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I ilienoU,stnml!stet-elllng book nM.
1 1'. II, Goodrich ("con of lVtor Parle) '.
I.eti HkM.lo oyngu. 'i'l')7':ckV11HurcV;
lure rsiiiuruiiiiii.. ; . ,.,,1;
I aval u.iil.n
1 1 natal inotiU'M,
riii! romance ui
l llllll tail". V'". V r". "lV..nl.,- niiil
uoet llbt rai terms to agents, to
St. 1auIs or Chicago.
i..n f,tv tirirni. sonu tui
cuMvronusvn.u'., ind
t nit itrmtu.trins Kent. II. 1874. Its ilaMlml,
icullnc, preparatory And Lngli-li ',,ut,?
are extensive mid tuoroiidi. 1 lie 1 iicnlly
hitu enlarged the muiibcrof Undies lu the
r tparalory i1epiirliiiiilo that joiing men
In any lorminay rcu'itc instruction In Al
t' 1 lira, (ternary, Trigonometry, !iirwj In-'.
. 1,1, .!.!,- Ilnnnin. I took lirrnlllli mid
olicr mnllc it'Uallv tatilit In lie bet
nwdrtiiK. For lititlirr information send
ft it eatnlogui to the pie.lcnt or treasurer.
in an fjrertuiU a rcmctlit
M tin HulpliMo In tb same liilo It nfrrti
tht nrml l is, ts more pilaUlilo and much eliuipfr.
Html tirdccrltHtoCltenM with Trstlmontnls
I'hvilHnnt from all Vatta U10 eiiunUJ.
!-, rtnAllil r.ir bill. 2S cent.
Vi nat. .1 Vr Illl.l.lNtJH, Ul.AlT Is CO., Mwmfuc
ur. i CUniUt. llupton, UtM,
t'omliK t an nimncy for tlio rcrptlmi of ad-itrtl.-emcnM
fr American Newspaper
the mut rtunnlnto i-tablMimrnl oflm llml
jo tiio mum. ii'0'.'.::1 ,"' 1' :
tit Hit mwtv lirir fii ill" j.i'ur, niuivin tun
iddflfniml .burro or enmtnlKston. Alt ml
vrtlcr, In denting vfltli llir atrenry, l saved
lib ililo mid crirrelinndi!ncv, in:iklii'' nno
in' r.itt lnhlo.nl ol doxti, a hundred or a
lif.Liaiid. A IicmjIs of flghty ptn-i'", con
...iiili" llt' of lift papcii". larj;ct rlrcltla
r, rcllulon, agricultural, :laf. polltiual,
ii ly and imintry papcri, and all puldlca
onvidc.li uti cpfctilly valnablii to adxer
Hr, vltli Mjino lutiinnntlou nliout piluc ,
-nt KJIlii; to npy nddri" on npli'atlou.
eoni at 11 illvtanco ulthliiK to inaicc con
ni lor ndvcrtlsInK In any town, city,
ontr. ftato or territory uf tho I'liltcd
Na or. nny jiortlon of thu Dominion of
anada, Ul.iy (.flitl n coiil'Ibii j-tati'incnt ol
uliaKlipy want, toeethor tvltli n ropy or
Hid jMiVKIiTlSJLMKNr 7iov ilt'Mro Inkurlrd,
Tind Mill ri'ctlM) Information ly rotnrn malt
v.lilch will etinblo llicinto dciddo whctlmr
t Increase or reduce tho order. Vor mich
inlormatlou there is no ebartjo. Ordern arc
take n lor a MiirIo paper ah well m for 11 ;
li.r 11 tdiclo dollar in nailllyai lorn larger
1 Jin. UlUccs (Times JlulldUic),
11 PARK ROW. JsT. Y.
S5 TO S20
for day nt home. Tfcrm free. Address
ii;o,STlNSUJi .fcCO., I'ortliind,ilo.
J'oniwol Adn'rtMiii,' mo oilorod for Now
liajici ; 111 tlio fctatc 0 iU.INOI.S! send lor
n list of papers and kehi-dnle of ralcx. Ad
droM (iKO. 1. KOWLL.VCU.,JVdV9ltU
Iiur AKi-nt", 41 l'aik How, New York.
. lli:i'i:n io Tin: Ediiou.ok Tiiib l'jtixn.
S77 "wieieie:
Guaranteed to malo and feinslo afjontc, lu
their locality. Cot NOTHINO to try It.
raitlcUlaiM True. J. ,0. YIUKUKY ,V CO..
Aiii.Iii.m Mi, .'.i?Ji-.1w
AVhcrcan, (mtlie'iUlid ay of lantitry,187
llstli Illy and arah 111 y, litn wile, dldu
renin and on the 'i&Wi day of January, 1H7
lid ueknowled);o nnd dcllur to tlio undo
1 lned, their certain motrgniro deed, ami dl
tni'iaiij nrrfiii'.li, 'fC':!, ivn.i.u ua cono
to tho iinderlL'ned tlio followloi; docrlbo
lot l ground in the City of Cairo, count!
if Alexander and Mato of lllluoln, lo.M-ik
lot miiiiliereii fTnl.v-nIno (I':'), in lilocll
iiiunliori'd fort j -lour (11), toetliur with a
tho privilege nnd nppurtcnancen to tho
faino beloiiKlnj; or appertulnlnj,', and did
thereby reloaio und vaio all riRhti and
prlile);e under and by vlrluo or tiio home
htead exemption lav-i of the titate ol lllluoli
to M-cuic tlie .payment of two noten, each
lor thu t-um of t'hrlity-ono ilollarn, beuriu.t;
oven ditto with cuid mortsa'i and uaeli pa)
able to tlio order of ZacbarJali 1). 31atlius
in thirty dayHnnd nluu utoiitlMultcr date, to
riid tlvely with ten per ecnt. Intercut.
