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The Cairo bulletin. (Cairo, Ill.) 1872-1878, September 13, 1874, Image 2

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fcCNDA'T.SKl'T. 13. IS")
(IIMtlul Vnticruf tlmClly tiiijl Cuuuly
IU11K U. OBCKLT. K'llWir and Put.HfUer
'tihllfl 01TTI1E DAILY 1'CTLIjKTIN
Cue wock, by curler 9 '
Ono year by .carrier, lanuvaua )0 01
One year-by currier If not niti lu
dTDC?,?.Q I'M
Uno month, byraall.,.,,..., 10).
Three months ' a 00
it a
m no
cral coiivcnlion that met at Anna,
September -1, 1 187-1, and nominated
candidates for tho ' legislature iu tlio
Fiftieth Senatorial District .
Alexander, II K lilakfl, J O Lynch.
Jtckiou, 1' Uiihon. .loicph Cully.
Tnlon, OHvr Uill, T il Torlne.
At Large, T P HoiitOD, of Union
Govtrt.voR Baxter has pereuitonly
declined the nomination of the Demo
cratic party of Arkansas for governor.
J rutin Onru.v will take tho stump
for llartzul. llo will, we hopo, enter
the canvass with real.
tf.rms or WEEKfr ncii.rriH.
One I'cur., $1 00
Six Month....; 7.',
Three Month. .v.. W
w - Itonillns nwiller nu fio-r imun.
Tlir Goleonda Jlcrald, a Radical
newspaper published in Pope county,
Is opposed to tho civil rights bill.
Dciiio'crnMc Stnfo Ticket.
J "or auto TmoMirrr
Tor Superintendent 0 1'uWU- Iwdruttion
I'or Congress Eighteenth Dbtnct,
I'or Hepretcntativea- l'lttlelli DMrict,
. I ., ,,,,.,,. ii.rA.-w-rM.NY' 'i
l'msT The restoration ol fold and sl'ycr
tMhebjjtjot the currency, the rem m pit on
out dlastcr to tho buslne of tlio country,'
liV ktimllh- nunniln" Inflation nnil l,r tint
uaytfi tnt of tab tiiutotia) Indtebleinei In the
money 'ol ttfe'elYiUK-d'wWM.'
s .kcond I-reo commerce; no tntifl f.nanv
loiSidrtufposcbutrtvcrjue. ''
wruniD Inilhlilimllii.crt and opioiHdu
to MitnMmu-yJaw. ,
roLT.TJi-mc rjj-'nv and duty of tint
State to jivict m tltlzclm irnu extortion
t-?DJ:-'.M?JH,t dlH-riinlnatlon by chartered
I'triil llljrld roktri -tuin o( (he Govern
ment, both Htiite ftiAl Nailnnl, to the Ifftlt
lraudqmuln ef.feo.lVtical, jowr by exclud
Ing thcr.'from all cxoi-ut vc and legWlatlvu
IntorueddUfig -Kith the ntVsIr of Society
yvberoby iminysyiiiaro foter-d, j.iiul
edged vlaice aggrandized, and IndMd'un.
fniedoni nnncci"sarily and ounr,- .iflv
Till: .Marion Monitor-has declared
itself to bo independent in politics,
hike all of tho papcri Major Aldcu
lin? an interest in it is so independent
it sujiports aro tho Radical candidates.
Mr. Washisoton Husiso publishes
a card declining to be n candidate for
congress in Chicago. Ho has been
charged with tho gtcat crime ol youth,
and acknowledges his guilt. Some day
na-liington will bo older.
TllB C'nriui Times fn.va io Jfoorm-
- tiollulit to nwior roliult. J JO i(nu-
cat Tlmafh "jiort," ntii nossby tolls
the trutlr in this particular; but it
would tell n more palpatio truth if it
were to add that tho Radicals delight
to Honor themselves.
andcr county, is 800.12, tho average
amount of real cstato Is, 8311.75. The
avorago pcmoualty in Jackson county
is 889.82, tho average- realty 8001.13.
Tho averogo pcrsoualty in Johnson is
833.56, tho avorago realty 877.10. Jn
-Massac the avorago personalty is S-1C-08,
tho average realty, SUiU'J. Iu
I'ulaUn the average pcrsoualty is 827.
