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tsiBelstl rprof ihiClty and Oountf
KiHN II. OBKULY. Kdttor ami Pnbllshor
On wrt, br carrier 25
Urn ysarby carrier, In advanco 10 00
Oat year by carries U cot paid In
advance " w
Vd SBOnth, by Bill 10U
rhrtBemtfcf i00
Ixbo1-s. f15
Oeo , 10 00
Blx Hontfc
Taret Months
$1 00
Invariably In advance.
BMMUast Matter oa every pnsre.
Democratic State Ticket.
For State Treasurer i
Vot fiurterialendettt ol I'ubUe Instruction
3. M. ETTER.
For CoDgTeis Eighteenth District,
J'nr MrpnHatiTfriMiltf-W'trtcl,
I'liurr Tho restoration of yold and siher
as tho basis of the currency; tho resumption
of specie payments as soon a possible with
out disaster to tho bviilncsT of tbo coubtry,
by steadily opposing inflation and by the
payment of tho national lndobtcdnoi in the
money ot tho civilized world.
Second Frco commerce i no tarlfl'mr any
other purposo but revenue.
Tinrtu Individual liberty nnd oppoltlon
to sumptuary laws.
Fourth Tho right and duly of the
Stato to protect it citizens from extortion
and ilnjun discrimination by clinrtrrr.il
Ftrru Higld restriction ot the covern
ment, both State andNatinua), to tho legit
imate domain of political power by cxclud
lng therefrom all executive and lrgUlatlve
Uitcr-cddling with tho atTalm of .toclcty
whereby monopollci aro fostorcd, prlvll
edged claiet aggrandized, and Indlvldua
freedom unneccesarlly and opprc'Mvcly
The following Central Committee
was appointed by the Republican con'
cressional convention tuat met a
Mound City, August 13, 1874 :
Alexandor county, Q. W. MoKealg ;
Jackson, Ben. L. Wiley j
Johnson, A. J. Alden ;
Massac, Henry Armstrong ;
Perry, 8. J. Parks ;
Pope, U. 1). Maker ;
rui-Ort, Oeorg W. Mertz, Sr.;
Randolph, T). It. MoMaMeri ,
Union, KB. Btlnson;
"WilllMBson, Milo Krwln.
Tho foIonrinir Central Committeo
waa appointed by the Republican con
vention ot the Fiftieth penatorial dis
triot, held at Mound City, August 13
1874 :
Alsxandtr county, "E. K. Walbridgo ;
Jackson, Ezra D. Fellott ;
Union, T. II. Phillips.
At tho Domocrattc congressional
convention, held at Anna, September
8, 1874, tho following Central Com
mitteo for tho Eighteenth district wbb
appointed :
Kaodolph, Beverly tVillsblre;
Perry, K. B. Ilusher;
WIllIamsoD, O. W. Ooddard ;
Jackson, O. W. Aodrows ;
Union, Hugh Andrews;
Johnson, I. N. Piorco;
Massac, J. W. Thrift;
Pope, D. B. Fi.ld ;
Pulaski. Obed Kdson :
Alexander, John II. Oborly ;
At Largo, Judge F. Bross, Cairo.
Tho following executive committee
far Union county was appointed by
(ho Democratic county convention that
met in Joncsboro, August 24, IS7I ;
Judge M. C. Crawford ;
). II. Kroh;
O. P. Ulll.
The iollowtng Stalo committee was
appointed by tho Democratic-Opposition
convention, at Springfield, August
26, 1871'
1st District, L'-bert Jameson, Chicago
2d District, Win. .I.Onaban, Chicago
3d District, 1. II. O. Wintou, Chicago
4lh District, A. M. llarrlngton,(lenova.
6th Dlitriat, Wm. "Wright. Freeport.
eth District, J. H. Drake, Bock Island,
lib, District, Geo."W. Bavons. Ottawa.
8tb District, "Washington .. Cook,
Oth District Ohas. V. King, lWria.
10th District, David K.Uead, Carthago.
nia ijiiiiici, J, ill. jiuin, X'liuueia.
Vih District, K. L. Merritt, Springfield.
18th District, John A. Mallury.Iiavana.
14th District, J 11. Busby, Champaign.
16h District, N. O. 1' 'iuon, EClng
ham. 16th District, C. D. Holies, Greenville.