ud wherein, i-:U(i uiorlaL'u provide tliat
to r to uf default In the liaiuent of either
t nam notes or any part thereof, tho whnlu
Kuni ( 1 Fccuied liall nt;t!iu oilon ol thu
undersigned bceomo duo and payable
and tho (-.ilil inorli;aKud prcmlfoi
may he hold lu the manner, and upon i;Itiiu:
lintleo M in itald morlMo i-poeiricd, niiil
tthereas ilef.itilt li i been inadii for more
Ibaii ten day, In tho pumcnt of 11 portion
ol Kild mhiimi hoeured, now lliereloie, l
urtiio of tho power In nald
mortagi) eontaliifd, 1 will on
t'10 ,tli day of September. 1S74, nt the
lenir ol U o'clock, p.m., at tho front door of
thu court lio-e,ln kald Cltv of Cairo, ciunty
or Alexander and ttate ot Illinois, ofter for
ale nt public, x endue, to tho lilliit bidder
1 r ea.li, lot numbered tuenty-nlno ()) In
lot n utliuberril tin t y-lotir (ll(.
tu letoloro dei:ribiMl, and will
i x. ute and deliver to the put-
iri-ir iidood Iherelure. Jbtted Auut tilth,
It I ..(Cinlil.lll 1. .MATIILnH,
fauitiii I'. tV'lieeler, Moilfatjic.
Vti' for MortiMgc.
Cairo Box and Basket Co.
Keep toiibt.iutly 011 hand
(Jonuor 3Ulx 'Htrobt
Mill ami Y
nnd Ohio Itovec.
Mantifacturera and Dealers In
mimi AND LATHi
I'Ol'JiAK.OAK, Ori'KUH, ASH, (illM
KAOK1) JiUMllKlt..
CjTOIUcii at ksw mm on corner of 'IV'ti
tv -eionil htrcet and Ohio I to.
icectlller mid M'ltoloualo Deulcr
J' .no; in, Ohio u:vi:i:,
lllll Hrnd. .
Somolmtlv io tula from us fi thortsnnd bill
head, koo piper and finely printed, for
SlUrfJ to 4 00. ,
Onathoti.mdtatcrocntt printed at This
III'I.I.KIIN dlUco for .'I.M1 to 1.00.
Onn thousand nnto heath printed at Tn
llut.t.KTlt( olllcc for $.1.00: Iwotlmusandfor
itiinilinntniiil liiiiliirM rards. Clio llrlstol
hoard. nrlnleilatT IK lllTl.l.KTl.V oltico for
frnni i- :a tn JWt 'cording In writ.
HATUED.W, BKVl 0, 1H74.
C.hh krt. 'lho 811 vor Oornnt band
will play at tho court liOUlof ttatid '.M
Vantkd lly two;yonn(; ontlstnon, a
nlcoly furnishfHl room, wlthji pr jvato fam
lly. Uoply to 1'. O. lloxol. Kt
m m
Au lho day boarders in lho city tan
lio hceomiiKKjatBd u tho St. Charle
lintul, with Hrtt-claM board at eccond clane
Jelly liiitnK.H. Somotliinc new I
tho .lollv l'rc lino, at llondonoiiV, 100
Coininorclal aronuo. cb-8-U-li"
U'm hTi imr r ioliromO "J'Jiiek"
tMl'w'w toll iXir bit ilonrc, roguar
prlco orthotn 14 Tlioy'tiiay lo oen
Ut tllO ItVLI.KTIK oirico.
I)H. 'NV'M.LiAMa, Uonttat may bo found
In Id oC'100 ftt an; timn 'ottracti titolli nt
nil liourt day or nllit. Ullico at MO
Commercial uvimuo, iotwoon 8th and Utb
ttrcot. 4f 8-4. lm
1 L. 1
Hkiko .'lUrAiaxn. -s" Tho Klevonth
ttrnot ildowalk, between AVaiblDgtoc
avcijuo und AValnut (tree t, 111 be(QK,l
ercd. tn tjrado and roconi'.ractcd. When
dono ft will bo almost ai good at now.
Ir (Iaii- JaUor JJIck J-'itzgeraU Jn
forme ui that I16 'li now b'otrding about
thirty. tbroo, ctntlemon, all of jifhom have
bunineaii to iraniact at tho 'npproaclllng
ecsilou ot tlie circuit oourt.
Circuit r Court. Tha Alexander
county circuit court will commonco on
next Monday inornlncr. There U a pretty
lnro criminal docket, to diipoiu of, but
lho civil dockot U comparatively cUr.
Max Jvukiink, tho organ bulldor, la
roady at any llruo to tura nd repair
piaiioSj nnd molodeona. YounftJ llToly
trust your luitrumonts to his caioj you
will not bo deceived.
l'AUTiKa dosiringto hnvo tbelr pianoa
and molodoati cleanod, repaired and
tuned,' ehould trust; thorn to M. 11
JCuobno, cornor Tbjrtoenth nnd "Walnut
etrcota'. Ho is tbo moat competent man
in Cairo.
