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An otJlunct to amend Section 20 of Orill
nanco No, 14, dunging tlio cHablMicil
width Of sidewalk on l.evce street from
llVrt Md.MncilVy Hie city council ol the
ClXoTioxri! Thai Section No 20 o( Ordi
nance No.H, le amended by Btrlklnjur out
It" ftwl Inserting In lieu thereof, '20' In
that portion of said cctIon describing tho
illiUneo or lu otitsr cdeo of laid walk
Irom the Irout line ol tho Tots; and also In
Approved OctobcriUl, 1871.
John Woon, Mayor.
Atlcit ! "Wilt, K. Hawkins, City Clerk.
KrU(1 nronoinls. addressed to tho city
rnunrtl nl tlio rttv of Cairo. Will bfl received
tmy ofllec, No. 121 Commercial avenue,
until 6 o'clock ii. in. of Tttwday. the 13th
day ot October, 1871, for tarnishing tho
matorlal and doing the work tor the con
struction ol a acwer through tho Ohio levee
t or near Thlrty-elgbth street.
Said o sror 1 to he constructed according
to tho plan and specification furnWicd by
John 1 llealcy, city engineer, and which
tiUn and speclllcatloni aro now on filo In
iny olllco, subject to examination at any
11 Tho party lo whom tbo contract may bo
warded will ho required to glvo a (,'ood
and (iimeJent bond fur tho faithful perform
ance of tho contract.
Tho city council reserves tho right to re
ject any and all proposals.
Sll-lO-l-lOt 31. B. Cox, City Comptroller.
Coal and Wood Yard.
Kept constantly on hand nt Host' Yard,
voinmerc.ai avenue, opposito mot nulla
Order promptly filled, Conl and Arood
delivered lreo of charge. Term Mtrlctly
caih. .H7-l0-C-3m.
Hotel and Rest&xixaiuit
122 Commercial Avenue.
To doon oordi of Cairo and Vlnccnno lUilroaJ
A trulty watch kept night and day for
Trains and Steamboats.
for trancient gueitt at
of the claws, and tlm more completo
fhlclauc of the parts subject to wear, by
metal ulatcs. inakini: tnem wear rIVK
times as lono, and do tho work faster and
easier than anv other hti'kcr. Made of tho
Tory best calf leather, in four nlzos, right
auujcrt inndoci. o.iiiiiki'h ucui luriiuiu on
rccolpt of price. JJnir glove. fl.2.; full
gloves, yi'.nu por pair, lyioerni uiscomit lit
quanuilex. Ask your mercuant, or audiciis
Chicago, Jlln,
is a effectual a rented
as tho Sulphite In tbe samo do, whllo It afftttt
the head U$m, Is moro ialatak1e and much chtajitr.
Rtni tot deurlUre Circular with Testlmontali
cf rhytlelattB from all part of tbe country.
MP" Sample packages for trial, 2.1 cent.
Krrpued ly UlLI.INUt). CLAIM' li CO., Wanuae.
luring1 ChtmUUi iloilon, Muu.
$1,000 PER WEEK
CAN be made by any smart man who can
keen his btmlncos to hlmeclf. AddrcM
D. F. UEIIMANX, Hoboken, N. J.
A "WKKK guarnntccd to Malo and
Femalo Agentt in their locality.
Costa nothing to try it. l'iirtieu
lars free. V. O. VICKEltY Jt CO.,
sraii t luri. will
nfi CbinU ULont thugt,
fiiC IJtt. IMlUdful lift r.nta
Kvcry Uranuvr wanU It. It U cirlMnii
undcemilnn. Aadrcin, tor term. CO.Ol'
EltATIVE ri'lt. CO., Cincinnati, ht. I.oil.
or Muscatine, Iowa.
YOTTNO MKYWll,4o,i 10 '' tow-
X U Ull U BLEjA gniphlng, nnd tuko Dili
CVK on HOW lines Which wo urn lilrnl.),ln-
with operators, at Mlary irom gCO lo f 100
iior iuuihu. dcou lor circulars. -(i(lres
N. W.TEI.KdltAl'll INSTITUTE, Janef
lUc, AN lfconsin.
For ItaU, Mice, Uoachc, Ants. llfd.ug,
J. F. HENItY, C'UItltAN A CO.,
Solo Atjon
AY ood ColUns, Caskets and Metallc Case,
froin l to 7&, at Wllcox'a illock. east mdo
S wMbluetonnvrnue, between Tenth, and
Klevenlh ttreeti.
uw? ""Jtrtlgncd ,'hatlnjr ckUblUbed a
tew lumber yurdin conncetlon with tblt
awmlll, are prepared to furnish all kluds of
bulldlui; maU rlal, such as
And Ash Floonng, fildinp. Celling, Ac.
Special munition U culled to Sut htcain
W'JV"gu,ni yApleulturul Impleme
Material, which winle niniUbcd on "ho"
Dotlee In large or mull cjuautitles.
A Urge atock Jf disup lumber on hand at
our Bit I, which will bu kOW ul ty to tH r,,r
Ibouaand In carload lots. Alw lath id
thiaglu funiUliBd In any quantity.
