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jEi&Mtir .eitjim:.
T i i
- . a, t I ft. t S
Taj orwtClioActrcw,
Supported f the Eminent Tragedian
lili Mammoth New York Company
Consisting or
To-nljbt will be presented
cLady Audloy's Secret
i!pTnK Murium at Audlex'jj Coiiit.
SCALE or rr.iCKB.
Admission ......... ,1J cent
Haiorved 6caU . . - - j . - 7,iccnta
Jleserred teals formic at DanWIIarliiianV
TIIKHB Is more
fun In tlio
a ch
Chromos FLUCIC than imv
alaied o printed story thut
has been glvon to tho public lor
yearn. Nnver beforo haa boeu
aciordcd to any plcUire or set
of nlcUirce, the popularity theso
Irt by 22 luche. Price, 310
tuo pair.
Address order to
.7. T. BYDIUt,
Cmebuid, Ohio.
MljFbavo fn;nnd
are pleased with the
cluomoi Pluck,
which for their liunioi
an J Una moral lesson
. ... . M .1..
lonce ot execution, ;
arelho not popular
lcnromof oftbo'Uay, and aholiia iihyo b place
I'niPK. fillfrnR VAin.
If not tound at Tour nlcture ili'aleM cnJ
your order, or lor a. doicrlptlvo circular, to
the publllhcr. .. V. KVDKII,
, . twearciauu, u.
Pailt jjVNCH. Jaecvoi u now rprcad
IrigVaally lunch of the' finest kind, bo
twen lO'khd 12 o'clock n. a., find Invites
11 b.U patron to rtartako. Jaockol has
alto flttod up room In tho rear of his m
loon, In which be will aervo oyitera in nil
ttyloa. Gentlomon with ladloi can bo-nc-.comiaodated
with afino table and oyitcra
in any otyle. Alllwaukoo beer alwAya
lreih. .Corner Waiblnbton avenuo nnd
t TirelUh itroet, oppoBito Tub Uolletih
Millikert, TaiMMiso and i'ANoy
Btoiik. Mitt llurnilde aealrct to call tho
attention of tho ladlci to her full and
complete lino of rallllnory and fancy
.gOfdi Jmt openod in (lio Atbgnouia build
log on Commercial nvenuu. Hor itock
coniiita of a full aaiortment of fall bata
Java canvas and pattorne, a full line of zo
pbyrs, all colors, feathors, French flowort,
ribbons, and a general usiortmcnt of fancy
artlclei, such as are kept in a millinery
storo. 821-10.7-lm
JoKltoxEKKitls now iu full control ol
the "Washington bakery, and having
loarned the wants of tho public, Is pro.
pared to supply on call all demands for
French loaf, Boston, JJrown and Graham
btead, and everything else ordinarily
found in a first-class bakery. Ho main
tains a full slock of confectioneries, and
can, at well as any other dealer In tho
city, fill all orders in that line.
Cakes baked, frosted or ornamontcd on
short notice Special attention glvon to
the orders of wedding or picnic parties.
No ithlio house In the city Is more do
orrio of a liberal patronage tbsn tho
Germanlt, Charlos 8cboenmyor, propri
etor, corner Tenth and 1'oplar. Desiring
to supply the wants of tho public for a
choice brand of Wolss and lagftr boor, bo
Tliitad Bt. Louis recently, and from tho
most popular brows of thut city mado bis
choice. Ho is conlldont thoroforo that in
tbe line of Weiss and lager beor tho Ger
insnla stands pro-emlnont. J'urthermoro,
to win public favor, ho spreads ovory
morning at 10 o'clock a bountiful freo
lunch. "Warm soups a dlflorcnt kind
, !yy.TnoTnl.nB meats, vegetables, oto.,
form prominent features. Hardollos, tar-
uiuei, mmourger- ana Hwltzer chocie.
eic, on can. in tlio uhtribu
M .
..Uu ,our patronage, men, remombcr
tnouermanla. 10-18-lw
Sealed proposals, addressed to tho city
ounni oi tno city of Cairo, will bo re-
calved at my offlco, No, 124 Coumorclal
, vnuo, until C o'clock p. m. of Tuesday,
the 8d day of November, 187J, for light
ing the street lamps in tlio city of Cairo
lor tbe term of one or two rears.
Btid proporals to-state ot what price
Pt post said light will bo furnlshod und
also state what kind of light is proposed
t be furnished.
The city council reserve the right to
reject any and all bidi.
The person or person to whom may bo
warded the contract, will be required to
give good and sufflcUnt bond to said
eltj council for tbo fallbrul performance
of their contract.
M ' UUB. for, City Comptroller.
Oaibo, Ilu, Octobor 17lh, 1874.
jfl ft t . 1 - - 351-10-17-td
ICOJIMIMinr.T. it.
HVroiiduJ1it. M7.tf
lllll U.nflM.
Knmebodv to tako from u ft thousand bill
heads, (food paper mid finely printed, lor
i.ov 10 4. w.
