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9 m"
MONDAY EVENING, Octoborl2th.
Of the Charmtng Young Artist
Supported by
Who Will appoar for n low night" onlv.
Adml-rn Wcent. lto c-rved oat 75cciil",
Children under twelve 25 cciita, lilldren In
lea. rved iCJt !t5 ceMs.
Beats ecurod at Dan Hartmann'.
T)EPORT of the condition ol tlie City National
Xt-Ran. of falro, at Cairo, In the state of Illinois, at
Ibf clost ol business uctotr v, IBJ s
$M,a or
V- 5. bond la sccur cilcuU
IMkmr mtosk;ltonlB nnd .fori
Pur (rom-redeeming' and re
aerre agents
Due from other national banks
Due from state banks and
Real estate ................. ..
Current expenses, and taxes
13,812 CO
M.ttl 11
l,ItW 70
ri,13 to
27,374 33
3,8'i0 16
Ml 07
12,162 IM
2,fM) OS
8.M4 78
SU,4'i0 00
4,'jO0 00
hecks and other cash Itemt
Bali of other-nations! banks
Fractional currency, (Including
Jpecls 'Z7Z'LTJIZZ"".
ICU Under notes.. ....".. .......
Tin per cert Kedmptlon
JT ttndmM.....HM..... .....
M0.77& ct
100,000 00
.10.700 11
00,000 00
11,041 19
1,770 SI
S1.21S 30
Capital stock paid In.............. f
Surplus fund HM..... '
Other undirided profits. MM..M....
Circulation .
Individual deposits............ .
Due to otier National Hanks.
Cut to stats backs and bankers.
010,775 61
Sun of Illinois, county of Alexander, ss.
I, A. B. SAFrOltb, Cashier of the City Na
tional Bank ol Cairo, do solemnly swear thst the
above statement Is true to the belt of my knowledge
and belief.
A. Tl. SAFKOUI). Cashier.
Subscribed and sworn to before me this 7th day of
vciaoer, iffis.
It. II. CANDEE, Notary Public.
Correct Attest ;
II. L, II ALL1DAV, J- Directors.
RErOUT of the condition of the First National
Dank at Cairo. In the State of Illinois, at the
closo f business, October 2, 1874.
Loans and discounts..............
Overdrafts.... ........
U.S. bands to secure circulation
Other stacks, bonds and mort
Iue from redeeming and re
serve agents,...,....... ,
Due from other national banks.
Ileal estate furniture and fix-
Current eipenses, and taxes paid
Premiums paid.
Cheeks and other cash Html......
lliUs ol other National Hanks
Tractloul currency, Including:
nlctlea...... ... ,:... ..
481,173 15
43J r.S
100,000 00
15,537 63
0,317 81
9,3" 7J
47,710 il
1,97 'J I
IMi 7
27 3i
r,!it! 00
308 32
Ical tender notes
certificate! or.Untli. tnr
ls.txw oo
lagal tvndirs. Mm.
e.500 oo
.. -tt,I31 J3
Capital tfock cald In..
Other undivided profits.. ...
National iiank notes outstanding.-..,,
Individual depoiiti
Due to sute banks and bankers ....
... 1 00,000 (10
"... 7
.... W.IMJU OO
... 100,4'jO 08
28 43
IVWI M..H.....((...,..,,,n,,M, ..
Sute of Illinois, Alea nder county, ss.
I, Charles Cunningham, cashier of
i$8,3l 13
earned Dank of Calrc.do ulemnlv lUMtlh.l S. Ml....-
lncham. ra.hl r .v. .1
autemcnt It true to the best of my knov, ledge and be-
dsofgetober? U74Wm U brf- ,h" Clh
Crrect-Attest1:1' NUryrubllC-
j. t. riitixii-s.
Kpll'T. W. MILLER. I Directors.
lie take vUature in announcing to
oiir friendt that our .lock of Jail anil
Winter Ooodt it now arriving. We
thall ojjcr ?i! ttaion a Mock of Jheu
fabrics, Trimmingi, Fancy GooJt,
Notions, etc., which for variety, style
and excellence of material, excels any
thing w have heretofore offered Our
large and inenming trade enables vs to
luy from first handt at the Lett source,
of supply, Always on the alert to gain
every advantage in prices, tec arc happy
to state that this seaton tec hate secured
the most attractive stock in the market,
at iriecs which tee jaiirantVc "Rock
Bottom," We affirm our utility to du
plicate CVitcayo and, St. Xoiui pn'cci,
TRADE. A visit 0 inunction will
convince purchasers of the extraordi
nary bargains oercd ly the popular
I progressive one-price, cash Dry
v Stnart & Gholson.
i2SJS2,S ??fff r thereon.
h;;,i7'"A'.u"r Bnu which
iny oMce, subircr .', ' " 'JU ' In
Ytof ' -suation at
u4 lullelent bonder tui1 fnirl!"0fS
avc of tha contract. m P wfwiu.