Callro.U., Atifiutt J, W71, "
mi nnd.
Snmnbndr to take from us a thousand bill
lirnilx, gooii paper and finely printed, lor
?;i.bu io-i.w.
Mint einonti.
Ono thousand statements printed at This
UUI.I.KTIN olllco lor 83.G0 to m
Hole Iltiul.
Ono Ihmwiml noto hoad-i printed at Tub
Hui.ltin ofllco for ?l.00; twothouiand lor
0.G0. .
Hun II, nil. an, 1 l,nlnp. rArdf. flnC HHitOl
board, printed at 'lllK JIi'I.i.kti.V olllco lor
from $2.00 to f 0.00, Becoming w vizc.
Ort your oysters at tho Delmonico.
CJoino Up JUriDLY. Tho warohouso
of Thiillowood & Co:
The licit oyitors at tho
SUk Hats tntdo to order at A. Man's,
70 Ohio loveo.
FntESH oyttora or anything olio you
wantnt tho Dolmonlco llostnurant opon
any nnd night.
x. JKHK1.1.K. Van ' bo found at hi
dental pnrlorj cn Eighth itroot at all
hours. Jleet of roferonccs I'ivun. as to pro
fessional ability.
Coynb'b oystor dopot and roilaurant
Oystors in tho iholl and can, froih ovory
day, at l'hll Saup's old stand, botwoon
Sixth and Sovonth streoti, Cairo, ill.
Odd Fellows' Sociaiilk. Tho Odd
Follows of tho city colebratod tho anniver
sary of Alexander lodge last night by n
ociablo in tho lodgo room.
Two rooms to rent, botwoou Tenth nnd
Klovonth streets, on Washington avonuo.
Apply at County Olork's ofllee.
uihcuit Court. This court camo to
a not untimely death on Saturday night
Judgo llakar opens court at Mound City
SocIaiile. Tho ladles ol tho M. K
congregation will glvo their first soclablo
of tho season at tho parsonago, on Thun
day evening, 8th inst. td
Max Kueune, tho organ builder, I
roady at any tlmo to tuno and repair
pianos and molodonne. You may safely
trust your instruments to bu euro ; you
will not bo dccolvod.
Sold. Tho St. Louis Globe reports
gamoofbaso ball botwoon tho Occidental
club of Cairo, and tho Empires of St
Louis. Tbo Ulsbo was sold.
iiotiCK. Thoro will bo ft meeting of
tuo Froo Itellgious Association in thoi
ball to-night for buslnoss purposes. All
tnombers and those desiring to atcocWtc
-themselves with this society, are invited
to bo present, lly order of tho presidonl.
O.vIt." Anumbor or tho cavalry In
tho city Sunday night and yostorday
"mixed" through town somo ol thorn
drunk as lords. Thoy wore a little nn
noylng, but vory gentlemanly ror
drunken men.
ron Sale Huociy. Wo dosiro to soil
splondld buggy almost new. Wo will
sell it nt a croat sacrifice I'crsons desir
ing n good bargain In n buggy havo now
an opportunity to obtain one.
Ee TiLLiha Ir. Uuring tho high wa
ter of Jast spring tho filling put in by tho
Illinois Central and Mississippi Central
railroads In tront of Ualigher's mill, was
washod away. It is boing put In again
and tho front will tbnn bo rip-rapped.
Notice to the I'uhlic. Tho now
packing house markot In Wilcox's block
will bo opon Saturday noxt, with fresh
moats nnd now lard, nt tho lowost market
price. Howe & lino.
O.v and alter Oct. 1st, tho prlco of day
board at tho St. Charles Hotel, io now
boarders will bo f 25 por month. Only a
limited number will bo rocelvod at tho
abovo rates.
"Whipped Him. Ono of tho cavalry
command that paisod through tho city
yesterday m route lor the South, iniultod
mowiioor a colored man who
was heard; tho luiult. Thu soldior
roundly thrashed.
lloAnuma. l'arlles desiring boardinc
and lodging, or day board, In a prlvato
lamlly, near tuo business part of tho city.
can bo accommodated by calling at tno
first two-story framo dwelling In roar of
Dross' building on 11th itroot. 314.10-G Ct
FitKeii supply. Air. V. l'itzgorald has
Juitrocolvod and has on salo at his sales
room, a largo stock of English ale, porter.
Henneisy brandy and wines, and liquors
of all kinds, which ha will diipoio of at
rcasonablo prlcos. 260.l).'J5.1m
foil Hale, Tho forryboat "Collie
Thomas, now at Cairo, lteady for In
mediato uso will bo sold cheap, Apply
Olllco St..L, I. M. nnd S. Jt. J
Miih. L. J. cipeau has ono of tho llnost
stocks of mllllnory goods over oponod In
Cairo, fatoro on Couimorclal avonuo,
oait sido, oppoilto WIntor's block, bo
twoon Seventh and Klghth street.
200-U.30.0t Mns. Jj. J. Si-KAit.
1'erukIian u.. Thoio holding In vita-
tations to tbo l'orurbanus club party can
obtain tickets at Paul O. Sehuh's, Frank
Healy's, T. E SulHvaQ'i. and M. J.