UAK.llr. Oorould reuettod ua to elate
that owing to repairs new belnn mado on
tho gaa worka, tbo supply of t;as for the
next ton daya will to rather abort. -mv
fore It is hoped that consumers will be as
ooanomical as possible in tlio amount they
The Puiimi! Sciioolh. Our public
schools will reopon on Monday morning
noxt, September 7tb. The school houses
havo all boon put in readiness for the
opening, and it will bo but n few daya
from tho tlmo ihey commence until thoy
are going alongm smoothly as evor. Wo
understand nearly all tho teachers have
firrlrod In tho city.
ami LouihvillJ!. All porsons who do
eiro to go to Cincinnati or Loulsrillo, can
procuru round trip tickoU nt tho guaoral
tickot otllco ot the Cairo & Vincennos
railroad, In Cairo. Ono faro for tho round
trip. TickoU good to go anil rotnrn for
six days from dato of istuo. 'J-'iw
Dui,t.:ovNo'luslneai was transacted in
tho polico, court yesterday. Justice Ilird
watshud nnd waited tho day through in
tho hopq of "catctblng a few poor devils,
but n sln;ln unfortunato put In nppoar
nnce, nnd when it was announced (bat ho
wasipenniluss, tho justice gave way to his
wrttth, nnd ordered thu victim to "four
days in the calabooso."
Skxt to Jaii.. A young man, a car
pontor by trade, whose enly crime il that
he allows liquor to too frequently gel the
better of him, was nrresteJ night beforo
list for being drunk. lie .was before
Justlco Ulrd yostorday morning, and thu
lowest fine In "such caeos, provided," was
attested against him. Having no money,
ho was eent to tho calabooso for four daya
, 1
To Til it Vatuonh OK TUX ItYCOUlHU
Henuwal receipts if juoJby 0, 1. Lyon, late
nguui, unieiis signou oy aa protiaeni ana
tecretajy of tho company, nre null and
void and ot no otloct. No lots will be
paid under them unions roguiarly issued.
CAllio, lu.., Aug.30ib, 1B74. J
K. M. Uauuak', Htalo Agont.
HK.vnr KLl.loTT,of Klliolt iV Hay thorn,
Ii now in Noi York buying a largo stock
nf dry goodi for tho fait nnd winter trado.
Tho arm hai built up an immense wholo
tale and retail boot and shoo bualnosi. nnd
their long experlonce in times past in the
dry goods lino insuros thorn success In
this addition to their business. Thoir
now s took will bogln to nrrlvo noxt week
and will bo as good If not .tho beat solec
tion ever brought to this market,
loiucco Halm, There waa the usual
tobacco sales at tho Planter's warohouio
yctterday. There was net a great quan
tityon thu breakes. but what was sold
brought excellent prices. ' jius brought
from 7.0ote $10.45 ; shipping leaf from
f 11.00 toll3.no, nnd wrappers from $16.00
to $30.V5. The lait mentlonod was an
excellent artlclo of tobtcco, and the price
obtained for it was satisfactory in the
hlghott degree.
A DiAnoitrAL Deep, A farmer
named, Humphrey, accompanied by kit
ton-ln-law, who lives back of Orconflold'a
landing In Mlasourl, oamo to the city on
Thursday morning with a losd of water
melons. It being late In the evening be
foro thoy dlipoaed of their "truck,' they
concluded to remain In tbo city nil night
and "camp out." For this purpose they
drovo their loams to tbo vacant lot
tbo corner of Tenth aud l'op-
ar streets, where they unhltcnod
and took tbo harness off Ibulr hones per-
paratory to going, Into cnm(. Aftur feed-
ng their hones, Mr. ilumpbroys and his
sun-ln-Uw, startod out to tako a walk
through the city, nnd warn abaont from
their wagons probably an hour. When
they returned to go to bod It being llion
about two o'clock, they found that 0110 ol
their borioa, a line, largo iron-grey, for
which Mr. Humphreys only n few days
ago refuted to takn ono hundrnd and
folly dollars, had been atabblud
lu the neck and was then
In tlio lalt throws of death, anl died In
two or threo miniates. What motive tho
villalu or vllUing whocouitnlttud the out-
ritguetis act, could havo had for so doing,
cannot bo coticolvid. Mr. Humphreys U a
rjulot and inofl'uflslvo man, and If ho has
an enemy In the world, doesn't know It,
Busplcion attaches to n cortain colored
man In thu city, and If It can be
proven that he was tbo author
cf tho crlmo, lho very lover-
01 1 Duulslnueat should Lo meted ut
to him. The matter Is In the hands of
fOtnl ofllcur, and wsbojio and belforu the
criminal will bo brought to Justice. All
our citi.tn's sympathlsu with Mr.
Hnntphrys In hit lots, and will rondor
him any attliUncoIn their powor lo veuk
vongotirn, In a lawful manner, on the
scoundrel who has sodeoply wrongod him.
Our peoole owo It lo themtelvcs lo holp
forrlt out this vllltaln and shq thai ho ro-
ci.lvos merited punishment. It Is aucb
crime as thuao that have glvon Cairo the
hard nanto abe boars and lho only way to
stop thorn Is to rid the county of the
wrotchos who commit them.