27, tho average realty $120.03. Iu
Union tho avorago porsonalty is 3lJ.
57; tho average realty, 8130.35.
Tun .Missouri liVpublieau uays il U
reported that Mr. Oore, tho Indcpcn
dent Reform candidate for treasurer
In this Stulo, will withdraw in favor
of Mr. Carroll, tho Liberal-Democratic
nominee. .Mr. Gore could not do a
more sensible art. He knows he ha?
no ehaucu of election, and will not
oven poll tho full strength of his own
party. If ho should withdraw, and
tho Independent Reformers would sup
port Mr. Carroll, thoro is reason to
bclinvo wo could defeat the Republican
Mate ticket.
iWTmiofodi' 'cTntraCommittca
&5$0S1H'bF BdphWIeab con.
gresiional convention thai met at
Mound City, August 13, 1S74 :
Alaxander county, G. W. JtcKcntL' ;
.lackton, Bonj h. Wloy;
.Tolmion, A. J. Aldcn; ,
JIaistc, Honry Armttroni; ;
tlU'opVll.i). JJakerS
l'uUilrij Otforca W. Mortz, Sr.!
lUndwlj.-K. nnt.M3Musti.-rj;
UnlOTYr.r il Stlmonr
"VilHtnion, llilo Erwln.
The following Ccutral Committee
was appointed by the Republican eon
JSHt'P" j Mr fiftieth wnatorial dis-
1SZI : .
XJliAloMru'lor-cdanty,' v.. "Wnltridg"
Jucktua, V.zrn 11 JVllott ;
Union, T. II.
IT it.-. ...
i3vtfi.thoJ 'Uumoc'rntio eoncreuional
convention, held at Anna, Scptcmbet
3, 1S7-J, tho following Central Com
miiteo for.jho Eifjhtconth district was
appointed : " '
a ! JlUdolpb, tlloViirly "WMubirc;
l'urry, K. IJ. Ituihur;
!i"WlllimOD, a.jU". GoddBrd ; '
Jnckeop, O. V. Androws: ' - '
TThron, nUsH Andretvf;
.I,)ln.i,in I V !',..,. .
, JtSc. J. V. Thrlnf
Vop!, D. . Fi Id ;
- Pulnfki, Obed Kdton i
Alrntjdjr,,.I(iiin II. OUrly ;
At Large," Judgo 1-' Uro, Ulro.
in; n.imi-ai uoiconua ueraid is
shocked because a certain (ctitleinnn,
of tbat placo is iu tho habit (J - playing
euehnr with a negro. ' ' Hand liiin over
to the lender mercies of "The While
Men to the b'roiit ' party, and let him.
bo hanged by Gabriel Ledlio and
Angel of Doom Richardson.
The Demooratio-Opposition central
commHtco of this congressional district
w'lll meet for organization and comralta-'
tion in Cairo, on Thursday, 17th inst.
Mr. Hartzel, the congressional candi
date, will meet with tho committee.
Might ho not ba induced to address
our pooplo iu thacvciiing ?
-Mil. W. 5i. KKuitYTsheriir of Gar
rard county, Kentucky, is evidently an
ignorant omiy nud blackguard. In a
comnmniaation atUeking tho editor of
Jiis county paper, ho says : "Tho editor
is a contemptible sneak, a low-Sunf
coward, a mangy dog and a disgrace tb
his own fleas." Mr. Kerby is evidently
nnxious to indulge in a row.
Uir. Independent Reformers df
Michigan in Stato couvontion nomiDa
U'd a Stato tiokot and declared lm a
rrtiiiru to riwvu. i j,.
Democrats in .State conventinn unmiii
atcd the tiokot of the IJeformera and
doclarcd themsches in favor of the
repeal of tho Lcgal-Tcnder act. at a
late not later tliun .luly -1, 1870.
ini: iioininattoii ot (Jen. Green !L
Raum as tho Republican candidato for
Tlio following executive cominiltco
fjr PnioJ county waS appointed by
tho Democratic county convention that
vmtnin .lonesboro, Aupmt ill, 1ST 1 :
JuJe M.-Ortrawfirtl ;
. H. Jtnih; ; . . ,
"rfi A
Tbo. lvlloytin Stiitc cpmimltco wct
ttl'pointcd by tbp ,I)omoeratic-Oppoli.
