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4. 11 .1 i
TUBS DAY, SEPT. 15. 1671
omclitl InproI llifUHy nnil Coimii
ULN 11. OBKBLY. Editor end I'r.blbSstr
Oct wook, by carrtsr I V
Ono )om by oat-Tier, In advance 10 00
One year br carrier 11 not rild In
advance 00
Uno month, bytcal) 1 00
fbtoe months 8 00
Utaontbe. ft 56
flnn vn 10 00
tin Year 1 M
Six Mouth
Throe Month' 50
Invartablv in advamv ....
ll.-Hlll. IIIIIIHT Oil I'llTJ
JJemoeniUc SfitiC TleKcf.
Tor S'atc rreanim
Tor uveriatendcut ol 1'uMlr Instruction
5. M. KTTKK.
i or Conjrreie Ilighiocnth DIMrlct,
I.ir 11. or cntatlva -Klltlt th D.'tlrlct, I
I.VIIY''.! TX II. AJtUlttilUT, I
TUB l'LATl'Ol'.M.
1 iRsi The retoi"tlon il gold atil sl'ver
;.tli. l.astaol tlocurreney. iliorcMttnptlon
ol H'1 li- pa went o! oon ai pmdble wilh
o.u li-i?r to 'he 1 uln'i of tho country,
liy Mi mllly oppol'g Inflation ami by the
til. ii nt oi tue nmlo a In 'ettedue in tin'
nni,. oi the ci lixed wor.d.
m.iond tree .ommcrc; no UtlrTfor in
oi!i r purpose but reie ue.
Timtii Imfhiduul liberty and opposition
to sumptuary taws.
Kornin Tbe riirht and duty of the
tve to protect lUetttzen from extortion
and uijiwt llcrlmlnitlon by ukirtcted
1 trm-Rlgld raitri tlon ot the Rovern
ron '. '.'i.b Sutf an t National, to the IrfcU
imiv dniiMiln of iiolltleal wiwr by exelud
ir, tai H'frnui all cxei-ut v and li'gljlatlvc
in ri.i lidllng wtvb Uic affair n of .coclsty
whrreby nionopolie are funtereO. rill
cit -. . i'U-os nfagramlUed, and indhldUA
fr d in uBnei arlly nud ojijire -Ively
re ti amid. .
Tlu- following Central Coiumtttco
was appointed by the Republican con
gr -innal convention that met nt
M'.und City, August III, 187-1 :
Alexaodur county, (J. W. iIeKenl; j
Jarkmn, llonj 1j Wiley j
lobnion, A. J. Aldan ;
Miftic, Henry Armitrong ;
l'urrv. S .1. I'.irk j
I'opo, H U. IUkf r ;
l'uiaV, l)9orn W. Mortr., Hr.;
ltntidolpn, D. It. MoMH-turt;
Union, 1. 11 Stlnton ;
AViUmmon, Milo F.rwin.
Tho foWowinir Central Committee
was nppoiufctl by tho Uopublicaii eon
vontiou ol tbo Fiftieth mi:itori,il ili.s
trict, held at Mound City, August lil(
Alexander county, K B. Walbrldge;
.IhcKeon, Uzrn II lMUll;
Union, '1. 11. I'oilapi.
At tho Democratic concrcssional
i "ncntion, held at Anna, fc'oplcmbor
.;. Is" I, tho following Control Com-
innitc fur the UightoontU district wah
appointed ;
Randolph, Beverly WIKsbiro;
I'errv. K. U. Kusheri
WiiliHrufon, O. Y. (Ji)JjKrd ;
Jackton, U. XV. AndrnwBj
1'nmn, luijli Androw ;
.JobnJon. I. J. 1'ierco;
Mn.iKc. J. W. Thrift ;
I'opc, D. U Ki Id i
J'liU-ki, Obetl UiJion ;
Aleiandiir, John II. Olmrly i
At L rgd, JudgB F llrois, Ualro.
Tho followiug cxecutivo committee
f r I'uion county was appointed by
tho Democratic county convontion that
met in Jono3boro, August 21, IS" I :
Judi;a M. U. Crawford ;
11 liroia ;
1'. Hall.
'I he iullowtug Stale committee war.
apl-uiutud by tho Doroocratio-Opposi-tii.u
eobvcLiion, at Springfield, August
l.t Uutrict, Bgbert Jauicion, ''hlcago
.1 Dutrict in. J. Omiban, C'olei;o
:. t Intriot, F H 0. Winion, Chicago
Uti )iirit, A. M. lUtrini;tiiii,(iiiuvu.
'.lb Ditirlot, Vm Wiibt FrMpori
LiU lHautct, J. H. Dr.c, Hock ltUnd.
7th Dutt&ct, Oho W. ltV8ii. Ukw
b Dittrlct, Wmtiliiiiton K. Uook,
l.t. on.
h D'ltrlat C.u V ICmc, l'oorla.
