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Fill DAY, XOVKWI.KIt 13, I87.
IIvmors of cabinet clwii'g arc rift In
Hon. KdwardH. EwisoWn now rnn
tlldntc for senatorial honors Iii'lViiiiro.
Tins t.lciBs!oii na In "It" "b'-ll 'K'
Hclnirz's successor In tin United Wnte
senate will make lively rending in mi'
Missouri wpen for wine time lo coim.
Tim Washington .Keimlillcnii say It
was tlie Forty-tlilnl congm" Mini not tlio
resident wliicli was condemned by the
late elections. If Grant mid Ids organs
can lay this ikUcrlnir miction to their
souls, all tho better for their iieaei of
mind for the present.
Tfflt New York Journal of Comment,
one of tho Icaillng commercial newpjia
licrs of the country, says that the result
of the. election arc generally acce'itame
to business men of high character of liotl
political tiartlcf. and that there Is an In
creased hopcftiiiiwoii Hie part of tle.ilero
lr Uio lutitrc.
TmttVK mlHIons of news of fowl
tretu d&trovctl lctvcci tha yam 1SVO
unit J 8T0, nml clgtit hillMoii.9 of ncrcs iiru
nnnually cut down now. The Xew York
Timti comments upon this fearful wa-te,
mid calls ftr ft commission of forestry
and cfilclcnt lairs In all the states of the
Union for the preservation of the forest1".
Tns report or MaJorJliitor, In charge
of a portion of tho improvement- on
Western rivers, has recently lieen for
warded to the engineer bureau at Wash
ington. Three boats, the De lluaey, the
Long and the Octavia, and six months'
work were devoted to the ML-ilsMmil.
The Octavla worked In the Upper Mls-
MMiappi, tho Long between St. Louis
tind Cairo, and the Do Russcy between
Cairo and Helena. The following wa
the result : Snags pulled, 030; weight In
tons, 11,S80; trees cut, MS; drift piles re
moved, 0; number of miles run. 5,010.
The Republican papers uro ilmwlnir
comfort from the belief that the Demo
crats and Independent Reformers will
not coalesce In Illinois, and that the di
vision of the Opposition will psnir
to their advantage. There Is no good
reason why the Opposition should sep
arate. Tho members of the Independent
Kcformparty, as well as or the Demo
cratic party, desire the defeat of Radical
ism and agree generally upon the reme
dies for the public evils complained ol.
It Is true there Is some division on the
currency question, but the Independent
Reformers did not seem to have very
definite opinions upon that subject, and
the Democratic mind was much agitated
over It Time will scttlu the. question,
mid both the elements of the Ormottlmi
party In Illinois will lie round standing
on the side or hard money. This obsta
cle removed, why should not Democrats
and Reformers become ono and nseju
arable. ?
I'ubllo opinion has long conceded thai
a man may kill the seducer of his wlfo or
sister or daughter without fear that Justice
will regard the act otherwise than as the
lightcous penalty of a heinous crime.
