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.1 . JjfM
u Mrir tti Iron Mountain railroad
11.. LlLowinir PM1TM1UM8 !
idPA 4ha MUW4in tnakna tho lAsftst
rot, ft fr wKMn dfcyfftigniio
epwlaff, Thursday, Oct. 20, ho will prWnt
irtrrr DoLtAIt GOLD VEST CHA1.V.
Sad To tha iieLwlw makes Mio iccoml
hurt roll of 0 frWus WlUiln tho tamo time,
v.. wltl . ton-U,tlM)V-JlAmi
8erroC''lC;ritfito le fur-
MM by TniU)ur,'Mta valuta nt ?3o.
. ,n f!3S-10-12-27
KockingUum & Yer
g'UC two. j
Uhin OrnonU Vnd Tpyi, 1W Oood.
' Fldod-Ware, Tibia and Pocket
l " ' Cutlery, Lamps, Lamp
j -1 T )Oblmn0r, Trim'
Looking GUhm, Ac, la fact, oyerjthlnz
belonging to ft
' AU.tip .eliovp K0od, jo-jcllier wUlf.tue
ut1iAi,r.-r-.Ru r mA at uubllo'auc-
dm iuauunrinr VodiIiv. November Uth
wrt wtVMMttkUD until' tM lsiaold. Untill
,kt i iMM H :i tiri$atc sale nt bar
RatatT'Dealert ere Ifltuad'to call and ex
amine erfierat'iWs.-6 and 7, Tenth Direct,
cIS..lSai. i J.T.THOMAS.l
ayt.Mn-ttft Assignee F.awont,' Pav.U & Co.
OaMstafeoou, Wonuabooil nwl tiiclr jIu
Terms' to Agents, and Brovrb
than anvil other' book. Add
rbv It sell:
ttnelis faster
luress vNntiunal
l'ubUshuHi.Cklnifla;, ra. Chlcag.., 111., or
St. Iritis Mo.
Winners of, Three Qllghost MedaW and
Diploma of llonor, at. Vienna, lfcT.'t, and
Fails, 18C7.-BOK offor.tho finest assortment
of the Best Cabinet Organs In'tbo World, in
eludtvomew'ttjlet with recent fmprqve
meats, not only exclusively for cash, as
romerly, .but also on Maw plain ot easy
osvmenU. the most favorable 'ever offered.
brganilUnted wlth privilege o( purchase,
to almost any put of tho country.
payaafBtfW.ua or upwarus.. , .
Illustrated Catalogues and Clreulars.-wltli
lull pirUeulsrs, tec t tree ou"rc(iuest. Ad
drtfi? 1 ' V , w i
aDil'S LADY'S ;book
Witt gWe lo every subscriber, wbvthcr
Btatoorln n Club. TrhoDtTn In Advance
copyjof "TUB KES3UK," tbo hamlsomekt
enroino ever onereu oy a puomtiier.
-xalllmr"iftliii lorumos, etc, TaditrcM IV. A,
Uppjcr, Philadelphia, l'a. ,
ttQQperdayat home. Terms free.
Address, Geo STixao.f & Co.,
A WEEK guaranteed to 31alo . and
Female Agent In their locality.
Augusta. Mc.
Faaaq Bopplt. Mr. l. jVilzgerald has
jtut rVeelved'aod las on tale at hit sales
room,' large stock of Kngllsb ale, porlor,
Uensuiy brandy and wines, and liquors
of allklndi, which ho will dlipoio of at
reuonablb prices. 280:0.25jlm
Fiajio Tukiso. Mr. 0. Rbbblne, b'elng
boat to ostabliih, c. buslneiscionhectlon
In Cairo, is prepared to , tune .and repair
pianos, organs, etc.1, In si reltablo manner
throughout the city and country adjacent.
All work warranted, and satlitac.lon
gtMniteed.. Orders , by mull' attended to.