Tn dtf council reitrves the rih .
W"1 " Proposal!. 9 ,0
iJB-Ji-lOt M.S. COX, City Coiuj
...... BIII'Mm-iaj.
Somebody to take from u a thousand bill
hcd goad paper and finely printed, for
3.W to 4 00.
Ntntfm- 1'.
One thousand statement printed at TIJK
Bulletin oillco for ftl.W to 4 00.
One thousand note head prln'cd at Tin
Bulletin office for f4.00; two thousand lor
One (hnllianil business card. Ann Bristol
board, printed at 'J he llULLKrift office lor
from ?'i.OU to to w, nccuruuiK iu bizb.
Mr. HucfJnor, tho proprietor of tlio
riuntora bottso will anread n of tor
,,, ,
thU morning 'o'ock.
t public, fa tbs bopo ttiat n lunch
At tbat hour will proparo tbo pcoplo to
pleaiaatly ifond tho day. 330-10 1 1-1 1
Gkt your oystort at tbo Dolraonlco.
For Kent. A lino cottaeo. Inqulro
of Georgo rlihor. 332-10-10-Ct
Thk Beit oyntore "irTbo Dclmonlco
Silk Hats mado to ordor at A. .Marx's,
0 Oblo loTco.
I'kesii oytture nr anytblng olso you
want at tho Dolmoulco ltcalaurant open
day and nlpht.
For Hunt. Cottage, No. 32 Tontb
street, between Washington and 'Walnut.
Enquiro of Ohat. Lane, or nt Thk Hui.lk-
TiKoffico. 335.10.1Mf
Grand Maksiial. A. 11. Irvln it tbo
Maconis Orand Marshal of Illinois. Cairo
li getting her share of tho Maeonio hon
Tun FEtiay. The ferry company are
doing tho best thoy can for tbo good peo
ple of Uillard county. Aftor awhile, tho
company will try to do bettor.
tuib Evzniko. Rev. J. A. Maler will
proacb in the Gorman language, nt the
Christian church, this evening.
Dr. Je.velle. Can bo found a', hi
dontal parlor on Eighth etreot at ale
houts. Heat of roferencca glvoa as to pro
feailonal Ability.
A i;oast. roomer uromcrs rent "a a
line roait of thoir prize beef yeiteraay. It
was aweet oil, 31llwukco boor, aour
raaib, plum pudding, and aoTeral other
Kood things.
O.v The Lkvek, 'l'boro wore more neo-
plo on Ohio Leveo atrcet yesterday aftor
noon betwoon 2 and 3 o'clock, than havo
oeen eeon on It at any ono time beforo or
since tbo civil war.
Cotne's oyetor depot nnd restaurant
Oyatcra in tho eholl and can, fresh ovory
day, at Phil Saup's old aland, between
-Jixtn and faovonth atreota, Cairo, jll.
l'msBTTEniAX Cutrutu. Thoro will
ba communion esrrlcea in tbo IVeibvto-
rian church this morning, In thu even
ing the pastor'a auMect will be: "Mr
Jutenile Uabk Hall. A match camo
of bale ball wat plajtd yosterday belwoin
tho Oriental and Fly bisio ball clubi. Tho
victory wai gained by tbe Orientali. Tho
core was: Orieotsli 4'J and tbo Fiiu 31,
Lost. On too street, a round breast
pin, (ldy) with coral croia on center.
Tbo finder will bo rewarded by leaving it
at The Bulletin office. 10.0.31
AIore or that .Meat Tbo nrlze moat
of Kuihlor llrothers wont off llko hot
cakes yesterday morning. Thoro is moro
of tho eame kind left, und it will bo sold
tula morning.
Persoiui Mr. and Mra. I)
iUtbuu returned from Chicatro vitater.
day and aro stopping at m0 bt. (jbarlo
llEHI.v Hit, Mr. S. Silver continue
to look behind himself. Ho tayi he can
eetuoro behind lilmsclt than beforn l,m..
aelf, and blloves ho will hereafter indulco
uu usuor kiuu 01 gating.
Two roorna to rent, betwoon Tenth nnd
Eleventh atreeti, on Waihlngton avonue
Apply at Uounty Clerk's ofllce.
. 23.0.3O-2w
ivall jsiketino The ladiei of tbe
German icbool aiioclatlon aro roquoited
10 ationu a meeting at tho Bcbool rcom,
Monday afternoon at 3 o'clock, by rrquci
01 inescaooi Doaru. 33T.lCl-ll.lt
The St. Ciiaiiles Hotel has sovora
ploaaant rooms on tho uppor floor, suita
ble for gentlemen, that can bo eccurcd for
tho winter, with board, at very ronsonabl
rates. 11
FonSALE Iluoav. Wo Uosira to sell
a splondld buggy almost now. We will
sen it at a treat sacrifice. Tenons doslr
Ing a good bargain in a buggy bavo now
an opportunity to obtain one.
