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The Cairo bulletin. (Cairo, Ill.) 1872-1878, September 17, 1874, Image 4

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Ha wyn on hand a fresh 'tipply or Ni-roiH
S Lauding 0. lt cx.r.cud at all
or Ttic
Will he bald at
Ha't'road running through Charleston will
. .. m-era ruund trip f o-ie nud one-
1 r
Tra w.:i leive Calr a fol ow.:
FiTy-bort will lv; " J're
S !:m . . .... i f KiM n. 111.
IT l''l iea- "iii -zr -,llnl .1,0111
for toe ccuinuiod:iil';n id '-v-"r- .
dtJ J. H. lit THINE. Sec y.
lor the new-st and latost-e ling book out.
11 F It. tloodrle.li ("fon ol Peter Parley")
Krinirkatle voyage, KhtpwreiU, ndveti
tu r, explorations id acir, limtttilc-
h.i-nl . .ml. I. ulitl ill., h' ItrV ,tf llU klllll
ol mv 1 tir .irr-fc The roiiianre ol "old
f. .. in ." n i,l liirt lli'rinit of lhlDL" ol lilt r
eft an l va 110 Over iiOO 11 utrallOTis and
crv low iirlcod Send fur circular and
tnjit Icnerai termi to niri'iit, to
bt. I.ouU or CIiIcaro.
ia s effect uul a rcmcdu
thr nn.uj,re In the tame rt v, ntule It ufftrf
8nl for itctcfitmsn raUtabl and much chtarrr.
vf I'tiyilrlnnt from an (trwlth Tr$limnntaU
T?-fcini.ie ! jm -ir.'He country,
rrcjnl lij Itll.l.l.NU.M. i'LAl'l,l.i.u.,aiiiB
tcrliiK C'hemlli, lloit.a.
tn.vWl'OUDSVIM.L', IN'I).
Full term tiFglu ept. 1), 1-7 1. lt clalcal.
Iciitilie, pr.'i aratory 'intl lJo'lNli roiiM,'
ar ext n-lte nnd llionititi. 1 lie l'uc.ilt)
b ve enlarged llio niiinhcr ol (111 lew In the
'lireparat'iry deinriini'i.t o ti t yoiintr men
In my term liny r reive iDetriii'liuii Al
nclna (icciiM . rlnnnoniciry Siirvpylrjr,
(.ImiiI-Iij (i rmar. Itook hecping" ainl
otli.r Mudii'i u- mlv t.iimbt In tli- bc-i
acaUcinio'. Kor Inrtlicr liilnnn-tl 11 n nil
for calalofues to the reMent or treuurcr.
r'itnlu, t an aK nc Tir tli revvptlon of al
v rt - m nt lr Aim r.cu Ntwuii.-r
1 lie 111 ,-t OIU)l tr I uli 1-lilUHU ul the kill'
t tu wur.il. six iliou-and iit'Wmi)ur- are
Li lit r gdlarly o file, open to 1 kvuciIi l,j
cmiomer-. Erry Al i;uii-k.mi:.m i-l.iki ii
at lic home pilec of lh-pa vr, uuh.utHiiy
add tio al vliurrv or ' imrl 11. An an
icrl fcr. In loluc Willi llniMaiiey. l-.le(l
trou lo and o'r.;x ilfnvr, iu.il.lm- ..no
c n r.ict l"-tna 1 ol a dozen, a hiindrea or
hc-; nd. A l'io of eighty a(e. cun
alnjii; Utof liet pap-n-, largent eireti.v
lon. rc Tii.jtiH aurleuliiir.l, ida. polltl- al
ally and counir paper, and all publleH-on-whirli
are up. ei lly v iluahle to adver
aer vl h konn- infotination about irlet,
a 111 l'l!i:i: to uin addre-ion aiipilettl in
0 ons l a dlftmce wl-hln to niac ron
a or advert leg 111 any town, cltv,
o , Matt- or I rriiory ol the I'lille
'a or an) p rnon o the D mi nlon ol
'a da. ma nd a eonel-e htu'em.-nt 1,1
v.h 'hev w in, tli r w tli u ei.py c.
ttlC MlVKKIlNKMKNT llle . ir Ihherteil,
a 1 will receive Ittioi m tl. n by re urn 111 il
winch wil -naulr lliein to ilet'lil- whetiii r
to ln re-i-c or t"lue- the .rder. Kor iu h
1 1 1 i.a'lim ther 1 no c art'f. Onh ri ,ir.
taken 'or a iliiile pup r well n foi u ll-t ;
for a mi5lo do Ura- icaddt as lora larger
sum. Otllcoii (Tinier llu Idinif),
41 l'AKK KOW. N. T.
85 TO S2Q
l'rr Uav nt home.
Tera iree. A dri'K
J., Portia .d, Me.
Te rm, ,, AdvnriHuK re .iir.-rc lor Ne
p ft r in Mi, t.. .1 ILLINOIS! s, n.l lor
a ( 1 of paper- ui.d heOule of i;it . Ao.
ilr (j o V. ow l.l. .veil Adv.ni
Inir A euie, f V rk 11 w, N. Vork,
S77 .A. WP-EK
(j :arai. ei.l to m ,r k, ,1 i,,,, , hK,.,,
h.lr 1 i-iiltr. Cu.le NollllMi , ti 11
P.. ; il nitiee. P. (1. VI. KI.HY lul
Au;)i-ia, Me 8.2;.i,Vw-lw
I'O, 1.171
lit DUtrict, Kghert Jameson, CI
1 Jli.lrisl Win. .1 Unnban, C
31 Di.trlct, F H O. Winton, Ch
4th DIttriot, A. M HirriDgton.Ge'
f.lll 11,-lrint. Wm 'rli.hl Prn.
nth DUtrict, J. H. IlMkn, P.ock Ii
7lb DWuiet, Uuo W. Havens, Ot
8h DUtrlet, Wa.bini.ton K.
