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Tkl. I. It-"- Jl. .ii
static. It ltnW'tl ana Unlortun.U.
Rfrr(rlM tot Mult " ..thi. ,
li Kiwi!? trm' CM Mt NMWI nVUnl t'"-
pso ul turn . Kr
i ynk cuktk irntt, Mttxr
Announce, to Hie puMlo that Tliun-day
cveslngncxt bo will oj.en anew bowling
alley tinder tho iron Mountain railroad
office, with everything complete. He offers
Hi lollowing PREMIUMS;
l(t To tho on vhi tnaVci tho lilggott
roll rf G frame within SO 0r 'n Ulc
opening, Tbutailay , Oct. 23, bo will prcccnt
a ftrrv uoM-iit Gold thi C'hai.v
2nd To tlie ono who nukes llio second
l.nt roll of 3 frames wlthll tho Mine time.
he will present tho rr Hb-ahv-.Ma
fAif lir rmrnliMker. mill ralieit At t1
Assignee's ale. .
Rockiiiglmin & Yollov
China Urtamenli and Toyi, Fanjy Guodi
ri&ioo. wate, Tablo and rocket- '
Utitlery, Ltmpi, Lamp
Cblmny, Trim-
Looking UUnet, &c in (act, uvor ythini:
belongiog to a
All tho above good-, together "Illillio
Store Kl.vtilret, will be -old at public nue
tlon, coiumenclng Monday, Nowmlier !ilh
and will continue until all Is !-old. L'ntlll
that time 1 will nell at private alo nt bar
gain). Dealers arc Invited to call uml ex
amine goodi, at 'o5. 5 nml T, Tt nth btrect,
v.airo, iiunoie. .1. J. iuukia:,
::91-lU-27-tf Amlgnec l'arkon-, Davli .V Co
mi imm cheat work
On Manhood, "Womanhood and Uiclr Mu
tual Inter-UeUtlonst Love, Its Lawn, Pow
er, etc. Agent are celling from l.'i ,o '.'5
copies a day. Send fortpecTmen pngci and
i enn w Agenis, anu I
than any othur book
1 eniw to Agents, and mo why it tell faster
kuKD any oinur uook. ivuureis uu mi
ruoiuiitng Ci
su IauU Ho
l'ublUliingCo.,Plilla., Pa., Chicago, III., or
winners of Three Jllghcnt MedaU and
Diploma of Honor, at Vienna, Jel, mnl
J'aris, JW7. row offiTllic Unci aoorliucut
of tlm liett Cabinet Orpins In ibo world. In
cluding new uylcs with recent Improve
ments, not only exclusively lor cah, as
formerly, but alo on New plans ot eay
payment, the mot favorable ever offercu.
Organs Itemed with privilege ol uulise,
to almost any part of tho countrv. Tint
payment I'J.iK) or upward.
Illustrated Catalogues and Circulars, with
lull particulars, tent tree on rcouett. Ad
llotton, Kc w York or Chicago.
ill give to every mbicrlber, wlathcr
Bini orin a ciuu, who paya In Ailviico
forWTo, and remlu direct to this olllcc. a
ppy of'THE 1UX2VE," too hand,ome-t
chromo ever offered by a publl-hcr.
Terms HI per annum. Vor Circular, cou
talning rermn tur Clubs, etc, nddrcML. A.
UOJJKY, l'hlladclphla, l'a.
Eteut C.UV.I. W... Tl iiwi
HtmiUC(i,1IIIlil.ir, Wk
$52 S20pe.r.,,aTat homo
2HV "Addrc.,, Oi:o 6ti
Tenni tvot
&TINM)! A; CO.,
b?miit Afsitifd its ti.fli- i
CQHlA nnlhlnr tf trtr it !......
larsfree. I'. O. Vlt'Ki.'I! Y.V CO.,
Augurs. Me, '
FRMnaurrXY. Mr. v, 1'itr.gerald has
juit received and has on (alo at hit sales
room, a large stock of Kngliih ale, portor,
Uenneiiy brandy and wines, and liquors
of all kfodi, which ho will dlrpoio of at
reaionahlo prices. 280.y.Jj.im
l'lajto Tusino. Mr. U. Ilobbins, boing
about to establish a business connection
In Cairo, U prepared to luno and repair
pianos, organs, etc., in a reliable manner
throughout the city and country adjacent
All work warrsnted, and satlilactlun
guaranteed. Orders by mall attended to.
MULJNKKr, Tbimmiko and Vascv
Siobx Miss Burnilde fleiires to call tho
Mtenuon of the Jadiei to her full and
complete iino ot miuinory and fancy
goous juit openea in IbeAthonouin build
log on Commercial aTenun. Her stock
conslsucfafull aisu.iipt 0f hn ,lllt,
Javacanvu and patterns, a full iino o( K,
Phyrs, all Mi0, feathers, French il jwor,
rtbboni, and a general assortment of fancy
arUclMimoM ar9kcpUn ft inniiwJ
Bad . koe man, Twentieth tUettt ,
Warhlngton avenue and l'opi ,
hu Just rscelved, aocordiog to prov!ou,
BBBouncejment, from Henry Arthur, i,n.
porUrofleathen.New York,
Preach Oalf,
French Kips,
Th":-r,r. . wot ani work,
-uu ,Wui,n mil nocki tll(J
u it uairo.
cmi..i.- m mlt rram tn .1 thotlinwl llll
head", L'ooii paper anil finely printed, ior
in w.
