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inn hhi.
. . I .Ira from tit A lllOUSSllU Ulll
p.ner . nd finely printed, lor
3.60 to 4.00.
One thousand statement printodatTnit
Uulletim onice lor jd.ou w .w.
at Meat.
.........A -nta v,rU nrintcd at Tins'
. . . .. -.rA. nn nriitol I
One thousand business cards, fine lirmoi i
board. SrtnUd at Thk Hullktin offlce tor
from 2.W to 0.O0, according vo sue.
' "Pit your oyster at tho D olmonlco.
Athmxcu. Susan Denlo at tho Athe-
Mum to-night.
Tn Best
ovslert at tno uoimuu;u
FRXsn oystert or anything olso you
vrant at tho l5lmonlco Heataurant open
day and night.
v. hvt Ooltaee. No. 32 Tenth
.(p.m. between Washington and Walnut.
JBnquIr- of Chat. Lane, or at The Uulle-
tjt offlc. "
I'luck a pair of tboso ologant chro
mot for aalf, at aix dollar, retail price
tan dollars. Apply it tho Hulleti.v Or-
nc. tf
Cotne'b oyster depot and rostauran
Oysters in tho shell and can, fresh every
day, at l'hll Saup's old. tjand, between
Sixth and Seventh streots, Cairo, ill.
IIoy Wasted. At this ofllco who un
derstands feeding Oordon'i and Degnor's
presses. Address or apply to forman job
room, Ibis office.
The St. Charles Hotel baa sovoral
pleasant rooins on tho upper floor, suita
ble for gentlomen, that can be secured for
the winter, with board, at very reasonable
rates. U
For balr ok kknt, cheap A good
second band piano. Enquire at tho Hall
road House, corner of Elghtoouth street
and Commercial vonuo, Cairo.
Fnisn SurrLY. Mr. r. Fitzgerald bat
just received and hat on talo at bit tales
room, a large stock of English ale, portor,
Henntisy brandy and wines, and liquors
of all kinds, which bo will dispose or at
reasonable prices. SSO-O-UO-lra
A large lot of new prlmo llvo goese fea
thers for sale in quantities to suit tho pur
chasers, at lowest market prices.
nEsr.x Saters,
380-18-27-Sw 05 Ohio Lovoc.
New Cairo Citt Coal ai AVoob
Yard. Goto C."W. Wheeler & Co. for
ritttburg, Grand Tower and Illinois Coal.
"Wood alwavs on hand and sawed to
KErE8ENTATlvis, Toe rpresnta
ivctfrem thlt district aro Messrs. "Wins
ton, Incore and Albright. Mr. Albright
is elected by a much larger majority than
either of his colleagues.
In tho good old anti-Ore times the
"Sherman House" was Chicago's most
popular hotel. Wo aro glad to know
that this popularity Is not less deserved
now than it was then. Tbo now "Sher
man" even surpasses tho old.
Death. Capt. Thomas Wright, father
of Mrt. W. 1. Halllday and W. 1. Wright,
Esq., died suddenly at Memphis yeiter.
day mornina;. Mrs. W. I'. Halllday left
on the morning train to attend tho funeral.
Mrt. nenry Halllday bore her company
on bar tad million.
liUNcn Every Day, Ueorgo Lattner
corner of Fourteonth and Washington
avenuo, will furnish herealler, evory day
to hla patrona a No. 1 lunch, betweon the
hours of ten and twelve o'clock. Fresb
Milwaukeo beer and fragrant Hav
ana clgart to be bad at bit bar at all
Lumber Still Uoino Down. As we
are determined to close out our stock
speedily, preparatory to winding up bus
iness, we will tell all kinda of lumber at
two dollars per thousand lest than mar
ket prlcti. A large lot of lath and stove
wood on band, which will bo told at cor
respondingly low rates.
2i!l-9.0-tf Wall & E.vr.
We have at the Bulletin OrricE an
order for fifty dollar! on the "Wilson
Hewing Machine Company" wblcb Is good
for Ita face at part payment on a loyunly
flve dollar sewing machine. Any person
In want of a first class sowing raacblno can
get a seventy.flve dollar one for fifty dol
lars, by applying at this oflice. tf
A Good Ciiasce. I oiler for sale the
entire outfit and stand of the St. Nicholas
Hotel, on Commercial avenue, Cairo. 111!
noli, with a good paying butlnest, or 1
win sen mo bar and lixturei separate
from tbo outfit of toe bnuso, all on good
ternir. Apply at the hotel.
Wm. Wetzel, Proprietor,
Chain Gamu. City Jailor McCarthy,
oaams boys out yesterday ditching on
bothaldasof Cross street. During the
apring season this street was impassible
rri.- .- i ... ... 1
nul uuw ceing done will improve
t ... L . ... . . . !
vujawuai, out io make it passable at
all times, ten or more loads ot grav, or
cmoers snouia be put on the dirt thrown
from the ditches.
