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hours, dsyandnteht
Gnrsday, Friday & Saturday
September 24, 25 and 26,
rTHTJRMUY EVEMKG-th bcaatlinl
IuanUcDrm. -u itlcit
FRIDAY KVEN'lus-Tiio urcat society
Ur' Divon i:d.
Adcrlss'on, 60 co -H -i.d 28 "t
extra chug' tnrr served seils, '
be secured 1 1). Ilarimiir
2JS-9-2 -fit
or Tiir.
Agricnlturul & Mechanical
so err-icar .
Will ! lii'U t
lUUrotds running through CharlestonwHI
eirry pa enters round trip Ur o..cnnd ouc-
Siimare . .
n'Mi.a will Palm It loloWf :
Ferry-boat will leave Cairo lar.dtrg at
C a ia
t..i.. nir.l's Point at 8:30 n. to.
Trslns leave Charleston for Cairo about
BV. to. . .
jgTAmpIe a'rancracnt hve been made
rortns seeoramouaunn in ,
dtd J. U. UhTUUNE. Sec'y.
(orinerjewritandfutett-telltcg book out,
rr F. D. Ooodrlch t"on ot Voter rarlev"
bemark&ble voyagef, hhlpwrerkf, aiten
Inrera. einloRitluns. i.l' ae ec. Iimtll'le"
(.aval oouib t. and tli In ory it all Modi
ff iiital prngrKK The romance ol "old
Ocean." and 1000 th nits of tumtfn ol lnt-r-
tn ami value uvcr u) 11 tisiraiiona unu
Vn- Iott priced Send for circular und
aijt liberal term' to agent', to
tit. Lnuit or Cb!ca;o.
is as effectual a remedy
r tU Sulphate In the name ilotcj, ulillc II affectg
tht Ktm Iff, li more palatable ami muf chtaptr.
htrA fnrderirtle Circular with Tflmmlal
tf Vhviriant rrnra all part of the country.
tSSimt.le rack acta for trial, S3 crnU.
rn'"!'t Vr BU.I.tNIH. Cl-Al'l' K CO., Uasnlao
htlnf Oitmlrt, Botton, 11 ut.
Tail term I rrln .-cpt. P, 1-71. Ila cli"lcal,
;lentliic, prei aratory nui hufc'linli rou c
Jiito tnltnnl lue ouniocroi miaiei in me
reinratery depar mm t -o ti u yotnu men
i aiiv ni ni mar r ct-Ue tuHrui-t'oii 1 1 ai-
(tula. UCUM.Ci' , iuiiviiiii;.. j .iiic.'i
Chlmlitry. O rmar. Hook Keeping nnd
of j r rtudlra ut a'ly t.iu.lu In th ho t
apademle Kor lurthcr Inform ll n nd
for ctialoKUca lo the preiid. nl or ire mirrr.
GEO P. RWKLl, ,v Co.,
conduct an as'-nc) frth" rcccpthin of ail-vertin-ra
nt lor Amerca .Niwepip m
the m rt i ompb-tu ea ab leiimcnt ol the klnu
In the lTor.il. Six lbouand m-w.i iper-are
lnpt f galarly fl. open to i rpceiion by
outoraer. Every AIivchtisemknt l t ken
ut the home p'ioo of tli" pa, or, wiib .ut any
additional rti.irro or cn mlfl u. An a i
Tertler, In dcull.iu' ivlrti tlicagency. I aed
trouble and o-r upo de. c , mukliiL- i.o
cua rsct Inrte.1 ol h dozen, a IiiiimIicI or a
nd. A ln"0 of t-lxhly imges, C' n
Dg llls of beat oap r', largen o rctt a
, relletoui nirrlcul'ur 1, lai iilltliil
and couniry iiape k, mi d all publlea
which me pecl lly vihtable to adver-wl'lidom-
Inl'orma'ion about prlcti-,
FREE lo an ad'lrc-a on app'le .il in.
al a dlit ni-.e vl blug ( ma .o ron
r advert li g in any town, i lly,
itam ur t rrl'ory ol In- Uulto
or any p irtlon o tn D -m nlon ol
a, ma a -nd a eoncl-o alu cm i t ot
tboy w nt, i"g th r w th a n-py id
AttVEiuitKMKNT they 0' lr 1- rttil.
will receive In'oi iiiati in bv re urn lu II
which wil nahle them to l.-cJil- ivli itiier
ttnrreae or reduce the orilt r. Kor nurli
1 ior a'lon ther la no c arvr. Ordi rt are
' jktn lor a hlnk- pap rativcllas loi u If t ;
for a tingle do lar a- cadil at lor a larger
lutu. Ott.ce (Tlmea llu ldlnu),
41 PARK HOW. N. "V.
TO $20
dr nt bom'. Tcr'" Ircc. A dresi
li CO., Portland, Mc.