Hut Cincinnati Is called upon to decide
whether a self-constituted avenger of his
.laughter's dishonor may kill and then
roast tnc ilcktroycr of her Innocence
with Impunity. The .details o
the Shlllh)-Kgiicr murder prove It
to bo one of tho most revoltlii"
on record. Egncr's daughter, a L'irl of
'u.vn, i last August. Jfadshe lived
a few i 'is longer sho would havu k
como a .,j(her. liurmmi Willlluir was
the author or her ruin, h'gner, the
liUher, brooded over the matter, nursed
his wrath, and made threats that la
would have Shllllng'B life for the wrong
be had done him. In company with his
son, a boy or sixteen, and a friend,
George Rufer, he waylaid Shilling
night, filiillitig was employed In a Umt
nery, and at ten o'clock had Koim Into
tho stablo to rub tho faiinrry horses
Rurer hltlilmonthe head several times
with a piece of wood, and Kguer stabbed
him in the bowels nnd with u-fmir-pronged
rour. This he did three or lour
tlmo3. When they supposed Shmin.r
lie dead, tho threa took up his body "mil
placed It In tho tannery Airnace nu
closed the door. Then Rufer washed lil'1
hands, and all threo went homu and to
bed. In tho morning, Shilling's body
was found in tho furdiince, burned to a
crisp Tho three men who Inaugurated
cremation, under fcucli peculiar elrcuin
M&nccs, tn ClntlnnaU, nro uiuli r nrril
Tho two elder, it Is altogether likely, uli1
suffer Uio extreme penalty or the law for
The Sun professes to bo greatly pleased
by Uie defection of such Republicans as
Messrs. Linear, riilllls, Thomas, Alden,
Sclmh, Koehler, Arferand Reimle, who
liave dcsertctl tho old hulk of Radicalism
wiin a couple oflmndreds ol their fellow
itepuuilcans of this city. It says tho
iany is uettcr on without them. This Is
mi no onno language of Sressrs. I'ojio
and Munn, In whoso traces The Sun now
works- built is language tliat does no
mdlttoelUicrtho discretion or wisdom
4.Ti., !,,bor 'nw Ifcl'iibllcnns or
Ul c iato election declared
hey would no ,mgvrH! jed by the .mil
torn house ring, havei,, the most nctlvo
inemlcr8 of the Republican party ,
HouUicn, Illinois. They ),avo nh,
leen wlUlnjr'to Invest both money mn
tlnjo in tho cause of their party, but they
now rtfuso to bo any longer the
tools of Messrs. Pojio ami Jlunu,
who lmvo seen proiicr to bear them'
Delves In a manner that said as clearly as
words could : "Vote, gentlemen, for our
ca. You should have nothing to say
nlKiilt the olll'. 'I Hey wimig m "-.
V arc the Miitp umUors, and yoiimiit
not murmur at our decMon."
Hut along eanu! rhlllH, and along
nine l.luegsir. and along tuini' Wkkwiro,
and along enine I'liiiile, and along iiinir
the onergelle Charley Alter, ami along
came tho tiei'sMi'iit and iii'Vcr-sfiy-dle.
laek Whiter, mid along with them cniiir
. - . . i .... ,.ii
a eonine or immitvn oiiht iieiniiine.iii.
and down went the slate of the ring
broken Into very email nitwit. And now
The Sun ynys the Itepiiblknn
parly ilm t waul suen men
in tlieM wo have named, anil ay
lK'caile Mr. Pom; has Informed 1m. Sun
that In that way the power nf lm flati
makers of IhN vlllagi may he ivltiiTil
lint .Mr. I'one Is not correct In this a-vi
Hon. for. whatever he may believe and
make his man of the Sun wiy, his Inthi
ence and that of bit polltlei:! paitner ha
departed forever. He and .Miiiin are
powers that were, and The Sun Is what
It always ha been, a small quantity of
Oct your oysters at Uio Djliiinn co.
The host oysters at the Dclmoulco lien
tauraiit. 207-H-50.il.
Ir'ieh oysters or nnyuilni; t'lo you
w.nt it ti.u Uvtiitiiulco Uotaurant, open
day ninl night.
1 1 -Dr. JciincMc, tlctitM, olllio over
admit .i OlioNou's, l.'lglilli street, tiosr
Cuiniiisri'lnl nvcmic. ;i3ft-ll-13-lin
Kor wools nml shoes of any description,
itylo or iiiullty, go t Win. Klilfr'tlon
Tivontlolh street. Uo guarantees ratNTao
tloo In material, lit, workmanslilp and
IrIco tMO-tf.
'oync's oysicrs depot and rcntuurant.
Oysters In the shell and can, froali tvory
day, at l'hll Saup's old stand, between
Sixth and Sovcntn streets, Cairo, Illinois.
Tho St. CUarles hotel has several pleas
ant rooms on tho upper Moor, Nullahto lor
gentlemen, that can be secured for tho
winter, with board, at voiy rennonablo
ratos. if.
Having given up my old stand on tho
If von nai takon Keohlcr As Ilro's shop, on
cigniu street, i snau.uo prcparca to sup
ply tho citizens cf Cairo, ,lth tho btt
meat the market affords, l'leaae call ami
si-u iuu. run., now Aim.