Notice or Kemoyai I'arkor & Ax
ley, commission merchants, bavo removed
to No. 190 Commercial Avenue, between
Eleventh and Twelfth Stroets, where they
have In itore 2,000 bushels of fine peach
blow potatoet, end ),., ot of ,
onlonr, baant, etc., etc., for ui.
-At "Our Saloon," Eighth street, be
twean Commtrelal avenue and Ohio levee,
hungry may find alt hinds of edibles and
-I t.- ...J ll.n I lull,
h.tnr iixki'o. cheese. iVc . end inn
uv...ef c ' '
thirsty tho flncit ol wines and liquor,
froih lagor baor, And tho best brands ol
clgari. Atlentlvo bar-keopcri aro always
'on bond; nnd tho lunch tot dally, at 10
o'clock, I'undayt included, li at flno m
f ny In tho city." Call tround. 10-22-tl
liKWLT-riTTisD, flcoly furnlshod harbor
by George Stelnhousc, corner Com-
merclal avonuo and Eighth ttrcot. xcora
of nractlce have clvon linn n Unlit band
makos tx imooth shavo delightful
who try him once will call again
the lato dally papers aro kopt on bit
table fur tbo benefit of lilt customers, ana
tboro Is no tedious waiting for turn.
W. l.tNKin, roprcsontlng 1). W.
Irwin iV Co., of Cblcaco, toni
lowing quotations In grain:
endiui the (01-
November wheat, SC.
Decembor wheat, 80J.
Novembor corn, 72j.
Year corn, C8J.
Novembor oalf, 47.
Year oals, 48.
Novembor barley, 1.16.
Fun in al. The funeral ol Wm. Hoge
, was attended by llio uatlno socioiy to
the number of lortv-three. and tbo Arab
fire compony, with slxty-ono in lino
Those organizations woro followod by a
large number of friends of the (tmily or
Hi decent J, iieadcd by the Delta City
band, which playod a fuooral dlrgo wbilo
pasting through tho atrootr. The remalot
woro takon to Villa Hldge, by a special
train, for burial.
Great Jackson Kseimit Kovte,
Orni'K Fr't Ao't, Cairo, Ills.,
November 4, 1874.
N.;OJ. AG. N.K. It., Miss. Central It.
It., Miss. & Tenn. li. It., Consolidated.
From this dato no frolgbla will bo ro
celved for shipment by thlt road until fur
ther ordors. 11. F. IIlui:, Aixcnt.
Daily ajUkcu JaccKoi is now spread
ing a dally lunch of tho finest kind, be
tween 10 and 12 o'clock n. m., and invites
all hla patrona to partake. Jaockel has
also fitted up a room in tbo roar of his sa
loon, in which ho will torvo oysters In all
styles. Gentlomen with ladlct can be ac
commodated with a fine table and oystors
in any style. Milwaukee boor nlways
fresh. Corner Washinhton aveauo and
Twolfth street, opposlto The Bulletin
Lecture. Hon. Warron Chase, will
dlllver hla lecturo on tho ''Origin nnd
charactor of tho Goda" on Sunday morn,
ing, Nov. 8tb, at the hall of tho Froo lte
ligioua Association.
In tbo evening, by particular request,
be will deliver hit famous locturo. on
Wbat wo know, and bow wo know it,
Ho refers to neitncr notos or rnanu
script, but relies entirely upon a knowl
edge of facts ; which he roadlly expresses
In plain and powerful language.
Store, Misa llurnildo desire to call th
stlonton of tho Indies to bor full and
comploto lino of millinery and fancy
goods just openod in thoAthoneum build
ing on Commorcinl avenuo. Her stock
consists of a full assortment of fall hats
Java canvas and patterns, n full lino of zo
phyrs, nil colon, foathert, French lloworj,
ribbons, and a general assortment of fancy
articles, such as nro kept In a millinery
store. 321-10.7-lm
Joe HoNEKKii is now in full control of
the Washington bakory, and having
learned tho wants of tho .public, Is pro
pvod to supply on call all demands for
Fronch loaf, lioiton, llrown and Graham
biead, and ovorything olie ordinarily
found in a first-class bakery. Mo main
tains a full stock of confoctloneriot, and
can, at woll as any other dealor in tbo
city, nil U onlora In that lino.
Cakes baked, frosted or ornamontcd on
short notice. Special attention given to
tbo ordors ot wcddlnc; or picnic partlos.
j; 9-12-tf
Just Arrived. Mr. EhJort, tbo boot
and shoo man, Twontloth street, between
Warbington avonuo and l'oplar stroet
baa just rscelvod, according to provlous
announcemont, from Henry Arthur, im
porter of leathon, Now York,
Fronch Calf,
French Klpi, ,
Sole Leather,
And everything eliu portalnlng to tbo
making of first-class boot and shoo work.
