mi Jiaiuuay, acopled, vl:
lUiofved, Tnet tho,,mptrollor b4, aid
be is hereby in,tiuctei to have an aealr.Ii
m.da of thvwater from the drive well' a
il.. i.i ",",f, l 1 rnbl. cost anu
enlVund.""" P'J lUt "X iUa '0",,BK'
The follosrldc reiolutlon was offered by
Alderman, fright, who moved its adop
tion, vl.: '
Usiolve.1, Thatth, cltyj.llor ha re
quested to work the chain gang under his
control, up to full time, say ?fom 7 to
nf !' '."i r,0'n 1 10 " o clock p, m. and
1 ,", m iVT" '"P'ntendent bo in-
wftXote:? ra"u,u 10
Itliolutfon adoptod.
Tbe following reiolutlon wai offered by
AMerm.i,lf,ni,jRT( h0 torei U ndop.
Hon, viz:
Iteulyed, That tho comptroller be In
strutted to employ 8. V. Who.ler to as
s t tbe city attorney In tho suits of tbe
"'M'foporty hold,,,, for C,1M.
t mu ,.f special assessments lor graveling
OMd rv.o from Fourth to rourteentl.
in i "T1' ,u U I,4,j 'l" for his
legal Silvia, (o be one hundrel dollars.
Moilo,, ta adopt carried by tbe folljw
log voia .
Nhjs tt,
On motion of AhUriiian MoOauley tdo
uporlDtendenl of streets was imtrueted
toputiracroMliit: on tbe north tide .f
Snventeenth street, .cro.i FopUr street.
"tportof D.J. cialllgaij, .uperinl.nd
ut of itroets, on the oiliuiated number or
jardi of etb ,o.pii,td( Mll, , C0t of
flVr U'JlU m"K uf K-urleenih
treot from W sihington avenue to W..
out iirMiu W.ltl0l Uom ycartMnttl ,0
Fifteenth street-, on Fifteenth .....t from
Walnut lu (Vj,r ,lrueU ,l0 CtliKr ilf(il
from Fiftwnth to Sixteenth itrrets, aud
"lamonin ureil wen of Ceds.
Was presarited anil on motion of Aider
tnau Nell, received and filed
I I.JUUK n j lis.
I be slate and fclty Hquor bonds of Wm
II. .lohutlor wero preiented and on mo
tion of Aldcrrnin Wright approved end
ordurod filed.
On motion of Alderman Wright tbe
council a)J.urnud.
Wn.t. K. IlAkisa,Cily tllerk
Fok Ur..sT.Tbii underslgnod b.i throe
ilrit.clsii reildoncnit, twoou Crosi and
on JvioTiintb stret, for rent. Kxrel
lent il.tems, mil.houiei, and all oth.r
ronvoulences .ull ptl, ,nl(1
Knqulroof O. W. ili.KitAio, 1'. M.
Tuk dodfca'.ion of tbn 51, rj. cl u el.
I'llln will take placo on Sunday, Hp.
tembor 13lh. at 11 ucock a, ln
Kjv, Jesso Orant, pr-ilJinB Mr
Oinclating. All friend of tbo church arid
tho cauio aru cordially I,lriti to I
poliecma ., violating any ,,! ,P , ","u " '"1 anoexpen-esof tlio rccoiisiruc- . w proceodlngi, Arc,
'.IndlMIeb ner- .n, V...Vi "'.Da".cei
lahil 11 noeeary ,-0 delain inch perlons'l !
ii.-.. -. ( nuilliay. Ill I in civ
tho 1'iiuds arising Irom laid npuclal aM's.
bcc. 1. ilioofniersoliiny bts froiitln..
Uil' .11 ..1.
era In 1st) In An,. ...'( or. 1 .1...
D MoCartby, for extra meals for
... ..... ...t... . z;r ni iiciauuur
.- evvnu ii UU I unnMu odtilnrtn- j 41. ts.ni.h..-I .. : I ...... . v imiii iiduihiv
s aa we'-a t' 'jm.u aaa a hid i omii rinriiii nr iiiie i f s . i . - u
ys work
c-r tivo.upon proecsv.
--.ii........ ."( i . .v"" " mi" i luck noinit. .vn
(AMgjlM. appeared In hi. seat.) lil;Sff.fS,,,,, Mu of T i
i ill on liiitif-n v,.i.Ti.- Ta-""T- - .ir.t.e ti, i tuuii ui u.m rauuQ at tlim i " ,-"im.