Terras ol AdvettMng re orlere 1 lor .New.
;Tri in the ttt ol ILLINOIS! fi. nd lor
(. ILt of papera and tihcdulu ol tat . Ad
Crew QV.O. V OWiLL il C , Adrtl-li-
i(WUt, K V ,rk It w, New Yoik.
Tlmrai TOTrtB UiiiTonov Tnta I'aveu.
CB77 .A. WSiEic
Quartnteed to mile a d lem 1 agents, In
.utiuv, .uiiu.ii lo try It
Pardcul.ri tree. 1". O. VIcKEllV co.
iHghta, Me o-dA-.lw
And Dealei lu
CoMUEaciAUATa. adjoining Hanuy s,
!iml?P',.b,?i"l"f.U Cf I,0rk M,,l,OI "al
Take great pleaurin annotin'ing t
teey are uow prepared w .uj.ply v , ry body
with lake lee o tho vcy iieitimntiiv .,i.i..
tt tuelr hous or at (la- n,,r,,, ,
thauld b. lelt at tho buu, rV,1.,"
Villi llnlii.
Somebody to Uko from us a thousand lull
heads, co il paper ami finely printd, (or
93.50 lo 4 00.
One thousand ttttcmcnt- printed at TltK
UULLKTIN ollIcC lof f o.fi0 to 4 00.
ft fun lit ml.
(Wt1ioti.in i noto heads rrin'fdat Tll
Duli.itin oiil.'.e lor l.oO; two thousand lor
t I.. i. In., ran! . All' Bristol
boa-.l, .rl tcilal'lllB ilUI.LEUN office lor
.SUNDAY. dElr. 30, 1874
Great Bargains !
zlveie tigs
The o ly origin i and the only br .Ml of th t
in.in, nt 1 ct pel y ni; r-tw I r
l.o hi, i:i it; a .i-LM l.v S, ck;
UL K I U.NK, U4cNi try.ru. nunoij
u ni
10,10.111 i 01
u5 u6iiVd't rioB i"
'ir?r'i '.P?-? ''T:. L'V
ivlilrli I nui sell ni pn tc I r ct-,
l so. n lar c
it- or in lit i'l fu I nnd winter I
Or M S' U.nDEIIWU It. 1'
lll.AMCKTSnml OMtMAMJUl 1 1. Cull
and bcu bo ore pun-h g cle wlitr.
Mr. nuofner U fjolni; to havo an nxtri
dinaor lo-Jav. All the delicacies of the
tcatun n ill be nrved up to nU patronn
Mr. II will bo tba bead cook, nulited by
Mr PrOioger. Ten extra naltera have
bsen euifaced, 10 that all vill be icrvcd
The very belt Mllwaukoo boor will be
glvru to thoee wno prefer that baveri go
to Adam'a ale.
Mr. II gavo u tho bill of tare, which
it imm-jnio. Oytter pi", ojiler itow, etc.
flrit attracted our attention. Wo ndvito
-all who appreulato good thi ogi lo givo
the 1'JanlerV flouio a call.
Or.T your ojtr at the IJ.Otnonlco.
Klliotv A. IUvtiI-ikh aro cilering
Koodn at prices that ihuuld attract cloio
That Dxv ir.CE Suit. Tho tcandal now
agitating the city cauuul Und publio utter
anco through tbmj column
You tan g.it iiuyiiiing you will cull for
at Elliott A Unytboru's, 101 Commercial
Pet di.uj mm. wor tugi. Tho city
uaribal has decided to ''go fur" all dog',
of high or low degree, pets or oibuinxe,
that do not pnrt tho n'cu'atlon lag.
Wanted -jiw ao kj, u u huA good
dining ruutn girl cm obtain a pormunonl
situation at good waei by applying nt
I'HE Uulleti.v office immediately.
Circi IT CuUHT A largo amount tf
butiiicia waa trali'uctud yetorday In tho
circuit court. Tbn jury wai di.chtrgud hi
noon until nlno o'clock a. in to-morrow.
Dit jENtLLE (Jn bo found at bis
dentl nnrluri on Eighth street nt all
tioun, B -nl of references given as to pro-
freilonal nhility
TiikSt (y'luiiLKH Hotel bai a few
very detirnblo rooms still left, which ulll
t). lot on good terms lo steady bourders
Coine'h oyrtir depot and reilaurant,
Oyilura In tbo (hell nnd cm, froih evory
day, at Phil Saup's old stand, betwoen
Sixth nnd Hevonth streets, Cnlro, 111.
F a Salb lluaov Wo desire tosll
a sp'v'idid bujrgy lmnt nw We will
til it nt a great cnllk'. Per'nna iIkIt
in a good bargain in n buggy have now
an opportunity to obi In oi.h.
