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"yVKDHKSDAY. SEPT. 16 1874.
'oini-P l'P"Ot thoUllr Bti.l County
I uliK 11. 0KllLUd'tor nrt l'ublllhir
One woofc, by csrrter t
One yesrby carrier, inadvauco 10 00
Oas vr 1)7 rAj-tler II not pvld In
ilTnce. ,'i 110
line, month. bTtnill 1 W
fhrnn tnnr.tta. 3 CO
lx months, t ft ,h
One yoar 10
One War "
Sir M.mth n
Three .Month! K
lnrrtiMr In ndvanro.
Democratic States Ticket.
Tor Mate 'irea-nrer
lor Superintendent ol I'nbllc Instruction
Kor Coi)(?rt K'Kfc''""1 "'"'rlcl,
'M..t M II A nry.Ki.
Vor Hrpre'enMflvr VlttlclU IJMrtct,
rur.vTAi.v b: alhiiigut,
, u,,, -The restoration ol gold .ieU sl'ter
, , n ol the currency ; ilic resumption
r t. le in.msnu as soon as posIMe wltli-
-.itf rln tlie htiMnpssof tho country,
ly apposing Inllatton and by the
i' : tbo untlosnl Indebtedness In the
o: the civilized .wond.
N,.-Kren)iiiincrec; notarill'fornny
, -pi .p but mienuo.
lt.tiin Individual liberty and opposition
a, mary laws,
i (.itiThc rlglit and duty of the
ioiect It- citizens from oxtirt'on
i dUcrimlnatlon by vhartcied
1 ihtii -Algid rlri. Hon ot tbo gorern
n ' H'li vate ami Natlnnnl, totholeglt-na.-
i. iniilu of political powur by cxclud
i- .fr . m all ex.'i-tlt.vo iind Ipyl-Iatlvo
0 . jij.illrig with the affairs of.socloty
1 r ' v iiionopvltf are fjstcred, prlvll
i isia aifgramllzril, anil lndiWdtia
1 1 unnecearlly and oppru-idvely
i ho following Central Committee
was ar pointed by the .Republican con
gressional convention that met nt
iMouLJ City, August 13, 1874 :
Alexander county, (J. V. McKcalg ;
.in n, HunJ li Wiley j
.1 jrn. it. A. J. Alden ;
Mn:ai . Henry Armstrong ;
1' "v S J. lVrUi:
I" II I). iUkHr;
l u m. (jwici W. ilortr., 3r.j
pn. u. li. McMHStcrsj
H II iiiu!on ;
uti, lilo Krwln.
-e lullowiuir Central Connnitteo
i o. .iiited by tho IUpublican coii'
. ol the Pifiiuth wuatorial dis
ucid at Mound Citj-, August 13,
smder oounty, II E. Vr'albrldgo;
-a, Kira II I'olld.t:
o a, T. II. l'nillip.
At ilio Domocralio coiiLtroissional
t- jtion, held at Anna, Soptember
1"T4, the following Central Com-
-. ! .r the Eii:htecntli district was
! , --ltd i
t. ipb, Bovprly AYHUhlroi
1' 'ry, JC 1! author;
W. '...lusori, O. W. Oodil'trd ,
k.un, (i W.Alnlrewsj
' i n, IIU4I1 Andr.iiv ;
J m,uh, 1. N l'luren;
I mo J W. Thrift
1' t .U. 15 Pi Id ;
I j. .'!, Qxnti It'lton ;
A m ,ir. Jubn II. Uhi-rly j
At l.r, Jujpij F Urorf, CMro.
T i.e following orooutiVQ coininittoe
r I'nion county was appointed by
10 D:mwrtie oounty convention that
nut n .loflwnoro, AHgut21, 1S71
JaJi K. O. Ctawrorili
II Kr..hj
' V. Ulll.
The following Klte coinmittce was
rr ' inted by the Demoerntio-Opposi
i cinrentloi), st Springfield, August
. 1-7-J-
l.t DUlrict, r,i(tirt JmiMon, Oblcng
. 1 Dutriot Wm. .1. Onhbin, Ch.r.
1 Oiitriet, F H O. Wmtou, fhinK.
Dutrtct, A. Jrl. Ilnrrinijton.OoDovi
'.ih I)itriet, Wm. Wright fttupon
id Dtolrkt, J. S. lit, Itock Idnnd.
"tt. JJUtriti, Oo W. Kiveni, Oitn
b District, "Waibisgtoa K. Cook,
'.h Dirtrkt OIim I Kins, lWla.
i'nb U.ttriet, Diviil V. Ud, Vnnhteis
Hit) DUtrlct, J. il limb, l'lUcfUU.
lt'i Dutriet, K L Merrm. 8pr:ifl!l
i4ih Dutricl. John A llulluryjluvnns
1 -lib lt.trkt, J II. Ilu. by, Cbropfiii;n
V,tb District, if. O. Jt-jbiBon. KUlng-
iUh DLtrkt, O. D II01U1, Urmvi!l
17th District, Vt. U. Krorne, Kdwrd.