jViLtmrnr, Xjiiuwiko' and vor
jTOi-MIis,Burijide desires to csjjjtho
attention of tbo ladies tp hor full, and
compfet lino of millinery and' Ta'noy
goods Just opened In thoAthcnbum build
ing on Commercial avenue.' Her toqk
consist pa full aiiortmontof falh hats
Java canvas and patterns, a'futf Tloa of zo
phyrs, nil colors, feathers, French llowers,
ribbont, and a genera asior'ttnent of fancy
articles, e'ioh at are- kept' in ft bjlllinery
(tore.- , . , sdA Q.7-1 m
3uT AUBlTxaJ.Mr.-Khters, the boot
and ho nnjn. 't wenlleth ttroot. between
Washington, avenua and' ' Poplar strett
has just received, 'according to previous
I iannouQcement, from- Henry Arthur,- m
porter of lealhtri, New York, i
French Calf,
French Kipt,
Solo Leather
And everything elto pertaining to the
jaaklsg of Urit-class boot and tbo work
Those seeding zoot,wcar arc. invited to
call and examino this stock, tbo ,llneit
brought lo Cairo. 3Q7rlO-20 -tf
No rniiLio tiouie in the city u more do
asrving of a liberal patrontgo than tho
Oeimanla, Charles Schoenmeyer, proprl
JeT1eorDer Tenth and Poplar; JJotirlng
so tupply the wants of tho public for
choice brand of Weiss and lager beor, be
visited Bt. Irtuls recently, and from the
most popular brews of that city made bis
c&eice., us it conhdent therefore tba in
mtmoKvoi vrewe hi lager User the Ger
tBacIaitaads preeminent. .Furthermore,
VWo favor, ho spreads eTery
iRateMUg at 10 o'clock a bountiful fr
wub. 'Warm aoups a dlfforent kind
Tbfy Morning meaU, vegetables, etc,
m yrettlnMt features. Hardelles, tar-
HmUf Xiaburger and Sirltxer cheese,
ftft fbtt, etc., on call In' the distrlbti
Umt jwr patronage, then, remember
UM0rntDl- 10-18-iw
- -- Hill (traitNr -
RnmntioiW to take from us a thousand Mil
heads, good paper and finely printed, ior
73.00 to .w.
Ono thousand lUtomcnU printed at TilK
Bullwin office lor t.1.60 to 4.00.
Bote if end.
nnln Jiemls minted nt Til
lliiLiJSTiH offlce lorei.oo; two thousand tor
inn thnititttiil IiiuIiiara rfiriln. lino tlrlstol
bJard, printed at Thb IHilletin offlco lor
frim $i.W to tfl.00, according to two.
Wenro authorized to announce that A.
II ln-In will hea candidate at tho cnMilna
election furro-clcctlontothcolllce ol Sherlil
AVe am authorized to annoiiii. o JOHN "
OOSHMAN as a cuulldsto lor ic-clcctlon to
the ofllco of Coroner of Alexander county.
tt'o arn authorized to announce TllOMAIi
WllO.Vnuarandldito lor Jtombcror the
Hoard or County Coimnlialoners.
Wn irn nllinrlrml In nnnolinco tllO llntOO
oriiiKtmjNAm'.JosKrn ii. TJioni'oi
.tiickion County, as tho Farmers cHiulldnte
for llcproonuuvo ironi iuo ouui Bcnnionm
a 'VOlVTllH'liUOISJiATUilr..'
Wa.nrp. nulhorlzcd to amiouuco that 1
TC. Al.imiQUT, of Jnckon couhly, Ii R
lion, a a licnrehoiiiauvo ui mo rimciii
Scnntovlal DUtrlct In the next General
Acnibly. it
L--'- W-L 'i !-"
Public Meeting
"Will addreis tho l'eoplo or Cairo,
Trus Eveniho, Octobor 27th.
Tho folJowins well known Democratic speak
ers will address tbo people at tho times
and places named below :
l)x Soto,
J'aesilny,: Oct.UO, 1 1'. M.
it n 7 i
Anna, Thurxday,
CLEAIt Cltl'.KK, iS.1t.,
Viknna, Monday,
Cahiu, Tuc.dHy,
Caiiiio.viiAlk, Weil.
I)u (jL'oi.v,Thurtday,
AVA, Monday, Not.
'-1, 1
2(1, 1
U!l, 1
Sll, 1
"t i
Vll.SNA, Iotnliyt
t.'Allio, Tucsilhy,
(J ,t mioxUAi.it, ,iVcd.f
UjjtiuorK.J'huii., .,,
Oct. 20. l r.M.
" 27,7 "
tt .M, 1 '
Mourn. City, Wed., Oct. 21, 1 1'. M.
Villa Uidok, Frl., " 2.1,7 "
i:n.AIlETHTOVX,Moil.," 20,1 "
OI.COSlA, Sut. " ill, 1 "
Aii.'.nna, Monday,
Coiiden, Tuohday,
(iOLCONDA, Saturday,
MKTnoioLie, Thur..,
Du (U0IN, Monday,
Oct. 2(1.
" ai.
" 2ti.
'V. 2.
CouuKN, Tuesday,
Mounk City, Thursday,
A'iknna, Friday,
Mi:Tiiorous, Saturday,
Mktuoi'olis, Friday, Oct. 2-1, 7 1. M.
.lOLCONl.A, BatprdayjJi 211
t3TTho Dcmocratii! Central Committees
of tho tcyci;',il countlei will dcslgnato the
Placet fur the epeakjog and arrange aU'other
uecessary uetaili. lil
For bal or 'nitNT, cukai- A cood
ocond hand piano. Knqulro at tho 1UI
road House, corner of Klghtoenth street
and Commercial avenue, Cairo, ' -
yttorskl ttin D6lhionlco.vi
Tub Host oyitera at bo
Mill: Hats msilu to onlor at A. Marx't,
"Obbld lovoo.