Tboso nccdiDir foot wear aro invited to
call and oxamlno this stock, llio lluost
brought to Cairo. 3o7-10-20-tf
Netv Luhiieii Yard. Chat. Lancas
ter, and New'.on Elce, (lato with
S. Waltors both well known to our
citizens, ami to river men generally, bavo
established n lumbar yard In Cairo, cor
ner Sixteenth street and Commorcinl ave
nuo, J hey will koep every description
or building matorUl and ttoairiboat lum
ber, dcort, sasb, blinds, mouldings.
shingles, lath, otc, etc., and aro determined
to sell lower than lumbor has over been
sold in Cairo. Thoy solicit a fair trial
from steamboat men and bulldors, and
will guarantco satisfaction In all cases.
It. Jones, iashionablo bootmaker, imt
moved into bit now houso noxt to his old
stand on Commorcinl avonuo, and assures
bis frlondt that hu is bettor than ever pro
arod to aatlsfy thorn In tho style, stock.
lit, etc, of thoir boots and sboct. An evi
dence of his ability to satisfy overybody,
may be seen in tbo met that he is crowdod
with work, and has been compollod toom
ploy throe more firat-clais workmon, Ho
manufacturoa every stylo of boots or tbocs
and uses only the belt of material in all
cases, whether making a cowbldo thoo
or a pair of llio finest Fronch calf boots
Givo Mm a trial. Satisfaction is guaran
teed, .'103-10-3 -j
I'lioTouitAi'iuc Gallkby. Gustavo
Wutzol't l'rotographlc Art Gallery,
(fotmerly T, T. Thomas), cornor Eighth
street and Commercial avonuo. Every
thing pertaining tu tbo photographic art
skilfully and elegantly exocuted. Tbo
happy combination of a splendid light
tho Lett Instruments, onablo me to
ol," 1.1 ..... ..!,..... I............l
cli'ldreti's pictures Instantaneously
Mothers, give me n trial, If you desire
awootamllo of your oborubs preserved
forovor. Satisfaction given In overy
caso, or no chango made. My prlcoa aro
most rcnsonablo. Carles do visit, $3 por
dozen! Gouts, six for $1, Call and bo
convinced. 10-8-tf
1ST. IB.
Just rocelved nnd for salo to tbo trndo,
now buckwheat Hour, now linms anu
brcakfait tacon, cliolco butter, cranber
riot, pickles, minco moat, Vc. Also, wo
soli 4 pounds best Itlo cotToo for 1, and
8 lbs. Acofleo sugar for $1; bosldet, wo
bavo the largest stock of dry goods, boots
and shoel, on which wo shall odor extra
Inducements. Only bouso In the city soil
Ing C. M, Henderson & Co s custom mado
winter boot, 20 Inch leg, and warranted
for $1 60 por pair. Uemombcr, goods sent
promptly to your house, and no charge.
115-51 New York Stork
Hinii.i Court, Michaol Novel wa
brought In by Sheehan and Woolen, for
disorderly conduct; bo was fined with costs
$12. Ho had no money and was sont to
McCarthy to holn improve tbo streets.
Albert Jfowen, a atrnnger,was picked
up by iSbeehim and Wooton for being
beastly drunk. He bad spent all bis monoy
for bad whisky, and bad to be turned ovor
to McCarthy to work out his fine.
Charley Ulackman, a atranger who
has beon loltorlng about the city for sov
oral weeks, with no visible means of aup-
port, was towod to tbo city jail ky Shouhan
and Wooton. Tho Justice made his flne
fifty dollars. Crlro having no use for him
ho was allowod afow hours to relievo the
city of bis presence
Tho next casc.wbich In fact was "tlx"
woro from the Catsoll Mansion, all of
whom wero assessou the same old flne of
ton dollars nnd costs. All squarod their
l'KnsoNAi.. -Honry Eschucho. tho
travollng agent for l'hll. Heat & Co., is
a guest of EJwln Uuefoor at tbo Planter's
House. Ho is canvassing among the bus
moss mou anu will establish an agency
for the tale of their baor In Cairo,
Prominent among tho guits at tho
Planters' yesterday wo found tho follow
Ing names rcgistorod:
James W Pago, Cincinnati j F L Her
man, Arknnsas ; It S Murphy, Cincinnati
Charles Salomack, do; James Tabbeyi
Chicago; John F 3cott, do; W W Mil
ford, Madrid llend; Jamos Connelly, St,
Louis; Chariot Clark, d6; N. P. Morrl
son, Pbila.
