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The Of eat ClaHto ActroM,
fiapporttd by thefimlnent Trigcdlan
An! tls Math New York Company,
Consisting ot
Monday nlfbt will be prctcnlcd
BOAT.C or rntexf.
Admission (M) con's
MMtTMt HvmtB v. - . i - -jUma
Mill tormi tla'IHTtmn t.
TIIKRE Is more fun In the
Chromoa PLUCK than any
aloud or printed story that
ias been given to the public tor
vcare. Nnver before baa been
accorded to any picture or act
rplc;urcf. tho popularity these
Uhromot Lave attained. Size,
0 br 22 lnchct. Price, tlO
me pair.
Add rem order to
Cleveland, Ohio.
MtN hava teen and
are vleated with tbr
ch'omon "Pluck ''
whl h for their bumo
-and fine moral Jcwwii
at well aa the excel
lance ot execution.
are the moat popular
chromot of the day, and snuu. . a place
id every lamny.
1'jticE. 10 tub Pa in
Ifnotloundat vour Dictuie dealer tend
your order, or lor a descriptive clr.-ular, to
the publisher. J. V. llYDEit,
vieaYcianu, u
An ordinance providing for the reconstruc
tion ol sidewalks on Levee direct
Be it orualned by the City council ol the
city rf euro:
bKCTloN 1. That the sidowalka on wet
aldeof Levsestrest, In hone of the lol'ow.
ins named lots bo reconstructed, viz : Lots
9. 12. 13. 14, 15 an.l 18, In b.nck 2: lotn IS
and 17, In block 3 : lota 1, 2, 3, 4,0, 7, H, V, 10,
11, 13. 14, 16, It), 17 and 18, In block i ; lot-1,
3, 4, ft, 6. ID, 11, 12, 13, 14, la, 10, 17 and 18,
in block 6; and iota U, 1U, 11, 12, 13, 14 nnd
16, In block 6, all In the city ol Cairo.
H action 2 aald aldcwalk tliall be rccon-
ttrueiedaa foUowa: The aldcwulk feliall bo
10 placed that the outer cdceofaumi (-hall
be 20 feet from tho front line of the lot
abuttlt'C on that ride of tald etreet: ilial
ftet in lrout ol toe lln ul etch lot may bo
used for aroaaud out ancoa to batcuunt'
which areat and entrances nh II bo nro
tectedbyUbtlantJalcra ini;orrailln-; mid
mere aauu oe a ran i a nicao irom luo
front lino ot tho lots to tho outer edgo of tho
80. 3. The said eldewalka shall be ro
conttructed In the fol owing manner, to-u it:
The tread or top covi ring rhali be of sound
White oak plauk. 21 Inches thlo , and not
exceedli'g 8 Inches in width, to bo laid
cro wise with aald Leveo ttrcet, and (Irmly
act and well spiked on with a, lent 22 for y
penny nails In each plank, to eleven whito
oakjoltts. rot lem than 3 Inches thick by U
tnchrs wide, laid ertgeway-: which johts
ahall be placed 1 'cot and ill inches apart
from centre to centre, and ilrtnly set and
Welt tplked with forty penny pikes onto 4
atriogera of white oak, running iroMwKo
with aald JolsU; said ttnng ra to be nut lrt
than 8 incbea Muare, placed 8 feet and 4)
lncbea tpart from centre to ceotre; each
stringer to rctt upon three uprights of oak,
8 Inches square, placed 10 feet apart ; mid
uprights to bo mortised and tenoaod Into
each stringer, and into mud sills not lens
than 4 inches ihlck by 12 Inches wide, dimly
bedded into the ground the tnlddlo or cen
tre uprtgot shall batter ora'opol loot hor
izontal to 21 teet perpendicular toward tho
slope of tho levee; said aldewalks at street
crossings to be extended 10 lect into the
street on each aide of said street. The
street crosslnga shall be 0 feet wide and con
structed of whito oak plank, 10 Inches wide
and 0 Inches thick, to be laid to t'io level of
tho outer edge of tho sidewalk ; the outer
edge of said sidewalk frame to be boarded
up with 8 inch white oak plank from tho
mud sills to the lower edge of the tread or
top corerlrg; said plank; to be well spiked
onto the frame.
Bec. 4. The local Improvement!) heroin
provided for, Khali be made by peciul att
ainments and In accordance with the pro
visions of sections to 61 inclusive, ol ur
Uc'eOoftbo act of tho gcnersl anemhly o."
the state of Illinois, Approved Apill loth,
172, and entitled : "An act to roldofo
trt Incorporation ot cities and villages;"
and the co.t and expeimesofthorccnuiiruc
tlon oi-Mld sidewalks hall bo paid out of
the funds uitlog from said kdccIiiI assets
ment, SEC. &. The owncra ol anv lots fronting
on borderug on tald sidewalk shall bo ui
lowsd thirty days after tho time at which
this ordinance snail take effect. In which
to build ald aldewalk opposite UU lot, and
thereby relieve the tamo from Mnemtnt
provided that the werlt shall, In all retpect,
con'orm to tbe requirement ot tbls ordl
naKr and be do'ie to th satisfaction of tbo
QOBmlttee on streets.
