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b .v..i. n i.v frnm u a thousand lidl
heodt. good pepsr sad finely pnuld, Jor
dtalmii .
Ooe thousand sUUmenta printed at Tax
BuixniM ome lor m.M) w w.
ni AmiiuuI nnt heads, tlrtB'ftJ t TM
Bdlutui oeo tat twotboustud lor
8 JO.
One thousand buitnett card, tin "Bristol
board. prtUl at 'J H J7, lor
from n.6U ta$OOU, according to Ue.
Wear auibori-et to announce tint A
II. Irvtn will b a . andl laio t the enduing
electt jU for re-le Umi to the offlco ol ahenfl
Folt COMONe.lt.
V mrm uitinrlleit to announce JOHN 11
0091? MAX a- candlrt-U for iwlnrtlon to
the crmc ol coroner m Aiexanu-r couovj.
-. mtinrlf.il to announce F. M
WARD at a candidate for tbe office of
Coroner of Alexander county.
ran coujwr coMUitwioNHJi.
mi.iuX m candid e lor Member of the
Board ol County Cominiiilonein.
We are authorized to anm-uncc tho name
Jackwn County, at tbo farmer candidate
fnr itepreientailve from the .10 h Senatorial
VTa are authorized to announce that F.
K. ALBKMHT. of Jackmn county. It a
candidate, at the ensuing Sovem er clc
tlon, an a ItepreientatWo of tbe KIMcih
Senatorial District in thn uext Oener.l
Aseerably. tl
'I lie following vrolt known Democratic speak
er! will addreu tbe people ot tbo timet
and placet named below:
Ava, Monday, Hov. " 5,1 "
Uv Quoin, Moodty, 'or. S.
l&Tho Democratic Central Commlltect
of tbo tcveral couutles trill detlgnato tbe
placet for tbe tpcaklDg and arrange all oilier
noceu&ry detail-.
Mr Duofner, of tbo Planter'! Houie
hu opened a rettaurant in connection
with hit hotel, and guem at tho houie
will now be terved on tbe Europeanplan
paying for only what tbey get. Mr
Jluefoer it confident that the now ar-
ran gt meat will give tatlifactlon to tlat
portion of tbo traveling public and to all
permanent boardere who make hit bouto
tbelr home. Tbe Planter' bat gained an
enviable repuaKon at a hotel wbere com-
fori and luxury aro at tbe bidding of Ibe
guettJ. Tbe lato improvement! and
abangei cannot fall to mako tbo bouts a
ttlll greater favorite than It now it. All
teaionablo luxurlet are dally terved up
to tbe guettt. !
SctAif Dskim at the Atbeneum next
Wednetday night. I
'Wl'uitts Ciiae will leoture beforo tbe
Frae Rollgloui Atioelatlon tblt morning
and evening, at tbe utual bouri.
M. K. Cuvacu SurTicei at tbe uiual
hourt, Bub)autot tba morning dlicourie
will ba, Th Advantag ot the Cblitian
Ft at Mrraoroua. John F. Mc-
Cartlngt large flouring mill with all lu
conteata, waa dettroyed by fire yetterday
Wahtid Three bundrod dollari city
crip waniea oy toe undertlgned, wbo will
pay teventy.avo ctnU on tbe dollar for tbe
Jewxtt Wilcox.
luraoviHE.WTB. Tbo brick tido walk
on tho tut tide of Eighth ttrett, betwetn
VVubiejton and Commercial avenuet,
wtUh hat been In courts of construction
ror tlx week past, wat complete I ymicr.
RV. DR. Tuatik will dallvar u
courts tbU morning in th8 preibyt.r.tn
church upon tbe following : 'iTbs Testl-
mobj or the Witness." Tbo tubject of
...uiuB QiKourse win i, tiTi,
Victory." ' lue
Kviohts Temflabs. Terre JJaule
Ooa-uadsry Knlgbtt Templart, terenty.
v in nutaber, hav sngtged quartert
wjth ibt Cairo Commandsry on board Ibe
-MlftMalttMaar Thompson Dean, wbleb
IstrM.kff Jb "lb Inst, lor Now Or.
IriuiSM o tb CAiao 4 Br, Lonii
tUtuoiB. Tba alastj' miles of lbs 0. 4
Loan rotwJ, from fit. Lool to Mur.
n 1 1 ii i
Democratic meet
pbysboro, Ii doing a iplendld busineii.
Tbe earnings of the road for tbreo weeks
ofthli month, cxclttslvo or cxprcn ana
mall earnings, wero $21,1 10 tC
New ArroiSTMBNT. Wo are In-
formed that Mr. Hinckley, formerly Su
perintendent of llio St. Louis, Kantes
Citv and Northorn Railroad, has ucen ftp-
pointed 8uperlntondent In pUoo of Mr.
Hamilton, who resigned to accept a more
lucratlvo poiltmn. Mr. Hinckley u
railroader of many yoars experierc-.
Attention em KntaiiTs. A
regular conclave of Cairo Com.