Ono thousand etatomcnta printed at The
isii.i.ktin omco lor su.w to .w.
Koto llrnil'.
Ono thousand nolo head printed nt TlIE
Bulletin offlco lor ?1.C0 J two thousand lor
Ono thousand business card', tlno Bristol
board, printed nt'lm: Bulletin olllco lor
from ?i.50 to $0.00, according to elzo.
Wc nro nuibprlzed to nnnouueo that A.
II. Irvln will ba a rnmltdato at the cneiilng
clcctl in for rc-clortlon to the olllco of Sberifl'.
"Vc arc authorized to announco that
K. ALIIRKHIT, of Jackon county, is n
candidate, at tho ensuing Sovcm- cr clC'
tlon, nt n Representative of tho V'ltilctli
Senatorial District in the next General
Afcinbly. tl
Tho follonlnswoltknown Uctuocratlcspcnk
ers will address the pcoplo nt the timet
nnd place named below:
He Soto,
Tuesday,: Oct. 20, 1 1 M.J
20,7 "
22,7 "
21, I "
27, r "
2ti, 1
211, 1
CO, 1
31,7 "
2, 1 "
Anna, ThtirKday,
Cleau CitEKi;, gat.,
Vin.v.VA, 31oLday,
Oaii;o, Tuesday,
Caiuiokdali:, Wcl.
Do (iuoi.v, Thursday,
Okani Tower, Sat.,
Ava, Monday, Nov.
Vii:nna, Monlny,
Caiiio, Tuesday,
Gamiosdalk, Wed.,
I)U(Juoi.v, Thurs.,
Oct. SO, 1 1'.
" 27,7 "
" 2S,7 '
" 2II, 1
JIoind Cm-, Wed., Oct
Villa Kidoi:, JVI.,
Ooi.comu, fiati "
1, 1 V,
2-1!, 7
Vii;nna, Monday, Oct. 20.
Coiiiibn, TllCBltiy, .
fioi.coxDA, Saturday, 31.
Metropolis, Tlnirs., " so.
Uutjuoi.v, Monday, Nov. 2.
Coijuk.v, Tuesday,
MoUND 2ity, Thursday,
Viknna, Friday,
MUTitoroLis, Saturday,
" 27.
" 20.
" 30.
" 31.
MkthoI'olis, Friday, Oct. 21, 7 1. M.
noi.co.ND.t, Saturday, " 21, 1 i
KDTho Democratic Central Committees
of the several cotmtlc will dcslguato the
places for tlio speaking andnnungoall other
necessary detail. td
Get your oysters at tho Doliuonlco.
Tub Host
oysters at tho
Bilk Hats mado to order at A. Marx's,
70 Ohio ioreo.
Fntsit ojstera or anything olso you
want at tbo Dolmouico llestaurant open
day and night.
Von UextTwo cottages on Twonty
nlnth street near Commercial avenne.
Apply tj A.busauka, 87 Ohio levee.
m 251.10-Ct
Jt'BT recotvod, and for tale at Malbuis
& Uhl, Ct Ohio lovee.
Ton JtEKT.-CottagL, No. 32 Tenth
street, between Washington Rnd Walnut.
Enqulro of Chss. Lano, or at The Uulle.
tim offlco. 835.10.U-tf
Dit. Jknelle. Osn bo found nt bli
denttl parlors on Eighth stroot at al
hours. Beit of referoncos givon as to pro
fonionnl ability.
Coyne's oystor dopot and resta urant
Oysters In tho sholl and can, fresh ovorv
uay, at run haup' old stand, botwoen
oixin anil Kovonth stroots. Cairo. t!1.
The t. Cuables Hotel bus .ovornl
pioassnt rooms on tbo uppor floor, suita
ble for gentlemen, that can bo secured for
tho winter, with board, at very reasonable
rates. t
Watneh. ooopera on our barrels, at
17 cents for circle beading, and 20 conts
for square heading, Also men on tight
work at good prlcos. 3C8.10 20.ot
J. W, Hteele.
democratic Meetings
OCNNlNaitAM'B back: will run to Thlrtj
fourlU itroot to Corcornn't ball to-night,
slatting from Sixth stroot. A Jolly tlmo
la anticipated,
Lost. Child's sold bracelot, engraved
on tho Inildi), "Nortni." Any ono loav
Inc tlio snmo at Tun Ilui.T.r.Tiw ofilce will
bo suttabty rowatdid. 1O-20-31
Hotiot.. A regular mooting of Alex
under Chapter Nr. 127, (Eastern Star)
will bo hold at Masonic Hall thl (Wod
neaday) evening. All mombera aro rc
qucBtcd to ba present.
271-10-21-lt T. II. Lyon, Sce'y.
lloeolved dally by It. V. Bolznor and told
nt hli storo and nt tlio following places:
A. Swoboda, Bristol & Stllwoll, New
York Store. II. Uasonjaegor and L.