One thousand statements printed at Tub
llfl I.KT1.N OlliCO tnr W.W tO
Rote limit.
Kin (tinuiitml nntn Imnil nrln'Cll ttt TIK
Hui.lbti.N olllcc lorfl.W; two thousand lor
6.60. .
.... i,nti.ml liticlnett rnnl. lino llrlstol
hoard, printed at I JIK llm.LKTl.V ollico lor
from 2.50 to gO-OOyaecordUig to tl.c.
UVnro iiiithorlzed to announce that A.
ii iin win m n rmiiiiiiato at mo cnsiuni;
cln tlon forro-clcctlontothc oillce olSlierltl'
rou t'llHONKIt.
Vi ,iri uuilinrlzcd to annoliliLi' .JOHN 11
(!()44M N " nllUtc fui r.atwotloll to
tUQ OIUCU ul iorunvr oi AK'oiicr euuiiij.
i on toLSTY comsusiom:u.
W nri- aitlliorlxedto annoiinrrTJIOMAS
WII.ON n a candidate tor Mcmhcrof the
lloird ol County Coiimili'loiii'M.
.... - . Ml
UWtli fVin.H.MlB n.r tlvmliernr 1110
liontil ut Vtiunty Comintirloncrr.
VOll ftEl'llKSKXTATlM:.
W aie aiitbiirled to nnnoiincc tho namo
l.irliiou ChiiiiIv. an tho Karmrra candidate
for ltcprecnlatlvo from the 10 h Senatorial
roit Tin; lloislatuisi:.
Vh are authorized to aimouiicr that 1'.
K. AI.IIUIOIIT. of .lnckon counlv. is n
tandiilato. at the vuulng NmcmtiT t lce.
tion, as a ucproeiitative or the rmictii
Senatorial District In the next (Icneral
Aembly. tt
The following well known Democratic speak'
ers will address tbu propla .it the tinier
mid places named below:
Caiuioniiali:, Weil.
DU coiK,Thursilay,
ri.NCKNKVVIM.E, l'rl.,
(iRANKTmvK.lt, Sat.,
Ava, Moniliy, Nov.
'.".I, I
So, 1
:ii, 7
Uaiiiioniiai.k, Wed., ' ',7
HuiLot.v, Tlllir.'., ii 0,1
(iOLCOMi, Sat. ' ai, 1
(iOl-COXDA, Saturday, " ni.
Mbtiioiolih, Thtim., ay.
1)1 'it.'0lN, Monday, Nov.
MoU.nip Citv, Thursday, " '.
ViitKNA, Friday,
5tiTi.oi-ni m, SaturJay,
tSTTho Dciiiocratie Central Commltteci
of the several counties will doljniato the
places fur tlie speaking and arrangeall other
nece-ary details. id
Or.T your oysters at tno Dolmonlco,
Tur. llott
oysters at tho
want at
oystora or anything
olio you
tho Delmouico Ho'taurnnt
aay and night,
Foil JIkxt. Cottagw, No. oi Tenth
street, hetweon AVashlngton and Walnut.
KnoulroofChhi. Lane, or itt Tiik Ul'I.lk
TIKolUco. 330-10 11-tf
CotnkV oystsr aert umf rwtauron
Oytets in tlm eholl and can, frosh evoir
day, at l'hll Stup's old stand, botwoon
bixth and Seventh streoti, Cairo, jll.
Tub Kr. Ciiaiil IIotki. lias sovoral
plcaiant rooms on tho uppor floor, sulta
ble lor gentlomen, thatean bo secured for
tho winter, with board, at very rcaionable
1 oil fcAUC OK 11KST, CIlKAf A good
ocond hand piano. Knijulro nt tho Hal).
ro&u House, cornor of Kiglitocnth strcot
and (.ommorcial avoiioe, Cairo.
wanit.ii. Uuojiors on our barroli, at
17 cents for circlo heading, and i!0 cents
lor iqunro hoadlng. Also mon on tight
goou pncoi. 3GK.10.20.Ct
J. Y. RirKix
A large lot of new prlmo livo geeio lea
thers tor sale in quantities to suli Iho pur-
timers, av lowest rnaruot pricoi.
3W-lo-aT-3w 05 Ohio Levee;
hcii EvKitt DAT.-Oeorge I.attner
corner ot Fourtoenth and "WMhlngton
venuo, lilfurnhh hereafter, awry d.J
hour, o ten and t,M O.'coclfi p
Mllwaukeo beer and fricrant ii.l
na cigar, to be bud at t,l,S,r .,'U.T?