McGauley's drug stores, nnd Phil. H-
Saup'i,orbny of the Invitation commit
too. The PEtiUKiiAdL's This social club
outrageouily named but metnbered by a
number ol our nest young men will hop
to-night at Kluge'i hall. Only those who
havo Invitations can participate In tbo
danco, Tho Invitations havo been dlf-
trlbutcd with discretion, and n roally
rtehtrche all'alr may bo oxpoetod.
Orrosmotr Counti Commitek. Sev.
eral futllo attompts have boon mado to or
ganize tho Opposition county committee.
Another attempt will bo nlndo to-night.
A meeting of tho committor will bo held at
the council chamber. Molcalf, llarroll,
Tom Ilalllday, Carroll, Oonman, Howlcrf
Hogan, Arter all will be proicnt.
Chicago Quotations. Wm. Linton,
rjprcicntln! D. V. Irwin & Co., Chicago,
sand us tho following quotations on grain :
Wheat, 02c;
Corn, SOo ;
Ootobor Oals,
Year Oats, 40 Jc;
October Harley, 1.02.
limns Coukt. Sam Oopllng, Jack
Klchardeon, 'William Piircollnna Michael
McCarthy for beinit drunk and disor
derly, woro lined $5 aud costs each, Per-
coll and McCarthy paid. 'J' ha other two
woro lent up for llvo days. Another caio
a hog caio Nancy Ford vs. llartless
Taylor, complotod lha business ol Ihe day
Kan Away. Tho bucgy-liorso ol Mr
AVnlkor, of tho llrm ot WulUor & Nollis
while bolng driven by that gentleman
near tho yollow vf nrchouio, on Sunday nf-
tornoon, becatno frljrStonod by a locorao-
Ova, ami run nwix. alio buggy was up-
... iimv nuitvu fliiu niuh.uiii Mir n nmur,
who was ditched with his buggy, luckily
oicaped serious irjury.
Dead. Mr. "William Kolliton, at ono
time connected with Tho Cairo Domecral.
diod a fow days Kgo ot l'aducali, whero ho
had lived lor several years, lio was ono
of tho founders of tho dally nnd wookly
l'aducali Nowp, and tho editor of that
paper nt tlio tlmo of his death. IIo was
an cstimablo gontlcman, nnd bis lets to it
Is rogrcttcd by tho community in which
ho lived.
Male Inmates. Mrs. 0. .1. S., tho
talented corrcipondont of Tho Gazette,
In tho iuuo of that papsr publiihod yes
terday, properly robukes tho city council
for refusing lo enact nn ordinance provid-
lnc that mon arroitcd in bawdy houict,
being tuoro ai patrons of such houses,
should bo lined. Thcro ii not another
city in tho UnltuJ States in which man
taken in the act of patronizing such
houses ira not lined. Cairo stands Mono.
Daily Lunch. Jacckel Is now sproad
Ing n dally lunch of tho finest kind, bo
twoon 10 and li! o'clock n. in., and invllos
all his patrons to parlnke. Jacckol has
also Uttod up a room in tho roar of his sa
loon, In which ho will servo oystors in all
stylos. Gcntlomen with ladles can bo ao
commodatod with n lino table tt'nd oysters
in nny style. Milwaukoo bcor alway
Ircsb. Corner Washlnhlon avenuo ond
Twelfth street, opposito The Eulletin
South. Six companies ot tho Sovonth
cavalry, from Eort llico, Dakota territory,
arrlvod in this city Sunday night, tn route
Tor tho south. Thoy left yostorday after
noon on tho Mississippi Central railroad
Four companios go to Now Orleans and
two to Shrovoport. Tho troops aro undor
command of Col. Lewis Morrill. Tlicso
soldiers havo boon lighting Indians latoly,
and will now devoto tbolr attention to
tho work of reconstruction.
Wuj. Wotzol, tho proprietor of tho St.
Nicholas hotol, Invlios his friotids and nil
others who wish to partako of u frco
lunch, to bo givon on Thursday cvoning
noxt, Oetobor 8th, from 0 to 11 o'clock,
nt his hotel. Ho promises tho ulldlr to bo
tho Illicit, without exception, over givon
In tho city. No pains will ba sparod to
rnako thu occasion inWresllng to nil,
Comoono, como ull, 31U.10.fl.3t
Dm Suddenly. Yesterday morning
ono of tho dock hands of tho stoamor Par
agon, then In tbii port n whito man
named F. 0. Honory died suddenly nnd
was buriod by Undertaker Caroy. lie had
been afilltcd by torriblo ilts, which it is
supposod, caused his death. From letters
found upon him, it appoars that bis homo
is in Memphis, but nothing is known of
his family. Ho has a brother, J. "W. Mc-
Honory, residing ut Windjor, Morgan
nnnntv. Ohio.