Dir.o. Thoinao HtO'in-ni, Q'.inan of
engine 75, I 1 nou f'enirl reliroait, died
yetterda) inornitu in this city, iT typhoid
lever. The loc"inmlvr of itm road hnvo
hern ilrnfed in tin iiriiiiig, in coniequence.
FRLbll oysters or anything nlio you
want at the Drlmoiiico ltislaurHUt open
day and ulfbt.
(,'ITT MAtlALe NoTICX On and
efter tu-oiorrow (Monday) uiurnlng, II e
city ordinance relating lo boga nnd hi rsei
runninf at largo In the streets of the city
will tw rigidly enforced l'erioos inter-
cited will govern tbenuulvei accordingly
Do hot forgot that Elliott & llnytborn
keep the bell stock of shoal In tbo city.
I hey alwnjtielllhe lowed.
Notice - T -morrow beluga holidav
wllb my people, my piaco of builneii will
cioieu ibroughout tba day, but will bn
epe again for bustneTui-nlay morning
2 0.!l 20-lt KnngKT Lkvt.
Max Kukhne, tho o.an builder, Is
roady at any time to tune and repair
pianos and rnelodeoni. You may safely
iruriynur lusirumenii to bis cars; you
will not bo deceived
ir tou want tho latest styles in dry
goods, the best and cheapest place is nt
ElUott & Haythorn's, This is no, rein
nan. f bankrupt slock, but freih goods nl
prices that defy competition. 10-0.31
Parties desiring to havo their pianos
til melodcun d, ropurol an
tuned, should trust tbcra to M. R
Kuebae, corner Thlrleentb and Wnlnut
rtreett. He i the roost competent man
in Cairo.
Rooms to Rkt. Mrs Stewart, corner
of Poplar nnd Twelfth Mroets, near The
IJULLETIN oflloe, hns anvoral comfortable
rooms to rent, with board. Mrs, Stewart
spreads onecf lb" be t tables in Cairo,
and her priest are reasonable.
Fon Hknt, Thn Main, k hnus'j oornor
Seventh aud Walnut itroota, contain
thlrtpon room. A N.. 1 'orHtlon for
a bonrdioit bouio. To a good tenant tbo
abov.i housn will a rontud at a low figure-1
Apply to O. N. Hughoi, No. C Ohio
levco. l!59.a.2tf.od'lw
1'norosAL WANTEt.-rripojaU will to
received until Wcdnnday nest, "3d lnt.,
for tbo efctlon of fi bnclt bulldlnj" at tbo
currur of Fuurtcnntli ittoet and Comtnor'
clal avo. l'lan nnd ipcclfltAtlnns nn cx-
xminatlnn on tho preml(C.
20 -9-15 td 1 KlTZOKltAtb.
Aiivancisu to tiik Attai k. The
Utile railroad U nottlnv; plm-ky. It ba
beoti attacked, but now It advancoi to the
attack. The Spirit l'laindoalor layit
T(io 0 and 3t L, ral'.road company
tiy their attorney died their petition
for maila-nm compdllns tho city of
Mpnrni bm! iiwntliln flvc-fl vo nnd five-
li t nun th- litid voted to luld road,
in niir ulroml lat week,"
Nw Mj limkv G.-oii Mr San
i,.r ,,v h 1 1 mi Mutnl iy ni-irnli C
f .r vi It t nt li tii ntid Ohtcmju. where
nr- io I'linhnao a nra ttocK of
in 1 1 1 1 1 ' iroodn. Mr. 8wandor' wet
kiniv.li t!id tHilii In the soiicticin of lmu
tii.ntiul-, etc , I- nti ml uci'ii.cnt lor the
hiIIi o Ciii'o'ii 'lef.ir purchatlnit their
l not. f) ilMll 'hey have anopor
nn. i vt. ejL-iiiiiKi Mr-. fwnilef' toi k
,Uk. .KrKir Ii.o x, of Hi W'
fJhirln, i In n k n-riiuly- ( eiilfi;",ff
ih hntl. In uruT m 'HS ici m.iJate hi
lairniif. tin iam i.t pu'lli.g on liny
timre nxitii" Ilooati KCCiinirmnliilH about
'iQO unt ronif 'Hahly until the propo-ed
iinprnvnrnenli areroriiuinmati-d Hu will
ii the bfei t pcmm for bin nimieti-ui p-tlroi i
Virtu -Ur) Council The
City Council iy UN Nllt Vi votn has re
futed to pnS an ordinance to punlth tnun
ho With Inmatoi of bouiei of ill fame
To lie comiitent Ibey ibould now reptal
all ordinance! which punish fomalei fur
the naipH I'lT-nni; and proclaim tbo bull-
nefi one worthy of civil protection, and
encouragement. - fCarbondala Observer.
