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" WAHT--
. Hill 'I". . , ...
Homebody to take from sis thousand bill
head, good pper and finely, printed, for
u. .
Onethoussjsd UI
But-Win oflke lot
il.i.mmI J... vlU Vrlaflul ktTBl
Uullitw oce for W.etnotfctuind lor
6.60. n. pr ' ,
r. t.mmm'A vit-An-,u -cards, fine Bristol
boafd.prtwdt'llHi BtnxrnM ofico lor
from i.W T& Meowing to hk
Ukt your oysters at ttm Dalmonico.
ATHIWOr-Sdsaa Denlo attho Athe-
ntum to-slht.
Tn Beit oysters at the
Fmu oysters or anything olso you
want at the IJelmohlco Keslaurant npon
a ay and night
Vnn IIivt. (Joitaco. No. 31 Tenth
Htaet, between "JVaiUngtoa and Walnut
Enquire of Ohas. Lano.or at Tils: liutun.
TIW OflieC. .UJ3.U-Ml.
Vlvck a pair of these olegant cbro -
tno tor !, voLLAnr, retail P"co J la& Uflliiinorcfal nrnnur, joitorday,lcft rliO
im dolUn. Applf ''" f r'J :Mi, and it was tbo work of an hourio to-Tcm-
' .place tho Jocomotlvo on the track.
Coins' oyitor dopot.and rostauran
Oysters in the shell and can, frosh overy
day, at l'hll Saup's old stand, bolwoen
Sixth and Kovonth streets', Cairo, ill.
Uor WAKTijpji-AUhli offleo who un
derstands feeding Gordon's and Dcgner's
presses. Address or apply to forman job
room, this office.
Our KcrnxaGMTATivM. Moisrs. Al
bright, "Winston and inicoro nro tho rep
resenutlres of the 60th (district in tho
General Assembly.' '
"W. H. IUbkimow, in advanco of the
Wallacs,,'li:lB,townJ Tt)ecoJmpany will
return for three nights, N.oVomber l'Jlh,
Hth, and 14tb, stronger than over.
Tut Bt. Cuakles Hotel has soTurul
pleasant,rooui on tho upper floorjultu
ble for gotlt)sMn, thitan he accured for
the winteij wit. Ot&, atveryrea-onable
rates. tt
Fob salx or rkst, chkai- A good
second hand piano. Enqulro at tho KMI
ioad llouse, corner 'of Ktghteenth' strrot
and Commercial Tonuo, Cairo.
Firi at Tamaroa .Six buildings in
Tanaroa, Illinois, wer destroyed by Are
night before last. The flro Is suposod to
have been the work of an Inclendiary. The
amount of, loss is not known. (
Sick. We rogret to learn that Mr.
W. WeUel, proprietor of tho Hi. Nicholas
hotel, was taken sick, rblloilouna oily.
yesterday morsing. Uls wlfo nnd family
left by carrlags to see and caro for hlro.
Stot at tbo "Sherman llouso" whon In
Chicago. Its guests always go away
pleased, for tby re alwwys well troatod,
well fed, and providod with ovcry com
fort while under its roof,
Fksival. The ladles of the first Pres
byterian Church Socloty of thlsclty, sco
properfokold'avFatfaod Festival near
or during ''the Holidays. Full particu
lars will, beduly gven.
Fnxsii HurrLY. Mr. V. Fitzgerald has
just received and has on sale at his sales
room, a large stock of English ale, portor,
Jriennessy brandy and wines, nnd liquors
of all kinds, which ho will diiposo of nl
reasonable prices. 280-!M&lm
A large lot of new prime live gecso fea
thers for sale in quantities to suit tho pur
chasers, at lir-tii market prices.
383-1 0-27-3 w i 1)6 OhioiLovee.
Nw Cairo City Coal asu Wood
Yard. Go to 0. "W. VYhouler & Co. for
PltUburg, Grand .Tower and Illinois Coal,
Wood alwavs . on hand and sawed to
NoncE. Wo call at ton lion to the local
notice of James Qroaney, "not dreary" as
we had it last wook. Mr. Greaney has
made arrangements to provide for all who
may favor htm wllh.aj call this Saturday
Aliiriout Isinvlnciblo- Many people
wore at hip); aqd ho received tho unanl
znous vote of tbo Anna convention. Bj
fog nominated, many people swore at him
agala, and be came out of tbo contest a
thousand votes ahead.
IiSakta Claub Is now preparing hlt
stock of presents for tho holidays. The
first or his stock will be exhibited by the
ladltiot the Presbyterian church at their
fair, to Uke place a short tlmo before
CeBuiOTio.-The yote of Cel. Win
ston in Alexander county is 2,011.
total vote n the district is 4.038J. The
colonel had a dlflcult row to. hoe, und wo
congratulate him on his succoii, lie will
make an excellent, member.