vi , J
Cottok Tllltouuu Caiko. In tho year
ending Septombor 1, 1871, tbero woro car
ried ovorlaud from tho South diroct to
tho manufactures nt tho North 237,072
bales of cotton. Of this, thoro wero car
riod from Cairo, ovor tho Illinois Contral
railroad, 4,000 bnlcs ; ovor tho Cairo and
Vlticounos road, 18,583 ; by the Ohio river
to Cincinnati, 71,601. Uesidos this, 'Jl, 000
bales wero shipped to mills adjscont to tbe
river and to points abovo Cincinnati,
Half of all the cotton shipped to market
overland patted through Cairo I
Complainino Uali.aiuiiaks. Tbo Hal
latd Nows, publishod at iUandvlllo, coin
plains that tho Cairo City Ferry Company
managers do not arrango their tlmo-tablo
io that tho Jlallard pooplo may stay long
onough in Cairo to do their buiinoss and
got to Hlandvllle boforo dark. Tho News
says, that tho rcialt ol tbo prcsont ar
rangomont is, that many of tho citizens of
Dallard aro going to Paducau to buy
goods, preferring to romaln In that pluco
over ulgnt rather than to bo till 10 or 11
o'clock In the night gotting homo from
Cairo. Tbo Nows lias probably "colored"
this mattor a good deal.
The St. Nicholas hotel mloon nnd
restaurant is now undergoing a groat
change, and will, whun llulibod, bo one
of tho finest plncos of resort for refroih
monts in tho city. Wm. Wotzjl, tho
proprietor lliorcof, expects to havo tho
samo completed by Tuesday noxt, when
ho will Invito all his friends and tho pub
lic in general tp n lino lunch. Prom and
alter that day oystors in uvery stylo and
meals to order will to served up nt tho
jhprtpjt no(c,plnir))gl and dayt. Alio tho
lilt or Unuors and lager boor will bo con
stantly kept on tup. 10-1-tf
Mil W. Tkiuo. grocer, No.i!38 Wash-
Ington avenuo, hasjuit roturnod from St
I.oui., wheto ho has boen giving his
personal attontlon to tho soloction and
purohaio of a laago stock of lino and
fancy grocorlcs. His now goods began to
arrive yesterday, and consiits of all kinds
of tons, codecs, sugars, nnd a general as
sortment of family grocorloi, canned
fruits, nuts, dflid fruits, cotfTT" beans,
pickles, cranborfios, tropical fruits, etc.,
olc. Al of which was bought for cash
nnd will bo sold for cash only, but very
cheap. 808.l0.n-2t
Sirni), nv am. tub Ooiu Obck. Un.
dar tho heading "Sido by Sido' tbo fol
lowing appeared in The Sun yestonlay
ovonlng :
Tho glories ol beinc n toatiipo.it nilot
Is one of tho things of tlio past. Cairo
1 V uuiug ouu.
The glories of being n blundering
writer IS not conllnod to tho lltillotin:
Cairo llulletln.
Slxtcon iledgo bammeri pounding all
at tho samo tlmo on tho head of The Sun
man could not knock cnio into it. Ho
tho stupldoit man in Southern Illinois.
Evidence ok CotinupTtox. Tho may
or, city clerk and trcaturcrol this city all
appcarcduponlheitroatsSunday with new
silk hats upon their hoi.ds. Each hat cost
at least $7, and was purchased at Marx's
hat-confornutor storo. In tloio hatd
tlmos tho woarlng of over n $1 hat
prima aele orldonoe of dishonesty. "Wo
tliororpro suggest tliat AUerman Hmiii, tho
embodiment of tho purity of tho council,
movo a committoo of investigation. When
city ofllers wear extravagant hats on Sun
day tho troatury should "ba looked
Peumj.vai.. Mr. W. O. Kobbins, ot
Ualldiay Eros,, loft for Chicago on Sun
day afternoon, IIo will bo absent about a
Mr. Henry II. Candoo and family,
havo roturncd homo from a long
tour through Wisconsin nnd Minnesota.
Mrs. Charles Baker, who has been
vlilting her psronts at Cincinnati, Ohio,
has roturned to tho city.
Mr. John Whttuloy, of tho Whltolv
dramatic company, is in tho citv. His
company will open out nt tho Athenoum
next week.
New Mili.inet.y Goods. With com
mondablo cntorprlso, Mn. M. Swnnder
has rofittud and rofurnlshcd hor mllll
nory storo on Commercial avenue, and
has laid in a stock of fall and winter hats,
bonnots, trimmings, Uowors, collars nnd
cuQs, jewelry, and notions ol all
sorts. Tbcto goods aro nil new,
futhlonabio and ckoap, and cannot
fail to glvo satisfaction to all ladiet
who will axamlno them. Mrs, Swandcr's
storo room Is now tho ncotoit and plo&s-
nntesl milllnory storo in tho city, tnd la
dies who visit It aro always mro of n
welcomo from its proprietor and u good
Coat Stolen Four loldiors, of tbo
sovonth cavalry, entcrod tlio saloon of
Oeorgo Litlnor yesterday morning, whon
thoy woro approached by a gontloman
from tbo country, who thought that bo
hid discovered among tho qunrtetto a
long lost friend. Just boforo tbo loldiors
loft tho establishment, Mr, Country pulled
oil his coat and took a hand in a gamo
cards. When his whnlo attontlon was
tho gamo, his soldior trlond quietly
walked away with bis coat. As soon
ho diicoverod bis Iocs, ho made for tho
dopot grounds, and arrlvoJ in tlmj lo soo
thoMcComb, lu.taed with troopors, headed
down tho rlvor.