I7tu District, W. II. Krome, Udwards
vllle. 18th District, W. 11. Groen, Cairo.
10th District, Jamna l'.Boblnson,01ney.
At Large, N. B. Miller, Chicago.
At Large, B. "W. Towneond, hhaunec
town. At Large, Wm. Brown, Jacksonville.
Mr. Brown was elected chairman of
tho committee.
Tho Jollowiug Central Committee
was appointed by tho Democratic con
vention ot Alexander conuty, at Cairo
Aumut 23, 1874:
Clear Creek, Thomas J. McClum.
Gocaa Island, O. Greenley.
Dog Tooth, N, Uunsacker.
Hattawood, James E. McCrito.
Toabas, J.O.Bolwlog.
Saata tfe, J. v. Benfrow.
UaltT, W.J. Ulltord.
- ?rJtll.iro' J u Mettalf.M B Harroll,
T W Halllday and Jamr Carroll.
bouts Cairo, John 11. Ootstnati, John
Howler, Joba Hogan and Dr. I). Artor.
Tao following Central Committeo
wm appolntedby tho Pcraoeratic-Llb.
oral convention that met nl Anna,
September A, 1871, nnd nominated
candidates for llie legislature in the
Fiftieth Senntori.il District :
Aloaander, 11 1' HlaVo, .1 O Lynch,
.lackson. 1 Dlsbon, .looph Cully.
Union, Ollvor Hill, T it Ferine.
At Largo, T P Douton, of Union.
The third te-ra question lootni up Into
consldorablo importanco at present. At
no time ha It rocolved niorrf altontlon
at tho hand! of tho press than cow.
HautzeLL ihould bo tho rcproionlntlvo
In concrois from Eeypt. Ho Is favoruo
of the farmersAhocboico of tno Domocrats,
and hai calnod lha approval oi mo peopio
wherever ho lias appearou inc uum-
. . I -
1'KorLn of the F.uhteonih district, try
Uartzoll as vour noit congressman. He
i . . l.l. ...nrltn- ujllll
s nov oniy ci-.u.u h.-,.r..- ---
-i i nn.llnn. lint vilin all I J
-L r i-..,.., t Dm inhfLhliAnl. of this
soctlon of Illinois.
IiA.tr. noni from WashlnKton Is to tho I
offoct that tho friends of uon. Hhorman
aro making arranger-tnti to brini; hlra
1 outaincandtdatoforthoprciUoncy. From
l lh manner In which they aro moving, It
! Is bolievcd that It Is tho intention to bring
i him out n an Indepondcot candidate.
Van full rulnrni tram lha Utlio lUcllen
thotr that ih ltmHr,ey ir Jono hol
ler than Ihejr claimed. JleflJcs olectlog
13 out of tho 'JO Itsprcicntfttivut In tho
nei tCongrcei, they havo alio elected Fin:h
to fill n vacanoy.ln tho present Congress.
The full roturns (how that 23, 100 votes
woro cast for Ym. Hell, Dornoerat, lor
Secrotary of Stalo; 2J 1,201 for Allen
W. AVikofl', ltopubllcau, nnd 7,815 for
John 11. Ilutchtoll. l'rohlbltlonist. Hull's
official majority over "Wlkotl'ls 17,20'..
Tub sufHirlng among tbo pocplo in tbo
Qr&sihopper infottod districts of tho West
and tho Northwest, grows covaror as tho
soasou advanct'S. Tho information from
Nebraska Is distressing. Thousands o!
peopio are In i. starving condition. For
weeks inauy of them bwe subsisted sololy
on squashes nnd pumpkins. Tho snows have
set in nnd many of tho hungry peopio aro
naked alio. Two thousand peopio In tho
stalo will havo to rccclvo aid, nnd that
toon, to kicp them from actual starvation.
The congreulonnl canvass in tho Nine
teenth district has narrowed down to
contest between Gen. It aura, Kopubllcan,
Kid S. 8. Marshall, Democrat. Gen. An
dorson, tho Independent candliale, np
pears to havo lost ground. The Demo
crals aro running the campaign with good
old Domocratic vigor. Oa the 28th Inst
a barbacuo was held at Equality, Tno
Immenio crowd present was addressed by
Marshal), Crebi, Allen and Voungblood
A "lunch" consisting of olght oxons, ton
sheep, eight hogs, ten bushels of potatoes.
dozens of chickens and other substantia
Domocratic tare, was sorved to tho peopio
Good work was dona at tho mooting.