No More Bacon Hock. J. V. Hong,
guTernmeni inspector, examined tbo work
at Bacon Hock, and found. It Ulow what
the contract called for, and has accepted
Biatne. Tbus ends that reck 'vblch'
tor 7eri beer; a source of annoyanc0
to iteamhoat meo. 0
ArrlIS.-E. A. "Whoelocic & Co. are
receiving dally from two hundrod to three
hundred barrels of apples, mostly 0f the
Ben. Davis and wine sap varieties, which
Ibey assort apd ship South. Oib.r com.
mission houses are doing almost equally
MWill. '
Tcbkky LujitH.-James Greaney, pro
v. .u. mi,j riower ssloon, corner
Of Commereiel avenue and Nineteenth
street, will sprtnd out this ovonlrR to his
coitouiori, n turkey luncli, with tlio addi
tion tldo dishes. Kvorybody Invllod.
yosterday wo assorted that Capt. Thomas
W. 'Wright ol Memphis, docoafCd, was
His father of V. 1'. Wright of this clly
Gantaln Wilaht was tho uncle, not tho
father of Mr. Wright.
HAVING givon up my oiu nanj on mo
lcveo and tsuon Koolilor ti lJro's shop,
ron FilRl.lh stroot, I shall lo proparod to
iVuru'y tho cltlr.ons of Cairo, with tho host
meats tho marltfct afloidi. 1'lcaso call
Md'teotno. l'liit.. IIowami.
AU. Ilimr Tho following dlpntch
wasrccotrcJ by Air. Uborly last night
fron Sprlngflold :
'Tho Domocratlo-Onnosltlfiii will havo
a'torklng majority In each houso of tho
Ilinols loglllaluro. Tneprotiai)iiino now
a e that wo havo carried tho stnto ticket.
M ' Ki). McnniTT.
vTiunks. Mr. KiiiToit: 1 dcslro to
nturn to the Arnb Fire company, and to
Ho other clttzon of Cairo who assisted at
tta funeral corcmontos of my into bus
bnd, William Iloge, my hcartfolt thanks.
'. will chotlsh In my memory n grateful
omomliranco of their kindness.
Mm. Ik (ie.
Orr tiik Tkick. Tho switch cnglno
"Kcvil,'1 of tho Cairo and Inconnes
iTmlro-.il. whun trvlnr tlio tldn track
l, . , ..rj ,i0Wn noar Twentieth ttreci
Lunch Evkry Day. Ueorgo I.ultncr
wrnor of Fourteenth and WaihliiL'ton
avonuo, will furnish horoaltcr, ovcry day
li his patrons a No. 1 lunch, botwecn tho
hours of ten and Ivrxlvt) o'clock. Fresh
Milwaukeo beer and frjrnnt llav
ana cigars to bo bnd at his bar at nil
Iusuued. William Uogc, lately do
ceased, held a llfo policy of ono thousand
dollars in tho Germanla Life Iniuranco
company, of Now Yor". Wo hear that
Mr.' ItninhnM V. Jlolzner, tholr ogont in
tho city, will psy tho amount on demand,
This promptness is in kooping with tho
reputation of this reliable llfo iniuranco
Lu.Mui.rt Still Goino Down. As wo
ars detormlnod lo closo out our stock
sseedlly, preparatory to winding up but
ueii, wo win sun all kinds of lumber at
'wo dollars per thousand less than mar
lot prices. A largo Jut'of lath and stovn
vood on hand, which will bo old nt cor
'ospendingly low rates.
iiii-'j.o-tr avall ic Knt.
WKhavoat tho Bullktin Ofyicb nn
order for fifty dollars on tho "Wilson
Sewng Muchlno Company" wbloh Is good
for Ita faco as part pBymont on a sorenty.
live dollar sowing machine, Any porson
in want of a first class cowing mnnbino can
Ket ovonty.flTo dollar ono for llfty dol.
,Rr' Pr'yinB this office. tf
Twonly.uvo proulil.ent cltlzeui vf
Kvanivlllo arrlvod in Calto on a special
train on tho Cairo and Vlncenncs railroad
on Thumdaynlght. Tho iparty took
quarters and an early broakfatt at tho .St
Charles hotel, und loft the city oo tho re
turn trip to EvHrisvlllc, on special train,
at 7 o'clock. Mdjor Morrill and Mr. A.
'J. Saflord wont with thorn.
A Good Chahck. I otlor for sale tho
oitlro outfit and stand of the St. Nicholas
lotol, on Commercial avenue, Cairo, 1)11
.rols, with n good paying business, or 1
vv.ll boll tho bar and fixtures teparato
from tbo outfit of tho bnust', all on i;ood
ttrruf. Apply at tho hotel.
W.m. Wist via, l'ipprletor.
"W. Linker, rcpresentliig D. W.
Irwin & Co., of Chicaco, sends uj tbo fol
lowing quotations In grain :
November wheat, 81.
Uocuu.bor wheat, 8S.
November corn, 731.
DcCOIUuv. ., T-.J.
November oat, 4".
Ysar oats, 4C.
yovembor barloy, 1.18.
Notick or Kkmovai J'arkor & Ax
Iiy, conuulislon merchants, haro removed
J No. 150 Commercial Avenue, botwecn
Elevonlh and Twelfth Stroots, where they
lavo In etoro 2,000 bushels of lino peacb-
olow potatoes, ind u largo lot or apples,
nlons, beans, etc., otc, for salo.
-At "Our Saloon," Eighth streit, bo
tweon Commorclal nvonuo and Ohio loreo
the hungry may find all kinds of edibles-
herring, lausagp, cheese, A-c, and tho
thirsty the finest ol wines and licuiors.
fresh lagor beor, and tho boat brands ot
ijars. Attentlvo bsr-kcepors nro nlwav
in nnnui una mo lunch set dallv, at 10
clock, Sundays incltiduJ, is as fine n
my in tho city. Call around. 10-2'.'
