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V.VM.UY rlllMNIIINt. .
-rM M. Louisot OliW.igo
is a cjjectniu drain v
i'Aw.Irt..... fr H Hit'",.7
rrrrtif ( tij" ini.l.iwuf;,- uki -v w.,
Pull term b(gin ''ept . !7t. lt M.lcM,
i-lcntlnr, pre; antory nnd P.rplMi
are cxt nlve uiiJ thorough. I In; 1 Honllj
have enlarged the number ol rti leu In the
timoratory dcpartmev.l o that young inf-n
t-.i-ntvrt imtrtlelllin In Al
gebra. Geometry, Trignnomctrv. Survevtrg.
Oi'-.inti?. Germs. H'mk Unplug mid
Mi.fi. .iniitxa iK.inllr tjiicht In the 1 1 c t
acailomlra Fur turiii'T Infnniutlnn send
tot ciiSingiiri to tho prcidcnt or treasurer.
I liit inu.i oruputA vittWlhmnit of tlio kind
In tlif world, blx tliouatid iiu.paii'rii arc
Vpt rf irnlarly o Me, optn to in-pcrlloii liy
cuitomen. hvcrv Aiivr.n ilftf.MKN I' I taken
nt the home price of tlm pnprr, without nny
add tlo nl rharsc nr con cilirtou. An ail
verti'cr, In dciilmK with tho agi-nry, WKtvtd
trouble end corrttpo' dence, m-iVlnj nc
con ract lnftcat ot n dozi n, n hundred or a
liou ud. A hnok of olidity tK'. con-
.Ul... II. ,.t ..... ...F..H a.
Bluing, mtn Ul Ul'th IHivlft in'hvri iti-
lonvrt'lKloili'. ncrlculuirul, clu. polliii nl,
jillv and eutlntrv naticrK miu! ull tiuhlica-
od which arc Miccl lly valuable to adrr-
cr,i.'l,jn.ome Itil jrtiiatlon uboul prlci",
ntQlJCJiZt. u nnv autrr-oon npi'icalion,
corn At m llftinec Mhliliii; In inac con
n to rr'lrift ng In any town, city,
o v-."" itato or t rrltorv .if tlio Pulled
fvi .Vof nunc tiortloii or tlio Ii.nn'iiloii ol
Canad.vnuy fend n coti'-lo statciiif ti t ol
wbat.lbey wmit, tog thvrwitli n ropy ol
tlic Tvt7Tjmjtti:str.NT they desln Inserted,
and Til) rflvc tutotmatlim by retiiru tusll
vrltirt" will enable thein to ileelde whether
to lucrei'c nr reduce the order. For Mich
1 tnraintitfii,llif re W im c un!. Order aro
taken lor a tiiilc papr a well n- for n H-t ;
forn tliv-'lo do lr m uaddy ni torn larger
turn, unices (Tltnen Uu Idini!),
11 PARK ROW. K. Y.
&5 0?0 $20
JVr dy at home. Term frco. Aillre
OHO. bTINSON A CO., Portland, Mc.
Terms ol AlicrtilnK -ro nllered for News,
juiirr In tlio ijtste ol ILLINOIS! Simllor
a lift of papen nnil k licduli" of raten. Adores-)
tJiiOr. KOVt't 1,1. A CO.. AdtfltK
lmr AKent", 41 I'trk K v. New York,
ItKKEit to Titu.Kiuroii or '1'iiib Pait.u.
Ouarantceil to in tin und torn le nt;enti, In
their Wiiltv. co.tH NOTHING to try lu
PuntcuUni troo. P. O. VIWKKIIY .t CO.,
AUKUta, Me. is-iiT-d.Vw-lw
politics tor laf-a,
:- HY
Clcrl rj Jlouie rJ Hrjrfsi'nlative.i U. 4'.
Tbl. accI'iuti: and iMfAUii.vt. Voltime
.aivi the n txiiccunu on tho 'lnere tso ol
jNllsry At"uiJ Uu rnm.il, ou I"r iiipotti-lion,-(nil
Itllii, and Kluunclal OiieHl .in,
inr)udjiia the act ol Wd "crealliiK "Lcaul
J'BMdei ' undtoin Inuavt nl Uonili, nnil
JJie JMHuUi. j;xp.muiii'niid Contra, tliwaelk
uni-f. Prmiiicut tin n th li.aKe and
MeiuoriiuJum, lnttriuur, l.v tere, l'lo
iP;iU'tloilSiiJAeU'iii IiiALlMini, Arkan
mi. LouMaii . aiu lxc Piiprvinli Court
- OotlJouh, JllitioU and Wlnuindn Uallrond
.awn, :,on-liiiiIl..n.'il Aiiiciidmei.U, mid.
r and tndinr,-ln Mti-, mid .Nutlnn. "lliek
py"Ma"ic.. 'l)l,.sol A tijir.irljitiuii.
iUtfp '.irJ'..jrlliw, ,Vtf. tnv.ilitabln lor
caiuvii. cioui, iri.w, pol paid.
Address OL'o. Fits iuii'snv
P: . UHx-t i, Washljfllon, 1. C.