Fnr.sit oyitors or anything olio you
want at tbo'Delmoulco UostftUraat. open
day and night,
A Bcc'OKsi.rTho hall for the Ijonollt of
tbo. 'German i tichool Anoclation was
largely itlbndcd, and was In vjotf trr
jpcct'a "great'uecM.'. , . .
Ton kt.-Tw9 cottsgos on Twenty--ninth
street near Commorolalavennr.
Appfy to A. Suiankt, 87 qhlo ler'eo.
' ,s ' 251.lO.Ct
Port'ltKXT. .Ootts'go, No. 32 Tenth
itrect, between Washington and Walnut.
Knqulro'of Chai.Lane, or.at.Tiuc IJui.le.
jntfoincefi !'835-lt.ll-tf
S ; ' rr r --
Un. JkNki.Lk Can bo louna at fata
dental parlors on Eighth itroet at oil
hours. licit of references given tii to pro
fcdlonnl ablllty
(!oYK')fi bystar depot and restauran
Oystors in tho ilill;and can, frocb ovory
'yiu11 aVP'' W. stand, bolwecn
Sixth and Sdventiretreeti, Cairo, U.
Tut: St. UitAttLEh Hotki, has (overal
pleasant roouls on' tlio uppor floor, ntittn-
1,1 fur iionllnnien. that can bo tecurcd lor
tbo nfnter, with board, at vary roAionablo
rates. tt
HXnTZKti! ToNioiit. "Wo hope our
cltlzons will turn oui in (orco to-nlcht to
listen to an addreisby Mr. Hart.ell, Uom-
ocrat-Uberal candidate for concroii. Ho
U speak IntbVcpurt house,
yiivrm. Coopets.on our barroli, at
17 cents for clrclo, hoadlng, and 20 cents
for Kuuro hoadiog. Alio mon on tight
work nt good pricfi. !IC8-I0'0.6t
- J. Wi SreELB-
A larco lot of now nrlmo )Svo zooso fea
tbori'fcr lalo In liuantltlos'vo tui. tho pur
chasers, atloTfest rnari.-ot prices.
Hion.v SAYKnD,
38'J-lO-27-3v 03 Ohio Levee.
The, "Sherman llouso," Chicago, is not
only the beil furnlibed 'and best con-
ilucted hotel in that city, but has th
most couvenlentldcatlon. It is near tho
tho croat wholesale homes, tbo Chamber
of Commoroe, tba railroad oflloci and tho
principal tbcAtrci,
. LuNCiiiEyKCV, J-AY, lieorgo IiSttner
'corner of Tonrtconth and AVaihlnzton
avenuo, will furnish borcallcr, overy day
...'1 LO.. . ' WL
to his patrons' a jNo.-I lunch, between tho
hours of tea and twolvo o'clock. Freih
Mllwaukoo beer and fragrant 'llav
ann cigars tobO;ibad at his bar at all
time.. . ,,
... . w-u
Dikd Yoalerday morning at 11
o'clock, in this. city. Mary Bell Waugh
in tho twontleth year of her age. Funoral
services at 1 o'clock. '
"Vetagaln Wrihopo to meet .Wo,
When the day hf life Is lie J,
Tux 3''bi: J.KMoroNisTa. Tho congre
gation of the Fr'co RellionUts on Sunday
night was very largo, and tho lectuto of
Mr. Taylor on tbo ltollgloa of tho Future
entertaining and olotjuont, Mr. Taylor
is a speaker of ability, and must huvo
boon a power at.ro vivals wblle ho was a
mlnttter in tbo Methodtit church.
Linkoau's SrcEcn. Tbo Atboneum
Was crowdod last-night to listen to tbo
tpetch ot i). T. LInegar. lie dltcusicd.tho
quostionsbofor tno popU'ttlth eloquenco
and ablljty, Wa hajro not tlmo to givo a
reporrtf Ibo spoach this mbr'nlngbat
will lay hoforo our readors tbo salient
point of tbo gontlemens addrcis to-morrow,
LUMur.n,l8TiLi. Goino Bowk. As wo
nro determined to cloio out our stock
BnoedirvTnVeparo'.ory to windinc up bus-
ineJswo'vijlirBoll all kinds of lumber at
kot prices. A largo lot of lath and stove
wood on hand, which will bo sold at cor-
reipondinuly.low rates. ... .
2in.0.9.tf-w; - "Witt. A' EM r.