Nuwly-kitted, finely furnished burbor
bop by Gnorgo Stolnhousc, corner Com
norcinl avenue and Eighth atroat. Yours
f practice havo given him a light hand
bat makes n smooth shave delightful
All who try him onco will call again
All the late dally, papers nro kont on b'l,
taile for tho beneflt'ofhU customers', and
tnuro is no tedious waiting for turns
Great Jackson Fkkkih.' IJoute )
Omc! Fr't Ao't, Cairo, Illh.,
November 4. 1874.
H.'.O- J, it G. N. It. II., .MI... Central It
K., Mils. & Toun. It. U.,Consolldatod.
From this dato no frolRhts will ho r.
celved for shipment by this road until fur
mer oroors. u, f. JJi.uk, Agent.
423-11-5-21 h
Cairo aniTstTToui; Jt. lt.-Me.srs.
- .uB ouu 4.acey sun continue to rush
the work on this road. Thoy have reached
a point flvo and n hall mile, from tho
Jlty. lhe second locomotive, "Cairo '
and five flat cars, arrived over the Illinois
Central railroad yesterday mornlnp, and
whon Tlio onglno Is plncpit In running
ordor.'tho contractors will lncreaio tholr
forco aulllclcntly so that they will bo one
bled to lay from a mHo ami a half (o two
miles of rails per day.
Cliuitctl Sociaiii.k. Tho inonlhly lo
tlahlo givon by tho ladlei of tlio ohurih
of tho Kcdcomer on Thursday night, was
well nttcnCcJ, and highly enjoyed by nil
present. A delicious talilo of refresh
mcnt was provided by tbo following la
dies: Mrs. Charles Thrtipp, Mrs. .Wiotur
.Mr. .1. C. White, .Mrs. N. L. Wick
wlro, Mm. Samuel IVfttkor, Mrs- 11. War
doer, Misses Molllo Whl-, Ella and Lu
crojla VTaMbtldge.
JiKCTUltK. Hon. Warren Chase, will
dillvcr his lecturo on the ' Origin nnd
character of tho Gods" on Sunday morn,
I tie, Nov. 8th, at tbs hall of tho Free lie
llglous Association.
In tho evening, by particular request,
ho will doliver his famoiJ lecture, on,
What wo know, and hov wo know It.'
Ho refers to nolthrr titles or manu
script, hut rtlle entirely ujon n knowl
edge of facts,- which ho rcallly oxpronos
In plain and poworful langjago.
HCaupet Iiao Tmsr. SVonff Irvln Ms
on thetwatch for u wicked butcher boy,
and will undoubtedly catch him. The
butcher boy Is a thief. Ho stolo a c.irpo1
saok. Tho carpot sack bolonged to n
young man from Wisconsin ond conlnlnod
nil the clothing ho had except that wle.
Jxi bad upon Ms bo7.-. Tbo young man
from Wisconsin was on his way to Ar
kansas to visit frleuds and found tin loss
of his good clothes particularly srovok-
Ing. But Irvln will catch him.
tho thief Irvln cannot catch ?
Millinkry, Tbimmi.no and 'axoy
Store. Mils Burnsido deslrm to call tbo
vttonllon of tho ladles to hit full nnd
comploto lino of 'mtlllnory and fancy
goods just openod In thoAthenoum build
ing on Commercial avenue. Iter stock
consists of full assortment of fall hats
Java canvas nnd patterns, n full lino of zo
pbyrs, nil colors, feathers,' French llowcrg,
ribbons, and ft general assortment of fancy
articles, euch ns nro kept fu n millinery
storo. ' 321-10.7-lm
Jok llOKEKEit is now in lull control of
tho Washington bakery, and having
lo'irned tho wants of tho public, Is pre
pved to supply on call all demands for
French lonf, Botton, Brown nnd Grnhnm
oicnd, and overytiung eiio oruinnrllj
found in u Orst-rlasi bnkory. Ho main
tnttis a full stock of confcctlonorlcr. and
can, as woll ns any othor dertlrr In tho
city, fill all onion In that lino.
C'akos baked, frnctnd or ornamented on
short notlco. Special attention given to
tlio orders ot wedding or picnic parties.
, U-12-tf
Just Arriveu. 3lr. Eblurl, tho boot
and'tbec man, Twentieth etreet, between
Wnrhlngton avonuo Hnd l'ojdnr street
has just received, accordiag jto.provioue
announcement, from .Hcnry,Arthur, Im
porter of leathon, Now York,
French CnU. .' 'j'
French Kips, ; .ft
And everything olco pcrtalnlng' tO'.tuu
making of first-class boot nnd ebuo 'work.
Those needing foot wear nro Invited to
call and cxamlno tuls stoolr, thu finest
brought to Cairo. 307 10 -20-tf
New Lvmiier Yaiih. Chas. Lancas
ter, nnd Now '.on Bice, (Into with
S. AValtersl both well known to our
citizens, and to river moil generally, havo
established it lumbar ynrd ln Cairo, cor
ner Sixteenth street nnd Comrncrciul uvc-
nuo. They will k?op ;very description
of building malorlal and steamboat lum
her, dcors, sash, blinds, moulding
shingles, lath, etc., etc., and tiro determined
to sell l. i,. i-.nbor has ever been
sold in Cairo. They soliui. a mu trial
from steamboat men nnd builders', an
will guarantee satisfaction in nil chsoj.