Democratic; Meetings
lUr.TzRt.t. Is Jtti 9 corning man.
IUkMm lo rent In Wilcox' Mnck, at
tho loweH prlco. nSLIO-'JAtf
.Mil. Cl.KMr.NH n ml. bod and I.lnognr
knowi ho did. Wliy did not Ilnogr ay
Mb, Lis ko aiis lato tpcech will bo
found on tho firit pago ol TllK Ut'LMTl.v.
It hat crowded oit nil other matter'
Tiik rogiitratlon of votert in Hew
Orloam ahowi a majority of 10,!l whlto
lotan. Thoro aro 17,034 colorod votnrj.
1'r.VCK a pair of thoiu elegant chro
mo for lale, at atx kollaiis, retail prlco
ton dollari. pply at tho-JluLLKTiSf Or
rice. tf
Ma. CtKMCNTa votod for the lnlamout
preii gng law. That ho did to in ignor
ancoof its provUIom does not tavo liim.
An ignorant legislator li inoro to be feared
than n bad ono.
Tur. laaloi of tho 1'rosbytorlnn church
will givo n tociablo at tho rctidcuca of
Mr. Wood Kittonhouto to-morrow
(Thurtday ) ovonlng. All aro invited.
Mn, Olkmemts is tho political tojl of
l.)an. A'o tbould elect from this dii
trlct a man who will bavo tho Indepon
dasjeo to voto for himiolf Ilart-vl), fo
Instance. , ,
Oujibjiji is frightened. Thi Is ovl
lcnt from tho fact that tho Judical Cairo
King hnvo concluded to rally tho black
hoys. They can't do without thorn, and
won't do much with them.
Tun Kepabllcan party bat lost much of
it. etrougth sinco 187'J. Todefoat Clements
nt tho poll, does not reiujro a chango of
Kepubllcan sentiment; it depond. on
tho bringing out of tho onttre Opposition
Mucio.v, lndopoadent farmer candidate
for tho legislature, is not in danger of
beating any of tho othor candidates. Ho
has not msdo a very vigorous canVAii.and
acts as if he doc. not care n cms wbother
I'.hool keeps or not.
TitoRi', farmer candidato for tho leg
islature, Is in tho saddlo. II o is a very
clover gentleman, and wear, hay sood in
bis hair, lie will poll a pretty heavy
voto in Jackson county, a small voto in
Union and no note to speak of In Alexan
der. Oct ready to voto on Tuesday next
vote onco ; voto tho Democratic-Liberal
ticket. Voto for Carroll ; vote for Etter ;
voto for Hartzell; voto for Winston ono
vote and a-half, and for Albright one vote
and a-half. And Ibcu, outildo of politics,
voto for Ittiq and uosiman.
WKhavoat tho Uullktik Ofvicb an
ordor for flfty dollars on tho "Wilson
Sowing Mschino Company" which Is good
for its face ai part payment on a i cvonty.
five dollar sewing machine. Any person
is want cf a first class sovriig manbino can
get a tovonty-fivo dollar one for lltty dol
lars, by applying at this oillce. tf
A A Sl'K
fv Cairo Lo
AAm, win l
Si'Kc im. OoMMiwir.vno.v of
odgo, No. 237, A. F. and A.
bo Hem Ibis (Wednesdays
ev'onlng, at 7 o'clock. Work in E. A.
and F. C. degrees. Vhlting brother, cor
dially Invited, lly order of "W. M.
II. F. Uj.ake,
393-10-28-1 1 Sscrotarv.
Mn. Hartzku., tho Democratic acd
Liberal candidato for congrcu wi
groetod by n largo and enthusiastic meet
ing last night at tho court house. His
ipocch gavo tatlilacllon to his frlondl, and
was an elaborate review of tho quel
tions now beforo tho pooplo. Ho wit
greeted with hearty aplauie- Hon. H,
Watson Wobb presided.
Paubon Kfcoii, Independent r.n.i.i.
for tho legislature, is in tho city, and
spoke at tho Democratlo Liberal mooting
last night. Kroh says tho delegation
from this district will include Krob, and
mat ne win not mil to roprosent his con
stltuonts faithfully, nnd with all the abil
Ity ho poiiejsc. Ha Is also absolutely
suro that Col. W inston will bo ono of his
Tiik rogiitratlon frauds in Wew Orleans
bow ontorptiie on tho part ol tho radi
cals. In ioiiio instances eight, ten and
. , - . ..
iwoivo men oro round registered as
living at tho samo phco; in ethers tbu
sumo inon wnro registered as living at as
many ditforent placos. Ono darkey, who
had detorminod to voto oirly and oltnn,
according to tho rogiitratlon papers had
rourtoon ditleront place of roildonco,
Tho discovory of thoio immenio frauds
has been mado in time to prevent choat
ing at tho polls.
