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aTaTaWSJaaVaTaVaT, I I II HI I I - - T - " ' ' ' SaW ' ' - - .... -
ill ynNiiiiLU.il. aemcrnrjex -i. mtn. nuu npfmmiewr .
- , - zmn cuaiaauisioLwiua iceisiaiuLo wrir ....,-..,
rMCqiSqf p Union, (Mt Hilt, TM Fjnev
f. aw-np;.
lirriffc-.toidTinrr 10 oo
T evjta, It notfald In A
rfnUtt.js:.:...... ...5..::. (u
jBytC&....A.......f....4. 10 00
EtttefA. ' II 00
JPHODUftt ... o
Tfcret MWlhJ , "
mmIIb mmmr oo every li.
Peiuocratfc Stnto Ticket.
Kor State Trcaaorer
For Superintendent ot VuMlc lntrucUon
8. M. ETTEtt.
Tor Congron Eighteenth Dlitrlct,
For npreientatiTf Fiftieth D.'itrict.
cxjAtBORtts lritfUTON.
First The teitorUon ot gold ami illTcr
aithebu'iol tue currency ; the re-umpUnn
ot tpei ld pa mecta oon at poilbla vil b
out tlltatcr to tho bunlncn ot the country,
by ttewltly oppoatfg tnflntlon and by the
paywentof tttenttlo at tndcljtednnts In tho
money ot the ctrllzcd vrorld.
Skcond Free Commerce; no tat Iff for any
other purpose but reveutie.
THiBt) lodlvldusl liberty and oppotttlou
to (umptuary Uvri.
Fourth The right and duty of the
Stale to protect It clilzem frum extnrt'on
and urjuit dlicdmlnatloB by vhartcied
Fiitu ltigld rsitrl tton ot the govern
ment, boib Bute and Nstl 'tinl, to the l git
lmats domain of political power by exctud
lng .herefrom all cxecut vu and legislative
tnierueddltng wllh the affairs of euclcly
whereby monopolle aro fostered, prlvl'
edged duel aggrandized, and IndMuua
frerdum unnecenartly and oppre slvely
Tho following Central Committee
was appointed by tho Republioan con
gressionai convootion that met at
Mound City, August 13, 1874 :
AUxandor county, O. W. McKeale :
Jackson, Bun i. Wiloyj
Jobn.on, A.J. Aldeo;
Muitc, Heiry Armstrong :'
Parr, 8. J. PVirkij
Pope, H. D. Uaker ;
Putatki, Uairga W. Morn, Sr.)
ouitf.i-j.. L Hilcldsteri;
"W.lllamion, Ullo Krwin.
uo-ioiioVing i;ontral ,
was appointed by the Republican con
Tention of the Ftftieth senatorial dis-
triot, hold at Mound City, August 13,
1S74 :
Alxtnder county, E. E. VTtlbrtdaei
Jaokun, Ezra B 2'ollott ;
Union, 1 11, Phillips.
At tho Domooratio concrcsrional
eonvention, hold at Anna, September
8, 1874, tho following Central Com
mittoe for tho Eighteenth district was
appointed :
itandolpb, Berorly Wiltshire:
Perry, B. B. Rusher;
Williamson, O. W. Uodd-.rd:
Jackson, O. W. Androwej
Union, Hugh Andrews j
Johnson, I, N. Pierco;
Muiio, J. W. Thrift j
Pope, D. B. Kl Id ;
Pulaski, Ooed KJson ;
Alexander, John 11. Olmrly j
At Large, Judge F, Bros, Oalro.
Tho following exooutivo committee
far Union county was nppoiuted by
the Democratic county convention that
met in Jonesboro, August 24, 1874 :
Judge M. O. Crawford:
O. H Kroh :
O. P. Hill.
Tho following Stato commitleo was
appointed by tho Democratic-Opposition
convention, at Springfieid, August
26, 1874'
1st District, Ei-bert Jameson, Chicago
24 District, Wra. .f.Onaban, Cblce-
finno, r ii, u. vvinion, UDIcsgo
4th Diitricl, A. il IIrrlnglon,Oenev.
6th Dlttrict, Wm Wrf;bt. Freeport
8lh District, J. S. Drake, Hock Mnnd.
Tth Dl.lrict, Quo W. Ravens, Oituwa
8 h District, Waihlngtou E. Cook
Oih District Ohas. p. King, l'eorla.
JOth District, D.ld Uod, Onrth.uo
11th Di.trlcJ. M Buih, Pituu.ld
l'.th Distflct. K L SUrritt. SprU.;fleiij
13th District John A. Mllory,llvnna.
Kth Dl-trlct, J H, Busby, Cb-.mpign
16tb District, ti. O. Robinson. EfiW
16th niurlot, O D Hollos, Greenville
17th District, W. U Krome, Edwards-
16th District, W. H. Oiotin, Cairo.
10th District, Ja-nnr. P Roblnson.Olnoy.