District, W. H. Oiitn, Ulr.
i''.u Dlrtrlet, .Ikimw l I'.oUnion.Olnoy.
At UiTg, X. B. Mii:.,r, OhlcaKo.
At harn. H. V,'. Towjiwnd, rbuwnc-
A !., NYro. Urowc, Jtckionvlllo.
Mr. Ilrown wa oleetod elialrman of
the committee.
Tho following Central Committee
was appointed by tho Democratic con-
ventiou of Alexauder couuty, at Cairo
AUgusi -.), 101 r.
Clvnr OrcU, Thomas J. SIcClure.
(loose Xtlsnd, 0 Ortxnley.
Dok Toutb, N. UunMckor.
llnzlnwood, .IiitioM K. ilcCrlto.
Thirties, J. (1. HoIwIdr.
Hints i'o. J. W lUnfrow.
Unity, "W. J. Mlib.rd.
N'.rth Osiro, .1 H Mt:slf,.M II Hurrell
T W Ilsilidny nd Jsm'i !rroll. '
BO'ltb (llro. J'.bn II. (i-i-mmn, Jf.hn
H itylay, .Tjhn H')Kn hiiJ Dr. V. Artur.
Tbo following Central Committoe
wci uppointd by tho Democratic-Lib.
crnl convention that met tit Anna,
September 1, 1871, and nominated
candidates for tbo legislature in the
rifticth Senatorial District ;
Alexander, 11 K r,'r.ke, J O Lynch.
Jackson, V Diction, Joseph Uully.
Union, Oliver 11.11, T It Terine.
At Larpe, T P llnuton, of Union
The Democratic-Liberal State com
mittee will meet at Chicago to-morrow.
"I, too, desire tpecio payments,"
sud George H. Pendleton, in his speech
at Columbus. Ohio, last week.
Thk Democratic - Liberal .county
central sommittco of Alexander county
should meet, organi.e and appoint nn
executive committee.
Tin: iKiit"ioii of tho llourbon Dem
ocrats on political uffaira is "like tho
peace of God that passcth all under
standing." Hon. Wm. 11 artkm., Oppo?i-
tion candidate for congress, was ut
Murphysboro last week, and is now in
Williamson county.
"I .Wiltl.'lti: to iho old J)moern
- llint i-tii nlul filter colli IS U1P
bost basis of our currency." i'on-
Ilctou in hie lntc speech at Columbus,
A RATII'ICATION meeting in Cairo
will be tho next thing in order. Judge
Green, .Mr. LansJcn and .Mr. Wheeler
would bo first-class orators for tho
"I NEVEU advocated tho issue of ad
ditional greenbacks for the purposo of
pitying the fl-L'O bonds," is what Mr.
Pendleton said about it in his bugle-
bhst Hpcech a day or two ago.
Tin: spirit of Shukspcarc haa in
formed ft Now York Iferald concspoti-
dent that Lord Bacon wrote the plays
'.hat have been attributed to him. This
of courso settles the matter.
Tin: Independent Itciorracrf arc not
the only reformers wo have in tho
Eighteenth congressional district. AVo
have ilso tho Labor Iteiorincrs. ivho
propose to make a movement of somo
kind in the present canvass. They pro
pose to make demands upon the can
didates to endorse thoir ideas, and op-
poso thoso whj refuse to do bo.
On the iinaucial question, tho Dem
ocratic-Opposition convention of Illi
nois declared as follows :
1. Gold aud silver should be tbo
basis of the currency ;
Specie payments should be re
sumed at tho earliest possililu moment
consistent with tho business Interests oi
tho country j
;5. Tho bonds ol the government
should bo paid in specie.
Certain gentlemen, claiming to be
Democrats of tho "old bchool," admit
tho two first propositions to be sound
doctriuo, but tlioy deny that the third
proposition is orthodox Democracy.
To give force to their denial, they ap
peal to the record oi tho party, made
in 15CS, when rIr. Pendleton prouin!-
ated his dogma that the 5-20 bonds
were payable in greenbacks and made
it a political issue. The friends of the
gold-paylug idea reply, that whatever
may have been tho facts in rofercuco
to tho payment of thu bonds in 1808
whatever may have been the contract
then tho bonds are now payable in
coiu, and to pay them iu money
lens valuable would bo repudiation. To
give force to this position thu lollow-
ing law is referred to, passed by a two-
thirds vote of congress, nnd iu force
Mnreli 18, ISO'j;
lit it etuuUil, etc That in ordur to re
1110TM Buy doutu k in tho purpoiu of thu
liovurumont to ductal l-u mi lu.: oblim-
Hunt to tbo public areditora, and t J luulo
ootilllctlni; (imjttions and inlnrrirotat ons
01 in jaw by virtue ol which tuch O'din
imn hT,t buun controtwl. it ! linnnnr
statks, except In cmi-i wheru th 1w
kuihurixint; tho i.ue of nny luch oblit;
tion h HXpruMly provided thst lb itme
rony be pmd in Uwful rnormy.or otb"r
urrncv thn oJd nd ilver Hut none
t m4 ibtfrii b-nrlnt; obligations not
lrndy du ibtll b reOetod or pid Ui
'oro mturity unlu it tuch time L'nitbd
Sutci nut hi bll bom-iviTtible into ooii
t tbo oplb n of tk h'.IdHr, or urjlt-ti nt
uch timu bonds if tbo Uintod Stti btlr.
