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The Cairo bulletin. (Cairo, Ill.) 1872-1878, September 11, 1874, Image 2

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gftt j.uHiir
FRIDAY, I 5E1T. H, '
WUX n. OBRr,LYi l!dIUr ilijj,,,,.
One wee, ty cn" .r $ 35
On yaTy eT'ir, la advance lo'oo
One year by v irrjer If not paid Id
.1 on
tnrB.JamtJ M 0 CO
lXBODWg. n M
On tc:... jo oo
Tiaus or WKKKtr iicixktu.
One Tear jl oo
81x Months , 75
Tkroa Month W
Invariably In advance
Bending matin- ou crerr Imkp.
Democratic Stato Ticket.
Kor State Treasurer
Vor Superintendent ol Public Instruction
S. M. ETTElt.
For Congress-Eighteenth District,
WILLIAM hautzj:l.
For lltpnn'ntUTttirtltii iniinoi,
cr.il convention lliat met nt Annn
froplcmbar J, 1871, anil nominated
candidates for . tho" legislature in lhe
J iftteth SciiHlortulJiHtrif t . K
Alenandar. Sljr iflr.ke, .1 U H)nc4.
Jackson. l Dlsbori, Joippli CulM
"nton, Oliver Hill, V M IVrlnr
At Urge, 1' F Houton, of Unloo.
Ai'MioK JjlMM.NiorT paid a touch
ing tribute to the memory of Win
Staddan, dccea?od, before tho board of
canalization, on tlio 8th itikt.
OHOA.NIZATIO.v is tlio all-important
duty of the Opposition parly in this
congressional district. With complete
organisation Mr. llailrol may bo
They aro lynching negroes in llnti-
dolph county. Tho other day one was
taken out, etrutif: tip by tlio neck and
whipped with a hooppolc. Troon,
good Mnatcr, Grant, troops !
The constitutional couvontion of
Arkansas has adjourned. The ltcpub.
licano, led by Clayton and Jlrooks, pro
pose to ignore tho action of tho conven
tion, and act under tho old conslitu-
suoh nn Impotus in tho first half of tho
century. Ho also occupied trusts of honor
ni n citizen, Iniviiip been nt dlllorcnt time!
p uieinborVotVtbo boarduf city comtnli
loners, member of tho school board aud
pi' the chamber of eomnleroe, president of
ilio Union Ini'iiSfitin company, and di
rector cftlm Iron Mountain Knilruvl com
pany, No mao, iIji'ik, will leave bolnud
mm u iir nn, n. in-nl I i liw nr.,
iciuv, suu in ui.su. wui lie oi'jitrno
l.y laraer . u. nt t.u fnends tha
Henry Von l'hul, who, full of yr.irg and
uonors, poos lo nil last riming plsai noar
ioo sronps oi mi nr jivo and Ufetul lifo.
Anna Convention
IVfliiliiir Jtoport oi' il
Sovoral Porsons Frcelv Dia
tl'i'Uii tho Clilc.igo 'J'lnicii.
ANITA, J ., fjnpt. 6. Tho f!oi,loi.ri.tl
ouinuiiiion oi mt ooniroMonnl diurlet
whioh met at Anna, Union oounty, Inn
iiiurrony, ,iu int., wm not nn onllrmrv
uwy oi inon , aim tL j Woik it did will, I
bnv.i no doubt, work nn importnnt ot In
tho political Mtlory ol J,ywcr Ji-'ypt. 1
have, thorofrc, cuncludoJ that u pen
., uu ii, cv--n.il una mo Konilamon
nrnu wvrn jirunnnoni in 119 JOM tmrMiolIP
vill not mi Niiiiilnri'lln; lo JO .illl'Ilc.
if tux iron.vi.vti, kahi.v,
FiRaT Zh9 restoration ot gold and kllvcr
ni Uie basis ol the eurrency ; tliert'sutnptlon
ot apecle payiaenU as toon as posilblc with
out dlaxtcr to tho buslncH or thu country,
by iteadlly opponln lnnstlon nn-1 by the
payment of the national indebtnlncM in tho
money ot the clvillxcd vorM.
Skcond Free commerce; notarlil forany
, other purpono but revenue.
