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tint Cllr d Connlj
1 . . J Hl.l I I - I
OatT bT 5r'
OiljiUk; ourler, inadvanoo.t..tt 10 00
Oa Mr Toy cirri er U cot paid In
idttM "2 00
snoot's, by aaall 100
3 CO
Tltr tnetrtsu.
ltMOtki 8
Oat yes 10 00
rwam or wxbklt nutA.RTiH.
cm Tmt
Sir Hosts!....
Three Xevtki.
$1 00
Invariably ! advance.
BN4toMHr a vary Pr.
Democratic State Ticket.
For State Treasurer I
Kor Superintendent ot VuhUc lotnictlon
S. M. ETTEll.
For Congress Elghtccnlh District,
. FnuT The restoration ol gold and diver
M tbe basis of tho currency ; tho resumption
P specie payments a toon as poilblo with
out disaster to the builneaaof tho country,
by iteadUy opposing iBtlatton and by tho
payment ot tbe national lndebtcdno In tbe
stoney ot the civilized world.
Secokd Froo commerce; notirlfllorany
other purposo but revenue.
THtHD Individual liberty and opposition
to sumptuary laws.
Founnr Tho right and duty or the
ilte to protect IU citizens from extortion
and unjust discrimination by chartered
Finn Blgld rastrlctlon ot the govern
ment, both Stata and National, to tho If git
I mite domain of political Power bv excluil
tag therefrom all executive and legislative
miersaeaaiing with tho strain or.-oclcty
wiiereby monopolies aro fostered, prhll
ctged clasea aggrandized, and imllvJdua
reedom unnecessarily nod opprcslvely
TLa following Central Committee
was appointed" by tbo Republican cor
greasional convention that mot .1
Mound City, August 13, 1874 :
Alexander county, O. W. McKeaig ;
Jackson, Banl. L. Wiley j
Johnson, A. J, Aldeo ;
Massac, Haary Armstrong :
Ferry, 8. J. Parks ;
Fop,ILD. Baker;
FoAaakt, Qsnrg W. Hertz, Sr.:
K-ndolp)i, D. H. McMasters;
UaUoa,B.B, BUnson;
WiUiainson, Milo Krwin,
Xho follomog Central Committco
was appointed by tbo Republican con
venUon of tbo Fiftieth senatorial dia
triot, held at Mound City, August 13
1874: Alexander county, E. K. Walbrldge :
Jackson, Etra B.Fullott;
Union, T. H. Phillips.
At tho Democratic congressional
jonvention, held at Anna, September
3, 1874, the following Central Com
mittee for tho Eighteenth district was
appointed ;
lUndoIph, Bovorlyvilishlro:
Parry, E.B. Kushor;
WillUmson, O. W. Ooddard ;
Jackson, O. W. Aodrews;
Union, Hugh Andrews:
Johnson, I. N. Pierce ;
UasMe, J. W. Thrift;
POM.O.B. Fltld;
Pulaski, Obed Kdson ;
Alexander, John U. Ohnrly ;
At Large, Judge F. Dross, Cairo.
The following executive cominittco
for Union county was appointed by
the JDomoeratio county convention that
aet in Joncsboro, August 24, 1871 :
Judge M. O. Crawford :
O. V. um,
Tbo lollowing Slate committee waB
appointed by tho Domocratic-Opposi-Uon
convention, at Springfield, Augunt
4th District, A. it. Harrington.Uen
ith District, Wm. Wright. Freepoi
. JrAimnrt.
Ctb District. J. B. DraVn. 1t,.fc 1.1-n
lft-ViSVrl?' ?,v' "vcns, Ottawa.
8II1 IDlsubm Washington K. Cook,
Laoon. '
Oth District Obts. 1. King, IVoria.
th District, David E. Head, Carthage.
11th District. J. M. Ituih Viiuiui.i 0
th District, K.L,4ierritt,SprlngfieM.
iith I) i.r m '1 u it. 1 " l"y.avaoa.
It&SSSt 'AWft
iffii. n.'.i.r.i t. . ...
I; .1:' trreenvii 0.
17tb District, W. II, Kromc, Inwards-
vi nr.