B. Jones, fmhlonablo bootmaker, has
moved into his now homo next to M old
atand on Commorclnl avonuo, and nssures
his frtfd that ho Is better than aver pro
))!roJ to satisfy them in the stylo, stock,
sic. etc., of tliclr boots nnd sujes. An ovl
donee of bU ability to satisfy ovorybody
may I o soon in tho fact thai ho is crowded
with work, nnd Jias'boen compelled to era
ploy thrco moro first-class workmen. Ho
manufactures ovory (tylo 'of boots or sh'oea
and uses only tho best of matorlal in nil
cases, whether making a cow-hldo shoo
or n pair ofthollnejt Fronoh calf boots
Glvo him a trial. Satisfaction is gtmrnn
toed. 30JlUa.B
I'lioTOuiiAriuc Gallery. Gustavo
Wetzel's 1'rotographlo Art Gallory
(formerly T, T. Thomas , cornor Eighth
stroot und Commercial avenuo. Xvory
thing pertalniug to the photographh art
skilfully mul olegantly oxecuted. Tho
happy combination of n splendid light
nnd tho best instruments, cnsblo mo to
tnko ch'ldron's pictures instnutancously,
Jlothcrs, glvo mu n trial, If you desire
the sweet smllo of your cherubs prcsorvi-d
forovcr. b,tIsfction given in over)
case, or no change mado. My prices aro
most rensonahlo. Cartes do visit, ill por
dozen; (,emi, bIx for SI. Ull and bo
convinced. 10-8-tf
IN".' 33.
Just received and fur sale to tho trade,
new buckwhoat Hour, now hums ttnd
breakfast Lncon, oholco huttor, cranbo
rles, plokles, mlnco meal, Jco. Also, wo
soil 4 pounds best ltlo coll'eo for $1, nnd
o ids. j couoo sugar lor i; bciidcs, wo
havo tho largest stock of dry goods, boots
and shoes, uu which wo shall ofi'ur extra
Inducements, Only house In the city soil
ing C, M, Henderson A- Co's custom mado
winter boot, K(J Inch leg, and warranted,
for S4 60 por pair. Komomher, goods sent
promptly to your house, and no charge.
11-5-St New i ork Stork,
Finn at Columiiuh. During the dow
fcg yesterday morning, fires brokoout ut
four or five dllWent placs In Columbus,
ICr Tim rlTlzons wero powerioss to
nrros, thof ptoiron M tho lUmos, and tho
inorohnt tailirlriK etbliimne. ov.ur,
Wetxnr. AVnlsou's Jry goods uouso, thn
rosldotco of Captain David U15k, tho lol
cgrspl offleo and J'rs. t mitn s Hoarding
limits nro among Ihohoiii' uosirojeu on
Kmnt itrcot. Sever itiotol arid private
liousce back f tie river wro nli
burned. Tho. Ores Wre imJoubtodly
i-liidlol by snmo fundi wlro lock ndvnn-
tago of tho fog " ec' ""'I'1"" -''Oir pur
poses. This Is the seventh or oifhlh time
that an attempt line bo'-n mode io burn
tho town, wo nro t"d, ' 11,1 previous
nttoiiipts the fin-s v.ere dlscovorel bvforo
any headway had been gained.
Hum's CouriT.-C'hUr Mollslo brought
In Dan McDjiinll lor drunkencss nnd
bilsterous talki ! wseeied with rott
lO.Ou. Tnofullow hnvl is no poital cur
rency, thejudgo gnvo hiis ft stay, provided
he mado hlmtolf tcart'i) Uforo tho shades
of evening.
I'khsonal Arrivals a tlw St, NlchO
las yoilurdny wero as follows: John Bag
loy, West liberty, lowa Harvy Bagloy,
do j Henry Lninptncr, St Louis; W II
Snydor, Vinccnties; A 0 Ilottortdn, Villa
Constablo John Gladney brought
LIzzUi lloif, colored. Llzzlo Boss had
struck Liz7.lo Harris (also colored) on
tho hoad with a brick. Both Lizzies are
mom Lor ot tho. I!ev. 11. Hicks' church
and having had 'a littlo dllllculty of n
worldly character met with other
members of tbeJoWch at tlobouso of
Llzzlo Boss to scttlo It, If poiiblo. But
thoy couldn't settle it, and nnjcr got tbo
better of tho two fair .creatures, and they
quarrolloi dreadfully.. First u brisk nnd
tnon it portion ot n grind stono wero
Llzzlo ltjt weapons; f.izzia Harris
couldn't stand that, nnd called uu Const
bio Oladnoy who took all partl.s to enurt.
Bird gave Lizzio Boss $U,,rjO, but she
thought It too high and preferred to go to
The following persons arrived it tbo
St. Charles yesterday: 0 JJ Bracket
Memnbir; It Stevenson, Dubuque: 'J'hcs
Finn, do; J Woodford KJgclleld, Tenn
K C Buchanan, St Louil; 11 M Steel.
