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r8iLTUpJLT, fOUEU 17, 1874.
OHrtftl Psssef ef ttiiscisy nnrt Connly
H)HH It. OBKBtVr. Kdltor and PnblUhtr
Cneirtck, by c&iTlor.,. ...... t
Orie Tsarby carrier, lnadvet.ee...... 10 00
lni war by carrier It tot paid In
adVaOOO , a2 00
One month, by stall 1 00
ftirs rooalfes,. ... . , 3 00
lXBOBthR. m
Cm rest.
10 00
Dseetf i ; (1 00
Jhree taonth
lBTriMy.ln advance.
KmmHsk ssiMlter on nry pur'-
Democratic State Ticket.
, -fTor State Treasurer
l'or Superintendent ol Public Instruction
For Congrc Eighteenth Dlitrict,
For Itprccntatlvc-KIftlctli District,
v CLJiZSotiNJ! Wlfrdrblt.
i n r- r f -
Knur Tbo restoration of gold and silver
MUie bails of ttie currency; tho resumption
eif speclo payments as soon as possible wllh
iut disaster to Uie business of tho country,
liy atcadllyoppostaf; inflation anil by tlio
payment of tho national indebtedness in tlio
monoy ot the clvtllwd world.
Skcojos Frco commerce; notarlfffornoy
other purposo but revenue.
TlilliD Individual liberty and opposition
to sumptuary Ian.
FoUttTH The right and duty of tho
tf tlc,,to protect 1U citizens from extortion
nnd unjust discrimination by chartered
monopolies. ,
i'lmi Itigld restriction ot the govcrn
Jaent, both Stato and National, to the legit
imate domain of political power by oxclud
log tberefrom all executive and legislative
Intermeddling with, tho affair nf.-oclcty
Whercby monopolies are fostered, prlvll
idgcd clanca aggrandlr.ed, and Indlvldua
Irondom unnecessarily nnd oppressively
Tho following Central Committco
ras apppiatcd by tlio Jlopublican con-
fresaional convention that met a
itbnnd'City, August! 3, 1874 :
Alexander county,. G. W. McKealg :
Jackson, HenJ. ti. Wlloy ;
Johnaoo, A.J. Alden;
..Massac, Henry Armstrong :
Perry, 8. J. Parks :
Tope, H. D. Uaker ;
Pulaski, Georgo W. Mortz, Sr.;
Kandolptt, D. It. MoMasters ;
Union, H. U Stinson j
"Willlamaon, illlo Krwln.
Tho following Central Committco
waj appointed by the Kcpublican con
ttiBUpa ol tho Fiftieth senatorial dis
trict, hold at Wound City, August 13
Alexander county, E. . "Walbridgo i
Jackson, Ezra U. l'ellctt ;
Union, T. 11. Phillips'.
At the Democratic concrcssional
onvention, held at Anna, September
8, 1874, tho following Central Com
mittee for the Eighteenth district was
Appointed :
Kandolpb', Bovorly Wiltshire;
Perry, .,0. Ilusher;
Williamson, G, V, Goddard ;
.Jackson, G. W. Aodrowa;
Union, Hugh Andrews:
Johcspcj X. N, l'jerce j
Massac, J. W. Thrift;
VPulaaki, Obed Kdton , -Alexander,
John U. Obe.rly ,
At Large, Judge F. Bross, Cairo.
The following executive committco
Jar Union county vas appointed by
the Democratic county convention that
net in Joneaboro, August 24, 187 1
Jndgt ilC. Crawford :
O. H. JTrob :
O. P. Hill.
The lollowing State coniimttco was
appointed by tho llcmooratic-Opposi-tion
convention, at Springfield, August
2G, 1874:
1st District, Egbert Jameson, Chicago
SdDlstriot, Wm. J.Onahan, Chicago
8d District, V. II. O. Winton, Chicago
4th Dlitrict, A M. Harrington.Uenora.
6th District, Wm. "Wright. Ifreeport.
Cth District, J. S. Drake, Itock Island.