I nli Unirlcl, Uvid j; lluad, Curilike
UU UWt, f. Ji Ji. 'mVS Mi-gUeld
l''ih Uutrict. J.lin A Mllory,IIva(m
llih Di'trlct, J II ll'i-by, uhHmplgn
mm UIWKl, u. iimirson. iiUlClt-
10th Dinriot, C II Iloilet, (treooville
i i.n niitriot, Y. II Jvromo, IMw&rdi
Til lo.
lSih Diilrlcl, XV. U. C,imn. Oro.
1' h Dittrlct. Jnmts V KobilliOll.Olnnr
At l.irg, K. II. llillur. Chicago.
At Large, B. W. Towusnd, thawnee
Xuv. n.
At Urgo, Wm. Ilrown, Jtckionville.
Mr. Brown wti eleetcd ohairman of
tl'. (-ijuimittee.
The lulloW't
fing Control Committee
was apiwintud by ih0 Democratic con
vtution of Alexander county, at Cairo
August 23, 1S7-I;
Cir Cruel;, ThotOM J. McClure.
(i loku l.laiid, 0 Grruriloy.
lJ"i Toulb, N, II tin nek or.
U:..w,..,d, Jumna IJ. JkleCrJto.
Th.bm, J (J Kolwing.
FmiU ', j v. nfrow.
Unity, W J Miltord.
... &'r.V' .V 11 M.t:alf,M II HarroJI.
rX llalliday and Jamri Carroll.
rMSuth Cairo, .1 1 .hn II. O.Himan, John
llow.By, Jahii Uouaii and Dr. 1), Arter.
Tho following Central Committee
wan appointed by the DemacrauoLib.
eral convontion tliot met nt Anna,
Soptoinber -I, 187-1, find nouiinntcil
candidates for tho log'.slattiro in the
Fiftieth Senatorial District .
Aloxftndar. II K ll.&ke, J Q Lynch.
Jackson, V Diihon, .Icopli Cully.
Union, Oliver Hill, T M Ferine.
At Large, T F lJouton, of Union
t'MON county owes only
l'ortuoato Union!
Allt. Mro.v, one of the independent
candiihtcs in Union county for the
legislature, h the organizer of Oranges
in this part of tlis State. He has had
an eye to business, nud will probably
receive tbo Independent Reform vote.
iln. Fhank .Mofi.To.v's reply to
Mr. HeeclicrV statement will, in the
opinion of nil honest people who aro
not prejudiced in the reverend gentle-
ami s lavor, convict nun oi an anu
more than hay been charged against
him. tt is a crutlier.
Tub pretence of yellow fovcr in
New Orleans and (Jnlvcflou need caupo
no alarm m this part oi tho country.
Kven if Yellow Jack ihouM fly upon
the wings of thu morning and nppear
aniouL' our people, tho '' 'J rucaj
cannot rui""'" oijoiirh to do much
harm before Jack Frost nips htm In
the bud.
Tin: Jonesboro Gazette ays : ''Tho
Democratic candidates (or congress and
the legislature, in this district, are op
posed to the civil rights bill, and ar
not in favor of mixed schools. They
are not oppced to the education of the
negro; but thoy will not consent to
having the whites and blacks together
in our Iteo tchools. Tho lUdical
nowspnjxrs will please put this in their
pipes and smoko it."
Ti!i:unumnl amount of interci'.liis nc
nvf which wo pr!ont to our teadnr thl
wiroK, it our only apology or tha lack of
ti litirl and iniiollaneoui matter In tbli
iituc ijijmsborj tjiii.tt".
The utitHUal annunt of inlercUing
local news The Garutto presents to its
readers ea'o'h week is it.i great merit,
Jf Mr. Jlouton, the editor of The Ga-
zette, labored under the improision
that it was UUduty to Have tho country
as f-omo of us other small editors do
hi piper would not be what is now,
much the bent local paper in Southnrn
Illinois, ai d so far as we know, in the
Tub Cairo Iti'i.LhTi.s is doinir all In
iti power to Injuru Hon. XV. J. Allon, tor
na; purpose wo cannot poreulvu, union
llba that Judgo Allon is too popular, la In
thn way of onmbody ami therefore is to
b killud itf. Hn cnrlainly hit been ono
of thu motl coimuteut and roliablo Jom
ocraH in tbo .stiap, and If guilty of nny
fault, it Imi teun yiuldinj; too much
to mch tUyttott n OunrJy, for thn
inko of harmony in tho party. Mound
Tun Iiui.i.i:TlN is not doing anything
to injure Mr. Allen. The I!i li.i:ti.v
haB been, and Tin: Dkmochat before
it was, n fUpportcr of Judgo Allon.
Ho knows this ; and now Tin: Itfb
I.KT1N is anxious to net in harmony
with Judge Allen and that gentleman's
friends in tho prnent cimpaign.