A Mitchell, tuporintendont of tho 1
C. railroad, and W S Uroughton, superiad
ant of tho Cairo and St. Louis Short Lino
were at tho St. Charles yesterday.
Capt J W lledard, or Smithland
Col S 1) Keed, chief engineor or tbo Miss,
Central, and L II Clark, chief engineer,
also J C Clark, gonorat manager, or tho
I C. railroad, wero regiatorod at tho St,
Charles yostorday. It it rumorod that
tbeso railroad ofllcialt came hero on in:
portant railroad business, which will bj of
interest to our city, but tbn exact nature
of which has not yot transpired.
Among the prominent nrrrlvals at
the St. Chariot yeaterdny wero tho fol
lowing A Strandall. Chicago; J H
Wray, Soutborn Expreit Company; Wm
M Murphy, Motropolii; John Dewitt,
Independence, Mo; J M Davis, St Louis;
J H Phillips, Tcnnesse; A J Wise, Chi
cago; A It Hall, St Louis; Col A 0
Mack, Washington, D C; J Ilrlngflold,
III; F W JJodard, St Louis; Henry Stan
ley, St Louis; Theo Howe, do; 0 It Sisson,
Now York; HO Koyco, Uhlctgo; Henry
It Anderson, St Louis.
Miss Susan Denin. Flno audiences
huvo grvotod Miss Donln sinco her arrival
bero. "Lost and Won" and "Hunted
Down" woro tho productions. Tbo tolec
tlon was a politic one, It gavo Miss Denin
tho opportunity of displaying he
powon as a great actress, in a most ad
vantageous light, and obtained from th
audience marked loUona of approval, A
full appreciation of tho horolne's rcqutltcs
is plainly appoarent, both in her reading
and bor guesturcs ana she gives exprcs
siun in ber mental conception in a flno
yot poworful voice which is portectly at
her command.nnd which adds an electri
cal brilliancy to her Intorprotatlon, In
tbo character of "Mary Leigh" there
nothing strained or unnatural elthor in
word or deed which Is a groat ndvan
tago to mu Lonin, as suo Is thus seen
in nor most itvoraiuy position as a rep
resentative or social and not imaginary or
sonsatlonal cbaracturs,
Sho is porfoctly lrto from all appear
anco of rant, Into which, unfortunately,
some of our boit porformors occasionally
glide, In ondoavorlng to givo greater
fcrco to their representations. Jlisi
Oenln's support consists or experienced
and pains-taking artists.
To-night Miss Denin will p
poar in bor mastor-pioco, "Klizabeth
(Jueon or hnglandr" In which character
abe Is pronounced by tho prois and public
to bnve no superior. The wardrobo dii
piayaa uy .iins Jienin anu uer company
is splondi.d, and wo prodic) a full bouso.
Soats may bo securod at Mr. Dan. Hart
man's storo.
Bcuri'iNO our at toe, kok these, auk
The Elections.
Tho llesult in Alexander.
A recapitulation of nil tbo votes cast In
Alexander county shows tbo majorities
for tho sovoral candidates to bo as follows:
RTA1 E TKKA8f1W.lt.
Cbarloa Carroll, democrat
. 715
Thomas ltldgway, republican.
f'.rrnll'n mtrl!
M F.tter. danmrr.l Ol!
Wm It Fowell, republican 08
Kttor's majority,
Hartzoll, dam.,
Clomcnts, rop.
Hartzoll's majority..
0 Winston, dom 2002
rVAlbrlgbt, dom 93 J
M lnscori,rep 1111
I' II Krob.ind 164J
J It Thorp, farmer 110
C Musson, farmer UJ
J JI Uoiaiiian 019
John Hogan D48
K M Ward 431
Thot AVilson 1,111
F M Ward 43
Acalnat tt o93
For it 4b
Mcjjrlty against It 187
Mound Cut, III, Nov. 6, 1871.
J. H.OiiEitLY, Esq.: Uelow find o til
clal count of steadfast Pulaski, that never
flickers from the 'onion bluo;"
rowoll OO'J
Etter 67U
llldirwav '.'14
Gnru 375
Clements f. 009
Hartzell 081
Forrell 'JO'J
Girtiiford 681
It O .louoi 1S20
L F Plhtor... 1145
U Olanahati .T..1067
.1 Stogall 077
II 11 Spencor, fur sheriff. 8'24
It J Moore, Tor sheritr C82
li F Parker, coronor b33
John Doniirnn, coronor 037
II McGeo, county commissioner 883
J M lUvidce. county commiiilonor... U00
And so moto it be, (over the loft Al
low mo to conpjratulalo you for and on
account of Hartzoll. 1 ours,
J. W. Oaiiteii,
Golconda, 111., Nov. 4, 1871
Eihtok 0A1I13 Uulletik ! Two years
ago Cloments bad CGI majority In Pope
county. His majority in 1874 does uot
much exceed .00. In the ten precincts
board from, including fcur-flftha of tho
vote of tbo county, Clements bat only 172
Glarsford, Independent, boat Forrell,
Iltdical nominoo, la ibo ten precincts
heard from, forty-flvo votes.