18tb District, V. 11. Omen. Cxim
10th District, James V, Robinion.OJncy.
At Xarge, K. V. Miller, Chicago.
At Largo, It, "VV, Townsond, ebnwnee-
At Urge, Wm. Jirown, Jacksonville.
Mr. Rrown was oloclcd clmirman of
the committee.
Ilteviollowin- Central ConiiBlUee
was appointed by the Dctuocratio con
venUon ot Alexander county, at Cairo
Aueuit 23, 1874:
Clear Creek, Tboma J. -McCiure,
Oootatsland, O. Gre.nley.
O0 Toytb, N. Hunsoekoi-.
l W, oi.i, John
HoJiy, Jofc HogasiaU Dr; Darter.
Th following fjentral Committee
ppo!ntdby tho DemocraUe.l.Jb.
r 1
Ml Bfstrlet, Egbert Jameson, Chicago
2d District, Wm. J.Onaban, Chicago
3d District. V. II. O. Wi
era! oonvontinn tint met nt Anna,
September 4, 1871, ami nominated
candidates for tlto logtalnlurc in tlio
Fiftieth .Senatorial District :
Alexander, It V Blake, J O Lynch.
.Jackson. 1' Dlihon, .loscph Cully.
Union, Oliver Hill, T M Forino.
At Largo, T V llniiton, of Union.
IrtviN's re-election to tbo ollleo of
Sheriff I allured, llo hat earned n
unanimous re-olectlon. and our' U not
tho people to withhold from tbo dtsorv
Inj; their Juit reward.
Tub Oitoutiok, In Aloxnndor county,
can and should glvo "William Harwell a
nnjorlty of two hundred votci. una J.e
publican psriy Isdlstrnctod-groatly weak
eard by tho dltafTactlon of snny of Us
Lading membor, ana by tba nosoluto
withdrawn! of tho German clement,
which, two yonrtago, numbered, possibly,
ono hundred votes. To carry the county,
thoreforo, It l only nccossary for tho
Dimocratt and Liberal to work earnestly
aad indtittrloutly, early and lite. A full
vole, and victory U our'
L. 1 1'r.ATr.n, Damoeratie notninco
in tho Flfty-Crst SenatotWl dtilrlct, fur n
icat in tho lower houso, ii winning golden
opinions among Ibo voter of his district,
allkn among Democrat and Radicals.
110 is an aula man, ana a lawyer 01 ro -
cognized standing, of high tccml qualilloi .
A Uamoeput nfthn mimtnl'f Ami
J rrvll tttftma la thm laamt IlKCiil ot thfl
jiooplo whom he will I tullod upon to rop
j rotent. AV'iille tdero teems to bo scarcely u
uuuui ui mi iwuiupnant oieciion, vnoro
mint bo no indifference or over-conliJenco
on tho part of his rupportrs. They mut
work for lilm as if tho nninical com
plexion oi tho next legislature depended
(as it may depondt upon h'n pre.on:9 in
or ahsenco from that boJy. In auy ovent
tbo loglslaturo will, on joint ballot, bo
vory nearly equally divided. I.-it ui,
then, voto and act as if, Damocratlc pro
pondcronco doponded wholly npnri tho
result ot our individual labor.
A nmvv prussuro has been hrought to
bearuponMr.lI.il HarJv, Democratlo
uomineo in tho M.-i diitnet f.r tbo SUto
tisDste, to withdraw his name, nud Icaro
tbo light botweon Fnrrlll, UaJIcal, and
Olassford, Kaforroor. It would teem tho
part of presumption In in to orTor any ml
vlco in tbo maltor ; but wo cannot roslst
tho ImpuUo to say that too good of tbo
party teems to demand Mr. llrdy' with
drawal. This dofent of rorriil would lo
tanumounl ton Democratic vistory, sir.co
it Is known tint in tbo prominent limes of
tho day Olassford Is In full sympathy
with tbe Damocraey. Hy wltbdrawlDg,
liardy would riianlfest n telf-sacrlQctng
spirit, which, at imothor timo, would be
remembered to his ndvnalkgo. Ho is a
man of very fair ability has many warm
friends and supporters ; but, It It our hon
est opinion, that ho stands no earthly
chance of olection.