'.lib District unas 1' King, Poorh
1.I.L.1A ... II" .1.1...
.o . w.. r c, m u i, Htau, v,ar
llth DMtrlct. J. M lluib. Pitti-flol
lJth Di.tilnt v. I. m-ffIu H
13th Dmricl'. .lubn A Mallori
litn unmet. J tt. uuiby. Uhami
16tb lJ.str.cl. H. O. Kubic.cn. S
lflth District, O D Hoilos, Urwt
17tb District, W. U Krome, Kdri
18th District, W. II . Oreen, Cairo
Jl'lb District, Jiia P Khlnson,(
At Eirg, X. ft. Millar, Chicago.
At l.argo, It. v. Towimend, -ha
town '
At Ear,.., Wm. llrown, Jacksoi
.'ir. isrown was cloctcd chalrm
the committed!.
'The Allowing Central (Jomi'
vras at qy'b.
iJibo Domocrati
And Denier in
EitriTH Hthet.
Kee'm ItiiiT.! i.t n.r 11. .. ..
Lamb, LauB olo nd i??"'18 1 cttI-
ftWfptablo inaiur.
gj; he uUiitui,
mil tvctifa
Somebody to take from w a tbouunid bill
heads, good paper and finely rnntcd.lor
Sotrin t.
One thousand statementa printed at THE
Hullktin otnee tor g.w 10 -i w.
Itmr llrnit.
fine Hirm.tTv' note heads nrln'cd at Tnz
Bulletin oilko loril.Wi twotheusmdior
card., fine Bristol
board, trb ted at inn IJUllktin office tor
(rum y y.ti' iq w """j"
Greo.t Bargains !
The oalv orU'lnal and the only l.rind oftli it
nini", at ct per v.rd; HJl "l
I.OOll, 13 ctt MISLTIA -X.n cm;
U I. V. 1 IUJK. II! ci ier yarn, n u uvij
c .miieutl'iu at the- prlce. .,,.
L' WH L VCi tU UUOlU t Irlce In pro-
'' J'im"-.., I n nr I IVO Invoiro of
J109 tillAJX itititiusi, at-orted cour,
vhlcli I will tell at panic 1 r oil.
'o. 11 lar e u.-onm"nt of fall nnd winter
lll.AMCKTS ano OEKMAN QUI Ti. C.il
and ccc btioru pun lunt.g citvwnere.
Militia. A rulltla rcjlmontW btlng
arcamzeJ at Chlchgo. (jan't wo organizo
at lcatt ono militia company in Cairo?
The Weather. Yettor day was an
other bleak day. The lira in our sanctum
was very pleatant.
Dr. Jknellb. Can bo found at bis
dental pnrlorj on Eighth stroot at all
hours. Jleet of references glvon as to pro
fetiional ability.
The St. Cii.MiLr-j Hotel has n few
ory dulrabiu rooma Hill left, which will
ho let on cood terms to steady boarders
Tu .nikuuritni
Oysters In tbo tholl nud can, frosh ovury
snctu ana huvontn streoti, Cairo, III
-Max Kuuii.vk, tho orf;nn builder, is
ready at any time to tuno and repair
pianos and molodeons. You may safely
trurt your inttrumonts to his euro ; you
will not bu dicolvod
A nr.! veil Harry Walker' of tho De!
inontoo, ro:eived a caau of Ilaltlmuro
oysters, which will bo on saU to-day, at
reduced rates. Oiro him a call,
Police Couiit. John AborcomMo, ar
retted for ouing deml drunk. Ho was
found lyint; nrtund looio by Lalluo and
rtheehan. Ilross let him down easy two
dollars nnd costs ; total four nnd twenty
bvn cents.
I'akties desiring to havo thoir pianos
nd tnoiodo'iii ounod, ropaircd an
luuod, should trust them to M. It
JCuubne, corner Thirteenth nnd Walnut
-tresis. Ho is tbo mast competent man
in Cairo.
Koous to Kent. Mrs. Sluwatt, corner
of Poplar and Twelfth streets, near TllK
IIOllktin uClce, has several comfortable
rooms to rent, with board. Mrs. Stewart
pretds one i f the bet tables in Cairo,
t.d bor price nrn reaionabln.
PKOI'OIALl WANTED.-PropOSlls Will be
r 'ceivod until Widnexiay noxt, 'JilJ itist.,
'or tbo erection of u brick building at tbo
cori.or of Fourteenth street nnd Commer
cial avu. Plans and rpeciUcations on ux
iiinnatlon on tho premises.
a40.0-la.td P. PlTZOEllALD.
Tub Oouht HocaE Puuf. In tho
present condition of tho ground near the
driv"i well nt tho court bouse it is almost
iiiipustiblo for man or toast to get near
tne trough. A few loads of cinders
emptied into tbo bole, and ruts would be
an improvement appreciated by tho Urgu
nu nljur ol poplo wuu tako advantage of
lho benefits of tuia wull.