Mn. CiiAiii.K.s MfSMi.v, of (,'obden
Union county, has aunouueed himself
ns :i caudidato for the Ieirislaturc in
this district. It is understood that
Hev. Mr. Kroh, of tho same countv.
will do likewise, and that several other
citizens of tlio little commonwealth of
I'uion will also imitato hii example.
Union lias tho fceuator, nnd will also
havoonoof the representatives, Mr. Ins
core. If eithcrMr. Musson or Mr. Kroh
thould be elected bIio will have three
of the four membors of the Gcnoral
Asicmbly from this district. Ueally,
she orght to be satisfied with two ot
the four tho suuator and ouo repre
sentative aud allow Alcxauder and
Jackson ouo each. 'The Domourutio
Opposition Fhould btand by its ticket,
aud vote for Winston aud Albright.
I'nnsiiir.NT Smith, of Dartmouth
College, is in the habit of holding in
formal talk with the students, in which
they nro especially interested. In a
recent conversation bo told thorn that
hu hud at first boon in doubt about tho
un'fuliies of boating, but wbn ' a
i . j.iciiiiiiif i upon, ho had aided it
by his words and bis jmr-o, on tho the
ory that what was worth doing at all
was worth dj'mg well. Ho nlluded to
the cu.tom of tho students serving as
waiter in tho hutoU during tho sum
mer, and added : 'When wo consider
the fact that nearly one-third of tho
atudoul.1 ol Dartmouth tuach school
during tho muter and work at haruit.
ing in tlio summer, wo need haTo no
fear about iho dignity of labor becom
ing an obsolete i Aprcnaion."
Jon OjiKiav. of Tim Cairo Bl-i.le.
nt., bin had imothur addition to liii turn-
y. lbu time It it uttitl, tho Init time it
wi a (;irl. tho timo boforo last it wai a
Klrl, nr.d Iho tuna previous lo thu jeond
tinio it wai a K.r, u,uUuK in all lira irul.
John oon't want iinv bi.vktli.iu',- 1...1
and they pn ou the railroad track, mid
thay fall oil' lbu fencui, and Itov Ko iUh
lt;i of a tiund.y, nnd they li'da down
plunk! ar.d tuar tho ,, out of their
'trOHZU ' in 1 ,l,v r.ih Kir,t- 1
tbi-y ileal prH,rv.! imd watte tho'i'ucar
an.1 wh.ntbny tiK riouKh they run
away Irom i.-b..,.i ami K itlt0 the rlv.r
before thy l.now how toawun, and a bean
of cm gin 'drowndld,' and thny devil their
ina'i powerful -I'adueah Nowi.
If those obivilno Paducah editors
vera not in tho habit 0j cballoo-i
peoplo to fight duels, wo would say to
tho News man, wIiojp name is Mr. T-cu
Faxon usitiR tho beautiful nud ex
pressive lanuago of tbo lameutcd
Grocloy "You lio, you villain; you
lie!" 1'ivo? Sis ; by all tho petti
coats in the laud, we have six daught
ers ! Wo dospiso tho editor who has
fewer thau six daughter, and behove
it would bo vain flattering to call him a
Mr. Potter, the ablo rditor of the
Mound City Journal, docs us groat in
ju'tice, when he aya wo have attacked
him that wo have made upon him a
scurrilous attack. Wo have not. He
mistakenly asserted that our polities
ought to please negroes because our
Democracy was objectionable to white
pooplo. .He went further and sought
to discredit us with Democrats by
charging that we favored the interests
of tho negroes nt tho expense of
the interests of our own peo
ple. In short, lw manifested
a disposition to become tho ad-
voeato in this nait of the Ststc of
that eJmn of Man who have tiu politio
idea that does not embrace in its scopo
ilotcxtntiou oftlio negro aud a desire to
exterminate him from tho faoo of tho
earth. We thought this conduct
strange. Wo remembered that he had
been a captain of a negro company
that he had been an advocate of nciro
soldiers, and we called attention to the
fact, not to dispargc him, but to put
his present anti-negro uttoraucos
in contrast with hi for
mer nigger conduct. We
did not intend to attack him ; and do
not now propose to do so. We bclievo
that Mr. Potter will not support Mr.
Ulomcuts. We put no faith in the ru
mor that bo has been "induced" br
OlementH and certain Fodoral office
holders to tako the stand he now occu
pies. The rumor has probably grown
on4 of the fact that his present posi
tion gives aid and comfort to Mr.
Clements and tho Radical State ticket.
Wo aro suro ho has not sold out. Our
theory is that he is not well that, to
use tho language of McCartney in
reference to Mr. Jones, "a grub worm is
gnawing at his vitals.'" Wo could not
induce ourself to attack a man afuictcd
by a grub worm. Ya JiJ not and
wili not attack 1 'otter, and
soon to join with him in a long pull,
n strong pull, n pull altogether and u
pull harmonious in the cause of Hart
zel nnd tho Opposition State ticket.