Illoomi. 072-10-21-31
IIaudwaiib ani Srorcs C. AV. Hon
dcrson bat just rocclvod n largo itock of
tho best qualities of btiildors' hardware
pocket and tnblu cutlery, fore iron Undi,
and alio n full Una ot parlor, olfiro m.d
cooking stoves; also Uuting irons of threo
or four dlfleront patterns. Those goods
bavo bson markod down to tho lowest
prlnoi. Corner of Commercial nveni.o
and Twelfth street. 370-10 20-1 w
y.DiTou HULLKTiN : in to-aay s piper,
1 sou nn arttclu taken from a tiarbondalo
paper roprorontlni; HloiIiUrJ county, SUf
our, at Impovor'shcd by ivo uccrssivo
derHultlngborliri, a f 00,000 court bouse,
oto. As a cltlton ot tlmt county, I dls
llko to eo our misfortunes so greatly ox.
aggoraltd. Y'o bavo had fwo defaulting
sberllfi only, nnd ono of those has rocontly
paid overy dollr bo owed tho county.
Our court bouo nod JU together cost
35,000, which is all paid. There is not n
bond ol tho county outstanding, and our
Hoating debt is only about 125,000.
Yours, truly, V, S. Cr.utu.E.
Octuboi 20, 187-1.
Tho ladles of tho Episcopal church will
glvoa suppor and festival on Thursday
ovenlng next, October 22d, at Messrs. El-
liott it Haythorn's old stand, on Cummer
clnl uvonuo. Tho supper, which will bo
ono of tho flucst "spreads" ovur mado in
this city, will bo served during tho unllre
ovenlng, commencing at CI o'clock. Tbo
dlspUy of fancy nrticles will bo unusually
attractive-, Mid prices will b low. All
are cordially invited, and, on Thurulny
evening, should arrange to take suppor at
the fettival Instond of at homo
10-20-21 "
Fon lnvi.v. A few days ago Tho Sun
was 'anxious to dofeftt Mr. Irvln for
sheriff, but uvlduntly n chango lias cemo
over tho Luminary's dronms. Wo con
eluded, alter roading tbo following, that
The Sun was nn Irvln pnper, nnd we
asked oursolf, "What will Popo do with
it now?-' On .Monday morning Tho Sun
Wo devolo n good part of our space to
day to the publication of tho call on Mr.
A. H. Irvln to slnnd for ro-olcctlon to tho
olllco or shorlir, and his reply Mr. Irvln
accopts, of course, for if tucb nn array of
good nnd true men could not induco a
man to become a candidate, then notlilm-
could. Wo congrttulato Mr. Irvln on
this compliment, for it is the highest ovor
psld to any man In Alrunlnr county, tnd
tho best ol all If, it U doorvod.
Vigilant OmcKu's.TiiANKs.oillcer
Sheeban and Wooton aro vicilant. No
doubt tbsy sometimes sloop, but unliko tbe
proverbial policomon, they do not sloop
whlln on duty. Wo mako this remark to
oxplaln how It happened that Ibeso two
olUcers, wldo awake, woro on Ohio Lovco
at -1 o'clock yesterday morning, and hap
pened to discover an Incipient conflagra
tion in tho ofilco ol tho Cairo and Texas
railroad company. Tho blaze was a big
ono, but tho ofllcors, having brwken open
tho front door, succoodod In extlngulshlnc-
it. A gontloman bad thrown a Hunted
cigar Into a wooden spittoon flllod with
saw dust. Tho flro on tho cigar bd igni
ted tho saw dust; tho burning saw dust
had ignited tho woodon box, and the burn-
ingbnx had sot flro to tho floor. That is
tho way tho flro bapponod. Wo hopo wo
aro understood. All this proves, first, that
It is wrong to amokoj secondly, that If
you do amoko you should not throw tho
cigar stump Into u woodon spittoon until
you have oxtingulshod tho flro; thirdly,
mat railroad oilices should not 1irv
wooden spittoons illlod with siw dust:
and fourthly, that offlcors, llko Sheohan
and Wooton, should be told thoy ro cood
fellows for being awako at 1 o'clock in tbo
Hloodv.Headed Thikv Ycstorday
morning Olllcor Illlllngsly pmiod Tin:
Bulletin olllco having iu custody tho
bloodlest-hcuded tbluf wo over saw. His
head was bandaged, nnd it seemed to bo
swcllod. In fact it was a swelled head.
Mr. P. Corcorsn awollod it with an ax
holvo. He did it by talcing the ax helve
in both his hands and hitting the hoad
sevoral times. At tbo tlmo Monday
night tho hoad wts bit by Mr. Corcoran,
tbo owner of it ws in Mr. Corcoran'g
houio stealing things. .Mr. Corcoran wa
of tbo opinion a head wsoclatad with
thievish hands had no right In his houio
without his pomiission, fttl(1 tbat J tj0
rcsson ho tried to knock It off. After Mr.