11. Josks, fashionable bootmaker, has
movod into bis new homo next to his old
stand on Commorclal nvanuo, nnd nsturcs
his frionds that ho is hotter than over pro
pired to satisfy them In tho stylo, ttock,
lit, etc, of their boots nnd shoes. An ovi
denco of his ability to satisfy ovorybody.
may bo soon in tho fuel that bo is crowdod
with work, and has boen compollod to om
ploy tnroo moro llrst-class workmen. IIo
manufactures every stylo of boots or shoes
and lues only tbo best of matorial in all
casej, whothor making n cow-htdo shoo
or r par of tho llnost French calf boots
Oivo him a trial. Satisfaction is guarnn
tcod, 30.lU.3.5!m
aiialian jmjii. a Club or tl.ls namo
was organlnod nt tho St. Charlos yosterday
with tbo following officers : Froaldont, C
ji uowo ; vico-presldont, Frank I Pecker
scorotary, II 0 Utighes j troasuror, II F
Hiako. 'Iho coirmltto3 aro as follows
Of nrrangomonts, Krank Howe, chairman
Irwin Dugan, U F Ulako and Oo Foitor
Of reception, II O llughm, chairman, II
it woou ana Yf o Itobbins. Of invlta
tioti, M P Fulton, chairman, W A Dripps,
J 11 Wild and h H Fostor. Floor manag
ers, O T Whltlock, chairman, E 0 Uhl, J
a Alstuorpo and J A Thlllls. It s tho
purpoiooftho club to givo a select hop
eruryiwo or tnroo woeki during tbo Au
lumn and Winter.
i.iiie!IAL LKCTUiiKs. Tho Autumn
Course of Liboral lecturos was oponod on
Sunday by Kev. Mr. Taylor, who lecturod
in tho aftornoon and at night. At night
bis mbJecS was Tho Intolerance of tho
Agei." ltackloisly ho oommoncoi with
the tlmo of Cain and camo down to tho
proient day, smashing thinus ns ho camr,
Mr. Taylor was formorly what tho Irrov-
oront would call a Ulblo-bangor, but, in
some manner, ho was converted to the
ways of tho unbellevors, and is now flu
ently denouncing what ho formerly olo
quontly advocated. At tho conoluilon of
nil lecture, ho road a challonco to tho
clorgy of tho city to tneot him in debate.
Fj.owr.a-iiOviNO HOLUiKnn, Wo bavo
about Tins jjulluti.v oitabllihmont a
gontleman of dainty taitci a dilettante.
One of bit weaknenoi loads him to tho
cultivation of (lowers nnd raro Hbrubs,
Ills bed room is a summor garden, in
which much of his tlmo Is spent. Occa
ilonully ho placos his Uowors and plants
outside hia window, and loavos them
tbero all night, Hodldth'g oa Sunday
light, and tho rosult was that in tho morn.
ing ho was floworless nnd dlscomolato,
Custar'a cavalry had robbed him of all
"ii "posies;" and bo cust Custar. If
Cudar had boon n woman oven ho would
havo cuit-'or. Tho floworleii nnd-sliruli-lots
pots havo a molatieholy look, and
yot tho despoiling soiiliers tbo banduts ff.
are not unhappy.
Match Dame of Hahk Hall iiy Col-
oiiedj Ci.ub.1 At least cur IlontboLic
friends will admit that tbero is equality
In baso ball that "lbs man and a brother '
hai tho right to bat and mako bstos and
catch on tho fly with nono to nioloit him
and mako him afraid. This Ii an encour-
aging sign. It . prophetic of tho mlllon-
Inm, whon tho lion and tho lamb shsll He
down together. And thoroforo there will
bo no surpriso oiprenod no Indignation
vontcu-whon we publish tho fact that
tlio Uziali Colored Ilaso Hall Club of
Charleston, Missouri, will to-day play a
niHtou gameofbaio bll in this citv, on
tho grounds noar tbo custom houso, with
tho Qulckftop lliwo lull Club of Calioi
Wo will bat our monoy, at n vonturr, on
cur own darkles, l'hll Howard will not
superintend tills game.
OliITfARV. Mr. Charles Cavonnugb,
brother of Mr. Charles Stuart, of tho firm
of Stuart it Uohlson, departed this llfo, at
Mr. smart's residence on Sunday night
Tho Sun, ol list evening, says : "Mr. Cv
unaltgh's home was in Chicago. About ten
lays ago ho citno horo on n visit to bis
sister, whom ho bad not scon beforo for
ton joars. IIo was suuurlni: sllzhtlv
whon ho came from naralmln but 1,., .,m..
tlnuod to movo about until Saturday last,
"vu mi gruw worio nnu tiled last nli-ht.