To the Editor ol Tun Jlri I.in.v :
iiSTEEi;Kti PniKNii: You tvjll peao In-loruiyoMi-
j-radeii! that I have a jwithe
ccc ron con.sujipiio.v
and ail dli-orier's 01 the Throat nud Limw,
aHrtOiat, by lt tlio in mv iirui llt i', 1 have
eurtl huudredo ol rae, and will glto
$1,000 00
nr a ar will bot beucllt, Imiced, ho
tron l uiy faith, 1 wil suml u Sami'Lk,
Klir.K, U) Wiy"um;rir ajdrci-nliii: mo.
J'lVV" iUow,yi)f jiitur to an one on ina
dnow wlo l Miiliiiipg from tlicsu dln-ai-es,
snd obllKo, ralthliilly YotitH.
' DR.T. F. BURT,
ti o wiiiiMii y i . i i v
tm J. Q. HARMAN & CO.
am' ;
t'OLLljCXORS, .. .
ATid frtml Apentsot the IlltnM Central aim
xiunipgren ytg yiiiourl it. It. Cos.
Norrtt Oor.'SIslli and Ohio Lorco,
Heal Estate Agents
' 74'Oino Lr.vtc, (Socond UloorO
IluyrrWclAi;ALUVrATl:. TA Yl'fc
KuniWie. Ab.traeu if '"tie
Blxh'Ji BUeet, bete0 Wa.hinirm . .
.CotKlUAvilaue. toa at"3
Ilr rU. Goodrich 'l l'rter rTiey "
Hirers, ripl-rl-n. J4"" ,tf' , ",i i ,n,ii
VAtfvti riCl I- 'fn1 It C.Mllnr Slid
root' l.lirnltcri..Ui t 3 to
M tnStbt lo 1b Mine rtw. wKlf
mil It. nil
Jomcliodv to take front iii ,1 thousand bill
heads, good paper anl flucly printed, lor
JCO.tiV to i ".
NllttClllrt li.
Ono tliutit.mil statement printed at'l'itr.
nru.m in oilier tor &i.m to I w.
Jtino Urmia.
One llieii.in.l imtn head Min'cd at Tllft
Dri.Ln in ullUc tor fl.ODj tothiij.ind lor
One tliauaiul tiiilnc tard'. fine llrl'tol
biard. printed nt 'J HE HULLM1N ollicfl lor
from g'.'.r.D to gnu", according m l?r.
Sait, tlio umpire has retired from btio
Lull Ilfs. "When piluhor can run a
game, Ills high time.
Mvsic Tlio illvnr cjmot band ployed
fit tho Mnrkflt Bquuro ttand, l,ttt n&l,
to r. Urgo audlone.
Drt. Jr.NKixe. Can lo found at hie
dental tmrlori on liluhth ctroct at nil
liourt. ilit of roferencei rjlvon as to pro
fftaioiial ability.
Emu's CotjhT. Jatnc. .Murray, ar
rested by 1'ollcoman .Slioelian, pMin
ttrunlr, ivai flami tvti dullnrl tir.d COItf,
JIo nuir on ifti cinfri gin.
Pv.18o.vai, "V. Phuhl, the tcacbor of
tho German icbnul nt Mound City, whoto
unuagement ht. expired, luft for St. I.ouU
yesterday p.m.
TncriT. CltAUI.r.b Hotki. has a few
ory deelrublo rooms tttll left, which will
bo let on good lorm'i to steady boarders.
Cotnr'b oyetor depot and rcitaurant.
Oysters in tho shell and can, fresh every
day, r.t Phil Saup'i old stand, botwoen
J JItb and Sixth streets, Cairo, III.
Mat Kukhwk, tho organ builder, is
ready at any tlmo to tune and repair
pianos and melodeonr. You may safely
truct your instruments to bis care; you
will not bo decolved.
Pahties having improved city property
for rale, which they can part with for, say
from 5300 to ,000, cash In in hand
ijjiguv no wen, oeioro selling, hy con
furring with 11. V, IIkizbv.
Parties desiring to liMvotboIr pianos
tnu melodoan cleaned, repaired un
tuned, should trust them to M. H
Kuehne, corcor Thirteenth and "Walnut
streets, llo Is thu most competent man
in Cairo,
New HciLUt.sa. Mr. Henry Schick
ban erected a neat two-story building on
Commercial avenue, Leiwtun Eighlocnlh
and Nineteenth streets. Tlio llrtt lloor
will will bo uiod fur his cigar manufac-
lry and barber shop tho second for n
lllTTKN ilr x Boo. A sou of Earnest
Grlndley, whllo walking on tbo eldnwulk
sl wf,n.r ,,r Wnlniit and (Tudar
streets, was bitten by a largo dog, owned
bf Mr. JluJujili. a we tafd yostordoy,
dog killing should corumenco at once.
Tnc Second Man Ahiie&ted. Ecp
u;y ijhtrill' John Cain wont to Mound
City yesterday and urrcsted John Itrown,
an accomplice! of Woekly, tho man who
was arretted on Thursday for stealing a
cow. Ho owns up, but olnims that bo
was merely engaged by tho thief to help
drivotho animal to thu city.