DacK Again. Wn aro glad to see that
popular hoiteM, Mrs. J-lin Uahill, ro
eilabllibed nt her old lochlion,cornor ot
Commercial nvonuo and Seventh street.
in her new bout luit completed bv
Memrs, Kelly and MnKlllt;ott, for wboie
pn-mpland atlfrtCary fulflllninnt of their
contract, t bo returns them thanks and
hnprs that th-y will rcoiove a fair sharo
of public patronaao
Relioiouh Notice. Rev. Dr. Thayor
will occupy his dek tbn morning and
evening. The subject of ibo morning
dltcourto will be, "Tbn Order of tbo Oen
ernl Assembly " All the members of the
church nra ri-qiiMtf-d to be prrsont. In
tiui eveninc bis subject will bo, "Tho
Sivinur's Plea fol Suinnrs"
Rctor Oilbert will oiuulato at the
Church of the Rddmer to-day.
Mr Waller wl'l preach nt the Meth
ndltt church this mominc.
TA'Oirr SitooTihO. The forthcoming
match between tbo seven best rifle shots
of Great Ilrila'n and a picked party of
tie Unite 1 dlates i crentiou much inter
est among our sporting pople, and a
meeting will be held in a fow days, with
a view to the formation of a target shoot
inr; club We thl"k something of this
kind would bo preferable to a pigeon shoot
inenlub. Wo bopnan orcanizttl"n will bo
formed, and wo will vcntur-i tho anertion
that it will moot with tho encourngoment
of a large inaj -rity ol our people.
Elliott & Haytiiork aro opening n
new and olegnnt line of dry goods to-day.
Kor bargains co nnd sec them.
The Cairo a.ndst L ui Railroad.
Thi road ii gelling on Uaely The Mur
pbysborn Independent, of the 18th Init.,
snys: "track laying on Ibo unfinished
por'ion of tho Cairo and St. Louis rail
road was commenced nt tbo depot in this
city on last TueJay, and ibo
track will bo laid to the bridge
across Dig Muddy to-day. The
Iron Hrldg.. l)lng t End Oirond!,
i ail r.'a ly to b- put on the stono piern,
which h-ivij b.nn II inhml some months,
and is exp.mtnd to bo'dnwn on th-- con
struction train MoiuUy neii, and the
mcliNiilrs will commHiicu work immuli
ntoly. Alter which track laying will b
re'umol and pmluxl rapblty ahead, to
meet a fine, of track ayers lint will be
put mi a' Calr -"
Noisy Ariik-t (Jonntablo Uladnoy
arrestid Mollle Hi dg , living on the
crner of rii.eiinih ui I 'pur rtreett
on a warrant won mil by Charles A II.
son, aci'Uiing the h. w .n M illl-i of steal
ing Ave dollar, of his money. Vben thn
officer went to the house to rnnka tbn ar
rest, be fout d her itretrhed out on tbo
floor dead drunk, and hid lo procure a
dmy lo convey thn woman to the cnla-
boom, lly thn time they bad gone a
block, she revived enough to make plonty
of noise, and used language that should
bare brought blushes to tho chooks of the
moil burdened sinners, It required two
m'i lo hold her down on the dray. Her
biiiilerous action attracted the attention
of pu pie for blocks around, und the dray
was followed by a crowd of buys. Her
case will come up Muuday morning be.
fure Justice II ml
Markiaqc. We find the following list
ot marriages returned to tbo county clerk,
J. G, Lynch, from August 13th to dntos
Henry Jackson to Sarah J. Hubbard,
Charles Ilulnin to Mn, R. Prank, Johu
T, Hums to lUrah Dsmrou, Matthew Kee
to Alary Ricks, Muses A, Goodman to
eiarab A. Woudard, Asa II. Mornee to
Mrh Williams, Munru Hurry to Judy
rabani, James lirooks to Oeorglana
fling, John Gates to Laura Hunsackor
Is. m Hill to Anna Hull y, Solomon A.
Silver to Lizzie Wallace. Robert Niuhols
lo Calley Ronfro, John (Juoen to Marlbn
Davis, Thomas Cowper to Angolioa
Watts, CharUs C. Manhull to Harriet
I'.. Hawkins, David Mi'Hoghns to Marada
.1. (Isuble, Martin Heater to Harah E
Harlman, Dvid Oborii lo Mary Stovi
on, ti, Wh'lains io Mary Piopl. James,
W Cundiljiu Kale l yoth, Ltvl flatly lo
Luoy Fiisworib, Coflln 0. Jonss to
Sarah N. Jones,
What has bicomool tho Opposition
ca tral co-nu lttoo of Aloxandor county ?