Corcoran had used tho ax holvu sovoral
tlmoB, tho thief cried for mercy, and Cor
coran relented. Ho did not punch tho
head of tho body. Ho arrestod
tho bead and tbo body, and bandoJ them
over to n policeman, but not boforo ho had
procured a doctor at his own oxponso to
stop tho How of blood and bandago tho
luad. Corcoran has u kind hoart as well
as a strong hand. On tho porion of tbo
man with tho bloody hoad was found
properly belonging to Corcoran. Wbon
wo saw him Bllllngsby was taking him to
the county Jail. There bo will cat a low
days at tho public's oxponsej but then it
would havo cost us moro if Mr. Corcoran
had punched his bloody head off bis mean
body. Thoroforo wo aro glad tho unfor
tuuato rascal was not killod.
A Few Uiauuub A hoot CAiitoiTE.
This morning wp publish a communication
on the Calto and ttt. Louis railroad, signed'
Calrofte." It Is a very sensible commun
ication. 'J'ho tondtr will, no doubt, come
io tho conclusion, after reading tho com-
munlcatlon, that "Cairolto" is ono of tho
most enterprising of our citizens, that bo
s ono of thoso men who lauor night and
day to advanco tho interests of his city)
that ho give both tlmo ana money to
buildup O&lro. "Cairolto" writes IIko
uch a cltlr.sn ; but bo is not otio of that
kind. On tho contrary, n city full of such
paoplo would bo a city full of men who
would do very little good for their city.
But lio Is n fair typo of not a few of tho
citizens of Cairo. By tho unexpected
prosperity of a branch of tradoin this city
he has bocoino wealthy, but if an onter
prlso wcro suggested, and monoy required
to carry it througb,bo would bo tlio last man
you would think of applying to for a sub
scription. At moetiugs called to advanco
tho city's interests ho is conspicuously ab
sent. When an unlerpriso is started be
stands aloof and grumbles at tho men who
aro pressing it forward. Ho is n patron
Of St. Louis and Louisville Whllo talk.
Ing about tbo necessity of building up
Cairo be spends tho monoy ho makes at
Cairo In other cities. Occasionally, to
strike n sly blow at somo neighbor, as ho
hat in tho communication publlihcd this
morning, ho ventures Into his local jour
nals, which ho never falls to denounce and
which ho iccs not palronfzo. Ho is, in
short, u holder back, who shouts
"Hurrah V when somobody olso has
shored the city iorwnrd.
Wo hav mlo tlicso remarks bocauio
our corrospondont bints tbat wo havo men
in Cairo who had a selfish motivo in op
posing the Oslro and St. Louis road, and
has soon propor to lecturo his lollow busi
ness inon. Wo wish to be as frank with
him as bo is with his neighbors, and to
aisuru bim that ba also ought to wako up,
ought to Uke an Intorost in Cairo; ought
to pttronizi homo institutions; and ought
ti bo a Cairo man in (net as well as in
thoory. Wo admiro bis communication.
It contains much good sense, but It would
bo well if lio Wero to pluck tho beam from
hi! own eyo beforo ho reproaches the molo
in his neighbor's.
This weather Is at flno as dellcioi.
as tweuty-llvo year old whisky.
Lady Audley's Secrot Is ti,i for to
morrow nllit at tho Athonotim.
-llolon D'Esle's troupo of actors aro
b'oomlcg papular with our peoplj
T. F. Boutou, of .lonusboro, was at
the St. Charles yusterady,
Mr. Stuitz, of the Hulcn D'Kste
troupe, Is a good actor and pursonally a
very clevor gontloman. '
Mr. James S:ott used olfrnsivo and
threatening languago to Miss Mary Stuart,
and Wat fined $5 and costs by Kiquiro
Bird. Mr. Scott paid In full.
Tom Seott, tho railroad king, U a fine
looking old gontloman. lie is a small
man, with gray hair, a very ploastnt
smile and lots of monov, brss and abil
ity. Tbo railroad otllcials at tbo St.
Churlos hold n long station in tbn parlors
of tho abovo hotel Monday evening, tbo
particulars of which will bu divulged in a
fow days. "Things is workin'."
Among tho moro prominent arrivals
at tho St. Chnrlcs hotol yl-storday wcro J
U Warner, Now Orleans; J. O. Lopez,
Momphls; Honry MarmaduKo, bt. Loulsi
J. A. McCullougb, Chlcaco: C. Johmon
Now York; J. Kolllngworth, St. Louis
Ilirlzoll addreisud a largo meotini? at
Vionna on Mondy, and a spontaneous
mooting at Djngola yostorday. Tho Don
gola mooting was called togothcr in a fow
hours nftor Mr. IIrtzell arrivod In th
town unhoraldod. It was a first-rato moot
ing, and Mr. Harwell's speoch did much
Mr. U. Stuart Bovorly, of Georgia
now connected with Uolon D'Esto's the
atrioti troupe, performing in this city, is
tnu author ol a volume cf poems. Wo
navo not had at our disposal tho tlmo
noecssary to a perusal ol Mr. Stuart's vol
umo, but aro satisfied from a casual glance
at its contents that tho pooms nro of moro
than ordinary ability. Thoy aro intensolv
ooutuern in tneir lone, and nro popular
with tbo pooplo of tho Lost Cause
W. Llnkor representing D. W. Irwin
& Co., of Ohicaeo, sends ui tho following
quotations on grrin :
October wheat, 80.