Iv Mr. Clomonts Is defeated by M
Harlzoll (which has alroady assumed th
phaso of n very strong possibility) Mr.
Clements' home organ will, no doubt, as
cribo tho defeat to the votes of tho "lagor
boer Lutch," who, according to that
saintly authority, aro banded togothor
"lo dreat tiny man or party ihat Kill not
assume t,e protectorate of tht right io del
uge the land un'fi drunl.enncsV' That
Mr. Cloments does notoxpoct tho support
of our German cltizoas Is ovldent from
the silent assent ho gives to theso slan
derous utterances. And If, in view of
these slanders, tbore Is a Garraan votor
in tho district, who intends to support Mr.
Clements, that German is lost to all a'JVc-
Hondo reverqneo to his fatherland, and
to his own manhood and self-reipoct.
Tub otlraat ot Urn Bepubllcan party aro
thus numborcd and designated hv tbo
New York World:
1 Its corruption uncleanscd;
2 Its unpunished or promoted Credit
3 Its greody salary grabbon;
4 Its Sanborn twindlei;
0 Its oxposed cabinet oiliccr:
0 Its "cockeya" dlvlnllv running tho
party machlnn;
7 Its ruin of tho South;
H lis riilrR(."-rnlll to cheat tho North;
0 Us toleranco of a third term for
Tho A orl 1 asks of every conscientious
voter to tako tliii Uil of rnorin
illes in nni) hand and his bal
lot in tbo other, and ml; him
solf If it will show wisdom or patriotism
on his part to endorso thorn by casting
his ballot for tho Bopublican ticket. The
qupitlm n portinont one, and wo sub
mit iv ti tho voters of our county and
dUtilct. Clements Is a member of the
Bepublican party, and is tho rcproionta-
mo of Its failures and fault, Its corrup.
tlons and crimes, A votn for Iilm Is n
vote to perpetuate them.
Ir rur. Bepublicans of tbo Filtiietb
Senatorial district bsllovo that Josenh II.
Thorp is a better man, au abler man and
a truer Bopublican than Mattow J. in.
score, it is their duty to voto fcr him
Tbo tnattor is ono in which Domocrats are
not concornod. Both Thop and Inscoro
are, as wo havo paid, Bepublicans.
Thoy advocate all tho obnoxious
measures of that party, not ex
ceptlng the Ulvil I'.lghts bill, and
tho present tariif that weighs so opprei
sivoiy upon tue industries and interests of
tbo rteit and South, They belong to
that party which, although fourtean years
In power, has failed to heal up tho sores
of the war and to bring peace and pros
pority to tho peopio of tho South. Thoy
belong to the party that even now,. In
certain States of the South, seeks to per
potuate, by the power of tbo bayonel, all
tbo horrors of carpet-big and ntgro rulo.
This being true, tbay have no right to
fxpect, and will bo rtlsappilntcd If they
d) expeot, tbo support ot a slnglo Demo
crat In tbo entiro district. Democrats
will and should voto for Winston and
Tho Now York Yorld says that "when
tlio books aro posted to October IStb, It
Wilt bo found that In tho oloctbm held up
to that ditto thli year 10 States have been
carrlud by tho I)mocrU and 4 by tlio
Republicans. Of the 10 Democratic Htatos
woro carried by Grant In 1872. In tbo
3 dmtci whloh wcro parried by tho Dom-
oerBti In 1872, tbero ro heavy Demo
crats gains. In tho 4 States tarrlod by
tho Republicans, their lono aro largo,
compared with 187J. Tbui, tho Democrats
have gained In every one oi iuo it atntc
which httvo votod ton year, wnai uoos
tblt moan but that tho drift Is all ono way j
tbat th0 rcvolutlon n making Irroslitlblo
prosf M1 . that tho pooplo havo arlion In
,,ir might for tbo destruction oi ina
tuoit corrupt and unpatriotic political
. . .. . . . .