Mr. Km Ton: It Is very seldom that I
reply to anything otTered through the col
umns of your papor, but I take up
my pon now to say that while
beliovo In criticism, and like
to foe acourate truthful criticism, still
nothing is calculated to do mero harm
than unfair criticism. If what I say in
tho publio desk is fairly and correotly
quoted and appears in Its jirujier placet
with its true bearings and connections
have not the slightest objection.
llut, Mr. Kdltor, I very respectfully
protutt against the mixing and inditcrjut
inately mingling of what are supposed to
bo my ideas, In a public and general urlt
icism. 1 protest against the presentation
of a part in a dlsoonnneoted war. It is
doubtloss unintentional 00 the part of the
orltic, and yet It does a great wrong to tho
oaute. If printod crittoitms are neces
sary, I would much prefer tu pay for
reporter to take down just what I lay In
lis proper place, with ita surroundings.
. . YoUH, II. II. Thatkh.
Tho first Monday of Soptouibor being
the opening day of tho fall and winter
session of the Lorotto Acadouiy, it will
bogin on the 7th inst.
l'aronts desiring to send their children
to tho nccadomy aro requested to accom
pany thorn to makotho nocesaary arrange
ments. All tho branches ot a pollto and solid
oducalion will be taught, Including
French, Gerjian, music, and fancy noodlo
work. The German language to bo
augh t by a Gorman sister. 0-2-2W
OamsI OakbI Cans I Quarts, one dol
lar per dozen; half gallons, ono fllty
per doxon ; mado of best material aud
grooved seams; at Henderson's, 100 Com
mercial avonuo. 6'2.8-B-lm
Kon Hunt. Thu undorsignod has throo
flrst-clatt roildoticnH, two on Croat and
ono on Klovonth streot, for rent. Excel
lent citterns, out-houses, and nil other
conveniences. Just put Into lino order.
Enquire of (i. YY. MoICkaio, 1. M.
Koit Kxnt, The new brick business
houte lately occuplod by Dept. Kelly, on
Commercial avenue between Tenth and
Eleventh slreott, Cairo, A large lease
given 11 roqulred. Enquire of 11. Watson
Webb, cornor Klovonth street and Com.
merclal avonue. 87-8-!iC-10t
Phivatb Uoabdiho. Mrs. J. "W. Oar
mlchnel having taken the largo bouso a
tho cornor of Sixth stroot and Washing
ton avenuo, is ;propared to
furnish nrlvalo boardiutr. to a
limitod number of elthor ladies and gen.
tlomen. or to gentlomen and thoir wives
The houso Is very pleasantly located and
convenient to thu business partot thecity,
Tho rooma aro Urge, airy aud well
llghtod. For further information inquire
t the house.
Tim Dklmonico IUhtauhakt will
opon on tho fl rat of September and will
bo kept open thereafter day and uight.
Harry Walker has mado all prepara
tions for tho restaurant business and will
bo ablu to accommodate all blsjoustomors
Fresh oysters, gamo of all kinds, and
everything in its season that tbo market
affords, will bo sorvod up.
Hoard on tho European plan three
tlckots for ono dollar.
Kogular tiny board at the old ratot
first-claii board at third-class rates.
Day lloAnmNti. Mrs. Stewart wishes
to Inform the public that she has oponod
a boarding houso for tbo accommodation
of day boarders, in the brick residence on
the corner of Twollth and Poplar streets.
Mrs. Stewart is known to Cairo people a
an old hand nt the business ot providing
acceptable fare for beardors, aud with a
determination to keep up hor well-earned
reputation, solicits a sharo of public pat
ronage. Wt-8-'iS-tf
Steamer Jlm'FItk, l'sdttcah
" Clarkavllle, Memphis
" Hie tlenevlevo, Ht l.ouis
" Mds Navoat, Haln bridgo
" T 1 Oracy, Kvansvlllo
11 Colorado, Ht Louis
" 11 II Cooie, Kvansvlllo
Hteamer Jim Kill, I'aducah
" Clarkavi:lo, I'aducah
11 titc (leoeviove, .Memphis
" F 1 Oracy, Kvantv'tllu
" Colorado, Vlcktburg
11 Indiana, ntlremetit
" II II Cooke, Enavillo
IIoathto Lkavk To-IUV. Jim Fltk,
I'aducah; Arkansas . Ilelle, Evittiivlllu;
Hullo .Memphis, Mumphii; Vint Mhinklu,
this morning, Now Orleans, City of Chea
tor, St iiouis.
Moats, Wkatiikii, IlnatMLhs. 'l'ho
river last ovunlng was li feet H Inches on
thu gatigu, having riton 'JO inches ilurlug
the provlout 'J I huitrs. Wuathur haxy
with indications of rain euutt, llutinesa
dull. Klvor roports rucuivud by thu signal
otlico give thu stage of water at other
ports as follows: Pittsburg, 1 fool 2
Inches; fell IS inches. Cincinnati, 7 foot 0
Inches; roso I Inch. Loillsvillo, 1 foot 10
Inelios; roio 2 Inaties. siUvlllo, 11 Tout
a Inchon; foil 'J foot 4 liiuliui. Ht. Louis
7 foot; fell 11 mch o.
Uaiuiok.i. Tiio F. 1 Oracy brough'
27 bl.ls Hour, 110 bbl whisky for the,
outh, I2f sicks wheat for Ht Louis nnd n
largu paaaoiigor trip. Among hor pas
ione;orn wero Mrs. J. M. Phillips roturn-
ing from n visit lo friends In Kentucky
nnd Judge Ureon and lady.
Tho Liday Nerval brought. hack tho K.
W. Uugan's pump, bavin;; rutfod tlio
bargo Alpha in two houm nnd ten miri
utoi. The Lltltu Jim KeeJO towed thn
Alpha o tit. Louis.