:WRC roandery, No. 13, K. T., win be
i a.d at tbe asvlum Monday evoomg. no
vember 2. A full nd punctual att-mianco
l requested. Sir Kn'gbte will appear in
fIlifUdrel. JlWETT WUCtiT,
411-1 1-1-lt Jiecoruer,
AccrrioH SaLE-Of groceries and house-
hold goods, at corner UleventnBiroei
and Waiblngton Avenuo. 1 will offer'
for into on Monday, Novetnbur '.2nd, at
half past nine o'clock, a M., a cumpletw
assortment of groccrle- and furniture, con-
Utlni of bedsteads, buroau-, chairs, heat
log stoves, etc. Hale positive and with
out reierve. DAK. HAHTMAN,
410 1-1-tt Auctlunoor
PcntoSAU We find the following
among tbo moil promln-nt arrlvatt al thn
IVlmnltr't Ituu.t! II E Wet
m,r. I3oloonil-l K O IUIi), Mi
f KG Tann-r, Poplar IllulT; T
Wetberfc' na
Milburn, &y;
Jtouff Pt
Louli; J Fitb, Nw Orlannr; 11 OorUr.'d,
do; Rllbtacey, do; Dj I.i Uaib, Parlt,
Ky; M Ducbnnan, Makanda, lilt; 0 Oor
man, Oobdon, 111
Cairo and Ht Louis H. K. Tbo con.
tractorr, Mviirt. Flumlng and Lacey, of
thlt road, were compellud to Hop track
laying Friday morning owing to tbu do-
lay In tbe receipt of flib bar bollt, which
are manufactured at Cincinnati and have
been on tho way for moro than n weak.
Tbe track Jim been laid over a dlitance of
live mllaf.
At "Our Saloon," Eighth atrcet, bs
tweon Commorclal avenuo and Ohio lovoe,
tbo hungry may And all Itlndt of edible)
barring, tauiagc, cbectc, tc , and tho
tblrity tbo finest ot wlnts and llquort,
froth lager beer, and tbo boit brands ol
cleart. Attentlvo bar-keepon aro nlwnyt
on band; and tho lunch tct daily, t
o clook, Oundayi Included, it at tlno at
any id tbo city. Call around. lO-ZS-lf
The county commlislonert of Salin.
county bavo roducod tlie ealary of the
tfaeria from 51,600 to $1,000. Tboy bu
lieve tblt to be a ttep toward ''reform" in
tbe adminlitratlon of county affalri. Wo
are Dot euro but that tblt It tbo practice
ot bad economy. Tbo aervantt of tbe
public overywbero thould be paid at leait
living lalarlei. Good men will not work
for tbo putlic for lctr, and bad mon, if
tbey are evor to cboap, aro an expemo to
tbo public.
FiRE.-Juit at tbo Jim Flik got to
Uulropollt yotterday morning tbo largo
flouring mill of John M. Alton and John
F McCartney, known at tbo llullotin
Mllli, woro dficorercd to In on 11 ro, tup-
poted to havo caught from a defective
flue. All effort! to tavo the property wero
unavailing and tbo mlll, containing a
ltrgottock of flour and grain wro total
ly dettroyed. Tho loit it roughly estlm.
aud at $15,000, on which thoro is no m
turaiico. Clkuent s f richcil. Mr. Clements ad-
dretted tbo cuiEuniof Cairo Ut night at
tno court bouto. Too house wt wel
rilled, r&o -poech was ablo and Ingeninut
Ingenlout In the dodging ability
displayed. Ho wat ompbailcally In la
vor of cheap transportation, but
wat indtflnit4 in hit remark-
upon both the civil rigblt pill nnd ibe
flnanco question and coucnaled bit votet
tbo repeal of tbe 'alary grub law. Now
you tee mu and now you don't, wat hit
Police Court Deputy Sbei Iff Henry
T. Mania arroited a colored boy by tbe
nameofjamea Williams, at tbo icstunce
of Wni. -Ailfon, ecgineor of tbo tteamer
Wett Wind. Tno negro wat cablu boy
on tbo boat, and wbilo the engineer writ on
watch latt nigbt tbo boy ilofo from hit
Hate room an opera glait, pair gloves1
and sundry otbor articlet Judge Ilroet tent
him to jtll to await trial at a higher
court in default of $200 bail.
KdITOK fjULLETl.V ! I llavn roail rr.
fully your aritoio on tbo "DmnUon of
UouJIni." lour theory explaining ttm
nature of tbu pbenomeua brought forth
by Mrs. Hollis, and witnessed bv rnanv oi
our oitizxnt, teemt very plausiblo To
u cunvincea. inougu, i wuu you to ex.
plain bow It Is iht on last Tu-day,
Wedne day and Tburdy tbe Mad.inn
bt baon unitm to tpenk through tbu
trumpet or make her crayon tketcbet past
through tbe bolo and put In an annear.
anco on tbo cardboard If you cannot,
pieata say to, and then 1 may b able to
oeip you. HorERsnTiocs.
We cannot explain, and bopo "Superstl
tlout" may bo ablo to do to.
Died. Ycitorday mornluir. tt tho rtl
dene of Mr. P. Cbanoy, Thomat Doan.
aged 1!C yean. A special train will leavo
lbs corner of Fourteenth Stroe and Loveo
for Villa Ridge at half put two o'clock
Tbe decease! wat an oxomplary young
man, cousin of J ohn and Patrick Claney ;
only about two yeart from tbo old coun.
trv. Hit death wit very euddon. Ha
workod all day Friday, wont to bed at
t I . 1 e a. .
eigm o ciocjc anu uioa at nvo o'clock tbo
next mornlnir, of what wat tuppoiod to bo
uean unease, at ho died without waking
m uiuiucr, woo tiept with blra.