Mr. Goro did not icrk or k an imt
ment from that Convention. Ho portiiH
ontly rofusod lo modify a syllable of tho
pUlform upon which ho wai nominated,
or in tho slihtou dogreo to coinpromio
his pojitiou ns tho nomlnuo ot thu ii.a
pendents. Ho remninnd at homo and ra
hi led thn 11.01I urgent request of orer
zoaloua friendi to go to princQeld. His
attltudo in this wholo mnllO' reflex ti tho
hlijhnit credit upon hlrn. Wo 'peak from
protitl knowlodgo. Carlinvilla Hem
oernt. The Executive Committee of the
Independent Keforuiorn met nt Chicago
the day after tho Democratic Commit
tee met aud issued what is known as
the McCormiek Call. Messrs. Gore
aud Ktter met with tho committee of
their party. We know that not only
was Mr. Htter desirous of .1 nomina
tion by tho Opposition convention, but
that Mr. Gore also was, and almoit
every member of tho committee ex
pressed the opinion that tho Opposition,
or Dcmociatio convention would not
act wisely if it rofusod to nominate tho
Farmers' ticket.
Tho "purposes" set forth in the M
Cormick Call wore also discussod. The
financial purpose of the Call was con
demned by ono or two of thu commit
tco who had imbibed tho foolish belief
from soino impure fountain that money
can bo mado ot chips or other va'ulcss
things ; tho other moinbers wore appa
rently in a hazy condition and hud lit
tle to say on tho pubjoot, but goneral'y
agreed that a return to Hpeoio payment
waa ileairulilo. Mr. Goro very explic
itly took this ground, and in couverra
tiou endorsed 11s Democratic tho pur
poses of tho Call. At that time, he
desired the nomination of tho Opposi
tion convention, nnd believed that in
tho union of tho Domocrntio-Oppoei
lion and tho Independent Jleformors
was tho only hope of defeating the
Kepublican party. Ho haw no reason
why he might not bo nominated by the
Call convention, and why, if nominated
by it, ho might not necopt tho nomina
tion. Ho gavo expression to these
FCiitiments to both Mr. Hcsini: and
Mr. Obcrly. Mr. Ktter ngreed with
Mr. Uore in tho bolicf that tho Indo
pondent Deform candidates might,
without stultification, accept tho noin
ination of tho Deinocratic-Oppogition,
but was not tit first 11.1 well satisfied
with the financial plank of the Call.
It being true that .Mr. Gore, the In-
dependent Reform candidate for state
treasurer, was willing to necopt a nom
ination for thu same oflico from tho
Democratic-Opposition convoutiou why
was his colloaguo on tho ticket, .Mr.
Ktter, uomiuatcd and he "left out in
tho cold ' ' Several causos coritpired
to defeat him In tho first pluct. the
Democrats of S.S. Marshall's district,
naicrtud that tbo nomination of the
Farmers' stato '.ickct would drivo Mar
shall out of the field nnd ulcot Gen.
Anderson ; but OAs consideration would
have had no effect, and Mr. Goro would
hive been uoninalcd, if ho had not
bcon donouueed by nearly all the del
egates from his own county and neigh
boring counties as a man of no 'integ
rity. Tho delegates from Mr. Kttcr's
county were loud in his praise, whiU
almost fiery delegate from the
region of eot.ntry in which Mr
Gore lives, ilraounccd him in the
most unmeasureil teims. We do not
know that what vas Jaid in denuncia
tion of Air. Gore jv his neighbors was
true ; but wc do know lie Had no
friend who dcfcudd him. Mr. Htter
on the other hand, had friends who
met every objection to him with
eulogy upon his character and popu
larity. Tho con.-oiUtneo of this con
ditlou of alT.iirs was the withdrawal of
Mr. Goro from the convention, and the
nomination of Mr. Filer. Mr. Goro
was as willint; as Mr. Htter, but his
adrnnccs wore not rcccivod by tho Op
position with tlio same lavor.
Communication In Turf, Field and Farm.
Sam Ogllvia was a gambler by profru
ion and practice ; but among tho planters
wno irriiuunicu nis laro liank(und nil or
ihuio ot any wealth or standing v. itbin it
hundred miles of Soltna took a turn nt It
whn thiiy could) thcro wai i,ot one who
would entert'ilu ti quoltion ivl to S.ttn'i
honuity. In that littlo whito coltun, lI-,
rnot hidden by tho lurroundiui; cruve
none tut tho fairest of faro wta dealt'
none but tho squareit of poker ws
hot on. Whun tho chips worn bought
and thu card cut, oicb one (alt that what
fortuno 'infant the pack lo bring him
would not bi intcrrorcd with by any
man'pt lati in of tho cardt.
D.ii. alas' whin whi humanity bojond
tiMiiptation ' Adam foil, CViar tell,
wnrrcn leil (at Hunker lllll), iind i ven
lluechor is niipocted. Ono day Ham
wai tn-nplPil nnd ho .Hut let mu giro
thn 11011111'
JuJo Humphrey, Col. Swain, old An
drewj vtboro plantation wai meaiurod by
.ho thouantid arret 1, and Sol. LothII, from
St. I.'U', woro sitting in Ollvio's front
parlor playini; a mug littlo game of draw.