A A reuulak communication of
XT Cairo Lodge No. i'37, A. F. and A
JL, will bo hold to-morrow (Jlon-
day J evening, at 7 o'clock.
Visiting brothers cordially invited to
Rttind. Jl. V. Ulake, Sec y.
Fell Ubaii. A horso attached to tho
delivery wagon of Urlstol & fcjtillwoll,
whun on Commercial avenuo and about to
turn up Twentieth stroet, toward Galli
gbor's mill, at 7.20 o'clock last ovcnlDg,
commenced to stagger. Tbo drivor hur
ried him up, but beforo going the length
of tho wagon, ho foil doad,
Doinu Well. Mr. E. E-odridgo, who
accidentally shot himtolf at tho Dolraonico
hotol, Friday morning, Is doing well. Wo
found him up in bed, yesterday, trying to
swallow some soup. His face and throat
aro badly swollun, and it was with dllll.
cuuv mat He could tall; or cat. Tho
doctor now believos ho will recover.
Delta On v Hand. This band put in
an appearance at tho up-towu stand Pri
day evoning. There was a largo crowd to
lieteu to their fine playing. Ail
exproned rogrot nt tho dls.
lpolnlincnt of Tuosday night.
I beso concerts are enjoyed by our c'ill
7.fn, and whsn a postpon.mont ha to bo
mnda on account of tbo weather or any
ther cause, the people would bo thankfu
If the band would occupy the stand on the!
lollowlng night
ItlWAVt ay A toam attached to
browery wngon at the loral frolght depot
v. mu niinoii central, becaiuo frightened
at a passing locomotive, and started oil'
a lively pace; and before leaving the
yard, came in contact with a dray, inlu
ing the dray Iiorso badly, and .topping hi
progress for h few- moinonts. It airaln
started, and was brought to n sudden halt
uy running against a telegraph polo at tilt
corner of J.lgbttenth street.
Joe Eojikkbii Is now in full control of
the Washington Iml-
... mj i iinyjnc
me wants of tho public, Is pro
,...., suppiy on call all demands for
rrench loar, Doitori, llrown and Oraham
bie.d, and everything else ordinarily
found In a first-class bkry. U0 nuIn.
tains a full ,iocU nf confeotlonorics, and'
can. iu well as any other dealer In the
city, fill a',1 orders in that lino.
C.ke. baked, frost! or ornamented on
bort notice fecial attention given to
the orders of wtdding or plcnle p
0-13-tf ,
Mn. A, ilAhX.tlio woll-known rlotlibir,
arrived homo, Friday, from New York
and Philadelphia, wboro bo pureliMtd
onq of tho Urged itocks of clothing, igeii
tlomen'. furmtlilng goodi, lul, etc, etc.,
that has boon brought li.ro for n number
of yoan. TLoio oods wero .hipped by
tha fait expresi llnoi, and will arrive In a
fow days, when Mr. Man would llko to
rccolvo n cull from nil who with anything
In tin llf o.
llorr.T Anti'VAL.. W II l.ongrockor,
Mt Cnrmel ; Thiodore Vahbnrn, Oweni
boro; Mri MnxwoM, and children, Mini)
J K I'alten-in, St l,oulfi II li Miller,
Si I)iii.j () 11 Wllbltr, UlnclnrmUj "W
A Mayberry. I(4ltlmoroi K 0 -Mnnnini;,
I.alio IVcvlilonco Li; ,1 (' CiuiMy, Ky;
n W Vrovlne, Mntnphij H S Muiphy
Doininnloo hotel .1 1'tnney, Now Or
Inani ; J ihn I Mntncll, Honderion ; lly-
ron Hickman, Gayoto, Mo; 111m Laura
Trainer, uayon, Mc; K J)odd, I'opiar
Illull'l Win Jackion, Charleston, Mo
Joeeph Dnili, Cincinnati, Ohio; Kocky
Snudv, Toxarkatia, Ark : A Orr, Uoluin
but, Ky; J llobinton, llarriihurg, 111
Ooorgo 1'rank, llarrltburg, III; M I
lllne, Dotrolt, Michigan : (1 D Morrow,
Savannah; 11 0 Andorron, Kvanivlllu
W M Vbeolor, Nov Orlenm; Ooorgo
1'oI.ltB Cutritr. Uou. dhow and M
Ilomluy, both hard-lookint; youn; turn,
i'cro arrested by olllc.r. iiiibun and
Drown, for railnj; n row on 1'LII1I
wnarfboit yestordny morning. Thoy were
in company with several others of the
amo clacf, and ralsod a fuss nmong tbom-
tolvet, thruwing stones nt nich other. Tho
disturbance uttractid tho attention of
John O. Burns, n man walling for a boat.