"Wisstok AjfD ALiiniour. Vi'o under
ttand that Messrs. Winston and A"brlght,
Democratic candidates for tbo lolilature'
bavo agreed to permit aacb other to ob
tained all the "plumpcrt" ho can get.
that It to lay, tboy bavo acreod that ai.
bright, In Jackson, and Winston, In Alex,
ander, may, without tbe tusplclon of
trotchory to bltcolleaguo, do overytblog
be can to Induce tbe voten of tha Damn.
cratli-Llboral ticket to vote tbreo t me"
for blm It will therefore b- proper for
the Domocratt and Llberalt of tblt county
to vbto tbreo votet for 0u. Wlntton on
Tuoidny, and tboto of Jackton to vote
throo void for Mr. Albright
VC I.Imiki!, rci'''tenting 13. Xf
Irwih fi Co., of Clucavo, inndi in Ilia lol
lowing quolatlont in grain '
Uctobor wheat, Si1.
November wheat, 82.
Dm ember wheal, ba.
Uctobor corn, To.
November corn. GS.
December corn, CJ.
October out-, 47
Novcmbtir oi'f, 45.
Year oats, 44 J
Ooiol-cr baroj, 'iK
NciVambur barley, 1 09
TAVLOIi'fl CotlMUmOAII iN. Wn can
not roply tblt murning to tho commurii
cation of T. 11. Tailor, M. D.. in dfntit
uftplrhualiim. IiKo litoutbort. Th-dic
iln 14 noltbor toxical nor racy. Ho if
uvidenlly a rutn of bad temper and fnw
Idvnt A fnlluro at n mlnliler uf n clint
tlan dqnomlnatlon, ho ia not a auccott
on Inddol and tpiriluat lecturur. Fur
mory a prion, who taught doctrinet he
aid not believe, ha it now defending an
untound doctrlna becauio In In dufn b
maket bit dally bread. Wo do not car
for hit vlrtal tniitllot, but wo repeat lha
a man of bit protni.ilom tboulit be lioth
unfair mad lllpl l.
Till: WARiiKar llkjht going on In Egypt
uit now, It lor tbo Shrievalty of Jubmon
county, uray, tbe Radical candldato, bat
gained contlderublo popularity among bit
party Iriendi, by being proven b-jhlno
hmd in the matior of p-ylnu: ovor ibo
publio revenue, tlnco 1871. lilt compel.
llor, Carter, it tbe Farmer.' candidate,
and blng an upright man, an ex-Union
toldler, of coniidurablo pertonal popular
lly, it ii.belleved bo will bj elected. The
public aflirt of Johnton county bavo
been tadly mltmanagcd, acd, of courte,
thoio wbote foot aro in tbo mire, die bard
Kuykondall, the "iquelcbed," it a suppor
ter of tbe old regime, and deslrei it con
Isaac Clements favort appropriation!
tor tho improvement of our wottorn rlv
ort. Bo duet William Hartr.ell .' so does
tbo ODli-o Democratic party of tbo Wcet
and Souk At tbo next bouse of Con-
greu will bo Democratic, William Hart,
ztll acting with tbo majority, could te.
euro the requirnd appropriations. Isaac
CUmentr, acting with tho minority, would
rejoico In tho dofoat of appropriation! in
that direction ; would work to bring It
about, In tbo bopo tbat tbo country would
hoi 1 tbo majority retponnblo for tbo in
iquitous ebortcomlng. If, then, you would
secure tbo further Improvement of our
Wostorn and Southern rivori, vo'.o lor
William Uartzell.
FAsmo.vaiiL Weuoiko atGolco.vdo
Tbellltlo city of Qolconda, wat astir for
a week past, over thn prospective wedding
of Mr. U. E. Welherbae, of Greenville.
Mist., and Miss Dora MoCoy, tbo oldest
daughter of J. W. McCoy, a prominent
morcbunt of Oolconda. Tbo csromoay
wat performed at tbo rotidenco of tie
brldt'i p.tronti, Friday alturnco n, In th
presence of a large assemblage of Ibe best
peoplo ot tbat place and surrounding
country, elomu II f uun ladl t and gentle
men accompanied tb. bridu and croom li
Cairo, arriving Friday morulng, on tbe
Jiuamer Silverihorn. Tbo parly remained
at tho I'lantor t 11 into until latt ovunin'
wnen li.uir irlendt reluruod bv boat to
Uolconda, and tho bride and groom took
a ammpnitpasKat fur Ureoiivillo, their
future borne.
Fihbt Pa (iE.noei: 1 hAiw Yi-ttarday
Jlr. James, ibe gmlleinenly conductor u
the consiructiiiii train of ibo I!, ii Si L
R R very kindly Invitod tbu lady boaitl
ert in me at. unarlut to make nn excur
l m trip up tbu road, wbareupon tho fol
lowing ladlet accompanied by tbelr re-pec
Hvo butbandt assembled at the dupo (7)
llrt Uradly, lloore, C irenran, Winie
and Howh, !,., Mr. Frank Howe. In
tho meantime Mr. J tmos bad exlemper
Iz-d a paitenger car from ono ot tb
gravel curt, tbe team of which wboro com
posed chiefly of railroad ties and oak
plankt. i!,30 tbo train undar tho con
trol of Mr. J., departed with about at ju
bilant a party at ovor loft Cairo; pro
ceeding about tbreo miles they dlsem-
barlcod, and after spending a half hour or
more pleasantly in the woods, returned to
tho elty, much elated by their trip, ann
fueling mteful to Mr. J. for tbo pleuture
glvitd then- Long live Ibo 0. 4 St. I
R. R
1 ecson al. lion. Oliver Evans, of
Pblladolpbta, a prominent and wealth)
Quaker, was at tbo Ht. Charles yesterday
on en return from a two months' tour in
tbo wett and south to see tbo advtntages
thoy oirorol for Inveitment and emlgri-
tlon. He wat delighted with the country.