1. S. Since writing tho nbovo we
loarn that Hardy has withdrawn.
"Uestlb Dew Jonts," one of ibo Had
ical candidates for tho legislature from
tbo Slst district, pretends that ho has dis
covered a plot umong tho Domoerots nnd
Iteforraers tn olect Olassford, llolorm can
didate for tho State flenato. and Sleaea).
Relorm candldato for tho House, at tbo or-
po3to of Isaac Clements, the Radical can-
didato for Congress, nnd II. II. Hardy,
the Democratic candldato for tho Senate.
According to tho alleged "bargain," Dera-
ocrats aro to support Olassford and Stea
gal, and in return, a like number of Iti-
publicans are to support William
Uartzell. Tho Irato McCartney, nlludlntr
to this mattor, declares that II. O. Jones,
or any othor man who says that sujh an
arrangemont exists, Is a mischievous and
unheiitatlng liar I Hr. Jones is callod
upon to furnish proof ot his assertions in
this behalf, or rest undor tho brand of
falsifier. Mac's coat tall Is stiread all
ritfr tho Gist district, and it would not
turpriso us groatly ir, boforo tho election
comoi oil', somebody should liolst It, and
lift tho wearer eomowhnt, on tho too of a
heavy brogam
Uro.v ono question only is Jinao
Clemonts outspoken nnd explicit. Ho is,
as aro all Domocrats end nil Republicans
in favor ol improving our western and
aouthorn rivers. Ham.ell ii as as zeal
ously in favor of this mcasuro ns Mr.
Clements csn be- and ns too next House
of Congress will bo Democratic, ho will
bo able to effect what tbo plumy, Clom
onls, might ncvor ctl'ect tecum tbo pas
sage of 11 bill making1 impropriations
adequate to tbo present needs or our
navlgabla streams. Clement's speech in
Congress on Western navigation brought
teelings of shamu nud humiliation to hit
constituents, and rondnrod tbo t peaker tho
1 ' lau;;- ir.f stoi'k" of Cjoajiriss, I.ot.ui,
; tbsn, t.ir pur own sakpforjthe sake of tbo
j vstt interests that mutt sutler, if again
1 confided to his hands, retire film, and
'' wan who has tho brains and tbo
corva to represent us creditubly and
!" WIHtan Hart,.!!. art
I tho man
j Tins olet'.ion, a generally hnown,
j romos oU' next Tuesday. What the inter
j val may develops!, wa cannot certainly
lortell ; tut it Ittafo to predict that thou
sands of bogus tickcm aill bo circulated in
every county in tho district. Already
has Josoph 1J. Thorp, tho Independent
Radical candidate, added his uamo to the
regular Doraoerntlo ticket, m a candi
date for tho Legislature. Ho publlnbos
the fact that litWuis done so, and thon
Innocently tella the Voters of bo district
that hit ticket It not a "bogas ' ono. Wo
do not say that -r. Thorp intended to
perpetmla it ' fraud;" but wo o tay that
tho ticket containing Mi namo is not
tho Democratic ticket; that Ms name is
not entitled to n place among
the Demccratlc nominees; and, being
there, is calculated to decolvo voters to
convey tbo impression that he Is it Demo
crat and entitled to Democrats iiupport.
Keep a lookout, then, for these
"bogus" Democratic tickets. Strike out
tbe name ol Thorp, and voto for tbe
Democratic nominees, onlyt "Winston end
suouldkh. to snouiiDr.it.
The labor would not have loon loll had
our congressional central rommllleo avail-
de thcmiclve. of tbo opportunity presented
by tho (jlorlcus Democratic victories of
tho 18th instsanl, to promulgato to tho
voters of their district, a congratulatory
address, Tho committee of tho Nine
teontb district did so, and tlio address has
bad a mott inspiriting effect. Tlio extont
of tho Victoria!, and tbo loop doslrcd re
sults that aro certain to follow thorn, were
succinctly portrayed, and placed In tbo
bonds of hundreds of votort, who, other
wise, might liavo remained unchcorod
ovon by a knowledge of our success.