Uonv. Yesterday no wroto that sonm
of ibn oouiiull had bneti idected as ' Uod
and morality man ;" hut lho printer nmdu
'i. ey that fiomn of tho memtwra ore
eleoleJ hi I'good and moral men." Wo
hope all tte members aragio.I nnd
moral; but w know all nre not what is
nnpiird br the term
(Jod nd morality
N(1T ,,, , in.,..i n i
UBAU ET. .M r. Edward Dod
rwga, tbo man wno aeculnntly shot him
at iliu Uulmonico Hotel a fw dty,
..nee, w, up and on tho street yestord-y
'p.,.. ..... . 1, . .. . . . '
not Utal oall was
riJuos mouth. Tbn nir..pt at In l.i,
mare an, a badly swollen lac, and throat
11,11 lbo '"' ot living fur awhilo on
'Hoon victuals
AU.111ENT. Uurlng a game of hall
played by some of lho boys of the hinh
school yesterday, a ball thrown by ono ol
them struck u little i-irl inn T.r. i,i
Mr. Ilarnoy Smith's child. She laid in a
stupor lor some time, but Dr. Gordon,
who was callod In to teo her, gavu It as
nu opinion mat the Injury was not
'LICK CnuiiT - Tho cam of M
V.nnio llriKr. tih was arrested by Con.
s bl (Jladney, on complaint of Mrs.
Kate IJnooln, for willfully disturbing tho
peaca by using obiceno, prolanoand oflun
W langmge. This cato was llrst takun
to Bird, bill .1,,, rrquojtod a cbans-o i f
venue to JuJ nro( wbej wu, (;rMIllf()
The evldenoe w loo tllil) TJjw dt(fa)lJ.
nut was dichrKed. Mr,, Uwoa do-
cira nor intention to Uku
the circuit eourt.
tho ciso to
G'.aji 1IALL,-Thu Carroll tns, bal
club will givo n grand so
lal hop a1
Schools' hull, Tuesday evening, Heptom-
i!Olh. Tim boys proposa miking ibis
of tbo molt ploasanl affairs of tbo
Sanson. Tbo right kind of young men
tiro at tbo head of tbo nffnlr, nnd we hepo
tboir highest expectations may bo realized.
Tbo following ato tbo oommittte, of ar
rangements: Thomas elcb, lUlll&ni
Tootney, John Campbell, Ii. i. Oiiou.
Floor mannstrs U. W. Vox, M. P.
P. M. Lai.I.y, Captain of Nino.
Hece-lvod yosteidny by
They will bo old very low. Call and
Dun'l fall to call nnd eo thuso Hat con-
f irjillpra nt A Marx a iomo'.bing nw,
worthy 3t a vllt to tm.
Harry Walker is receiving oysters
every other day by uxptiMs, direct from
Harry has received tho agency from
ono of the Inrgem nystor houses in Haiti
inure, and will Kiurantuo orery can he
tV'lll ol-o ervo them up in tliu best
tyle, from tho beat cook in Cairo, thj
woll-kuoun Henry Myers.
Open dny unit night.
0-16 Hakut Walked
Personal. Mr. John K Uob?rt, ol
Vog Tooth llend; .lubn II. Purker, J. A
Parker, Ureun 11. Pnrker, of Uoosu island
pmcinot, aro slopping this wuok with Mr.
Martin, on Crota street.
-llohjabiiu Dexter, ol Hazlewood pr
clnct, and I.nvi Clutts, of Cluar Creek,
wilt he in tho city during tho week on
court business.
U. L. Morrill, of tbo Cairo and V in
connes railroad; V. II. Doicourt, of Gol
conda. and J. II. Wild, of New Orlrans
wcro registered at tho St. Charles yestor
Tb Carroll bam tall club, named In
nr Carroll, of tbo fifth ward, was
presented by that guntlomnn on Monday
uigui last with two beautiful silk flags
i Unnr ,. n ,1 t. I 1 .. . 1
( ' " " .m tunin-'j, with UB(iv
i pleasant ono all
lloTjiL AliutvALS. Planters' ilouso-
W J Ilayci, Hallux! county, Ky.j Harry
Wnlklns, Tennesson; W W Coflrty, Ash
ley: C A llarghabd, Oxford, Miss; .Mrs
I'oUoIand, A,hlr, Jl II Thomas, Mon
treat; U Mahan, St. J,'til.
Delmonlco HkIcI J 1 Allard
O E Allard, Paducib ; John Troy, Col,
den; J W Chevy, Vienna, III.; W
Hays, Ilallard county, Ivy. ; Wm Harvy
Wisconsin; H M-l.oeber, ilirkinan ; Hen
Stnllard, Fairlleld, Ky ; Thoma Hails,
W 15 Mathews, Centralia, AV II Hum
phreys, John It Klupp, Paris, Ky.; K M
Graves, Vir.conncs; K H Perkins, Paris,
Tnn; II T Sawyer, Henderson ; Wm E
Ilobiof on, New Orleans; .M Treiinger,
Mobilo; Jas Shelly. New YorK.