Novombor wbuat, OOJ.
Octobor corn, 71 j.
Novombor corn, 71.
Year corn, 00.
October oats, 60.
Novombor osts, 47L
Year oats, -10J.
Octobor barley, 1.00.
Novombor barley, 1.07,
Tbo colored pooplo of Taylorvillo are
hiving an exciting timo. Tho demon of
discord has broken looso in tho congrega
tion of Bov Mr. Leonard, a gentle
Haptlst. Ho had bean doing good sorvico
for the Lord, and tho Dovil said : "Hero,
tun won't do; that Leonard must bo sup
pressed-" And so tho Dovil got Leon
ard's wlfo to provoko him, and inducod
Leonard to put hor out of tbo houso. He
then, by bis blandlshmonti, raisod n row
in tho congregation, and got all the lambs
into tho police court. Tho bo-saints
shook their fists at ouch other, and tho
she-sslnts called each other Mrs. Tlltons.
Since that ovil daj tho police court has
boon crowded with the Leonard people
und tbe anti-Leonard people, and Beocber
failings havo been llborally charged
against tho eloquent and ablo divlnr,
lesterday tho whole congregation wero
brought down again by Oonstablo Glad
noy. LOOK
Got yon lUnaAiNS. Mr. A
Marx has Just roturnod from New York,
where ho purchased ono of tho finest and
largest stock of clothing, gont's furnish
ing goods, lints, oto., of tho very latost
tylo, whiohho will soli LOW Kit than
the lowest. All goods marked' In plain
figures. 27S-0.2i.tf
Piano Tuning, Mr. b.ltobblns, being
about to establish it business connection
In Cairo, Is preparod to luno nnd repair
pianos, organs, oto., In a reliable mannor,
throughout tbo city and country adjacent.
All work warranted, and satisfaction
uarnteed, Ordois by mall attended to.
Editor Bulletin:
Dear Slit: Cairo has waited patiently
nnd long, but it sooms tbat her hopes aro
soon to bo realized, Iu regard to tho Cairo
and bt. Louis Narrow Gatigo railway, tbu
spocdy completion of which Is assured at
an early day. Conjectures and opinions
of tho good or ill that tho road may work
tho :lty aro as various as tho porsons who
express them. Any jiubllo enterprise, no
matter bow much It will atsurodly con
duco to the publio weal, is suro to bavo
carpers attack It, somo from personal In
torost, others through a sonso of chronic
dlsatlsfactloii at anything aud everything
Of courso Cairo has bor sharo of such in
dividuals of both kinds, and this enter
prise, tho Ctlro and St. Louis railroad, re
colvos Us duo sharo of tbeir atten
tion. Although msny persons, with
good reason, would havo preferred
a broad gauge road, still, slnco wn aro to
hive a narrow gauge, let us look at tho
advantage tho road will bn to Cairo,
Tho completion of tM road will opon
up to tbo ontorprlslng business men of
Cairo tho rlchost farming country In th
Main, and It also travels-a somo of tho
finest coal Holds in tho country. With a
little iixortion on tho part of ou' business
men, tho bulk of Hour manufactured, and
wht, corn, hty, and produco of all de
scriptions raised along tbu lino of this
road, will bo shipped to Onlro, to swoll
too already Urge and growing trade of
tho city. Tho general business of the city
...ti, .
win not oniy os increased, Lut a new
foaturo will bo introduced into tho com
morco of tho city by making tributary
thoso immense coal fields through whloh
tills road run. That competition is tho
llfi) of trade, is ai. admitted fact; also, that
it Inuroascft trade. Hence, tho Cairo and
Si. Louis road, compotiiii: with the one
rosd that now supplies tho city with tint
cisentlal article, coal, will bring llf.i Into
tbo trade; and, I predict without fenr of
contradiction, that this place will Ixcmia
tbo great depot for supplying tbe iiumur
OJS steamboats that Iinvfgato the Ohio and
Mississippi rivers, and tho southern coal
buyers. Tho competition will keep tho
prlcos down to aareasonablu figure, and
tho healthy trade this will induce, will
nocessiUto tho keeping of largo Block on
baud, so tbat where wo now have ono or
two In thotrtje, wo will havodozons.