The Uekmam School society will
. 1 . , .... u
uau on me ZBth nit., at John H,..,.i'.
Hall. A general Invitation Is nlven to
an. juii notice, with commlltoes, ete ,
will bo glvon next weok, 32C-10-7 Ot
.noiii-is to the roii lic Too new
packing houto market In Wilcox's block
will bo open Saturday next, with fresh
meats and new lard, at the lowest market
rrl". Howie &Bro.
Tho Iftdlet of lb Presbyterian Society
will giro an oyster and variety lupper at
Elliott tt IlATTiionNx's Oi.r Stand
on Commercial avenue, on
Supper will be sorrcd from half-past B
o'clock to 12 p.m.
Thoro will bo an abundance of Chicago
Ico cream for all whodoslre It.
CilUncil of the KnUKEitr.n Tliero
will bo tho usual eorvlcns nt tho Eplicopat
church to-day, at 10 a. m. and 7 p. m
Hie aubjoct of tho aormon at thn evening
service will be. "The roply of Christian
ity to tbo question, 'What Is Religion?"'
Ik TowN.-.Pottor und 1'ldgo n, of Pu-
laikl, wore In tho city yoitorday. l'ottor
was tho emllllngest man wo ovur saw ; but
in hioye wo could seo evidenco that ho
had not relaxed In bis determination- to
rid tho world of all monopolies..
Ok and aftor Oct. 1st, tho prlco of day
board at thu St. Charles Unto), l now
liDxrJora will bu $ 'Jll par moo lb. Only n
limited number will bo recelvod at thn
a bo vo rates.
Luiirat. Lectoae Dr. T. 11. Taylor
will lecturo in tbo hall of thn Liberal
Rollglous Association, to-day at 10J a. m.
nnd "i p. m. Tho sublet of tho ovonlnt?
lecturo will be : "Evolution as annllod to
Mind and Matter."
Foil Rent. Five lino rooms and hal
on second Door of iny hou!, on Twentloth
street. Tho rooms havo all been over.
h-ulod and nro In flno ordor. Wator on
tho samo floor. Wit. Eiileib.
31! 7-1 0-0- Ot
From the Fair. Dr. Smith, Stratton.
Woodward, Cunningham! Fulton and a
dozrn or twoof tbo othor Cairo pcoplo who
were at tho St. Loui fir, havo returned,
and each hai taken n solemn oath, that ho
nevor will go to nnother fair at tho Fu
ture Groat City. Tho crowd was 10 great
tho cnjjyment was absent. '
Dancing. School. O. O. Dodon will
organlzo claitos In dancing at Kluco's
nail, cornor Sixth street and Washington
avonue, Siturday, Ostober Olh, 1871 Now
features and now dances. Juvonilo class
es, on Saturday, At 3 p. m. Ladies nnd
gentlemen's classes. Monday and Thurs
day evenings, at 7J o'clock.
On Monijat Nioht. Tho theatrical
troupe of Lord 5s Whltelcywlil open at
tho Atboncum on Monday night In the
play of estern Grangers. Tho grangers
of tho city nnd tbo monopolists nro ro
queitod to bo present nnd witness tho rep-
raiontatlon ot this play it Ii both racy
and instructtvo.
Dimolction Notice Tbo firm or
Roso : Tomrao, confectioner, has bcon
this day dissolved by mutual consent, Mr.
Temme retiring. Tbo business will bo
contlnuod nt tho old stand by Mr, Rose,
who is authorized to collect all sums duo
tbo Arm aod sottla all accounts agalnit it.
Oct. 0,1871. W. It. Rose,
331-10-11-31 F. A. Trsjsiis.
Cheap Freioht. Messrs. Miller &
Parkor shipped yesterday to New Or
loans, over tho Mississippi Contral rail
road, seven car-loada of corn at 17Je. per
hundred. Stpamboata refuso to carry It
for Ian than 20c. per hundred. This com
petition is llfcoly to create somo excite
ment In steamboat and railroad circles
but will do no harm to ahlppera. '
Mtx. JJhlehs informs us that ho has
mado arrangoments with Henry Artor
tno largest importer of French nnd Ger
man calf in Now York, and will recelvo
all his atock direct from him. Tha Dr
Invoice will bo received in a fow days
nna it win uo to tho Interest of all hi
patrons and the general public to call and
examlno bis stock beforo ordering thoin
boots and shoes oliowbero. Ho guaran
tees intlt faction in nil cases. 10-0-tf
Millinery, Tmmmino and Fanov
Store. .Miss Hurnsldo tUsiroa to call the
attention of tho ladies to her full and
comploto lino of millinery and fancy
goods juil oponod In tho Athonoum build
Ing on Commercial avenyo. Hor stock
consists of u full assortment of fall hata
javaeanvaa and patterns, a full lino of ze
phyra, tall colors, feathors, Froncb flowers,
ribbons, and a general assortment of fancy
articloa, euch as aro kept In a millinery
to". 821.10.7.1m
ueuocnATic Ljiiieral Committee
ilEKiiNO. At n meeting of tho Demo.