All wrro heavy betters wlen tboy held
theeardi; but just then tho cards woro
running ligLt, and 10 worn thn beta. Ham,
who cared very littlo for pokor, had sat
by watching the garao rather than iclng
init. II hold a hand, of curio ; but bit
thought! wero rather on tho lay-out in
tho next room thnn on tho cards in bii
o.nd .Seroral time! ho bad hinted at
abandoning tho pamo, but each timo tho
olheri bad Inslited on coin;; on, o Ham
had politely itiffled hit impntionco and
bad kept hli sent at th table.
Ai V, cloclt wai tolling ten, Him wai
cnlled from tho table and oicming him
eolf Tor tin- mornont, loft tho room.
way wai through tho back parlor lnr
lay tho sloopini; tiger. Th tablo with iti
lay out, thu o( checks, deoks of
..r.tt, nil were ready for tlio plajon. As
ho clanccd rarMonly over thorn, n mddon
thought seemed to flash through Ham'
brair. A sardonic smilo crept ovor hii
thin cut Hp-", Rod hit long flngors played
with Ms itiuttacbp, ai if to hide tho
twitching lips from lomo utnoen obierver.
Advancine;to tho card-box whoro cardi
by thn dozon piok, in nnbroked packagei
lay piled up, he busind biminlf for a mo
ment In openinc; packs, breaking wrap
pers and aiiorting cardi. then with an or
preision of euiloleii innocanco upon hii
faco, but with a ''cold dock" up his ilcovo
ho returned to the pokor tablo.
In a few mlnutei it wai .Sam's turn to
deal. His hand faltered ai ho lifted the
cardi ; a don CO spot Sutterod Into hii lap.
and, In picking It up, a rapid movement
of tho long, lltho Unpen had exchanged
thn table park for tbo " cold deck."
A qraln of remorie soomnd to touch hii
heart wbn ho came to f rro tho cards.
'I can't tako a hand this deal, gcntla
men. I havo ot to atop around to tho
hotel for a moment."
Thn othen nco,uiirnd, and the cardi
were dnalt. A eond hand, one would y
by tho action of the playors. Thoro wai
a t ouiand in tho pot, and a vory obsti
nato exproHilon on tho Taroi of tho players
boforo tho drawing besan.
Thon a singular circumitanco wai no
tleed. Tho juden only wanted one card ;
ono card satisfied tho colonel, nnd one
card oach took I.ovett and Andenon.
Odd, thought each one, and wondorcd
whothor they wore trying to bits a full or
a flutli, or wero hiding fours. Hut oach
e;lnncd at hii own hand, and calmly
waited tho liiue, confident of hli own and
pitying tho other' 1 band.
The cardi isrvod, Ham lit bis cigar anil
sturtod for tho hotel. If bo had waited
he would haro teen tho talleit betting
that was ever dono inside of that cottage.
A thousand dollars tho tint hot, fifteen
hundred the lecond, two thouiand
tho third, i.qJ twcnty-llvo hun
dred from tho "aro" cn tho firit round
Kvurybody in and willing to lap his pilo.
lul earno chock-booki and puncili, and
-ai h on rapidly cut up in hii owr.
inmd Low much his crodit wai good fur
nmm' tl,o cnmmiiilon mirchants of Now
Orlenni. Chock alter check wa wrltton,
'.'iijtaiid placed on tno table, until
thern wm enough itaked to cripple the
riil.ift iimn thero if ho lost.
TL.i J i go atoppod It. Why, I don't
Unuw on! fi t wai that ho had roacbod
tbo n.st heck In hli book. A ho filled
thai out 1m romarked, with judicial grav.
' '1 nere is but ono band at thn table that
ean wn that pot, gentlenionj ain't it
about enough ' i will im you, Col.
Tin (l.iicked tho camo. Tho pot xvai
big eiK j,;ti in nil cotisolenco, nnl somoof
thorn tr. nblod a little as thoy thought u!
the thousands piled thnro nnd how pour
thn . all wui to inuko threo of thoir cum.
Two moro sights and a call brought tbo
gtnm to a fo' i.. I'oripirntioni stood out
upon tn ru limn ono foroliead, and tho
lingers thit grlpod tho cards tightened
pen-eptib') 11 the crucial moment alv.
proacbc-l nd hcadi had to be turned tn
prevont thn hungry oyei from feaitlng too
luteninly upon tbo pits on tho tablo.
Tho VM nrahln colonol hardly luolind uti
' Im k'et.tly laid down hii hand : "Fours.
Acei gentl mun I "
Ti" 11 Andrews, with diltondod oyoi
nd pumod-up II p : "Fouri for ma!" and
th srdi woro laid upon tho tablo to verify
the claim.