north aud toutb, west of tbo Mississippi
Aldnraan McEwon came home by
tbe yesterday afternoon train from a bus
iness trip to Chicago, and roportt tbat bo
wat In u snow storm from Chicago to
i-hampalgn. Tbit accounts for tbo cold
north wlndt of -Friday opening and Sat
urday. Arrlvalt at tbo St. Charles aro at fol
lowi ; F Wescat Amboj, J J Delanoy,
Cbictgo; J 0 Wettfall, Waterloo, Iowa;
8C O.born, Jackson, Mlu; J W llurke,
Cincinnati) R S Molllvano, Chicago; d
Musson, Cobden; 11 M Rutcbllds, P hi!-.
delphla; l'T Hughos.Ht Loult, A II Sot.
ton, Ollmoro, III; J E Porkint, Clncln
natl; U K Hampton, Sprlnisfleld. Ohio:
Jno Peanon, J W Lovo, St Louis.
At tbo St. Nlcholai aroi Garrett
Weaver and wife, Cotton Hill, Mo; John
Herrln, Jack Andorson, W W Keet, J
H Ilatts, John Stevens, h W Smlier. J P
Ulanton, all of Cotton Hill. Moi Hon
Into Clemcnti, Carbondale: Wm Grar.
St Loult,
Rooms to rant In
Wllcos'! block, at
tbo lownt price
A Uoustt Team ox rat Rampaoe.
Throo young country tlidet-two bro
ther! named Tyncb, nnd young Ourley
camo to town ynterTlay, and tarried long
the "rye." They tecamo limber
clinched and fought, ftu promu
cuously and without Mm, until tho th.de.,
ol evening admonlthnd ilium tnoy ougnno
light out." Two of tbu ibrfJ "" w""
Ingj but tbo tblr , John ?":' "D
vfri druiiK, wat oi coum-, j - -
lliHii cinn tho "luif of ' lOB lw"
imbor blttd!U4jdtho U-k of fire-
lug tho third vry liu.b.tr bldo Inlo tbe
willing w-gof. Mhirlt wero torn, lacai
wrro tcratcliod, nontwero mado to r-ln
th iwer. of clrret, and ttlll tb very limi-r
I'yn. h W4 nut in tnu waton binalya
muscular Cairo butcher inviteu to
halpi Bin', in li'tt limn linn w.i cotitumu
In tolling It, that llmb-r chap't becla
warn bih In tha air, ard bit body eriiun.
bint in tbo wagon boJ. Tb two com-
i)nlm.e put whip to the hi.rtos, and away
wont tbo trio off, apparently for the tilit.
rtut what m-ant lb commolion7
Tho ttroot It 01 d with pcopl.
Tha matter wat toon explained. Tbo
iem attchd to tbn wii;on wat nt full
flight on a md runaway. Tha very
lnub-r I.lntb Is thrown from tho wagon
ullgbtt upon hl IihuJ, turnt aialll, and
train alight uoau downwarus. mo
maddened team take a tuldnn .urn tho
wo companions, aro unseated, and, at if
atcd to break thoir necks, fll from tbe
wagon and strike tbe ground head down-
warll Wbilo tbo frightened borsel dash
forward and tmasb too wagon agalntl a
treo, crowds gather about lb un wagoned
country chaps. One of thorn it found
nursing a blooiy nose; another It found
tqueeziug n bruliol and confutol head,
wbllo tbo third was lound bloody and in-
teoslble, to all appoarnces, with a broken
neck. Ham Irrln wat there (at he it
overywhere) and bustled tbo wounded
Into n tprlng wagon, and drove them to
tbo infirmary, wboro they now are iead
or alive, wo don't know which.
And this, up to tho presont hour, I" all
wo know nbout tbo runaway,
Editou Bulletin ; Tbe board of edu
cation of tbo city of Cairo gave to tbe
tcacberi a holiday Friday, to at to enablo
tbem to accept Mr. A. R. Salford a and
Major Morrlll't kind offer of a freo ride
to Vincennct and back on tbe' Cairo and
Vlncennes Railroad.
Your correspondent, happening to bo
on tbo train, formed tbe acquaintance ol
mott of tbete t"cber, and founa them,
takep all In all, Inloltcctual, btlght, viva-
ciotit and good (looking.) Tbe last two
words particularly apply to tbo
ladiot but In tblt cato there being
but ono gentleman teacher In tbe party,
wn will make tht application genoral, and
ay that Prof. G. O. Alvord It at good
and good-lookin; in our judgment at
Hamlet's father wat in hi'. Wo iy tbit
on short acquaintance, but h,vo slept on it
and are of the tamo opinion ttlll.