llo tried to cool them down, when ono of
thu pair struck at him with a knifo, cut'
ting Ills coat, end making a slight wound
on tho left arm. .Mr, James Lowe,
watchman of tho wbarfboat, think
king then) was serious trouble in
store, went for holp. Wbouthemcn saw
tbo police, coming they started up tbo
levee. Tho otllcors overtook them near
tho corner of Foorth nnd Levee streets,
ludgo Dross assessed a Que often dollars
and cotts against each. They wanted to
to know if thejudgo would givo thorn
fow hours to lotvu ibu town. Tbo reply
was : "l will givo you soveral hundred
hours on the streots." The fellows have
no den Lt been in a polico court before
They claimed to hail from St. Louis. The
polico think, from tbo description, that
thoy aro a part of the gang that triud to
run tho trnin at Cobdeu on Thursday
m. JIatton was arrcsd by Oonsta.
bio Hogan for taking Indecont liberties
with a llttlo girl. Her father tracked tho
fellow until ho found an officer. Judg
JJross, not li.vlnir tvo much lovo for this
class of creatures, fined him flfteon dol
lars and costs. Ho will sorvo on tho ciialn
gang twenty days.
Hask Hall. Tho much advertised and
talked ol gnmo of base lull was played on
tho grounds opposllo the custom-bouie,
yesterday aftornoon. Tho Idlewlltli, of
l'aducab, arrived at 1:30 p.m., uu wo
steamer Fish. Tho silver cornet band
i Phillips' wbarfboat, and played
several pleccs.whcn tho hoat wn landing,
and after tbo crowd had disembarkd, u
largo procession of men and boys oleorted
them to thu grounds, Tho game was
called at 3 p. tn, and with lilllo talk, M
O A. Saup was chosen umplro. Tho
gamo was a one-sided affair. Our boys,
we predicted, wero badly scoopod. Served
cm right. If thoy oxpect to play la,
hereafter thoy must practice, and not do
pond on their past record. Tholdlowild
proved to bo excellent batters, which
accounts lor the larco scoro. Our bovs
piaycu poorly in every respect. It ap
peared to us, by the way they dropped th
bulls, that they must bavo had Indlo rub
bor pads in their hands. Tho following
is mo scoro :
rrost, s, i j
Duvore, c o
Dowlcs, '2d b ',, i
Jenkins, p
JloKnti, 1st b 1
Nell", 3d b j
ilrady, r. 1 i. .!...'."!!"! li
Foley, c. f. Z
Cavaliaugh, I, f i
Total '. ii
Powolf, c. f 7
Cobb, s, s ()
Heno, n 7
Terrell, 2d b 7
i.llKon, r. 1 ti
right, 0 ,.. 0
Honuin, ls b...'. 7
Krear,l. f '. c
C. Voigbt, 3d b t;
Total... y I, C7
Sealud proposals, addressed to tho city
ui.uiicii 01 1110 euy or uairo, will bo re
coivou ai my olllco, Ko, 11! 1 Commercial
avenue, until 4 o'clock p. m. of Wednss
day, tbo Kith day of Keptember.1874, for
iuo lining or thu following streets, viz
Commencing on .Fourteenth stroat at It
uwriuiiiiuii wiwi wnanington avenue
and oxtiinding wost to Walnut Mreet
menco on Valnut street to Fifteenth
stroet, thenco on Fifteentli street to Cedar
stroet, thenco on Cedar ttrt-oi to Sixtoonth
street, and ono hundred foot moro or less
on hixtoonth ftroot. Said tilling to bo on
tho following ba.is : Twonly-six foot on
1110 oase and twenty foot on the lop. and
incnes nbovo thu tlgbcst slpu
water mark
All proposals to stato at what ml
wr tuuio varu said Illllnir will l,r r.,r.
Alio cuy council rosorvoa thn ri..
rnlnol ni. r .11 1.1,1. ""' u
31. ti. COX, City tJoiupti oiler.
Em'osition Tickets to Cincinnati
anij Louisville. All iieraons who do-
slro to go to,CInCinuatI or Louli ville, tan
procuro round trip tickets nt thn general
ticket olllco ot th Cairo .y. Vlncennos
railroad, in Cafro. One faro for thu round
'"P. Faru to Cincinnati $13 i'5; to
LouisviUoii 6. includlntr ticket, to ..r
position. Ticlrssts good during the oxposi
tion, n
A.swa, III, September li, 1871.
This Is ono of tho most brilliant nnd dc.
lightful mornings wo bavo as yet had
Tho air is salubrlon" and redolent with
the perfume of the fall flowers and buck.
wheat, now in full bloom. 'Ibo circuit
court Is grinding out J utieo at .Jonssboro.
but liko the mills (if tho gods, grinds
slowly. Tbo cuso of Thu 1'ooplo vs. W.
Norris, for shouting one Miller the so
lucor of his wife, elicited cnnsldcrablu
tfit,.fiat .ft.l .l.n nAii.l ,ilAm UA
,.,.j,.n, t,,U VWUI, . u w .i .
cimviiuu viiu auuuors. iv '"'bu
....... I I ...t.i a.. .. ft 1....
numberof witnetiss woro oxaminol, and
ablo counsel dnfendoi tho urisoncr Tbo
lurv returned a verdict of utility, and
fixed tho penalty nt one yenr In tbo pen!
tentiary. Motion tor now trial
Tho peoplo vs. Hunner, for killing Hon
camp (change of venue from Alexandor
county), Tlio trial carno off on Friday.