Tho Jim Kitk brought 38 hogihoadt of
tobacco for London, England; 107 tacks
wheat, S tor.t wood, for St. Lotilt.
The li. II. Cook brought .110 bales for
tho rnllrvad, and has 7S cords tan bark
for Evannvlllo. Hho could havo gut plen
ty ot Hour If alio had taken It nt shipping
rates, but tbey aro too low fur this season
The M. V. T. Co. aro loading barges at
No. 31 Front struot, Now Orleans.
MtaCKLLANKoca. Tho Kvansvlllo pac
kot, l'at, Cleburn, is being recaulkod and
repaired on tho ways at Mound City, anil
will be otT again noxt week. Capt. J.
U. Grammar pasted to Mound City yostor
day, and goes to Evansvlllu to-day.
The Jcbn Kylo will Lo found at tho
wharf this morning, ontreatu to Mow
The Vint Shlnkle is ploklng up a big
trip along tbo lowor Ohio. She can carry
1000 tons If tho is llttlo,
Capt. Tom Loe of I'aducah and M r. O.
x,Bsl-s of Caledonia wero passongora on
the Jim Flsk Ji-.i.-.lay.
"Wharfmastor, M. H. Knsmingor, has
gone to Memphis on buslncsa nnd Mr.
Jim MasoS is ci!oi.l'iug wtiniiSv .
night during bis nbsenco.
Tux dodlcatlon of tbo il. K. church a
Ullln will tako placo on Sunday, Sep
tember 13th, at 11 o'clock a. in
ltev. Jesso Grant, presiding oldor
otllcUting. All frlendt uf tho church and
tho cauto are cordially invited to bo
Just itxcxiVKU. l'rlrno lard, break
fast bacon, hams, froth butter nt tho
now brick storo, cornor of Twentieth and
Poplar stroet.
100-'J-1-Ct F. K. DlKTiilcll ii Co.
ScllKNCK's 1'UI.uo.vio Svaui' For tho
cure of consumption, coughs and colds
The great virtuoln this medicino is that it
ripons tho mattor and throws il out of tho
system, purifies lho blood, and thus ollocts
a ouru.
sciiknck'h bka wkku tonic, von tiik
Tho tonio produces a healthy action ot
tho atatnaob, croating an appetite, forming
chyle, and curing thu most obstinate cuius
of indigostion.
Sciiknck'h Manhkakk l'U.I.H K0K THE
Cuke or Livkb Comtlaint, ,Vu.
Tbean pills aro altoratlvu, and produce
a hoalthy action of thu livor without tho
leaat danger, as tbey aro froo from cal
omel, and yet mere ell'aclous In restoring
a healthy action of the liver, ,
Theae remedies are a certain euro for
Consumption, as the Pulmonic Syrup
ripens, the matter and purifies tho blood.
Tbo Mandraka Pills act upon the livor
crnato a healthy bile, and remove all dis
eases ot thn liver, ofton n causo
of Consumption, Tbo Sea
Weed Tonio kWcs tono nnd
strength to tbo stomach, makes n good
digestion, nnd enables thn organs to form
good blood ; and thus creates a healthy
circulation of healthy blood. The com
bined action of these medicines, as thus
explained, will euro ovory caso of Con
sumption, II taken in tlmo, nnd tho uto of
lho medicines pretorved in.
Dr. Schenck It profefttionnlly nt his
principal otlico, cornor Sixth and Arch
Sis., Philadelphia, overy Monday, whore
all letters fur adviuo mutt bo nddrosted.
Schonck's medicines for salo by Druggists.
1-0-1-1 in
Notice to h-b Pijiilic Tho now
packing houte market in Wilcox's blook,
will bo opon Saturday noxt, with fresh
moats and new lard, at tbo lowott market
prlco, Howk & lino.
TmOAueKor Tkui'itunom llndt one
of its most Irialdlous and dangerous ions
In lho many so-called "tonics" nnd "ap
petUers." made of cheap whisky nnd re
fute liquors, Hnlihed up to suit deprived
appotlteH under tho name of niedUlno.
Walmh's California Vinkoau
Hittkrh are none of theso. Thoy aro not
a beverage, but aro a genulno medicino,
purely vegtblo, prepared from Cali
fornia herbs by a regular physician. For
all diseases of tho stomach, liver, kidneys
bladder, skin and hloo'd, ttiuy aro an in
fallible and unrivaled remedy.
15-dand w-lw
Alwya 'head
3874 FA Aj STOCIv1874.
Dry Goods,
Cloathing and Furnishing
UAUPHTH, 01 h t'LDTIiy, ,lc.
GoldsHiio & JtoHcinvutcv
iVn 110 (innmcrcliil Aviiur.
Onn of tbo oldimt linnet lu thn city,
havo within tho l-t four yours been coin
jelled to makn snvorat lulditlons to their
building, In order to bcuoiitmodato their
Ineromo In tlio Wlndealo and JtotttU busi
ness. TheV havo rueunlly nxtondnd tlio
t ucond Unor of their atoro il Tuel, making
it tho enllrn longth of lho lowor room,
whieh giVHi then 180 feet in louglh alio-
gutbflr, being lho largest and most com
plete uitabltshiiiiint in tho oil).
Tint ntuvr 11.0011,
as utual, wilt bo (ted oxclunvely for thn
tain of llry Ooo.lt of all kinds, will
Clothing, Fiirnlkhing Oouds.Notiuns, i.r.