Monoy always sooks and readily per
ctlvos tho opportunity to mako monoy,
and take advantago of It, Cairo, with
her advantageous position, as tho boad of
navigation six montha In tho year, should
oven with ono road have controlled tho
coal trtdo at lnsat on tbo rivers. She has
dono so to a certain oxtent; but competi
tion was needed to infuso life into thu
trade, and tbatcompolitlnn will bo vouched
by tho completion of tho Narrow Oaugo
road, and induce capitalists to Invest.
But wo a oo J not look to this alone
to show tbu advantages that tho road
will bo to our c!;y. Tbo paradise of tbe
Great West in seeking foreign markeU,
cannot always ba diverted from its natural
channel, tho Mississippi river, throuch
artificial channels . and, when tho day
comes that II v,lll tako Its truo course,
Cairo should come in for hor sluro in tho
trade, tbe share to which her position en
title hor. Tho completion of this road I
conddor accessory to obtaining this. Wo
must considor that wo havo formldablo
rivals to contond with, nnd every advan
tage, however slight, should bo mado to
tally, Homo was not built in a
day, neither can wo expect Cairo, In tb
laco of tbo difllcultios (ho his td contond
with, spring up into a large commercial
city In n night. "Evory little mates
mlckle." Tbl littlo C. and St. L. road
with proper oxertlon on tho part of ou
yniupie, cbu do maue to grow into ft groat
big "mlcklo," and this ''mlckle" will at
tract moro "littles" till it will bo trans
formed before our astonished gaza into
largo commercial cliy. Cities have Leen
built on worse sltos than Cairo occupie
Tbe only obstaclo Is tho lowness of th
ground bolow tho high water mark of th
rivers, but our levees havo thoroughly
protocted tho city from overflow. Th
building of tho Narrow Guago on th
Mississippi lovoo, as tho Illinois Centra
is built on tho Ohio loveo, will tend to In
crcaso tbo strength of thoso embankments
thus roassurlng tho doubting Thomases
amongst our proporty boldors, and will
bo a further inducomont to others to in
vest in Oilro proporty. It is noedlcs to
say anything In regard to th
health of tho city, a that ha beon too
thoroughly demonstrated in the tiast
cnoiora, yollow fovor and small pox nnl
domic years othor places suffering hoav
ny wniio (,'alro hat beon exompl
Jiooklng over tho prospocts of tho citv
In nnnn..tUn wl.l. . U - t.,.11.if . .'
u ni.u mu UUIlUing 01 ini
road, l seo no reason, with propor oflbrt
vum nuu win not Docome what naturo
destinod alio ahould bo aa lari-n. ir nn
the largoatand moat Important of anv of
mo cities in the West. Oairoite.
i ras a uu lic rno now
packing house market In Wilcox's block
win oo opon Saturday noxt, with frosh
meat and now lard, at tho lowest marko
prlco. Howie ifcBno.
l'ltEalt SUI-I'LT. Mr. 1'. Fitzgorald ha
ust recelvod and has on salo at his sales
room, a largo stock of English nit-, porter,
iiennessy oranuy and wines, and 1 mior.
ofallkinda, which bo will dlsposo of nt
roasonablo prices. 280.0-25.1m
The oaroer snop it on kno cornor o
Eighth atroet and Commercial avenue
wboro J. Goorgo Stienhouso vlth bis iron.
tlemanly assistants can be found nt anv
uour vi iub uuy or nigni, ready to soothe
your feollngs with a smooth shave, or cool
your temper and boad with a good sham-
poo. iv urat-ciass snop, and you are
turo of TOOOivIni: flrst-olaaa (ratmn
Lndlea' and ohlldron' hair cut or curiae
n tho most approved style. 8-lB.tf.
liin HIGH
JVrrvxrr m-r-rn -v tnrcnnn, .
vyjiAVA- iuU w Jtuc xxiAPJ ANY HOUSE IN
Iir.! ltlll rtl1 itittlinc.
ilVi WU1 Ulll I'iLllllllJi-t.
suiiiMor ana aro stale, claiming homo inanufnctiiro.
Und Tli VAIIIt tratrslih II irsiutt hnv
,v,JV,n ,fuib.iu. ijw.j uua uuui 10 contain nvouo
lint ft iuii.n., -.A... ,1.. t .