Ho was found guilty, and sentenced to
dvo years in the Stato's prison.
Tho Union county fair opens on noxt
Tuesday, ivllfi brilliant prospects of sue
cess. Tho fair grounds havo been put In
plondid ordor. A large two-story build
lng has beon erected for tlio exhibition
of ladles' manufactures, boside. sevoral
other Important Improvements, nnd in
addition tho officers bavo arranged with
tho Illinois Central railroad for tickets at
excursion rates, which Jnjures a. large
ttondaiico. Wo havo no doubt tho dls
play of fruits will bo tho finest if not
largest of any yot brought forward. The
drought and chinch bugs have cut short
th. corn crops materially, nnt mora than
half a crop b.Ing reported by mott of our
farming friends, TLo early potalool
bavo also Leon blighted, yet tho cereals
especially wheat, rye and btrley havo
beon better matured, and a larger crop
produced. A sunorior quality thati at
any preceding time w:tnin mo memory oi
tho Oldest seiners.
Tbo Insano Asylum undor tho efficient
manacoment of an ablo and cciontillc
corps of otllcors, from tho superintendent,
Dr. Ilarnes, to tho cook, Charley Pfiller-
Udl-. is doicc a noblo work of
charity on boh air of the
Slitc. Thero are now 132 patients malo
and fcmalo. Sinca the opening of the In
stitution, but S deaths havo occurred ; 0
havo boon discharge! cured, and 4 or 6 re
manded to tho euro of friends as incurs
bio. This speaks well not only for those
having caro of tho'establishmcnt, but also
is a manifestation ot tho hcaltbfulncis of
tho neighborhood of Its location
Y.itorday afternoon wo made a hur
visit to this excollent academy, Wf
lleve 11 brief account of its. rise and ,
-... W. M . .V -A.,t.
, i . . i) . . .
1UU DU1.1.C11.1,
The academy was Drit started in IBM
in a small building on Ninth itrcot, and
chartor nocurc'd tho following year. Sis
ter Elizabeth was in cbargo at this time
aitisted by dvo others, ull of whom havo
since Leon transferred to other Holds of
labor. Thoy had very littl
oncourngemont the first throo years, but
tho school gradually worked Into th
favor of tho peoplo, and they wero com
pellod, sotno oight yoars ago, to. builiL tji
placoon tho corner jf TwontyJnitkr aui
Wulnut streets. This building Is sixty
feet wldo by ono hundred and twenty
five feet long. It is tbreo stories
height. Thrco yoan later thoy erected
socond building a short dlstanco from th
main one. Dimensions, twonty.flvo by
sixty feet, two stories in h.lght, with a
good ground basement. Th. b.soment o
this house is used as a kitchen, wash room
and laundry; th. next floor as a dining
room; the third as an infirmary and
chapel tho wholo being under tho super
iutendence of Mother Superior Sapronis
assisted by the following members of the
sisterhood: Sisters Eapbaol, Inez, Cleo
patrla, I-rancosca, Dominica, Lavislle,
Clandla, Mary Dominica, Sabioa, Ger
aldlno, nnd Alary Cecils.
The is now U attendance one hundred
and forty pupils, divided as follows
Sixty in tho primary and eighty In tho
uighor grades. Enough moro are ex
pected the coming we.k to" swell tho
wholo number to the nolghborhoed of two
uundreJ. ilost of these uitber live in
the city or board out. Not more than
twenty.flvti or thirty are boarding at th.
institute. Pupils can recoivo a thorough
education In this school; in fact It
stands as liieh in vorv rasn.ct
- . - -
as any other seminary In tho
State. Tho following branches are
taught; Orthography grammar, reading,
arithmetic, writing, algobra, geography
political and physical astronomy, his
tory, rhetoric, logic, prose and poetical
compositions, mythology, chotnlstry, phy
siology, botony, fancy noodlawork, paint
log, etc. The balls, rooms, parlors, rar-
uen, yard, m fact everything connected
wllh the placo, has the appearance of
neatness and refinement, all showing that
tho sisters in charge aro ladies of tasto,
and model house-keepers.
If their finances will permit, Iho sisters
contemplate tho early erection of n largo
and substantial brick building on tbo
Washington avenue front of the square.
Wo hope that their bank account will in-
croaso largely and oulcklv. assuch a build.
Ing would add much to tho boauty of that
part of the city. The academy has its
patron, forsaveral bundled miles around.
u tiotlcol tho names ot a largo number
from Kontucky, Missouri low and South-
orn Illinois, Wo wero informed that
Miss Maggie Aubrey, one of tho best
teachers in our public sclio'cliTwas tho
first graduate of tbo acrdeiny.
ewtpapcr nitvortisiu j proiiioteatraoe, for
evru tho dullest times advertisers secure
by far tho largest thsre of what is bclns
J Altr.tVKll.
Steamer Jim Fiik, Paducah;
.Arkansas Holle, Evansvlllo;
" if
City of Chester, Memphis;
John II. Maudo, St. Louis;
Grafton and barges, St Louis;
Hello Momphis, St. Louis.