At Ltrge, N. II. Millxr, Chicago.
At Large, It. W. Towuaend, 'bawnee
town.c ,
At-LTge,tVm. Brown, Jacksonville.
Mr. Drown was cleoted chairman of
" "jTb tollomng Coutral Commitleo
W mflajfXyr Democratic con
vention of Alexander couutv, at Cairo
August 23, 1874! '
! fffif)il!L0W J. McClure.
udoh aMnax urpenipy.
Dog Tooth, ti, Uunitcker.
iTBtieHwstfrluJmM t McOrite.
nrlHU4iro. .I'H'UetCair.at.O JJarrall.
'"sL 1 1. 40. UBI . A. UUliVU w wuewoja
nfflifBu mothoiiilaSvfis
ft TW nlllJwrvnd Jjmf Carroll. '
iLajoulb 0Iro, John H.'Qoisman, John
n . -WtW ? m J .InHIIIHnrf.H .nil Tm T A i
Tb followinj- Central Committeo
ppoltdby tht Dfniooratio.Lib.
rv,.. in a xm.
. rmioiu avnaismai uisirrci' av ur- j .
Ctidn in the shape of
n aggravated esse.
farmen ot Mnssao and Fopc
ntUs liave potUioned IH'e Rcr.Teaac
Wllltatns to becomo a candidate for the
stnto senate In the fifty firat district
Grant, Sherman and
fielkoap will be presont at the eight''
annual re-union of the army or the
Tenncwoo, to bo held in SpriugGeld,
III., on the fourteenth and Cftoonth ot
Two captains of tho reclmont
which Kollogg commanded during tin-
war telegraphed hint from 13u-huo!l,
111., to "k'ivo them h 11." For tnt
years pant, this ia what Kellogg hai
been gWing tho people of Louisiana.
TllK "Southern Republican conven
tiou" called to meet at Uhattanoogn oi
tho thirteenth prox., it appear, wJI
eouBtdvr Ormt'tt chmneem 'or a tuirn
term, tin- being tho real, though no
ostensible object of tho mcotinc
Delegates will bo present from all tin
Southern states.
There aro but two railroads in tin
United States which still adhere ti
tho broad or six feet gaugo. Then
are the Erie and tho Ailutitio anu
Great Western lines, and these cotnpa
nics are now making preparations ti
conform to the standard gauge of foul
feet, eight and a half inches.
Ottawa, in this state, has discovered
that it has a mineral spring, and i
forthwith preparing to become a f
mous' watering placo. Somo of tin
moneyed mon of the placo announce i
determination to build n hotel ft t
tho accommodation oi invalids, am
havo everything in rcadinoits for tin
season of 1875.
The "Order of the Rluo nud th
Gray" recently started in YicVsburf:
has a praiseworthy objoot in view. It
membership is to be composed of soldien
of tho confodorato and union armies
and the purpopo of tho order is to hoa
tho wounds made by tho war. Tl)i
sort of reconstruction will do ton-fold
ilium good than tho sham article whici
ijWX.fA lKnp -.f .itirtn tlto olnin oi tbl
iii.TONa last statement pcems t(
have had the effect of producing
ohamjo in tho opinions ot some of tht
Now YorptperB, which have, from
tho beginning adhored to Mr. Beecher.
Tho 'Tribune expresses the opinion
that tho great preacher is pressed t
tho rrall and is likely to stnv there:
meanwhile Miss Edna Dean Proctor
has sued lloulton for a hundred thous
and dollars damage to hor charaoter,
Bcecber has preaohed his last nermou
for the season at the Twin Mountain
lloute, and publio interest in the
great scandal is as keen as ever.
To tho fartuor, mcchanio and all
laborers in search of a locality, no place
in the Union offers uiorct emptinc in
ducements than Southern Illinois, with
its now, but rapidly growing towns and
splondid fruit uud farming facilities
Since tho complotion of the Cairo and
Vinconnes railroad, thin is a faot which
hai obtruded itsolf upon tho public
more forcibly that; at any previous
timo, and a many towns hao
sprung up on its lino in JSoutheru
Illinois, bouio of these, of which men
tion has been mado in the BULLETIN
have grown rapidly. The town ol
Stouefort, in tho 60Uth-east corner of
Williamson county, is one of the fore
most. Its first house was built eigh
teen months ago, and it now has a pop.
ulation of Cvo hundred poople, and Us
"tores, shops, ic, are evldouco of their
thrift nud energy.