Itoproaehfully Jjovett glancrd at hia
Ci mraiJea ai at Inboipitablo barbarian!
from whom tbo tltln of ilranger wai no
protection, and blandly remarked ''Kx.
cum me, but mlno nrs aces. Fours' ' and
ga n tho cards provod tbo claim
Dasblne: his ituctaclei from his roman
noso to tils perspiring forehead, sank back
In his icat and gazed doipairlngly from
faco to uco around tho hoard, ai his eyo
met Lovctt's bo partially itralghloned
himcolf and said : "Hiiteui acei, as 1 am
a sinner," and again four aces lay upon
tho hoard.
They walled for Bam that ninbt. but bo
did not return to tbe Cultsgo.
Smudge bad rsniacked tl.o vnrloui
booits for a name, and as tho nxth of tho
Inleit editions of Hmudgo wai Indlcatlvo
of toll In the ranks of men, as tho Infant
looked strong almoit warllku a grist
namo was thu quell ol ui uiiirncluit par
ents, iln ti. wuutod it named iciuo Dililu
character . Mmudgo sugiceitud Sainton
Uollab, which would typify strength
Mn. Mmudgo loanrd to .Uoui Wsuuul,
emblcmnUcai of wuakncis.
Hmmlgo had declared that ha would ex.
noi'i tbo timid to tbo nieuilri beforn it
thould bo nicknamed Mole or Sam. Thin
bo hinted at Jonah ; but .Mrs. Smudge
would liftun to no inch monogram. Sho
didn't want her child's namo connected
with tbu llh itory ! Already thoy had
named u child Hainan, and ho was turn
that ho would bo hanged (otmi day. See
ing that to rcriplural namo could bu
rgreed upon, shu lUgeiled Ointva, rt
minding r-mttdge that they bid namd
tbe.r tirt child Alpha.
" You can't cU this onn Omega," lubl
Smuice. " 1 11 put tho namo away, nnd
when wo want It, I'll let jou know. How
would Martin Luther dor
"I'm a llaptiit, I am, Hmudgo' re
torted Mrs. v., coloring. "I dort want
any Lutheran name in this hoiiln. Kur
vour mothor'i iikii 1 nllnwnd ono of mv
children to bo called .loi.alhan IV.iley.
Hho don't pokp any Methodist namui on
mo again. If l.ulber bad been a llaptlil
thn name might do There 1 Kodger
Wllliatni. Uodger Williami Smudgo J
sounds well, lie count unto It It. Wil
liami Smudge, jou fi't, '
'Hut bo nover will," crlnd th paront,
wilh determination. "Kodgcr Williami
wai a IlaptUt, and you know, Mr.
Smudge", that I don't lain that way. I J
sooner call him Tom I'alne"
"Call bim Tom 1'alnr, utid 1 II kill him
boforo ho' woaCfd. '
"You like Puritan, Mn Smudgo. Call
bim Mile Standi.!)."
"No,. sir' I don't want my child to
grow up wilh any such outlandish namo.
You called our'iecond boy Plymouth
Hock rin.iidgc, and that name will kill
bim boforo bo voU. No moro Puritan
names. '
"You're tbo counfoinibit particular
wnman 1 over saw, roiorieu .-muuge.
"If it bd boen a girl wo w.-nld have
called her Cleopatra (i. tava."
"No wo woulln't Our fourth girl now
groani under thn namo ( f Olympla Tar
pel. It will tnakn btr an old maid. Let'
compromii", timudgi. You liku a itrong
namo Ooliah. for mtance I a Itaptii.
one. Let t call tho biy liodger XV. Go
liad Smudg"
"1'ut tbo Hible rarno lint."
1 won't rto it "
"Then wo 11 call itiomethlng eln."
"My father' namo wai Joshua Gideon,"
meekly luggeited .Mrs. H.
"What do I caro If it wai'' Nono of
my children shall hn called aftor any of
your rulallvei. That's iottlod ! Let'i
fall back on a lato namo Garibaldi, for
initanco "
"f)r lionnparlo."
"Which ono?"
"Napoloon tho third."
"No; I won t havo bim called N'npo
loon." "Thon you ihan't call hlrn Garloaldl,"
ratortod Mrs. ti., tlrmly. "Smudgo, you'
rn tho thlcko.t individual I over lived
With Tun .-1. ! IIJ.Ul& I
Then call tho buy Daniel "W obiter. I
always almirud tho old itateiman.''
'Our family ihan't bo diigraced by a
Whig name, ' mid Mn. Smudgo. La
fayctlo ii r. great, a goo 1 namo. '
Smudgo thought ho wai on tho ovo of
luggeiting thii name of tho great French
man bimielf.
"Hu inuit havo a middlo name."
"Layfayotto William!," lays Mn, S.
"Thoro'i your llaptiit on ino again ' I
tell you Kogur Williami shan't in any
form hang to" that boy'i coat tall."
"Then you ihan't call him Lafayctto."
And thui tho quarreling over the
ehriitoning continuod fonix mortal houri.