St. Charles Mrs 0 Waterbouse, Hel
ena, Ark; J S Lovelt, Now Orleans; Mr
0 T Tracy nud daughter, Now Orleans;
Mrs J W Eairfax and child, New Or
leans; 11 Kahnn, Paducab; L Powell, Let -tralia;
John Frey, Cobdon. H L Mormll,
Evansville; IS V Morroll, Evansville; S
H Wilson, Henderson; W' II Lacy, Evans
ville; J II Wild, New Orieani! D Clark,
Mobile; A II Ellinton, Jackson, Tenn; W
Dutauit, St Eouii. James K. Itay,
Now Orleans; Krvin Dugan,
staamor Eckert; P A Oalden and
lady, New Orleans; O W A Ilranlloy, M
Louis; John W'ilkss and wifti, Tennessee;
J U Iluswell, Mayllold, Ky; W II Ilos
coiir. and Miss Kannla Field, Volconda,
111; J U Andrews, Atlanta.
Monet Dost, Mixejj Case Mr.
William llllng.tvorth, a roaidnnt of
Uolconda, arrived in the city late Friday,
per steamer Cook, and took quarters at
th Southern hoiid, mi the Eevco. H11 was
1,'iven a sincle ted in a room with two
others Hafore retiring hn placd his
pocket-book, c mtiuning thren lite", one
tun dullur cute, and a check fur ninel
dollars on the Slate Savings liauk
or Chliagii undr his fillow.
lie forgot all t -ul the money until after
ha bai' had breakfast. Cp.m going to
tbo room to look fvr his greenbacks,
-hay er mi-smg Pan nun, instead ol
going at once to Hi 1, puio, thought that
ho was compliant to work up tbn cise
hunsulf Ab ut two ,'e ock, a tho young
men wno had roomed with him tbo night
beloro worn eiiluring th bus that runs 111
connection with tho w'airo, Arkarxasund
S lutliwrn railri ad, ho went after a police
man, and met i.&hue and TA ooten, who
sarchd the men, but could flud notbiiic
on luum. jir. u omen searched the bai'
.1 II - ... o
gage of one of the men, but had not time
to go through ttat of tho other. As the
boat was about shoving out for lao Mis-
sourl shore, tho police proposed to ..o on
the boat and ransack tbo tagg.g, of th
oilier, provided Mr. lllingsworth would
pay thu necessary ferry uxpensm. This
ha refused to do. It lookod to us as If tho
man was not overly anxious to find lho
money ana trlng the cuutv n,nL. .
I.tri.. tL. t .
m.ii.a mo auove, we hail a talk with tho
pontinman, anil bn thinks that tho mn
were innocent, and that soma ono, who,-
name bo would not disclose, was the guilty
The baroer enop is on .no cornor
Eighth street and Commercial avnn.m
whore J. George Btienhouiu with tl.
Unmanly assistants can to found nt any
nouroi tho day or night, ready to sooth
your leolinKs with a smooth shave, or r.m.i
your temper and head with n good almlI1.
poo. It is a Krst-clas. hop, and you nr
suro of reciuvinL. firt.i,i. .........
Eadloa' nud children's hair cut or curled
ertho most approvcdelv ,
Reported for TllK ltui.LF.TI.'.
Dokoola. Sent. 10. Kiro U a rare oc-
currenco In our little Tillage, but wo bad
ono last Tuesday night Widow Flsbor'a
residence, on tb outskirts or town, near
tbo sacllon-bouse, was burnJ down, and pled
tho greater part of tho houicbold eooJs I anil
were lest. Tho homo was occupied py
Mrs. Plshor, bar daughter, and son-lu-law, jDg
Johu DAvatt. It Is suppose iuai ma
Oro caught in tho early part ol the oven-
lug irom ido wucuen so,..p, two
mouldarod in an obscuro place till tho
f.imily bad retired far the nigut. uen on
llr.t discovered It was blar-ng out thrcuglt
tbo roof.
Tho wife of Mr. Alexander "W'alkor by
died very suddenly during lho tiro, ot
nervous prostration, Induced by tbo ex-
citement, although the fire was distant n I
niintter ol mllfl. She bad been In
poor health for some time, but walkeil
. ... i
out of doors with her husband to view tbo I
Are, and when ho saw it sbo uttored an
exclamation and sank into her husband' I
arms. lis carried her Into the house,
placed her upon lho bJ, nnd applied tho I
usunl restorMlvss; tut all to no avail, for
death had claimed his victim within fif
teen minutes. The family and friends
h&vu tbo beart-felt sympathy ot tbo pub
I', il. Vmv' has Hold hit Intnrest, one-
ti If, In tho saw. mill nmt of town.to J. P
Mcl.nln. Wiilk up now, grangers, and
L-et vour lumber clioap irom urot ur
Mr. O'Nell, from Mound City, bad
mado nrrnngemrnts to opon out a stock of
good In our town, but has now conclu
ded to taka Greeley's advlco and "go
wost." He Is buying goods to put up In
Hamilton, Mo,
Wm. S. Misonblmer, son of A. Mis
onhimer, has geno to St. Louia to attend
tho commercial college of HryanW v
John M Davis, some timo ago, rno'Oj
banco to St l.ouis, nnd now Is making ar,
rangements to return to his former bomo
tn Dongola, being positive that this is the
best place to live. Wo stand ready to
welcomo bis nturn
Tho doctors report lass aicknots now
than at tba suna timo in the season for
many past years. In fact, tho health is
remarkably gool. A few light chills hero
and thora, but thoy amount to no "great
shakes "
Many of our lolks are rocrciting this
week at the fair at Jonesburo, and busi
ness Is somawbat slack. This will, how-
.. nihlnc from tho aggregate
bulncs of thi year.