U-jq convention, at Springfield, Auemt
1 District, ltt;bert Jatne.un, C'hicapo
H id!Ur!clt Vtm.l.Onaann, Chicai;"
a., r - Wnton, ChacKo
J IJJ'trlot. Win. Wright! yrieport.
Lacot ' MMoto oei
v;.)i u'-y- v i;.nK, v,t.
1 , . !',,tr,c. n?V'l K" Head, Uattl ito
h "T '1 ?' aierrui. Bpr0KflQi,t
congress iu tho lciecnth district-
tlio -Marshall-Anderson district has
been received with, nppluuso by bin-
many perhoual friends ; but it ha3 eiven
no pleasure to tbo Logan-Munn rintr.
The mombcrs of this ring dislike Gen.
.Raum, and ho hates them with great
rl In,
ISih Hi'trlct, C D Uoile,, OreenvUls
7th DitrJet,JV. U. JCrd.nr, JJdwIrdt
jhth nr(jrvt, m u. oM.n, cat
At l.nrim N' II M.ll,.. ill 1 "V"
- ----- ...
u toAr Lare' J- W. 'i'ownnd, thK,Tnec.
- - I
At a.arK, "Wja. Urown. Jackfonvllt.,
Mi Mr. Ut9u wos elected chairman of
h r
. i . , v-tn,rnl Comm t to
MiMl KTW CV1)-- Cairo
Cluar Crock, 'J'ljomai J. MlCIi.t..
' O.K.M UUni, o. Owenlay.
r. Tc tb, K, llumtekar.
,k fcbuth 0tr, dohii it i' , .
llow! J jUf H'i.aa
'llirf following Central Committee
wan nnnolnted h n,n t .
Grv. Rai-m and Gen. Anderson
have been walking arm-in-arm at liar
risburg. Tbo result of this arm-in-nrni
porformauco was an agreomcnt to
have tevoral joint ducussions iu the
Nineteenth district. It is believed
that tho great Radical and tho irroat
llolortncr will invito tho great Dcmo
crat. Marshall, to take a part in
tho pro)()!ad debates.
Tin: New YorU lk-rald has eug
gestcd n national convention for the
purpose of considering tho war. its
causcn, consequences and results,
and how best tbo I'm inn ..-r,
adjust itself to tbo new condition of
aflatrs. The suggestion is receiving I
uumoruiu uotioo from tho leading
politician!, and statesmen of tho bouth.
"ut it will t-omo to nothing.
TllnY to calling Gen. Raum "the
gallant old hero." Gallaut tho gen
eral may bo, but old ho is not. JIo is
as sprightly as a young ,an of twenty,
five, and if it were not fur thq unfor
tunate habit ho has' or wearing his
hoad bald, his lifiy five venr. l.,i
nothceuspectcd.cvcn by the women,
who nro very clohoobservors w:hon
tlemcn as comely as tho general aru
hovering around.
CAir. C).UMi;.STti will enter Johnson
county cn tho 11th with a determina
tion to capture tho Independent I!c
formers of flint county. JIm nppoitlt
mcnts aro as follows :
Sew lliirntldo.SI'imUv uvonloc. Hi half-
pt f even, te)totnbur 1 1, 1874.
Tunnnil Hill lunimlt. TllAfltltv LVBhlnr.
at bair-pmt lovon, September lfr, 1674. '
Uuncornbn (Ht Crtipnr's otorc) Wedno
dy evening, hali.pntt ovtn, Heptetnbur
AVet Kduu, Ttitirsday ftvonini;, half
pHJtievon, Soptoaiber 17, 1871.
Vienna, J-'riday afternoon, half-pant
ono, September 18, 1371.
Orantivllle, Saturdav aftsrno.m, one
o clock, Nuptemlior It. l"H7I
Tin: .lohnson County Journal says
-Mr. Hnrtrol, the Democratic candidate
for eongress.'-is a very ordinary lawyer,
scarcely fit to make a county judge of.'1
'This kind of disparagement will
amount to nothing. Mr. Hartzel will
let the people of the district kuow of
what metal he is made and prove
his ability on tho stump. Among law
yers he is highly esteemed, and is pop
ular with tho masses. Rut if he has
not tmieh ability, ho U btill as ablo
'a mau ns Mr. Clements, who surely
will never sot tho river on fire, oven if
he did bouy a river with dogs.