The September returns of tho de
partmeut of agriculture indicate an av
erage condition of 93, against 05 in
Soplerabcr, 1873. Tho avcrasjo of tho
crop is beven per cmt. greutcr than
last year, which would bring tho accro-
gato yield to nearly an uvernge on last
year s acreage. All the New England
1 kl 1 11 n. ,
sou miuuie oiaiei are aoovo avoraue,
except I cleware, which is full average
All tho Atlantic and Gulf States ate
below avorago, except Alabama, which
is 101. Tho inland out born States
are all above nverago, Arkansas pre
'cntiug the maximum of tho whole
country, which is 120. North of tho
Ohio riveijiuobt of tho counties not vis
ited by tho chinch presont superior
wheat crops. Ohio, Michigan aud In.
diaoa aro abovo average. Illinois 2
per cent, below. Wiscontin is reduced
' ''?5r"Sl,3r '"fil" Pd chinches.
West of ft WaiMppl, dnit.chtf.ln,
tenTellhewt,-l.pt.jTipd,, 0,inBb j,(d
prafs iinppors 'have reduced all th
tales below averapis except Ml'-sourl.
The Ptoifio Stiles aro above average.
"V IW ft
SCRiDNtu's MontmlV for October
opens with anotberrauoifioontly illus
trated "Great Bouth" papor, hv- -.Ed
ward King, emitted, "Down the Mis
sissippi tho Labor Question Arkan
sas1' ; it contains much pioturesquo dei
cription, and practical information.
The important essay of this number is
a very careful study of Georgo Elliott's
novols, by W. C. Wilkinson. Mr. Na
dal, formerly with Mr. Motley in Lon
don, and now literary editor of the N.Y.
Evening Post, has a charming sketch
of Oxford. Mr. Cablo, tho Now Or
leans story-writer, gives us another
oharacteristio sketch of life in the
American Paris; his presont story,
" Tito Poulette," in highly dramatio
and exciting. "Kathcrine Etrlo," and
'Urdronnaux" aro concluded ; (ICath
orino Earlo will bo published in book
ibrm by Lee and Shephard), nud Jules
Vorno b "Mysterious Island" is contin-
icd. Then wo have "A Royal Hair-
"utting," "San Iteuio," Tho Roso of
oWIim," "Old 'time Music" &o.
In "Topics of the Time," Dr. IIol
Imid write oliout Jlr. Dovsher. "The
'resent TUological Outlook," tho 'Ro-
ards of Literary Labor," ic. "The
Jld Cabinet" is dovotcd to Good Tastu
tud the othor dcpartmeutu havo about
heir usual variety.
Iu tho November ScutliNKtt a now
lory by Sjxo Holm will begin, to run
hrough three or four numbors.
Tuk October Numbor ol Lippin-
,'oud. '-Tho New Hyperion," by Ed
,?ard Strahan, with those quaint illus
trutious, continuos to be thoroughly
ittraotive. Tho second paper of "A
Visit to the Dolomite," liko tho first,
h written with spirit, most vivid iiTits
Icncrip'.ious of mountain xceuery, and
-plciididly illustrated. The October
instalment of Mr. Iilaok's "Three
Feathers" is excecdiogly happy in its
lelincationy of tho loading characters
of the story. "Tho liritish Peorago."
by Reginald Wyuford, is a carefully
tnd finely written articlo on a some
what novel topio forun American peri
odic.il, and is very interesting and in
structive from beginning to end. In
' Malcolm," by George McDonald, the
horo discovers his aristocratio bit th,
ind is pervereo enough about it, but
'till it. somewhat consoled by the
tbrmpht that now he imdjr Plo
met may legitimately, i , .. .
o.m"cn oMoino'5tiiig!,hj "Tiallo -
uy. Dy ltobert Soraers, Jr.. la a liv
ely sporting article, decidedly spioy and
mil oi Ireslt air. "Miss Fitoh." bv
Lucy KHoii Guornsey, is a short story
ofdomostio life and adreuture, and is
quito a littlo gem in its way. In a
short but lucid paper Mr. Junius Henri
Urowne gives a vory vivid aooount of
tuo genius aua inconsistency of "Ben
jamin Constnnt,"ono of tho most no-
tod Frenchmen of his timo. The
Poems of tho number, "Oa Reading
Danto'a New Life," a Sonnot, by T.M.
Coan ; "Lovo'a Afternoon," a Song, by
Mary B. Dodgo ; "Clouds aud Sunrise,"
by Maloolm Maccuen ; and "A Greet
ing," by F. A. llillard, have, all a good
deal of true poetic feeling finolv ox-
pressed. Tho Monthly Gossip is good,
aud charming as ever.
When tho rains havo swollen its trib
utary rivors to more than thoirordiuary
voluraue, tho Mississippi is grand, tor
nuble, treacherous. Always subtle
aud eerpeut-ltktj in itu modo of stealing
upon its prey, it swallows up acres ut
uuo fell Bwoop ou ono sido; sweeping
llieill awav from thoir fr.-iil Imi.l rn
tho main land, while, on tho other, it
covers plantations with slimo. and
brokcu treo truuks and bouitbs. the
irightcncd inh&bltauts into tho aeoond
'tory of their cabins, aud drivinc tho
cattle uud swine upon high knolls to
starve, orperlmps tinally to drown.