party that hai over ouriod tho earth 1 II
tho Domocrats liavo gained steadily In
overv Stalo eloctlon held thus far this
.,- ,lr
- i, iv i . u . r..,.r...,
tbo revolution has boon gathering force all
.t ...... .i... .1 l. ..Ill In
idd limp, iiinfc iiu u"i iii WVI..IUI.W v
tbo nd of tho voar. and that next Tue
jay -will record ovon moro brilliant Diitn-1
ocratle victories than thoto celebrated by
0 tobor and tho months that havo par sodf
The World's argumout addrcm-s Itself to
tho Democracy of Illinois and tvory Btato
boldlne flections next wook. Tho drift of
popular sentiment all our wy and all
ro hro loUo It lr lako advantage of tbo
onnorluoliy now prcsenivu io aoniove a
ictory. Toilo this wnnced but get voters
to the, polls In overy precinct. Tho peopio
ro with us and will voW right If thoy aro
only potiu&dcd that It is important that
their votes bo polled.
i'ho following Is a list ot tho Domocratic
ilboral nomination fur congress in, this
lit DiUri Uarnny 0 CautleM. Cook
2d District Carter 11 Harrison, Cook.
31 District John V LaMoyno, Cook.
Ith District John F Farnworth,Kane,
fith District Datilol .1 Pinckne, Uglo.
Oth District Iwac 11 Elliott, Bureau.
7tb District 'Alexandor Campbell, La
Sth District Matnos 0. JUyne, Wool-
Oth District Loonard F Boss, Fulton.
10 District John C Bagby, Hchuylrr.
11th District Scott Viko, Plk.
lUth District Win M Springer, Snnga-
ICth District Adlal K Summon, Mc
Hlh Dlslrlct-.I II l'iokrell, Macoti.
15th District John B Eden, Moaltrle.
ICth District Wm A J Sparks, Clin
17th Distilct AVoi B Morrison, Mon.
18th District Wm Uartzoll, Bandolpb
10th District-Sam'l S Marshall, Ilnm
Messrs. Kilou. Morrison and Marshall
aro members of tho present congress.
Wboro names are marked thus . there
aro no Democratic Liberal nomlnalloui,
tho candidates being Independent Iteform
nominations of Indopomlent candidates,
supported generally by Domocratlc-Llber
Messrs. Btgby nnd l'Ickoroll wcro nom
inated by tho Independent Beformers
and Dcuocratlc Llboruls of their dis
trict!. JIaiuv.eli.'m apeouu iu luo court houso,
In this city, last Tucsdty evening, was an
ablo and oxhnuillvo prosentntlon of the
living Issues; and that tho views ho ox
prosied struck responttva chords In tbe
breasts of his four hundred llstenors, tbe
enthusiastic applause he rocelrcd, vory
fully attests. Plain In his language, hon-
ost and cnthuiUstlc, ho is ono of the most
effective stumpers in the district, I'ano
pllod in tbo right, as ho is, ho Is Invinci
ble Ills speeches, everywhere, havo im
pressed the votors favorably, because tboy
ombodicd a frank and forclblo presenta
tion of tho principles upon which ho and
bis party have planted themselves. Tho
ipoochos of Clements, on tbo contrary,
have been llttlo less than idlo generalities.
Dealing with tho question of river Im
provements, upon which everybody has
rood, he Is vory explicit ; dealing with
tbo civil rights bill ; with tho tariff; with
tho currency, or with any otbor rpiostlon
upon v.-blch tho parties havo formod an
il!U, ho Is so obscuro and indeflnllo that
thoso who havo heard him oftonest aro
most in doubt as to bis position. By such
arrant cowardice s by such "art
leis dodging" ho hopes to
win his way back to tbo halls of coagrois!
Ilartzcll is open-handed. Thoro U no
doubt as to bis position on all question
that may In any maimer, affect lus con
stituent. ClcmonU, on tbo contrary,
"wires In and wires out," leaving no trail
by which tho people may determine
whence ho came or whltbor bo Is going.
In all candor, we ask, can we, at this un
important juncture of public affairs, con
fide to such a man the ehaplng and care cf
our public concerns?
