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BoYBMiaUonly WccnU, at Elliott & Hay,
Froth Ilaltlmoro oyster received dally
nu oiu uy run. u. mup. roo-ll-'JO-tf
Niw Lumber Ynril.
Cliai. Lancaster Mid Newton Illcc, (I. to
Willi Walter) both well known to our cltl
zoo, and to river men generally, ha'veti
ttabllhcd a lumlicr yard In Olro, cor or ol
.Sixteenth street and Commercial avenue.
Tiny will keep every description ol build.
Ihg material and steamboat lumber, doo ,
iah, blind, moulding, shingle, Utli, els ,
etc., and are determined to cell lovcr thai
lumber ha ever been ld In Cairo. 'J'liey
"licit a fair trial from ntcjinbont men and
builder, and guarantee iltiactlon In nil
cae. 337.IO-27.tr
i'nlro i:utrrirlr.
Hproit, 18."i Ohio l.eiee, I reselling New
Orlcan oytra every monihii In bulk. He
U making til oh n cam and packing hi
own oyttcr, thereby molding tlioixiib:
taut charge (or transportation, and I ma
ided to ftirnlih a better article ut a Ics
price than ally other dca'er. 1'atronlzo a
home lii'littitlon, and beiii'llt voiirscir.
18 12-l-lf "
llooiliN ( It nil.
Klght roomi to retit on Third trect be
tween Washington and" Commercial ave
nue. Apply to Wllllatii licllalclor at
hi office.
Joint Ilctlalull,
on the merit ol tho Hlblc, between I'. V.
Underwood, of Koitou, Ma., ami I'rof
O. A. Ilurges. ol the Northwestern Clirla
tlan University, ut Inttlanapolls, Ind., at
tho Atheniiim, Cairo, ill, commencing
December 22, 1871, and continuing four or
moro night.
1. Itetolvnl, That tho llible I liUtort
rally untrue.
2. Ilosohed, That tho Illbic I iclcntlfl
rally untitle.
3. Itesolvcd, Hint the Illbic tcicbcibad
and cormpt moral..
Admli.loti, 23 cent.; reserved tnl, .V)
rent. Ticket lor tale ni the l!ooktore,
llobblns' muilc tore, Holer's jewelry
torc and Schtih' ilrii" store. Itctcned
Seat may be procured at U, Haitmiu',
10 Ibi sugar for $1, nt Wilcox'.".
3 lb buitcr for SI, at WihoxV.
1 lbs coin; for $1, at Wlloux'.
I'OtatOea W cent imt buhel, at Wil
cox. Ir li Miipply.
Mr. 1'. 1'itttgendd La Jitl tcfrlvetl and
hat on aalc at bis ulc room, a large stock
of Kngtlsn ale, porter, Henncssy brandy
and wine, and ll'iuor ol all kinds which
be will dispose of at reasonable price.
t.iiurli V.rry IMy.
(leorgc I.attnurcorncrol Fourteenth and
Washington usenue, wlllfurci-h hereafter,
every d ty ti bl patron a No. 1 lunch, be
tween the hour ol ten and twelve o'clock.
Krcth Milwaukee becrand fragrant Havana
cigar to be had at hi bar ut ull timet.
A Kl'l.l. line ol l,o' and youths' cap, at
Kill tt A- ilaylh'iin'.
I'nr In I in ril VVnlrlies.
All Watcbei, Clock and Jewelry, that
have been lelt with me for repatr,oii which
the marge arc unpa'd, will be ml de
left at the Jewo'.ry store of Mr. II. lloupt,
on WaihlSgton avenue, and will at the end
of thlrly Jay Irom thl date In .old to pay
.barges'. IIbhman Wili.kk.
('juiifOr-, December Kill. liTt.
llOYi), go and tee the Storm Kiag, at Kl
llott V I In) thorn'.
Nettle I i.
I wfih cvtry person indebted to mo to
call and n-ttlc before tho 1st of January,
1S75, n I have concluded to carry on a
strictly cah buslne on and al'.cr that
date. If settlement I not uiado ni requeu
ed In lilt notice, the amount duo-to mo
will bo collected by lw.
CAlltO, I l.i. , Dec. II, ISTt.
Kilty to seventy-lire dollar per month.
Agent wanted everywhere. Teacln'r,
ladle, gent, etc., etc. No rapit.il or nut-'
lay required, fcend 20 rent for potsgc on
outfit, to I). 0. Wklcijman,
tl Irvln Station, Union County, Ohio,
on mintinc.
Mr. Winte r 1 buy painting somo hrge
portrait In oil. Wo aro glad to seo the
people waking up to tho appreciation of
truo genius. A lino photograph oflhc Itev.
Jlr. Thsyer, on exhibition, U Ifu Itself.
I'lnln (titration for liMiilliN.
Have tho routlns iiicdiclnei of tho profu
sion dona you no good r Aro you dUcour
aged and mlscrahloj If io,tcit tho proper
tic ol tho now vegeUblo Spocltic, Dr.
tkiih. already famniH aths tlnctt lnOgor
ant. corrective and alter-d'-ve tint ha ever
ccu tho light. l)Ipeptlc and peron of
bilious habit should keep It within reach, If
they n uo health and cafe.
rs-l'J-li-1 w
Tiik ilncKt brand of cigar kept con-
tintlv attlieCrystalsaloon, corncrofSlxth
Htrcet aud Commercial avenue. 12-fdf
Thlttlewood .V Co., tmo tlnUheil their
larte elevator at corner ol tweuty-M-cond
imil Ohio Levee, and moved Into il (mm
their old store, tho ilrt of thl week. They
will have nil their elevating macmntrj
Htcim-uower etc., complete In a few thy,
nnd wl 1 be prepared to Uore and take caro
of their conlgnmouts with much moro con
vonlcnco and natlsfictlon than c er bclorc
a their atorago room I ample to mcoc all
demand that en poillily )jo undo upon
tUom. O'-lS-ltWir.