It pierces the puny levcei which havo
cost tho Stato bordering upon it suoh
immense rums, aud iroes bubbling uud
rosriug through tho crevasse, distract
lug tho pluutere, and sending dismay
to millions of pcoplo in a single night.
If promises u lull in ono day ; on an
other it rises so suddenly that tho ad
venturous woodsmen along tho bordor
huvo scarcely time to flee. It makes a
iako of tho I'ertilo country botweeu tho
two great rivers ; it carries off hundreds
of wood-piles, which lonoly and pa
tient labor has heaped, in tho hopo
that a passiug atcamer will buy thorn
up, and thus reward a eoaion'n work.
Out of each small town on Its wertern
bauk.'fiot too carelessly by wator'a
edge, it makes a piamy V6uico, or
floats it off altogether. As tho hugo
steamer glided uloug, oo the mighty
current, wo could eeo families pcrchod
iu tho second stories of ihoir houses,
gzuig grimly out upon tho approach
log ruin. At ono point a mau was
sculling from hiuo to barn-yard with
lood for his stock. Tho log barn was
u dreary pile in thn midst ot'the flood.
The swine and cows stood shivering- on
h pino kuoll, uisconsolatoly qurrowing.
Hailed by some flustered paterfamilias
or plantation master bound to the near
est town .for supplies, we took him to
uib uu-iiiijuoii.,. ,a" wo pnsora oeiow
the Aikunms und Whito rivt ri', thu iji-
guntio vOluitinu of walcr bad so f.ir '
overrun its' mnural bnmidiries (hut wo
: . ii .
seomed at eea, instead of upon an in-1
land river. The cotton-woodJ ami cy
proven stood' up amid tho. water wilder
ltko ghoai. V.GsiiDK into tho long
avenuiis'vf tho ombet forests, we
couldftjcVouTyitho ,otol M'ttt'
veloping l00d.;.7ln the upon country
the cabius seemed ready to sail away,
through their uiatori wero tuuully
amokelug with much iquanimitv, und
..r.iiln.- a "full." -Edward ICiUKi iu
"Down tho Mississippi," in Seribuer's
for October.
Eccentricities of
From TIIioii'b Last St tcment.
Tin. eeceaino iady has fr yer pH
Iibmii .nlniatuil bv Tloiunl liattojs uU au
uncontrollable tmnp.r, resuhlng ntlen lu
liysturicl Uu. lu onu ot tne.a shi
cmtcbtd bur liubnd by tho throat nuu
.trangmd him till he grew Ulnok in i
Uce, utvur wu'en mo veneraoio mnu ciiim
tho funly tognlhur and enaclMd loal
-.partitluu from hor, wbl 'h he m.inuln
;o this Uby. SUi) nl inico luruiv uui
puraiol, liltu a rnpier, Into my broi,
brnaking off the bauillo In liar vloluucu
Ufun and uftun shu ut sent mu notus,
avowing her Intuntlua of taking my 11 o
tlur stoimy pucunnritles are wall kuow
lo our family, and are prtly eicuiod uu
lliu ground ibi sLo U tiol wholly roipon
.IDIe lor bar L'onuuct r. rmrr ot lior o
which I (id hor physician, tho Uln Dr
Darker, of Orooalyn, lo rocommend ui
lor t rant maul to an kiylum tor the Insane.
One evening In too lumiuor of lH7o,
Mr-. Morse (before she rucelved I rum
K.lzblh her confaeilon, though this con
Icailou bad already boen made to m-. )
uoku calumuiouilr of a Udr who
then, and Is now, Mrs. Tilton's mast lull
mitta and honuuroil Inend. Mrs Morsar
calumny was that this lady had ptjruilUu)
a (1010,1 Wltn myioll. I Said to Mtr
Morto in Mrs. Tiltunt prrtenoo:, "Mtd .ui
eltbar you must retire from this bouie o
-peak moro rutpfotluily ot its uiattur tnt.
bis guestt, and for your good behavior n
tblt ronxict 1 snail hold your daughter rn
IMinilbiu. ' Mrs Morse instantly, and Ik
rage, interpreted this as a couiitir-afoma-lion
against Mrs. Tlllon, and, turning to
ward oer, cried Hurcaly, "K-lzabotb, haf
vou been dolnc wrotit-7 innrn w
somolhiug in tba suddenness of the quo
lion wblch struck E Izabeth mutn anil
dumb; whereupon Mrs Morse tell upmi
iiur with another uuslion: "Is il Mr
lUcctiMrt" Mrs. Tlllon su lilmly lfi lln
room, Mrs. M.irse fo.lowiiig bur, r'ptiiiv
nr question until h lzbiu bowel li
iiti.il iu airenl. Mr Morse then wni'.c
hr hand ud eiulaluiud, "Oh, my Ood I
my Uod 1
Wuriug mo evirai uys nninumn"j
omuiliL. Mrs. Mor.r, who hi'l U4dtt mau
ill l v the altloiuru. Ixld a law conversu
lions with uie, In which she begged run to
tin gentle with her dugni"r, who, sin
aid had nuvor bafora commilled any slu
in her lifv.
