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for tbe newest and fatcst-olllng book out.
By K. n. Goodrich ("son of Peter Parley").
Ileraarkable voyareii, MilpwrocV, mcn
Hirers, eiplorstlon. V lrarlc, rnnlMei,
naval combata. and tho liUnry ol all klml
of naval prosrew. The romance r.f "old
Ocean." anl 1000 thlnc of thine of Inter
en and value. Over !v illustrations and
verv tow priced. Peml for circular ami
moat liberal ternn to agents, to
fit. Louis or Chicago.
it a tgeetuul a remedy
u Uu SalphaU III the aim ilnwe. Wlilln II n Terra
I k htmd fil, I mora palatable and muA crJr.
feed ft tartpU Clrcalax with Ti(nie(al
Ttiwii T MLLWOB, UUH'aw.,ai
liouil, pood
M.M)to4 00
Illll IfrndN.
to tnko from lln n Ihouiiintl lilll
paiicr ami finely printed, fr
Oi.o tlinumnd autotnmli printed at Tin:
Hfl.LBTlK olUcc for M.fjO to 4.00.
Satlat Ufclm. Morton,
. if aw.
Full term bftfna Sept. 0, 1K74. IU clsmlcal,
scientific, preparatory And Knglliih roumn
are extensive and thorough. The Faculty
have enlarged the number of rludlet. In the
Preparatory department o that youns; men
a any term may receive Instruction tn Al
gebra. Ooometry, Trigonometry. Surveying.
Chlmlstry, Oennai, llook hocplng and
other studio usuallv taught In the belt
aeademlei. For further information send
for catalogues to too president or treasurer.
Role HrruU,
One tlioiHaud noli linaiU nrintiil at Til
ItlM.t.KUN ollleo for tl.W, lothnuslid for
Oni' HioiimixI limine anU, line ItfoUil
b;ird, piinlol.it I lit: llUl.l.r'.TIN ollleo lor
from lo so.tw. uuoming id sip.
To tub Patrons oil Till LtcouiNO
K'jnowM roiolpts issued by 0. 1. Lyon, late
agent, unli algnwl by tbo prosidont and
fceretajy of tbo compnny, nro null and
void rtnd of no effect. No Ion will be
paid under tliem unlcn regularly itauod.
Cairo, 1m, , Aug. 30tb, 1871.
K. Jt. IIaiimam, Htato Agent
'i 1 cod lw
WEI)N E3DAY, HKPT. 0, 1874.
Polick Cotnr Judge Eros, had no
caio jeiterday that would bo worthy of
Wanted A Rood boot and ahootnnkor.
Apply r.t corner Tenth itrcot and Com
mercial avenue.
nwrt ti DATtrr'T t f. nn
vrxiw. J. . avj v jsjuu oi. I
conduct an ajrencr for th rrn-itiu "fj I
ium iikmi compimu (oii-umeni oi ine vinu
in the world. Six thouiand newspapers arc
... ,nmn nf tmpcr, without ni
"i.n.i i . nr .ftimnlnflon. All utl'
BIKIlllllU.il Ullll t-. "ill.
.i" ; irm. with the aiteney. It mvcii
iroub Vnd oorre.pondente, maV n oc
"ontract tnatead ot dozen, a bundrei or a
Uoi.and, A booV of etKhty Pfig
ally amf country pupern, ti id vc?.
onn which areapecWly o,, ar
..i.ir" ,,n applit'at on,
"'l.t-.E...ttLUi-!blnK to inalic col..
'Of .Wrllalni- "UJ lunu. I II,
o lr" ..V.Ter.1is'n.?ltory of tho United
'a . or im i.-ion of tho Dowlnlmi of
niniciueiu oi
a copy of
Uoada. mar ill-- conclno at.i
vrfiit ii.otr .. together with i
1 - . . " " .-.- . Kn.f .ah.A ln... i . n,l
d wtllrecnve inftmutfon by return mall
vrilch nill enable -bcra to decide whether
to .nereaao or noiuee the order,
All tbo day boardors in tho city can
bo accommodated at tho St. Charles
hotol, with Urat-cla't board at tocond clnis
raU. 79 LlO-tf
Schools It wm our intontiou to mako
(i rato of all ichooli In tho city. Tuio
nod ipace fotbltl. IV'o will try It again
to day,
(JOI.DSTIK A lto.HKNWATim bavn ''
...ti illli.fct dll'l
fiatl, which thoy nro eelllnir at remark.
ably low prlcoe. 8-t.0t
Joun Majoii wa "up among thn little
llara and (ailing round tho moon" lnit
neok. lt' a Klrl, und welkin twelvo
l.oundl. Huch a thing never happened to
iut:i uoloro.
lafftitaatlon 0're no charge
until jn
lor a
For auch
Ordera aro
;i for jfligle paper a well ua for a lint ;
a alarle dollar n readily as tor a larger
. OJace(.Ttmeliulldlnir),
41 PARK ROW. N. Y.
)Uhi Hall Tho bate bull match lie
tT;en the J'adticah and (,'alro club takes
pltOH Saturday, S p.m., nt I.ocuat ("fovo.