Stegall, Independent, Is ahead of Jones,
lttdlcal nominoe, ovor 300 votes. I'lator,
Democrat, it also ahead of Jones.
Will tend full voports whon receivod.
Steamer Jim Fisk, Padueah ;
" .1 W Mills, Hickman
" Gen Anderson, South.
'J Shannon, Now Orleans;
11 Hollo .Memphis, Memphis;
11 Joo Kinney, Vicksburg;
" Torn Jasper, St Louis;
" City of Holena, St Louis;
" Sto Oonevleve, Vicksbueg;
" Mary Allco and barges, N O;
F P Graoy, Kvonsvillo:
Steamer Jim FIik, Padueah
J W Mills, Hickman
' F P Graoy, Kvonsvillo
" Shannon, bank
' Hello Memphis, St Louis
" Joo Kinnoy, Bt Louis
" Sto Goneviovo, St Louis
" Mary Alice and barges, St Louis
City of Holena, Vicksburg
The river lust evening was 3 feet
inchos on the gaugo, having fallen 2 in
chus during tbo provlous 24 hours.
light sprinkle of rain fell yostorday morn
log, but not moro than ensugh to lay tho
dust. Tho heavy smoke In the atmos
phcro continues, giving boats a great deal
of trouble, Husincas seoms to be improv
ing a little.
W.ut Drit. Hivkk ItKpour, I
November f, 1871,
lowwatar. Change.
l't. in. n. jn.
;i o 0 2
! t -ii :i
2 tl Ml I
1 4 II 1
1 II -0
li (I 0 0
Cliielnimii ,
Kvausvlllu .
Nashville . .
.St. Louis.,,,
Capt, James Dugsn roturncd from Cm
cinnatl last ovonlng and brought with
r.lm Inspector 1. V. Hoag, who will this
morning oxamlno the holo that Ilacon
Koclt onco roited in, and If tho romoval Is
corapleto, will so announce It officially.
uapi. tranic UodarJ, who first took the
contract for tbo removal of liacon Jtock
and has tlncj built the Cumberland dam'
wasintbocltyyestorday. '
The Shannon brought 35 pooplo for the
North, and has a big trip or cotton and
sundries for tho Ohio river. Sbo lavs un
horo for want of wator. and will nrobablv
not ro-shlp.
Iho Hallo Momnhls. Sto. Gonaviava
and Joe Kinnoy brought together 1,071
bales cotton for tt.0 oast by rail from this
-The Gracey brought out a fair trip
from KYansvllla,
The Mary Alice has lour bargos and
a fati'frelght for St. Louts.
The Tom Jasper la filling out nero
for Now Orleans. Sbo got out with a
1 arge In tow and a goo'd trip.
Tho Jim Fisk brought 30 libils to
bacco for the East.
Capt. Uambloton, of Mound City, re
turned from a flying visit to Memphis.
-Tho City of Helena left tbo St. Joseph
aground at Doe Tooth, but It was ox-
pected aho would soon get oT. Tbero is
only flvo feet of water from St. Louis
C.pl. Alf. Cutting, of Metropolis, was
In tho city yosterday and returnoJ to bis
homo on tbo Jim Fisk.
Tbo Eckorl will no doubt attompt to
ralso tho bargo of coal which waa sunk by
tho wind for tho Koystone, otiposlto Wll
son's boat atoro, last spring.
l'bll Howard Is moving bis moat store
to Koeblcr's old stand on Eighth street
CO MM unci AL.
Cams, 111,, Thuhshay Evesino,
Novomber Vih, 1871.
Tbo market rtllos very uuiot all round,
without material cbangosin valuos. The
do in ami is very small for hay, partly ow
ing, wo think, to the fact that tho Missis
sippi Central railroad, on account of Ina
bility to rnako tbo landing with tbo trans
for on the Kentucky tbure, Imi rofuiod to
rocclvo froight for a few days at this
point, and buyers are unable to make ship
ments. Tbero Is somo looulry for corn of
all kinds, but tbero is none in market and
none coming. Oats are In fair supply and
dull, but prices bold firm. The demand
for eggs coutlnuos actlvo at quotations
Poultry it not wanted at any price. There
li no choice butter In market; common I
plenty and selling slow. Anything above
SI 25 iu flour it a drug on tho market,
Tbo weather It warm and pleasant, and
rain is needed badly.
tw)rOur friends should bear in mind
that tho prices hero given aro usually for
sales from first bandt in round lots. In
filling orders and for broken lots 1. is
necessary to charge an advanci over theie
Anything above 4 '2h is not untiled,
andlbo market Is ovor stocked. Low
grados aro scarco and in fair demand
Prices bold at proYlous quotations all
round. Wu note 100 bbls. various grades,
I OOgO oo ; COO bbls. various grades, i 00
(35 75; :00 bbls. superfine, 3 00; ICO
bbls. cbolco XXX, 5 10 500 bbls. various
grades, 1 0U5 00 ; 100 bbls. extra 4 20
200 bbis. various grades, 4 60(20 00.