Waro at
White (irantto und other lablo
Pttrou', Davis .t Co', Tenth
For Itoot and Shoes ot any
ysi tyle, quality or descrlpllon go
W.teto Wm. Killers ou Twentieth
street, or at Ko.81 Ohio Lcvcfl. Ho guar
antee to each purchaser the itock that he
selects, and manufactures boot at nllprlccs
ranging from 00 to gift OC. Customer
troubled with corns or tender feet, ato
guaranted an ea')' lit, as hoots aro titled to'
the foot. In tuo ausetico oi Jir, r-mer, who
will superintend both shops, Phll'lp It.iugh
will hare charge of the Levee sliop and Kd
'i'llrgerald tho shop on Twentieth ftrcct
Thanking his patrons for pan (aver he bo
licit" continuance of tho same,
TUKSDAY, DKCi:.MIIi:it 22, 1871.
iMrnl M'riillier Itrporl.
Caiiui, III., UrcrmUi -il, lTl.
Tim it.
IIaii. I Tint.
MH 1 1 "aT'"
:n.lMt !'
Winii. I
Vel. t Wkatiikr
II '
2i in.
.s. v..
1IIOMAH JO.VKS, Ubttntr.
.Mtcinl tin' 'rent ilclcitiiiit tin; Athene-iiniln-nluht.
.Tinfimr ,ii
A A fl'IXIAI. ro
Xif f''alro l.ni; No
A..M.III ! hh
Mnionlr .Nuller.
oinliiuiilcatloii of
No. '.:i7. A. I', nnd
held at .Miuonlu. hall
llil ('I'liosilay) fM'iilu nt7J oVIv;k, to
luriku iirniiigriiir'iit lo ntti'iiil tin; fiinvr.il
of our lulu brother. I.onl .liirL'i'ii-on.
II. I Ml.AKK.S'i-'y.
IVr onlcr of W. .M.
Auction I
At I:iroiif, DaVWA'Co'., Truth Mrwt,
till (Tucil;iy) nflernoon nt oVlwk.
AUo In the cu'tiliiK nt 7 o'cliH'k. lcroii
nltcintlii will he Miru to pet pooiNiitIe
tlmii i-nu Ih'1i:iiI i K.'uIhtc. (IikmI sold
nt irlvc mIo til nny time ilurlup llit'ihjy
or cvciiliifr.
A spcHal mci'llii'' of thl clitli will, lie
In-Ill nt tin.' St. liarle hotel llil fvoiilnjr
nt 7 o'clock, hnrp. Iniiortaut huciiie;
rcqiilrun tins prifi'iici.' of uvery iihiiiImt.
Ciia-. l. IIowi:, rn'idciit.
Caiiki, Di-i-dulM-r'JJ, 1871.
Oil I'lilntltiKunt Auction.
There will In- nil unction -iile of line oil
l:iiiitiup :it llntiiiotiN hook More, on
Wtiliiwtlay uvciiln, DwtnbfrZIrd. i-ali'
to ciniiiiciiiv nt S o'clock. Till will ho
a rnrc ilinucc lovcitrua llm; l lirlstnms
jiri''iit, anil'i.-vcr.vhocly 1 Invited. .S-ilu
without ri'MTve.
.iv l.ilimr;'.
Tin; KjilH'ojialhni- will not have a
Clirl-tnia tnr. At a imetln of the
Sabbath x hool ti-uchi-r. of that church,
held net litlv, it wa il-ciihl that iustosid
of liaili; it llci-, mid J-'Ulli' tin- K'holars
prori'iit, a Hit; other mIiooI iiropo
iloinp, they will ircciit tln i:i with n m-w
library. T'ht 1 a very pood Idea, and
no doubt will plca-o the -cholar inucli
letter than thy tree
The 'ock rcma'nln; of the ltte film of
l'ar.uu, Ditl & Co., mu t
be closed out before January lt. I have
Hill on hand, the bett white (iniltc ware ;
a tlce aMortment of China good', tultill
(or the Holiday ; ulo tible aud pocket
nillery, Mlver-plited wa-e,Ac, Ac. The
ah ve, lo.'clher with the Moro lixturc,
miit be told a above tated, nnd I otfer
Hsrgaln. J. T. TlUXIiii.
b7 1J--.2- r.
Srlrrt I'nrly.
rrcpanitloiwanMiow bcliip made hy a
number of yoiuip men of this city, for a
praud X".w Veur Kvc. Hall, to Ihj piiy"
at tho St. (haih- IIot-U which will Ij a
prandiillalr. Tho-owlio liavo the mat
ter in hand, an; well known mid i'irt
petio younp pciitlctiifii, ami will njian'
neither tlmi' nor money, to make It tho
!uo.t enjoyable event that ha taken phut'
in this city Cor many lu
ClirUllilM I'.r.
The Mctluxll-ts will liaM" their entrr
tainmciit Thur-day nlpht. .Sinptnp, re
fri 'hniinU, and the dl-trlbutlou of iiri'
eiit anioiiptlie chlldri'ii will Iw the order
of the eeiiliip, and a pleasant time pen
enilly may be looked for. Soliciting
coinmUlir are now canvn'inp the city
lor money and ctllblc, and up to thic
time have Imx-ii very utiwi-rul. The
only place that we know of where the
younp ladles did not do wellwa at this
olllce. llutthev came al llio wronp tune.
