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. , , ;L,iL A IS ' -
11 JSrafr aootoi
er Commercial Ave
nue and 9tli St.
V- TSJftf. rnn.ftivn.fi fll-
lTet&ttdm New York
.oikSot'tlie most care
tljtW' Selected Stocks
Voff Lryx ttootls ever
'4 tl)rbtwgitotlie Cairo
thUiis counters and
' jKfeEpMs may2be found
V - X
JLli '
.-, '- .'Skirts,
full stock
Motions, Etc.,
all of' which, he will
- ,sell at very low prices.
Mr;.')?ui:ger asks a
call and examination
,.of Mb goods before
purchasing else wliere,
, oemg satsuea tnat ne
can make it to the in
terest of all who do
so to purcliase their
goods of him.
' if iLLiif kut, Thimmixo and 1'anoy
Stob Mil JJurnsIde eetlrm to call tho
tttentlon of tbo ladloi to Lor full nnd
complete line of milUnory and fancy
goods just openod In (he'Atheooum build
iag'on Commercial avenuu. Her stock
.consist. of a full assortment of fall hats
L jura canvas and patterns, full iQ0 of ze
phyrs, all colors, foathers, French flowori.
ribbons, and gonoral assortment of Taney
articles, such as tro kept -in a milllnory
tore. 321-10.7-lm
Sealed proposals, addressed to tho city
council of tho city of Cairo, will bo re-
lyoa at my office, No. 121' Cowmerclal
avenuo, until i olok p. of Tuesday,
Ifco Sd fla," SritbvemW, 1874. for Ucbt.
lng the street lamps In tho city of Cairo
lor tho term of one or two years.
Hald propoeals to state at what prlco
per post said light will bo furnished and
also slate what kind of light is proposed
to be, furnished,
Ths city council reserves tho right to
reject any and all bidi.
The person or persons lit whom may be
.warded the contract, wlU be required to
.give t. good and sufflcUnt botd to
city council for the faithful performance
oi ineir contract.
, M. S. Cox, City Comptroller.
Cairo, 111, October 17th, 1871.
1. , . ..
uviiWASMsii now in lull control of
tbeWosblngton bakery, .rmd havlnn
learnea ids wants of tbo public, in nr
pared lo supply on call all domands for
French loaf, lioiton, JJrown and Graham
bread, .and everything ol( ordinarily
found In a first-class bakery. Ho main.
UJm k fall stwk of confoctlonorles, and
o,oswellM any other dealer Jn tho
lr,tlU all orders In that line.
.wi!'- or orDam0nted on
ohort. notice. BpedM attention given to
the orders of wedding or picnic parties.
1 tSfhiDK
It Oas. . Teeth extrari.i .
extruded at all
"r and Hi;
lAf n .
x vvt UUNN NQ, Ml n
f '.IMWmENCconierNlnLi n t w ,
it ui, inu o p. in.
in., to
Somebody to tsko from us r thoil'and liill
head, good paper
nnd ilncly printed, for
One thousand statement printod ntTlIlc
in i.i.ktin onico lor syi.ro 104.00.
Mote IIcimI.
1 nolo heads printed at TlM
Hulletin ofllco for ff.OO ; two thousand for
0.00. ..
Ono thousand business cal, fine UrUtol
board, printed at 1hk Iiui.lktin offlco lor
from 52.00 to f coo, according to size.
nt-A miilmvfvpil In nnnnnneo that A,
tt iin vvlll l.n n rnnilldatn at tlio ennillllf
election forro-clectlontotho otllco ofSlierin'
1011 COUONKIt.
Wn nrn -intlintlzed to announce JOHN II
OOSSMAN a a candidate for re-election to
tlio otllce of coroner oi Aicxnnucr couiii)
We. arc authorized to announcoTHOMAS
WILSON nin pammiatp lor cmucrpi iu
Hoard of County commissioner.
VOll jixi'li-wtovavtrrV?.
....r.nwfi so nnnounto the mine
or 1.1KUTKNANT .lOaKl'lL H. TJIOltl'of
.r.icksoii County, na I lie Kurmers randldatti
for Jtcprccntativc from the fjotli Senatorial
We nro-mtthorized to amioiiticp llmt F.
, ALUItlOHT. of Jucktoti county. U'.-t
candidate, at tlio cumin; Nocmber elec
tion, an m ilteprosciitatlvp of tbo I'lltleth
Senatorial District in tlio next General
Ar-cutbly. . tt
niofollowniKWcllknown Democratic speaV
crs will address tho people at tho times
nnd places named below :
Democratic Hiigs
Doxr.OLA, Tuesday,: OcL';M, 1 1'. M,
D-fiOTO, " " i!0,7 "
ANNA, Thursday, " .22,7 "
Clear CnmtK, Sat., " 21, r "
Vienna, Monday, " 5C,l '
Caiuio.NDALK, Wed. " 23,1 "
Du L'otN,Thuriday, 2t),l "
PlSCKNKVVlLI.E, Frl., 4i torl "
OKAMiTowKlt, Sat., " 01,7 "
AVA, UontUy, Nov. ' '2, 1 '
Viknna, Monday, Oct. til, 1 1 il.