7th District. Geo. "NV. Havens, Ottawa.
8th District, -Washington E. Cook,
v 'Dta District Ohas. P.. King, Peoria.
10th DUtrict, David li. Head, Carthago.
11th District, J. M. llusb. Pittaflald.
13th DIstrlct,E,Ti Merrltt. Sprlngfleld.
18th District, John A. Mallory.Havana.
14th District. J U. Euibv. Ch.mn.l.n
16th District, II. O. ltobinion. Efflng-
16th Dl'trict. C. D. Hoilei. OrMmvlll.
17th District, "W. H. Kromo, Edwardsl
19th District. W. H. Green, Cairo.
19th District, Jamoa P.Ifobinson.Olney,
At Large; N. U. Miller, Chicago.
At Large, K. "W. Townaend. bhawnee.
'At Large, Wm. Urowo, Jacksonville.
Mr. Brown was elected cliairman of
Tho lollowing Central Committoo
waa appointed by tho Domocratio con
veatTon pf Aloxauder county, at Cairo.
Aueuet 23, 1874: '
Clear Creek, Thomas J. McCluro
GooseJUland,. C.-Jranly.
Dog fegiti. Ittonsieker. t ,'
Uazlewbod, James E. McCrito,
Tbabes, J. G. Bolwlng
Santa- fe, J.--W. Een fro w. A
Unltr.W. J..MItrd,, . ,
North Cairo, ;rir srat5lf,M li Harrell,
Bwth'tCilb,John Tl'. OMsmanVjbhn
Ilowlsy, John UotanandDr. D. Artor.
Tftllowjg jCentral Committea
wm 'tppornUdby the pemocratic.Lb-
4 . i ' . mi A.-..
September 4, 1374, and nominated
candidates for Uio legislature In the
Fiftieth Senatorial District ;
Alexander, D K UkVo, J G JLyncb.
Jackson, V Ulshon, .loeph Oully.
Union, Oliver lltll, T M Ferine.
At Large, T V Douton, of Union.
.loaEt-rt Ttioar. of .lackscn county, is
not, as Is generally supposed, an Indc
pandent candidate, llo was nominated
by tho Farmers, and will runas a Radical
Farmer cand date. Hn IS f Atil to Do a
man of eood ttaniHnp; among his neigh
bori, of fair ability and a consilient Had.
leal. It Is needless, perhaps, to tell Uem
ocratlo voters that Thorp will, If oloctod
wotk 'with and for tho Radicals.
Urtfeiut- J. BtACKHur.x Joxbs Is
taking an actlvo part and doing
good sorvlco for Hartzoll. no
ii In tlio Held for tin cam
palgn, and will not lay his armor down
until ho knorrs tho result of tlio contest,
lie Is posted to speak in Carbondalo to
night, and wo liopo tho friends of lit'
Harlr.cll will too to tho arrangement of
the details.
Ci.kjiknts made a spcoch in Jlurpbys
boro last Monday evening, Kxtrnordln-
aty exertion Industrious drumming dur
ing iho day, brought out about ono hun
dred and twenty listeners. Pursuing tho
policy marked out by his Culro kcrpors,
ha lot tho Ulvll Rli-hia bill iavrj lone,
msrey f '
ought act to cut nny' Duariria tbo proJent
i r- . M rnflMlirn IflAL
canvass, as Its uoroat or passego would In
no who artoot tho status of tho negro.
Tho fact that It passago would be viola
tive cf tbo constitution and un outragi ous
invasion of State's rights was entirely ig
nored by him. His spoceh was a non
committal alMr throughout, except In re
furenco to tho Improvement or 'Western
rivers a measure which meets tho cordial
approbation of everybody.
, Tho crowd war, a.i wo havo intimated,
dlscouraglngly small, and tto entire ab
sonce of enthusiasm very plainly ludl-
caicu iuai, in mis CODLTOiiondl rarn.
Isaac li pursuing a cold trail.