It 11 true, n stated by tho commlttco of
ths Klnoteonth dlitrlct, that "tho tri
umphs achieved by our Democratic broth
ers In Indiana, Ohio and Arkansas over
I'.adicallim and disorganizing demagoguei
arn so comploto and sweeping that they
furnish occasion Tor sincere congratula
tion and rcjolcingr and should intplro
ovary Democrat with rennwod vigor nnd
a determination to rcdoublo his onorctot
to not only locrouc tbo usual nifjorlty ot
tbo past, but rnako It tho meMslgrial ivic
tury f nil. Kvory oloction held elnco
18T2, points to tho certnlnty that wa will
soon havo n Democratic president and
congress. Tho peoploare tired of mitrulo
and onnresslon. and diMnalid a return of
I that party to power which gave us peaco
1 , - - . 1..1....
tln oretnvent. TI1010 elections
further domomtrato that tho coolest
ovorywhorii ! botwvuri tho Democratic
and KadlcM pirtlcf. Thoro is no room
or need ol 11 now or mlddlo party. Tho
Democratic party Is again strong enough
to win its glorious vlctorios of tho pail.
U is now, and Las always been tho party
ol tho people, nnd when In power admin
isters tho government in tbo intcret of
tho people. Thoreforo lot every Djmo
crat join his comrade in tbe grand army
now marching surely and steadily to Stale
and National victory. Lot every man
oppocod lo tho oppression nl tbo laboring
claiees, to tho robbery of tho peoplo by
high taxes, and to Radical misrule, re
member that tho oi ly road to reform nnd
relief lies la tho socccm of the Democratic
parly. Lot truo and good men now stand
close together, stand tip bravely for tho
rights of ovcry occupation; let us mako a
manly light under the sauio grand old
flag Which floated nt tho head or the col
uums led by JoDerson, Jackson and Doug
las Away with detnagoguo and disor
gaulitar, let us exchnngo i;re3tlngi with
our brethren nbroid, by sending to thorn
glad tidings of Democratic victories
scarcely less sweeping or glorious than
their own,'1
Democrats of tho Eighteenth congres
sional district, you aro charged with 1
responslblo duty the defoat of tho l'.sdi
cat Clemonts, nnd tho election of William
llartzell. The power to do so Is In ytur
annus; as you wish your country well,
exorcuo ft '
Msiuurclc vs. Vou Arnim.
New York Herald.
It is generally known tnt soon ofter
tho departure ot Count Arnim from l'ari
tbo Berlin foroign office asked him to ro
ttoro certain ppor which were mining
from ihu iirculvoi. Count Arnim du.
clared that a, portion or thuio papers wero
his pcr.oanl property, whicu iio wouU
not burrendorj another portion, however,
ho returned to tho archives. Arnnrn
urmble to say anything ubout tho missing
of the remainder of tuo papers. As tho
I'jnrcu 01 too urcnives wnicn resulfsd In
tho discovery that tbo pipers wero miss
ing was only instituted a few weeks aitor
Arnim's departure tho poiilbllity pre
sented Itself that thetu papers hnrttnoan
white been abttrated, in ono way or
another, from tho archives of tholegution.
The consequence was h vlolont lottor-war
between Bismarck and Arnim,
Bismarck protondoj lo Ilnd a moaning
In overy ono of Armln's reportf, which tb'o
latter novor Intendod to convwy, and round
thus ft convenient pretext for roicatedIy
rcbukulng him in an exceedingly harsh
manner. Ho was thus cutilv onabled to
rcproacn Arnlm with having pursued u
jwlicy diaront from that of tbo chincni
lor ot tbo emplro. It will ha interesting
to Icirn tbo urouuds on which this m.
proaoh can bo baeoi. It appears that Bit-
marck was nrrald that tho hostllo letters
which had passed botweon him nnd Ar
nlm might bo published, and thero was
perhaps somojustidcatlon for this belief,
Tho co rispondencowcu d bavo clearly do
monstraioa to tho wbolo world how
marck really acted in this matter, anitw.
tho strangely colored reports in regard to
tnlscorrospcndonco oauio to reach tho
ouiperor. It It just this part of tho cor
rcspondence which Armin refutes to de
liver, no is tlrengthonod in this poltlon
by tho rjeueral ussgo which regards docu
ments containing tho ccnturo of superiors
as private lcttors, ovou though It ba con
veyed in an official form, and renilors it
thus a matter of no iuiportmcy whether
iuey do piHtou among tho otuslal UIos
tint unrt ..la I... ,,..! .1. .1 , I
f In rt tl. fl?. '1'6 rf'l,,iro,
them for bit own lustiflcallon.
