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S..4 . IT E,
V President.
Orct Clamo Actres
alnent Traget
UeWnD'BstewlU appear lfcfaer Inimitable
SffiSS0?.BaV!a, of the "
1 i vrxx&r o09Tttitm on tiik amku-
AdmUslon -. 59 ccnU
JteMtved BeaU .----'! - 4 7B cents
Hsserred seats fortalo at Dan'lUartman's.
rrilEHE Is moro fun in tho
iClnninoa . l'MJGKithan any
ttItitcl Or printed story thui
hMhentrlvasi'Sntlio!iiubllo lor
ycaw. Nover'beftrnllias been
accorded.to scy.plcturo or ct
fpleturer: the popularity theo
ChromOa IiHYe'actalnod. Size,
lB'uy-SiMiiehcf1 l'rlcc, 310
tho pair.T, j
J. P. nVDEIt,
, ' 1'uWUhcr,
Clo eland, OhloJ
MRS harr seen 'and''.
rc pleased with thq
chfomos MucV,f'
nhlehforthclr humor'
and tin moral lesson
as well ai.the excel
levee ot execution,
arothe most popular
enroraoa of tho day; and sbouiu uayo a place
in every family.
If not lound at your picture dealcrit eeiul
TOurorder,.oriorUcsor1ptlvo circular, to
the publisher. " J.P.KYpEB.
Cleavoland, O.
Stoks. Miss Burnslde desirna to call tho
attention ut Hho ladies to 'her full nnd
complete line of millinery -and fancy
goods Just opened ln.tho Athonoam build
ing on Commercial avenuo. Hor stock
consist of a full assortment o'f jail hats
Jan'cinraj and patterns a full lino of zo
phyrs, all colors, fftatherJProncJi floworir,
ribbons, and a goneral assortmen( of fancy
Article's, such as aro kept In a millinery,
store. ''l-lO-V-lm
Sealed proposals, addressed to tho city
ouncil of the city of Cairo, will bo re
clvd At my office, -No. 121 Commercial
Avenue, until 5 o'clock p. m. of Tuesday,
thi 3d day of November, 1874, for light
ing the streot lamps in tho city of Cairo
for tho term of one' or two years,
Bald proposals to 'state at what price
per post said light will be furnished nnd
also sUto what kin i of light U proposed
to. bo furnished.
Tho city council reiorves .thi right to
reject Any And all bids. '
The person or persona to whom way bo
Awarded the contract, will be requlrod to
give a good and suulclont bond to said
city council for tho faithful performance
M. S. Cox, CityComptrollor,
CAino, Itz, October 17tb, 1871.
' " ' 351.1C-17-!d
' BcnxwcK's ruLMoaio BYuur.vou tus
Cuke or Coksuiu-tiok, Cououh, and
Coibb. The great vlrlUo or this mcdlclno
is that it ripens tho maftor and throws It
out of the system, purines the blood, And
thui eflocts a cure.
Bcbzvck's Bzx "Wewj-TokjO,, ron xuic
Cvbz or DrsrrraU, Isdioestjon, Ac.
The Tonlejproducei a healthy action of
tbo stomach, creating an appetite, form
log chyle, And curing tho moit obstinato
case of Indigestion.
Cdax.ov Livu UourLAiMT, Ac.
These fills are alterative, and produco
Vealthy Action of the liver, without the
least danger, as they aro frco from calo
mel, and 7ot more efficacious In restoring
a healthy action of the liver.
ToAto remodlbs aro a certain cure for
Cofijumptjoo, as tho ru'monia Syrup
rfpeM tha mitter and-purlfles the blood.
The Mandrako act upon the Jlvor,
create a healthy lite, and remove all dis
eases of the liver, often a cause ul con
sumption. TheSeA "Weed Tonic (jives
tone and Ureogth to tbo stomach, uiakts a
good digestion, and onables the organs to
form good Jblood ; and thui creates n
UMAiuy etrculatlon ot heallhv blood. Th
1 l"" UN
. - ' - -
4 ?Bablna MU"tt h(j rhodielnei, ta
,.6m explained, will euro every caso of
Jfl.9ptlon, lftakehin time, and th.
Fv'J uM elthemedlciBMisperieverod in,
wvr jjt, ocaenca- ii proicinonally at his
SL-rmsc prUelwd ofllce, corner fiixxa nd Aumr1
X M9k,K',ii13mih yyjnornin, whero
h tM UMtMtW advice ratiit le addrtssed.
it, 's.i
Lfc 1 4.0cpMMEltClAl,AV.
kaM A eupply of Mitro Oxide or
(lb I1CJB UUWllS
, j fc,
TnunsirAYrooTonKni 1874.
Hill' If m1n
Somebody to take from usn thousand bill
head, good paper' and-flnclr pnntcu, lor
W.WJ to i.W.
Otio thousand statements printed at Trus
Bulletin omco lor gaxoi.w. .