Tho people of Cairo havo moro interest
in tho result of tho elections on Tuesday
next than thoio of any other city north of
the Ohio rlvor. If they remit lu the
downfall of tho Itjpubllcan party, tho
South v.'lU becomo again prosperous and
Cairo be greatly benefitted ttioroby. At
the South live the customors of Cairo, tho
peopio who buy our corn, wheat, oats,
groceries, djy goods, etc., but Badical
mlsrulo hvs placod tbom under govern
ments that havo robbed tbem
of their eubstanco and mtarded
their prosperity. This misrule must bo
replact'l by good government, and this
can only be done by putting out the lladl
cals who have robbed our customers and
putting Into oower mon who will ba
willing to allow tbom an equal chanco
with tho States of tbo .North. Tbo way
to commence this reformatory labor Is to
defeat the Btdlcal candidates for congross,
They may to good man. No matter. They
are tbo advocates of a crusado against tbo
tlouth. They soek to keep tho Southern
States under tho heels of carpet bag rule,
so that they msy retain power. Thoy aro
onomtcs to tho prosperity of Southorn
Illinois. It Is therefore tno auiy
of overy cttlzsh of Calro-a duly
baio I as well on self-Interest as patriot
Iim to help doteat Mr. Clomonti, and to
elect Mr. Hsrtr.jll. Mr. Olemonts repre
sontt the party that If Impoverishing tho
Southorn states robbing tho customers of
Calro-whllo Mr. Kartell represents tho
party that Is anxtoui to build up tho
wasto placoi In tlio Houtb, to mako our
Customer! again rich nni thus aid to our
prosperity. Every elector who wishes
tbo up-bullillng ot Cairo will vote for
Uartzoll. Every elector who thinks
moroof his parly than tho well being oi
his country will voto for Clements.
Vienna, October 28, 1874.
Vorlly, tho political waters of old
Johnson aro troubled. I mean among
tho Bepublicans. Wo have had so little
to say and do boroto'ore In tbo mauago
ment of political affairs in this county
of Badical rule, tint we aro wont to .iy
'political alfalrs," "polities," ole, when
wo mean tbo manuovers and matters of
tho Bopublican party hcto. Tbo court
houso clique aro In lis 1 sorts. The Great
Dictator Kuykendall is dliconcerlrd
and tho lesser lights, without instructions
from their mailer, bang their heads in
(Honcc. Tli pro At gxpitoiitoat It over tho
senatorial eontost. Hitherto tno Bepub
licans hrvo manifested no uneasiness.
With Glattford tho Farmor' candldato
and Hardy, tho Democratic candidate,
to diviJo tin forco of tho UppuMtlon,
thcycountel It an ouy going thing to
elect Ferrol. Yeitcrday Hardy publicly
wllhi.rcw from the canvass, and is now
hard at work (or Glasjford. Evidently
Kuykendall and bis fellows feel that tho
"jig's up" with them. OUssford will not
loso a dozen Democratic voles in tbo
county. Ho will got over half tho Bo
publican voto, and I am very sato In say
ing that bis majority in Johnson
county will excood tlx hundred.
Maiiac and l'opo will give him
small majorities without doubt, and if
Fcrrell carries l'ulaskl and Uardin, his
majorities will ba so small that Glassford
will stand ahead of him In tho district,
four hundred votes, But llttlo Is said
about tho congressional contest. Clem-
unts will fall to poll tho vo.o ha did hero
two years ago. HartzeH has many warm
workers, but Clements has wholly failed
to iniplro any enthusiasm with his friends.
Dailyjrou can bear from Bepublicans, re
marks like thli "Well, I'm going lo vote
for Ike, but I'm sot going to do any
A. J. Gray tho cliquo'a candidate for
sheriff (otherwise tbe defaulting sheriff)
will bo badly beaten by J. II. Carter.
Township organization will be sustained
by an overwhelming majority,
and hero, I would say, for tho benefit .of
your Dongola :orrespondent, that John
son county has had no "sad oxperlonca"
under township organization. On tbe
contrary, tho oxperlonce under It has beon
a nappy ono. 'luo county anairs aro
managed with less oxponso, and certainly,
with mora honesty. At no time slnco tho
war has our county been run so econom
ically or as hoocetly as it has
for tho last clgbtoon munths. The only
opposition to townilnp organization
comes from the nefarious court
nouse ring, wnicn lor years
has rucked at our county treasury, but has
of lato boon Choked off. Both Farmers
and Domocrats know this, and are a unit
In tbo opinion that tbe systom is our only
safeguard. Quito a lively fight Is going
on between our two local papera
Tbe Yeoman and The Journal. Tbs
Yeoman Is tbe organ of tho Farmers and
Tho Journal the court houso ring's organ.
Jack Alden Is no match for Scbuckers In
suoh a fight, and doubtless afior the dec
tlon Is over and tbo ting defeated, be will
fold its tent and wander to parts un
known. Nathan.