Hear la uitnd that llonry Savers at Xo,
O.'i Ohio Levee, pays the highest market
prices In cadi, forhiuo, riiw. wool, fcath
ers, beeswax, ginseng, tnltow,grcafc,'raf,,
waste paper and all Klndsof paper stock
ana oiu metals. Itemember tho p'.ace, 10
Ohio Loveo, Cairo, Ills.
130-1 f.I'Mm
Unites CniidlrH
The best and purest made. Kor sato by
J. II. 1'llll.ui's. l.'l 11-IIWl
Nollrr lo Nnlooii HeopcrM.
Yon aro hereby notilled not to give, sell
or furnish through any means, liquor of
any kind to my husband Thnotliy Hessian.
Any ono neglecting this warning will be
proscutcd to tho full extent of tho liw.
M-lM3-3t M'lNl'KKIl RKHSIAJf.
A Uooil I.ciiilcr.
Topmost or ihcm all, in the esscntlil
point ot ijulck nml UDlform baking,
economy In ilio uso of fuel, superior con
struction, beauty of design cleanliness and
cuy management, nml lust but not least,
perfect fntiHtai'llun gunranteeil to every
household tint uses a Charter Oak Cook
ing stove, il.tivlt
Ilrntrn's I.un s Order.
Uegularlty in eating, sleeping and excr
tiso ami abstiuunco Irom such dangerous
Irritants as alcohol ami tobacco, lend t0
socuro a long and healttiful lllc. Hut ovcn
a strict observance ot these wholesome
rules will not always avor. licknees. The
best safeguard against epldcmto and oilier
diseases is Dr. Walker'n California Vine
gar Hitters, which, by promoting a regular
anil Mgorous action of the dlgcnio,secrc
tlvo and excrctho organs, kocp tho body
in tho licit pofsiblo condition for rcklstlnc
and ropolllng the caui! of disease.
Hon. Warren Citato will lecture boforo
the Mboral Society again oa Sunday, tho
15th of Noveinlicr. His morning locluro
will be upon "Church and State;" nnd In thu
ovenlng ho will discuss Woman's Hlghts
and tho .Social (Question." As Jlr. Cliasc
hat been mlsreiirescntcd In the latter sub
ject, he Is especially auxioui that those in-
"vtcd should hear his opinion from him
sell. Tho i.wuii,, lmvo Uiaioi.j.uiiuuttyniid
aro earnestly invited.
Grand Lunch.
Illniiiiiinlloii ami llon.l'lre.
.Mr. Kduiand lluofncr, of tho l'lanters'
Home, will Illuminate his Iioiibo from cel
lar to garret ud have a bon-llre In front or
his pluco ol business, this evening, and In
addition lo'.thls display ho will spread out
to his customers an extra lunch. Rvory
body invited. Milwaukee, beer In abun
dance. ii
N. B.
liny Mhcre
(JihhN nr
Sold Hie
Jmt received and for salo lo the trado,
new buckwheat Hour, now hams and
breakfast bacon, choice butter, cranber
ries, pickles, inlnco mtat, etc. AUo, we
sell 4 pounds bestltlo coll'ue lor $1? and H
.Q..nJ. -V t,l.. .llfii,r or . Jj0,,c-( Wo
havo thulargoU stock of dry goods, boots
and shoes, on which wo shall oiler extra In
duccmcnts. Only houso In tho city selling
C. M. Henderson & Co.'s custom undo
winter boot, l!0 inch leg, and warranted, for
?l M per pair. Itemember, goods sent
promptly to your hons0 mid no charge.
H'W't Nkw Youk Stokb.
. Vllllilll(r Ailterllseiiii-iH,
fii. , , iituei:, iiiiiiuio, ."v. v.:
Hear 6!r:-I am a walking advertUoinont
for your (l)lden Jlcdlcal Dlseoveri-. Inm.
tlvo Pellets and Dr. Sago's Catarrh Remedy I
me u mu nirou mo oi catarrh of nlno
years standing, which was so bad that it
disfigured my nose, and while curing It,
ypur mudlcines cured mo of asthma, in its
worst aud mot aggravated form. Ilcfore
ulng your medicines 1 had become reduced
In ilch Irom ono hundred and llfty.ilvo lo
onejhimdrcd andUttecn poundj, and I now
welch one hundred and slxty.two pound,
and am In better health than I fcnve enjoyed
lor twenty year.. Yours truly,
,. J. I l.UMSDKN.