One Sidney Verblo came to town
last week and losdel up with rather
too much wbitky. He got on a "wild
tare,1' and whooped and halloed liko a
Comancho Indian raiting tho scalp of a
"Greaser." Ho could "whip his weight In
wild cats,'' and was profanoly omphalic
Ibat ho could whip anybody in or about
Dongola. Constable Cloments got bold
of him, and marched him up to
tho oQlco of Esquire Sentz, nho
rharged him thr 00 dollar and a half
"perquisites." Tbls tempered him down
to a going-homo paint; and he left, lighter
in purse, and with n Sam Patch convic
tion that "somo things can be dono ns
well as others." Howakii.
ScitKNcKb Pulmonic Syhut For tho
coro of consumption, coughs and colds
Tho great virtue in this medicino is that it
ripens tho matter and throws it cut of the
srtem, purifies tho blood, and thus eOucti
a cure.
The tonic produces a healthy action ot
tbo stomach, creating an appotito, forming
chyle, and curing tho most obstinato cases
of indigestion.
Cuke of Liveh Cohplai.st, Ac.
Theso pills aro alterative, and produco
a healthy action of tho livor without tho
least danger, as they aro frco from cal
omel, nnd yet more eUaclous In restoring
a healthy action of tho liver.
Ineso romodiuj are a certain euro for
Consuropt on, as tbo Pulmonic Syrup
ripens tli 0 matter and purifies lho blood.
Tho Mandrako Pills act upon tbo liver
create a healthy bile, and remove all dis
eases of thu liver, often a cause
of. Consumption. The Sea
Weed Tonic gives tono nud
strength tolha stomach, makes a good
digesti.,p, arid enables the organs to form
good blood; and thus creates a healthy
circulation of healthy blood. The com
bined action of these medicinos, as thus
explained, will euro every case of Con
sumption, il tnken In time, and tho use of
tho medicines preserved in.
Dr. fcicber.ck Is professionnlly at his
principal office, corner hixtb and Arch
Sit., Philadelphia, every Monday, whoro
all letters for alvlco must bo addressed.
Schenck's medicine for sale by Druggists.
Joe Hon kk kk Is now In lull control of
tbo Washington bakory, and having
learned the wants of tho public, is pro.
pared to supply on c,n demands fr
French loaf, Ilotton, llrown and Graham
bicad, and evurytblng else ordinarilj
found in a Mrst-cU,, bakery. Uo main
tains a full stock of confectionoric,, and
can, as woll as any other dealer lu tho
city, (111 all orders In that lino.
Cskes baked, frosted or ornamontod on
short notice, bpocial attention glvon to
tho orders of wedding or picnic parties.
Dow to Gr.r Btahina Iron frames
and strong nervout system are not the lot
of all. Hut lho feoblo need not despair.
ly ndoptlng tho right meant thoy may
Hvo as long and tnlov lifo as much a,
thoir mora robujt neighbors, Physical In
vlgontion is, howuvor. necessary to thu
end; and whllo tho splrltous tonics and
nervines u.ually admitted, (mutually do
press both My and mind, Dr. J. Walker's
California Hittors invariably supply now
vigor to the frame, whllo they regulate
overy disordered function.
0-16.d nnd m 1 w.
a portion ol mo tnronoon was oci.u-
In sottllng pleadings In civil cason
onlorltit orders in chancory causes.
Joen Slorcan could cot remember bav-
p&vvll0(i for wblky sorao tools tikun
ft0m tho foundry nnd uiaehlnorv aboil ol
o)in -p. H9nnlo. Tho Jury thought that
year, n lho ponitemiury W0Uj ro.
yjvo h(, ,,- The 0Tldinca as all
ono ,,j ftnJ tho tury wef8 ony out R
,bort t,miJ wh(jn thoy rulurnoi tb0 nbovo
verdict. Tho prisoner was ably defended
Wm. O. Mulkey, V.M.. II. Watson
Webb appoaring for the people
Tbo next caio was Caroline Lewis, for
larceny. She was found guilty and Ben-
tencod to nav a lino of $10, and stand
committed until paid.
Charles Kills waa tried for robbing
William Parker, whllo coming down tho
river threo wooks ago r-unday, ind was
sentenced to six years In tho penitentiary
Ills accomplice, John Ainsworth plead
guilty, and throw himself upon th mercy
of the court. Tho ludge thought, by tho
evidence, that, It nnytblng, Ainsworth
wss tho most guilty of lho two, and gavo
hlrn the satno r.urabor of years In tho
penitentiary that tho jury had dealt out
to his partner.
flarter Green, the man who was found
guilty by the jury yesierday and turned
over to lbs consideration of tho court, wis
sont to lho countv ltd fur a tnrm if I
twenty days, and to pay a fine of
pour LIST.
Steamer Jim Fisk, Paducah;
" II. H. Cooke, Kvsnsvillc;
" Jon Klnnoy, St. Louis;
" Suilo Silver, St. Eouis
Steamer Jim Fiik, Paducali;
11 It. il. Cooke, Evansvllb;
" Joo Kinney, Vlcksburg;
Husin Silver, Now Orleans.