As we athtod yestorday, Harwell's
spoooh lu Mound City, Tuosday night.
called out a full houso ot eubitantUl vntors
and excited unbounded enthutlasm. l'roro
Mound City lie went to Metropolis. That
he was well received thoto and mado a
splendid IrnproMlji), the following corres
pondent will attest:
MarnoroMS. Ill, October 15.
Editor nuLLKTi.v IVe had n
meeting hero last night. Tho turn out
was good; tho enthusiasm unbounded. Mr.
UarizoH'i epeoch was an exhaustive el
fort,, and commanded very general com.
mtndatlon. Democrats and Liberal
woro warmed up, and predict good rmulta
llko frcm the speech, and tho work Hart
oil It doioi: othorwite. The outlook !
cboerlng. 1'rloodt seem to be multiply,
log on nit bands, nnd Although Mastao n
generally conceded to Clements, I am
fully persuaded that properly directed nt
fort will give tho vote of the county to
Uartzall. J
Vb go ta Golcond to-day. Mr. II art-
Zlll Will fncftlc thnra thta .vnnlm. A
restdont ot that placo whom wo met here
lo-uay, jniormea us (hat tbero is no en
thusfairn for UJomonts in JViie; that bo
will not, tinder any circumstance, com
mand tho full vote of hit party.
Mr. Hartzoli hai boen urx-ed In rlnrn
to Metropolis, and, since bia visit has pro
duced such good results, ho should, if pes
alble, return.
I will wrlto vou from Gol condn. and
il6owhorp, keeping your readers potted a
nenrij m potiioie concerning too progress
and complexion of tB campaign.
i curi iruiy, oic, .1. ji.
Wo sould not, If wo would, nnd would
not, If mo could, restrain expressions of
onlhusiaim over tho results of last Toes
day's oicctlon. The "Democratic corpse"
bai boen revitalized, and under its sturdy
blows the Itadlcal giant hat Loan laid low
on ih political battlefield of two Westorn
States, whoso inlluenco in our national
1 struggles has often-tlmoj boen decisive.
In Ohio, tho triumph of tho Democracy
was complete. Tho Stato ticket wa
eloctod by a majority of 10,000. Tho con
grostlonal delegation in the 44th Congress
will ttand six Eopulllcans and fourteen
Democrats a gain of seven. Tho legisla
ture is Democratic, which Insures tho ro
turn of Thurman to tho United States
In Indiana, tho triumph oi' ,li : Ij.iuoc-
racy was scarcely lets decisive. The Stato
ticket was electod by a majority of 10,000.
Mnoov tho tbirlo-n congrcrimon are
Domocats tho prosont delegation stand
ing, Kepubllcanj 10, Dome, rata U. Here,
then, wo havo a gain of thirteen congress
men in two Statoc a gain that destroys
the two-thirds J(adlcal msjorlty to which
tho country owes many of tho most ob.
noxious measures of tho past twelvo years.
Hut this extent and more bath our victory
In Indiana. Tho Democrats have won
control of the Lcglilature, and will retire
thu Kadlcal Pratt, and givo hla seat In the
United States Senate to gallant, patriotic
and Democratic Hondrlcks.
In Iowa the Democracy did no', export
inucb, and, verily, they wero not disap
pointed. The Democratic namo and organ
ization was IsLomd, and, as tho rcsulu
show, without compensating rosults. Tho
anti-Monopolists supplanted the Democ
racy; ana "did as won at could be
expectod under tho circumstance; but
even tho editor of tho Chicago Times, who
speaks of the Dsmocraoy r.s n "putrncent
corpus," eiprosies tho belief w. t ''Hour
bonlim" would havo fought a etrongr
fight. Tbero Is a baro probability that an
opposition Congressman will bo electod
from tho Uth dlitrict; but all tto other
districts are conceded to the Kadlcalj.
The triumph of tho Democracy In Ar
kaosas Is complete. The Democratic
State tic ket Is olectud by majority of
from 8,000 to 12,000. The fiew Constltu
tlon, which promises to give quiet to that
hitherto Kadlcabrlddoa Sfste, Is adopted
by a still greater majority.