Uie abo-,0 U but a fair sample of bun
drcdi of letters which arerccched by Dr.
I f.rce, and in the face of such evidence,
who eau longer doubt ! n, .!..,'
medics cure the worst ca .0
Nnlleo l lliniteri.
Itrcci h and muzzle, lomllmr liot utinp.
rlihRaml plMots. Alsoniiiiiimillton In large
or (mall qitautlt'es, (JuaHl)' and jirlcrs
KUnraniccu, (irAcr twlli-llei!
At llonrjV Mntilwnro Store, Cairo III.
I. (). llAII.WAV CllMPilNV, J
AdKNTrt OlTICI', tWlllO, Nov. 7, VI
Shipper will plcao hear in iiitnd that
package muslin mirkeil with name otitic
(.ontlgiico and ilctliiutlon lu'l. Initials
Will ml do .l.tMi.'H .Ioiinson, Aent,
Iloclor Stalker has a fresh supply of gr n
Him iHiii-humaiil -d Viechio lual'er. lie
may nlway bu foiiml at liN olllce orr .Me.
(lauloy's din;; siora irom 1 aVbick In tlio
evening till II o'clock lo thu morning mid
from 1 olsl; p.m. till " o'clock; p.m.
unless professionally nliciit. ll-l;!.:il.
I.iiik'Ii ll ery liny.
Ocnrgc halt ner corner ot Kourtccnth and
Wathinglm avenue, will fiiroi'h hereafter,
every day to his patrons a No. 1 lunch, be
twcciithclioursol ten and twelve o'clock.
Fresh .Milwaukee bcernuil fragrant Havana
cigars tr ho hail at his bar at all times.
lumber Mill lluic Ifomi.
As w are doti ruiliU'd to elon out our
stock speedily, preparatory I ) wlndhif up
limbics, wo will sell nil Minis ol I mul f ui
two diilhn per limits im1 loss than market
price. A largo lot of tat Ii and I lino Wood
on hand, wliicli will If 3 said at correspond
ingly low rates, Wax.u .V I1.NT.
' , loml 'limiee.
1 oiler tor sale iheent re oullltand land
of tho St. Nicholas Hotel, on C.mimcrclul
avenue, Cairo Illinois, with a good paylm;
bujlnesi, o.-l will .!ll tho bar and llxturca
seperatn frtm the ontllt of the house, Ml on
gooj icrnn Apily at tho hotel.
AVm. Wr.TzKt., Proprietor.
Srv I.lllnlier Ynnl.
Clias. l.aumstcrnud Newton Itlce. (Uto
with Wslteri) both well known to our clll-
zens, and to river men generally, hac es
tablished a limber yard In Cslro, cortcr ol
blxlccnth st'ect nnd Commercial avenue
Thoy will ketp ovcry description ol build
lug material aid steamboat lumber, doors,
sash, hUiius, nouldlugf, slilnglc,lath, t;.
etc,, and nro tctormlned to sell lower than
lumber has crr been sold In Cairo, rhoy
solicit a fair tilal from steamboat men and
builders, and guaranteo satisfaction In all
case 337-I0-27-tr
lliioli nml Sliue.