Tuuic-mdlvldual liberty and oiipo.ltlon
Koujith Tho right and lnty of the
Stale to protect lu citizens from cxtoition
avl unjust dlKrlmlnatlon by chartered
Firru-Hlgld r9strlctIon ot tho Kovern
aent, both SUt and National, totholeL-U-lmate
domain of political power by c.vclud.
log therefrom all executive and logltlathu
lnterioddllng with the alfalri. ntwi.i,
whereby monopoUcj ro fostered, prlvil
cugeu ciaics aggrandized, and lndlvidua
irewom unnccciaarlly ami oppr.4ycly
Tho following Central Comraittoc
was appointed by tho Jlopublican con-
Kiessiuaai Qoavcnuon that xnet
Mound City, August 33, 174 :
Alexander county, O. "VV. aicKealg :
Joekion, lloaj. L. Viloy:
Johnion, A.J. Alilonj
Maiiae, Henry Armitronc :
Perry, S. J. Parki ; b '
Vope, U. D. lUVrr ;
PulatVl, Qeorge W. Mortz, Hr.;
Kandolph.D. H. MoMaators;
UnloD, R. 11. Stlmon ;
AYillfaunson, Milo Krwin.
' HlllITT, WiiorrnC; JVobf, Jt.idic.il;
nml JJroadwclI, Independent Uefortncr
tho candidates for collator in tho
Springfield distriot, are to have joint
discussion. Thin triangular fight will
bo iuterostiug.
iMlt. C'llAKI.KB L. Sl'KNCBII, editor
of the Valley Clarion, publMicd at
Cheater, Randolph oounty, U .1 eandi-
ualo lor thu legislature Wo hope ho.
win 00 elected. lie would bo mi cni
ciont member, and carofully look after
tho mtcrosti of his conatituenU.
I lra. doI,;l04 bpan tj nrrivc, jujj f,y 10
oreljck.iho hotel of il.j littln town woru
iuii 10 ovorJiowlng.
V111KT ltiivmrvTi
It twa boenmo apparent that llon.Wm,
Joshua Allen hod morn nr.il.,. f.i.. i.
tho ground thn eittnr of ti10 other cndl-
, 2 ' 1 . 1 ? nii wo, uotermlncd
tn nominate l.lm. lie bad profonod n dr..
"1 1. n?1, Ku h 0inil'J''lc. but thoio
1 ,r ' . . 1 uoi!ovcd ho was wonr.
... luo ioismin, una would uttempt tbi
f r tit 11 M - sIamh,.... .... . m .. ' .
a ' inimi 'JommittOu
wm appointed by the Jrcpubiiean COM-
rennon of toe Fiftieth nenntorial dij
tnet, held at Wound City. August ;j
187d :
Alexander county, K. K. WalbrldKo:
. Jackion, Kr.ra II. l'elloit:
Union, T. U. i'hlllipi.
At tho Democratic congressional
convention, hold at Auna, September
3,1874, tho following Ccutral Com
mittco for tho Eighteenth district was
appointed :
Kandolph, BerorJy IViltahlro :
Ferry, ii. ii, Jluihcr; '
W'lHamioa, O. IV. Geddard :
Jackion, O. W. Androws;
Union. HUffh Anilrnni .
Johnion, I. 1'iorco ;
Matiac. J. W. Thrift j
l'ope, 1). JJ, Fisid ;
Fulaikl, Obod iidion ;
Alexander, John it. Oharly j
At Largo, Judgo V. Brosi, Cairo.
Tho followinK exocutivo commitf
for Union county was appointod bv
ociuocraiie county couvontion tha
nict in Jonesboro, August '21, IS" t ;
Judge M. V. 6rawford ; "
II. Kroh ;
O. V. Hill.
Tut: Sparta I'laindoalcr, a Radical
newspaper, published in Randolph
county, speaking of lion. Wm. IlartKol,
thu Opposition candidate for congress,
says: "Ho ia ono of our boat citizens,
and a clover, sociable gentleman." Jf
tho Opposition people of the district
make proper effort, this good cituon
and clover gentleman will occupy Jlr,
Clements' joat in congroA".
Why', does Uov..Ucvc7idgo sjt su.
pmciy or otherwise whilo lawlr,.. v
n t.. . :
,UI r uancm'' or otlicrw so mt,i
ung ncgreoa in Jfandolph couul'v ! JId
should cry aloud for fedoral fronts
Ho will necd a few in thU iliVnVf r
Icct 3Ir. Cloxnouts, and the lvnobh.L'
if negroes in "Illinois ought to furnish
as good an excuse for sending iuto our
i.:i - .
u eoupio oi companies, ns the
. . 1 r t,
lyucuing 01 a lew of the utiforfnnr,.,.
nt 1 Sow Yon: lms7I-tht, whlU iimni;
V . x . ,(l"?'lint''" .to roniwit,. and
,vjuld at tB ' pn.-pe,r mrmunt.
led by tho Cairo delegation, and lomewhtt
WTOklttd jipan Mr. Alien s mttiBUM
,h J' ,n:'nUrr'Cd(!r; Tha "uble With
lh nnti-Allen men was thoir Inability to
unito upon any oindiJato. Alexander
couaty would have prM0l "3naor'
uoy. jou.v 11. oimtav,
bat the deleijatea from Alexander rvjn
aicertamot' that OLorlv'. r.r, , "
Imposi bl.-tbal he w..j ot Co. thl
I u Mkl county dolcga'l -n. i whi,h Hon.