me lo-r rsiti of intr8U thn th tam't
to l-j mlm-mod cii bj nd nt pr in ciiri
,nrt ids unnci ftutei Mio 10 b-rnn t
plwlet-4 ita fultb to tnakH iirovlnon t tL
nrliatt prcticb!i prirml fur th rcdernp.
tlun of thu L'nitei .St&'.oi z:u'.tt In coin.'.
The advocates ot tho Fhinplaiter fal
lacy deny to this law any force. They
say the original contract coutrols and
that the law of 1809 had no effect to
change that contract. It is replied,
that the law above ijunted did chango
the contract, for tho reauju that it was
a modification of u contract proposed
by one of the parties to tho contract,
the United States, to the other party'
the bondholders, admitting the con.i
struction of the coutract insisted upon
by tho bondholder that innocent
partios liavo takon the bonds sinoo
1SG9 when the eolemn plcdgo made in
the act of congress above set forth
and was mado public, that to pay such
parties in lets valuable money than
ooin would bo an act of repudiation.
lu n recent speech, made at Colum
bus, Ohio, Mr. George II. Pendleton
discussed tho financial question, and
anions other thitiiM said, referring to
tho act of congress abo;o quoted: "Jt
it the law nnd tr? mutt nb'y it. The
must comply with thorn."
This is an honest expression of
opinion by nn houost man tho father
of the rrrecuback theory. It is in
striking contrast with tho weal: out
giviugs of men like "Old Dick" Hich
ardsoti and lien. Singleton, and should
effectually silenco them. It proves that
tho Democrats of Ohio stand shouldur
to shoulder with the Opposition party
ol Illinois in domandiug the honest
payment of the uaiinnal debt.
VSCO VK It I'.l) CO It K V VVl O.V.
Ymssx, III, ilcptimber II, 1871.
Tho pooplu of Jnbntoii county nro ex
cite!, tiomu iiro Jubilnut, 1111119 ro indii;
nsnt, nn.l otnu nro cn;Hfltn but all ro
Willi tho oxct'ptlon of Macoupin, prob
itbly no county in tho stto hss been rub
jectsd to tuch hi(li linnded robbory and
wholesale 'gougin' r.s Johnson. Ssvcn
j ears ago, ton tboiidiuil dnlUrs f amended
tbo i-ntlro indebtudnces of Iho county,
nd t&xts woro but nominal. To-dny its
indebtodnuis Is nearly two hundred thou
sand dollars, and taxes are exurbltunt. A
part of thnl indubtudnnii lir.s Won bon
citly contrHcted, but tho prest bulk of it
has been lorcul upon tho poople fraudu
lently and In total disiugmiof their right!
and prntett. A 'ring,' compoaed of tbo
loaders of the republican party In this
county iv 'ring' ns unscrupulous and
thliivlth ns tho Mi'-oupln county ring has
duno .ho job. Tho county, being lurgely
Uppubllciin, theo ring fellows hiivo, with
n occrnlonal exception, controlled nvory
olllco in tho county ever linco tho cloif of
tho war. Prowling around our couuty
courts like hungry wolvos, they have mo-
ccodod in pushing through orary scheme
they liavu attoruptd, bowuver nefarious
it rnlcht be. A murmur of discontent bus
been board among tho farmers of tho
county for somn months, and n few weeks
ago it broko out In a do 111 a ml for an itivn
tigitlon into the Unsocial coccorns of tho
county. The bonrd of supervisors op
pointed a committio for that purpose, r.nd,
notwithstanding ovary possible obstt-plo
has buon thrown In their way, tby bsvo
pnriucil tho investigation with ignr, de
irmination unit (T,ict. Thpy haro com
pleted their vrorii, and a morn abominable
phiiTCinK has toldcm boen inadu ni;aint an
olDcer of trust than ai;ainit thoii ctlWri
who bavo bon ths tool ot this villainous
republican ring. Contracts lotutoihor
bitant prices county orders iiiued two,
threw, and in soma initancos four times
covoring tho samo claim (iheritl's delin
quent ono to tho ln-igniQcsnt amount of
13,000 help to mako up tho iniquitous
record. This invvsthration has cruakd
the noiotr of tho ring. It has completely
'knocked tho scales from tho eyes of
llioso mon w ho havo blindly adbored to
tbo policy of tho republican party, and
votd fur the candidates of tbo ring in
this county maroly becauio thny wero Ko
publicans. Tho rine; ba carried its last
oleclion. Its present candidate for ehoritl
who wsi oluctud to that otucs two ytars
a'4o by n majority of "no thousand over
thu Dumocratic candidate, will bo do
fvated this f til by an overwhelming major
Ity. Our county has bion under town
hip organizstlon f.ir noirly two years
now thing and not easily understood, our
p.opls soon booauiK diisatiilluj with it.