Wo desire to tail tho attention ot all
who would innko tto bct Usj of thol
money, to our largo and varied stock of
unci, nr oery!dc-crlptlou. Our lino of
dry goods will bo found equal to any in th
city. As we hive recently commenced i
this line, we inve no old stock or blgl:
pncod goods onhand. Wo do a caih bus
iness; buyoltoh; have ficsli goods on our
counters every diy, and will not he under
sold by any home in tho west. Our largo
anu increasing trado enables us to buy
from first bands an J do business on n much
closer mnrgin thanthoso who do less bu
incss. Our lino of children's, inls.es' and
ladies' shoes is now complete AVe get our
goods from too best factories In the
United Slates and have proved them to be
unequalcd by nry goods In thU market
Thoy aro sold almost as low as "the tras
you buy from tlio ordinary dealer. W
have also a lino of eastern goods, tliut you
can hao almost at your own prlco if you
will namo it when you call. So Inferior
goods will bo oilercd unless you n-k for
them, as we oxpect to maintain our reput.v
lion for sell ng tho most durablo good
ever oilercd lo Cairo. Cat! early at
Klmott .t Haytiioiln'm,
101 Coinincrcial avenue,
The ireil I'nvorlle itllh Uie l.iulli
in. i orsyth liynum k. Son, druggists of
l.lvo Oak, Kla., write, Sc-ptcmbor lOtli, 1871
as follows: "Dr. 11. V.Pljice, llullalo, N
i.i -ioiir lioldcn .Medical Discovery and
rurgatlvo Pellet i sell very largely and gi
..nnl..lnlA .Ht..f....il U -
wuii.l..u 0i,llliiv.iw.j, bi llllllllivin nr our
customers aimirloiuls testify with n c.isur
Your favorite 1'rcsciiptlon is Indeed the
great favorlto with tho ladles, ami numbers
can say with Joy that it liai saved them from
ckliigoutamiserable.llfo or niRotlng will
premature ucatn, and restored them
health and happiness.
Thousands of women bless Uio day w hi
nr. J'icrcc's favout I'rcscrlptlon wu
llrst made known to them. A single botlli
oltcn gUci dellcsto and suUciing women
more relclf than months of froatment fnun
iiiuir amiiy piiyslcian. in all those de
laiigcinoniK causing back-ache, dragging
down sensations, nervom and general de
miuy, it is a sivciclgn remedy. Itoooth
lug au l healing properties render It ol tho
uimosi t niue lo ladles mlfer dl' from luier.
nalfovir, congestion, inllamatlon or ulcer-
niiou, imi us , strengthening oirocts tend to
co.reci displacements; ol Internal parts,
tho resilt of weakness of natural supports!
ii m boio oy nu druggists.
Dr. Tierce's pamphlet on Ihe dliMi .,.
cullar 10 women will be sont to any address
mi iituipi oi two stamps. Address n
auoe. U-12-eodw
4'iisiiiiiilion enn lie Cured
8ibenck's l'nlmonlo Syruji, Schciick's
ao nceu 'ionic, Schcnck's .Mandrake
Pills, are tho only lmdlelnes that will euro
ruliuontry Connmipilon,
I'reqwnuy medicines Hut wm k(0p n
cough ill occasion the death of tho
pallcnti they lock up tho liver, stop the
circulation ot tho blood, lemorrliago fol.
urns, am in met inoy c'og tho action ol
uio very organs that caused tho coiil-Ii.
I.lvcr Complaint and Dys.p,:l mo ttj0
causes or two-thirds or the wCs of Con
sumption. Miny persons complain or a
ui iain in uio side, constipation, coaled
""h"i, iu uio suouiuer-blade, reclliii;
ui urvwsiucM ami rest efsnes. tin. r....i
lying heavily on tho stomach, accompanied
w mi acidity .mil belching up or w lud.
iheso symptoms usually originate from a
disordered condition ol tho stomach or
torpid liver.
Persons to alloctcd. it tlicy tako ono or
two lioay colds, and If the cough In theso
easel bo suddenly checked, will find tho
loin eu mid liver clogged, remaining tor
phi nnd Inactive, and almost before they
am awaro tbo lungs nra n mass of sore
and ulcerated, tho result of which Is death.