Of course tbo very naturo of the atrair
forbids 11 public dofonco in tho news
papers, and it must be lii boforo tho
emperor himself us tho rolo and highest
judgo. As tbo emperor, according to
Arnim, had really never leuned from
Biimarck tbo truo facts ol tbo case, every
one can okilly Imagine how highly Bi.
marck mutt prlss tbo document which
Arnlm rofutu to surrender.
They uuablo Arnlm to prove that Bit.
marck rontured him without the tlightost
reason, nnd strengthen tbo suspicion that
tho emperor nevHr rocclved a truthful
account of tho hllalr ai it really tool!
place. Biimarck, it nppeart, is arrald of
Arnim, knowing lull woll, at he does, that
ho has dono him a grevou wrong, and
L'ccauso Arnim is the only man wno has
not only tho courago and capacity, but
also tbo meant to become 11 dangerous foo,
Tbe key to tho presont situation Is simply
that Bismarck tries to annihilate hit ene
my forever. It Is In exact keeping with
Bismarck's charactor to attempt thus to
ruin Arnlm and to rob him of ids reputa
tion, position, civil rights, fortune and
health. If ha doos not succeod In this ho
fears that his own position will bo Jeop
ardlzed, r
Bismarck attacked Arnlm at bis mott
vulnerable point merely through abuse cf
power, a legal Justification of which may
always ba found, and was in this Instance
furnished by the Berlin oity tribunal,
litch has thus bocomo an unconselous
accomplice of Ultmarck. It has been ro
peatedly risked why Arnlm did not pre
vent such open war by simply taking
coplos ot the'docum6nts In question atul
restoring tho nrlglnala under protest to
tbo lorelgn of3ce. The cue, from a legnl
point of view, Is j 1st tb!i tlmt Arnim
rightfully contldfrtjd these papers hi pri
vate property, and, novor thinking for n
moment that tho nttcmpt would nvor be
made to compol' their restoration by a
criml nl prosiMJiitlon, made no copied of
thomn or liml hen ruht to uinHO any, as
his ownnershlp of tho documents might
havo been flrnleJ In the civil suit.
Added to this legal grievance It on ol
actual orcurrono. ntmelr, tho shocking
manner In which Herr llulow profurrtd
tho demand for the documents in question.
llulow i said to havo sulnf-qtiently ox
pressed his nttoiilshmant at Arnim's nor
slstont refuial. at ho cr nl 1 havf ossliv
taken copies and tlir ri turronderrd the
papers. Howoter, llulow ought to ox-
prois no HSlonlihmont at Arnim's rofuttl,
at ho J11O inado tho domand fur tbo deliv
ery of tbo papers In a manner which
smmppil it not only as aj-illr al alnorin
Ity, li.it alio as 11 iiiocitiu'.n ol that brutal
ity with which ho hid bocomo nccuitomod
to trett hlch and obnox.out ofllcialf.
liulow's letter rendered tbo rurrondor
of tho documonls positively impossible,
unless Arnim wished to ploid guilty
to 1110 commission t rlony
Arntrn had no cauto to aban
don his right to property of bis simply
because tbo foreign office demed lo obtain
it by means of a criminal prosecution.
Ho was deprived of overy decent chance
01 yielding without hi.tnilMli g himself,
DI11017 1 loiier lhronlme-1 him 'ith crlm
inai jiroTOcmion lor rvlony,'
Arnim could 011 illy have toon a witness
to the falsity of the clurgci on which this
throat was baled, nnd ovory impartial
spectator must admit that this attempt to
giro tho prosecution nny but its real
political and personal coloring is vohl of
all justice. Only a knowledgo of all the
political motives of Arnim's enemies, and
moro especially of theso of l'rinco Bis
marck, who wil'l ttanu behind the nltorney
general and Influence tbo tribunal, could
enablo ono to form a correct opinion of
tho case of Count Arnim.