W, Linker representing D. W. Irwin
& Co., of Chlcaeo, toodi iw tbo lollowing
quotations in grain :
October whoat. 81.
November whoat, 2J.
December wheat, 81 .
October corn, US.
Novcmbor corn, Cft.
Yoar corn, 05.
October oati, I0.
November oatf, 11 J,
Yoar oati, 13J.
October barley, 1.10.
November barley, 1.08.
. r. ,aa r0po a great politician, aud
now his greatno(a Is returning to vex u.
ii x ope speHKS to a Democrat or Liberal,
ortoui.mongoailde and ask, inysteri
ously "What is up' What does Pope
int bo?" Haw-Hoaded Patrick Hand fjrlV
Hioodyllone. Henry, hold up your guilt.
leis head ! Couimon-l'lace l'opo, tposk I
Tell in, is It not true that much of vour
reputation for polltloal sacacltv has Leon
thrust upon you ? Wo know youjwould say,
"Ycsi" you are alway. truthful. And what
you lay of us is also truo; wo were, Iu
deod.the architect of your ranut.Hnn
How much have wo wade out of a llttL i
And all this with our llttio nen anil' nnn.
ell I Iteally, wo aro wonderful in our wav I
Iiut we made a mlstako. "Woshouht
taken 4'ope, moriel or Jladlcal clay that
ti. and lutaahiDod him. great potter
that we artf. into what the scrlptur ei dolt-
catoly denomlnato a vetiel of ulihonor
Into what our frlond Totter or tne Jinumt
City .loiirnal sometimes proves hlmicU.to
be. A' vosolof dishonor I wlut tnl'
Atkyour preacher.
Ilini) VB. LIN EO A It.
Tho colorod element In Cairo aro indig
nant. Mr. Llnogar". ipeecii cn itit on-
day, nnd his desertion or tho Cairo
Radical King has eroiitod tliem Into
activity, and tho great men among them
havo concludodto punish the Iniepond-
enco of their old friend. Accydibgly.llif d,
tho colored orator has been Induced lo
renlv to Mr. Llncear'. ipeoch, and will do
.o to-morrow ovening In tho court beuio.
II 3 lays ho Is going to make a speech, but
tt- it well understood that l'opo and
McKcaig, who bolieve Bird to bo an
abler man than Llnegar havo .olected him
to reply to that gonthtnan'a crush
Ing arraignment of Radicalism. Thoy
bollove that thoy may thui bumlliato Mr,
Llnorar and mako him desirous of getting
back to tho old patty. Oladnoy, another
colored speakor, alio proposes to wing an
oratories! shaft at tho lute Motos of tho
African rnco In Kgypt. Uul, doubtless
Llnegar willsurrivo both lllrd and Olad
ney and livo to light the l'oit Office Ring
anothor day,
Tho manner In which Gon. Ortnl has
cared for hit own and his wifo's relatives
during his administration, has given it a
characteristic which will mako it known
tnhiitoryai tho rule of nepotism. Tho
example sot by tbo president has bean
M lowed by mmy of bit ofll'.lats and sup
porters with marked success. Evan horo,
in Cairo, the lcuoa has b:en well learned;
tho custom houie and post ollice ring is a
fair llluitration of high life below
stair. In tho Kidicat household. Mr.
Munn. Grant's mperviior of Internal Rev
enue, tho head torvant of tbo administra
tion in .Southern llllnoi, imitates his
matter faithfully. He has no brother. in
aw,but bo has a father-in-law a gentle
man well up in yearr, who is comfortably
Installed in nn olli;o whoso salary is com
paratively big and duties light, as bollts
his age and, Infir.uitios. Hut Mr. Munn
has not only provided fur bis father-in-lw;
ho rocently brought out from
Vermont a brother, and he, too, bai a
position ir. the internal revenue Depart
ment, under brother Dsn. Several other
immediate relatives and distant kinimcn
aro all woll taken caro of. Mr. 1'cpe, who
is confidential clork and general political
advisor to Mr. Munn, does not allow his
superior in otilco to exceed him in
afftctionato ctro of bis relatives. Mr.
l'opo h-ti brothers-in-law two of them
The poit office is their havon of refugo.
Financial storms and panics do not
trouble them. Uncle Sam takes care of
And thus, wo may go round the Cairo
Radical ring and wo will find it a nearly
unbrokon circlo of Wood rolativei, mar
riii., connections and political friends.
Its creed Is to hold frit to all It can get,
and to get all it can. It has nover "gone
back" on its crooJ, and novor will, until
tho pooplo put down Radicalum of which
It Is part and parcel.
There is no man in Southern Illir.ols
who has dono moro for the Radical party
than David T. Llnegar, Enj , of this city.