Finally tho atfalr wai luttled. Smudga'i
lixtb baby U to faco tho world with tho
limplo cognomen nf John Kruudgo.
Tho year CJ34, counting from tho crea
tion of the world Jewish chronology,
ended 011 Friday uvoning, at 0 o clock.
Thu UroHluui are diliri;uuheJ from
all other Beet by tho manner 111 which
thoy ctdubrnta tho Nw Year; or ai thai
11 cilud in Hebrew "lloin llnihanali.' Tho
Chrullan calabrateii tbo Now Year from
tho birth of Jertui Cbriat. Tto worihipen
of lha Koran celebrate! tbo Now Year
from tha time of tbo flight of Mahomet
fromMcca , to Mdlb. Tha lirealitei
celebrato tko New Year from tbo creation
of the world, an event not actually Jew
lib Tho celebration of tbo Jewuli New
Year 11 of a moro solemn character than
tlm of tbo Uhrlitiiini. The day Ii ipent
in prayor and worship, doublleii from the
ideas and thoughts evolving from the fact
of the croalion ot tbe world, and, coma
quently, it is nho called the Day of Memo
rial "Yom Kaseikoram.', Uod, it Is
thought, roviowi, aftor tho lapio of each
yesr, bis wholo creation, and most ei
pocially man, bis duingl and hli uctiuns,
and, in doiog so, bo arngni to each one
In. futo for lb coming year life or
death, happineii or misfortune, tbo warn
of nations, pa.tilenco, ret ; bunco the
"Yum Hardin," tha Day of Judgment, in
ordur lliat tho liroallloi might bu alivn to
Ilium faut, that Ii tbo creation of tbo
world, lha Memorial Day, tti 1'ay (,f
JuJgniuut, taat they u.ight rualizo tha
solemn import of the day, that thoy might
repent of their wiokednen, thera 11 what is
callid tho "bholar,' or tbo blowing of tbe
horn, tho symbol ot inviting thorn to
prayer for tho furgiveiiHis of their ir.i.
Originally, according to tho llihlu, thoro
wai ob'erved only ono day, but later, whan
tho Jiri iilltea became diiponed nil ovor
Aciatio c.ontinont, when they filled tho
lmd of llabylon, nnd hud no calender, but
Ciunled by the moon, in ordor to celobruto
the right day, they took thu last day of
tho month of "Klul," iho hixth month in
tho Juwuh calender, andtbeUrst day of
tho month of "Tiibrl,' tbo seventh month,
ind colobratod both days. They watched
when tN moon mndo iti appearanco, ami
msdo thoir calculations inorofrom. In
theso days, however, tlio moro advance. 1
lows have dropped tbo last of tbo month
of ', Klul, ' nnd retain thu other as tho dsy
of worship, thus going baik to the origi
nal authority, tho lliblu. Tho orthodox
.low?, itlll following strictly thu custom
and uir.goi of Iheir lorofalheri, adlmro to
tbe woi.bip of tho feitival for a space of
two days. There are suvornl minor cus
toms, formerly occurring in tho festival,
which arp generally omitted now. although
some of them, such as thn wearing of tho j
ihrouoi, aro still obiorTod by tho orthodox
Jew.). Tho Iteform Jaws consider it
merely a custom without any authority
from tbo Iliblo, and nf too sombre a char
acter. In fact, tho Iliblo merely mentions
tbo day as tha day of tho "blowing of tha
horn," The Talmud and other books of ,
mmn m m m oil
Jobbers ard Retailers or
Chemicals, 1 'at cut Medicines,
Toilctt A rtii-Is, Jh'tiirtrist's
Load and Oilier (trades, I'aiiittf, Odors. Oil. V'tn.islic
Winduw Glass, "Wax Klnwer .Material, Til"' ('lnis, Jh-
Stalls, l.tc, Etc., i:tc.
.....I I - 1-
111 wani cm inn nour i.iiip. Mffiinfinai.
T I (111 til I niin
a sacrd Uature to the Iireai d i 'i ht,-n
on thin 1 '.... and thn worihip in ill .r t
form ha! tbua gradually duvelnped itelf.
iKroni the san ("ruii.in o :i.l )
Mr. Cooley immory n exceedingly
trtacheroui, and it often gati him into '
trouble. The other night be was at a tes 1
parly at Sitnlh'i, and wbllu thu company ,
at around tho lupper tablo (Jooli; sud
denly concluded bo would eject a cttiun
drum bo bad berd touieherc, M.d 10,1
in an Interval of illence, bu said: ' 1 vi ,
got e pretty good conundrum I d liV.i you
to gum. Can embody leli tue why a
druggut who ke.pi hit botllei down
stain is liku a carUin Kind of mu.iciiij1 "
Kvtrybody kl ono. bean to guei the
answer, and Cojley ist thcrs for a rn'
merit imlliiig. rrently, however, hi
thought ho would gl the anitr ready In
order Is give it, and to his inter. alarm
four.d that he had furittan it He hni'iin
- . " . "
,n ..ui w.,m (If. Iflllll-HL lllll flKtUCl.