West Virginia has ole:tod a Democratic
Legislature, ,and a full, Democratic dele
gation to Congress. 1 " .
KjSd( peppbllcanj It eUclodai a del
ogato to Congress from Dakotah by a
majority ci abevit l.fOO t,U.-; rotuU
that was anticipated by everybody.
Zsebraska was carried by thn republi
cans by a greatly reduced majority, rtnr-
ber Is elected Governor by 8,000 majority.
Tbo Legislature being lteptibllcan, In
sures the eleatlon of Thayer to thn Unltid
States Senate. Ncbrosks i;nva Grunt
a msjorlty, In 1872, of 18,000.
And thus results tho October elections
overwhelming victories for tho Democ
racy in Ohio, Arkamas and Indiana
immense losses to tho Kadicals in Iowa
and Nebraska a gain of thirteen Demo
cratic Congrcilmen certainly, and four
tsen probably. Glory enouch for ono
day, moat undoubtedly.
Extraordinary Spiritual Phe
tl'rom tho Chicago Trlbiinc.J
Tho lumous nppnrltlon bsnrlni;
namo which (or wno) convlnctxl 1'rofeitor
Uoolies and Alfred Wall.v.c, of London, in
London, of tlio reality of spiritual phe
nomena, has apponrcd ot lato lu 1'hlladul
phla. Tbo American medium was Mrs.
Holmes. llolierWMlo uwon uss critically
tho Atlantic, and has publishrd tn thu
London Spiritualist a long and intureu-
Ing account of It. All tbo precautions
acainst imposturo which wro taken In
London woro ropoated in 1'hllndelphU.
hj.. f-- lniiM.ii jnenntJIIV n.ittlil tin It).
,' Vrauii rna matin Imnoasibia yv rnmll unit-
panor. u no uoor or trio room wero 1
locked, oxcopt when v tltots cm in thu 1
ball in order to izuaid against utililu In-'
terforenco. Tho room was l:ghtt-d. Spec
tators and medium sat about 8 feet frum
tho cabinet. Tho latti-r was parfuctly
empty, Out of it camq Ivatio Eing.
Mr. Owen saw hor ono hundred tlmos.
Ho has cut from her bead a lock of hair
She has given htm pieces of hor drots and
of her votl. As tho Inltor was of very
lino lace, euch a genortus ghot thould be
especially fascinating to the femlmno be
liever. Mr, Owen bas kissed br and
been killed by her. Ho has irivon her
jowelry and dowers. Sho always wore
tbo jowclry atlenvards. On ono occarion
ho handed hern call lily. Holding it,
she gradually fndd out of view. Wnen
tho Had entirely vanltbi-d. tho lilv fol
lowed suit. Then n point of Hcht .
pearcd. It dovelopod Into tho lily. Thon
Katie catne ainwlj into right as'nin, atlll
holding tho flower. Thli vanishing And
appearance ofn nmtcrtal object is a now
phenomenon. All the tnings gtvon
Katie dlsappoarcd with her. Mr. Owen
always loarehed thn cabintt with h light
immedlatoly attor tho porformanco, and
never found even a rose loaf tbnro. Thl
rcmarkablo vh tt road a sealed nctn In
sido tho cablnrt, which was o dark that
llcshy eyes could not decipher any writing,
dho tometimes Hotted in tbo air. Ono of
bcr most wonderful appearances wai at
mid-day, July If! The cabinet donr open
ed slowly, wltnout prceptlblo human
azency. Tho Interior waa empty. Katl
King'i head and ahoulders rose out if th
floor. Her cntlro body followed. Hhe
tboa walked out and bgan to talk. Thn
hlbln tptalcs of Samuel ''arising out ot thn
arth" at tbo bidding ot tho vVitch of
Gndor. Tho colncidenco Is noteworthy.