Boats to Licave To-Dav.-Jamo
Howard, Now Orleans; Sto Gonevlnve,
Memphis; fit. Joseph, Mompbls; City ot
Vicksburj, Vlcksburg; llelle Memphis,
St. Eouis; Molllo Mooro, St. Eiuii; .las,
Howard, Now Orleans; Jim Fik, Padu
cah; F. P. Grsccy, Evansville.
KtTER, Weatiiek amj Uusi.vess Tho
river last ovening wss feet 3 inches
on tho gauge, baying fallon 7 incbol Jur
. m .. . r.v.,ous -.t uuun. run met nnd
a very narrow channel II leportod to St.
Louis, about 'J feet 10 Inehus to Evans,
villo and 8 foot south. Ilusicois dull.
tVAIt Deit. Itivric ItKFOIlT, )
hoptcmber Hi, 1571. '
lowwater (-'uafc'
Kt. 111. ! Kt. I III.
Pittbiirir 4- 1
Clncliiniit .1 ,"1 t
l.oul-illlc 'j 0 2 2
Evain-vMIe 1 1
Na-imilH , 1 II I
St. I.oiii 0 7 I xt
Genkiial Items. Nothing It known
to be aground in lho Mitilisippi abovo
here, but the delay of several stunners in
getting out loaves tbo inforence plain that
somo of tbam are in trouble. Tho Suslo
Silver found tba channel so narrow at
Thompson's .mill, that she could hardly
get through, and her cQicer aro very
much afraid that tbo James Howard, be
log very wide, will bo unahlo to get out
Lv Mil nn Still Goino Down. As wo
nra determined to closo out our stock
speedily, preparatory to winding up bu4
inets, wo will soil all kinds of lumber at
two dollars por thousand less than mar
kot prices. A largo lot of lath and stovo
wood on hand, which will bo sold at cor
respondingly low rates.
Jl.'J.D.lf "Wall & Est.
',. Notice to ipe Pliilic Tho now
packing bouse market in Wilcox's block,
will bo open Saturday noxt, with frtsb
meati.and new lard, at tho lowest market
pricar; Howe it Uro.
General Insurance Agent
Ohio Lcvcc, over Mathus & UlilV.
t&"A'ona but firtt-clau Companiri
t rpr etnited.
fl'ord. fllorrifi & tnmle
Insukanck AOENTS,
73 Ohio Leveo, Oity National Hank
JJuilding, Caiuo, Ills.
do oldeit ektflbllnhed Agency In Boutko
Illinois, representing over
$65 000,000.00.
SESSION or Studios In tho
"Will begin on
For Prospectus, giving torms, initrtic.
Hons to parents, Ac, &c, apply to or
' President,
St. Louis Unlvorslty. SI. Louis, Mo
DtMioi ' ". nM t?amlios, that i:io bi-gi kept ovc r Jn"
auinnicr nn i arc -talc, claiming homo nianufacturo. A I o
sec to your weit'ht. Every box ought to contain five ionii'li
net, or 0 ounces over live pounu.-s.
C ornci1 th St. and
The Only Place in tho City whore You
. l'r,-oi, run Inl.r Hi. r Hill. r. ,
ntf to i,r. t, - : ' . t
, If I II.. ir ' ' ' ' 1 "
,,i.n or t, i r I ,1, .u 1 ,. ui i', a
tnlel ,.,lhl t,f 1 , ir
It, an. ii.li. or I llillaf allnil. II' ' ,,r' '
, Hie i-l,,',llel - I , 1 n 1" 1 . 'i,' l'-' 1
ii;ir ir Ii' iiK"i ii" M,ni.i 1
le in Ilia Mimta It. 1 AH:.' k- I'.'l ' '
Hit llerl. Inn na'i"ti 1 1 ta l,iisr. I'""'
ii realun of Ilia HMii'", a l.iiielrrO of
itiiful avmptoma. nr I, 0 ..iNprlMp. of 1'i'f ,
u. (lev lHle will preie n Irt-tler iri.aruuicc w
. m. ijl- M1.111 1 e,ptltv p,'rrlrliietlt.
I'or l imale -MtiIiili.l", In uHir on !'"
1 ,rri-1 r .lyt". M 1, " tjn I woinaa!,' .el
,e turn "f . 1 ' e T.mle I illrra .llrpla, ' '1
: I', I ...i Hi'. i.' I, Hut lliipioi. Il.ll.l l aw .. K i
i i i. . .
i i-1 .iliin.iiiiBlarr "".I 'lim:tlr Ithrii
ii. till. Ul ' l. I'luu11. Iveiittllcnl ,tl i Ir,
in I e,-i. HiM-aact "I 1 1." Hl'l. U" I i
, .. ni 111 . elr, tlic tl,liei have ni 'q' -
.1 .. . am . ij'm1-! I. V.'Mte.l i
I lii nrr it .nile nraaslm o- II
n llllr. m.m.-iuh I nwni oi ai,,..
...nil ..irrut In te.u,nF ( mt f'e-in
i jiiunof tb Uvttau l ui Jg 'U
,i I, iu.ua luapaara .
!... .jL.Ii. rtl.pH.r. Krnptlnn T-'i'f
r P
, ui
I,., in lll.lt.:! e MMlla. I'tlnla. I'JMHW .