upontur expiration of the said .10
days, the city clerk sh.U bublih notl. n rr
ten days in the paptr puollfhln,c tho otdl
nan.es of the city, setllug forth th.t hol tl
" uiu.iif mo uiiieuau or dolnir
the work, or both, lor the rrconttr cilou oi
Mid tldewalk, directed to thn cliy council,
fT.ii u iccoivcu ii uiiomcQ up to tua lime
or ine meeting or ine city council for tbe
opening of sulci bids, which ineettug shall
not be earlier than twelve nor la er than
igoitcn uaya irotn ua'eof tald notice
wb h notice shall stste th lime of tald
meeting ana uetenne tho work to be done,
uj it.iv iiug uiu uruiusiice, giving lis
numnerana date oi appro, jl, and that said
OTdlntji'e It aubiect to examination ul nv
time at hu office. Said bids shall be opened
by thy clerk in tbe presence of tbe council,
,rd'b,,0,1 Jewlk 'hill be
ITL .if.,iV?.ib? lowest repooilhle bidder.
7.Tr.i i ' guarantee . to tho satis
faction Ol the C IT COUIirll llin " .T.
-iJirrh 0,rHth9.4Perfonnanco of Jald
work, or both, under the superintendence of
the committee on streets within such time as
JMybe fixed by contract, if said city council
; II said bids ro notsatltfitctory to the cltv
OUficlI. tber mav relect snv nr &li r n...,'
feed Bar than, or thereafter, titlim-l l.i.i
tdawalk to be reconstructed by auchagen a
itbsytmay think proper.
Aim "u,lB'4- Joux wood,
' WittatHAvrnxs, city ClttV?10'
140f.?j1?EIlcrAL AV-
JkNLJE ! I. Mr..
' Liana. d7.h7i i.
SngalV ft 'Wwi? rtsd .t' S
torn, a mi sittu mmi
it gUititt.
lllll M..ln.
Knmnlmilv in tke from us a thousand bill
(heads, good paper and llncly printed, for
One thousand statement printed at THE
BULLETIN olDco for t3.b0 to 4 00.
Jioie Heads,
One thousand note heads prin'ed at Tnm
ntn.LBTIN otnee for $1.00; twotbeutand lor
6.60. ,
nn. tiinn..n,i t.iinineM card, fino Bristol
board, printed nt 'J hk BULLETIN office lor
from ?i.uu to vow, ccuiuiin, w
for sheriff.
Wc are authorized to announce that A.
11. irvln will be a raudldato ft tho cnmlng
clcctl t for re-election to tho office of Sheriff.
Wo aro authorized to announce that F.
E. AMUUGHT, of Jackson county, Is
'nillilatp. at tho cn&ulnc S'ovcm or elfc-
tlon, u j iteprosentatlvo of the Vlntciu
Senatorial Ulttrltt la mo
Get your oysters at tho Delmonlco,
The Best oystore at
Clauk, tho Mississippi county grain
buyer, was in tho city yesterday.
The family of Hector Coan is In tho
city on h ahort visit, stopping at tbo house
of Mr. II. 11. Candee.
Silk Hats mado to order at A. Marx'a
70 Ohio levoe.
Our ancient, antcdeluvinn, but not en
tiroly antiquated friend, 'Squire Shannesty
It gotnowhat under tho wbathor.
Fiiksh oysters or anything olso you
want at tho Delmonlco Restaurant opon
day and night.
Linoc Receii't. Edwin lieufner, of
the Planter's House, yesterday received
full car load of Mllwaukeo boor in quar
ter kegs.
The confectionery of Messrs. Roso &
Tern me It closod. Wo rogrot that this
really deserving firm was not more liber
ally patrontzed.
Fort Rent. Two cottaget on Twonty
nlnth street noar Commercial avenne.
Apply to A. Susauka, 87 Ohio loveo.
251 10-0t
There It a growing Interest in tho lec
tures of Prof, Taylor. Ills fifth lecturo
will bo delivered In tbe hall of tho Freo
Religionists this morning, fit 10:30, See
nullco elsewbore
1'olickman J. O. Xiahuo returnod homo
yesterday from a short visit among his
friends In Vinconnes, Indiana, lio will
rosurae, at once, a dlschargo of his duties.
Just recoived, and for talo at Mathuis
& Uhl 04 Ohio loveo.
Fon Rent. Cottago, No. 32 Tenth
streot, botwoen Washington and Walnut.
Enquire of Chas. Lane, or at The Bulle
tin office 335-10-1 1-tf
Dlt. Je.VBLLH. Can bo lound at his
dental parlors on Eighth street at nil
hours, licst of reference! given as to pro
fessional ability.
Coyne's oystor depot and reala man.
Oysters In the tboll and can, frosh ovory
day, at Phil Saup'a old stand, belwoon
Sixth nnd Sovonth streets. Cnlro, ill.
Col. Tom Scott, J. S. and J. P. Mor
gau and other distinguished railroad mon
will arriro In tbe city to morrow, and re
main during tbo day. They will como by
special train.
The lunch at "Our Saloon" last night
was attondod by one of th'o largost crowds
oror seen on a like occasion In Cairo. Tho
mutlo wai not, by tho way, among tho
least attractions.