Daily juUNou. .lanttcoi is now spread
Ing a daily, lunch 'of tho finest kind, be
tween 10 nnd 12 o'clock n. m., and invites
all hit patrons to partake. Jaockel list
alio tit tod up a room in tho rear ot his
loon, in which ho will rorvo oysters in all
styles, (lojitlonicn vitH ladies can bo nc
comm)ilntod with a lino labia and oystors
in any style.' Milwaukee beer always
Ireeli. Corner Waihlnhton avenuo and
Twelfth stroet, opposito Tiik IIullktih
"Pluck" Oiikomos. The wholo story
can be read at a glance: Tho frlgbtonod
and huntod rabbit, the osger dog, tho
plucky boy, in tho first picture, and in
tho second, the capturna rabbit, tho satis
fied pup, and tho (till undaunted and
plucky boy banging to the reins with un
yielding graip amid tho ruins of hli little
cart. Tbeie nro plcturos whlofi appoal to
tho admiration and tyiiipathy of all who
tee them.
, New Luhuku Yaiu. Chas. Lancai
ter, sblp-carpentor, (late with ti, "Walton)
and'Nowion Itlco, both well known to our
cltiaent, and to river men gonorally, have
eitabliihed n lumber yard in Cairo, cor
ner Slxtoonth stroet and Commorclal ave
nuo. Thoy will keop overy deicription
of building matorUl and steamboat lum
bar, doon, saib, blindi, mouldings,
shingles, latb, otc, etc, and are determined
to sell lowor than lumbor hai over been
told in' Cairo. They soliolt a fair trial
from steamboat men and bulldcn,
will guarantee tall fact ion in all caiei.
Etii.1. Exc(tkI). The spiritualists aro
jjocomjng mora excited each day over, the
manifestations mado through Mrs. Uollls.
Mr. Koonanwe think that it the iplrlt's
uam laiKiwisuom every nignyiormi oi
little girlt app'oar. dead peoplo convene
'with friends by word of mouth, written
communications aro tent from the other
world Tn tlt, and so forth. Th. mad.
amo ! gtvlng satisfaction, and is mrtlng
a handjibmd itttn of money. The enter
i'rdnSMt'ls unique, and worth tho prlca of
adliisl0nrr1.rtt.lho objection wo have, is
that:kri.ir. does not, advertise or have
progriSmW printed: TbU ""HB.
make's usprefer Smsn Dtnnln to Mrs,
Hollu. v
SEHtoya Ji.t.Niw"oif TiioAa J. iic-
ClUM:.-Yo "S"1 t0 UW lhV Mr
Thnm.. .T. MeHlure. of Clcir'Croek pro-
elnct In this county, Ii sd soriouity tu mat
bis llfo is deipairel of. Somo time ago,
he was injurod by a raiiroao. aociuou.
liiliiippl, but recovered
so as to attend to bit builneii. A low
days ago, wblle In bit mill, hit risht foot
was cauehl In a coc whool ana crumeu.
Thlt aceidont. and tho shook be ban re
ceived bv the railroad accmcni, pros
trated him ; and he Ii now to ill that no
porjon It admlltod to ieo him except his
rt ictnrt nd iiuriei. Dr. "Wardner ii now
attending him, and It ti bolelved hli right
licmiiiib(imDJttod. Mr. Jicumro is
one of tho wealthloit and moit onlerprls
Ine eltfzuns of Alexandor county, and bis
death would bo regarod as a calamity by
tho community in which he llvoi.
Oun Flao. Wo have had upon our
table, for sevoral day, a poem entitled
"Our Fla?." In a note, tho author C
tayt: "I sqnd you thi following poem,"
whioh Is onclnal, for publication, ii jou
tSinlie ti "worthy, 6t ipaee lnffyour paper.
ho attnzsi are as cood th gonorat
run of newipaper poetry, but might be
much better than thoy aro. For Initance,
In tbo socond slansa, tbo poet sayi :
'Deautlful flaj,
Standard of llbofty,
When lint tby fiilds wero unfurled to
thebrocze, , t
Tyranny trembled,
Uark clouds of opproision
Cleared in tho dlstsnco and fell on ill
kncoi "
To ssy tho boitof It, this stanza ii buog-
llngly conitructed. Wo preiumo, tbo
poet intended lo say that tyranny trem
blod and fell, upon its knees when the
American flg was for tho. first tlmo un
furled to tho broezej but that he doos lay
so wo very much doubt. Wo wero onco
a young poet, tooj and havo a wierd re
collection of tha misery wo cxporlonced
when our rhymes wore crltlcliod, and the
intonio glow of plttauro that pervaded
our heart when tha editor gave mem a
place in his columns precedod by a word
of pjalie. S 3 now wo will not give to "C"
any of tho misery we havo moro than onoo
txnerlenced ourself : f:r wo aro sure that
practlco will mako him moro perfect than
he is, and that ho will j-ct see his name in
print. All ha wants to ttcure tuccess as a
writer of poetry it persevorance.