A correspondent of Tho Xw York
Times at I'liiladulphla funds tuthat papxr
tho tallowing account of a recent seance.
Tho principal parties preten: wore a
Gernuu scientist, onco u rank believer in
materialism, but uow an cnihusiastio fol
lower of Kalio King, and tbu 'medium'
a gentleman who o name, worw 1 permit
lod to give it, would bu recognized uv
hundreds of persons in l'hiladelphia's bitt
socioiy 1 can nniy tay that he It it gen
tlomaa of literary ipurauit, a membsr of
ono ot tho loading professions, wealthy
enough to have no pocunlary Interoit in
dplntualitm, and, above all, a thorough
going scept'o la reg.rd to tbe whole mat
tur. A !. hopeful subject for delutiou
Aould bo narj to Quel, yet it teems that
tho spirit of a lady, n. cultured, riflned,
and ettinubic lady whom ne know in
early life, but who diod years ago, has
alectod him at tbo mtdiuui of her commu
nications with mortals, nnd uses him as
uch whenever tho lists Hit arm, In
fluenced by another power than his will, at
ue declares, Is made to seize n pen, dip it
iu ink, and write he being unaware
of what Is whltten until ho sees
it on tho .aper. Ho is a very ordl
uary player on tne piano, but this spirit
can nud duet use Oil his linger to pjrljrm
10 way wmch thosj woo UoVo heard It
pronutinco perfectly wonderful eVtn im
,irovl.lug tbe muilc. Thero are many
utner singular tlilugi which be is canted
to do, una yet ho doe not beliuvo that the
influence Is that or n dlfvmbodiod spirit,
preler.-ing to chink that it I duo to un
cunsclout action of hi own brain. He
lunvurto with the influence, using hi
natural vulco, und rrceive intelligent au
wert, always in writing. Tho other day
lo prcpoaud a crucial teit. Maid he:
'Wneu you can cause my band to writo a
language which I du not understand, but
which sumo other person can traLSlate
Into Intelligible Engutn, then I will bo
liovo that you aro wtiat you prolcss to be
a disembodied Intelligence." Tho replv
was, "Walt; I cannot do to now, but 1
will by-and-by."
The gathering alluded to was ut
the houto ot the Oorrnan scientist.
and was held In the full glare or the
gas ugut. tno spirit, pooli-poohlng dark
ness, joined hands, circles, and nil other
myttio irJiloes!. un the part of lb.,
earthly members tbo 'conversation was in
rpokoii Jingllsh: on tho part or tho spirit,
in writing at bolow. 1 jmlt most 01 tbo
spjuen parts or tuo col 00 u v. ai I hm
no perfect record of It, and as tho written
dictum explains lts&ir. I have made nn
ciiango In It, wlmtovcr, excent to omit
names; oven tbo underscoring It Just nt it
nanus 111 tno original.
uy nrst ship contains tho inirltV an
svor to a lady who on n former occasion
was perplexed by a number of comrade-
tury intssaccs cuminir tbrnuih hnr .in
nanu, ana wno In tbo course of the con
vurtatiun tmt even nu iko,l- '.11,,
ehall I dlttlngulth between tho truo and
tno rauo ' 'Ibo spir t aniworul! "It.
able to know tno dllterenco between what
comes into your minn through tho lutur
al procos of oitoclntlon one", what Is sul'
gettoa uy ouuiuu inuuenccs. tr you
mi rely remain passive, you will bo per
potually docelvct In the mumsi-r! vou r.
tunc, nun jour investigations will end in
rnoro dlebolief. The way in which mes-
- ... ..
sagos aro communicated it Mmiily this
v 0 suggest into your mind that which
wo desiru you to writo; but tho nervous
..mm utuativu.' muiwiu BCllot
C01uo' '" y alono. Yon retlgn pnl
iniiucnce wnicn occasions muscular action
any your vuntroi ui tno nerves, nut uo to
only partially, und you will beforo long bo
.utm.tuui tunt ovoryiniag you wriio Is In
your mind beforo it It written. This, us
I havo often had ocnoilon to remttrk, is a
prerequisite to intelligiblo writing."