I. Caioy, knit Uol. IS r. Watkiai, wis
hoililo to Oberly b,CnUia Oberly had
Imcb .pari in the sLcrmat, hou!a mietinp;.
and bad vot,d to pr,t. lt c..r.r.j .b.ldren
n thoir rUl.t to hlt.nd tU publ.c ichool,;
Oberly was 0 democrat ; tto Ilandolpb
cunty d.ieeattoo, headed by a drunken
a, a'. : ?hH I' HhBntlc?' doaneed OLerly
' oad.holdm .nlBcer man. ' ,., .&
I W',1' Ktoo, In wtioh
4Uon hud a brttbar flnifn ,"'u"
lwu.ni. ii.. .u "'"'"" in-law,
wai men
alter tha
ntionel. Thu delecS "m?
of .Alien'. Thufi.'.
51 ! ' !v
? ' ' L 1 1 r 1 l r-1, 1 . 1 0 h t .
ri!A. r UNNINOIIAM, fa-hler!
1 I
1 1
active frlondr. nnd for tean ho hai baon
tho political Idol of th"io Hsyptlan dem
ocrats who, sum up thoir pon;iosi 001101 in
tho formula of Damn tho Yankees, nnd
Ood damn tho Nigger. llcforo tho peo
ple he would liavu boon beaten thrui
thousand votoaat I""!- I have known
Judgo Allonlfoijfltc uir,nd wai 0110 i l
hli moil conslitont lupporleri until L Utit-
errd that In v, id 1 f ths deinotratie
ieriders wi oi'hl to b r tifrtd that ha
was not vilial tixu v I iM.d Mm. Ho U
an ambitioii.i uontKuian ft icmitcous man
nor. Ho will rank with t'ii moit skilful
ot tho mntia'Uveriiie: politicians, but bo
poMeieci nono of tho ounlltloi of nn ablo
ii., 11.. . ......... .i.i. . i.i.
a'ml'Ho,t.: W.l.o?. H do Sd V'
nothln,; by direction tbat h,i can do by In- ffi 1 '"T siil A'"'0' ' J
Iranknon, and will put th truth bohlnd' WSt allowcil (otiltllnu 1! i-poOH
mm when liy doing in can nppcr.r
rnysii-rioni. While on puniest pilgrim
ago bn walks tlp-toid, liiokltnj from iilo
to lido myitorlotllly kii'1 whispers in
secret eornori.lha'. win. h being ipokuti in
iuc uenring oi ovoryoiKiy wuuiu uo com
mnnplaconnd of r . moment" whatever.
Withal, this Kontlcmni) has a mnnner that
nllractr, and lioliua huto anions his Hour
bsillO follon'l n host of warm friend, mil
smsii); the pioplo many admitcrt. It has CAPITAL,
ueen iui.i 01 nun oiti'ti.uy (no put. lie journ
al! and bis personal trumpeters. 'Allen
Is ablo and eloquent, that his reputation
and elonucuco hai bc t.10 otUbiiibed; and
now, whatever hi il 1 is In"tho citima
tion of the multitude, wiio, and whatever
ho iiyi it. savo with llioludlcloui.elciiuent
and profiHind, DuritiL! thrco mouths hn
UIOJ all till nliilily to ui,lnln lli luimln..
tion if ho Anns cod Yonllun. nnil nnl-
f.lln.l I... II... V.I..R.f.l.. . ,
lllliuu vj ...u l- v. u u u 1 1 1 1 x ri,. (turti
TltE last sci:K.
Aftortha conclusion of Col. Townn'.
peecb, a motion w.11 made to adjourn, tut
was withdrawn to permit th appolnl-
UlWUfc bi l VVillUUUlPQ XOr Lllll ill
Tho committee was nnnniinrr.,1 .n.i I ... .
m.. ... ...... . 1 j,f:iiiiiiirp. fill,. .. n .f' ..., 1 . ... .
r.iKins, 01 miasm, aroso and laid : iT. : 1 ' .. ""1 . .Mutes
"Jlefore tho convention adlourn. r wish """" """eni nnn ili.
to suhtnll a fniDlfitln I . .
