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MONDAY EVENING, October 12th.
Of the. Charming Young Attlit
Supported y
Who will appear for a few nights only.
Admission 60 cent. HoeiVJd seals CSccntu,
Children under twelve 2.1 cents, children in
merrcd seats 35 cents. ......
Sent cecurcd al Harlniann's. 38-I0-i-5t.
REPORT of the condition of the City National
Bank of Cairo, at Cairo, In the Mate of llllnolt, at
the tloe of busmen October 1, UK,
Loans an A dlicounu....... lt(),B2S 07
U. S. bondi to fttcura elrcuta.
Hon. lOO.fBO 00
U. 5. Dondl on hand 1,300 w
Other i!oeki,bond and rnort
fafta ...... 21,812 to
vat from redeeming ana re
ecrre unu.. P?A'? 11
r.ro.iOWo.tiol b.nkt ir.Jm iu
Xfu nm 9119 HAU
current1 espeiuec, and taacs
1.1 Mfar.
Checks and ether cash llemi
fiillt of other national banks
Fractional currency, (.Including
nkkeU) .m
Specie. ..
Legal tender aottl
Five per cent Uedmptlon
3.8M lfl
Ml 07
12,102 00
2,0N) m
8,614 75
ao.too oo
4,KK) 00
810,175 ft
100,000 00
24,(100 CO
30,700 11
211,041 10
1,770 21
2J.15J 30
Capita! Hock paid In
Surplus fund
Other undivided pro6u
Individual depotltl.....
Dim to other National llanlts.
Due to state banks and bankers.
M0.77H at
State of Illinois, county of Alexander, ta.
I, A. U. SAFFOKU, Cashier of the City ra
tional Bank ol Cairo, do aoleranly awear that the
above statement li true to the best of my knowledge
end belief.
A. Tt. SAFFtiUIi. Caihter.
Sshtertbed and sworn to before me this 7th day of
vrtiencr, lei.
H. H. CASDEE, Notary Public.
verrctvAucu I
o.' d. williams&n
TjErOItT of the condition of the First National
V Sank at Cairo, In the fetatu of Illinois, at the
uose tt ouimeai, ucioocr jam,
Leans and discounts.......,.....
U. S. Bends to secure circulation
Other stocks, bonds and mort
(ag (J. ...mm. ... ....( m.
Due front redeeming and re
serve agents
Due from other naUonal banlu..
Beal estate furaltute and fix-
tu res .
Current espenses, and taxes paid
Premiums paid
Checks and other caah items......
ltlUs or other National Bank
Fractional currency, Including
nlcUes... ...................
Specie, Including cold Treasury
81,170 IS
100,000 00
13,307 S3
9,317 81
U.3JI 72
47,740 22
Je.eM 87
a 33
Cfitt 00
308 32
l.fttt ir
15.000 oo
5,500 oo
Legal tender note
U. S.
certificates ofdeootlte for
isgai tenders...
29X 111 lfl
Capital stock paid In ., 100,(yio 00
Other undivided Fronts 7 nil 77
National IJank notes outstanding (K,(Ho 00
jnainauu aeposui. 08
v.... ..... L.. I. ...i i I ' .. i . .
I, Charles Cunningham, catfifcr of the above
named IJank of Cairo, 3o aolemnly iwcar that the above
statement Is true to Uie beat of my knowledge and be-
Subscribed and sworn to before ine this Clh
oayoi uctoocr, isjf.
11. H. CANDEE, Notary Public.
Correct Attest;
J. si. PlliLLirs. 1
HUH 4. IT. 1W11.1.C.K,
H'e take plrature in announcing to
our friendt that our ilock of Fall and
IVinfer (7oot? t's now arriving. We
thall offtr (Tits season a dock of Drcts
Fahriu. Trinuningi, Fancy Good,
Notiont, etc., tchich for laruty, style
and excellence of material, exeeh any
thing tec have heretofore offered. Our
large and incrrasinj ruu"e tnaUa m to
lug from frit lands at (7ic leu toum
of tupply. Ahcayt on the alert to gain
every advantage in jin'cw, tec arc happy
to state that this season tee have secured
the most attractive slock in the market,
at jrjet-t which tee gaurantce "Rock
Boltom." We affirm our ulility to du
plicate Cliicaga and fit. Louii prices.
TRADE. A visit oj intpcclion will
convince purchasers of the extraordi
nary bargains offend by the popular
and progressive one-price, cash Dry
Goods house of
Stuart & Gholson.
8ca,ieid .r,l0fiLU addressed to tho citv
at mr offlco, No. 1 Oou'nn . .al 7v. i ?
tuaUl 6o'd3tk,p. m. of Tuesday, the i imi!
day of October. 17, for iSSti i,?.1
toaterlal and doing tho work li" t o"con
structlon o sower thiough tho Ohio iT,
at or near Thirty-eighth street. ltUo
bald sewer Is to bo constructed according
to the plan and specifications furnished hy
2?.-n.V,iU,ll?r' llfy cs'netr, and which
plan and reeducations are now on nl0 in
Hjrofllce, auhject to cxaminatlou at uny
Tsw ell council reserve, tbo right to re
Jectsay and all proposals. "s"tu
WUW-lot W. B. Cox, city CcmptioUer.