cratlo and Liberal Central Comrnitteo
held at their rooms on Tuesday evening
October Oth, 1871, Dr. Dan'l Artor wai
(.elected as chairman and John U. O011.
man uppointod socrotary. On motion
nro meeting uajournod to meet at tin
ofllce of John Q. Ilarman, nt 7 o'clock
0! Saturday next, tho lOtu Init.
ucuruui mat ft lull meeting nf tbo
-strt mill,,. a . . 1 . . 0 " 4
1 1, j puruoa intercslod Will then
i). artek, Chairman.
J. II, G088HAN, Secretary.
Wm Linker representing V, W. Irwin
& Co., of Chlcaco, sends us tho following
quotations on grain :
October wheat, 01 J.
Novembor wheat, OIL
Year wbet, 01,
October corn, 70J,
Novoinber corn, 75.
Year corn, 72J,
October oats, 40 J,
Novorabor oats, 48L
Year oata 47.
October barloy, 1.07.
Uiud'b Court. CallieShcppard abused
Fannlo Thomas and was lined 55. She
had tbo monoy and paid. Miss Calllo
then bad M'sa Fannie arrested on a like
charge, but It wouldn't stick. E. Jones.
the boot blacking and stovo pollihlnc
man from Cincinnati, abuiod Swoboda
nil bad to pay 55 and costs. Marv Truer
Indulged her tonguo and abuiod Nancy
Mack, She atoned to tbe offended law In
tbe sum of $5. Mrs. Ida Wlnson, for dis
orderly conduct on the strnot, whs fined (S,
and being a cash customer, paid.
Mn Hartzill in the City. Mr.
William HattKalt, the Domucralic-Liheral
candidate for congress In this district, ar
rived In tho city ycstcrJay morning, and
alldiy was ungagol In tho business of
hand-shaking. On Wodneiday lat, ho
and Gen. J. Rlackburn Jonc nddrcised
a large mooting nt Murphyibors, and did
offtctlvo work In Jackson county. Mr
llarlzoll will go from Cairo to Johnson,
Msssio, Popo and Pulaikl countios. He
has felt tha public puis In the other coun
ties of tbo district, and is very conildont
of success.
I'lioTOtiRArmo OALLEnt. Gustavo
WHtzol'a Prolographlo Art Gallery,
(foimorly T. T. Thorn-si), corner Eighth
stroot nnd Commercial avunuo. Every
thing portnlnlng to tho photographic art
skilfully and olfgantly oxoctitod. Tho
happy combination of a splendid light
and the best Instruments, onsblo mo to
take cU'ldrou's pictures Initatr.itnoously.
Mothers, giro mo a trial, If yiu dosiro
tho awootainllo of your cborubi preserved
forover. Sliifctlon glvon iu ovory
caso, or no change mado. My prices aro
must reasonable. Carlos do visit, 13 per
tloxanl flams, six fur SI, Call and be
convlncod. 10-8-tf
R. Juneb, fasnlonablo bootmaker, ha
moved into his now houio noxt to hla old
stand on Commercial nvenuo, nnd assures
his friends that ho Is bettor than ovel pro
ptred to satisfy them In tho stylo, stock,
lit, otc, of their boots and shoos. An ovl
dcncoofhls ability to satisfy ovorybodj,
may bo seen In tbo fact tbat ho is crowded
with worn, nnd has boon compollod loom,
ploy threo more flrat-class workmen. Ho
manufactures ovory style of boots or shoes
and uses only tho belt of material in nil
cases, wbetbor making a cow-htdo shoo
or a pair of tho finest French calf boots,
Glvo him a trial. Satisfaction is guaran
teed. 303-10-3.,.'m
Notice. At a mooting of the stock
holders and Directors ortbe First National
Dank held this day, It was decided to trans
fer all of its business from this dale, to
tbo city National Dank. All balances to
the credit o( depositors aro now to their
credit In the City National Hank, whero
chocks against tho samo will bo honored
and businoss continues wi hout luterrup-.
tion. All notes and collections horetoforo
payable at and to this Dank, will now bo
papable U tho City National Dank. 1 h ink
ing our mauy frlouds for their patrunaga
wo would solicit n conlinunci of tho samo
with tho City .National Bank .