Thorn oro ono or two dubious things
about tho Philadelphia tpectre. She occa
aionally makes tnlniakca in grammar and
in pronunciation. At othor tlmsi the Is
a well-bred lady. Tho well-worn cxcie
of "conditions of manifestation "Is ollerod
as an explanation of this variance. Tho
second dilllculty U that tbo American
Kalio King does not strikingly resctnbln
hfl photogrnps of thri Lmdou original.
It Is cutTusicd that tbo d!lfcrcnt rn-Ulumi
mako the appearance diUeront. If this Ii
so, good looking modiums will bo in ac
mand by peoplo who wish to soo dead
friends. A second wifo might euro her
husband of regrets for his first spouso by
rrgainng nor to earin in ins presence
h""i(Sh somo Tberiites-liko medium.
Kallu's statmcnt that she is a daughter t
a certain John Alug, whoso narlm was
also Henry Morgan, who lived In tho
.Iran of Charles II., who was a buoganper,
and who finally wont to thii Weit
Indies, has been somewhat confirmed by
the researches of Mr. Owen. In 1852, i
spirit styling hlmsolf King and .Morgan
appeared to an Ohio family named Koon.
Ho claimed to ho n famous Walsh plrato
who had boon Knighted by Charles 11.
and bad been appointed by him Governor
of Jamaica. Tho Koons published this at
tho tlmo. Mr. Owen has dltcovorcd that
there really was a Sir Henry Morgan who
was a buccaneor, a Knight, and a Gov
nrnor of Jamaica when Charles II. was
King of England.
Tbo Kntlo King of London nnd of Phil
adelphla has repeatedly declared that hor
mission on earth is to tuoh peoplo the
truth of Immortality. Sho has beon at
work in London for three yers and in
Philadelphia for r.s many months. It Is
perhaps not golnc too far to say that sho
has dona more to convinco rational ob
servors of tho reality of some of the phe
nomena of Spiritualism than all tho other
ghosts put togothor. Sho. almost alone,
has risen above th tablo-tappmg and
banjo-banging ttlvalitlos of the avorago
TimQuincy Herald says:
"In Jersey county tho icpublleafis man
ifest their lovo for "Old Dick" by poll
tloninghim to sdlreis them on tbo lienes
of tho campaign. Thoy approclato tho
sorvlco that "Old Dick" Is rendering tho
republican cause, and proposo to encour
age his efforts to divide tho democracy.
When "Old Dick" was on tbo right tra'ja,
fighting for democratic principles, those,
republicans didn't tnko much interest In
his spcochos, and nevor once Invited hlrn
to address thorn, Aow, howover, whon
bo Is opposing democratic candidates and
prlnclplos, thoy uro docld,)dly In favor of
his taking tho stump and givMg domoc-ra-y
as many and hard blows as ha can.
It oui;ht to satisfy domocrats that "Old
Dick's" labors nrn not in tho interest or
democracy when ho Is thus encouracod
by republicans," n
H. Paul Pioneer.
Kvery republican organ In tbo country
Is declaring that tho presout deplorable
cotirtltlon of atralrs in tho South is sulfl
clorit reason why thn Itadlcal party should
bo l:opt In power. Aficr nine yiars of ue
intorriiptPd rule, backed bv uvery act of
usurpation and tyranny 'by it Itadlcal
president, tbo peopln In tliolr tftsperatlnn
havo bum driv n to open revolt with
arms; still tho demand is that thosamn
pack of tyrannical creatures, b.i kept In
power for the good of tho South. Surely
the loglo of such rrasonlup li past com
ptoheiition, Tuc editor of Hcrlbner's Monthly de
clsres that nobody but a fool can beliovo
the charges against -Mr. JJeocher. It is by
Jich thoroughly unbiased utterances as
this that tbo peoplo wb9 read tho maga
zines aro gradually bscorrilng convinced
that thcroli no harm In tho artless old
gentleman yhose rrlonds aro so anxious
to "glvo Moulton h 1."