OiUTUAr.Y. John Norms Patton,
In The Bulletin of Sunday was noticed
the death 'of John Norrls Patton, Eiq
of this city. Mr. Patton, the subjoct ol
this sketch, was oorn at Freedom Forge,
Mllllln county, IV, on tho 12th day of
December, A. D. 1833. He was of Irish
oauntry from Con'nty .Slfg'TreVsiitf
.iittllog in Philadelphia. During tbo
revolutionary war, this ancestor of tbo
deceaied icrvod with honor, as Urigadier
Genoral, equipping, at his own oxpeme,
the flrit volunteer rogimcnt from t'blla
dolphia. The father cf tbo decoaied was an Iron
master in Pennsylvania, of large and ex.
tended roputatlon. Ho was accidentally
killed at Wincheiler In Virginia.
Mr. Patton has beonjlongand favorably
known to the greater part ot our citizens,
having settled in Cairo in the year 1854,
sinoo which limo till his death he was
Intimately identified with our city's wol-
faro and intoreit. During his lifetime,
Mr. Patton hold various poiitfons of trust
and responsibility in our midst, in all of
which bo acquitted hlmiolf with honor
and uprightneii. II o wai employed a
Deputy rJurvoyor of tbo port under Col
John 8. Uackor. Alio as clerk in the
1'oilolilco witn Jiryan anaunnony as
Poelmaster ; was for somo years
momberof tho firm of Dan Able & Co,
and, at tbo limo of bis death and for soy-
eral years previous, wao connected with
tha well-known hous3 of G, D. William-
ion it Co.
mia all tho rotations of life, John N. Fat
ton was a gonial, kind-hoarted gontleman
slncero in bis frienibipi, upright in his
dealings with all mon, posioncd of tact,
honeily, shrewdncii, and withal bearing
tbo bunion of ill hoalth with patlcnco and
cheerfulnoii moit exemplary.
lie wai alio a sincero Christian, nnd de
parted Urn life surrounded by the loving
caro ana attention of a devoted wife and
allectionnle nnd Kind friends, in tho full
hope of a life, where
Ickneis iinil sorrow, palu and ilcalli,
Are felt and feared no more."
Ills wifo and ttitors have, in thit trying
moment, tho tympathios of a largo circlo
of friends and acquaintances, by whom
hit Ion is rogretted anil his death deoply
Mattiiksb and Fuknitukk Manu.
vactuhks. Mcisrt. Segrlit and liar
man havo opened, on Washington avenuo
bctwoen Thirteenth nnd Fourteenth
stroet a sLop, where thoy propoio to do all
kinds of repairing on iprlng or common
mattrouci, upholstering, sofas, lounges,
chain, otc, and alio repairing and ro
varnnbingfurniture of all descriptions.
They will iqw and lay down oarpeta and
bang paper. Now mattreiios and lurni
turo made lo order. Teey have come to
Cairo to it ay, and respectfully solicit tbo
patrooago of tho public 263-9-2C.lm
Joe Uonkkbh is now in full control of
tho Washington bakory, and having
loarned the wants of tho public, is pre
pared to supply on call all domaads for
French loaf, Boston, Drown and Graham
biead, and overytblng olio ordinarily
found In a first-clan bakery. Ho main
tains a full nock of confectioneries, and
can, as woll us any other dealer in tho
city, fill all orders in that line. ,
Caket baked, frotUdor ornamented on
short notice." tipocial attention given to
the orders ot wedding or plcnlo parties.
PmLotorum and Poet, Yesterday
morning, Mr. J. 0. McDonald, tho philos
opher and poet, called upon tu ana mo
milled to our coailderatlon two poerai,
both of which bear tho Itnproai of origi
nality and the stamp ol gonlut.
lleforo we give to our roaport innie
tclntlllatloni of ono of tho blgboit mlndi
of the age, we dcilro to tay that Mr. Mo-
Donald It at protont the gueit of tho bt.
Cbarlet hotol, that transient abodo of ajl
the great and good who pan throujb
Cairo, and that hit object in vftlllng us at
this time Is to organize a joint st6Ck com
pany to build a balloon upon a novel plan
of his own. Mr. McDonald hai discov
ered tbat by building a balloon in four
parts, with bowl-shaped fans for rudder;,
and fant of the tame thape at the tldei for
propellers, bo sen cron the Atlantic In
forty-oight hourt. Thlt ho proposes to do
in Cairo, and for that purposo will organ,
Izo a company. We do not with to oh
trude advice upon a gontleman of Mr.
McDonald's ability, but wtu.d suugeit
Col. Phil. Howard ai prosldent of his
proposed company, Mr. D. L. Davis as
secrotary, Mr. tjol. Silver at troaiurer, ana
Mr. Perry Powors ti general managor
Wo would regret to part from theio gen
tlemen, but In the cauio of sclonce would
tearfully content to lcio them, and
they arlio on their '.Immortal journey
would fill their ears with one of Mr
McDonald's pathotle songi
"Up In u balloon, boy,
Up la a Imlloon,
ln'nt It u pretty lglit
Sailing round the moon."
Having thus relerreJ to the grand pro
ject Mr. McDonald hat in hand, wo sow
beg leave to lay befjro our readers the
following evidence of bis genius si a poet.