Ifnln llrniln. ...
One thousand noto heads Pr',;,d
Bullxtin onice for f l.W ; two thousand for
G.oO. t
Cnrdn. , .
Onolhoussnd business cards. flnoBrfctol
board, printed at Tim Bullbtin oiuce lor.
from ?'iW) to ?0.O0, nccorumj, m
,f! 'V.
u.. nrn niiitiorlznil to announce that A;
JI. Irrln will be a rnndldato at the cnsuliisr
election forrc-olcctlontotho office olKhcrlli
w nit nmmNKH.
w i nrn imtlinrlzctl In announce .10IIN" 11,
OOSSMAN as n canuwsic lor re-eiecuoii w
the ofllco or coroner oi Aiexnuucr coumyt -FOB
Wm .r. miilinrUpil tn nnnniinen the name
Jackson Caninty, a the Formers cnnilldntn
for ltcprcscntativc from the 60th Bonnlorial
tV'fi nro nutliorlzod to annouiitio that V.
K. AI.IIIIIOUT, of Jackdon county, Is n
randidato, at tho cmulng Novcntbcr cloc
tion, as a Hcpresentatlro of the Fiftieth
Senatorial District in the next General
Assembly. tl
Democratic Msstiags
'Iho following woll known Democratic speak
er will address the pcoplo iit'tbo times
mid place named below: I
Tuesday,;" Oct. 20, 1 1M.
D Soto, "
Anna, Thurtday,
C'LKAK CliF.EK, S.lt.,
Vienna, 31onday,
Cahio, Tuesday,
Cahiiondalk, Wed.
Du iOOlN, Thursday,
1'INCKNKY.VH.I.ie, Krl.
Qrani Towr.it, Sat.,
Ava, Monday, Nov.
" 20, 7 "
2!l, l'
SO, i
Vj-.va, aXoniJay, , , Oct. SO, 1 31.
Cairo, Tuesday . ' 27,7 "
O.iiiiioNPALB, IVcd.' " 28,7 "
DufJuoiN.Thurs., " 2I, 1
Mound City, "Wod., Oct. 21, 1 1
Villa niuai:, Fil.. " 20,7 "
Eliza nKmTowN, Mon.," 20,1 "
Golconka, Sat. " :il, l '
Virnna, Monday, Oct. 20.
Couuk Tuesday, " 27.
Goi.co.vda, Saturday, " 31.
JlKTitoioLis, Tlmrs., " 2'J. '
Du Quoin, Monday, Nov. 2.
CoiiUKN, Tuesday,
Mounw City, Thursday,
Vienna, Friday,
31 kth 01-0LI8, Sa t urd ay,
HON. F. BR0S3 tad COL. R. R. TOWNES.
Jlj;TlturoU, 1'ilJay,
Goi.conua, 8aturday,
Oct. 2.7, 7 P. 31.
" 21,1
533TTho Democratic Central Committees
of the several countlci will dcalxuato the
places for tho speaking and iirranguull other
necessar' ilctnlh. td
OBtfyour oysters k.ttte T)almonico.
Tiib IJo.UKoys tors, lit tho
ItcstaurauL . .
. t 267-0-20-tf
KUlc Hats made to orior at A. Marx's,
71) Ohio lovoo.
V..... .... 5.3
a j.&ou vyowt ur nuyiuiug uiiu you
want at tho Delmonlco llntaurant npon
day and night.
Pou Tnt Two cottages on Twenty
ninth stieet near Commercial avenne.
Apply t A. Buianka, 07 Ohio leveo.
Just received, and for silo at Mathuis
& Uhl, Ot Ohio loveo. '
Foil ItENT. Cottage, No. 33 yXeatk
street, between Washington and AValnutv
Enquiro of Cuai. Lano, or at The Uullk
TiNofflco. 035-10-11-tf
l)n. Jenw.lb. Can bo lound at his
dental parbri on Eighth stroat at nil
hours. Beit of rofsrences given as to pro
foislonal ability.
Coyn? oyctor depot and restaurant
Oyttersn tho.shell and can, fresh ovory
day, a l'hll Baup'a oldMstand, botwoon
BUthind Heventh strsuts, Cairo, ill.
T,4 HT. 47IIART.1.U IfrvVb.. ... . 1
piesant rooms on mo upper noor, suita
bleor gentlomen, that can bo secured for
thtwintpr.wlth board, at vory roaionablo
ru. tt
lac tuofitino niXUK JiULI.KTIV
boeultnbly rownrded.
10 .20-Sl!LT3
UMUKBlbo now .tnaoRsomeul GfM.Mr,
irKnk "VV. IVonlwortb, Ibo "Sifdrman.
Houip." nt Ohirai'o. lias becomo moro
noiiular than oror boforo, Oo thero when.
In that city.