At any rate, bu wat at devoted to the
happlneu and enjoyment of bis party at
be could bf, und we think tbo young
ladlet appreciated bit effort', by the man
ner In which they clustered rround him
wbllo ho pointed out to tbem tho many
heuutilul vluwt of rnmanlio tcenery along
ibo lino of the 0 4V It R.
THE TtsacilKKa
Mitt M.K. McUrlde, Principal or the
ro "rod tuhoul, it smart wo mean It;
hnad like u good Congreitman, (not Cle
ments). Mit-et Ruth nnd H title, her titters, aro
lixcheri In tho white -chool, and am ajso
v-ry IntelUc ual und bright. Tbey aro
al' i;railualet of Oswego Normal College,
Now York.
Mitt Nannlu McKe", well-known in
Cairo, and to tbe manor born, it a gradu
ate of Cairo High School. Sbo bat charge
of tho grammar department, nnd wina ad
miration by her smooth, quiet way
turning sharp corners. Sbo is well
Mist Emma Livingttoo, tt a graduate ot
Nolro Dm, Ind, Wo have tbe Profet
tor'a word for It tbat the Is a success.
MIm Thompson, of tbo Thirteenth Street
Grammar School, It a good teacher, o
course, or our Hoard of Education would
not havo rolnlnn I hor for throe years,
Miss Annie Palllls, Cairo graduate
also to tbo manor born, It bright, mtelll
gent and genial.
Mitt M. Powers, craduate of tbe ttato
Normal University, teacher In tbe Thir
teenth Street School, It a pleasant-man
nored, good-looking young lady with no
airt nor affectation.
Mist Rogert It well-known at tbo pro
tiding gcnlut of tho Eleventh Street
Miss Houston It by naturo tontlbla
practical, and wi'.hal agreeable.
Mist L. Walbridge. also a Cairo girl, It
known to bo substantial, poranverlng,
pleasant and pretty.
Thlt constituted tho) inaka-up Of Cairo
teacher! on tho train which loavoi Cairo
at 6 o'clock a, rn. and arrivot at Vln
cennes at 1:20 p. m.
Wo wero happy In taking dinner at tho
Railroad Ilouio, kept by our old friend
Law Watson, who estx keep a hotel. Jutt
tblnk of everything good you over ate,
and then add baked trout all cooked by
a $'.'40 prr raonlb cook and you can bo
gin to comprebond our Vliiconm dinner
Major Morrill was on tbe train going
up, and took etpoolal paint to mako our
party comfortable nnd happy. Jamet
Pblllit, route agont, wat alto kind and at
tentlvo. Jjjlh these
warmest tbankt ol the wholo parly.
W do not know to whom wo warn In.
dibted for tbe bran baid serenades al
Carml and Vlnoonnet, We aro too modott
to attribute It to tho unuiual rrood loom
of the prty
Welelt Vlncennes flftv minutes h-Mmi
time, and ran llko Mark Twsin'i (oared
utycte' until wo reaobed Carml, where
night overtook ut and we overtoolclimr ,
Wo taw the wood! on ate In many placn,
which prettntnd piotuni grand and pic
turesque. Little continuous fliimoi, burn
Ing In circlet and Imautlful cu ves, pre
onllng In the denp wood! and larknet-,
m my a faniattlo olivet.
The wearying, tlrotome monolnn tf
school teaching bad a respite, and fr the
day, a. I earn Wat hauitbed and school girl
dayt, with th -lr romp, hilarity and cle
nilurniid und ruled tho hour
Wo reluctantly ptr od at Twenll ll'
iireet, nil friends, wherea, before wo were
nly 1 .rmal orqutlnlance-.
M .ny tbiiiika to Mr. S.ff.ird and man)
regrolt that hu wat not along. BAbCo.
Editor liULLCTINi
D ak !: I road In your Issue of
Thursday morning, with iomo surprise,
what it designed at a grand oxpoto of
iplntuall-m, teimraily, und of Mrs. Hollli
in particular, and havo been requested 10
writu a reply to It by tJine of your but
cilizjrit, who happen to ton this wboio
matter in n light vury different from that
in which It it set out in tbe Hulletix
But you may ak, and Jutlly too, why ao
not ibso ''best cilizmi" write thuir own
delcnee?" Well, let me antwer for thorn
tblt once, and by ai d by they will tpoak
for thomielvot. It mutt lulllco now to
aay, I liny are In public bu-lnoit, and dr
tbelr present and future position, many
of them are dependant upon public patrou
ago nnd public opinion. They aro not
therefore, prepared to face tho bigotry
and superstition of credal dogmatism
in Cairo, and fly to the detonte ol"jlhe
molt sacred religion of thn human bo-rt
and of n modest, unassuming, kind-be t
ed gentlewoman wbo bad been lnvit-d to
tbo city to hold a few spiritual tetne-
bowevor manly and noblu tucb a course
would be.