As we have tail, he it the gueit of the
St. Cbnrlei hotel. Asa matter of courie,
oven a briet habitation In that palace of
good living atlrt tbo poetry in any man.
It arouied Mr. McUanald't muie, and
almost without thought he dashed off the
following gom :
Mow to the traveling piili'iie
ThU story 1 will tell;
I btopiiea on bushiim at Cairo i
And put up at tho SI. Ch.irlet'llolvl.
When thcro I found upon my word
Within that'tlirh In- bii'lnoi tow u
Tho thing that pleated me wel1
Flnt clan acrommodutjon down
At the St. Charles' Hotel.
So If any weary' traclcrlt(AiId fi.
Ou IjUiinem at Cairo to dwell,
Jut have your biggae che ilrd at once
To the St. Charlet Hotel.
There you will fiod Its table fiirnlkhei!
With the licit the market can'a'iTord.
Just' what a traveler needs to nourish,
In the thapo ol.drst-clas food
At the St. Charles Hotel.
Then when you aro tired and sleepy
Alid want to revt quite well,
There you will Hod a room so nice and
At the St. Charles IIot .
So don't forget this weary traveler,
Hut to your fellow traveler tell,
If at Cairo they should he near
To stop at tho St. Charles Hotel
J. .o McDonald,
We are sure no ono who roads this
poem will for a momont doubt tbo genius
of McDonald. But it it not In hli bi-.t
veto. It Is light and airy, whilo he it
groateit In bis grand moods. As evidence
of this wo lay before our readers the fol
lowing poora, writton by Mr. McDonald
for tlio contennlal celebration of Ameri
can independence. It will bo printed on
satin, and it Is tbo hopo of all the poet's
friends that It may come Into the hands of
each of tho citizens of tbo nation. Oar
jiii-biu jiropmro ior a plenum
turprlio, and having thus proparod them-
j in -, . .
solvct will then road tho following:
a ioxa coiirosKD by thb i-uiLoeoi-iiEn
And poet, j; c. mcdonald.
In tbo cold and Mlent grave,
Tho American hero It sleeping;
Ho Ii enshrouded the bravest among tbu
But his spirit in cclentlal glory U tinging
With thoae noblo singers of the declaration
of Independence
Thoe grand celestial nntheuiidfelorv
To Jemis, In whom they used to place their
When battlluj so hefolcally for Anicriiau
So God Moss tho memory or Washington!
Tho American hero for all coming time,
mho ram ci- oi tun American nation,
And now be dwells in yon celcatlal cllmc,
Oh! how ofton will Amcrlcrn cnthuiiamn
AVhcn thoy look away back to centennial
And seo those elgnern of tuc declaration ol
J.ed on by Washington through Ihoso stir
ring times
Battling no heroically for American liberty,
And how often did ournoblo Wabhlmitoo,
When leading his soldiers on and on U vic
Stop to wnd up a silent prayer lo heaven,
For tuccess lo crown with victory,
Our herolo band of American lirAvei.
And with what triumph was American lib
Wrung from thoie Hetilan slaves.
Tho hirelings ol proud, haughty Britain,
aiiu wueu wo uau gamed our Indepen
dence, How the nation rallied arouud our Wah-
To honor him arid show him their thank
fulness. For tho masterly atanner no lea on our
fttrugk'Hng nation
Through all tbq iiorrpv"r tho Centennial
And then as ono, mau our country placed
blm in tne btation
Of chief exociltor of these United State.
Then with banners streaming In tbo air.
auii uio prouu inumpuani iioomlng of
And bou-flrcs lit up far and near,
The nation lionoreu our noble Washington-
And new, robed lo wblio In celcstl.il glory,
The American nero haa received his ifl.
For his rp-uggleji and ppyjra Jor American
Ai ha stands before tho great wldte throne
iorGoii," 'W ,. , i iv i
Whli"alf thoio noblo souh Jio'ioticht aud
lile.t nnd dleil. " '
I'l l I (JOiEMEtt
JDo not buy old candies, that havo been kept over tho
summer anu nro stalo, claiming
isoo to your weight. Every box ought to contain live pounds
net, or G ounces over five pounds. Komcmbor tho placo
Corner 8th St. and
Tho Only Placo In the City where You
i On the battlc-lleld or American Indipen
dchce, And now with tbo nngch tiny march
through hcavcu.
With our noble, Immortal Washington.
Mr. McDonald will remain at the Ut
Uharlct toveral days, and would be glad(
wo have no doubt, lo fill ordert for
poetry or tharet in htt balloon company.
Ho refer with confidotico to Mr. Jowttt
Captain John tipano, of tlio steamer
I!limtr;k, is stopping at the tit. Cbarlet
Several of tbo boyt who wero doing
the country proclncti got home on Hun
day, with tho report tbat all Is well.