Tolonn; H C (Joodfellow, New Ycrk;
U Ilnyci, I)u(Jjuin;,B F Cast en, St Louts;
Chus E McKarinti, Cincinnati; EU Jehu
ion, Cnntin, Mlsi.
Tho portly form of Mr. Max Holler
was vliihlo on the streets yesturdny. lie
returns to us with a crlpplod ham), and
when he gts it out of the facspitnl "-ling
he will vlf his regular customers.
The .'ollowlrg persons were at tto
1'lantcrs :iouso ycstorilay : O 0 Welch,
Os'tnloosa Iowa; F Hunhlo, Evanstlllo ;
J Arnot, it Louis; Christopher Boddv,
St. Louis.
A M Ai'.no, Flat Bock, Mien; F j:
Busrd, .Maj AUmpn, t" S nisessor, Tnma
roo, Ulc S Mitchell, Savannah, Oa, are
rogitcr?d nt the St Charles.
Win. Btsdley, liviug some six miles
east of herf, r.-ar Friendship Church,had
a fuur-ycur old child hurnnl to dOHth n
last Suturday Mr. Bruiiloy was nwa
from home, snd tbo mother leit tho child
and nyousger ono alone, nhiln sho went
some dntnnco to n spring for water. Du
ing herat icnco the child s clothing cough
flro. It ran a short distance towards th
spring and toll, and appearinccs indicat
that it hai crawltd further on, as it had
scratchodand torn up tbo ground in its
agouy. The clothing was burned entire
ly oil' it l-foro the mother rsiched tli
place, ant It died Inn short timo uile
she had cirried it to tho houie.
Wm. A. Mason has retired from tho
Kmtilr.i House; and Capt. l'onrod, th
owtior, nas tuLu jioisosslon, and " now
stands rcaJy to furnish comforts and con
solation tt tbo voary nnd way worn .trav
Thoclocljon on TucsJsy pasitd effas
lulctly ut a Quaker meeting, no blood be
ing spilt except what ran from a dressed
beg that I.cnty & Bonton carrlal into
tbelr wnrohouse. The dur people stem
to be much less nlanaed about the ot;ii
tlon oftl.o country thin candidate pro
fess to be, and it takts something heavier
than congrossiosal and county election;
to bring then out. Only about two-third
of the votes of tho precinct wero nolUd
Jim. Standard, formerly clork for H
Cnnlor, has gone henco to Toledo,
Alexander couuty. AVo command him
to the good pooplo of that locality as
man ovory way worthy their consideration
W. H. Alcivay has purchaiod a house
ai.d lot of Leavonworth, near tho school
hcujo, and Is thus lost to our ward.
uurniiaii .uann. tuo mouol boot ani
hoe maker, Is building a house and shop
in tbat part of town knon-n ns the "Plain
of Abraham."
Mrs. Littlo has moved her stock
millinery goods Into tho new building ad
oinlcg Brucos drug store
Gllmoro's steam saw mill, eight miles
southwest of this placo, was burned on
Wednesday night. Howarp.
n. . .i . . . . . - . .
sue uhcsi auuionce ot tno soaion as
sembled last night Ht tho Athonourn to
witness Miss Susan Donln's reprcsenla
tlon of "Elizabeth, Queon Jof England."
Her acting was characterized by groat
powor and doptu of feeling, and the man
ner In which sne nt limes changed from
proxlms ol pvilon to tho mast tondor
solicltudo; from oxultntlon to nlject re
uorse, ovokod tho frequent plaudits of
tbo audience. Hor groatest oirort, how-
over, was in tho UU act when the
haughty Queon ot England, no longer the
commanding maicullne woman she was
In thohovdav of vouihu
whinisg, fretful old woman, toUerlriL' on
tho brink of tho grave, yot proud uod self,
rollout to tho last ar.d refnilni.
II aid from her attendant
Hore Mits Denln's creat lacial nownr
and marvellous ccmmaiid of volco wero
most conspicuous. 1 ho determined but
unavslllng eirort lo rotal'n oncrgy, una
hor relaxation Into feohlones, was a splon
lid jdocn ut acting. Nothing equal to'
MltT.Utnln's Ellzholli lmsovor toonsotn
n uairo, nor support was goow xuo
jilotidid wnrdrobo worn by .Milt Denln
and Mr. Ed. Clllford (Karl if EiseX) was
Icli and gorgoous.
This afternoon ami night will I o Miss
Dontiin's Init appearance here but wo
hope this gifted lady will pay us another
visit before long. This aftornoon a grund
ndlta' mtinoo will lal,o place, whon "Lost
and Won" will bo repented (by rpocird re-
jucst). It Is tho best soclolv pHvo ever
written, nnd every mothor nnd daughter
should see it.
Tills evening threo ploces will bo pro
duced i "Going to tho Fair,'' Miss Donln
as Morgay ; "The Bobbers Wlfo," -Miss
Danln s Bose Brlnly and "Tho Artful
D.idg.r," Dick Oglesby M "The Dodger."
fctcuroyourioats at Dan llartmans's Hort'
thoy aro selling rapidly.
A meellrii; 'of tho Democrats nr.d Lib
erals was held last night at tho council
chamber, and
On motion of Dr. Arlur, Mr. Ttumas
V ilson was called to tbo chair.