Till! HKI.'OND fl.OOIl "' J
will bo occtipicwl with Curpeti", Oil Cloths,
Mattings, Arc, nttd thnlr rcturvu stock of
all kinds of goodt for tho wholoHnlo trndo.
In arranging their rooms lho proprietors
hitdnn oyo to tlio comfort, ronverilviico
and accomodation of thu public V Jf
which thoy nro just roeefvlng, (omptlfo
n full line tf 1)11 Kb.') GOODS rtt tho
latest and moit fathljiinlilo patterns;
and 1'ltINTSof nvory ivariety, from tho
moat popular millsji
of alI kInJi7lncliiiling-l'rnCK GOODS of
tho best American and Jiuropouit iiihuu
fanturo. 'v - x
of all kinds. In endless prolusion am
great variety.
Clothing nnd Fnrnisliin
O. .V it.'s stick of Clothing nnd Fur
nlshlng Goods in tlio largest, most com
pletn and suiublo to this marknt
nny in tho city. 1'nrllcular i aro lias been
taken In its selection, and wo nro con II
dent that the public wilt bu well ploascd
with tho goods nnd prices. In
Carpets, Oil Cloths, &c,
Goldetino and .V Kotoitwator havo no sii
perior if an equal in all this section
They have a very largo stock, with now
designs of both Carpets nnd Oil Cloth
and thoy will bo nblu to tell at tigiirna
that tfefy competition. Wo call i-ucial
attention to this lino of goods now, l,0'
cauto it Is In order for roomi to be re
carpeted. In
Vallto, Ax, thlt firm as usual, lead
the trade, boing well prepared to till nn
ordor, at homo or ubrond.
Tlio Entire Now Slock
of goods hVj'botn purchased by pur M
Hotenwnter during quito it long stay I
Now ' York, Iloston, and ) ,1'hll
ndulphln, aud ho has take
particular caro In tlio Peloctlnn. Thoy
havo nil boon Ixnight nt tuoh llguros Ihtt
uvurything will ho sold rumarkably low
Wo only ask for smnll ruarglui, conicious
that It In to our interest, M well us t
tho Intorost of those who buy. .
Thankful for past patronoge, wo only
ask Hint tho public will otll nnd loot;
our stock nnd prices beforo purchasing
August 31, 1871. HOli-H-l-tf
To Louiuvii.i.k ami Cincinnati an
Hki uiin.i The Cairo and Vinconnes rail
road will lull tlckots to, parties wishing to
attond thu Loulavlllo oxpoaition at on
fair for tbo round, trip,- or in other word
at half prioe, Thoy will also sell tickets
te Cincinnati and return on the sauio con
dition. Tickets.wlll bo good to return
any .time while the exposition contlouos
WAtnitNOioN JJakkky. Mr. Jciaoph
lloneker haj taken charga.of this well
known establishment, nnd will, on nnd
alter to-day. bo nblo to supply th
publia 'with cholco broad,' including
UoHton, Ilrown nnd Graham broadibtu'ldea
cakes nnd confoctlonnrics of uvory do.
scriptlon. Doing nn oxporlonccd nn
skilful I nk or, JAr. Konoker will not fail to
satisfy all who patrouizo him, 14
Washington avuuuo. " . j8-7-2-lm
Sealod proposals will bo received nt my
oflleo until 13 o'clock p, tn'. of Wednesday
tho lOth day of Septombor, 1871, for fur
nliblng tlio materials, or doing tho work,
or both, for tin) construction of tlio fol
lowing described sidewalk, viz : On tho
north sidb of Seventh street between
Washington uvonuo nnd Wnlnut ttreet,
Said sidowitlk lo bo constructed of brick.
Said proposals 8 hull bo directed to thn
city council of thn city ol Cairo, and will
be opened ut a meutiug of said council, to
behold on said lOtli day ol .September,
All proposals shall bo made in accord
unco with tho provisions, requirements
aud Hpocltlcations of ordinance) No. 84,
approved July lbtli, 1874, which ordln,
anco is now on Ulo In uiy olllco subject to
examination at any time.
Tho city council rosurvos tho right to
roloct nny nnd nil proposals.
WrtL K. Hawkins. City Clork.
Oaiiio, Ills., tJopt. 1, 187i. 203-y.l-tf
llABoror Collcegc, Iluuntor, Indiana
HKXTturm beBlnn Hoiiteiubor Oth, lb'l,
Two WU ootirscH, clacMual mid Kfiontilic,
with prepatory ilonartmeitt, Full luoulty.
Tuition ire. wiUub ,lov akUewhero,
For InfOOnaUoH.or catajogtles apjily to Itov
0,0. UKCllMAJf, V. U, ITevldcut.
:na,x,yv.aatxjiwxxjnx iuuo.
ltiavtEBnu4SVl tLijiiHinuimJwaMBiaai BassiwwiiiuiLwiinnn isntajiiuitaai
Cm 1 iinniini i!i
J)o in ' Iniy old canilios that
siiintiier, iiikI irv- Htalo, rlaimiiig
soo lo your weight, hvory
net, or oiini'i'3 over live.