-!l'l'MsMssssMssssssssssssssssss S iataisV il sssWisH SSHslsSSSSsmM astaaH
Hill He nil.
Somebody to take from us. a Uiouiand lull
head, good paper and finely printed, for
fiS.Wl0 4.UU.
v Onotlioutand statements printod at Tins
BULLETIN oIUco tor S3.60 to 4.00.
Bote Ilcndn.
Ono thousand note head printed nt TllR
Hullktin: omco for $ 1.00 j two thousand tor
Ono thousand Imstncs carde, fine Bristol
board, printed at '1 UK Hum.ktin olllco lor
from ?J.60 to f 0.00, according to size.
Out your oystors at tho Dolmonico.
Tub Dost oystors at tho Dolmonico
Restaurant. 207-0-20-tf
Pxrsoxal. Po'.or Cuhl and family ro
turnod from St. Louis yesterday.
Elliott & Hattiiorn havo rccolrcd
another Invoico of thoso cheap hats. Go
oarly il you want jdq, 322-10-8-31
Silk lists mado to order at A. Marx's,
70 Ohio lovco.
- 'uii ojrior.,i)r anything olso you
Waul ni tho Dslmonfco Koslatlrtnt nnnn
1. ,
uny hiiu nipm.
Oo to Klllott & Ilaythorn for ovory va
riety of footwear. It is tho best and cheap
est placo.
Thk OiiiArssT. Wo mako tho bold
aisortion that wo will do job printing for
uairo business men choapor than any
other office lu tho world. Fact; try us.
Dr. Jknkllk, Can bo found at bi
dental parlors on Eighth stroot nt nls
hours. Rest of references given as to pro
fessional ability.
Cotnk'b oystor dopot and roitaurant
Oysters in tho shell and can, fresh ovory
day, at l'hll Saup's old stand, botwocn
blKth and Hovonth stroots, Cairo,
Lost. On tho street, a round broatt
pin, (lady's) with coral cross on center,
The finder will be rewarded by loavlng It
at The Rullktik office. 10-9.3t
Two rooms to root, botwoon Tenth nnd
eleventh stroots, on Washington avonuo,
Apply nt County Olork'i offlco.
233.0.30-2 w
We Mican It. o havn an ancctlon
for Cairo business mon, and thoreforo wiU
print bill heads, cards, bills of lading, &c,
for them at cost Just to keep our prossos
Radical Tickt. The Sun boasts
that it has whippod tho Radical county
central comniitteo Into calling n conven
vonllon to nominate a candidate for
sheriff. Wo ll?
Tur. St. Charlks Hotel lias sovora
ploasant rooms on tho uppor floor, sultn
bio for gontlomcn, that can bo secured for
tho winter, with board, at vory reasonable
rates. tt
Not Discuarokd Wo woro mlstakuii
when when wo stated that Hampton had
boon discharged. Tho caso was continued.
Hampton will bo trlol at tho coxt torm
of tho circuit court, and l'attorson says
no will bo on hand to testify against Iilm,
Fon Salk Duaor. Wo doslro to soli
a splendid buggy almost new. Wo will
sell It at a groat sacriflco. Persons doslr
log a good bargain in a buggy bavo now
an opportunity to obtain one.
Tni! Uxrmax School socioty will givo
a hall on tho L'Oth Inst., at John School's
Hall. A genoral Invitation is given to
all. i'ull notice, with committees, etc.i
will bo given next week. 32C-10-".0t
packing houso market in Wilcox's block
will bo opon Saturday noxt, with fresh
moats nnd new lord, at tho lowost market
price. Howie & lino.
O.v and after Oct. let, tho prico of day
board ut tho St. Charlos Hotol, to now
boardors will bo $25 per month. Only a
limited number will ba received at the
abovo rates.
Vrrbu Sui'l'LY. Mr. 1. Kitznoruld has
ju.i ruuuivou aim uas on salo nt uls sales
room, a largo stock of English ale, portor,
Uennessy brandy and wines, nnd llnuors
of all kinds, which ho will dispose of at
roasonablo prices. 280-9-25-lm
For Rest. Flvo flno rooms and hall
on second floor of my bouse, on Twentieth
street, lhe rooms havo all bocn over-
uauicu and ate in lluo order. Water on
me same lloor. Wm.Uhlem.
Danciho Scuoou-O. c7lJodcn will
organize classes in dancing ht KlUK0'8
Hall, corner Sixth street and Washington
avenue, Saturday, October Uth, 1871. Now
features and now dancos. Juvomlo class
es, on Saturday, at 3 p. m. Ladles and
gontlomen's classes. Monday and Thurs-
uny (ironings, at Tj o'clock.