Wo Joft out tho day In our yeatorday'.
SB TO $20
I'ar day at home. Termo free. Adilrcn
OKO. B TW SUN A CO., Portland, ile.
Tonni ot Advertlilng aro otTared for Newi
paiiera In tho State of ILLINOIS I Send lor
n Hit of paperi anil schedule of rate. Ad
dreta OKO. I'. HOWKLL .t CO.. Advertlk
lng Agcnti, 4t Park flow, Now Vork.
llr.tur. to Tun Eimtokof This l'.trr.n.
S77 .A. WEEK
(iuaranteed to male and femalo agents, lu
their locality. Cots NOTHING to try It.
Varticulara free. i. ,O..VICKKRY A CO.,
Augluta, ale. 87il&w-lw
UecllBcr ntui Wholcsalo Voulnr In
LKUOltS AND wines.
iMfitoTBMKNTii. Mcaare. O. 1). "SV'll
Uamion & Co., grocora and proviiion
meichtnta, Ohio lovoo, aro putting down
a luunantiai ddowalk in front of their
atoro. Let otbera do likewise.
Max Kukiink, tho organ builder, la
mail, k - .1 .
vv.j. ak uuj umo 10 iuno ana repair
pianos ana molodeone. You may Fafoly
.luBijour inairumonta to 1)13 caro
will not bo decoirod.
(Suooesutr to J'orkor & JiJakc,)
And the celebrated Illuminating
Broa.' UulIdtLg, 11th at. A (Jomercial Av
No. CO Ohio Levee,
"HAM, uuitr, mo Krand Jury hare
Doon in loaiion almoat ovory hour during
thodayslnco .Monday at ton a. m.,and
"iminou many wltnoiaea. Thu
r noiumg can he found out. Thoy will
maao a unul report In n day or two.
I'aktiks dealnni- to havotholr nlnnoe
and nrolodean cleanod. repalrod and
tunod, should trust thorn to if. K
Kuohno, cornor Thirteenth and "Walnut
itreela. lio la tho moat comnntnnt trnin
in Cairo.
aue latttt aeelgnj in carpota of ull
klnda may he found at Uoldatine ic Hoi
nwatea'a, who keep tho largoat atock to
be. round in tbo city, and ol! at prices
that aro lowor than over before.
8 9-3t
7PtWM.. It" I If ...
intenaent of the 0. 6i V. It. 1. and n.
Axtel), superlntondont f tho Cairo Di
viiion of tho St. Louia and Iron Mountain
K. K., alio Oapt. Dukn Nioholaon, of tho
avanavillo pnoket Co., woro at the St.
Obarlaa yoaterday.
htiNcn. Tho i'iantora' Homo aaloon,
Mr. Iliioinor, proprietor, aetout an excel.
ia lunch to bia patrona yeaterday morn
ing. An Immenao crowd was on hand to
devour it. Mr. II. la a llvo man, and da
aervca tho largo patronage ha roctivca
Liberal advertising tella.
Ti.m Dollars 11i:hahd. --Mlraytd or
atolen from tho prcmlios of tlm unclor
algncil, n largo cliotnut-forrol horse,
blaxeil facn, abort innno and till, 17J
l,tiil high, nml about seven or night
yfnra o!il Vli-n last aeen bo wna neat
thn Irnn liMiluo nn tbo Illinnl Central
mlln.vl near Mound .It.nctirn. Tbo
iilmvr rnwnrd will bo ld fur Inn return
to C. V. WtiRKt.nK iV; Co..
Cairn, Illinois.
Mound City Journal pleaso copy and
chiirgn to this ollleo. J a..-3t
Ur.r.Ai: Down. This morning about 7
o'clock, wcllo tho neigbbora wero enjoy-
Inj; ttieir broakfait, n crash waa hoard
which rcsoundod trorn ono end of Walnut
street to aorao dlstsnco. Roma timid per
sona thought that su c&rthquaku bad oo
curred, while tho more aobar-mlndcd
thought that aomobody'a houia had fallen
In whleh ropoit thoy wore correct
Upon exainlnution it waa found
that County Cona'tahlo Uladnoy'a
resldenco, which ha wat trying
to raiso above alpo water mark, Wltimui
. nun, had fallen, and in
tbo fall ondangored thu life of bia wifo,
who bad just aroso Itoin her bed in tho
room that tbo chimney had fallon into
with a great crush, breaking up tho bud-
ituad, crockery, nml, to uan nt. iixpresalon
not nltogethor elecant, raited the d I
guncrally. No uriu serioualy hurt.