,,ui i wiiiitua out mu iiuuiiuB. iiomoinuor tlio Dlai'C
Corner 8th St. and Washington
w,, , ,UViU ,,, UIU ui,. runuiu
Tiik Bulletin, this murnlng, declares
for Mr. John T. itannlu for County Com
missioner, to succeed Capt. Thooias
Wilson, Itsaya Mr. I'.innlo Is a largo
property holder, an eminently practical
limn, and ia in other respects wall fitted
for the position. Whllo all this Is doubt
less truo, and whllo Mr. Bunnio would
maku a faithful oilleer, vo fuel con
strained, In the interests of tho pfoplo of
Alexander county, to suggoit, ai tbo best
man In ovory ropect, for County Com
missioner to succeed Cpt. Thomts Wil
son, Capt. Tbomas Wilson Lircitdt. Wo
beituvo he has dono rnoru for tills county
than any other man in It. Not ono man
In a thousand is as woll qualified as ho for
tho position, and wo venture tbe ametllon
that no man living cau boat him for this
place If ho will become a OAndldate. We
hope Mr. Wilson will, at an early day,
consent to bocoino a candidate Cairo
Caibo, IP.. Oct. 10, 1871
lion. D. T. l.iuegtn
Dear Sin: We tho undersigned, your
follow citizens, desirous of hearing you iu
a discission of the polllltal issues of tlx,
day, hereby n-quost you to dislgoato a
tlmo and plaoa at wbleb jou will uJdress
the pooplo of Cairo:
I'tKr rujr,
I W s-uek,
i: V llvii,
N I. WltWirt,
II J Thliile.ood,
S I Ayen,
I'tler Ntlf,
Chjrl I'tnk,
.lol.n Wood,
K V lirrtn,
J II I'lUUli,
lr W WooJ,
J T Teniue,
Z ll 3UlllM,
W ! t'rUi.
IteUrt W ilUkr.
11 I I'jfttr, V
,ltwii wllen,
II V IkjfflaMk.
Woo.1 IHucalwuM,
CkaiUt Oinnlash,
J4tn Amrlm.
Irim IJnbtii,
i: It tfood.itd,
- Dunnr,
u k ruck,
II F irt.
I'iul (i ftcliaii,
IValur Hiilop,
: UArur,
Wn A (iraml,
II WaMKlintuil,
U 11 Obrytn,
N II IM.ikwoeJ,
A Jitciel,
.1 .1 II. tJ,
l.rb 11' .1..
M S iii.
M UlSin tV.twl,
Ud ltJW.U.
A- I, llfUtJ,
1) Ijwjxii,
John ntadMy,
r .iyr,
lilr VH.
The abovo verv kind
Oes!t The abovo verv kind Invlta
Hon, asking mo to address the voters of
Cairo on tbe pollttral questions of the day,
Is Just at hand. If jou had aiktd mn to
speak upon tho pulilisal demoralizMions
of tho day, tbo task would have beon an
oasler one, and if I should make somo r.l
lusion to that subject you will pardon the
I accpt your invitation, aud will ad
dress you Monday, October 20th, at 7j
p. in., at the Athenoum.
Your obedient sorvaut,
Cairo, Oct. 20, 1871 -Cairo Sun.
Mr. Hartzsll has been In tho c t
several times tinco tbo canvass opjnd
anu nas won many warm frlonds among
our citizens.
Judgo Grocn intends to nrouso th
pooplo of Pulaski county to tbo necessity
of doing their duty by voting for Hartzoll
He will accordingly speak in Monnd City
to-morrow afternoon and at Villa Bidge
i rlday night.
A good deal of monoy hat rocentty
boen sont Into this city by tbo stato corrup
tlon committeo of the Republican party
and tbo cslorod men should seo to it tbat
tbo whlto Republicans do not put it down
in thoir fobs.
A large numbor of Kopubllcans ol
this city aro unconcea od onnonanti of
Mr. Clement and supporters of Mr. Hart
8)11, Thoy havo, thoy aay, become dia
gustod with tho Munn-Popo office-holding
ring, and aro determined to break it down
beforo they tiro of well-doing.
Mr. Clomonts will addmss tlio poopl
or Cairo on Saturday night, Octobsr 30th
or on Monday night, Novombor 2d. Mr,
Popo is assuring tho nogroos that when
ho doos speak ho will ondorso tho civil
rights bill. Tbo Artful Dodgorha boen
assuring tho Domocrnts that ho is opposed
to tbo bill.
-Expressions in favor of tbo ro-eleo
Hon of Mr. Ham Irvin to the ahriovalty
are universal, nnd aro not confined to
Democrats and Liberals. lUdicnls of
the most pronounced description aro out
spoken in their support of him. Nobody
can reasonably hopo to succood in opposi
tlon to htm In this canvass.
Wo bad reason to bollavo D. T. Linn-
gar, Esq., would not tako part in the pres
ont canvass. Ho has no reason to suouurt
Jlr. Clements no good reason to bo tbo
tool of Messrs. Munn and Pope; but, at
tbo request of his ltadlcal fellow citizens,
ho ha consented to addross tho pcoplo ot
Cairo at the Athoneum on Monday night,
oxt. He has geno buck to his vomit.
Ephralm Linogar is joined to bis idols ;
lot him alono.
There Is not much pjlllical excilo
ment in tho city, but tho boys arn getting
ready for a vory lively timo. Pope it
getting bis colored troops Into line, and Is
'cussing like a trooper" at tho whlto boys
who refuse to permit him to load ihara by
tho nose any longer. Tho fact Is, Popo Is
f Itial 1. 1. t
Illillj VII linmi lft-t1f- Atru
assmI.I 1. s
iuu luii nei a unmn nro Aeenrtmn
H, ill m l III ala.1 II. 1.. af.l
"I'taesni, Mtm i & I trims I
much sueeos. Ills whlto bov an,
less, and throatan
- jmvnr Wn.i.l lm n. M ft-t
duties of his ofilco An n .i ,,,..
nuu niji anxiety about Linrnnni. ,
i i.i. . . .
turning his hair gray.