The St. Chahlks Hotel has sovcral
pleasant rooms on tho upper floor, suita
ble for gentlemen, that can bo secured for
tho winter, with board, at very reasonable
rates. tt
St. Nicholab Hotel Wit. Wetzel,
Phoi'Metoh. We gather tho following
natnoa from the register of the St. Niche-
lat: Cr A P lleet, B F Motz, Ullln; Cbat
Finn, do; J I) Kuser and family, (B) Oak
land, California.
Rev. Du. Tuateb will deliver a dls
rouriu In tho Preshytsriun church this
morning upon tbe following: "What Is
life?" The subject ol his evening
dltcourso will be '-The Night Watchman."
Aldriout will, during the intervals
betweon tbo pretont time and tbe election,
cut himself loot from tbo demands of pro
fessional buttnott, and mix among the
peoplo. The Interval it tbort, but ho will
make good use of it.
Col. Wihston will ttart to-day or to
morrow on a round through Union and
Jackson counties. If tbe voters of tboto
counties know him at tho voters of Alox
andsr know blm, tbe contemplated round
would be uncalled for.
Mn. Thchi, the newly nominated Farm
er candidate for the legislature, will bo in
the city this weok, with a view of extend
ing hie acquaintance among tbe sover
eigns. We bespeak for tho gentleman a
full recognition ot hia raatonatlo claims.
Sr. Charles Hotel Jrwxrr Wil
cox & Co., Pbw'uutors. Among other
arrivals at tblt hotel we noto the follow
ing: Wm A Harris, Providence, li I; O
H Brockett, T Uond, Memphis; Kdvard
H.lton, New York; Itaao ShnuKlandL, do;
W A flUcey, St Louli,
Mn..Wxt. Lib, a well known railroad
contractor, nod J. C. nilckensderfor, chief
onglnecr of tho Cairo and St. Iiouia rail
road, aro stopping nl the St. Charles, ilr.
U. B. Reed, cblof engineer of tbe Mitsis
alppl Central, li Hopping at tho lamo
Mus. Audik SrxttitouNT took out let-
tort of administration, yesterday, In vaca
tion, on tha eitato ot Thomas Starmount,
lato Of Cairo, deceased. Ilond $2,CU0
made good by tho signatures of William
Elcbhoff and Aldoph Swoboda.
Eritcoi'AL Unuwit. There will be
services at tho Church of the Redoemer
to-day at 10 a. u. and 7 J p.m. Tho
subject o' tho sortnon at tho evening
sorviee will bo "Is tho Old Testament the
Word of God?"
Mn. Miciiael McDonald, formerly a
resident of Cairo, but now a citizen of at.
Louis, Is In tho city mingling among his
old friends and acquaintances. Ills recop
tlon shows that, whether hit abienco was
deplored or not, his return Is welcomed
most cordially.
Foil Uknt. Five lino rooms
and ball
on tocond Door of my house, onTwontlolb
street. The rooms have all boen over
hituled and aro In iluo ordor. Water on
tbo tamo floor. Wm. Kiilms.
Wu give omployinont to male and fo
malo agents for tbo Atnericsn.Unmo Mag-
Bilnw. Oeo. Carey Eggleston, editor. A
WaUbnm Watch glvon to ovory subictl-
bcr. Send for particulars.
II. Li. tiuiriiKM) & Co.,
4 Bond 'trout, Now York.
The Helen DoK.tes troupe wilt du
ring their stay in Cairo, stop at tbo Del
monlc"". Tho troupo numbers fourtoen
mrmbors : but worn thoy fourteon times
lourteon, nrry Walkor could makn each
individual guest bo'ilevo that be, himtnlf,
was tho monopolizer of all tho hospitality
of tho establishment.
Tnr. little locomutivo Randolph," Of
the Cairo and St, Iula railroad, together
with eight Bat cars, were placed on too
track yoiturday, and nro now reaJy for
orvlce. Tbo fWh bars and bold catnn to
hand Saturday evening, and nil brnds
will commence work In earnost Monday
FiAtro Tunino. Mr. 0. Robbint, bolng
about to establish a business connoction
In Cairo, It proparod to tuno and repair
pianos, organs, oto , In a rellablo manner,
throughout tho city and country adjacent,
All work warranted, and satisfaction
guaranteed. Orders by mall attended to
Mr. John U, Oukiilt, who has, during
tbe past week, been in attendance on
mooting of tbo Grand Lodge, A, F. and
A, 11., of Illinois, in Chicago, will be
found at homo this morning, and, at bis
editorial postTuotday morning. Any or
presslons of regrot, on this tcorc, may be
directed to P, (). drawnr 231.
Plahter'b House Edwih lIUKFNitr.
PaoritiEToK. Wo noto the following
nmes ou tho Planter's House register,
among the most distinguished arrivals
I M Kills, Fayotto, Miss; V C Kvers, do
Mrs A F Scott, do; Mrs Ilullen, do; J as
K Plak, Kaskaskia, 111; F Peterson, Pbila
delpbla; E F Hatch, St Louie; Alexander
Ilam-nond. vYhoollne: John Walsh . St
The TliALtA saloon and restaurant
grows in popularity In oven ratio with
tbo Increasing appreciation of nicely
scrvod frosh oysters, nnd admirably pre
served jlilwauuoo beer. Tbo morning
lunches are nil that tbo most fastidious
appotito could crave, whllo tho hospitality
ot the proprietor it of a gonulna etnnip
and as frooly extended at aro the tempting
ediblet that load bis lunch tables.