HroiiTivo Cluii. Homo twenty-five of
tho llvo mon of Cairo that aru fond of
aport, mot lait ovenlng In the rooma over
I'.obrtt ilmytho ft C.'a aton, to organize
thn Cairo Hporting club. Thro waa a
largo attondanco, and all entorcil heartily
Into tho work of arranging It. A similar
organization waa In oxiitenco in Cairo
several jeara ago, but for tho
laok of Interest of thn ofllcBra
tho organization collapsed. The new ono
etarta out with u good aum in the treas
ury, and oxpecte horeaftor to havo a aufli
dent amount of greonbacka on band to
pay all hllla and make tho thing credita
ble, both to tbo membara and tbo city.
All are ploaicd to hoar of this re-organl-zation.
It Is something that baa baen
needed in Cairo, and from tho men that are
at the hoad, there can be no auch thing at
fall. Tho club havo tccspted an Invila
tion to moet the (porting men of Mound
City thia afternoon and engage in a
pigeon atiou....B .,Ch. Bucc.sa to our
The following otllcera were elected: F.
Kent, rrosldont; Itobert Smyth, Bacro
tary; James Garland, Troaaurer.
llmD'8 Coukt. Ono caso bofore Juatico
Uird thia morning. Thia waa a case of
ntaault, Bamaol Clark derondant, and
Charlea l'eoplea complainant. Both are
colored water haulers. Uonatablo J. K,
Gladnoy mado tho arrest. Tnor was a
Inrirn number or wltn,r otamlned, and
much loud talk indulged In, which
AH tho ovidonco waa about of the .....
teuor, and all went to abow that Clark
viaitod tbo rcaidence of Pooplea with an
axe on ins Hhoulder, with the Intent to do
him bodily Injury, l'eoplea tried in
overy way to cool down bia
angry pataiona, without tfo ct
th aciallant eUadily advanced with tbo
uumiij weapon raiaea, and whon within
triking distance, lot out. Mr. Peeplta
received tbo blow on hla arm and breast
fortunatoly doing no aarloua injury, merely
bruialnR bia arm and making a Hrhi
Tim 0. & V. The new lima card of tbo
Cairo and Vlncennca railroad, taking effect
the Ctb, containa aetne new fealurea and
afforJs unuaual facilities to the traveling
Tho Indlanapolla tnd Vlncennea road
haa changod tta timo table to conform to
tbo new card of the C. and V., so that
pasaoogor traina loavlng Cairo at C o'clock
a. m now makea cloae connections at
Vinconnea for Indianapolis, arriving tho
amo ovenlng.
Coming south from Indianapolis closu
connection Is alio mado at Vlncennns, ar
riving at Cairo at 10:30 p. m. Traina
connect at Indlanapolia for raslntn points
via I'an.bandlo route, and with all oastum
and northern ruads. I'niatngera have
time for dinner at Vlticennea both waya.
Tho connection with tbo K, and C. rail
road lor Terra llaute, Chicago and tbo
north, and the daylight run between
Cairo and Cincinnati and Iioulavillo are
still kept up. l'assengera leaving Cairo
at & o'clock lu the morning aro in Cincin
nati or Louiavlllo tbo tarno ovenlng: re
turning leave Cincinnati or Louisville in
mo morning ana roach Cairo the same
ovaning at 10.30. This run givaa our
peoplo an excellent opportunity to at
tend tbo exposition, and the 0. and V.
advertiioi ticketa for ono faro for lb
round trip, good duiing the exposlltsn,
Dotn core nu al Alouaj CIIJ.
At Cincinnati connacilont are mado
with the Atlantic and Great Wostarn and
jino roads, tho favorably known broad
guago routn to the ait.
The formor connection at Carmi for
Kvanavlilo, by way of the Southeastern
road, ia atill maintained.
On thia card traina atop for broakfait at
Htono Fort.
Wo are glad to know that tbo Herts of
tho preient management aro being re
warded by lucreausl buainesa. Wo pro
diet that the 0. and V. will eventually be
tho favorite routo betweon the aouthwuit
and tha east,
The public schools opened yesterday
morning, under thn moat favorablo aua
pices. Tho day waa bountiful, ami tbo at
tendance for tho first day was much larger
than in former yenra. Thoro wna nccca
aarlly much work, aa thoro alwaya ia at
tho commencement of a school year, but
our tfllclont principal and ablo corps of
teaebcra woto eijuol to tho omergenoy.
Whon w visited thu achoolathia morn.
Ing all
and each room appoarod to ha In good
running order, everything working har
moniously. Wo glvo tho number of
aoholara in oath room. Tha number will
bo Inoroased by over ono-tblnl beforo
the I'Uil of tho wrek. This la not tlm
laultof tho ai.perinteuilont and toachora,
They have used the presa and urged por
sonally upon parenta tbo necessity of hav
ing their children present promptly
Monday morning at the opening of the
ichools, thereby saving much trouble to
tbo teacbors, and laving the children the
trouble of catching up with tho claims to
wbioh thoy will be assigned.