11 A V.
owing to the lact tnat shipments can
not be mado over tho Miislsfippi Central
and for other cauies, the hiy market has
woakened and stocks aro cccumulating
i rices nave a uownwaru tendency, bale
delivored wero li cars choice mixed
17 00 18 00; i cars cbolse timothy
1!) 60; 3 cars choioc mixed
17 00; 3 cars timothy, 18 00 1 ear
common mixed, 15 00; 1 car ordinary
mlxel, 10 00; 2 cart primo timothy
18 00 ! 1 car cbolco timothy, 18 50;
There is considerable Inquiry for both
wbitoand mixed, old and new corn, but
there is none oil irlng and none coming in
i-rices are nominally the tame as hit
week, but wo have no sales to report.
Tbo demand Is vory small nnd supply
fair. 1'riccs bold firm and unchanged
e noto sales of 1 car mixed in sacks da
llvered, 57c; 2 cars mixod In sacks, de
ltvered, 67Jc; 1 car mixed in sacks dollv
orod, 59c; - cart wblto in bull: on track,
o3c. ;
Jluyora and tellers aro apart to-day
Sollcrt asking 3 00, olltrcd 3 25. Th
domand is vory small at any price
Wo noto salos of &g bhls S. D. 3 50; 100
bbls S. D. 3 10.
Ibo markot is quiet and dull. Tho de
manu it small and supply do. Wo note a
salo of 1 car In sacks dol 1C 00.
Tho markot Is bare of choico Korthorn
Recolptt would find ready talo at 3233o
eipoclally if tho weather turna cold. The
atock of common and Southern Illinois
butter It very large and hard to tell, Wo
noto saloa of 300 lba Southorn lilt, 250
zsc; suo ihs good Nortborn, l!8(30c; 10
buckets good Southorn Illinois, 20c
1000 lbs good Southorn llllnoU, 25f?30c,
Everything in tho poultry lino is
drug In tbo markot, and not wanted at
any price. The market is full of chickens
and no demand, Salos were 2 coops
chickens, 2 0002 25, 3 dozen turkevt.
7 00; 20 dozen obickont, 2 002 25; 40
dozon chickens, 2 00(7,2 60.
There it a good domand for all recelpta
of fresh In good condition at 19(W20o
Wo note sales of -1 boxes fresh at 20e ; COO
dozen froih at 18 to 20c; 603 dozen froih
at 20c; 10 cates fresh at 20c.
Tba markot rules qulot and dull; $2 CO
is an outside fig ure for cbolso apples to,
day. Salea wero: CO bbls apples, Si 76
to $2 CO; CO bbls cbolco apples, 2 CO-
15 bbls oranges, 7(,3.
The market would be actlvo, but there
are no supplies and wo cannot givo quo
Wo noto sales of CO bushels choico navy
at $22 60 per bushel.
The markot Is qulot and dull for both po
tatoos and onions. We noto sales of 100
bushelt onions 1 16; 60 bbls potatoet
CO; 60 bbls Southern Illinois potatoes
$2 002 SO; 300 buihe's reach Blew
In bulk 70c. '
'rTUTir ' ninwiiiiiiTiiTBiiiinT--iirrrMtmwi
mo'X'AxaxaiiaixsjjiD iuuo.
I liiim p mmm
I 'onot buy old candies, that hiivo boon Iccpi over llio
suiniiH't' and arc stale, daiminj? homo inaiiiifactinV. ils-o
sue to your weight. Every box ought to contain liw pound
net, or 0 ounces over five pounds. Kenicnibor tho place
Corner 8th St. and Washington Av.
The Only Place in llio City where You
(Adjourned rcular minting of tbo ( liy
i ouuril.J
CoUNi ii. OiiAiniKr., 1
C.Uiw, Il.l.s,Nov. ttb, 1371, 4 p.m. j
Priieut Hit Honor Mayor Wood, and
Aldermen HtlliJay. MoKwon, McOauley,
Morris, Matbuii, Nellls ami Waldor 7.
On motion or AKUrman YValdor tho
minutes or tho preceding meeting wero
approved without roadlng.