They should have come Saturday evenlnp
ihout R o'clock ; then they would nave
rvcelvol a warm welcome, as well m a
pocket full of money. Printers make
plenty of money, but they never keep it
very lonp.
Tint Orcnt IMm-iissIoii.
(5o to the Allieiieum and IMen to the
:reat ili-ctf-lon on the llible, tiMilftht.
A lllHlioiieil Stnkp-lloliler.
Ve-terdavalieriiooii u TenneH'o roiv
tleman named Jim Lew I, nrriveil III
Cairo, and not liavln-' uiiythlnp parties
lar to ilo.nmui-d ldnindt uy waiKinp up
and down the. -Idewalk, near the corner
of Fourth Mreet and Ohio Levee, where
ho wa neeo-ted hy a negro who wanted
lo show him ii trick. After wiiiff the
trick i)erforined..llm wanted to bet, nnd
gotout his moiiey.llve dollar, all lie. had,
and liandcil It to anotner negni muiuhhk
neor, who wa to net us stake-holder.
The negro took the money, anil wniie
Hut ami the trickster were settllnjr
the condition, of the bet, walked oil
with II, ami has not been seen Mnee.
I.orcllo Afiuleiiiy.
The entertainment tfUen hy tho young
ladies of I.oadto Academy, lat eveniit;,
was a pranil succe-ss. Tho Convent hall
was (ull of people, and the perfonn-
mice was very interesting. The manner
In which tho pupils of the Convent ren
dered their vnrloiH vocal anil Instrumen
tal unrts lust night, proves to the obser
ver the time nnd care mat must w spenv
In bringing them to the high point of ex
cellence displayed in their exer
cises and also Impresses upon
the luluds of tho people of Cairo, the
pood whU'U this Institution does for their
city. To-night, nt the same place, will
be presented the. drama entitled "The
Inheritance," which, wo nre assured, will
bo very pleasing, as tho young ladles who
aro to enact the several characters are all
well drilled.
The Itlblo Debate. :
Heinember the great Ulble debate at
the Atheneum to-night.
(J rent IlnritnliiH.
lleduced prices I Clothing, Hats, Caps,
HooU it Shoe, tit JUiitmanh,
enernl Hem.
The mllle for Ilud Hoyd'n pun was
poilponiil from hint night until thl.eu-ii-lup,
when It will tako placo nt the old
Dclmotilco aloon.
The finance committee of the city
council held a meeting last nlplit in tho
city chik'H olllce. We have not yet
learned tho result of llnlr delibera
tion. City Clerk llawkliu 1. writing n his
tory of hi troubles with an umbrella. and
given a plan for the abolishment of tint
pruvalllng cu'Uim of borrowing urn
brc.lla, for the benefit of hit fellow-sufferer.
The flouring mllU of Cha. Oalllgher
and Halllday llrotlicr and the corn mill.
of A. Macklc & Co., and Oncn A Wood,
are working cteadlly night and day aud
are turning ort vast quantities of (lour
and meal.
01dCartIdi',the.St. Louis coal king,
Is going to ;stablih n big etui yard In
Cairo, uiTmjou us the Nnrrow (iuugo rail
road is eouiileleil, a he Intends bringing
the coal over that road. .Mr. Sam. Orr
has been appointed by him as uperlu
tciideiit nini general bulni"s manager.
When Tim: Ilt i.i.ini.v slated that
I!v. .Mr. filllK-rt worked inanfiilly last
Saturday helping (he ladles of his church
to make wreaths with which to trim the
church, It did not mean to throw out the
Idea that Saturday was the only day that
Mr. Gllliert did so. Since llrst the pre
paration began he Ii.t liecn wllh the
ladles every day, iiuddnne hNshare of the
work whlcli was to Ik- done.
The high school building was com
pletely llllcd Iat night tolMeu to .Mr. H.
P. WhivIerV lecture, which was very
Interesting and InHiucthe. -Mr. Wheeler
I u very pliicant speaker, with sound
idea on his -object, mid tell them In
plain language. All who heard the lec
ture lat night compliment .Mr. Wheeler
very highly. Tin.' next lecture of the
scrie will Ik; delivered In the same build
ing two wc'ks from lat night.
We learn from n report of the ex
ecutive committee of Ihe Illinois I'res
A.oelallou. that .Mr. II. A. Coolldge, of
the Cairo .S'roi, w ill lecture at Spriiiglleld,
Jatiuarv 12th, next, o:i the subject of
"Editorial Courlcy," and that .Mr. I). L.
DavN, of 7Vi' .Sun. will lecture at the
aume time and place, on 'Independent
JoiirualUm." The Coolldge announce
ment U a mistake, but that .Mr. Davl Is
Jut the gentleman to tell hN fellow-
membcrs of the Pre-s Association all
ihout "Independent dournali-m," Unol
a ml'take "by a long ways."'
itev. .Mr. Hrewcr, of Vienna, was In
the city ye-terday.
J. T . I-cftrldge, of St. I.oul. an old
river man, has mow-d to Cairo.
Capt. .1. Voting, of the steamer
Great ltepuhlie, Is at the St, Charle.