C'Aino, Tuesday, " 57, 7 "
..OAIlBONDAI.BoWed., -'2S,7 "
Do(JuoiN,Tlnir., " 2!i, 1 "
HON. WM. H. GREEN. - .
Mou.ni City, Wed., Oct. 21,1 1'.M.
Villa Hinai:, Frl.. " 2.'!, 7 '
Hl.IZAnETIITOWX, Moil.," 2C. 1 "
(iOI.COSIM, Silt. " "II, 1 "
Vienna, 3Ionday, Oct.2C.
ConDEN, Tnosday, " 27.
Oolcoxda, Saturday, " 31.
Metjioi'OLIb, Thurs., " 20.
DutJUOIN, Monday, Nov. 2.
Coiiuen, Tuesday, " ' 27f4.,-
Mouni Citv, Thursday, " 20.
Vienna, Friday, " ,'M.
Mv.Tiioroi.IB, Saturday, " 31.
Ml-.Tllol'OI.lH, Vrlday, Oi-t. 2.1,l7 1'. M.
OoLCONUA, Saturday, " 21(1 "
GTTlio Democratic .Central Coinmlltcci
of the tcvcral coumli:. will designate the
places for tho spoaklngund arrange all otlier
noce-tary dotallf. '" ' td
Oet your oysters at tno Dcltaonlco.
The Host oysters at
Silk II its made to order nt
7'J Ohio lovco.
A. Marx's,
"" oynors or anytnuig eiso you
want at tho Delinouico KeaUurait npon
V ........ . ...
day and night.
Fori llKur. Two cottagus on Twonty.
ninth street near Commercial avenne.
Apply lo A.rtusanka, B7 Ohio levee.
tou JIE.1T. Cottage, No. 'Si Tenth
stroot, between Washington and Walnut,
Kncjuiro of Chai. Lanp, or at The Uullu.
tjnoIIIcc. 335-10.11-tf
UK. Jr.MLLE. Can hit trnirwi ..t k,.
uoi parion on j'.igbth stroet at all
nours. Jicst cf roferoncoi lvn
foislonal ability.
CoTNe'ii oystor depot and rii.n,.nt
uyitors in tbo shell and can, frosh every
day at 1'hll Haup's old stand, between
Sixth and Seventh'slreets,1 Cairo, jll.
TlIK Hr. CUA.ULES liOTEI. lias
plosiint rooms on the upper floor, suita
ble for gectlmtortbat
the wlntor.'wlth board, at very roasonnblo
Sin. HuKrMKii, of tbo I'lanlurs House,
linYjuit relvod'si frosfi supply of Halt..
ifiorp ojitorinnd CiBinu, m,' . tf
A Nr.w Lkotuw.. llev. Jr Thayer
las In couris ol preparation!' anow
lecturo, entitled "I'Jaln FacUJffortUSj
l'op1o" orHowMan Treats Himself.'
Erisooi'At. Ciitmni. Tho services at
tho Cliurcli of Ilia Redeemer will be at
10 a. in. nnd 7 p. m, Tlrli Itov. Mr.
(Joan li In tlio city and will assist In tlio
econd hand piano. Knqulro at tlio 1UII
road Ilouie, corner . of Eighteenth itrect
and Commercial avenue, CnIro-.. ',
I- ,
Wxvrtn. Coop u on our liarroli, at
17 cents for circle headtni;. and '20 contt
for iquara' heading. Alio men on tight
worK.at good pricos. mja-iu-zu-ti
.1. W. Stkklk
Utr. Dr. Ttiijcr, wUl dcllvor it dli
couriQ In the; l'rupyUrian ihutcli thii
mornlDR upon tlio following lulj'.ct
"Without llandi." In tho ovonlni: hti
subject will be, What a lormon from Na
turo toachef.
r A regular communication of Cairo
liOdga lio. 237 A. I. and A, Al
rwin bo hold at Masonic hall, to
morrow, (Monday) cronlng, at "i o'eloclt.
VIjIiijiit brolhoM cordially lnrllil to or
llmd. J,K.ill.AKe,
390-lOMG-lt ' , Suorolary.
Cosil'irssKu Ykast. Fldschmanti and
Oo'l. comproued yoast, Is laid by those
who have uted'tt to be tho best articlo of
tho kind over ofl'tired to houfekoepers,
and should lo on sale at ill rocerUs. It
is rccolvod frosh uvry day from the
manulaclory at Cincinnati, and for salo
by IUlnhold V. Uolxner, agent. lO-iM-lt
Lujiiiku Hntr. Goino'Down. As wo
itre determined to close out our stock
ipocdlly, preparatory to winding up bus
iness, wo will soli all kinds of lumber at
two dollars per thousand le?i than mar
ket prices. A largo lot of lath and stovo
wood onliand. which will bo sold at cor
rcipondincly low rates.
zai-ri-o-tf Wall & Kxr.