. Il
art.i.i.. ea, Itli.if .i ai l llf a. rrr i;..
ir-ii" 'n Hi Ii. frurla. M luruih)Mr trl
UK,r on ! Idar a.,l !He haltl n! a la!ef num.
i (la. ,n. are ,., . r mi i r...i....
tiif tjilira lu a l,i.rt I. in" I,) II..- u-'. of &t
:rnlifiil 'ri.HH pro. '.aim Vi r
'ITKH tllL lll'.-l .MI i r '.1 l.i. . ,i-i.' 1..-1 c.c.
i.t.lallie.1 the ml.klm' i.
it. si. aii nn,ii,n '.o.
Ilmpcll IV l.en. A(l- . ami r leia. ' ' l Jl
cor. ( Waahinai'in ami Ii n mn 'i- .
ftil.1) PI Al l. !):( ;i.isi .1 Pi ii S
Vqloan Jko Wokk
.M.tTir HTHinrr.
EO U JNr D K y .
Foko.es aku Firs Fitting,
ntc vji r.vuiM-s.iur.i.. nti:a niiiiA i
t1 A ci-ri2TE3s,-sr
Manutactureii aim repairea.
hpeclal attention given tn light and hoa i
foriring, hoii-e, trid.-c, railroad ami Jail worl
and all work of a Minllar character.
Steam and gat tlttlug lu all Itt tranche
A full iiKortmeut ol Morris, Tinker fi Co'
Philadelphia pipnund fittings. Ilraaagoodn
etc., and gat tixturun alwuia on hand.
Agent for (Jaiaernn ativrlal steam pum
und holler feeder. Tho lieit manulactured
Coll'a patent ayphon purupi, and Judson'
patent governor und governor valve,
Tho lollnw Inir fnirlnca. i-tr.. for sale :
Two ateamtoat onglnoa, 1h inch tore ni
cyunuer; nvo icoistroKe, unn in noon oruci,
One Meamhoat hhalt and ik: wrot Iron
One enifine for holxt'ng liuiv'it; ilXlO.
Ono I0.v!0 saw mill (ngilie, with ah ift r.!:d
crank lor rauly or giiig saw, second hand.
Oue new 7Xli! onglno; my own m-inufuo-
Also, .eojnd'hnrid sliva rutilnp rua
chine and Jointer, und warehouse hointlnc
maehlne, lu cood order.
Knt'lm." und machinery of all l.inUx boiii;hl
and Bold
I I I I K NO 1.
THE SEW CllllOJlilS-niO.'il WI1.-
Thi'MO l.'iegaiii i hrniiin arc Ii) fir tlie iiiu-t
I.VJllO'.'ilVO plelliri-l . M l' lill 'll to llm pi,li.
it, liiilnlull of luiiuor mid "I'Jin k" tu li e
at exu iit. Size Hi i.v 'ii lncho, m iintc u
upouuaiivaaa und ir;ilnt'r. Prieu $10 the
pair. Send nrdera to tlie pulilMier, J, 1',
UVDEU.'JimMipcrlor atruct, Cleveland O.
I . A
c -
c - .,"',
il kirwrvtu ul'ml j a vjimrj-eams-yert 11. x:
ivoiiieinljcr tho place
Washington A v.
can pet a Complete Assortrru rt.
PropixtiiH lot 1ST I EVENTJI V LA It
Til 111 A L DIKE.
An lliu-tratrd Monthly Journal, nr.ivr - - j
admitted to be lho hariilroinent (nr.
leal in the World. A repri'.. l)t,il r
and champion of Ainerlran tn-l'
Jlaf l-OKb.l,. I.V jtOOK O.. lE'A-l
The Alditir, while l-med with a f '
ulnrlty, Iih none ot the teiuporar) or -ly
Internet ebaru terl.tlo otordinan i.
illnl". It la an elfgmtmli'Cll ii ) i.l iro
light and Kiai-elul literature ; and a .
lion ul picture', tlie rareal fjienin n I a.
ti.tie nklll. In bl.'.ik iilnl white At . t.
taih ui'i'i:i'dlng iiumncr adurui. a f ' i
pli'amre to lt Irlend. the real aluu en i
iiiaut of 'i he Aldllie will he most ,,t.r .
aleil titer II ba beuli hound up at t..v . e
ol tbo jear. While other puliiii-.i'l'il.' i, iV
claim uperlnr vheapnear, u- cnn arc J 'ii
rUalsol -i Minllar cUm, the Ald.i.i lun .
Ique and f rlgiual loliceplloli ai'ii.t ;.: 1 n
jpproai htd .iDaoltitely without cn -,t
in irli e or marten r.
Aiir UM'Aiti.Miviri. iH7i
The Illustration- ul tne Aiillne Lata w
i wotld-wlde reputation, and in t;,i art
tre nl Euiope It I- an tidmltti"! ft t.ut
Iti. wood i-ula are example ol the !. hi ;'
pr lectio n eer atulned. 'I lie. c cml:- i
prejiiillie in tavnr y 'ftcel pltten, i r.i,.
Idly yielding to a . .. educate.,! a t
criminating taste which recoyni. - si
vanltgea the ailantasr ol aupei i'
qualtt) w,th great, r lacilily ot j r ' r
Tt qtiaru rly tinted plate-fur v , t -
j Thoa di.ruti ai. 1 J. O. V. oodv. ,r I
1'tie (. hrloinw laaut' lor lir7l w i r' .n
special ilr-lgns appropflati- u t' c
by our tent artl-U and will anja ,r
traetion any ol it predecessor'.
Nwakk. it .1.. sepL -. I"
Mer. Jallien "lltloll X ... .