So violent was Mrs. Morse s feeling
against Mr. lljocbur ai this unriod ibni
he ihroateoed Ui cut to pieces the oil port
rait of him whicb I'jgi bad ptlntol for
mu; In coiKiquincti o which threat I ro
moved this work of art lo Mr. Moullon's
house, whire It remains to Ibis day.
Then, fur a iliuri time, Mrs. Morn-
showed me love and rosuaat. Willi tier
bauds on tn flid she gave me hor blet
Ilia:, and .aid last If 1 vould rorglvo to
-r.inir wbich ber U-uhlur had done mu
!"?. . -niloiildnoaW .h. hrl
iiiv leniunoy ihji k; ia.batli To- .111
luiuro comtorl for eithur ot thviu iu tbfe
the aispomion towarus me In my
rnnthor-iii-law ws of short duration
dho snun began suizjd with the conviction
thai 1 would tolluw tho couimon cilttoui ol
men in siiulliar sliU'tlion, and would nn
for a dlvorce.tn ruin her daughter' name.
Alter Mrs Jloroi rollrnmuut as mi
housvknnpsr, to be succttxlnd (at raj
uaugiuur'a riquosi; oy Jim utnnis, 1 re
cairil from my iuoitior-ln law an almml
daily letter of ubuio. From toe e lettors
1 will make a four extracts to show ihi
spirit aud temper of a woman with whom
1 beliove no man could pnnlbly dwell
ioug in peso--, inote oxtracis will more
over show hew well Mrs Morse under
stood hor daugbtur's criminal intimacy
with Mr.Hepcuer. 1 have hitherto shrunk
from mating my wife's mother testlfi
against bnr own daughter, but since tboa
twein liavo united to wage against me a
pitiless war or falsehood and oblooiv. 1
am forced In slf dufemo to inhibit ihuio
extracts from Mrs. Morse s totters.
ornal villain I This nlgbt you
in fail. e e yDy yur
"You lofornal
bould be
I'tieacberous toiigui has not ore this bueu
taKvn out Py too roots Is a wonder."
lour slimy, polluted, brawny baud
curses everything you touch, A perleiu
type oi urian ueep, ibis is not original
11 is woil understood wby 1 have been
turned out ot your rotten bouie"
"X havo always said you were not worth
the time aud paper, and 1 would never
waite either on you; but tbe hypoori-y
and villainy of your course has of late
been so apparent, and the sight of your
uaioanu purUdlous nersou so ravolilu. 1
oan tell you my opinion better this than
' --JW
'I can, with a stroka of my pen, brini;
juu ui your anecs nua nrabd you ror llfw.
Tho world would be bitter for
the riddance of such a villain, and think
no morn of putting ynu aside than killing
tbe nmpt.i cur that runs th air.m. V.i
uiao.ni- i, tir,,riial, 1 would bavo killed
you, nt,
"Xuu void Carroll I bit you. Tu
poor, deluded tool, Carroll knew tbat you
deserved it."
"Ifjou havi riven ber Miss D-nnlsl
iae privilege ol going lo pnplo and in
sliiuallug ber dark and damning fuels re
gardibg your wife and children, it is a
poor rule wbich won't work boiu ways."
"I never aiiociata my child's name in
the tnoit dlitaut manner with Mr U.
Mr. Ileecher The nearest I evur came
was when Jon-ph Mrs. Morse's son
queslionud me how much I knew of thu
manor If I thought II. was Implicated.