Dikii. In this city, nt 8 o'clock, a. m.,
yesterday, 1 1th inst., Mr. John N. Fatton,
nged 4.1 years. Tho funeral services will
bo hold at 1 o'clock to-day, at his lato res).
dence, on Sovonth street. Tho remains
will bo taken to Louisville for interment.
On Tuesday morning wo will endeavor to
publish & brief sketch of tho life of tho
Mrm. Ilvvt. nas just returned from the
oast with a full stock of milllnory goods
and ladies', misses' and children's shoes;
also, a largo stock of ladios' hair . witches
and goods belonging to tho millinery
trado, cuffs, hosiery, etc., with a large
lot cl. notions, which sho will soli cheaper
than any othor placu in Cairo. Storo on
tho corner of Eleventh stroet and Waib.
intton avenuo. 200.0.2'J-tf
.iiu u..u.vuioly
dressed doll which was on ettlbltion at
tho, Episcopal Fair, ThursJav evening,
was rallied oTat tho St. Charlai last ovon-
Jng, and brought in 525, which amount
will bo met' for bonovolent ptirposts.
Mrs. William Morris bold tho fortunate
tlcfcut, (No. 15). Mrs. Chot Uradley dis
played tasto In tho purchase and the gor
geous manner In which she dressed tbo
Dn: Tavlou closes bis cncairomont with
tho Free Ilollglous Association to-dy,
with two discourses on "What Is to bo tho
futuro "religion of America and of the
world 1" The mornlni? dlscourso will be
duvoted to an examination of Komanlsrn
and Protestantism; tho evoning discourse
to'nn examination of tho claims of Ka- i
uonaiism anu isptrituaiism. Uy roquest,
the Doctor will glvo two or three lectures
during tbo week evonlngs on Spiritualism
proper; oxamlnlng Hindoo jugglery, ,"iho
black art," Necromancy, Ulblo miracles
and modern spiritual phenomena. A dis.
oussion of these matters seems to bo spo
ol illy called for in connection with the
exclteraont created by tho wondorful mo
dmniship of Mrs. Hollos. The Doctor's
iflrsflocturp will bo clvon Monday oven.
Jug jit hall of the Frco Kollglous As
sociation, on Washington avenuo.
All veterans of tho Mexican war who
served CO days or moro, and woro honora
bly discharged, or widows of such vete
rans, now living In tho Htato of Illinois,
will plcnso forward tholr namei. win.
numbor of rodment and lottor of com.
pany to Col. L. Gulnnlp, Danville, Ills.,
or to Capt. .1. W. Hartley, Decatur, Ills.,
that tholr namos may be forwarded to tho
Commissioner of Tensions, the objoct be
ing to ascertain tho number of veterans,
or their widows who would bo entitled to
pensions, as tho only means by which con
gress can ascertain thu amount cf appro
prlatlon noccsiary to meet tho demand.
Uyavcleof tho state convention the
initiation fee was put at Co cents. Each
veteran sending In his namo will enclose
that amount, ond their nampji will bo en
rolled In the Stato organization
Lyman CJuinnu-, Hec'y.
Danville, 111., Sopt. 28, 1874.
Lut ok Patents IssucT from tho
United States Patent ofllco to Illinois In
venlots for the weok ending Octobor 6th
A. D., 1674, furniihod tho Bulletin by
II. II. Candoo, solicitor of patents, Cairo
Ills; Velodlpodci, Wm lJusb, Chicago.'
catling brasses on Journals, Itichard T.
Crano, Chicago; bod-loungei, Tbomss j'
Gannon and Win. A. Ttckoll, Chicago'
gas punflers, ii. 0. U. Hlldebrand. Chi.
tnj,-o, niiuuiiogi punneri, j. "w, iiorri
son, Clinton ; olectio signaling apparatus
for railways, 11. A. Steudall, Chicago
watcb.pockots, Iloerio W. Tuttle, Qalona!
trunks, Hermann, Voglor, Chicago ; key
fasteners, D. D. Eldridgo, Chicago; pro.
tecting crops from tho chinch bug, L. H,
Faunce, Montroso; nut Jocks, Clark Hut
chinson, Tonlca; barrows, E. Whlsson
Sprlnpllelu j seeding machines, John
Uurkc.Sycamoro; band sewing machines.
John A. Jtocho, Chicago j rainwater cut.
oil's, Charles Shaw, Henry; cookod corn.
tosL Louis I). Chumlox, Chicago ; cultl.
vators; Ja'mi'slll. Pattee, Monmouth.
. Dii: helllao Boliilll W u,.'l!.J,l"!'!i2.
TiChriAich, aondern ins lissomlcre- cln
lebcnrollc acchlciikuucii. mo ruenrt
mis In itlo Broken llcilslliatcn
tlottcs; damlt , lr
groncnfcJIcllJsedsnken (loltc erkcnnen.