Jlr. Jcm; Van Dorvn, of St. Louis, I
In the. city paying a vi-it to hi brother
Jlr. Thomas Lan-deii, formerly of
this city, will bj luarrhsl this evening In
.Mr. P. L. Davl, a proinhient gentle
man of Auburn, New York, was at the
St. Charles yeterday.
Jllss Cullie Coon ha gone lo St.
Louis to -iM-utJ the holidays. She lelt
yesterday allernoon.
Frank Gallgher, who has been at
tending school at Ithaca, New Vork,
came home ye.-terday to spend llie holl
dav. Jlr. C. II. GoiMlrleh, pas-cngcr
agent of the Cairo and Vlneeimes rail
road, has taken rooms at Ihe St. Charles
JIis Gattle and Itobert Wood.trd.
who have been absent from Cairo vMting
nt various points In the East, returned
yesterday afternoon.
Jlr. Ceph. Gregg, who has been in
this city for the last week, vMting at the
house of Capt. Hlley, lelt ye-tenlay af
ternoon for St, Louis.
Mr. .Tallies Sheldon, ot St Louis,
who ha been In thl city for the past six
weeks visiting her parent, left Sunday
afternoon for her home.
The itev. Jlr. Wallar recehes com
pliments from all side upon the eloquent
sermon delivered by him on Sabbath
Jlr. CharU- M. Howe and lady, who
have been ut New Orleans for the past
four weeks, 'came home yesterday anil
took their old quarters at the St. Charles.
.Mr. John P. Jlarnel, ex-edltor of the
Auumption J'rtu, recently a compo1tor
on Tin; lln.ixTix, and at present fore
man of the Collrac Mtswge, published at
Capo Girardeau, Jlo., Is In the city pay
ing u visit to hi parents.
Col. S. Slaats Taylor, Judge IJross
ami John II. Oberly left yesterday atter-
iioou for St. Louis to attend a meeting of
the director ofthe Cairo A: St. Louis rail
road, to Ik; held in that city to-day. They
will return to-morrow morning.
Ed. Ihlrry.the comedian, whogalued
nch favor with the theater-going people
ol our city while playing with the Fanny
t. Price troupe last wilder, was in town
esterday. He has hern engaged to play
an engagement with the, Palmer Ilhiek
Crook company, which passed through
this ell v last night tnronte for the South,
where Jlr. Harry will Join them In a lew
Ilollilny 1'resenlH.
Daniel llartnian Invites the. attention
of the public to tho lmnii'iio assortment
of new, beautiful, UMdul and ornamental
goods that will In a f.iw days be dis
played at his store, comprising neauiiiiii
Chin tea sets, handsome cologne or toilet
sets, Ilohcnilan vae, Jewel boxes, dolls
ol nil sizes mid prices. Corner Sixth
street and Commercial avenue.
EiniiT-yoar old Hourbon, only at llio
Cryktal saloon, coin' r of Blxlh and Com
ticrclal avenue. 12 tl
D -wn, down they como-tho prices of
stoves and tinware at X. Hidley's. No. ItW
and 1"0 Washington avciui", 10-12 3-liu
Now U your time. You can get better
bargain than were ever offered hcfori In
the line ot stoves, tinware and lioiucfur
nlthtng goods, at A. lialley's, No. WJ and
170 Washington iiyc, 10-a-IMin
Denlh of r.onl II Jor(cenon.
It Is our etirrowfnl la.k to record the
death ofl.otil H. dorgeiison of lid city,
which occurred at hl.s re.Idencc, corner ot
Nineteenth street and Washington avc
line, ycjskrday inornlng n few minutes
before eltfht o'clock. Tho disease wnicn
terminated In his death was hemorrhage
of the bowels, and was contracted during
Mil'. Ill excursion f the Knight. Tern-
oar to Sow Orleans, In which Jlr. .lor
L'eiison. who was a prominent Jlaon,
took an active part. He was somewhat
Indisposed prior to going on that trip,
hut the excitement and requirements of
the occasion no doubt stimulated him to
unilno exertion. On Friday after his re
turn to Cairo, he succumbed to his dis
ease and took his bed, which he did not
leave again In life.
To the citizen of Cairo, most of whom
had n long nnd familiar acquaintance
with Louis II. Jorgenson, we need not
recall his many excellent tralU of char
acter, the genial deposition and charms
of manner which made Iilin popular
among acquaintances and friend, nor his
devotion to hi family, which make his
death rt terrible liereavcniciit to his
stricken wife and two young daughters.
Mr. .Jorgcn-on was n man of line hitsi
ncw qualification, nnd nt different
Krlodi during his life in Cairo occupied
poMtlins of trust nnd jirollt.
He was born In the city of Copenha
gen, UeninarW, in iwi. lusiatuer, ageii
M years, U an attache of the Queen of
Denmark. Jlr. Jorgenson emigrated to
America in 1K50. In ISM, he went to
Iu S.dle, In this state, where ho inarrii.il
the lady who now mourns hi loss. He
shortly afterward ciuiu; to this city,
where he redded the balance of hi
Jlr. Jorgenson had reached the thirty
third degree In the order of .Masonry,
and at the time of hi death was High
Prl't of Cairo Chapter nnd Grand (Sen-
crall1mo ofthe Grind Commandcry of
the State.
Ho will In- buried on. Thurs
day, the '-!th Inst., with the Hies of his
beloved order; prominent Jlaon of Illi
nois', JILsouri and Indiana are expected
to be present at the solemn ceremonies.
The remains will be Interred at licech
Grove Cemetery.
The tieople of this city sympathize
deeply with the bereaved widow and
family of the deceased.