His mother, who is hero, oxpcclcd to
rn wan mm to Chicago to-day. This
Is a sad nnd teriiblo stroko to all tho rol
atlves. Mr. Caventugh was only about
i yoars oiu, and was a yountr man of
much promise Tho lunoral services woro
attended from tho rcsidonco nnd St. Pat
rick's Church this afternoon, and tho re
mains taken to Villa Kldgo on tbe 3;C0
train for Inlormont.''
To-Niciiit. From tho Cairo Oazotte of
yoitcrday, wo copy tho following :
r.icht of tho Countv Dnmocm'Ii. Cm.
tral committee a bnro nuorum livn In
Cairo. Two attemots at urvanlitlon id.
buiicu iu n lauuro. Unt nil tlin com.
nillleo reblding in Cairo, como togotl.or,
no organization can bo perfected. When
and whero shall thnt meot nc tako nlaee?
's a qucilion that domands an immcdiata
answer, uiio council chamber. 7:10 to
morrow ( luosday) evening. How'll that
suit t
Wo think it will suit, and bono thn
committoo will moot ai suirjoitod. Tho
uicuiuwn in ma commiliea living n
Ualro aro Mcsirs. J. II, Motcalf, M, I'. 1
Harrcll, Thomas AV. Ilullidar. James
Carroll, John II. Ooiiman, John Ilowloy,
John Ilogtn and O. Artor. If tbeso geii-
tlemon will nioot to-night at tho council
chamber, ut 7:5 o'clock, sharp, an organ
ization may bo olljcted, an exocutivo cora-
tnittco uppointod, and tbocanvais innugu
ratedin a proper manner.
Tiik Hotbls. Thoy nro doing n largo
buslnois. Two pages of tb register of tbe
Sf Chales woro lllloj on Sunday, and tho
Dolniinico was fairly ovor-run. Tho b.
Nicholas, Planters, nod Arlington weio
all full.
.Tho following aro guoBta at tho 8t
Nicholas: John II Huik, Memphis; T A
ChiidorB, London, Kngland j 0 W Parker,
Uoorgotown, Kentucky ; John W Pago'
lUrrli, Kentucky.
At tho Planlors' : John Kilgovo, IJal
lard county ; Mrs Kobimon nnd family,
of Illckman j A McDonald, Detroit, Mich
gan; II 0 .Iruioj, Dexlsr, Missouri; 0
M Mitcboll, Momphis; J .I layman, Ul
lin, Illinois.
Among tho guests nt tho St Charles
aro: M Mahon, U S A, and wife; T U
McDongatl, U S A; J II Uoyvilln, Kan-
sas uity, Jllisouri; J T Miles, Mayflld,
Kentucky; M K .Mlllor, Yur.oo City, -Mis-slislppi;
Henry Martnaduko, St Louis; A
D Joslln, Chicago.
AVe tako thu following namos from tho
registoroftho Djlmoaico: Cipt Haysnck,
of tho quartermaster's ueparttnont, who
wai in the city suporin'.oadlnu tho trailer
of tho cavalry who paisod through lor thu
South yostordiy ; Ospt AVm Thompson,
mouienant ll Itogion, Lloulonant I) Me
Intosh, Lieutenant 0 Wallace, Col Lawis
iiorrill, Llotitonant V Arnum, Lieutoriknt
uouirey, and Lieutonant llaro.
Steamor Jim Fisk, l'aducali
" Jl II Cooko, Kvansvlllo;
" Silvorthorne, Kvnnsvllle;
" Commonwealth, St Louis;
" Lida Norval, Orand Chain;
" Jno II Maudo, St Louis;
" Capital City, Si Louis;
" Utah, St Juls;
" Paragon, St Louis;
" Jno Moans, Pawnco Island;
" P A Ilabbago, Momphis;
" Ornnd Towur; Momphli;
" Jno A Kcudder, St Louis.
Stoamor Jim Flik, Paducah
" Sllvortborno, Evanivllle;
II II Cooko, Evansville;
" Atlantic, Now Orloans;
" Commonwealth, Now Orlenis
" Utah, Arkansas rivor;
" Cliorolioe, Cincinnati;
" Capital City, Yicksb'urg;
" Jno B Maudo, New Orlorni;
" Paragon, Now Orloans;
" Orand Tower St Loals.
A.OOK uot ion uauoainb. Mr. A
Marx has juBt roturnod from Now York,
witoro no purcnasou ono of tho llnost and
lorgeat stock of clothing, gont's furniih
ing goods, lints, otc, of tho vory latest
style, which ho will soli I.OWEK than
tho lowkst. All goods marked In plain
ugur. ti76.n-21.tf
III. OcHTnAL It. II. Cosipa w .
Aa'Tg Okiick, Caiuo, Oct.'-', 1871.
aoporsons wishing to nttond tho St.
ouli Inlr, from October G',h to 10U- wo
will soil excursion tickets to East St
Louis and return at $0 00. Sales of tlck-
ots will commonco October 3rd. and dls.
continuo Oetobor 10th. Tickets eood to
roturn until tho 12tb, Incluslvo.
james Johnson, Agent.
lisj'x'yvxsijxjssixmno 1000.