Is it nslocp ?
As soon ai Mr. Pope returned to
Cairo, the Railroad ksltle began to boll.
Ho started up Iho flro and tie bubbling
was hoard almost immediately. Tho weak
brotheren, who wero Inclined to linger by
the wayside, havo been strengtbod In tbo
fnlth; the strong havo boon mado stron
ger ; the Samsons navo toughened their
Tbo Impression loft by Mr. Hnrtzull
upon our cttlzoos ws good. Every pur-
son who mot him durinn his lato brief
visit to tho citv. admired him. He Is a
modest, intelligent, and atlraotive gentlo
man, an.i when ho gits the political har
ness upon his back vlll make Mr. Clem
ants thtnk that thedavll Is beating tin
bark, and that Mr. Clements is the tan
bark. W my this localise, as th ox-
prsion,is Mr. Harlzill is "tho devil" In a
pilitical canva's.
M jor Wood, who usmi to e a good
enough lLidical, is ott f favor win his
party. Thn rinc bate taken tilings out of
bis hand. Ha wt by somo nccident
made chairman ol tlx; congressional dele-
gallon, but the ring dld'nt permit him to
enjo- tho honor. The convention was
oiiratilz-d. and Clements nominated before
.Mr. VV-.oil with his dnlegalton got Into
thn invention Milor Wood ! Wlr-n
of lb - Rs ltcal couniy comuimet-. i,y
courtesy and right bo ihuuld have been
permitted to cl! the Logan meeting lo
order; but Munn could not loie tbo op
portunity ; and so ho Ignored Wood and
called tba in-ntlni; lo order himself. Tho
g has no use for Wood any longer
Tliev havo said lo him: "Henceforth
be no officer of mine."
When will the Opposition people of
Cairo move upon the enomy s works 7
That Is the qnoitlon.
Will hk? Wo learn that some of the
Democrats of this city aro soliciting Hon
jnhn il Oberly lo reply to tho speech or
Qen. L'gan, ilMlvered: al tho Uourt
House Thursday nicht. Wo wish he
would. He would then have an npportu
nltv to explain soma of his votes In the
Leclslnluru we aro in lavor oi ooun
Henrv stennlne to the front. It would
remind us of a llttln anecdote but that
would make no diuereno.; The fun
Will The Sun mention tho voles Mr.
Oberlv should oinlaln 1 Tho school law
vote? Mr. Obarly voted with his oyes
open, and is of the opinion that tbo men
who don't like him for that vote may go
to Hong Kong. Mr. Oburly modestly bo
lloves he could knock the bottom out of
Honator Logan's speech ; but bis-bashful
nets keens him In tho shade- Thero Is
Judge Urcon who could also overwhelm
the senator, and we woull llko him to go
to work ut tho business.
Tub Rest
oysters at the
Personal Mr. Phil. E Kscia1ouiki
Phcabusl what a namel was In tho
city yesterday. Mr. K but no; not all
tbat name airain i is gnieral agent ol the
St. Lou's Timss, and visits Southern Illi
nois on business of bis papor, Air K. Is
a very genial gentlcmin, andbis namo
docs not scorn to weigh blm down with
grief. .Mr. K, will romaln in tho city a
few days and mako his boadqtiartrs at
the St. Chariot.
Tho Wallack theatrical troupo will
bo quartered at ibo St. Charles.
Wm. Rexford and wifo, cf Quinoy,
III., wero at tbu Planters' House yester
Prof. Rrownloc, of tho Carbondalo
Normal school, and A. Hlnckmar, hanker
of Columbus, Georgia, aro guests of Mr,
Ii. R Pogsam, of tbo steamer Jamos
Howard; and A. Hall, general paymas or
of the Mississippi Contra! are at tbo St
Mr. J. D. Dean, of tho St, Chnrles,
starts for Chicago to uight and will re
fuse to permit the light of bis counto-
nnnuoto shine upon tbo guotts of Jewett's
house for a week.
Among tho guests registered at the
JMtnunjo, yesterday, were: Dr. L. M
Lovelace, T R, Oroeno and wife, of Mil
burn, Ky.j E. T Keyes, St. Louis,
Senator Logan passed through the
city y sterday, on bis way from Vienna
to Du O,noln, where he addressed a pn
lltlcnl meeting last night. At Vienna ho
addressed his old regiment, in the after.
noon, Friday, nnd a very largn political
meeting in theevonlng. Mr. Munn and
Mr Clements nlno addressed tbo meeting.
Rev J. L. Wallor will attend tho
Mount Carmel conferenco ot tbo M. E
Churcn this week. Everybody wishes to
have Mr. Waller returned to Cairo.