C.sino. Ilia., JIonuay Evr.vixo,
Deceiiitr21. 1S7I.
The weather has lieen somewhat
ehaiigeablefor the last few days, the men
cury ranging above fns-zing point, and
cold rains snow and storms of sleet pn
valleil yesterday aud day iK'fore.
The grain market I easier all round,
owing to an easier and fuller condition of
tin; market below. Corn rules a cent or
two lower to-day than last week, and
oats are eay at Cio sacked. Low
grades of dour an- growing scarcer, und
pnees are very linn ; choice is plenty
and neglected. Hay is easier, but there
Is no snrplu of cholci" on the market.
Jleal Is unlet aud dull. Urau steady aud
Iteceipts of corn and oats since last
Thursday have been CC cars, as follows:
Coitx 21 cars No. 2 mixed, 8 ears No.
2 white mixed. 1 car No. 2 yellow mixed,
0 cars rejected.
O.iTsv 3 ears No. 2 white, (1 cars No. 2
white mixed, S car No. 2 black mixed,
12 cars No. 2 mixed, 1 car rejected.
CoyOur friends should bear In mind
that the prices here given are usually for
sale from llrst hand In round lot.. In
tilling orders and for broken lots it Is nec-e.-ary
to charge an advance over these
Lowgrnilefc are aetivu and growing
scarcer. Prices rule steady and linn all
round, with little or no demand for choice
grades. Sales reported were 300 barrel
$1 25 to 5 50; 500 barrels St 75 to 0 00;
fc-TelsXXX S5 25; 1,000 barrels city
mills 4-1 .s nan. U2,-, to
0 00; 100 barrels Si 60 to C 00; 100 barrels
super, toarrlve$-T.I7J; 200 barrels $1 00
to 0 00.
The market Is easier, but there is no
surplus on hand, aud prices hold steady
and unchanged. Wo note sales of 2 cars
choice timothy delivered, $21 50; 1 car
choice mixed delivered, $10 0); 2 cars
choice timothy delivered, $21 00; 2 cars
choice mixed delivered, $18 00; 1 ca
prairie delivered, $15 50.;
The market rules dull nnd easier.
Prices have declined below and nre
droonhiL' here: sacked corn cannot he
quoted above 7S2,7i)e to-day. Sales were
U cats No. 2 mixed In sacks delivered,
sold early, te; 5 ears No. 2 mixed In
bulk, on' track, 71u: 5 ears rejected lu
bulk on track. 0tfii)70c : 1 ears No. 2
mixed in sacks delivered, "SfJiSOe
The market Is well supplied for the de-
mand.whleh Is ou the llaht order. Prices
are easy ut (!."e. in sacks. Sales were
cars No. 2 white In sacks delivered die. ;
5 cars No, 2 mixed In sacks delivered 05
r?,GCe.: 1 ear No. 2 black mixed, In sacks
delivered 70c.; 1 ear No. 2 mixed 00.
Quiet and easy. Plenty ottering for
thu demand. Sales were 200 barrels
steam dried $:i 05; 500 barrels city mills
steam dried, $:i 05 75; 50 barrels green
mixed $3 10.
Thu demand continue good, with very
little offering. UccclptK Und ready sale
at $10 00. Sales noted were 2 cars In
sack., delivered $10 10Q,20 00,
Stocks are largo and prices declining,
Choice northern yellow commands- 28c
Choice Southern Illinois, 25c, As price
decline the tendency will he to Increase
the amount of sales, We note sales of
&00 lbs choice northern roll 2.'i2Se ; 200
lbs Southern Illinois roll 20o ; IIOO lbs
choke northern roll20o; 111 tub choice
northern roll, yellow, packed, :i2i
buckets choice .Southern Illinois, packed
25c ; 10 boxes northern roll, 2. . r, bMl,s
Southern Illinois roi( i,.. 1000
boxes choice Southern llm,l, 2.V?.27C.
The market Is bdicr supplied nnd
easier. Frcli sold trxlay nt 2':. Limed
eggs arc not wanleil at any price. Sales
were GOO dozen fresh 20o ; 22 ca.es freh
2Sc; 1200 down freh, 2s,..
The market Is over-stocked with apples,
mid prkv are drooping. We not,; Mes
of W barrel choice, j.l no to 3 -joo bar
rels cholee, $2 50 to :t 00.
The market I hare and none wai.Mui.
We note sales of 20 barrel', $S 50.
The approach of Christmas Increase.
the demand for drcs'cd poultry, of which
there Is none In the market. Shippers
should iK'iir In mind that all poultry in
tended for Christmas mut be on I he mar
ket not later than Thursday morning.
J he evening train comes In too late. Sale:
were 1 eoop choice hen, s-2 10 ; 2 coop
gees', SI(K); 200 pounds dresed turkeys.
0e: 10 doen live chicken, SI 50; 0 dozen
live turkeys, $ 00; 10 dozen live chicken
$2 00; 20 dozen live turkeys $10 00; 1,000
pound dre-'ed turkeys, i-'10c; 15 dozen
dre-M-d chicken, $2 002 50.
The market at other points are dull
nnd drooping, nnd prices here have
downward tendency. We quote clear
sides, dry salt, lUjeVjlOJc, shoulders, dry
alt, 7J(3,7c; bacon ham, 12j,13c.
Onions are In moderate demand nnd
scarce. Potatoes are slow sale. ienoi
sale of 20 bbl choice ieaeli blow iotit-
to-, $.'1 Of); 40 hushi'l choice onion,
$1 50(5,2 00; 10 bbls choice onions, $1 50
(".' IX).