'But,' nld tho other, 'how do you know
what was in my mind nt that time''
'Becnuio 1 nm saro of your mental
condition now, and know how llttlo you
aro able as yet lo dlstlogultb botweon the
tbougbt propor to yourtolf and that sug
gested.' Tho spirit said furtbor: Wa (the
spirits! havo an influence, but it would
not sulllro of itself to direct tbo complex
action of tbe muscles necessary to write.
Wo itre kblo, under certain conditions, to
control and direct phytlcal forces, so at to
produce manifestations physically; but wa
chiefly niroct spirits.' Of fac-similot of
handwriting cs glvon by somo tuoilums,
the tald: 'In tto groat number of oases
you will llnd tho statements in regard to
lactlmlloi writing to ba oxaegoratod and
untrue, but thoro may bo initancet wboro
In the tpiriti may obtain such a thorough
anil comnlote control of tho organlira of
tho medium, that they becomo for tho
time bo"ng the toul of that body. Buch
writing it dono usually, If not always, in
ltj8 ''"oee stato. It can only bo accom
plished when tbo mind nf tho medium Is
greatly weakonod, and it must always
eventiisto In dotrlment to tho medium's
Tb?n the scientist turned tho conversa-
tlon to Katlo King, and rocolvod tbo fol
lowing emphatla opinion uf that young
lsdy: Katlo King is a bad young woman,
who goes nbsut the country in tho com
pany of her mother, making money out
of thn oreduaiity of thoso who are foolish
enough to pay to see her porform hor
trioKs. 'rnoro it no miitaKO about 11. nrm
I simply and purely a humbug, ns are
mrst professional medium. I'rof. Herr
man, tbo msclcltn, performs moro von
dnrlul tricks In tbo full blazo ot gaslight
boforo thousands of witnesses. If nnv
spirit could matorlallr.c, thoso results
could bo accomplished as woll by daylight,
initio open uir, noioro thousands or per
sons.' ' lhon.' said tbo rclrntlst. 'loll mo snrnn
simple test that will domonstrato conclu-
Ivoly wbethnr shn Is a humbug or not.
lou will not no hiiowfd to mako any
fair test, you may rnst assured. Yov can
satisfy y oursnlf of tin, very mortal naturn '
01 rvatio oy umpiy ciaspini! tier arm ai.u
ri'iusing to roieaj nor. ua you ruppoto
Ibat a spirit could bu rcstralnfd b any
thing mortal? Hut you will be matin to '
promise that you will not do Ibis; and 1
to tho rosiest test will bo rendered una-'
vnlllng to you ' ,
' 1 am not familiar with tbo achieve-'
meats of tho Kddy broth, rt, 1 ut il they 1
profess to tay that auy int Can actually ,
101m tu Itself a material budy and can n 1
pear therein, they are unmlitably Impost
ors, AV n(n(o nil fit. tiplrits cannot I
create. That is tho work of tho Almighty t
alone. And whenco aro tbo uloi.s tu ti 1
gatheruJ '' Hemembcr, that to produce u
nuinau body, thero must not only bo an
aggregatn ol atoms, there must t nn or
ganl;'.;d iiniatt or them. Il takes tto Al
mighty, working by natural laws, sa) '
Iwcntj-threo yonr to tiilld uii such '
body as that.lit whloh Katlo King ni.ttrs
her appearances. Do you think any s pir
it can do so much In llvo minutes ' You !
wero not present at Crookes' experiments,
and might havo tcon rt reason to doubt
tbe validity of thn deductions from them ;
bad you been there, but of this I am per-.
fectly conlldonl. thero is no such thing as '
materialization In tho senso that word i
commonly mod. Thero aro appoarancts '
which seem to indlcatetbo actual pretence
of it material body, but these are j
either subjective entirely, or i.ro tbo ,
result of curtain manipulations or ether
which spirltt certain of them havo tho ,
power to control so at to prodtico these 1
tdlucls. 1 am In a higner piano than you,
and havo loarded In tblt life tome thing
wblch;nro not known on earth, nor, in
deed, which can bo Intelligibly communi
cated. Tho lines bstwiea spirit and .nat
ter fro distinctly drawn, Spirit, by ltt
control of physical forces, can control
milNr. Itdlrrcta tho operation el 1.1
onu to o'I'eot modification of the mb'T,
but tho effects required for the production
of an organized bodv ura sj Lri ,,! r...