PtlSCIlMAMN's CoMrniBSril) "i'SAST
KoSljirpd daily by It. V. llolr.nor and eod
at hltoroaud at the following places
& Bwobods, IJrlstol & Htllwell, Now
York fltoro, II. llnstfrijacgor and L.
DlOomfc ,. 372-10-21-Bt
i if o'aA'kXis or kbnt, cnKir A coed
second Band piano. VEnijulre at tho Kali-
roa jiouso, cornnr ot .uigmoonin iri:ui
and Commercial avonno. Oalro.
jtlWATMEl).' 06opbra on our barrols, at
17 conts for clrclo beading, and '20 conts
1' . .. . .
for inuaro ;ieadlni;. Also men on ugut
work i
at cood.prlcosj : ' .80ilO-20.Ct
Mr. llartzell will, not return to Cairo
until noxt weok.
Coll Wnilon Is canratslng union
nd Jaokton countloi
Judgo Oroon rnado a rouilnr; and abl
spooch nt ilound City joitorilay
xiol Olilf Kngenocr Cairo VI;
vision. Cairo it Pulton If. It. and H- 8.
b'outbord Agt. at Charleston, wero At tbo
St. Oharlos yesterday.
Col, Taylor and Judgo llross will go
to St, Louis to-morrow to atlond. tho
mooting of tho board of directors of tbo
Calco and'Ut. Louis Itailroad company, to
be hold on Saturday.
Carbott, of Ballard county, Ken
tucky, was In tho city yesterday, lie
says Turner will boat lloon for Con
gress, lloon is tho regulnr Democratic
nomlnoo, and Turner Is n boltor. (
Mr. Linegar is attending tho circuit
court of l'ulatki county, at Mound City,
and cogitating upon the political dcmoral
Izatlons of tbo day. upon which ho pro
polos to mako a faw remarks (Tn Monday
night at tho Atlionoum,
Mrs, Holies, tho splrltunl mcdlutn, )s
in tho city, tibo will remain during tho
wcok. This lady is ono of tho famous
mediums of tho day. It is said that dls
ombo.llod spirits mako wonderful man
ifestatlons through hor modiumshlp "Wo
httvo board much und soon littlo. It is
only thoio who havo Inlth that can bo
satisfied. "We, the doubting Tbomaso who
wish to put our Angers into tho sido of
this now religion, must Jtand aside
- Mr. Oberfy, by 'formal resolution of
tho Grand Lodgo of 1. O. O. P., was in
vited to dollvor nn address on Odd-Pel
Iowebip at tho Poorla mooting or tho
lodge, to bo holJ noxt October. Ho
accepted the invitation, nnd will dollvor
the propoiod addross, Frovldonco oermit-
tlng. If, howover, ho should go honco bo
foro.next Autu;nn, ha will bo compelled
to forego tho ploniuro of talking to bis
three ltnkod friends, unless ho should
omploy a spiritual mod.um and "speak
his plcco" through her.
Capt. Clomcnta told Logan ho would
voto for tho civil rights bill. Is Tbo tiun
Capt. Clements denied at Btoolvlllo,
Kandolph county, that ho was in favor of
tho civil rights bill, and to ton citizens.. of
Jackson county, "r"
"Will tho Sun reply to this question :
"Is liana Clomauts in favor Of tho civil
rights bill? And If ho Is, why are you
who aro opposed to it in favor of him 7
Answer, or dry up.
.Prom indications surfaco indica
tions Mr. Lincgar will havo a crowdod
homo on Monday night. 1'ooplo aro anx
ious to know what be wlU say about polit
ical demoralisation.
, Mr. 1'opo has not yet discontinued
'his' march after a candldato for aboritt.
Ills prosont plan Is, to get two Democrats
into tho field, and tlion run a Itopublican
into tho ofllco with neatness and dupatch.
Even at this distance from tho muni
cipal olection tho probable mayor is being
canvassed. Alderman Ilalllday is tho fa
vorite, but torao other nag may run ahead
ot him,
If Capt. Wilson desires to bo county
comnissionor, Tliu Bulletin will not bo
at sword'a point with him. We fought
him list fall because wo ballevod he
wanted' to defeat tho C. and St. L. 11. It ;
but now that road being a II zed fact,
poaco bo with Thomas.
qomn put of your holo' says Mr.
Popo to Mr.Llnogar, and Mr. Lincgar, as
in duty bound crawls out. "Whon duty
calls," ho remarks, "I obey; but pleaio
don't bo ofl'oadcd If I should speak of tho
political demoralization of (he day."
'!Lot tbem pass," says-Popo, and probably
David; will do so.
Tao Hun advocates tho re-election ot
Mr. Wilson to the board of county com
missioners. "Wo understand Mr. Wilson
does not intend to bocoiqo a candldato for
ro-oloctlou. Tho small compom&tlon of
the oulco, tun great amount of labor to bo
performed, and the many responiibllltlos
altachod to tho oClco will probably deter
him from maktni: the canvass.