Jller 1st "Vrlne tijDrVeno IIi'gilrri'iitwlcWcL
triiB.aondcrn ticbcrall i1lcfrlchrslo Lcbciis
datntHluiiff, timl wio uor uon ucr jtmt'i
kcin. hoechster unfasslurcr (cdank fit.
londern rln pcrMMillcher tlott. dcr rail
Mlncn VriiucnftlRcn (Icsehocpfeu In don
IimlCtcn Verkphr trltt imdtlo niswine
Kinder an der przlelioudeu Hand lunlirt, so
lndmichdlelnderhl. fclirllt echlldcr
ten Meiiehni kelno 1'liaiit.nlcwosjn,
Kondcrn wlrkllchc l'croenllclikPltcii, dcrcn
DaMtclliiBtf ilas UcpMcgo dcr Wnlirlielt un
verkennbar aufgcdnieckt Int. Dlo lie-
trachlung solchor Ltbcnsbllilor 1st vom
hocchstcn Interi'UoitndWerth; wlrlerncn
ilndurcliden lierrn mid tcln i:r!cluing.
wcrkjdle Menichliclt und un ecllntvcr
ilclui. Dooshslh fuehlo Ich mlcli veranUft.
an den 9onntagilcndeu Lcbcnsbllder dcr
hi. Hchrlft und .war zuerst ties alien Tpf-
tamentcs zum OcgcnJtsnd mcicer I'rcdlgtcii
zu nmelion, mid brlngc tolchcs zurootlcnt
lichen Kenntnlss. 0. DuiwciiNKn,
Tho following Is a list of lotlcrs remain
ing In the post-ofUce uncalled for on Sst.
urday, October 21, 1871 1
Anderson, Mary U llennett, Klir.abeth
Jlunch, Jcephlno JJandy, Harriet
lltill. Mu.att II
OolwelJ, Mar t)
Krwln, Flora
Green. Emma
jniney .iin
OilVf K"'
Graham, Elvira
Johnson, Annio
Munroe, Mary
Host, Mrs G li
lllchardion, Cornolia
Schlete, Salina
Toronto, Dellio
Wilson, Mary
Johnson, Amanda
King, aadlo Li
Martin, Emma S
Haw, Kinnlo
Robertson, Fnnnio
Smith, Duclnda
Wallis, Sarah
Atcher, r".J Allen, Jai T
Doren, Cbas
Hell, J W
Ilarkley, H
lllrd, John
Iirene, Geo
Davis, J W
Tranor, Frank J
Gelbrotb, J M
Hicks, Calvin
Uurford, 11 E
Uays, U
Jackson, Henry
Kinoston, Chan
Kelley, Wm
Luck, K 11
Martin, John
Muldon, Morico
Munroe, W A
ISuckley, II
Church, J M
Crow, Lafayette
Evans, II Chas
Groen, Albort,
Gamble, Wm
Harris, O 0
Hayos, Michael
Johnson, Albert
Kemp, licnj
Kipper, T 1'
Kockmnn, Dsnlel
Malen, Gilbert
Moore, J W
Martin, 11 II
Miller, Wm T
Poolo, Eugono M
llebock, A D
Spencer, .las
Steel, Samuel T
Olaughlln, P
Pottlt, Frank
Ilustel, Fevllly
Smith. 11
Trainer, Henry
Thomas. J T
Thompson, John M Taylor, John T
Vanhossn, A Waro, A
Ward, J as M Warlzer, J J
Geo. W.McKeaio, P. M.
David Kratzer has added a commc
dious pslnt shop to bis blacksmith and
wagon shop. This Indicates prosperity
and crozress.
ii. z...suworth is turning out large
lots of hubs, spokes, felloes and furniture
t UI. Novolty work. A rnuuuu
factories, and tho latent Industries would
bo aroused, and our town'wuuM
living reality.
iiarizell has an appointment to
speak hero to-day, and Clements will hold
forth to-morrow. As the day of olection
draws near, candidates swing rapidly
around Ibo clrclo, liko planets approach
log tholr perihclUn.
Union county will vote at the coming
election for and against township organi
zation ; and Johnson county, tired of
township organization, will vote on the
question of setting hers asido, and return
Ing to the old plan of county government.
Let Union tako a losson from tbo expo-
rlen:o of Johnson, and lot well enough
Judge Hoflner, administrator of the
mate of Lewis Mlsonhimer, will sell a fine
farm on noxt Monday, the 2Clh Inst., that
belongs to tb cslite, and wiiUv JJiId.
our town on tbo east. Somebody will get
a bargain.
E. Cuhl owns a floo flouring mill in
town, and one a mils and a half in the
country. He is buying wheat here, there,
and everywhere, and is trotting back aid
forth from daylight till dark. Wo have
dropped Iho old saying, "as busy
as a nail maker," and now say as busy as
Cuhl. His Untiring industry and enerey
are making things rnovo, and we hope tbe
uckio gouuoss may favor him with a ro
ward commensurate with his cflorts.