Frank Waukes' & Jlno. aro victims of
tbe mania (not mains, as tbo types mule
us say yottorJay) for inoro house room
They aro adding to tholr businoit houso
on the cornorof Eighteenth and Commer
cial, and, when thoy get through, will
bavo nmplo room for their large stock
and a convenient transaction of their
growing business. Thomas Furgason did
tbo carpenter work.
NeilcB. A regular conclave of Cairo
Cominandery, 'o. 18, K. T., will bo held
at tbe asylum, Monday evening, October
lOlh, at 7 o'clock. Every resident Sir
Knight la requested to bo present, ns busi
ness of Importance to ovory member will
bo brought beforo tho Commaudery. Sir
Knights will appear in fatigue dress. Jly
order of tbo K. C. Jewett Wilcox,
A Youwa man named flart. Llnehan, resi
des t of Ollln, mot with an accidont a few
days ago which well nigh deprived blm
of t.'io uso of a leg He wis In the act of
crosi Ing a fooco with a brlsr book under
bit a rm, when, falling tbe briar hook
struck, his thigh in such a manner as to
clip tierofrom about two pounds of ilesh.
Receiving skillful medical treatment, as
he Is, ho will, must probably, savo hit Uz
The fluost homo-nrown potatoes wo
havH seen tblt teatou woro brought to
market yotterday by F. M. W Me, of Pug
Tooth bend. They waro of tbe peach
blow variety, and equaled tbe best that are
usually grown about Galena known as a
district especially adapted to tbo growth
of monster tubort. Until Hunsaker comes
to market, wo tlo the bluo ribbon to tbo
lappel of Wade,
TheSisteiis duiiro to express their
thankmnd grattltudo to Capt. Wm. P.
Ualllday for tbo vory generous donation
oli're car loadt of coal, to the hospital.
They also express their thrnkt to Mr.
Jamet Johnson who obtained the free
transportation of tbe coal over tbe Illi
nois, Central Railroad.
Tbete acta of generosity should, add no
doubt will bo appreciated by tbe general
public, at well at those who are more dl
reotly tho beneflcurlei.
Ball at CoaooriAir's. Tnoto who are
wont to trip tbe toe fantastic will bo glad
j n 1 i in
to learn that P. H. Corcoran, or ihirly.
fourth street house, will elo anothor of
bts popular balls on Wodnosday ovoning
next, 2ist Inst., wbon ho will ho glad to
welcome bit friends from all parts of tho
city. Good mutlc, g-wi fooling win uo
tho order of the evening, and Uircoran
hopes that hit friends will be thero In
forco to enjoy tho promised lostmiios.
IU. 18-11
Osk Marv Simpson, colored, swore out
a warrant yesterday for tbo arrest of ono
Charloa Williams, alto coloreJ. alleging
that he, tho said Williams, with felonious
ntont, carrlod away her cooling ttove,
looking Blots, etc., etc. Uonstablo Olad
ney, Into whose hands tho writ was placed,
had not up to yesterday ovoning effected
the arrest of Williams; but, tlnce a cook.
Ingtlovoit an awkward articio to get
away wllb, an early arisst la morally cer
Akt unusual lack of brilliancy In tho
editorial denaitmont of tbo BULLETIN
this morning may bo ascribed to tbo en
tiTlainineut (In the library roomt or the
offlce, where wo wrlto of a party of young
misses, variously ettlmatod by us, accord
ing to our humor, at from 26 to 800. As
tho moature of tholr enjoymont may bo
gaugd by our editorial stupidity, th J pub-
110 will cortalni conclude that JUItt
Edith entertained her callers most bap-
Dn. Tatloh will address tho Free Rn-
Igluut Association tblt morning at 10:3(1
u nlock upon tbe following subject : "Tho
philosophy of human thoughts ; whit are
thoughts 7 Whence do they come 7 Aro
they generated or cerebrated 7 Aro they
fro 7 What have thoy done for tho
In the evening at 7:30 o'clock tbn sub
Jct will bo ''Tho objctlvo reality of
plrlt-phonomona," illustrated by numsr
out specimens of actual spirit-work, in the
frm ol piloting, photographs, Ac. Tbo
public are Invited. Seats freo.
Wm, Linaer representing D. W. Irwin
& Co,, of Chlcaco, tondsus tbe following
quotations on grain :
October wheat, 88 J.
Novembor wheat, 88.
October corn, 72.
November corn, 60,
Year corn, 67J.
October oats, 47 J.
Novomber ot.ts, 1CJ.
Year oats 40.
October barley, 1.00.
November barley, 1.04.
The Helen DeEstk troupo will opo
for a short season, in tho Athoneum, to
morrow evening. Tho Initial piece will
bo Lucrotia Borgia, with the talented Miss
DoEsto in tho titlo role. Stuttz In a leading
character, the talent of tbo company
judiciously asiignoJ, wo shall, no doukt,
havo an ontortainment of a rare and en
gaging character.