bchonck's Pulmonic t-yrup is nu oxpec-
tonnt which docs not contain opium or
anything calculated to check a cough sud
den.. Silicnck's Sea Weed Tonlo dissolve tlm
iooi, mixes with the gastle Juices or tho
stouach, aids digestion and creates a rave-
j When the bowcl are coiilve, skin sallow
or tlin symptom otherwise of a billions
' ..!. Pll's III' A
tendency, Mriionck-s juimi -
Tlieso liicdlebics are prepared only by
.1. II. bdiKNC. d Son,
Northeast corner Hl.vlh and Arch ilrcets,
Phlla.lclpbbi, Pa. And ire fur sato by all
druggist atd di alers. ll.t.lin.l.lw
A. Dlnclc luiB just received nn
OthOl' invoico Of thoao lino Scotch
bottom or oxicnsloii-solod bIiooh
in ovcry stylo, for lrullcH, miBsoB
nnd children, that 1ms given bucIi
eoncral HntiHrnotlon to ovory ono
No nood to wenr itho inotnlic
tins to nrotcet tho uppers, or com-
plnin of shoon Heulnng out nt tocH,
for theso nro by thoir oxtcnslon
Holes. BUfllciont urotcction nnd
eombino oloKnnco nnd durubll
ity, with comfort not cqunleel by
uny other mnko.
Do not Purchase for yourself
or your children, nny shoes bo
foro'you lmvo oxumined these, for
thoy nro nssurodly tho shoes you
wnnt. C tv Shoo Store, cornor
Klchth Btrcot nnd Commercial
nvonuo. .lll-10-.ll-tf
lm l-ri von rim I a lip llirse te I tiers ai'tntl
luir I" directions, r, .1 rcmiMii loni; niiuril.in I
eloil llir ir iioi.es me not ilcMinsi'il y inn. i !
-,i i.n or oincr in' Mi; i.un itai orLns iusum
e.Min.l point of iciulr
ti snruslii or ImlSursllaii. Ifcadartii I'. I'
In I lie RlionMcrs, liltlillis, 'll I incss or II. r t'l.i-l
luzzlness. Sour l.nii latlcimol llic Mumarii. w...
Vjlle III tlio Moutli, llllloiin Attncks, I'ulplMtl'ii
if Uie Heart, lail.u unatloii of the l.uiifs. IMIn I
liii rcKlon of tlio biilncys, and a liiindicil oilir.
I'liiurul s)iiiitonis. ira Uie nirqirlnits of HjmhT
hi. Onu liuttlc proc n lienor cuiinuilic c
Its incriis than n iMiutliy nilielllsciiient.
l iir E' rinnic 'niiiiiniiiis, in )ouii2 or oiu
ii'iriled or mifle. nunc ilawo of n tiii.tn ink.it. n
ic lurii r no, uicsu loniu oiiicin .u.i'iny sn ui
, li d au lunucncc unit luipruvcuicnt l soon per
C piniio. ,
t'oi-llinnnil'intorr nml Chronic Klirtt.
...n.l.ni ,ilul limit. Ulihio". I'.ciiiilliiit and lull
i iii -'iil I'crcrs. Hiioiit i ol tlic Ulood. I.lcr. Kl '
iios nnd Illail.Ur, llic-c lilllris tone no ciuii'.
( n il lilseascs nro canted lyr Vtllntot Uloisl.
'I'lir Hint u ntlr S'tii-utitltr its nrll ti
ll 'I'oulr. po'st'smisr tlic merit ol ncllns as :
lowcrftil aptnt In icllcUwr t.'oncoiloii or In
j.imnititlon ofilie l.hcrr.nd Visceral Organs, an.
II IMIIuiis UUtasrs.
1'or Nil I ii 111. .uses, Eruption, Teller, fait
r.licnin, lllotl.cs, -iol", I'linplcs. I'.islulrs,
'Ulliiincles, KliiC'U in ins, Sinld III, I. t-'orn lie
orjslpclas, Itcli, Sriirfs, tifsralnrtloiis (if t lie skin
1 1 iimor nml lilncaes ol the Skin of u linlet c r iiaan
r nature, aro literally ilnz up nnd ciriicd nut c
'ho system In a tliort time ly tlic use of llicss
Ornlcrttl TliniisntuW pior! lm IsFriAi
Iittkiis the inosmoiiilcrful l;nlj?iranl that cci
lUtulncd the Unlink ststem.
it. m. i;t..i.i .v co.
irucplsn and Ccn. .lets., han Fraiiclsco. Cal., &
'or. ol washinptnn nnu i imriinn sis., . i.