Negro Law-Mnkors Ex
oliulo White Ladies
from a Urcnkfust
A special dispatch from Holly Springs,
Mississippi, to the Loulivlltn Courier
Journal, undor dato of the 14th Inst., furn
lilies the following details of a nc;ro out
rags: This morning at Suty-Two Mllo Sid
ing, an oatlog tiand on tho New Orleans,
St. Itouls and Cbicngo railroad, two miles
north of Canton, Miiiisippl, an unlnwful
and outrageous trctpafs on individual
rights was perpetrated. Quito a number
of prominent Ksdlcals of this stato and
Louisiana, mostly cdorod, woro paiicn
gers on tho north-bound tram that break,
fasis at Sixty-Two .Mllo Siding, on their
way to tho itadlcal convention which Is
asombllng at Ohsttinoogn. Among the
number uay bo montloncd Shadd,tbn no
grospeakor of the house of reproenta
tlvp'; Lynch, nnri;ro conijrcismanj l'oas,
a United States SMintnr: Avery, n membor
of tho legislature: Olbbs, tho" ktato school
supnrlntendent; Irolsnd, negro president
of Aleorn University; Comptnn. supsrin
tendont of tho rtato asylum; Hill, tbo no-
pro secretary t s'.slo of .Miisliilppl. As
tlm passengors tiled Into breakfast, they
,L.,i(, L.
. " V V. VV,.' ' . "
tli'tncn. In tho hurry attendant on stirb no
casliins, happoned to tako seals at the la-
dins' tAhlpft, but hi jnori as Informed of It,
arosn nnd went to their allotted feata.
Hardly hail tbeso Inn thn larilra' tarle,
when tbo abovo named crowd of Itadlcal
disciples gathered around It and sat down.
Instantly Major Raphael apprcachrd
Ihnm and told them they wreatthe la
dles' table, asking them In pollto terms,
tooxchango for ono equally as good pro
vided noar by.
Ireland (colored) throw hit clonched
fist upon tho table and said: "Wo will
oat It upon this table, or fljrht. just ns you
please. 'o give away In this party."
aiajor jiapnaci, seeing mat ttiev wero
determined to hold their places and carry ,
wieir poini, tout mem mat nis waiters
should not sorvo them. Amidst noisy Lo
havlor and much boasting, they msd
their broaklast from what was on tl e
table, oflering thu usual price for their I
meal as thoy departed, which Major Ka-
phael declined to receive
Dr. Wm. Comptnn encouraged theso
fellows by sitting at tlm same tablo with'
thorn, nnd thereby participating In their
Indecent conduct. Ho was or.ee a distin
guished respectud citizen of this placo.
l'Inchbinck was aboard of the train,
but did not come out,
Theso lawless men mpdo a boast before
thoy reached the eating stand hero that
they intended to repeat at dinner what
they had done nt breakfast ; but, as manv
of our oltizans hapDined to bo at tbi do
pot when the train arrived, thoy very
wisely stood In tho background.
A. Protest l'rom
Tho following protest agalnit tho elec
tloneerlng lies now so current In tb
North, was signed by about sixty North
ern men, now residing in Alabama. Th
protest Is dated
Ht7NT8Viu.iT, Ala., Oct. 0. 1874
To tho Hon. George H. Williams, Attornc
,.....t I ...... . .
"I'uviw ui iuu iiiHeu .atea ;
ti e, tno unuorsigneo, Surinam men
now citizens of Madison county, stato o
Aiauamn, oeionging somo or us to tha lt
publican and somo to the Democratic par
ties, earnestly protest against tho truth
fulness of tho reports recontly forwarded
to you by ii. x,. l nomas, United State
Marshal for tho northern d.strict ot Ala
bamo. Wo aro ennstrained to bollev
lu they wero rnado sololy for political
purpos?, anu 10 iniiire tnH community
abroad. o Jivo In various parts of the
county, nnd this statement contains tbo
Individual unowledgo of each of us. Wo
know mat no dilturbsnces of th
kind mentioned by Mr. Thomas
count navo transpired without that
lact being known to somo ono of us. Wo
stato that no such disturbances aro within
our knowledge, and w aro sure that nono
sucn nuvo occurred. Wo know tbat repub
ucia meetings, Dotn day and night, Uavo
boon hold all ovor this country during tho
ponding political canvass, and no disturb
ance nor attempt at disturbance bas oc
currod at anyone of thorn. Wo aro the
property Holders, and feoi deeply inter-
osto't in tbo welfaro of tho countrv. Knm
of us tak an actlvo interest in politics,
anu wo tool as saro In doing to, both In
our person and property, ns if wo lived in
Massachusetts or New York, Wo have no
objection to tho presenco orfedornt troopn
In our midst thev
bohaved and orderly, nnd 'always bring
monoy into tho COUntrV but thn Imnru.