We publlih this morning the an
nouncement of Lieutenant Thorp, and alio
his address to tbo electors of- this sena
torial district. Tho ann6unceraont is in
regular form, but the address Is unique.
It ii, in fact, u remarkablo documont a
vory remarkable document; but It docs
not provo to our satisfaction that Llou
tenant Thorp will bo u vory valuable
member of the bouso of tho general assom
bly. W havo not the pleaiuro of an
acqualntanco with Lieutenant Thorp.
This morning Mr. uoisman an
nounces that ho is a candldato for re-elec
tion to the ofllco of coroner or this county.
Wn hopo ho may succeed at thq polls,
Tho olllco is not a responsible one, and
lharo isjiot any "big njopeys" Jn it ;' hut
Mr, Hoisinan want it again ahd has' per
formed its duties in nn unobjectiohabo
Mr. (1 oilman
Is in
ovory vray
worthy of n mucii boUar P100 thn ho
llttia oiiico,ho is nu'B "
Wih him suocoii. .
frlr-Xhe peculiar wording of tho reply of
Ar.U.inegar lu ino -wiii t"if'"
-p- ..i wfC I. i- . . . .
itepuuiicansto ip -tractedibmonttentlonlnthoqlty.
Llnrcur niean whon ho lays t
'You have asked me to ipeak on tho po
litical queitloniof tho tly. IC you had
asked ma to ipeak updn tho political dc-
moralkatloh of tho day tuo tasK wouiu
have bson caller, and l( I should mako
' ... ...ii...
somo allusiunl to lliai iuujoci you win
pardon mo lor tbo illgrciilo'n7" Surely
Jlr. Llnou'ar cannot And in tho Demo
cratic party, as an organization, political
demoralization. It is not in powor, oxcopt
in a few Mates, and in thosu states, slnco
it obtainod coutrol of affairs, honesty and
cood covcrnmont haro boon tho rulo. If
Air. Llnocar is anxious to comment upon
political demoralization, ho should addrctt
himself to a thoughtful contoioplation of
bis own party, and he might And In Cairo
among his old usociatoa in tho ring of
which bo is at once a member nnd an illy
psid tool (ho murt pardon tho epllhot)
a faw fearful examples or political demur
Wo nrosumo P, will bo oil h I No!
lis 7 Or wit It ba'feas 7 Bar. Wright ?
A' meeting of the board of directors
of the Cairo anl St. Louis railroad com
pany! ho Lold at tho station house, on
the depot grounds of the company, at
Eait-Bt. Louis, Saturday noxt, at 10
o'clock, a. m.
Mri. Momarrat 1ms returned to Cairo
from Memphis, and will rocolvo pupils
for tho piano or guitar. Sho will also
teach -vocallzitlon. Apply to Mrs. Mon-
sarratt, at tho rcsldenco of Mrs. Dr. Dun
ning. 10-22-tf
Tho Indies ut the Episcopal church
intonded to havo tholr festival to-night nt
Elliott & Ilaytborn's old stand, but thoy
have changed tholr minds, and will havo
it in Chandler Bobbins' muilc store, ad
joining the Arlington Hous
Among tho many prominent arrivals
at tbo tit. Cbarles yestorday, wo And tbo
following: E. A. Morrison, Rochester,
N. Y; Major II. L. Morrill, Supt. 0. &
V. 11. K; O. E. IJonnelt, St. Loult ; J. P,
llohorman, Lexington, Ky ; Col. W. It
Butler and Cot. J. IS. Collier, Murfrcs.
boro, Toon ; J. II. Johnson, How York.
Mrs. Monsarrat, whoso card an
nounccs her return to Cairo and purpose
to teach music, la ono of tho Lett teachers
of niano. cultar and vocal minis In the
West. Sho ought to rscoive from our cit
irons that encouragement hor merits de
sorvo. 1
Sproat & Son fetch floo Jlotiilo oys
ters from that city In the shotl, and can
thorn horo. Thoy have tho cans made in
Cairo, and aro shipping theso oysters,
frosh and big, in ovary direction. They
furnish oysters to families by the hundred,
with a saving to the consumer of tho cost
of the cans. Sholl oysters they sell by tho
barrel only.
Officer Gladney arrestod, yesterday, a
man by tbo namo ot Owen, charged with
stealing a watch from a woman by tho
namo of Mary Washington. Tho trial,
boforo Eiqulro Bird, demonstrated tho
fact that Mary was raiitakon that Owon
had toon Injuitly' charged, and ho was ai
vised to go in poice, and sin no more.
Do you intond to bo hungry this
ovoning about half-past 5 o'clock 7 If you
aro hungry about that tlmn, co instantly
to tho testival to bo given by tho lad Us of
tke Epiicopal church this ovening, at
Chandler Bobbins' music store, noxt door
to tho Arlington House, and you will get
for almost nothing tbo best supper you
over oat. Do you mind that, now.