Attorney GKxr.iiAt. Kdsali, has
decided that the general assembly, by
repealing tho law of IS10, which gave
to county judges tho jurisdiction of
justices of tho peace, deprived the
county judges now iu office of their
power to a:t as justices of tho peace.
Ho adds : "Some rf tbo mnntr
"judges, I am informed, continue to aot
as justices of the peace. It is proDa
ble that tlio courts will suitain the val
idity of their actiou so far as the rights
Of third
the ground that they aro actiu-' under
color of authority, and may bo consid
orod ai de facto justices of the peace."
Hut Sn his speeches In tho bushes, ho
denies that he is in favor of tho civil
rights bill, and repudiates tho civil
rights plank of the platform of the
patty whoso candidate he is. At
Stcolesvillo, iu Rmdolph county, la3t
week, Mr. Clomcnt? undo a tpoeeh, iu
which bo said ho was opposod to tho
civil rights bill, and he has been mak
ing the same declaration in WilllamEon
county. The Marion Monitor, a Re
publican paper, published iu William
sou, says :
Cpt. Jaao Clementi ii tow stumping
tbli county for congrcii. Hli llrtt ipuosh
was tnado at ,leiroronvllle, on Monday,
wlioro ho was (rcetod by a vory respectable
audience. Ho ndJrcea mom nt icngtn
on tlio political iMtiei of tho day. Ho
fayj thero aro but few iuuci to-day bo
twoon tbo two great jurttoi : that they
nro nearer together now than over before.
Clcntent.i is tlecictfM'i o;yiojef to the eitil
right till; but thai bill I really not ono
of the l(uns factweon tlio two partln, and
tbo roaion why It n not wo will endeavor
to explain in our next uiuc.
Wc call tbo attention of our Repub
lican fellow-citizens to tliCFO facts
They cannot, if they arc not also po
litical dodgcrn, tolerate their candidate
iu his doubtful position on this ques
tion 'I If they adopted tho civil
rights ji In nk oT their platform to do
ccivo the nogrooo of Alexander and
other counties of Southern Illinois, tho
trick will be exposed. Mr. Clements
must Hpeak, nnd speak so that both the
white nnd black people may under
stand him.
A rquad of Federal troopi, stationed
at Humboldt, Tennessee, started from
that place on Thuriday uight, armed
with a warrant from the United States
marshal of the Memphis district, and
at VickotUvillc, in Gibson county, ar
rested sir persons, supposed to bo Im
plicated iu the recent uegro-killiugT-fair
at Trenton, Tennessee. The pris
oners were takcu to Humboldt aud
there imprisoned. Of courso the six
suspected citizens protest their inuo
cencc, and their protestations may bo
the truth ; but it is safe to conclude
that whenever you scratch a Gibson
county man ou show the hkin of a law
los fellow.
Gibson has an unenviable reputation.
During tho civil war it was overrun
by guerrillas claiming allegiance to
both the Southern armies. They stole
horses and other property and indulged
in tho pastime of cutting throats
After the war the thieves of Gibson
continued their work in the ranse
of country embracing Gibson, Dyer,
-Madison, Tipton and McNairy coun
tics. Led by one Hud Kvan3 they in
auguratcd a reign of terror. People
savs a correspondent nf tlie Mcmuhi
Avaiancno.werc torn trom their shriek
ing wives and children, and were shot
down and loft by tho road-side, often
not being allowed timo to say a single
prayer, aud for no known offense.
Finally, the citizens became so cms
poratcd that they could bear it no
longer, and during the summer of 1808
a party of some forty or more, headed
by a former army captain, went forth
to search for tho rascals. I5ud Evans
and thrco others, J-Ivans, his kinsman,
a man named Fox, another named Stal-
phia,;August 31, presenting n comedy
ofhor own, entitled "Tho Woman that
Tho "Gilded Age," Mark Twain's
own dramatisation of his novol of
that name, was produced "at tho Opera
Houso, Rochester, N. Y., for Hie first
time on any stace,. August 31.
Carolino Iliehiugs-Rernard s Mu
sical Uniou, consisting of eighteen a;t
ists, will givo a grand opening concort
at tho Academy of Musio, Philadelphia.
"VnTho . Weston SisM, who havo
mot with success in London, Hnglund,
will return to America about the end
of September.