Ho Is respectod by all our citizens, and is
indeed a truo and good man He has
been tbu instrument wborowilb tbt Lord
has dune much good work in Cairo.
Mrs. il, F t'arkor and three ohlldren
yesterday returned to Cairo, after an ab-en-e
of three months, spent way down
ii the state of Maine. At Port Huron,
the mi.od train on which Mrs. Parkor
and family utre passengers, ran off tbo
track; the pnnengers wore compelled to
leave tbu wreck and walk a abort space
tbroutib Ibe woods, to tako a train on tbu
other side of the wrecked one. In the
woods, Mrs, Parker was much surprised
to meet Mr Hyslop, wno bd got that far
on bis way to North Adams, The en
counter was a pleasant one on both sides.
lLLlsnm CanTHAl. R, R- Co
Aoeist's Okkioic, Cairo, Sept. 21, 1874
tin Monday, September Ulat, we will
sell excursion tickets to Chicago and re
turn at one and ono-flflb fare, good to
return until Saturday, tho 27tb, Inoluslve,
and on Monday, Octobor Gib, we will
again put those tickets on 'ale, good to
roturn until Octobor Uth, Inclusive.
Jamxh Joiiwon, Agent.
The St, Charles .Hotel has sovoral
pleasant rooms on tho upper floor, suita
ble for gentlemen, tbat can bo secured fir
tbo winter, with board, at very reasonable
rates, tl
Recolvtul yesterday b'y u " '
Thoy will bo sold very low.
Call nnd
Don't fall to call and sco thoso Hat con.
foroiUors nt A. Marx's tomothinir new.
worthy it a visit to see.
OltAKn Hall Tbo Cntroll baseball
club will glvo a grand social hop at
Schools' hall, Tuesday evening, Septem
ber 23th, The boys propose making this
une of lbs most pleasant nlfalrs of tbo
season. Tbo right Kind of voune men
aro al tho' head of tho affair, nnd wo hrpo
their highest expectations may bo real
Tho following aro tbo conimittcn of ar
raogoments: .1 T. Welch, William
Tnotni-y, John Campbell, E. F Ollnes.
Hoor malingers Phil. Howard aid
Jatiioi Csrroll.
P.M. Lally. Cantaln of Nino
i!4l-9 10-iw
now to or.r otamix a iron frntnes
and strong nervous system nro not the lot
ot all. Rut tho feehln m-,d not despair
Ry adopting tbo right menns tboy may
livo na long and enjoy life as much
their more robust neignbnrs. Pbvslcal in
vibration is, iiukusm,. ...... "
end; and while- tbo spirltous IodIcs nnd
nervines usually admitted, eventually de
prers both body and mind. Dr.J. Walker'
California Hitters invariably supply new
vigor to tbo frame, while thoy regulato
every disordered function.
9-16-d nnd m 4 w.
Joe Ko.nekuhIs now In full control of
the Washington bakorv. and having
learned the wnnts of tbo public, Is pre
- ry
pared losupply on call all demands for
French leaf, Hotton, llrown and Graham
bioad, nnd everything eleo ordinnril)
found in a llrst-rlnss bakery. Uo main
tains a full slock of confectioneries-, and
can, as well as any other dealer iu the
city, fill all orders in that lino.
Cakes baked, frosted or ornamented on
short notlco. .Special attention given to
the ordors of wedding or picnic parties.
The Darner shop is uu no corner ol
Eighth street and Commercial avenue
whore J. George Stieribouse with hie gen
tlemanly assistants can bo found at any
hour of tbo day or night, rcadv to soothe
your fcolings with a smooth sbavo, or cool
your temper and head witb a good sham
poo. It Is a first-class shop, and you aro
suro of receiving first-class treatment
Ladles' and children's hair cut or curlod
in tl 0 most apprnve-1 slyle. 8-16-tf.
LUJiiiKii StillChko Down. As wo
are determined to closu out our stock
spoedily, preparatory to winding up bus
iness, wo will sell all kinds of lumber at
two dollars per thousand less than mar
ket prices. A largo lot of lath and stovo
wood on band, which will bo sold at cor
respondingly low rates.
2-Jl.0 9.tf Wall A- Exr.
Ili.inoi Central R. R. Co.,
Aoent'b Okj-ice, Cairo, Sept. 20, 1871
wo will soil oxcurslon tickots to
Cincinnati and Louisville, good to return
until October 3d, ar follows: To Cincin
nati and return, nt $15.00; to Louisville
and return, at $13.00
0.5031 Jahes Joiinsos, Agent
Excursion Tioketh On and after
beptomber .Utb excursion tickets to
Lnulsvillo and Cincinnati, will bo sold
by tho Cairo and Vincennes railroad,
advanctd to the following rates, good to
uclober3rd: To Loulsvlllo and return,
$14. 1G; to Cincinnati and return, 516.85,
The abovo includes a ticket into the ex
position hall. Tickets for sale at the
general ofllco and at the Anchor Line
oflico, 71 Ohio leve
to ti'e ruiiLic Tho new
packing housn market In Wilcox's block
will bo open Saturday noxt, with fresh
meats and new lard, at tho lowest market
price. Howe ii lino.;
Sciienck's Pulmonic c!tup For tbe
cum uf consumption, cougbs and colds
Tho great virtue lo this mediclno la that il
ripens the matter and throws It cut of the
system, purities tbu blood, and thus effects
a cure.