Tbo editor of The Mat toon Journal
calls us his "silver-tongued odltorlal
friond." This remark will lend to his
violent death If we should meet Wood
within tho noxt throo months. Wo can
onduro "brilliant," "oloquent," "able,"
and other epithets of that kind; but wo
deliberately doclaro that "sllvor-tonguod"
Is too much of a good thing to bo submit-
tod to in patience.
At "Our Saloon," Eighth stroet, be-
twoan Commercial avenuo and Ohio lovoo,
tho hungry mny find all kinds of edibles
herring, sausage, cheeso, &c, and tho
thirsty tho finojt of wines and liquors,
fresh lager boor, and tbo bost brands of
clean. Attontivo bar-keenors aro alwavs
on band; aid tho lunch sat dally, at 10
o'clock, tlutdays included, is as flno as
any in tho city. Call around. 10-22-tf
Tho ladio of tho Episcopal church
will glvo a supper,
at Chandler Bobbin's 31uslc Storo, adjoin
ing tho Arlington Uuuso. Tho supper
will be sorvol durinc the ontiro ovonlngi
comnjoncing at halt-past live o'clock ; and
the display of finey Articles wlll.be vory
8ttractlvc. l'rltes will bo low. All aro
cordially invitee.
A news gethoror of The Chicago
Times says that the prisoners in tho AI
oxander county Jail are compelled to keep
the stroots of Uilto clear and in repair.
A mistake, Tho prisoners confinod In the
city calaboose do a littlo work on tbo
streets, but Pltzgorald's angles pine in
idleness. We wish they could bo uied In
the stroots, Their labor would be of great
uiu to tbo city, but as it Is thay cannot bo
W, Linker representing D. W. Irwin
&Co,, of Chlcaco, tends us tho fallowing
quotations on grain :
October wheat, 87J. . .
November whoat, 87J,jj O ;
October corn, 71J.
Novombor corn, 701,
Year corn, 08. ,
Octobor oats, 60. '
Novombor oatr, 47.
lcar oats, 4C.
October barley, 1.08."
Novombor barley, l.Od.
Eiiewhero wo psblliu a' communica
tion under tho signature of "Egypt," In
slitlug that our local 'capitalists should
combine and establish at Cairo coj'tain
nfeZetdnnc tbliffifit'Bbr'i
rospoodoni (forgets thai IboYapllallsU.of
uairo nro io w in numuety nun mi oi . tnem
havevnrlcd and oxtonsiro interosls. Thesa
Canndt bo. Induced to put jnonoy Into
venture! of i hastirdbin kindi AirtLal
our correspondent says about Cairo bplng
tho bolt location for oxloq'slvi) manufne.
torioi of 'al kinds wa astent oK Wo be
llovo ail bo has said on that. po(nt J but
tho trpublo is, we liara not. boon specesK
fill in .convincing tbo men who make
monoy by manufactories that our opinion
is sound. After a while thoy will, we
have no aqubt, have their byespouod to
tnetruin, out just now they are obstinato
and will not bo convinced. ' While (the
truth Is working its way Into tho manu
facturer's rolcd, tho people of Cairo should
uso ovory eflort poislble to mako tho city
all that the moit exacting capitalist could
deilro. Taxes should bo roducod, and tbo
government of the city bo mado an oner-
getlo and efleclivo means to s'ocuro pros
perity to our city. Correspondents and
editors may write column upon column,
and bo fruitful of wile suggestions; but
there must be action as well as wordi, and
this necessary action must bo taken either
by tho city officials or tbo clllzons, or by
both. The late committee, nppolntod by
the mayor and council, has ''gone out."
It is non est. It was a failure, ai all tuch I
ommttteos must nccoisarily ba, If in Its
placo a Citizens' Association wero oriran-
Ued, on tbo plan of those of IndUnarnll".
Humboldt, Tonnenoc, and. other cities, a
great deal of good work for Cairo might
be done, and tho wish of our correspond
ent te ettabllih horo n manufacturing in
terest bo furtbored In an effective mannor.
IN CAlltO.
For TIiq Bulletin.
31 it. EiitTOii Tho future of, our much
abusod city, Is n ihomo which should
claim tbo earnest attention nnd lollcltudo
of uvory citizen of this community. Al
though naturo has not abundantly lav
ished her glfti on this community. In
ovory rospec', vet tho plastu hand was
contlderalo enough to locato tbo city
wherj art and labor might impruvo and
perfect the work.
What.il most oiiontial to completu tbli
noblo work is anorgy and combined effort.
Capital Is tho great power behind tbo
thromt which Infuses iifo and stimulates
action; but it must ba tn tha'hands of mon
who comprehend tho situation anj have
nn abidiDg interest in tho growth and
protpority of tbo community in which
they llvo.