A.C1 aillTTa WA.1TT31D
lor the lie Wist and ftlot-'elllt) book out,
Ily l- II. (loodrlcli ("on id VeterlMrlej").
llMinikuble p:ivcc, hiwr-i'k.i. udxt-n-liir-i',
explorations pli:u-li-, mutinies
ti.nal ufliuW, and the'hiMnry ol ,al kinds
ol nn.il irovrvi". Hut ioin.nn-e of "old
Orcati." and HKXI iIiInl' of tlnm-A of inter-ci-t
mid value. Over aim llutrillnim anil
vt rv low ptleed, .Send for clrculur and
most llb rnt ternn to ugi-nt, to
VAM.IiY l't'lll.lSIII.Mi CO.,
st. IiOiih or Chicago.
a ii vaccinal a rcmcau
FOR FEVER & acme
u the Sulrliate In tao uno dwn,hlle II nffrrit
...c ..rw ,r, iiuro (i klKLauitf ailU fflUCd CMtlptT, I
HrM for dewtlptlfd Circular uliU Trjiimontutl I
' irani an aru or me country.
. tW"8aniiiW rark ajootir trial, IS cnt.
rf-Dart4 Iy lllM.lNUH. i:t.AI-i m no . w.f..
7 " )',' ,tplon
mm m rif in oil
citAwroitDs n.i.i:, tsn.
I'llll term beglui Si-lit. t. IH71. U -laspal.
t It-ntllic. iircii.-iratory nd Uncll-h .otirk-n
arn i-xtulw and thnroii-.'h. The. Tacnlty
h ive enl.irKi-d the number of Hu iln in the
nri-tiaratorv ili-Tj.n-tim-i.t m iht
In any Itarm inav ri-i-rvointrncttnntn.Ai
f imictrj-, TrlSimdnn try. surt Itn.'!
y, f.ermat. i:o',tr Keeping -imi
Jobbers and Retailers of
Lebta. (icomct
lions, with twelve more, were taken in
ben Hon. S. T. Chase flul01c bucccsl!lon the captain aud his
IV. II I -11 . - , ..
upon, but ho also died. . '""u,s,""u a" "ero Pul 10 ucaUl
Kvans, the
"irjiB South h'aa loston tho black
BUit and always will," says the O'ouritr
- U ii . llilj
very uoior IMU, jlU) f) u11 T
nttii t l., .. I a . . . '
M-y .a m truo, mat when tho South
neu to el.ango its uek BUll b(jt 0JJ
" rcu-the lood of Iho civil war it
, desire to try it, luck on
black .agai,, is folly. ' I,,' Vrue ol.
tnt ia n :..t ..
"i"Kammint;.and httl.. .1,.
into an honest laborer for it,,. ,.i.i.-
Tin: average amount'of ,,crsonl
rrojiorty each person posseitee in Ales.
The National Lincoln Monumental
Association has had no little trouble
procuring an orator for the occasion of
tho dedication of tho Lincoln
monument, at Springfield. Hon.
Wm. II. Seward was fimt keleotnil
but he died.
was determined
Hon. Charles Sumner was succc-stcd wlthout ,ril1' or dcUy,
I 1 I 1 f . . ...