.!- ..t.i .-I . ' .............
-un nuuKufc io oq conveyoo, ty ilr.
uiiiusi, toai wioir presonce Is necessary
rcjiuuiicans irorn insult or aan-
ger, in tno exorclso of tholr privilcgos
IS a 111)01 .Unon tllll rnmmnnllr -n.l
Mr. Thomas should olthcr bo required to
support it by proof, or ho should bo ro-
uovou worn olllco as unworthy of trust.
Tlio Kidnapping Case.
Prom the stale ItegUtcr, Uth.
A weok or ten days ago wo noted In
thoto columns the fact that ono Goorge W,
Smith, of Massao county, this statu, had
been kidnappod and taken to Henry
county, Touutasee, where, it is alleged, an
todictmeut for tnurdor is pending against
mm. jisv mo tact thai tno attention ot
Gov iloveridgo bad boon called to the
manor, anu tbat ha had demandtd of
uov, urown, of Tennesson, the rulurn of
Smith and tho arrest and dotlvurv to tho
state authorities of the kidnapper., It. K.
Ward and M. L. Williams. On Saturday
last, Guv. Uovoridgo received a repiy to
these demands, Uov. lirown respoods by
roluting tbo fact of tbo alleijod niurdor.tliB
arraignment orsmith to bo tiinl by court,
the dismissal of tho cato becauie tl wt
not one ot a character tbat could
properly bo trlod by that kind of a tribu
ual, and hla mbstquuiu llight, arrest and
abduction. Ho admits, tbat ha was ar.
rested and taken buyond tho limits ot the
stato without authority of law, but hopm
tbt loaimucb as thoru a-n bo no doubt
abcut tho murdor. and as there, was "no
Intentional violation of the law ol llli
nois," that Governor lloverldge can
find it compatibly with his sonso ot official
duty to blink the matter, as ho (Brown)
ha''f-quentlyrlono In such cases."
To this remarkable effusion Gov. Uav
orldge very properly replies. In substanco,
that ho "can't ,00 ft In that light;" that a
,on.?f H'mols is unlawfully deprived
of his liberty by tho action, of these Ton
nosswans, and that a law of this stato has
beon set at defiance by thorn. He closss
by renotrtnp, hts demand fot tho return of
Smith to tho state, and for tbo arrest and
dollvery to the state authorities of Ward
and Williams, the kidnappers.
Tut Troy Times assorts that Go$. Dlx
was never an oxtreme partisan politician
The Times Is right. Gov. Dlx is mnroly
n snlpo-shootor, with a predisposition to
ihoot all persons hauling down tbo Amer
ican flag.
QKtf. Hakes has a new lecture, on
"What a Slati Owes to tho Town Ho
Lives In." Information on this subject
has heretofore been confined almost exclu
sively to tho tax-list.
to sell the newest and mnstbi'.ititlfii
book published :
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tlerful nolilcvriiieDts and thrilling nilvcn
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rie ifriij frf,isrnorotaiAraioaniimHrAf7ajr.
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luring i.otnusia, iuxion uaaa.
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rtAN be mule by any smart man who cau
Keep iiii)iime- to liime r. 'iilrcs
M. P. llllitMASN, lloboken, N. .1.
A W l.KIv guaranteed to Male ami
r email) Agents In tbeir locality
f ' mi nothing to trv It. Partieti
iara free. 1' . . YICKKHY A CO.