Rout. W. Miller, President.
Cms Uunninoham, Cashier.
Cairo, Ills. Oct. 10th, 1874.
The Hampton -Wai uih Trouble A
fdwdays agoonoof Mr.lko Walder's boysi
about twelve years old, threw a missis at
nnn of tbo Hampton girls. Mortimer
liamion, ins oimuc. t mo gin, .
tho boy and was fined by Judgo Br 011 (5
nnd costs, no then had tbo boy arrested
and lined $5 and costs. Wo wore In
formed and stated that tbe loy had beau
ttiichnrged. Mortimer wm indignant. Ho
demanded of ui a correction of tho report,
Hnd whon wo uied a littlo criip lar.guago
to him, threatened that ho would inovl
tably bo driven Into tho noctislty of ma.
kingThoSun bis organ and correcting
our statement In that journal of clviliza-
lion. Tno threat alarmed us. Davis and
Hampton would bo a comslnatlon irro-
Colored Clud A colored Republican
club will, we aro Informed, ba organized
in this city At an early day. Tho proposed
purpoios of the club havo not beon mado
public, but It is bolieved ono object of the
organization will ba an ondeavor to nicer
tain Mr. Clements' position on tho civil
rights bill. At a preliminary meeting
held a few ovemngs sinco, a heated debalo
arose on this question. A number of tho
members insisted that Mr. Clements was
not sound on this quostton. but others do
dared that Mr. D. Munn and Col. I'opo
had told thorn he was, and that neither
Munn nor Pope would Ho about such a
thing. I'liially It was dvcldod tbat tho
matter was involved In ao much doubt,
that a committee of investigation in
structod to cnde&vor to ascertain Mr,
Clemnt8 position on this groat quostion
should be raised. Tho appointment of the
committee was deforred until tho club
Ihould bo regularly orirunizid. Mr Or.
anite will nrobablv bo chos.n rh.Irm.n nr
tho committee, and if ho cannot And Mr .
Clements' position on Ibis or any othor
question, ho has none.
Bank Consoliijation. By rereronco
a notice In another column, it will bo
en that tho First National Bank, of thi.
ty. ha. transferred. 11 of it. business to
city, has transferred all of its business to
tue Uty National Bank, and all of its de-
posltors' checks will borcafter he paia by
the City National Bank without any In-
torrup.ton. This action was takon by a
unanimous voto of all the ..ockbolder.
and diroctors, and as they are tbo parlies
most lntnrt.t. n.., I. - t..
notion. Wo think the Stockholm.. I
posltors. and nil interested In tbo First
National havo cause for contrratulntlnt-
tbemielve.tbnt this manner of winding up
Ita aflVtr. h. l.n .il.mln.l Th.
" " uu w vvsa owavwt u u UUVBa
tors are subject to no delay and thu buii
u."!"., , V. .... """J"1
ano conoitiou ot tuo oily
National ltnk and It. able management
iiueu no worm or praise irom ua: and we
aro sure the increaio of business which
will naturally be glvon to It, by tho die
wumiuauco oi mo rirsi xiiaiionai, can
eailly bo accommodated by tbo larco
forco which it has; and the recent en-
argomentof their banking ofllse (unsur
passed for beauty, safety nnd convenience
In tho state, outside of Chicago) together
With lh .l..n,.. bu.ln,.. nu m I It I...
,!.,, .
-- bys....uor v..u,I1Uuiig oi-
Dears of tho Institution, will make it con-
tln.,a .. i. , i i. ..
PODul.Vi.ni .nfhi'J,lJ nr0'1
?5tZ? u 7:, M
mil tut on ef whlnh Ca ro ahnnlil h li,.il
. -
l '""u' I
Somo weeks ago a woman calling her
self Bridget Malbonoy, applied to D
Jackson, of Columbus, Kentucky, a few
miloa below this placo, fur tbo place of
cook Employment was ulvon her,
and for a ahort whllu alio
gavo satisfaction. A few da) a
ago tbo doctor notlcod somo Irregularities
in hor llfo, and noliflod hor tbat aho must
look out for another homo. Thli an-
poared to infuriate her beyond control
the ent updovll In htr naturo burst forth
In a fury nt passion that sent tho doctor
scampering for tho police, and tho family
for an asylum of aafoty. When ho re
turned, Iirldget had doparted, leaving hla
mirrors and furnlturo a wrccki
It appears that f.'om a roislnkcn
kinunors, ano was not prose
cuted, but allowed to d( part unmolested.