Unablo to control tho b jard of supervis
ors (tnno in number) as tbfy bad the
county court, thu rir;g fullows became
uiMt bitturly oppod to it. mliu j-ffort
ban bosn sparod to prejudice thu mlndi ol
ih pooplu aait.nt it, and It was generally
bellovud It would bo vntod down this fail.
by a laro tnsj irity. Hut thu invfiiiga
lion Lhi wrought a couplet1) change in the
fentiinont of the poople. They ss in the
prssent s;etem tho only siF. guard ngaint
tho outraf.oous corruption und plundering
that has so Involved our county and In
crssssd taxation. ifATlIA.v,
Kxcuhsion Tickets. On ami after
September 'JUtb excursion tickets to
Louisville and Cincinnati, will bo sold
by tho Cairo and Yincennes railroad,
adeanecd to tbo following rales, good tu
October 3rd : To I.otiirvtlle and return,
tU.ir, ; to Cin:lunati end return, ?1C 85.
Tim ubovu inoUidot a ticket into tho i-x-puiition
ball. Ticket for lain at tbo
general oflicu add at the Anchor lAnti
olQce, 71 Ohio loveo.
Joe i'.uNEKKitli now in lull control of
the Washington hakory, and having
loarne-i the wants of the public, is pre
psrtxl to mpply on call all demands for
French loaf, Iloiton, llrown and Graham
biead, and everything rlro ordinarily
found In a 8rt.clan bakery. Ho main
tains a full stock nf confeRlloneri. , and
can, ns wen as any other doaler m the
city, fill all orders iu that line.
(,'okai baked, frosted or ormimentcd on
hurt notlee. (special attention given to
tho orders of weddinp; or pianie iartlcr.
Lumiiek .Still Ooinu Dow;.-. As wo
aro determlnoi to rloso out our stock
speedily, preparatory to winding up bus-
ui'tii, wo win feii mi kinds of lumber at
two dollars per thousand loss than mar.
ket prist. A larga lot of lath and stove
wi'jd in hand, wh, will V sold at eor-
rcspendingly luw ratn.
"Wall i: Ent.
ilis Great Speech at Columbus,
Ho Buiiovos Gold ami Sil
ver tho Best Hasis of
Our Currency.
Ami will Pay the Fivo Twenty
Bonds in Gold.
At the DsmocraVie ruSlfkatlon meeting
In l.'olumt'j, Ohio, on tL nihl of llm
loih init., llun. Ooorne II. i'eadlalon,
tnili no olabornto fpfecli. Jn tho ml.
Jsct uf thu tiatunal Qiuncrf, he (poke as
lolluwi ;
hinkiiii: for insself. uetitltmen and I
buii .vo In tLii 1 tuny pak for tho demo-
cratlc iirty wbllH I
A1)4XKIC to the
oLI nairooiiATIO imn iif,rn 'riiA-r ooi.o
A.vn eil.VF.11 coi.v m thk near iiabis of
oOK cliimKNCV, in tnnl eno I am k liard
i,w,...y in. 11. I would never imu a.,
parted Irom it I would liku to ritiirn to
it. I was in congress when the leal-t-n-dor
net pafted. I voted against it; I
spoko against it. I bulieved It was wrciig
lu principle, ami injurious in policy. 1
tototold lutlitlun, inn tacriuro 01 creail-
r. onormou" prices, enormous indbtol-
nes, tho buyday of llmh times, tho ear
nival nf speculation aud corruption. I
foretold that a day would come when
those steps wnuld bo returned, und tho
people would bo dragced over rough ways
and mlrlog omcksanJi, through anguish
and dlslroH, through poverty and bank
ruptcy, bsjk to tho starting point, and I
foretold them that tho return would b",
must bo, slow and painful, and tho most
cautious and patient .tatusmaniblp would
scarcely lulllco to cotiduiit it without tho
ruin of onu goncrafon ami tho painstak
ing economy and constant labor of an
other, lly prophecies wore declared uis
loyal; tho ropuli-an party ruhod head-
onc to tiaper nvmiiv ana liuution. tun
timu has come which 1 predicted and now
thoy desire to ruth headlong to specie
payment and contraction.
Iho gentlemen, you cannot violate mo
aws of health and bo healthful. Y01
cannot plunge into tilth and be cloun
1 ou cannot avoiu tno conuquences o:
your follio and your crime
I'lie trateH nf bell aro onon ninht and da.
rtmnotli the decent und enty i the wn .