I'orl I.InI.
Steamer .Hin Fik, Paducnh.
lilckory, .Mound City.
" Kate Dickson, Ohio river.
" St. Luke, St. I.oul.
' lliskmarck. New Orleans.
' Graev, Evansvllle.
Eddyvllle, Na-hvllle.
" Ste. Genevieve, St. Loul.
" Alice, St. I.oul.
" Andy Hanoi, Cincinnati.
Indiana, Cincinnati.
" C. V. Kountz. New Orlean.
" Tom JasjK'r, St. LouN.
' City (Jnlncy, St. I.oul.
Steamer .llm Fislt, Paducah.
" Kate DIckon, New Orleans.
" St. Luke, Jicmphis.
" lllsmarck, bank.
Hickory, bank.
Gmey, Evansville.
" Eddyvllle, Nashville.
Alice, Ohio river.
Andy llauni, .Memphis.
" Indiania, New Orlean.
C. V. Kouu;z, St. Louis.
The river at dark was 0 feet 10 In
ches on the gauge, having risen one-half
of an Inch during the previous 21 hours,
The riven nre swelling slowly ut St
Louis nnd Cincinnati, and rapidly at
Nashville. '
The weather. wascloudy and mlldt
here and at St. Louis yesterday.
Business Improving very slowly.
Wau Dkit. Kivkk lturoitr, I
December 21, !s7l. I
l Above I
low water.
In. ' 1't. I Inch.
Pltlsnurg .,
l.outsv llle .
Kvaii'Vlllc ,
Nashvillo ..
St. Louis...
nrltn Ilnnd Hull.
Wo wish the Delta hoys success In their
undertaking in regrd to llio hall. We
hear It l f the purpose of securing a new
fct ofsllvcr Inttrument, and hope the citi
zen will assist the boy, for the baud has
mado many a pleasant evening, during tin
but summer month, (or tho citizen rf
afro, aud will do the samo next year w Ith
leir cut. iu.w.
Olory In your am.
Niilnt l linrlc.
(IooJ single room on the upper floor at
the !alnt Charles can bo had, with board,
at the very low rato of i'iQ per month. Two
largo lamljy rooms, fronting on the Ublo
river, can bo secured at $90 und f ICO p"i
ininth. These room aro double and very
dcalrable. tf
Uoucl IlHra-iiln.
Ho, fr good bargain, ot A. Halley's,
tie will sell at greatly reduced price for
the next thirty day. No. 10. and 1.0
Washington avenue. lO-U-Mui
The lanrest assoHinent of Christmas
goods ever brought to Cairo, will lw dis
played on Jtonday, Deeemwr7iii, at
Toyn nil Sweetinenls).
'I ho Toy and Sweetmeat King ha been
Utile behind hand In maUlng hi appear
ance UiU loiHoii, but I now Inionntiiu lit
tle lolks ana thu public i;oniraly that I
havo the largest utock over Irouglit to
alro.anduniK'llingat price thai cannot
be duplloitcd In any city in (hi country.
Toy will sell way do u, 51 per cent.
lnwer thnn lat v nr. ueinemner I uao
not my Hock In tho window, hut hare u
room 20 foot by 20 entirely eoverod with
them; also my stock ol Can ill x. I have
over ten thousand pound ol Caudle
shipped to mo Irom the e.it,uch a never
was In Cairo h ' fore Uno inlxod ml.lng at
twen y-tlvo c3nti per pound. llmember
theio are good and puro Candle, n Jaw-
breaking, hard Canlloj wlleii "iionie
made." 1 alao havo over four hundred
pound of I'lssiiiid throe hje' of Date
ami Almand, and Orangf at p'lcc that
dely competition. Item mbcr thl is no
Idle talk, bill u lac', uau aui cxamino mr
joureir. I'""-. SaUI'.
Corner Eighth tl. and washlnilou Ave,
IK you want tlnol!iinrH, go n llio Ciyn
tid saloon, covuer ol Sixth an i Commercial
aveuuo, 14 1
Dootiunkt'ro VViiiited.
Two or tlirco hootiuakcrs can llnd cm
lilnyinent hy (implying nt
Fresh oyster or anything elis you
want at tho Delmonlco Hestaumnt, open
day and night.
Go to Sproat'f, 135 Ohio Levee, and
get your oyten by tho hundred or can
fresh erery morning. 12-l-tl
-Coyne's oysters depot and reitaur.itit.