Irom bis resldonca sho wont to tha hotel
or boarding house kept by an oillmnhlo
uorman uatnonc named Wwilr.titr, noar
tho M. and O. railroad. Sho easily 1m
posod Uoriuir upon tho good naturo of
this lady, and was permitted tj top with
ner, paying nor Hoard In work. She bo
haved badly again and Mrs. S, dlsthargid
her. Instead of golng.nlT. howovor, sho
went up Into Mrs. S'a room (immediately
after breakfast) and sent for this lady
from tho dining room. When sho got
into hor proience sho commenced to abuse
her in a most shameful rnarmor. Mra.
Switzbor tried to quiet her nnd oxprossed
sympathy far bur. Iirldget told hor that
aho had bettor sympathise with horsolf
and made nt her. Mrs. H. rushed down
Htal's, leaving her throe children, coexist
ing of a lltlla boy four years old, two
daughters agml respectively six and ten
in tha rostn. Tbo oldest says that tho two
children woro in bod with tbo musqulto
bar fastened down around it, and that
Iirldget dollberatoly took tho lamp and
saturated the bed and cbildron with coal
oil and bred it.
lleforo aisistnnco could reach thorn the
passage was a solid sbeotof flame, and tbe
two children wera burned with tho houie
and most of the furniture. The fiend is in
prison and tha poor mother nearly dis
tracted with grlof at her ternblo loss.
Tho following ir; a list of lottors remain
ins in tho post-office, uncalled for on Sat.
urday, October 10, 1S7I:
"Anderson, Mary
Austin, Alico
Illez, Mra Ferdinand
Cells, Strati A
Fritz, Martha
Harris, Mra
Johnson, Annoy
K.nx, Millie J)
Rbutlat, Minnie
o;tii, l'atsey
iiuoiurd, 1-
Cavanau;h, U
Clllha3, Ksto
Frlman, Ida O
Harris, Llzey
Johnson, E .1
ecott, aarah
Williams. Kits,.
Atherton, Will
Uxxj, Arthur
Ball, Chas
Hell. Frank
Unffurd, John
Illacksmltb, Maml
Callo. Alfred
Urown, Cnas
Drunks, Frank
lirinkrnun, H
Uoll, Thus H
FtAViAtH 1 1 An err
Chance, John
Clore, James
Crabtree, Strawthol Do Witt, C F
u " ,
Davis. Goo
Sen, Albert
Gilloipio. Jstnes
Fry, Hoy
Oi.ti; Geo A
Hicks, Carrell
Hunt, O F.
Hucbeson, Jaiper
Henry, John
Juhn, Oorhgrd
Justice, Moses
iloatliiic Chul
Hunt, U N
Hardy. l)r J E
ft. 11 ri ,
J, hnaon Ta"k
Johnson, Samuel II Keen. Jacob
Kepper. T P Kennedy, 1) T
King, Fred L Keen, Viil am
Mitchell, Ben Moirlson, E A
McCallster, II P Allies H w
Voicovllz. llermon .Mabbatt, W (2)
Nielsen, PS Ob.-r. Josenh
1 rice, O T Pitchuo, Dr Jamos
j rKer, ji jj Jtiddle, Galvin
Ross, Jack ltench, Jospb
Hadabaucb. Joseph Uobblns. Wm
StrltmHttur, Albert Sbannahan, Con
Tbtimon, Alongo Torranc-, O.0 B
T'hln, John Thomas, John
X,HU.'51,r"' CnM Vance S W
;i.:ojr, 01m ecott, I'atrick
Waldo, Giles 1) Washington Oeo
tv inieruury, v ntz llllams, P M
Persons cslllnir for the abovn IaKot.
win pioasosay "Advertised."
Geo. W. McKeaio, P. M,
Frebii Suitly Mr. P. Fitzcerald has
Ju" roculvoa anu lJ, on salo at his salos
roora' larK tock ot English nlo, portor.
llenneisy brandy and wines, and Honors
of n" kln(3. wnlen ho will dlsposo of nt
rB"onao, Prlce'' 260-9.i!5.1m
a.ook Out vom llAitaAiNB.-Mr.
Marx hai just returned from Now York
.l 1 . . . . 'I
where ho purchased one of tho Uncst and
largest stock of clothing, gont's furnish.
Ing good,, bats, etc., of tho very latest
style, which he will sell LOWER than
style, which he will soil LOWER than
thu lowest. All trooda marked In nuin
figures. H75-0.i4.tf
Lumiikr Still Goi n,v a.
Krn ,i,i , , .
ur , ocl
i' ' ' ,' . ., , , ,
1 u ""auOT Bt
tWo por thousand less than mar-
kot I,rlcM' A '"G8 ,0' of 'th and stovo
woqJ fln which will bo gold at cor
J?,,,p""d "R'y low rutos.
i'all & Ent.