On motion of Cot, Winston, .Mr. AVIck
wire was appointed secretary.
Mr. Honry Wintor culled upon
Col. Winston, monitor olect of tho legis
lature, who re.posded In n spirited
speech, which was loudly applauded.
Mr. Oberly moveu that tho Dtmocnts
and Liberals of Alexander nnd adjoining
counties Jjllify ovsr tho result ol tho late
olectlons, on Thursday night next, nnd
that n comtnittoo of two from each ward,
fti'U ono from tho clly at largo, bo appoint.
on ni n ocmmittoa of arrangements:
but this committeo bo Instructed to ratao
rno ;tis nnd provide torches nnd bun. Ores
for tho occssioo.
On motion thn oonimitleo lnrtruct.
el tn Invltn Mr. A. 0. Husluf, J. Mack
burn JonM, Esrj , I). T. Linegnr, Ef
Judga William J. Allen, Col. D. Morri
son, Mr. J.H Oberly, nnd Judge Win
II. Green, to addrcs the mauling.
Thochuir nppointed tho following nt
tlm committeo of arrangements :
At lurgo-.lohn B. I'hlllli.
Fiist Ward N. L. Wlokwtre nnd
Cbarles Howe.
b.cond A!.rd H. Meyeri ntid A
Third Ward IVtrich Clancy and Jno
(i. JIarman.
iourtn warn Uhar. I'atler nnd C.
Fifth Ward Thomas W. Hallldayand
Jas. II. Uarroll.
On motion tho committoo of nrrnngc
monts wiir.i directed to meet at John Q.
Herman's olhcc, at 0 o'clock this (Satur
day) cvoning. .
On motion adjourned.
N. U. Wiokwirk, Secretary.
Steamer Jim Fisk, Faducah
J W Mills, Hickman
" Greyhound, St Louis
" John Means, St Louis
" St Joseph, hi J.ouls
Jim Fisk, I'nducfth
" J W Mills, 1'odusKh
" Tom Jasper, New Orlsans
" G8n Anderson, St Louis
" St Joseph, Mcmphrs
river, weather and' uun.swa.
tbo river ut dark wm 3 foot ii inches on
the gauge, having lallon 2 inches during
mopast j. nours. A fog hung over tho
city yesterday morning so donjo that it
was impossiblo to sco oljocts ncrosi the
street tbrough It. Hnjoko nnd fog pre
vailed last niiht alto, llminees dull.
War JJkit. Kivkk Bkioiit.
Novomher (i, I6TI.
i Above
ln.j I't. In:
Evuiisvillu .
Nashville ..
St. I.uin,,.,
Tho J.AV. Mills very suddonlv -nn.
cludod to quit the Hlckmanjtrade, and
skippod out up the Ohio rlvor veitordav.
-inspector iioag lnspectod nnd ...
A . . . "
cupted work on Bacon Bock yestordny.
Conbumi'tion Can Jin ciii,
Schenck's Fulmonlo Svrun.
Ben AVoed Tonic, Schenck'a .Mnn.ir.bn
Fills, aro the only modlclnos that will euro
I'ulmonar.y Consumption.
Frequently medicines that will ( .
cough will occuslon tho death of the tin
Horn ; thoy lock Up the liver, stop Ihe elr
culatlon ot'the blood, hemorrhage follows,
nnd In fact, thoy clog tbo action of tho
very ort;nns mat caused the cough,
Liver Complaint ond Dvsneusia am th
causes of two-thirds of thu cusus of Con
sumption. Muny persons complain or a
dull pain in tho side, constipation, coated
tonguo, pain iu tho shoulder-blade, foeli ni. a
of drowsiness nnd rostlujsnojs, tho food
lying heavily on thu stomach, nccompa
uiod with acidity and bolchinir up of wind.
Thoso symptoms usuullv orhrl
a disordered condition of tbo stomach or n
torpid llvur,
l'orious so alTectnd, if thoy tako ono of
ino uunvr uuiur, nnu 11 ino cmnt i in tlm...
cases be suddenly checked, will Hnd tho
ftoiiiacb and liver cloggod, rtmainlng tor
iiu i iiintiivt', nnu a moHi ooiora timv
are aware tho lungs nro n mass of sores
and ulcorntcd, tho result of which Is death'
Schenck's 1'ulmonlo Syrup Is nn oxnex.
lutniii wuiv i uul'i nuh tooinm omum .1-
anythingen eulated to chock n coiighud
Schenck's Son Wood Tonio dissolves dm
food, mixes with tho unstlo lulees of thn
stomach, nlds digoetlon, nnd creates a ruv
onniis nppetltc,
V lion tno uowws nro costtvo, k n ,Ht.
low, or tho symptoms otherwise of n hl.
lous tnndenoy, Schenck's Mnudrnl.u I'm.
are required.
Tiiesa medicines nro prepared only bv
N. E. comor Sixth nnd Arch Sis-, I'hlU.
And aro for salo by nil dniji'i.i. ,,,i
dealers' lLl.lmd.w
.13 7B 'v y. xj Tj i 3
I'm fiTV fti'rasiii' "
r not buy old candies,
auiiii! ! anu arc Slitlo, !la mill'' ioih
sco 1" your weight
eight. Every box mijlit to contain' fit.' pound ,
e8 over live pounds. Remember tlio place
ner. or o oiuk
Corner 8th St. and Waishington Air.