over with alt ! .ii. nii hn neirly had
hu nuor leveral nines, but it Iwiti
...U..VU ....... ...... ... I'll B..4T TT..II,.r,
and then penplralion b.gsn to itand out '
upon hn forehead. Ti.e ojmpany gv II
up one after ariulhar, nnd, an they did IP,
each onn iked Con'ny what the arisaer
wai. Cooloy milled n ghailly kind 01 a
irnlle, as if he wai keo :ng u lurk to tor
ment tlinin, but tho nnuiar redne'ti of
Ins face and bu peculiar tnlnvmr at
tracted the altentleii ot nveryhody, and
the more thpy looked at him tbo redder be
got, and tbo moro profuie Uc.u e the per
spiration, i
"Ciime, Mr. Cooloy, sail tli boil, "no
are all waiting tor Iho answer." "Out
with it, Cooley," isid another. "Cooloy,
wo can't he happy until v u hav.t lljij
answer to thai conundrum, ' remarked a
third. Cooley would havo given million. 1
at that moment lo havo bidden in the
bowels of the mammoth care out ot sight
At last bo exclaimed The ah tha
ah fact ii that -ah the 'stl'.ir thai is. ,
Iho conundrum thu whole thing, your ,
hoour, ii a juke. Tbcro is no auiwer to it,
your bonir."
Then everybody laid thoy didn't rto
anything very amusing about j"kei of
such a character, and .Smith frowned ,
while Cooley heard tho man say r.ext to ;
his neighbor that tho man (d oley ) mint
be drunk. Then Cooley roio ludbenly
rrcm the tan ant noma out wirougu tho
door. About two hours afterward, while
hn was In bed, he all at ooco rotnombertd
the answer, and hn Instantly arotj end
went round to the Smiths. After ringing
the door Loll for an hour, o'd fc'mitb put
bis head out ef the bidrjotn window.
"I know it now," shouted; " Cooley 1
know it It's bocsusebe ban visl Incallarl '
"(Jo to thunder' ' ejaculated dinilh, and
but the window with a tlam, and wont to
bod. And now thn (Jnnleys don t speak lo
the 5milhi, and old Cooluy carries tbo
answers to hii conundrum! written on
his shirt cuffi when hn gow i-to company.
so as to be certain tht bo wui bate them
when tboy aro wanted.
Tim I)emocrtie and Connrvativu
State Central C.mmiltco of Louisiana
uxuiod an addons to tho people of tbo
L'niiai Ktte s.inri).. ..vin . . KJni...
if. reference to th, alleV.,1 h.utv to tho
colored race, and iiierting that thu cut
breaks havo resulted from a stale of ,
Oppr"'" ljruiiy (ren-.il IJ no
usurped government. The addrnri "layi
that tho pecpla opp. led to Kellopg havo
nover qusit.oned tho right of thn colir. d
votori to regeiter, vote, and initall their
eandidalei whenever fairly elected. "In
the meantime our poonle r.re irr.und
down by taxation for unbolv purpui'.
Our properties' finding no purchiimrs at
tax sales nro by the whulesoln adjndicatnd
to tho Htuto, " upon tbo siibiidenco of a
dnvaitatlng and wideipread ovorllow,
municipal authorities have bi)T swelling
uii tha local iMe and yet thoro is no at
tempt at rnvolution In Louisiana.
HKSSIUN of .Studies In tho
Will boln ou
MONDAY, .Si:i'l'i:31lti:K Till, 1S71.
For I'rospcetiis, giving terms, Instruc
Hons to parents, iVe., Ac., apply to or
;t. Louis Unlvorsity, si, Loui,, Mo.
lVrfuiuory, .Snaps, Unfiles
Fancv (jfi.Mlf, C'nllier AVhiti
I. tj iti.. .1 . 1 1:1....
I'liinutiwiu aihi hatruu AiciiifiriH 1 a ei iiiri
V(i vlt f 11 f liti 1 111 ii I It 11 1 1 V I
, -l mam , . m
Family Grocers
ir . I ' .
ill,,-I,', ai I L' 1,11
1 line of Htaplo and ln v i.rriccrit
l',.. .1 v . i ....
niu.ll o n-ivio,
I ; . . , ,,
bltOIOC UriCU lite,
Ureal f mi llacn
Canning Purposes.
iT. QSi) "zivntrrmw CI
" " O
CAino. xxjXj..
'I'iiKih grout plcasui j in iiniioiiii"ing t
ticy lire now prepsicd to supply oteryboi
wilh i , I... I... .,.1,1... . ..... ,
nt lw.l.. I . ... . . .. .
........... ui Uiu (,iiii-p. ,, ((( tfu
J.eicu. M-fil'ui
i v i ii 1 1 1 ii 1 1 mmt in i i' i . nwi'STMn
I 7

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