Ho has beon very stoadfait in devotion to
It, and has boen its most prominent advo
cato and defendor In this part of the slate,
rosscued of considerable ability, he is an
orator of much force. Without a great
deal ol polish or refined eloquenco, and
somotimes lacking franknosi, he is never
thelcis very powerful upon the itump.and
bis loss to tbo Ridlcals of tbii cong'"Un
al district will bo regarded by most ol
tbo party as disastrous. Tt.it v.o is lost to
i-m is boj-ond all doubt a fact. Hit
speech at the Athenoum on Monday night
convinced ail his hearers that ho was
no longer in sympathy with
the Ridlcal pirty; and in his private
conventions ho does not hoiitate to da
claro that he has votod the ticket for tho
last tune, and that he will not support
Mr. Clements for congreis. Thoie who
ara intirr.ato with him Inform ui that ho
will voto for Mr. HarUjll next Tuesday,
and beforo tb time tako occasion to
publicly givo his roasons for doing so.
Wo aro not surpriiod that thoro
is much alarm among the frionds of Mr
Clomontsthat the poitollije ring i. ox
citod; becauee, if Mr. Llnegar cannot bo
any longer induced to lupport tho Repub
lican party, who can bo rolled upon I
We aro not surprised that the ring man
agers liaro taken counsol upon this mat
ter; that they have erdoavorod to deler
mine how thoy shall Induco Mr. Llnegar
to co bacic into tho party. They can no
t .. r , : . , .
iwiisur iiiiiiiuuaiH nim; tuoy can no
lonKer induco him to he their man by
1'iuiiiiiei, nnu no bollovo ho will not
touch tho corruption fund supposed to be
at tho disposal of tho Radical loaders of
this city. .Mr. Llnegar is thoreloro lost
to liU old friends. Thoy may as woll
wall the requiem, and permit him to rest
in peace with his new frionds.
Whon It ws announced that Mr. Lino-
gar proposod to speak upon the political
queitlons of the day, upon tho invitation
oi certain or bis Radical frionds, wo in
quired what would be the character of hi
remarks. Wo wore told mystorlously
ma; no would denounce Ridlcal ineas
ures and attack both Logan and OlomoQt.
Ton pleased us, and wo announcod our In.
tentlon to make tho good news public
but wo wore pursuaded not to do eo; wo
were actually induced to treat thn pro
poied meeting as a Republican msotlnir
ror doing so. wo havo boen denounced!
The Mound City Journal has said our ro
marks about the meetlne- waro mado for
tho purpoia of driving Mr. Llnegar back
Into tbo Republican party because wo en.
tertainod the fear ho mlobt be an Imnedl.
ment in our way for congresi. At homo
here, gonllomen who have led thomselvoi
to bellevoMr. Llneear is a woak-mlndnd
gentlemen, denounced our course, and ro-
marKcu tu.t they feared Mr. Llnegar
would not pronounce In favor of the ot
position party, and that if he did not we
would bo to blame, Other, broadly inti
mated, among them loino of our Liberal
fflonds, that Fope had boen pouring poi
son into our oar, and fairly glutting our
pocket with money to indued ui to drive
Mr. Llnegar back into tho Radical party I
Well; what we did was dono under ad-
vico bad advice, we admit and what
now? Mr. Llnegar ha. spoken,
and has, so wo aro informed,
mot tho expectations of bis friends.
Ho ha. been dellvored ol a ' very
onstble speech cu American politics, and
has Indiroctly .truck hard blow, at Logan
and Clements. Ho has .aid, ai plainly as
was to bo cxpocled of him, that he is dis
gusted with the Republican party, that
Logan and other Republican loader, have
gone back on their party, and that ho will
not support Clement., who i. a woak man
wlthoit principles. It would havo been
bettor If Mr. Linegar had spoken without
concealment, but ho .aid enough to sat
isfy ui that ho Ii not nny longer In sjm
pathy with bis old political asiociatel and
is about lo come ovor into tho groat party
of opposition to Radical misrule. And
now, can we induce the Mound City
Journal lo be calm, and oar good
'friends" In Cairo to believe that, In tbo
play or Llnegar vs. The Rtdlcali," we
acted ai tbo stage managers directed us to
act, and not without tho dliptay ot con
ildcrahle ability ? Wo shall try.
We denounce Mr. Isaac Clements as an
artful dodger In politics as one of
the "little men" spoken of by Mr. Lino
gar in his late Atbenaum spescb, who are
In theso degonorate day. of politlcr,ibovl
t ) the front,not because they represent any
principles to mako them obnoxious to any
principle, but because tboy havo no
Wo donounco Mr. Clomsnt. In theie
terms because hi. poiitlon upon all tb
important questions ot the day Is doubt
ful, and becauio when Hiked to tell tb
people where he stands In politics he an
wars in indefinite phracs, and leaves hi
interrogator totally ignorant of the mat
ter on wnicn no is socXing to obtain in
formation. Take, for instance, his position on the
civil rights bill.