You will Und tho latest slvfos at i:illnii
A Hay thorn's. They aro olloring dry goods
ol overy description at prices that chould
cuinuiuua aitontion,
Family Urocery. Albert (irin.n,,,.
has oponod a family grocery storo on the
earner of Center nnd Walnut .t....
potlto the High School building. Ho'will
keep ull artloU. ueuaiiy iiej)l on ,alo ,
such store, llo Invito, the ,luMto to glvo
fclm acall. Ho will orator to mako It
to tU advantage or tbo poopio to patron
to him.
I'aduuah also. Tncy bavo u K,
trouble in Taducab also. Tho conflict bo
tweon the compsny Bnd tho cltJ. coun(,n
bat resulted in tho prevalence of d-irknots
m that bnesoaio llttlo village. Thocltl.
r.ens aro crying to ho mayor for light
and tho msyor is crying to tbo gas com'
pony for low prices,
A Haiid W!KTn Soraoofour tioonll
svo looking forward to a hard winter.
Tho troubles nt tho South aro Laving an
effect upon tho prosperity of Cairo and
Southorn Illinois, and wo cannot hopo to
proipor until Radical roconstructlou lias
boon wiped out.
In from Tiieres. A number of tho
cttizom Of Thebes wero In the city yos
torday. When Informod of tho prospects
of tho ipoedy completion of tho Cairo
and St. Louis railroad, thoy wero olatcd
and becamn happy before they went on
tbclr binding way homo.
James Grkanky will ontcrtaln his
frsonds with n grand froo lunch at the
"May Flower" saloon, corner Nineteenth
street and Commercial avonno, to-morrow
(Saturday) evening, nt nlno o'clock, and
liopos to soo thorn all out to a man.
Kvorybody is Invited and requostod to
mako thomsolvos nt home. 3'.'y-10-'J-2t
The Cairo and St, Louih Railroad.
Tho track hands of this road will prob
ably arrive In Cairo to-day, nod unloud
tho locomotive, preparatory to an nclivo
prosecution of tho work of track-laying
from this point. Considerable hauling
will badono, and It is probable our city
tsarnstors will gut somo work to do.
Tin: Methodist sociable last night at
thu parsonngo Wat woll nttoudod and
proved a very onjoytblo affair, A flno
uiii'or, "without money nnd without
ptloo," was prend In tlin ptrlors of the
church, to which tbo.guoa.s did comploto
ustlco. This is t'do llrst of n series of
sociables that will bu cenllnuod through
the winter ono In ovory two weoks.
Ok a Dray. Tho liquor tho drinkers
of that fluid drink now-n-days is of a pe
culiar kind. It Induces sloeplnuss, nnd
Its victims do.) on tho sldowalks. Tho
pollco during last month convoyed moro
drunken mon to Jail on drays than ovor
bofjro in nny ono month, Tho!. Kelly
was tho last victim. Ho fell yostorday
and Shoohan lilrod tho dray.
The Salarv Oraii. Tho Sun, in an
attomplod roply to our charge that Clorn-
onts voted for tho modiflod salary grab,
admits tho fact, but says ho did tho best
ho could under tho clrcumstancss. If tho
sonate had nrrjuod thus, tho Conkllnc
nmondment roncallng tho salary grab
would not havo boon adopted. Clomenls
attomptodito grab, and Tho Sun cannot
dony thb charge,
Saturday Nioiit. Tho Democratic
Liberal commlttoo hat boon organized at
last, and will meet on Saturday night
noxt, at the offlco of John Q. Hnrman,
Eeq. "I'artloj Interested" aro rcnuestod
to moot with tho committee, by which ox
prostion wo understand tho committee to
mean nil persons who dotiro tho oloctlon
of Mr. Hartzell lb congress tho success
of tho causo.
The ladies of tho I'rosbytorian church
havo soourod;tho well, call it tho 'Ter
ry Houso," ot Mr. Thorns, for tholr oys
tor supper on noxt Tuesday night. Thoy
proposo furnishing a flrst class supper, In
cluding ico croam and the ot cotoras, for
50 cents. Gentlemen aro requostod not to
go homo to supper, as tno "oclblo" ta
bles will bo rondy for guests at half past 0
o'clock in tho ovenlng.
Two Rkverk.nd Gkntlkmbw. Tho
Rav. Mr. Loonard had tho Rev. Mr. Cald
well before Judge Brots Yesterday on tho
chsrgo of using nbuslvo languic". Tho
ovldonco showed, that tho Rev. Mr. Cald-
woll bad said to tho Rev. Mr. Loonard '
"You aro tbo groatost nosthldor in tho
city." Ho did net uso tbo word nostbidor,
but words to that effect words a roliloua
organ cannot induco itself to uso.
Now, Gei-.ouldI Alderman Wright
has relented, and Is induced to clasp the
Gentlo Gorould in an a!fectlonato om
brace. Ho Is willing that tho city should
pay $3.00 por post per month for gas. We
think this Is fair. He, howovor, attachos
twoothor conditions: that tho company
shall light the lamps and koop tbo posts
in ropair. This is not much of a Job, and
we think Gerould can aecodo to It without
loss to his company.