TliOnly Place in tho City wlicro You can get a Complete Assoflncnt.
ATHEHSVU-For a Few Kiglils Only
WvilucNtlny B'.vt.. Xov. 1
Ib'tllin bfCslPi' r'aVnillo, Ml,
SiipiMiitrd by a fart'fnlly Selrotcd ( n.
A K.V.1 - .s,
fin.- ;am
JfiTNo cxlru oi.irpo lor lionertcd int,
to lie ohtilneil nt llBrttunii'rt Store.
Pr Ki.mo, III , July . IT1.
It. . li, M II., IlilfTalo, .N. V..- I
Kl.li to add ii. y leHlinou, to the wondrrful
fl'iViin.' iiroicrU'il jour .Ml. or I'.xi. or
fiii ii Ieulcal HUotrry. I bau-taken
n-t.il iiitrrett ill the ined'ldlie li 1 lira
ll-ed it. I was lad airlifted Uith o.k
la, 'hit I'cmiiKOilaiKl an alincut '-rfit
immtiattoii ol the nmolii ryrtem.
r.iild and eoinji'Ksil'.d lli- 1)1 ovi ry etteil
j ixriect i-ure that It n-emwl niort- like
muitlc nnd luricit winder ni)lf. and
-ini't' Ibat Huh' we bave m ver tivni witbout
n l iillli. or tin' Dl-oovery and l'uriratlM'
I'elli t In the lou..-. They uns a )l.luini.l
liilnlly iikilau in the liollw .ui'l irnly at
alttliiR. to IK tn tlie telle' of Mcknv
uitliout ehurxv. Wu bate icm i-lj.nl :i il.i -
tor III tllO llOIKO SlOl-t' We tlll-t l.n'HM III.)
ue of .tour 1'i-llct mul JjUntvry. I hai
D'colnmenaed 1 lie n-i- oftlure ino'lli lni in
several xevera undcomplica (Uvix'4 urllug
Iroin, a I thuiight, an lm.ire tt.itc ol the
blood, and In no one cac tiu tbey filled to
more than uci oiuiill-li ull tiny are il.iimedti
ilu, I will only mention mu a- nnurknlilo,
(tboii-jh I could i-ho you lozdi). Jlcnr)
Hooter, luinllliru dealer, ofihln place, who
va-mi of tlm rnott pltllil n'jn-'.H tier
hvvn, lilri laeu nnollen out of ibape. M'tlcs
and erupt iin without unit, extcndimr loliU
body, hlihta comMilrlt votered wlili
lilotcliei. iip'I i-eiili'K. Ni.tMi itjst he took
otnitMj'O edectlt n urlMr. I llnall) III
diiee i hint to use n ttw boit'i cr the (. ol
den Medleil Illn oury, wllh dalu ue of
relief. aurfDg Mm it would nireh euro
him. Ho roiriinenciil it, iu ..m.-.u 'w,.,.i
kiih'b, taking Ino I cllt'l. cull Oil lor..
weoi. tlirn ui.e cneh iiifhr, nnd the Dl-nn-ory
, dlrci'lcil. The result l, to-day Mi
rlou: perfectly huo jIIi, and tbea:aly inii
tionsare Kone. lie h;n taken Mime eten
or c'tbt ho'tlra In al', and cumldi i lili;i. f
eureu TliN rate bail lullled tlm 'kill of our
lioat pli) s-tc inn-.. Mi-r Dunfonl .V Co,.
(IriivilM-, of I bin place, ,ite nelllng largely ol
your .uedfuliiet and the deiaaud Meidlly In
trcnni., and they fclte perlcet aaturaction
1.1 eveiy case. lle'pectlully,
4W-11.I.-1 cod wit V. H UIMMAMN.
.?t. Am. JJxji. t'o.
r.vr.nr KTTLr. r. n lalus jiimkhUmi
Bvvrnsa oi-t at ioki, vou tiikbi:, auk
Hi) NOT 1'tmcllAHr. Mil YOUIlbBLl', Oil
at.'iUri-irn.Y TiinaiioKs ynir want, city
fto I'n.oii rim mile ilirtn Hill..,. .Te.-.TT
v I'i iiiiet'tiuns. ixil iciiiain in..
iiei lliclr IrosicM ro not llenlio-. il l nihil ' i
!.c,n(.;u!ml'of r'effi:' M WjHlc"
iiie sour i:ni nttniHvf s,,,,,,.,,.,,, ,. ,
.-telnllio Mi-iitli. lii.ioim i. ,.i. i...,..i,
ttu is (it tlm i i .!
Hi" Heart. Iiinjiiiiimtwii or tin. I.ii'iick. Vain ii,
. ui mo kpuil'jh, piui n nunureil oli.r r
P Mill II Ullllilriiiiv lira tlm i,ni.i. ,,,.. ... n .......
a ono buttle hid iuwo a better niiaipuiee of
.7 " ""."'i ineiueinent,
S or I'rmnlu C'aiiiilni,a, m )mHB or iil.l,
. irr'il ortlnule, nt Hie ilawn oruniniili(..)i, i,i
' " turn of Iff. Ilicso Tunic lllllin .n. !..
loii nn luriucuco tliat lmiro'.cmcut Utoon i.er.
l'r liilliiiiiiiinlnryiiiid 'lilonlc Itlirn.