1 said, alt 1 c.n lay t, 1 , tel yUU Bl
my darling told me -'shu howi'd her
bead just a( cho did on that -dark ami
dreadtul nighi.' wh-n you with jour fl.l
lu her fare compelled her to acknowledge
ibis sicrod secret, And that act, with all
sickening details, will haunt mo to my
dying day"
"My pour, der oull,l n"Vor aniwurad
your bestial w,m t. 0 relUI us by nature
and urafo for sm b . y u j , Wh
ha answnrod Till ihi. hour I can sweur
lhatlhaonlycimfort I (nr.. taken lm
b.iin tr thai ct that he ws. a o.imf.irl and
did aypathiz. with her "
"Vnii nit.liaiH by expoilng thiV only
deed which my martyred child over did
which was col O id lik,, nr,d ,hi, WM
brought about by the love and sympathy
that man had tor her wretchedness ; and
bow she ever came to expose bim or her
sell to one she knew so well could not be
trui'ed elernliy n ,t belong en lugh
th iny.tery "
, I"1'1 no,-'"'I'h th
ihla narratlvn rwtth
fiirther writing, frm ,ir-i Morce, id(ipt
... -AA BAit. '
" "r"'i note nr ner one) to
Mr. Bowen, the other to myiolf. Sborlly
. ,,.. .-u ur ft iuin ,,r Ilera ono lo
ftfier my rotlrrment from ihe Brooklyn
union, one or Mr. uowun ciuiks, iiiiuk-
log t give tne an Ihustratlnn of publto
sentiment touohlog my removal, sent mn
thn following anonymous scrap, which I
discovered at a glance to be In tho famil
iar handwriting of my aflcctlonata
mother-in-law, Mrs. Mono:
"Mr. Bowkn 1 cnnt-ralulate tou
upon being rid of an Infidel, Liar, Hypo-
nrlto, UiiliellcVKf, Freelover, r. Tyrant,
lUievo and t ool
"Januaty M, 1874. SuESiniBta,"
The latest communication received by
mo from Ihe author of the above letters
was at tie beglnng of the present year,
and contains tbe following confession and
propositi Hi
The ici-entrle, uncontrollable and mis
chief-making womMi wbnio peculiarities
are sufllelently set forth In tba above ex
tracts, devised a plan In 1870 as I have
alroady said, to divorce Flizaboth from
me, In order in nrevenl mv supposed di-
sign todivor myielffrom her. In Iniitnl-
anca ot this plan, Mrs .Mor-i. uuring
tr. Tilton's nbssnca In thn Writ, not
only clri.'ulatod among my nolghbors atro
'Ions talcs about mn such us kicking my
wife whllo pregnant, knocking ber with
my flit to tho floor, coining homo drunk
at nigh ,.Vc -but she futherraorn undr
took to win Kllzibnth to this plan of dl.
vnrcf, tiy plyinc hnr with lettets llllid
wl h oqually Talsn rnpnrtsor mv DOUavior
forezamplo, tba 1 ws holding orglrs
In my hnu with trango women, making
mviolf a , and uttering drunken ac
cuallnn aiamt mv wife, by villi fy In n
har with Mr. Ileochcr ai ono of bis many
miitrciinS &o
i don't sue liu? Icouid have douu more
or lnui tbau 1 did; bui still tue loan
bould uot hafe beuu puulsbtd he abould
uaVe been acquttlud,'
IV uu itiase words tho Judge awoke to
-bo Cou.ciO ulu.s that be had a lelloW
rnVulut; and then, as if some explanation
or bli remark would be lu order, be w.nl
Ml !
'We bat a very Interesting trial iu
itu.uu uit wak Tom Carberry Irub
tuni, uo is cailed wai tried for murdar.
I duleudad him, nud never struggled
Harder for olnuii iu my lile For a wera
bature, and throughout the trial, 1 worked
iiigni and day lo work un latum, iiiy, abd
u prmuut thij caio 'o tbe Jury in the bait
poniblo light. 1 coumlud with all Ibo
ilurneyi not engaged tor tbe prosocullun.
uegoi bim ou with three years in ihu
pxaiinntiary; but be ought but to bav
been punisbeJ be should have bn aq
nul lBd '
Tbe fellow puilong.r quarried as to the
JircUllulaui-rS altcuding Ihu alleged mill
ler, and iko J idgo al.awnred :
1'ney weru wry peculiar, mid that Ii
tin rnaiuu why the trial waa so very iu
qruallbi- A wullMU Up lu Molilalia, who
over ihw loiu Carborry, tbougbt ibal bo
bid uoiih br great wrong, nbU so, wlien
abu Was askjd, ai the phrase Is, to 'take'
up w Uu n uhw iuiii,' she named bur termi:
Kt i lorn UnrDorrr, ot Austin, iNo
liui 1 never iaw nor heard of the man,'
.aid Ibe Alublana aspirant.
'Nf Y-nDol.ii,' sal J the, 'kill Tom Car
Il li the depth of wluler,' was ob
J clod, 'and we are hundreds of miles from
Auiiin. The Journey i-annot now be
made '
Kill bim In ihu spriug, said tho uufe
taili ng wouun
les, said he. aud the compact Was
if alad
Willi tbe opuuing of travel in the
yriug there arrive! alkali Lake Cily, by
Molilalia s'.nu, an iudlVIOUal wbo
tiuih ATlsiiir; tiCit'triiilrfena.Llps oT'liorVr-V
... .(jau uiuuu graior Ulstaiiuei. Tuni
-as quickly ajvi.-d of lh approach ot
oi vuuur, tiui ne look no slepa eiiber to
get out of the way or to be specially pr.
f-aicu tu i-o cumpanyi lit was Iheu fin
loyod at ilia Kuyitone mills, nine in I Itu
iioiu .own, nuu ii a ewyud llisre nearly n
wnulo week aftur ho knw that the Uuu
.ana chap was lu Autttc. You , Tern
la a peaceablo mau, and ho didn't Waul
any UlUlculty. Moit men would bare
come iu ui ones, and got tho affair off
tusir nanui i
The listener fanlertainoJ doubts at this
point, but saying nothing, ibo juili-o pro
ueeied: dalurday evening juit as usual with
him, Tom Sarne Into ibe city, and arter
gltiog shaved and flxed up for bis holi
day, he waut around lo ibusaloons, wbrre
many ot tho ptoplo of tbe mining towns
spend thuir leisure, to meet hi friands
It wasn't long before bo encounterod the
Muuieua To low, who began a't.bnoo in
turn's hearln;:. to maka inm'itln.
marks.' .