Mn. Ehlers informs us that ho has
mad arrangoments with Honry Artor,
tho largest importer of French and Gor
man calf In Nuw York, and will recolro
all his stock dlroct from him, Tho first
invoice will bo receivod in a fw days,
and It will bo to tho Intorcst of all his
patrons and the genoral public to call and
examine bis stock before ordering tholr
boots and shoes elsewhere. Ho uuaran-
toes satisfaction in nil cases. 10-9-tf
Silvjshware Found, Officers Mar
tin nnd Sheoban, having receivod inform
ation that the silvorwaro whioh had been
stolon Irom thu steamer Mary Forsytbo
two yours ugo, was in tho posesslon of Lucy
Robinson, living at tho corner of Eighth
and Walnut stroot, obtainod n search
warrant and mado a soarch. Thoyfound a
pitcher and a sugar bowl, taken from the
Mary l'orsytho, ami a mug stolen from
Jack Winter ovor three years ago.
Siruck lliu, Morliraor Hampton says
lie did not striko Iito Walder's boy for
throwing a bricl: at his slstor, but othor
wltnosses say ho did striko tho boy, and
that tbo boy did not throw a brick at the
girl. Judgo Bross hoard tho ovideuco,
and Untd Mortimer f 5 and costs. Toon
Mortimer had young Waldor arrested for
utlng abuslvo languago. After bearing
tho ovldonco, Judge Bross discharged the
boy, and Mortimer was disgusted,
Found Dkad. Glover, tho gunsmith,
was well-known to manv of our cltlzons.
A few days a&o ho left tbo city to attond
to some business bo said required his at
tention noar Thobos. Day beforo yostor
day his dvsd body was found on Dickoy's
island, about sovon miles abovo tbo city,
on tho Mississippi river. Why bo went
to tho island, how ho camo by his doath,
nobody knows. His body, stark In doath
was tound on tbo island this Is all that Is
known. And thus ondod Qlovor.
Miliin-kry, TitniMi.No and Sanoy
Stork Miss Burntldo deslroe to call tho
attention of tho ladies to hrr full and
I complete lino of mtlllnory and fanoy
goods Just 'opened In thoAtlioneum build-
Inrr on Commercial avenue. Her stock
consists of a full assortment of fall hats
Java canvas and paltorns.n full lino of r.o-
phyrs, all colors, feathers, Woncn uowori,
ribbons, and n genoral assortment of fanoy
articles, such as aro kept in a mtlllnory
sloro. 32l.l0-7.lm
Mkkiino. At a moellng of tho Demo
cratic and Llboral Contral Committee,
held at their rooms on Tuesday ovonlng,
October Oth. 187L Dr. Dan'l Artor was
solectod as chairman and .lohn U. Ooss
matt appointed soorotary, On motion,
tho mooting adjourned to moot nt tin
offlco of John Q. Uarman, at 7 o'clock
i. m. on Saturday next, tno 10m inst.
t la iT-Irahln that a full mooting of tho
commlttoo and parties Intorcstod will then
1)0 had, V. ART Kit, uuairmnu.
J, II, Gossman, Secretary.
Editor Cairo Bulletin: Do you
know that thoro Is agoing to bo a hard
winter? If not, I'll toll you tho reason.
It is bocauto tho Inevitable Jnines Mi.l
lory, passenger agent of the Cairo and
Ylncennet railroad, has bocn on a travel
ing tour for bis company, and h "plast
ered" ovory old hoiito and corner with
advortisomonts of his railroad matters.
Kvon tho nogrocs invited him In to wall
paper tholr sbanlios. But ho vofy polito-
ly told thorn fu's teas no eiretn. Whor
over tho nyo wandors, you can soe Cairo
ad Vincoonce railroad bllle. Success to
tho road and tholr onorgotlo ngont.
Yours, Tackiht.
VnoToaiiAi'iiio Oallbry. Gustavo
Wetr.ol's l'rotographlo Art Gallory,
(foimerly T, T. Thomas), cornor Eighth
ttroet and Commercial avonuo. Every
thing pertaining to tho photographic art
skilfully nnd elegantly oxocutoJ. Tho
happy combination of a splendid light
nnd tho best instruments, oniblu mo to
tako ch'ldrcn's pictures instautanoously.
Mothors, glvo mo n trial, If you doslro
tho sweet smllo of your cborubs preserved
forever. Satisfaction glvon in ovory
caso, or no chango rnadu. My pricos are
most reasonable Cartes do visit, $3 por
dozon; (hinr, six for $1. Call and bo
convinced. 10-8-tf
R. Jonus, fashlonablo bootmaker, ha
moved into bis now houso next to his old
stand on Commercial avonuo, nnd assures
his friends that ho Is hotter than over pro-
pbrcd to satisfy them in tho stylo, stock,
tit, otc, of tholr boots nnd shoes. An ovl
donco of his ability to satisfy evorybody(
may bo scon in tho fact that he is crowded
with work, and has boon compolled toom
ploy throo moro first-class workmon. Hi
manufactures overy stylo of boots or shoes
and uses only tho best of material in all
esses, whothor making a cow-hldo shoo
or a pair of tho finost French calf boots.