Stramsr Jim Flsk, Paducah;
Arkatuas Uolle, Evansvlllf.
City of Chester, St. Louis;
John F. Tollo, jSw Orleans;
Grafton, Tonnusteo rivor;
John 11 Matidi, Itovi Orlrann
Iioats To Lkave To Day. James
Howard, New Orleans; Iloo nnd bargcr,
Now Urloans; Indiana, New Orloatu;
C.T.. u;!-. VI 1 . 1 . . . ,,,
ur.....;ua. Finney
YIeksburg; City of Vlcksburg, St. Louli; I
K P, Oracay, Kvantville.
Uiveii, Wkatiikii ani Uufi.vtfi.s The
river last evening was feet 8 Inches on
tho gauge, having fallen II Inches during
tho past '24 hours. The weather continues
ciear aim not. nuiincia imnrovlnc a
All Dr.lT. HtVKIt ItKPOItT, 1
heptcmber 12, 1S7I. J
lowlvatcr C!mne.
STATIONS. io water.
ft. In. Ft. In.
''"''""Kf T T
Cincinnati 4 o 3
Na-byllle ;i i
St. Louis.... o 7 i
OtxxnAL iTEMa. Tho James Howard
sunk her bargo at Liberty Island, and
sent Mr. Wirtz, bor second clerk, out here
for a barge to take its place. Tho barge
was tho liiill of the Marble City, which
tho Eckert pumped out at Grand Tower,
about six weoks aco. The carito was
noarly all savod,
Tbo Jim Fisk brought down a big trip
of Iron, wood-work and sundries, and a
largo party of persona, who came with
tho Idluwlld base ball club uf i'aducah to
witness their game with tho Stars nf this
city. The silver cornjt band L'rcetd
tbern at tbo wharf.
Tho St. Louis 'Deinoemt' i.n thl
jamcl McFaddln, third clerk on the
Dalle Momphis was drowned at the cle
vator at Memphis, and that Jamos Mc
Aicen lias taxen nis piaco." This is Is a
hoix. McMeon, tho olovator clork and
Mr; McFaddcn only changej places for a
trip, to give Mr. McMeen an opportunity
t3 visit th. futuro great city.
I., b. oempio, u. u. oray, l erhocif,
Jr., E. W. Gould, W. J. Ki .tz and K.
U. Woolfo'rk, beiug a committoo of the
Iiatlonal Doardof Sloam Navigation, havo
issued a circular calling a mass conven
tion of "itoamboai ownors and those in-
tortstcj UTrivcr commence" to bs held
i Louis, September 30tb, 1871. The
mmittce say that matters of vital im
naireo 10 i mi .teamooai interests re
quire immediato attention,
- IL (J, Ycagerfollowi iho Indiana In the
'Kounu irno from St. Louis.
.half, foot -r--i at Rt
Jonia.and the river falling rapidly.
Tho Ohcstor brought 300 bales of cotton
for tho east per Cairo and Vinconnes rail
Tho Grafton hau two ompty barges.
The following is a list of letters remain
ing, uncalloi-for, in tho post-office, nt
Calror Drinoi's, Saturday, Sept. 12, 1371:
uonner, Alice Hats, Belle
J.own, Auqil JSarlov, Annlo
IJarldn, Addle Clay, Nancy
Coleman, Paulino Derby, Martha
Fry, Hattlo Hicks L
Hot kiul, Leaner Kail, Alary
Koes, Anna Lewis, Lauro
Miller, M A O'Donnall, Mrs J
atiuu, oaran I'arot, Ueorglo
Putney, Jano Kltchio, E M
Koss, Al H Stewart, P
Stockley, S C Strahorn, M A
Sights, Mary Stone, AI A
Taylor, Paulino Wither, Air J
Walkor, Harriet Ward, Sallio
Andursont Cbas
Dcrry, J A
Oripps, A 8
Caldwoll, Fill
Campbell, It A
Donning, John
Edwards. O E
Abrams, Jas
my, JJ
Hooker, Scbabbi
Comet li D.Club,
Corcoran, P hi
Davit, Mr Win
Fisher, W, O
HouehtelinL'. Cha.
HammoD, 0 A ,
Hudson, J'll
Keen, Jaoob
Kunnody, T B
Kelllchand, Wm
Lahoy, Daniel
Lucus, Samuel
Alurray, K S
Jones: Paul
T - 1 . . .
4naiiuuy, j y
Kimbro, T
Lantr( Danl.l
Lnntz, Isaacs
Miller, Cfaas
Alorris. Ernost .
Mason, John Key
McCermlck, John
McC.il. Michael
jucinmm, jno
Mclladhen, It JI
Nolson & Itichoy
Norton, AI T
Overton, Hlcbard
Elvers, Frank
Squires, 0 D
Smith, Frod
Shannon, D A
Tuglo, illade
Thomas, F
'Wilson, Aaron
"Ward, J V
Williams, Jno
Wheoler. S W
Morid.n, O S
Nelson, Iiom
Owen, John
rami, John
Itoberts, John
Smith, Geo
Stone, II A
Toft, Alonzo
Thomas, A O
Thompson, John
Wheeler, Henley
Whito, J J
Waldor. Pat
Winn, Itobort
Werdon, S Lowls
Geo. W. MuKkaio, P. M.
ino iirst Atonday of September beini?
wio opening uay of tho fall and winter
session of tho Lorotto Academy, it will
begin on the 7th inst'.