Hut too return and view tne cuerriui -aie.,
lnthlttliet.uk, tho mighty labor tie. '
. too, desire specie payments. I Aai
ncter abatulontd the hope and dctrrmina
tivn. lu ltOi and 1BU3 I kept this point
uudiiy in view. I never advocated thu
isiue ul additlunaigreonoaikci lor ir.o pur
pose of paying tho five-twenty bonds. I
n.v.r aavocaUd the Issued of greanbacks
la unlimited amounts, or large amount,
lor any purpusu. 1 scorned tne Imputa
tion ot repudiation. I roteut thu impli
cation ot broken laitn. J. stood upon tno
letter and spirit ul thu law. I learned
early that ' ho wbo awearelh to bis own
hurt, ana cnangetn cot, snau never vt
moved." I buliuvo this maxim applied to
uutiona ud well aa Individual. 1 buvo
aoubt to apply it in publio as well as in
private nie. 1 sniifni a w""
wbllo it wat keenly sensitive to national
duly and lunar, should also Htt the bur-
dons irom innusiry, aim mu .'jueriues
from labor. 1 was nut responsible lcr
broxea laita to tbo creditor , 1 will not bo
rejpun.ulo I jr broken faith to tho debtor.
1 did uot ruah with wild, unnecessary
peoJ to pipvr money ; 1 wi.l not ru.li
with mad apeod to ipucio rssumptlon. 1
pointed out that legsl-te&dsr notes woro
payable at no fixed place and no fixed
tune, and 1 was to'.d that was wiso ind
atatosnianliko ; for they would always pay
Joiiti aud taxes. I believe that a return
to ptcie paymonts ehuuld be tho aim of
our legislation and our actioa, and the
true statesmanship will sck to attain It at
tucb timu and by au h means as will in
flict the least injury on nil tho Industrial
interest involved. Tho condition of tho
country is entirely oiceptional. Tb lame
phunomunu have Appeared oUowhere, but
thev have never been todevoiopoJ. The
war became inevitably of inimouio mag
nitude. Tbu expenses wero enormous;
tbo armies ucra largn; uiatancci wore
great, tho rystem of jmrcbuiing, kooplng
and distributing supplies, and ot keeping
auoounts, was dofectivu Mr. Chas' call
for tho immudlato psymect of fifty
milliona in gold sabK.rib.xl by tbo tanks,
parulyud them The socrotarj recom
iiienuud, the adnurns'.raii.in urgod. and
congress adopted iho logal-tendor nolo
ysiein. Four hundred millions wero
iued. Cunds were iitued and sold at
par in legal-lender note", but at 3D, 40,
and even Ml per cent, discount in eold.
Tbe national bank system was devised to
mako & market lor these bonds, and three
hundred and sixty millions of bank paper
wero isued. btate backs wuro taud out
of ex'rtenco on thu ono hand, and wore
ntl'erud ovory inluoeaient to become na
tional banks on the othr hand. The cur
rency was increased 700,000,000. Iu ad-
'iiuon to tiiose two sources of Increase,
th woro also b per cent, notes, 7 30
ii"tn, fractional currency and certificates
of loan, which for a time, worn In common
clrcutaii'in. Tho tffeit was magical Tho
ipqrimci) or ', land u rinoali.d.
With had ol tho country possessed by
confederates, with largely rnoro than a
million of ir,'-n in thu north converted
fr mi produiura to consumers, with taxes
tounhi'.g six huudrod millions annually,
with the expenditures for a long time
n, to than two millions of dollars each
d-, work wm plenty, lator was rewarded,
energy and enterprise were developed,
public and private works wer carried for
ward, for'.jnoi wero amas"-d, and a wall
being beyon 1 what wn bad ever seen be
foM was er.j .jid in every condition of
ll. The (.jr.-tjnny still continued depre
ciated. 'I5ut it rose and fell, not always
scco'ding t U.e quantity, but accordlrg
to the fate rf the battles. In the mean
time the bi.rided debt of the Uniiod
Htates rr.re to upward of twsnty-flvo hun
dred millidi.s tbu floating debt roso to
twdlvo or fourteen millions, and private
indebtedness reached a fabulous amount
TLo war came suldenly to un end.
K-ur mills n of slaves wars Instantly
b-obgut to tbo condition ol solf.depon.'ent
ro p e. and earned snd noodol money
f Jdc million f soldiers were returned
from tbo condition of consurnnri to the
various avocations of Wo, and they, too,
sarned and needed money, Tbo msrknts
furnished by the demands of the govern,
mint were closnd. Now market had to
be fipsn!. Other market for their com
mndltini had tn bo aubstituted. Uther In.
dustrles bad to bo developed. The r
f ih war. t he diiHri)ancos or tno
system of lalor bad resulted in the desola
t on ot tho south. Houses, barns, fences,
mills had been d slroyed ; hogs, cattle
hnrn. wagons, liarnss, Dgriciilliiral
imnlnrnanta were irreatly diminished
Tin whole country wss now thrown open
In this condition, " "0 "PP'l,,'i ny a cur
rency which tad heretofore been confined
to the north, Theio conditions of them-
selvts nnnratnd i contraction. Artltloial
contraction, actual contractlou, ly calling
in tho currency, w&s adopted as tho policy
tf tho republican party, and has been 001.-
unucil raoro or less nctiveiy ever since.