Glvo him a trial. Satisfaction is guaran
teed, 303-lO-3--Jm
A Wish Suooj:stion. Alderatan Mc
Gauley ought to receive tho thanks of tho
ladles of tbo oity. At this last mooting of
tho council ha offered a rosolutlon that
tho nails driven through tho top pieces of
tbo sldowalks of tho city and Into tho
center strlngor, shall horeaftor be driven
into the edgo of tho plank, "'ho nails aro
now drivon through the plank, and tboy
work loose, nnd aro destructive of tbo
drosses of the ladles who walk ovor them
A lady who walks from Eighth streot to
tbo court houso, along tho sidewalk, hat
no drees to spoik of left upon her by tbo
tlmo sho roaghuj hor destination. At
almost ovory stop a nail catches hor gown
and toars it. McGauloy Is nn angel In
Wit clip the following notico from tho
I'ontlau Sentluol. The troupe will play
at tho Athonourn overy night uoxt week:
Lord & Wbltoley'i dramatic troupo hat
boon playing In Lord's opora
houso to crowded houses every
nignt tuis woo, lias troupo is un
doubtedly tho best that ovor visited our
city. Every performance is char.tn and
instructive. Nothing ol tho vulgar that
too oiton accompanlHS traveling troupes
is aitoweu in tuis. l'.very person con
nectod with this truiipj is a porfoct lady
or gontleman. Tbo star actress, .Miss
Lioulo Jjord, draws laro crowds and do
liclits nil by hor acting andlsinulnc.
Wo aro always pleased to glvo pralso
wboro pralsu Is duo In this case, aud it af
fords us ploasure to bo ablo to slato to
otnor towns tunt tnoy aro llrst class, and
would do crodit to any large city. Thoy
piny to-night and to-morrow night, and
thoso who have not hoard thorn should do
so on theso evenings.
Pay for His Hor. J. R. Cunning-
bam, tho lawyer hackman, had a back
bono of inostimablo valuo to him. Ho
could drlvo tbo horso up to tho shrieking
locomotive, and tho horso would pay no
moro attontlon to It than certain men do
to a roquost to pay their debts. This horso
got out of Mr. Cunningham's stable, and
wandoring innocently about tbo stroots on
a dark night, got onto Twelfth stroet, be
tweon UIilo inroo and Commercial avonue,
and foil into a holo about twolvo fool deep.
The holo should not havo been in tho
stroot; tho horso had a right to bo on it;
tborofuro, tho horso having been injured
by tho fall, Mr. Cunningham nsks tho city
to pay him $50 damages. If the city
should rutuso this Just demand, Mr. Cun
ningham will sue the city and try tho caso
hltnsolf. Wo need not say tbo city
Will bo defeated.
Cube ok Conbujii'tion, Couaus, and
Colds. Tho groat virtuoof this medicine
Is that it ripens tho raattor and throws it
out of thosystom, purlilos tho blood, and
thus effects a euro,
8oui:nck's Sea Weed Tonio, rou the
Cure or Dvst'ErmA, Indiokstion, &o.
Tho Tonlo;producos a hoaithy action of
tho stomach, creating an appajft form
ing obylo, and curing tho uioHttinato
otsos of Indlgostlon.
Schencu'b Mandrake I'ills, iui
Cure.'of Liybr Complaint, &o.
Theso Pills arottltorntlvo, and produco
a hoaithy action of tho llvor, without tho
least danger, as tboy aro froo from calo
mol, and yet moro ofllcaclous in restoring
a hoaithy aotion of the liver.
Tbtio reraodloi aro certain euro for
Consumption, as tho Fiilmonlo Syrup
ripens the matter and purlflos tho blood.
Tho Mandrake Fills act upon tho liver,
creato a hoaithy bile, and roinovo all ills-
caaos of tho liver, often a cause - "of Con
sumption. Tho Sea Wood Tonlo gives
tono and strength to tho stomach, -i i
a good digestion, and onablos ui o0 .ns
to form good blood and thus "creates n
hoaithy circulation of beiltby blood v The
combined action of tbeso medicine?, ns
thus oxplainod, will cure ovory caso of
Consumption, if taken in time, and tho
uso of tho modlclnei is prosorvered In.
Dr. Schenok is professionally at his
principal offlco, cornor Sixth and Ancn
Sn., I'hlladolphla, ovory morning, where
all letters for advico must bo addressed.
Oairi, III
Thursday Evkhino.i
October 8th, 1871
Tho market rules quiet In all its
branohos, and in lomo departments Is
rattier on tho dull ordor, ns it has boon for
a woek past. In leading articles thcro
aro no cbangos in pricos, but transitions
ara imnll nnd unimportant. This applies
moro directly to corn, oats and corn meal,
Choice timothy bay is in nctlvo demand
nt tho old prices, nnd receipts nro all tnkon
on nrrivnl: low grades of all kinds nro
dull nnd neglected.