Tho subscriber can and doci write this
defence, ulclog no favort of any man in
Cairo, oranywbero else,cxcept that ho di
me the favor to road, carefully, nnd r.-illi
out prejudice, ai far as he can. what 1
write. I know It It not possible for hu
man naturo to lay aside, all at once, the
prejudices that bavo bean a:cuniulnled lor
years sgatost tbeso now and strangi
things, tbat are turning the world upside
dorn. Bat 1 will provo to you, my good
Iricnds, that there U one, at least, who cm
reuon, without getting angry, or evincing
suporttltion, though you have seen prop r
in your woutd-bo expose, to donounco a 1
wbo accept splrit-al phenomena and itt
philosophy ej "unreasoning fanatics.'1
Tbeso are your words ; not at intelliglblo
as tbey might bo perhaps; but I think tbt
fault is likely in your proof-render, and
not In tbo writor of the article, vl;:
"Thoy will not reason ; unbelief in th
doctrino they meet with denunciation ;
they have, In tbort, become fanatics as
unrcntonable as tbo most devout worship,
ort at tbo altar of superstition and ignor
ance. " "How is that for high ." Wbel
applied to such mon as Judge oDonuld
late Judgo of the Unttod States dittrct
court for tho district of Indians, thai
whom a more able jurit tbe government
scarco evr produced whose profot U m
for many yeart, accuttomud him to exam
ino testimony, weigh Gviduce, tott tin'
genuinots of facts, oto, or V'Ce-1'resideni
Wilson, or ox Vico-IVestdect Colfax, or
oi-President Lincoln, the lamented, oi
Prof, Hurl, thn most distlngul-bod chern
Itt and electrician that America ever pn
duced, or l'r. f. '"rookt, of England tb
mnstdtstingui-hnd cbetnislol ihal country,
or Prof, Varloy, F 11. S, superintind-nt
of the marine telegraph, than whom, a
m r competent electrician does not live,
or Flammanon, the great malbmeticlan
and philosnpber, or Hoeflit, author of tbt
'History of Cheml-lry," or Fitche, one ol
tbe most astuto philosophers of tho world
or Herman Goldsmith, astronomer, or
Prof, Higgins, attronornor and tpactrotco
pitt, Handing al the very bead of science
In England, and hundreds of otbor mtii
of great renown, at icientltts, ttatotmen
pbilosnpberi, pootp, artists and pbyili'
lata among them Victor Hugo, wbo.witl
the majority of those named above, totted
tbn genuiness of spiritual phenomena It
tbe prctenco of Mrt, Hnlllt, and also
number of other distinguished modi
How does that kind of a wholesale charge
sound coming from a tmatt or
gan, llko Tub Caiuo Bulleii.n
written by a young man a clever young
man eiougb but a moro boy compared
with tho graybearda tbo heavy beads of
witdom, tchnce and philosophy: and tbl
youth, at I understand from tbe artlclo in
question and from otbor sources, never
having beon present himself at any of
Airs, uums" seances, but writing up bis
artlclo on tbo tay-to of other parties; and
judging from the pbratoology, I have
myself talked with ono of those ptrtioi,
whom I do not hesitato to pronounce, not
as an opinion vaguely conceived, but
bated upon factt, a telf-concoited, unrest-
onlng Ignoramui, Now, my young friend,
l navo no denunciation! for tou, but only
pity, wheu you soy that "iplrituallim it
a wickcu irauu." Hpiritualum a wicked
fraud? Then aro all religions wicked
fraudi, for all religion! are baiod on spir
itual phenomena. Look al the ancient ro
ugioni oi jsgypi; mr tnousanai of years
prior to tbo birth of Moiei, spiritual
phenomena lay at tbo baiel Look at tbe
ancient Hindoo religions, and the religion
of thn Chinese, running bark moro than
ten thousand yean I spiritual phenomena
lay at tbo batoof tbem all. Look at tbe
ancient Hobrew religion; seo Moses In
Mount JToreb, at tbo "burning buib,1' be-
foro tbo king, In conteit with tbe mcdl-
urns, nooromancert and soothsayers nt
Egypt. Tbo latter duplicated the phono-
mena of tho formor, till it came to nro.
ducing 'lice,' and Motet beat thorn on tbe
louse question.' ben the pUU- of cloud
by day and tbe pillar of Are by night,
that acoompanied tbe people In thn
wllderneii, etc, Thlt ancient form of ro-
llgion was specifically a tplrilual religion,
xai,jn--axaxisxx3ai3 xooo.
Cm jiii iiiiini!ii'H
Po not buy old candica,
iiniuier and aic btale, claiming
see lo your weight. Every box
net, or 0 ounces over live pounds. Ho member tin- place
Corner 8th St. and
The Only Placo in the City where You
Tbo law given by the dlspant-tloti o
an el t was a grand spiritual manifuita-
llin, Tn iceno recot'l-l in -ud S iin tel.
i8th cbaplor a grand spiritual teno
bringing, not from ibe vasty danp" Ml
from tho spirit realm lh 'laid o the s-al.
Samuel, t'i old aoer and prophet, i-lrjtn
the world ha 1 called iIhvI and btirrted
for two yeart and a half. That was a
raml spiritual some on tbo Mount "I
Trantdgurnlton, when Jesus, tbo bnait.fu
nedlum of Galilee, called InM hit pre-
enco Motes, wbo bad bmn g m.i from ihe
tonts of Iiraot 1,100 years, nnd E tj in
who bad ben gono Irom the lUld ot pro
pboiy 000 years i yethnru, intboproietio
of witnesses, Peter, J, in is and John, the
are materialized ("nt tho cant of -piri'-Uallsm
has It," that's what you tay of spir
itualistic nomancUlum), yes, inal-rial
Ued, or how could Jesus, l'elor, .Itue
aad John seo them? How could tbey
talk without matarlaliztl voeil orgaoa
It it well for cbrittianlty that some of ibe
M. D.'t an 1 newspaper reporters of Cairn
wero not In tbat tetuce on the
Mount during tho darknett ot
that night, mado luininnu.