On Ibis Important question, where dues
Mr. Clements stand'' '
In tearch of information on this sui j'ot
let ui first examine tho records of con.
gress. These .bow that thrco times wben
be might hive voted upjn the question bo
did not do so. AVhero was br, and why
did ho not vo'.ij'' Ha tolls the people that
once he paired with a member who wai not
in favor of tbo bill, tbo question being to
tako tbo bill from the tablo. Thli would
Indicate that he favorod the panageof tho
llll, but this ho will not admit, and this
he has donled. So, the records of con
gress leave his position in doubt.
in search of information on this iub
ject, let us next examine the record of bis
party in this state. Thli shows, that a
tlon of in party ocdorsed
the civil rights bill, nnd In'carofully writ
ten phrases demanded its passage. This
also shows, that the convention tbst nom
inated Mr. Clements adopted this endorse
ment and demand as its own, and that the
candidato of that convention announced
bis dotormlnatlon to stani by that endorse
ment. Hut In tho fco of this fact,
Mr. Clements has repoaledly said, during
the canvass, that bo is not in favor of the
pasiago of tho civil rights bill that be Is
not its advocate but Its enemy.
In search of information on this sub
ject, let us next mako careful examination
of the columns of the papers that support
Mr. Clements Not one of tbtm, except
two papers published In Mr, demon ts'
own county, have had tba courago to at
tempt to denumlat gentleman's position
in this regsrd, and ona of tbom has as-
..rteu mat ne is m favor of tho bill, whll
the otherhas emphatically declared that h
is opposed to it. It is very evident that
each .peaks by authority.
in search or information on this sub
Ject, let us interrogate his frionds person
any, tuus: f
question Mr. James M. Morgan, some
lime ogo you informed Hon. William
J. Allen that Mr. Clomonts bad informod
you that ho was opposed to tho enactment
of the civil rights bill ? Will you pleaio
speaic out and tell the peoplo this 7
Answer-I would rathor not: but
.1 a .
uon i uony jur. Ulemonts told me wha
you say ho did. I cannot He : but do not
pray, ask mo to tell in so m.ny words that
l aid it with my little hatchet.
Question Mr. James Hellamy, you told
Jlr. Allen that Mr. Clements tnlrt vnn
.l-. . . J
mat no was opposed to tho civil rlitht
bill; .peak out, then, James, and let tho
people know thi. 7
Answer 1 will not deny j but you teo,
' inonu oi mine, ana 1 don't want
to tell on him.
Queition Mr. Pope, how does your can
aiaate .tana on the civil rli:bl. question
Answer There is no donbt about bio
position none. HI. party Is committed
to It, and Senator Logan has mado dovo
tion to that bill tho test of Republicanism
r t. i i
Vienna, no torn i,ogan ho was for the
bill without an "ir' or an "and,"
HiiAtTnn Ta. UAt ..
i.uuDtn, vour man
Clements is for the civil rights bill ; Is ho
not i
Aniu,.T.l. - j j ...
" a no. lie told me
the ehargo wa a Ho, and I can got him to
put bis fist to ft paper saying so.
-v . . . , .... -. w uw. v.uiuuiits stanu on
civil rights, Sun Davit ?
Answer mere is no doubt or -It. Tho
Sun made the suggestion soma tlmo ago,
and wo are glad to sea it Is being acted
Hut, dor uavis, this I. not n answer
to our question I
Davis I havo tried to be plain : but
them Is no doubt Mr. Clements Is Egypt's
favorite son, and all attempts to tarnish
his brightnosi must fail. Ifeltber is then,
any doubt. thatJ M!i Helen B'J?sto Is .
charming actress, and that yesterday was
B lino day.
Stand down, Incorrigible cut. : so In-
gonuoiu and itupld n perion is proper
I3H'A7Vr3XjI3IIir330 lOOO.
Do not buy old enndica. thut lmvp been kept over the
summer and aro stale, claiinintr homo lnaniifrtntiiro: Also
see lo your weight. Every box
nut, or u ounces over nvc pouuus. noincinocr tho place
Corner 8th St. and Washington Av.
Tho Only Place in tho City where
tupportor o( a man llko Artful Dodger
Q'lufllon Mr. Cieuienlr, aro you In
favor of the civil right! bill ''
Aruwer My fullow-citl.ani, tho quei
tion is n proper ono, and shall rccoiv)
from mo n reply, 1 wuuld liko to ask you
If tlm Dsmocraoy dil not vote against
tho McOrotry bill ?-lf I did not labor lo
have tbo dogs formerly uied for beacons
at night on tho grind chain replaced by
lightf, so that' the dogs might bo used in
tbo manufacture "of sauiages 'If the old
robol spirit Is not rampant in the South 7
if on tr&csportatiun I dd not stand
square and firm? And now am 1 to bo
put down becauio somo bate copperhead
a man not devoted to human rights
asks me. "Aro yni in favor of tho civil
rights bill .'-' Fellow-cltlnens, if Jen
Davis wars hero he would no djubt atk,
"Clomonts, aro you In favor of that bill? '
It is a rebel Interrogatory. Aht ah I
Probably it wai not believed 1 would sea
this point! Hut look at those rivers.