Oats nro plenty aul quiet; holders nro
Arm for an advance, but round lots wil
not command moro tban 08c, sacked nnd
Tho supply of corn Is small and tho de
mand equally so. Corn moal rules dull at
ft 00 for cbolco steam dried, delivered
llran is n little weaker; quoted at $10 00,o
20 00 from tho mills, and $18 00 In round
lots on lovoo. Tho buttor market Is bet
tor suppiiou and eastor: pricos aro un
changed as yet, but If receipts contlnuo as
hoavy as for tbo past two days, rt decltno
may bo lookod for. Eggs aro in fnlr dn
mand nt ICc, and chickons hold quiet at
previous figures
Tho weather has bson cloudy nnd cold
for a few days, but cloarod up this evon
tng, and will bo pleasant ngaln to-morrow
CQyOur friends should tear in mind
that tho pricos hero given aro ususlly fur
sates from flrst hands In round lots. In
filling orders nnd for brokon lots ll 1
necessary to charge an advance over theso
The market rules henry aud dull on
choice, nnd stocks aro accumulating. Low
grades nro in moderate demand, but not
at all active. Prices hold unchanged but
weak. Wu note salos of 'J00 bbls various
grades at $4 t0Qfi CO; SCO bbls various
grades at 1 50(V,0 00: 300 bbls vnrlous
grades nt St OOQC 25; 700 bbls varlou
grades, City Mills, part 'l'atont,' nt $1 S!C
8 50; COO bbls various grades at $1 SO0
G 10; 11!3 bbls XX at $1 25; 200 bbls varl
ous grades st $1 DO0G 00.
Cholco timothy hay continues In nctlvo
dotnand, aud receipts And ready salo on
arrival. Low grades aro in largo supply
and no demxnd. Salus, delivered, woro
two cars choice timothy at 21 00; ono car
timothy ut 20 00; ono crt ho!c.i mixed at
18 00; two cars over-ripu timothy at 10 00;
one car pralrio at 14 00; 7 cars mixed tnd
timothy at 17 002l 00; tbroo cars com
mon bay at 1 1 00, ouu car mixod at 17 00;
ono car prime timothy at I'J 60; ono car
prlmo timothy at 10 00; ono enr - d at
17 00.
The markot and pricos hold Ann, but
thoru is very llttlo demand and not much
coming in. Wo notu salos of 'J curs white
In burlaps 'dollrored, 01c; 1 car mixod In
second hand sacks delivered, SOo; '1 cars
wbito in bulk on track, 80c; COO sacks
whlto and mixed on ordors, 'J0.05c.
Holders aro arm, but not many
sales can bo made above C8o, Stocks urn
fair. Wo nolo sales of 1 car mixed in
sacks, delivered, C9c; COO sacks on ordors,
Cds; 1 car in sacks dellverod, CSc; 1 car in
bulk on track, C3c.
Tho market 1 quiet nnd scantily uup
pliod, quoted ltlO 00 In car loud lots. Tho
mills quoto 1020 00. Salos wero 500
sacks from City Mills, 1920 00.
Sales aro madu from storo nt '1 00. No
sties In round lots aro quoted, and tbo
msrkot may bo quoted dull aud drag
glng. Saloi wero 200 bbls steam dried
on ordors, 4 001 26.
Receipts aro moro liboral, and tho mar
ket Is oasior. l'ricos as yet aro un
changed. Wo nolo sales of 300 pounds
cbolco northern, 3'Jc; C packages choice
northern, 33c; 10 packages choice South
ern Illinois, 30c; C packages cholco north
ern, 3lf2J32c; d00 pounds choice northern,
Tho domand is fair and receipts modor-
ata. l'ricos nro firm at 15l0o. Wo note
salos of 200 dozen 1C10c; 1 boxos, 10;
1000 dozon, 1CIOo.
The markot Is qulot and supply fully
equal to tho domand. There is no chango
in prices, cholco old aro quoted 3 25 and
choice young 2 50. Salo. woro 5 coops
mixed old 'andj youngj 2 76; 10 coops
young and old 2 2C3 20; 10 dozen old
and young 2 C03 00.
l'ricos aro shnded a llttlo on clear sides.
but the markot is firm and cupply very
small. Wo noto sales of 1200 pound S.C.
hams, lOJc; 1100 pounds cloar sides, 17c;
1000 pounds shoulders, 110111c.
Thero is a fair domand for cholco ship
ping apples and oranges. Wanote sales
of 10 bbls cholco shipping apples
2 CO; 10 bbls common nppler, 2 00;
CO bbls cholco shipping npplos, 2 60; 10
bbls orange?, 8 000 00.
Choice northorn potatoes nro quoted 00a
and 1 00 in bulk, cabbngo is celling at C
to 8 conts per boad. Salos woro 1 carload
northern potaloos, sold In bulk, on track
(0 i CO bbls 'northom potatoes, 3 00; 20
bbls onions, 4 25,
Kcwimnperiiuvertiiiii- promotes truae, for
eveu tno uuuost tunes advertiser secure
by far tho largest nharo of what is being
Dm I'm I
Do not buy old candies,
slimmer una nro Btrtlc, claiming home inaniifiicliire. Alsf
sco to your weight. Lvory box
iiuii ui- u U1UICU9 uver hvu jjuiiuiirj. lininciuocr tno pincc
Corner 8th St. and Washington Av.