Wo shall havo a wedding here before
long, or the signs will bo at fault. Tbe
brido (that Is to bo) Is experimenting. She
has kit homo to tco If she can live without
tho maternal Inflnenco ond tbo surround
Ings of the old familiar clrclo. The ex
peetant groora is battling for tho where
with to set up an ostablishmont of his
own, suitable for coming events. This is
business llko-not a rushing together like
two planets cut looso from their orbits,
but a calm forecast for success in the fu
ture, a coming event that casts its shadow
boforo. Wo hopo nothing may turn up to
mar their expocted happiness.
John Holshouser Is fully established
in his now store room, and wo will pit It
against anything of the kind in Southern
Illinois for
neatness, comfort and con-
vonlenco. The'cashler's lAnctuin It n.w
feature in our busines houses, and a sub
ject of remark for tho natives. John
eocms Inclined to apo city fashions, and
w''ynot7 His buslnoss warrants It.
Lunch Eveiiy Day. George Lattuor
corner of Fourteenth nnd Washington
avenuo, will furnish horoalter, ovory day
to his patrons a No. 1 lunch, between tho
hours of ten and twolvo o'clock. Fresh
Milwaukee boor and fragrant Hav
ana cigars to bo bad at bis bar at all
DAiLr uUNcn. Jaec.ioi is now spread
ing a dally lunch of tho finest kind, be
tween lo and 12 o'clock n. in., and Invites
nil his patrons to partake. Jaeckel has
At'o Cited up ss room In the roar of his sa
loon, In which ho will sorvo oysters In all
tyles. aentlemon with ladles can be nc
commodated with a flno table and oysters
in any style; Milwaukee boor always
Iresh. Comer Washlnhton avenuo and
Twelfth ltrcet( oppoiltu Tub IIulletin
The following poem upon The' Sabbath'
School lesion of to-day was read fb'eforc?
iho toaonorsoi no .nmuouisi nnuooi last
Friday evening, nnd was afterward or
.. . . .. .1.. ..
ilorod to bo published Iri Inu OAinoUUL.
Kroinouttlie 1 iho l,alni',"n urcat
procession awept
Toward Hint city of the Jeaa o'er Hhlelr
me aavior wept,
And tlio Savior was anion? tliem, ns the
lowlr XnziriMip.
Thpy did not hoc III liim the good inii1ictli'
eyes nan ncn
Whin rapt Isilah'a lengthened eight swept
down thn Iadha nf vinrt.
An l saw In him tho summing up of ail their
prayers and team.
Though fulfilling cr-ry promise, In bin hum-
oic, lowiy lot,
Ho lived and moved among III" own, yet
lhpv rnnli'n,! littn tint.
Could they know ourlong-loit Eden, Wat In
him to bo restored?
Could they vlow him m tho Wonder that
the PatliPH had ndored ?
Or dream the hopes enkindled on Molin
Sinai's dsik crp't,
In the manger louml fruition when It held
its royal guct.
Ah, no; their sight wss darkened ; thpy
conld not see afar.
Nor know him as tho "I'rliisc of Peace,"
"the bright and morning star.'
The "Hon' of old ".TuJali's trllic." Until
. - " ,
Thpy nbnuld not inotirn ilppartrdpo-or, nur
lo-e their sccptered sway.
Ho camo not as a conaueW in wurldlv
1. Iim. .tntiitm. at. v
pomn and nrldp.
Hut he psmo In love and sorrow, and In loiu
anu sorrow uieil,
Lo 1 a cry breaks on tho stlllnes., "tl tho
voice of carncl nepil.
Oh I royal eon of DavM'i! Una, with thy -lire
mercies speed.
lisd ever xln su:li ruin liu'do lucr that dis
a'troui" hour
When lurklnz amid llden's litnom It fur
nlbcd fcrv Mower
And who Is thU whoe wild b-hpt tho
lilcseil lootstcps stay,
A belplcrsinedlcant, and hlln'il, a bogitnr In
hip way.
If therpln (iilsad U.bllm, n great Phytlcsn
Ulok with thy healing glance, nnd make lih
sonrs narK wniuowii clear.
Oh! sun of Ulghteotfsiieas ,iric wltli hi-.-l.
Ing in thy wlngn,
And make thu world to ow)i thep, LtrJ,
and hall thco Kluc of ICIiil-.
Ilecattauay IiU robe and cainr . ,li m
pure and kind.
An-! limit, nt nt r.n...
naKCil, wrettheiJ, blind.
. . .....
Ho ruip and looktd about, where l"Pg In
darkocM lirhad Mravcd.
Aoilgazrd upon the Comlns One, to whom
the r-uhers praved.
Tho one who formed the cyo In man, tbo
Author of all light,
A Prince and Priest iorever, whom Priest
and Princes slli-hl.