Tbo stay of this company it limited to n
few days. This fact understood wo aro
confident that no play.goor of tbo city
will Incur thu risks inseparable from pro
crastination. M. J. McUauley, oruggitt, Commer
cial avonuo, bdlween Elgbteonth and
Ntnotoonth, has recently added to his full
and well varied stock of drugs, chemUali,
patent mediclnos, etc., a full assortment
of fancy soaps, popular perfumorlus.
brushes, combs, etc., and fancy articles
without number. In all our city wo hav
na dealor In medicines who exerclsos
groator caro than Mr. McG. In compound
ing proscriptions, or in providing for the
various wants ol bis customers In other
wayt. He dotervct a largo patronago,
and, wo aro glad to observe, It command
ing It.
Pat. Fitzoeralu it, in the language ot
Widow Scrogglns, a "great favorite" of
horses. Mounting a new animal, yestor-
day, whoso ears were net attuned to the
screeching of locomotives, and who, per
conseqaonco, attempted didoes not usually
contemplated In avcrago horsemanship,
and which throw him, tho horse, broad
sldo. Pat, bolng encumbered with legs,
as Inconsidorato Irishmen ofton are, be
came fastened under the prostrato animal;
but succoeded in extricating himself un
harmed. Until tbe horse becomes moro
familiar with locomotive music he will bo
used in harnest.
John Cain, Jos. O. Smith, J. E. Win
Hon, and Thomat Smyth left tho oity yes
terday In an undeniably Democratic
wagon, for a day's hunt along tbo banks
of tbo classic Cache. They took wllb
them a full supply of ammunition, fJiblng
tackle, food, and a well, a keg ol clt-
tern water. It is needless to say tbat
when tboy como across a squirrel it will
at once surrender, and bolst itself upon
its bind logs and beg not to bn shot. Tbat
Sheriff Irvln followed In tbo train
of the party Is no sign that he tuspeoti d
tbat they would invade neighboring
chicken roosts or anything oT tbat kind
of course notl
Roll or Honor. Tbe following pupils
are entitled to have tbelr names upon tho
"Roll of nonor," In Room No. 4, Thlr
toenth ttreot school, for the week ending
Friday, October 10,1874:
Ellen Clodfeiter,
Etta Victor,
Mattte James,
Thcodosia Cook,
Lizzie Parker,
llettle Korsmoyor,
Lilly Martin,
Minnie Balrd,
Ellen Law,
Sidonla Krlcke,
Ellen Puckst,
Ella Torrance,
Julia O'Bbea,
Maud Rittenbouse,
Eddie Taylor,
Wllllo Clarke,
Georgs Williamson, Willie Williamson,
Clement Mulkoy, John Wlnans,
Charley Spillor, Zeraw Bochet,
A Mistake to he Corrected.
Whereas' there are certain minutes circu
lating la this city and elsewhere purport
ing to be minutet of a to-called "Mount
Olive Baptist Association," said to have
bsen held with tho First Baptist church of
Cairo, Illinois, which it wholly untrue;
there bat no such meeting boen beld with
any part of tbe members uf laid church
nor In their house of worship. '
Resolved, Tbat we, tbe members of the
first Biptlit church, located on Tenth
and Cedar streets, take this method of
ooracctiog this mistake.
Ordered by tho shuroh.
P. J.Sno.-ES, Pattor.
TuollAB Ricmaox, Clork.
Tub work on tho sidntrack of the C.
and V. R. R., from near Sovonteunth
atroet to Loveo mills 700 foet long was
arrosted yesterday, at the instnnco of
neighboring property holders. Lawyer
Linogar, who was at Mound City, was sum
moned homo, and brought with him a writ
which operated as an Injunction against
further progress of tho undertaking the
construction of tbo side-track being con
ildored a violation of the provisions of an
existing writ of injunction. The new writ
was placed In the hands of Sborlff Irvln,
who torved it upon Richard Powers, fore
man of tho Cairo yard, nnd Joseph Rob
tnton, auditor of the road. Thoy wro
released on tholr recognizance. The
roieascu on inoir recognizance. im
work, of course, will cease, but as In tbe
justice of the proceeding! there is great
diversity of opinion.
No ruiiLto house in the city It moro do,
(wring of a liboral patronago than tbo
Goimanla,' Charles Schoenmoyor, propri
elor, cor or Tenth and Poplar. Desiring
to supply tbo wants of tba public for a
cbolco brand of Wuitt and ttgnr beer, ho
visited tit. Louis rocontly, and from tbe
most popular browt of tbat city made hit
choice. He it confident therefore that in
tbo line of Weiss and lager beer tbe Oor
mania stands pre-etnlnont. Furthermore,
to win public favor, he spreads every
morning at 10 o'clock a bountiful fro
lunch. Warm soups a dIUeroot kind
every morning moats, vegetables, uto,
form prominent foaturet. Sardollel, sar-
dinos, Limburger and Swltzcr cheese,
pigs' feot, etc., on call. In tbo dlttribu
tlon ol your patron!?", tbon, remember
thuGermania. 10-18-1 w
Soaled proposals, addressed to tbo city
council of tbo city of Cairo, will be re
ceivud at my ofllc, No. 121 Commercial
avenue, until 6 o'clock p. m of Tuesday,
the 3d day of November, 1874, for liuht
ing tbo street lamps In tbo city of Calio
for tbo term of one or two years.
Said propoials to slatn at what price
por post said light will be furnished nnd
also state what kind of light is prupoted
to bo furnished,
Tho city council reserves tho right to
reject any and all bids.