..s.-s U. SUIIIIDIIUli t,ID IlIUllTIUIsl (IF
cltyoiliecr, or wZmZhtSSntl W. M "'A for ,hu "!
ativii,..ronoriinrwr. ...S ...r." ilT. ?o lion ofaald sidewalk, directed to ib mi.
for ft -violation of anv . ' iv .7u- J . " .. U ,,,u',. w' bo received at bis oilleo ii.T tb
for tho oiienliM' nr s
wlih l ".'..." ."". r"l,'ve, lortli- which notice shall stain ti, ,7'",";
:.ij:r . ... ""an noi interfere with nmniin,-,i.....i.. iu
iMuyui c'i i t on as mov .1.1,1 c.ir in ... i ) . r . . "'" "orK 10 no oone.
Cinlan. 22J days work on side.
Qulnn, 25 days work on dram-
Jfrry Murphy, 21J days work on
Daniel McCarthy, 17 days in
liuirge ui cumn gang
liath lily, for hauling 10 toads ein-
dors, and 3 loads lumber
M K l'owors,for hauling '1Q loads
.0 00
35 66
130 CO
8 OC
80 60
llf) 00
- 0
?!! 00
45 00
n,,'!f,!"!,r.""i'1 ,Ut,1 "riim'rovi.l. end that ald Tliot 'Meohan, for hauling 2 loads
ork on
Among tho arrivals ut tbe
hotel yeiterd.y were the (..Mowing,
Irwin and Sid onlr. n..
I We, Union City C.O
n. .. ""l-
. W. Ilsrpor. Tonek. if.....' '
' g ! ()!,
WAXTeu Four Put rM.m t .
H-eHboem,,,. ,;;r r-
. .Any olllcer or i,.,n,... nil oner nml date ofapproviil. or
the' pro Lions of ii.t. ' nl f. ." " V 17 '? ,'I',I"''.'''L If.ut'lect .i oxum nation at V, , lumber,
sitlfcil in n Midi of not ,.s, than nv... v. I..I. w'":."1' "tu.-. '''''"Ilia shall bo openeil Jerry Murphy. U davs
.ir nor uiiiro thau one bun.lred dull irs. r,,V :UT,""J1 . ,r,.'r:'.n.'" f bo lyiiincll. streets In' Julv. omitted
Hi vl itl, m l?" VT"' l"!'""1'"". "' ir fiirilUbl ng lin' lniderla Tbo.' McCabo, removing, -i dead
lX it J .1 .' .,1."rdl'""!V '' o'truetToin a d' "blow lie sha bo' ,.cow ouUlJo l-- rt
in lu to i ,h :S it l .7,LC0""t1'""lr2r,l,r aw'.ii'de.I'to'the lowest rcspoiidij, bidder0 M rumovmg' 1 dead' cow'
Uni Or penalty lief re Vonio iither olbi UlD M . 0J""14 ,'evo :
!nal.,ra,o or WW,' MrA tSftfi t'"
icix.i AninPrt work, or both, under tfio siipcrlnfci, i,"n,. w, 'r","'""
mances In . r,, . . r ,r"" ei.mtn lea on .etrcet, wiUiln, s, h J. . ""'I.."r,"w.,r-8V."''"f .
s euro hereby ""' co'i'ilicll Sm a oxp'e.ffenrt?. do1,!,' 'M
1 V", )'il!iiLVlro uot,h:dllactory Ip
eoi licit; llltiylibay reject aaypr iilf c
nnd, may tlieu,ror theroalter. luilhoii
, pTU-K.-I hereby give notice tbat I
have this day cloied oul my slopk gf tQ
baeoo, cigar and smoker s articles to N
W. llackor & Co 1 recommend il,..,!
gntlomen to my former patroni.
J. C. KCKINliltttd,
'Iauc, lLM.,!jopt. 1, 1874. y.j.lt
Foil itKNT. ThO noW lirlnV I... ........
houio lately occupied by Ospt. Kelly, on
Commercial avonQo.boiw.eh Tenth and
hlevonth streotr, Cairo. A larco !...
given if required. Knnuiro of II. Watson
Webb, corner Kloventh stroet and r'n..
merclal avenui. 87-8.''ii.irH
Viiinux Folk. Attkmtiov i.
it,, Kuehn. will visit Vienna on tVednBs.
10 00 dnyor'fhuriday. U'arUos having pianos,
orerans and Melodeons to limn . ...t.
35 00' y,l do woll to loavo orders at the l'lorce
uouie. llo will give satisfaction, as ho is
a competent man. Cairo can l-Ivo 1,1m
13 00 the bjist, uf roference. ItO-l.lM.'ii
1 00 tiTatAJI AND UAH KlTTINfl Nuu,l..,.l
& llennle have entorod iqto a co-partner-ship,
and have oponod a shop on Oomraor
t, 00 h'"' Xo?ui, nuxt door )o 1W Power'.
60 00
12 00
M ... . ... . r ' ".mnrr, suuinui
...x.r.l.e'l bsgllis .Sentenl,ai, on. ilT-V
uXifnn amity.
. h'MAN l,; l. I'revfdfcnt.