Corner 8th St. and
The Only Place In tlio City whore You
Tiik tittttior an VP "" f" corner ot
Eighth trout nnd Commercial nvenun
whort .1. GiKirgo Hlionhousn with his gen-
tlnnmnly nt'lstaiits cun bo found' l nny
. i . ...... ....
hour ot tbo day or liiijui, roiuiy w muun
your fuulingl with a uiuooth rhavn, or eool
your tnnipcr nnd bead Willi u gooa anniit-
puo. itlsn first-class shop, nnd you aro
euro of receiving llrst-clats trti.tino;it
Lndies' nnd children's, hulrcutor curled
torthn moil npprov-ilstv 8-15 -t
I'hct ("tuliiui h U one of the
IllOit III In !
ori':tli4l Hie liuiiun .i-Uin
ami the IikIi-
slihlufood erouiled Into it by tin- require
of uiiMb-rii mcleh . keep it In
A Stato ol" Chronic Disonlor
wlileh U follOWi .l by a rotolt lo tonh t nnd
iilterallve for relief. It tuilortuiiati ly lisp
prn, however,' that m-tny or thtr iiititlelnLs
used forlliiHpiirpOst; rontaln'nlcoliol, whffh,
poiiri'il Into it di-eitsiMl loumcli prodm es ir-ritWtlnii-'Ai'itt-W
lnll-iinatlon,!niidlot more
Injury ib.m ''ood.
O Y G V. N A T K D II ITT E I CH t o N T A I h
lint nro ii ptirtlj iiieiliillial yrcparatlon.
vh.rli. in. of nV-l'Cl'.-ilA. IIHMt'1
III UN.INlHOK-llnS. ULlothir like di
or.b r. atoner le-lores lho toma- Ii t" it
Tho UMir.N ATi:l HIT I'MSrt haw ! en
tlio men p.ipiilnrrtimulj for the ubovi-. nut
plniuti lor thu l.t.t thlrt) j.ar. nml mil
in:i1nlain Ihfir tinrUnluilpopulurily.
1'ilee $1 per battle.
,01. I EVKUYWlltr.K.
John F. IIi ni:i, i'Iiuas A l" . I'r"'1
s im.M'C.iili'T 1'i.uG, N " ork
it. V. .MII.I.KIt. I'le-lilonl, ZZZ
J..M. I'llll.l.tl'a, M.e 1'ienl.li -est .
fIIA. Cl.NMMIIIA.M, mallei.
K. llA.Mill.euln. li'llik 1 1 i -1 td I mud
SUtei M t'iirilles ImmuIiI an, I -.id.
Interest iiIIimihI on limit ilrilt
OArilO, HiTiTNOlK.
W. I'. IIALI.IDAY. I're-ldenl;
IIENItV I.. IIAI.I.IDAY, Vlte I'rcslde-t.
A. U.bAFFOltD, CiMilir:
WAl.TKIt IIY.il.OI', Ai-,IMiit (.'iifchler.
fl. I llAi.i.niAr, W. I'. Hai.i.iimy.
0. D. Wll.UA.M-OV, STDI'IIDN lllllll,
A. H. Safpoiiu.
Eait liuMKo, .'i:olii i. And TJiiiti il '. Sfatt 'h
lloittN llouglil nnd Sold.
i)i;ro.sn receive ii;antt u cenen
III Jt:i
husinist unite. iv
(iiAitrjiitiiD 2JAH;iAJ
' omoKiA :
f -
A. II.MAFKOUD. I'feHitlini ;
M. h. TAt I.OH, Vlce-l're.lilenl :
II. I1YHI.01', Heeietury unit Tieiuurei
I. '
. , sutxcTons:
-M, liAVCI.AY, l,HAU.OAM(Ul:il,
.M. HlllCKI'I.KIII, I'AI'l. O. Sl.'lll'll.
II. Ct'NMNdllAM. II. 1.. llAI.I.IIIAI ,
.1. M. l'liit.i.ir.s.
INTi:iti:sT paid on tlcpoilltr'at the nitn
ol six per ettnt. per tinntim, Aim oh 1st und
September 1st, llltelelt not willnliiitvn It
milled itnuieilialely to the pliuclpal ot thu
depo-iis, tn 1 1 it i giving them lOiiipomiH
Inteteit. ' i
iij:rosir m.inky anh no onk klbi;
Open every husliift day fiom 11 a. in. to U
p. m., uud Suit., tiny itu'iilinpt fur taviuga tie-po-lbtoiilt,
llolitlitoK o'clock.
W. IIYKI.OI'. Treasurer.
! i r i j
Curei nil kindi nl palnB. For tale by
hnvf luifii kept over t ho
homo niamifactiiro. AIko
)ox ought to contain' hvo pouiiil.s
11011101111)01' lho placo
Washington Av.
can get a Complete Assortment.
I'ldiipi'ttuM fni 1871 hKVKYI'H VKAIi
An llltistratrd Monthly .lonnial, tinher-ill j
Hitlnittiiil to lo tlio n.inil-oinrit .erloil
leal III tlio World. A ti'preenWillvr
and I'hamplon of Ainirli in In'f
Nit roll bAl.i-. in iiuiiK u ikwh Sronif
Thn Alilliir, while 1-tUeil with all the t
iiUrJIy, Iiuk none of the ti inrary or Hunt
ly luri-rckt eliiriictoriktlo m onlln iry pi ll
(iillealn. Ilbtiiti nlugalltiulseelluny uf pule
llgltliiml grni'xftil literature; and a tollie
tion ol pictures, tlio rarut iiiK.iiiien of ar.
tl-tlt: skill, lu bliek and wlilte. Attlriif,li
uteli met-ieillrn; iiiimlier nllorilK n fit'.li
plesHiint to IU Irleinls, the real value ami
beauty or i he Aldllie will bu mo-t approi I
ulml alter It ha been bound up nt the eh .
nl tlie J ear. IV hiln other publlrat!oii ntJ
elultil witierlor vlie ainii-a. "iniliared wi'ii
rival- of u Mmll.tr efts-, thu Aldlliu Is ait Itu
itiii iiinl oili'ln tl eoiH'eptlnii niiiini nun mi
appriineliell -ab.iillltely Ultliouttolleilit'
in pritu or i.lrir.n ter.