Wo navo men among us, wnoso com
bined capital might, if brought into action
In tho proper direction, camo this city
and tho surrounding country to "bloom
and blonom m tho roio;" but they seem
to so contract their capital as lo prevent
It from becoming a lavor for public good
History and exporienco havo demon
airaieo tnai manuiactoring mtorcsts are
dements of strength And durability, and
bring wealth and lasting prosperity.
3lanchcstor, Liverpool and London, aro
to-day imporisbablo monuments which
havo boon erectod to tbo honor and glory
of old Lngland, by welMevoloped menu
factoring resources. Lowell, Mats., Pat
erson, N. .1., Pittsburg, l'a., and other
American cities,- owe their present onvla
bio position to tbclr manufactories. Cairo
situated as It Is at tho confluence of two
great water powors, and its railroad con
nections, surrounded with rich and fertile
farming lands tho stsplos of which are
wheat, corn, tobacco and cotton, with
every varloty of trtut; Inexhauitlblo coal
and Iron resources within hor graip, is
destined lo becomo ono of tbo leading cit
ies of tho Miiilsilppl Talley.
I loarn from a rocont artlclo In a copy
of your Invaluable paper, that during tho
yoar 1873 over 18,000 bales of cotton wero
shlppod East from this city ; this being
true, should it not arouse tbo business
mon or this city to tho importance and
advantage of cstahllshlng'a cotton factory
hore, whero this valuable product may be
propnrod lor ujo without having to bo
sbippod cast, tboreby jncurring tho ox
penio ot doublo rrelghtago, as well as tho
loss of time? Thousands of dollars an
nually, In this department alono, might be
savod to tho producors, were auoh an es
tablishment located horo. A rolling-mill
also paper-mill, might bo locatod horo
with equal advantage, and whllo thoy
would provo a source of groat profit to
capitalists, they would give constant om
ploymont to hundreds of our laboring
man, nnd 1 fntriimntiitlM In v
couraglng industry, thrift and economy.
A half million of dollars will establish
and put Into tuccesiful (poration tbo
three manufacturing interests montionod,
and wo havo men in our' community who
can, if they will combine their capital
and concentrate their onergios, Lrlng
about such a chango in the status of this
city as will cause hor rival, St. Louii,
EvansvlUe, Loutsvillo and Cincinnati, to
submit with'cheorful obedience to tbo do
croo of.our poworful and. rapUly incroas
ing, local resources,
Mr. Ed!tprf knowing that you havo tho
interoit of tho city nt heart, I hopo you
will commenco now, or rather renew
your agitation, until tho desired results
may bo obtainod. Eovrr.
Cairo, Ills., Oct, Ul,'1874.
Uakdwauk and Stoyks C, W. Hen
dorson has just rocoived a largo -.toclc of
the best qualities of buildora' hurdwaro
pocket and ta'blo.cutlory, foru iron stuuds'
und also n full lino ot parlor, ofllco nnd'
cooking atovesalso fluting Irqns of three
ori four different! 'patterh's.ijoso goods
have "been marked down toktho lowest
prlnoa. Cornor of Couiplorclal nveimo
ami Twelfth stroet. 37tf.10-20.lw
FiiKsiiHuri'LY, Air. V. FitKgorald has
Just Jrecoly.o4 9Jv,tM.,ou sato ot his sales
'TOPML'JWS0 ?lTO3nBllh nH portAf,'
llenneisy brandy aud winer, and liquors
of AU,,lilnds( which U vvi)laiipoao of at
reaaphahlo'prIce. ' uSBO-SO-lin i
j ''.en
aiiiasniiiiiiii iauLiiL J i in mmjiiisii J"' 11111 111
J) not buy old cnndicS) limb linvo boon konfc over tho
aumnicr and nro stnlo, claiming homo manufacture. Also
see lo your weight. Every box ought to contain fivo pounds
net, or G ounces over live pounds. Itomombor tho place
Corner 8th St. and Washington Air.