Tho Only Placo In tho City wliero
Steamer Jim Fisk, 1'aducaU
" City ot 0.uincy, Now Orleans;'
" Jou Klnnoy, St Louis;
" Mary Mlllor, Cincinnati;
Steamer Jim Fisk, Faducah
" City of Qulticy, St Lmls;
" Mary Mlllor, Cincinnati;
" Joo Kinney, Vlcksburg;
River, Weather and Busisws
Tho river last evening was C fuct 3 .1-0
inches on tho gauge, having been station
ary during tho previous 21 hours. Thcro
havo boon rains over much of tho country
bordering tho Ohio river during the pist
two or throo days, but whether sullicicnt
to rniso tho river Is u question. Tlu Miss
issippi to St. Louis grows worso daily.
The woalhor continues cloudy, but bss
grown several dtgrcos warmer. Busi
ness du 1.
War 1)i:it. Hit Kit Km out, 1
oaohur b, lb7l. j
llowwatcr cha,,.''
STATION?. mr atcr
Ft. 111. "I Kt. In.
Pltt'hlirg 2 .1 2
Clnclniiitl I U '.' x I x 7
l.oultlllo I I 11
RynUfVillo i 1 o t
NnsliTlllo 3 0 3
.St. I.oui I H 0
Captain Irvin Dugan wont to St.
Louis by rail yesterday, to attend tbo fair.
Tho Arlington is leading at dincin
natl for Memphis.
Pilots Sraag and Bowers tako tho
Mary Mlllor to Cincinnati.
The Jim Fisk yosteriay Iroujht 02
hogshonds tobacco fur Europe.
Tho Joo Klnnoy bad to lay by, night
boforo last, und camo in about 16 hours
Tbo Eckert coinpletod h-r wurk at
the railroad iron pilo yesterday. She
found over 300 barr.
Captain R. W. l).ign Is in St. Ljuis
and will visit Cairo to-morrow or Mon
day. Tho wrsck of tbo Honry l'robtsco,
nt Grand Chain, was bought by Ilnlllday
Bros,, of this city, for $l,0).
Tho Tom Moans broko ono of hor cyl
inders, n fow milt below lronton, on the
Ohio, on last Tuesday.
Tho Shannon, now curnir.g from Lou
isville, is to tow tho schooner Rcscua
built at Howard's shipyard, to New Or
The Bismarck nnd Bollo of Shrovo
port will probably, not leavo St. Louis un-
til Saturday, as thore it so llttlo freight
oll'orod them.
Jack Taylor, wharf boat proprietor at
Nowburg, Indiana, and n largtt liny
dcttUr, shot and killed a man named SiUs
Bull Inst Saturday.
Tfco board of inspuctors, appointed to
itiqtilro into the facts relative to tho Fat
Rogers disaster, havo mado their re
port, in which thoy exhonerate
Tbo Bottlo Gilbart reshippod her
cargo, 221 barrols flour, on tho Jim Fisk,
at Faducah, and wont up tbo Tonnotsoo
the olllcors and crow of tbo Rogors from
any blame in tho matter. Tin testimony
taken shows that tboy did all In thtl
power to savo tho lives of tho Passengers,
and that tho boat was provided, according
to law, with llfu saving appliances.
L.OOK Out for Bargains. Mr. A
Mnrx has Just roturnod from Now York,
wboro ho purchased ono of tho (lncst and
largost stock of clothing, gont's furnish-
Ing goods, bats, otc, of tho very latest
style, which ho will soli LOWER tbnn
thu lowest. All goods markod In plain
tigurcs. 275-0-2 i-tf
Lumijer Still Goino Down. As wo
nro determined to cloto out our stock
speedily, preparatory to winding up bus
iness, wo will toll all kinds of lumbor at
two dollars por thousand loss than mar
kot prices. A largo lot of lath and stovo
wood on band, which will bo sold at cor
respondingly low rates.
221-9-0-tf Wall ic En r.
Lunch Every Day. Georgo l.attner
cornor of Fourteenth nnd Washington
avonuo, will furnish boronttor, ovory day
to his patrons a No, 1 lunch, between thu
hours of ten and twolvo o'clock, l'rveli
Milwnukoo beer and fragrant Hav
ana ctgnrs to bo bad at bis bar at all
0-29-1 f
Joe Kokekeu Is now m full control of
the Washington Inkory, nnd having
loarnod the wants of tho public, is pre
pared to Eupply on call all demands for
French loaf, Boston, Brown and Graham
broadband ovory thing olso ordinarily
found in a flrst-clest lakory. Ho main
tains a full stock of confoctlonerlov, and
can, as woll us any othor doalor in tho
city, fill all orders In that lino,
Cakus baked, frostod or ornamontod on
short notico. Special attention given to
tbo ordors of woddlng or picnic ranies,
tlnit luivo been keni over Hip
ought to contain live pound?