August t. .He.
rsyifH,win if ttLJst,ttia(M farBllr rrsu.
nrma)t CiUmii wltbont flVst, Tw lftkl
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r.wry urantrer wants It. it la nrl..i t.
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1UU" ua svii yrapning, anil ta e ol!.
ecu on new linen which we aro uriiNbliu;
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with the nest
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I hlrty-clghth street.
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ls.roVitefledwmrii& r-aml,, iIe(l,une cae, , rr
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lauufuetured Iiy
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ThoBcstnnd Choapest Wngon Man
ufacturod. MANUI'ACTOIIY:
upon hlincc ir, herol-,i;y; but ho
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Thero Is tin nllinr l, . ii,.
lionil, that In accompaoleit bv woio liiae
tiittil'that "TCt' )"'dneM of t,)L' "l'rer
and When Hie nnrf.nt ftt!! ..,..., ... .....
i ;1'0.'? ,H! w'" "ot U:UY a moment In si
Ci. i1"' "10,.t Prmi't mid cllleleiit reme
Ilea to lni.iirg t10 cxpuWon ot thu intruder.
'1 ho remedy may bo loiind In
I'loaso hear In mind that
U the rollablo tireniratton
Is a naiiroiwirallmi. imli'cl
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Is the llliiid bv ehildien
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purr in
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I IR, O .
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M .o.
S2TSptetaI attenuon .-hen t. , , ,
Groceries, Provisions, Etc.,
o. 1XO Olilo
nU !! "I the Illinois Central and
Jlurilngtott and 3!I,.ouri It. it. Cos.
North Cor. Sixth and Oliio I.cvco,
Real Estate Agents
74 Onio Levee, Second Floor,)
Iluy and 5li Y.V.M, KSTATi:. Puv TA.:
iirnfphf'i Abstract of Title.
PTrl.JUi.l Coiuml.Klouer.
.1Z3 TJ
And Healer lu
IVnn ii Strfrt, nr.r. YAsni.snrnN ani
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Koopj tl, best II vf, Pork. iluttou, Vo,
'?'nl' '.'! X".tto.. a .1 1. prepared to
sunoraiiiile.in an uocfpUblcnisn..cr.
ho great ili.rovrry of the
ace. rrti N m. pa(n wh ch
the Cen aiir Mniinent ,vp no
relievo, t,o swcl llij; which It
H'dl i ol ubduo, unit no lurnu
neawhlili It will urn
;-t.ThlI mroii; Unguuge. ,ut
rTpK ti,reeiio a m ntoil ar.niml
wen bo tie, a drcuur coniiili in ci iiiiI
chih ol wnnileni'l cii'es of rheuumtlsni
neuralgia. loek-Jw, sprilnx, awilllngs,
setli'f, caked brou-la pooixilis ll o I' oztn
lct, gou , kalliheU'P, ear-ache Ae,, tied the
ret'lpH iif the l.t Intent wl bo aent grstN tn
luvmio UN thi'inodt worubinil l.ralliix
ntiUp litre lcUtig g nt ho world Jma v. r
produeeil. It MN u no article belorn did
rel.uiHlltK'lls beenue Ii ilnc-Ju.t what it
pti'ten ii to no. (Hie bo'lle .,1 the Cnli.ur
l.lnlinoiit lor etumUs (yellow wniMierU
worth n bumliv.l dol'a s for epav m'd,
lni ncd or gnileil hor.es ami mules, ai il lor
tefeiv-tvoiiu In sheep, o rjintly or i-torU.
;rif r v.vi alTora to do without Jentaurt.ln.
iment. l'rlce.O'l ent ; luge bottUit)!, J
u. iiov a- o;i iiroauvay. -ew'.
OASTOIHA U more than a kubslltulo fot
(' Ktoroil it Is thu only baI'k article In ex,
toltfiico which l ure to reuuhto tho boiv
fl'.curd wlndcolloaiitlpr 'due natural cat
It is pleasant tonl;e. thllurenueed notcrf
anilwothorn way sleep. )rj-7 wl v

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