The Only Place In tho City whero You can got a Comploto Assortment,
Atmkheum. Miss Helen D'Esto mado
bar third appesranco last night boforo a
Cairo audlcnco, which was very apprecia
tive. Miss D'Eite Is n young and boauti-
ful woman, of medium stature, with fine
form, quick, alastls step, and a voice which
sbo controls most satisfactorily to borsolf
nnd ber uudlenco. Shu l nn nillit uf
high gradoof talont, and litr appoarnnco
last night prciagod succeii. That sho Is
certain in tbo futuro to attract large au
diences cannot be doubted. Tho Intoreit-
ing play of "Lvly Audioes Secret" was
put on In stylo, tbo support of Miss D'Eite
being excellent throughout. It is not
impropor to add that this lady comes to us
recommonded for every quality which goo
to mako up tbo Appreciation of the artist
nnd tho tadv. Those can bo no queitlon
that ber elocution is unoxcoptlonnblo, nr.d
her deportment faultless. Her Apprecia
tion Of the ptcturcique In stngo bu1nci
has not been surpaiied, and har fldtlity to
nature, whtlo preserving tbo enontibl
points of tho text, Ii woll nigh perfect. Of
Mr. CV Tolor tVolfe it Ii hardly nomry
t spsak. Ills "Sir Mtchaol Audlsy" was
a mtrked nntlthoiis to his other parionn
ations and atrjrdod his friondi,
b was prcdlottd, tu opportu
nity of tottifylng bis voriillle
powers, Mr. Prank M. Cottrljl played
"Bobort Audley" vory well Indeed. It Is
clear that this gentleman cn do higher
things. Mils Bonnie Myers was excell
ent ai "Alicia Audley," and wo would also
mention Mils Maud llovorly as -'Pbeoby
Marki," Sbo maks all of tho character
thtt tboro is in it. Mr. C. Stuart Bsvorly
was all that could bo doilred m "Luk
Marks." Mr. Harry Mack ai "Ooorge
Talboys' ' was good. Tho performance con
cludod with tho farco of "Tbo Bpoctr
Bridegroom," which kept tho houio in a
continual roar of lai'cbtor. To-night the
"Hunchback"' will bo given, with the
laughable farce entitled "Torn Him Out.'
Stoamer Jim Fisk, Pnducah ;
B II Cook, Evaasvlll;
B W Dugao, Cincinnati;
" City of Oheiter, St Louis;
Mountain Oak, Ohio rive:;
" Belle Memphis, Memphli;
Steamer Jim Flik, Paduol;
B II Cook, Evaniville;
It W Dugan, Now Orlcani;
" City of Chester, Mornphli;
11 Jas Qilmoro, St Loulijl
C Mountain Oak, booth;
" Celle Memphis, St Loaii;
Tho river last evening was 6 foet
Inches on tho gaugo, having fallen
Inchos durlnc tho orevlous 21 huun. Tho
weather turned cloudy yostorday after
noon, and tho prospect last ovening was
vory fair for ruin. Buslnoss dull.
Vm Dkit. kiveu rteroiiT, 1
Oitober Ul, JS71. J
AbOVO fhni.o
5TAT10N8. loww.ter.
VU III. Ft In.
Pittsburg... I n 0 0
Cincinnati 4 ft -0 0
Louisville, 3 :i 0 0
Evniisvlllo !i d
Naihrlllo I 10 0 0
St. Loui h 0 0 0
Bolle of Momphls brought 20 bales
cotton for Ohhagj, and has 100 bales for
St. Louis.
-Tho-w w. Dugm has 200 tons for
jriiw Orloani and Way points, She was
drawing. 3 J foot, and had no troublo com
ing out except at Cumberland Island,
where she grounded a few hours.
.Wo understand that tho now packet
company montmned In Prlday'j Bui.le
tin has been dcflnitoly determined upon
at St Louis, but tho facia havo not boon
given to tho prees yot,
Tbodredgo boat was anchored ovor
bacon rock yostorday now, and imme
diately commenced work. Ilearly nil of
her macblnory Is new and coniequentty a
littlo rough, and hor work during the af
tornoon W " little slow, but very satis
factory. JonUoNKicKiiis nov in full control of
tba Wellington bakory, nnd having
loaraeil' tbo wants of tho public, is pro.
pired to supply on call all ddmaads for
Prenchiloaf, Bolton, Brown and Ufahara
bfoad, .'nnd ovorything oho ordlnurily
found in a llrst-class bakery, Ho ninln
talns 'a full stock nf confeotloneriee,' and
can, as woll as any othor dealer in tho
city, 111 ai(-ordors in that lino.
Cakos.b'akod, frosted or, ornamented on'
shprt' j'otico. Spoclat niiciuiou glvon to
tho orders of wedding or picnlo parties,
,n .. v ;12.-)0
NoTiorf )-to thk PUBLio.-.Tho now
packing; ou i e market In WilcoW blook
wlli'be open Saturday noxt, wlt fr(lsn
ucat8 nid now'la'rdat tho lowost Vjarkot
prioo.'. Howm&lino.
PiAiroTuNiKo.-Mr. 0. Bobbins, being
about to eilabllih a business connection
In Cairo, Is prepared to tano and repair
pianoi, organs, etc , Jn a rollnblo manner,
throughout tho city nnd country adjacent,
ii woric warranted, nnd satisfaction
guaranteed. Orders by mail attended to.
Mc.uwi. 'T AcCOAlIOUAT10tf.-Com.
monefng Thursday, October Oth, and con
tinuing, Sunday oxceptod, until Saturday,
October 17lb, tho Mound City accomoda
lion will run, leaving Cairo at 8 a. rn. and
6:00 p. in.; loavlng Mound City at R30 a. rn.
nrd B:80 p. to ; to onablo parties to attend
cuur una return tn n!rn ,l.iln Tl.