Whoso wondrous love bad lound Its way
inio nis uarkenrd soul,
Who said, tn rolco soMranicely sweet, "thy
i.un usiu maoe iiiee whole.
Moli.ie Mc.
Mr. tJieinents was at JJongola yeiter-
uay. Ue spoke his piece.
Muddy stroeta are th ordor nf tbo
Helen D'Este Is a poet as well as an
actress. ,
Mrs. Dr. Ssflbrd-llfake, lectured yes
torday to tho ladles of Cairo.
Kov. Mr. Coan Is In the
guest of Mr. II. H. Candee.
Attention is called to this
mcnt of J. Jiarger.
city, tbo
The ocllpso of tho moon wont off last
uigni according to the programme.
James Johnson, ol tba IIHtois Cen
tral, has roturnod from a trip to thi
Judge Hakor llstenol yosterday to
me argument of counsel in tho Green
u.no cases.
.lewett Wilcox continues to bosst
mat ne blow tbe llrst whistle on tb
veiro and at. Louis railroad. Ho robbed
us oi tno honor.
Halllday Uros, proprietors of tho
-Bypiian uour mill, Havo eroded a brick
smoKo siacic yj feet In height, with an or
namontal top.
Gov. Palmer cannot speak at VIenni
.o-raorrow. A telegram received from
him yesterday says ho Is engaged In
criminal case that will not bo concluded
until tho latter part of noxt wook.
Nicholas Davis, arrested by Lahuoon
.uo coarge oi arunicenness yostorday, was
Uned seven dollars. Having no money be
was allowed six hours to got oat of town,
Street commissioner OalIi.han ),..
laid down a heavy plank cronlm-. en-nn-
- r. . . ' . - '
u. -I'onricenin street, and Wash ni?ton
avonue, near tho Costora houio. This h-.
boonnooded forsomo tlmo.
Wo are lndol ted to Mr. .1 .r m-
for a. copy of tho nrnpAmllnr.. r ,v,
grana loage ol colorod masons, he'.d in
Cairo a few months ago.
OiUcer tibeohan arrested Ch. A iu
on tbo charge of vagrancy yestorday. He
wm fined fifty dollars. Execution was
stayed, and the lazy rascal was given un-
ui in o ciock gel out or tho city. Ho ac
cordingly left.
Tbo followinir are at ilm 7'l.nior.' .
u iioonara, uanada; n V Frank, ;
Louli; G W Illchtower and wlfa. Tn nl
oiuii; j y jiorehoad, Ht Louis; l)t Allen,
Philadelphia; J G Nowton.do; F .Stew
art, do.
The following
prominent nt tho St. NiehoU. i,.,.
Doudnoe, Mondota. E. J. Smith, lWla
III. David N. Kennedy, Villa ltldge.'
James N. Edwards anna nnd J. JJelt
Grand Tower.
Mrs. Moniarrat bus roinmH
from Momphls, and will recolvo nu
,or no iniuu or guitar. Hho will
teach vocalization. ApdIv to Mr.
sarratt, at tho residence of Mrs. rr. rit.n.
nlnK' 10-22-tf
Messrs. Fleming and i...
trwtori to lay., the track on the Cairo and
err ,.,! r.llr.H ' 'l."
. .. .....v-v., ukxu now more man
three miles of track completed. They
expoci so aca considerably to their force i
13(1 liof, llllV 1)1(1 r;ini.if4.
1 ..t!
.J ,
km I iiiiir Mini fin. tdi.iiii niniiniiirr ......... i- i . i
sou to your weight, hvory box
nut, wi u uuiiucs uvul- jivu iiuuima. ivnineiiiDor tho plat'o
f1nwnr.n Q-f-K -rtM3 TUT T- jl m
Tim flnlu Pu.n ; 4.a P.lu
nu timj i mm hi tnu mlY niiuu
Monday, and will endeavor to lay a mllo
ut feast each day.
'J he following nro among tho mcs
prominent arrivals at the St. Charles
M M llandolph, Ctiirksvtlle, Tenn; A L
Lockhart, North Point, Ark; J L Apple
gate, Ilrunswlck, Mo; John Conroy
Clarksvlllp, Tnn; J 11 Hoy, at Louis; W
M Scrlbner, Oblcago; Iwuis Frank, St
Mr. F. Porman, of Yandalls, writes
us to furnish lo blm the nnmn of somt
person who fought in the Mexican war,
and who went out frcm this county. He
wishes to make him vice-president of tbe
Moxican War Veterans' Association.
-The second and last gtme of bsse
ball, for tbo juvenile championship, was
played yostcrday afternoon between the
White Stockings and Fly Awajs. Tho
former club camo out victorious by a ecore
or 40 to 30. Tbo little fellows cheered
lustily over their succesr.
llridgct Staolelou, of llloointngton,
is In search or Information concsrntng
Michael Staploton, who Uft lbt placo on
the Htli of August, 1872, and Is supposed
to have gono South. Ho It'a middle-slzsd,
heavy sot man, dark cornploxlon, about
37 years of age, black hair. Ho U sup
posed to be at work on tome railroad.