.Do not buy old candies,
summer ami aro biaio, claiming iiomc manufacturo. Aho
soo to your weight. Every box ought to contain live pounds
nut, ur u uuiircs uvur hyu jiuuiuis. xumiciliucr I no Jiiaoe
Corner 8th St. and Washington Av.
The Only Place in tlio City where You can get a Complete Assortment.
Caiuo, 111,, MosiiAr Kvk.i
October C, 1871.
Tho weather It tho finest ot tbo coaiou,
and wo aro In tho full enjoyment of tho
Oetobor days, neither too hot nor loo cold,
that hazy sort of ntmo-phcro that makos
Octo'oor, In this climate, thu plsniantcsl
in cn th of all tho year.
Tho marUti nrn unchanged. Flour is
catior and nuppties nro inoreaiirg. Prices
hold steady and firm. Corn Is'.qulet and
steady with very little oLrering, and an
cquully small demand. Thn samo re
marks apply to oali. ileal is slow o
at $1 CO.
Hates to Now Orleans nettled upon from
this point IstiOo per hundrod weight, and
40c for dry barrels.
SajTOur frionds should biar in mind
that tho pricos hero givon aro uiually for
sales from llrst hands In round lots. In
filling orJon nnd for broken loti It It
ncccnary to chargo an advanco over thtse
Tluru Is not tnuoh animation In tho
finir rnarke'.. Tho demand is gsneraHy
for low grades, and stocks of all kinds nrn
increasing. Prices aro oy and un
changed. Ws noto tales of 300 bbls
XXX, C 00; 100 bbls X, 4 75; 2U0 bbli
vsrlous grade, -1 7C to C GO; 350 bbli
various grades, 1 GO lo C 10; J00 bbls
various grade', City Mills, part now pro
cesi, 3 Hi to 7 GO; 300 bis varlojs
graies, 4 00 to G ii; 603 lbs various
tirades, G GO to C GO; .'J00 bbls vnriois
grades, I GO to C 00.
Tbo supply of strictly choico llmoth;
ii limited, but tho market ii stocked with
low grade hay, for whioh thorn Is vory
htllo demand. Wo nolo sale! of 3 cars
good inixoJ delivered, 17 00; 1 car choico
mixed dohverol, 18 03; 1 car good tlmo
thy, 20 00; 1 car cboioa timothy, 10 OOi
cirs choico t:mo'.hy W CO, 1 cart
thrcshtd timothy, 1C 00; L car tiuutby
10 GO; 2 cars choios timothy, 'Jl 00; 1
cor prairie, It CO; 2 cars mixed, 15 00.
' . COKN.
The market rules quiet and rojr. ltd
coipts aro light and Ilia tlemand very
small nnd generally confined to a small
order trade. Sales noted to-day wero 1 car
mlxoil, in bulk, on track, SO:; 1 cur white,
in bull: on track, 80c.
Tho markot holds llrm, with very littlo
doing. The supply is fully equal to lb
domanil. Quotations lo-diy aro G3o In
bulk; GSc sackol and dolivernJ. Wo note
a salo of 2 cars mixed, In bulk, on track
The market holds quiet and dull. Sales
are slotr at I 00. Stocks uro fnlrund de
mand mii nil. Sales roportod woro 100 bbl
s ddel I 00.
Tho Markot is quiet. Vory little do
ing. Prices hold about tho tamo as last
week 18 00 in round lots .
Thoro wai no strictly choico butter in
tho markot to-day, Tho doraand is actlvo
at 32(2330 for choico Northern and 80c for
choico Southern Illinois. Tho demand for
choice butter is greator thnn tho supply
but cooking or rancid or poor butter o
any kind Is not wanted. Wo noto sales of
300 lbs choico Southern Illinoii 2830c
103 lbs choico Northern 3012c; 1,000
lbs choico Northora 302; 100 lbs choico
Southorn Illinois 2830c ; 10 pkgs choice
Northorn 32!)3o; 10 pkgs choico Stuth
o:n Illinoii 30c.
lliu market Is batter supplied and
eailor. Quotations nro unchangod. Wo
noto sales of GOO dozen frcsb; IO; 1000
dozen freih, IGQICo; fi packages, 15lCc,
xno uoinanu lor cmciions is lair at
unchanged prices, Kecoipti nro roadlly
disposed of. Turkeys aro not wanted
Wo noto salo! as follows : 10 dczon
ebickons, li 60 to 3 00; 10 coops young,
and old chickens, 2 7G3 00; 10 coops
young chickens, 2 25; G coops choice old,
.1 zy, '1 coops turkoys, 4 20.
Tho now crop of orancei has com
mencou coming into murko", and And
roady salo at 8 0U9 00. Choico shin
ping npplos aro moving nt 2 00 in small
barrels, and li GO in largo burrois. SaleB
woro 10 bbls oranges, 8 00(50 00; GO bbls
choico shipping apples, In luro and small
bbls, li 00 to li GO; 20 bbls choico'ihlpplng
npplos, li GO, SO bbls slightly damaged
2 00. '
Nothing doing ojtildo tho Jobbinc
trado lor want of t npplos. Sales woro
1000 lbs choico clear sldis, 17J-; 1000 lbs
sugar eurod hams, UJQlGc; 000 lbs sugar
cured hams, lGc,
Nortborn potatoes nro quoted tj.dav
3 003 25 por tbl; onloni 4 0t4 15, nnd
and cabbsgo IftRi per head. Wa noto
M PNHNlOllllt
thai havo boon kepi over I ho
Iho following sales! 2000 huds cabbago,
0 lo8o: 30 bbls jellow onion, 4 GO; 700
beads cabbigo, 8c; CO bbls northern poto
loe, 3 25.