Tho elTset was Instantly visible, Industry
and ontfrprlso wero crif plod ; prices fell ;
debts contracted on au expanding cur
rency pnd rising pre es wero pnu wiiiie
prb n wero les nnd still falling, ar.fi their
payment crippled ell men rnaged in nil
Ivo business, and in ovory case, tr-m bed
on tho sccumulations of former years.
In oieht vcars tho pavment of thu lloatlng
dobt. which had served tho purposes of
currency and tbo expulsion of bank paps-r
and coin, amounted to t.oariy i,uuu,ujs,
000. While this contraction bis been
going on, the administration claims to
have raid S540.000.oot) of thn principal
ot the debt, $1,100,000,000 of ltilort In
gold in all ft.OI j.Odo.ooo or a sum equal
almost to the entire weallli ol thu people
of tho Unlted Statts In 1810
Thcso enormous iuiiu for the payment
of the indebtedness of tho federal govern
ment liavu been, drawn front tb accumu
lated capital Mid tbo gains of Industry.
Labor, the .utee of all wealth, has borno
this burden Th'. bonus and sinew and
Wood of men ar.d w. tnon lrvn coinid
those sums, and all the while their WafS
have b an decreasing, it Is safe tony
that Hlnuo tho panic ot last Svpletiib. r
thero has Leen a stagnation of buiies of
every kind beyond all precedent; that
the people, thu" merchants, the inatiofi!.
turors, farmers, laborers, men and women,
boy and girls, from th inilliot.auo to tl 0
a wing. girl, uu"erol us they never m.llnrid
bewire, anJ tnat bii.tmuH ami pirenis
have, in the large cities, sought voluntary
doith rathor than to sou trrr.tten in the
nye ef their wive and chiMreti. It is
entirely s'o to -y thht it was easier to
pay six hundred million' of taxes in IS i'i
than thru-1 hundred miliums tl.l )r;
easier tf pay tho high price of that var
than tho low titi;ej nt this year. It li
entirely safe to nay that families which
were opulent then.'familie winch were
comfortalilu then, now are rn.lut.ud to thu j
utmost want, and, lu terror ar.d tuarno,
lead wretthi-d lives In ttelr ondeavr to
conceal tboir poverty-stricken londili'n
In lr"5. tho price of corn was $1 Co per
bushel ; tho prleo of wheat was J2 per
bushel. Iu lT.j tho price of corn wss
To cents a bushel, tb price of snnat $t.t.'5
a bushel. Thn bond remain tho same.
The private debt remains tl." came. Hut
it rtquirx. now eighty b ih"l of beat l
puv bond or 110:0 of HOO, wbl.o U re.
quir.id , rnly forty bushols to pay it in
hfi5,,(ILji s buthe of wheat require
It now' l.fcb"r is cLapened, capital I'
made moro valuable, and het.ee this dis- ,
ow, why is this? hat prompts n
policy which thus results 'f To return im
mediately .0 ipjcw payuielits. la.lLa
end worthy the I'scrlCou 1 Aie ItumeBi
ate upecie paym-mls wor.fcy tHi sutlering,
thl ruin, this stugnatMn of bunn t; this
depression of price, this cppr-noa of
labor .' Aro tney worthy tbu tears of
hungry crnidren.'tbo'xroansof despairing
parents, tne agony of bankrupts, the
lutseg of dobtcr. .' Specie payments ' Aro
thev inn chief end 01 mm, the perfection
of society, the ultimate point for which
all life is to be tacrlliced, and tbo whole
generation to b ruined ' Hood they are.
Desired I nave saij trie; are, tut they can
bo too deariy bought.
Tbo country was brought, not by design
but by tbu logic of this legislation to the
condition of lso'i, and tiue statesmanship
consisted then, as always, not in applying
poculatlvo theory and rigid rule, but in
mm: expedients. Th4 public dobt of the
country was to be paid. Thu privato in
debtedness to bo provided fur. The irn
mnnna acquisition to thu elt dependent
DOPUlallon WSI W 1,. 4,ntln,rl. llll'lU.
to etlei t tbse ends, energy nee-Jed to li
stimulated, industry noelod to be awarded
production should hav been noourged
to lh.0 last degree, and markets for the
sale of products shou'.d have b"en kept
itctivu in order to atimulstu other prolui
tior.s and other markets Clearly this
could ti"t havo been aocomplished by con
traction. Tho wise plan, ollijiunt, ) nt and honest
was to keo.i tbo volume oi the currency
a it stood during tho war Industry, en
ergy and onturprite would not bavo been
cramped; btisinets would have continued
active and profits wculd bavu been rc.l
i'id ; the taxes would have been pid,und
debts wculd havu boen difchargnd t the
same rato at which they wrj ontrai ted.