Mr, Joseph Tapnnriah, n rosldent of
Ullln, came to town Friday on'builness.
He got more steam on board than he could
comfortably carry, and went lo sleep in a
bar-room on the levoo. Wliin he awoko
from his slumber he was minus four bun
dred dollars and hts revolver. Tho police
are on tho lookout for tbo men .who re
lieved Mr. P. of so large a sum.
Tbo dirociors of the Gotrnsn-Amerl-
can school have comploted arrangements
for their social dance at Scbetl's hall,
Mmday eronlng. A pleasant time Is an
ticipaled. The people of our city should
encourage the enterprise with their pret
ence, or buy a ttcxot to help swell ilie
treasury of tbe sorlity. We hopo to seo
. I.-... rmw.l at tho ball.
At "Our Saloon," ElghthT.rpot, bo-
twoiu Commercial avenuo and Ohio loroe,
tbe hungry may find al! kinds orcdibtcs
herring, sausage, chrc, Av , ind lbs
thirsty the llr.p.t of wines and liouors.
frosh lgr Iwor, and tbo boil brand, of
cigars. Attetitlvo bar-keepors aro always
on hand; and tho lunch set dally, nt 10
o'clock, .Sundays Included, is as flno as
any in tho city. Call around. 10-22-tf
W. Llnkor representing D. Y. Irwin
& Co., of Cliicico, sends us the following
quotations on grain :
October wheat, 84.
Novembor wheat. 84. ...
Doccmber wheat, 6o,
October corn, CM.
Year corn, CO.
October oats, -10.
Novembor oats, -MJ.
l ear oats, 44 J.
Octobor barley, 1.17.
November barley, 1.07.
John Harris, Charles Harris, Jame
Mooro and Peter Dowald are fisherman
Tho Harrises and Dowald are partnors,
and Mooro goes it alono. Yesterday
Moore concluded that the Harrises and
Dewald woro intruding upon hb fishing
grounds, and that It was bis duty to drivo
them away. Ho tbereforo procured two
doublo-barrelcd guns, and potting ihm
Into his skiff sbovod out Into tbe river
and rnado an attack upon bis not unpro'
pared roes, lie fired four sbotr, but with
bad aim. Ho did not hit a man, although
bo put several buck-shot through tho bat
of one of tho Harris men. Tho Harris
party roturneJ tho firo, and hit Moore In
the shoulder. Yesterday Bird bound all
tbo parties over until Mondoy, in tbe sum
or s-uo each.
uunuE to the i'ujilic Tho now
packing bouse market In Wilcox's block
will bo open Saturday next, with frcsb
moats and now lard, at tbo lowest market
prlco. Uowjk & lino.
Fjiehii Bujtly. Mr. F, Fitzsorold has
jast recoived and has on salo at hts sales
room, a largo stock of English alo, porter,
llennessy brandy and wines, nod liouors
of all kinds, which ho will disposo of nt
reasonablo prices. 280.9-25.lm
tactures. Mossrs. Scgrlst and Hnr-
man havo openod, on Washington aveni o
botwoen Thirtoenth and Fourteenth
stroet a shop, whero tboy propoeo to do all
kinds oi repairing on spring or common
mattrosses, upholstorlug, sofas, Jounces,
chairs, etc., and also repairing and ro-
varnishingfurnIturo of all descriptions.
Thoy will sow and lay down carpets und
hang paper. Now tnattressos and furni
ture) mado to order. Tooy havo como to
Cairo to stay, and respectfully solicit tho
patronage of tho public, 263-9.2C.lm
Piano Tuning. Mr. C. llobblns, bolng'
about to establish a business connection
In Cairo, Is propared to tuno and repair
pianos, organs, etc., In a .rellablu manner
throughout tho city nnd country adjacent,
ais woik warranted, mid satlsmetlun
guarantor. Orders by mall attonded to.
tlinl li -!,-, l.n..,. l..,i i-
..I. t Li I J 1 : 1 . 1 1 111111. ii-wi.,' I
1 - . . .
ought to contnin 11 vo noun
, a,ii, ju
Vmi i e i . .
i uu uun Bt a bornDioto issortment,
Steamer Jim Flsk, Padueah ;
" Hllverthorn. Evansvlllo ,
" KaloKionoy, St. Louis ,
" DoKussoy, South ,
Slcamor Jltn Flsk, Padu-ah;
" Siirerthorn, Evansvlilo ;
Kale Klnnoy, N. O.;
' DeKussey, Mound City,
The river tut urenlng was 6 feot on
gusge, having fallen 2 inches during
rt l ji f r-,1 t. ... 1. . ma
-r w - " v
W ft (tf.Wtfl iHAlS - - 1 1. . . t
off toward nicht. A d.ns j fig on all
dark lut night there wore faur boats
.... - n-vt . mu
from St. Louis, three from tbe south
two or tbree from the Ohio. Iluslness
unusually dull, which Is saying a g
Wau Di:it, UivEn Itrrour.
ujiorif r ii, jij.s.