... . .
Tfco CfcRir-ltosd it. ' - . YV.YS ' 'i lZryv',u'" "-"-""al bunUi;
Walklns-It is as follows; I ' ' " S
KeaolvvJ. rhat tho etlect of the net at,
tho con-rm asiembJy of Illlneu, at tho - ' ' i Is i
lait icisinn thnrenf, entitled; "An act to I? TS f ! I I? I? I 1? I.
protoct thu colored children mthi-irrii.hu 1 A ' Uiv,l!iJL" 1? Ik.VjVm
to attend tho pu'jile schools," will bo ia-
lmicallotlie intcreMs of tho negro, aod
retrogrcsiive to whito civilization.
ino resolUt 0.1 WS luudlv ebnornl. -Tho
caairrnan was ab jt to put the noestion.
wncn non. jean 11. uiwriv, who wai
".toil ri'.h the Alexandor etxintv dclcL-a-
on, arose and staled that be had vcimt
n tha leslf Muro for tho law mentioned
n Col. Vatlrln's resolution, na.l tbat he
lesirea to addroii th convention in it.
pistiatlenteforo tho retelutlon'wn votud
Mr. Shannon, tho drunken ltji.Jrr nf th
ilindulph county delfcition. rrisd : 'So!
don t Ut h.m talk !' and one of Allen'i
thugs shook fci flit and shouted : 'Damn
Uborly;boi no democrat f uqn t let ram
peuuv ino people in tho hall began to
WAll'KJI llVHi.oi', AUunl Cashier.
II. I.. I!.t t imv
t. 1. Vll.l.lAM.IlH.
Hr ;WNxiNuirji
r. IIai.i.ihav.
fTi:i iii: liiiin.
I Jobbers and Retailers, cf
Atn person Miilerlnic irom the above ilh
f". ? ,,fB.''!'.r,!,,',, aldni l;n. Vuici:. 0n
Mrial IMUiol mo.lliine will boVrwai
by e.Tpre;KltK! - u,"JJn;
n 1 .-I.. . . . .
1 1 I'UMn liitruifir t.i....iy.i.. ,
mad. the treatment of ' uuu
a kttl'Iy.fiir venrn and-hn. will-.r
cure, liythiMi.eoriili.rni,.?-!.. "
l'o J.ot lull Ui .,11(1 td hlm.rf.r Irl.l 1.. ,'.1..
i cost notlilnj;, and ho -,
Jt WltLl'BB'Yoir,)) J
:; ;;V, S -kk-. fancy i toons, L'oIIkt AVliitt
..v. UIHI J 1 1 I" VJlillllLS
r Lii'.'iiiii4 '-itntu t;.i.,. r'.i - .1 ...
lllllriU' I iliuu .... I.M r , ... ....
sum, i-tc-.; a..; e,,a,' l,ut Co,v,vs J)w
'orlt.nito,IRhlWl.btoli K""" lun..
11KTA1L & I'ltEiCmi'TlOK.
71 Ohio Utpp." " TraWBBim Ave. cor. i:inth St.
C A IE O .
ffOOIV. wnmlrirr.il
streets with a revolvorln M. )..-.. .
ening to kill Oberly 'on sight.'
hopod that ho might be enabled to receive
that hii hones could nni i. i.j . i
l,n nnl.tlo rill I.... Ill . " "'"'. ai-C
,UVI, ,r, jU10tl s CftrnVan 0f
move about, and to shout nt ' tho top of 00 '""''' of how lon lUndlnL- your cao
their voices. At last Mr1. Wilson, of r o ,10W I,n"' otherirmeduWaii'iy
Cairo, moved tbat Mr. Oberly be per- cfrluUr!'-.,, .1 . ,' '
mittod to addre..s tho coavonlion. and tho TcuU" aniJ tc.tliw.uials scat with ,
, b-iloved for soma time that tho nnti-Atlen
! mm. woiiIJ nnnnnlraln nnrin M.n i ... ...
i-tj ....1 1 f . ' ...w., uiii uq.