Wo believe, from eur observations and
conversations with the teachers, and from
noting their diicipiino and manner of
teaching, that our ichooli to-day aro in
Kil kanda aa any In tho land, and
oxpect by the end of the
term to hoar a Kood report from tha
acholara and the approval of the parenta.
The auporlntendent and ttaehera have
"Neb work and many responsibilities to
contend with, aud our citizens should
take a lively Interest In everything apper
taining to the schools, and endoavor In
ovary way peisible to help and oncourage
the school board, the worthy superinten
dent and tho teaokors under his supervis
ion. If thev da ltiti H ).. il,.i. I
l'OKT Mar,
Stoamor Jim Fisk, I'aducahj
" a II Cook, Kvanivllle;
" Moans and barges, Wheoling;
" Hickory, Meund Cltyj
" City of Chester, St Louis.
Stoamor Jim Flak, Taducahj
" U II Coek, Evansvllle;
" J no Moans and bargee, St I.ouia;
" Indiana, St Louis;
'! City of Chester, Memphis;
samiiinneiiiiinaaae nnniiw iim si lar fr
I' urn' I h i
)o not buy oM ("Uidii ' lint lmve boon Kept over (lio
sumim-r, and arn stale, cluiiiiiii'r Jioino man n t.iol ni' A so
sec to your weight, livcrv box oii.L'lit, to funlaiii iivo pountU
not, or 0 ounces over live. Remember tho plans
Corner 8th St. and Washington Av.
The Only Place in tlio City where You can pet a Complolo Assortment.
Hoatb 70 Liavk To-Da'v. Jim 'lak
I'aducabj Arkansas Ilelle, Evansvllle;
Cherokee, New Orleans; Fannie Lewla,
St Souia, City of Helena, Vfckeburg.
rver i,t evening wiu 11 feet 1 Inch on
tha psups. htvn,. ...... .oi- . .
. .....u 10 jacnoa uuring
tho previoua 34 houra, The weather
waa partly cloudy yeaterday
and hot. Ilusinssa dead. Tho rlvera aro
reportod falling rapidly at all points
Uisr.KAL Itbmi. Tho Frank 1'orreat
la to bo taken out on the docks here for
terest bv visiting the schools occasionally,
it will do much te stimulate both teachers
and scholars to their work.
Wo havo known Mr. Ab
vord by reputatatlon for many vears.
from what wo know and havn learned of
him, we look forward to a aucaeaifu'
aohool year, and boliere that If our people
will glvs him their encouragement that
they will find overything turn out to the
beat, and Cairo achools compare favorably
in every way with thosa of other cities
ol tbo land.
This school, situated on Eleventh street
bjlwoen Washington avenue aad Walnut
'atraet, wo found In tip top runniog order
with Miss A. Jtogers In charifo. lit not
nacusiary for us to say one word in favor
of this excollent teacher. She.ls too wall
known In Cairo, bavleg had charge of
the samo icheol last year and gavo the
very belt o! satisfaction. Mils R. baa 101
acholara enrolled on aor books, about the
samo number aa attended lust year, and
antioipatis about 25 mors boforo the end
of the wotk.
Miia Annio E. llouiton, of Metropelis,
Illinois, has chargo of the fifth and sixth
radei. Intermediate denarlm.m .r
IChool. ifisi li. cam te Cairo blfHly
reoommended. Shu la a teacher of sev
eral yeara experienco, and a atudent of
the Illllnola state normal achool, located
at Normal, Illinois. Wo found unrolled
dflr.tlrn mrnll. ..l.l. .1.-
r-j""i iiu mo proipect of a
Tho T. V. Eckert bogan the romoval of
the machinery nf -- wii.i r.t. which f.w ,.
cut down fiy the Ico above ,u ' 3.. mro
two yeara ago. r third omabe rniMAnv.
Capt. Uuko Nlcholion. Ut. r .u. I lbit room under tho supervision of
Mils M. Aubory, a lady that la not a
Ke o oi i,eula to loeate, If tho nlaco 10 peop' ot Cairo. We
au.ta him. He la a joung man. and rf.. ,0UD'1 ev
wound on his breast. Conitabl. r.U.i-
Tho trial of Henry ltunnor, nho Opened to bo in tho vicinity, ar'
uuugeuird fined him flf.
toon dollara and coat. Total, Twenty
tbroo dollara and ton conte.
for tbo murder of Hencarnp, ia aot for to
morrow moralng, in tho Union ceunty
circuit -ourt, at Joneaboro. Tho wilnouce
mil Bo up by tho nlghl train, and thoro
will probably bo no postponement. Jiun-
nor ia anxious for a trial
BK38ION of StudiMm lh9
Will begin on
MONDAY, SEmsniEU 7th, iS;j
. r i .. . Jl'rosident.