Mr. John Hogan, candidate for coro
ner, should not bo elected. Ha ii not n
proper man for the place.
Suian Donin, with an excellent troupo
of acton, will bo at tbo Atheneum next
Glorious weather this,-& remark
wa have made, and hope to mako many
timet here after.
F. ogol, prominent traveling agent
f,r a SL Loult liquor house, ii a guest of
Win. Wetzel, of the Gt. Nicholas.
Mr. Hennle will not consent lo bo
come a candidate ior county commtnionur,
He hat no taste for a fight for to small an
Mr. Uartzell wont up to Vienna yot
torday morning, addressed n meeting In
the afternoon, and returned to Cairo in
tho evening,
Tho narrow-guage locomotivo draw
log tbo construction train makct a big
notie now-a'-dayt on tbo Mliilnlppl lovo
It it mutlo to tomo of our ears. x
Huxley, who bat Investigated Spirit'
uallstu, dennuncos It ni a fraud. What
will our spiritualists, who bellvo in Hux
ley, do about it ?
Dr. C. W. Dunning and Jewelt WiJ
cox left for Chicago yesterday to attend
the Grand Commandery of Knigbta Tom
plan. Mr. Wilcox expects lo meet hi
family in the Gardon City.
.nr. u. SYiniiou, candidate tr th
legiuittire, hat been visiting; Jackeon
i-uuuvj. jiq auuresieu itie peopla very
ccepmuiy ai several puoci, and beliovos
that hlt'olertlon Is fiI0d fact.
It Ii now ovldcnt tbat Mr. Irvln
to navo tno held all to himself. Mr. Hot
ortior, who would havo been aformldabl
competitor, has concludod to not mako the
race; and Mr. Popo't cflorti to indu:o a
Badical to run havo been a fiat failure.
Mrt Dr. P. U. Williams bat gone to
uellovllle to bo present at her tiilor'i
j wedding, wbioh takes placo to-morrow.
Mr. .lamei, or Charleston, Mlisouri, u the
huppy man,
We find the following at tho Plant
or'e House; F M Stowart, Penniylvania;
A.OUH ueto, unicago Thomas T Gardner,
Bardvillo, Kyj J P Lewi, Olcarporl,
Ky: Thoodoro Morris, Chicago; L Stein,
Chicago li Lsppmsn, Chicago; .
Kunkle, Evanivlllo; J T Mowery, Cir
clnnatl ; It F. HaiTor, Jaekion, Tcnn.
At "Our Saloon," Eighth street, bo
twoon Commercial avenuo and Ohlolevoe,
tbo hungry may find all kinds of edibloi
herring, lamago, chocie, &o , and tbo
thirsty the finoit of wines and llquori,
froih lager beor, and the boit brands of
clean. Attentive bar-kecpert aro alwayt
on band; and tho lunch tot dally, at 10
o'clock, Jundayt included, it at lino at
any in tho city. Call around. 10-22-tf
Among tho moit promlnont arrival!
at the bt. Cbarlet, we find tho following:
J M Books r, Jaekion, Tcnn; A Nlchol
ion, Jr., Bt Louii; D Paltlerem, Spring
Hold, Ohio; K M AValker, Akalona, Mlsij
J 0 AIcDcnald, St Louli; S Lory, Chicago;
D Peroival, Covington, Ry; J M Barton,
Cincinnati; Jno Gardiner, Now York;
Ssmuel Galladay and M Jt fjalladay,
U rami de, Jlin; Geo Gaston, Chicago.
itev. ,ur. -mayor I; as prepared two
now lecturoi, to bo dellvorod durlnc.tho
coming toaton one, "Plain Facts for tho
Peoplo; or, How Man Treats Himiolf,"
anatuo otner, "What ii Sp.rltuallim T
The doctor has devoted much labor upon
theio lectures, and no doubt thoy will bo
both ontertalning and instructive to his
auditort. His othor locturos very popu
Jar with tho public aro "Triutnnh of
Mind Over Mattor," and "Tho Solf-Mado
W. Linker roprcientlng D. AY, Irwin
& Co,, of Cbicaoo, sonds us tbo iollowing
quotations In grain s
Ootobor whoat, 81J.
Novembor wheat, 85f .
Docember wheat, 8f .
October oorn, GO.
November corn, 07.
Year corn, 03.
October oatl, 40(.
Novombor patr dlj. ,
Yoar oats, ,-
October barlny 1.10. ,
Noyomb'erTbatley, 1.08. " ",, i
'NoTioii,sT'o'XTiot FiniLiaTta r(n0w
paaking houie market In Wllcox'aiblook
will bo opon'Saturilay next,' with frdsh,
moats anoVnew lafd, at tbo lo'Veit, market
price. ' Howik&Bro,
Homo manufacture. Also
Washington Av.
can get a Completo Assortment.
UAino, Illinoih,
Monday evening, Oct, 20", 1874.