Paronts desiring to sond tholr childron
to tho accademy aro requested to accora.
any them to makothe noceesary arrango-
All tbo branches ot a pollto and solid
education will bo taught, Includine
French, Gorman, music, nnd fancy ncodlo
work. Tho uerman language to be
aught by u Gorman sister. U-2-2w
iKBurtANCK CoMrANv Take Notice
Itenowal rojnipts issuod by O, P. Lyon, l.tu
agoni, unless signoa Dy mo prosident and
secrotajy of the company, aro null and
void and ot no ofl'ect. No lots will h
paid under them unless regularly issuod. J
Oahio, III., Aug. 30th, 1874. I
E. M, IUiiman, Stato Agent.
- i
In U
DO lift
uy oM candies,
suinnioi' a
tro sinio, oiuiiniiiK
. M .... Unv
I net,
suu ,1"' uijiit. j-'j
31, or t. ounces over in u iomui.-i.
Corner th St. and
Tlio Only Place in tlio City vvlicro
NolICK to Tl'K Pl li Lie. Tbo new
packing housa market In Wilcox's block,
will t.i. nnnn tiinlii7 noxt. with frssh
..... " J J
meats and now lar 1, at tba lowest market
pfIC0 Howb At Illin.
I.UMiiKit Still Goinh Down. As we
aro dotermiuo.1 o cioo ouv our hotk
spoodlly, preparatory to winding up bus
iness, wo will sell all kinds nf lumber at
two dollars por thousand loss than mar
ket prices. A largo lot of Uth and stove
wood on hand, which will bo sold at cor
respondingly low rates.
221.y-0.tf Wall A: Ksr.
Tub bttruer miop is n.i c-orner nt
Kiubth s'.reot and Commercial avenue
wbero J. Onorge Stienbouio with his gen
tlemanly assistants can be found at nny
hour of tbo day or night, raadv to sootbo
your toolings with a smooth shave, or cool
your temper and bead with a good sham
poo. Ills a Crtt-clafs shop, and you are
suro nf receiving Crit-clats treatment
Ladios' and children's hair cut or curled
orth j m '. Mpfilst s-lVt
Thk Caiskoit 'l cui'intM't nnJs nn
of its mot inaldioiis and dariiferouit leva
in tbo rtiuny (.o-calld "tonic " atid " a
peliz-r." uindo of 'beap whisky and re
fuse luiuors. llnisbcd up to suit depraved
n,,potiteN undor the name of moduine
j)K Walkisk'. Cai.ikoiisia Vikeoab
n,1TEus are nono of thesu. They aro not
& w.er4i,e. but aro a genuine medicine
n,lrt,iw TBL.t.ble. nrMiaresl from Call
rar,.. hor ov n rc2ular tihjiician. P
I al diseases of thu stomach, liver, kidney
hladilor. ilcin and blood, thoy aro an In
falllblo and unrivaled rcmuly.
15-d and w-4w
SfiiKNcua Pulmonic Sybui' For the
cito of cunsumplion, cougbs nnd cold
Tho great virtue In this medicine Is that it
ripens tho matter and throw, it cut nf Ihe
system, purifies tbo blood, and thus effects
a cure.
Tho tonic produces a hnalthy action ot
lhe t:mcb, creating an appetite, timing
chyle, and curing tbo most obstinate cases
of indigestion.
Ct'KE 01 LlV nil CoMl'I.AlNT, Vtt
These pills aro alterative, and produce
a healthy action of tho liver without the
least danger, a they are fro from cal
oinol, nnd yet more ell'actrjue in restoring
a healthy action of tho 1 i v r
Thcso remedies aro a certain euro for
Consumption, us the Pulmonic Syrup
ripens tho matter and purities tlio blood
Tho Alandrako Pills act vpon tho liver
create a healthy bile, and remove all dis
eases ot tho liver, often a cause
of Consumptiun. Tbn Sua
Wood Tonic gives tone nud
strength to tho stomach, makes n good.
digestion, and enables tbo organs to form
good blood ; and thus croatos a healthy
circulation of healthy blood. Tbo com
bined action of these medicines, as thus
oxplalncd, will euro overy caso of Con
sumption, if taken in time, and tho uso of
tho medicine preserved In.
Dr. Scber.ck Is professionr.lly nt bis
principal office, corner Sixth and Arch
Bts., Philadelphia, every Alonday, where
all lottors fur advice must be addrctsod.
Schenck's medicines for sale by Druggists.
1-0-1-1 m
An ordinance to amend Section S3 of Or
dinance .vj. 4.
Do it nnlalncd bvthoi!: eoiu.ell nf tlm
cur hi L,airo :
Section 1, That .Section i,i nr.ii.
uauco o. 4, bo amended by udding after
mu worm ".111181110 driver" the loliowmg
"nnd any uf tbo loreiroltiL-anlinaU i. im,.
nfnir at Jare. aru heruliv ileelur. .1 mil.