Exrosinov Tickets to Cincinnati
ani LOUIHVII.LS. All persona who de
airo to go to Cincinnati or Loulaville. can
procure round trip tlckcta nt thn
tickot offlco ot tho Cairo & Vincennoa
railroad, In Cairo. Ono fare for the round
trip. Ticketa good during tbo oxpoa
Ition. n.,
Lost On thooruning of Cth init.. In
going from Eighth etoot and Comniordal
to iweifth und Codnr, n child's bluo mo
rlno capo, ornbroldorod on (Jrovor
Uaker machlno with whlto allk lloss. Th.
Under will plonso return to O. Hanny'a
atoro, cornor Eighth atroet and Commor
clal avenue. ,j,u
Ciucuit Coort. Nothing of puhlio
importance tranaplred in thia court yeater
day. It waa altneit ropotition of Mon
aya ouaineie. xmiuuu.. in . .
fuii,..i .. " not bo in
..., u uiuti uniu ma grand jury
makoa their final report. There are about
seventeen criminal and sixty.iTo civil
cases In addition to what waa left over
last tsrra.
Hotel Abiiivals. fit. r-h.-i r T
Fraui, Momphla; Oicar Tumor kw
lucky; J Uall, Juckaon, Tonnj A T Orar
nosaoe; L 1' Hay ward, Now York; N W
Joslyn, Bt Louis; A J Landren and slater
ft.mnaii, lenn; A Havorallek, I'hiladel
Phia; Jno J. Klnir and eons. "Vtr
LUMflEIt STH.L OOINO Powi.'.Al n
are determined to close out our atnrir
..m . . . .
.j-uu-iuj, rujiaraiory to winding up bui
Iness, we will cell all kinds of lumbor at
two dollars per thoukand Uu than
ket prices.
Valler. Ml..- Ti vji... . . .
" -unsisaippi; Jno
IJ. Zamnono, Louiaville; D Callaghan and
who, lennessee; i)r F Garnett. N. Or.
loans; 1' J Smith. Iventurl,.. 1 c
,,, -j t uvun-
son, Missouri; E L Carson, Memphis; Mrs
II T Gray, Water Valley, Miss; Miss
Klomlng, Detroit, Mich; Otto ICountze,
Kl.pilg, Germany; Louis Eoiley, Charles'
ton, Mo; Mrs E Manmla, Owensbjro, Ky.
-I)elmonico.-0 1' Wolla. Gayoso. M01
O V Vaf and lady, llallard Oo, Ky; W
M Wheeler; Oinelnnatl; M A Mathews,
Celumbus, Ky; George E Freeman, Mem
phlsjLoula I'i.rce, Nowport, Ky; J O
Willis and wifo, Uongolaj A McOonnell.
x auuean, James Clark, Uliln.
dianapol,.; F K. Scherl,' Now Orla.n"'
W. Mlchaol, Molcot, Louisiana; John H
orgoll, Indianapolis; Charlos V, Kev
more, Now Orloans j Edward Locke ll.
tnvio, New York; r,.nk Hllbert, Gin
cinnatl ; A. M. I.oury, Louisville
...... ... . " nu ae.
.....so some wnore be can grow up with
the country.
Tho U. 0. Y'eager and Carrie V
Kountr., from New Orleans, were duo last
evening, and no doubt arrived during
tho night. b
Bt. Louis wants a Tonneiiee and Cum
borland river packet line.
v.apia.n vorheea talka of taking hla
steamer Utah to Mobile and placing her
ia. aiavima river.
Yellow fever ia reported in Pensacola,
and New Orleana baa established rjuaran-
im oga.nai 11.
ScitKNCK's Pulmonic Hrui'-Kor tho
ot-re of conaumptlon, cougha and colds
Tho great virtue In thia modiclno la that it
rlpena the matter and throwa it out of tha
syatom, purlflca tbo blood, and thue effects
a cure.
I'tl.ur.v'u . . .
......p nA wKU TONIC, i'OR THE
The tonlo producoa a healthy action ol
tho stomach, creating an appetite, forming
chyle, and curing tho most obstinate cases
of Indigoation.
Scuesck's Mandrake 1'iu.s j-0n the
Clke oi- Lives Cohi-laikt. -n
Thfio pills are altorativo, and produco
. hoalthy action of tho liver without tho
'"" a"DKr. " thoy aro (too from cal
omol, and y,t moro effacloua In restoring
healthy action of tho livor.
Timo remodics are a cortaln euro for
v",u.u.op.10o, " the Pulmonic Syrup
ripens tho mattor and purlflca the blood.
Tho Mandrake Pin, net upon tho livor
create a healihy bile, and remove all dia-
01 m, uyr, ofton
of Consumption. Tbo
w eou xonio
alrongth to the
A largo lot of lath and atom
wood on hand, which will bo aold at cor-
jspenamgiy low rates.