Lunch Every Day ft
cornor of ourtoonth and Wiublncton
avenue, will furnish horoaltor, ovory day
to hla patrons a No. 1 lunch. botwr-r,n
houra of ten and twelve o'clock
Mllwaukco beor and fragrant Hav
ana cigars to uo nnd nt his bar at all
Mound City Accommodation. Com-
menclng Thursday, October Oth, and con-
tinuing, Sunday oxcepted, until Saturday,
' . V"V KCMW'
huu I-,., iv.Tib viru ui g i. m, ana
6;00 ,,,.; leaving Mound City at 8.30 a. m
L.t U . . in n.i.i . ,
" ' - v....u.o purtiea to nttenu
C0Url Mi relUrnt Cuiro " Tl
Wednead.y and Saturday run. hero-
m s.. -s..j. "j
parties to attend
i uuuneu until uotobor
lHlll. I
I 1
3tfcaX,A.EJaCjX3IIlX 1000.
I On IJiTilSFiiB
gtTjagrE-Mi.il iisiiiiii 1 w iMBTitaEaftajTi--iiiiij.i.-Tg., F mm , ltuul
sl?iUcls! alatB
XJK1 ll-'l IMIV UIVS V.UIIllll..-)
I 1.. ... I In,,. ...ttwl.na
summer and arc stalo, claiming homo manufacture. A If
sec to your weight. Every box
nut, or u ounces over nvc pouiius. iinmcmijcr the place
a. t 1 T . . . .
Corncx? 8th St. and Washington At
The Only Placo in tho City whero
Steamer Jim Fiik, l'aduoah ;
" F 1 Graeey, Uvansvllle;
" City of Ch.ilor. .Mtmpblat
' Julia, St Louli;
" Iteo and barges, St Louis;
Stoamsr Jim Flik, l'adticnhi
" 1' P Gracy, Kvantvillei
" City nf Chaster, Ht Louis;
" T F lkert, Grand Chain;
" Julia, Vlokiburg.
Tho river last evening was fl fot .1
Inches on tho gauge, having fallen ono
Inch during tbe provious 21 hours.
Tbo weather was clear and mild yds
terday. and builncsi dull.
W.tu Dijit. kivkh Ki:roiiT, I
Ojtuber H, lilt, I
I Abovo ;
iltjw watur I
I Ft. In. Kt. I In.
I'ltt.nurt; j 1 0 0 S
Cincinnati 7 8 0 S
litlltillo I I 6 i 4
Kvaii-v ll S 1 1 ft
.N.t-litlllo I .1 10 0 3
l. l.'HIi. I 8 b 0 I
The Julia had a very fair trip, and
mado somo additions for Vlcksbtirg.
The City of Chester has 117 lklts of
cotton for St' Louis.
Tho Eokort has gono to wreck tho
Henry Frobatoo. sunk on tho Grand
Tbo llco and barges nro adding
freight here, and will get away fr Now
Orleans Ibis evening.
Abuvo llils port the bottom of tbo
Mliiiiiippl Is getting nearer to tho surface
ovcry day.
Wo Intended to say tbat rates by the
Mliiliilpl Contral to New Orleans, wore
llj urn, m j, i..j.. , H rul-
Pilot .Miko Kelly who con e up on
tbo Oily of Cbeilor reports 9 feet watir at
Oroola and good water evry where to
Tho F. P. Grasy arrival yanUrdsy
12 hours babind time, but glad to get
through at that. She hrOMgtit probably
30 tons for resblpment.
Between tho Lour of 11 o'clock
Friday night nnd 11 o'ebsk yesterday
morning, tho Jim Fisk ana ferry boats
wero tbe only arrivals.
Bacon rock will receive the attention
ita remains deserve, from the dredge boat
mis weeic. All that will bo lolt when
sho guts through with Jt, wouldn't
mako a border around a very small flotfer
Joe Ronekkris now in full contol ol
tho Washington bakery, and havint;
loarncd tbe wants of tho public, Is pro
pared tostipply on call all demands for
French loaf, Boston, Drown and Oraham
biead, and ovorylhing else ordinarily
found In a first-class Uknry. Ho main
tains a mn biock ni confectioneries, nnd
can, as well na any other doalor In tho
city, fill all orders in that lino.
Cakes baked, frostod or ornamented on
short notlco. Special attention given to
tho orders or weddiug or picnic parties.
J oR dale. A good fruit farm, ono
milo wost of Cobden sutiuii, ou tho I. 0.