Washington atar. Oct. 10.
An anciont Democrat, who had become
wondorlully onthuicd over tbe result of
tbu olcctlon on Tuesday, went up to tbe
White House, this morning, and solemnly
sprinkled the floor of tbo portico witn
somo kind of liquid. Thon after hanging
un ono oi mo piuars a placard caving on
It In largo printod characters tbo words
'I' or Bent," ho marched away in tho
most dignified nnd impressive manner
He appeared to feel that bo was in the
strict porforinanco of his duty, which was
to puriiy tbo Exocutivo mansion, ana
warn lli Administration.
IbvaniMlleflnd.) Courier.
Ibo hilgag has no suinaniion. but Is
mado to aspirate tbo soft notei of victory
uy mo agimuua oi ido uery, eaueu bdu
pepporea tan oi me uiioa owl. All na
ture illngs its hoad athwart tba carcass of
deprecated Badicallsm, and ludopenden
tallsm knocks a liolu in tbo sky. The
Southorn outrage business sells short at
lour bits a ton, and tbo quotations of
leaguery white lcaguenoss eucroiob upon
parr Peace, sweet luiaco. nlavs no lonear
on the minor key. It skins over tbe
diapason. Ilcbts out from tha Hats and
intrenches itself strongly upon tbe frontier
of tbo merry, morrr Zlncarees of political
protoplasms. Begad' Bcdom! Halleloo
Jerl Ohio Stato Journal.
When Blilv Armstrong heard that tbo
Stato Democratic gains amounted to about
j.wu uai, una mat Parsons was surely
beaten, be jumped out on tho sidewalk
after tho lint thing tbatcamo to his arms,
seized a respectable colored lady around
tho waist and gavo her a paroxysmal
kiss. She gavo ono yell of "Ooily, boss I"
and stood, as Mr. Malaprop says, "putrl
fid with amazemoat."
Cleveland (Ohio) Herald,
"Scooped" is tho word. No other ex
actly oxprosses the situation. Thoro Is no
dodglog or blinking tbo fact. Tbo ueni
ocrats havo smitten us hip and thigh.
Wo havo mot tho enemy and tbey aro not
ours by a unful. "On tbo contrary,
quite tbu reTorio." It is our scalp that Is
dangling at the Demooratlo belt, instead
of Damooratio hair drooping trom ouri as
wo had fondly hoped, Tho fell Dmo
cratlo blado Is red and dripping with our
KOro. It Is sad. vrv oil : fearfully, tint.
rlbly, dlsgmtingiy sad; but nevertheless
a fact. Wo are "busted," squelched,
iwr wl.tM.ilAI AIUJ
Csuionutw. w. oiie.it,
ft I
A man Intending to do business must
Unit prepare himself to meet tbe re
quirements of his customers; next he
innst let every possible or probable
customer know that he io so prepared,
In a Ten nmall place hemay TELLnll
the people what he can do. Inn large
village is printed handbill, poster or
circular, properly distributed, will he
efficacious but WHOEVER IS IX A
'Li, '
Uim INI) l Ull OIL
yit. HfljvlfljjQHi
l-' fc Mlfc
Jobbers and Retailers of
I Chemicals, Patent Medicines, Perfiunpry, Soaps, Brushed,
Toilctt Articles, JJrupgist's 1'nncy Uood.s, Collier N hite
Lend nnd Other Grades, Paints, 'Colors, Oils, Varnishes,
Window Glass, Wax Flower Material, True Colors, Dyo
Stuffs, Etc., Etc., Etc.
"Wc Solicit corrcipondenco and order from l)nigi?lit, l'hj lelaiia and General Stores
In want of (iooiUlnotir Line. Steamboat. I'lantation and family Jledlcliio cases lurri
lulled or ltctlllcd with llrliable Drugs at ltc.ionMo Hates'
71 Ohio Levee.
.wis m
v- mi
i-." -r
sue'Mor to
D-lr In
.Manufarturnr and Jobber of
Piimni', llird Ca?fs, Ico Cream l'rcefzers
Water Conlern, Wire Cloth for Win
dow Scri,ciii,.ljpaned Ware,
i:tc, Etc.
Guttering nnd Job Work
Asent for the
Tho best Iron Roofing In tho Market.