Vs7ii. niy 'vo uf despair Mr
tain ih.U,a h?'1 1?-0f'"1 "Mnw'y to ol
ta n the nomination. Ho h.u mo.i .n ,",
triouily cu t w.i.,1 11,. c... " 0 . Ju-
but without succssu JJafont.!, he i
with Oary into tho train of Allen
COI.. 11. R. Trnrvca
who bad boon votml fnr l.v irlt
d out manfully ..."aZ
B(IUf?IIIt'inil in isulit.nl . T'
from caitinr- it' t?..- r"A0". count-
entire Yuto for tbat Bon.
Tho following State committee was
appointed by tho Democratic-Opposi-Yg-Y00''0"'
at SIiri,1KllcU. August
l?J?,,.tT,ict J:Fbcri Jameson, Chicapo
f, pr ot, Wm. J. Onahan,' Chicago
, h n.".111 A.VM- """ingloXoeneva
rih ' r otl Win.-Wrl.bi. Froepo.t.
District, AVaihUEVon
Oth District Oha. 1. Kinr- l'coria
10th District, David K. Head, Carthago
M. ltush, V.t'tifleld0'
i h n '.UK ' ?:ii--?""V HP'J?ld.
i5!l!S! A onvillo.
-. .....n, r. ji. jirorac. JCdwardi
became oiijunt that M. tr......
the only nun ,t w i.k. Z' "".V"
enough ntronrjth to defeat Air. Allen Tnrf
Aiexauaur county doliWltion con
id to nross h tn. t, k ' .."
drunlton l.,l f . """"oni "m
.loloenllon-Mr. H : V'!
V 11
non ftUfttnntMl to
wiu convent nn. Kit ir m.
Wilson of Alexr.ndn " " . .'J00:na!
dd .Judgo IlroH, of the sa'mo' ! 1
no person should withdraw
motion wm carried. Mr. Obsrly began to
speak from tho floor, but hj) ,Ta Inter
' ufj.a with loud cries or 'Take tho Hand.
As he advanced toward tbo"stand tho hos
tile demonitratlons of Shannon and the
thugs wero alarming, nnd far a time It
was feared that tho men who wore abui
11! Oberly nd tbat ccntleman's frlnr,,!.
wouia come to blows. When Oberly had
taken the stand, Shannon and tho thugs
became -n moro demon.ilri.tivo than
, 'i'il ' 'Ariy pro-
iervo.1 hli equanimity fur awhilo, and at
i.ti gu. a coring.
obirlt STKrtr.
I am not ono of Mr. Oberlv 1 admirers
tte Is loo orratleto pleiio me. lf.j has no
"" ' "i tearcr-c.own, not t
builder up Ho wont to CMro a youner
. "..uw mu ueraocratic party
in till nrl nt lh .i.i l 1
. . .u.v , vuuiuiion over
..uj.,. iiuusi oean lor ana against It; for
and agMnst tho radical partv ; for and
agam.t the independent reformers. He
'is oow nnu aiwnyMJiocertain
If he had been crushed years eco thor.i
WrtW 't Vi . a ID,n . 1 t ..
fi:i:k tkiai. uorri.i:,
Hit. CHAS. V. Mtri p.
aiivi:j:tisi: i.
m.rdiLi i ti... .
f ,1 .. . .
. me proceedings of tho Anna con
vontiou, taken from the column of The
PI.!..... rTV
-"iw.-o a imcs. Jlio oorroanon,l..i,i
docs Judgo Allen Kreat iniutien wl.n,,
. , i
U luumatcs that that trent eman lm.l
juytmng tp jlo with the violent denuti
v-i-uons mauo in tlio convention and
out of it by borao of his supporters.
"uugo Alien deprecates violenm
In his roview of .ludL'o A I
len d political character tlio corresnnn
.i..... ...
uum is omcwllat inconsistent. He
says tlio judge is popular with tho wire
workers only, and in n moment after
wnnl.4 TAtiifivttt 41... : i. . ; i
iujl mu juugo uas a
osi o: lnonds niuonR his "I3ourbm.iV
loiiows aud a great many ndmirors
among the people. The stale eharoi
luconsutcney mado against us
umuunt to nothing. They don't hurt
us, and they are not truo. It hai bo
-vmh. uau.uuauju y,UIJ mmQ I)Cr,QIls ...
indulgo In them, and-ic nresumo it is
best to let thorn t.-io ,r;n.... . Allen tho reauisito numimJ
... ,, ..w.,... it, ni,,,, r . , , . . . u. ULI?1I r.ll.