There has not been a mootlnir
council lor overal days, and the mo
nfn nininn fit anml.n. i'L .
' ty Aim uinytjr
traneaetlon of goooral business,"
i... . ...
" r
uamy inarsnai win again com
tho pounding of hogs, cattle and
iiiuuu riinnini- . i...... .1
To- ordinnnco under which tho 111
did this work fur years wts aicnn.,,
b defeetivo a fow weeks agi.; l it
llln imam .1 n .1 . V . I 1
on again.
m.Va llfihai'. Ihn r. In- H..t.l..l
Cox asking for proposals for lights
.. - -.,- MWIII.V llUUlill.
atroet lamps for one or two yetrs
D'Jslnss. ami vm. M 111. 1.
representative of Oerould, to closo a
lri.pt tvltli U'.l..l,i. 1..-- 1 .
..... . ,QW m wvuiiiini,;g UUICI
too lat OH l..n... .... ..
1.. 1 .... ....
un iiriiiurcu. UUL 1UHI . utiat .,.. .
boy in the council mean.
Slnco .Mrs. H. J. ,s, retired tt
thonoliln ballef thut it
. w x' . 4 ly u V t J
. . . . If .
, O
rot ini tifih(iK.nHs . r . t .
huui with bvl fnten'ij i llut
riDV! Anvil II.. 13 I it ..t
" -ii, iJSd, o i. n. win pi
2ftin, and O. JorJ I wonTt Lomko
r 1 jov uuie
Tha T.onlU T2A.A..I.I i .
ftQd nothim run Tm Arn ssn1.. k..
uw uuiust utl
ful Wrlrht wt.st.l Mutt sl. 1
ll.ln,. iL.. . t
The nlgbla aro becoming long, anil
of them are dork; and, thcrafore, this
builneas must bo arranged. If wo
got gts let us get tallow candles.
Steamer Jim Fist, Padu-th;
I" P Grncy, Evansvll,
Jno Kyle, fit Lou, 1
" H O Ve.gor, S: Louis
Oommonwea.th, New Orlfa
.1 ..
Steamer Jim Fuk, Padacah.
' F P Gracy, Evansvlllo
" Jno Kylo, New Orleans
" 0 V Kountz, New Orleact
" H 0 Yoager, Now Orleans
" Commonwealth. St Louis.
ine river last evening wait fi foe
inches on tho gouge, having fallec
inch during too nsst 21 hour..
VHtuui tm Linnr nn si nil aiiTiisti in.
.IUT Aiiuivkd Mr. Ehlers, the 1
and shoo man, Twentieth strout, botw
.1.1 . , .. .
if oi iiiiwm nrcuuu unu i'opiar sir
1... f.... I l,.
jw iivuituu, aucuiuing 10 prOVII
announcement, from Honry Arthur,
porter of leather,, Now York,
French Calf,
French Kips,
Solo Lcatb
A.. ... . ..
m .If lltl. flf lt..i ..I I . . .
........b vi uik-wiai( oouv nnu SBuO WOI
lhoso nocding foot wear nro Invited
rt.ll t u . . r
vi,. nuu uaiiuiuu hock, mo lln I
brought to Cairo. 307-10-20. u
, oi7.ai rrotograpnio Art Oallor
ttreot and Commercial avonuo. Evar
thing pertaining to tho photographic a
skilfully and elegantly oxocutod. Tl
nappy combination of a splendid llgl
and tho best instruments, enablo mo t
.'.u.iiuir, giyo mu I iiibi. ii you ueslr
lltl 1 . , I .
the swootsmllo of your chorubs nrcservo
forever. Satisfaction glvon in over-
case, or no change made. My prices an'
most roaionablo. Carlo do visit, 13 ne1
dozen; Gems, six for $1. Call and b.
couvlncod. 10-8-tf
Mattress and furnituhb Manu-
VXntltllVS. MfiAirt Mnr.rt.1 nn.l It.
tf.Ati Ii.va inannil An ITT. I. ..
botwoen Thirteenth and Fourteenth
stroot a shop, where thoy proposo to do all
kinds of repairing on spring or common
mattrossos, upholstering, sofas, loungos,
chairs, etc., and also ropairing and re
varnisbingfurnituro of all dosoriptions.
hoy will sow and lay down carpets and
bnug paper. Now mattressos and furni
ture mado to order. Tcoy nave oomo to
'alroto stay, and respectfully solicit tho
patronage of tho public. 283-0.2G.lm
aocond hand piano. Enquire at the ItalV
road House, corner of Eighteenth atreot
and CommercIal avonuv, Cairo.

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