1 AIon
llow water
-0 i
Cinrlnnatl ...
Kvautv.'lle ...
N'u'hvllld ....
St. Louis
IlABDWAnr. an;5toves 0. W. 1
ucnon mi tun rdCClTOl & r?n itor
lhslinft( rvtt a, II If . -sf I
TtOcVttt ARrl I-IsIa 4itlstf i
nJ alio & full line ol parlor, ofllco
wvaiijk iiutoi j biiu uuuog iroui or t
or four ilitTsrnL ntrn. rTh.. .
r,.i,iMsi uvsu
V, ft laitr. nSL-l .1 .1 t
asaiu w-otjs lltss.M,r-ft U II IT I, 0 U9 10
nr !fnsi f rtitss r.9 r i
and Twelfth ttron. 370.10-2
Jcar AbxiVKD Mr. Kblan, tho
anrt .liui m.n Tiarili.li ...... i
' .vf,-- nmuu, BDU I Opiar (I
has Just rsctlveJ, accordlog to pro
announcement, from Henry Arthur,
Varnln..lnn . . ...
portoror Joatheri, :,ew York,
French Calf.
Feach Kips,
Hole Lea
And everything eiso pertaining to
llllkln? nr Orat.pl ft! ft M-lf ah....
Those neodiEi: fo.it wear aro Invited
1 1 n,l ....... I . .. ..... . . . I ..
ra nt, iu ls uu vw i
brought to Cairo. 307-10 26
1 1 iV.V Tn 1 1 n.. ...... . ...
Pi n i! ilrflnt, nirpftM. ....... ... . t
tf .11 lt., tl... ..I I. . a
...u., jvut uu cn. v iho m rnurii
n.eir moti rootist nelghtol-r. physlei.
vlgoratlon ii, however, necessary to
end; and while tbo spirltaus tonics
norvlnes ususlly admitted, eventually
iiir.iNnii uuuroDn m nu. i,r. .1 wa
California Ltittura Invariably supply
tfl.n.l.tk.f .....
m6u4 iu mo itniuc, wnne inpy regu
every disordered function.
D-lO.d and w 4 w.
It. Jonks, fasbionablo bootmaker,
muyrd into his new houso next to his
.. .. .
atanu on uommcrc ai nvnriiin. Ann ui,
uib ifiuiiu. mat uu i uuiier man over
ui. r.i 1. . l. , . 1 . t . .. . .
il . n , 1 I. . 1 1 . f V, . ..1 I. .... ..
. -
Ut, etc., nf their boots and shoes. An
uwuvu w. U.a BUIII.V W a.IIIV OTDTVLil
.l 1.1. -I lt!. . . 1
may bo scon In tho Tact that ho Is crow
With tffnL ami Umm .m.. .I1 1 4..
ploy threo moro flrit-clua worlcmon.
uinuuia-.mici ovorv iiviu or Dooia or i
nnu oici.Diy iuo Den or rnalorlftl in
Or ft Drill" nf llin tlnnftf Tsvin-Vi 1,,
lord. 303-10-3.
w uaiinitni,"- UUli
11 1 It . -. . .
eiKBi l-roiograpnio Art Gall
(fotmorlv T. T. Tlirm.l VI..
tr - j bVI U W t 4 s
sireo; ana commercial avonuo. Evi
thing pertaining lo tho photographic
skilfully and elegantly executed. '
""itj .iuuiiiiiu,i oi n ipienaia n
and the best instruments, enable me
taico cuiidron's pictures Instautancou.
the sweet sinllo of your cherubs prcser
forovor. Satisfaction clvon In
case, or no chango made. My prices
most reasonable. Cartes do visit, $3 .
dozen; Oomn, six for $1. Call and
convinced. m.n.i
T- ....
rinrtnnr.1. nt...,.- 13.1
- , wMr .v. wvuugaiiirvuf. uru
to supply tho wants of tho public for
choice brand of Weiss and lairnr beor.
laiiuuDt, a4quim recently, ana irom
most popular brow of ".that city rnado
cnoico. no is confident thorefore that
the lino of Weiss and lager boor tho G
inanlastands pre-eminent. Furtherrno
In 1,1. n..kll f-'1. . . .. . 1.
J..I.. . I 1 .' I- . I ,!-. r
itiuiiiifit: m i'i n Muillliui l
lunob. Warm soups a d I Ho rent VI
oyery raorping moats, yegotables, et
fnrm taromlnent fuaturAf. Hnr1nllA.
illnni T.lmhlirinl .ml1 U.li... .
pigs' fool, etc., on call. In tho dlstrlb
SIAh Aft . -.4ft -At
J ,n'
i I
4 e
n i;
2 4
2 3
7 10
tut) vrpiixinuin lU-lnliv

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