(Alderman haup appuarcd in bis scat,)
The committee on streets, to whom, on
tbo 13ib dy oT October, was roferrod the
proposal of John P. Holy, Tor furnliMng
the nialerinls and constructing a sowor
through tbo Ohio Levee, at Thirty-eighth
street, reported the tamo back, reroin-
mondlng that action on said proposal be
deferred for the prcier.t.
On motion of Aldermin Saup tho rt
commendation of tho committee was con
curred in, on a division by a vote of 6
to ...
The report of tbn street committee re-
c mm'nding tho filling by tpsclal mini
ment, of certain portions of Fourteenth,
Waliut, Fiftcontb, Cdar and Sixteenth
treats, and recommending that thu con
tract therefor bo awarded tu Patrick Cjr
ooran, wboso M l was thu loweit, which
was referred back to said committee, whs
reported back by said committer, rovon:
mending that further action thereon be
deferred for tho present.
On motion of Alderman McGauley, the
rocommendatton of the commltto was con-
curred in.
The cormnittio on claims, to whom, on
tho (ith day of October, was referred tbo
petition and claim of J. It. Cunningham
fordamngo sustained by hit borso iu fall
ing through a holo on Tna.fth street, re
porto 1 tbo samo back, rooommcndirg that
said petition bo roturred to the city attor.
ney for bis opinion as to tbo legal liability
of tbo city In the premises.
On motion or Alderman Htlllilay tho
recommendation or the cornmlttoo was
concurred in.
"Monthly reports from tho following
named otllcora wore presented, and on mo
tion of Aldorman Halllday approved and
ordered filed, viz: Of Daniel McCarthy
city jailor, for Octobor, and of Police
Magistrates F. Ilnm and J. J. UIrd for
A communication from IJ. F. UUko,
city trouurcr, requesting tho council to
grant him until next regular tneutleg In
which to prcpr bis report, warprnentcd
and on motion of Alderman Morris said
roqucst was granted.
Aid, Wright oppoarod In hi soat.
Mr. '.. D. Mathuss, chairman of tb
commilteo on police, reported lbt ho had
obtainod permisiion from tbo A rub fire
company to establish tbo hcadqjnrters i
tbo polico in tbo englno houso of saia
company during tho coming wintor, pro
vldod tbo city would furnish coal and
pay for tho gas consumed.
On motion of Aldorman Halllday said
roport was received, and tbo polico bead
quarters established in said englno bctiio,
Petition of German Lutheran church
11. F. Parker and others, property owners
on tbo south aido of Thirteenth street.
betweon Washington avonuo and Walnut
street, requesting tbo council to order tho
construction of a sidnwalk on tha south
side or said street, botwucn Washington
avenue and Walnut street, was preiontod
and on motion of Alderman HalllJay ro
lerreU to tbo commilteo on streets.
Petition of IliliornUn Flro Co., rcquost
ing tho Council to allow thorn the sum of
550, with which to ropalr nnd placo in
working order thoir largo engine, was
preiontod, aud on motion of Alderman
Nellls roferrod to commilteo en flro do
Tbo following bills for silnrloa wero
presented, and on motion of Aid. Morris
allowod by tho following vote:
Ayes Halllday, .Mathuss, McEwun
McGauley, Morris, NolIIs, Saup, Walder,
and Wright-P.
John Wood, Mayor, salary for Oc
tober ; no 00
V Iv iiawkint, uierk, aalarv for
October inn 00
Wm Mcltale, Maribal. salarv fur
wciouor JUO 00
11.) Ualllgan, Hunt, of Street.
salary for Octobor 00 00
li r Hluko, Treasurer, salary for
Octobor 75 oo
.'I S Cox, Comptroller, salary fur
Octobor CO 00
I C Lihuu, John Sbeobnn, A.
Cain, Cbarles Mabnor, William
llrown and W W Wootton,
Polico Constables, salary for
October, etch 76 00
J J lilrd, Polico Magistrato, sal-
arv for September i r, 00
F lirois, Police Magistrate, salary
for September vTi oo
Tbo following bills woro presented and
read, and on motion of Aid, McGauley,
rifened to the commltte: on claims, viz:
can get a Complete Assortment.
H 11 Cuntilngham, rent of conn ,1
chamber to 1st li.it .0 t '
Oberiy arid Davis, pUhlUbing t r
dii.ar.ccs, proceedings, iU., in
October ' ( i
D.t'l McCarthy, dieting pritonors
in city jail in October, 'iW dnyt Mv
Han l ii lynruiy. uxira uiaa.t lur
lilibo'l tmsonert , . rj ')
('Iro I! X i.nd llttkat ( jmpariy,
,'J03 f.crt lumlwr u. $! p r M . 1 il
1 1 1 1 n ot ChiiUiii railroad mrnpiii),
309 vardi of gravel nt $1 U c.