...... Him num. unions, iisiiuiteiu mm liner
i. iii. ,,t i mcrs. Iinwii of tliu JII.mmI. I.Uer, Kl.l
' i ..ml lllaililer, llif -o IMHith Ihup no ciiuul.
ii HlnnntH aro eanneil lir Vlll.iloil 1SI I.
' lire n yeiille i'liriiiiiim m writ iik
oaulr, iiukM.Hslnz tlio nifilt of aetlns a u
"wi. nl ii(piit In icllevlnir I'oiiamiton or in.
nun mini oi mo i.ner aim i iscorni uir.ui., (.n.i
ii III .ii )"rnru.
Vnr Mil ii OUenaen, l.ruplnu, Tnur, ,; t
1 ri I Slot liiw, Hiul, I'lnilili.fl , I'i'Ktilli." 'i ,
ilin in leu, llliiir niiriin, Henlil Ilemi. (.!.,, i P
' ll M lleli.ttelirH, HIeOlOfuti)iii i i S.. k -n
irimliirn, are l.ii-r.iliy ilut. up ,.u,i , ', "1,
rli'trV11'1'1 a "l'or" h "'" ut ,llca0
..firi"Vf"' ''b'iiMil proelsini Vikfoab
'"TKI.S the inot uomlerful Invlnorant lint eier
ti-htmiiril tlio stisikina aistcin.
It. II.iriemiiVAl,!, iVCO,
Iinigcltts mul lieu. AkK, .san rrane-ra, Cat., &
lor. i Wariiinuinn mul Cliarllon hta., ti, y.
UIMDKNCi: Corner Ninth iiud Walmi
street, Dllice Corner rilxtli utreot him
Ohio levee. Oillce liours-l'ioiii U n. in., to
U in, and H Ti
ii yr. id aooo.
'ae A;urr.'r-f rrvf-nrrr ..p,,-
that Iiavc bci'ii
Itt'l'l over tlio
SI1..I... J1.. J.' A 1
'".UIHItlCUUC. Also
viKTii MTai:i:t
iM A Oil 1 1ST J3 H JI O 1'
KoruiBa Ajiu l'iric I'lrrit.'j,
llanmcttiril and repalrvn.
Cpelal atttntlon kIvoii to Ittrtit sir. t .
'otfftut, houre.bridKr, railroad and -i.iv. crli
ind BIT work of a similar character.
Htoam and K llttlmr In nil llx It I. ' -A
lull a-ortment ol 2lorrli, 'la-Mr., t
l'htladnlibla jrtiind HllliiK'. Hn-ip.. '
te.. and itixi fixtures aluais on l.ii'I
I'll'INO 01" HOLSK JO.i 0
MAD a crscniTr.
Arrntrer Utmeren sj'eMiteam j
ind Miller feedtr. 'lite ht laniiii if. i
toll'n patent yhon jiuoii.., and .Ii !jr. .
lat'-nt iovernor and froternvr alte.
'I'sie lollonrtmr engine. u lri.
Two fteainheat etilr.., 1h tuih l-ore fl
cylinder, live leet tmtir, si d -n r'.od or tn.
One Monmboat obatt and rrant. wrrt. ti
One engine for bolt!tK Irtlbt, iJXl j.
One luXif) ny mill enitim , th f t t,a !
crank lor muly or xaui; run, w ootnl ..at.
One new 7A1S eii;ine; my oun BulJ.-.
Also, a seond-hand utava cilttlr, i v
ihlne and Jointer, and Vi'ar.h' Uo lioitt.-p
aavhlne, In uood order.
Knlns and maebineryof all Lie Is. oihl
nd sob
I'othc Kdltorol Tlirc Jlt'i.i.Knrr
i:HTi.njii:n Kiiiiinu: Voti mu a-f
form your render that I hate a j.ofil'tr
CVKK v" rosm vi'Tlov
ami an in-ordtr. ol tlio Tbroat nn I I
nn inai, oy ii ll-e in my praetier, I
juiru iiiiiKiri'in oi cam, ami tvi.l i
$1,000 00
or a tw will not beneflf. Ii, !. c J, s j
troK I- my faith, I ull ml a ami i r,
s um:, to any milfsrer ndilrciwln me.
l'la.) sttow till letter to any out. r ti m. y
tmiw'A ho U sufferlnir from tin ... cj .
ind ohliK, I'aillilnlly out.
Dfl. T. F. BURT
Ull Will In ill II tt V
MaiiufacltiitJ by
ysilli'nl.-,llll',gll I?
CAIltU, ll.I.INOl,'
Tlio Bout nnd Choapost Wnnon Mnn-
OXX0 33 V E
NIJAll :ilTll hTKEI.'f.
Cairo Ho.v and IImsK-oL fJo.
IlIlAt.llllB IN
Keep coiMluiitlyoiiliaiiit
Millan-1 i-ard. I
Conner illlh Shoot
nuil Ohio .Lovco.
Cionoral Insuvanco Agent,
Ohio J.cvco, over Mathus &Ubl'.
tSfAone hut 'fmt-ch' Compam'u
i r -

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