Tho weatbor Is vory warm and pleasant
for thlt teason of the year tbo pleasant
Indian lummer, too warm for tbo roll l it-
tsr and egg market to flourish. Ship-
moutt of roll butter were received to.day
In an oily condition. Butter thould all
b tont tolld packed, until tho woather
bocomot tettlod. Fresh eggt sell readily
at 10020c. Chickens have been very
dull, and will continuo to; the demand In
make up a thipment to New Orleans to-
.I... ...J . I T . - -I
receipts wero nearly all takon at quota
Tbo grain market rules very d I
throughout. Flour is In better dtmam
but unsteady. Corn meal cannot bo sob
above 3 78.
c6Our friends should boar In mln
that iho price hero given aru usually fo
fillinp; orders and for broken loti it i
ooccsssfy to charge an advanco over thes
Wo noto a lltttnincrcaso in tho demec
for flour, lint thero it still a dull feollng i
tbo market. Prices aro unchanged b
weak. Sales wero SOO lbs various graje
6 GO' 01r 060 bbls city mills, varl i
grades, 4 00! 2&; .100 bblt vanui
" imm. - tiuTti ti iiiit '.iiiu lima v.rin
irmtles. .4 cnar. -jr.- "nn v.,.-,.
n 1 - v ' i
gradei, 4 C00 Co.
Becelptt of cholco hay are vory ligb
bnt tho market It quiet on all grades at
demand light; Low grades etpeclally a
nMftlnrl ! , 1 1 FJ a 1 HIMn...
nhnli-n rntvAit H 0O 1 r,.v rl,nt.. Itmnil,
20 00: Sctrieood tlmothv. tH 00- 1 r
rol top, 17 09: 1 car prlmo timoth
10 00.
There It no corn on tbe market and
buyort. An occasional car of new corn
told Crj to SSc, in bulk, but tbo dainnud
Tery small. "Wo noto tales of ono c
w nuo m duik ou iracst, &e; l c
newjwhltt in bulk on track, 68r.
The market rulei quiet and dull. Mix
oats are quoted lower to-day. Wo nr
sales of 1 car mixed In sacks dcllverod, I
3 cars whito In sacks delivered, fi2c; 2 ca
black in sacks delivered, 06; 1 oar wbi
in bulk on track, 16c.
There Is very little demand and chok
grades aro bard to letl at 3 75. Transa
tlons aro light and consist of 100 bl
steam dried, delivered, 3 75; 100 bl
steam dried, 3 TO.
Tho market holdi steady at 18 00
tacks delivered. Tho local trade Is mo
rijiy acuro. aaios woro 2 cars
tackt delivered, 18 00; 100 sac
ti- I l
unoico uorinern imuor is icarca no
price ro Jirm &nd unchanged. Koll Lu
i,gr uub wauveu unut com weamer iu
In Ualsta RAA 1U. .L.l I .1
3233cj 500 lbs choice Southern 111
noit, 2830c; 600 lbt cholco Souther
Illinois, 30c; 10 packages cboici nortl
ern, 33c; IS packages cholco Southorn 1
llnoil, 3730c.
Prnilll Af.i-a cult nnlnt c, 1 PjOiOA.
ing tt condition. Thero is no surplus c
tbo market! Sales wera 00 1non fr.il
20c; 200 dozen fresh, 20o; 6 cases, 18020.
0 boxes, 18f;10c.
This branch of tho roarkot may b
iuutau uun. iiiuro wh a tuoucn can to
J..II ml ...
day for ohlckens to thin that cleared th
market, but to-morrow they will be t
drug. Kaics woro .1 coopi cholco old, 3 00
6 coops mlxod young and old, 2 00, .
coops mlxod young and old, 2 26; 4 coop:
young ana oia, uuiaju 'iu; cocps mixci
vouni; and old. 1 Co to ! 25; nn iirn.
mixed young and old, 2 CO to 3 00.
Tho demand for cholco sbipilng ajqilmi
rnntlnliAtf rrniir, nt iinphflntini rtrlPKl. v,l
CO bblt clioloe apples, 2 002 7C; loo
bblt good to choico applos, 175 to 2 GO
15 bblt oraoget, 8 000 00.
Choice pcaqh blow potateos find a ready
market 2 CO V bblt and BSaDOo In!
bulk' Sales were CO bnsliels onions 1 2fi
...J nmnn. . ,n ill. 1 . 1 I , . .
toot 2 SO.
Tha market it quiet, but tteady with
Indication! of an Improvement In tbe do-
mand. Salct wero 1 cask clear tldei ICa -
0)0 lbi shoulders' 9o ; COO lbi now sugar
cured plain hams, 14,
LI AM. Dsnrlst. hat alwava nn
hasd a rrtih anpply or Nltro Oxldo or
Laughing ? Teelb xttaetetl at nl
uouri, uui; uuu aiaui. v-17-tI
SI ".i

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