Ordenfrom Abroad will Receive Prompt
Work done with Dispatch and Warranted
tOKlve Satisfaction.
(Successor to Parker fi Hlake,)
Dealer In
And the celebrated llltuuliiatliij!
Ilros.' Uuildluc Hth St.& Uomorclal Av
MKN havo koun imd
arc I'lou-cil wall tue
riromos niu,
Will lit'orthulrhunu'i
and llnv moral le'toi
- .. .11 .. . Ak'n.ll
ai uu ii. mo v. vi
leni'n of cxci'llllo.1,
are tlio moht ponulur vi
caromos of tho ilay, and euou.- uuvo a place
In every rumuy.
PiticcftO the Pain.
If not lounil ot yuur picture dealers send
your order, or lor a descriptive rjn ul, r, to
ttie putillKbci. J, V. ItYDKlt
Cloavelaud, O
RESIDENCE No. 21, Thlrtfenlh stroot,
botwoen AtTasbln)tton acnuo and Walnut
street. Ofllce P.MConiuirrtlnl avenue, up
axd hhtail
Wnshlngton Atp. cor. Eighth St,
it. H. MIM.HU, PresMnnt,
.1. M.PIIII.1.IPH. i lce t'reildent,
1. CHA.S.CUNM.VOI1A.M, Cashier.
EXCHANGE, coin, bank notes I id United
Hli.lci necurltlcs bought and oId.
Inlercat nllowtd un time di petit
W. P. IIAL1.IDAY. President;
IIKMIV I.. IIAs LIDaY, Vice Ptftldcst.
A. H. HAFroitli, a.hlcr:
WAl.ThR HYaI-OP, A.litant Cahlcr.
8T.AT TaYMII, 15. II. C '.VNINfllUJI
II, l IULLIUaV, W. I'. 11 .1.LIliAV.
(1. 1). WlLLUMMIN, SlEl lit.S lllllp,
A. II. Svroni.
ExchniiKP, Coin and Uultrd Stales
lionds HoiiKht nnd Sold.
DEPOSITS received and a general bank'ug
liulnc."i done.
Charter! Maiicii .11, l
oitickrx :
A. li.SAKKliItD. Provident :
f. S. TAYLOR, Vl-I,reldent ;
II. HYSLOP, !ocrt'far and Treasurer.
P. St. IUuci.av, Ciias. (Ui.igiikh,
r SI. Stockpi.btii, l'ii.'i. a. tciiun.
.). il. l'llltLII'C.
INTER ET pslil on dcpults at th" rate of
fx per i"cnt. per annum, Slardi li aud
Spicitior J. Intaic-t not wl'hilrawn l
ad led immediately to the principal of tho
Ifpomii, tlureiiy gtvlng ihem toiuponud
lltl'Onir MllMBY AMI HO ONS KL8B
Open every buklno a day from a. ui. t 3
p. inMid H turday evi nL c lursavliign ilc
jiosits enly, from il to 8 o'clock.
W. HYdl.uP, Treaturer.
T HKltE Is moro fun In tbo
Clirnns PLUCK than any
aimed or jrlutoil Hory that
ua been plvu i the publlo tor
years. Nnvcr beforn has been
JCi-orded lo any picMiro or set
f pictures, tho popularity tht-su
Chromos havo attained. Size,
0 by i2 Inches, l'lco, 811)
ho pair.
AdilrtM order to
rieveland, Ohio.
Stati: or Illinois, 1 , In tho
ALKXA.snnu v ol'Ni v. J Kn Circuit court.
Thomas U Pariiu
I.uiltlaMIrn, Earno tSIIzo nnd Claudius
C. Mle, and Si.nUel ataats l iylir iii.il
Edwin INr.on', T u.ties of the Cairo City
Pi open y Com ny. ,
llil, lu chancery tut specific norrnmanco
Tho kIjovo mined (lefruilanta ar hoieuy
notliled that tho atiovo en III d suit I pomi
I m Hi said court, and the tlmo and pi ice of
tho return ol ummons In the co , It ibu
uoxt term of said ourt, to be boldcn at tha
court houso. m tho thy ol Cairo, in u!l
..r.iiiitv. on lha first Mnnday In .tamiarv. A.
I D. 1876 llKCDIW 8. TOCUM,
nil-tn.i8.wlt Ctrcuitieurt,

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