The person or persons to whom may bo
awarded tbo contract, will be required to
give a good and sufficient bond to tald
city council for tbe failbrul performance
of tbelr contract.
M S. uox, City Comptroller.
Cairo, III., October 17tb, 1874.
35 1-10-1 7-td
uu. iuuGa ropors, yotterday, we
vutiiumieu b oiunuer quite as annoying to
oursolf as It must have been to tbe other
parly concorned. In speaking of tbe twit
wherein one bills was charged with dis
posing of a "long-haired, buTy-Ullud
colt," tbo property of P. M. D laney, wo
used, in de.igoatlng the defendant Ellis,
tho initials "T B ," instead ot "T. J."
thus involving Capt. T. B. Ellli, of tho
Arlington House. We p-ntet that we
bad no thought of Capt. Ellis at tho time
ot writing, else wo undoubtedly should
htvo added "not tho proprietor ol the
Arlington House." Capt Ellis has lived
many years in Cairo, nnd is ono of tbe
last men In tbo oity that is likely to stand
as defendant in a esse like that of tbe
People vs. T. J. Ellis. Wo are quite suro,
furthermore, tbat tboso who know him
did not aseciato bis name with tbe dis
reputablo proceeding more charitably
concluding that it wm, as it nearly is, a
coincidence of names.
THE ways ol tho world aro a sealed
book to many people, especially to citl
zens ol i'aducah. Lunch was spread
on ijsttnera table, yesterday. Hut soup
ana meats, ana vegotablos and ryllshet
there was a ropaM lit for prlneo Maka
tasbekiaklab. A man, an innocent crea
ture from i'aducb, partook. He was not
paring of the viands. He toemed, In
deed, to havo lest care for hit htittnna
than for either the capacity of hltttom'
ach, or tbo rights of thoso who might
desire to share tho lay-out of otlbles.
lotatoes disappeared an ounce at
mouthful ; quarterod pickles at a culp ;
soup oy tno pint; moat by tbo fistfull
calory by the bunch I Finishing, when
there wat no moro food to prey upon, tbe
voraciout chap pushed tbw inquiry
"What t tho damage 1" Tho damage wat
ruinous a defeat of a purpose to feed a
score or more of customers but tha pro
prietor did'nt say so." "Tho lunch is free;
my dear sir. Free to everybody. Whl
1. 1. . i .
i, iuhuujbij to ouy a cigar, or some
other trifle, we make no claim for com
fifuiatiuu wuBiever. ine -visitor was
Bred with anger in an instant. Dammo,"
cried be, smashing bis fist upon tbe coun.
ter, "lr you think I'm a pauper, you're out
rxt It 1M - 1 1 . .1 . . 1 .
v. ... . in m a.auuaau, ana want no
d ned Insults I pay lor what I get, and
nero s your money i" Slamming down
nickel upon tbo countor; and Inserting
bis thumbs in his vest arm-holes, be left
besalooo, a picture of stiffened dignity.
awiui to contemplate.
If Paducah has more such famine
creators, we beg her to keep them, and
tneir nickels, at Dome
The bato ball mania has cauebt the
little cuaps tno animatod ten-plns of tho
community. ADout 11 o'clock yestordav
morning we wero suddenly surrounded bv
tixtoen boyt of tbo cruet stamp, wearing
cheap red tblrtt and blue paste-board caps,
who, although in tbe main barefootd.
called tbemsolves the "Whito
Bookings." Theso juveniles vlvn
clout little fellowt vltlted t.i.
Bulletin office to jubilate over a
victory they had Just achieved in a con
tost with the "Fly-Awayt." "Give all
our namet," suggested the spokeiman,
"and we'll take a paper. Intimating, at
we did, that wo might, by such a partial
proceeding, lose tho patronage of tbe
Fly-Awayi," we compromised on a
mention of the Oaptaint, Soorer and Urn-
plre. And htre they are : Captain of the
"White Stocking" Tim CoDnenj Cap-
X2rFiw3QXsXI3XXS330 3.000.
s?Z3!XXa tlsHa
Do not buv old enndics,
summer nnd nro stale, claiming homo lnaniifnctuie. Also
sec to vour weicht. livery box ought to contain live nounda
net, Or 0 OUI1CCS OVCr HVC JlOUIldS.
rt oil,
V WA UUJ. lbv .a UM
The Only Place in the City where You
UU of the "Fly-Aways," Jubn Ilrrllsh j
Will Taislor was tho Umpire of tho mat h
gamo yoilorday, anu jjick jiourt, u
.-coror. Hut tbe score I It would Lave
cost us tho prlco of that f ftpor, had we
forgotlon It stood: Whito Stocklugs
46, Kly-Awaya 23.
P S. Just at tho last '-Whito Stock-
Ing" loft us, a venlurosomo Fly-Away'1
whitperod In our ear : "Ir you tuko any
stock In thum Iclle.-s, Mr. Oberly, 1 11 bet
you a quarter of a dollar wo'll Witt urn
next time, shameless," HiT.onlng our
mind, as wo wtro ut tbo time, to lit Sab
bath tono, wo declined tbo bet, of courto.