R. It., and eighty rods oust of tho Cairo
anci Su r,otti rttI,rCflJ' Rld fnrra hue a
llrrtA Iraltn rfl.LU.. t 1 . t
IIm0 ll,,D worI,ni: 1, nnd contains n
fln0 bod of llmu rork' Th'' fruit ,r0M Ju
m,nB lnt0 luMl con,,st " "PPl,
K"L",".n.d f''T' AU "m"
M1""' CU0",M RnJ I'lums. Also straw-
l,orrlMi raspberries, blachborries, pip
P""1! clo- Will bo sold for n smi.il mm
. "mo' Inqulru of
' "nnnrt, corner l.ighloonth streot and
C-ommercial avenue, cr 0. Winston, Ohio
lovo0' c"lro Illinois. y.27-:
vaotuki:!!. Mossrs. Segrlst nnd Hnr-
man have opened, on Washington nvenno
betwoon Thirteonth nnd Fourteenth",
street a ahoji, whero thoy proposo to do nil
kinds of repairing on spring or common
mattresses, upholstering, sofas, lounr-os, I
chairs, etc., nnd nlso ropulring and ro-
varriishlugjrurnituro of all descriptions.
They will sow and Jh down enrpots and j
bang paper, New mattresses nnd furnl
turo mado to ordor. Teey havo como to
Cairo to stay, end rospoctfully solicit tho
patronage of tho public. 283-0.2C-lmj
Daily Lunch. Jneekol is now sprond
Ing a dally lunch of tho finest kind, bo-
tween 10 and 1'.' o'clock n. m,, and Invites
nil hla patrons to partake. Jaoekel lias
also flttod up a room in tho roar of his sa
loon, In which ho will servo oysters In nil
asjiun. .,.u muies can uo ac-
commodntedwuhnflne table and oystor.
m any stylo. Milwaukee beor nlw.y
' . . .
atylon. Gentlemen with ludlca can Lo ac-
iresn. uorner nnsninbton avenue and
mn1S.t, .(.a. I nr,.ll. rp I.
IU11IU Blli.ll VI'IJUSIIO 111. Jllll.l.ITTFM
r)caat (tF?
All.. I I. 1 i ,1
lllilL llilt U IJUfJH JL'I)l, 0 01 III
ought to contain ho ponm
. 1 11 . .
You can got a Complete Assortment.
The nartver anop ts on tun turner
Eighth atroet and Commercial nvon
where J. Gi-orge Stienhouso with his go
tlomanly assistants can bo f,.uud nt a
hour of the day or nlsfht, ready to s 3t
yur (txillags with a srncoth shave, or ct
your temper nnd head with n- got J she
poo- It t ft flrst-class shop, r.n 1 you i
suro of reesslvlng Crst-cluis trtaimi
Ladies' nnd child ron's Lair cat or curl
In the most npprovnl stylo. 8-lC-tf
! u. t r .. w. t ... . . . i i ,
east with a lull stock of mliniiory gj
end ladles', misses' and chlUrcn s she
also, n large stock of U'llo ha.rawiUli
nnd goods belonglog Ij Uo inullm
tradu, CBlfs, hoaierv, ct' ., villi a In
lot of notions, which sho will soil thca
than any other placo it, Cain, Store
i n wifnbF ii i. i.iiii .,.. .n,, iv. ,
In ...... ......... Di- . n I! I . I
have alrsady applied to ma to give tl;
leseoos, I take this method ta say, tl u
will give a liinltl rati. bar cf 1 .".risj
higher Arithmetic, II k kocr ir A
bra, Phllotopby, Engluh Gramr.ar, L 1
and Gretk. Threo or fuur m r3 tn
aeootomojalwl. other bra&tti s
i 3
pursued if preferred.
H, B.Thaye:'
Boaruino. Parties desiring board
and lodging, or day tonrd in a pritj
family, near tho business part cf thn c
can- bo accommodated by call rg at
two-story whito frame dwel ,ng In re
UrtW buildincon 11th street. 311 10-
vvk x e " p L v.
-LXL. r I.UM4. Itui.li-t ht. nitt.
.nnd n Uk h tttpi y of M r.i Otu
I-atiXlilnic Oa. Teeth extra ' d at
hours, slay and night 17-
Hotel and Restaurauj
122Commcivial Apiiiio t
Te doors awttsi f a,, t -t r.
WM. WET'KL .... Prhie'
A trnsty "watoh kent nMii nn i ,i '
T..l. I V... . . . ' .'
..aim nun oieaiiiuoau.
for tranclcnt gtiosts at
T W O 1) O L L A R 8 P E R
Coal and WoodYaiU
S T 0 V E W 0 0
v , ,i i i
'"frd.r, i.romot.v i.Hed. ,J
lellverod Irco of charge. Tt rm n-ttlet
Gcnoral Insurnnco Agent,
Ohio Lcvco, over Mntltus it UlilV.
ESf Nona but firtt-chns Comnanu
-Kstaiilisiied 1858.
Salibrd. Morris & Cnnrtee
73 Ohio Leveo, OJty National
uutitung, CAIRO, 1L18,
Tie oldet established Agency In Southe
imuvn, representinj; over
$65 000.000.00s

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