Approved September!, Ih7l.
J'silN Wuon, Ala v or.
Will. K. Hawkins, City Clerk.
Ho it ordained by tlio city council of the
city of Cairo :
HKCTION 1. TlintHeetlim .in nr (ir.n, ,..
vr. . .. . r . r --..
. u. .. uc Biiicnucu ho as in re.aii nM r.i ...... .
"Tho city clerk U hereby iiiilhotied to
grant a peddlcr'x license tu any permit an-
nli'llif, fur tin. k'limt .i.tn,. ....... . . 1 .
''n ; V .. .. 1 " "lu I1" mum ni
two and one-half dolhra for each day kain I
aiiii icuni muy uesiro u Ilcell-o. nroi ile.l
not cense xhn be L'rantiM f.in. leV- .,ri.
nrilmnthim 1'i.iir il.i', C.I.I 11 ..'...V
: , ' - v . , ' ' . J " i' lie.
Hitllcd IIS prn dedtur iu Seellnn 1 ,.f ..,1,1
. ,11111, I. ..!.
.T'.,1'.''0?1'1'".1 ,,l!lt "'u city
satltlleil that the porynn i-o aii
rcupoct" a Kiilialifo aed nrni.ir
- . 1.1... .. . . ' "'
clerk xliall bo sn
IiIvIiil' is in all ri
person to be to llociiKed. Every application
tor llet'iino shall upr clly tho kind ami ninrre.
gatuynluo'in near an limy be ul thegSwU.
inereliaiidli'e or nrtL lea iles-lrud tu hu pcdl
iii.j, uimi iuju mu inodii of
j..., luiiiui ui mu m io ivhethcr
mlinru-l.n Hi. II , u....i "r ". '. I
forth Midi description and mode of convov.
.nut,, man ),ei
illrft." -
Approved September, !, 1K7I.
Attecti '
Will. Iv. Hawkins, city Clerk.
Nowspaper advertising Impels Inquiry, and
when the article offered Isof good quadty,
nd at a flr price, the natural result liin-
Ili:it lmvo been kept over tlio
iioino inaiiuiaciuie. Also
. i . ... ,. i
iu cuiihiiii iivf puiiiiua
ivrniuiiincM' ino )isk'P
Washington Av.
You can got a Complete Assortment.
Vulcan Iron "Work
ni.iiii MTuiiirr
m ACHrjsrsaY
Alanuiacturea ana repaired.
ppeciai attention inven tn iignt and heav)
forifinir, hout-e, bridge, railroad and Jail work
n1 11 ll-.irlf nl n lnt1lr ,-,
Steam and 11 ill lit' in nil lu iirnnr-hpi
4 (nil M.knrtmnti ,i( llnirf. T..bl.,. -
rhiliiileiphla pipe and lltttngs. Ilrassgoods
etc., and ft- tixturcs alwaa on ham).
. ...... t rn. ........ .. .
and iioiier lecaer. ine not manufactured
patent governor ami governor valve.
The lollowlng engines, etc., for sale :
i wu Mesmooai enKincn, iti men Lore n
cylinder; live feet stroke, and In good ordei
II n.. (.ntrlriM fttr lml.tlm. f-nl.,1... lvn
r . .. 1 1 . ...... .. in . - 7....L .
crank lor muly or gang saw, second band.
chine and Jointer, and warehouse boistin
maahlnc, In cood order.
Bil.i Hum
I'mi j
it. W. MILI.LII, Pri lont !
J. .M. PIIM.I.ll'.s t ,e. I'm-rtenl,
CHA.-. CUNNINGHAM, t a-hler.
E.YCHA NOP, coin, bai.k iiolfn i iu Lull
ijiau.- recuriiies uoiigbl aim foul
iiniTcsi itnowyil (iii lime dfpusl
W. P. HALl.lDA Y. President.
1II..M1V I,. HAI.I.II1AV V'l.... I...... i
.".'.7.'lr 1 anuer:
WALTKIt II YsLOP, Assf.tauLfj
KT I ITU 1livs.,n li
U. D. Wll'ilAMK)N. -c ' !iV"VY'
II. I, Mill llll V
A. H. SAmuiu. '
Kxclinncf, Coin nnd Lfnltcil Slat
nouns lKiiigni nnil Sold.
DEPOSITS rn,..,,...! , ... .
l.n.l . -'"l..-":ai uaiihl
"lliRB tlUIIU,
titttt nnr . .
A JLi UlAJAli l"l I A ' hM
' D -'AiJ.l
Foillltnlliu. Vnvnc Atil limit fMilll L'lnlu
tt'iro Works.
3AST. WliminilTi.?. wntv n.tn ivr
NKU nnil lUlliil'i'iiiwu. . ... ...
- J- " viiajji joriuoaire
Concert ana LoctureJIell.
And a General A Ksnrimnuk nf
mental Jroii Work
No. CO Ohio l.ovce,
'll.D.l.Ceod.lw I CrtMeuiaios.

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