. . ...... . ...... ,i n...i. , -. i . . . ic uiivi ii n
IhCcorrospondent has also put into -wUhdrew A i n S"!!! '? W'Z Vi" l' .locating all
.i . A.i , "'niv, anil I ""'""''" iiuie. uiaet w. I
. mouui some words wo did not uso IV . A , r n which ho said wh'to. I" ihu public school
oiu not want h m In l. 'Wo w '1 Then vnn ulil
a candldata ho d d not wish the nomlna: Wm. J. Allen, Hon. (Jo w" Wa I oh
tion. Allen friends knot lni.i!.. .l.. Jnmn. At it'...i ' . T,a"i ,,on-
ho must not bo Ithdrawm, and bat ho d 7,0 T V",1
result of tho ballot shnnM 'l, .ii""-.-".0 im.i In . . Constl-
While this wrunr-lirir. n. . ZT.ik- 'r '"' 'u that
ITnlr,n mnl A 11.... ? ."'""r "Ut
-"..j .-..u.i tuuu oncamo union connemn them
twetv.ninn rmm mnA .. '
third I..IM. aTu u.""cu"."- tha
rntu. ITfii..,, r t- ..
would have been neaco in our ri..t,inr...ii.
U I .'.. .
uuuiuuuiu oven to mis uay. I d not od
imte uim as a politician; but I must do
mm uiuvrouu 10 say iaat till speech be
"io iinna convention wai a urand
inuiujiu. x uui uxpreei tim uni
versal verdictof hisauJisnea whn I
owrn ilriir.,... " w tho most remarkabla nn ..ir,,n:.
withdraw Hartal. "Psech that has been made in soutdrr.
... . , l,,. , r ...
jMi, i win no; attempt to
rir.nf ll . I ....l.1 .. ir t ...i.i.- , .
boldly asiortod tbat hii voto upon tbo bill
was who; but bo denied that tho bill
eompollod mixed schools. Ho provod tbat
tuiitniuuonai provision and the law'
of 1871! did that ; and proved this by the
Do you
The ktomarb is ... ,M,t iici,
oramol the human kVntem; ami the indl
"tihlefood rrowueu into It bj the n oalrc
meat, of modi ri, society, ktoil It in
A State of Chronic Disorder
which h followed by a ro.ort to tonl. s and
altera, ve, for relief. It mortunat..y hip
S"a .7?"" t,iat ",an-t or ,,,e
rii,n.. - . . 'omacli prodiueslr-
' '" ' ie iniiaiuatlon
Injury tlmn good.
Bristol & Stilwell
Pamily Grocers,
--1 u
. anddoci more '
A man Iiiti mlliii.- lo do li,im..Ss must
Ilr.st niepar,. i,M.r to ,UK.t JJl(j rc
Iiilrcninitsoriils riMouiors; next be
X-.r,. . I itlUM Il'I PVl I'V tin Jell. 1.. A ..
"iUOUl,, I,, .. B1.,.,l, ,,,,. , K. ..I. . . ..
bllt arn . .1 '.-in; iliuj Jl.l.l.llll
Koepovorv thing pertaining to the
no oi htapfe and Fancy (Iroccric,
.oodetiwaro, Vt-otablc. I'ruits o
,..hi.i, , ' "" I'rcparai on, ' r1"'"-' .unit ii-inn i it, Iniilm-fi.
1110 stoinaHi to iin rflicni'Iiinw. Imi U'lini'vim
I .. ii. ii i,- j,
I dcculon of tho supremo court.
-H anil Ifnrt
TOt Oil iJ for Ifn i i .1 mmnlaln 'V V,. ..L-Aj . i . . . J v
.Vllen. On tbo -.ii r nna. i; l . . I'"'
fourth baiioi. i :,.!; .u .u" n : :.;rv..i" a. U1U c" won
mi..., ...h ; t ', .ro"i
wu uhu iur nan?
tho roll on t!J0 or ,tl8 roorn orn which ho had toon most
mty voto I 5 for crloJ down. 'If you do, turn your anucr
ol, thui glviog upon the men who vote 1 tor tbo provii-
or of votes ; but 00 of 'h conititution which reijuircj tho
The 0. YOE.VATKU iiri-rri. o .
t"o most popularrm,,, , ! ' e"
P!uint,for tho tut ,, vars, a ,d t u
maintain their .iiiriwlcajfonuUrTtV!
1'rlcc il per bottlo. 1
John 1'. Jiiwnv, Cumu.v .t Co., iW,
anuu.jiegel'hce. Svw York
I'ORT A .NKW.SPAi'rit wn.i. i-.vii
'Imni TH,: lH.ll'iTMIUIIBl
nrnovcii unicifTO ADiirti'ssTiri!
noAr .vroit:n
itiuia, but what of that? A Chi.
cago TIuics correspondent writes what
ho pleases.