is tlio jiroper person to dolivor the IBUUBr WI1C" "rHS ia0" nnd chained,
oration, but ho also fell beioro the ,,,rcal!uea "'fo vengeanco upon his
common enemy of mankind. captors, and said his turn for ven-
ThN exhausted tho roll of great Bcance wouItl yet come. Tho captain
orators, and the association then co- r0I'IIea 10 u,i threat that when ho got
looted President Grant: but he. with UlrouSn no would not be in condition
characteristic modesty, declined, say- t0 CC': rvcngo on anyone As Dud
iug : "1 do not feel competent to do wcut forl'' t0 execution, seeing his time
justico to tho subject." Then Hon. "aJ comci ',0 bogged nnd pload for
Johu A. JJix refuted ; as aLo did Hon fi,10rt ,!clay ' htiA bis wife sent for,
Gideon Welles, and Governor Morton. uJ asl:(!j timo t0 baJ prayers. Ho
Dix declined bocauso of pressing ofii- W0l!,0ltl through his long career ho had
cial duties ; "Welles because ho was dispatched many of his fellows without
fearful that if ho hpoke his mind ho Iueryi granting them no time for
would angr the Republicans, and I'ray or anything. Tho same he had
Morton because his health would not met,id to his kind would in return bo
permit. extended to him, and he was exocutod
Then the association invited Sena- 'j'"8 ao,''1 broko up tho outlaws
tor Oglonby to piny tho part of orator ' nureljr. Jhoso of Dvaus band who
ovor tho dead president's tomb. Of "ero mi k'"od 'oft tho country, or
course lie accepted, and will rave for cu 10 flu,ct retirement, and until the
an hour commonplace iu untframmat- rcccut troubles little has been heard of
ieal language. From Seward down M6" of lawlcincss until the affair at
through Grant to Oglosby ! Oh I icketavillea, nd the subsequent break-
what a fall was thero my countrymen 1 'QK i,lto lUu jail at Tronton, to take out
m,,..v,L, "Md u''l8iSly hlioot unarmed and
-'ir. tsaso Clements, the Radical
oilier .tiiillc- tiuallv taiiijht In th Let
ncndemlcs I'or tmthcr intomutlon eiid
uir caiaioKii'--! 10 tno prcaiueiit or treaoiirvr.
GEO. V. K0S'Elj& CO..
condui t an Mi'enc-y for tho icuntlon of ad-vertliHiif-hts
fifi-. Atirt-rlffli- cwnspcrs '
the lii-t tomplete cUliljaMuent of the kind
Iti the world.-- Sly t lion'iii-l ni-wi)iner arn
.liiii .jn a-, ii,t-n in ll,Pl'CIOII liv
customer. l.,crv Aiivi-.iiTim-.Mi-.Nr liL-..;,
at thcjiotne iu(cr or the paper, without any
ndiiluonal cuaruc -or inn mlmon. An au-
verti.er, In Utaliu' with the iienry, it caved
iioiiiiiu uini corrriHi3iieucef niikliiL- ono
cuniraci iusic.ni ot a uozeu, a humlrcd or a
hou-ind. A hook of thrhtv patrii, con
alnln IM4nftet l.iper-. largest i-lrenl.-i-
"'" 111,1:15111 .up nrnuurji. l l-s. pollliiinl,
, uonuuy iiaiwrH, JEil an pillilICi'
on which are t-ncrUHv vtllialiliLtu mlwr.
f or, with Kjme Information about ,rlr,
ent Klti:K to am addreV ort aiiiilK-atlon!
uom ai a uimiico wiihll. 1 mitfc ron.
a t r iKliertiInK Hi .any ito. city;
u 3 , piiuu ur irrniory 01 me l.nili-il
Pa , or any portion ot the Dominion ol
(kinaila. mar hend iLLOuufvu ktntinpnr nt
'nliat thi V Jwipt, ;tlir with ,1 copv ol
tlie'AtAr-.rri:jiBJf. they dsn re inefW,.
nun nm iMtiw- inioiiiiaiioji 11 v return mall
which will enable them to decide whether
to iucroa-e or reduce tho order. For uch
ii formation there 1 no charKe. Ordei are
taken lor a pliiclq. t,air a-t wUI a for a Ut :
for a Miizit-do lar.K rAdlly n lor a larger
Mini, uujii'i , 1 iinruuuinxj,
u jixir no-vv. is, v
S5 TO $20
.v;,Mv.;'r!,,;,lr.?,,, trut- An.irrn.
..v. .) 1 ,,mu.i i.u r-urtiacu, JIo.
Ii rmtol Ad-. rtinn-j; "-'oir.red for-w-liaiiirxin
tho Matnnt II.1.lviitt
a h.t of papers nnd eUi d,i!n of rate. Ad
lOtf Audits, 41 1'ai k Itow. .NVw York.
2""" THIB KlillOltof TlltS l'l-IUt.
filiarantceil t.i mil,. ,.n.l (..,.i ....... ...
their localit. Co.tn Nui lIIM; t i,w
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ughtt.i, Me. s.a7-dVtt.lw
uicmicals, J'atent Arodicinos, lVrfiimcrv, Koap.-, 3ruHlifs,
lonott Artidos, Drtiist's Fancv (Jooila, Collior AVhitc
Lend ami Oilier Grades, J'aint.s, O'lors, Oils, Varniidip.H,
Window OlnsB, Max Flnwnr Matn-ial, Tt be Odors, Dc
SV Sollrit cnrrofpohilcric
la want of (joods In otir l.1ne. Steamh-Mt. Plantation at
much or nemieii wnn itoiiauie Dntci at Jtea.onable Kati-
., . ..' '"'""i'"' ann rainiiv .Meutclns iati luni
HULh!j.l.b & IthlAII,, RETAIL & PRKmiH'TIG.V.