You can get a Comploto Assortment.
For Sale. A good fruit fatm, on
mllo vcst of Cobden station, c u ll o I V
R. R., and eighty rods east tl tl.o (.Vr
and St. Louis railroad. Said farm 1ms
limo kiln workim; on it. and contains i
tlno bed of limn rock. The fruit trees Jus
coming Into Mating, ion Ut f npplff
pears, cberrle nnd plums, A I o straw
borrles, rnipbcrrles, blackberries, pi
plant, nto. Will be ..ld for a small sui
down, bnlaoeo on long time Inquiro
J. Llmbrt, cornor Eighteenth street un
y.Vmmerclal avenuo, or 0 Wlntton, Oh,
Uveo, Cairo Illinois. 07-2
faci urbs. Messrs. Scgrlst and Hni
man htvo openod, on Washington avem
betwoon Thirteenth and Fourtecnt
street a shop, whero they proposo to do a
kinds of repairing on spring or commc
mattresses, upholstering, sofas, lounge
chairs, etc., and nlso repairing and r
vnrnithlngrurnIluro of all descripticn
Tboy will tow and lay down carpets an
hang paper. Now mattresses and turn
turo mado to order. Toy have camo t
Cairo to stay, and respectfully solicit tl
nntronnt'it of thq nil Mir 2S3-D.2G.li
I o- i
Daily Lvnou. J nock el is now sprca
ing a dn'ly lunch of tbo finest kind, I
Itunan In stfiil If VlAtl- it tn sarwi tnwi
all his patrons to parlsk". Jao Lai Li
mru u.iuj up a iuuiu im tuu rear bl uta
loon, in which bo will servo c jslcrs in a
styles. Gentlemen with ladies can la n
commlatod with a lino ta'.leand oystc
in any style. Mllwaukoo beer alwa;
Ircsh, Cornor Washlohton avenue ni
Twelfth streot, oppcslto Tris Bclleti
The barber suop is on co corner
Eighth street and Commercial nvn
whrro J. fluorio Ittirnbntien Trlth liti f.r
.i i -..(-. . - . .
hour of tho day or night, ready to soot
VOllr focllntrs with a smooth iJmvr. nr cu
kuiujrv. niiu uuau wnu ah fU(U Film
nnn. Tt la k firattaia irinn unrl rmi
, , i j "
sum of rocuivlnp Qrst-clan trr&tme
Ladios and children's hnlr cut cr cur'
In thn mod approved style. 8-15-tf.
Mns. IIui.tz hat just returned from t
east with n full stock of millinery goc
and ladies', misses' and children's shot
tlso, a largo stock of ladles' hair switch'
iiiu kuvub unloading iq tuo miuinc
(C 1 t ... t.4
vmuiT, i-uuj, uusicry, w , itiiu n jar
ot of notions, which sbo wiU se'i cheap
than any other placo In Cairo. Storo
the corner of Eleventh street and Was
inglon avonue. 2C5-0-22-tf
Notu i to Students. As five or i
havo already appliod to rno to givo tbi
lesions, t taxo this method to say, that
will glvo a limited number cf 1 .'tuns
hlr.hnp A.IM.tiiA.lrt ll..l. 1. . . .. ai
t... tuil t i..,,.t .. . .
' j i ........ i.i, .... .
and Orook. Three or four moro can
accommodated. Othor branches may
pursued If preferred.
II. 11. 'I ll l -rr
Mound Lin ii dation. Cj'
" rfI . .. i
tlnuing, Suuday exceptod, until Saturdu
mencinir i nursunv. (jctiilmr ;nti. nml r
uotober 17tb. the Mound Citv aecimod
iuu, luHvuiir (yitiro at o n. in. ni
6:00 p. m.j leaving Mound City at 8:30 a,
and 6:30 p. ni ; to enablo parties to title;
court and roturn to Cairo daily, Tl
nf i i , .
lVHunciuiv an l rni ir.iai- runt in.
tofnro. will tin nlinmlnnnil nll ilii..l.
, .. UM.I Wb.VV
Boardinq, Parties deelrinL? boardlt
and lodging, or day board, In n privit
family, near the business part of the citi
can bo accommodated by calling at t'i
two-story whlto framo dwelling in ronr
ituca uunuing on iitu stroot. Jll-lll-u
lllll.HI M.Tltl n.HRT.3UTl31in
122 Commercial Avonue.
Two doors norili of Cairo and Ylncciines Itailroa
A trusty watch kept night and day fo
t ruins ana Htenm boats.
for traticlcnl guests st
Hnpiiy Itelloffor Younir Men Irom thu cf.
fcctH of Errors und Aluitcs In carlv llfoj
Manhood Ilohloreil. Impediments to Mar
rlauo removed. Now method ot treatment.
Now mid remarkable rcnidlci. Bonks anil
;ircuiarn em iree in scaieu envelope, ad
xoriu niiiui at,, rnunuoinnia. l'n nn
ilistltutlou having a high reputation for
curuiiuiu cuiuuiei;uuu iroictiou!ll eKlll,

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