At t P11" P- Wmon,OInoy.
At Large, N. II. Miller, Oblcaro
town. AV- 'I'ownsend, fchawnee
AJ Urge, Wm. Ilf0wD, Jacksonville,
Mr. Rrown was elected chairman of
- the committee.
The follovrlnK Central Committee
Clear Creek, Thomai .1. McClure
Ooost i Island. O. Oreenloy.
DOC Tooth. K ll.m. ..i.:
"'rnan, John
Henry Von i'iin,""a- urommont
aim me oldest merchant of St
uiod in tha city on tho
lollowing bketch of his
t. l.ouls Timiw
Harm.. k.
Phia ana w o ri WU ''otn ,n "-'WUdel.
Jtw..-yM.0' ''wan extrnctiun. hii
p "aving ions; resided in I.ancaiter
l'anniylvanlii. l. n .-'"?c"e"i
iant of St. Louis, county llart.ol men, and Union county "Ithout knolidgo: they were lu
l'o Sth lust. The ir".rt I, ,t"t'. f"; a" ,t.oli for n"- mt0nti?ni ln '"', they
. ... . , , iMffittled the contest, and gavo Pn tho right!" Ho thon prc
is life is lrom the HarUnl tho nomlnntlon. h vo argUH that tno education of tin
vaa geatyd with
I .In
They wero wiso
Just without
proceeded to
Ctiildroil of thn pnnntr ... .
--.j. -.'u. uu nan iaiKnu nrobablv tr
l,r. ..I... I I ... " . --
ton, KemuekV. It .'Ct .V",.
.. 1 . .
u -IHiiuio , ana whiln n 1 ..'"' 1,ou aiKeu probably ton
"f"0 "vrtS waning upon Mr. Ha ts-ol " oblllnod tho compleat atten-
riri;lnmu m hU luck'6 ' """" great majority of tho convon.
I . " uu uo on trio.
in. Jli.,i'lS ISftS ""
Wi rnmnaratii.,.!.. . ..its twurtiij
tun tint vftu us
Anij Dealer lo
J: uii.o j.oree. OAlllO, IIJ.s
Choice-Dried tec,
lh-calfast Bacon,
F.ino I'cars and Peaches for
(MwngjiifrpoHtft; .
abide with
Rtld was introduced to tho rM.L.n..
iiu wuh meoived with hearty npplVi .n' I l!mo"B other things. 'Hera wo itand to
but did not makoiivnrvn.r.,!!..?' ","".nl dav. domoc-.n B. ....I. ,L " .'?.
int..- i. "'""oineecli. . .u.. . '. '"""""i orier rcpuun.
n unr ..... ..... ... . . . . .
i rruinpprovou an bold utter'
i , . V Dluliucni appeals. li0 c
- , , U r..'tu:,1"nB lb0 P'r of unliy
uiiiiviiiiun. Bnii
exnndlilnn i ,.,.;.;. ..."." "' Ofio
. ": -" mo inaians f ti.
"i-ruer, unu in various wavi ri.i-..i n. ,
Ho was tak.in h. .V.. A" "u".O!0 Poll
mbarrai.d that I n o got not T0 I" i
W. speech , to, .hound .rTVl.nlV.K,
airi unaigniiiiM allusions to hii
H.nKy phrai
a ni" 1':'"' 01 l,J0 opposition.
t itV 1 flatU "n ,,onM banner,
' with legend ..j true democmcv imoriLr.'
J" upon It. Thoinemvl. I,r,fr.." ... .pl:
Groceries, Provisions, Etc.,
f ilJ
Ho 32 EIGHTH St.
enargo has been snundad. Shall we hell-
to nlughtor of Dr. A
picially during
ttii'os married in 181 0
F. Hiitiirrafii. 1.
jiur, who of Thotnaa M ,--,"""
Judge Allen al... in,.,, p! , ..,,.,, tato.and, before w0 throw aiinelve.
. "v 1 rial r. ... 1 : -
hlows ' 7. "ra"K" and itrlko blowi at each
spn.'h, in which In
nl lln ii . .;. "nnjrr
Ai.Vfct.Vi .V: ' 1.7r,eon- ! II
........,, nl llnn
01ViO XlOVnr,
'Oing at least, forgot the past: let u unite
South Cairo. John 11
Howley, John Hogan and Df ! T'Artor"
Tha foUomng Central CommiUce
WM ppOuite4 by the Demoatic.Lib.