- h-.h ....II J f A ..V
idneiday and Saturday runs as hern.
ofure, will bo abamlonl i. mil n.in1...
VAcruiiKs.- Mciirs. Sogrlst and Har-
mnn havo opsnod, on Waiblngton avenuo
botwoon Thirteenth and Fourteenth
trecl a shop, whoratboy propoto to do alt
kiqus m repairing on spring or common
mattresses, upholstering, sofas, loutige,
chairs, etc., and also repairing and ro
VHrniihlngJfurnlturo of all deicriptlons.
Thoy will saw and lay down carpets and
bang paper. Now mattrenoi and furni
turo mada to ordor. Teoy have como tu
Cairo to stay, and respectfully solicit tho
patronage of tho public. J83-0-iC.ini
Jt!T Annvxu. Mr. l'.hlorr, tho Loot
a-id ihooman, Twontloth stroet, belwtn
Warhlngton nvonuo nnd Poplar stmt
has just riceivod, according to provious
announcemtnt, from Honry Arthur, im
porter of leather!, Now York,
French Calf,
French Klpi,
Sole Leather,
And everything elio pertaining to tho
making offlrst-class boot and sbuo work.
Those m-edioic foot wear aro Invited to
call and examine this stock, the finest
brought to Cairo. 307-10-20-tf
JI'W to Oxt Staiiisa. Iron Frames
and strong nervous system aro not the lot
of all, Hut the foeblo neca not despair.
By adopting tho right means they may
livo as long and enjoy f as much as
their most robuit neighbors. Physical in
vlgoratlon Ir, however, neceisary to this
ond; and whllo the tplrltous tonics and
nervines muslly admitted, eventually de
press both body and mind. Dr. J. Walker's
California Blttors invariably supply now
vigor to tho frame, while thoy mgulalo
every dlsordortd function.
8-15-d and w 4 w.
B. Josns, fashionable bootmnkor, l.a
moved tnto his now houionoxt to hii old
stand on Commercial avenuo, and asiures
his friendi tbnt ho is better than ever pre.
pared to satisfy them in tho style, stock,
fit, etc., of their boots and shoes. An evi
denco of bis ability to satisfy everybody,
may be leon in tbo fact that be is crowdod
with work, nnd has been corapollod to em
ploy tbreo more flrit-claiu workmen. Ho
manufactures every stylo of boots or shoes
and uses only tho bolt of material In all
casei, whothor making a cow-hide shoe
or a pair ofthoflneit Pronch calf boots.
Olvo him a trial. Satisfaction is guaran
teed. 303-10.3.2m
Puotoukai'iiio Oalliwy. Gustavo
Wetzel's Protographic Art Oallery,
(fotmorly T. T. Thomas), cornor Eighth
trout and Commercial aronuo. Every
thing pertaining to tho photographic art
skilfully and elegantly executed. Tho
happy combination of a splendid light
and the best Instrument!, onablo me to
talio ch'ldrou's plctiirei Instantaneously.
Mothers, glvo nio a trial, if you deslro
tho swootsmilo of your cborubs presorvod
forovor. Satisfaction given in cvory
caso, or no change mado. My pricos aro
most reasonable. Cartes do visit, t3 per
dozen; Corns, six for 51. Call and bo
convlncod. 10-8-tf
No ruiiMo housa In lbs city is moro do
serving of A liberal patronage than tho
Ooimanla, Charles Schoeeraeyor, propri
etor, cornor Tenth and Poplar. Desiring
to supply, tho wants or thopubllafor a
cholco brand of Wolis and lagur boor, bo
visited St. Louis recently, and from tbo
most populsr brews of that olty mado his
choice. Ho is confldont thoreforo that iri
the line of Weiss and'lager boor the Gor
maniastands pro-eminent. Furthermore,
to win public favor, ho spreads every
morning at 10 o'clock a bountlrul freo
iunch. Warm soups a dlfforont kind
overy doming meats, vegetables, etc,
form prominent foaturoi. Sardolles, sar
dines, Llmburgor and Swltzer ohoeso,
pigs' foot, etc., on call. In tbo distribu
tion of your patronage, then, remember
the Uormania. 10-18-lw
Daily ajUnod. j a'ckoi is now sproad
Ing u dally lunch of tho finest ,klnd, be
tween 10 nnd 12 o'clock a. m., and invites
all his patrons to parUko. Jaeckol has
alio flttod up. a roorri itifthe rear of his sn
)oon, ti whi'6h iia!wUl.ofve oysters in all
styles;- Gentlemon with ladles oan bo-ac-commodat'od
.with n loo tablo and oysters
in Any style.' Milwaukee beer always
Irosh, Corner Waahlnhlon avenuo and
Twelfth street, opposite Tub Bullktin

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