only by the transcendent glory of the
medium and tbo spirit', for lliey would
bavo -pulled tbe most botu.iful and won
droit story of tbo gospel, by a few diu.i.
of crayon on patte-boarj, and a few whit-
pert through a tin born I Tool wat a
grand spiritual manlfoitatlon, given at
Uollibazar'i feast, when a spirit hand
materialized" "at tho cant ot spiritual
sm hat It" tako your own record for it
ibe 1 J 1 bio, and wrotu "tntne w.nr." 4e
If you M. D 't.4 Co. had been there, aad
tetn tbo flight and ditmay of tbe king,
you would havo laid; "Why you old
fool! Tbat wat nothing under tbn tut,
hut a piito-haard hand, touched with
crayon!' But aid that ttma niht was
the king slain.
All' my friend, you know not how 'at-l
i ttab you give your cbrittitn rieiijhb.ir.
hcn you oharo tha; all of jpinwiUiiin
h a wicked fraud.'
But to far as Mrt. II illis fa concern-.,
.he whole difficulty lies in wbut yju c ulo
i a lack of toil conditions. I Jut 3U
Ltolllt bat b)n t-etu 1 ihnryurlily,
irucialtv, by tuob mun as Dr. Wolf, D m
I'ia'.t, Mr. Pymtlon und many olhr
ind the remit publlth 1 1 M tbo w ,rld 4
that, to t ibmil to all mtnnxr of turuir
ind ladual.loi that mli-bl b.i r.qnnt l
v.,ry cot',0 and Ign irant na'i or wo in
woo mtghl clioos i to do t.i, is simp'y m
t lan hum in na ure oai betr, ami if I
w u a milium, having lull an I perfni
iOntcloutnets of my me liumthip, I wool.
ay to such ru te nun, "dirt as yu -a
that 1 and all of those things aro of Hi
levll, you may jutt go lo and leari
ibo truth about II ibero " Arid yel, I
'iiighl to have pittance with sc-pii:', tot
I once required the most crucial tests my
elf; but wb.ua I found such evidences ut
genuiness at Mrs. Hollis has givan again
nd ui-aln, in this city, I tried, then, lo be
reasonable in my demands. Now, sir
allow mo to tell you what 1 know
about Mrs. Il.'t soancot In Cairo no
wnai d'uneoo'iy oiso told mo-yet my owi
Knowledge Is tutlaiued by tbo experience
ifotbart.for theUftt and only tlmo I sat In
ber circlet wat at Mr. M.'t, in this "borii
bio uarknets" that you speak of, nnd as
wisang "I'm a pilgrim," an extra volco
jolnod and sang not Mrt. Hnlllt excut
ma Mrt. H. was nover guilty of prrpe
irating tucn a "iraud ' at attnnipting to
sing anything, nvon In a Methodist pray
meeting, so I nnl advised by tbono wbo
know hor best, and if tbora is anything Ii
phrenology, Mrt. II. could not "tuno a tun
uwu ,m a viuukuj tllCK. Y11II0 WO
wero questioning who it could bo, a volco
quite,.lstlnct "camo from out the view
i . t -1 .i ....
ioso air, uaranosj saying "u wat your
sister Uarrlot, Ood bleu you my ll-otbur;
I am to happy to meet you once more
( 1 I r . I ..
uuuer tucu conuuions as enable mo to
speak to you," oct est., many tests of
real Idonlty wore given in a few momonts'
Now yo wiss onot say "M s. 11, gels the
informution sbo Imparts in tbu dark
nances, during tho Ight teancat. whon
tho writing it done on tho slatn. Rut I
bad not bean in any saaiicoi boforu. nnd
then tbero aro n tcoro of "good man aud
true," and women as well, wao, at tbe
first soanco and who wero utlor ttrnngert,
got tbo namet or pjrtont, got f.ic',4, iodl
cations, dayt and dates, of iho most won
derous cnaractor, writton in various hand,
writings in uermau, brooch, Engli h
ect. Wheordidtbe knowledge como friun?
How was It put nn tho slttc? Can you
hold a slato out at arm's length with one
blind and with tbo same hnnd wrlto a
lengthy and Intelligent communication on
t in a languago that you know nitblnK
of at all? No sir: you don't daru to say
you can, or tbat any other mortal on the
oirth can; yet at a tplrilual phenomena, tblt
h i occurred : Mrs1. U, hn'dt a tlato with a
Hltlo fragmont of o pencil on it, out nt
arm's long;band such a communication
In alanguigo to her unknown it wrlttnn
on It. V hu dnet It?
Your oxplanation ot the trumpet
peaklngit aimply childish ttel Mn. H
It vain ond dressy, wears diamond;
that have been hci-t over tin
homo manufacture. .Also
ought to contain live 1 oiiiitls
Washington Axr.
can get a Complete Assortmr nt.
rl g4 mil can't v n lav tb m ff u tbe
)n-K. and you know she oxi uses h-r "tck
ry by m-ppnu li rn.g- -g.r.ttltut
trumpet, and this slut ttrn ev y tilths.