Tbulnai Fi7Krald, 20 dn '
work oi uriuti at $'i per iliv i j
Jerry Murphy. 20 J dtyt' work on
street! hi 3 per day hi J
Dan I McCarthy, 14) iU' in
altar. u of chain gang . ' '
PeUr Coulan, Jf) On' work i n
drHlng. . ill
Wm Outnn, 2C daa' work Hi
dralnige ,rJ HI
James Keailng, 20 dnye' work i n
drainage ' '
Oan'l Foley, 26J days work en
dnintgo.... . . CI OO
li F Parker, glaxing 3 lights at
city 111 1
Taylor A Pnrtouf, fur thre
fourths rent or lots ;i nnd I,
block 43, city, to Dacumbor '.Hb
1871 I t
Taylor A: Partnns, fur laxct fur
1 x 7.1 paid ou above lutt ... .. .1 1
Cairo City Coal Co. 2 tons I, n.
can! for clerk s offlea at$ik J
Cairo Citv Conl Co .V tons I it it
coal f.ir city jit at $3 SiJ .. 7j
Frank LUgrist, 8 new uiu'ltrtsi
for city jail, at $3. SO . '. f
ilallidny llros , 2 bbls coniultt, hi 1
dravtgo 4 J
II M 'lioberts, for repairing and
re-lmnplng city clerk's rign . 8 J
Thomas Mohan, hauling 57 jh.t
cinders aid Clrt at 40 cts . . . 12 I)
M E Powers, bauliog 21 loads
lumber for sewer 10 r i
Hath Illy, hauling 3 loads lumbar
for streo'. crossings .... 1 C)
Thou McCabe, ronioting from c.ty
limits 1 dead cow nnd 1 dead
bono 6 ()
Thomas McCabe, bauling a
drunken man to jait ,. CI
Pat Waldrr, hauling a drunken
man to Jail , 50
Thomas lloyle, for removing from
city limits one deal mule.,... . 2 '
rKOi jALS koi; l.mnriNo stkeet r am .
In answer to tbo advortucmont cf City
Comptroller Cox for propoa!3 f r light
ing tbo street lamps, the following pr p--salt
wero received and opemdt vi , Kf, - j
tho Cairo City Gas company, pr-pning
to liht and extinguisn lamps, ar ordicg
to public lighting calculator, i..iko (.1
necessary repairs, and furnlili gas f s. r c no
or two years, f tt the iun of J i Z0 per
post per month in city ordors thor,tyti
make no discount If tbo lampi an actually
IJ. F. Pnrkor propatu to f irLi;h ga.
line, and light and oxlin jieb lamps r r
one or two years for 3 uo p r pit p r
month, tho city to furnlili posts nrd !a-;n
Tho White Manufacturing i lnpaiiy f
Cloveland, Ohio, prop sot to furnish
"Kerosene Petroleum Oil, with their
patent street lamp, for tbo sum f i.'3 00
per post per year, for ono or two yoari,
'and light and oxtlnguish lumps, the city
to furnlib sultablo posts and lanterns for
holding lam pi, and to pay f, r p, Jt de
stroyed by aecllont.
J. II. Eyrto, of Pokln, Hlltnb, prcpoic
to furbiib potts at $18 00 tttcli, end to
furnish gasollno and light uul extinguish
lamps for tho sum of ?2 6'J per past per
month, for ono or two years; cr ho will
furnish posts, lamps, etc., for a term i f
flvo years tor tho sum of $2 60 per post
por month, for fifty posts or in rc
On motion or Aldorman WrigM sail
proposals woro referred to ibo i ijuiiltca
on atrocts.
Tho Mayor stated that hu had I-in re
qucstod by the oillcora of tho City Nation
al llank, and by tbo agent of the Ameri
can M. L'. Express Co , to appo.nt thoir
night watchman, Mr. Patrick Filzpatrick
as a special polico constable, Ho tl.-r-fore
nominated said FiUpatrn-k tJ f.tt uj
special polico constablo lor tho City Na
tional bunk buililitig aud otprc:t a. 11a u.
t'ald nomination wss coullrmed by tho
following vote i
Ayes Halllday, Mathuss, McKwori,
McGauley, Morilt, Nullls, Simp, Walder,
and Wright-'..
Nays 0,
There being no further buiinuis, on mo
tion of Aid, Saup, tbo Council adj turned.
City Clorlc.
mmmh a few Nijlits Only
llctiiin of C'nlru'i Favorllo, JIiss
Supported by a Carefully Selected Co,
Fifty ;axu
5STNo extra charge for itcterrctl Scats,
to he obtained at Hut luiiu'a Store. .

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