Spend Your Money
So Unit vnu ii II Rrl II nil lurk In ie.il solid rntn
lint, by littt-stsng II In one of our
new pntciil
Evening Star
Kniiioiis fur filing out n woiidi-rndlr strung,
I'li.isiiut ami I iilfui'iii lli.il utn
Small Cost of Fuel.
Itat7Simnln in nnnnnnHnii Anal.
- s - - ivtiuti "wiinii-
iy jiiuiuitjuu, caroituiy mauo or tlio
VOrv bOHt nintfirinlu. nlitrmfu lino
ilrst-rnto draft, tind guarantoed to
fctvu BuiiHiuuiion ovorywnoro nnd
uiiuui- nu circuinsinncoH.
fioi.n nv
Exoolktor Mmifacturliii: Conipnny,
0153 nnd 014 N. Mnln St. St. Louis, Mo,
-ANIl nv-
ICE! ICE!!' ' ICE!!!
Wholesale and itetall Iiodcrs In
At Union & Wilson's, CornorTwelith St.
hiiu uiiio xoveu.
onsumption Cured
o Ki.itoii or Tin: Ili'i.i.Kns,
KsTfl'Sll.n KlillAlu Yon u-lll i.Wi. I..r......
) our leaders Dint 1 liaieuiioslilie
euro for Consumption
nnd alt dlsonleis of the throat and f.iinirs. im,l
Wsls !?.''"'' lu njy pnitilie, I Imiecmeil
llisls or rn.es, ami K)u'
forn ram It will not iKnellt. Indissl. kl,
.Witihwln? """1,lc VUKU ,u ml' ""n"'-
1'leilSK kllOW (Ills lilli.r In nnv ......
ui.. "u '"i-H'.fV! 'A' dlWs ami
ist Willi 1 '
VV s. ,"! "'!',n" ,.cn w"K UimiiKiioiit ih-
e i"" ',,'ll-'liiK puie lake hi. ,
pill o llieeify utthe o,', mill kt-t pilie, n ,5
1"L?n,nV''l,ournV1,,N,,llldi'lliirlly,w I
lor shipment to nny dUianee,
MMu.uin.7i , .Uv Yolk.
..ii. sic stroiu:.
I r
i 1
8 2
mi fe -! w
tti s
l ; w
r-" , o
PHUt. H. SAUP, Proprietor.
Cornor Eighth St. and Washington Avn,
HO urns IN THE Til ABE.
I lAt'l'lllV Ho not Iniv old r.niilli'. Ili.il i,aie Ik, it
us- In tour vi l)tlil l.veiy lm oiixld lo eiinl.iin
iiiiiiis 1 ne 1 1 1 . iiii'oiiiv piiieein niMi'Tii
Fresh Baltimore Oysters Received Daily
Is now DroDarcd lo show one of Uio most, su-
j purb stocks ever offered in this connnnnity.
He will not bo undersold.
Gentlemen desiring hats of a proci.se fit.
can have the measure of their heads take to a
hair, and their head gear made to order in the
latest fashion and finest style.
EDMUND HUEFNER,, Proprietor.
... .. . ,
This house contains 35 good rooms.
Travelers will always find tho best accommo
dations. A trusty watch for trains and boats day and
Corner Ohio Levee and Sixth Street.
HARRY WALKEH, Proprietor.
102 Comnioroiiil Avcnuo, between Nintli nml Tenth KtrcotH,
Cairo, Illinois.
mis4'i:i.i,.v.m:oi n.
Pro. Fowlor's GroatWorlc
1ivi" lit l.nws, l'oiwiii, ,e.
Alil'.NT.S niv hIIIiik fioni 1.1 lo 2.-1 eoolis n
1 lay Nml l'oi'siii'iiniii imirismul In ins
In inreiits. noil ni 1I11- It ..11. i'i.i. . il... ......
nihil' IioiiL .ililiiss .Niuluinil t'liliiuiilnir Co ,
l'lillailelililii, I'.t , t lilmifo, lU ,orhl Uiiils,
Obstacles to Marriage
H.l'l"i relief for yoiiii(t men from Uio if.