Uyttera In tho shell and can, fresh ttcry
day, nt Phil Satip's old stand, between
Sixth and dcvcutn streets, Cairo, Illinois,
A good assortment o' all kind of lieatlna
tovc w-trran'.cd sound and perfect, und
not Injure Uiy tho late lire, very cheap ol
1. J K ruth's. 12-lC-tot
Il you wnt lrch oyiters without pay
uiKirthe can ant transportation, goto
Sproat's, . f, Ohio Levee, and get them by
the pall full. frc.. -very morning. 12-l-t
Hatlcgghcti up my itand on the
levee and Inken Kcohlcr & Hro lion, on
Kluht'J itreit, I slia'l be prepareu lo tup
rlv tl'.a clllzi us I C1.I10, with the best
meats the market nltonl. P!c.io call and
ccinc. Pun- How AMD,
Sptoit, 185 Ohio Levee, i furnishing
oy.te In Ihe light slupc. Famlllnj can
be suppled In anj n'lautlty fresh eicry
mo. nil''. 12-4-ir
At "Our Saloon," Eighth tro t, be
twcoa Commercial avenuo and Ohio levee
the hungry miy Had all kind of edible
tcrring, sail'agc, cheese, Ac., and the
thirsty lb- finest of wlnc nnd llipior,lreh
lager bcor, and the bct bi-ands of clgir
Alt nthe bar-keeper arc always on nana
and the lurch ct Jully, at ten o'clock, Sun
days Included, I a line a nny In the city
Out your ovsttrs at the Dihnon co,
.Toe ItoncLer li now in lull rontrol of
the Washington b.ikcry, ami haling learn
.ed the want of the public, I prepared to
itipply on call all demand f r French loaf,
lltito, Drown and Graham bread, and
everything else or llnarl y lotind In a Crt
cIi" bakery, lie inilntslnra a fulWtock of
MiilectloLctlcr, and can, ai well aiany
other dealer lo the city, fill all order In
tint line
-lipir tiottlc, ovms, skl'lets and lids,
pump, gr.ilu nnd grass scythe , wlro cloth,
grati. stove pipe, elbow and a Lrgi vari
ety ol other good taved Irom Ihe lata tire,
it now Ik lug sold al 25 lo ,b per cent below
cott at T. J. Kkuth'S. CMMtMOt
Cake baked, frosted or ornamented on
ihort notice, f pedal attention given to
the ord'rt of wcddlsg or picnic pirtlcs,
The best oysters at the Delmonlco It !
tatuant. 'J07-9-20-tl.
Newly-attcJ, finely furnbhed barber
hop by George Sttlnhouc, corner Coin
mcrclal avenue and Eighth street. Y ar
of pr.ict'ce hale given him n light h.ind
that in ikes a smooth shavo dcllghtliil. All
uhotiy bloi onco will call again. .Ill llm
late dally pnperi arc kept on hi table for
tho benefit ut hli cust'inerr, and Ihcro Is
no cdlou wullin; lor turns. tl
If sou want a g"od cji I or word ccok
stove for bcl w cost, cdlat T. J. K Kuril's.
Culm Trimsler Klesulor.
Storage capacity IiTi.OOO bushels. Trars
rrlng capacity 15,000 buthcls per hour.
Grala toredand transferred to barge,
boat and ca to New Ui leans and ull
point south.
nin:s ov stohagi:.
Sound grain, le. per bushel, llrst ten
day or part tl crcof, rud Jc. each add!
tional ten days, or pan thereor.
Unsound grain, 2'. per bushel tlrt flvo
day or part there f, ami e. each addi
tional live duisorpart thereof.
Il'gslug grain ant tying has Je. per
.biishelAKllntiiir uiuln hikI suwlnir bns In.
Kper oumei. J. .v r;. iiui;kiauii.im.
C.uno, JJ.LS)., nee. I, ISl 1.
llEsr quality silver-plated ware less than
cost at Parsons, DalA: Co, Tenth ttrect.
Cuti.kuv at half cott nt private talo, nt
Parson., Davis t CoV, Tenth street.
Go To Wixteiio's Gallkry and ICO hi
speclmrns ol rhotographlu art. Half an
hour can ho spont very pleasantly lu view
ing some ot the wctl-kuown faces of our citi
zen. Jlr. W. ha on hand a large stock ol
now and elegant frame, ultable lor hol
iday gift.
PltoTontiAl'llB made only upon Fridays
and s-atunDy", excepting by special ap
pointment. Gallery open every eicnlrg
lor vitttors.
Fuiik Irish whlaky punch, apple and
honey, peach aud honey, Tom ami Jerry,
Imported ule and porter and the tlnesl
- 7- -' ibo Crystal saloon,
corner of Sixth and Coinmerclul aye,
12-1 tl
I. limber Ntlll tlolnir Itonn,
A wu aro determined to cloo out our
tockapccdlly, preparatory lo winding up
buduc., we will sell all kind ol lumber at
two doll.tr per thousand less than market
prl es. A hrge lot ot la'h and tovu wood
un hand, which will 1)4 sold at correspond
ingly low rate. Wall .t 1t.
Clear n"1 '"" mgraut Havana for 10
com, at tho Crystil Hdoon, corncrol fl.Mh
and Commercial avenue, 12-3tf
llAIKIAINt) 111 boot and thnc, at Killott A
Il-ythorn'. 27-12-J-lt
.Mis 31. .1. Corson wishes to Inform her
eii.stoiners that miu imt reinoveii irom ih-
tween Ninth mid Tenth streets on C'om-
merelul iivenue, one block above, ou
Commercial avenue, between Tenth und
Kleventh street, whetu will he found u
jjood lino of toy nnd notions for thu hol
iday. 74-l-l7-0t
Al.l. kind of mixed drink made with
dlpatch, and most lutclnu to the taftc, at
the Crystal baloon, corner of Commercial
avenue and Sl.xtli street. l-'-5 "
JllllIHTHl Hull.
A grand Masnuorads IIjII w.ll bo given
by ibo Delta City Hand, lu the latter part
of.Iauuary. A committee hasalriaUy been
appointed to mako the neeemry arrange
men , and the boy promise n in ueouu oi
tho largest occasion of the scmoii,
rniiilU'N t'lieiitirr Tliun V.wr,
Kire pounds assorted candy lor mu dol
Far: (our noundt cbolco cindy for one dol
jr; three, pound Oake' candy, aisnrtcd,
for ouo dollar. Toe Oake caudle are tho
tlncst made. Toy In great aduntUnce and
very cheap. Toy hook.i lu great variety.