OKXTI.r.WKN 1 am drllKblei) n i i .
proof In color ol your cbronio- i are
wonderlully sueresalul rrprr-. r ' ; y
mnehanteai pr ieea of tbe onn
Vary r. apeelfull)' Til..- 1
The." ehrjinos are In enery ir. c
can. They nrr hj an orlnal Air
i'", with mat. rlal ol Anrrli an r
A I.' !
tura, irom oe-tuna of AtnvrtcNii . i v
! an Asnnririn airiter, and pre-, rr, l ' . -
acnorra vt in., nm fUeee.n, . ,
Art Journal. If no Imtier lu a - in
thl. the will c ertainly ret an r.-t
no lori'Ufi) production ran In.plre. nu j r.
ther am they any the wor-e If t j n-a- - i
peculitr farliltlea of product!'. .. , '
the publl.hais only a irlilc, t ,
i;ery retpcet toother rtiroino- i,, ar . I
Ingfy tor iloubli tho rubiK-rlp' i .i . i
the Aldla.
If any auhartiher 'liould IndP a'e i pre
en nc for a figure siibjent, tin- ja L:r
i i'OU inouglil ol Home a c an
'( atifl'l rhniloo. liX'.O Inrbe. ret r
i :ntie l allan evlli wnose .ptai.
tray the lonzlca o. nia heart
I'j ir annum, In advanc e, witb O,
mos rra.
r j;t) CltNTa EXTRA, t'
imnint.d, varnifhed. and pre; n j i
The Aldine will, liereatter, In t
nly by suttc-rlpllon. there h,, i..
lu.edor club rate; eah lor .'. ,
must he ent to tbe putdiher- -handed
to the loc al riivaer, i .
ponaihllity to the pulilWi.-r-. ( x
acH: where the eertitleale g. r
Jie fAclotll. 'ignaturn ot .lame-
'A.N A IS Kits NA.NltD
Any friu wi-wng to act p. ,
a a local canvasser will rci-nti ,
prompt Inlormation by appiyli,,.. t
Jamkh MutToK A J 1' ,
'.V Maideii I ... .... t
j l')0
I nro-
I c ill.
. t III
ur 1
t rk
Politics for 1874,
HON. KDWAIU) .Mel'lll'H-OX
Clerk 11 Joute eir JUiretentat L I
This KCCL'IIaTR and IMI'UUI.M .,;.a
Klvea tbe i-ft.i. HtU'Olin 011 tbo --In.
1-iilar.f Act "and Itt repenl. on I r r
linn. Civil Kiv-ht. and 11 nnric-inl n ..
i . , t
InchntinL' the ni t nl Mi creall. g "l,.
Tendert" nnd coin Interest ol lloinl.. j
tho various Expannlnir and Coiilr.i tw c
Vlneo. Prr.alili'111 UKA.VTn Mcai,'t ,n I
Memorandum, Inierileus. I. . tern, I .,
j'lim.'itl'inti, and Action In Ab.liaiiu, A kn
,i. i. iMiiM.cn mi i 'ix a, Mipn nu i
llecMon.. 1 1 1 i 1 1 o 1 1 unci Vic ,ii-iii ii .
Laws, ( on-tltuiH'iiul Am. mini , t
and pendln , in Mali , and --ati .
nay " Mat la ic , laM. aui ti.p, ,,r
Debt l.lectiona, Ciini iii v I)i rn ui,
i I
J,a I
aimi'i nun aeriion-, ,ve. llivtlli.il
campaign, i nun. fi m,
t'dt I Uid
Audrcsa lil.O,
i , 1,.... .
I It- Il S
. iisli.in,i jii I,
, . w, 1" t I, It IlMl.lii.1 ,11 1, I
And ..uid Afae ol tho Illlunl t.emr u t
llittaNtSMama Missimri It. Ii i o
NortU Cor. Sixth ami Ohio Lovtc,
K-'al Estate Agents
7t Ohio Lkvki:, (Sccondl-'loor j
Ituy and hill P.r.AI. ESTATE, Pay TAM-.s
I lUI.li.llfn AL.Irj. l. ,,f 'I'lu..
tT'l.niiil i oiiiinl non. i'.
. ..a is e.Mta ..
toil er Mnte"M
tif , i rl aiif.M.u
The mat Unowned fiiieelalul tt.. . 1 1 1
tretxtimntcrVJIir-iTr, t fJoY. n I
y.wr DrhKASEs.svvt.Y u uT.t. .
ri, regit tf iirlr luJls-mi . crci. t aMif,,
MJitvcis.vr'a. rniri.i.a ox in: iaci. aiti:. ,o
Hocisiv. .urii"io pimT, i.oa op mueuv .
b.uoon reti i:.tiv c. elh ,illK ci.rau c.
nrriciL t.iTtnTt rr. in ,, 4uh,i,..i
ril.lnlcc Lo-a.r ix.rry. vb but, wd. Tli l.'f :n
10 UiarrUcia, Tb.lr bilurr, caua ar,4 cuit. I'rlca So t-31.,
tcallaaUlatealeU cm.lopa, LkJii. reiulrliis turxi-lnil,
mctlcil Blte&lioM, cr alrlea tuif .tiler a41rri. Uic dvr,
jB.all't fi.il'cl villi rrtrtt p.itiucaU, Uarj, klUl,.
wki,1. CtntUwiuiKl, JiaH.rtw'i to

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