Upon them 1 plant mysolf, and all tho
host-of Hart.all or of h 1 shall not pro.
vbII against mo. Ara I not fully
understood 7 nro I not mado a
dcllnito reply to my asiallants''
Ah 1 sir, that Hag gazo upon it,
It is the world's hope. From Maine to
California it floats. And look at the
grand chain ; and lot your eyei rot upon
tho mouth ot the Mlsslnippi tivor. Is this
notunougn? Should this not siienco all
my calumlnatoraf Should Itnotputat
rest all the base charges that bare beon
made against me about the civil rights
blip I roply It should; and wfll cloio
with the hope that tho it-.nJ.trd sheet of tho
Republic may .er lloat-rebels-river
Improvement-control o. railroads-grand
chlogl-cenlennll-gre.t,t com..
try the sun ever .hone upon-.tand by tho
Hs-pub-ll-can par-ly
fetter, ofl-bluo
blaajs and gloryjl
And thus In our attempts loascoita n
whether Mr. Ctemiinls is in favor of tho
clril right bill, Ve uro uiwtitil by
evsjloni. Tho whole of the Radical party
in this district, bzcept a faw bravo spir
it! like Pope, who are in favor of all tbo
Rtdical iniquities, aru baio toward", and
they dara not defood or oppjsa any Im
portant meisurei, Of tu h coward. Mr.
Ciomenls, the Artful Dudgur, Is a htcan
dllato being himself as cowardly hi bis
At "Our Saloon, ' Eighth itroot, ba
tween Commercial avonue and Ohio lovee,
tho hungry may find all kinds of odiblet
herring, sausage, obeeie, &c, and .tba
thirsty the flr.fst of wlnot and liquors,
fresh lagor boor, and tho belt brands of
clear.. Attentive bar-keopers are always
on band; and tbo lunch tot daily, at 10
o clock, Uundays IncludoJ, is as flno us
any in tbo city. Call around. 10-22-tf
LUMiir-ii Stim. Uoino Down. As we
aro detorminod to cloio out our stock
speedily, preparatory to winding up bus
ineis, wo win tell all kinds of lumber at
two dollars per thousand leu than mar
ket prices. A largo lot of lath and stov
wood on hand, which will bo sold at cor
roapendingly low rates.
221.'J.SMf Wam. ti E.vr.
Daily sjU.vou. Jaecvoi is now eproad
ing a daily lunch of tho finest kind, bo.
tween 10 and 12 o'clock n. in., and invite.
all hi. patron, to partake. Jaockol has
alio flttod up a room in tho rear of hii la
loon, In which bo will servo oystors in all
styles. Genllomon with ladies can be no
commodaled with a flno table and oysters
in any style. Jiilwaukoe boor away
irosn. tjorner Wasblnhlon avenue an
Twolfth street, opposite Tiik Huli.ktin
New Lumiier Yaw,. Chin. Lancai
tor, sbip.carpontor,and Now'.on Rice, (lat
wim a. waitors) both woll known to ou
cltizeni, and to river mon gonerally, hnvo
established n lumber yard In Cairo, cor
nerSlxloontb street and Commercial avo
nuo. They will knop every description
or bulimog material nnd steamboat lura
bor, dcors, .asb, blinds, mouldlnus
shingle., lath, etc., etc., and aro determined
t ) sell lower than lumber has ovor boen
sold in Cairo. Thoy solicit b fair trial
from stoamboat men and builders, and
will guarantee satisfaction In all ca.os.
kacturk.1, Mossrs.. Scgrlst nnd liar
man have openod, on Washington avenue
between Thirteenth and Fourteenth
itroot a shop, whero thoy propoie to do all
Kinds of repairing on fprlrig or common
mattrosics, upholstoring, sofas, lottneo..
chairs, etc., and also nitmlrln.. ml ....
varnishinglfurnitiiro of ull dmcrlotlons'.
n.. .....
inoy will tow anil lay down carpots Hnd
hang paper. Now mattrosios and lurni
uro mado to order, 'feoy havo.cnmo to
Cairo to stay, and. rc.poctfully solicit tho
patronago of th. public. 2H3.l).20.tm
Notk.'K , ro tiib. ruiiLio. Tho now
picking house .market In Wilcox's block
ill bo opon Saturday noxt, with fresh
meats and now lard, at thu lowest markot
prlco, Howii:&)ino,
ought to contain tivo pounds
You can get a Completo Assortment.
Ct'RK OK Coxgum-Tio.v, Couoits, ANU
OoLlia. Tho great vlrtuoof this medlclno
is that tt ripens tho matter and throw it
out of the systom, purified tbo blood, and
thus 1'ltects a cure.