The tonic produces a healthy action ot
tbe stomach, creating an appetltb, forming
chyle, and curing tbo most obslinato cases
of Indigestion,
ocuenck a Mandrake Pills ron the
Cure ot Live Complaint, Aa
ti.u.o punt are alto,.,iro, and produce
a healthy action of tho liver without tho
loast danger, as tbey aro frue from cal
omel, and yet moro effaclous In restoring
n healthy action of the liver,
Thcso romodics are a certain euro for
Consumpton, as tbe Pulmonic Syrup
ripens tho mattor and purifies tho blood.
The Mandrake Pills act upon tho liver
create a boallhy bile, and romove nil dis
eases of the liver, often a couso
of Consumption. Tbo Sea
Wood Tonio gives tono nnd
strength to the stomach, makes a good
digestion, and enables tho organs to form
good blood; and thus creates a healthy
circulation of healthy blood. Tho com
bined action of theso medicines, as tbus
oxplainod, will cure every caso of Con
sumption, it taken In time, and the uso of
the medicines preserved in
Dr. ychenck Is professionally nt his
principal oiuce, corner nixiu and Arch
Sis., Philadelphia, every Monday, where
all loiters for advloo must bu addressed,
Sciienck's medicines forealoby Druirirliti
1-9 1-1 in bB
llnppy Relief lor Young Men Ironihoef.
fcooiLrrorn mill Abuses In uulv life
Manhood Itotorvd. Impediment to" Jlai!
rlago r mou'il. .Ncwincili-ilni treatment
ewaiiil r-inarkiihlB rem illeu. Ho k8 and
clrtulara sunt five In si iileil envelonu,. ml.
drine, llOWVtl) A..(ICI iTlON, u
.Villi NlthSt, Pi.lUlelpl.l,.
Institution having a h.gh reputation for
onorablo conduct midprolcisloual skill,
rrafcsavvnajxraxxinsD xocto.
lArfciJ.l,.V llll ,1 I IBlATtASlLUSkk' UUUIS
Do not buy old candies, that havo boon kent over tho
summer Jii.d nro fetnlo, claiming
see to your weight. Jvcry box
net, or 0 ounces over live pounds. Jleiuomber tho place
Corner 8ih St. and
The Only Place in the City where You
General Items Tho Llda Norvnl
took on thn Eckert's smnll pump, nnd
with Capl Jam.s Dugan, slatted for Lib
erty Island yesterday morning, to pump
out tbo bargo .Marble City When II Is
raised sho will bring It down here. Tho
f... le tiiuaciiiinit, la hero, ready
for business, under tbo romtnana ol Capt.
lrvln Dugan.
Diver Hiram Hill finished the removal
of the remains of the wreck of tbo Alle
gheny Hello, having put tho last vtstlge
of it ashore, last faturday night. Diver
Hill wil! remain at homo for a fow dsy.
His boat is at Louisville,
Cairo is largely Interested in everything
tbat pertains to the great water courses ol
o the west or steamboat matters and
shnld nover fall to havw n volco In con
TO lions, wheru their interest aro to be
o irldcrtd For this rim-oti we oil al
Icorition to tho following ciri ular, which
explains It'oll :
Cincinnati, 0. Sept 6, 1874.
Sir At a rreotlng of wos crn steam
boatmen, d lozatoi to be Natl -nal Hoard
or Mmm Nxvigatlon, in Its session at
llulla'o. it w-ts removed to i all a tna.s
convention of steatnlioai owne s and those
intere-led In river c.-nmerce, lo b held
nt thn Llndnll hotel, in t Louis, on V. d
nesday, the 30th day of September, 1874
As matters of vital importance lo tba
steamboat intorests requlro our imraodl
nto attention, we earnestly urge upon you
the importance of giving lo this con
vention your personal attendance, and
exerting your influence to securo as many
delegates as possinie.
n . r.Mi-i.:,
R 0 Gray.