Our county ofllcUW bilng servants ot
tho people, tho p-ioplo have a rlht to In
quire into tho manner in which lliott ser
vants discbarge trusts that ato chargsd to
Without any purpose to discriminate,
wo may safely say tbat tbe county clerk's
utlhoof Alexander county Is nntltled to
tbo leslgnatlon of n model office of it,
kind. Since wo bavo this testimony nf
mon who know, that it Is tbe best arrang
ed office In Southorn Ilduol, n I one of
the cumplotest, (in all tboto dutulls which
a thorough knoModgo uf tbe uutl of
county clerk could provide for) In tbo en
tire stato, we pay no undue compliment
to Lynch when wo demoninate his office a
model one.
Tbero Is much to comment In tbo sim
plicity, yet cmupletocou of tho arrango
mont of both records and pipen. In tbo
Probata department tho papers relating to
each estato are filed together, alphabetic
ally arranged so that any ono, though ui.-
famlliar with tho system adopted, might
find any dosirtd napnr, ut oner, whether
died yesterday or fifty yours ago.
The county records nra carofully and
systematically clstiifie-J, and tbo lumo ex
actness is objervod with nil tbn records
connected with tho assessment nnd collec
tion of rovenuo.
A neat and cnrapleto set of Indices bav.
boen prepared for evory special depart
ment uf tbe office booka which luvoho ,
In tbelr preps ration, oven years of re
search and labor.
When Mr. Lynch cami into office hi
wat confronted by a confusion of book
and papers tbat would havo paralyzed
any man Iflts energetic. Papers In bc.xu
in old trunks in uncltsslfled bunohet
a chaos, in fuel, of legal relics. Fluckinp
up courago to bring order out of tbo con
fusion before him, lio essayed tbe job, nno
tbo perfect order and system thut now dis
tineulth his office, Is the result.
Tbe Supremo court Roportt a full sot
neatly bound and appropriately labelled
and numerically arranged, occupy a ehol
1 In bis vaclt, and no vol u mo can bo taken
from Itt place without indicating ill nh-
senco and itt number.
Tho probate recordt bear the ttamp of
number and date, gnsally facilitating tin
rosoarch of all who have occasion to dolvi-
In the prosy lltoraluro that bat, during
the fifty years past, grown out of tho set
tlement and men's estatcr.
To Mr Lynch It also duo tbo credit for
originating books and forms whi;h have
served not only to simplify probato and
county busmen, but to rob it of many ol
the perplexing nnd laborlout detail
Mott of tbcte forms havo beon generally
adoptod throughout tbo state, and leading
doalert In legal bookt nnd blanks havt
adopted them, at "standard,'' and to re
commend thurn. Among theso wo may
mention tbo "Index to Salor,1' which the
great publishing houso of Cul
ver, Pago & Hoy no havo adopted, and
largely profited by.
But enough. Lynch has givHn proof of
a thorough knowledge of tbo requirements
of bit business, and bat earned tho dis
Unction wo feel disposed to accord to him,
viz: that of an officer who, knowing his
duty, peiformt it.
Of tho circuit tlork't office woshall take
occasion to spoi.k In a day or two und
then will come Martin and Irvln.
R. Jones, fashionable boiiimaknr, ha
moved into his now houso next to his old
stand on Commercial avonuo, and assures
his friondt that bo it better than ovei pro
pared to satisfy them in tho stylo, stock,
fit, etc, of their boott nnd tboes. An ovl
donee nf hit ability to tatlsfy ovorybodj
may bo soon In tbo fact that bo is crowded
with wont, and has boen coiupollod to em
ploy threo more Urst-cUsa workmen. H
manufactures ovory stylo of boots or tboi-a
nnd usos only tbo best of matorlul in nil
esses, whether making a cow-bldo shoo
or a pair ofthoflneit Fronch calf boott
Glvo him a trial, Satitfactlon It guaran
teed, 303-lu.3.'.'m
Daily ajUNoii. Jhi-coi it now spread
ing a dally lunch of tho finest kind, be
tween 10 aud 11! o'clock a. in,, and invites
nil bit patrons to partake, Jaeckel has
also flttod up a room In tho rear of hit en
loon, In which he will ser7o oysturt in all
stylos. Gentlemen with ladles can bo ac
commodated with a floe table and oysters
in any style. Milwaukee beor always
fretb. Corner Washlnhton avenue and
Twelfth street, oppoilto The Bulletin
rtsiaiHiii ,siy,,jTOvtMaat2aKagggai i
VTrnrmi i i n i i tsxa&ejual
Hint have been kenfe over the
, , i
ltoillCIlsbcr tll(5 place
T?lTrM n
an MUfUAAtgjuU W
can get a Complete Assortment.
DoniLa, Oct IC.h, 1871
A farm belonging to He'jry Li.ur.p s
heirs, snd lying flvo or six mil- ial by
south of here, has beon tba scauo uf mutb
stir and mystery for tho List ten dnyt
It it oceuplo I by Uharlm A. Lents, a
harmless and Innocent man, who It sup-
j.u.yu hi uo wiinnui enumlet, iitiJ t jcr n
was tho mystery of whit wot trans; Inn g.