. fit'ts of mors ninl nliioes In iirlv III..
Alunliooil lenlollil llnlS'illmenls In ni-ii-rlini.
leinoveil. .New nu II101I of livalim nl New noil
liiliiukiilile iriniillet Hooks ninl elrenl.trs sent
I lie In mill. I eiielni .ilie IIDWAIill
ASMICIATHIX, till Norlli Mnlh slnel, J'liitif
Ii 1 1 ill In, Pa on Insllliillon lint Iiil' a hluli iiiiu.
iilion lor lionoralile eomluit nml roli'slon.i
in .
WINNClls orilm liWiesl meiliiU nml ill.
iilnma of honor, nt Mtnmi, l-T'l, nml
'iirl', IS07, now oni'i'llin llnil iinsnilinenl of
inln'sl eiililnet lupins In Ihe woihlr Inelinilnir
ew slvles U'llli ivetnt liolnoii oii'iiln m.l niii.
M'liisively for null , ns liu'innly, lint uln on
H inin 01 e.i iiyioeiiis, ine inosi niionihle
it oilellHl Ollftllll U'IiIihI Willi lillvlli'L... 10'
iiiirluue, to nliiiosl uny uiil of I lie country.
.'li.ut ..... 1111.11I MO 1IO ill' Mill, m.lj
Illusliilteil nilnlnitnes unit rliruhirs, Mlllifiill
iKUtlcnhirs, sent Irieim iwiiet. Ail livas
Jloton, ,Vw Voifc i' L'lilottjiu.
tedov(r III. 'niiie r .1 id ire Inle A I .1
Hi iiind nu ii i oiinn our lln'
lll noi n In 11 .11111 1 ui r noiili 'e ,1 11
i.n.iMi .
Houso Painter
s irc i.niil toiloiill klniliof llon-e l'alnllii"
1 iiiiiKiiiiiiuinsiir . I1II1 iiiiilnt liilier In 11.1
1 ily or sin loiinillujf eoimlry lit ie i.oi,.il.le 1,
lis unlet mil reerhc oroiniil ulil im-i---oii.il
nlliiilloii nil ami mi. Mm ' ""l""
'I lie Kieut ilHcoery of the
nat- Iheie U no imlii whhh
the Cinliini' 1 .1 11 1 1 1 ic ii t tvlll not
lelljUf, no HHilllnjr wliicli It
Mill inn snlslne, nml no luine
heni li I.li 11 win 11.. 1 ..in..
'llils Is klloni; ImiKiiiiKv, hill II
rfllJJt liel.e Is-inlnleil ni-oimil emli
liollle A elivnlilr I'ulllilllllntf eeilllleulei ol
Momlerfiilenies of ihi iiiiiutUin, lu nnil j.-In, loci,.
JiliV, Sinilii4, hMelliii.-sl senilis, eiikisl Inen.ls,
imlsnnoiis hlles, I'lorulirl, emu s;ill iheinn. nu.
lu'he, , iin.l the lei'l.eof the liniment Mill he
M ilt t'liilis lo nny one It is the most wnmleifhl
iuiiiiii.vimi Kiiii-iiiieinjr iieni I lie w.iil.l litis
eier ) 1 1 . . 1 n-. I hIIiih 11.1 inllrlf In line ill. I
sell, unit It tells Isruiue it iloet Just Mlmt it liii"
Iniilt In do line hnllle of the t'entiiiir l.lnl
iiunt for iinlnmU (jtlluw wiumn'i) U moiIIi 11
hnmliisl ihilhiis for split IiihI. slinilmsl orpilhsl
Iidim', nml mules, nml I'm' eiew-tvorm hIksii.
No family nr slnek-oM nei-eiui tift'il-il to 1st Willi
out Centaur l.lnlmejit. fike, Mietnts, larije
MtliiinM. .1. II, ItOftS ,t CU.,
(VI llioinlwiiy, Xtw Voik

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