Si iikmk Ska Wkxii Tonic, for tub
Tbo Tonla produces a healthy action of
tho stomach, coaling an appetite, form
Ingcbyto, nnd curing tho most obstlnalu
i caies of Indigestion
' Sohkhwk'b Manhraki: Film, kok tiik
i. i nr. or j.ivan uomi-laikt,
Thesa Pills aro ilteratlvo, and produco
a healthy action of tbo liver, without tbo
least danger, as tbey aro free from calo
mel, and yet more efficacious in restoring
i healthy action or the liver.
These remedies aro a certain cure for
Consumption, as tho Pulmonic Syrup
ripens tho mattor and purifies tho blood.
The Mandrako l'iils act upon tho liver,
create n healthy bile, and remove all dli
eaiesoftho liver, ofion a cause ol con.
sumption. TheSoa Weed Tonic gives
tune and strengtli lo tbo stomach, makes a
gojd digestion, and enable the ori-nns to
form good Mood ; and thus cruatei a
hoa'.thy circulation of healthy blood, Tbo
comoincu action ot ttitio mWKlntr as
thus explained will euro ovcrv cato cf
i Consumption, If taken In time, and the
j uso ol tbo medicinos is per-overod In.
j Dr. Hchenck Is professionally at bis
principal offico, corner Si vtii and Aiirn
Srs . Philadelphia, every morning, wberu
BU letters for advice must le addressed
, i'J J I n
, -i TTT.-,-. "
' P'PIi addressed to the city
,h ', ' b" re
1 ,rtyo No. PJt Cowmerclsl
. tT l! P' llJ'
" J . '"-'. -". laioi-
ing me urc-ii inmpt m mo cny ol Lalro
for tho terra cf one or two years,
Said proporals to sUtn at what price
pr post said light will U funiiihid and
also stato what kin4 of light is prcf led
to bo furnished.
Tho city counoil reserves the right to
reject any and all bids.
The person or persons lu whom may be
awarded the contract, will be required lo
givo a good and sufficient bor.il lo said
city council for tho fallhful perfcrrnanc.i
of their contract.
M S. Cox City Comptroller.
Cairo, Iu.., Oaober 17tb, ibT 1.
I'lioloiiRAViiio Oai.lert Custava
Wntzil'1 Protoi;rphlo Art Oallery,
(foimerly T. T. Thomas i, cornor Eighth
ttrcet ncd Commercial avenuo. Every
thing pertaining to the photographic art
ikilfully and elegantly executed. Tr.a
happy combination of n splendid light
and the best Instruments, cnsblo me to
tako chMdreb's pictures Instantaneously
Mothers, givo me a trial, If you deilro
tba swoet.mllo of your chorubi prciorvod
forever. Stliafaction given in evory
caso, or no chango mado. My price, aro
most reasonable. Cartes do vliit, $3 por
dozsn ;. Ooms, six for $1. Call and be
convinced. 10-8-tf
11. Jo.vxs, foibionablo bootumkor, has
moveditnto bis new houso noxt to his old
stand on Commercial nvoniio, and aicurcs
his friends that bo Is bettor than over pro
pfcred toiaflsfy them in tbo stylo, stock,
fit, ttcf-of their boots ami shoes. An evi
dence of h'lifablllty to satisfy overybody,,
may bo aeon in tbo fact that ho is crowded
with work, and has been compelled to em
ploy three moro tlrst-clais workmen. Ho
manufactures ovory style of boots or iboes
ond uses only thobctt of material in nil
catei, whether making a cow-bldo (boo
or a pair ofthofinost Fronoh calf boot..
Givo him a trial. Satisfaction ii gusran
teed. 303-lU-'i-l!
lh:i.r ron tub HoI'klkjbT You iuq
weak, deloctod, misornble. nnd nnthlnir
does you nny good, you .ay, don't deipalr.
Tjtra 1. balm in Oilcad. Have you tried
Vinegar Hilton ' Ho Then why don't
yju? Do not insist that such a thini: as
vital elixir is imposslbln beforo vou
havo tested tho proportle. of this marvel-
ous Vegotablo Roitorative. Wbother your
complaint bo dyspepsia, biliousness, ner
tous woakness, conititutlonal debility, or
nay omor trouoie, vinegar Hitter, will
rovlva tnd renovato your shattered .v..
torn, ni a genial rain rofrc.ho. tbo with-
ored Ilowon.
Joe Kowekkr is now in full control of
the "Wellington bakery, and having
loarned the want, of tho public, is nra.
pvod tosupply on call alt domanda for
French loaf, Hoston, Urown and Oraham
hioad, and everything olso ordinarily
found in n flrst-claw bakery. Ho main
tains h full stock of confootlonories, and
wuu lis any owier Uoaler in tho
ity, fill h)l Ofders in' that Jinn.
Cukes baked, frosted or oruumnnfnrl nn
hort notice. Sneclal attention irlvon t
the orders ol woddln:: or picnic partios.
L. Wll
I.IAMS, Dehtlat. has alwava nn
laud a froth surlily of .Nilro OjiIiIii m-
l.auchlnir Oar. Teetli evlraeted at nil
hours, day and iiii'lit, 0-17-tf

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