Tbo hngs wero thut up in ihi cornfl'l,
tbn i ir-uwru In tho hotisn was Unu l
topy-Mrvy wbennvar thu houso was left
ftlono, tbo Urawttnok whs burn 1, n hay
stack wat att on lire, and tome out buiid
ingt tbarixl tbettmu falo. Ti.n barn and
ttablo worn set oi &t s voral t lues, atd
day aftur day h fim would break lUt on
sorni part of the premise In rpitti ,f lo
watching nnd guarding of Mr. I.entz bit
family, and tho nrlghborr, iom of wlrm
woreon gu-.rd night und day fjr ab.ut a
week. Tbe culprit wat finally ditoverd In
h fvurtetn.yer-uld boy, tun of Mr. Lot 'Z
who bd ttood guard with toe n'.brrt, at J
who was as officious as any cf tbn rest In
putting out tho tires and so ting thirds
lo-rlgutf. In khswit to qies bntai li
bis motlvH for tno dovllmont, ho sal i ttat
he "wanted to havit torno fun.
Thi agent of tbo farm bat bim arr'-.d
and brought bfors K q Ltttlo, i n last
Tuowlay, who held Mm to apprar at
court. Ills father declining t tail hi n
ha wat tent to jail, wheru bo w ii hn undtr
the mceisiiy of adopting S'-mo th -r rnn
'to "bavo fun." The Lord save us from a
fmlly of such boys!
Tbo friw llowing of clocttonceritut
fluid ctused n rumpus on Tuesday This
timo It was a Mr Smrbr-jugj nj a Mr
Coo. Brass knuvkt wero utd, Br;d a j is
tot was llourlihod, but no thcoting. Ti e
i-eiigcrcnu wer Drought before Esq ro
Little, who hold Mr Cue to answer, aril.
in tho t.bence of bail, ho was sent up to
bokrd at th county's expense-
nam .iua,iaa way ireij-nt g-ing
,-.. a . . . . .
north, ditched tevontetn cart nrar 0 jb
l"fi on yesterday, TbMlay, which
otuiod four or Avh hours delay to other
traint. No lives last and noc-dy seri
ously hurt.
O. H. Watkint nnd W tloy EdJIe.
nan, iiava gono to Hi. l.ouit Th f riner.
to attend thu lectures aud anntomlral u-
monstratlons at tbo Mittojrl Medical
College ; and the Utter, to go tbr Udb
course of training at Ilrvnt & Nottnn a
Commercial Onllrge,
Our Gaorgj Granger it tbo champion
hooter at iho uo'gboring' shooting
'Hatches. He generally wins two tc
threo quarters of thu baof, which is mucli
more substantial In n futnlly than the
fatno acquired by tho wtanort at tho lat
Creidmour match, about wht-h
has been said.
ant all'air, partaking moro of tbii charactci
or a social Catherine araniil ih f, . W-
hoard man Is usual on )ucb occasions
tho thousand and ono dovico. usually ro
ortel to at church fettlvalt, to draw the
-ma. i unugo iruui loa pooKetl CI tbi
crowa, wero it-u out or tbo programme
and tbe maungort aro entitled to thanki
for beginning tblt muuh-neodod reform.
to buy tblt and that valueless trlnkol, oi
r nmraisn In flit rtm tk.t 1lsl
mi: uiuii iirnviuir. inn i&kos ft I Ihn innv
muni ou; oi ium, The rlghuo'imcgi
Ruch church UnHnciurlriLf U vcrv fttiM.tin'
bl. end tho efftjet doei not compeniali
sua smii iP sttt.u i i niA, JifJ n XHD,
Meuueiis of Prof. Iloden'e dsncini'
Rnl nnl fthtllM lia- In ,ntnfl !. ..I
Kluyo a hall, Saturday evonlng.
iifisi1. un tHturiluy nvmlnir. h .IKT
IIRKA8T PIN, with threo i)ondNnts tJ
tsclieu. Tbo I nilnr n II l.n .1.U..1.1.. ..A
. . -
215 10-lB.4t
Notice to the runnc Tbo new'
, ... ... . ,. .. ... . 1
" -"- - ""VXj
will bo open Saturday next, with fresh
mufti nntl nfltu ln-i t V. n I ........ u. i..J
.... .w.u, ... u iu.pii iiiuruui
pr'co. Howie & Duo.
Frehii Suitlv Mr. P Fitzgerald has
Just n-culvud und hat on talo at his sales'
room, a lureu stocit of Enclish ah, ii-.rinr '
.. , , -,
llunnelav brandv iid wines, urn! hntinr'1
iii nu Hiiiua, wuiuii uu will IIISH090 01 nt
..r..l ...1.1-1. 1... ti. 1, . ..
. . ..........
roasonablii prices 280.9 25.1m
corour ol tourttiontn and Washington
avenue, will furnish horoaltor, ovory day
to hit patrons a No, 1 lunch, botwoon tbo
hours of ten and twolvo o'clock. Fieih
Mllwaukeo boor and fragrant Hav-
nun kihinia iu ivu uau . ui. uui nil
.1 . 1... 1. -.t .. , l.t. 1... . . . 1 1
1.00K Olt von 11AUOAIN8. Mr. A
Marx, bat just roturnud fronf New York,
whoro he purchatcd one of tho tlnott and
largest stock of olothlng, gent't furnith
lug goodi, halt, otc, of tboi very latest
ttyle, whloh ho will sell LOWER than
tho lowest. All goods marked In plain
figures, 275-.21-tf

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