.iuasw Hum- ti . , -"o into
i-uui, a merehant laNs 11,1 runl- ,x on
Ham Vnn I'nni . 0rI"ani Wi .
tenj.min Von 'Y. Louisiana
I'tul ic ltodgoiky c;,uf U flfm of Von
Louis; Phillip Vffi 'Mk"H of
railroad, of St. I.oul,. 1 l!ro6'"d in tho
At various time in his inn .
ul life, Mr. Von I'hil h.i "7d. veM
n steamboating, and h, 8 .d.tl ,' inlor"t"l
M. mean, and jfi'dgmon tto xl, V h
bu.iues, in that lino which give feui:
This part of hi. .p&V, C h Zl l'
h d 1 spoeche.; when his text was i"
your .nugiiier tj marry a no
;c7a,.c,tiev1;:i;,.onot',,inn Z
on. s H
T ,,x
He also roturmd .0 hi, anrTvo n H ,n V"! "ro,unt ' 'r 'h beneu, oVlbo luture
aim usk&a; 'Dejou vnm v,.- . I and thus unilnl
tn.ni with rn-rr,,!,.:::' fr" i,"uen ivi,. .f v
f.r.""r.i.i V" "1.""n tno piiblio I , ""ur'y oonciuaod ho was cn.
schools? Canvouaul.mil i..H"u" thuiiast ca lv chnn.n,!. ...
(resi make the necro rr.,. ,.i. tion immodiatn'v ..u .1 ui....
adopting the Watkini rcsolutloc.
After tho anjourrmont Mr. Oberly was
warmly congratulated by hli frlelids,
sorrio 0f thorn taking him ln fholr arms
nnd nhniitin... nr;.,. j ..hi t
ll T, . I uiyti iur juui 1 it.w
l-OI. I OWlit. allll llinrln n .1 . . I One Of thn clr.lpr.cl. .Un lift 1.1...
in -u-1,1,.1, 1 . "" luotl SPOCCll. I . .. . !,". nu.11 v. .. .... 11,111
n,. I, i rr"niei to support Hnrlzfll '.V. ,no uoor Btm hoard him say:
la. .iLiT, r'llit(H' Alien dofo&t and Jou'er tho best damned mpn J
was nvldentlv ploa.ed. mai nnd know, and we'll wdo right throagh the
-IV.. "":' HfiiEMiTii, rascali if you say eo." Hut Qberly did
1. '. ,wVv.ll,'.kw Mr. Allen. ,iu., not say to. and tho crowd dUncnod.
tnkl tin ha .r.
KSIDKi:oi: .f o. 1, Thtrtconm at rent
1., . V. "aniiiigion afoiiiio anil Walnu
reot OLUce 120 commercial avcuuo, up
npt ho
'h atienchi 1 11 ' . ""wm Has 0
sl. Tho m .ne.."0 onB the
-tbo little pomicUMri? ,"T, V!
l' the Kdlturol Tm IIi-u.kti.v
l.TKK.Mi:n I'miiNIi; You will nlci.n
form your reader that 1 have a p.iJt,!
cum: roit co.nsumi'tio.v
anil all .llonli.r ol tho Throat and Lm,,,
and that, by Its mi. In my prarll,. , 'f'
ciiitdliunifriMlMofemn.uiid win g(,0 ,a't
- -$1.000 -0(
s iiKie, Ui iiyiMiUerrraitdri.-lnifiiie. ,K'
. .., .un i"iraiT 10 aiiyonoyoii in.v
mow who In HllircrinL' nin llm... .1! "."'
nd obllgu,Falihjiy your,(
WiOliini M. Iri, 'v,(1.
"ih'-rt Hlreet, lioUo.-ii Wanliliigtoii and
(Jommurulal Avenue.
-llAMTAflUlli:!; 01'
- ' bKscaiiDsrs.
coiirnii'irXN ir vtatntit sm-K kts
i-.Sr: .4.
ureal piraMii-4 In
I'. 0. IlllXIrfiS.
n u-2 jr.
. iii, i i r " 1 10 supply au-rybody
ltl I.U.,, l,t. of ,o u.ry best iiuallty, either
lit till' I' In. lien.. ...... .1 . ...
I kin. 1, 1, 1 1 '" 11,0 aiori's. un er.i
j i'. '' klt 1,1 " '"u. -N'o. Ohio
iiiin n 1 im
at -y 1 f.gtlV'iv l!r,OUlC FOB 1.00

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