Tin: Sr. Ciiaiilka Hotel has sov.ira
pleasant rooms on tho upper floor, sulln
bio for 'gentlemen, thnt can bo secured fir
tbo winter, with bsard, nt very rcnjonabla
rites. tt
Lumiiku Still Ooiso Vows. -As wo
ro iletor mlnif 1 to cloio out our stock
petdlly, preparatory lo winding up bui-
noil, we wilt mil all klndi ft lumber at
wo dolluri por tbouiand leu than mar
ket prics. A largo lot of lath and stovo
wood on hand, which will bo told at cor
respondingly low ratci.
221-0.9-tf AVall .V K.sr.
Lunch Kvmir Da v. Oeorgo Laltner
corner of I ourtconth and AVaihlngtoti
avenue, will furniih hnreitltnr. nmrv iliv
to his rstrom a No. 1 lunch, between tbe
houri of ton and twolva o'clock. Fresh
Milwaukcu beer and fragrant Uav-
a ij tl
AoT'ft OrriOK, Caiiio, Oct. 2, 18, 1
Hl WfcKIMAW it l V V I
ticketi to Chietgo up to and IncluJin
('rliUv Ihn Oth Tlrl-rti wi.t tin i-nnil I,
return until tbo l'Jth inclusive.
10.3t Jamks Joit.ssi n, Agent.
(Sun copy)
-un. iiultz nis juii returncuirom il
ealt with h full itiirk nf rnlllinrv nam'
nnl lMrllnt' inlll..1 mm ,lill,lrnnrf ilifiai
- T . - r ...it t i. . , . i .
nnd goods bolonging to tho milliner
trtdo, culfi, hosiery, otc, with a larc
ii ui uoiigai, wnicn sno win sou cneai
than anv Other nlaen In Cairo. Ktrrn i
. , . , , , , ,,, ,,
intlou avenuo, HCj.O-C.Mf
Tiik earner mop n on .no corner
whero J. Oeorgo Stionhouio with bis get
tlomanly assistants can bo found at nr
hour of tbo day or night, rcodv to lorti
your feellogt with a smooth shavo, or co
your temper and head with a good that,
1 . ! . ., .1 I , .
suro of rcooivlng Dril-dass trcatmci
r -.11.. i .un i . . , . ....
i.nuius nnu cunuruu i unir cut ur cun
in tbo moil approved style, 8-IS-tf
fACTtriiKS. Meiirs. Segriit nnd Hi.
. i ...... j ii.. .i.i .
betweon Thirteenth hr.d Fcurteen
street a shop, wboro thoy propoia to do
klmll nf runilplm, in .,,-lnr rr nn,n,,.
- -1 n I n "
m.H..,n, iioli.l,,...!.,. . .
chairs, etc., and also ropairing nnd
varnishlng.rurnituro of ull doicrlptlo:
' r i . hi i , .
nang paper. Xaow maltretics and lur;
turomadoto order. Tvoy have como
.i ,.. . i .. . . .. .
patronago of tho public, 293-0-SC :
Jok llONKitEitls now iu lull control
the AVttshington bakery, nnd liav,
!......, I ,1. 1. . . L. ...111. I. ..
pircd losupply on call all demands I
T.. . 1 .... C It , , ,
biosd, and ovorvthinc: olie ordinar
found In n first-class bakery. Wo mm
tains a full stock of con fe;t loner leg. a
can, ns well as any othor dealer In t
city, All all orders In that lino.
Cakes baked, frosted or ornnmonted .
short notice. Special attention givon
tbo orders of wedding or picnic partial
run dale. .iv. goou iruu larm, t
milo weit of Coldnn station, ou tbo I.
It. it, and eighty rods oast of tho Cai
and St. Louis railroad, yald farm hni
limo kiln working on It, and contain
tlnn liAit nf Un, n ,a.1 r...i. t.
coming Into bearing, consist of oppl
Mam D. Liiurri ,1 mill n in Rim
linprln. r.,lm..ln. h1.Al,l,n..tni
nlanl nln Will ), cn1,l f.,- . ......11 ..
down, balnnco on long tlmo- Inquire
J. Limbort. corner Kiirtitnptitli irint n
Commercial avenuo, or O. Wlniton, 01.
I ,1 I VI .M.'I'SJT I 11 I I 11 M
UUIt.iaril AH U WALiN TST K '
Dor C01.
! O
KKSIDENCl: No. 21. Thltli.i.iitl. n.,.
betweon AVaihlDgtoD avenuo nnd AVulni
street. Olllco 12(1 Couimerelnl nvemie. n

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