Tim lilti'tralloiiiot !. Alillno liavo w
ii world-wide lejiittatlou, and in thn -tt en
Iras ol hurope II In u ailmitteil fact llit
Hi Mood cuu am rxamili:a of the hli;li' -t
lierleetlou vsvt attained. Tbo (ouiiuoi
prejtldlee In favorn' "steid plaU-s," Is rp
Idly ylr-ldiiu; to n i& ludticHtod and ill
eriimnntitii( Usto which twuituUt the ad
alitixet the advaiitaxes of superior artlulk
iiuallly,wlth uroster laclllty of produetloii.
Tlie quarterly tinted nlatesfor 1X74 willbn
'iv Tho. slorau and J. 1. Woodward,
Tho Chrlstluij ftjiio lor 1H74 will ionium
special ileslgmi fflifToprlatn lo thu M-asou,
by our best ariltti uud will surpass in t
tr;Uoii any ol lt prtdccior.
Kvery utn'erT)i'r to the Alilltie lo
year 1K?4 will rereho a pair of cbro
The oriKlnal pictures weru nalnti'd In
tho publishers of the Aldlne, by Tho
Mor.in, who-o great olorado pictures a
piiriilmced by emigre for ti-n thotlan
dollar. Thn subject wrr chnurn to rep
resent ten thonaajuil dollars. The Mibje tt
were cho-en to reprownt "Thu Kt" ami
"Tho Wist." Onu Is u View lu the W hlto
Mountain-, New llaiupahlre , thn oilier
give Uiu CI I It a of Green titer, Wyoming
territory, Thu chromes am caih worLmi
trout thirty distinct plates, and aru In size
IClxlUI nnd aplHiaraiieu exact laorlmilea ol
tlio orlglnaU.
Nwaiik. N, J.. Sept. 1S7I.
Messrs. Jamca r-.utton a io..
OKN1LK.MKN 1 am delimited with the
proofs in color of your chroinoi. They am
wondcrlully suurcMltil reprrsntatioUH by
mechanical process of tho oSttnalnalutiiis,
Very respectfully. Tuos. Moki.n.
Theso chromoa are In every sense Amrll
can. They are by uu orinal Ainerlcati pro
vesH, with material ol American lusnulie
ture, from detlKbs of Amerlcaii kcenrry br
an American pulutcr, aud presentnl to stilt
scrllicr to thu tlrnt nieces. ful Amtrleait
Art Journal. If no better beeiu.e til all
this, they will certainly iomh nn Intere.t
no foreign production e.tn Inspire, and nei
ther are they any tho Worvo If by rea-on ol
peculiar facilities of production they eo-t
the publishers only a trill", while equal lu
eery respect toother ehroinns tint arn sold
slnglV for doubU tbo subscription prlco ol
the Aldlno.
If any subscriber should Indicate a pre
feruiico for a figure subject, tlie pablishvrs
will send 'Thought of Homo" a new an
bcatirulehromo, Hx'J) Inches, rspresf otln
n liltlo Italian exllo whioo spraklug c)u.
betray tho loiitfimts ol his heart.
t'j per annum, In advanc, with Oil Ohro
moj rroo.
For $J0 chntx xxtka, tnu cnroinos,
monnte-1, varnished, and prepaid by mail
The Aldlne will. hereatUr, lm ohtaliiatilt
ouly by sulicrlptiou. 'I hero will no be re
dueed or dub rate; cash for HHbcriptloiis
must bo sent to tliu pitbllslicrs direct, ur
bmded to thu local uJuvaMcr, without re.
spoiisiblllty to thu publishers, except lit
cvi'i wnero inu eeriiiieaio is Kiveu. iitiaruii;
the fucliiiliurlualllru ol .lumes .luttiiti X (,'n,
Any person wishing to ant permanently
as n men oanviuser win recent, uiu
iirompt inlormatlou by atiplylni: to
Jaii Kit Suiton A: Co., 1'tiblishe.rs,
6H Maiden ,nno Now York
Sisu i
Any peroii sintering Iroiu the abovit tils
dilress I
a trial bottle ol muilictuu will bu lot war. led
Ijy express, H'UKBI
Dr. I'rlealsa irgulnr pliyalcktii, aud bat
ui ule the treatment ol
a sillily lor ; years, and In will wanalit
cine, Ii) thiiii-o ol tils reiiiedy.
Do not fall lo send lo him for trial bottle
1 Mnts uolhiiiK, and hu
imiitntler of bow long standing your nasi,
may be, or how many other remeillei may
t'lli'.uljrn :md testliuoitials sent with
FIllIi; TltlAI. iiotti.i:.
jut. (was
r. iMtniK,
MAM'KAfrUnKK 01'
Timing niitl repairing of Organs, 1'lai n
and Melnilcotis neatly ilouc.
, 0. Ilox IJCO,
UKSIDKUCK No. UI, Thirteenth street
)etweiti Wushtngton avouue and Waluu
I rel OlUccr:u commercial avenue, up
tl rs.

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