Here the llitsner Interrupted with
wny old be make Insult n , remarks 7
I he had oia, da long journey .lBy f,,,
he purpose ol killing torn, why dldu'rba
,hooi off baud 7'
necause, said tba I u dire. tbst wonl.t
nave been murder. Tne communis
town on murder, and he wouid h? b..r.
dangling irom an awning biatn In nftaeo
iiinutes tiling is a very different
mailer Wbeu two men irni Into a flht.
nd all is ta'.r batween them, and one kills
iiu oilier, ou iimuinues dou I ordinarily
oain iu mu, niuuu ooncorn on loo sulject,
... r. ... i .. . . . '
unuor auuu virouuiiiances m ouly Way
jiuuiiui na. io DriiVoua Turn in
quarrel, and lead up to a tight. Mut Tom
"i""u iu grainy mm bu
wuu'du l lake any notice didn't .aem i.i
bear, but repeatedly lull one saloon logo
to auotber, Juat lo keep out of tbn way
Montana followed him ud. until, at !.m
Canding right belore Tom, he luuipeJ un
aboui tw. feel Irom tbe floor, and e.uie
iowh wuu a ueavy lar. aud aa d. Min,
uniei r liven this Tuui didn't rsient h..
only put his babds over bis lane and Wi pt.
. a ,aii, ma iura auiua ly u-jwacl, until
ins b.it friends thought him an arrant
coward; and when ho got up and went
away to his room lo bd, thero wain't one
to say a good word fur him
Montana enjtiyed a season of glory
lie said. 'I'm chief I. in a nubllo ni.,-1
and no man had dand to accent the ohall
Ihe next morning Tom was standlnc
on tbe sidewilk, when Montana came
along, and ihey met face to face. Tom
spoke to him in a very quiet. low tone.
saying :
Stranger, you usod mo prettv rouch
last nig hi, but 1 djb'l boar malice. Jest
aay tlial yuu u been dribkin und diun't
mean It, and we II say no moro about it
'Montiua answered, 'No unoloiiii'i In
Well,' ssld Tom, 'you neodn't a noli; lie.
Come into the saloon and chiuk glarica
with mu, and we'll lot the matter drop.'
i Then iliiritana and. 'Tom Oiirherrt'
idtber ynu're ueneroiis, or olio you're a
coward. I don't ibl'ik you'r'i cowrdly,
und if I'd known you nl the start, it's
most likely 1 wouldn't !)' wuded iu
fin, ibe mailer om't be let drop, for
I here's hundreds of people in my lectloi,
an' between horo and tbura who knows
lhat I came brio to kill you; so thuro's
but two ways we must light nr you limit
run. If you'll run, It'll be ai good to me
as to fight.'
Tom's almnsl suppllaiit bosring disap.
peared on thu Instant, and hu o-.id :
'.Stranger, 1 nint much in thu lnl.lt nf rim.
nlng, anil if w. 'r llhi ma ai wej'
have II iut now a any llm.,, Am iiuil
n "I !.1I i;j i ,
, 'ion a-i.eii -ii' oiieii.on
,havo a law against carrying
loo al,Hil -nu illleil.,111 lirc.ti
III!, J, IMA Mtt
aVa'K.aV SBaalalBa.
BBLttaK fcrT 'aaak
&3lT JssaBaaaaW. iHaL.
Jobbers and
Chemicals, Patent Medicines, Perfumery, Soapa, Brushes,
loilctt Articles, Drupgist's l'ancy Goods, Collier V Into
Lead and Other Grades," Paints, Colors, Oils, Varnishes,
Window Glnsfl, Wax Flower Material, Trbo Colors, Dyo
Stuffs, Etc., Etc., Etc.
Wo Solicit enrre'Dondenco and nnlnri from Drinrilala. I'lu-tlcUna and (leneral .Storea
In wnnt ol (Inod. lu our Line, htcamboat. l'lantatio'i and Family Medicine cases turn
tidied or Itclllled with Itellahlo Drugs at Ucasonablc Hates
, 74 Ohio Levcc.
O -A.
ivenpoiif, winch Ir regarded ut tuch hours
e w iie tlnnlt Uioy will have no 1111 for
tlji-ir arm, mi J dlrtegardid al all olhtr
'fliu answer was, 'No, 1 left my revol
'vcr fllh tbu barknojior of tho Kxcbatigu.'