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..cM-e. tasIilii;lon Aw. cor. I.inth SI.
auvkiitim: i.
Bristol & Stilwell
'SP amily Grocers,
ifaJSy' l,,in.i; Irtain.ng t thu
-"; . .aj.io anu i-ar.cv tire -ere
J oodenware, Vegetable-, "-,( , xn
hail i mm
candidate for congress in thn district
I"aJiK double 011 the civil rights
Ia his speech at Mound Citv. acenni.
Ing tlie nomination of hU party. Mr
in... ... t .i 11 ' j
v.u.m-u uuiuiy declared his endorse
Tuny Deaii-r'h Pantomino troupe
isj.urformingat -;riC) !.-,.
rulix A. 'iuccnt's Combination
h performing at Warren, Ohio.
(jCOrL'O I) f'bni.lir, Inli, nP ln T!,,ru
Manufactured by
A. man Iiittiitllni; to do hm.liir ,s mimt !
llrnt prennri' lumnclr tn imet thn k- I
tiilrcnicnts oriils iiis1onifrn ; next he
miif-t let livery possible) or nrobable '
customer know that he Is so propan d. 1
hi 11 very niau luate licmnj TLI.Lnll
tho people Mlnit he i-nnilo. lunlnru'i
illlase h jirlutt'd lmudblll, poster or I
i lrciihir, properly distributed, will be
i-lllcaclotin, but WII(H:vi;it IS l. A
Choice Dried Jlcef,
Breakfast Bacon,
J'ino Pears and Peaches f,,r
ThoDoHtnnd ChonpcBt Wagon Mun-
V E 33
racntof tho folhwing plank of tho Jl'er" ,Iou' i St- l-'Oiiis, is performing
Ropublicau platform :
'juahty of ci, right haunt) ha
yuaranletd by the fturtnth amendment
i i.'tiua i a nrJiTUTna, HO THAT Tun
iiKOAi).t:ots or vvtiiriiAi, rrnvrii may mi
i his is a most explicit demand that
tho civil rights bill nhould be enacted
tuto law, and Mr. Clomcnta so under-
stands it, nud has led his colored sup-
porters to bolievo he is in favor of
"extending the broad logis ol Federal
power over blank and white citizons
alike. '
at Salt l.ako Citv. Utah.
Harry Rainforth, supported by tbo
Solden Irwin Combination, si to play
at Lexington, Ivy., tho coming week.
A new initntrel troupe, called the
Kratisn and Clancy Minstrels, made
its debut at Zanesvillc, Ohio, last
A new company calloJ Lord ISHjJ
lott's London Rurlosrjuo company will
make a tour through America this
Fall and Winter season.
Miss Olivo Logan made her re
appearance on thu stage, in Philadel-
Roto. Wood & Go
Fountains, V.im1, Animals. Troti Stairs,
; Lump. Posu, .Stabln 'Jltjn.i,
Wirn Womb. R
Concert and Lecture;!! alls. 1
And n General Assortment of Orna
mental Iron "Work
0 It c 13 tU I e f i m r 32 eihth st.
. rrx 2Hi: o "X"
Ii .A. X 33.
D 1 E EJ S .S XI
TlllvllM rl-n.il ..I..... t.
,. i'i".-."iir in lllllinumillL' t
win TV 1"'"I,1r,"l t0 M"''"' wybody
Will lake 1,-eoftlio very best ijuallty, clthef
ifl.n ! !,Ci''i Jl0.u:f,, ,l,n MnrM. Orders
I uinn U 'Ult "l 0IU. .1110
,'ln0 02-5-15-lm
still .U htrn.it, l)etMen WanhliiL'ton anil
I,-........ ..
...if.iui.viai x until'.
Curoi all kinds nt paint, l-'or sale by
""" in Mm mi -linn
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y k
AT Wll.CO.Vd 1II.OCK rou 11.00

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