I Ali.ll
" Wall d: K.vr.
llAKEnT.Mr. Joaonh
Pck.ng houio market In Wilcox', block,
Will bo open Saturday next, with fro.l
moats and now lard, nt tho lowest market
,) , . din J
llonfknr tmi i.l... . .
uunr'n if .i.i. ..
. a" mis won
known CSUb llhmn --.l ...m
. ""'i on and
bo able to supply t10
Cboico liroarl At
Bo,ton, Ilrown and Graham: Z !
wnfectlonarlo. of ,y'vty do.
9lng an oinrlun 1 ..
vilf.il i..b.. 11. i. -. ami
jKHieKiir w not full t
.ti.fy all who patronize hb, '
mitdogton avouuu. Ub-V.a.ita
ninsr lo-aav.
publlo 'with
cakea and
The Dftroor mop is OI1 ,L0 oornor ot
j.iKuIU a.reui anu uommorclal avonuo
wnore .1. uwjrgo Htionbouso with hi.
tlomanly assistants can bo found at any
hour of tho day or night, ready to sootbo
your fnollnga with a smooth ehavo, or cool
your tomper and boad with a good sham-
poo. It la a first-class ehop, and you Rro
mw of receiving iirst-olasa treatment
l,,lti.a n,i . . ment
""""i uttircutor curJej
tertho m ill approvjlHv 8-15. t
gives tono nnd
Itomanh. rn&koi ..M.l
digestion, and enable, tho organ, to form
Kru , ., ' "a N"1' ""'o. a healthy
Clrcillet nn nf l,,..i.i. . . '
. .,UOuUJr uloou xfi0 com.
blood action of the.o medicines, aa thus
explained, will euro oTarv m.,i nf i.
sumption, If taken In time, and tbo uso of
tbo modicinea preserved In.
Dr. Schonek ia professionally at bia
principal offlco, corner fcjixth and Arch
Ste., Philadelphia, evorv Mondav. whero
all letters for advlco must bo addressed.
Bchenck's medicine. for,a9 hy Druggists.
1-3.1-1 m
OBSTACLES Tn mappiaow
Il..r.i.i. .1. ll. r. ."-v.Mij
foe uliV'Em; ' Z, 1 lt?JA:t-
rl. e I i, 1 rn ''"I-odimenta to Jlar-'
lrn.ir i.ui.t fi- i "" "Uneni.U
.Inf.. I .f ,'l " HV"M onVOlopOr. Bll-
S IJ.'IM"" AhSOOlATlON, 4111
...J ,. In ,UV' S.' l'bll.v)elpbla. Pa.,-. ,
Institution liaiiii,. . i,i,.i, V...,i.ii.... ....
huuorabl tou.luct andprJlcwlonal nklll.
everything working nlcelv In thn
scnooi. Aim a. counted
names on her register.
We foand an unusual large attendance
In this room, but all working along In tbo
very best order. No confusion, a. would
naturally bo expeotei on the second day
of the school yoar. Mlis Annie Phlllls,
the teachor in oharge, seemed to have all
well in hand, and to one that had not
known that It waa the aecond day of tbo
aesslon, would tako it at a glance that there
had been no vacation. iliis PhlHU was
bern and raised In Cairo. Evurv on. i
the city Is familiar with her qualifications,
nd wo could not add one word that would
oo or Deneut to hor on that score. Helm!
ia attendance, 73.
VOUIITU erutiE intermediate,
Miss Ida Harroll has charge of this
room. Mil. H. . a graduate of the Cairo
high tebool aid well-known to our paople.
Thia la her first experience. VT remained
In her room tome time and were pleaied
with the way in whleh she controlled and
inatructea her acholara. Number ol
pupils enrolled, 38.
njoii (jxAmtARi
Thl. room la in charge of MI13 Kato A
'T U . mi.. . . ....
uuii0U. inia is nor third year In Cairo.
Hfco came to this chy from Hycamore, 1111
nola, and haa a good reputation aa a thor
ough teacher and good dlioiplearlan, and
hasthe.uperviaionof all achoola In this
building and ia ably assisted ky Misa M,
E. Powera. Scholars, 43.
Thia school la located on Washington
avenue, botweon Elghtoonth ana Nine
toonth streets. Miss L. Walbridgo la the
teacher. The attondanco la nm mill.
largo aa last year, but will be increased by
twelve or fifteen before many days. Miss
Walbridgo had charge of this school last
yoar. Prom our observations while there,
wo should think that sho understood her
business fully, and appoarod to have good
otintrol over, and the regard or hor
scholars. Number In attendance, St.
This achool la In a Uourlahlnu; condi
tlon and atarta out with a largo attond
anco. "We first viaitod
in charge of Misa M. E. Mciirido. This
is her first year In Cairo, formerly raid
ing at Munford, N. Y., and ia a graduato
of Oawego, N. V., normal unlvoralty, and
ia said to be a good teachor; nutnbur of
sobolara, 43.