Ornge, plre-ippK'", "i". date, or.nd
fruit or all kind, Jellle, ploklci, oimcal,
choice sugir (hul), lyrnp clwr a chryital,
ai d U kind of groceries nt hsttom price?,
Comrloit Ihdly by K jr. Stearn. commission
nifirlmnt, SfcrtUiry of the Cairo llount of
'1 nvle.
flour, Keonllna to grade
Corn. IlllXfll. Sjirbnl . .
1 0O-? BOO
. 7't9o
, Ct'fGX
. I9
Corn, sshlle. ackHt .
imi, mmn
Ilrau, per Ion ,....,..
.Meal, lirailrl"l
Ilutlrr. chnln- Xurthi-ra n.lt..
Iliiller, eholfe Soullicrn Illinois..
r.ifgi, Kriinzfii ...,...
hlckcn. i.rilo2n
,.! fsVAJM
2 00
S3 00
Turkey, tieritoen ..
Itublili, iwr 'l';en
nail, r iloien
,llie. rlioil-e. Iter Ixirrel..
Ainil'i, coiiimim, iH-r Imnri'l
1'iiiatiKLs. irtr lxirrf I -
UnloniHT turret...-. ...........
C ' Arter J. VT Rttsrart.
(Successor to I). Artrr A Co )
Commission Merchants
No. 113 Commercial Avenue,
Bristol & StilwelL
Keep everything pertaining to
tho lino of Staplo and Fancy Gro
ceries, Woodcnwaro, Vcgotablcs,
Fruits, Sic, Sia.
Wagons, Carts, Porumbulators,
Volocipedos, "WTieol-ITorBOS,
Swings, Tables, Chairs,
Wardrobes, TJcdstoads,
Trunks, Dishes,
Skates, &o.
Malaga Grapes, Fruits,
Nuts, Oake's Can
dies, &c, &c.,
ron tiii
It hrrvby gliru that ilrfuiilt Iiarlnir lfn nuifa
I'c.r niotr lli.iil sixty ilay In tin- payment ut
IsiVtliiii "f tl"' amount sre nrwl lu l- puiil by a
rcrtuln .M'Hljr.KH vcculnl liy UthrmJ. Clue
l.i .SAliuitl Mann Tiiylor mxi Kilnrln Parson,
Tru.lr t lli IlilroCily l'roix ny, lUtnl MnlxU
UKti, ls;i, nrimlyl In inr llrcimhr' orllce. In
uml fur .VJx.iiiilrrwmily, In tin- Nlalnof Illi
nois, In llok "1" if ibisl. uipeJI7, f, the
iiililvrsliruisl. said Trusln, Kill! on Salunlay,
itVlocV lu llir forenoon of lliat ily, umh-r sml
vllllliyoi .'anuurr nni. . w i
livslnueur mepowrrnr sue runiuumi in ani
lurtu;e, I'll, ut I'llbllo Auction, lo the hlKlint
liHiler, fur cash, ut tlKjolUre liulMIng ralit
Ini.iif'. r.irnr of MaslibiKloii AMiiur anil
i:i(hlvntlitint, linliU-liirorCalri,liiAlfX-KDiirr
rniuitv and MiUiM.f ltllnolt, all thrlirrt,
tills' nti'l biU're-l ol sum ksiivccu J .iore or nrr
itsslirns, in a!iiuiuiiimiiiii,run i ioiwi,7iiiuj,
a (Itui'O. I (tour), o (ttt),0tU),7 (sctcn), H
(ilKlil), t) (nine). In block miiiiU'inl M (slahly
itichl) lu Ihu Kir-I b.I,IIiIoii tuttiK sulil eliy of
t'nlm, artfonllmc tu Ihe rr.imlf.1 ,UI thcmit,
Willi Ihe aiiiiurtrnanrr, to satisfy the purpostd
.Mlconuuioi. ors,u..rfnor,f., Txy
Tnistnw iifth I'alro City I'rojxrrty,
Hitted, Culiii, 111 , iH-cmiUi'r Hth, ll.
Il hmhy irlventliatilrniultluxylnglMfii nuda
foriuore tlian lty I'.il In llie w inrnt if m
poitlon nflhrainounl Kiumlto lie uililbya
itrlaln MiirlKturr rAicutrd bv 'Ibomaa U'tlumtii
haiuuel M.uit Taylor and Kmvhi Parsons, Tru-
t'ofllie Cairo i ny rrony,iiati iicioucr
llli, IsOl, rrtoulwl In the Itrunrstrr'a Odli-e, In
ami for Alexanurr county, in imi Mutu or in-
noli, In book St" ofileeua, pair'juj, cle, wc,
the underslKnrd, raid Tnwleea, V II mi Saiur
day, ihuVth Oay of Jamwo next, A I) U75,at
1U o'clock In the forenoon uf Muil day. nncloru I
hv virtue uf the power of jle eonlah.'.l In ui ,
Mnrli-iva. -,ll. .1 l-lihlin AIICllOD. to Ihe llli-ll.
i-.t h'hWr, turniih.1 the ortlce bulldtus ufiMiUl
Kii!htwnlh sin, I" ma Lllj-circlru, In Al
exndircnuuly ami Mate or Illiunl, wll tht
rluht. lillruud lnlerettnr said Thonu O'llan
'..7.' In u.l In tftl iiiiliil.Ml
Inr to the reconlen fitl lhror, wiut tbt an-
I ou of iita Jtortijaj.
, YnwtMX or tbe Cairo City I'roMtty.
Dalil, Cairo, 111., Utoeabtr to, I fit.

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