Out It,' said To, 'I'll wail for you
Mho Exchange was In a corner
building acroii a street wbich came in
at right angles to the sidewalk where they
were standing. Monlan wont In at the
front door, but cm out at tbe side
on tho cross ilrrol, hoping to itoal up
and get U drop on Tom," but Ibis was
net so easy. Turn was wide awakn
he had cioned the mala street to i;nerd
agaiast surprino; so, hm Montana
puked bis pl-lol around the corner nod
followed It with just enough ut bis bead to
take sliiht, Crhurry was not in rngp.
In n moineut their eyes met and the
shooting begin. Tom curled down cloie
to tho road bed, to prvs"' unaiiort
1 '
pifAtivelv -i ..-t i ,il an
nll-et Ivlnif
on tbe ground. M..r.tn .ho.,0red bun-
seirsriuiHwhat hahln.l n. low n,w of l.ckl
of potatoei lylnK 0Il tho JKU ,j( lhn ,,,), .
r.no p.rny iN,nind a imall awning '
post. Tbii la.t w, f,nt atr(,r( or wfJ
a tall post for a mark it ii the oiliest .hiOL
In the world to riil(n lineibol.
'1 ayi making a long story of tb shoot
lng. wh!6b in revlty vai very soon ovsr.
1 bay fired Ihreo shots apiece in many ,
seconds. Tom's third ball p.,ie,l ihri,g&
.Montana s heart, and ho was dead beforn '
his head rebounded cn tbn brisk pr.vo
ment. Corherry lurreriil-red blmmlf at '
one-, and wi kept In j,l until the trial
cmo off, although bail to any aoiouu wis
After n. pause tho Judge added, ' I don t
sea how I could bav? done more for him ,
than I did; but tho man should not havo '
bn punlihed he sh iiild
quitted ; and ho would have ben but for
ono circtimitanc, which pr.Judieed Ibe
court end lurv SL'sinit htm
. 'W.h'11 w' ,b" clrcumitanco so preludl
Oll?' flU,ti,ined tho llntanee '
'Tho Jlnnlina chan Wat Km r'.nelli m.n
Tom hai killed In A n.itn i ,.,i .u.
Judgo innoorntly,
- . . Jim. .1. ua
or the
Agricultunil & Mechanical
will be ln Id at
Days. '
Itallroadi running throuch Charleiton win
carry P a cngers round trip t ro e and one
tilth furo
liui will luivo Cain a fol own
rerrv.boit will lem-A inie.. in..n...
in us loato iiird'a Pnlrt ut 8:) n. m.
Irilllla letlu (!linrit..1nt, fn iM... ..i.n...
op.m. "ouui,
r Amn,e n rangiments li ivo been mado
lor the accommodation ,r ilnlt-irs
Ul" J. II. lltTUUNE, ficc'y.
DR . W. iiLAUW
tuoiirs IJIrcl (uprteirs) corner Bib tilro
and WnHbliigtnn Avonuo.
9tl 31-tf
I'o the K litorot Tine IIui.i.k-ini
i:su:i!.MliIi ritii! D: You nln nlcue in
Inrm your r-iidora thin I bitv'u . po-itlvo
in ki; nm onsumi'tion
and iill disorders ol lhn Throat mid Mings,
did ibal, b lli. uo in my pructlci', I huo
jurud IiiiihIiciIh ot c,en, mid tylil glo
1.000 00
or a ea'o il will not bonellt. Indeed, ao
trongis my lulili, I ll .end n Sajiii.e,
ruin;, lo uny suU'oror ii'lilrensliii' me,
I'lci-o eliOW tins eltcr to nil) "lie villi m;iy
(now who is lllloring flinii these ill-i im- ,
irni -obllitf, I'alililnlh Yoiiin,
j G33TW A5? AUO DftiCT. fi. BURrT,
UU' 'i.A'JU.aH..,- "IjiiflfllHat
7lirvuivioH . i;tij. .Tb i I nj X
Retailers of
M'nslilngton Ave. cor. Klghtli Wt.
TJEb O .
Bristol & Stilwell
Family Grocers,
t ..H'ccn evcrv thinr raitiif
i line 01 Muiifo ami t-'ann n...
, Woodciiwaru, Vcctablcs Kenti. , '
t - - ' ? lOCIaO'M, 1' TUltft, 4c,
I ac' jj -
Choice Dried Beef,
, Breakfast Bacon,
Fine Pears and Peaches for
Can n ingurgoses.
H 7 A .
ft.i. -i -
r fj r l .
No 32 EIGHTH St.
OAino, ixiXi,
And Dealer In
No. 70 Ohio Lorec, CAIHO, ILLS
BHTspocIal attcntmu
ments and tilling nrdera.
given to consign
Wt U
Groceries, Provisions. Etc..
53. .A. X 23.
llih'.h Ptrect, tieti.ren Washington und
H'ol U QinierPIT'tt Ave"ue.
ei,! n,

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