Mias P.. K. Oopoland (colored) ia th
teacher. Miaa C. ia a native of Clrclevllle
Ohio, and a graduate of Wilborforco un'
voraity. ticholars in atUadauco, 4S,
riRST ORADK 1'IUil.M 1
Thia school room was full iit.d will have
to liavo additional atats. Mlia Nellie
lianka haa been euigncd to thia room, but
the school Is in the temporary chargo of
Mr. Edward Natt, 47 scholars.
MI11 Virglnio Copeland, '1 nlorcd ) a sis
ter of the lady In the flmt primary, alo a
resident ol Circ'.ovlllo, Ohio, and k gradu
ato of Wilburforco university, Is the
teacher In this room. CI scholara en-
man school riuirnti.
Th high icbnol proper rtirt. cfl with
ft larger atUndanco thanover beforo at
tl.o commencornoi.t of the ich-ol jar,
aid expoct to reculvo a lurgo addition b(-
fjro many ils. Pruf. Ahord inakt't thia
room his hoad'iuarlurs, and dors bit full
share of the teaching, i.tu. In the ah
aunco of linn of tho tuaeheti, .Mrs. Alvord
is hulplng bin. out temporarily. A (real
deal of Inturrct aoutued to bo manlicited
on tho part of tho puplU, and Prof. A
anticipates a larger attundanct tn thia
room by twenty por cant, than kit year.
hC IlOOL lllltt'INCi
Hits Hattle M. McRrido, tachar. She
comn to Cairo with first clars recornmand
atlona aa a teachor, tc. Ia a graduate l
Oswego Normal unlvursity and former
home, Murufjrd, N. Y. Number of
kcholara, 73 more than ttars is seats for.
rimi ani. sixth ur.iiM moll aciioCL
Mlis Emmu Livirigiton ia the untrue
tresa In this room, and the firit yor.r of her
experience at toaching. .Mm h. is a resi
dent ol Cairo. We failed to learn of
what aohool she Is a graduato. Every
thing soeniod to be work:i:g excellent in
her acbcland -1 p up:U oi. tbo lint.
Misa Annlo .McJvoo, loaciier ; k v.ry
small attendance a', tho oponing, but maty
moro expoctod, either by pronation or
otherwise. Thoro aro thirty names on
iiiiiui A.-u rOLT.TH (.KiliER-rRiMir.r.
Tan room is under thu control of Uln
j Ituth JIcIJrMo, ono of the threo sisters,
anu a rcimont and creduato of the samu
aebool as hor autors, named above. Mlu
Mcllrnln is probably only p!At6j i XhM
room temporatily. She wei solocto-1 to
aiilit In tho high achool. Number in at
tendance, C'.'. i
Por want of lime nnd apace wo are com
polled to cut this report of our public
schools shor . They ara demviug o(
rauoh moro. .S u Hi .0 to say, we aro satis,
fled at tho way in whioh thoy atirtud out,
and will (eel dlsiappointed if this docs
not servo to to a succesiful and profitable
school .yoar to tho children of our city.
Tuk Cause or TKiiriiiAvi r fin.i.
01 its mon insidious and dangorous Iokh
in tho many so-callod "tonica " ana '
petiars." mailo of cheap whisky and
fuso liijuori, finished up to suit depravod
appetites under tho namo of molicirie,
Hitteks Me nono of theso. They aro nut
a Dovorage, but aro a gonulno modicinr,
purely vegottthlo, proparol from Cali-
rornia hsrba by n regular phyaiclin. Por
all diseasos of tbo stomach. livor. kldnnv
bladdor, skin and bloocs, thoy aro an in
fallible and unrivalod rouiujy.
lfi-d and w-iw
OltUI.N'ANtr NO. "j.
An ordlnanci! to amtnd taction 2 ol Ordi.
ii.i ?o. 7.
lie ll orilalnoil by (ho city council ol tho
city nf Calm:
er.t no.v 1. Tint s.. .ii.,i,((i,,ii,....
No. 7, he amended eo Hut It shall read
-.-v. urnnM Krantpil I,y tho i lty, which In
lin excceulntr Ms mnnflii. lnlil.n
blu or '.ran. Icrahlu: lint 11 Hi,, uuio h. i.m
fur ti period 1 , than nx laonths,
it nuy. I v a tul u.ih ti.
i-Ol.rPtit of Hi... ((i, idi. I, irnn .
lern-.l to the micciK.or In buainvi ol tho
1 aru ui wnom it wn luin..). d, nn km ..i...
ic.for furm-hlD new, guli ai..l aui;.. ii nt
iiui.'j i runnn.u; amino in iix. thai ho
gnauir or Iran-K rahlo to anv
nun i-xient hi. or tr In, 1.