Is tb tmart ? On, y-a very, bat liu- n il
ento t-iimitft) In lay IT bo rings Fie I
Snudtt of Solon, lirtMxl i ver lit I
All twaildlri. abtmt ibo 23Ulhl and
J ,n-i la tlmpty twaddle, d.tiitn-d to
ctoh the a-1 1 1 among ortboi x and tieto-
But why do peopln lhat are ot'.'icl x
object so muoh o dark clrcl-t n cu in
thn Bill' f ibo l, 13 exampbt of wendcr
workinif,OI if ihatn occurred In Ue
ni,bt -tin i, or In Vm dark,
Again, why do you obj -ct so m ich lo
tho horn u-od In tbrta toanc-t ? It b o
wurshlpen oubt not; for did riot thn
tplrit on M-iuntSirai tpiak tbrougli n
trumpet, when It waxd loud-r and
biuler7 Was not that .plrl uali in ' in a
born?'' Does not Gabriel, un ansUnl -plr-
It, use a trumpol? L xik ni y ur Bi .In
and you will toe that th U irn biuret
very cmtpic mutlv In tbt religion f it
1-In ally, I eulmiit tbit Inq iry It it
fair, reasonable rlgMorjust tecniilrmn
any ne wl hout i lisarl g? Di t not
tbe law hold evry man to b-t Inn "ent
till bts Is proven guilty? Havrtjou, Mr
Elitor, bseu In any of Mrs II t tomr-i"
No. not a single lime havi you ben there
but you bavo male up your ica' lal : t
anicl-t un tno tay. to of n certain M t
who h'tnielf threw up both batida and
was roady to swear that If then things
were not ra!, ihn bo thould no m ro
credit hit tensw, and ibeti, In a day tr
two, btsan lo twwar II Wat all butnbug
ar.d trickery Whn do-t bo teil thn
trifb and when tie II-7 What it the o d
Lttln Mxi.ini, "faltut In ini 'a ji in
But fjv bun Ired d illars aro 'fTrd for
thn c-aynit, tir chrom shown at M '. M t,
at the grand -sl pi c f nrt r.r prol i ..d
and tin will gla-lly psy thai f.r so r
fact a portrait of ibe lovo I line g i , Tr-n
d-ola'ntl..n tint lh-.t tnater, .allnnt
wr fltt mrfaiwi. 1, f Un. fr , ,,j x
or eight oth"r saw th-m, they w r jut
tk "talua-y l uinlnlw) tavn that tliey
ha I lif . and m ti n and lriteMk. nro,
Hut yoi t.y t-.. H
writing !-s th whl p
....... ..t .... . . . .
f e
I w
ijw i li;i.lrui, anu noi. al n . r u gt
hatnrocUl i.nl m h i Irit work r,
l ilnuiand of vu, at b Jutt person How
d ou t now 7
But lhr I. a you g medium just com-
log into nniorimy, Mr. Matt, of M. mpl.lt
Mo. lie dtmandu that you pm miitcm
n hit t ,nd ai I .iw mum i nr, and
'a'. li-uir him nnd ohaln bun .,w i -, t,M
1 , an I iIih.h pirit. ma ,,nU ..,, ,,ri.
I z-
and -ho tn fc. hu ,k iut
u uiiy in n -.,, ttn j n( , H
tun-il-ne. y.j oh the m oiii ii a. p
t lo cabinet, In a iIh,. trane- S I f r
h m an." teoiiro In, iiimll in. h t y n
damai. it. Itu- what ,il It ? J, i, iC(
o many of you In Cal'.i. S. who ,
n a tielieVH tho' tuiH dlil ri." fn m i e
dud, literally. And others are so much
a r.tM of lliat mi,erbIo old todbie I
crone, Madam Grundy, that they w,,u d
not dare to say what limy know to bt ibo
truth If ihni grand Id phih p'.er,
tb.t "livel in nib," .)()U , c ,me lo
Cilro and with n .lbiel cMndle go
t 'rough hor streets In ",oatph nf a man '
hu would past several f thai,. M, D 's
with a shrug of bis shoulders
N..w, jou tay, we will n t reason on
thu.o inaltert. I b-r. by Invite not to
say challnga every cirU'yoian, layman,
doctor and editor of this city, to m rpaa
and fair cli.cu-slon of tbeso matters in
hit Alheneiim, for on week. Clm e
your lime, nfior tbn Ifiih f November
Wo will como and reason together il you
choose. Very truly,
T. B. Taylor, jr. D.
A. Black, has ju-t hEcr.ivKii ak
tiikh invoic or til sr. fink. ccncn
Nt) .VKEli To WEAIl MaTA 10 TIM To
fcurriNo r at Tom, r.ui tii ear. auk
UY Tilt tit EXrBNSIoN eoI.Es AIIE hUrn-
el est rrtTk.orio.v anu coliiink that
and Commercial ayakue.
Tub Bint ins tors at the
D 'ruonico
SOL, -20-tf
Res a i am,
"TllK Boy "will liavoa social ilnn o
at Jam , Cloan'a corner Cumin 'ti la ave
nue nnd Tnlrly-fourt strui, on ilou
night, N vember linil. Allure c .r,ii'v
invited m ten t
l4.iicOji ...c,4Am .
L-li.stH. l L .la
litis D tl hut nUaia..,.
a.lll l u ir tl IU.JD ol Nl io Oilii. ...
Lauulmr Ojs. Tceih extraitrrf , .1
bourt, day and night, M7-tf

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