Tin would have been just to tho laborer,
just to the merchant, just to the poblu
creditor, just to tho private creditor und
ubovo all just to tho dahtor. In thu mean
time tho public debt.dlscharged as rapldly
a maturud, would by this time, have been
largely paid olf, and tho ten oar of -
tivo and productive induitry woild Lavo
10 increased our capital, so increao4 our
exports, that thu currency would
bavo approached thn valuu of gold and
thus specie payments would in due time
nave boen nnturally, easily am salelv
reached. At all events, with our debi
discharged wo could have better burriutliu
shock, und thi misery wou'd have been
Learning nothing by thi 01porior.ee,
the repubtican parly proposes to continue
tho present contraction, to pay speeio for
gruobaek, and to buy thu spucio with
gold-bearing Interest bonds, to cancel the
greenoaeks, t repeal tho legal. ten 1T
clause, and to mako national banking
free That is, in ono word, to harass the
people, to enrich tho cap'lalist, to ruin
the debtor, t disable tho prlvr.te creditor,
to paralyse industry, und stimulate the
profits of money-lending an-J stock
jobbing. And, as If in solemn mockery
of every profession as to tbo necessity of
specie pumenii, Dinning 13 tn lit) Iron ori
a basis of bonds, and without the equality
of legal-tender notfi.
The scbemo Is vicious in every piint
SO nnj4 . .. u Uutu rp... ..nrrencv let It
be logal-tonder greenbacks the cheapest
anil -best paper uurroncy iu the world.
Let it bo 3 abundant a experienio dic
tates to be necessary "When tho Ir.dustrv
and woalth ot tho country shall bnniifl
ilently dovelope-1, they wl'l he at pur with
gold, and then specie payment will be re.
siimed In thu meantime trade will nour
ish; work will be a'mndant; debt, pri
vate and public will bo paid; interest
will be saved, and tho great w.int of thi
new country perhaps ol every country
low Interost will le supplied, Accumu
lated oupital, i know, pr'xiui e low inter,
est. So doe abundant currency. At nil
event, abundant currency, aclivaly em
ployed, is the real parents of accumulated
Hut tho republican party would have
norm of this policy. Kedtico tbo revenue,
lund tho dobt, reduro tho interest, ha
been their constant ollort. Thn (5-20
bond wero originally payable in grr en
back. The argument is too plain for repn
1 1 It on . Mr Hherman denounced all viu
thought nlburwlm ns repudiators. ()i th
limb ot March, 1H08. be wr'tn this letter
to lion. A. Mann, of llrn..kln:
UtflTKtl HrATK Sknatb Ciiamiixii.
WAfllmo.v, Alsrch 0. IPCS -Dkaii
Sir ; 1 was pleased to receivn your Intter .
My 'jorsonid intererta are thn tamo as
yours, bat, like ynn, do not intend to be
Influenced by thorn. .My construction oC
the law Is tho result nf careful tximlna
tion, and I fsel quite suie an Impartial
court would con linn It, If the tan could
be trlod before a court. I send yon my
views as fully tatei In a speech. Vour
idea Is that wo propose to repudiate or
vlolato a promise wbon wn oiler to redeem
thu principal In bn-al-'endnr-.
I think tbebondholer violates his prom
ise when he refutes to take the same kind
mm m
Jolibi-r; 3r
Cliemicals, Pal out MYtlioines, I't't'fuitK'rv, boaps, 1'nisliort,
Toilctt Avtiflcs. Drupgist's Fancy CJoods, ('ullicr AN'hitu
Load and Otlier fJradef, Taints, "Culord, Oils, .'arniHlici,
Window C;ia., Wax l-'luwer Alatcrial, Trbe Colors, JJyo
Stull's, Jtc, Ktt-., Ktc.
We Solicit correnpondeiice and order fmm DmtrlsU, Tby.rln and tletu r J tore
In want oi Hood-In our Line steamboat, I'lantatloo and family Medicine ea-e lurii.
ished (irltelllled with Itellable Urugi at ltea-omible lUltn
71 Ohio Levee. Wn-Iilnglon Ave. ror. Klgfith St.
of inoiiey be paid lor ibel.r it 1, 1
esse i' !. 1. Hmi by the law, 1 asss tti.:
if it it to be t-ill by J tj (' au datr.
t1sWts I urn wrung". I bale r ptMtatior,
or anvttirjg like it. but we ougtl not 10
be joierrei from doing wh.t i) neb; by
ler cf undoervad epitbet!. If, under the
law ef il s'.aLd, the holder if I lie Ave
twenties can only be paid 10 tfuld. then
we are repudistors ll se aUroiipi to pv
otherwise. If theUndb.dr c.n l -gaily
demand only t. e kind of inoa. y he paid,
tlicn he it a repudialor and nzturtiisder to
demand money more vriued than Leg vw.
Truly yours, John bHtuHAM.
'To tion. A. Mini',.lr, Hrooklyo Height
And jet, on tne leiti of .SUi.n, 1 he,
wnb hi republican colleagues in tott
Louies ot coiu-ren, patted .be law pledg
lug the taltli ot this Latiun that ICeae
bund iLou.d bo paid in win. In my
Judgment, a o,oru ui.ju.t, uanecctiary,
ULJuslUablu ia Was never pstmj. It
wa u wanton, prorl gill waate ol public
mono). W uuouv co..i Uranoo, it addod
largely to the public OeOl, vubout cob
sideraiion, it coiiiroiod to pay wbouver
nould hold It twol'iy to forty per cent,
more than the face oi tho Cnoil clled tor.