'nuns tide aue-ffor of Hie partv
to wl.ein It wji t..'ied. 'arrlnir on lit'n
i.uincM in the wnn bjeitlon natocU in th
epteiuiHr 17 1
Jull: Wmin Ia or,
K. II WKlN-. ( 1. c h rk,
it. V. JIII.I.Ki:, Prev Innl.CC
.1. M. PillLI.II'.i, Vii-. Pm.iiciil.
i:.V( HANOE.ioin.l.ai.kn..lr 1 id I'm.!. 1
ISUU .l.UlltK bought .HI I ;tii.
Inl. ri-t ullinvcil 011 time ilrioill
SluO ijijO
W. P. 1IA1.MDAY. Pro-id. .
JIE.NHYI.. HAt.l.lOAV. i . PrcMdr
A. II. .UVlitIl. 011.1..-.
W ALTEIt IlYaLOP. A -i-ut.t La-ililw.
I ' U LU,,AV I'- IUl4.ll.AV.
U. U. ILMAMtON, MKI IU.N ll II,,..
A. II. riArrohti.
KxcIip ncp, Coin mid I iillcii;. Slitter
Hmiils lluiilit nml hold,
DEPOSITS nwn .;a,., a f.nerai hauki.
r. --T
'I' 73 mn.TVT n ,
X. AtAIi Alii AA!i V
Tho first Monday of Soptombor boing
the oponing duy of tho fall nnd wlntur
session of tho J-orotto Academy, it will
bogln on tho 7th inst.
Parents dcilring to send thoir cbillron
10 mo nctauomy nro roqubaioij to accimi
pany them to mukutho noceisary arrange
n.11 mo uranchos ot a pohto and solid
education will bo taught, Including
Prancb, German, music, and lancy noudlu
worK. 1 no Herman languago to bo
aught by a Gorman alitor. 0-2.2w
Saaled proposals will bo rcccivod at my
ollleo until C o'clock p. m. of Wodnefdy,
tho 10th day of tioptombar, 1871. for lur-
nishiug tbo matorlttls, or doing tho work
or uotn, lor tho construction of tho fol
lowing deicribod eldowalk, viz; On tho
iia.IIi ..r 1. .1. . 1 .
... . .m ui uuvuiui. airoci uuiwoen
Waahinnton nvonuo and Walnut .troet
Said eldowalk to bo cotiBtricted of brick.
na.u pro nossiB snail no Ulrectod to tho
.iy l onncii 01 mo cny of Ualro, and will
k uhui.su ni a raeoung 01 said counc . to
urn uhv OI aorunrnhrtf
I'onoEs and Pirc Pittino,
M.intliacturca ami rrnirrn.t
f, 1 ,ieM, "ttontlon ifticn to ll;. ht and hea v
for ;lnL', hotiro, brldao. rallroa. and jail work
and all work o u miliar Imrnni.r 1
Stoam and gaa fitting In ull tti Manchoi.
SWKV oI 1,"rri, Taslinr Co'i
Phllailolnhlu I. noand t tilnva. iir...
etc., 1111U irai llxturcd uhvuuon luuiil.
Afiontror Oaiucron a special steam mimr
.... . ,.,., ni I'liUH IlUIIIim. tin 11 . MiLnnT.
1 r , ?,verf'or '""j KoU'inor valve.
, j ho following engine,, etc., for ialo ,
I TivotteiinhoatcnslncVlSl inch tTor. nf
1 held on said
All proposals shall bo mado in accord-
-...ju wm, mo provisions. requlrumontH
and fpeclhcatlona of .irdlrmnco No. ra 1
linnrt.v.... ...... tfc.ll. ID", I
uuijt .I'm, ion, which orilln
anco ia now on lllu in my ollleo suljoct to
wa viiumituu ninny lime
ino cuy council rcsorvoa tlio right to
rojoct any and nil proposals.
WILL K. Hawkini, City CIrlc.
CaIIiq. Ilia., Hopt. 1. Ifl7l. ai)3-l'-l.tf
llKSlDEKOK-No. 21, Thlrlocnll. uroot
jetwecn Waahington urdiiiin und Walim
i..A. ...ii . ... 1 .. . ..
nuiifc u.uci; i.u wu.umurcM
nvvnuo, up
Ul ...
....ll-.i ,1. " . . "O" "'I
"''.-."I' "v? rfote, und in good ordei.
r.oJi1,0.,ai himit aim crunk; wrot Iron
One ynijliio fur lin aUug freight; 71 X 0.
Ono ill.ViiO skw mill Pni7in. t .il '',1? ' .
crank or miily or gang saw, Mcontl baud?
turo UUW c,Jt.'lui own manufuc
Alio, u second-homl Havo cutting ma.
chluo and jointer, and warchome holitlra
maulilno, In Kood order.
mi'io'w " mr'cblu!rl'of 1,11 klndsbouaht
iuaor. Illook (upstairs) corner fltli Hiro
und "Washington Avonuo.
iC-31-tf. OAIltO,It,LINOia.

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