Mil -mr
.luerman -iiatuiiis movod to suspoud
thorulofor tho purpooof putting KId
ordinanco to a aocond reading. Motion
lost by tho following vote :
'Ayes o
Nays II. It reoiilrl
ahlprmaii 9lect to mspuiid tho ruins. HM
orjinance wai (Hereupon ma ovvr for a
aecond reading.
An, ordinanco to amend .vot tlon "0 r Ordl.
wwth l?r&$MKUF -tibii '!
II leet to ill frc" " Mreo' r""
tiilVrXttl the
fnW&UV ai""i.".S'' it of Ordl
liauee' .VbH; 1,B anlrtrrf. il .vit7ii, ui
oil. hn I rn , ,1 II swsrX I , t sT 0 9 ' '"J Valk"B'"ul uV,ytVi;ni'il
bgc PorUm?Ulortt q
01mpDT-or,herr,; .bcut 0
front lino of the bu..
IliLJnlll "Id'' nml In., .mi..,
vjii ' in inai noriinn iieki.rii.ii... .i... .n...
ex.eii.lo,, of 'wan ' S ' ' ,
fffint and ii'mlii that poiium desrilblng
and by slrlk
III lieu IbereoC,
ol lliein)
.mii.M...... .
M.lmv.lk to be rf cnnstructed by hucU sl'" l
ustljey may tt)lnk,projter. (
i rjTiTioy.
1 elition of F. K. Dietrich. ,..,i
representing that by tad bimiiieneed Im.t'
oess atNoCfi. Ohio J,ovoe, on tho 15th of
July last, and tbat ho had procurod tho
Treeiiirer'i receipt for merchants license,
but tfiat not b'eing aciiua'lnfod with ihe
ordii-ouca n (pairing him to lllu tbo
wun mo visy, Ulurltr Mid. 4ireouro-.bU.II
wnie ho falloy.WdAol,uiTibe1
111110(1 that it would be nectary to p o
ari the lleonio thftork, he had
Biauou uoiM'ejiu.ltinljut nddrelied It
'i'liftJind hat delay.
7r abcut His wntV
and tliirvTii conuuu.rfco of his not bvlf.-
tbo llcunnsheawai-llaed $(', 00 apd coits
by the city iutitoMft, andUe , w, i ,.
nocont ol wilrtlbegliMiRp
atratton & Jllrd, 10 kegs'nalls and
SpiKOS ,
the illy I J u 'tutu, l bond and coupon re-
j;1"" f
J r Ilely, Qitapllshlng the grado "
on. 8th stroet and ou Washing
ton av,onus ,
11 F Ilowen", for printing no copies
of ordinanco on card...,,,,.,',
Huio Loomls & Co., for ice, for
clerks olllce .',...;..,...'.....(.
Huio Iiobmls & Co.", for lee, for
...... it - ' .
iroui laoorers
Henry llryant, for rsconstruotlng
.261 feet, sidewalks on 7th street
lietwesn Walnut and Cedar at
samo Henry llryant, for reconstructing
siaiwuK on r.amiao wsiniog
ton avenue frnm 6th to eU street
237 feat at 37cls
Uenry Urynt,.for reconitructlng
0 00
J oo
w oo
IT 00
nvory.suble. They , now aadv
kinds of Hteam and flu i?u.i-..
tbe sidewalk, on the North' sida '
of6thitrMt(rom Wasblngtqn to
Cotnta.rolal, ,q871 ftii'fr Wei. 1 62 75.
Honrytliryant, for reconstructing "
54, feat. sidewalk, on fib, street
x batweep Wlngtp'n and Wai.
nut itreeU, at 32 cU. .V,.,v..... 1.728
The following resolution ofl'ersd by Al-
W!;WeM ,Vork ,nd uWd. Bpi'S
attuntian paid to ron.lrlnir buuiim. Vh.
solicit a share of public nitron. .mi
guaranleo tbolr work to be well dono.
DAV ll0AHU.N(l.A,r,, auw.,t
to Inform the public that ibe has openod
uuimiing nouio lor tbe acuuiinodallon
o(day,boarlurfl Id tbo brick rcildoncn nn
2 '2a the onrnur of Twollth and Poplar streets.
irs,.Piows!ri is known tp Cairo people as
all old hand at tho business vl providing
acceptable faro for boarders, and with a
determination to keoD un her wa)1.......i
reputation, solicits1 a" share or public pat
ronago. 89-8.2C.tf
i ,
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Eighth street and Commercial avenuo
whore J. Oeorgo Htionhouse with his pan.
tl.manly assistants can be found at anv
hour of tho daV oif night, toady to soothe
your footings with a smooth .have, or cool
your temper and hoad with a good sham
poo. It is a first-class shop, and you are
syro of recoivlng first-class treattnsnt
Xadios' and'chlldron'. Lair cut or eur8j
tertbe most approviilstv rJ-lB.t
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