H VERiiHErr. Jk ,
E. W (Iiil'LD,
W, .1. Kount.,
R. H. Wooi.roLK.
The Anchor lino pack&t company have
plarod ibo bargo Cora at Power's Island
to be used by tholr boats to lighten over
that pla'.-n, In case thoy neod it. Tbo Col
orado cam out without having to uso it,
Power's Island is the worst place be
twoen this port ant' Ut. Louis, and shows
no disposition to cut out or improve
lloats - ro roport ng four feat elgbt Inches
there, but It is thoug t tbat live foet could
bo found by very careful handling.
Tbo following Is a list of letters remain
ing in tho post-office uncalled for on Sit
urday, t'oinlcmber 19, 187 I :
Atnodeo, Mrs M
Hentley, .Harah
Harbee, Parnleft
Coleman; Ellen
Disingor, Alice
ilanrahan, Ellen
Morton, Eminil
Anderson, Mary
Uland, Georgia
Hi i ii . helm
Donnoll, Harriett
foster, Maggie
11 -inns, Aui. 2
-Mois, Ellztbelh
Mitchell, Ellen
l'arlter, J. .1
Richardson, Patsoy Mbsw, Mt'tha
Stevenson, Julia Thomas Harah
Hurton, A J
Hooker, Eldor
Cochran, G W
Collins Taylor
Huckner, Casper
Hryant, Wm
Courtnev, Henry
Dsvls. .1 T
Doud, John
Kmmnrsun, James
Fry E
Gorman. T W
H. rn, Honry
Lamer, A li
ilcConico. Coffee
Morris Klder
McRea, ,l
Oldham, Jasper
Phillips, Cms
Roberts, John
Stovers, Chas
Darrngh Johd
D-.err, N L
Kd wards, 0 E
Farley, .las 11
Handrlx, Frd
Havens, il K
Lavery, A M
Maratlla, Frank
Moss, Marttn
Morgan, Wm F
Price, Chas T
Robertson, Gio
Stevens. Joe
Hrallb, John
Whitley, Joe
Persons calling for thn nbovu
lottos I
will please say "Advertised."
nEe W McKkaki I
Any pcrou nunerlng from tbo above ill .
raie In reqiiortcd to iiiblresiDit. Price, an
t trial liottlonf meilicino will bo lornardcd
by cxnnei., Vuk I
Dr. Price la a loitilar physician, and tiae
joiuu uic iiciiiiuuni ui
a study for years, ami lie will warrant a
cur-, by tho llo of liU remedy
Do i.ot fall to send to him lor trlul bottle;
I to.ta nothing, and lie
tv iii, o ir k i: y ii.
ao matlcr of Ipw long slmnllng your caio
uiay no. or uow many othu. remuuics iu
iae fulled,
Circiilam and testimonials sent with,
was. t. Piuni:,
os ii.:-ii&wtv
ft "N.
is i iipii run ii 1 1 nun niiii)jsaajssMwsTsssi
borne manufacture. Also
ought to contain five pounds
Washington At.
c.in get a Comple'o Assortment.
Vuloan Iron Wokic
FoROxn and Pipe Kittino,
sTitAn r.N.ii.M?,, nii.i., ntuuiiosi
Manutacturca ana repairea
Special attention given tn light and tuavi
lorihne. house, brld.-o. railroad and jail work
and all work of a similar character.
Steam and gas littlng In all IU branches.
A full assortment ot .Morris, Taskcr A Co'i
1'htladelphia pipe and fittings. Ilras goods
etc., and gas fixtures alwats on band.
Agent for Cameron a special steam pumr
and boiler Ireder. Tbe best manufactured.
Coil's pilcut syphon pumps, and Judson'i
patent governor and governor talre.
Tho following engines, etc.. for sale :
Two ateimhoat engines, 181 tucb bore ot
cylinder; five feet stroke, and In good ordsi.
One steamboat sbalt and crank; wrot iron
(Jul- engine lor hoM't.g freight; 71X10.
One IHXzO taw mill engine, with abaft and
crank for muly or gang saw, second band.
One new 7X12 engine; lay own manufac
ture. Also, a eeond-hand stave cutting ma
chine and jointer, and warehouse bolatioa
maahtne, In good onler.
Kaglnns and machinery of all kinds bought
and sold
Succouor to
Dealer n
Manufacturer and Jobber of
WARE I'umps, HIrd Oagcn, Ico Cream Krcecz
Water Coolers, Wlro Cloth Tor W.d
dow Screens.Japancd Ware,
Etc., Etc.
Cullring and .Job Work
Agent for iho
Garry Iron Roofing Co.,
'I ho best Iron Ronllrg In the Market.
m Abroad will Receive Prompt
Attention, 1
one with Dl-patch and Warran
k dtoglvo Satisfaction.
HAIB D B B t-. 8 E B
aighth Street, between Washington and
CoiumercUl Avenue.
i.JI'0. ILL?.
Cures all kinds ot pains. For sale by

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