1 Lu ui.j-iit ttewarj rtdu.-ed toe i..deLtd
ne,i 10 thu L.rd. 1 au t.ewardt, mere
unjustly, hero loirenacd the ibdel.Uduusa
of the Lord, and lor this 11110 reaaou
that "when 1 am put ot ihe aiiwrdahip
tney may n-cuvr mu into ttieii Louie."
llL'l, EVEl.I IU.Ll.?s, JT la TUX LAW
AMI WL 1. Lrl ollBV JT. lllKTSthV: l.f
COS1UA1.I AMI 'Sf Mli.l LUMJ'LX Willi
THRU. l'he bonds hVe USM'gud La!.o
und tbu pruteiu bolder ir in...' eni the
bonds have bj-n illiid oj uti tai.n ol
lOatlaWand wo must aua'.ntri our cju
iry a plcibu t laub Wti nti.. r r. p,l.a
tion i wu rej iau to brual t'. c ...ir 1
t obey the law, Isr wbeu wu tli.. atlu.n
power we ii.Ui.o to onlorou tno law
fly reducing tne currency, oy patsing
ihls law of IbVJ, by lui.Uii.g li.e Oeoi,
tno republican nariybaa u.alo thu sut
uud buai policy for ever tmpractieablu.
and thu Lull b.atjiolioy 1. by every iuuu
10 a.iuiuin'.e uvery proluctiVu ulier;y ot
our people up to the highrat probmi u
point, tn. wu may, solar l i. yoi pi ..'bit,
relrievu tbu or run of the P', and Lope
.uiiy rrpalr tbu lonos and tutlcringt wo
huvu ruftulrud.
Mr. daarmnn any that il the democrats
obtain power they wnl attuTmu thu lou
tudoral debt or reiuunuraiu thu conlud
eratiis for tbeir lo.u in tne wur. Ibu is
the wilful bl.lidnerj ot bu.otlwl prijudicu
or tlie vaiu cry of imbecile despair.
'1 n,-re aro oilier ijueiii.i.s which I
rhoutd Uku to diiLUar, l,ol 1 l,a;c .un
luuiuj muuli i.uie, uiid oitiura win l.uow
me. We hear dully of murder aud out
ragea and vio.niicu iu aomu uf tnu n uthern
lalei, and ihu repubu. ana uru evui ready
to attribute them ml lo in siolly to lb ne
gro nnd tbu duiermuia.iun to deprive him
ot puiiucal ngtit. I don't know bow mucn
iruth thero may be in tne reports X know
thero la gruut eiagurtiunit to the cnuat).
It my voice could be huard In ihote Butter,
and if 1 might vunluru to eptal: on this
subject, I would nay to my feiloiv-ulUKens
thero: "Hear and forbear. Treat tbo
utt, in, jttW treat bun; treat the
wbuo man . .do Uw trieitj boo , n .pcc.
tnu rights of all; enfuruc ,,i
all ; maintain the supremacy of the Ian ,
puhi.lt lw!e(i.u by lliu la, l'rivuio
vengeance I not lawful. An ledigliiint
outburst of wounded aensibtllt or of u
k-jen tentu of public wrong, i not luwiul
puniahment. .Maintain iu law. Lit it
be tbo ahtold of tbo innoeVht end the ter
ror of tho crlinlnul. Let pulsion un s;ov.
erne I by reason. Let tardy juaiiiu be
sweeter tlian rutripu'lve w roiiu-doina;
Lei social order and exact Justice prevail.
Tno excuse wi.l then bu tak.n away Irom
military, power, and, In the sell-govern-niunt
f tho commiiniiy, virtuo nn?. in
t'llllgiinco will, in tno end, finely com
mand control "
hKS(JJO.N of .Studies In Ihq
Will begin on
For 1'rospectus, giving terms, Ihstruc
lnns to parents, ,tVo.,aA'., apply tu .nr
m:v. o. zba'lakd; . ,i ,
. Louis i;iiiveraity, .St. L -i , At-.
i ! SSI) ft
1 Rrtailcrs of
Bristol & Stilwell
Family Grocers,
i Itsjt-p ortry thlop jvertainiiig l o
j lino of Sfapl and Kancv i.rc-ents,
. Woodenware, A'egetalles.'rr i A
CJi'dce Dried Hoc,
Jircalcjitsi Bacon,
7'Vnt? Pears and Vcarhra for
Canning Purposes.
No 32 EIGHTH St.
Tikes great (ilrnsnre In nnnouii'lp.7 t
t iey nro i nw piepircd t aiijiply lybody
I with lake iccofiho vory lirtt ipiullty. 1'lier
at their hMism-nrnt thn tore. orders
1 slloilUi li lull ut, thu oilier, N i. tV iliio
, Levee., o'Wi lJ-lm
1 1 jrrnA,

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