qulrn such a length of tima at n tit,-...,.;rv
eloment, that they aro beyond the p,v..:r j
of spirits, 'credo cxperto.' lirtt 1. iitl.at
produce a pho ograph 7 It is the hi lion
uf rajs of light upon tbu chnnicsl torn
posity i.n the plate, and light, at vou
know, Ii motion, it wavat rf ither.' I
have said that spirits cau control these
wavo motions, and, therofore, can produce
both tho appearance or a body, and alo
a photograph of such appearance, without
thoro being uny actual nody presont.
"You now have tho correct view of tho
matter. Thoro certainly Is such a disturb
ance or tbo othor wavrs nt shall produce
upon tbu retina the appearance or a bdy
in such phenomena of character at are
"Please excueo mo now. I am tired,
and so is ithe medium) Oood night,
and good-bye til."
It Is but fair too add that the audience,
though silenced by ttut log!
cal discourse, remained, like St.
Anthony's fiib, "of tbo aamu opinion
till.'' My friends, who gave, mo this re
port, aro far from convinced that tho
communications they saw written wero
dictated by spirits, though they are still
further from imputing guile to tbe rri'di
um, who Is a cloto friend of their own ;
the sctontlst still bellovos In Katlo King,
and n for tho medium, ho ba not yet r
cMvod the gift of tonguts which bode
mind at a convincing 'proof of hi own
power. But nono or them can ncnunt for
the phenomena by natural laws, and so I
give them es tboy woro given ti m.
without olfering explanation of hypo.
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aro pleaded with tire
rli onio "I'luck '
wbl lil'orthelrhiimo
und title innrul leni
ai Well 111 the excel
ll'HIH fit rvi'mUmi
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M..1 I.W .MWfr I'.'I'Lllll,
ebromo oriliB iliy, and suouiu luvu a
s i ivs; itiuoi) (
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If not lound ut yuiir picture tloolcrs r nd
your order, or lor a dcsctlptho Ir ul.r, tu
the publisher. J, V. HYDBIt
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I.VTERirr paid on dep Mr at thn rte tf
Ixper .cut. per uMiiun, Mar.-!i j-
ftpifn he' l . Int- c-t not tvi'lulrawn u
ad cl iiiimedlut.l.v to tin principal of thn
lnterTtS ,htvly K'v'u xlltM L 1cl"U"d
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OK riliAW IT.
Open every hu.lne a day from , m. n
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I o.iU ciily, from il to 8 o'efo. It.
W . 1 1 Y.i ip, Trt a urr.
IIKRE It more 'tin In thf.
thr m JM UCrC than nnv
al ittd or n Into 1 oiory iha't
is bt-eii ulv- 1 tlio publl ,r
years. .S.vtr bjfoto int hem
ic orded to any plc uro or sol
fplcu.rca. I lie popular Ity tii m
-bromos have atuui ed 8 r.j,
0 by, 22 indie. lMot, 3iu
he pair.
Aiidr. i orter 'o
J 1'. HYDEll,
. , , I'ubll.htr,
( 1-veland, (lbln,
Statu np Ilusois. Kn in tho
Alkvandku : Ol.MV.J cir alt i nun.
Thomas il Fan In
LuMUaMIzo, Earuo tMIzo and Clauditu
C. Mlze, nnd Kniiucl iilaat T jt r n d
Edw n l'.r on-, T u.teosot th Cairo (.Ity
1'iopeny t 'oni liy.
Mil iu chunccry 10 - specific o fitnanco
The ab ve nimu I daf.n lants r heirtiy
notilleil that the above u ltt ' suit I pend
ing in tald co .rt, and tlio tluii aud pi u-e or
tbo return ol uuimoint ! the ca- , It tin
next teim of said ourt, 10 lo holdcn a the
court houta. n the I . y of airo, in sild
county, on tbe tint Monday In Januarv, A,
1). 1874. Rrcoc.vtl Yoct'Ji,
3U.J0-wt Clrsult teun.

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